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Abc 7 with breaking news a massive fire In downtown el paso Thank you for joining us for abc 7 6 Let’s get right to it the images are Incredible coming out of downtown el Paso right now this is a live look at The scene just over selma science’s head You can see the flames are still very Intense right now this is happening Downtown at the desoto hotel In downtown el paso it is a hotel that Is under renovation right now but you Can see just how intense the flames Still are massive plumes of black smoke Coming out okay everybody real quick Update i i just had to make a full-on Video about this because it is so Unbelievably bizarre So we filmed the last video on the Channel at the desoto hotel Just a week ago almost on tuesday of Last week so the very last week of January and they were slated to either Demolish the building or condemn it well We are getting reports right now that The desoto hotel is in flames it is a Massive fire at the building that they Expect is going to destroy the entire Hotel that means that we were the last Group to ever investigate the hotel and That means that a massive part of el Paso history Is probably going to be gone by the Morning tomorrow i mean just look at the

Pictures it is the entire fourth floor If you saw in our last video where the Motion ball moved by itself where so Many people had seen so many things that Entire story is in flames it is a Massive massive fire And it’s making me wonder you know did Something in the building have to do With this i mean that building is so Negative and has attracted so much Negativity over the years it just makes Sense that it was ended in a in a fire You know and the presence of the demon The satanic rituals that went on in There it is so unbelievably bizarre for Me to sit here and think that jeff and i Had just filmed that video Literally Just a little over a week ago and now The building built in like i believe the 1920s Is going to be gone forever that is i Mean it’s hard to believe but Yeah if you haven’t seen that video yet Go watch the desoto video because I don’t know if what we filmed has Something to do with what happened in The building or not but Yeah i had to update you guys because That is I mean honestly i mean that’s just crazy I cannot believe that we just filmed Their last week and now this building After being there

Almost 100 years is in flames so and i Want to remind you guys also that Literally i mean this is so weird to me This is shocking Just over a week ago when we were Filming in the desoto hotel Jeff For some reason noticed a Burned portion of the roof and we talked About a previous fire that happened in The building Years ago And we were talking about fires and and Even off camera we were discussing how The building could be you know set up Into flames so quickly and yeah here’s That clip right now one of the rooms i’m Not real sure which one like a young Girl And her mother they were cooking food a Fire broke out in the place for some Reason Nobody could get out Now there’s a there’s a Small child here a girl we think she’s About seven or eight Her name’s sarah and a lot of people Have heard about sarah She claims that she started a fire that Killed her Now The people who have actually seen her Pretty clearly say that one side of her Face is disfigured like a bad wound or

Something Um and we’ve we got a picture years ago Of what appeared to be a little girl Um But we don’t think it was It wasn’t human Yeah she had like ram’s horns Now in the picture So we’re and that was downstairs in the Basement and what we think is the portal And it’s a little closet and she was Standing near something big right behind Her also which appeared to be another Entity of some sort And so at that point we’re like sarah’s Not a little girl anymore it’s not sarah Anymore she’s just trying to make you Think it’s sarah But occasionally you hear you know a Girl giggling and stuff like that and People getting touched and in the group And You know it’s just sarah playing if that Is her is this the only entry to this Area are not really an entry but i mean Opening uh there’s another room that has Just the same thing that’s the same Thing yeah if you notice I mean i don’t understand that you see The black is it mold no That’s fire damage that’s honestly yeah Fire down so the building next door Caught on fire in 1942 and in that fire A guy named snowden passed away he died

Of the fire And the fire spread onto this floor the Fourth floor so it did some damage here It wasn’t horrible damage it just did Enough but the smoke damage is still uh Noticeable in the rafters above the Rooms from the 40s from the 40s 1942 wow Yeah it’s a long time ago And it’s still there you know it’s just Kind of a mark in history that’s so cool We had two house fires growing up and uh That doesn’t go away Even on postcards i’ve got from when i Was a kid yeah you can smell the did you Smell the fire i guarantee you get up There you can smell it Yeah Hopefully everyone stays safe out there Much love to the el paso community and To everybody leon who was in the video Who rented out the basement such a great Guy Much love to you my man but uh Yeah let me know your thoughts below do You think that Something in the building had something To do with the fire or i mean i don’t Really know my mind is swirling right Now because this has never happened to Me with uh with the timing of when we Filmed in a place and when a place was Destroyed so Yeah anyways stay spooky everybody enjoy Your weekend and i’ll keep you updated

On the news about the hotel firefighters There on scene are trying to attack this From above from the ladders however According to what we’ve been hearing Over the scanner the firefighters have Been asked to evacuate the building are Now going in a defensive position is Downtown el paso of course many of you Are familiar with where this is in the Desoto hotel but this gives you a bit of A reference point as to where it is all Right let’s take you back out live now As our camera zooms in a little more as You can see just how intense these Flames are inside the hotel there is Just massive massive amounts of fire Inside the desoto hotel right now in Downtown el paso i believe we have Several signs it is raging as you said Eric right now behind me that by that Fire as you said all those firefighters Are trying to battle that fire from high Above um cherry pickers and right now This complete area in downtown el paso Not far from city hall is actually uh Being blocked off we understand the People over at hotel indigo which is Adjacent to the to this hotel is they’re Being evacuated a lot of people are Being asked to stay away from this Particular area of just about every side Every corner around that hotel is Actually blocked off people are not Being allowed inside and there are fears

That this building could actually Collapse so they’re asking people to Stay away from this area but you can see Just how this fire is raging you can see Embers Through some of those windows it is one Of those battles that uh firefighters Are gonna have to continue for quite Some time they’re trying to douse it With water but it is to no avail those Flames are just shooting right through The roof right now The smoke as i was driving it can be Seen for miles and right now they’re Just trying to do whatever they can to Save whatever they can again people are Being asked to stay away from this Particular area i can tell you that a Lot of people are gathering where i’m Standing right here i’m standing in the City hall parking lot just gives you a Sense of really the scope of this fire As we start to zoom out a little bit Here you might be able to see it through Some of that thick dense black smoke That we’re seeing and now honestly it’s Actually difficult to even see that much Because the black smoke has overtaken so Much of the skyline right now Two fire hoses from above are trying to Attack some of these spots of the fire Right now but you can see just how Intense the flames still are this is Still very early in this fight again

Such a massive fire right there in the Middle you can see just ever so faintly The word plaza there from the plaza Hotel uh just beyond in the distance There is a little bit of distance Obviously so they’re not right next to Each other yeah i do want to give you an Update as i asked one another to push Into that we’ve seen that parts of the Roof have collapsed uh they have Collapsed as you see those flames Shooting through and as we shoot through Some of the windows you can see the part Of that roof has already collapsed and That’s why they’re able to get closer to The fires of shooting the fire the water Through uh the top of the building parts Of the roof have already collapsed so we Know that just by looking at it You

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