Courtney & Colin’s Wedding (2/18/2022)

By | February 18, 2022
Courtney & Colin’s Wedding (2/18/2022)

Yeah here let me check it let me check It i have somewhat Service out here i think Hey everybody you’re coming to colin Brown actually i don’t have good service Either of you have cell service out here Will you go to his channel just so we Can get a little preview see how it Looks what’s the website well it’s on Youtube um yep youtube i love this song You can play this on the piano it’s an a Major good song it’s a good track good Choice yeah it’s fine okay we’re getting Comments so okay we’re good i think We’re good you got a nice view of your Torso right now Okay everybody thank you for joining in Today we love y’all but i’m gonna go get Ready with the boys and uh We’re gonna start in about 15 minutes so Hey everybody Uh stay tuned It’s a once-in-a-lifetime All right Like driving Thank

Isn’t that the truth Oh Oh Yes Oh Uh Um Uh Is Faster Thank you We got two more chairs You know what I’ll use [Laughter] It’s better than what i thought it was

Going to be i didn’t have to worry Thank you Yes Um Is Thank you Okay Okay What’s Up Oh Um Huh Oh That’s right Um

Yes For two years There’s a lot of competition here It’s really big Smoke It’s a union Okay Wow [Laughter] That is It’s really funny but it was not Guessing Is What yes you been saying Hopefully nothing bad [Laughter] I’m so glad you’re here i just want to Make a quick announcement and i’ll Remind you at the end that when this is Over We’re going to have immediate family Stayed for just a few minutes so we get Some follows And then the rest of us or you i’ll be Here for a minute we’ll go down that

Walkway there and we’ll have a little Reception area with some beverages so Just kind of know what we’re doing there And i’ll announce that again so you Don’t forget but at this moment if you Don’t mind would you please make sure That your cell phone’s not going to Disrupt this much of a lifetime Answer calling for me And i’ll check my mom Thank you I’m gonna mess Laughs Uh So So So So This

Uh So So So So Laughs So Uh So Um So Come on So Welcome friends and family We are here today to celebrate the Wedding of courtney and colin We’re here to share in the commitment To one another to offer our love and Support to this union

And to celebrate courtney and colin as They start their married life together Surrounded by you The people dearest and most important to Them Courtney and collin would like to thank You for being here today and as for your Blessing Your encouragement And your lifelong support For their decision to be married Courtney’s been your little girl She’s brought you joy And love it to your home into your Hearts Today is the day when she Remains your little girl But she’s also created a new family That will enrich your lives And extend your family’s heritage May i ask Who offers courtney to marry colin today Les Shannon Do you give your blessing for this Marriage and promise to receive colin as A member of your family from here on Please be seated Um So as i prepared for our time today I remember my wedding Nearly 40 years ago And she came over to me and she pulled Me aside and she said jeff

I’ve had a long marriage and i know what It takes to be married and i said okay I’d love to hear she said you know You’ve heard that marriage is 50 50. i Said yes she said and that is completely True The husband makes the money and the wife Spends the money Things are different now but you know Four years ago and the other thing she Said to me she said jeff you’ve heard That the man is the head and i said yes She said but the wife is the neck Whichever way the neck turns the head Must go [Laughter] And so my advice today is Similar to that but not exactly the same And i have a couple of things that i Want to point out to you but before i do I thought there might be some people Here today that don’t really Know you very well And i want to introduce them to a little Bit about who you are And courtney likewise there’s some Family members here Don’t know you very well And so i’ll start with you because Ladies first um I asked your parents and of course i’ve Known you since you were about i think Nine years old Uh so tell me a little bit more about

Who you are and one of the things that i Hear repeatedly when i ask about you Is that you’re a little tough on the Outside But you’re really tender On the inside and then you cry like your Daddy But i’ll hear that you don’t judge People Like you don’t look at a guy in an Underpass And say He could have done something different Why is he here instead Your mom joked that when you’re a little Kid you would always say can we give him Some money And that’s a real tender sweet heart to Have And that’s a beautiful thing but i also Hear you’re a deep Like you really think deep and and one Of the things that i really value in a Person and i heard about you Is that you have a small circle of Friends But you’re very close to them and it’s Very tight And you’re very loyal As well And that’s beautiful i have So i asked your mom on the phone last Week i said mary tell me a little bit About

College because Yourself She said that you’re very sentimental That you’re the kind of guy who at Christmas you write like these long Letters to everyone Right And that you’re encouraging others like You’re the kind of person who likes to Encourage and see other people succeed And you’re very traditional like you Love your heritage you love where you’ve Come from And those things are are important to You and i think that’s i think that’s Wonderful um she said that you’re like Your dad jeff in a sense that You’re adventurous Adventurous And like mary because you’re sweet Sentimental and loving I also heard that um you’re a little bit Of a celebrity In your high school That you actually saved the um you made A film about the haunted high school and Save the student newspaper [Laughter] As well But it’s not all good I personally was a Victim of your little prank The time your parents went to hawaii But uh you had a little party and some

Of your friends came over and the vodka Was consumed And then we came over a couple of weeks Later to have some moscow mules that Just tasted like ginger beer and water And uh Jeff mary you may not know about this But i learned that not so many years ago Your parents started collecting Movie memorabilia And they bought stuff from different Movie scenes and One of them came from being glorious Bastards movie Uh packed cigarettes And apparently carl and Colin decided one day when his parents Were gone Wouldn’t it be nice to smoke a cigarette And instead of getting one from a friend Or a neighbor or a Nearby store They decided to smoke one of the Inglorious bastard secrets i hope it was Great So you know you’re not perfect you’ve Got a lot of great things and you’re Bringing those to the Dad and you’re a part of table mom and Dad now You’re creating your own new Legacy And you’re going to bring those Attributes good or bad right

And you’re going to form a new Relationship a new generation and i’m Really excited about that so i’ve been Married Almost 40 years uh your mom and dad have Been married 30 years your mom had been Married 28 years And to me that’s such a great legacy That you also inherit From your families and when you ask me About being a part of this wedding which I’m so grateful to be here You’d said to me that would be nice if Maybe i’ve shared with you some of the Things that have has helped sandra and i Be able to make our layers of marriage Last and uh so i thought it would three Brief things That i think that would be important for You or anyone To know about about mayors so i want to Cover those real quick One is stay close Hold each other tight I mean like naked in a framed place Right where they’re really cold and they Have to really right and um and because If you if you stay close Then there’s less chance of division you Know there’s a term in the military that Says divide and conquer And it was a wedge between the two of You and it could be a very small wish it

Tends to grow and grow and grow I heard a chinese proverb one time that Said Better to carry a pebble in your hand Than in your shoe You may not get rid of the pebble but at Least you don’t feel like you do in your Shoe when you’re carrying it in your Hand So stay close I said here i made a little note said to Make it stick stick together Maybe you can just remember that today Um i want you to take courtney to the Farm At some point i think she would like That And um i want you to make her a part of Your heritage Because i know it’s important to me My wife just put a note in my notes Thank you sandra [Laughter] You make her life better not bitter Like when you see something that she Needs help with you step in and you say Let me get that for you you know there’s Some things you can carry That she wasn’t designed or built to Carry And and knowing your role and stepping In And and being there to make your life Better not better it’s a good thing the

Other thing i thought about too was to Protect and provide i know you both and I know that you both provide But protection Really comes from you You know what she wants to hear Sometimes Honey how was your day and what can i do To make it better Maybe you’d even say to her at some Point who do i need to beat up for you Today Her knowing that you’re here to defend Her to pursue her To kill her giant and do it for her Is really a great thing for you to do And i think she’ll honor that and Respect that in you also you should be The one who initiates intimacy And you need to be the one that comes to Her and and tries to pull out of her What she’s feeling And what she’s thinking you know women Tend to feel guys tend to think i think In your case you both tend to feel Right so that’s probably easier for you Than it is for me because i paint sandra Fields and um Our marriage counselor we have him by The way heck we’re seeing him in this One we’ve been married 40 years he tells Us all the time he says jeff If you were more like sander And sandra if you were more like jeff

The world may be a better place And i think that’s true in any marriage So keep that in mind And then number four this is uh yeah It’s number two but number four for you Um is to honor her parents Like build on the work that they’ve done Always consider them in your decisions Like how do i honor them and this Heritage that they’ve established And keep them close but not too close And then number five Is don’t keep score You’re her lover you’re her friend You’re not her cpa You say well i did the dishes last night It’s your turn Is not the best way to keep her happy Uh Courtney Wife i looked it up in the dictionary is Defined as someone who’s devoted to one Man for i can summarize everything i’m About to say in that one sentence But number one for you is be a Cheerleader and i actually did not Realize until last night you’ve been a Child So whatever he does even if he finally Gets his pajamas on straight you know The button’s not misaligned Hercules hercules right like it’s your Job to cheer him on because he has a Difficult role and knowing they’re

Supporting him It’s going to be something he likes Sure when he puts his needs your needs Ahead of his That’s that’s that’s a commitment he’s Making the sacrifice he needs to know That you honor and validate that Also one thing that sander did for me And i think would be great for you to do Is speak forward not backwards Like speak to him and in public to Others where you want him to be not Necessarily where he is And when you do that it pulls him up to Where you want him to be Never never please never be destructive About hammering from your friends you Don’t want your friends telling you yeah I agree with you i think he’s and just Kept going in the points right like hey He’s working on it and i tell you i’m Just i know he’s going to get better at This and i’m excited about him getting Better because because that’s that’s Very important to him he needs to hear That from you Show him honor honor is very important To a man Um bring him you drink That’s very honoring him Be a leader But also a great follower like there’s Some times where you’re gonna see that He needs you to lead

Right and there’s times where he’s gonna See that he needs you to leave but such Times too where being a great follower Is important for both of you And then of course like i said to him i Think this is important to you choose to Honor his family honor his heritage Honor his legacy help you try to fulfill A genealogy that’s been handed down to Him along with yours to create something New with something great Oh and go to the farm Seek advice this is for both of you from The grandmas Okay you have two grandmas 197 194 And you have two grandmas sitting behind You i think they have a lot of wisdom And it would be their honor to be able To share that When they can And then lastly this is the third one Celebrate together So you know marriage is work but you’ve Got to have these incremental places Where you stop and say That was great we nailed it we did so Well i’ll tell you what story sandra and I have wanted to buy a house we’ve been Struck in a rental house and our income Levels were pretty low And so we had this idea we went down to Hobby lobby Boards and we drew these checkerboards

On it and we put 100 squares And every time we put a thousand dollars Into our savings account towards buying A house we put a next in every one of Those squares And as we started filling out those Squares we started seeing that it was Possible And then we would celebrate hey guess What we put another x on the square i Won’t tell you what we didn’t celebrate But we would celebrate we celebrated 100 Times let me put it that way in a short Period of time So in summary i guess what i’m saying is You bring so much already to this Marriage And you have such a great foundation That your marriage is already built on It won’t be easy but you will be Successful I’m sure And i appreciate you guys Working on that and doing that together So now we’re going to take a minute to Exchange vows And how long i want you to go first When i met courtney Sorry this is a little bit of a story When i met courtney i was totally lost i Didn’t really know who i was anymore i Didn’t know where i was going But you changed off that for me Courtney and i first started talking

Again over instagram I reacted to an instagram story she Posted about manny mcfee I had no idea that such a small action With a strange nanny which changed my Life in every way Fast forward about a month or two and Courtney and i went on her first date It was the very beginning of the Pandemic and i took her to a crappy dive Bar near all Departments uh we sat and talked that Night In the nearly empty gloomy bar and i Immediately began to fall in love with Every word courtney said i began to feel Something that i had never truly felt Before something so strong so powerful That i immediately knew that this owner Is my soul mate And you don’t know this I actually recorded something that night Of our first date that i’ve never shared With you I’m not sure if anybody no one’s heard This So this was when i was in bed that night So you don’t mind i’m gonna have our dj Play that really quickly Courtney Um it’s kind of late um I know we had our um First uh date tonight But um i just uh want to make a mental

Or like a voice note and say i’m pretty Sure i’m going to marry you I’m already told that i I love you so much i don’t want to sound Creepy Just in case we get married one day um I just uh want to make a note and say Yeah i knew right away [Laughter] Yeah so I know i’m gonna say i love you first But Just in case I don’t sound creepier I love you Well Yeah well Yeah [Applause] Courtney you made me feel alive again You gave me air to breathe you brought Me back to life you saved me Um After i left the second or third date we Started the streak so every night over Two months in a row courtney spent the Night in my apartment slugging with me In bed and talking about our future Together i remember one night courtney Told me after we were probably 38 days Into this street that she was gonna go Back to her apartment spend the night Since she hadn’t been there over a month And i literally called you like 30 40

Times in a row Please come back And eventually you did decide to come Back and a few weeks later you moved in With me and now we’re getting there And times so freaking fast So Courtney i can’t even begin to explain How much you need to be the worst i love You just don’t do it literally It’s strange That love could possibly be like this I wouldn’t change a single thing about You not one to me You are perfect And i didn’t even know that a person Could be perfect I am far from perfect [Laughter] So seriously [Laughter] I promise to give you my everything to Provide you with anything and everything You need and to always be by your side i Promise to pick you up when you’re down I promise to work with tears from your Eyes and smile and cry long if you feel In pain I promise that i will always be a loyal Husband and devoted lover and supportive Best friend And i promise to always be the best Person For you i promise to dance with you in

The rain Anyways that’s it i love you i love you Today [Applause] [Laughter] I Not only thought he was just the most Beautiful boy but i was just immediately Drawn to him um When you first meet colin some of the Things that immediately stand up to you Is Just his hunger for life and adventure Um I also noticed that i really admired Your confidence Because you have an ability to just Captivate a room I also love the way that you care for People around you Like your parents said anybody that Comments anyone in colin’s life he is Going to do whatever you can to make Sure that you’re happy and you have Everything that you need and he’s a Great friend and an even Even better boy So yeah those are the first things i Noticed about you when i first met you Um i had always had a big crush but we Ended up losing we lost touch for a few Years Like you said we kind of rekindled Through instagram

But when we started hanging out again i Was immediately Reminded of all of those amazing Qualities that you have Um Just they’re here today they’re Just a part of you that’s how you’re Always gonna be but Um i remember us hanging out for the First time and i remember telling my Brother and Shelby like if i don’t end up with him I’m gonna be devastated Foreign I vow to always celebrate your ways I vow to always adventure with you Dance whenever we can Have fun no matter what I vow to be by your side no matter what Life We can actually go home now A couple more things I want to say something about these Rings These dreams are made out of Precious metals They symbolize that love is the most Precious element in your life together The ring if you notice has no beginning And no end it’s a circle It symbolizes that the love between you Two will never cease That’s what i love about it You place these rings on each other’s

Fingers as a visible sign of the vows Which this day You have made to each other So will you please take the ring And place it on his finger And as you do Repeat this after me I give you this ring As a symbol of my love and faithfulness I ask you to wear this ring as a Reminder For the vowels we have spoken today So i’d like you to place the ring on his Finger and repeat with me i give you This ring As a symbol of my love and faithfulness As i place it on your finger I commit my heart and soul to you I ask you to wear this ring As a reminder of the vows we have spoken Today So we’re gonna have this really cool Thing with the tree next And why don’t we have you stand over Here and let’s ask the parents and Grandparents that are present to come up And join us Courtney and colin today you stand Before us ready to share the rest of Your lives together As a married couple Long before today your parents provided You with a foundation of love and caring Which has brought you to this point

We’ll start by adding dirt from Courtney’s childhood home and I guess at the farm right right for the Farm okay This dirt symbolizes Their family And it’s been through Their years as a family in love and Support that have helped shape Who courtney is today A woman who’s ready to be committed in a Loving marriage of real And it will do the same thing with death Would you take some of that water and Just help nourish this New treat I would say poke your fingers in there But You won’t do that Today listen to this for a tree to grow You will need great soil and you’ve got That It’ll also need nurturing it’ll need Water and it’ll need pruning at times In the same way the roots of your Heritage Are the soil of this marriage It will be your job to water this Relationship To nurture its growth Give it good sunlight And to prune it when it’s needed Because of this your marriage like this Tree

Will grow toward the sky It’ll provide shade and shelter for you And generations to come Parents you can go sit down thank you So So some of you may be aware but courtney Lost both of her Grandfathers This past year And i’m pretty sure i don’t know this For a fact but i’m pretty sure that if Poppy was still here You’d be the one standing in my shoes Today So i know i have some Issues to fill Um Your mom and dad when they were married 28 years ago Was poppy That performed their ceremony And i asked your mom to go back and Watch the video And to get a clip From the blessing that you pronounced Over them May god give you for every storm a Rainbow For every tear of smile For every care promise And a blessing in his trial For every problem life sends a faithful Friend to share For every sigh a sweet song

And an answer for every prayer Because you both made it clear today That your intention is to marry and to Love each other And because you’ve exchanged these rings And vows It is my great pleasure About a power invested in me to Pronounce you husband and wife colin Give me [Applause] Ladies and gentlemen [Applause] [Applause] Just a quick announcement we’re going to Ask the immediate family to stay behind For a few minutes we’ll get some photos But the rest of you if you would in an Organized and non-chaotic fashion come Right to the middle walk down these Aisles go that direction and you’ll see There’s a little reception area and We’ll jump in just a few minutes thank You so much for being part of this Important moment in our lives Magician Tyler What a nice minister

Would be a good idea to let I also take it Over here Yeah They’ve got about two thousand people Watching I was like there’s a lot of time i just Saw Okay start taking photos It’s the live stream Oh hey everybody We’re married Give me give me one second i’ll just Unbutton my pants i’ll use your restroom Oh no Thank you all for watching Thank you all for watching we love you Guys so much The comments just keep coming and come The whole time i didn’t even realize you Were live streaming i was like Excuse me you’ve got a whole last Invitation no i didn’t get it Here do you want to take this here Guys tears my eyes still Hey everybody It’s colin here and courtney hello we’re Officially husband and wife we’re

Married i can’t thank y’all enough For uh For joining us on this special day we Love you guys oh here’s the rings It’s official it’s official we love you Guys so freaking much you all are Amazing and i cannot believe we’re so Blessed to have you guys out here and With us so we’re going to go celebrate If you want to re-watch it’s going to be Online but yes i love you thank you Thanks for joining us thank you okay see Y’all later

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