I’m back from the Alien ship!

By | February 10, 2022
I'm back from the Alien ship!

Uh Good evening folks welcome to alien Addicts on this fine And Grateful evening I’m grateful because i’m actually here I’m here doing a show three weeks later From my last show but i mean i am here And i’m here with none other than my two Beautiful boys Rich giordano And lee from mussy audio how are you Doing my fellows Good mate hey Good to see you back i’m good Good How you feeling Well you know Apparently i drink too much the doctor Said i need to give it up so you know You I never see you drinking So many people fight with something to Do with drinking Did they that’s that i don’t know why I Am like Like less of the alcohol less of the Smoking i don’t smoke i think i may have Gone outside for a couple of cigarettes Like Maybe After a show like on the after Show a bit um but

You know It’s so for anybody that doesn’t know What happened um i will get it out of The way early um i had malkititis which Was inflammation on my uh Ticker uh Not from um something that goes in Recently into uh skin Uh and you usually take two or three of Them not from that because that would be Impossible um but it was actually from The flu Which Was I didn’t even know that the flu Could Uh tickle your heart I think it was the other flu Because didn’t you have that i did have That yeah i i had the other type um Two weeks before So the doctor said Because i had that i only had mild Symptoms from that from the 19 Um She said because she got flu after Your immune system Was would have been quite low so She hadn’t she had no ways Of kind of narrowing it down to What exactly caused it so yeah but i’m Back Um weird though guys if you’re anybody That’s watching this in the chat

Or after after the show if you ever get The flu or Get you know poorly from Paulie you don’t understand that here in The states ill Um And you get an ache a weird ache in your Arm for an entire day and then it when You get to bed and it’s your arms Actually burning Ring nine nine nine Or um nine one nine one one yeah well Which arm does it matter I it started in this finger Shut it off Starting this finger the day before i Felt a weird feeling in this finger what Were you putting your finger in Good question But then the next day it was no All in this arm All in this arm that’s unbelievable man Well we’re glad you’re back alive did You see any relatives On the other side Do you know it’s funny you should say That i did i did do a couple of these um Not the secret but the uh meditation Things uh A good friend of mine Dental C5 transcendental Yoga It was the beginnings of the g the

Something the greed no the the The gateway i started off with the Gateway uh on soundcloud i don’t i can’t Remember who it’s by yeah but it was Weird and for the i didn’t think any of That sort of stuff worked um i would i’m Really nervous in hospitals Uh So i He recommended to listen to the gateway Start off with that that’s cool and it’s It’s like weird sound tones with this Like Voice that’s got a good yeah he’s got a Good a good voice for that type of thing Um But i started to see like purple waves And stuff It was insane because i was i was [ __ ] myself Uh One i didn’t i was a bit scared of Having the mri i’m not good with stuff Like that Um and i was very nervous but i was in Hospital for like a week Um Waiting for like results and stuff like That waiting for them to say I was waiting for the mri for like five Days the uk hospitals are Insanely overworked at the moment so Yeah why wouldn’t they let you go home Because they will they won’t let you go

Until they know exactly what it is and They didn’t find out What it was And until literally the final Day of me getting discharged what did You do while you were there I watched the walking dead Okay you mean I mean there’s every day i watched some Youtube shows i watched a few your shows Rich uh i list some must-see audio Um But i may but i mainly um go subscribe People They’re in the description um i mainly Just Binge watched um The walking dead i have no idea why how Was the food terrible Really i like hotel food and airplane Food Yeah it’s not like hotel food it’s like Dog food oh i said hotel i meant uh Hospital food Well Yeah but you guys pay for your hospitals Yeah if if if i’ve i’ve gone through Bupa in the uk which is like a paid for Service and the meals are pretty good oh No yeah So what’s been happening in The ufo field rich because i have been Complete i’ve literally been taking a Break from everything

So i have just been playing a bit of Microsoft flight simulator And that’s about it well let me tell you The big uh When did you go into the hospital so i Know where to start So i’ve been out for A Week and a bit now So You know I have been out of it for three weeks Rich but you know about the s4 Okay we what we spoke about you mean you Mean the the two little bases yeah now Forget that then um What has happened is Whose lou The area 503 documentary came out and it Was like unbelievable [ __ ] really good Well the movie was fantastic but i mean Ufo twitter a couple of channels were Really abusive towards myself Area 503 truth seekers money’s in the Chat actually he is yeah And uh Range of money yeah That has been a uh you know he got uh A strike on his channel for using one of These haters clips Is he has he uh Contested it yeah Yeah Yeah so what so that doc’s been taken

Down now it has well it’s still up on Odyssey and i think somewhere else i Don’t know the other place but you can Still watch it On this place called odyssey But um The The movie has triggered The triggerable people you know I mean they just went all out i’m Getting threats my channel’s gonna be Gone truth seekers gotta strike which Has now been removed Uh i mean this has just been an awful Attack and We didn’t Attack these people or person And they just decided they wanted to go Against Us in including you know of course manny Myself the week before manny’s movie Came out i did the week of vloo And i spent a segment every day going Over the things that disappointed me About lou And it started from there and then when The movie came out it was Unbelievable and then lou went on this Little teeny tiny channel To talk about The thing and there was a few mistakes In there that were Meaning meaningless You know hey i didn’t marry this and oh

I didn’t do that over there had nothing To do with who’s lou you know like the Guy or i mean it had to but it doesn’t Make a difference if you left that in or Not Um Manny thinks so But i think there was so much Information that was free information It’s all stuff you can get online You know you search for it it’s all Public information so nothing was done Uh to be mean it was just asking the Question Why is this stuff happening why did he Have all these businesses that only Lasted a few years You know you know his dad is the the how He grew up and all this other stuff Um the the the The patents were quite interesting the Different um You know the the uh The stuff for the ship that he got the The Pattern for Pardon What is he how do you say is it paper Pattern peyton the patent Yeah oh oh you mean the uh The weird uh patents that he got that Were nothing that had to do with what he Went to college for and got a degree on Yeah yeah

He was quite um could have been his Father Yeah that that’s that’s what that what Manny was saying in them he did such a Good job with all the research though i Mean in terms of yeah this the Information is out there but to cut to Get all that and then put that into A Three-hour documentary And for it to to for it to Marry up Perfectly you know as a story Yeah what a great job and it’s just such A shame that somebody’s taking that down Yeah it’ll be back up eventually um but I’m sure my name yeah yeah he will They’re not going to go to court over it I doubt it um Well they still kind of They think that uh i’m a bully And because i made a couple of comments About lou being fat You know i said oh if he has sex with His wife she’d be flat as a pancake and He’d have to ring her out like a sheet When he’s done and die that’s so abusive That’s sexist this guy should be out of Here You know all that stuff i’m like it’s a Joke you [ __ ] it’s a joke You’re not allowed to do those anymore I know Anyway that and

I mean you name it and we didn’t we Didn’t attack these people at all it is They’re making it personal like you know They’re best friends with lou I mean for lou to come out of the Woodwork and go on this teeny tiny show Says a lot about the documentary and They wanted to reach us our little Community Our corner of the globe the opposite Narrative they wanted us to know lou Wanted to talk to us i guess without Talking to us so he went on that teeny Tiny show I i don’t i don’t get the Why people get their back up when it Comes to somebody speaking If somebody speaks against somebody who A lot who i like For example you rich right and i’m sure It happens i will listen to what they Say I’m i might say nah he doesn’t do that He’s actually a lot worse than that yeah You know You know but yeah you’ll tell him the Real stuff Whatever happened to To youtube i i know it’s other platforms Now but what happened to This platform where I mean it’s the kettle culture i Understand When it comes to

People’s kids being online and what i’ve Yearned bullying being a massive thing And and But when it comes to actually having an Opinion On somebody else that doesn’t marry up With somebody else’s way of thinking That’s the whole problem with everything This whole joe rogan thing as well oh my God I mean we’re gonna have to be careful What we say here on youtube But it’s I think that’s pretty good isn’t it Everyone’s talking about that yeah yeah It’s probably pretty safe actually yeah But that’s [ __ ] you know hell yeah It’s a political hit piece that’s the Uh i spoke about in my podcast the other Day um And something i didn’t bring up on the Podcast it only occurred to me Afterwards so you had the thing when you Had the two doctors on of which can’t be Named Um So that’s what they went after him for We know that’s where he went what they Went after him for So then like That compilation completely out of Context of him using the n-word Well yeah it’s which he came out himself

Saying shouldn’t have used it celebrity You know that i you know i i wish these I hadn’t said these things that long That long ago But right regardless of what he said About it you’ve got to think he’s done Because i counted today 1713 podcasts jeez 1713 Give or take maybe two i’m sure it’s 13. Um Average time Three to four hours is podcasts So in a week you’re telling me somebody Sifted through 1713 podcasts to find the 11 times he Used that word and super cut it into Something that video was [ __ ] waiting There That was waiting there for when they Needed to try and take him down and i Think the greatest thing about this That’s happened is the fact that on this Day when you consider all the people That have been cancelled and De-platformed over the years The uh of um On for this one person Essentially the internet has stood up And gone no not today you’re not taking Rogan we’re not allowing this Because when you see the online support He’s had i put a tweet up or all ideas Was um and bear in mind i’ve got like

1200 followers on twitter not a [ __ ] Huge account by any stretch of Imagination Um all i said was A list of a few of the people i wouldn’t Have heard of if it wasn’t for the joe Rogan experience so i had those names i Said i wouldn’t have heard of these Without jre that’s why i stand with joe Rogan That had nearly 60 retweets and 600 Likes Wow just Just from a [ __ ] like me Yeah i know yeah and then i’m talking Wrong you go and look at other people That i’ve obviously got a much bigger Profile i have they’re like 30 000 likes And 7 000 retweets and stuff like that On similar posts But the support was there it was Overwhelming And i don’t think they’re going to win This one No no joe rogan’s not going anywhere Good Also uh I put out on my tick tock That i wanted to take luke because hulu Made a comment When he was on that show and said i Guess i’ll take them out i’ll take them Out behind a bar and You know teach them a lesson like he

Wants to fight Like beat us up you know it’s something You say tongue-in-cheek so i put on Tick-tock i challenged lou And i said this fight i said yeah boxing Or mma you pick it i put another one up Today You know i’m like come on lou you’re not Going to reply and i know it’s tick-tock But You know i i don’t want to put it on Youtube And get in trouble because you know you Can i can do it but i’m just not And uh yeah so i’m That would be the greatest goof on live Show Ever Well it would we would i you know maybe Do it as a pay-per-view event too and Donate the money to our whoever wins the Charity of our choice and whoever loses Has to leave ufology Can’t talk anymore in public that would Be the bet Guarantee i won’t lose What do you think that money putting That um I know i don’t think you would lose rich No i’m just saying it’s stupid i’m so Dumb Another more run there you go what do You think Manny put in that

Documentary that riled them so much Nothing It’s just the fact it’s it’s Stuff that we’re questioning who lou is That’s all He didn’t do anything wrong He’s just putting stuff up that anybody Could look up and research if they spend A minute There he is Glad to see you back alienatic grab Yourself a pint on me 503 I i i will i i’m the red wine though It’s good for the heart money everybody Go check out manny’s channel everybody Probably knows about money already now From this but um What a great job what a great Documentary and hopefully it’ll be back Up on youtube soon my friend i Appreciate the five dollars and um three Cents Everybody lit Thank you mate It’s just a weird time to be alive Uh people get upset with people for Having an opinion But they also don’t like the way i say Things you know how i am i said because I i said get the f out of ufology i Don’t hate lou personally i don’t know Them But they don’t like the way i have that Kind of

You know attitude and i’m like well Being nice doesn’t get anybody’s Attention anymore I’ve never done And i am being i’m not being a dick i’m Just saying get the [ __ ] out that’s it You’re not doing anything I’ll put the question out like i do Almost every show what has lou actually Done for ufology not that he’s drummed Up the conversation i don’t give a [ __ ] About the conversation What did he actually give us That’s real Nothing Not okay something That’s what makes me angry what has he Done that’s so bad Lied Has no proof of making any claims of who He is Uh a tip you know the pentagon Apparently erased all of the emails how Come he doesn’t have any proof A document a signed signature something That he worked there a badge anything i Guess they don’t have it because it’s Supposed to be top secret well their Money was being funded into it Uh And You know he just seems like he’s Everything scripted what he says melon Says what nick pope says what everybody

In that line says they all say it almost Verbatim and they’re doing it again Right now they’re they’re starting a new Type of uh Script Yeah oh it’s just It’s dirty is what it is It’s dirty it’s not right you know how The threat was the big thing for two and A half three years soon as they got the Aoi msg room at the dod inside the Pentagon They’re not talking about the threat Anymore they got what they wanted and That’s it you don’t even talk about it Anymore that shows you it’s all Propaganda it’s [ __ ] [ __ ] has nothing to do with anything But wanting to get that room To have the government back them so they Can go to other countries and find out What they have in their arsenal what They have in their secret uh Piles of uh ufo videos and things of That nature That’s all it is they want to go and i Guess it’s smart but it has nothing to Do with ufos and atip as was seen in the Documentary had nothing to do with ufos That was a A division that was made To find Adversary technology in our airspace That’s it

Thank you jennifer I’m glad it gives you momentum Lee I was i was i was going to ask you this I think i’ve mentioned this probably More than once on the show probably I think he’s quite i’d actually did a Full video uh dedicated to it but we’ve Spoke about this offline because you’re A massive uh joe rogan fan probably the Biggest rogue fan that i know Maybe in the world Why do you think lose did you think lou Would eventually go on that show I’m more interested in why backed away From the subject I think that’s the only reason lou Hasn’t been on rogan is because for some Reason Um i don’t know whether it’s because Uh he had like a A bounce of decent guests that was Regardless of what what you think of Lazaro or Anything you know it was an interesting Podcast to listen to But then he had um Uh bigelow and Travis on And they were like they were terrible Interviews you know it was Like bigelow Came across as a man Which did nothing but pour money into

Something And come out with precisely [ __ ] all And um Travis walton came across as a liar so i Don’t know whether it was those two Things That put him off But that’s that’s much more what i’m Interested in is why what like why he’s Decided to distance himself because i Mean he started becoming like The soft Mainstream ufo guy didn’t he you know he Went and got the The sport model For his desk on his podcast he’s got a Little ufo abducting someone on on like His back I like his sign Um and then just sort of Stood away from it all It can only lead to only lends me Because it was going down the route of The uh because it was you know it Started with the long and then Obviously he was an idiot and then they It bounced through so it was going Through the to the stars academy sort of Area of ufology The only thing i can think is that Obviously um you know rogan’s gonna be a Very connected man So if he found out it was complete [ __ ] nonsense

He’s just pulled the plug on what like On the interviews with these people Because he didn’t want to He he either didn’t want to harm his own Credibility or He just didn’t want to entertain it Because it was [ __ ] stupid He’s actually taking the ufo off the Table hasn’t he I don’t know i don’t i i i don’t think I’ve seen the ufo yeah i don’t think the Ufo is i want to know if the ufo’s still On the table Yeah no i don’t i’ve noticed it But yeah I was convinced for Many years that For the past what three years Yeah that that interview would happen Convinced i know i thought that that Would be the most important person for Him to interview made sense yeah i’m Surprised he hasn’t Maybe Maybe the other side of it is He’s um I i Even if he’s not openly saying i would Say he’s Critical of um world governments at the Minute and maybe That the Organization between world governments And certain events especially when it

Comes to telling people to stay in their Houses Um And when you’ve got somebody like lou Which is A government guy then why would you if You don’t trust the government about That why would you uh Why would you why would you trust the Government about ufos jeremy if if you If you’re going to be Essentially like you mean Barring maybe a couple of people He’s not you know he’s not got a great Word to say about the president he’s not A great words to say about Most um Like democratic governors So Why would you walk the The line with them when they come when It comes to disclosure of all things Well you wouldn’t Hey i i Can All i was going to say is i wonder if He’s actually ever invited him on and Lose decided not to go on or were you Going to say something on those lines Rich No i was just agreeing with you but i i Don’t think he would go on because what Lee was kind of Saying that uh joe rogan would rip him

Apart and doesn’t agree with the Politics of lou and i noticed that yeah Lou does go on fox You know tucker carlson which is strange But when he does podcasts i noticed most If not all of them Are left-sided I can’t even think of anybody who’s even In the middle that he goes on to i’m i Was trying to think it before i brought It up But fox entertains the ufo community More yeah yeah that’s why tucker is the Biggest and we’ll do it immediately but Let’s not forget though like the Um Although tucker’s got the i think that It going off the Um I forgot i forgot what the rating is Called nielsen ratings for the us he had Like the second Biggest show After rogan but it was like one point One million something like 1.2 million Uh compared to like the 11 million rogan Gets per shows yeah it’s a ridiculous Difference But we shouldn’t so we shouldn’t forget That Um [ __ ] in uh Be all even if they are right-wing media Outlet in Board meetings and stuff like that

They would like New media [ __ ] up just as much as cnn Would you know it’s the if cnn go down Fox goes down with them because that Means the Establishment media has failed and i i Was saying To a friend of mine today i think There’s a shift in media i think there’s A shift in news where people are going To start looking for authenticity over Authority figures And i think that i think that brings Everything changes You said that on the last uh well the Last episode that i listened to of um This is cheapened therapy maybe You can’t remember kenya No it is therapy for me Yeah it’s for me and uh thank you for The kind words at the end of the end of The show No i didn’t mean it um But the um Yeah i think the the landscape is Changing and Me maybe this is why i think people are Jumping on the ufo thing now because They it’s one of those topics that will Get some eyes maybe it’s just a numbers Thing When you say maybe it’s just a numbers Thing why what was that Um attached to

Ufos and two ufos and fox entertaining Them maybe you know they know they’re Going to get a certain amount of viewers That subject anytime there’s a sighting On like a local newscast they put it at The end of the show Because they want everybody to watch the Whole news Yeah it’s really one of the most popular Things that the news can put out It’s weird though because if that was if We had something like that in the uk and That then they started putting ufos at The end of the bbc i i think some of the The viewers would be like Yeah what was this what’s this rubbish You know no they would be like what is Going on I don’t know Rich the the british public are a little Bit weird when it comes true i don’t Know yeah that’s true because when we’re Not used to it Like like you americans it’s not been I’m a right i mean lee i know you’re not In england i don’t i don’t think you i Don’t think you’re given that i don’t Think you’re giving the Great british public enough credit Because if I’m going off my family no no yeah and That that’s fine but if we’re going back To um like ratings and what people are Doing

If um If cnn are only managing like 800 000 Viewers for their Um for their prime time show The bbc’s numbers must be in the [ __ ] Toilet Yeah you know thank you joshua Didn’t cnn lose 90 percent of their Audience since last year Yeah 90 Amazing isn’t it amazing i’m surprised They’re still around i couldn’t even Believe it If they’ve lost all that though why are They still around You know I don’t know if it’s the same as the uk But i know for a fact that uh over the Last two years The British government has become the Biggest advertiser in the uk and it Distributes somewhere in the in the Realm of 350 million between all Different media outlets Essentially we have a soft Government-funded media in the uk now That no one talks about Cheers josh It I just can’t understand how I mean yeah funded But if it’s if people are actually why Is it there why is it there government

Math piece absolute government Mouthpiece even the even the stuff Stuff now For whom my mum And dad it’s the best they’ve got it’s The best they’ve got because they’ve Lost media like they’ve lost the they’ve Lost the info war Um And like like i said this is the thing Is because I i would put it’s probably the Regardless of which way you feel about The man it’s probably the best thing Donald trump left with the world was This distinct trust Of mainstream media Because because regardless even if Um Even if you would like The leftist appear person as long as you Had like some sort of Levelness in your head where you could At least see things for what they are And not just make nonsense up to suit Your own narrative Um anybody could see That Trump had a hack job done with them in The in the media No they went after that guy and for some If for some cases [ __ ] fair fair Enough but it can’t be all the time Every time it’s in the same way as if

You walk into a room every day and Somebody punches you in the arm sooner Or later you’re just going to walk in And you’re going to be numb to that Punch in the arm And that’s what’s happened that’s what’s Happened the sensationalism Just Isn’t [ __ ] there anymore we’re not we Don’t buy it we don’t buy what they’re Feeding us so people have gone and found Other things and they’ve gone more to Joe rogan they’ve gone to the tim pills Of the world uh breaking point is one of My favorite first for um Us news now You know it’s It’s there there’s there’s other there’s Other outlets and there’s people doing a Better job And because it’s on things like st Because you’ve still got things on Youtube not not everything but It’s easier to get access as well you Don’t have to sit in front of your Television and do it I can’t remember the last time i put the Television on I don’t i don’t have true i don’t have Live television in the house anymore i Have a tv with an xbox plugged into it And netflix and that’s it My uh youtube tv ends day after the Super bowl i turned it off for a while

Yeah youtube has tv you can Is that the premium thing No It’s youtube tv it’s cable without cable Without you know you can watch it on Your phone oh we don’t have that yeah You do everybody can get it on youtube It’s called youtube tv We can’t Yes you can you can No no It’s the same as youtube premium we Can’t get that either no We can get youtube premium yeah you can What We can get youtube premium now if you Type in youtube tv Have you tried typing in youtube tv i’m Gonna right now exactly You haven’t so how can you say you know Everybody we do you do So you take for you how much do you pay Him It’s off topic but how much do you pay Money 62 A month without my movie Without the movie channels and you can Get Hbo max for 12 And then show time for five or seven and Everything you can get everything you Can on cable now you can get there But they’ve got a ton of channels like Everything history channel discovery all

That stuff sci-fi fx one two three Espn Oh no yeah you’ve got a vpn it in the uk Yeah that’s a shame i can still get it Yeah but it’s not yeah i get it now yeah That’s a shame So With this about this boxing fight rich That you’re having with uh lou where Have you where have you put the feelers Out on this Is it mainly on twitter well i i uh I do it on tick tock and then i throw it Up on facebook and twitter Do you think he’s seen it Yeah I think somebody had to have sent it to Him 100 Yeah For sure i’ve been putting them out i Put four out in a week So What so Let’s just say he agrees to this yeah Do you think you’ll win I think i’ll win Absolutely Only because a couple of things Have you trained I’ve been I’ve been like crazy I mean To the point where to failure to where I’m almost in tears that’s how hard i’m

Working out but it’s not for him it’s For me too you know but i like the Motivation I always want to have something to Motivate myself and and if it does come Come down to it um he would conk out After 30 seconds anyway if he doesn’t Train and he probably won’t i think you You’ll definitely have the reach yeah He’s he’s like 5-2 i think right I bet he’s got some power you know yeah He’s probably got some power in there And he’ll have some he’ll have some Moves you know he’s guessing he’s pretty Highly trained Yeah Don’t Don’t don’t don’t even go there we don’t Know anything about this Fake guy For all we know he could just be a blob So all right well what do you think is The use for him then like what’s Because he’s good at what talking no no That’s that’s fine but what what’s What’s the end game with it all They already did it they got the the Office So you know what why is it still going On then because why is what There’s nothing still going on now he’s Affiliated with the galileo project him And melon and nick pope and now nolan Um

Nick pope i’ve always found very Difficult to trust he’s awful he’s an Odd guy he’s involved he’s done nothing For ufology in 25 years oh he just Worked at the mod for a couple of years And he acts like he’s the best Researcher You know i mean it’s Ridiculous the end game For lou nick do you mind shredding this For me yes Okay Yeah can you imagine nick Have you heard about rental street Forest i like talking about that I’ve i’ve just been looking at my uh Who’s been banned from my channel Apparently Nick bob’s being banned from the channel Who Nick pope Obviously it’s not the real nick pope Somebody banned him The weird thing is Let’s talk for a second about what Happened last year that’s not happening This year we’re not getting corbell Videos Those have stopped let’s go mainstream Media has stopped It’s dead until lou’s book comes out and Then that’ll be a nice uh Junket of news and lou and all that Stuff because that’s what he does he

Goes on these small Channels to practice getting back into Form and getting the new script down and Ready and then you won’t see him for Three four months and then he’ll go back And i mean it’s so obvious that what They’re doing um He said what else no videos from the pen Nothing Coming out nobody’s doing anything it’s Dead They’re done they close the doors They i physically closed the shop up in California okay okay can you still can You still invest though We’ll have to get what’s his name on Your show and ask him Oh He won’t speak to me anymore oh He’ll be back What happened to osvaldo franken beans I had the darts guys on and he doesn’t Like darts guys so i just said to us i Said oh you mean uh rich oh okay yeah uh So Because they had a spat on yeah twitter And i said listen oz I don’t care who you don’t get along With But i’m not going to get not i’m not Going to dislike them just because you You yeah yeah yeah you know i i i don’t Take sides like that that’s not the way I work

If you dislike somebody rich for example And you said to me For example tyler you dislike tyler i Still talk to tyler Right every now and again yeah they’re Not gonna start no matter And And he said to me well you speak to rich And i said well i’m not going to stop Speaking to rich i’ve known i haven’t You know i’ve known richard wait he’s Upset with me now no he’s not i’m just Using example Oh oh i thought you were talking about Osvaldo No no Use me is the example i don’t mind But I think aussie’s a great guy i love us To pieces i miss you i messaged blah i Messaged him uh a few months ago just Say just asking how his mum was because His mom’s been a little bit appalling Ill Um But yeah If you if you’re watching this Love to speak to you mate even if it’s Not on the show just he’s a nice guy i Like him i think he’s a great guy yeah He’s He’s just uh He’s too he’s too invested in what he’s Talking about yeah

He’s not he’s not a nice guy no i don’t Mean like that but he’s he’s not he’s Not a bad guy sorry but the uh Definitely not a bad guy please You just said he’s not a nice guy what What was that an accident yeah yeah Oh okay i meant to say he’s a nice guy But the I He’s confident in his views to a fault i Think that’s a good Good way of putting it yeah that is a Good way Perfect I did not know that jennifer about nick Pope’s dad He had a senior job at mod and offered Him a job That’s interesting when After he was already there or that’s how He got the job That’s interesting well obviously Because his dad would be 70 80 years old By now yeah I have to look into that rich that could Be uh that could be uh that’s news to me I’ve never heard that either Thank you jennifer i appreciate that Um yeah yeah i i i just think the whole I i wouldn’t say i i ever had the faith That osvaldo did in ttsa to to to uh To follow through With the promises that they i mean i Mean some of the stuff they did we got

Some videos you know we they Let’s give them some credit here they Dig no Rich they got a lot of people talking That’s [ __ ] that’s a cop-out dude That’s a cop-out answer don’t fall for It we were already talking about who Cares if it went to mainstream media Nothing’s happening now It stopped if they kept going then it Meant something I think Richard’s got a point because the Problem is is it’s okay getting people Talking about it But if you don’t then show something About it people become jaded and then People forget about it and then it’s it Ends up in a worse place than it was in The first place You know if you’re if you’re coming out And you’re making all these promises And people actually think they’re gonna Gonna get something You know the last thing you want is to Be teased and teased and teased and Teased and then he puts a bathrobe on And tells you to go home Okay but So for example one of my colleagues at Work about three years ago said have you Seen this have you been speaking about This on your channel and showed me Something from ttsa i think it was the

Tic-tac Yeah but they’re showing you [ __ ] They’re showing you stuff that’s not Gonna go anywhere Yeah but it’s getting people talking About that’s not good that doesn’t mean Anything It’s not forwarding disclosure I i totally agree with you rich but are You are you saying [ __ ] are you saying Everything that ttsa put out That was all [ __ ] yes every [ __ ] Thing Everything nothing was legit And they lied and they took money from The public and closed their doors they Filled their Pockets uh furthered their careers cause Now they could all go speak somewhere And get paid for it write a book get Paid for it go on a show get paid for it It’s [ __ ] the biggest scam that we’ve had In a long time I’ll eat just quickly before it Disappears if you would uh highlight Alien critters comment it just made me Do a little way i thought was that funny Carry on I hope it’s a little wee Just a little tiny one Alien critters Just got a green a as a logo This one no

No no the last one I will find it keep talking keep talking Yes right yeah no i think i think rich Is right i think the um We’re not if we’re not going to get Anything else Again from it it’s um It’s just been a waste of time you know All remember all the talking the um It’s not there it’s being Oh has it oh that’s a shame And rich northwood melon isn’t doing it For money he’s helping lou He’s that’s it they’re friends he’s Probably paying him for all we know he’s Very very invested in liu do you know What a millionaire wants to be A multi-year millionaire and then a Multi-millionaire wants to be a Billionaire so it doesn’t matter how Much money he’s got if he’s getting paid Yes you know Yeah But melon he’s got family money he’s got Enough that he doesn’t even it doesn’t Matter you know it’s it’s uh fu money is What they call it joe rogan you know That right yeah Um so he’s got that money and he can Afford to do anything he wants and i Think now that they’re Embedded with the galileo project They’re going to screw us out of [ __ ] They may find as well

Lou’s going to actually step on [ __ ] i Just know it i don’t understand why he’s Even there He’s It’s ridiculous by all means ridiculous He said it himself i’m not a ufo Researcher he said that Rich I think this is All that we’ve heard of this Not not the Airpods but the tic tac This is not a thing Do we have any proof No no Okay now listen to this real quick and Is everybody listening i know everybody Wants to believe david fravor alex Dietrich who are the pilot co-pilot And then you want to believe kevin day With the radar blips and all that that Could all be true but we don’t have any Evidence and for all we know they could All be actors That well they’re not actors they could All be acting For the script because there’s a threat That they were talking about And they can’t understand what this Object was I think it’s either china or russia Technology which a lot of people tell me It can’t be because they’re behind us But meanwhile china infiltrated our

Government The army navy air force whatever With dji drone technology that they were Sucking Information out of those drones And finding out where our secret [ __ ] Was and who knows if they got technology From us to further advance theirs Because they have the hypersonic missile That can go around the world in one hour And almost hit its target by 24 miles we Have a hypersonic missile that only goes Nine seconds or 16 or whatever it is It’s not even close So how did they get that and we can’t Also If it isn’t them It’s not aliens it’s us it’s probably us All said and done those tic tacs who Would you go test them up against who Would you go show off to the best in the World we have the best pilots in the World The best army in the world apparently Not maybe not the largest anymore that China’s going to surpass us here in a Few years but we have the best of the Best and wouldn’t you want to do that To the best of the best test your own People out and get reactions from them We don’t have any proof nothing on video It could all be made up for all we know And the reason that threat came out It’s so they can get the room so they

Can inside the pentagon and go to other Countries backed by the government Funded and everything and find out what They have and what they’re doing End the story Are we done It could also be propaganda your end as Well yeah yeah yeah yeah Yeah if you start talking about these Things being in your aerospace and then Other countries going what the [ __ ] we Haven’t got that right yes Exactly good point yes We probably have it that’s why they Haven’t screwed with us yet But wouldn’t you think The intelligence of a uh a different Country Would Look at some of this stuff that’s out There and just Laugh it off and go what is this Nonsense that’s been put out from Ttsa okay when the when they put it out And uh they’re talking about it being in Your airspace for example You know russia looks at it china looks And they’re just looking and go This this is just some company making You know surely they would have the People With within the know to know More about this You know

Whether it’s be it’s Just all [ __ ] to make some money Or it is it’s it goes a little bit Deeper than that Everything is about Finding out what our adversaries have What are our friends have too we want to Know what everybody has That’s america that’s what we do we [ __ ] Over everybody to further advance Ourselves Uh we’re probably one of the dirtiest Countries of all i mean i hate to admit It but we’ve done some nasty [ __ ] too I mean i think a lot of countries have Done some nasty care they all do i know But we’re just better at especially over The last two and a half years Um Jennifer thank you very much my friend Um I i just And i think i didn’t say it was fact No What Where where’s your mindset when it comes To this now because You you’ve always said said to me um Any viewers you know disclosure is never Gonna happen Right What do you actually think it is You know what do you actually think i

Think it’s us i think it is oh you mean As far as the ufos i i think it’s To be legitimate about it i Be honest i really don’t know but i Really think it’s just a bunch of black Project stuff that we don’t have a Freaking clue nobody knows A lot of money goes missing a lot of Private companies now are funding these Things people got rich You know it’s a dirty business and they Get their money from All sorts of drug busts i’m sure and Take all that money and So you think they’re all just basically Praying on the ufo Community What do you mean preying on the ufo Community On On our um Desire For this subject It’s a great it’s great disinformation Have us looking at stuff that isn’t Really there when and call it a ufo or Alien It’s very difficult for me ollie because I’m trying to Look at it as something that Um That i would that i think i know But i have no evidence either way It could very well be aliens and they

Could come from an alternate dimension If they have that longevity and are able To get the technology over hundreds or Even thousands of years see if they come From another Uh dimension they may have different Laws of physics over there yeah and they May be able to do things with elements That we don’t have So if they’re able to have some sort of Metal that can warp them Instantly somewhere else Yeah there you go um but there’s no Proof either way I think the other thing you’ve got to Remember is when was the last time World superpowers As I’d like you say the best of the best Had a kinetic war You know we we’ve been so long now Without needing new technology Yeah I’m agreeing with you i’m just going a Long way around it in the 90s yeah yeah But when you think about the but even Then it was um Ah The uk was sorry the us was vastly Superior in technology Was you know that was always going to End up being A Airstrike and then a forever ground war

You know Um So the thing you’re you’re going back to The second world war When like a superpower your superpowers Had to fight each other with the best That they had in their arsenal that’s a Long time to be developing weapons Hmm So yeah we’ll give Of course we’ve got to have we we Haven’t had to use anything So you think about all of the things That have been developed not used and Mothballed and then got onto the next Thing he always is that like the black Bird was still the last mothballed Fighter wasn’t it the stealth jet That’s why America loves a war because war is money And they get to play with their toys and Show that we are still the muscle Um but things have gotten the gut the Gap is closed with china especially not Russia is not as you know But uh china i think china i think china Has done something that we don’t know Either but You know the only thing i’d say with China is china have never been the Innovators of things They’ve they’ve been the copies of Things and it’s been the us which you’ve Done all the

Innovation um if the if the us aren’t Showing what they’ve got then there’s Nothing to steal so they have to Innovate themselves But yeah i don’t know i don’t know who Knows yeah that’s interesting another Good point you are smart Wow i just do a good impressions of the Glasses Yeah it’s the glasses Lee you need to sit back a little bit There’s i need you i need your head in That um that that halo I i wish the halo was a little bit Bigger I can’t wait for the movie to come out The halo movie is it a different Tv series Halo series yeah that looks fantastic Yeah did you see mandalorian not Mandalorian boba fett last night i have Not watched that yet i’m sorry oh my god Oh I’m not going to ruin it for everybody Yeah i’m going to binge watch it I i haven’t seen it I haven’t even watched the new Oh don’t You’re not really missing anything I enjoyed the mandalorian uh but they Knew that because that was like well You’ll love this Bobby shrimp You’ll love bobo

I’ll jump in when disney have rung it Really dry and like they’ve got a whole Tv series on like a barmaid or one of The band members from the Um like the little grey bands but yeah Yeah like they’ll have a whole tv show On like the flute player yeah yeah That’s right i’ll jump in That’s so stupid that’s awesome though i Love those guys man the big headed guys One of my very good friends has finally Given us his disney plus account so we Do have disney plus um I’ve got my mom’s netflix my Mother-in-law’s amazon prime i’m a mates He plus I don’t have anything i was i was Watching pam and tommy today That’s what i was gonna say how bizarre Is it that there is the porno On disney it’s [ __ ] ridiculous isn’t It i never saw a talking penis before Disney yeah it’s really a good show Though It’s so awesome yeah it’s really good Actually it might be but how odd is it That I’ve always associated How old is it that disney might be sex Like sexualizing children it’s not at All It’s not at all not at all actually it’s Like it’s it’s like saying isn’t it odd That that nickelodeon director was a

Pedophile no no no that was that was Probably right too They’re gobbling up everything though i Mean [Laughter] They’re gobbling up everything wrong Choice of words that is stuff They’re doing they they are going to Destroy A franchise that has already been Destroyed They are because they’ll be gone No they’ve they’ve got alien now they Have alien No They have alien this could have been Marvel’s alien the series oh no Marvel that’s stupid Yeah they are gonna ruin it no but it’s Not gonna have x-men in it you know oh Oh yeah Then it’s all right then well they can’t Have x-men it’s sony on x-men oh god I mean we need a blank I i spoke with um section 51 who’s doing The concept art he did some concept art For er bon kamp’s film that he was going To do alien 5. Um That’s never going to happen that would Have been amazing But Disney has that now They’re getting everything

We’ll see i hope they do a good job i Don’t know but they’ve done well with uh Mandalorian and the bobo Have we got ufo documentaries on disney To bring it back into line with the Contents of the show uh on disney i Don’t see anything there But above top secret will be out in a Couple of months the cousins brothers Film with dr greer the secret behind the Uh What is it the technology behind space Force or something like that how are you With gria now rich because you fluctuate You know i i’m I’m in a place with grier that i think I’m gonna be stuck in because i like Greer As a as a person And what he’s done for ufology there you Can’t say 21 years ago whatever it was He didn’t do anything he was the biggest And the best and when he had that what Is that and that ncr meeting i can’t Remember what it was you know with all The people around And I mean It was unbelievable to watch that And then 911 happened right after so Everybody forgot about it but Um I i do He’s he does the ce5

Okay he talks to aliens he swears he Does he’s very stuck on that he’s never Going to change or I’ve had emails from people saying that They swear by it it works yeah i know so Who am i to say that they’re not but if I can’t do it i don’t think they can do It and lord knows i tried for four years Straight almost every night meditating Doing my own ce5 before i knew about ce5 You know But weird things did happen And i can’t say they didn’t Yeah tonight on my show i’m talking About how the matrix puts us all in Places where we’re supposed to be You know what i mean like people look Like their roles don’t you agree doesn’t Lou elizondo look like he should be Where he is and jeremy corbell nick pope And me and you and Lee Yeah But you know uh we all i’m sorry lee i i I don’t see ufology coming out of you i See video games and porno Oh no i was joking no I was joking Endly Stop Just stop looking at the history Computer But greer isn’t doing me Grier’s not doing anything wrong

I Everybody says okay if you go by what Some people have said in the past and Recently that greer takes money for this And that well he’s allowed to make money Yeah of course he is there’s nothing Wrong with that I but i’ve I that last documentary did lift a bad Taste in my mouth i’m afraid oh forget It but so what he put out which one No no no cosmic hoax yeah the whole Thing was an ad though it was it was all It wasn’t the whole thing you just were So enthralled by the edge you couldn’t Get it out of your mind i’ve watched That twice It’s true it’s true i just maybe it’s Just maybe it’s because i found it so Jarring but i think so i think if you Watched it again you’d be surprised how Much he didn’t talk about it Yeah he did because that’s his film he Could do what he wanted I don’t think he overdid it I i don’t know the I’m tired of it’s like the Alessandro stuff again isn’t it i’m Tired of constantly being told i’m going To be told something Wait what did grier do that you don’t Like i want to know I don’t i just don’t think there’s Anything there there wasn’t anything

But what did he do that that i mean he’s Not right nobody’s given us anything Ever yeah but greer has brought people To the forefront pilots doctors and all That stuff i mean he’s done it and i’m In the city i’m i’m in the same lane as You there i thought oh that was great i Remember watching the like the people Gave the testimonies and stuff like that Um and i don’t get me wrong i can Totally understand Why when the disclose disclosure project Was like a big thing how that could have Left him jaded and gone you know what It’s time maybe just to To work on what i’ve got you know to Work what i’ve got to make things Comfortable for myself I can understand that but I don’t know it’s it’s to say it’s the Reason none of us watch um The history channel you know it’s the Reason none of us watch aliens is Because most of the things that are on There we’ve heard a thousand times yeah And for but from people like grier i Don’t want to hear the same thing that I’ve heard a thousand times from them You know it’s from the From these guys that you want them to Have a bit more credibility about them Well jennifer says it works jennifer i Need to get you back on the show we need To speak about that alien running in the

Garden i’d love to see an alien run in The cabin wow I’d run after him actually no one Because there’s no no there’s no there’s Not much room to run out there um But I i I get what lee’s saying there rich i Really do because There’s there’s a lot griez He frustrates the [ __ ] out of me he Really does and i i i can remember Speaking with you Uh with both with both of you When grier put that advert out For cosmic uh the cosmic hoax And i was like wow [ __ ] heads are gonna yeah That’s what i thought there’s some but But then the other thing i thought after That was if anybody actually knows Anything yeah if anybody really has Something I am I think you’d have a Independence day or um Like cataclysm film moment you would Have that person with the file with this Stuff on running around screaming trying To show it to somebody it wouldn’t be The case if you know like when you see The people with the doomsday prophecies And it’s like the world will end in like Seven months time it’s going to be a

Super volcano i talk about it all in my Book You know the uh Yeah it’s So the if there was something out there If anybody had something it would be Such a [ __ ] massive thing that one They would have either already got the Information out through something like Wikileaks when it was there Or they’d have been killed Right Did not let it get out Do you remember that bit off Ghostbusters 2 when when that guy is Saying that i believe the world will end On august 29th And then he goes That’s next year Yeah and the book’s out in six months It’s like She might as well put it out for free Oh dear but I i just There’s so much about the guy that i Want to believe but then you just you See you hear so many horror stories and I know we sound like a broken record on This show where when we go over to say The usual sort of specs Um it’s all right New people here all the time But I really did think from that cosmic hoax

That was i thought it was going to be Special i thought it and it It i don’t think it was I don’t think it was special there was Nothing in that that i that i saw and Went Holy [ __ ] I thought i honestly thought there was Going to be a holy [ __ ] moment in that i I had a i i thought it gave me Goosebumps when i saw that the trailer And i thought there’s gonna be a holy [ __ ] moment where he’s gonna tell Everybody something that’s gonna blow Your [ __ ] mind And it didn’t happen That was my problem with it lee you did Watch the disclosure project Yeah All right Because dorothy brought it up and yeah i Brought over 400 credible witnesses to The world no well that’s what i just Said before you know i i watch that But it’s a case of like what Because that’s what i’m saying i could Understand how he could do something Like that and then nothing happens from It i can understand how you get jaded That’s so i i get that part of it But [ __ ] what you’ve done for me lately Stephen

Nobody can do anything that’s the point What do you what would what do you think Would have to happen for you to No no no Well yeah exactly so so that’s you know That’s why we end up in the This endless loop about things and then It is an endless loop yeah But at least to be perfectly honest Though at least it’s honest do i mean at Least it’s honest at least it’s not it’s Not trying to create create stories from Nothing That’s the that’s the thing That’s what corey good and wilcock do They create stories from yeah Griers and spacecraft Yeah i’ll give them that Space cars we haven’t heard a word from Them since november I have i’ve i’ve heard rumors Yeah i’ve heard that elon might be Getting involved no you didn’t yeah That’s not even close to true That would be amazing though because Then i’d be on board with it yeah do you Know only only to take is one tweet from Elon musk just to make that guy look an Absolute [ __ ] What [ __ ] what do you say That i didn’t hear what you said that’s All it would take is one tweet from elon Musk uh about uh his flying car

Um That would be the greatest Tweet in ufology That’s a game-changer It became i mean i’m surprised he didn’t You know because he sometimes gets Involved in these Little strange things and Just puts a little quirky tweet out There and just just uh you know David wilco’s Projects for a flying car Um You know i’m pretty sure tesla will Beat you to that i don’t know That’d be awesome though yeah i mean if If If tesla’s not doing it though you know That There’s there’s the thing you know Elon’s not doing it So david’s gonna and i have to I have to you know applaud him for that Dream a dream exactly yeah you know and I think just naysayers that’s that’s all You are is a naysayer if you He believes He’s he’s got the warehouse He proved he’s got the warehouse because He made it echo so stupid that warehouse You know He would need that warehouse just to Make the uh I don’t know just for the lunchroom of

All the people that need to work there It’s not even funny It’s too small you can’t do everything In there If i was working for me need that [ __ ] warehouse for the wine Yeah I’ll tell you that not now because i’ll Be like this is never gonna happen David is now I hope in that warehouse right now he’s There with loads of parts of stuff Around him oh god topless he’s got a Ripped six-pack because of all the metal He’s being like lifted He looks a little bit like iron man you Know when he had to escape from the Terrorists and build his first iron man Suit Looks a little bit like that all dirty Hair the hairy’s got left just waving Around Like putting this car together with a Lump hammer I bet that warehouse is probably being Used as an adult film production company That’s on the sidelines Yeah and he’s cast himself in every Single role Him and guys talking about me Are you guys talking about me Guys i heard everything this is Unbelievable what you’re doing it’s just Not right

I have got so many people elon did call Me [Laughter] And if you guys don’t believe me i will Um i will have to prove it to you with The video i’m gonna do real soon uh me And corey good got back together we’re Friends And Things are on schedule by the end of the Year we’re gonna have the prototype And you guys are going to be able to see The prototype it’s going to be fantastic It’s true I gotta go You don’t look at if you’re liking me But he’s just [ __ ] hilarious Oh dear God david small go away dave wilcock What a guy You gotta admire the balls on that man Though haven’t you you’ve got it yeah i Know how does he do it Because he doesn’t want to work he just Scams people forever no do you think um Somebody took him out with the uh like The you know how there was supposed to Be the video the eight hour video that Was supposed to play on repeat that was Gonna bring down the cabal thing Because that happened didn’t it I don’t remember that i must have yeah Yeah because it all linked onto the to The letter

And on Thing as well yeah do you remember that I do remember that yeah sounds familiar Yeah and then obviously obviously it Never materialized Um but it was a really weird thing so i Remember him doing the video i watched The video of him talking about how this Video was going to come out it’s going To be on every television you know the The signal will be interrupted Um Really yeah i don’t remember that oh my God what a dork he spoke so many times About the internet going down about yeah It’s gonna be power cuts this that and The other yeah wow Straight was i I didn’t get it i didn’t get i got Those stuff Yeah but it’s straight up straight up 4chan like Uh He didn’t get anything out of it so That’s uh it makes me wonder did Who got him to do that Because That you know it was that was the end of Him being used on he like like any of The history channel nonsense that sort Of stuff So why why did he do that because It already destroyed whatever waffy Credibility he had

Speaking of history channel lee um Right before um I think it was just before I had my heart thing um They they were putting out um Again Showing more evidence of this tr3b From on on the the deck Of the ship Oh my god I know the cgi artist yeah it’s uh Section 51 And he he’s messaging me going they’re At it again You know what’s going on They love my cgi You think they give them a job wouldn’t You Yeah i mean You guys remember the one that when mick West was employed by history Talking about that No no no i don’t Like It I fell off yeah Like ancient aliens season two he’s on Youtube i haven’t watched it You’ve got one of the biggest debunkers Out there mick west Debunking Section 51’s Work On the history channel

When it went bear in mind this is two Years after the guy has come out as Being a cgi channel And mick west is going well you can tell It’s fake here because look at the So he’s debunking it properly um But he already knew He already knew that that was horse crap Yeah he he already knew Are you sure about the timeline i i like 100 percent 100 really 100 You know they filmed those and it takes A year for them to come out sometimes Maybe i don’t know But you say two years before the show Came out This guy Section 51 did that was his i think he Was his last video before he had decided He had to come out and tell the truth he Was forced to You forced him to Am i wrong I don’t know the full ins and outs of That He may have I interviewed him When he came when he when he came out About it he said he had to change it and He had to say it’s cgi on on the channel To him it was a bit of fun though of Course to him he wasn’t doing damage Because to him he did say You’d have to be a fool to believe it

Because he’s so out there you know but He didn’t say it was cgi though putting [ __ ] giant flying saucers over new York city for crying out loud He’d be an absolute [ __ ] to believe That type of [ __ ] that’s basically the Twin towers one did he no he didn’t do The twin towers one but do we know who Did that one I don’t know i i know the ball Huh Like the little white bowl not at all It’s a ufo that goes by a helicopter of Tourists Yeah yeah that’s what yeah i follow No i don’t think a ufo would have a Smoke trail But who am i how do you know they might Have failed i know i didn’t said it If david wilcock designs it then You want me to go get him Bring him back David wilcock Do you I third face called them out Called him out a few times him and corey In so many words on the channel Be in a polite way I’ve seen that they they asked them Blake asked them super hard questions Like saying like the audience Thinks this and they want to know did You fake this or lie about this yeah People have accused you they asked the

Hardest questions of all that’s how they Got lou To Say that you know it doesn’t deal with Terrorists and stuff like that Sorry guys i had to say it it slipped Out Or testicles Um I hurt my throat That what that would have been probably One of The best Debates Ever when it comes to Ufos this subject stephen with greer Regardless of what you think of evil Winner Lou or steven That would have been brilliant Because i i do think that steven would Have would have let him have it I i i i do think that You would have Seen the side of st I think there’s a side to stephen that Side where i see real tears A lot of people say crocodile tears but That side Why I do see an emotional side to stephen Where He he does have a A respect and a belief

But there’s also a greedy side to Stephen as there is a greedy side to me You know if i go in the kitchen I could I could get two three bottles if there’s If there’s a whole six in there i’ll Take them all and i’ll put them on this Desk I think everybody’s got that in them but I think Third phase were right when they said That in that man there is a lion I do i do think that i hope that’s the Case I hope that’s the case because i when he Called luau and he was ready To um He was ready to ask the questions Blake blake messaged me on facebook he Said Stephen will be there If lou turns up he will be there and it Will be live But did they really think it was gonna Happen That’s the thing Third phase it would yeah it would have Been great to have i don’t know Of course i’d have watched it But it’s very easy to It’s very easy to challenge people and You know they’re not gonna they didn’t Know you never you don’t know until you Ask

No no But surely it’s pretty obvious that lou Wasn’t going to do that I didn’t think it was obvious Because sheehan Could have been a mediator since he was The lawyer for both of them at one time I mean it’s got more chances of Happening than rich stepping into a Boxing uh yeah oh my god yeah i know That lou won’t answer but uh hey you Never know a one in a million chance you Don’t know unless you play And i’m trying man i’m trying to put you On the spot He won’t i know he won’t But i’m never going to stop Asking for advice yeah I’m going to go as long as humanly Possible to people get i’ll be known as The channel that that threatens lou I could just see rich one day ringing me Up and go On a video chat and go You’ll never guess who just That’d be great Why are you holding your nose like that Because he gave you a cold Because he flakes your nostrils Oh because i sound nasally No because he punched you in in the Snatch oh because i do have a nasal tone In my voice i know that So do i have my nose broke yes

My sister broke it Never got it fixed because my parents Didn’t believe it was broken But you never feel the right way oh i Was six years old i knew You should tell them now Oh well believe me it’s been a Conversation at every thanksgiving See What what did you say rich Oh oh you didn’t hear me you didn’t hear Me speak i tell you why because of my Nose yeah if you’ve got this fixed I think i sound like kermit the frog It would have been A uh it was a great call out But I i get what lee’s saying i never Believed it would actually happen for Once I didn’t think that lou would accept I didn’t know i i didn’t know What you fight He He could accept that I thought he might accept it under Different conditions or something yeah That’s what i was hoping that some way Or another those two would talk and just Them too and nobody else Um third phase of moon they knew that it Was a You know small percentage that he would Do it but what would be the what would

Be the point in them to just talking Rich Because it was about the threat and Nobody was challenging lou on the threat Publicly yet And we were talking about it in our Community for over a year and a half two Years saying there is no threat greer Knows there’s no threat because he talks To them come on And uh and he wanted to call lou out and Greer said that Lou knows That they’re not a threat And and he’s gonna get him to say why And that he lou couldn’t do that he Scripted and paid for by the us Government But how does green that really know that They’re not afraid he doesn’t know Nobody knows I mean no aliens There are Whoops i would stand corrected That’s one of the middle one is fabulous Isn’t it it’s so dumb He’s the campus alien i’ve ever seen Wait you know who that is that’s kazoo Yeah from the flintstones That’s kazoo All right Who’s kazoo he’s the alien that visits Fred and barney That was when they jumped the shark in

The flintstones is they had to bring in The alien in the 70s because of close Encounters i don’t know Um but That’s kazoo look Yeah Um oh it’s the great kazoo my i stand Corrected that is correct exactly i Cares But that’s the thing though though rich Then that’s there’s my problem right There why that’s an alien Are you saying he faked that which one Yeah the one in the middle left and Right they’re all aliens they’re all Aliens what are they from you know what They’re from that one in the middle Is from that weird picture right isn’t It where it’s floating around and blurry All around it or something That was over the people I mean that’s not the one on the left Could be [ __ ] anything i don’t even Know what the hell that thing is I actually like light i like the one on The right yeah the one on the right it’s Cool Yeah put that back up It looks like it looks like a painting You know What it looks where was that from do you Do you know the source of that i know it Wasn’t supposed to be like an aura thing

It was supposed to be yeah and yeah and Like an energy being Oh that’s right yeah yeah that’s right Thank you I tell you what though if it isn’t Energy b look at the traps on him you Wouldn’t be [ __ ] messing with him no Rich rich rich would not want to fight Him no Who The energy with the massive Energy being i don’t i don’t know Would you want to fight greer I would Okay Who said should we play another game who Doesn’t rich want to fight This pop okay Let’s let’s Let’s have a look at this right that’s When he was my Age he’s still jacked though now at 64. I think he’s off the juice though isn’t He there i i there was it no no he Self-medicates yeah He was definitely on the juice there If you had to fight this man he has [ __ ] turds Or this man Well i won’t fight joe rogan that’s for Sure Lou for sure yeah That was the last time lou looked real He’s such a lou

Lou who Who’s her You really don’t like ludia I don’t like what he stands for in this Industry He stands for nothing everything bad Everything that is the opposite I am getting me wrong i don’t like the Attitude already Don’t know i i i totally I see where you’re coming from with this And i’ve We’ve spoke about it for a long time now But I don’t know i’ve only been out of it For three weeks but it It feels like whatever’s happened well The money’s documentary for one But That level of distrust now has gone from 70 To pretty much 99 You mean in the ufo community no for lou Wait from you can you say that again his Trust So it seems to me in the last three Weeks month oh Yeah I would say that But when i spoke to you sometimes you You would you would fluctuate a little Bit with lou And you you would sometimes you would Defend some of the stuff and you’d say

I i i would say 70 75 Now It’s like 99 You distrust that man i’ve distrusted Him 99.9 percent the whole time I’ve never ever agreed with anything he Said You must have me confused with the other Rich Okay okay then rich so Let me let me ask you this Ttsa when they brought you in Were they in on it Wholeheartedly yeah So tom the long knows what’s going on Ttsi was a [ __ ] pyramid scheme It was a cop Ttsa was tom Aware of it you know what He may not have been Cause he acted like he He didn’t know That lou was gonna do what he did Lou broke the band up over there And he’s blaming it on tom Saying he’s unprofessional and more than You know He said it’s hard to work with somebody Who doesn’t understand i’m paraphrasing But that’s what he said it’s hard to Work with name people It’s tom everybody knows And with the way he worded it it was

Definitely pointing all that tom They were bumping heads you could see it In the unidentified they rarely even Showed them talking to each other or Driving in the car or interviewing People in that season It looked like father and son just had a Fight In de long’s defense as well like the Early days there when he was on when he Did his rogan thing which went wrong Um He believed he believed what he was Saying yeah And someone at some point you know When they showed that ridiculous tr3b Video where it disappeared Like someone had shown him that that he Trusted and told him it was real because He was adamant that that was real yes Yeah it’s cgi and it’s been proven And uh that’s that’s uh Tom delong in a nutshell he is one of Those guys who believes almost anything You’ll tell him because he doesn’t have A critical thinking mind he’s a child Believer Yeah he’s a child Really he’s He’s a recluse he’s uh you know he’s a Rock star yeah and rock star from a very Early age as well that’s not it’s not It’s not the best way to round out a Grown adult is to

Make them a rock star in their very Early twenties or late teens even Probably yeah What if that fake tr3b on joe rogan Is how it works though Have you ever thought about that you Mean how the tr-3b works yeah so Yes it’s fake But what if that What if what he showed on joe rogan is How that technology works It’s a big What if yeah Do you know what i’m saying so what so Take flight of the navigator for example When you see that craft change shape and It just shoots off and it blows the that The the roof off that hut Um What if that tr3b on joe rogan that Created that orb in the middle And then it disappeared What if that is exactly how that Technology Looks and how it works i mean you can’t Say how it works yes why are you Bringing that up because you think Somebody made it to give us a real view On what it probably looks like no but What i’m saying is sometimes um Within a lie There there is a hidden truth well That’s what i’m saying So

Yeah so i’m wondering Because it’s a great video As fake as it is it the the the design And This orb in the middle and then Expanding It’s well thought out It’s very well thought out for just a Little creator just to just To think that [ __ ] up and just go like That the the way that works humans make Some pretty [ __ ] crazy artwork i was Yeah i i totally agree lee but i think That’s quite It’s so simple but yet so effective but It’s just a it’s just a triangle version Of a starship of like the enterprise Going into warp you know you see like The engines blow up and backwards and it Shoots it forward it’s just doing that From the middle Yeah and you know and and That’s it What do we talk about star trek these Days you know how how much that Technology is you know Here Yeah it’s here Um I’m just i just i literally that thought Came into my head when you were talking About That footage on joe rogan You know yes it’s fake but what if

That Was meant to happen That Tom delong was meant to show that piece Of footage because i don’t know know why On earth he would Unless he was [ __ ] told to to show Him some [ __ ] crazy unless that is Again what i don’t think he was supposed To show it i don’t think he was supposed To show that video i think you think That’s what [ __ ] he was Already on the ropes he was already on The ropes it was towards the end of the Interview don’t forget he had to get up And go around around the table onto Jamie’s computer to try and pull it up For him You know jamie the greatest google of The world has ever seen Um I don’t think he was supposed to show it And it to be perfectly honest that was Probably the end of him being The head of Whatever we’ve we’ve done well well even Ttsa or like this whatever whatever has Happened yeah whatever whatever’s Happened between like these videos Coming out to the bob lazarian because i Think it’s all connected you know the Does that yeah there was a nice Narrative run through all right and if It’s if it’s all over now if it’s all

Done i feel like rich was saying so they Can get that room then the That’s it but that that was a concerted Effort to spin a narrative And um i think if if he hadn’t have Pulled that video up he probably would Have been part of the story a little bit Longer He would have been in it Yeah They got rid of him right after that and Then brought lewin but lou Was already on his way in Two to four months before that if you Watch The documentary yes manny explained that They’ve already had the conversation Which is why lou’s wife Many many months earlier was already Already moved just up the street from Ttsa moved the house before lou It’s very interesting have you watched It lee what who’s lou No Oh my god what are you you had you i Mean all right it was only out for one Day Yeah Go to odyssey and watch it he was out For more than one day Yeah only a couple days what four days Four days maybe three four days i’ll I’ll find out to watching two parts Long video but

It’s bloody well done Really well done yeah and Money again i hope it could i hope it’s Uh Money send me the file just in case it Gets delayed on everything because Send me that odyssey file too yeah i Really want the file i do because it’s Uh it’s it’s good to have i’m not going To just put it out on the channel don’t Worry but um I think the ttsa story with lou is going To resurface again different package Differently Because just thinking about it now in my Little ed Um I think cause don’t forget this goes Back to the the beginning of this story Starts in the release clinton emails Doesn’t it between clinton podesta and Mentioning tom delong in those yeah Um i think The plan was for I don’t know why but whatever this story Is that’s come out was to have Um industry guys that could go on Um Cnn explain what alphabet agencies They’d work for what they do what They’re doing In the military why they should be where They are and they but they were also Going to come off the back of a pop

Culture figure Um because Uh Podesta and Hillary clinton that are all old as [ __ ] They picked the wrong Guy They because they picked someone that Essentially was kind of on his way out You know and even even like with angels And airwaves it’s like they’re a big Band but no you know no they’re not a Mainstream band they sell a lot of Records but they’re still a niche band In the world of music especially outside The us Um So when he fell apart That’s when the rogan thing started and I think the deal was or the idea was They were then going to use rogan As the pop culture figure With these other key players around them To push this thing whatever they were Pushing it for That’s fell through for some reason be It rogan backing away from it or um Them just not thinking it was the right Situation to do it But i think this will all be repackaged But with another Person involved You mean ttsa will pop back up not ttsa But if if teacher says

Yeah ttsa was just part of the Story I mean they were just part of what but The real story is a follow-up to this Yes Yeah the real story was to put those Videos out and get people like um lazar Talking about aliens to get that And people like lou on mainstream Television talking about them i don’t Know where it’s for could be [ __ ] Bluebeam for all i know but the um i Think this story gets repackaged again Maybe of course yeah It always does get repackaged every five To seven years Yeah It’s nothing but i think it’s gonna Happen soon right i i think that it’s Gonna I don’t think it’s gonna take that long For so for some reason for some reason And because again it’s difficult on Youtube because you can only talk about So many things but for some reason the Powers that be want people to believe in Aliens They already got the aoi msg that is Supposed to be transparent and every Year go to congress with what they found Yeah and tell us what they found we know They’re only going to show us what they Want to show us blurry fleer footage That means nothing yeah but they want

People to believe that i know because They don’t want us to think that what We’re seeing is the technology that They’ve uncovered or created from Who knows what our Archaeological alien ships that they Found but uh whatever i think it’s our Technology we’ve advanced so much that It could be 100 years ahead of Everything I don’t know why they don’t just say It’s Now but You know how do you know what’s going to Be in 100 years the only um the only Counter to that you could have is rich That If it wasn’t for those videos coming out We wouldn’t be talking about what it is Anyway it’d still be just Just just be conversations about ufos That are from a blurry camera they Didn’t need to come out and put the idea In our heads I think that’s what jennifer’s saying Though about the there’s so many i don’t Know she means physically little people But Little men With knowledge of black ops that just Keep putting it out there no she’s Talking about little men like us we’re The little men we don’t know that’s all Yeah that’s what i mean that’s what i’m

Saying We’re always the We’re the people that are pushing this Yeah that’s true she’s right she’s smart She is she does know a lot of stuff i i Enjoy her Jennifer you’re awesome Ttsa Theater Just like in the daco that manny made They came out publicly in an empty Theater There was no press there Lou’s talking to a empty Theater they all did When they announced ttsa and or when They announced the lou at the press or Whatever you call it Remember Loot it you didn’t see it that’s right Yeah Remember when they introduced lou and we Had a big announcement and there’s Nobody in the theater where there should Be 500 people and they’re acting like There’s people there who’s looking Around like he’s talking to people And the ufos by the way Are real You know i’m like he’s looking at nobody There’s nobody there yeah That looks so staged it was it’s the [ __ ] [ __ ] Does that and the ufos

Are real that it’s like the worst acting I have I have seen from this community You know it’s terrible Have you not seen that bit bitly on i’ve Not seen the documentary now that it’s Not just on the documentary it’s on it’s Account i’ll have to say i remember i Remember lou getting wheeled out by by Ttsa but yeah when he first sort of Appeared but i haven’t seen this empty Uh theater thing I think lee i think uh rich has broke His pc I think he’s i think he’s had an episode I told you this had happened oh he’s Back hiya there we are you calm down now Love No I i don’t think you’re gonna get that Fight i don’t don’t think you’re gonna Get that boxing fight any any any time Soon No not if he sees the grip you just had On that microphone The charity one as well what charity Would he go to rich Mine would go That is freaking awesome Mine would go to uh For animals i forget what the name of That one is that Howard stern donates to and a lot of

People do Animals It’s for you know To save animals from being killed though I forget what it’s called oh save the Animals for ring kill foundation Exactly dogs and cats Oh my god I can’t remember the name of it but it’s Very popular I just want shares i just want shares in Ttsay I wonder how those shares how those Hardly that’s how they go and they’re Going [ __ ] I hate taking the piss out of this i Really do because i know i know it’s not Just fall though i know other people in This community I’ve Got playing the chat actually as well They’ve actually invested they invest i Nearly did i need i need to put the Minimum amount in because what i thought To myself the minimum was 200. this is What i mean i bought because i thought Well it’s 200 quid i could put 200 quid Into it and if they did bring out Spaceships that 200 quid is going to be Worth a lot of money i don’t need to put An awful lot in here It was like getting in early on bitcoin Um but i’m glad i’m glad i didn’t

Did you do any bitcoin I didn’t know any of you know I i i just There’s going to be another one pop up Though rich is right this is going to be A ttsa too i don’t know what what it’ll Be called but there will be another one We was right Lee was right did he say that yeah I didn’t want to take credit for that Because i don’t believe that’ll happen No i’m kidding there will be another Another thing like that eventually there Always is Another scam do you think it’d be Another celeb that’ll be A behind it another celebrity that will Be the one that’ll be behind it I think it’ll be by celebrities next Tomato Oh my god please That’s why they’re gonna start Installing their installing actors like The rockers like presidents and stuff Like that we’re gonna get we’re just Gonna start doing away with anybody Anybody that can lie badly and get like Professional liars in [ __ ] demi tomato I can’t even bully Do you remember that lady did you see See that woman get get her uh two pence Piece in with uh the ufology No what was that

Demi what’s her name lovato Demi lovato oh the the cave Cave lady oh on jolly No no no no no yeah she’s she’s singing Yeah that’s demi lovato That’s who you’re talking about right Yeah she and she’s the one that But i’m about rich here i go about this At least so we we we we’re calling out Them demi lovato here Doesn’t she have something to do with Greece wants to fight her as well That’s funny actually Doesn’t she have something to do with Stephen gray Yeah Oh you’re talking about the other chick No demi has something to do with steven Greer oh yeah the ce5 Yeah she used his ce5 but there’s Another one too i believe It’s a good advert for steven i know There is some other broad who’s involved With him Nobody likes when i say broad either he Can’t say that anymore he can’t say that Anymore rich you can’t it’s just like You can’t say woman in the uk What Can i say woman why not You can’t say woman my woman My old lady You’re not allowed to say i own this Woman no but the woman’s fine

No but she’s a bit but my wife’s allowed To say My man But i can’t call her like woman why not I don’t know It’s [ __ ] stupid that’s why that’s What’s happening in cancel culture now You can’t say my woman you’re not Supposed to Ah it’s a new one to me yeah it’s new One to me i’ve i’ve started to i’ve Stopped taking no notice you don’t live In england anymore Oh that’s right Anymore what am i talking about anymore You’ve never lived in england you lit You live on the uh the isle of wight Man is it but it’s not yeah It’s the same it’s [ __ ] it’s it’s Like it’s like we’ve got a [ __ ] water Road to liverpool that’s all it is We live in A um No a pathetic world also jimmy cars Jimmy carl’s bit was [ __ ] hilarious That he’s getting a shout out for Jimmy carr is so unbelievably funny yeah What did he what did he what did he do Recently I’ll butcher his bit because it was it Was awfully special but he’s in real He’s he’s in trouble for it Um because he was he did a bit about the Holocaust

And We’ll be careful with this one then i Think what that is fine it’s on it’s Netflix special Um And he said jason obviously the the Terrible atrocities happened in the uh In the holocaust like millions of jews Were killed But nobody talks about the fact that There was also Uh an awful lot of roma gypsies that Were killed and the reason we don’t talk About that is because nobody talks about Good things Jesus But yeah he’s in he’s in treason Troubles for it yeah i mean Comedians that’s the risk you take that I’ve seen your stand up late you take Risks Yeah i i to be perfectly honest i wrote A much more [ __ ] offensive joke than That through the day i sent it to you A lot of your jokes see i’ve seen you uh Do stand up on your channel with are They actually are they still on youtube Or did you send me them privately yeah No no they’re selling youtube but They’re on my like lee stevens thing I’ll still i should stick them on my c Audio so they’re there Yeah i’d like to see that Yeah

Funny but i don’t know how they’re on Youtube i really do because they are uh If you don’t if you know frankie boyle Is people but he’s really reminds me of Uh frankie boyle uh a comedian from Scotland over here don’t you do it over Here anymore shame i’m not i think But boys we’ve been going for a couple Of hours now and uh i didn’t want to Keep this a long show tonight because i Didn’t have any content for the show Coming back just showing you’re still Alive Yeah that was it that was it i’m still Here i’m absolutely fine my back’s a Little bit bad because i’ve been doing Alcohol Yeah but um i’m here and uh hopefully And just six more super chats will make Your heart stronger Back on a weekly basis that’s what i was Going to say though thanks for doing That for me I can’t get over the fact that your head Looks like it’s in some sort of Luminous helmet I like it I like it I think you need to keep it but i think You need to make the round thing bigger I want to say i want to do it with an uh Like make it make one or get somebody to Make me want so it looks like i’ve got a Fluorescent sign with

This is cheaper than therapy behind me That’s what i want they need to do a Green screen that’s in front of your Face That’s called a wall olly and that’s not How cameras work Oh I didn’t know that A rich What is your um content about tonight my Friend Have you got a show it’s the north shore Animal league is what i was thinking That’s who i would donate to not aspca It’s north shore animal league i am Talking about uh Um My ufology Why i call it my ufology people say it’s Not your ufology So i’m going to talk about that i’m Going to talk about the matrix how Everybody has a role in this field and Then i’m going to talk about um Seriously Why ufo twitter People won’t debate me And shocking paranormal dating websites Oh my god legally What I’ve got a girlfriend it’s fine yeah Shocking Paranormal dating we’ve done this last Year we did it last year

I like to keep up with the new sites Every year so we’re going to do that Again coast the coast has one you know That they have their own dating site for The paranormal dude i’d end up with David wilcock I don’t know jamie small [ __ ] David david [ __ ] won’t [ __ ] Um That’s not funny guys Paranormal dating websites Yeah he’s that he’s definitely got a Profile somewhere called david big [ __ ] Hasn’t he Definitely Probably It’s that is ab 100 his snapchat account It’s getting harder oh david will you Have this [ __ ] Oh god jesus That’s not nice scott brown’s here he Said good to see you ollie Stop my friend you need to come on again Scott you’re a good man we’re just Talking about david’s penis He’s still here david [ __ ] He’s yelling i hear him out there no Honey you guys Building a car Building a car All right is that it are we done No we’re not done yet because i wanted To know one thing before we do go you Mentioned

At the beginning Sorry carry on Glad you shouted that out that was good That’s funny You mentioned about s4 He said have you not heard the lights on S4 Oh yeah that was two [ __ ] hours yeah There’s nothing happening nothing’s Changed then nobody can put the s nobody Can put third phase of moon bass nothing And it’s been a month okay I might have something on that In the next show i do yeah all right Good luck with that Ace no Without using a vpn No Poles i might have figured out a way to Show us a little bit more All right well that’ll be interesting And it might be fun So that’ll be that’s good And i just need to figure out how i can Do it but i think i could do it i hope You can melissa salas with you’re the Funniest trio on ufology for five pounds Look at that Thank you melissa look at that Nice glasses i like those glasses we are Good we work together we work well Together boys she’s got good hair huh Nice hair i like hair on a woman Just on her head

I’m not really not really into bald Women You don’t like skinhead o’connor Remember Nothing competitive that shenanigans Brittany she did look good like that Called britney spears would have rode The [ __ ] off Fact Her head was a [ __ ] She looked like a penis with ears you Wouldn’t you didn’t you would have Needed [ __ ] therapy after that do you Realize she was like melissa’s probably Just refunded to five pounds no we’re Funny it’s funny just joking I don’t i’m joking I love that song nothing go best to you I know it’s a good song And she did look good bald She did she had nice eyes she looked Good with hair when she grew her hair Back forget about it Yeah i i do prefer hair than both Yes if i’m honest i like a woman with a Nice head of hair Not a hair lip Call me fashioned call me I i like hairy eyebrows as well and not Penciled on ones oh that’s so funny Let’s go out there call me old-fashioned I love hairy armpits Good night god bless Swing swinging

No that hit I’m gonna get some emails with harry Armpits oh god oh speaking of emails i Do appreciate the emails people by the Way and i am going to get a chance to Read all of them and i can see that i Think some of the some of you guys might Want to come on the show But i’m dyslexic and i’ve been I think you’ll find that some of you Guys might have wanted to come on the Show But i’m gonna get i’m gonna get around To all of them Um But yes The No no i’m not into harry armpits Rich What’s your show about tonight I’m having deja vu Paranormal dating websites Here’s a suggestion all right Can you make a fake profile On your live show beforehand And see what happens Oh i’m so stupid i didn’t think of that I’d have two hours i can do it Yeah But i think you need a credit card yeah You do that’s why i didn’t do It just say i gotta look for a free one They want that credit card though just What you into i would like

A green woman Totally green Or blue You’re not the star trek Yeah Unless you want to go total recall and Make me wish i had free hands then what Would you call it oh you got two hands In the mouth What would you call the dating website Uh i would call it uh paraphone Wow that’s pretty good I i was trying to think of something so It put something to do with aliens and Hearts so you could have like something To your anus Let’s think about this before we end the Show Um Hmm i once thought i wanted to make in a A dating website Just for people That were into people that took like Ungodly amounts of steroids like just Like massive massive mostly people i’d Have called the website going steady Why don’t i get that Going steady yeah massive big people Like jacked juiced up yeah i get that But why does what does the word steady Have to do with that is that is that an American thing like do you not post Steroids no no never yeah Or you’re jacked

Or the guy’s on the juice the guy’s Taking [ __ ] He’s definitely on [ __ ] Pimple back Right Yeah roids He faked it he’s a hoaxer Lou We can’t Well you definitely can’t start the Sentence of a dating website we’ve faked It you know Fake tit No faked it you faked it oh no gotcha Gotcha gotcha All right Well i need to get going because i have A show to run An hour and 5 minutes and a fake i’ll Try i’m going to look for a fake free One Lou Lou I’ll be lou Oh Please That’d be [ __ ] amazing and i’ll call Myself Be lou Ball zach blue balzac Ludolong Yeah baby you hit it i’m loot dee Rachel shlong yes no Or dick bonina

Phil mccrevis Please check me off i’m sorry what Ludeshlom lou deshong’s it Oh my god that’s his new name now Brilliant Elite When is your next episode coming out Um obviously this Will come out beforehand a few days After it’s been on here Then This is cheaper than therapy we’ll be Out on must see audio Middle of next week right now you can go And listen to me And talk to dave from Modern militia podcast we did two and a Half hours the other day It was [ __ ] two and a half hours of Clean fire and you should go and listen To it we did it we took everything Everything you couldn’t talk about on [ __ ] youtube we talked about from The uh The the reset to Bluebeam Everything Was great And go check out modern militia people Right good night god bless mine the bugs Don’t buy amy alien addict Rich from goo from lee from musty audio I appreciate every single one of you Guys

Good night