Area 51 lets look for S4 in Microsoft Flight Simulator

By | February 19, 2022
Area 51 lets look for S4 in Microsoft Flight Simulator

Uh There we go Good evening folks why is that playing How we all diddling on this Fine Um i’m trying to think of something to Do with flight This fine airlifting evening Um alien addict i’m back I’m feeling Ginger And i’m about to fly Over area 51 um Possibly crash What we are about to do guys is what i Have been practicing for for the past Week However i’m not a pilot and this is a Simulation so it’s quite realistic And so you’ll have to excuse me but This is google earth that we’re looking At without further ado anyway i’m going To bring My my boys on um Leigh must see audio how are you doing I’m good mate was that not the greatest Intro that i’ve just done ever no no it Was pretty I know Pretty poor Rich hey what’s up mate how are you how Are you Good why my mate how are you my mate I’m doing fine there laddies

So we we We we’ve spoke about the s4 That was originally uh Shown by ufo proof that had the uh Government Uh pin on there Not a personal pin a government pin on Government land Yes That’s important then it disappeared Literally two days later yeah Because Two things third phase of moon had got You know 30 to 40 000 people to look at It but not only that i think alien Scientist jeremy Told people to go flag it because he Thought it was water guzzlers and then He was proven wrong and even admitted it Made a video saying he was wrong so Uh it’s a it’s like a mine shaft over There So I’ve um I’ve flown over the area sounds so Silly that but i have flown over the Area on Microsoft flight simulator on i have the New xbox and it’s it’s beautiful And it runs amazing on that it runs okay On this computer um so you any but i’ve Tested the stream Two nights ago when i went on dark out

Paranormal i tested it with him Privately and it does work You may say see a little bit of frame um Problem uh But it is google earth we’re looking at With a it’s got some sort of microsoft Technology over it which pops the Buildings out Not with a hundred percent of what the Details of the building out but with the Scale that it thinks everything is so The mountains at scale the the Everything is to scale to what it Actually should be everything So you’ll get A you’ll get a feeling for what area 51 Is Actually like without actually being There Um But what i wanted you to you boys to do If i’m if i’m concentrating on the Flying uh You guys just tell me what you what what We want to do and you know we’ll just Break off and we’ll discuss area 51. i Don’t want it to just be a boring video Of me flying down some virtual Road All right but um yeah i have actually Invited third phase and i don’t know if They’re coming on but i i think they Want i didn’t know if they wanted to see This

I took some screenshots um Of the area um I flew this is when i was on the xbox With this drone And as you can see in the middle there There is the building pops but whatever These two things are They do not pop as anything 3d You know they are too close to the Ground Uh to be Anything What’s this what’s this one we’re Looking at This is area 51. Okay That is actually area 51. um The There it is Yeah so i’ve i have tried this it is Everything’s there you can try this at Home if you have an xbox series s and Xbox one series x or a pc computer Windows You can try this and it’s great people It’s difficult Um but it’s good So without further ado I’m gonna i’m gonna i’m gonna start Sharing the screen let me know if Anything goes odd with the audio And third phase of the moon is in the uh Chat Yeah boys it you are if if you do feel

Like dropping in um and giving any any Uh Directions around area 51 feel like I’ve sent you a link I can get bob lazar Yes that would be great this is what i Wanted to ask you rich How do you know how long the journey From area 51 took bob to get to s4 You mean by plane or by I think it is From what i heard 30 minutes 20 30 Minutes if that That’s interesting Why because i don’t know if i’m going to Do this but The This so this drone it’s only 12 miles That’s why it’s not that far yes but This drone Goes about 50 kilometers oh So then it would take 20 minutes Probably I got to This car park with lots of white buses At the front of area 51 this is Unbelievable sorry In about 20 minutes following the road Down From From this No way That makes sense in about it was about 20 minutes that’s it i was right look at

Me doing math So Okay i’m gonna I’m gonna get the screenshot this is Great Oh i can’t believe it just i don’t know How it’s gonna it may go listen don’t Get too excited could complete i could Crash That would even be great Uh here we go My wife is out there alien girl 111. you Know we’re married now right Me and amy how long Uh the week We got married last saturday how’s it Going It’s going she’s really fun She did her podcast this morning and i Was in the kitchen listening and eating And nobody knew i was there was great I need the ufo wife Yeah she’s she’s good people She is she’s awesome i know she’s got a Great spirit She’s fun there’s nothing you can say Bad about aliengirl111 And if anybody does they’re going to get The boxing challenge and knuckle Sandwich yeah in the uk sorry i had to Say something to amy because that was Fun Boys Yeah that’s a good if you if you

If you wouldn’t mind Uh keeping an eye on the chat for me Because um i can’t see it I’ve got it Oh sure beautiful Beautiful Uh share screen I don’t think it’ll share audio but it Doesn’t matter Can you see that Yep yep You should be able to share audio Uh okay You know right you click that little box That says share audio Yeah with the with it being a A game It’s not given an option to sh that’s Dang about just the music oh we would be Echoing that echo thing if you click Full screen Instead of like Yeah i could share a screen but that Would get rid of your pretty faces i Don’t want to do that I don’t know if we need audio all you’re Going to hear is okay All right that’s fine then Uh wind yes I want it for authenticity Yeah there is that Okay here we go So To get what i’ll do first of all to give

You Uh an idea of the oh by the way it’s how Much of a geek i am today i flew from Vegas and landed there Yeah how long does that take yeah That took about 90 minutes That’s it This is it’s beautiful look at that This is what it looks like on a decent Rig Okay Wow Gimbal go fast tic tac [ __ ] Are we doing it in a f-16 All i’m going to do is give you an idea Of the actual Area first i thought you are going to Use the drone yes yes yes definitely i Am very excited about that [Laughter] I wanted to see how the frames are is it Is it streaming okay it’s incredibly Smooth Beautiful Did good man it’s like oh look at the Clouds they’re even 3d you can see how High we are with that cloud right there Wow they’ve improved this a lot since 1987 84. No 1982 is when i Played this On a mac Not this one but you know fight

Simulator the og look how cool this is Yeah can you do something like a Loop-de-loo or maybe eject yourself Barrel room barrel room So that i’m looking at now that’s the Car park that it brings you out on this Is great oh my god it’s so real Oh this is fantastic i was just here Last week Thanks bob Well you can actually uh what time is it Now she can put real weather on so if You see here yeah i can make it real Time and live weather no way They’re getting some monsoon action i Think over there No they’re not that’s that’s uh not over There never mind i’m thinking of great Britain I’m driving that’s pastors now There we go Tiny bit of wind it was it was fine Yeah okay Good to hear so there you go there’s the Whole thing right what i’ll do i’ll come Out now Eject Eject It’s funny you see you get all the Weather warnings and stuff like that Like i live on a small island like 80 mile an hour winds happen all the Time it’s It’s just wind

That is A lot of power in wind that’s fast 80 Miles an hour Okay how do you deal with that Just don’t drive around trees Okay try and stay away from the trees It’s okay As well All right i’m strapped in Buckled up And uh and i’m just Passenger on this crazy Thing here Wow That looks like david wilcox warehouse Hey josh and artemis show what’s up Third phase andy cowley area vermont Pete rambo Lisa you might have to help me here boys So it’s about here isn’t it on google Earth uh You’re Close uh I know it if uh I i had it today um I haven’t been there in a while it right Straight away it’s across from there i Was i was just there last week so i Think it’s about here Oh my god why can’t i see it You’ll find it I’ll i’ll know it when i see it Left i think The other left

Is there it is yeah yeah Good eye good eye mate Okay Dude I think we need something more slower And like um like a piano more or Inspiring Yeah How about uh Let’s see I remember one time we we flew one of These drones And it got sucked into a vortex we we Saw in a coronal ejection That was it was absolutely fantastic I’m so glad you’re here rich because This would It’s got the comedy value Rather than just a geeky video This right here is that’s for uh some People confuse this with like Let’s have a closer look I am going see see It’s it’s gonna look like the google Earth it’s fine i’m just turning one off What you don’t see on google earth is That is beautiful bro I i feel like i’m there i’m telling you I’m so high I’m glad i don’t feel like i’m there i [ __ ] hate flying

Wow i love flying If i could fly i would Well i’m a [ __ ] land dwelling mammal There’s no yeah yeah i could see that You got that center of gravity working For you yeah yeah Any any bigger any bigger and i Permanently live in swamps Understood Yeah Yeah like uh Like a gator Yeah uh you could have gone with hippo It’s closer i i didn’t want to be that Mean no Manatee Manatee’s nice beaver Yeah beefa at least i could build dams You could you could pass as a beaver Look at the teeth i’ve got the teeth Yeah oh yeah I’ve i’ve just seen a bit of the chat Wait a second my face wants to land this For there’s a cross on that building Like a church You see it did you see it ah your Mother’s got three necks it’s there i Saw it This is absolutely ridiculous this might Give an idea of the size actually i have Like i’ve landed it where they kept the Aliens i swear to god They took me inside a facility and i saw A book

I didn’t see you land yet though oh look At that yeah these are humans inside so This is giving you an idea of the actual Scale because this is this is the Perfect scale So according to this these are not Buildings these are shaded areas that Where buildings may have once stood Probably yeah You think doesn’t recognize them as a Building it doesn’t recognize them Nice that was a six They could be built they could could be Buildings where have once stood i like That that’s like a build your own Sentence sentence isn’t it There’s the words arrange them with how You feel fit yeah Well obviously we have pebbles here on The ground a Discolored Area Sand Sand perhaps yeah It May have been Sand blasted But yeah Yeah So if you if you take this now If anybody is watching this that has This software this this program You if you [ __ ] If you

If if you take this down this road Yeah you will get to uh Area 51 at the entrance with all the White buses right within literally um I think it’s about 20 minutes Yeah you have to go down that road to Make a right then go about seven or Eight miles yeah it’s a it’s a straight Shot then you go past that strangely Named airport Yeah so It just stand that means i’m getting Sick i’m dizzy already I had the uh The oculus on the other day and i went On these these roller coaster rides and I figured they were going to be nothing Right I got a little nauseous and they even Give you a little button like a target To look at and says if you feel nauseous Stare at this for a second and i had to It was unreal because It was just it’s amazing well rich if You’ve got the oculus and you get that Software uh this program microsoft Flight and you plug the oculus and you Can do you you can fly in vr Yeah that is just great so you see if You follow if you do follow it down uh This is what you where you arrive So you you arrive at this huge car park With all these white buses

Um Here Can i ask you something why didn’t we Talk about what was at the s4 facility We flew We we tried to land we slid down and Then that was it Did we not want to discuss maybe what Could be there what was in that blue Building oh i’ve literally just paused It for a second that’s all Oh that’s it oh okay all right i can go Back to it it’s still running no i’m Just asking i’m curious you know i want To see if we can get close to it or Whatnot so that little building that You’re seeing in the middle there Is That’s just what the software’s Imagined if you know what i mean oh so It’s like ai software it creates what it Should be Yeah that’s how big that’s how big it Thinks that building it knows that’s a Building in the middle um and it doesn’t Know exactly what it looks like it’s Tried to make it as well as it can That’s what the software does So it could be pretty close to being Right You know I i I don’t i mean Did you say

That it’s been disproved now to be water Guzzled altogether it isn’t guzzlers Yeah it’s definitely not and that Building in the middle there is Apparently an entrance to a mine shaft Interesting yeah right and that’s where The alien bodies are supposedly and Other things that are Safely put there and it’s not s4 it’s s2 According to richard dodie i don’t know Anything i lie about everything So Depends on what you believe nobody Really knows let’s just put it that way Just As as some alien scientists completely Gone back on on on the ghostlist yeah Yeah he knows it’s not he was the one Who found out it wasn’t guzzlers after He said it might have been Right which takes a lot of guts so good For him on that yeah definitely Has anybody actually um Does anybody have any idea No not really But all we know is is that it said s4 on There Yeah and then it was gone two days later Miraculously probably from all the Traffic And they realized that could be a prank From somebody that works That’s got It was there two years already

They could have put it down there it Could have been somebody who Never knew about bob lazar and s4 Because they were only 12 years old or 10 years old when that happened And now they work over here and they’re Like oh we need to put this marker here When you said he could have been there For two years it was there for two years Do you mean because of what the guy that Did that original video No you could go back in the timeline and See it there and then when you get to a Certain point it’s uh blurred out and You can see a definite defining line Between The government’s property and i don’t Know what it’s called and uh Yeah So you can see Yeah i wish i would have known we were Going to go that deep into it i would Have gotten that ready for you Alien scientist uh apparently i was Third phase 500. Yeah he bet he goes i’ll bet you he Brought it up aliens i bet you 500 it’s Water guzzlers we found them before when Something similar looked like these Squares he swore it was And it wasn’t Even truth seekers got it wrong they all Got it wrong Go ahead

So What i find interesting with this With this piece of kit with microsoft Flight team simulator 2020 Is that We’re allowed to actually fly over areas Like this but If If you go to antarctica There there’s nothing no detail i’ve Tried in the game there’s absolutely Nothing Antarctica is even On the good graphics machine it’s It there’s nothing there No deep very little detail of any any Kind It makes no sense either does it give Given the fact that you’re looking at Satellite imagery it’s not like you’d Have to you’ve got to send Because we we don’t send like passenger Platinum planes and stuff do we over it Because it’s too cold supposedly it is a Very 200 mile an hour winds i got it i’m Sorry yeah but the um If when you talk about satellite image Imagery there’s no reason why we Shouldn’t have Like better imagery of antarctica you Know if if we’ve got like really good Like satellite maps of the moon now Uh you you’d think there’d be that one Piece of earth like what’s

What’s the deal Well it’s funny you should say that About them only because apparently That’s what they’re going to do next Because they’ve got google google moon Now and google mars They reckon that they can load this Software Into the flight simulator software so You can fly i don’t see why not yeah Around those areas because all it does Is it work the the this it works out the Height of mountains and what have you uh Just from the the photographs it’s it’s Insane technology um I just I i want to I want i put a challenge out there for People to look at to Get this software and have a real good Look around area 51 because there’s so Many things when you’re flying over it That you can see that looks odd In in the mountain areas On there It’s It’s insane But the s4 bit I just i i find it interesting that the The distance if that’s right we said Rich it took bubbles out of what about 30 minutes did you say yeah That’s how long it takes it takes about 20 minutes in that drone

It’s amazing to get to the car park of Of area 51 Well i think it’s the carpet anyway I wonder what loops that company’s doing These things like google earth and Uh microsoft flight simulator I wonder what hoops they have to jump Through Um with different countries because There has to be A system they go they go through You know if you’re talking If you’re talking about like going over No-fly zones and stuff like that and Military installations Um if there’s if there’s any detail in China whatsoever I imagine the The humps you’ve got to get over To to allow that sort of thing or to at Least you know um There has there has to be some sort of Cooperation What we’ve with We’ve got government Definitely 100 So if there is anything like really Really really odd there Then you’ve got to think that that Topography is going to be changed Slightly to keep it Secret Well it’s like if if you if you look at Um

If you look at google moon or google Mars there’s areas that just have big Squares on them on a normal on a normal Photograph area yeah it almost looks Like um A uh A a giant image artifact but it it’s It’s this seeming convenient areas like There would it looks like there is Sometimes they give you a snippet of Something that you can kind of see that Looks like it could be interesting a bit Of an interesting texture On the land And then you’ve got this this big Square that they did it with um Or with the curiosity pictures they just Put like a little black square over Something Yeah it just it was just random It was just random Yeah a little a random square on a Picture for no reason like a big black Square it could be any size and it was Like blatantly covering something up of Course unless um i mean Unless it was covering something up in Greenland Yeah really that’s where it’s at Actually I don’t know man I don’t like that antarctica it’s being Something’s going on over there of Course

But maybe they don’t show us what’s over There because there’s no reason to show Us there’s nothing there and they maybe They oh don’t they i guess they do have Satellites up there don’t they Remember that until that period there Was there was was it within a month Where virtually every world leader Visited the same place It was around around about the same time Wasn’t it that buzz aldrin’s account was Hacked And he put that crazy tweet out about Something evil being an antarctica Do you know that was really uh That wasn’t he didn’t do it That wasn’t real he never said that Just so i thought i thought it was Posted and then they said his account Was hacked Is that is that what you heard that’s Right i heard that I heard he didn’t post it at all uh Right okay maybe and he never said that And buzz all yeah buzz aldrin never said That He uh this is hell On earth or something like that He never said that either He went uh he got hurt or something or Got sick when they were in antarctica he Did yeah See why would they need to go why would Buzz aldrin need to go there

How old was he at the time seven Nineteen eighty Pretty close yeah Why would you even take a man of that Age That’s what i mean hostile yeah It’s got to be so important They had to bring that guy there why That guy Maybe they asked for him Yeah the aliens or whatever Because he was at the moon Yeah And maybe it did a mind meld with him And he got sick or weak from it because It was reading his mind maybe and he Just like ah i can’t you know they took My mind Um Yeah It’s such a great story Because The mystery is incredible But Again if if people go to i mean you Don’t have to look at flight simulator If you go to go if you go to everywhere You can see in detail but if you go to Google earth and you look at antarctica There’s nothing especially in the middle Now some might say that’s the way that The pictures all Um That’s where they’re all stuck together

So you’ve got that like cork effect But you would have thought if they Because we have satellites And we can see everything Top to bottom Why can’t we just Put a texture overlay on that to show What that middle part would look like You see nothing but like a Like a bum hole that’s what you see It seems uh It seems to like to create needless Conspiracy as well because Let’s say there was something there That they didn’t want you to see surely The best way to keep that quiet would Just be to take random pictures of snow You know and just make A texture to go over it so it’s like Yeah it’s all it’s just snow just Snowing hills All that’s there Rather than like blanking out the whole Area Yeah Well we’re not allowed to see it We’re not allowed to go in there We’re not going to see it Even the pole like the Ceremonial pole you go to isn’t actually The north pole Is it not No you know you know the pole you can go Get your photograph taken oh right yeah

That’s not the actual one yeah it’s not The actual pole I’ll be honest with you i don’t think I’d actually want to go anyway if if i Can go to antarctica If i it it would be a day you know I i need like i’d need some sort of Really warm suit to water it too 80 year old buzz aldrin went down there Come on Yeah he can afford a decent coat maybe He couldn’t maybe that’s why he got sick Three pairs of socks on Hey He put his spacesuit on and then went oh No this doesn’t do anything at all Could have again Go ahead no you’re saying rich no not Mine I’m just gonna say again it’s just weird That an eight-year-old man just takes a Trip to antarctica It had to be something he was involved With why would you ask for buzz aldrin It makes no sense Why wouldn’t you get a younger astronaut There But like the other ones who did we have Um I’m I know Obama went down there At this time this time putin went down

There yeah putin went down there uh the Pope pulled for luke Now and others yeah Let’s let’s be perfectly [ __ ] honest Here if even even if we don’t have any Other other countries Russia in the us could hardly be talked About as allies It’s [ __ ] strange What what could be so important That you have to send All the world leaders And like the leader of the Whole figurehead Of the largest religion in the world To one place At the same same sort of time Tell you where it isn’t it’s not Penguins No are you going are you witness to Guess haley Well Are you wanting us to take a guess yeah To what’s so important I don’t know maybe it has a big hole in The middle You know Maybe Inner earth time who was it was it real Bird Yeah maybe he was right Yeah Apparently he was Or

It’s um What Stop No no no no no i’m not going there Um I mean we’ve like the We’ve been in a state of thor haven’t we Since the ice age you know it’s we’ve Still got i think Like the most amount of sea ice Almost Almost in the history of time you know It’s the mo the earth has spent most of Its life without any sea ice So unless it’s We’ve discovered what would have been Ancient civilization ancient advanced Civilizations along the lines of what People are talking about now about Tataria and stuff like that um You know maybe It’s been kept better under the ice than It has On land because we’ve Had we’ve had years of growth and things Going back into the Be fallen back into the earth but if You’ve had If you’ve had a great freeze You know if we can find whole [ __ ] Mammoths In the ice we could find whole [ __ ] Buildings and whole flying cars and old Spaceships

So so you think It may have fought and real Totally released Yeah history i i think i’m absolutely You know that those those single Pictures we’ve got of the um Uh of what look like pyramids There yeah Like where are mars No Antarctica Um And then they say oh no no it’s just a Mountain Mountains spiky mountains are Hard to come come by I wish i knew where that location were Now I don’t i want to fly over it just take Us to antarctica let’s see a bit of it Let’s let’s have some let’s do some of The nothingness Uh yes Good job yeah put Um There’ll be like villages there A couple of et’s Well i mean It’s a big place i just picked a random Spot it was um it was empty Probes are us I’m so excited Oh my god Right uh

That was good Oh god i wish i could google my friends In canada right now she sent me a Picture of her In the snow saying i’m so excited I can’t i can’t claim it’s not mine no That was nice of you to say that but it Was still good timing good job and Perfect joker for this situation i would Have i would have i would have Definitely claimed that yeah yeah well Yeah Can we rewind is this us live damn it [ __ ] it Go ahead then i’m so excited here we go Oh man that was great No i heard it wasn’t yeah no Good for being honest about not telling Us it was their joke So what what we thinking what should i Fly Oh it needs to be somewhere a bit jet Pack Yeah go for the um jet pack Do they have a jet pack They don’t they’ve got they’ve got a Boeing 747 We need something uh oh what’s the Quickest one Probably i think there’s the most f-18 Yeah not landing one of them though oh Yeah Yeah yeah it’s got wheels True

You’ll slide for a while It’s all right okay Is that the real weather Yeah uh It depends that doesn’t look like it’s Really happening now no cause i’ve i’ve Slipped out see so yeah But i can i’ll turn it on to the real Weather when i get there Now Whereabouts It’s so flat out there See what i mean you look That’s the land though what the hell is That Oh It’s an outcropping it looks like a Tr-3b Do we know where that pyramid is I don’t remember oh yeah yeah just Yeah You keep going west Oh yeah I see your face can i see your bird She’ll just put it in the middle Fly in the middle of the bum all right Oh look at that huh Um That’s where all the stitching is huh Yeah that’s what happens when you take a Flat image you try and put around the Ball Yeah yeah you’re right Oh ancient chinese secret huh

Holy you’re not old enough to know that Commercial No Alien yeah Sign it there I won’t say another word for the rest of The show no no no i need you to talk you Can’t you can’t let me fly Just don’t do that to the show [ __ ] how rich is ejected Oh hello that went out of here There we go put real weather on Oh wow I’m funny feeling the weather doesn’t Change a whole lot in antarctica Um I mean you see what i mean there’s Absolutely might as well be [ __ ] Clouds clouds of clouds underneath you i Can’t even tell where the bottom is I’m like that with boxes of cake And then the next thing is i’m fat and I’m at the bottom And the cycle begins again there’s the Bottom It’s good job of turn damage off Was that the firmament [Laughter] I can hear myself clipping Is everyone in the chat can you still Hear me okay Yeah i mean this there’s nothing it’s Just

Let’s go over to those mountains there’s Some sort of um It’s just endless nothingness There’s detail in those mountains Yeah i think it’s just going to be some Rocksley i don’t i don’t think it’s Going to be You know i don’t think I don’t even know how far it is away i Mean it could take about eight years It looks really close Stay on target stay on target I mean maybe is this uh Smooth It just has nothing No i suppose Is definitely smooth Maybe the satellites pick nothing up Because it’s so white So it’s so it’s hard to get the terrain I mean It would it be different would it be Different to sand Really I went for a little While when i had it installed on my pc Oh Rich is bubbling um i’ll fight with my Engine Yeah oh [ __ ] there’s not even any [ __ ] detail on the mountains is that What right what’s [ __ ] look at that That’s [ __ ] awful that looks like a Playstation 2 game all of a sudden it

Does but when you’re when you’re in Nevada it looks Yeah over the [ __ ] secret military Base So antarctic mountains More important than secret military base I mean look at that that you’ve got Yeah you see what i mean it’s yeah it’s Weird There’s nothing there but then you can Go to I don’t know You can You can go to new york city and New york looks [ __ ] incredible not on This computer it doesn’t Does it not oh That’s what it looks like It does I used to yeah But There’s zero data i mean fair enough it Makes every single building on this But it also makes the terrain And The mountains There’s Zero detail on those mountains Whatsoever antarctica is it’s Totally just a blur Whereas I mean It’s made every single one of these Buildings

Yeah it’s ridiculous it really is Uh ali if you crash your plane in new York into a building a good game You’ll get demonetized I won’t be doing that But yeah now You know the game The game has it You want me to keep you on me to go Somewhere else You want me to go back to area 51 Don’t mind Rich Yeah i’m going to go No well i suppose the title’s area 51 Isn’t it so we can keep talking about Area 51 And Yeah I i just i just want to get some um Some good um I want to get some calibers some people Sending in some good [ __ ] from this Software Around area 51 because that you can’t do That type of stuff On google earth You you really can’t but no This is this is google earth to the next Level because it shows Everything Size scale everything It’s ridiculously good um I don’t think we’re gonna

I just don’t think we’re gonna get any Answers for this s4 base though because They’ll never want us to know Where it is Um What is this uh called this game here It’s it’s it’s microsoft flight Simulator Okay That’s what it is Which did surprise me when you said you Had it on the apple mac Uh mario ufo said go to egypt dolly Egypt What I’d go to egypt Any other bases that you know of rich Secret military bases Um Do you know the location of Secret bases i’d i really don’t know I don’t They keep those secrets well I don’t know Do you because i don’t know nope I know i know You can go to uh Cheyenne mountain And see what’s around there oh where Where is that [ __ ] thing is it down In africa those big concentric circles That sort of that some people like Especially my bright insight Things might be the site of

Um Atlantis Oh I’d need to i’d need you to pull google Earth to sit to see that yeah i know Exactly what you mean i have no idea Where that is At least you have no idea But yeah there you go mate there’s the Pyramids for you That’s so cool this reminds me of Transformers There is one some Optimus Oh yeah So this is supposed to be real like If we were there huh to scale it’s the Scale Oh yeah this is Sphincter there [Laughter] Sphincter i never thought of that He’s calling it that ah poor thing Oh There’s supposed to be another sphincter On the other side of the pyramid You got it pull up pull up pull oh Yeah Don’t try that if you can’t fly a real Airplane Right it it it’s it’s pretty damn Realistic I thought you could just do a little Loop in one of those

You just did a loop d I did a loop and a loop the poop um But but yeah i mean That would be interesting that’s a good Area to find on this So and i think Don’t you guys Look for the i i the eye of the sahara That i have is that what it’s called Yeah So Here’s the problem with this software You can type in airports But you have to You know i had to find area 51 And s4 by looking at google earth And actually Finding it on there because you can type In real airports You can’t type in locations or things to See oh Not that i know of okay i’ve tried i’ve Tried to do that because i typed in area 51 and it wouldn’t bring up I typed in lee’s house Did you i flew all over the small island Why did you just use webcam that i put In all the rooms for you He docks too Yeah but um oh we’ve just knocked bob Lazar [Laughter] That’s true didn’t we Did we

Yeah oh yeah we did maybe the little Shed his house Bob’s shed I don’t i don’t think I’m gonna put this out there i don’t Know if that’s s4 From from flying Through it and seeing The area and and And listening to bob’s interviews If bob’s telling the truth He talks about it opening out Onto The flats you know onto the uh that dry Lake bed thing we saw which seems to Have like the little Cavities where you go in That looks much more like what bob lazar Was talking about doesn’t it What do you think about that rich Do you do you think that area Has Could possibly be it well obviously you Think it could possibly be it but Why not does it not go against Everything that’s been said Not really What would be Come Why first of all why was it put there It was there Said s4 location could it have been a Prank Possibly anything’s possible because

We’re never going to know the truth But it was there for two years and then When we went there and brought a crowd Over it was gone two days later So it must mean something For them to remove it why not just leave It the way it was Why remove it that bothered me I wonder if it could be someone that Like because we we talked about whether It was someone inside google I wonder if it’s someone that’s inside Google that’s actually a researcher as Well and he’s put the pin there for Himself And he probably didn’t get in trouble For it because No no that’s No you have to have government approval To do anything on there you just can’t Be dropping pins on government property No even if he even if he worked on Google earth Right okay you can’t do that You have to have approval and i think From two different Sources So You know what Maybe i’m wrong you’re right you know What i mean hey it’s been yorkshire uk Hello everyone Ben You saw a video on youtube where alexis

Said that everything in area 51 was Moved to doug way And Nick pope say the same oh well nick pope Said it if you get it that’s real Oh tell us about nick pope what so nick Pope’s giving you a copyright strike Has he Not nick pose sorry um What’s his name dick dolan did dolan Don’t know why i get them too mixed up Dick dolan gave me a strike Thank you ben It’s because nicholas is a bit of a dick He’s full Length dick [Laughter] Yeah he is veins and all He uh uh you know what i don’t even know If he knew because when the claim was Says it was put in By michael moriarty But it’s a richard dolan channel So I’m not sure if I’m sure dolan knew about it but it was Darcy weir’s idea i think To do that because they both did it at The same time and i was promoting their Movie So that’s the guy that came with you on The third phase of moon trip yeah He uh Whistled his way in

The guy that did the documentary with The It’s a good tyler yeah Yeah what was that the t secrets of the Tr-3b or something Yes it was So how do you notice darcy How do i know Yeah What do you mean that talked to dolan About it because he was dolan was in the Movie and it was two Both videos were two days apart from Each other i had permission verbal Permission To use it To promote it promote the movie it makes No sense why would you do that to Another person of the ufo community Because it’s because It’s a long story Why this is all happening but the short End of it is Darcy tells me And i’m just telling you guys do not Ever Have my name come out of your mouth Again A couple months yeah couple months go by On facebook He and ryan sprague are talking a whole Lot of stuff about me and third phase of Moon So i started talking nes this was around

January 19th this year Then he goes on dave scott’s show spaced Out radio And starts out of nowhere talking [ __ ] About me and third phase of moon dave’s Like whoa hey yo And jim goodall’s like what’s going on You know it was like He did it again so i did it again then The next day he strikes me One ass Yeah it’s okay for him because that’s That do as i say not as i do culture Cancel culture They’re the biggest hypocrites on the Planet tonight i’m going to be talking About how hypocritical lou is again when He was on jimmy church this has gone way Out of control who’s actually saying I Can bring Dirt up on everybody because i worked in Counter intelligence so i’m just saying I’m not going to do it but i could if i Wanted to What a dick Just because you have connections to do Background checks on people and uh pull Up old criminal records From people you know not me but you know Anybody who’s got him I’m not the only one who’s going after Him other people are too Do you think lou actually feels

Threatened by What some of you guys are doing He shouldn’t and if he does he’s weak as I I couldn’t imagine luby in that week Be in military being counterintelligence He shouldn’t he shouldn’t be doing Saying what he’s saying i can say it Because it’s a an opinion i’m having an Opinion about what i think lou is doing And now he has proven how much of a Hypocrite he is and it’s absolutely Amazing what He said on jimmy church and spoke about Last night tonight we’re going to do it Again he’s just the worst absolutely He’s gone off the rails What if he’s been hung out to dry It like the You know we we’ve seen it over the years Where people have been brought in and You know we’ve thought people are going To come out with something And What if he’s been told right this is how We’re gonna wanna go gonna do it we’re Gonna drop these videos out And And We’re gonna really release more and more Stuff out and then all of a sudden That’s dried up And what it’s left is is left loo which Has got this notoriety you know you know

He’s got used to being on television He’s making money out doing things like Offer history channel and stuff like That yeah yeah and now he’s got nothing But he’s got to try and Justify his existence Yeah i don’t think so I don’t think it’s that at all because He’s with the galileo project now With melon pope and a couple of other People in the community He’s got a book coming out any day April-ish i thought So what he’s doing he’s going on the Circuit going on the small channels Every now and then he’ll do a channel Like church which isn’t that big anymore But Um He’s just getting himself out there Now that’s what he did when he went on Mainstream media and there was a break In in the community like we’re seeing Now we don’t see the mainstream media Uh you don’t see lou going out there Anymore in mainstream media as much Same with pope nobody is that corbell Hasn’t dropped anything since last may Any videos and he said this is only the Tip of the iceberg well i guess it Melted you know global Warming um But uh that’s where we’re at Um lou is just

Waiting for the next thing to come to And that’s the galileo project But there are things that i heard that There are some rumblings there might be Something coming up Some i don’t know what it could be Because he’s got nothing So i i spoke to osvaldo franco recently He said he said because he was out he Was kind of like a little bit Upset About the last video when I we briefly spoke about him yeah he Thought lee said it that He’s a nasty fella and i said no listen Back to what lee says he doesn’t say You’re a nasty fella Yeah um If i watch Them He says something’s coming and we’re all Going to say i’ve been saying that he Says that every year that was the whole Point i had an argument with him on your Show Yeah i know but he’s He says something’s going to come with Ttsa and it’s going to pull through I think something’s coming No i mean keep looking something’s going To happen Something always happened yeah the guy’s An investor Yeah maybe he’s got some inside

Information no he doesn’t he doesn’t Know anything and he’s proven that i’m Just putting failures out You’re doing there Know yeah i get it go um Go buy some shares in apple And see how many times tim cook rings You up to tell you when the new iphone’s Coming out Yeah yeah Pretty funny actually that’s a good Point Well i think I think tesla’s tesla’s tesla’s um stock Will go up As soon as uh the rumored tesla phone is Announced Right well this is what gets me With the uh with the idea that there’s Like hidden technology That that might be gonna drop soon yeah If there is hidden technology Then why are people like because let’s Face it people like elon musk and um Jeffrey bezos for instance Two of the most connected people in the World you know it’s Power isn’t in government it’s in money And there are two of the richest men in The world Um If you’ve If you knew that there was something on The horizon like some sort of massive

Technology jump that was just gonna Emerge Why would you be pouring so much energy Money and resources into what we think Of as Like Near future technology If if zero great if there was like Zero gravity stuff gonna drop tomorrow There is absolutely no way elo buskers Is investing so much into electric cars Yeah right So well this is the same when you talk About his rockets you know if we if We’ve got um Yeah why is he building massive solar Field rockets Because what if they don’t come forward The aliens he’s got a business as usual Yeah that’s that’s fair but if and if There were if there were alien Technology or just technology we we Created ourselves Why bother you’re right there’s no Reason to have these people wasting Their time and energy if we’ve got free Energy tucked away somewhere well we Don’t but that’s what’s going to say This or this also makes makes me Think that there’s no chance that the if If The tic tacs are Real things and that that you know That’s a big if because th this

Information has come out with all that That sort of stuff so We need to say if the tic tac is is a Real vehicle Um or even just a thing it’s clearly not Ours because Again if that was human technology Muskie boy would know about it and again There’d be no point in solid fuel Rockets No they wouldn’t I’ve always wondered that you know If if that text there And you’ve got these big players All wanting to be the first to do Commercial space travel if that’s what They’re wanting to do If that’s what they wanted to do Um Surely they would know What the real technology is And maybe they do maybe it’s just all One big cover-up maybe they’re all in on It together maybe I like to think that Elon’s one of the good guys just because He seems like one of the good guys you Know he does seem like one of those guys That gives a [ __ ] about But then everybody tells me no no he’s He’s uh he’s a bastard Who tells you that A few people told me that actually yeah I don’t believe him yeah it’s to say

Everyone It’s this thing of like people when People turn around and say that the uh There’s only so so high up people can Get without being part of some Controlled cabal which i don’t i don’t Particularly buy because there’s there’s Too many people that become successful For them all to be part of an elite club That elite club wouldn’t be You know If you compare it to like the human race It’s a small club but you’re still Talking about Thousands of people that do particularly Well for themselves Um i don’t believe they’re all part of Some sort of secret society I i mean i do think there is like There’s there’s definitely clubs out There with people that share information Together but I don’t believe it It has to be Every single person and it’s It when anyone says the the right thing The first thing that someone says is oh Well they’re control oppositions Controlled upper opposition And uh I think like what a miserable existence It must that must be that if there’s a Small glimmer of hope somewhere That there could actually be

A decent person like a musk or a rogan Out there That you instantly jump to the point That they must be controlled opposition And they are therefore de facto evil as Well What a [ __ ] miserable time i prefer To have some sort of hope that there Might just be A couple of good people out there Yeah so i listened to your latest show That actually is is still up on youtube Lee and i can go watch it i didn’t Intend to prom with you on uh on youtube That’s but because i i thought it would Be taken down uh so that’s why i’m right I’m surprised it’s up i’m surprised it’s Still there Um Well that’s why i’m wearing a christmas Jumper and i’ve got like a snow scene in The background because i just did it to Sort of amuse dave But Yeah so You mentioned something with uh With uh david uh about Um Why He was talking about What’s going on with joe rogan at the Moment And you asked him what he his thoughts Were

About joe rogan And it it seemed like he feels that joe Is starting to Um Give away a little bit Uh i i don’t know it’s gonna i don’t Think it’s gonna happen because he he Came out [ __ ] swinging hammer the Other day with a Like a guy with very controversial Opinions on climate change you know It was a [ __ ] fantastic podcast if no One’s No one’s watched it and then he he’s Just doing it a different way he’s Covering his back he’s that uh one Podcast he had a guy with a Um which [ __ ] crushed with his um Let’s say fringe Um theories on climate climate change And then the next podcast he did he had Somebody else on Which was more Like mainstream and he got [ __ ] mold The guy the guy could barely justify his Own arguments which i thought was quite Interesting So I i I don’t i don’t think he is i think if Anything i think he might he’s probably More emboldened because Uh Short of

Like a real organized hit piece now The man’s unstoppable And by organized hit piece i mean like a Fake something fake something planted Right So So it just completely destroys his Reputation yeah yeah yeah As in like an a an epstein type Situation yeah I i i i got where you going with that One operation watkins Now the guy don’t look like he he’s Gotten there’s nothing nonce about that Guy absolutely nonsense I think it’s a sad world we live in i Really do i mean you said to me uh You see what i did with that with uh That video uh you need to take a few More chances i dare take the chances No you’ve got a successful youtube Channel well i won’t call it successful Um but more successful than mine But it’s More useful definitely It’s risky and i was worried about you Rich i i did think for a second though With you having the two strikes That And and putting the backup channel which I have put It is in my community um on youtube guys Go check out rich’s backup channel just In case

The strikes are the strikes still but Still there All three of them yeah So is that what one One more slip up then or something that Someone doesn’t like no no i’ve already Got the slip up i’ve challenged every One of them and they’re they’ve been Approved for challenge so now They all have to take me to court Or if they don’t in 10 to 14 business Days they will fall off Because free strikes is is gone isn’t it That’s yeah that’s why my channel’s in Limbo right now Because i’m in the process i can’t Upload anything but people can go on There and watch everything right okay Can you still go live No I tried That’s why i have the backup channel And have you been going live on the Backup channel Yeah two nights got over 120 people each Night so people are coming over again we Just need to get up to 170 where we were Before but only 850 subs so it’s not Really that bad Uh so you know We’re still killing it i’m still talking I’m gonna get that uh the community Channel now i’m gonna put it in the chat For people to go subscribe to

Yeah it’s goof on lives I don’t want to see that happen I i can’t stand this cancel culture Thing i hate it And it’s for something i had permission To and i’m i was helping him promote his Own movie and this is the thanks i get He opened his mouth I responded So I guess i’m not allowed to defend myself Either You know that he just is a control freak This Yeah that’s not right i just think for Anybody to do something like that You know You’re an ass Yeah Would you like would you want that to Happen would you how would you feel if That would happen to you It’s power isn’t it that’s all people Are looking for that’s all it is he yeah This is gonna come back and bite him in The ass like he’s got a bad reputation Now in the community with people that Could help him with documentaries i Don’t know uh the you know all the People involved but from what i’ve been Hearing They’re not happy Other people aren’t happy with it It makes it

You shouldn’t strike anybody first of All You should give them a chance especially When they helped promote your movie So for all i know he could have planned It You know and just waited for me i should Have removed it When i when things went south i didn’t Even think of it Third face told me and i didn’t i blew It off Is the thing rich and it’s just that Little thing That Seems to be seeping out in the world now Freedom of speech so whether you said Something bad or not about this person i Told the truth you have the freedom to Say what you want on your channel and if You are showing a clip and you are Talking over that clip and you’re and You’re expressing your views you’re Expressing yourself Anybody to then strike you over that That that is Not a person of decency at all of course And he tried to strike me with Defamation of character In a video from a week ago And said he was telling everybody that i Was trying to take down Uh Who’s the

Guy who summons his ufos robert bingham He kept secure team’s name out of it i Saw that was interesting he forgot to Mention that one which will come in Handy because it shows that he is is a Uh They’re trying to form a an attack on me And that person secured team he left him Out of it but He he strikes secure team and Blackmailed him into making the movie he Said tyler here’s what i’ll do because You used my clips which were nasa clips But he claimed they were his and got Away with that i don’t understand how But they were from nasa tyler had two Strikes on him and darcy goes in there And this is what i heard he said Remove the strikes and I’ll remove strikes if you make the Movie with me And promote it on your channel So tyler just got his channel back And this is what darcy was bragging to Me the first thing he tells me hey man Good to meet you Look we have got to take down robert Bingham and secure team and that that You got my email right and i still have The email He’s like yeah I’m so hung about because i mean um i i Know every every now and again tyler Watches the channel

Uh i i know you don’t you don’t see eye To eye with tyler rich but he would Never strike another channel He’s never done that he doesn’t agree With it oh No did he strike you No he threatened He threatened to sue me he told me I don’t think he’d ever strike you um But This is interesting with darcy because i Asked him about darcy And he i said oh yeah he’s just the guy That i’m working with at the moment he Probably didn’t want to tell me all that Stuff That you just was forced to work with Them So he got blackmailed again Yeah Interesting So what happened was i was talking to Tyler Last year Back and forth you know i i tried to I told him i’d never talk about him Badly again So i haven’t you know he says Just lay off man people make mistakes And i said yeah i guess you’re right Enough’s enough So i said i won’t say another bad thing About you And uh then he’s telling me you need to

Get Don’t be friends with third phase of Moon they’re corrupt they’re gonna Extort money out of you they’re gonna Take set up cameras and take pictures of You doing private things and all this Stuff When i went to california and i’m like You know enough of this so i told him You’re telling me to stay away from Third phase of moon when you have the Biggest rat Who’s uh you know screwing you right now Darcy and then he took that email those Conversations we had and sent them to Darcy within five minutes Because then i got an email from darcy Saying don’t you ever have my name come Out of your lips Again and then he went to 1091 i think i don’t know but he was Trying to hurt third phase of moon for That and had nothing to do with them So He’s just an [ __ ] and he was mad that I told uh Tyler that he’s a rat And he said i don’t understand why you Do you would do this we you know we had Fun in california i thought you were Cool i’m like that’s not what i heard Talking [ __ ] about me behind my back Also talked about dark hour paranormal Like he’s some mean guy like he said we

Were ganging up on him all these Hallucinations and delusions of grandeur He said you were ganging up on michael No He said we were ganging up on him one Night we were just having a talk out you Know somewhere around midnight and we Were all chilling drinking and smoking And whatnot And we were talking about something and He says i feel like he he asked dark Hour he goes what do you think and he’s Like well i agree with what blake’s Saying i’m like yeah i kind of do too so Nobody agreed with what he was saying And he goes you guys are just you know Ganging up on me and he started having a You know like a breakdown of some kind He was starting to get mad raise his Voice we’re like dude what are you doing And a few minutes later he had to leave He’s very weird too much Yeah well It just came out of nowhere But it really didn’t it’s something That’s been Seen from other people you know That he’s got this side of him did you Tell tyler that he was blackmailing him Yeah I said darcy’s blackmailing you or Something like that and you know and Well you said you know he’s blackmailing You i know he’s blackmailing you well

Because he he told me he goes we need to Take down secure team and Robert bingham and others jimmy church i Think it was Well for what reason Because he says i don’t like him They’re they’re hoaxers liars Their everything i said Is what he was trying to do he’s just Bullshitting he had this plan all along And from what i found out you know he Had already striked tyler and he’s Talking that we got to take him down but He’s already done it Do you think it’s one of those Sorry do you think’s one of those Misjudged things where someone thinks Well if i can just take down him that All of his full of his views will just Come to my channel yeah no no not not That He wanted those two million People and if they could get One percent or two percent of those People to buy or watch their movie they Could do pretty well Well didn’t do that well it was pretty Bad movie actually it was Awful One of the worst things i’ve ever seen And i’m not even saying that because It’s him It’s the one of the worst movies i’ve Ever seen is this the movie that was up

For one day No that’s who’s lou Yeah which was way better than That was fantastic i’ll get you uh i’ll Get area 503 to send me Area 503 you need to send me a copy so i Can certainly it’s watch yeah Really interesting The res the research he put into that uh Which a lot of it is out there but the Way you put it put together yeah yeah It’s just It’s brilliant um But uh i watched it was a it was it Three hours rich Almost 245 yeah i watched two about two Hours of it went to watch it again it Had gone so i need to see the end of it Yeah there’s some good stuff in the end Well you can go to odyssey and watch it Oh you saw an odyssey yeah what is What’s on the scene I know it’s another platform That’s the thing isn’t there so many Platforms now it’s easy i didn’t know What it was yeah i know it’s a lot now Oh you just put who’s who’s lou will be Back yeah he’s gonna remove the things That he got hit for You know he’s gonna get that video back Excellent two to stars academy striked His channel Oh god Did you know that yeah yeah

Strike them for using Do you remember when they announced lou And he walked out on the stage it was The presser they were all sitting in Their chairs I think i’ve used that Well 2017 it was and he used it in the daco So they striked him for it it was fair Use too absolutely but he played it Straight through without interrupting But i think you’re allowed to To do that In an informative piece that is show i Mean it doesn’t make sense he’s So we’ll see what happens i mean the Worst case scenario And this is the very worst case scenario He may not be able to monetize it after Some of some of it’s not mana he’s not Making any money anyway no i’m saying That that they would claim the Monetization on that so whatever revenue That did earn They would want it but it’s not Monetized anyway um Maybe they might change the mind if he Monetizes it Um It was doing well as well i mean last Time i looked i think it had about four Thousand Views Yeah it was just getting the four

Thousand yeah it would have been at Fifteen by now i think ten to fifteen Link to this In the chat But he’s leaving okay it would have been Like The 911 movie loose change you know how That had a weird Cult following and millions of views After like six months people just like Did you see loose change and i was like Oh [ __ ] Yeah manny um Send me a message on twitter with a link To where where people can go watch this And i can put i’ll play the chat I’ve got the twitter up now i’ve just Said it He said it should be back on youtube Anytime Okay cool i’ll drop it i’ll drop it in The chat moderators allow uh manny’s um Link yeah but i meant for the i meant For odyssey or whatever it’s on so People can go watch it now yeah i’ve Done it Nice You’ve done it you’ve got it there well Done lee So manny i want to ask you did you have To remove those Clips On odyssey or did you just leave it up On odyssey wouldn’t that be uh the same

Infringement According to them i know it’s youtube And another platform that i’m just Wondering See what Dun i’ll he You what i’ll i’ll send him there i’ll Send him an invite That would that would make more sense For him oh fair right on yeah there you Go money if you’re about um 100 of it is up on odyssey That’s cool man c Odyssey Is this obviously like a new youtube Platform has it been around for like Years i’ll let him explain i don’t know If he comes on i think he might i don’t Know he should you know we’re having President’s day monday and it’s a Holiday so A lot of people will be off on monday so This is a three-day weekend This is a great weekend to make videos And go live ollie and lee And everybody else A lot of people are What I i don’t lead you live on your channel Yet no never never have that’s a shame Maybe you you know when you’re putting The videos out on spotify you should Just have it run it running live on i Mean you you said you said you said it

I’ll take the risk on youtube uh yeah There we go money’s here Why won’t you go live I’ve just never done it before it’s no It’s not a reason for not like there’s No no reason for not doing it i’ve just Never I’ve never read my podcast stuff live Really there’s been a couple of years Ago we can hear your money yeah Okay i only got a few minutes guys Thanks for having me on ollie i was just Getting ready to run out the door but no No worries well it’s all yours That explain what’s happened there Okay real quickly so there was a Copyright strike placed on the film Originally by i’m calling him t fog i’m Not going to say his name and give him Credit um everybody knows who that is It’s not tom de long um but uh that’s The strike that i’m currently in the Process of fighting it should be Resolved they say that they have 10 to Um 10 to 14 business days to deal with that and We’re on the 13th day so in the next You know by the end of this weekend or Maybe tuesday at the latest depending on If they count weekends that process Should be resolved right um Now once that’s done i’ve got two other

Strikes on different content from ttsa Directly that they manually found the Clips and tagged them and they didn’t do A like you guys were talking about they Didn’t just want the monetization Because the trailer was monetized with Bumper ads on the front and back they Actually did a straight take down They’re just like get this stuff off This is gone we don’t want it at all and The other video that they struck was a Live stream that i did where i played Who’s lou But i skipped past the the clips that i Had the copyright strike on with this Other channel so they they hit me on That one and i’ve also appealed both of Those and i’m waiting to hear back from Ttsa whether they’re willing to take it To a federal court or not Because that’s where it’s going to go if They want to because this is my right to Do this I have a legal right to use those clips In the fair use context and if they want To argue in front of a judge we’ll do it Um but until then i guess we’ll see what Happens Well money i mean it’s an amazing Documentary i’ve watched two hours of it And i needed the i didn’t know what Odyssey was so I’m gonna watch to finish watching this On odyssey because from what i saw for

The two hours i was hooked on there and And what you’ve done the way you’d put That together It was just brilliant mate so hats off To you my friend Thank you so much for saying that i Appreciate that critique because a lot Of people in our community Went completely over their head they Don’t get it they see it as a hit piece As me attacking elizondo as a character Assassination Well yeah a lot of people have but i Don’t think they got it you know and i’m Glad to hear that you did I i don’t understand why people would Get emotional oh i mean what i didn’t See the last hour Um so you might have gone all You know um but i definitely turned it Up in the last hour because i i got my Opinion in at the end it’s like all of My research videos i do all my research I state the facts and then i tell you What i think and then i ask you what you Think you know but everything in that Video Is there for for pub it’s public Knowledge is it not Absolutely and every document in the Video that i found is on the webpage Who’s Calm for people to go Investigate look at and see um

Everything’s in the public record every Anybody out there could have found what I did including A government investigator So why would somebody get their knickers In a twist Over a man that’s just showing factual Information about another man that’s in Our field of ufology That’s a great question why does anybody Get emotionally attached to a celebrity To defend them or a presidential Candidate or a music artist or a you Know i just don’t understand that Because you know I i don’t have that connection to anyone Who i like elon musk you talk about him With respect i have huge respect for Musk i think he’s cool as heck but i i Don’t think he’s I still believe that the guy poops and That he doesn’t walk out of water you Know he’s just like you and me man he’s Nobody different than none of these Celebrities are why do people hinge on What celebrities say why is everyone so Pissed off about rogan making a tweet Like who cares man like rogan’s a guy He’s got an opinion if you don’t like it Don’t listen to it you know like that’s All i’m saying you don’t have to cancel People over this stuff These are people who never had attention In school felt like they were bullied

And are now getting the balls to do Something that they never could do Before and that’s in their mind attack The people who make them angry I think That if you can’t take the evidence you Attack the character right i’ve said That more than once you know Are you are you are you religious manny I’m very religious but i i’m very Against organized religion also because Of the control mechanisms in place yeah And i’m sure you guys know what i mean By that like yeah yeah i’m very Spiritual and very religious yes but and Well i think i think that probably Stands for everybody on on this on this Panel see i i have the theory that the Reason you get the sort of modern day Tribalism is because The people that act like this Have all fell away from any sort of Religion or spirituality And they replaced it with Either celebrities or they’ve got really Into politics so they so then they they Place whatever the leader of their team Is on that pedestal and it’s just we Need to replace it with something else i Think it was uh einstein was asked When people stopped believing in god Will they believe in nothing and he Turned around and said no they’ll Believe in everything

That’s a good point i’d like to read That or hear that statement man yeah That’s cool Lee you seen people think lose god If we’re basically there’s people that i Think lose god there’s people that’ll Think Maybe there’s even a couple of people That think you’re god Well they’ve been right I love it yeah well hey thanks for Getting me on here like i said i did i Have to go but um lee you found that Link to odyssey people can find the full Program on odyssey um to answer rich’s Question when it comes back up on Youtube i’m cutting out Certain clips that i told One of our community you know members That i would do so as a courtesy to them And i’m going to do that the other clips That were fought and i fought to get Kept in are going to stay in um and that Includes the ttsa clips and the other Clips from this channel that struck me Um maybe if these people would have come To me out of respect and courtesy and Asked me to do it the way this other Person did i would have been a little Bit more accommodating but if they want To play hardball with me you know what i Have no problem swinging a home run Let’s do it But manny we can watch the raw clip on

On odyssey right now yeah the whole Thing’s up on odyssey unedited Unfiltered and on the web page are the Links to all of the videos so once it’s Back on youtube i’ll embed it on the web Page you can go to web page and watch it Listen to it while you scan down the Page and pull up the documents and look At them with me while i’m talking about Them it’s I just need to get it back on youtube Because i can’t embed on my web page From odyssey it doesn’t allow you to Well money you enjoy your evening mate Of our day whatever time it is the Evening it’s even isn’t it um i would Like to get you one but we’ll do a show On this Yeah absolutely thank you so much i Appreciate it and you know i’m glad to See you back up and running man i was so Worried thank you there for a bit dude And i still am but you know i’m glad to See you here man i really am and i Appreciate you giving me a chance to Speak my side of the story because a lot Of people won’t even do that you know I’m just getting bullied over by these Big channels and lou goes out there and Says his side and gets these unanswered Blows on me and i can’t do anything About it because nobody will give me a Platform you know so i appreciate you Guys being fair i really do

No worries mate you’re welcome anytime On there Thank you i’ll see you guys later and Thank you to everyone out there who’s Been watching and who’s supportive i’ll See you later manny i’ll come back any Time you too rich take care guys All right Great documentary people go check it out Have you got the the link again you pop It in the chat Yep Thank you my darling You might know it yeah so it’s so i i do Find it odd that people would get the Knickers in a twist over This documentary because the way I mean rich you’ve watched the full Thing the way he put it together there Didn’t seem to be any malice there It was just all factual information And it stuck to the point of who is lou You know He’s in our community who is this guy Where’s he come from what’s his Background yeah I don’t know why anybody would get Emotional over it Because they’re uh It’s an act i think i think it’s an act When you have uh People like this Who don’t have anything invested into The into the community they don’t have

Any videos They don’t have any evidence they don’t Go out and do anything boots on the Ground investigating they’re just you Know Some guys in their mid 30s who think That they know more than the people Who’ve been here for 20 years 30 years You know they think they know and they Haven’t done any of the research And all they’re doing is kissing up to Lou to build their channel and to get Lou on their channel and that’s what i Think it really is I don’t even think they’re mad I think they’re just playing a game To get more views Do you think This that’s what it is sorry No no it’s good i was just gonna say do You think that lou would ever Go on one of these channels that’s Calling him out for example no That’s why he’s a huge hypocrite he only Goes on the channels that suck up to him He didn’t And manny asked him to go on his show To talk about the movie who’s lou Didn’t even get back to him I mean They’ve expected at least a [ __ ] off you Know right at least an f off right and You didn’t even get that but yet lou

Will go on an insignificant channel with The thousand subs To talk about stuff there because he Thinks we’ll be watching and listening Because it’s part of this community it’s A You know an offspring It’s an awesome channel what is this Community This community is full of people that Tell the truth and full of people that Lie And then there’s the people who uh Who just bust balls trolls And that’s what we’re dealing with i Think what i meant by by that rich is So Our shows what What are we What what are we yeah why are we what’s Up our What’s our uh Angle Yeah what’s our narrative i’m tr i was Thinking about that the other day i was Thinking about alien addicts as a Channel social commentators that’s what You are you say it’s you you might be Looking you you might be looking at it Like doing different aspects you know Maybe not like the whole political Spectrum it’s like a narrow window on a Certain subject but yes it’s social Commentary in it

It is but It’s brought it’s not only that it’s Bringing in in my situation a whole Uh A whole i don’t know how to explain it Uh 18 to 19 years of experience in the Field And knowing people in the field knowing Liars and and what we do is expose the Hypocrisy and the lies that are coming From lou when he gave us those three Videos through to stars academy of arts And sciences Uh You know we’ve never seen any anything The pentagon saying now those are real You know those are real uaps But we never get clear evidence we get Blurry stuff the tic tac we’ve never Seen a video on it we just take six People’s words six or seven witnesses You know that are pilots or radar Operators and nobody else there’s not a Lot of witnesses you can make up a whole Lie about this threat with six or seven People it’s not that hard And i’d like to see some evidence if There’s this 23-minute video that lou Kept talking about Bring it on man give us give us a photo Image of it Oh i’m not you know that’s giving away Some secrets secrets to what What a picture

What are we gonna know from a picture it Goes fast i mean what are we gonna Figure out oh the angle of that’s Telling me there’s a thermonuclear Nuclear engine in there and you know You’re not nobody knows it’s stupid and I don’t believe it That whole thing and i’m telling you This right now I think that video where they go there’s A whole fleet of them over there I think that’s [ __ ] I think that whole thing’s made up That’s just me completely staged or Taken from Things that actually did happen to Create something Yes i’ll tell you there’s something Wrong with it something’s wrong i my Opinion If we’re playing playing devil’s Advocate even though i enjoyed the Podcast Uh what was the pilot the pilot’s name Oh fravor Yeah um Thinking back and like when i watched His rogan interview and the one he did With lex friedman as well mm-hmm i i Just found it mind-blowing that there Was some somebody that had been like a Pilot that Supposedly seen this thing coming out Speaking like that but now listen to you

Talk He was very comfortable wasn’t he David No way he wasn’t always that way was he Not oh wait no da you talking about the Pilot david framer yeah he was very Comfortable well you know he was in a Documentary uh six months after the tic Tac event happened Six episodes about the navy and how he Ran his team So he has tv experience don’t you think That’s interesting yeah yeah me too But i just it seemed he seemed very Comfortable for a for a retired pilot to All of a sudden Be on the joe rogan experience knowing That he’s telling this story to millions And millions of people Do you think he looked comfortable on Tucker carlson When he first came out he didn’t look Comfortable at all he looked very Nervous and i know uh ollie you did a Thing about all the different cuts and Retakes it looked like that were done With his interview if it was you know Whatever Yeah it’s something wrong with that It was i can’t remember how many cuts There was but there there was it’s like Nine or something It was a lot i think there was like 19 cuts i think that was something yeah

It was something ridiculous yeah And i think at the time rich when i had That conversation with you you was like Well That’s what that’s what they do you know There’s a lot of cuts yeah yes sometimes They do that because they want to cut The rubbish out of it But for somebody that’s just speaking From memory I i don’t get why that would Right If you’re telling the truth and it’s From memory and not a script Then it should be just you know like Breathing it should come naturally no Stress I don’t know This is a guy who you know flew f-18s You know what i mean so he can handle The Stress she can Unless Your life depends or your job depended On it and your pension and you’re Reading a script and don’t mess it up 10 million people are watching That was that was Like a few minutes Long video it wasn’t long But the The cuts were ridiculous and like Yeah you might want to cut it to get it Down into a small video

It’d it just seemed a little bit strange To me that there was it was not you know Let him tell the story if i if you if if You’re going to put a youtube video out Like that then You you tell the story because you want To see What was said It didn’t It it didn’t wash with me That first video and they took a call Someone was the oddest thing i’ve it was The most uncomfortable interview i’ve Ever seen when he’s just stuck there Like that and he looks like oh yeah he Looks like a deer in headlines that’s Right i forgot how he looked yeah yeah He did look Very very confident Yeah he’s done how many now interviews 50 to 100 who knows These guys are on top now of the game Um rich did you see the uh that video That was floating around tick-tock Um of the fireworks with the blue flash In it i sent it to ollie No Oh can you pull that up polly Oh really yeah Yeah it’s really interesting see it it Ties in with this you see because the as Far as the the louis alexander thing Goes Said it to me again um oh was it today

You said was it today you sent me it was The last tick tock i sent you so it’ll Be in our little chat with the last tick Tock now the last ones with the Spaceship thing Probably seconds the last one then Second to last Um Because it’s great As far as lou doing the um Like the smaller channels and stuff like That yeah if we look at this From uh from the idea of that maybe We’re headed towards some sort of Project bluebeam thing And the fact that he’s now a public Figure that people have seen on the news Quite a lot Could it be the fact that they’re just Keeping his hand in Just keeping him practice just keeping Him ready for neck for if he’s ever Needed for when he’s needed Yeah of course Yeah yeah not that’s what but i don’t i Don’t i mean that’s a possibility But i’m not so sure that is what’s going On You know i’m not so sure Where is it share screen there we go Yeah this is mental rich I can’t wait Can you see is he sharing it yeah it’s There

That’s a small bit i don’t make it big Oh wait i think i’ve seen this in the News it’s crazy no i haven’t just Watched with a massive light explosion Coming up no not the fireworks law Well What are we looking at those objects Those were clouds From another angle I’ll i’ll tell you It better not be what i think i saw Anyone know what this is where where am I looking why was this not in the news It’s crazy but what am i looking for When it comes up No when it comes up She’s so loud let me just Right it’s this big huge blue thing Because i mean if it’s a firework all Right here we go get ready Where Pause it what are you doing Do you not see that See what The big blue flash Yeah i see the flash and it’s a firework You think that’s a firework i really do That looks like a [ __ ] thermonuclear Device that’s all the fireworks nah it’s It’s a it’s a firework there’s a lot of Smoke and maybe some fog it’s just the Reflection that’s what it looks like on The camera It’s just the way the camera is making

It look it’s not That also looks like a transformer Exploding those get that bright i had One go off right across the street from Where i live i know it looks like the Thing in new york that’s why i don’t Think it’s a firework it’s a transformer It’s just that there and gone that Quickly that’s that’s how it happens There’s no more power it exploded What i’m not sure i think so i think It’s very strange it’s not that strange You’re looking for something that ain’t There it’s not there it’s cat you know It’s normal It’s normal That that could be a transformer Why wh why what are people saying it is They don’t know don’t know Yeah it’s a transformer going off for Some reason It could have been firework Hit it who knows So Or it could could be what what do you Think it might be if it’s not that sorry Ollie I think i think he’s I don’t think it’s a firework i’ve nev I’ve never seen firework do that Well let’s not forget there’s a camera That’s okay yeah Enhancing that light more than it really Is but we see lots of fireworks you know

There’s lots of fights going off in that Scene it seems that one one explosion Does that That was probably a transformer going Off i i could be wrong but it looks just Like it the the transfer remember the Thing that was it that was in new york When the transformers were yeah yeah the One thing i found really really Interesting and that do you follow Lionel nation no the player he’s a Political commentator no no Uh but i’ve got pretty big guy you know He’s i think he’s got he’s got like over A million subs and stuff on oh wow On Youtube He’s Uh he’s never been a conspiracy guy Really on this stuff he’s just been like Purely politics he’s pretty well Connected yeah he was absolutely Convinced that that was that that thing That happened in new york was something Else other than transformers And even to the point of Hinting at ufos Yet there’s no really weird are there Any close-up videos of that explosion in New york those lights you know what i Mean like two blocks away not miles away I don’t think i think that’s weird Yeah there’s been videos of Like transformers going off

Yeah but it’s like I i don’t know where whether when those Are put on the news it’s just like stock Footage of that Being a thing that can happen Or whether it is is what happened in new York you know But like but that went on for like 15 Minutes as well didn’t it was a lot and They do when we had the monsoon we have Monsoons in arizona right And they come out of nowhere downburst Winds 60 to 70 miles an hour We get see transformers going off for Hours like that It’s and then lightning gets involved i Mean it’s it happens i mean that’s not To me that that doesn’t Sorry i wish it was No i mean i remember the one in was it New york city that did look like that And they did they did come out and say It was a transformer Yeah I i do remember i i have to say that i Did find that That video interesting but i know he Know what you mean when you’re saying About a camera can let more light in Right but that thing looks like it Almost captures all the buildings Because some of the buildings light up As well so i mean It lights a huge space up i don’t think

That’s just lens flare until i until i Saw it in person Just recently like i i’m telling you Those things can they’re blinding Right and when you have low clouds it Enhances it it’s just Being magnified through the clouds and Everything Because in new york they had some rain i Think and stuff like that and the clouds Were real low and it makes it you know The ceiling lower the light has nowhere To go Anyway it’s interesting Nonetheless What i don’t trust what i never trust About a tick tock one is the dramatic Music and there’s always someone saying Tell me what you think this is Well i know what you want me to think it Is You want me to think it’s god [Laughter] Have you stopped believing in ufos rich Have i stopped no Um i am leaning more towards every year That There are no aliens It’s just us And i’ll tell you why because you have Heard and i know you know the soccoro Sighting and stuff that happened in the 60s 50s you always hear about these

Aliens wearing coveralls or things like What look like hazmat suits And I think and in greer is where i learned This from that these are probably Our own technology with nuclear power Somehow And that’s why in the Cash land room event people got you know Uh What do they call it when they get that Kind of uh disease what is that Radiation sickness Their car got hot i mean it was every Single thing that a nuclear reactor Would have so i think they’re trying to Figure out that kind of technology and Make Make the things hover i forget what Greer calls it and maybe it wasn’t Career maybe it was alex gershwitz but Nonetheless one’s a physicist one’s in Our field so Yeah it’s pretty amazing what what can Be done with the nuclear power For ufos Um sean drew Tweeted me put a message up in the chat Not his last message the one before that I missed him No i’d i’d like you to put up for lola’s Show thanks sean drew who needs a mick West when goof on is around I like that style like your style

I think the demons i think they’re What’s commonly referred to as what We’ve thought of as demons for years You really are a comedian No i genuinely believe i and i believe That Our world leaders are involved in a cult That worship them It’s possible man i can’t say it isn’t It Yeah i can’t say it isn’t illuminati [ __ ] man yeah it’s they will Well All goes back to like crowley and stuff Like that i think uh We’ve seen the picture of the man I think uh Always at hand haven’t you Alistair You know yeah but his little mate let me Bring him up another great show ollie i Feel that these people attacking other Channels are putting our Strut up are putting out strikes uh not In it for the truth They just want fame either or they’re Just dicks Yeah They’re both dudes Thank you for the five pounds mate i Appreciate that Let me yeah crowley no i know yeah i Know you’re saying liav There you go

There he is with the mr gray that what Was the what was the what was he called The alien thing ma moo mao mao something Like that yeah yeah yeah Yeah Something like that yeah i mean if you Have you ever watched a documentary About this man Yeah Once too many [ __ ] hell what an insane life yep He was a charmer He was he was he was a weird guy he’s Very strange yeah I would like to have hung around them Though I don’t know if you would No i don’t know i’m just talking out my Ash I i i think it would be it it would be Interesting to be a fly on the wall In crowley’s house to see what’s going What what actually went off it was lamb Thank you turken lamb yes Are you butchering people’s names again Yeah Lamb Is it like is that the same spelling as Like lamb chop Yep yeah Yeah Um interesting i don’t understand what’s The reference I i i

I just wanted the same spelling is like A llamas in like man Jennifer I’ve cried every night watching oh who’s That ottawa Ottawa canadas because of the canada you Know the troubles yeah god yes jesus Christ jennifer tsuyami is like The really she’s so awesome what i i Just Yeah nice So evil over there what they’re doing Right it’s disgusting yeah it’s Absolutely terrible how is it in the in Great britain now because i know you Guys were having a lot of that woke [ __ ] Going on during the covet it’s It’s um I’d say it’s calmed down but You know A little bit like the british weather You never know what to predict next I think what’s going on in canada if That can happen speaking It can happen anywhere now Yeah you know it’s and there was there Was there was a really good good thing i Listened to the other day and i Commented who was talking about it Um but they basically turn around and Say these people that call for like call For action against things just don’t Don’t know who they’re [ __ ] with And

All these things it just shows that you Know when we had the um The protests through the uh Uh through the pandemic but the Three-letter protests Um that were all okay and everything was Fine you know People weren’t allowed to leave the Houses for months but all of a sudden on For this one thing it was fine And it’s because it’s suited it’s A narrative and it suited the puppet Masters Um Now You know where when all of a sudden There’s another peaceful protest even Though this one is actually peaceful And it doesn’t suit the The puppet masters Then [ __ ] tyranny is the answer Like unbelievable draconian measures That Point Some of your own uh [ __ ] citizens as Terrorists And if the people i swear It annoys me in the uk especially Because as as a like As a as as a small island for as i mean As in that as in england and scotland Realistically when you can when you look At the rest of the world if if what’s Going on in canada can happen there that

Can easily happen in the united kingdom Easily it can happen anywhere And the the other thing that it’s shown As well is all these people i think They’re gonna [ __ ] escape the uh Monetary system through crypto Crypto is shown it’s [ __ ] because Their crypto wallets have been seized So any anyone that thought right might Lose my bank account i’ll stick all my Money in bitcoin the The [ __ ] crypto wallets are down as Well that’s [ __ ] dude Really oh yeah I would be so angry It ain’t strange though that we live in A world where there’s made up money Yeah i guess Is it because let’s face it It’s made up [ __ ] money yeah I mean well i promise it’s a promise It’s a promise that if i buy something If Uh i buy something off rich i give him Money and it’s a promise that i’m worth What i i i have somewhere all the money In the world we actually don’t We don’t actually have that The money that’s there we don’t Physically have that right Well there’s nothing nothing’s backed by Anything solid anymore it’s not backed By gold or anything you know there’s no Natural resource propping it up

By [ __ ] Yeah Yeah And there’s i mean there’s cleverer People than me believe that this whole Situation we’re in now Is because the bullshit’s about to come Around around everybody’s ankles And it’s the most efficient way to Switch Us over to a new system before this one Completely [ __ ] explodes on itself So um someone once asked me you know Where do i sit my left arm are right or Whatever i’m neither i’m i’m nothing i i Don’t I i i’m nothing to do with any of you Guys i’m this person that sits in the [ __ ] middle And thinks you’re all making an absolute Wank stain of this earth you know you You’re all just doing a A crazy [ __ ] job I’m not speaking to you guys i’m spit I’m speaking i’m speaking to the the the [ __ ] leaders of this [ __ ] earth Word they couldn’t run a [ __ ] bath And let alone A a country Now Makes you wonder doesn’t it makes you Wonder who’s really pulling the strings Sure does

Have either of yous watched the Documentary on youtube the uh monopoly No no Heard of it you you should both Definitely well i don’t understand how It’s on youtube i really don’t Um It’s I won’t i won’t say the words that’s in It because i think mike ollie’s channel In trouble and the two companies that Are involved Basically it Breaks everything down to two holding Companies and everything in your room Rich everything in your room Falls back On these two holding companies And it’s it’s [ __ ] incredible it’s Called monopoly i implore everybody to Go and watch it And Then have a little cry to yourself in The corner of the room because there is Absolutely like we we can come out up With all the positive thoughts and like There’s people that have that there Let’s go we’re winning we’re winning We’ve no chance against this Absolutely no chance everything we do And say has been [ __ ] planned By Geniuses Yeah that’s that’s right jennifer they

Are trying to forbid Peaceful process protests in the uk I don’t know how well they’re getting on With that but um It’s insane people have the right to Speak their mind whether they’re right Or wrong the people have the right to do That and that’s you know that should be The world that we live in and you know What’s going to happen don’t you rolly Is The minute that’s passed That’s going to be the same type of Thing that’s enacted as what’s just been Enacted in canada For the same reasons It’s this is gonna happen to one country After another after another after Another But let’s hope you’re wrongly i’m Absolutely not wrong we’re [ __ ] I’m moving to mars Well i know no there’s going to be no Mars mars is going to be for the rich People has tell you what well we’re not On uh on different subjects have either Reviews seen this [ __ ] disney village That they’re building Oh you see i’ve heard of this is this For like normal The normal everyday day folk that can Live live in a disney village yeah but It’s it everything about it looks like Did you did either of you watch the sky

Um Adaptation of a brave new world No it’s it’s that it’s that [ __ ] Dystopian future society where Everyone’s walking around in like White Um Chino type material And uh yeah it’s [ __ ] weird it’s Black mirror as [ __ ] and uh It’s it’s the beginning of the Like dystopian future where everything’s Clean and You know it’s There’s no litter everywhere and people Are being monitored for what they say in Case they say a swear word and they get Fined for it that reminds me of the Island the film where they’re all being Used Exactly that Exactly that And it scares the [ __ ] out of me i tell You what i wouldn’t do I wouldn’t want to live there with Children not in a disney resort I don’t know it wouldn’t be me not [ __ ] Me wouldn’t be me I don’t trust mickey No i don’t trust mickey at all Right but boys we’ve been over two hours Now uh And uh I i feel like we’re getting a subject

That Just i’m just getting started I’m getting more daily i i’m getting More daily Don’t if anybody knows what derrally is In the states do you have dairylee Never heard of it all right he’s like He’s it’s like cheese cheese Remember remember ollie kids Jesus christ I’m getting more daring on youtube oh Wow i didn’t think they were saying that That Yeah That that was the the tagline of it i Remember when i was at school the the Tagline the advert was derry lee kids Will do anything for dairy lee Oh okay And disney But yeah don’t don’t don’t move to the Disney resort people Definitely don’t go there with your uh Siblings Um But rich have you got show you have you Got a show on your backup channel Tonight I do have a show it is going to be i was Just setting it up because i’m i’m uh You know running a little uh I usually put these up about four or Five so Uh what do you think about i want

Everybo anybody to join in by clicking The link and joining me tonight when i Drop it down and i want to talk about What do you think about elizondo dolan Ttsa and we are striking channels And anything else that has to do with What’s been going on in the community so That’s what we’re doing Tonight 9 p.m eastern six pacific right Here on youtube goof on lives come and Join us And uh The the channel People i’m going to put Yeah i thought i thought it was the last Thing that i had copied about That link in the description come on get I can’t put it in the description Because until the video starts yeah i Know i know Yeah but i can put it in the chat yeah You do that do that if you’re doing it Ever comes under threat i recommend goof On rides again Well i have goof on strikes back is Another one But goof on rides Huh strikes because of the strikes yeah It’s pretty good but goof on rides again Is awesome But uh Yeah this is uh this may be the main Channel i think see because this channel Has a clean slate i’ve never had any

Problems no claims of any type That i’m gonna Make this channel Better than goof on i think because i Learned so much So i won’t be using any clips without People’s written permission for let’s Say so But i found a loophole on how To get the information from the clips i Want to play Onto the show last night i was uh i Couldn’t play jimmy church’s show with Lou on it because jimmy church he also Likes to strike people So What i did i i read the interview i i Was Jimmy church and lou and i just listened To it and said what they said And it worked pretty well from what i Heard Well you repeat what they said yeah i Listened to it so they were talking and I was actually staying on top of what They were saying as if i was in the show So it was pretty good I’ve never seen that done before i know Nobody’s ever done it Well rich nobody’s ever flown around Area 51 I know firsts Not on a ufo channel Yeah we think they have

I was just running here they’re gonna Take us down I could just imagine all these people That have just gone oh there’s there’s a Channel here that’s flying a flight Simulator round area 51 and now they’re Thinking why did they ever click on it Thank you bob the builder for the three Pounds uh artichoke no artichoke what is It it is an avocado i appreciate the Avocado rich Before we go i just I was looking for the clips of Ttsa can’t find it on the channel but It’s weird i left youtube play And there’s an old edit here of me and i Think it’s when i first ever found your Channel No way and i play a clip from it at the End of the video and it’s on silence i Have no idea what i’m going to say about You here oh i don’t care Um I’m going to play it no way Oh this is great if he was reading a Message from uh tyler saying how they Were going to take goof on down It could be It could well be What I said wouldn’t it be funny if it’s oh That would be weird There we go Us getting disclosure i think he

Mentioned a lot about to the stars Academy oh here we go wait wait wait Wait i need to rewind i think i don’t Think disclosures wow I want to see what i say about you Delight well i lost a lot of weight Since that show as well osvaldo told me First i’ve told him to get his channel Um Did i tell you something’s happening i Do think it would be great just to get Dr grier Oh tom delong in a room Maybe get them both on joe back on joe Rogan but together i love joe rogan What a guy Do you think i’ll ever go on joe rogan He doesn’t speak english but i’m sure he Said yes Um yeah Wow joe if you’re watching this [ __ ] Video um Get tom delong And grier in the same room That would be Priceless Can you imagine the [ __ ] stirring he Could just He oh god Euros Get them both stoned And Get them to show you do you think you Should have a show more ufo

Dr stephen gray with serious disclosure Where am i or tom the longwood to the Stars academy of arts and sciences Thank you very much my friend Have no preference on either of them Because you don’t think even any good For you apology i wanna know the reason Behind that’s fifty dollars right there Brother you can tell by the explosion This year maybe next year Just i’ll just quickly pause this two to Somebody by reading yeah i meant being Funny but i followed lee for a couple of Years at least last time i saw him he Has a ck troll of his facial features And neck has lee been taken over by the Slug men from planet menks or mars Did they put visors on him to show the Truth what’s he talking about You you’re visa fully is that that thing Behind your head i think it’s Step back step back into it thank you Yeah get back into it thank you for Following me for a couple of years That’s nice Yeah yeah not even have a show That was where i was like manx is my Nationality by the way rich Thank you ginger spit ginger ginger’s Beef ginger steve I appreciate that lots of gingers man You look like you’re five years younger In that video i i i’m not five years oh Here we go they look like you’re singing

In that still You’re about to come up now I was watching goof on radio the other Day you have not watched goof on radio Check it out with rich joe dano Absolutely fantastic show and the show i Watched he actually was talking about Us getting disclosure i think he Mentioned a lot about to the stars Academy in that natural video i don’t Want you to think i don’t think Disclosure’s ever going to happen It’s not going to happen i have 50 years Or more or never no i that’s that’s how Thin i don’t age anymore i’m 35 forever I’m jesus well then why show us all These videos why get us acclimated to The idea of the tv shows the Books the people the conferences oh my You forgot the websites Twitter No You better hope we stay friends or i’m Going to strike you for this I want this closure to happen and by Golly You know going in over a decade and a Half now And we’re no we’re nowhere closer Nowhere closer in 15 years i’ve been Doing this we are not Close Nope too is this the beginning of you Becoming james he doesn’t think we’re

Going to get for at least that was when Goof on was new now Yeah I don’t think he’s gonna take 50 years To 20 years well i i i’ve been the same Way though for 18 years yeah no i’ll say it’s quite Right Yeah you’re quite right about the The disclosure thing it’s There’s no point there’s no advantage There’s no advantage for the government To suddenly through unless they want to Send the world into chaos That would be the only only advantage You look younger Now No i looked younger then No i think it means just looks younger i Think it means you look younger now oh Okay okay you know i didn’t sleep but 40 Minutes last night so i do have bags Under my eyes tonight That’s it 40 minutes but you are working You are working out again i did i worked Out before i came here I s 30 minutes before the show i got Done so yeah i haven’t Been working out now since uh beginning Of the year i am getting younger Ginger No i really am no i just haven’t aged Aged uh since i hit uh 45 i stopped at 45.

And uh that’s it No twins no No doppelganger no it’s my clone Well people i am going to drop that link For for goof on lives again In the uh Just goof on lives goofy lives yeah yeah Uh the backup channel because you Currently can’t go live on your main Channel because of the free copyright Strikes yeah but we think that’s going To be fixed but If it’s not people It goes then goof off Go support him give him your love give Him a subscribe hit the bell icon and All that jazz and lee when are you going Live or when it when he when’s your next Show coming out I’m late i should have put A um This achievement therapy out this week But i haven’t had time so i need to do That Um i will be probably recording some on Monday on sunday sunday evening so Why At least if anybody’s into formula when You do formula one as well yep formula One podcast hot lap you can go and check That out that’s on its own thing that’s Not part of must see audio so just look For the hot lap and you find that Um must see audio

That’s where all the podcasts are so Look for mostly audio on your podcast App of choice Are you going back out on the The circuit to do stand-up Uh oddly enough someone messaged me Today about um A night Later on in the month i think it is but I don’t know i haven’t written anything So i’ll have to have an idea a little Bit of me once did wants to do it Because that joke i told earlier i’d Really like to tell that in front of People just to see what happened When was the last time you were live in Front of an audience over a year ago Yeah Two over two years for me Yeah so It’d be like doing it again be like dude Be like i’d never done it before it’d be [ __ ] Terrifying i’m in florida now so i’ve Got a totally different demographic i Can’t wait I didn’t know you did stand up rich i Knew they did it oh i’ve been telling You that i told you that when did you Give to you yeah we’ve not been on the Podcast before he doesn’t listen he Doesn’t love us he just stares at us Yeah But it’s with love i know it is man

That’s why i don’t care Sometimes it just goes it in one ear and Just drink it in man drink it in drink In the love That’s it I i have had two little tiny bottles of Three percent alcohol And one four percent alcohol bottle ah Have something That technically i could probably drive On that so It was well it was only because i was Flying an airplane even uh given more i Think i i think the shape of your [ __ ] is i think you could Technically sit on them but I’m glad you know the shape of it Just a guess Yeah Right boys i want to thank you all for Coming i want to thank you for coming on And uh persevering persevering with my Bad flying uh yeah i highly recommend Uh even though uh gates has got enough Money uh but To support microsoft flight simulator And give it a go for yourself and fly Around area 51 it’s on i keep saying it Big tech doesn’t get enough support Go support bill gates Hey alia i’m just glad you’re doing Better your heart’s ticking out any word On that what’s going on Yeah i’m i’ve i’ve got to go back to

Uh For a um Not an mri i had an mri i’ve got to go Back for no not a cat scan uh it’s like Where they just put loads of pads on you And It’s just yeah Yeah they see how it’s right they need To see how the tick is running but It’s nothing uh life-threatening it’s Literally something that Anybody can get that if they watch out For the flu people any sort of uh Anything that’s gonna Uh i didn’t know you could get uh Diet is from the flu I never i never realized getting Something like that i know what it was Until a year ago Yeah I’ve heard of it now it seems like you Can get it in a [ __ ] kinder egg Yes you can On that note [Laughter] That was funny Right boys um Good night god bless Mind the books don’t bite people go Check out microsoft flight simulator Everybody all the people in the chat You’ve been wonderful and thank you for The the donations people uh you’re all Amazing uh and the love the thumbs up

All of that jazz If ninja steve has been following me for Two years Yeah i [ __ ] hope he’s a patron if he Just gave you 50 quid Yeah he is patronize me oh Do you mean i mean you might don’t ask Him to patronize he he will patronize You i know i don’t care i know that Maybe if he pays you can spank me Come on now The show was going great We’re going to end on a spank It’s about bottom good night