Who is Lue Elizondo and what is he doing with disclosure?

By | February 24, 2022
Who is Lue Elizondo and what is he doing with disclosure?

Good evening folks and welcome to alien Addict on this fine and Mysterious evening Because it is a mysterious evening Because we have none other than the man Himself manny from area 503 the man who Did the beautiful documentary Who is lou or just who’s playing playing Old who’s lou Good evening Who’s lou hi ollie thanks for having me Wait wait we’ve left somebody i forgot Him there he there he is There he is Hey what are you guys up to I feel like we should Pop You there rich More money Like i’m on the hot seat i’m like okay All right let’s do it we’re gonna do That I’m gonna do that yeah right there why This way I’m just glad to be here flowers to the Left of me Joker’s right Yeah i could look this way that looks About right and go there what’s up manny Jokes to the right Is that right No way stephen social distancing He is oh that’s nothing to do with uh Seats to see the one the nine that’s

Just he was a doctor onei He was an emergency room doctor yeah i’m Sure he wore plenty of phones he saved People from their steering wheels Columns going through their chests and Stuff like that Hello Hello That’s great not sorry no no i missed Mister manny Welcome back to alien addict you’ve been On a few times But You’ve been a busy man you’ve been a Busy busy beaver And uh That busyness almost didn’t pay off Because who’s lou Vanished From the internet or not the entire Internet because there’s wazer means and Other channels but Youtube the main platform That you put it out from it was gaining Some traction and i believe was it two Days in the who’s blue documentary you Got the strikes And it Disappeared Completely they took that down Yeah so it uh when hooslu launched it Did really great the premiere was capped At my youtube cap of 150 people at about I don’t know 20 minutes into the show

And just stayed there you know because My channel’s so small youtube only lets You have so many people and then stops Promoting you um but it was great and i Think i got about a thousand views a day For the first four days that it was up It was picking up steam it was starting To grow Uh it was going everywhere it was going Out onto reddit it was on facebook Everyone was talking about it and yeah Then this this um this person who i call The youtube drama channel decided to Abuse youtube’s copyright systems and File a false dmca complaint against me And take it down knowing full well well I’m maybe this person didn’t know when They did it but i knew that they weren’t Going to be able to keep it offline the Whole time and that they were just going To drag it out the full 10 to 14 day Business days that youtube lets you do That and so it’s important that people Understand that that’s what what’s what Really happened because this person was Out there screaming the whole time i’ve Taken this movie down up until the night Up until the night before it came back Online they were you know tutting their Own horns saying that they had done some Great service by squishing this program But um i think in the in the long run When people look at the situation They’re gonna say that that person

Actually helped um promote the project And make it bigger by their actions so In a way i kind of owe them some thanks But um You know uh yeah thanks for promoting my Project dude i really appreciate that Even though this person hated it they Really did make it bigger and now it’s Back on youtube so like i said when this Happened and to lou himself i’ve said Lou you can run away from this Conversation but you can’t hide so all That they did was was kick it down the Road a few weeks and stall it on youtube But the conversation was still going it Was still up on odyssey where i think it Received 14 or 1500 views in that time Which was nothing compared to what i was Getting on youtube but Those views were people who wanted to See this film and want that information It’s not the casual ufologist who’s Going to look at it and say This doesn’t sync with what i’ve been Told in the media and ufo twitter for The last few years These are people who are opinion Makers in our field these are people Like you and i who watch this content Creators people who want that Information and are going to use it for Their you know to spread it for their Own story or for their own you know um You know for their own

Story that they’re trying to tell like i Told who’s lou somebody else is going to Take some research and tell a different Part of it um so yeah the cat’s kind of Out of the bag on that and it’s back on Youtube and i’m glad that it is i I think it’ll be it’s in the description People youtube in the description Is even even if you’ve already seen it Go watch it again because it’ll help Give it that traction back with the Algorithm and that this person stole and When you say that somebody stole it You’re right ollie i put a half a year Of my life into this project and Somebody abused a youtube system in a Way that is not very Um one it’s against the policies two It’s illegal because it’s against the Dmc the digital millennium copier right Act and three it’s against all of our Youtube norms when you say somebody uh Have you spoke about this person who it Actually was that did it Well i’ve posted there you know i’ll Just name him once to clear the air Because i’m not going to be like lou but I don’t like to say the name because That’s exactly what this person wants is For To ride the cloud of people that are out There doing work while he’s just sitting In his house nitpicking people kind of Like other channels we’ve seen over the

Years um tom fessler you’re a ninny You’re a weak weak weak person and That’s the person who did this and Everybody has seen it not just in our Community but outside of our community People in youtube people in the Mainstream media have seen it and seen What the guy did and you know there’s Going to be People are going to want to know why he Did that at some point and they’re not Going to believe his little story that Um You know it’s okay to do things to Someone because like he thinks that they Did it to lou or something like that It’s really weird you know like what we Have here is a situation where where i Confronted lou about his story and my Film because he would never answer me You know like richard’s tried to talk to Lou for years and called him a bser from Day one as i has Trying to fight him now he’s not just Trying to talk to him he’s trying to Fight him well yeah he’s he’s probably He’s as frustrated as i am man he’s been We’ve been asked asking these questions For a very very long time and the Response that we’ve gotten is We’re ignored from lou meanwhile he Turns a blind eye to these Fans of his that do the most atrocious Things in his name and he doesn’t he

Doesn’t admire he doesn’t distance Himself he doesn’t say hey don’t do that Quit bullying these people If you’ll notice when trolls come into My chats i tell My moderators to leave them i say let Them as long as they’re not being Directly abusive yeah leave them i’m the Same big deal yeah we got thick skin We’re on the damned internet man we’re Not a bunch of you know ninis who have To have 12 people tell us that our world View is correct in order to believe it You know like if if any artist who who Creates something and puts it out there For the world to look at has to be ready For someone to say their work sucks you Know or that they hate it or whatever And all of us are rich gets so much crap I get crap ollie i’m sure you get crap From people too you know everybody who Puts themselves out there runs at risk And you gotta have some Cajones you gotta have some balls to do That you know some backbone to put Yourself out there and subject yourself To that risk and some people just They’re not they can’t handle it and i’m Saying to those people get off the Internet Go hide in your little corner of the World where you show your work to two People and they go yay you know you made Something great but in the real world

People are gonna disagree there’s eight Billion people on the planet we’re not All going to see things the same way Well manny i i will say on on on that No about Myself getting um [ __ ] for this I i don’t pick a side i have opinions And i i i i don’t know what alien addict Is it’s like a bit of a gossip bit of Drama we speak i will get both sides on I would love to do get get one where we Get you know the ufo the ufo Split room And we have a civil conversation Because i think that would be great I i i really do because A little bit maybe A couple of little arguments in there But we’ll just calm them down you know But Rich And manny you thanked rich at the end of Who’s lou Uh for Sticking to his guns all the way through All the way through this i mean rich i Think you’ve had the Opinion of Who louise Since i remember Speaking to you um Because even myself i used to argue with With you a little bit and said you know How do you know this and you say i just

Know it you know he’s not proven Anything he’s not giving us anything and You’ve stuck by that And i respect you for that I myself you know I’m waiting and waiting for something to Happen keep waiting Why do you think these attacks on money And yourself are happening You know why do you think people get so Get the knickers in such a twist because You disagree with something that’s being Said do you think it’s because They think that you’re you’re spoiling Disclosure that you you’re trying to put Some Pricks in it As much as i try to understand the way They think It’s impossible to understand How they think it to me it is very Confusing how they are doing they’re Hypocrites they’re doing everything That they’re saying i did That i never did Uh they are Hating the fact that you know my channel Is supported by all my fans and people Who watch they hate that when i get Super chats they hate when i have a good Time they hate when we make jokes they Do not like successful happy people And if they don’t like me Change the channel what is it what do

They care what what is it their business I’m not talking about them So i think it’s this I am going to be the person who takes Down goof on and i’m going to be Powerful and all knowing and everybody Will love me for it but it’s kind of Backfired And people see it as a Shameless act a cowardly act i’ve Invited the fools on my show To talk things over and they just talk On their show make memes about me or Manny and all of us call us racist Pedophiles things that i wouldn’t dream Of calling these people on a live show And telling their fans to go attack Go flag the channel every single day no Matter what I mean that is goes against youtube’s Community policy uh they he should be Gone for it i can’t tell you How frustrating frustrating it is on This side that youtube won’t listen to Us But they’re able to falsely strike us And attempt to Shut us down and keep us quiet I just say change the channel through Cup that’s all you got to do I hate them I hate them with every fiber in my being And i am on a mission to make sure they Feel what i feel

Your channels uh still is it still on Three strikes It’s in limbo i’m taking them to court And if they don’t respond Within 10 to 14 business days those Strikes are gone and the channel gets Reinstated And a win for me so i hope they take me To court i’ll wipe the floor with them i Was given permission me and darcy were Friends because he’s the fool that Strike me dicey Dicey weirdo dirty darcy uh he’s a rat Bastard he goes behind my back to Try to get cousins brothers in trouble With uh 1091 productions And by by showing the guy whoever it is That that helps get them uh gets their Movies in there shows them personal Emails between me and tyler about darcy And Tyler Uh shared our private [ __ ] with darcy Which really started it all And because of tyler which i think he’s Doing this all behind the scenes always Wanted to take me down now i’m coming After you youtube’s gonna know You know That’s what they’re doing and they don’t Like me for whatever reason and again Hypocritical [ __ ] darcy tells me do not Speak my name out of your mouth again Right then he goes and talks about me on

Facebook and then goes on dave scott’s Show and rips me in third phase of moon A new one and i’m not supposed to say Anything i’m just supposed to sit there And take it like he does Oh i meant that another way so i’m Supposed to sit there and take it i’m Not gonna take it and then he strikes me Because of what i said for [ __ ] he gave Me permission to use last year to Promote his movie end of story thank you The uber way i should have said mr spock He knows i’m a good tracky fan Star trek fan tricky fan What is that s-s-e-k what’s an sek That’s uh switzerland that’s five Dollars right there i appreciate those Five dollars Is on top of his global Currencies well only because the urban Wave supported me too Thank you the urban way i appreciate it I think i’m right it is switzerland Right I think he could be it is i’m pretty Sure i’m right Um Is he is some of the same people that Have been involved in In the claims with hulu hulu who who’s Lou and um Who knew and the strikes and the stuff That’s been going on with your channel Rich is there a link between this all

Yeah yeah of course because fessler’s Involved Uh and and i know dave scott and fessler Have been uh plotting and scheming Behind the scenes Um but fessler Hasn’t done anything to me other than Try to get everybody to flag my channel Which could by the way make the Algorithm not be friendly to your Channel so it’s another way to to uh to Ruin my uh success And i think they don’t like it and and That’s that and i don’t have to say Anything and they do it anyway I invited that fool on my show if he Wanted to debate about it i mean he Didn’t strike me i didn’t strike him for Using my [ __ ] because i don’t do that i Don’t want to take uh money out of Somebody’s mouth you know i don’t think That’s right just because they’re Talking [ __ ] It’s not grow up get over it it’s not Fighting fair you know If if someone has a problem with Something i would say Email that person right and say i really Don’t like this on your channel I’m warning you take that down i’m gonna Have to i’m gonna have to Follow through uh follow it up you know Um Not follow through well maybe they may

Follow through and they’re that angry um But but Yeah it’s It it’s not something I’m gonna i’m gonna sound a bit sexist Here but it’s not something a man should Do you know be a man Grow some nipples See the fact that you had to say that Bothers me Because that’s the type of people these Are they are these guys are i was gonna Say they they’re like oh my god he Didn’t use the right pronoun go after Him it’s like you know what it’s all new To us anyway and i’m not changing the Way i speak in the way it’s been done Forever You too I hate that you had to say this isn’t Sexist but be a man man up you know i Mean that’s what we are I i think i am manny is i know you are You got a beard manny’s definitely a man Because he’s got man in his name Oh yeah that’s right manny you know But these guys aren’t you know um i mean They’re men but uh i think they do Manny and you don’t have to say anything Uh but doesn’t he identify as a woman Too or am i wrong on that i know i heard That somewhere or is he just gay he’s Just gay right i don’t know and i don’t Really care to be honest with you i know

But we’re talking about it he’s kind of It just makes me mad and he said he’s a Coward and that’s the truth these are Cowardly actions ollie like you said if Somebody uses clips of yours and you Don’t want them to take them down then Just email them you know but my straight Up Right no my point is that It’s this culture Right this cancel culture And the lgbtq people they don’t like Straight guys like us talking you know The truth or whatever they just don’t They’d want us out i that’s definitely Not i i hang about in manchester i’ve Got you know i’ve got i got a group of Friends My best ma best man at my wedding for One um but you know They say i understand what you’re saying With social media the way it’s been Pushed it’s nonsense but that’s Definitely not true about You know i think the thing is about what Say it i don’t understand what you mean It’s true wait wait wait the one that Loves a man Hang on let me comment on that it’s not A straight man not a straight man guys It’s not about it’s not about gender Preferences or Pronouns because listen to me extremists Of all kinds will use cancel culture

Whether it’s political extremists Whether it’s religious extremists Whether it’s they’re just one example That’s all i’m saying it’s all the same Thing they all use this cancel culture Because they can’t handle talking to the Other side That’s it right there And that’s what we’re dealing with here Is one person who’s doing that and it’s Not one i’m sorry there’s a group as we Know from our years of you on ufo Twitter there’s a bunch of people out There that use this tactic but people Are getting hip to it you’re seeing it In our community people who Are Normally even if they disagree with us About elizondo or or think that they Don’t like our sarcasm or our humor or Whatever they’re still saying that what This group of people is doing is wrong You need to have another side of the Conversation the echo chamber is Crashing down that house of cards is Done the only person who still believes That that’s still a reality is lou and He’s just going to keep plowing on like That’s the truth until I mean literally he just crashes and Burns we’ll let him we’re he’s going to Do it on camera he’s doing it right now In front of our eyes and everybody’s Seeing it everybody’s seen it

From an outsider that doesn’t really Take sides with it because rich calls me A [ __ ] but you know he just thinks i Want to interview everybody in the chunk Which is probably right um I would say it looks like they’re Running scared The fact that they did get that they’re Going after rich the fact that they They went after you for producing that Documentary It seems to me like they are running Scared they they [ __ ] themselves Yeah don’t forget they went after Stephen campion as well just for hosting Me on on his show um the same thing and Ollie i agree with you i think they are Running scared i think the fact that Lou’s on every single since luke when The movie came out lou hadn’t been on a Talk show or on youtube in i think close To two months within 72 hours of hulu Coming out he was on fessler’s show Attacking my character trying to do Everything he could to make sure that The world knew that i was a d-bag and That this this was a biased piece and Putting his spin on it and he’s been on A half a dozen talk shows since then Including jimmy church and you know just Last night he was on the ufo garage Right the two taco tuesday he’s doing Everything he can to get his good name Back in and to flood the record

With his story to outweigh my 4 000 Views i got on who’s lou and so yeah i Think he is running scared i don’t think Anybody’s buying it though because Again the only people that are there Listening to his story are the same 15 To 20 people that have always been there But now there’s more people like i said There’s mainstream media folks looking At him there’s film producers looking at Him now and watching him and saying the Same thing that you’re saying ollie this Guy’s running scared why didn’t he just Come down on manny and say manny here’s The answer to your questions it’s silly Why didn’t you just ask me you know like The guy has made so many bad plays i Tried to get a hold of him for a solid Month before i put that thing out when It was done and i said lou there’s Embarrassing information about you in Here you probably want me to have to Redact some of that just get get with me And i’ll talk with you if it doesn’t Have to be in there i won’t put it in But well manning is not necessarily him That’s running scared but he’s his Community they’re doing the work for him So so so something’s happened And it and it It’s Scared that community’s worth thinking They do not want to see They don’t want to see who’s lou they

Don’t want to know that information that You i i guarantee That most of them didn’t even watch it They didn’t give it the time of day Because they just thought No i’m not seeing anything negative About this And I’ll be honest with you i i didn’t Really get anything negative from i’m Touching my phone because i watched on My phone i didn’t get anything negative From from watching it not really i all i Saw was factual information that you you You were you were giving people but People again irate over This and it’s not just the lu thing Because lose nothing to do with ttsa Anymore but they they get irritated if You speak about ttsa It seems to be that side of things that People They just get pissed off they don’t want To hear any negatives because it’s like You’re going to destroy something That’s This started It and We’ve just got to wait we’ve just got to Hang fire But I mean With people like money and rich I think they’re doing this

There’s a lot of people but invest in a Shitload of money i think Is ttsa still Or is it closed for investors at the Minute Their ipo closed last year um at the end Of 2020 um and i’ve done a lot of Research into them and their their stock Offering and they canceled they Basically it expired um but they had Made about 60 million dollars or so in Stock sales Um and i’ve broken down exactly i’m Going to be doing a breakdown yeah that Was in the that was in the dark actually I think i think i remember you saying That in the dark Um But my point there is is people like you Guys That You don’t tell people not to invest in Stuff like that but you you’re trying to Give them the factual information that’s The way i see it anyway i i and rich you Know The the way the way rich works at goof On he’s just speaks his i think you Speak your [ __ ] mind rich I’m rightly so Are you okay rich you like are you Frozen there for a second No Just sitting here

Just uh waiting to say something Not in a bad way i’m just enjoying the Show No what i’m saying there rich is it it Definitely seems like that side at the Minute Has something to hide it seems like the Community has something to hide Because they don’t want to see or hear Anything Negative said about that side i don’t Think they have anything to hide at all What would they be hiding Uh i can’t think of anything they just Don’t like the way we do what we do That’s it That’s all it comes down to I think i worded that wrong i think They’re trying to hide them no i don’t Think they want to know they don’t want To know the truth because that’s going To burst that bubble i think they know The truth And it’s hard for them to accept how can You go against what manny did i mean it Was Facts about lou where he’s been what He’s done how could you get mad at a Factual document uh you know movie I can’t think Too much coffee You can’t you can’t get mad If anybody Watches that i challenge anybody if you

Think money has produced a pile of Rubbish that just talks nonsense watch It you can find the information out for Yourself A few bits i googled myself just to see How much research money’s actually done He’s done his research Everything that as far as i’m concerned Is factual information and you know it’s I wouldn’t even say it’s a hit piece It’s not it’s not a hit piece at all but People are treating it like that like That isn’t a direct attack On it It feels like a direct attack on ufology And they’re trying to protect their Ufology And that’s why they’re running scared For them because they don’t want to know What’s in that what is in that at all No i don’t think it’s that I just think i think they just don’t Like the fact That manny made a documentary That had things they may have never knew About you know the bid the many Businesses and Uh the shortcomings of his father and How much uh lou really isn’t uh who he Says he is in a way it seems like he was An angry young bully who was bullied and Then turns the bullying around to Everybody else So he he grew up with skinny kid

Got into the army right after 9 11 And then he got that attitude that comes With uh some people who look For a way to enhance their own inner Being and i think lou because he’s not a Tall man he got big and wide and he Became a bouncer he said he didn’t like Uh Seeing people bullied So It’s weird just to see what he’s doing i Think that’s what manny brought out a Lot of stuff about lulu talking about His childhood of course it was on other Things that he was a very angry kid And I’ve said all along from day one this Guy’s a bully So i know they don’t like it when i say That and it relates to the movie i think And when they see the movie they also Hear me Saying ah this about lou and that about Lou so For them it’s adding up everything and They don’t like it they don’t like the Other way people think they never Thought of it that’s why they see lou as Jesus christ Have you seen any of the channels change Their attitude from Before getting lou on the on on the show To how they were speaking about lou and Ttsa before oh right i’d say ttsa

Because way back when these channels may Have interviewed lou while he was in Ttsa well i had oh go ahead manny you Want to say something yeah about that Here’s a perfect example Thomas fessler a year ago was sitting if Correct me if i’m wrong rich was sitting In your chat room as a friend of your Channel laughing at all of the same Things and calling lua bser and and Joking about all of that stuff he was on My show Saying how much he didn’t like the way Lou was deceptive and hiding [ __ ] and All they’re doing is for his money So six months ago he was sitting in my Live stream chat where i was uh doing a Test run on my tommy the troll where i Was you know trolling corbell and uh uh Elizondo and he’s sitting there saying Oh this is great content how wonderful Now here we are six months after that And the guys completely flip-flopped From a 180 he’s com he’s now one of Those lou white knights that goes and Champions for lose you know cause on his Behalf and does the sickest of nastiest Of morally depraved things in his name Um What do you say about that you know i Mean if people like that were jumping to My ship and trying to follow me I wouldn’t have it i tell people all the Time in my chats and my comments don’t

Go trolling people don’t go attacking People that’s not how we do this here You know like our arguments can hold up To scrutiny our thoughts can be defended And we can talk about them we don’t have To yell at someone to go away because i Can’t take what they’re saying and That’s exactly what they’re doing to us They can’t argue with our facts they Can’t argue with rich’s opinions based On facts so they have to attack his Character they have to attack my Character they have to attack steven Cambion’s character and say oh these are Bad people don’t listen to him because We can’t argue with their facts i’ve got Three hours worth of facts i want Counter facts i don’t want feelings i Don’t want people to tell me that i suck And lose rules that means nothing i just Hear the same old garbage there it’s the Same old echo chamber nonsense let’s Talk about facts let’s talk about Evidence and you know somebody said in The premiere they were like is there Anybody in this room who who trusts lou And i says I trust the evidence I mean what’s wrong with that No i don’t trust lou i trust the Evidence People lie evidence doesn’t lie you know So that’s where i’m at with that I mean some people may say money because

You you talked about the time scales of Um Lose experience with working in this Field Uh and you said You were explaining in the documentary That they don’t quite match his Background on where he was at the time And what he was doing But could that not be of being covered Up With what he was doing Yeah of course and especially if he was In some sort of high level intelligence Community operation it most certainly Could have but that that’s not what We’re seeing here we’re seeing a paper Trail that looks the same as mine on Paper um was it covered up so good that It was just you know that mundane maybe But why he was commuting across the bay Bridge from kent island to the pentagon Every day in his role there he was a Bureaucrat with his buddy peter robert Where they’re sitting on the you know on The train every day talk about how They’re going to get rich quick with This these nautical patents that they’ve Been working on since 2001 i assume you Know or before um you know It just doesn’t add up if he was out if He was a if he was riding around in a Patch he’s hunting ufos like like a top Secret molder

They would have spent more than 22 Million dollars i’ll tell you that Because all the 22 million dollars the Program had went to those those reports That went to bass so like None of it adds up ollie none of it the Guy was not a super Super spy you know um he was a desk Agent you know and he had access to in My opinion probably the same information That was listed in that 180 day report And that’s it But you would agree that a suit if Somebody was a super spy then the Government could put a background story And and i do agree And feed the evidence out over the net I do agree and in fact in the very Beginning of researching this i had made The the Realization to myself that the only way That i was gonna i assumed that that was Gonna be true and that the only way that I could track down lou was through the Movements of his wife which is one of The reasons i investigated her moves so Thoroughly but when i came to find out Everything i was like wait a minute I started sniff testing everything and None of it sniffed kosher everything was Not it’s just not there’s nothing in his Story that holds up nothing everything Is embellished like i said at the end of The film the only things that i could

Confirm as facts were his name and his College education every other statement On his web page was f either unconfirmed Sourced to himself with no evidence or Found to be straight up embellished Again again there though If if somebody wants to be a super spy They will cover that up The problem that i had you kept showing A clip over and over again in that who’s Lou And that was when he was on stage with Ttsa And i can’t remember the words that he Said when he when he’s explaining that Yes they are here and they’ve been here But i can quote that to you by word if You want to hear it please Please yeah he’s lou elizondo and for The past 10 years i ran a sensitive Aerospace threat identification program At the pentagon and i am here oh it was In this role that i discovered that the Phenomenon is indeed true Now let’s ask this Phenomenon the phenom phenomenon of Flying farts the phenomenon of flying Saucers or what what the hell is this Guy saying and how did that turn into Hours later george knapp going ufo ufo Ufo ufo ufo ufo ufo ufo what the f Oh i’m saying Sorry You’re allowed here it’s over 18. um

He That bit Seemed very staged And it was i i’ve never thought Before until you said it About that piece with ttsa and the whole Group of them With no Audience so can we discuss that that Iconic um for the ufology group Um When did ufology just lose its mind i Mean if that would have happened you Know 12 years ago and some cia or spy or Whatever guy would have jumped on stage And made that statement ufology would Allow and stan friedman would have led The charge it is he said where’s the Documents where’s the proof this is a Great story where’s the evidence of any Of it and for some reason it didn’t and I’ll tell you why because the mainstream Grabbed it on day one and shoved it down Our throats and do you think some Youtuber with 6 000 Subscribers is going to question fox News cnn 60 minutes the washington post The new york times i mean all of these Big places we still can’t question i’ve Tried to explain to people for years That all of those stories are sourced Back to lou and are garbage There’s a few there’s a very small

Handful of stories out there where People called out that story just like i Have done but the mainstream didn’t grab On it because there was no money in it There were journalists that have been Ringing the bell on this since day one And they’ve been ignored and it’s gonna Why because they go into their producers Or they’re Trying to get this thing um You know published and they’re like wait A minute that’s not a hot enough story We’ve got this other story about Elizondo who where he saved his unit in Iraq with his psychic scene powers and He’s got a new book coming out that’s Going to sell us more paper It’s a business choice you know that’s It That that bit where Lua alexander get gets introduced to the World by tom delong for the very first Time though i never thought that There was no press there At all I i never put those I never put two and two together with That at all thank you rob i really do Appreciate that you get a steven greer Thumb up for that I need to change steven’s face it’s too Yellow But i appreciate that my friend He’s perfect

Um yeah i never put two into it rich did You put two and two together that there Was nobody at that press conference There was nobody at that presentation as A matter of fact i i think i played it The the same time it came on when i was Doing i think i did my show And saying is nobody there i don’t hear Any people any rustling of seats any Cameras snapping i said there’s nobody There So yeah i did put it together Yeah and other you know rich saw we saw I don’t know if i saw it right away i Don’t think i actually saw it until Later when i was working on who’s lou And i was like wait a minute you know And it might have been something that Richard said previously like when that First came out that that popped up in my Head later when i was working on it you Know but um when i saw that i was just Like yeah that’s definitely staged and Why didn’t they have anybody there Because they Yeah they didn’t want questions answered Go ahead and they didn’t show the Audience they didn’t show people there Like they normally do they didn’t take Any questions it was just weird and Everybody sat there they looked totally Uncomfortable I don’t know you see david wilcock Learned from that because he

Pretty proved he was a mirko you know They should have done something like That and showed the audience yeah right As people who record we all know we all Record here and you know i’ve got a Hardwood floors in my house and i Understand how sound waves bounce around An empty room if there’s nothing to pick Up you know to absorb that sound like People wearing clothing people sitting In chairs and you know so when you hear Some of that stuff and i pointed it out I tried to make it as obvious as Possible you know but it was really you Know whose lieu was hard because i was Trying to keep it factual and Unopinionated for the most part until The end when i threw my opinion in Obviously labeled with such there was One other opinion about ufo twitter that I put in there just for context because I i don’t think people understand how Important ufo twitter and through that Youtube has become to mr elizondo and His power base so to speak um this has Been the group that’s been holding him For quite some time and supporting him So that’s it I appreciate that i appreciate that josh Uh have they ever released any um Quarterly annual financial records They have if you look at the um Breakdown that i did i did a live three Hour live stream a couple nights back

Where i went through their annual uh sec Filings which are required by law to do During the time that they were offering This money And i did break a lot of that down it And it doesn’t look like the investors Have made anything else or or have made Anything and now that they’re Doing this corporate restructuring i Wouldn’t be surprised if the investors Are are laid bare after this but the Bottom line with ttsa from all of the Information that i looked at is that There’s there’s two ttsas going on and They’re still going on there’s a there’s A front of the house ttsa that involves Tom delong angels and airwaves and all Their merch and all that stuff and That’s what we all see there’s also a Back of the house ttsa which includes Jim semivan hal put off and all of these Strange bizarre contracts that are Projects that require crowded with the Government and look like they’re going To be Programs that they’re going to try to Get no bid contracts on through the Government for some outrageous amount of Some the last the the one that i just Found was what i call the propaganda Machine but it’s called the industrial Rapid response Secure i don’t know something vehicle And it’s this weird truck that you can

Drive up somewhere and park and it’s got These three lcd screens that come up Together to form a 35 foot display To play Propaganda to the world and they’re Hiding they’re they’re building this Thing under the guise of oh we’re going To give it to the dod under a contract You know well maybe if they need to roll It into syria or iraq or wherever we’re At to get some news out like vacate the Damn city or whatever but again we know That this is probably going to just be Another no bid contract from the Pentagon where they’ll charge 800 000 For something that should be 8 000 Um you know like the halliburton Hammers and the you know rolls of duct Tape and all that stuff that we know Goes on with these stupid contracts Where nobody bids because nobody knows About it except for the one guy who’s Out there trying to capitalize on it in This case semivan and put off but They’ve got a half a dozen or so Projects that they’re working on over There that nobody knows about They’re right there in the paperwork but Nobody’s talking about it and i stumbled Across them in the sec filings they’re Right there um i would encourage people To go and look at that stuff because They’ve tried to make it hard to find it They’ve taken it off their web page you

Now have to go to the sec page Because they’re no longer currently Offering stocks they don’t have to make All that information public um But it’s sketchy and from what i Understand there’s an article that’s Going to be published in a day or two Blowing the The lid off the whole thing and there’s Some other people who are looking at Into the mainstream media so Keep your eyes peeled on ttsa they’re Not dead and there’s something Real Real shady going on over there the front Of the house that i described with the Long is what i focused on in my uh live Stream the other night but i show how Tom delong has structured a public Benefit company to benefit himself only He gets paid A dozen different ways before the Shareholders or the public will ever see Anything and the only public benefit That company has ever provided that they Claim on paperwork was contributing to The unidentified series on the history Channel which isn’t even their project They’re basically getting paid to make Unidentified and they’re saying this is Our public service And that way they don’t have to i’m Sorry i’m jumping the gun the whole Reason that’s important is because a

Public benefit corporation does not have The same liability to its stockholders That a normal corporation does a normal Corporation if they did what tom delong Is doing would be shut down in a Heartbeat for fraud and theft because They’re not Meeting the financial obligation to Their shareholders to give them profit Now a public benefit corporation which Is a new thing that just started about 12 years ago doesn’t have to do that but They’re supposed to be spending that Money on public benefits not giving it All to tom delong for royalties salaries Intellectual property um stock Participation bennett’s benefits i mean The guy gets paid 800 different ways Before anybody else including when the Little guy by by the way your buddy Oswaldo i tried to get a hold of him and Ask him because somebody has said that He’s bought stock and he told me to go f Myself that i’m he’s not taking part in Some hit piece on the ttsa but oswaldo If he bought a single stock he should Watch my video that i just put out Because tom delong just gave himself 750 000 of those same stocks that Oswaldo has for nothing and so now if Oswaldo’s even gonna get a nickel he’s Gotta chop that up with tom delong who’s Gonna get five times the amount that He’s getting there too on top of getting

Everything from the top I will say this For for osvaldo’s sake I hope it works out because i love that Guys he’s a nice guy And he Is his heart is he is in ufology it Really is i I did say to him from day one with uh Ttsa be careful with those investments But i don’t know how much he’s invested And what he’s put into there um i just You know i know he he’s He is an investor uh the only way i Believe he’s going to get any money back From ttsa is if oswaldo is a stock Beholder goes to the sec page right now And files a whistleblower report on ttsa And is involved in getting collection of Money back because then he will get a Percentage of the whistleblower profit As a reward i don’t think he’s ever Going to get a nickel back otherwise Honestly i don’t think he is um I hope he does because i i agree with You i think oswaldo on a personal level Is kind of a nice guy even though he’s Freaked out i’ll be a few times to the Point where i won’t even talk to him Because he’s so in left field about what He says and does and because When when no he’s an [ __ ] ollie he’s An [ __ ] he called me a liar for Nothing something i didn’t say right off

The bat and i said i think you’re Mistaken i gave him three chances to say I think you’re mistaken he’s no he’s no You’re a liar you’re a liar you’re a Liar he’s an [ __ ] but that’s okay He’s just mistaken you see manny i’ve Seen this a lot i’ve seen when when People have a Passion for Something Or as a certain group of people And they’ll defend they will defend that So that doesn’t mean to say that he Thinks you’re an [ __ ] he’s like You’re treading on my turf mate [ __ ] off Yeah i got you i got you that’s that’s What he’s doing so okay So i don’t hold that against him I’ve known the guy for years and He’s a great guy But Do i think he’s made the right choice by Investing in tcsa well i wouldn’t Personally invest it in there because he Told me i should i never have Because i’ve always felt I don’t know I’ll be honest with you my wife wouldn’t Let me invest i didn’t want to invest She wouldn’t i just i just went but i Just wanted to put 200 in that was it Just to see where it went um but For osvaldo’s sake i hope he makes some Money off it if not

Us You know chase manny up um and listen to What he’s going to say um i’ll help him File the form i’ll help him go to the Sec and file the whistleblower form and Give them all the information that he’s Gotten and that’s If he wants to you know but i don’t Think he’s going to get a stock pay out At all and if you are there some Investors doing that do you know this I wouldn’t be surprised if quite a few Have if i had a single stock in that Company i would have already um but i Don’t so i can’t um I have personally filed a complaint with The sec with them to be investigated From a civilian’s point of view and i Forwarded them all the information that I have Got no response so i don’t know if that Goes to somebody’s desk and it needs to Be reviewed or whatever but that’s not My fight because i don’t have stock in That company um there’s only so far So much that i can do to protect people From their own Uninformed decisions you know like This Olly you asked about ttsa Ufo seekers did a eight minute video That broke that company down on day one Everybody should have known it was all There he’s just cut that out hasn’t he

Has he just put that out recently oh oh No that that came out at day one he put That out way when this when they first Came out no he’s just done so i’m sure He’s just done something else on ttsa Okay i got you yeah yeah yeah yeah i’ll Go in there was it or it may have been a Clip I saw something a little literally two Days ago but i’ve been looking into this Rich Do you Why do you think lou Jumped [ __ ] with ttsa Well I i don’t think they got along i don’t Think they saw eye to eye i know he was Saying He didn’t mention names but People weren’t getting along or seeing Eye to eye with tom deshong you know so Apparently They come from two different worlds and They couldn’t rectify Their situation That’s it And also they weren’t doing anything you Know maybe lou has real intentions of Doing real research i’m not seeing it Much other than him trying to get that Aoi msg office at the pentagon But The threat All that stuff is gone right after june

25th it was all over i think for them That’s it i don’t think there’s much to It it’s pretty simple i wouldn’t want to Work with tom deshlong How how long after was it the the melon Went Same time they left together they left Together yeah that’s how i remembered it Because i heard lou left first and then Melon jumped ship Well no um they think they’re left Together So they they they must be talking you Know We need to get off of course they were Yeah they’re still together they’re over A galileo project together that’s the Partnership that won’t go away because The second that lou separates himself From mellon he loses his uh political Protection and could then be charged for All of the things that he’s done that he Ought to have beat that he should be Charged with you know like leaking Videos and and conspiring to defraud the Government for a year and uh profiting Off of both of those crimes to this date You know but But you’re saying he leaked those videos And he i don’t think he did He was irresponsible he was partially Responsible for it as i outlined in the Film christopher mellon could not have Gotten access to them if lou hadn’t

Declassified him so there’s a disconnect Of plausible deniability where lou says All i did was declassify him and then Melon says well all i did was walk out Of the pentagon parking lot with them It’s plausible deniability it’s mafioso Mentality it’s the same kind of thing You know like nobody buys that [ __ ] You know you look at the facts Him pushing those videos through for Close to a year leaving right after they Get de classified having his wife move To encinitas at you know a year before He quit the pentagon right next to ttsa Headquarters and it any reasonable Person can conclude that he was Conspiring to do this for a year with These people it doesn’t take ironclad Evidence in this court of public opinion You know unfortunately that’s how it Works you know there’s a lot of Circumstantial evidence he needs to Answer for and come up with the real Answer not just plausible deniability Plausible deniability works up on the Hill but down here in the real world Nobody gives a crap about that because We know he’s full of [ __ ] when he says That you know he is But they weren’t leaked they were Legally Given to the public Yes It said it on the thing it’s made for

Public distribution there was a stamp Set No no no that’s that’s where i think You’re wrong because it does say it but Then there’s a stamp that said it is Approved for publication hold on hold on The statement from susan go this Pentagon spokesperson clearly defined That and says these were released Improperly through improper channels and Even if they would have been for one a Non-us government Agency could not speak on behalf of the Government there’s the first number one That’s wrong the second one number the Second one that’s wrong is that the this Is an industry partner releasing Confidential information even though was Declassified they’re still not allowed To give that to the public she clearly States that it was leaked to the media Using improper channels That’s it They were they were leaked they just Haven’t investigated it I i don’t know It doesn’t look that way to me see then You know we don’t have to agree on Everything but uh it that’s why the Movie’s controversial too because There’s things like that that stick out And people are just you know and why is Susan goff or go whatever the frigger Horribly let spell last name is

Why is she such an authority on this She’s the official spokesperson for the Pentagon right you know Right i’m not sure who else would be we Have to get an official statement from The government it’s got to come from Someone it comes from their spokesperson Just like when i i wrote a letter to the Ncis spokesperson and said why hasn’t The navy investigated these leaks it’s Been four years statute of limitations Five or ten probably we need to get on This if you’re ever going to and if You’re not i want an answer why because I i do want to know why i said it in the Movie the only answer that i could come Up with is that they already know who Did it they know that that That lou elizondo was responsible for Getting these things declassified and May have been the one to actually hand Them to christopher mellon in the Parking lot or there may have been a Known third party um you know in the Ricoh warrant you would say unknown Subject b and that’s what we’re talking About here criminal conspiracies ongoing Criminal conspiracies to profit this is Not only a huge Civilian law you know in fraction but Military military we’re talking about The military if these doc if these Videos would have gone to china or Russia would people be okay with them

Being leaked and not saying that they Need to be investigated hell no Hell no but they go to a private company That benefits tom delong and people are Okay with it Why Why aren’t people just infuriated that These videos came out and the way that They did and that there’s not more this Isn’t about disclosure it’s about profit Sorry money i was just putting um the Link in the description somebody was Asking about goosebumps uh all right Good channel Does that If so If this is true because because i Haven’t heard this either so but i i am No ufologist at all um but if this is True that that lou Got these out and he shouldn’t have done That Does that mean to say that they are Important because a lot of people say That there’s a few people are saying That These videos are nothing but nonsense You know I don’t think they’re anything special i Think aguadilla the aguadilla puerto Rico ufo sighting with all of the Ground-based civilian radar that they Had from the faa and other data from the Customs and border plane is a way better

Sighting but that’s only because we have That little bit of information elizondo Brought us a short clip of a video he Claims is 22 minutes long why didn’t he Get the whole thing where’s the rest of The data where’s all the sensor data From the princeton where’s the um Where’s all the sensor data from the uh A wax that’s up in the sky the big bird You know that’s got the the giant radar Dish on top that does this for a living You know like where where’s all the rest Of it instead we get a one little clip And we’re told you know like that There’s more sure i’d like to see that And then maybe i’ll value the princeton Or the um nimitz citing a little bit Better but until then i don’t think it’s All that important i think that it was Mischaracterized in the media as being Super important and i think that’s why People still believe it because of that Media cycle that just pounded into their Head that these were ufos and these were Something special even though when the Dust settles it’s all garbage So The the the documentary who’s lou Is is very flat factual and it’s there’s Nothing Really in there that i would say accuses Him of anything But it just shows all the factual Information

Why do you think he’s here and doing What he’s doing Because you’re not in a documentary now You don’t give away i’d love to yeah um At the end of the day when i look at all Of the evidence around lou ttsa melon This whole group is the agenda as i call It they are attempting to get Our The united states top secret Technology declassified so that they can Export it to our allies for profit and It the motivation might come from our Allies who want that who are trying to Put pressure on to our top secret Programs to get things declassified Again so they can have access to it and I’m not real big on that not big on that Some of our allies do some pretty Horrible things with our weapons and are Allowed to because of politics and i’m Not okay with that especially if this is Somebody trying to force something on Our country to release something that They’re not willing to or don’t want to Then i’m triple not okay with that um do I like the disclosure line the fact that Lockheed boeing and all of our special Access projects have all that stuff Locked up hell no but i don’t want to Follow a disclosure charge off a cliff And say yeah i’m down for this Disclosure charge when they’re only Going to get us weapons and propulsion

Technology that’s not the sort of Disclosure i’m down for and that is not The sort of disclosure that um Will If we get that disclosure we won’t get Full disclosure they’ll say here’s your Disclosure you’ve already got it bye and That’s all we’ll get we’ll never get the The good stuff so i’m not down for that And that’s why i’m resistant to this i Do want the full disclosure and i do i Am a little concerned that this might be An outside influence that’s trying to Act against our country so there is a Patriotic element to it and people are Going to say really manny you’re a Patriot and lou isn’t well if he’s if He’s not representing the united states Citizens and the united states best Interests I guess not i guess not if he’s Representing a foreign interest for Money Definitely not right I mean i I just don’t know what to say I mean There it is i i think it’s all about That tech chris mellon said it last week That they were looking at this space net Imaging uh program that could you know You could you could Get a high resolution image of a Baseball from 20 000 miles away from the

Ground That to me sounds like some kind of tech That our allies might want and that They’re going to try to get declassified Under the galileo project but it’s Really going to be going to Somebody else You know would avi love to have Something like that sure a lot of Astronomers would i know richwood so he Could go do some skywatching with Something like that but they’re not Going to give it to us they’re going to Sell it to other people who can afford It The only problem i have with this And You’re probably both gonna laugh at me Now But it’s tommed along That’s the problem i have the rockstar Because this rockstar Semi-followed him as a kid Um with my friend my mates were more Bling-182 fans than i was i i was just Like in it for the you know going out And meeting up at the house pies where They’d play the blink-182 But i i saw Clips And i knew back then because i was into I was into ufos and aliens i knew the Lead singer was into ufos and aliens so If you’re saying

That the longs in on this and he’s Wanting to sell the tech on to to to That’s not what he’s saying He’s i believe that tom delong is in on It but he’s what i call a rube he’s Somebody who they knew that they could Use because he put himself on the radar Way back in the early 2000s with podesta And all that stuff in the emails um so Basically tom de long is not even lou if The stuff if we’re talking about if We’re talking about an International coalition that’s so far Above even lou or melon you know you’re Talking so many levels of people just Like a military operation where there’s Bureaucracy well there’s rings of people In these things too and that’s so be far Above even tom delong or lou elizondo i Doubt they even know or suspect what i Just said um you know Because they don’t know who they’re Working for they really don’t or they Think you know like tom delong might Think that it’s chris mellon but it’s Not it’s five people up from chris melon You get what i’m saying like i don’t Think that they the the pawns and the Expendable guys don’t get the whole plan They just get their compartmentalized Part you know what i’m saying just like Any operation And anyone who’s in the front is a pawn I i don’t know if you’ve ever seen seen

That they may be still on the internet Uh if tonga’s tongue Tom is a young lad And Being interviewed about ufos and All that jazz and that kennedy and he Was into it all you know all the Conspiracies he loved it And that i saw a man with passion for The subject a little bit crazy but i saw A man with passion that had a love for This subject And he made that he made a shitload of Money from blink182 so why go in to Ttsa And I mean is it that that whole that whole Thing that money becomes a drug And it becomes addictive And that’s taken over his passion and he Just because you’re saying they want They know this tech is yours It’s your tech and they want to sell That tech ow That’s the whole point to this Yeah well that’s the back end of it as i Talked about then the front end of it is And and it’s kind of muddied there Because obviously melon and elizondo are No longer with ttsa officially they’re Over at the galileo project and doing Other things so how much would they make High perfection hypothetically Do you want to know what lockheed martin

Made last year in international sales International arms sales go ahead and Look it up it’s all online um It’s it’s a big number it’s a giant Number [ __ ] i wish i’d invested now Um you don’t have to go to the Blackstone group which is the number one American hedge fund which pretty much I’m saying martin I’m saying I wish i’d invested you shouldn’t have And i’m going to tell you why because You’re you’re never going to get that Money back All of the money that got invested in There was spent during those years on These weird they spent it all and if you Look it was all in stock benefits now That they’re going to write all that off And all of the money that they make off Of these dod contracts are going to go To the to the board the people who own Those stocks if any and not down to the Little guy It’s sick i mean i broke it all down but You know maybe there’s something there i Guess we’ll see i’d like if anybody out There has bought ttsa stock and got paid A nickel on it please tell me please Tell me because everyone i’ve talked to Has said that they haven’t i’ve asked George knapp to do an article I know i know this i’ve i spoke to

Investors nobody’s had a nickel yet As far as yeah every i i’ve spoke to two Investors When we know um No Yeah so that’s um yeah that’s where We’re at on that and it’s it’s a lot of Money and it might not just be you know When you start talking about that money It’s not that kind of money it’s not Really about money to those players it’s About power you know what i mean because You’re starting to talk about Big time money you know um They don’t need more money does chris Mellon need any money no the guy’s got Fu money he could just walk away and him And his you know next four generations Of children will be fine you know um so This is about power loyalty i don’t it’s Hard to explain and the thing to keep in Mind each one of these players in this Agenda is in it for their own different Little gig they’re all getting a little Something out of it while they’re also Furthering this agenda too you get what I’m saying it’s not like anyone’s just 100 percent about the agenda they’re all Getting money they’re all getting Power they’re all getting something and Um that’s you know as well as as Furthering the group agenda Thanks billy bob i appreciate that my Friend where are they getting their

Money from First reach it came from the stock Investors and then now it’s going to be Coming from those dod contracts that They’re getting under the krata The no btss Yeah They’re getting contracts to do what Though Like to put out that propaganda machine And some other things for the dod that’s What i’m talking about there’s a there’s A front of the house and there’s a back Of the house yeah they’re both ttsa but They’re doing two different things so When everyone’s talked about merch and Tom delong that’s the front how put off And jim semivan with all their weird dod You know stuff is in the back That’s what the mob does they They bring in the meat through the back Door and out through the side door go The fur coats That’s you know what it’s just like a Good fellas like the restaurant yeah That’s exactly what they’re doing there Yep yep Yeah that’s exactly what they’re doing There and tom is okay with it because He’s getting Paid a bunch a bunch a bunch a bunch a Bunch of much money i don’t know what Tom’s finances were looking like before He started ttsa from blink182 everyone

Says he was loaded he may have been or He may have been broke i don’t know all That i know is when he started that Company he put close to a half of a Million dollars of debt into it to sell To the stockholders as tim doyle Explained in his ttsa breakdown when it First came down And then from there he leveraged Everything in the company which i Explained in my breakdown to Basically pay himself a hundred Different ways before anybody else gets Paid um Yeah and he’s done some other shady Things there like they took a ppp check Last year for coronavirus relief and Then used it to buy their way out of a Out of a lease you know when they had Already stated that they had Made online moves and merchandising Moves to offset any economic damage you Had from coronavirus so i just don’t Know how that was legal but hey big Business for the win yeah like oh god I i i watched uh The ufo proof last night and he he was Speaking about this drama with uh With lou at the moment and uh people Going against the grain Uh For example uh well not example but Factual uh rich and money here and uh He he was he was saying that he thinks

Grier is responsible for this that greer Has Um spoke to people like third phase of Moon and he started this off I would disagree there because I i remember I think i remember the first person i i Heard disagreeing with this was you rich Yeah i know since the first day So But what what you guys interested in That’s interesting sorry i’m just saying That’s interesting with the with the Gria thing though there Well when grier comes out it’s different Than goof on at the moment uh grier’s a Powerful guy well we i don’t know he’s Just got some pull and people still Listen to him and third phase of moon Put him out there Because he wanted to challenge the Narrative In one of the biggest uh ufo channels on The internet So That really in my opinion and ufo proofs Really changed a lot of things and it Made people like listen to another Narrative for once and seeing how they Backed down from the challenge none of Them wanted to go and talk to greer That really made me wonder too like you Mean not even nick pope even nick pope Said no

It was it was interesting though he he Said it’s almost like a disclosure war That griez Griez knickers got into in a twist Because he feels like these guys are Threatening his disclosure no that’s That’s nothing hey i’m just talking About what he said i know you’re Reacting I’m reacting to it Because it’s silly Agree it is silly and you know like a Lot of people i said it in the film that When grier You know kind of drew a line in the sand With lou that that he took a lot of heat For that people who had supported him For years uh jumped ship and i honestly I don’t agree with dr greer on a lot of Subjects you know there’s a lot his Older stuff i thoroughly enjoy and love You know the disclosure project i think Was one of the best things for Disclosure in a long time you know if Not the single most important thing of Our generation um you know whether it it Panned out or not he put the effort in There and i agreed with him on that but And on the subject of elizondo 100 There are some other things i don’t Agree with you know selling selling you Know flares or whatever all that crap i Just like whatever um don’t want to get Into that but everybody does it manny

They all do it and people still buy And is that any worse than elizondo Telling people he saved his unit in Afghanistan with his remote seeing Powers and selling them that in a book Right i mean come on let’s call a spade A spade yeah if we’re gonna hold uh Grier under a microscope but you know Elizano gets a pass on four years of Lies Didn’t he he was the remote viewer guy Who told stories around the campfire at The the base right I wouldn’t know yeah maybe that was one Of them that clip from skinwalkers just Irks me as he’s sitting there eating his Steak tartare elizondo regaled those Around him with stories of his soldiers Day in afghanistan It’s oh man it’s just i had a buddy who Came back from afghanistan and was a Gunner on a tank and you know he had Stories like that too about how 200 you Know iraqis or afghanistan you know People ran up and you know were trying To you know uh surrender to him and Things like this and i was just like i Went out to drink with him one night and A buddy from his unit and when he’s in The bathroom i’m like is anything he Says true and he’s like he’s about ten Percent you know like You know that’s just it’s one of those People you know like he’s a he’s a war

Story guy it’s great for For copy look the mainstream media Gobbles it right up but is it is it good For any form of fact Nah You know if you want to if you want a Good Doozy go get a stephen king book you Know don’t don’t read elizondo’s Half-baked book like go to a real author I couldn’t agree with rich moore here i Mean it it it did seem that For me that grier went from hero to zero Especially when he put Some of the stuff that he’s done Like the flares that are blatant flares He’s these things that have gone into His movie That i would i mean i i had to correct One of my videos because i got hold of His movie early and i got really excited About ufo and it was actually osvaldo Franco that turned around and said mate He sent me the full video where i just Took the clip from the film And it was skydivers when i got excited If it was a [ __ ] tr3b Um But You don’t speak with grier with as much Malice as you speak about lou why is That Because i don’t know i don’t know dr Greer i’ve never met dr greer and i’ve

Actually spoke out about some of his Other stuff before plus Dr grier’s not going in front of the World trying to bamboozle them to to Twist disclosure into a defense industry Movement Lou is He has gone in front of the world Yeah but not to do what lou’s doing That’s what he’s saying he told the Truth what was the disclosure project Was did he go to congress and try to get A ufo office that he was in control of Hell no he didn’t that’s what lou and Melon have done they’ve created yet Another a tip in the pentagon that’s Going to be abused and abused just like The old one was i mean come on it’s it’s So basic man and you don’t have to get Into deep politics to see what goes on Here all you have to do is read more Than one defense intelligence Authorization act and you’ll see this Sort of shit’s been in there for years It’s nothing new it’s no big win it’s The same old crap with a pretty bow on It but let me ask you something manny What’s wrong with what lou and melon are Doing why why are you so angry that they Want to have this office in there For themselves i don’t care about their Office because it’s the same junk as it Was before they’re just going to try to Get more contracts for whatever the new

Bass is which will probably be ttsa you Know that’s probably what they’re doing Um and it’s just crony capitalism and I’m offended by it because they are Subjugating our disclosure efforts and Our disclosure talks for their own Purposes they’ve got people who should Be pushing for full disclosure are now Instead of pushing for pushing for these Stupid offices and to get congress Involved congress has always been Involved man just because the junior Member from who just got elected last Year is happy to be on a new committee Doesn’t mean that there’s some new Congressional oversight and here’s a a Little tip for everybody out there the Reason that these are bipartisan efforts Is because the defense industry lobbies Both sides The defense industry is a political Because they can’t choose a side because They never know who’s going to win every Year or they depend before 2010 they didn’t now they can buy an Election now they can create a super pac To buy the election that they want guess What they are But this is the first time that congress Has been involved like this to the Public where annually they have got to Disclose what they found through their Investigations over the past year so This is something we’ve never seen

Before now we know you know i know it We’re never going to see [ __ ] coming out Of this office that means anything it’s Still going to be flir video off to the Side a few seconds here And that’s it we’re not going to get the The clear 23 minute videos that that’s Supposedly still out there Yeah that will be so long i know we’ll Never see it no there was a there’s a Knee-jerk reaction when elizondo tried To pull that out of the pentagon it just Snapped the turtle’s head just went Right back into the shell we’ll never Get that any people should just give up On that sighting anyways nimitz is Come on we were tracking that thing i Just found out not for a week but for Two weeks they were playing with that Thing there’s no Way in hell that was a ufo and didn’t Get shot at two weeks okay ufos are Engaged within minutes not hours not Days not weeks Minutes they are they are engaged Sorry um that was I truly believe that was our technology And that elizondo knows that and is Trying to force that into the public why So they can get it declassified and sell It to somebody else right but manny yeah That but they didn’t care but fravor did Go out and try to confront it that’s why He got such major play

Because they finally shut down here it’s Back huh no he never engaged that he Never locked his targets on it or fired A single round or a missile at that yes He did he said he locked his targets in On it and was having a hard time with it Oh so he wasn’t on it No he he didn’t get to because it took Off it was in the water and everything Bouncing around like a ping-pong ball Cool i’m glad that he engaged it at Least tried to lock his uh weapon system On it i’m shocked that that’s the first Thing all the pilots didn’t do I read that they didn’t have any weapons On that and fravor specifically had Training ordinance on which is just Which are just dummy rounds unless i Miss the plane but no he may have Actually locked his weapon system on Anyways just to see if he could get a Targeting lock on it maybe that’s what Caused it to to jump away see that’s What they hope they hope that they do What i may have just done and that’s mix Things up with all these different Stories I was going to say uh we even have Electronic counter counter measures we Have eccms so if if i’m flying along my F-22 and somebody locks their weapon System on me even if they’ve never fired I’m gonna get a warning that they’ve Locked a weapon system on me it’s gonna

Detect the radar it’s gonna detect the Lidar whatever they’re using the Infrared to lock onto me and it’s gonna Give me a red thing that says you know Alert alert alert um so it’s real safe To assume that any sort of our tests if This was a lockheed or or a special top Secret piece at the nimitz it’s safe to Assume that they would also have that Ability and the second that fravor Locked his scope on it it would take off It would say no i’ve got a weapons lock My ai is programmed that the second i Got a weapons lock on me i i hit that Switch to go you know balls out so that They can’t catch me um Yeah it totally stands to reason so You know i’d like to look at I’d like to interview favorite dave dave Let’s talk man let’s get a little bit More information out like some straight Some straight info um right after i get Through with lou Do you think you’re gonna get that Interview willow Oh yeah oh yeah i’m getting my interview With lou and he knows it just as well as I do and he better the sooner that he Realizes it and comes to me and gives it To me the better off it is for him the Better off it is that’s all i’m gonna Say about that Well i mean It mig west managed to interview him and

I didn’t think that would happen and That that happened Cool So did john greenwald so have a lot of People um have any of them held his um Held them to task on the hard questions I don’t really feel like that’s the case And i’m not dogging on those people i’m Saying i would ask a significantly Different line of questions than anybody Has asked him well i’ve heard I’ve heard i think you told me this rich That he Anybody who interviews lou you get Told the questions that you were allowed To to ask and that you’re not allowed to Ask is that right that’s true This is what you can ask lou don’t ask Anything about this that or the other Was it dave you spoke to about his Interview i didn’t speak to dave dave Spoke to uh Cousins boys i think And said that he was given a list of What he was allowed to ask yeah yeah was It was he given a list of what he should Ask or Yeah i don’t know the the details but All i know is that they told him what he Can say and what not to say i think So but i know he was given uh i think You know just a guideline of what to ask And then will you just follow each other I guess i don’t know but that’s that’s

How it went down And i believe it because all these Questions are softball questions that We’ve heard time and time again I’ve heard both from people like i’ve Heard people say that they had to Forward questions and then i’ve heard Other people say that they didn’t but The people who didn’t were generally More of a it’s it seemed like they were Already well established that they were Kind of on a lighter level that they Wouldn’t ask any hard questions anyways It was more personality stuff and less You know less in investment it was it Wasn’t journalism it was just a Personality piece and that’s fine you Know like if they are you know what talk Show hosts don’t have to grill people if You’re not trying to push yourself off As news or as an investigative Journalism you’re just an interviewer You know like like and that’s fine You’re boring But if you need to establish that too And not pass yourself off as news if You’re just gonna give a guy a one-sided Platform to speak is his his beef you Know so Yeah sorry blue chicken and i nearly Blocked you from the channel then Because i i looked at his font And thought it was some sort of you know One of them

Then then channels that into introduces You to other your subscribers to Naughtiness How has he got that fun that’s brilliant That’s absolutely brilliant What you’re saying there though money is When it comes to lou Ttsa any this corporation it cannot be Trusted so lou knows that you you you Put out that this guy can’t be trusted He’s if he’s gonna go if you’re gonna Get this interview with him okay And he’s got this He’s got this background of giving the The host A some hit whoever’s he’s working with His uh secretary or whatever gives the The gives the The co-host the questions How’s so if he gives you those questions And says yeah we’ll we’ll do the Interview but this is what you’re not Allowed to ask I mean how are you gonna do that Interview That’s not how i work i’m an Investigative journalism or a journalist In this case this is an investigative Journalism piece and my offer to lu Elizondo is not to interview him it’s to Sit down with him and watch who’s lou And he can ask me to stop it at any time To make a comment to clarify or to um Deny anything that’s in it and that’s my

Offer i i’m about the truth i’m not About one-sided stories i’m not about One-sided narratives It’s just that simple um If he wants to come on you know hang on I need to address something right here Again Via said something in the chat could you Pop that up step one for the interview Do not slander the interviewee could you Pop that up Which one Uh from v it just came through on my Chat I don’t think we’ve just come through Now oh yeah there we go Okay Slander All right I’ve been trying to get a hold of luella Lozando for years to talk in different Ways When i did this project i contacted him Through every email address that i could Find in my extensive research i Went onto twitter and tagged him i did i Mentioned uh said direct messages to Everybody who i knew who had interviewed Him that might have contact with him Saying hey i’m trying to get in touch With this guy can you put me in touch With him I believe luella zondo

Knew that i was getting trying to get in Touch with him even though he’s claimed That he hasn’t he ignored me just like He’s ignored everybody else I’ve never slandered lou once my film is Not slander my film is a commentary on a Public figure it’s it’s been Characterized as slander and that’s why I want to address it it’s been Characterized as a hit piece it’s been Characterized as doxing it is none of Those things this is a commentary on a Public figure to replicate to Show that his public statements conflict With the public records that’s it It wasn’t a personal attack it wasn’t Slander if i was going to slander Someone they would know it i would make Up all kinds of crazy stuff about aliens And conspiracies and you know all kinds Of crazy things i’m far more creative Than that i’m far more creative this was Not that type of work and i just wanted To address that for v because it’s not Slander and guess what i’m not going to Kiss lou’s ring to get an interview he Does not have a ufo ring he is not nero He is I’m done i’m done i’ve tried that i’ve Tried being respectful the ball is in His court i’ve called him out if he Wants to ignore it it’s just going to Make the fire get bigger and bigger and That’s why i say he’s going to be

Addressing it one day not because i’m Going to kiss his ring and go through The hoops to make lou feel like i like i Deserve an interview with him no it’s Going to be because he’s realized that It’s going to do more damage to his Image to continue to ignore it That’s the end of it that’s it So in if you interviewed him I mean i’m not not going to ask you to Blow your secrets your questions that You’re gonna ask him now but Obviously you’re gonna ask him To about everything that’s in your Documentary So so I mean the stuff in the documentary is i Mean it’s not that it’s not that bad Again going back to him watching the Documentary all that all that says to me Is He wasn’t where he said he was and doing What he was what he’s telling people he Was doing but could he not do both I don’t believe he could i don’t think That the guy can be working for the Pentagon loyally as a soldier in a Military member and still be conspiring With chris mel and tom de long and god Knows who else to defraud the government For footage for profit The reason You guys could i wish i could The way the military works when you get

Out if you’re if i don’t know what lose Rank was and i don’t know what he was Making i know that he that According to my understanding of the Government pay scale as a man who only Held a bachelor’s degree the highest Rank he could have been was gs 9 which Is not that much money There was a review done on who’s Recently by a member of the infantry he Was an infantry member i forget the Guy’s name and he talked about that sort Of thing and he says you know that lose Rank could have been functionally much Higher than that okay so he may have had A decent amount of money but what the Point is is that when you leave the Military to go join the military the Private defense industry you’re doing That for money because you’re going to Be making two to three times the amount Of money that you were working for the Military with these private contractors That’s why they all go into those fields When they’re done lou even admitted it On tmz oh that’s the only thing i’m Qualified to do that’s all i can do so They know if they take away my security Clearance i can’t do it anymore well Damn straight damn straight if he loses That security clearance he can’t go and Work for whatever defense industry Company that he’s working for which he Admitted last year he’s been doing for

At least 18 months now i think If not longer Working for a defense industry is it Bigelow is it You know is it boeing is it somebody Some contractor connected one of those We don’t know but You know that’s why people leave the Military is to make money in that case Lou had what 18 years to go to get his Full retirement he probably didn’t want To do another two 18 years there at the Pentagon riding a desk you know is he Making more money now did you see my Movie did you see the house he bought in California and flipped did you see the House that he bought in 2016 paid cash Right out for and kept in somebody Else’s name for two years How does how do people not see that that Was most likely a payoff when his wife Moves to encinitas california and the Two of them purchase a house in west Virginia the same year the same time and And it’s all half the books Like i That’s what i’m getting at in my point And somebody else he asked well why Bring up the wife and kids i brought up The kids because i was telling the story Of who’s lou i mentioned The youngest daughter once and never by Name only to show that he had a daughter And the other daughter the older one i

Never mentioned by name and only twice When she was born and when i found the Picture of her i believe i found a Picture of Lou his wife and his daughter at gq Heroes those are the only two times i Did not bring those kids into anything There’s a lot more that i could have Said about that if i really wanted to go That route and i would never do that Because that’s not who i am it’s not who I am No matter how these idiots like fessler Want to portray me as a doxy and Vindictive jerk-off that’s not how i am I did the research i know all about his Family all about him i know all about Every louis lozando that has a business Of property in this country california Denver san antonio florida i know about All of them because i had to rule them Out to make sure it wasn’t lou It wasn’t lou i’m solid with that i’m Sorry vfu offended that i brought up Their children is his children and the Reason i brought the wife into it was to Show that he was conspiring with the Ttsa for a year or longer to defraud the Government move to encinitas california To jump ship and go over there i could Not have done that without her Information and her moves and that Pattern that was explained in the film i Hope you understand that’s why the

Family was brought into it and that’s it Oh god yeah like why can’t you mention The family it’s not like you said oh Their kids go to this elementary school Or their school and the wife works here You didn’t do any of that i’m so sick of These sensitive people [ __ ] you can’t even talk anymore oh look What he just said you mentioned that you Got a kid I didn’t remember the child’s name i Could have i could have shown the full Birth certificate i didn’t i could have Shown all that stuff i didn’t do any of That because it wasn’t relevant i Redacted all of the information that was Unnecessary and showed the minimum i Spent a significant amount of time doing That to err on the side of caution so it Offends me when people try to Characterize my significant efforts as Doxxing and attacks like y’all want that I could do it i could do it people i’ve Had at least six people ask me for Unredacted versions of these documents From this film i won’t give it to him I’m like if you want to go find it do it On your own but i’m not going to abide By that because i don’t do that my piece Is solid i stand by it and if anyone Wants to think that it’s something else That’s fine it’s Free free world you can do whatever Think whatever you want

Money it was so it was taken off youtube He’s back on youtube and you had it on Is it odyssey Platform Yeah it was on odyssey it’s still on Odyssey it’ll never go off of odyssey And is it on any other platforms I was on vimeo where tom thessler struck It on there too just to be right that’s What goes on that’s what i was actually Going to ask as has it been taken down On any of the platforms Yeah vimeo tom Filed a strike against as well So tom uh fesler’s uh He He has a he’s got a clip is there a clip That he used Of his channel on there Yeah i used a few of his clips that’s uh Called wasn’t it Yeah it wasn’t much Oh no there was a there were some some Clips i used multiple times and and one Of them i think was a full two minutes Which people are like oh you can’t do That i’m like I guess we’ll find out in copyright Court How how big is fessler’s channel Adam before this started he had 1900 Subscribers he gets 20 or 30 people for View i guess i don’t know Okay so if if if i was uh you know

Fesler And i would i would be thinking Okay He’s used my work in that Somebody wanted to put a clip from alien Addict in a documentary Whether if somebody was saying this Guy’s full of [ __ ] i don’t really care What they say to me that’s Free advertising yeah i mean I think yeah he’s kind of a [ __ ] for Doing that in my opinion because he Could have um he could have gotten a lot Of free advertising off this because i Would have Just like everybody else whose clips i Used in the video i would have left his Logos and everything intact and i would Have given i had a shout out to him at The end of the credits like everybody Else like yeah i’m faster at disclosure Tonight like because Yeah i did I took all that out because he’s a jerk What am i supposed to say you know like The guy the second i emailed him about This he started attacking me and was Going off trying to get john greenwald The unidentified celebrity review and And uh dave scott all to gang up on me To try to strike me off of youtube you Know he was no reason So i finished watching it on odyssey uh Where that was still in i believe but

I’m sure you thanked him anyway but on The The The one that’s on youtube now have you Taken all of tesla’s clips out No and i will not because those are used In a fair use public commentary fig uh Case and i have the right to do so and I’m exercising my right those will not You’ve just taken out the thank you Yeah and i’ve clipped his images off of It so he doesn’t get named in it he’s Now a random youtube blue friendly Youtube live stream good Yeah just exactly who he is nobody he is Nobody and that’s why i didn’t even want To talk about him but you know what i’m Glad that we did because people do need To know it there if you want to give him Credit for his actions go ahead well i Don’t really know him i i know rich has Had his uh beef at dinners with him but That’s about that’s all i know he’s had He’s had a bit of beef with him but um Well anytime somebody fakes foreign fake Friends you just to get you know to a Thousand subs you know yeah he’s an [ __ ] i saw what happened there i Understand why richard’s got a beef Because rich promoted that guy from no But nothing subscribers to get him up to A thousand to get monetized and it felt Like to me like the second that he got Monetized he just totally he did turned

Around and stabbed rich right the back Tried to set him up and use him and all That crap and i was like I My personal experience with tom is is Nothing like i never even i watched what He did to rich but i didn’t comment on It i’m like well you know that sucks but You know like he’s out of here and i Didn’t care because i never cared for Him anyways it wasn’t until whose lieu Came out that all of a sudden tom Fester’s got some kind of weird strange Hate boner for me and wants to just come After me for everything all of a sudden I’m evil now and then it’s just basic Clout chasing man if it hadn’t been me It was rich before that it would have Been you know third phase of moon or or Secure team 10 or whoever is on top of The day he’s just gonna ride some clout That’s all that guy’s got because he’s Not really creative i remember i Remember seeing the guy on your channel Rich as a guest um He seemed like a great guy like a nice Guy Seemed like it but would you say This this seems to me like He’s being fed something here you know Not really From i’m not saying that lou’s told him To do this but The

The fact that he’s He’s he’s had an interview with lou am i Right by saying that yeah Okay So Maybe he feels like he’s he’s he’s got He’s got to pick that side you know That’s the side i’ve got to pick because That’s the side that’s going to going to Do well for me because you said it Yourself rich earlier that he was Saying stuff in the chat before about Lou They didn’t they did he didn’t trust it He is as fake as sor is that’s why they Support each other uh Tom fessler only cares about tom fessler And in getting as many people to go over There as possible And create an army to go against anybody Who disagrees with them and that’s it And Sor goes in there and gives him uh super Chats every time he goes live And They uh suck off each other basically For lack of a better term or maybe that Is the correct term in this case for all I know is that’s what they do And uh fessler will eventually screw Over dave scott he or dave scott will Screw him over they’re perfect for each Other yeah i’m saying i’m calling names I don’t care that’s what i do why do i

Have to hide how i feel after what i’ve Had to go through i will not shut up for Them ever it’s only going to get worse Or better I think you’ll get the channel about Rich but you whether i do or not Your backup channel which i’ve just Dropped again in the uh the chat guys go Check it out um He’s doing well you know we got we got To a thousand subs exactly in a week So we’ll be back just like uh you know We’ll be monetized in a week Already already have 4 000 watch hours As of now So we’re ready to go on goof on lives We’re already there we’re already going They didn’t silence me they just Empowered me Now i am on a different level of uh Of what i need to do i can’t find the Words today for lack of brain cell power But Um yeah they they did it and i’m not Going to stop And neither are they Do you think the the who’s blue Documentary and The the the chats that you have about Lou rich Is going to Spur the channels on In a different direction to what they Have been have you seen a change from

Anybody Can you what do you mean so Um have you seen a change Since the who’s blue documentary and Some of the stuff that you you’ve done Some of the commentary after rich Talking about The aftermath of it have you seen any Channels opinion change Of louis alexander that may have been Positive to a negative Um i don’t Watch a lot of other shows so i the only Thing i can say is From what i hear it seems like some People have changed but it wasn’t a hit Piece or anything it was just bringing Up questions that people never asked Manny i think you wanted to say Something about that Yeah um ollie i did want to speak about That because i have seen the Conversation shift in the last few weeks Since this film came out um you’re Seeing a lot more people calling out the Bullying and the echo chamber you’re Seeing a lot more people speaking out Against this retaliation tactics and Things like that and it’s um a lot more People who were either on the fence or Were You know not not so hip to call out Things are now being more vocal about it From small people to big people um you

Know i’m not just talking about content Creators but people who are simply you Know twitter view you know people who Follow uf ufology on twitter a lot more Of them are coming out too so It’s changed from it has changed the Conversation and it has changed the way Things are viewed and this is an Important form to do it on because this Form is so important to lu um twitter And youtube respectively so i think i Just answer your question briefly yeah i Do think it has changed for the positive Because people are looking at the other Side now even if they don’t agree with Everything that i said in my movie or That people have been saying they’re at Least asking those questions and saying We need to get to the bottom of some of This Yeah i mean i i think this is the thing And what people don’t seem to realize No matter what side you’re on I don’t even i don’t even pick a cyrus i Don’t understand the picking sides when It comes to somebody who’s who doesn’t Have a channel Let alone i mean even if you have a Channel but we do we pick sides But When it comes to The The subscribers that are constantly like You shouldn’t say this this is this is

This is bad marvin blah blah blah blah Blah Do you not want to know who these people Are do you not want to know Who his who’s talking about your Subjects who’s possibly going to deliver Disclosure to you you know why would you Not what why would you not want to hear The negatives i don’t get that It it’s beyond me Because That that’s almost like you’re Brainwashed So you do you make you makes Let’s talk let’s talk about bands for a Second so not blink 1a2 but any band a Band that you’re into as a kid you may Find something out about that band Member Um that’s disgusting that that’s Terrible but you really like that band You don’t want to hear it you don’t want To hear of what that band member may Have done That’s what it’s like Well it’s what these people are like it Depends if it’s the singer or the Drummer [Laughter] I did want to go there i agree Oh man yeah it is an interesting point You know because we’ve seen that with Band members i i don’t want to you know Spear anybody’s name but we’ll say

Michael jackson something might have Happened around that celebrity where Things were the same way and then more Recently with corey feldman and charlie Sheen there was a huge thing that came Out in the media about you know what had Happened and things like that and people Were very Hard and and you know i watched what Happened to corey feldman during that For speaking his mind and he took damage I was one of the people who supported Him on twitter i was like dude go tell Your story man you rock i went got his Movie because i wanted to hear what he Had to say you know like um And that’s kind of i see a lot of Similarities to what is going on here But it’s not just it’s all media Everything does this it’s all the media Man they do this to us about politics They do this to us about religion they Divide us and then they get us to fight Amongst each other instead of grouping Up and turning against them you know Like it’s just the same old story that’s Been since i was a kid it’s just got a Different face on it and a different Venue now it’s ufology Oh third phase is here Yeah i i i always send them an invite Recent last couple of shows because i Would like to know their take on this What’s happened because they’ve been

Accused of um taking sides With greer over this and it’s this greer That’s In their ear So to speak um which i don’t think it is I i i think These boys don’t they they think that They think like you money they don’t Trust this guy Yeah that’s probably that’s probably More from rich and not grier No they’ve got their own minds they do Have their own minds It’s It’s beyond me why anybody wouldn’t want To hear the other side of the story i’ve Never got that when it comes to anything Never mind ufology i don’t get it i Don’t get why anybody wouldn’t want to Hear that other side Because these are people who you’re Supporting these are people that you put Your time into you’re listening to So listen to the negatives and that Comes to that goes for anything in life Because if you don’t You know you you may be on to A bad horse Well the thing is the negatives haven’t Been really bad like not career ending i Think They may find this as nitpicking or You’re just looking for something that Isn’t there all manny did was just

Release facts i mean what you know i Think you had one one or two mistakes in There about a location but it had Nothing to do with his character Or his uh past doings and business Ventures so Yeah i think you know if we found out Lou was uh you know human trafficker i Mean that would be a little bit Different So right or drug smuggler or something Like that you know But we didn’t you didn’t find it Without saying without releasing any Spoilers there’s nothing in there that Is you know The guy’s the squeaky Actually actually you’re you see i Disagree and that’s why i think he’s Overreacting the way it is i think There’s more in here than people think And i think that um I’m going to have to show it to some High-level government investigators to See if they see the same same things That i see or not which i’m in the Process of doing as well wait What are you talking about something That isn’t in the movie no i’m talking About everything that’s in the movie Everything that’s in the movie i mean Yeah the 2016 to 2017 is the most Incredible and strong piece the the House in west virginia the move to

Encinitas and all of those things and a Lot of people don’t understand why That’s important or why that indicates Criminal actions but it’s a huge huge Indication of criminal actions because Again there’s no logical way that those Pieces of footage could have gotten From the pentagon into mellon’s hands if All the players involved hadn’t done What they’d done it shows a conspiracy Which is a criminal act rico’s and also One another ongoing criminal conspiracy That you profit from is is a rico act Violation so you’ve got Different levels of criminal actions That need to be looked at here that are Might have been You know and all of th this is my point I’m a civilian investigator which means I have access to the stuff that you saw In my film that’s it i don’t have Subpoena power i can’t go pull irs Records i can’t just dip into a Government database or things things Like that um You know there’s there’s improper Actions here there’s enough indication That something was improper that a Legitimate government investigator has To pull those files and records to Determine whether there was or not it’s Called probable cause there’s more than Enough probable cause in the public Records to show that there was something

That happened here now i want to know Who’s supposed to investigate it and why They are not Boys welcome What’s up ollie how you doing ellie and Addict good I’m good mate how are you doing boys We’re doing good congratulations manny Getting your Documentary back up on the platform Thank you thank you You know i don’t understand there’s been A lot of uh you know how long we’ve been Around on youtube Over a decade plus Going on maybe 13 years now I don’t know how many Youtube channels have been Talking [ __ ] about third phase moon all These years Have we once Gone and copyrighted anybody about Having their own opinion This is like going i think my channel Will be gum Oh yeah yeah your channel would have Been gone a long time ago helling addict So would have riches so would have ufo Proofs so would have everybody we’re not These kind of guys that are copy strike Happy to silence the critics This is cancel culture it’s crazy that Ufo twitter Is actually deleting posts that we put

Up That we received from the public What are they afraid of That we received the information and oh My god third phase moon’s got another Breaking news report on ufo And they want to take it down They’re actually patting each other on The back over there ufo twitter Saying thank you Ufo twitter for not talking about third Phase of moon and what they put out this To me is a Conspiracy In massive proportions To silence People that have their own Views and opinions on things And you know as all you guys know at Third phase of the moon we’re not these Guys that start Calling these guys out we want to kind Of remain neutral in this Field we’re just here presenting the ufo Evidence as it comes in on a daily basis But behind the scenes i guess we can say That uh You know what we what we’re seeing going On with richard getting seven copyright Strikes From a major channel like dolan Among another person is just kind of Crazy And um

And how ttsa Another major corporation is going after This small channel known as area 503 and They’re afraid of something This says A lot about these guys characters You know if we went around copyright Striking people Of people using our content there would Be no ufo channels that exist on youtube But We don’t do that we don’t play these Games why not just let people speak Their mind Hey if there’s a truce you go you want To discuss it I know we’ve invited luella zondo on the Show third phase of moon for the past Couple years we’ve spoke with lou’s Manager personally we met up with him in Los angeles had a really good time you Know had some beers with the manager Told him hey look lou should come on Third phase of the moon You know we’re going to ask questions That nobody really asked out there And uh let’s do it let’s We’re gentlemen here we’re adults What are you afraid of why why is lou Going on these shows after manny puts Out his documentary on this obscure Youtube channel And starts calling out And

Telling these people i i don’t think i Heard it from lou’s mouth saying go get These guys go get these guys but Immediately once he got off the Interview with this obscure youtube Channel These guys started saying we’re going to Get them we’re going to shut them down What is this all about you would have Thought that lou would have told them Hey look there’s two sides of the story And guess what maybe i am going to go on Area 503 to discuss Some of the things that he spoke about But instead lou says give me too much And i’m going to Explain my side of things why wait two Months So i just can’t give it a few minutes Or that he wants to take us out behind The barn and teach us a lesson And then he’s throwing out these Accusations Or Talking like a tough guy saying he wants To take you be take these guys behind The barn and teach them some lessons and Saying that dr greer is a terrorist Among many other things and a cry baby And he says And again we’re not third phase moon is Not the one calling these names out We’re just presenting What these guys are saying we don’t have

Any opinions one way or the other except That this looks kind of Um Kind of um in a way that they’re afraid In my opinion To have a discussion They only have their own point of view And they’re only going to speak to People that agree with them And what’s wrong With not with going on hey look we went On your channel ollie you we’ve had our Differences We went on rich’s show we had our Differences We asked the questions everybody could Ask whatever they wanted What’s what’s going on here why can’t They do the same is what is amazing to Me you would think That They would come forward and say hey Let’s hash it out let’s Let’s have a discussion And Let’s address these statements that Who’s lou made But it seems that he doesn’t want to Address it because maybe he’s got to Prepare himself for two months to make Up something or uh come up with this i Come up with this Story that how he’s gonna Go against this who’s lead documentary

And it’s gonna take him two months to Figure it out i guess there’s so much Ammo in there he doesn’t unders he’s a He’s got to prepare but if there’s Nothing to be afraid of then you Shouldn’t have to prepare for anything You should just be ready right then and There the truth that you don’t have to Think of [ __ ] for you don’t have to Remember stuff when it’s the truth Yeah i mean you know what i mean you Know Because the truth has nothing to fear go Ahead richard yeah yeah yeah Well it’s hard to remember lies than it Is the truth is what i was trying to say So maybe that’s it or maybe it’s just About clicks and views and i’ll come Back in two months and we’ll build up The drama a little more you know who Knows or that’s when his book is coming Out in april Well here’s a little self plug and Little promotion on third phase of Moon’s part but hey that’s what You got to get the word out so let’s Tell you what’s coming up here real soon In regards to our above top secret the Technology behind disclosure when we met Up with dr steven guerrero we asked rare About The statements that lou said to him in Regards to calling him a terrorist and What greer says is actually quite

Quite interesting and profound and also Diplomatic in a way as well And he doesn’t get it down in the gutter Like some of these other guys are doing Making these statements of grandeur Actually calling people a terrorist in Our own country from a from a military Official or ex-military official what Kind of language this is is this it’s Very dangerous It’s it’s actually If you call somebody a terrorist And you’re an ex a Government official Isn’t this Don’t you have to prove that that this Is almost liable in my opinion without Evidence terrorism is a serious thing What has greer done That shows anything of being a terrorist I have not seen any of that You know dr grier He’s a interesting character we’re not Taking sides either everybody thinks oh Grier’s telling us what to do grid is Not telling us Anything we have our own minds here at Third phase moon and uh all i know is That grid has been in this for A long time 22 years now publicly And Sometimes he says things that are You know it’s interesting the ce5 this Communication

You know That that’s greer’s thought process What are you gonna do is that is that Becoming is that terrorism in america Here Why would he say this why would lou say That to him I think it was just a smear campaign Guys and they’re used to throwing that Terrorist card out there and just Getting people to just grab their Pitchforks and their torches and go to Fight you know like um it’s really silly I anyone who follows dr grier knows he’s Not a terrorist anyone who even knows Who he is should know that but You know he could have called him a lot Of things but terrorists He’s also saying which is kind of crazy As well not only terrorism he he Compares dr greer To the to the heavens gate cult Like and jim jones So anybody that follows greer is going To go under a mass suicide He’s saying that greer is the equivalent Of jim jones And heaven’s gate This is like crazy to suggest that he’s A terrorist and he’s also going to tell All his followers to go kill themselves Which is it is he a cult leader or a Terrorist it sounds like just more Defamation a character assassination

Yeah it’s pretty well the cult leader is One thing but a cult leader to say go Everybody go do a mass suicide Now that’s something else altogether This is about as low as things get and It sounds like desperation And it’s it’s very dangerous some of This language and i think everybody Should just stand down On this kind of language But i i agree with rich That you know when people speak your Name And they’re talking trash about you You have to stand up for yourself We’ve stood down on our language and i Know rich has We fast rich just stand down let it go Let it let it go let these guys Kill them with kindness But when these guys keep talking and Bringing up your names there’s no other Way except to defend yourself you can’t Let them roll over you Especially when they tell you don’t Speak my name again and then they do it You know the very next day or month or Whatever like i wasn’t going to hear About it And you know it’s a small community Nobody i know like it’s a small Community And um i know manny’s that wasn’t Calling anybody any names in the

Documentary it wasn’t really a hit piece He was just doing a lot of research and Sharing what he found He wasn’t calling anybody any names but Recently we’ve been called clowns we’ve Been called whack jobs we’ve been called This and that Like Do you really want us to go publicly With what we know behind the scenes And share it on third phase of the moon Because let me tell you we’ve been in This for a long time we got information And i’ll blow people away And take people down but do we bring it Up no because It’s not necessary but these guys should Everybody should just stand down a Little bit Chill out with this language and Rhetoric And Let people do what they do And grow some thick skin people because If you’re going to be on the internet You need that It takes the skin in this field and if You’re going to throw it get ready to It’s going to dish it out get ready to Get the ramifications of it as well and If you can’t walk the walk and talk the Talk Split Yeah

Fair enough Which is weird go ahead i was just gonna Say did you boys um happen to catch Kyle’s uh Live stream He did he did mention something that Involves kind of all of us Um Like he thinks that greer may be putting Um These words into our mouths We actually talked right after we Watched ufo proof statements last night And we got on the phone with ufo proof Immediately last night and had some Discussions because We’re good friends with kyle and he we Do have her disagreements but he wasn’t Aware what was been going on over the Past couple weeks he wasn’t aware that There’s opposition Striking channels And debilitating a channel of their Livelihood what happened to goof on yeah He was very surprised He wasn’t aware of this whose lew Documentary because ufo proof loves Ufo Proof loves lou and ttsa And He wasn’t aware that ttsa went after This small channel known as area 503 To shut down his opinion he was kind of Shocked as a matter of fact that dolan

Richard dolan went after goof on these Big channels he’s aware that we could Have shut ufo proof down years ago for Doing what he’s done on his channel and He does not agree one single bit of These tactics so we told them ufo proof That manny and goofon should go on his Show maybe we could arrange that i Definitely i think you got manny should Go on ufo proof show explaining them of What happened to him um All i know is ufo proof does not agree With the copyright strike action that’s Going on And again dr greer is not telling us What to do by any means We’re on our own separate entities but Definitely we’re collaborating Dr gray’s got a lot of connections in This build He’s been around the block So At least at least greer’s talking to us Right Lou why don’t you talk to us You know you know do you guys think that I’m going to go by what greer says i’m Going to do what i want to do i mean That’s just silly talk and that’s what They do they they talk silly and they Cross this they cross over a line a Boundary i would never think of crossing Doxing people striking their channel Making nazi and pedo pedophile memes i

Mean it’s just a bizarre hate and they Say we need to come together The opposite you’re doing we no it’s you Together No we just don’t like it right they you Guys try to do that with everybody Yeah we did we reached out to louis Lozano we reached out to nick pope we Reached out to corbell we reached out to Leslie kane we reached out to sheehan All of them declined The debate and they could have all Teamed up against greer And greer wasn’t afraid and what greer Told us after they all backed down that They’re afraid he would have cleaned Their clocks And you know careers ready for these Guys And if they’re so confident that greer Is As bad as they say they are why don’t They just go out there and debate them Because they know grier has info that Will destroy Them in my opinion So they’re afraid of it they’re afraid Of the confrontation and they’re afraid Of little guys with small channels and They’ll go out of their way to take the Small guy down and this is the most Ridiculous canceled culture thing i’ve Ever seen by the ufo twitter at ufo Twitter thing that i’ve ever seen and

These talking heads Are um I don’t know they’re they’re just a Really thin skin and it’s turning the Ufo community into wokeness Why is ufos becoming woke all of a Sudden This was Ufos has nothing to do politically but Now they’re making it political And it is very bizarro What if that’s the plan on a long blake That’s what’s supposed to happen What that i know what you’re saying but To become woke Yeah what what if this divide that we’re Seeing this is the plan the politics is In my opinion has always been in ufology Always never been i’ve never seen it Like this rich this bad You’re just living through it it’s been Like this before I just don’t know when I blink boys Do you remember when it Has it ever been this bad it’s bad Well you know there was that podesta Hillary clinton you know there was Kind of a A political Body Is he breaking beyond uh it’s beyond Anything now because at ufo Twitter is becoming become its own

Entity and um they’re pushing it forward And so All i know is i don’t know why it’s Becoming so woke and it’s it’s exactly What’s going on and then the hollywood Culture and they’re shoving down this Wokeness in hollywood and the major Media and now it’s coming into This Ufo field which it has no business being There ufos have nothing They’re breaking up you’re breaking up Their jobs Your phone’s cut now it’s just a Phenomenon we’re trying to figure it on It and people get really Pissed off about it i don’t understand The theory behind this We ask questions we invite people on the Platform let’s figure it out we had obvi Logon the other day he’s um Saying that the government Can’t keep a secret they’re inept at Keeping secrets well i think he’s wrong They know how to keep secrets And so do private corporations they know How to keep secrets he doesn’t Understand national security that if They did capture ufo on their lenses That they’re going to release it to the Public and it’s going to be everything’s Going to be okay Not everything’s going to be okay They’re not going to be able to release

Their ufo clear shot if they find it to The public the next day they’re going to Have to go through security clearances National security and if it’s too hot to Handle they’re going to shut it down and Avi doesn’t eat Avi doesn’t even Realize that So We’re here dealing with the public Taking in the information raw from the Public and we got to deal with it the Public’s tricky when you deal with the Public you’re going to get all walks of Life In this dealing with it and i think That’s where the disclosure is going to Be happening i continue i think We’ve already brought up enough Awareness being that what how many Millions have we been seeing on third Phase moon 350 million times this blows Away anything at ufo twitter they’re Afraid They’re afraid that We ask questions They’re afraid that we have panel Members that speak their own minds And they’re afraid that there’s there’s People like manny independent Journalists that want to go in and Find out for themselves and they present What they find and they try and shut it Down well they lost and they lost big

Time And it’s a great thing that that Documentary is up whether you agree with It or not let’s not cancel each other Out everybody grow up so let me ask you This you know these guys need to grow up Right Little school yard children Say don’t you think behind the cafeteria Let’s go guys don’t you think they think This is a sad thing Is this hopefully hopefully they is my Microphone We’ve seen it before Maybe they will come around You know take our questions come on luke Come on third phase i mean we’re not Gonna Talk And down on you we just got some simple Questions for you that people aren’t Asking and uh if you can’t answer it That’s fine with us because i’m pretty Sure that’s a problem because if we did Get lou on her channel he wouldn’t be Able to answer any of our questions so Go nowhere it’s going around us in a Circle Of nowhereness and that’s a problem too Lou should have never come out publicly He should have stayed Quiet because All he’s done Is let everybody be aware that

He’s he’s here and he’s here to stay but He doesn’t bring anything to the table It’s like a broken record with no new Evidence so if you don’t have anything New to say Go go home just go home Unless you got something new Let’s hear it but if you don’t got Anything new Go home lou just go home And it’s nothing personal against lou at All Did you hear me say anything bad about Luke did i did i say anything bad about Luke no you just told him to go home Which one wish home though Which home i love it i don’t think third Phase can hear us guys Can you hear us i don’t know i can’t Hear you guys but um i think we lost Connection but oh there we go that’s why I think bad about lou except that if you Don’t got anything new to say go home That’s not attacking that’s just We just want new information we don’t Want information that goes to nowhere Because that’s that’s a big waste of Time And those videos that he came out with And leaked those were a big waste of Time as well hey guys i got to get some Lunch good talking to you you guys be Safe thanks ellie and addict thanks rich Thanks for coming by

See you later boys they can’t hear us See old i can’t hear them trick huh [Laughter] That was that was good i i wanted to Counter You know i wanted to say Opposite of what what i think uh they Were saying Don’t you think these people who go Against us They feel just as passionately as we do Or do you think they’re just doing it For something else than the passion for The field because i know that they’re Not offering the talk to us we’re Offering to talk to them they deny they Ignore Isn’t that interesting Rich which quickly That’s what i meant earlier on i think Some of these guys They know that there’s a truth there to What was to what you guys are saying i Don’t say much i just i just interview You guys um But they know there’s a truth to it but They don’t want to hear it so they’re Scared of that truth You know it’s like somebody’s somebody’s Saying your girlfriend’s been cheating On you you just don’t you still take her Out for a meal you know Didn’t do anything this evening down There no no no no nothing much no okay

But that that that’s the thing they just They play they’re ignorant to it that’s What it seems like to me from an Outsider That looks in At this it seems like they don’t want to Know but on the other hand I think there’s the people that have all The faith in the world that this will be The He will this guy will deliver he’ll Actually deliver disclosure yeah yeah He’s the disclosure guy You’re right why is that because he Looks like it might i i mean he’s paid Handsomely for that image and he’s been Building it up for years you realize When he came out with ttsa that he Didn’t give a crap about disclosure the Word never came out of his mouth it Wasn’t until he left that platform and Came over to twitter and and started to Twist the disclosure movement into this Defense industry movement that he Started to care about all that and That’s when the things shifted at the End of 2020 blah blah blah you know like All that time frame so um yeah it really Wasn’t about this closure and i say it All the time his version of this Disclosure is neutered it ain’t got no Balls and it doesn’t if we want the full Disclosure that’s going to include the Truth is about what we’ve been lied to

Over the years and not just a Declassification of propulsion and Weapons technology that or a ufo office Or whatever that doesn’t help disclosure At all that helps his employers get Money But do you boys think that he has any Anything to do with the government Cover-up And man anything’s possible if he worked In the pentagon If atip did you know what he said they Were doing Yeah i guess there is a percentage I don’t know very small percent Tidge I’ll tell you what guys through the Course of this project i’ve run and Believed every single possible scenario About lou from a cia defense industry Collusion type of thing similar to the Aurora fraud or um you know just Straight up cia or Maybe even foreign intelligence services As well i’ve run them all and Eventually i had to shake certain you Know scenarios out if he was part of Some big legitimate let’s just say cia Operation i don’t think there was any There would have been any way i could Have found what i found on him in my Documentary i think like ali you were Saying he would have had a impeccably Clean record which he does not um his

Record was impeccably clean until he Left the pentagon but then on paper That’s when things start to really Change quite a bit is in the 2018 time Frame when he starts to get a bunch of Money and things like that so um yeah i At the end of the day i don’t believe That he is because i think that um if This was a matter of national security And that he wasn’t in a Legitimate operation They would have contacted me in some way To shut me down they wouldn’t let me Made my film but maybe not you know i Mean maybe they couldn’t do anything About it so You can’t rule it out i just think the Likelihood is very small i think it’s More likely that he’s part of an Illegitimate operation that mirrors an Actual operation and that’s why everyone Is confusing the two because it has all The the markers of it it’s it’s all the Same moves it’s just benefiting a Different group of people And alien addict i gotta get going my Man No he’s we’ve been going for two hours Boys so yeah well i need to because i Got my show coming up at nine o’clock at Goof on live we’re gonna talk about Haunted stuff so you can join the show And give me your stories Goof on live there is

Going to put it in the uh stream rich So we again I’ve i’ve put it in a few times tonight We hit a thousand subs tonight on your Show at 5 55 pm eastern Congratulations me all right congrats Rich yeah thanks thank you thank you It’s all because of you that you guys Are the fans i had nothing to do with it It’s true i had nothing to do with it i Can’t sub a thousand times or can i No Well All these emails it’s hard That’s what i’m being accused of just so You know what’s it about What’s that The show Oh Well it’s about uh ghost stories i want People to call in if they’ve had a Legitimate ghost story And i’m gonna tell what’s going on in my House I think i’m going crazy it’s very Possible i’ve been possessed and Abducted all in the same night By the spoon By the spoon as a matter of fact oh oh The spoon’s missing it was right here a Minute ago no it wasn’t it was just Kidding Yeah this is one of his friends though This is tinny yeah tinny’s not one of

Those spoons that’s not bean spoon no That’s an imitator i’ve seen that spoon This is like a festler We call that the festler Anywho that’s what’s going on tonight 9pm eastern six percent so what am i Saying six uh pacific Thanks for joining i can’t read while i Do this at the same time yeah it’ll be Tonight it’s going to be horrible so Don’t show up Please don’t be there no no seriously Nobody’s show I’m telling you it’s going to be awful Can you imagine dude it’s showing you i Can’t speak today what’s wrong with me i Feel like i’m rushing Rushing You just need to change that [ __ ] I know it’s the spacesuit It’s pulling all your power right Outside Like it looks like yeah it is it’s Weakening me it looks like a trash bag I like it it looks like it does look Like you’re about to go into space if You saw this in person i think you would Enjoy it And i’m pointing at the shirt not me Nobody would enjoy this It’s with the hat as well with the the The like the rocket on it oh i thought You were saying my conical shape Like bigfoot hello is this thing on

Yeah So that’s what’s going on tonight don’t Show up it’ll suck goof on lives Yeah we’ll be there i hate it It’s in the There you go Popped it in there again for you no why Don’t even come You won’t like it at all Make another account guys make three you Know let’s get rich Let’s get rich’s numbers up no they’re Fine They’re fine don’t i’m kidding oh oh oh Okay that was actually good name He wasn’t funny I thought it was that’s why i laughed Now it’s not funny now i’m not laughing All right you didn’t you didn’t laugh I chuckled you You told me it was funny but you didn’t Laugh Because it’s not real funny oh i know It’s not yeah well it’s meant to be Gonna be a good guess i mean come on She’s trying to help you out That’s all Go watch richie’s show tonight no don’t Ghosts What you need to do rich while you’re Doing doing the show if it’s about Ghosts is you know get one of them potus Wheels and And

Mold the Oh shut up that would be awesome And i would blow vape into it and it Would catch it Let’s just see this thing flying around That would be the great paradolia of the Night Oh sorry you don’t know i’m trying to Finish the show here yeah yeah i know i Know shh then what are you going to say About the paranoia i’m interested now i Have no idea paranormal [Laughter] Paranoia Money the man of the hour the sh is back Up um who’s lou Is back up on youtube It is in is in the descriptions below i Think it’s the first link above the rest Of the links so go check it out people Uh Even if you’ve watched it already watch It again let’s get the numbers up Because it it has had a bit of damage Done to it because From 4 000 Views in two days Uh To be taken down i know what happens When a video gets taken down It does extreme damage to the views when It goes back up because it it screws With the algorithm so go from it up And give you know send it out to other

People tweet it out Ufo twitter 500 times a day folks 500 times a day Put that one on ufo twitter Yeah it’s money it’s it’s a great job Mate you’ve done it you’ve done some Good work there and uh hopefully you’ll Get to speak to the man himself he’ll He’ll chase you up and uh he won’t send You a list of questions you’re not Allowed to ask him Yeah they’re all in the film if you if You watch my movie know which questions I want to ask they’re right in there and I make them pretty obvious so yeah we’ll See what happens thanks ali i appreciate Your support rich as always your support From day one dude and you too man if it Wasn’t for manny I don’t know if i would have got those Claims put through the right way spend a Lot of time with me appreciate it It’s bad it’s bad yeah you have to teach Me something so horrible It’s having goof on back as well Yeah well we’ll see but goof on lives It’s on its way Maybe That might become the new channel I think it is It will be for next two weeks So Yeah be kind of cool man if we can stay On this pace i’ll be doing shorts

Starting tomorrow you know those short Videos they tell you you got to do them That’s where all the popularity is right Now i did a couple of them when i was Ill paulie oh yeah that’s right see and I thought those were good Yeah i liked it what me saying that Are you dying Yeah Full mo good stuff Because it was interesting Seeing you in seeing you so vulnerable In that position get yourself out there Yeah it was real yeah That’s why i think a lot of you know the Three people on the screen right here Have in common is just keeping it real Rich you keep it real olly you keep it Real and i definitely keep it real you Know and some people just can’t hack That you know they don’t like real they Like The opposite fake i did want to say that Money well i wanted to for anybody who’s Watching this that still may think You know Uh man is a bastard and rich is just a Dick Um What they don’t realize Watching You guys over the years Is you can change your opinion On people because at one point you may

Think this is fantastic And then you’ll see the cracks And then you’ll speak your mind so you Might be bought into something but as Soon as you you can smell that rat dying In the kitchen You tell people that this [ __ ] needs Cleaning up Yeah it’s only proper Yeah um And i think that’s That’s the problem Not interesting ufology In life people don’t like it when Somebody changes their opinion or They they will actually See one side and they won’t realize that This person has actually Fought Completely different before and changed Their mindset But Every if if you actually Take the time And watch manny’s documentary you might Think differently and think you know i Need to look into this a little bit Further If you know before You actually invest some real money That i hope his book does well I won’t read it because i’m dyslexic I think it’s an intelligent person that Continuously looks at all information on

A subject and is constantly changing Their mind on it based on the most Current information i mean how else can You get to know something in a subject If you’re just going to make your fire From the hip and stick to your guns About your first initial assessment Regardless of what evidence comes in Down the pipe that is just that you got Your blinders on and you’re just seeing What you want to see if that’s the case And that’s not at all critical thinking Quite the opposite All right All right boys Very much Good night god bless find the bugs don’t Bite thanks holly like share subscribe All that just See you rich good night everybody Check out the links below people