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But Deliver Us from Evil for thine is The kingdom the power and the glory Forever and ever amen Hello Is there somebody out there We have the legal right to be in here Right now we have permission from the Property owners and are conducting a Film shoot permitted by the city I mean but we did reset the Lord’s Prayer in there and that’s how that’s Crazy a thousand immediately I’m gonna Happen right after we finish it Is there somebody in here You know it’s probably one of the more If not the most haunted building in West Texas we got a picture years ago of what Appeared to be a little girl it wasn’t Human and she had like Ram’s horns some People if they’re empathic they can pick Up on sadness they can pick up on the Anger they can pick up on the evil That’s here yeah repeat what you just Said okay when you walked into one of The rooms down here just to get the B-roll yeah as soon as you walked in There maybe one second after you walked In something else came in behind you Walk away I’ve never seen this light on before No I just saw something nothing else Is one and it wasn’t like the wind

Blowing you know what I mean which end Of the building that’s when you were Getting the bike from and look at the Cross on the door this would be the room That devil Dave killed himself in but Before he had committed suicide he had Spread blood and feces all over the Walls inside his room so the rituals Actually happened here devil Dave did His attack Yeah there’s footsteps upstairs the Pentagram was painted on this wall it’s Underneath this sheetrock the Sheetrock’s covering it any final words For us don’t pray don’t pray we’re gonna Break all the rules of the Ouija board Just to get this thing to come out Our Father who art in heaven Hallowed be thy Name now let’s say it backwards Jesus And that sounded like it was coming from Meters going crazy are you okay is it Bleeding yeah look up look no don’t Touch it look You see it out here oh oh my god dude Are you a good spirit you want to hurt People Yes what what dude what What I thought I heard that movie Foreign

This is crazy that we’re being given This access come over here this is the DeSoto hotel that entire building is Ours tonight the entire building there’s No one inside and I mean just stepping Foot in there for half a second you can Already start to feel How Eerie it is inside of the Hotel this Is a very historic Moment Like I said Because this hotel is set to be Condemned within the next month and They’re either thinking they’re gonna Remodel the entire thing and turn it Into apartments or destroy the entire Building people think that it’s most Likely that they’re going to destroy it So If that happens we’re going to be the Last people to ever film a video here Yeah just come over here Look at this this is like a horror movie Doesn’t that just look spooky So we’ve heard from some of the people That are here with us tonight that a Number of people have broken into this Building in recent weeks so there’s Always the chance that there could be Someone living in there which is you Know freaky someone could enter while We’re in there tonight Wow I mean this is truly known as one of The most haunted places in this entire State and what do you think Yeah I mean I think you’ve kind of said

It all here is having access is you know You just don’t get access to this place We’ve got some crew here uh that were Gracious gracious enough to let us in Here gracious but you know I mean I Haven’t really haven’t really been in Yet just in the entry side uh it’s what Five stories uh or so there was Evidently maybe a break-in and some Transits in there that I think evidently A guy one guy is an FBI agent so like Kind of our muscle did a sweep and so um Yeah I’m excited the soda Hotel here we Are baby Crazy And yeah so before we start out this Video real quickly I want oh I’m gonna Turn this light on before we begin the Video I want you guys to comment I love The DeSoto beneath in the comments Section of the video not in the live Chat if you’re watching this Premiere Live I’m going to give you guys 10 Seconds to do that now 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1. and if you comment you have a Chance to win a free Paranormal Files Gift bag that we’ll send to you so go Leave a comment let us know show some Love for the show as always if you Support our work you can buy a piece of Merchandise from our merch store the Link is in the description or become a Patron where we’re posting exclusive Content on patreon all the time updating

You guys religiously but uh it’s Jeff And I here hey Let’s uh let’s officially get this thing Started I got my tracksuit on Yeah he’s going for a jog tonight I Guess that’s my new look it’s my new Look so I look like I’m actually working Out which I’m not You know that the tracksuit is in case He has to run out of the building Screaming You already blew my cool he’s prepared Okay All right everybody so it is January 2022. this is officially the first Investigation that Jeff and I have shot This year and it is probably going to be One of the most iconic that we’ve ever Done tonight we are here in El Paso Texas and we are actually going to be The last people to ever investigate the DeSoto Hotel here in El Paso Jeff Hey how does that make you feel Uh well honored I guess yeah you know It’s pretty historic that’s for sure Yeah we were out last night drinking With some of the fans who came to meet Us in El Paso great people uh so we were Tired all day but now that we’re uh We’re getting here we’re I’m starting to Get excited this is like a legendary Place that I’ve read about and heard About but I’ve never been inside and This place is is definitely legendary

People claim that these demonic satanic Whatever occult rituals that occurred in The basement Brought in a demon of some sort Something really really evil this is Where Ghost Adventures filmed the fan Being thrown against a wall sliding off The shelf yeah Jeff’s been really really Scared he’s been telling me all day how Afraid he is how he doesn’t want to do This I have yeah I didn’t realize That but hell yeah everybody this is And like I said I know Jeff all day has been saying that I feel like I don’t know trying to Understand where to turn too extreme for Him I’m gonna run over somebody here Jeff Even threatened to quit the show he was So scared I’m gonna you’re gonna ship Him back to Juarez That’s my whole plan this whole time to Bring Jeff across the border drop him Off and never come back Oh [ __ ] there it is buddy It’s like the DeSoto All right my name is Leon Baker and I Rent the DeSoto just the basement right Now but we got access to the whole Building right now now this building was Built in 1904 they started Construction In 1904 they opened their doors as the

Great Northern Hotel in 1905. there’s Never been a five-star hotel it’s always Been catering to uh not quite the rich People it was built for railroad workers Because the railroad used to run Probably about two blocks about a block That way I think north of us and so Great northern is a rail line that was Supposed to come to El Paso never to hit So they’re stuck with the name to like The 1940s when they changed it to the DeSoto Hotel I kind of like the DeSoto Better there’s police reports going all The way back in the newspapers of the Day of uh people getting arrested being In this building the cops coming and Dragging people out and stuff like that It’s pretty pretty common But this place is um Call it evil I think that’s verging on That you know it’s probably one of the More If not the most haunted building in West Texas so I’ve been coming here since 2011. took a break for a while to try Out some other places downtown Everything in downtown El Paso was Haunted everything Um as far as I know every everywhere We’ve tried to go to that we have gone In has had activity and just I mean Pretty good activity not just like a Little K2 Spike or anything like that I Mean we’re talking good activity and

This place is like the center of it all It’s the first building built on this Spot uh El Paso is old so it goes back To the 1590s this region with the Spaniards this was all Spain up to Santa Fe up until about the 1820s when it was Then Mexico and then you know at the end Of the Mexican-American War then all of A sudden this is Texas you know so it’s Got a long long history And uh like I said this is the first Building built on this spot We’re fairly certain that some things Happened here uh before the building was Built we might have some residual energy From that But With the the DeSoto being the DeSoto in 2008 one of the originate original Members of my team before I even became Part of it uh he went downstairs to this Building to do some some work And he was taking out the Asbestos and Stuff like that and he ran into a guy That was doing Satanic rituals and it Wasn’t just you know like he had a Pentagram on the wall it was the Pentagram with all the sigils all the Little symbols he had bowls of oils and Herbs and small sacrificed animals he Had splattered it with blood and all That stuff and that was down in the Basement this guy that uh that used to Own the El Paso ghost tours which is

Kind of how we did this Um he tells the guy you can’t be doing That stuff here I’m gonna tell the owner He’s going to kick you out now before All this happened we’ll step back a Little bit before all this happened This place is already known as being Haunted it was kind of a low level Haunting people would break in and do You know play Ouija board and you know Some heavy metal music thinking they’re You know something was going to happen Yeah a little bit happened But since this guy was doing Satanic Rituals down there it brought the whole Level of activity way up now one thing They did that he did release down there Is is uh Was a demon uh the ghosts have told us That it was a demon Um and uh he’s physically growing so When we first started seeing this thing This little entity it was looked like a Jawa from Star Wars a little hoodie Thing you know is probably about three Feet tall now it’s a good five feet tall Five and a half feet so it’s it’s Physically growing it’s got little green Eyes and if you see two little green Orbs side by side and you’ll see them Flashing back and forth that’s gonna be It that’s gonna be the little demon he’s Not there all the time Uh he’s in somewhere else I don’t know

What demons do but they but he’s not Particularly powerful but he’s annoying Um so he scratches he bites Um growls and stuff like that so it’s It’s a treat if you get bit you know You’ll see little teeth marks usually in Your back so that’s pretty cool but this Place has a lot of uh Shadow activity uh It’s got a lot of voices that you can Hear disembodied voices uh some orbs That you’ll be able to see with your Eyes uh different colors uh sparkly I don’t even know what that is like Little sparkles on the wall all of a Sudden or in the middle of the room You’ll see sometimes like a shimmering Shifting shape that’s like purple and Green at the same time real hard to see But you’ll see it sometimes you’ll start Seeing a person And you’ll see just a part of him like a Shoulder and an arm and then you’ll see Maybe his face and then you’ll see maybe His legs and it’s not all at the same Time but that thing will get right up in Your face and sometimes you’ll have more Than one of them in the room with you We got things that crawl on the ceiling All right let’s go inside Don’t be surprised if we run into Somebody Alive Hey we’re going upstairs The first floor was all businesses

The second floor is where the offices Were this is completely separate the First the second floor where we’re Coming up to right now was Um where the hotel started in 1905 it Was very original uh with the exception Of all the new damage Um wow it just happened last week This just happened this last week Oh [ __ ] just last week Now as a matter of fact this door was Closed Um And it was closed like this And as we’re standing here talking Something came out from the back there’s Another room back in there like another Hotel room that employees live in and a Shadow came rushing out at the people That were standing here of course they Took off running you know and they told Me what happened I said well it’s not a Surprise because the person that used to Live in the room back there Uh would always complain about things Happening to her and she tried saging it And everything something was harassing Her in her room which is just back Inside there and with that shadow coming Out and chasing everybody away You know I I was like yeah you probably Did see that that probably is legit so What we’ll do is we’ll keep on going Upstairs wow so this is all businesses

Downstairs businesses or offices yeah Offices downstairs and these are hotel Rooms right right now Yeah somewhere got it got one that’s Chirping yeah battery low Now on this staircase right here if You’re the last person in the group to Walk down Um a lot of times you’ll hear somebody Walking behind you and it’s not just the Stairs creaking you can tell the Difference you can hear physical Footsteps Coming down the stairs It could be oh it could be [ __ ] they’ve Changed almost all the locks in here so Wow I’ll make sure I get this to Jason I’m on the third floor Now as you can see even the light bulbs Are dead in here yeah This is the fourth floor Oh wow This is pretty typical of the rooms Chill for the first time I’m feeling Like wind right winded and like my body Is like That’s a joke online but like charged or Feeling like Like I’ve drank too much caffeine yeah Yeah I don’t know if that’s no a small One here it’s definitely normal if this Is your your typical Uh room this is actually a very clean

One Uh that people would would actually live In inside here but they would stay in And stuff like that is this stuff just Left over yeah from people yeah all of Us His medication’s still on the His asthma medication’s still there Um You know we come through here and we Make a sweep every time when we when we Come in here we sweep the building to Make sure that it’s there’s nobody in Here and this room hasn’t changed one Bit So This is a very active area right here Yes Another typical room inside there This is crazy You know you can’t make that happen I Feel like this is heavy up here already For me yeah No I I I’ve talked with a lot of people That used to live here uh I mean we chit Chat a lot you know after the tour and Stuff so I knew a bunch of the residents And they would tell me a lot of the um Uh the violence unreported violence that Would happen in this place a lot of Times like things like assaults uh Knifings things like that would just get Nobody’d say anything about it and I Don’t know what their mindset was here

But they would recognize that one of Their friends living in one of these Rooms was was dying they’d be just like Laid out on the bed you know not looking Good and they would you know they’d talk Amongst themselves hey Bob doesn’t look Good I don’t think he’s going to make it So instead of calling an ambulance they Would just let him die You know so on average I would say Probably every four to six months Someone was passing away in one of these Rooms for years so most of the rooms Here have had someone pass away inside Um not long ago we were seeing a shadow It would form right here and it would Kind of fade away and form again kind of A tall black shadow right inside this Area right here in that room Um also You get a lot of shot of activity Between inside this small area right Here Um this room used to be completely Locked And we that looks like just like Insidious at the movie The Conjuring When this door was secured Um the light was on inside here and you Could see somebody walking uh like the Crack underneath the door the light you Can see somebody walking back and forth You see foot uh like feet And which is freaking us out and you

Know other people seeing it but uh yeah This room’s got a pretty decent energy In it Wow you really can you know just kind of Feel it here It’s like I don’t know what I was Feeling myself but I felt a lot more Down there yeah just for me to I don’t Know why I mean I feel it like you do like down There having that room I don’t know what Is the deal with that room they asked Him would that guy passed I don’t ask no I don’t think so I think They they finally kicked him out okay Yeah I don’t think he may have I don’t Think so Um there have been people who had I’m Not sure which room but there was one Gentleman an elderly gentleman that just Didn’t come home all his stuff was in The room people were concerned what Happened to him we don’t know what Happened to him he’s just gone and all His stuff they just left his stuff there And they don’t have any idea what Happened to the guy wow so just went Missing well so how many deaths would You Say I guess Like since I’ve been here I know of Probably about eight or nine you know Since I’ve been coming into this place

Recently and I would say in the last Five years uh eight or nine at least That I know of and this building goes so Far back that it’s like how many yeah You know yes and you know when people Started uh I guess when crack started Becoming a thing in the 80s and 90s you Know this place was Definitely people died here during that You know overdoses mental health issues Stuff like that murders you know things Like that one of the rooms I’m not real Sure which one like a young girl and her Mother they were cooking food a fire Broke out in the place for some reason Nobody could get out now there’s a There’s a A small child here a girl we think she’s About seven or eight her name’s Sarah And a lot of people have heard about Sarah She claims that she started a fire that Killed her now the people who have Actually seen her pretty Clearly say That one side of her face is disfigured Like a bad wound or something Um and we’ve we got a picture years ago Of what appeared to be a little girl Um but We don’t think it was it wasn’t human Yeah she had like Ram’s horns now in the Picture so we’re and that was downstairs In the basement and what we think is the Portal and it’s a little closet and she

Was standing there something big right Behind her also which appeared to be Another entity of some sort and so at That point we’re like Sarah’s not a Little girl anymore it’s not Sarah Anymore she’s just trying to make you Think it’s Sarah Um but occasionally you hear you know a Girl giggling and stuff like that and People getting touched and in the group And you know it’s just Sarah Plain if That is her or pretending to be Sarah You know so just don’t open your heart To her you know because we don’t know What she is at this point you know we Think she’s a little bit more nefarious Than she had been It’s not any place only in the basement He said She plays throughout the building Whatever she is now she’s been seen all Over the place in here like I said I Don’t think she’s what she used to be You know she’s at one point she was Claiming to looking for her mother then We had another entity come through Saying she was looking for her daughter And we’re like well she’s here if her Name’s Sarah she’s here you just got to Watch for her because she’s looking for YouTube and at one point she said that She had found her mother and we didn’t Hear from the female again but then all Of a sudden we’re hearing from Sarah

Again so I don’t know what is going on With that I mean when you’re talking About the Paranormal you’re talking About a different side it’s real hard to Untie all that it’s real difficult to Figure all that out you know it’s real Hard so we’re just kind of paying Attention to the little Clues they give Us over time I will tell you that there for a while They were telling us we would get an Indication that someone in the building Was going to die because we would see This very large like eight foot tall Shadow and if this Shadow looked at you His eyes glowed yellow And it was definitely unnerving I mean He was this white of the shoulders you Know he was he was huge and usually we Saw him in the basement And once we saw him we would have to Report that to the the management of the Building to check on the occupants Because every single time we saw him Somebody in the building would be found Dead within a couple of days Yeah that’s what we kind of think that He’s not here to kill somebody he’s just There When that person passes away Uh to I guess give him the option to Either go with this or that you know Choose your side you know so but at one Point they

We had a group of people down here and On our Spirit Box it clearly said Vicki’s dead And so the lady that was here her name Is a vet and she was the manager of the The building at the at the time and She’s like oh my God I just talked to You about I mean I just talked to Vicky You know Vicki was fine just like an Hour ago she was fine I just talked to Her and I said no no they’re probably Just messing with you maybe we heard it Wrong so I said what did you say about Vicky and I said it again I think he’s Dead so afterwards we went I sent her up To check on Vicky because I didn’t want To you know be part of a scene you know Uh it might complicate things you know Being a Paranormal Investigator Stumbling up on a scene that we were Told about by ghost you know this is Kind of weird in the law enforcement World so I sent her up there to check on Vicky she comes back she goes Vicky’s Fine she’s okay about a week later I get A phone call from Yvette Vicky was found Dead in her room So she’d had a massive heart attack So it’s it’s a this place is weird so I Don’t know if it’s the the spirits or Whatever they are are Trusting us more or they’re taunting us Saying you can’t do anything about it so Might as well give you the information

You know I don’t know what they’re doing But uh yeah it’s been kind of a weird Trip in this place Entry to this area are not really an Entry but I mean opening uh there’s Another room that has just the same Thing that’s the same thing yeah if you Notice I mean I don’t understand like That you see the black is it mold no That’s fire damage that’s what I was Thinking yeah so the building next door Caught on fire in 1942 and in that fire A guy named Snowden passed away he died Of the fire and the fire spread onto This floor fourth floor so it did some Damage here it wasn’t horrible damage it Just did enough but the smoke damage is Still noticeable in the rafters above The ropes from the 40s from the 40s 1942 Wow yeah it’s a long time ago yeah and It’s still there you know it’s just kind Of a mark in history that’s so cool House growing up and that doesn’t go Away no even on postcards I’ve got from When I was a kid yeah you can smell the You can smell the fire I guarantee you Get up there you can smell it so I’ll Take you down the hall Should be able to pick up on it again Now Um One of the security guys that was here Uh he was a resident that lives here Lived here and he was also kind of like

The security guy uh part-time and so Somebody broke in through here and he Caught him and he pushed him out the Door you know as a fire escape he pushed Him back out to get out of here you Can’t do that and you shut the door and He comes walking down the hall and this Is when people lived here there’s the Rooms were all full And she’s walking down the hall that Door slammed open again and this raging Sound like a raging Roar came just Moving down the hall at a high speed Just Down the hall of course he jumped out of The way he didn’t know what was going on People started coming out of their rooms Talking about like what was happening What’s going on and they couldn’t see Anything but they could hear the sound As its own energy moving down the hall Very fast so that happened on the fourth Floor where we’re at and it happened on The third floor also Really something’s very angry yes here Yes very angry you got mixed emotions Some people if they’re empathic they can Pick up on sadness they can pick up on The anger they can pick up on the evil That’s here and it’s not like the entire Building has its own I mean it kind of Has its own energy but it’s it’s like Individual entities have their own Worlds about them so like tonight we

Might run into something angry and in Tomorrow we would run into something sad You know in the same place you know it’s Just it moves through the building but It’s kind of isolated on each floor it’s Kind of weird they have their own little Bubbles and so on and that’s An empath feel yeah and this floor like I’m saying I feel like um Almost I I want to call it again maybe a Little bit of fear I don’t know if That’s the right word but I mean just Like coming through me like you know Like someone else is fearful and uh like It’s dangerous or I don’t know what I’m Feeling like I just feel like there’s People here you know I mean like you can Just feel it like somebody could see my Legs Are just all on my legs even instead of My heart yes it’s it’s it if you can Feel I’m not an empath I’m not psychic Nothing like that I’ve been doing this Long enough I can pick up on things it’s Kind of like smelling bread being baked You can’t see it but you know it you Know you know that smell you know Exactly what it is so the same way with The energies I can walk into a place I Know it’s it’s got activity I know it’s Here I’ve stood out on the street in Front of this building and felt this Building and even when my guests show up

They’re like man I can feel it too and They’re not psychic or empathic or Anything like that sometimes the energy Is so strong you pick up on it uh just a Regular person’s They’re going to know it’s there and Inside this Hall as a matter of fact We were set up right here and we Basically had the camera going that way We really weren’t picking anything up With the camera but with our spirit box And stuff it was talking to us and and There was a female that said that she Was being abused And that something else was here abusing Her now I don’t know if that was in the Past and she was telling us about it or If it’s current and something on their Side is still being abusive and like Holding her hostage or something I mean It’s a pretty typical thing to happen in A place like this and nobody knows about It you know that that some person is Being held hostage or against their will In a very abusive relationship and Nobody finds out about it you know until They’re found dead you know and then uh Then they gotta go looking for a suspect But nobody knew the crime was happening When it was happening for years and That’s kind of typical of this type of Place you know and you have a law Enforcement background well explain that To people yeah I just retired with the

DHS the United States border patrol over 23 years you know so I had clearances And all that stuff so I’m not a crazy Person you know I’m I uh I was trusted With all kinds of stuff and I was Actually doing that while I started doing this and I really picked Up on This paranormal stuff basically you know What I tell you what I used to watch all The shows and used to get into them a Lot of the shows you don’t know if They’re real or if they’re set up or you Know some sort of real slick CGI or Something like that so I had to try this And I witnessed something actually at This place right here in the DeSoto on The first floor I didn’t believe in Shadows You know I thought people had talked About Shadows just weren’t right in the Head or something you know and uh well The very first time I saw a shadow I saw In this building and it just it leaned Out of a doorway for three whole seconds I was looking at it it was looking at me And actually the group of us I was Standing with my camera like that just In awe and I never even took a picture And uh but it happened here and then all Of a sudden I’m like well I guess it happened you know they went So crazy after all they exist Um but out of one of these rooms I

Believe it was And it’s a locked room it was this room Over here We saw what appeared to be a cat Come out of this closed door and then Walked through the group And it’s just a little black ball just Walk through the group like a cat would You know between people’s feet and People could feel it rubbing against Their legs and stuff and everybody’s Like oh there’s a cat in here and one of Our investigators shined his light there Was no cat there was nothing so the next Week we uh one of my investigators told Me Autumn she told me that hey this is What happened last week and so I was Like okay and I really didn’t tell Anybody in the group about it but then All of a sudden people were like where’s That cat they were feeling it too they Were feeling the cap go between their Feet you know rubbing against their legs And stuff like that since those two Incidents we hadn’t seen it So we don’t know if it’s a cat or not as A matter of fact down in the basement we Were watching exactly the same thing and We watched it walk between us It was probably about this big and I Said are you seeing this and they’re Basically yeah we can see it you know What is that I don’t know it’s just a Black mass but it’s small and it gets

Right in front of me between a bunch of Us and then it stood up and it was about This tall it was a human size form so We’ve just backed up we’re like that’s Not a cat like we don’t know what that Is but that’s not a cat uh so it kind of Shocked us We saw it with our eyes so you know and There’s a group of us that saw it this Common at this place you know so but This whole area what we like to do is One of the things we like to do is we Like to set up a a light over here so it Kind of lights up this back wall right Here and then we’ll sit back there in The back of the hallway and we’ll watch This area we’ll observe it and what we See quite often is somebody peeking Around like this but they’re about this Tall so it’s like a child you know Peeking around like that and Occasionally a lot of times you’ll see Something just kind of flash by along This wall we’re not sure if it’s over Here or further you know against the Wall or what we just know it’s moving Through that light right here wow so There’s something again though with this Room because this is where I feel the Most energy for me right so far Is right here I just feel it all in here Yeah this is this is more the hot area Right in this area so we have seen Something appears to be a little bit

Shorter again moving along this wall as We’re watching from over there so You know this is a this is one of the Hot spots so it’s pretty good Yeah well before we move to the next Floor I’m going to grab like two Let me just repeat what you just said Okay uh when you walked into one of the Rooms down here just to get the b-roll Yeah as soon as you walked in there uh Maybe one second after you walked in Something else came in behind you it was Almost like a lighter colored Mist it Was kind of tall and skinny like this Almost like you could just see the back Of somebody as they walked in it was Five and a half six feet tall so it was Pretty sizable it wasn’t small Scenery and we’re kind of noticing also Some things at the end yeah while you Were doing something yeah while you’re Inside a different room at the end of The hall Um I could see a long skinny black Motion just move across the hall like That so it appeared to go from one room Into another room at the very end that’s So weird you say that because I felt Like I just saw I don’t know if you were Saying that and I thought I just looked Over like a tall black almost like a Pole yeah just for half a second yeah It was about Is about that way so that’s pretty

Common in this area you’ll see all Different shapes almost like smoke just Moving you know but not smoke flowing It’ll be like a solid Blurry smoke figure moving wow wow okay Okay What the heck Foreign I guess it works Wait so you we just Fill people and we just walked in here And this light is just on yeah and There’s no other electricity throughout The rest of the floor so this is I was Trying to turn the lights on I’m like I just pan to that I’m like But there’s a shower in here Wow I mean that’s that’s pretty creepy that The light is just on well yeah when was The last time you guys were in here uh Last week last week and this was off Actually Friday yeah when this was off And this was yeah I’ve never even seen This light on before so It works What do you think do you think that’s Somebody that came in or It could be it could be somebody came in And turned the light on usually they Don’t turn them on And leave them on you know usually they Try to sneak around they don’t want

Anybody to know that they’re in here you Know So that’s yeah interesting Well thank you I’m glad you decided to bring us down Here yeah Do you uh I’m going to carry protection With you Sometimes sometimes yeah even like even Mace or anything like that oh I just got my little knife but that’s That’s about it right now so also you’ve Never seen the store open no I’ve never Been in this room before It’s just open all of a sudden yeah it’s Just open I don’t know why I mean like I Said somebody could have come in here And kicked it open or something like That Um This doorway being so short yeah 1940s Technology yeah so this the last time This room other than paint the last time This room was actually we rebuilt which Is the same with most of the rooms here Was in the 1940s and you can tell by the The tile in the old salmon yeah exactly So that was the last major I guess Rebuild of this place like 1946 or Something right around there you know of Course they had the fire next door which Probably hurried it along You know really gives me kind of like The cosmos Colin remember that it’s

Where you stand it’s you seem shorter or Taller it’s it’s got this feel to me Like I’m not quite sure about my you Know that door is bigger that smaller You know how tall are you that kind of Thing all right and this room doesn’t Make any sense because it’s got windows And the windows go to the hallway You know So both of them yeah Yeah it goes right into the hallway like Their interior I have no idea why So a lot of room just doesn’t make any Sense at all Really hot I don’t even think about that It’s so hard Just don’t understand it And that’s a pull down Entry there was accident or yeah to the Top could have been it looks like it Because there’s enough room up there It’s probably about four or five feet at Least above the ceiling right here yeah And of course back then the ceilings Were a whole lot taller you know just For the airflow and stuff because air Conditioning was really expensive back Then so you can see the top of the doors You get the transoms the the windows and They would open those to let the hot Like shut a door or something Of course The stairs have an interesting feel like Going up or down like someone is

Behind you all the time exactly you know What I mean it’s like it’s like five or Six trees Yeah you don’t even they don’t belong There it’s like somebody’s walking down Behind you It’s just came from the stairs So um Yeah so this is the third floor This floor is not quite as active Um oh what was that what I could The camera clicks no I heard like a door Okay Hello Oh that was weird that was your camera Probably got it yeah it’s definitely Like a door He’s real close Weird okay well Okay This this looks so creepy now this one The windows are broken out so if there’s Any air movement It may push the door open or closed here But you can hear it hit like slam We should get another Spoon back there Foreign Yes I wonder who they are It’s nailed check sorry It’s my teammate Apolly go ahead Okay so I’m on the first floor right now

No I’ll turn it on right now okay it’s On now Okay all right But Yeah we’re just in there yeah and There’s a toilet in there yeah so They’re saying that someone’s in here on The first floor Maybe But they heard footsteps on the first Floor so I don’t know if that’s going to Be legit or not You know how you open up your toilet top That’s exactly what it is yeah So like I said this this floor is not Very active I guess I’m wrong And sometimes it is The same energy level it has the floor Above yeah It’s different it’s weird yeah No I just saw something awesome you saw Something over here yeah I just saw a Pretty solid Shadow over right there So what about murders and in the Building uh there have been several One documented it was a guy they called Devil Dave devil Dave was the guy that Was doing the Satanic rituals downstairs But before he had committed he had Spread blood and feces all over the Walls inside his room and then they went In they found him he committed down There and he was the one that did the Rituals he was in his own life here yeah Room seven downstairs

It’s kind of unclear if it was There’s like again knocks and steps Everybody else is in the basement Everybody’s in the basement right now We’re on the third floor Okay anyways what’s unclear it’s unclear If it was on the second floor of the First floor uh where he committed Because they had changed the footprint So many times uh like where people were Actually living sometimes they were Living on the on the first floor Sometimes they’re living on the second Floor we’re not real sure Exactly Which floor it was on But he would come through back in you Know years ago he would actually come Through and we’d communicate And recently though he hasn’t really Come through anymore so I don’t know if He moved on to the next level or Whatever happens on that side or if he’s Getting further away from this place or What but we haven’t communicated with Him for a while So the interesting thing about this Place is if you sit yourself pretty Close like you know like if you were to Sit yourself like right here and kind of Pay attention to that room that’s open a Lot of times you’ll see a shadow in that Room and it’s not like out of the corner Of your eyes sit there watching you’ll

See a shadow kind of form and then you Know fade away and then come back you Know it just kind of goes there’s a Really weird pattern they have I don’t Understand the pattern that they use but They almost surge in power it’s really Weird I think if I was to use a Tri-field I would be able to pick up Both them appearing and then maybe the The power level going up at the same Time so this place has got a really Weird I don’t know if you call it a Vibe or A pattern I don’t know but it’s it’s Almost documentable it’s if you got the Right kind of equipment that’s sensitive Enough you’d be able to pick up on it Pretty good Upstairs you can see the k2s going Almost like that you know kind of fast You know just you just see a red red has Constant there so we can’t even use them Up there it’s just too much Oh I would A lot of times you’re going to see Energy moving from one room To the next like the Shadows moving from One side to the next side which is uh Pretty interesting okay this is just a Random observation was that light on the First one I could have sworn that it was just These two I would you have it back on

I definitely would have filmed that but I did not think that that one was on the Far one yeah oh the Top Lane yeah no I Don’t even notice that one being on I Thought that it was just these two Because when we came around the corner I Remember seeing this and going damn yeah I don’t even know Yeah that’d be weird just to point out For my notes that light is what I’m Talking about And murders any notable murders in here There have been some uh I wouldn’t be Able to tell you exactly which one’s the Most notable or just the people that we Knew that passed away But for the most part I’m sure there there have been a couple But I just couldn’t tell you who it’s Been So many years that this place has been In operation you know There’s a lot of death I mean like I Said there’s a lot of violence in this Place and it’s kind of like I don’t know What people would call it like hobo Viral violence you know what I mean like It’s almost homeless people just barely One foot out of being homeless You know having a room for the month or The week and then acting the same way They did on the street you know hurting Each other stabbing each other yeah Beating each other up you know all this

Crazy stuff happened in this place so All that energy is is still here you Know you can feel it mostly on the Fourth floor you know the second floor You could feel a little bit it feels Kind of weird down there too you know I Think it the fact that Uh we come here only you know every once In a while And The owners come in here every once in a While and that sort of thing it uh I think it it allows whatever energy is Here just to do whatever it wants and Then all of a sudden we step in and it’s Still doing what it wants you know the Living we’re not chasing the dead out You know we’re not telling them to be Quiet we actually encourage the dead to I guess come out you know So which is a little bit opposite of What what happens anywhere else Compared to it’s 27. He’s on his full-size Furniture Parts Yeah Oh [ __ ] Wow let’s catch up Right So we’ll go check out the second floor Yeah this is a little bit There at least You know Did you say that huh Here just like

Sound like almost like Or something to that Like that sounds like it came from This area yeah I can’t tell if you came From upstairs or there or here oddly Enough I feel my body again yeah I have myself Heard you Talk to us Who’s that is it James You here with us I thought I thought I heard you Thank you A lot of energy over here if you are Here before we go back downstairs could You Knock on something or just let us know Where you might be That was nice that was inside That was nice that was inside Could you do that again You know kind of my family comments Again it’s like here you know for this Floor right now we can change but like Something’s like definitely over here I Feel something Oh there we go I’m kind of catching it Yeah you feel yeah Definitely different surgery But that other noise Playing tricks with my eyes I don’t know Like a shadow coming out of that corner Yeah down and I went back up I said well

Oh that’s that’s a camera yes Debunked yes So is this the only camera on this floor Or there I think there’s another camera There’s another one over there there was One over there I think it’s still there I mean if you were to if someone were to Break in you could see them yeah Interesting yeah because I mean if Something crazy happens it’s kind of Cool to have that to like see if someone See if it’s human yeah It’s a common thing though it is a Common thing here you’ll feel wind past You you could say it’s probably you know Because the windows are broken and stuff It could be just natural current But it could also but in the basement it Happens also and there’s no wind down There there’s no broken windows in the Basement but you’ll feel the wind rushed By you what I just heard Also to clarify Was not the feeling of wind and I heard Like a And then the sound of like a window pane Like Yeah I’m curious does that fit that It turns Doesn’t do anything It doesn’t do anything interesting how Much what it’s all Yeah it’s a hoarder look at this okay

There’s a lot of stuff There’s something with this that door is Creepy right there dude Oh well there’s another one yeah but That’s one of them but this is one of Them Yeah the only activity that I’ve Actually witnessed the only activity I’ve witnessed in this on this floor was A few weeks ago Um we’re all down at the other end the Back end of the hall and you know of Course the lights were off and Everything we get a little bit of a glow From downstairs Um and that was it like all these lights Are off and you could see somebody Standing right in the center right here And he just kind of moved off to the Side like almost to the point where you Think there’s actually a person there But he’s not he doesn’t have defined Edges you know it’s just kind of a a Cloud of a person standing there you Know so we know it was a shadow you know We knew it wasn’t a living human being But it looked like a person standing Right there if you see the shadow right There So that was just recently yeah just uh Probably about a month ago yeah These places So uh Interesting or no

Stories very very little activity down Here that we found it’s mostly on the Fourth floor yeah you know it’s weird How the energy level is so different Like you know how we go into places and We’re just like Yeah no matter how hard you try it’s Like just dead yeah it’s just and There’s places there’s places in this Building I don’t want to walk I don’t Want to go there by myself I mean I have Just because I had to but I don’t want To go in certain places by myself where Would those places be uh fourth floor And the basement so otherwise I’ve got No problem you know searching the rooms For squatters or whatever you know I got No problem with that you know that Doesn’t make me nervous doesn’t freak me Out but when you’re talking about going Into the basement with things that you Can’t quite comprehend Powers you don’t Understand you know the things I’ve seen Them do then I don’t want to be down There by myself you know so I’ve had to Ready Is this 10 supposed to be open Some of the rooms are Supposed Yes yeah Uh there’s broken windows right I know But this wasn’t nothing else is moving It was just this one and it wasn’t like The wind blowing you know what I mean

Right which which end of the building There’s something Something Yeah that’s we were in that room that’s Very important too okay okay That’s the one that’s one you’re getting The Bible okay that’s when you’re Getting the vibe from huh Uh you guys go ahead check it out yeah Let’s get going okay okay uh actually I I will show you something So Oh yeah uh So years ago I came here probably about 10 11 years ago the very first time Being in this building I didn’t believe In Shadows I didn’t believe in Shadow People Shadow creatures whatever you Want to call them I didn’t believe in Any of that stuff so a bunch of us were Gathered right here The leaders of the group Were telling us certain things that Happen in this place at the end of the Hall we started hearing noise and we see A shadow pass from right to left it’s Kind of a purpley color I was like well it could have been a car Outside I don’t know what’s at the end Of the hallway well now that I know What’s at the end of the hallway I know That it’s just completely blocked light Doesn’t come in through there at all so

About the second doorway that you see Down the hall about in the middle right There we’re all looking down there Because we’re hearing the noise See a shadow come out of the doorway Lean out he’s about seven feet tall Leans out and just stares at us for Three seconds three whole seconds I’m Sitting there with my camera I didn’t Even take a picture I was in shock and About five or six of us that were right Here we all saw it And it was right there it’s the very First time I ever saw a shadow right Down there So wow This hallway just looks different you Know it kind of feels Just Gotta Buy the Ceilings yeah Um one creepy thing Wow okay Amazing here’s number six right here Yeah and look at the cross on the door We Believe room seven if this is the one This would be the room that uh uh Dave Devil Dave killed himself in in this Room right here number seven okay so I Think this is weird That though it’s by six yeah and there’s A cross I mean it looks like blood yeah Okay you got some candles here some uh These candles yeah I don’t I don’t touch Them because uh whatever they were used

For I don’t want to gain any of their Energy if it’s true I don’t want to take A chance do you think these were his Candles no I think someone else placed Them there at a later date You gave the key back Absolutely [ __ ] this and just out of curiosity I Mean there’s that part of that is that Male reps group shot is screwed shut Well you can see I guess it turns it It does yes this is the room that’s Weird what the hell The actual Yeah Yeah even though it’s loose it’s still Turning it’s turning it Okay that’s interesting I’m not taking This home no there’s something with that Key there’s a reason it’s here yeah you Know yeah wow so this is worth it or Guessing was his room yes a lot of the Activity Um some of the Shadow activity a lot of Shadow activity happens directly below This roof Downstairs Okay well speak to the devil I think It’s time for the basement So one more thing I’m listening Yeah is it possible I mean why do they Say it I think it’s seven That’s kind of like uh the story that’s Been handed down since 2008 when it

Happened okay so this is you know where They believed he was just you know seven Seven yeah room seven but they were Shifted around yeah they removed Um so you really don’t know it could Possibly on the second floor possibly on This floor they moved a lot But one of the things that indicates to Me that this could have possibly been The area was the fact that a lot of Activity happens directly below us right There like a little circle of activity Yeah and I’m just kind of getting back To six again being so close to it it’s Kind of odd how it’s really just a Corner you know it’s not really like a You know separate door almost it’s Almost together yeah For energy shared exactly All right take you down in the basement Watch that first step it’s monkey Oh Jesus holy [ __ ] here careful yeah Careful of that Cheese okay I thought I went the other Way oh yeah so I was prepared for it it Won’t go far away backwards Oh that mold right there Yeah I came down here with bleach Your snap Wow so on Ghost Adventures this Bookshelf right here was actually in the Back room and this is the where the Where the um The ceiling fan was and it slid off but

Like I said it was back in the back room Back then this is where they set up There is that fan still in here no So do you feel like you came down here With bleach and have killed the mold Yeah is your thoughts you feel safe yeah I come down here a lot okay uh before I Did it man I’d come out of here coffin And stuff like that but Not So Much Anymore Yeah isn’t that disturbing what is this Just uh paper that I think maybe they Were trying to start a fire at some Point Maybe there So this isn’t from like a paranormal Team no that’s not Here Okay so we got the team has their static Cam set up This is not a real electric chair They have their Ram pot here Are you ready it’s a lot of the Shadow Activity happens right in this area we Can actually shut the lights off here in A little bit and see if you know we can Pick something up uh watch the REM pod Here This is pretty much below that room Right in here Um this is where we get a lot of the Activity inside here And my sinuses just popped Yeah

Snares from nowhere It’s always nice Now this room right here this is what They believe is the portal Um I’ve seen things come out of it Um I’ve actually seen what appeared to Be you know how the Grinch has those Long green fingers like the furry and Stuff they’re pointed I saw black ones Right here just just oh go like that and We had some other people actually see Them up here doing the same thing So this is not a This is not for people like we don’t we Try not to go in there uh there’s a baby Doll it’s missing its head we brought it For Sarah Sarah says she doesn’t like it We brought the ball for Sarah also she Doesn’t like that stuff she likes candy She brought her some candy Um but the baby’s head I got tired of Putting the head back on every week so I Just left it off I don’t even know where It’s at anymore but uh I don’t know if Somebody was doing it or if some entity Was popping the head off removing the Head of a baby doll yeah and you would Just come in and find it put it back on Put it back there and you know I just Got tired of putting it back on Sure is creepy They’re going for creepy So where would the rituals have taken

Place uh that first room that first room Um Now This room is very active this is one of My favorite rooms it’s just so much Stuff happens in here though we’ve had Guests see somebody hanging from the Neck in the corner over here and we Didn’t tell them about it and you know They’re like hey I just saw somebody Hanging from the neck over here the odd Thing was another uh Team from from Juarez actually caught it on a picture Of it and there was somebody hanging There and I was like well I don’t know Anything about that then all of a sudden Some of our the people that come into The you know into the place they’re Seeing somebody hanging there you know Uh some of the entities that are here we Have a Civil War veteran missing a leg We don’t know if he is on the south of The north We have Mexican soldier from about the 1880s based on his uniform we caught a Picture of that Didn’t understand that at all but he had Stripes right here and somebody that Could see dead people said oh there’s a Mexican Soldier here and I was like no It makes sense Sarah comes through here There’s another boy either Tommy or Johnny he comes through out here Overall they say there’s eight

Um ghosts here eight human Spirits here Um uh we don’t we haven’t made contact With all of them so it’s kind of like Some come through some don’t one of the Ones that came through recently was uh Emma and she seems to be very Cheerful lady and she comes through all The time her name’s Emma but we just Don’t know her story we don’t know if She passed away here or what But she comes through a lot now so eight Human spirits and then the one inhuman More than one more than one this is Where we saw the little thing crawl on The floor and then all of a sudden it Stood up as human size we have something Down here that shows up every once in a While it’s walking on all fours and it’s Got kind of a long neck and its head Sticking up almost like an insect but You can pause this one off Right when you’re talking about Being here Go for it turn it on That’s what we’re here for Now one of the other things that um That happened was uh I mean uh we’re Talking about that black entity that Crawls on all fours they say it has legs Like a like a like a praying mantis so They kind of stick out to the side Obviously not human we don’t think it’s Demonic we just think it’s something Else we don’t know what it is we’ve had

Things crawling on the ceiling a larger Shadow type things crawling on the Ceiling Prefer growls here people have been Scratched here Bitten pushed everything you know people Passed out you know so and it’s it’s all Based in this room right here this is This is one of the hot zones Like you were saying at the beginning This is like evil sometimes it’s evil Sometimes it’s just regular like human Energy there is also something here that Claims to be about 3 500 to 4 000 years Old uh everybody calls him Seth he Doesn’t usually talk he doesn’t talk to Us He doesn’t talk to us but um Uh the spirits tell us that he’s sort of Like a father figure to them You know so Sometimes he’s a little bit overpowering He doesn’t allow him to speak Sometimes he’s uh he lets him talk all They want What was that noise Like like Somebody’s foot shoveling Yeah That sounds like it was behind me too so That’s cool Theirs is right there no I mean a camera Like a clicking camera Um where do most people get scratched I

Thought you showed us those pictures uh Everywhere not the face but uh locations Yeah yeah I’m pretty regular Is it typically the basement only where The scratches happen so far yeah we if We haven’t had anything happen upstairs Uh it’s always been down here in the Basement that’s where all the scratches Happen down here what do you think is The scariest thing that someone’s ever Had happened to them down here Specifically like something that’s just Frightened to you uh A lot Um so I guess I guess so I don’t know how you would describe This is getting faster it’s beeping like Crazy So fear wise you got startles and you Got something that Really really scares the crap out of you So I’m standing here back over here and I’m watching this doorway And I’m seeing Shadow movement in the Doorway it’s completely dark in here but I have another light on in another part Of the basement so the store was lit up Real dim and I’m seeing almost like a Smoke I’m seeing some some black shadow Movement around it almost like a Kaleidoscope of Shadow it’s kind of Moving around me and a couple guests are

Sitting there watching it like yeah We’re seeing this we’re waiting for Something solid to form like a shadow Like a human shape or something but it’s Not so It just stops there’s no more movement But we’re sitting there watching and We’re watching all of a sudden from the Center of the doorway you just see a Shadow Move out of the doorway it had been There the whole time it was watching it So we couldn’t see it until it moved It’s kind of like that that one movie Where the aliens standing in the doorway You don’t see it all of a sudden he Moves and that’s when you see it that’s Exact and it got me that scared the crap Out of me Yeah Yeah so this is your area of your most Fearful experience Yeah yeah that’s again the right term But I don’t get scared of much but I’ve Been startled pretty well here uh during The whole lockdown I came here wasn’t Even supposed to be out you know it’s Breaking the lobby in here you know but I wanted to check and make sure there Was no damage or no you know the place Wasn’t under water or anything like that So I came in here and I was Facebook Live talking to people you know and just Kind of checking it out and everything

And as I walk out of there you know I’m Looking at the camera I’m talking There’s a little kid sitting on the Stairs right there and I saw him and as Soon as I looked at him you could see Him he’s sitting on the bottom stairs You know he’s wearing brown pants and as I I turn I turn and looked at him gone Poof gone and it just I mean I startled Me I was like oh my God there’s a kid Here So going back to your question my my Curiosity is more like if it’s fear or Being startled I mean what do you what Is kind of like the the deep down Feeling why do you think that you feel Like that so it’s like it goes back I Think it goes back to uh Sort of like your Primal uh instincts You know what don’t go in that room Because there’s a wild animal that’s Going to attack you you know like the Caveman feelings you know it goes way Deep into the recesses of the brain and You feel that there’s something really Wrong about that area that you should Not go in there because there is there Is something is going to happen to you If you do that you know just like Sticking your head into the lion’s den You know better you’re not going to do It because it’s your head’s going to get Bitten off you know and it’s the same Sort of feeling

That you know you don’t want to pass Through that doorway because there’s Something in there and you just you know It’s in there but it doesn’t happen Every time sometimes you can just walk Through that doorway And nothing’s going to happen walk into That room nothing’s going to happen but Occasionally You just know you don’t want to and it’s It’s just such a weird feeling you know But different than the fight our Flight’s feeling it’s a different Feeling than that yeah it’s it’s more of The cautionary feeling it’s more of a You’re feeling That you better use caution on this one Don’t do it don’t be stupid don’t do it You know that’s what it is you know but You do it anyway Wow so you say at the end of the day This building is definitely haunted oh Yeah I have no doubt about it Well I think we’re good on the interview We got like An hour an hour and a half Foreign Welcome to the Paranormal Files today we Are at the DeSoto Hotel here in El Paso Texas this is seriously historic moment For our show not only is this building Known as one of the most haunted spots

In the entire state of Texas but it’s Also been on my top to-do list for the Entire time that I’ve lived in Texas I’ve never even seen the building Intel Today and actually being here and giving This access is just Hard to believe that you know it’s just A treat but we’ve already gone we’ve Conducted the interview we’ve talked to Everybody we’ve felt out the building And now it’s that time of the night I’m Going to introduce our boy who’s going To be joining us you guys probably Recognize How’s it going guys Johnny Barbosa here uh welcome to El Paso man thanks for having us what a Journey yeah Um excited for you guys to be here I’ve Never been in the DeSoto Hotel this is The first time that I’m going to go Through these doors with you guys I’ve Lived here all my life past here as I Was a kid never gone in here I’ve only Gone in through the basement of the next Door building but never experienced the The Soto at all I don’t know what to Expect I don’t know if it’s like a Yorktown Feeling is it a Conjuring house feeling What what should we expect We’re beyond that like we were just Saying it just feels kind of dark it’s Dark in there especially some areas it’s

Just it feels like there’s something Yeah waiting for us I felt like people Just Energy’s right in there but behind The camera we have Everyone knows Papa’s poop yo yo what’s Up Are you excited yeah yeah I’m very Excited you know um like you said it’s Been on our bucket list for a long time And uh thinking about what it feels like Up there I think Leon who’s over here Gracious to give us a I think the fourth floor like we were Feeling that uh how you get that creepy Feeling I got that and then the lowest Level the basement uh where a lot of the Satanic I guess rituals took place I Think that’s really going to be active I Think so and I think you guys have a Camera two cameras get turned off they Were filming the other crew before us Right and that happened just before We’re going to start so I think we’re Gonna find some stuff I think so Yeah without further Ado let’s do it It’s time to go in How are you man oh Hit the grand entrance thank you Well awesome All right thanks so much good luck yes Any final words for us Don’t pray don’t pray don’t pray You say don’t pray don’t pray it’ll Agitate it yeah oh really yeah it’s

Expecting our father or something like That it separates the uh the good from The bed oh wow it draws out the bed so We know it’s there interesting just a Technique I’ve never yeah I’ve never Heard of that that was a very kind of Ominous when I saw you do it I saw a Video where you were doing it and that Freaked me out man it’s giving me chills Right now I don’t think I would want to Be there I’ve never experienced Something like that it draws it out what Close the door and then I’ll look out When we’re leaving Leon be walking the Holy this hopes will appear I’ll be Trotting down full gate with curled Horns and stuff Jesus [Laughter] Oh my goodness man okay all right So to start tonight’s investigation out We’re here in the basement we’ve got Let’s show everybody over here we’ve got One set of cameras set up right here With the laser grid And a cat ball down here of a power pack So nothing can drain it cat Ball Chemical motion sensing and step through Here Foreign The main room in the basement where Ghost Adventures had the fan move off

The table because they had that happen Allegedly we’ve set up a motion camera Right here or a static camera I should Say power pack again we have got a voice Recorder right here I actually took this ball from the Portal over there and brought it to see If it would stir anything up we’ve got a Cat ball maybe you could throw this Thing off the table There’s a box of crayons I put a put a Light Up here and uh yeah I was just looking At this coloring book and that’s kind of Creepy isn’t that you want to get a shot Of this I left it open to this page It says chaos pentagram and then regular Cross-ups head on Cross So I don’t know if someone did a mini Ritual or what the hell that is So as you can see we’ve got the basement Pretty well covered at this point we’ve Done We’ve got this room two angles This room the next shadow room Technically with an angle You can see This is like come over here This is like some [ __ ] from a movie Where you’re like yeah it’s right put it In your chat there you go Yeah we got a sniper out there It’s kind of tricky don’t actually

Honestly don’t look into the laser Itself you could burn your retina Oh [ __ ] of course I didn’t do that Okay So We’re gonna start this out if you Remember this is where devil Dave Performed his rituals down here Where the blood the feces was smeared on The walls he had scrawled all these Sigils and everything he supposedly Summoned these evil beings evil demons Some people would say and then Tragically devil Dave the guy who did All that killed himself here in the same Hotel maybe completing a ritual maybe Driven Man by what had happened or maybe Just dealing with severe mental health Issues either way a tragic story Um But to start this off We’re going to break all the rules of The Ouija board just to get this thing To come out You’re never supposed to do a Ouija Board alone you’re never supposed to Leave a portal open and you’re never Supposed to take your hands off of a Ouija board or the planchette and I’m Going to do all three of those so uh You ready you guys ready You ready Jesus you guys don’t seem fair Right well okay get ready for the Roasting okay yeah this goes out to all

Of you people online who love Ouija Boards I know some people are going to Really love that I’m doing this I’m calling all right now To whoever the evil spirits are I’m calling out to anyone who may have Died from an overdose anyone who died in Their sleep I’m calling out some murder Victims people who took their own lives And are calling out to the demons the Devils the big human Spirits the ancient Spirits those who like to hurt people Especially I’m calling out to you if you Like to hurt people I’m opening up this Portal I’m opening up my body I’m Opening up my mind Please come through tonight and speak With us especially if you’re a demon I’m Going to leave this portal open I’m going to take my hands off the board Especially if you were summoned through This pentagram but still here to this Day Come out let’s talk okay And he said don’t pray so I’m also going To pray real quick just to see if this Thing is pissed off and follows us Around I heard you like prayers whoever you are Maybe if you’re over here Our Father who art in heaven Hallowed be Thy name thy kingdom come thy will be Done oh [ __ ] that’s me Hotels

On Earth as is in heaven Give us today our daily bread as we Forgive those Who trespass against us Deliver me from the sin of Temptation They’re getting mad at you because you Can’t say the prayer correctly You want me to say it The power the glory forever and ever Amen Are you saying now but serious Our Father who art in heaven Hallowed be Our name thy kingdom come thy will be Down on Earth this is in heaven give us This day our daily bread and forgive us Our trespasses that we forgive those who Trespass and confess I mean no say it say it nice and slow And initiated Our Father who art in heaven Hallowed be Thy name thy kingdom come thy will be Done on Earth as it is in heaven give us This day our daily bread for I know what I can’t say it It’s like I gotta say it fast How do we both make it you kind of Forget what let me do it uh how about uh Hail Mary full of grace the Lord is It you know I think kind of like saying The prayer a broken prayer maybe is Where you leave it I was saying the Hail Mary again Hail Mary Hail Mary full of grace Lords With the blessed art thou from you know

I can’t even remember prayers now dude It’s like got me confused here I can’t remember one prayer okay Our Father who art in heaven Hallowed be thy Name thy kingdom come thy will be done On Earth as it is in heaven bring us to Stay our daily bread and forgive us I I said those a million zillion times Going to parochial school do you know a Prayer I don’t know dang I wouldn’t know where to start glory Be to the Father and Son of the holy Spirit for thine is the king of the Power and the glory Totally mixed up on my prayers I apologize again I apologize For not knowing my prayers sorry people Here yeah I really gosh it’s crazy I’m Kind of like my mind’s kind of here let Google the the main prayer the our Fatherhood yeah I know that’s all Readers Our Father who art in heaven Hallowed be Thy name thy kingdom come thy will be Done on Earth as it is in heaven give us This day our daily bread and forgive us Our trespasses as we forgive those who Trespass against us lead us not into Temptation but Deliver Us from Evil for Thine is the kingdom the power and the Glory forever and ever am amen Wow Now let’s say it backwards yeah

Okay Deliver Us from Evil for divine the Kingdoms the power of the Lord forever And ever Jesus Christ There was a thought yeah it was right oh Dude that was a that was a 100 there’s There’s still here let’s okay just just Let’s let’s get up you know we should Have had something with us how about Grabbing this is this a metal bar well There is a way to break in this place I’m very glad you’re here Hello Foreign If there’s somebody that broke in we Have the legal right to be in here right Now we have permission from the property Owners and are conducting a film shoot Permitted by the city I mean but we did reset the Lord’s Prayer and there that’s when I found out That’s crazy that was immediately I mean It happened right after we finish it the First time that all three of us actually Said the whole thing you know what I Mean Because we couldn’t even finish it and Then the time that we got it right You’re gonna take a piece of PVC pipe Okay I think we’re gonna be good to go Should we get up to the fourth floor Yeah

We’re gonna have to just get we have to Go up Oh Jesus Oh yes be careful [ __ ] Oh man This is right where the noise came from Right above us Yeah I don’t want to put my backs which I Need to face that yeah Go ahead is there somebody in here okay Let’s just open it Is there somebody in here Can you have a look Boy this is this is big in here guys I’m gonna beat the [ __ ] out of you if You’re in here I think we’re good That’s freaky man Slack strangely enough from that side of The door Should we grab our things yeah How about we go to the fourth floor So What do you all want to bring Stick box I think we should go out on the fourth Floor like he said and sit quietly REM Pod music box voice recorder and Some cat balls maybe the obelisk Can we stop foaming for a second and you Both said you’re smelling a bad odor Yeah it’s actually right here

Now if you remember when Ghost Adventures was here before Zach went Down yeah he had that odor that foul Odor right here really yeah yeah I’ve Only seen that episode once and back When it aired yeah I’ve not even seen That episode I don’t watch Ghost Adventures Well it’s kind of real like um Savage You said well no I don’t mean that in a Bad way I just still oh yeah when you Make a little bit I should say So they smelled Right there there’s a file order right Here okay before you went down so that’s Interesting Definitely the odor just hit me Turn it upstairs let’s go I don’t remember that that day Hello Hello Foreign But we have legal permission to be in This building and if you’re in here you Do not you can either come out now or we Will call the police there’s three of us We’re big and we’ll kick your ass if you Try to pull any moves Spelling it just has me on edge man Are those toenails on the ground You can see this thing either it’s weird Yeah we’ve barely been in here but it’s Already just Freaky in here man I can’t remember the

Last time I was like this on edge doing This stuff One Okay I’m gone well we have to go for Four Maybe This leg’s on what this one right here Okay it’s open this is open are you Serious yep Is that door Shield what Dude anyone could just come in here okay Hold on oh I guess not if that bed Bolt’s on though is that on Johnny okay Now it’s locked it was open But I pushed it and it opened now it’s Locked okay on camera hello Oh Jesus my bad sorry about that All these doors are freaking out yeah I’m like really freaked This light was definitely off I’m concerned that One’s locked someone might if they have A key yeah yes this one’s open Okay The only key I found on the stairs is Number six and that’s what’s open This is Why you finally go up let’s go up Foreign This is where this figure made was this Door like that Dude hello Is there somebody back there Well

I don’t want to run into like someone Slap me across that one bar or something You know Stinky smelly It does stinky yeah Stinky smelly Smell like Crush Foreign What are those What Happened What the [ __ ] Those are dusty They’re called Oh my God my light just died really yeah Did I cut myself oh my God yeah are you Okay is it bleeding yeah [ __ ] look here Here look where’d you cut your head look Up look not don’t touch it look can you See it on here What happened man To lean your head forward a little bit Cut myself on glass On a window are you okay Okay let me see it That’s a pretty Do you have anything Let me take a well I’ll put this on the Episode Something really doesn’t want us to be Here dude look at that Never seen an injury like that on a Ghost fun

Sorry that happened dude no that was my Fault I should have I was peeking The windows open but over here That’s the one night this that one this One yeah I peeked out to look down Dude that’s brutal man at least it’s not Like Rusty You know well Superficials so yeah that’s good well we Still needed blood on this WOW there you Go blood ritual now right oh Place is just so creepy man Feel like someone’s put a sealed up the Perfect Bad smells Fourth floor To my light Hello This is where all the energy is at Right here Check that other hallway real quick There’s a creek You know what’s really weird Earlier we saw a light on in here but Yeah we haven’t found one Did you hear that Okay go over here Most people Dude this is the fourth floor Outside What were those freaking voices What What You heard me

You just jumped like a [ __ ] rabbit Is there somebody in here Why’d you just drive because I thought There was you literally went like that There’s something Literally Those are voices I mean okay we’re on The fourth floor let’s check that door Too this is the back of the hotel There were four stories yeah that Sounded like it was coming from Okay so Yeah so this is locked Is there somebody out here Am I still bleeding yeah really no I Think you’re it’s true okay that’s good Okay uh Weirdly the there’s like a High EMF level in here Fluctuating Even though this is a hotel that’s been Closed down For decades Or a decade about a while Ocean ball Interesting What the hell My camera just started to die as well No [ __ ] way no [ __ ] way that thing Moved dude that’s what I was just Thinking too oh No [ __ ] way no [ __ ] way that thing Moved dude that’s what I was just Thinking too

Oh my God this meter is going crazy too At the same time look it will not stop Yeah But this it will not focus I’ve never seen it go off like that dude That’s crazy Oh And it will not Focus I’m gonna lose my Goddamn mind The thing is horrific Ed as I can Oh oh I have never talked to us oh my god dude That is crazy I’ve never seen that one time Okay and look at the dude the the uh K2 Is flipping out too Okay if you come out to talk to us say Something or bang on a door Show us yourself You’re Gonna Show Yourself You like that ball huh Okay I don’t get it I’ve never Every since I’ve been doing this never Was I ever No Look at that Ball’s going off look at That oh oh okay show yourself Can you step out of the doorway Foreign Okay to anybody here at the DeSoto Hotel My name is Colin I’m here with Johnny I’m Jeff Everybody behind us

Anybody here at the DeSoto Hotel whether You died here you were murdered here you Lived here You died accidentally or if you’re the Demon oh my God that thing that’s red All of a sudden We already have been making contact with You and we want to talk to you tonight So Can you give us a sign that you’re in Here can you Move I can’t shoot that way because I Can’t Can you move something or bang on Something to let us know where you are In the building Foreign If you’re right here with the ball and You kind of step out This will let me see you if you just Show yourself We’re not here to hurt you we’re just Here to talk to you Something I think we’ve got to train Them all She’s so weird that both motion balls Look at that Something like it right there Okay I’m going to come closer to you Then I guess Oh there’s just oh there’s just a figure Come on you got to show yourself to us And remember everybody online we are the Only three people in this entire

Building this is an entire Hotel I’m Sorry I’m sorry this is an entire Hotel Um oh my God the motion light the motion Light right in front of you oh I’m Recording right straight up so okay I’m Just standing here Okay dude it didn’t want you to take That ball away yeah right when you took Away the ball for the first time it went Off and you weren’t moving there you Know okay Manny chills right now okay I’m gonna set this back in the door well Yeah okay turn on So the right calls Okay right where it was Okay but to finish what I was saying We’re the only three people here this is A massive building we’re on the fourth Floor but there are technically five Floors in the DeSoto Hotel including the Basement which is where we’re going to End tonight You coming over here Show yourself We’re not here to harm you Sure Foreign It’s like don’t come here Are you down there at the end of this Hall Can you tell me Where we are right now

What oh oh oh Yeah It’s kind of like come back here throw Your mat yeah now that was the first Time we’ve all three left that area Oh my god oh look at dude too yellow too Can you show yourself A Oh oh I come over by Johnny Hold his hand stand on his head I’m gonna step back a little bit oh How did you die I’m not even moving To whoever’s in the DeSoto Hotel we’re Trying to communicate with you but we Need to hear something from you you need To show yourself you’ve been doing a Good job but we need more You see the ball right in front of me You’re having your stick figures kind of Like going kind of wonky My yeah Did you die in here Yes Are you trying to tell us something Hell you seriously never have we haven’t Seen this thing go off In like a long time okay so that uh Ball down there Yeah That’s not going off anymore We’re here okay so I mean I think that Shows it’s not like a defective ball Wouldn’t you agree

Yeah those balls work Okay Fight history Fight history him catch Daddy Fight history him catch daddy those are Like cop words like remember he said how Many fights were up here and he reported Are you in one of these rooms In here Yellow’s gone off as well What is February it’s January oh [ __ ] Yeah you’re getting married in February You like when I walk in here What happened here Light It Up Haze if you want to play with it holy Do you like it when I come into this Room Okay I think what’s interesting yeah There’s that ball down there has not Gone off since you’re moving it has it So I’m going to turn I’m going to put Some more centralized here I mean that’s What I mean though you know right if you Had a ball that was defective oh of Course it just debunks that that’s what I’m getting that hasn’t gone off once I wonder if we don’t bring it back What do you think or no what do you want Me to do just well I wonder if it would Go off again here let’s bring it back I Think let’s try it That’s just you

Okay if you like that ball over here Johnny’s going to bring it back and put It back you can play with it more maybe It’s um is it Sarah or what was the Young girl I believe it was I think it was Sarah Yeah it might be maybe it’s Sarah But we’re gonna see if it If you like to go off there for some Reason So I just I’m using the The draw function like I did at the Clown motel and you can see it’s Supposed to just be A A blue photo but there’s energy that’s Picking up in the air Drawing something with it It’s very odd how you can see these bars Coming through like fluctuating Are you in here is there somebody with Us in this building Oh look at this Look at how colorful that is all of a Sudden It’s like is it Frozen That’s what it’s supposed to look like For people on the line it’s supposed to Be this blue Slate not the colors Do you like to stay here Or are you trapped here oh look at the Picture Do you choose to stay here

Are you a good spirit Do you like to hurt people Uh if it’s interesting that Paul doesn’t Even go off when he’s walking oh now you Kicked it Um What do you want what do you want from Us and we can do one thing for you Are you an adult or a child Did you want Johnny to hurt herself What do you want Just you Can you say that one more time more Clearly what do you want You can tell us what you want we’re Listening Foreign Well our battery’s gonna die so I guess We have to go back to the First floor Okay everybody so we’ve finished up up Here on the fourth floor of the DeSoto We wish we had more time to do every Floor but seeing as we’re chasing down The real hot points of activity here we Finished up up here we’re gonna pass by The third floor we’re gonna stop by Somewhere on the first floor and then We’re gonna head down to the basement so Yeah we got all of our stuff packed What are your thoughts right now so far Well I think we had definitely a Vibe Going up here and I think I left Yeah or there’s a little residual left

Or they’re sick of us actually is the Other possibility right you know What do you think Yeah I think uh they had a little bit of Fun with us in the beginning with the With the light balls and the uh the REM Pod Um But then it quiet got quiet for a bit so I think it’s kind of moving down Now you did mention Jeff that the stick Figure that was mapping me was kind of Shooting down yeah we didn’t get that on Camera but yeah initially when it was Active your stick figure came off your Body and laid on the ground wow but we Didn’t have film okay yeah and then it Popped up and it went back into your Body really interesting yeah I don’t Know what that means but me either I Don’t think I’ve ever seen that Well okay without further Ado yeah Dave’s yep does he make good barbecue we Got Dave’s uh Famous Dave’s out of here Yeah Is uh what’s his name again After this I need a leg massage This instruction yeah yeah it literally Went hardcore you know This is our tempered glass you know That’s why this doesn’t You know it shows that someone was Really violent jeez yeah no doubt

What is the deal with all these cheese Hello So right here is actually the room where Allegedly devil Dave lived they don’t Know if this is precisely his room but This is where it’s thought that he lived Because what what geez I’m sorry oh my God dude I’m sorry I I I I I moved the Light and looked like the door opened Did it and you know how the shadow of The door that was [ __ ] crazy You’d have to literally see this it Looks like the door opens which ones Seven oh there’s a second thank you for Look at watch this what’s with those Like this see the shadow like that okay I don’t know if it’s dark inside okay oh [ __ ] that’s how jumpy you get on some of These places Let’s confirm that this guy Dave was the One who smeared blood and feces all over Uh the wall he painted a pentagram he Sat sacrificed animals in the basement Conjured a number of different demons And then eventually he smeared his own Blood and feces on the walls of his Apartment and then took his own life in The building so Once again that is very dark but I’ve Got this Voice recorder I’m just going to walk Around on this floor and we’re going to Show you this uncut

So Rolling Dave Are you in here Can you tell me Who You Are Did you try to conjure something in here Do these crosses piss you off Are you out here in the hallway I swear to what we’re talking about Devil Dave we find This creepy Jesus Thing Isaiah 65 1 revealed myself those who Did Not ask for me I was found by those who Did not seek me To a nation that did not call on my name I said here am I here am I See Oh that’s a Like a multiple showers Look at that Dude there’s like Multiple showers there Oh look at It what the heck is this like a Shared bathrooms do you believe in the Devil Do you want to hurt one of us Foreign Would you kill one of us For a sacrifice Okay So we’re gonna head down now to the Basement finally

It’s time to confront the Demon’s head On so all right I’ll take this from you Grab our stuff and go Okay so we’re heading down to the Basement we’re wearing these Max masks Because the black mold Johnny’s got his Jessica his I’ve got mine as well but This is the demon The demon basement oh Jesus Foreign All right so we’re now in the basement Of the DeSoto we’ve got the REM pod set Up we got a bunch of cat balls set up we Got the motion sensing lights we are Going to we’re going to do a voice Recorder session we’re going to do an Obvious session we’re gonna do a Spirit Box so Oh [ __ ] there goes immersion mic right Then right then by the portal And that I mean none of us are even over There even close Let’s get warmed up If you’re in that portal room Come on out where the hell’s the demon If the demons in here Come out Do you remember Dave It is Eerie down here Don’t you think yeah Let me just ask the question Once again we’ve come a long ways and All we’re doing is trying to communicate

With you Again we’re not looking to harm anybody No I don’t want to get harmed I just want to you know make sure that Someone acknowledges that you’re here So if you can show yourself on this Device I’m showing or Make some noises Some sounds All right this is the portal Is this a portal to hell or not Where the [ __ ] this demon If there is a demon in here that likes To bite scratch attack people you’re Kind of a wimp and you’re not very scary Because the motion light Come on Where the [ __ ] are you Oh look at the motion light just went Off facing the inside Uh have a figure come on briefly You might want to try to interact a Little bit About I’m going to step inside Is there is there somebody in here Do you not want me in here Dude There’s still Hold up There’s A lot there’s burnt out candles in here Uh liquor Candy

Oh it’s getting cold in here All alone in the portal to hell Just another Tuesday Come on Why don’t you cry You know like that I’m in here There’s just like a really weird and Mist The South Mountain eyes right behind me Okay I’m gonna come I’m gonna come out Oh the moment I stepped out okay you go Ahead and the moment I stepped the Moment I stepped out this thing goes off How do you feel in there Pretty good I started to get kind of creeped out After being in there for like a couple Minutes Just a weird feeling All right y’all so we’re going to do a Spirit Box now down here if you don’t Know the Spirit Box is a device which Rapidly scans through radio channels and Frequencies Spirits are said to be able To project their voice over radio Frequencies that we can’t hear with our Own human ears so Yeah let’s do it hopefully this demon Will come out to chat With us can you say hello Can you say hi hello That light just died Right right when we started this Spirit Box session this light died over here

Your big light The moment that I started I noticed that Too Yeah that’s supposed to be on for like Nine hours Did you just kill our light Can you say one of our names if you know Them Who are you Over there Are you coming out of that portal Do you believe in God [Applause] It’s a little a little one Can you move on the table for us Oh It’s growing dude come on it’s getting Oh there goes the motion light again Okay you got a figure yeah right here Oh right here Can you get off the table or get on the Chair or whatever that is Yeah It’s like trying to get down can you get Down If that’s you right there what’s your Name Yeah exactly Come down Are you Sarah Oh

It’s not Sarah Where’d you go Tell me are you evil Did you want to show yourself again Can you make a noise Thank you And I have my recorder going as well Over there yet so talk and say something To us Thank you Where are you in here Whoa whoa whoa whoa Whoa I don’t know in the motion what was That that was glass behind you dude Okay Did it sound like glass yes I heard something Shuffling yeah Okay what the [ __ ] is first of all what The [ __ ] was that noise do you see Anything over here that could have moved I don’t have a flashlight or a phone Do you have your phone Was this here before This is a light bulb really uh This is the top of a light bulb Exactly I don’t remember this being here Either I don’t remember that being there That’s too big that’s scary if that Actually happens if this thing actually Moved that’s like That could be really dangerous Right Yeah I couldn’t tell it just scared the

Hell out of me weird that the REM pod And the motion light too That’s my uh oh Dude this is kind of scary if if this Thing actually like fell Imagine that thing coming it Oh my God So what happens if you just drop it a Little bit about your Shadow freaked me Out right there You got cut Part yeah it didn’t sound like that It’s kind of hard all over the place Hello is right here so If you’re the demon that moved Of fan in here Can’t you move something of ours What’s your name There’s something behind you did you die In this building Table Right kind of weird dude On here you lose your stuff I’m not Going to lose mine You realize none of us have left this Room It’s right there It’s on the table buddy the van is on The table I’m gonna try again Where were you born Can you tell us something about yourself

Do you want to hurt people Skips Got some bad energy down here You’re acting really weird dude I’m Gonna tell you I think you’re getting affected by Something I mean like Kind of weird Like prissy almost Like look at you you’re just standing Over there what’s wrong not really Standing doing anything I’m just I don’t Know I just I feel a little okay I guess A little mad or something Three or something Why A lot of energy down here It’s like a bad energy down here Like I’m just starting to feel it I asked you some questions asked it to Do stuff Are you here to challenge me What’s your deal You feel like you want to scratch me you Can You think you can go ahead I feel like alcoholic didn’t over Energized or something That’s the right turn Yeah you’re acting really strange well You look strange you look weird on Camera And I’m saying that this just isn’t like

You The [ __ ] is this a weird tone Are you affecting Jeff my dad [Applause] Come on I feel like sick and like dizzy Like I could throw up Oh right when you lifted your hand Oh What yeah I just I just don’t feel good Here like This I all of a sudden feel really Sick of my stomach Just not good at all Over the top of it yeah Oh My God Oh my God I started to feel kind of sick dude I Can barely breathe out of my nose down Here Can you hear that Foreign Are you using a voice recorder Jeff Why are you trying to make us angry You hold more power over on us A goalie or anything to us Tell us what you want us to do Where the [ __ ] are you We’ve heard you running upstairs And just get out here Our Father who art in heaven Hallowed be

Thy name thy kingdom come thy will be Done on Earth as is in heaven give us This day our daily bread as we forgive Those who trespass against us Deliver Us From Evil for the good the power of the Glory forever and ever amen Do you [ __ ] hate prayers I’ll respond Shut up stop that It’s literally it’s making me mad Look at his nose is pissing us oh there Goes the motion line Stop making the noise What the hell my infrared light died Right when I zoomed in on you What the hell it’s back on what the [ __ ] It turned back on Seriously You know I was just thinking a couple Seconds ago Jeff I would love to just shove you against The wall right now Oh it kind of pissing me off The [ __ ] infrared light died again on Me this time I don’t know I just feel really back on On you You’re so [ __ ] just mad I feel really angry You wouldn’t shut the [ __ ] up earlier What do you think about that Step forward and say something If you’re all powerful say something Foreign

I feel like I’m ready to go Yeah I think we should leave well at Least not I’m feeling like not really Good It defeats off of that That’s what I want okay guys so we’re Gonna pack up our stuffable We’ll discuss all of our thoughts about Tonight and as well as some of our Uh Um As well as share Some evidence that we’ve gathered but For now we’re gonna pack our [ __ ] up and Leave this place Holy [ __ ] you can literally see how much The energy of the basement of the DeSoto Affected Jeff and I from looking at that Footage you weren’t even there you Didn’t experience it you didn’t feel the Hatred the darkness I felt inside There really is something evil in the Basement of that damn building and I Don’t know maybe we will be the last People to ever investigate the DeSoto And in that case it’s a good thing I Don’t want this energy to be placed on Anybody I wouldn’t wish that feeling on Anyone and I don’t know to this day if I Believe in demons or not but what I do Believe in are ghosts so everybody Thanks for watching we’ll see you next Week and as always stay spooky


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