Close Encounter with the TR3B

By | January 7, 2022
Close Encounter with the TR3B

Good evening folks and welcome to alien Addict on this fine and Triangular evening And uh guys There’s nothing more That it that makes the hairs Stand on edge of my arms than triangular Black craft So without further ado let me introduce My guest Cat Welcome To the show my friend Hi ollie how are you how are you doing We’ve just this is the first time i’ve Met you Yes right now we we we didn’t speak for 15 minutes before no no no no no no no Of course With that industrial fan of yours that Was blasting out Oh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah I thought it was a jet engine so yeah So Before we start what You’re in the states i think i’m in the States i live in chicago Beautiful is that is that is that the Windy city they is that what they call It Yes it’s very windy and very cold right Now Right yeah you’ve not seen cold Until you come to the uk

Oh no we’re having arctic winds right Now oh okay you you step outside your Breath is taken away Have you have you seen those those Places where you actually step outside With a glass of boiling hot water you Choke the boiling hot water you could You could do that right now really yeah It’s it’s i don’t know what it would be In celsius but it’s Uh the last i looked at was uh 14 Degrees I feel so bad for telling you to turn That fan off oh no it’s not a problem at All it’s it’s it’s cozy in here it’s Just uh i know it’s loud That’s okay though well well i could say That actually I i’m ready anyway so it’s yeah [Laughter] But they usually last about an hour and A bit depending that’s okay um we’re Good Yeah So Before We go into this your experience with With i called it a tr freebie a little Bit that’s okay that’s okay That’s what people call the flat Triangle you know um Did this all start for you the uh have You had paranormal stuff Anything in the past

My life has been full of paranormal Um experiences What makes this unique is there was Nothing paranormal about this Okay and uh so yes i’ve had paranormal Experiences since i’ve been a child Starting at about being open Oh yeah yeah definitely open yeah Um So We’ll come to that because actually i do Wanna i wanna go straight in Balls deep with this right now okay all Right So how how long ago is this Um it was 20 years ago Okay and this is and this is the first Time i’ve talked about it publicly Is on your Show That That makes me feel proud Well you made it feel safe to be able to Tell you Um I’ve seen you on a couple of other shows And you talked about really being Interested in other people’s experiences And It’d be in 2021 You know i had recently kind of realized That it had been 20 years So Were you about 25

All right Now i’m 60 now so you can do the math I i thought you were 50. I’m laying there i’m laying there you Know what The check might get held up in the mail But it’s coming So this is so this is 20 years ago and Yeah How old back then 40 40 same age as me well i’m 41 now yeah Come on gives you then Okay Um well the back story was the fact that My daughter had gone we lived in telequa Oklahoma Which i can proudly say is the capital Of cherokee nation And i was raising my kids there Um my daughter had a a friend who had Recently moved to uh canyon city Colorado And so she went to stay with them for a Couple weeks And so Uh my then boyfriend And i decided we were going to drive to Go pick her up So Um It’s about an 11 12 hour drive um so i’d Say about halfway through so i was Thinking it was the Panhandle but they got we were in kansas

Just above the panhandle going into Colorado And I saw what i thought was a ball field Now You might not know but in the u.s a lot Of Um Counties towns city you know small Cities will have their ball fields like Out Away from the actual town so they’ll be Kind of in the um the rural more rural Area Um and Uh what time was this This was probably around two or three O’clock in the morning Okay And i remember as we were driving i was Thinking to myself it was really odd That they had left the lights on at the Ball field because generally they will Turn them off after the games are done And so we drove a little bit more and as We got closer i realized This isn’t a ball field And Um i Asked my my boyfriend i was like do you See that and he’s like yeah i said That’s really odd and as we’re passing It we saw it And so we stopped i pulled over right

Away i was like what the hell is that And his mind went straight to ufo it’s a Ufo it’s a ufo it’s ufo so let’s get out Look at it i’ve never seen anything like That And so I we got out and To our right Hovering Above two crop fields Was a uh black Pure black triangle Um with three lights And it was just hovering Um And he kept saying to ufo How close are you guys to this Like where was the where was i i’m so I’m so it’s so bad so we were on the Highway And there was one crop field which i Have no idea maybe 100 yards And then another crop field would have Been like 200 yards and it was somewhere In between those two So i was that close And would you say that this was directly Above these crop fields it was it was Directly above the crop fields yes Do can we have an idea of size Well i mean if you think about the size Of a Baseball field you know um

Uh Are you familiar with uh ball fields Like You know you know what a uh probably a Major league Field looks well does it’s a little bit Smaller than that Um but it definitely was the size of A field um I think i wrote down the stats somewhere Do you want me to get that for and read That That’s All right so it was that large it was it Was very large Um And It was Solid black i couldn’t see any type of Like cockpit Um i couldn’t see any kind of engine Um it was the three lights but you could See the mass the mat it was it looked Like it would be That that probably people Could walk You know from corner to corner in it and Back It it looked it didn’t look like Something where people would just be Sitting in It was it was very massive And it the thing that was Especially weird about it

Is it had no sound Zero sound to it Um it was a It was in july Um into july And so and the skies were beautiful and Clear And It was just As quiet as could be and there the thing Was is there really weren’t any other Cars that were that that came up while We were pulled over there were no other Cars so it was very quiet Well it was two was it two in the Morning yeah Not many people at that time Well i mean you know you have truck Drivers and stuff but you know um But i i didn’t i did notice that there There was no traffic And One of the things that that i said to um My boyfriend was Look look at how clear the sky is There’s there’s there’s no air traffic I’ll bet you this is military Now i come from a very blue collar People in the military people in the Police force type of you know Environment So my mind went straight to it’s got to Be military I think it only been maybe eight or ten

Years since since they had uh Exposed about the the stealth bomber And that had been kept secret for a long Time So i’m thinking well this is some new Technology that the military has it’s The only thing that makes sense i’m a Very logical person i don’t jump to Conclusions Um you were asking me about my Paranormal experience even in that People will call on me and ask me Questions or have me check something out Because i’m a very logical person and i Will find out if it’s a pipe bouncing or You know the floors are creaking or So I just went straight to the logic that This doesn’t make sense to me In any realm But it has to be military And he kept saying it was a ufo and i Said i’ll tell you what First gas station we pull over i’m sorry That’s my dog trying to get my attention Um First gas station we That we can pull over to Um we’ll pop in and we’ll ask them if Anything’s been cited in the area and I’ll bet you it was military So We fought we stayed there probably a Good 15 minutes

And We Went ahead and we pulled it was probably A couple miles and we pulled into this Gas station Just can’t just revise Sure absolutely So I i i’ve read the email but What i did want to ask on the back of That is okay how long how long were you There for look at this about 15 minutes Did it go No it just stayed it didn’t do anything So when you When you got both got in your car it was Still there it was still there There was nothing else to do you know my Mind thought was the fact that If this was military and i went down to Explore it and i’ve lived in the country So going through the fields at night Would’ve been no big deal But if if it was military i mean i don’t Know if that all of a sudden i’m gonna Get arrested or you know think about Area 52 even i mean you know you can’t Get anywhere near that base So i’m thinking well i don’t know what They’re doing up there they’re sleeping Or Or what they’re doing and why it’s still But My thought was the fact that i did not

Want to Disturb them Thinking they’re human Still might be i don’t know Um I i think that if i could go back in a Time machine I’d be under that thing It would probably be a whole different Story about abduction but [Laughter] Because i would be exploring it more but Then i just you know i used Rationalization That Did your ex ones ago Oh no he wanted to get out of there He was scared to death Oh okay Yeah oh no he was he was he was Terrified And that’s why i kind of pacified him And said you know what we’ll just stop At the next gas station Now that’s where the story gets a little Bizarre So we stop at the gas station and we go In And it looks like we are somewhere in New mexico like we’re in rachel new Mexico there is ufo stuff All over the place And there is a man and a woman a woman Behind the counter and a man talking to

Her And i said so All this ufo stuff say a lot of people See aliens and stuff and they were like They laughed and i said well we just saw Something they said oh really what did You see and so i told him And uh we kind of laughed and i said is There a military baseball and she said Well i think there is but i’m not sure She says but other people have seen it What you’re saying that you saw but they Didn’t see it still they saw it flying And i said You you convinced that this was military I was convinced it was military At the time This is 20 years ago people 20 years ago Right exactly convinced it was military And um I i bought him this i bought my Boyfriend this little card that was like An id card said something about being Abducted by aliens type of thing he was A joke And so we left and the man as we’re Leaving the man asked well what Direction was it i said i pointed him in The direction we have we came And Uh he left was leaving just as we were Leaving So i think he was going to see if he Could see it i don’t know

It was is my you know My thoughts So he When you told him the story he just got He well he followed us out he didn’t Just just run out and jump in his truck Yeah he followed us out I didn’t think he wanted to be as Obvious as running out and you know Chasing You know aliens or spacecraft What was the pictures in What were the the pictures of When you said ufos and alien stuff were There oh this was this was a store this Was a store like a little like uh county Store little you know like you see in The movies And uh Yeah and so it was just like oh you know Signs and dolls and bobble heads and It just kind of like pair you know stuff That you would just buy as a souvenir Right I’m just wondering if there was any Triangles Nasty no i don’t think so and you know That’s the other thing is i was not Familiar with the triangular craft That people are so familiar with now Um You know i i was under the assumption That the most of these crafts were Circular

That was the other thing that put me off From it being you know alien if it had Been circular i probably would have been More apt to say yeah it’s it’s a ufo Because we don’t we don’t We don’t fly circular crafts Just quickly before you carry on with The comments and i did want to ask you This cat because somebody has just asked Um Here um What color Were the lights They were solid and they were and they Were white They they look like the lights coming Off of Uh street lights uh ball field lights That’s what they look like Was there any reflection on the craft of The lights No And and you see three lights Three lights Anything in the middle No It was a solid mess So so you see so you’re in this garage And You’re just about to leave the garage So so so you when you leave this garage Um How did how did that go down with it With you with your boyfriend and why

Have you Oh i i’m relentless when it comes to Teasing and so yeah i teased him for a Long time Um Yeah i and i did tell people when we got To colorado what we saw And they were all like oh yeah you’re a Cook cat you’ve always been a cook So See When you told your friends about this Experience with Did they believe you Um You know funny enough even though they They would they they would tease me and Call you know i call me cookie or weird Or something Um Yeah they believed me that we saw Something And have you had anything since After that experience no I would Periodically like look online And um that’s why i became more familiar You know as You know in the last 20 years i mean we Didn’t well you know let’s go back to The fact that we saw it okay we had Nokia phones they they didn’t take Pictures We barely text people

This was 20 years ago And I think that even with our phones now we Might have been able to get a good Picture of it but i’m not sure that we Would have it might have just looked Like a black You know um Well i mean like when you cut out i Don’t know If you could have gotten the depth and All of that without perfect you know Maybe An iphone or something you could have Done it but 20. that would be like a 32-10 so you Know there’s no camera on there it’s got Snakes right exactly Yeah yeah yeah so you know i don’t have Any evidence all i have is my story And i have told people periodically Throughout the years and but you know I’ve never made a big deal of it i i’ve Actually not ever been really Into Uh ufos and aliens and that was not ever The thing that i gravitated to when i Had the alien autopsy i was married at The time you know the fake alien autopsy That was big and And my husband and a friend of his who Were both In camera work uh we’re going it’s true It’s true and i’m like it’s so fake you

Know but I you know Without getting graphic my father was a Hunter So i know i Know What something is is when it’s opened up What it’s it’s going to at least you Know it’s not going to look like rubber You know unless it’s a suit you know Like It just so i’ve never like been a little Green men and You know are the greys or they’ve always Been interesting stories Um At what point did it click that That wasn’t Well i mean they may have been military Who knows but at what point did it click That that You’d seen something that was possibly Not of this earth I think last year in 20 well it’s 2022 Now so 2021 you know right you know Right after we had the shutdown or During the shutdown even in my leave it Was Uh 2020 20 Yeah That i kind of like started realizing That You know

It’s been a long time And as good as our government likes to Pretend like they can keep things Declassified Something that’s going to be flying Around in our airspace That um Uh That they’re using for even espionage i Mean we learned about the drones pretty Fast i think considering You know we learned They were only in use maybe four or five Years before the general public knew About you know the the stealth drones Um We we would have something would have Leaked and that’s that’s the big thing With me Is i have to draw the conclusion That This this was something Something different Um Because i i don’t believe the united States could keep a secret like that as Big as the craft is You know and And You know and then listening to uh alien Scientists You know just recently in the last few Months just and and i’m in no way a Scientist but i i do

I can follow along with what he’s Talking about and i have done a little Bit of reading just a little bit of Reading Um About a propulsion and Um Uh whether or not hovering like that Would be possible and not only possible With a ship that size Yeah that blows my mind I mean not even I mean any size anything hovering right Exactly I think if you want to try and get a Little bit of understanding that then Alien scientist jeremy is the guy to Speak to Because well i don’t i don’t have any Answers i would just have lots of Questions because You know Um He is much more You know In the loop of what is Possible Theoretically So so how long have you have you Are you quite new to the whole Ufo community to speak Um yes and no I mean I

I had a friend when we were living in st Louis I i was originally from st louis oh That’s my dog say hello Um Yeah he he’s he’s can’t stand that i’m Talking and he’s not understanding i’m Not talking to him Um So Uh i had a friend Who was a psychic And she was also a channeler Uh and she had a crystal In the middle of her dining room table And it was holding down the mothership So and i and i loved her so much and we Were such good friends and i was only One of two other people that was allowed To touch the crystal so she truly Trusted me and i think again it had to Do a lot with one iris even though she’s She was a little bit of a you know A different you know Type of person Uh she was a lovely person she was Sincere in what she said She believed it so You know and she and she knew that i Loved her and she just trusted me and it Was precious that she would let me touch The uh anchor to the mothership Um so i’ve met um you know and of course I used to do readings professionally in

St louis Um as a spiritual counselor And Uh so they always incorporated the whole Ufo Phenomena in that And it was it was really a lot more About people being abducted or believing They were abducted or You know or they saw the graves or they You know it And I don’t want to i don’t want to speak Badly of those people because that’s Their truth But I i also um I question it a lot more So so you were doing When did you start doing readings Um I did i’ve done readings with tarot Cards Um since i was a teenager but um Let me think now It had to be the late 80s early 90s I was um I had Become an acquaintance with a couple People that did professional readings And They took me under their wing And Really i was interested in

Improving my craft And You know i i never saw it as oh i’m Gonna tell you your fortune and this is What’s gonna really happen to me it was More about whether a person was whether They were on the right track the right Path In their lives and whether or not if They wanted to make changes you know What were The avenues they could take and what Could possibly be the outcomes Um I did what was called psychometry which I really enjoyed psychometry is taking Someone’s an item of someone’s and Holding it in your hand Or touching a piece of furniture and Kind of getting the emotion Around that that type of uh object Um are getting a sense of who it might Have belonged to previously Do yeah do you get uh like Do you get like a feeling for certain Things I do i do i I I do Um I i just thought of something i’m like I’m gonna jump ahead but um i i have Also had premonitions Um i’ve had premonitions in my dreams

Um Hold that thought it’s one second yeah So So when you have strong feelings for Things uh-huh yeah When you When you were there Where this craft was Was your only feeling that this is Military do you you had no yes Yes No Yeah it there was nothing paranormal About it nothing paranormal about it it Was it’s factual it’s what i saw Um anybody can ask me a question Questions and i will i will still give You the same answers There there’s You know i can only Give you my experience and my experience Is solid As far as um I can’t prove it But my story is not gonna change i would Take a lie detector test I mean i i know what i saw i saw what i Saw And i’ve actually reached out to someone Who i think is my old boyfriend i’m not Heard back from him Um and so i’m i am working on trying to Get him Uh just to be able to maybe send me an

Email or something just to verify that What i’m saying he also experienced Yeah i mean A lot of people have had Experiences like yourself Up close and personal What i liked about your story is that it Just ended with You know i’ve i’ve seen this i don’t Know what it is You didn’t actually ask to come on the Show i asked you to come on the show and Tell the story because I I i’m what i’m really after is pete is To create a A visual portfolio for people To To watch and listen to sorry the dog is Distracted Is it he or she he this is woody yeah He’s beautiful he’s he’s my rescue he’s My pound puppy so we need each other I’ve got two rescue cats He’s spoiled as you can tell huh yeah But That i find interesting about yourself Is Uh the fact that you have uh an interest And a background with with kind of Paranormal thing There seems to be some sort of pattern With this Um

Do you still think that that craft was Military I don’t know what it was I do know that That The ufo community talk a lot about this Type of craft And i know that i’ve experienced it You know um I’ve experienced writing in a you know a Tesla that’s that’s that’s cool that’s Awesome then it’s tangible for me This is a tangible experience This isn’t something i felt or i thought I saw Or you know It was it is what it is and I think 20 years ago was a completely Different um Ballgame as well to to how that would go Down today Oh absolutely i think that i would i Would explore it more Absolutely today i don’t think people Would i think Some people would run a mile I would explore it Again If it’s you know it’s tangible i want to Know what it is Going down go go go Yeah so you know oh no he’s camera hog Obviously Um

But yeah i i want to know what it is and If i could get more information On what it is i would risk Being arrested by the military to be Able to say oh it definitely was Military i got arrested Or you know i allowed speakers to get Get out of here or You know Sorry where where was the area that you Were at the time again Um it was okay if you look at the u.s Map And you find oklahoma which is pretty Central um And you There’s what they call the panhandle Of oklahoma it’s got this one piece that Kind of jets out And it In it uh And then right above that is kansas And then next to the panhandle and Kansas is colorado So i was kind of in that area of the Panhandle Um but above it i was i believe i was in Kansas i have recently looked at Um The There’s uh two different ways you can Get to canyon city From tahlequah and

Uh I believe both of them take you through Kansas so this was around about 2002 2001 i know it was 2001. I know it was 2001 because i actually Was working on getting my bachelor’s Degree and i graduated that december Be interesting to find out if anybody Else has reported um And that’s one reason why i kind of Wanted to get my story out too because i I would like to hear other people’s Stories And i would like to hear them Um You know Again very tangible stories i you know Um Not things that they saw You know things that they saw that could Be mistaken for something else Somebody that actually saw it close Enough That they could identify what i’m Talking about And You know Write our senators and and say hey you Know we’ve had this experience what is It Is it military or Is it classified You know I just

Um i want to know what it is I really do i want to know is it a ufo Are the are they here Why are they here And those are all you know good you know Philosophical questions you can ask you Know Uh or is there life on other planets but This was this was like getting into you Know a tesla to me it was you know it Was an experience i had And It it was that solid you know what i’m Saying it just And it hovered You gotta ask as you know alien Scientists about that because it was Hovering and there was no sound Is that something is that something in The minute possibility that we could Actually have that technology and what And what are we using it for Because of craft that size i mean Going over any country i mean they’re Going to see it Yeah so So your your background and the reason Why i always ask about the paranormal Because i i always i i just have this Thing in my head that there is a link There between paranormal And Ufology I i don’t know

I don’t think my boyfriend i mean He smoked a lot of wheat but And we weren’t high i don’t smoke weed As as everybody that knows and makes fun Of me because i’m actually in a I could get medical marijuana and i Don’t so i’d say We should get it for them Um well i can’t do that wait wait Uh I don’t say that So You got into readings in the 80s Yes Yeah Did you have um Experiences As a child with anything paranormal Yes So let’s talk about that Okay Again i was always sensitive to where i Was whether i felt comfortable or not Um There were Uh You know I’d say probably the earliest one was Probably Um we had uh my grandmother had a Neighbors who had just built a house And it had been an old plantation where They had it was actually in an area

Where they had slave graves And they moved the stones Of the graves and my grandfather went Out there and told him don’t move those Stones those are grave markers And and They didn’t care And they ended up having a haunting um For the that family that moved in there They didn’t stay long they had a baby so They didn’t stay along with the Hauntings and and I Always felt a little uneasy even at my Grandparents house like somebody was Looking in the windows So even as an early early age like Somebody was there Uh going outside and playing um Just feeling like there were Other You know um entities Other I don’t know how i would have described It then Um Presences presents Yeah other presents I was never really afraid it just always You know it’s just like i i knew And that was a lot of what i experienced As far as entities When i was uh growing up Is um

Yeah just just feel just just kind of A sense of knowing that Even at a very early age it was so Strange um That um the people i met I was probably about six or seven years Old when i had a man tell me about a Near-death experience and i had i didn’t Know what that was And i don’t even think he did i don’t Even think the book had come out life After death He was just an old man i was sitting in The front Of a barber shop waiting for my dad to Finish his haircut And this this man told me about his Near-death experience I don’t know why he told me But i well i do know why i think i think Because You know he was drawn to me to tell me The story And i’ve always been that kind of person Where people feel comfortable with just Sharing their stories with So You said um When you do readings for people um You’ve had you have people that have had Experiences with Uh abductions and um The greys Yeah do you see like a pattern there

When you s Like is there ever been Just my face Trying to make it so my face doesn’t Tell at All certain people that come to you and They will tell a certain story that you Just think they’re there there are People who are characters And Um i think that this type of subject Even The uh Ghost And Uh Readings And like i said my one friend who was Definitely a character she was a very Talented psychic Very talented psychic Um They have you know i i liked when we Moved to oklahoma because i i think i i Learned a lot from the native people That i knew and made friends with and There’s this idea that you have You know that people have people who are Sensitive Uh people who Who are You know chosen To Live with one foot in one world and one

Foot in the other world and what happens If you spend too much time with your one Foot in the other world it affects you Where Your objectivity we’ll put it that way So you have to stay very grounded Yeah Did you notice any patterns though like With what people were telling you that Like for example the abduction no it was Most of the time it was whatever story Was popular and going through at the Time they saw grace You know and You know They you know they saw him peeking Behind you know a bush or you know um Or they were abducted and then there was The tall grays and the shark graves and But you thought a lot of that was just Craziness Well yeah yeah yeah that’s my word Yeah you know it’s it’s I guess i’m careful because um i am a Trained Uh counselor now so i’m a little careful About trying to yeah they were crazy but They were crazy a lot of them are a lot Of them were i think People who needed attention Right And i think that when people Have um I i think that’s the reason why you go

To psychic fair right is because you Need attention and you need to you’re Having a problem you’re having a problem And you want to Um you want you want to find a way to Resolve it The majority Yeah Yeah Now i’m not saying everybody that goes There because i think that there are Other people that go there just for you Know Um You know i’ve been to conferences and Stuff and i’ve heard some fantastic Lectures Um You know They they’re they’re they run the gambit From like me who’s very very you know Uh Logical thinking and trying to figure Stuff out to people who are just Example is one time we went to A river and we went there for a Cleansing and a drumming And this guy’s hands he’s like oh my god My hands are blue my hands are blue and People are like oh my gosh it’s like You’ve been touched you know And then as we’re leaving and we’ve all Been in the river and as we’re leaving i Noticed that there was

Water still running down from his shorts And they were it was a little bit blue So obviously he had his hands on his his Shorts or his pockets and but everybody Took that as you know or not everybody But most people took it for it was Something supernatural that happened and Really it had A very you know And at first i i was kind of like wow That’s really cool but then as more i Kind of like paid attention I was able to say oh well he’s you know And i never called him out for it and i Never spoke about it to anybody else Because You know everybody’s i have a true Belief that everybody’s spiritual path Is their own Um Do you think that Some of some of the fraudsters uh and The uh you know the people that would Just Pull tricks to to pull views or whatever Do you think they need calling out or do You think just let them get on with it I think if you know for sure that They’re they’re bsing You know um If you know angela Is one of the people i’m talking about I think it was during that that when i Really started watching you guys is

Steering that little like what the You know it was so familiar to stuff i Had always heard you know with the Uh Oh absolutely not There there’s there’s not a hair of Evidence that what she said is true And i think that the further she went The more far-fetched it went I think that she Huh He agrees Woody Yeah i mean just the whole you know she Had all the Uh what are the uh the the Gosh like the higher angels and all that Kind of stuff and all the You know It just yeah And why why would they expose it why Would some why would something she gave No reason why they would have told her Yeah Yeah that that again All these stories though And this is what i find most interesting They spur from little stories like Singular not too exciting but It If you if you were in your shoes Right there at that moment Yeah very very exciting For 20 years ago right not knowing what

That is Right that could possibly be military All the all these Different encounters that people have Had now there’s probably many people Like you yeah Similar encounters Like that This is what spurs the imagination and Right And this is what makes it go out of Control Right absolutely absolutely So From us telling the truth We create monsters you know yeah So we create We just imaginations and then They just Think you know what i’m going to go with That right i think and i think and i’ve Said i’ve said this many times when it Comes to angelia i think she’s writing a Book And i think she’s it’s possible it’s Gonna be a bad book You know and it’s perfect it might be an Amazing book It might be it’s not yeah it might be I’ll be enjoying it I won’t read it that’s just I would read it if i wasn’t dyslexic Yeah i struggled to read the book Oh that’s why i listen to audiobooks

Yeah yeah if she did an audio version I’d definitely purchase it just you know Just for the experience So so who do you who do you follow in This community i mean you know you Obviously follow alien convention alien Scientists Other channels that you like to To double dabble in Um well Um There is a Uh Channel that is uh hosted by an attorney And during different trials he has Panels As well Oh oh okay Really honestly i want to know Everything you follow on youtube I was going to say you know um Ramsay i you know i right right right Uh There’s really not a whole lot i do Follow like i said it’s really not so Much That i’m following I’m i’m interested from a very personal Point of view Not from necessarily a collective point Of view so This is quite new for you in your you’re After an answer Right exactly exactly you know

Um And again your show being you know so Warm and welcoming to people And You know just the panel that you’ve had On even when you guys disagree it’s you Know it’s it’s it’s really awesome to Hear the different perspectives and why They think that Um and i think that um oh what’s his Name richard uh Goofon Yeah Love him too i think that the the group Of you guys that get together Um I think you really try to knock out What’s really going on And that’s what made me so comfortable With saying okay i’m gonna come in and Tell you know tell you my story and i Really thought well that you probably Would like say hey i heard you know this Woman wrote me and she had the story i i Didn’t expect you to to ask me on and i Really am honored that you wanted me to Come on and Hopefully it’s entertaining for people I i think i think what i wanted from Your story as much as it’s just one Little experience like this how it is The length of time Right exactly and it Is the you kind of asking me you know

What do i think that was Um which i don’t know i have no idea Well i don’t know if maybe it’s military I i’ve always thought maybe the These triangular crafts Just because of the just because as Crazy as that sounds i just thought the Shape of it you know it seems right Right now it seems like something that We would do But how do i know that we didn’t get it Off from them Right And and Why was it sitting in the middle of It wasn’t sitting it was hovering above The two Crop fields Doing nothing I guess they were sleeping they were Sleeping i don’t know It’s like Why was it just there The area take it was quite empty Yes Very empty That’s my email people down below there Everybody wants to send me a story and Um And come on the show um It’s all with an area being so empty i Mean i wonder what if it was aliens what They would find interesting about that Area was the was the cattle in that area

Was there no it wasn’t it was mostly it Was mostly crops Right Maybe maybe they made a little shade she Should have gone about them i don’t know Maybe they were making a smooth a green Smoothie i don’t know it’s like I think they could they could have been Making a sign That’s true They weren’t wheat fields they weren’t Wheat fields Yeah and that’s you know Again that’s part of me growing part of My life i grew up in southeast missouri Is kind of you know just being aware Of My dad was one who always um Pointed out what different crops they Were You know That’s corn sprouting that’s milo that’s You know that’s that’s rice that’s You know um whatever it is beans or Yeah So it was kind of like i i couldn’t tell You what the crops were but i know that They were not like it wasn’t a corn Field it wasn’t it wasn’t wheat Because i know what that looks like even As it’s shooting up you know first Coming up And you’ve had no no experiences since You’ve never seen a ufo since you just

Saw that big one that big amazing right And that’s right Nobody even like no other lights in the Sky nothing no Wow What about any of your family Do they have have they ever Seen anything No not not like not like that So Up until recent days you’ve always been Uh skeptical and you just thought that At some point this is gonna get released Right right right right just just like The stealth bomber right Yeah now i did i did have kind of a Weird dream one time um About a ufo That was that was fairly interesting No this was before Okay this was probably about 10 years Before Back when i was doing all the psychic Fares and everything And about 31 Yeah Yeah probably about that probably yeah Close to 30. And i did it and it was and it was um Like i mentioned just like off the cuff Is i’ve had premonitions before Um And it felt like that

It felt like a premonition type of Even more so Because normally in dreams i’ve had Premonition And it’s so stupid i have like i’ve had Like things that are going to um Happen it’s usually nation nationally Or Globally Um and it’s it’s it’s very um sporadic Um And Usually that you i get this feeling of This this is really odd but it’s it’s Something worth noting That you’ve predicted things that have Happened globally before Yes Okay we’ll come back to that but Actually nationally is probably my Biggest one but yeah So so so you had a dream When you in your 30s about Ufo the ufo yeah yeah Okay Um so In my dream If people have had night terrors before They know that it’s kind of like you Can’t tell if it’s real Or if it’s still the dream and that’s The way it felt it felt like a night Terror type of thing

And i sat up in my bed And I looked around and i’m not going to Show you my apartment but i’m i’m i’m a Little bit of a mess that’s that’s to Put it Kindly um so my bedroom was fairly messy I my husband my husband Was was sleeping and i looked over at Him and he was wearing exactly what he Had went to bed with the it was all in Color You know the He always wore pajama bottoms and like a T-shirt or a sweatshirt or something and It was like exactly the way he looked i Had exactly what i had on i looked Around my dresser looked exactly and i Thought i had woke up Or You know And I look out My door my bedroom door And It’s Pitch black you can’t see Anything and normally if i set up i Could see the street light coming Through a little bit So you know you could you could get to The bathroom or i could get to my kids Or you know but this was like it just Cut off at my door

And i was thinking god that’s It’s really dark And All of a sudden In front of me There was this um i mean we have them Now we didn’t have them then It was like this a large clear glass Screen That was probably a good six or eight Feet long And i remember hitting my husband going Wake up something’s wrong And he would just lay there but i i Could hear myself yell it and i could Feel him When i would hit him saying wake up wake Up And all of a sudden on this screen There was um There were There was a big dot and then it see i’m Trying So there was a big dot and then there Was like um almost like a dotted line That went up and then there was another Dot And then Right above it Uh There was a It wasn’t a picture like a picture here It’s almost like a transparent picture And they and it was of a craft now this

Craft was round It had the top and the bottom part but Then the middle part Would have been um It was round but there was trying to Think of how you would say that Um There was An area in the yeah it was an area in The middle like a band that’s what i’m Thinking but you know a band in between The two You know saucer type things And it had Many windows Right right right and so it had many Lights and they kept changing lights and I heard Subconsciously This is us This is the skyway To the earth And i remember saying why do i need to Know this And they said you just need to know And i remember looking out Looking left then And seeing it looked like an envelope Here Not square an envelope falling By The window

And i remember seeing elongated fingers And then it was like i woke up And when i sat up it was daytime And my husband was laying there and i Started punching him going wake up wake Up wake up and i told him about it so He’s he was you know So this is when Your face so this was kind of a night Terror type thing is what i’ve always Thought it was like Is is this an ex-husband Yes Right I mean i was getting confused then i was Thinking when you said no I’m sorry yeah he was my ex-husband yeah Mm-hmm Yeah So that dream was like When you say 10 years before this other Event yeah But very Real and confusing Yes Now that i would have thought was Supernatural or or paranormal is kind of What i saw that as And i remember telling a few people in The that i knew About the dream Um because again i i’ve had dreams that Have Happened

And it was just such an unusual It was just an unusual experience and a Dream for me to have where normally i’m Not present You know um And i again why did they want it was Kind of like allen lee why would they Want me to know this [Laughter] So you know i You can take to me that’s just it’s That’s yeah i i don’t i don’t see that As a tangible experience But that’s just me other people might Say oh my gosh those are connected but i I can’t connect the dots between the two So when you mention um you’ve had Um premonitions Oh boy And um Predicted things yes This happened Yes is there is there any that you can Like Explain that’s kind of really stood out To you yes The worst one was when the challenger Exploded It was probably about a week before that Happened I used to have post-traumatic stress With this and it’s gotten better and It’s like all of a sudden i can feel it In my body

Sorry uh I i went as far as i went to my pastor Or yeah our assistant pastor And asked him when the challengers Exploded How old say that again How old would you have been Oh that was before my daughter was born So i was probably in my late 20s Right My mid my mid to late 20s yeah This this this premise is about a week Before it exploded Yeah Yeah And and i said to him i’m like Again what do i do with this Well you know it’s not like i can call Nasa and say hey you know i just had a Dream that the challenger is going to Explode Was it and then and then A dream that you was watching on tv No it was like i was there like i i was Like on like i was like It was like i was one of the the I saw it as clear as a a uh the Television station the cameras could see It it was like it was nothing obstructed You know it wasn’t like i watched a Television screen it was like i saw it Like i was there But It wasn’t like

I’m there That’s weird right okay Um I was seeing the vision But i wasn’t there does that make sense That probably makes more sense Yeah and i went to Um my assistant pastor because i was Quite shaken by it And of course he was like well in the End days you know people will have Visions and i’m like You know That just doesn’t okay all right well And he was like pray about it so okay And we were listening to Talk radio we were in the kitchen Um And they announced that it had uh Exploded And My husband just looks at me And He ran and turned the television on and I was like turn it off turn it off turn It off i don’t need to see it i don’t Need to see it and then i think it was Probably a couple days after that i just Saw it and i just Completely broke down Because i was like You know and asking god Why Would you give me that when there’s

Nothing i can do about it I don’t know maybe 30 40 years later i could tell you Online and Maybe make other people brave enough to Be able to say something but You know things like that you just again That’s to me that’s a that’s a Supernatural paranormal experience I don’t know You went to the Pastor before that Yes Told him Did you see him after Yes And what did he say to you He just said because he could see how Distressed i was he said i am so sorry And he hugged me really hard and said if I needed to He was really freaked out because that’s Probably been my biggest Experience my my biggest one and and of Course you know Um You know it’s like i always do before People would die and things like that i Could always sense it um so that always Freaked people out yes my wife i i Believe in that because My wife did the same thing She knew she knew when our dog was dying Oh yeah oh especially animals oh yeah

Yeah she actually she also she she knew There was something wrong with my Granddad as well and yeah oh yeah he Died the next day He said i’ve got a bad feeling Something’s gonna happen tomorrow yeah So i believe in that yeah yeah oh yeah i Think i think we all connected to that If we if we just open ourselves to it I don’t think that it’s i think that the Human mind is just able to do so many More things than then You know challenger How did i know the difference Now how did you know it was the Challenger spacecraft Because that was the one that was Currently in orbit or yeah No i mean In so in the dream did you Did you know it was the challenge in the Dream or did you know that it was a Spatial that That’s a good question i i think i was Aware that the challenger was orbiting So i just put two and two together That it would be that That shuttle and i just prayed that It didn’t happen And i yeah i mean you know what So So so I think the thing Why i’m asking that question is

Especially when it comes to Um Anything that’s space related that’s Good Especially especially back then i mean There’s a there is a big oh my god i Just made that connection i’m talking About the space shuttle and okay I just duh okay No no that’s fine it’s fine um i’m like Oh my gosh is that why i told this oh i Don’t know yeah No i i i just um There is a huge for anybody that might Be thinking There’s a big risk factor there Especially back then um But to have that a week before Hand Yeah you know if you just said i had a Dream that he was gonna a space a space Shuttle was gonna explode Five years before you know okay that’s Yeah that’s blue chip bats pushing but a Week before So have there been other big ones Um I knew that something was going to Happen in oklahoma city before it Happened the oklahoma city bombing Right Um

We were actually Thinking about moving and we were Actually thinking um that we’d move to Oregon And it’s and i mean this is kind of a Weird tie-in type thing and And so Um i’ve used a pendulum before to try to Find locations and things so i use the Pendulum of the united states and as it Got around oklahoma it was like it kept Going around and around and around And i said I I said i don’t know i think it makes it Wants us to move to oklahoma but I feel like something’s going to happen And it was about two weeks later that The oklahoma city bombing happened we Did end up eventually moving to oklahoma Which was kind of a connective thing too So Um but yeah that’s that’s another big One I didn’t have anything on the twin Towers people i didn’t have anything on That day But you know and that’s the thing Look at something like the oklahoma city Bombing And we’re going to move there To i had nothing about this tragedy so It it’s not it’s not consent Wait

I’m telling my dog to wait sorry Do you Well you don’t have to wait way much Longer do you get do you get um You still get these premonitions Okay well not not like i used to but i Don’t think that i’m necessarily as open It seems like after i’m wanting to move From chicago i’ve been here almost 15 Years and When i first moved here I literally shut inside for a couple Weeks because i was getting used to the Energy In the city And i think in order to kind of be able To Stay grounded In such a turbulent city Um and i mean that both physically and Um spiritually because we we have a lot That goes on here in chicago And Um I think that i had to like protect Myself psychically and kind of close off And i know that when i can get out of The city it’s like it’s almost like i do Breathe but it’s when that’s it breath It’s almost like Oh i can stop protecting myself So i am looking to hopefully so i Haven’t had much in the last i’d say You know

12 15 years occasionally things will Happen you know Uh my boss you know i’ll say something And she’ll go oh that’s so weird i had a Dream about the other night you know so You know i still if if i’m connected to A person I still might get some intuition things That might come up For them but it’s not like i was open Like i was before where it was kind of Like i was hungry And just an open vessel for those types Of things to fill me So after you experience With The um the triangular craft And knowing what you know uh about uh Having a feeling of the paranormal side But now you you’re venturing into the Ufo field More Um What do you what do you What do you want to find out easy you Just want to find out what it was or do You want to find out what What’s What was piling it Both I i want to know what it was i want to Know how i don’t have to know exactly Like you know i’ll get like i said i’ll Get the the the basics of the science

You know Um But i want to know i want to know how it Hovered And why it was quiet That’s that’s that’s crazy to me that it Was hovering and then it was completely Silent that that just doesn’t That’s like doesn’t even compute in my Brain And I you know It’s just Puzzling to me It’s curious to me that It hasn’t been leaked You know i mean we’ve got videos on in The internet but i mean You know Leaked in a way that like that video i Sent you earlier that you said that has Been proven false where it’s the the Alien ship on on the That’s as fake as they come Okay so i saw that and i was like well That’s a strange coincidence it’s still Kind of a strange coincidence that i Found it today When You when you show it as a still image But when you when you see it running you You see the flag Yeah

In that but Um yeah This is this is the problem i mean i Don’t think there’s There’s one other than Uh Some of the footage of the phoenix like Uh lights And even that you know you can’t you can Just see the lights you can’t see Exactly ways and i always wonder when it Comes to the phoenix lights why there Wasn’t more Footage Because he That was what 1997 Did 97 i think he’s like no i think that Was wasn’t that after Oh yeah it was after 2001 because i Think yeah That’s one of the things i thought i Wonder if it’s the trying your graphs You know So yeah People had video cameras okay right People have people have normal videos Yeah Yeah and There’s only a few Out of so many thousands and thousands Of witnesses There’s only so many people that got These these little pieces of footage Right yeah

Yeah why is that yeah why why is why is There not more of that Um Now If you look back at technology back then Maybe it’s because They just really couldn’t they couldn’t Get it yeah they can Right yeah but but yeah like the Iphones now why why don’t we have better Well even now even though Like like you said if If you point a phone and i’ve done this With my phone So a bright object in the sky that was i Think it was a satellite yeah um but you Know it didn’t really film very well you Could just see a little bit of a Flickering right right right it’s like When you try to take a picture of the Moon and it just comes out as a blur Yeah yeah i mean it’s this is it’s not It’s not the best eye it’s a 12 minute Bass yeah it’s got a good camera on it I keep saying iphone and i’m a samsung User but that’s okay Oh i used to be i well not yeah Not samson but i i got an iphone because I wanted yeah yeah i like the android Yeah yeah it’s hold with one hand yeah Yeah Um But yeah The the problem is um with the field is

It’s So much So much rubbish that people put out on The internet oh yeah It just Just fills your head with loads of [ __ ] Right exactly exactly and and i think That that’s one reason why the science Isn’t being taken seriously and also i Think that that’s one thing that happens With people You know people You know even when they have psychic Experiences and paranormal experiences They don’t tend to talk about it because They’re afraid of how people are going To perceive them because the people that Are out there I mean really out there and talking About it You know come off Not not that they don’t come off genuine But they they they come off half cocked And so I think the same problem with uh the ufo Community and i just want again this is Why it’s so refreshing to find you guys You know Um you and the the other uh channels That i’ve been watching is it’s It’s really ser looking at this These things In a serious Way

That you’re you’re looking for You know are they you know That It’s it’s not presuming that this is What it is it’s like what is it and That’s kind of where i come from is what Was it that i saw Yeah well i think if you’re looking into It you definitely i mean look into the Phoenix lights bomb because like I’m sure it was around about you it was 2000 nine it was 1990 i’m sure it was 1997. That’s that is in my head 1997. um it Was 2 000. i could be wrong on not Because He was aged i looked into it does Anybody know In the comments I don’t know i haven’t looked at Comments so i have no idea Maybe somebody could look it up real Quick It was nice it was 97. it was okay so Yeah all right Yeah Well maybe what i saw online was was Later than that and that’s why i’m Thinking it was later yeah my point is That nobody had Uh Camera phones right and people had Like vhs you know This was thousands of people mm-hmm so

As time’s gone on now We’ve got everything We don’t Get Anything at all Yeah people think it’s not yeah it was 1997. okay all right thank you i thought It was going crazy No no no no i i probably saw the Videotapes the the story probably later Than that and it’s while it probably why Because yeah But i don’t know don’t worry about i Mean you’re not you’ve you’re only just Starting to get into this Yeah yeah yeah you’ve been really Looking into the ufo thing for the right Couple of years But I just Oh there we go we got uh March 13th 1997. thank you craig there You go and i think a couple of other People did mention it above as well yeah All right oh thanks folks Um Everybody now has a camera phone And people have camera phones with Optical zooms on angle one of those but Right It’s amazing that nobody gets this Footage now it’s almost like and this is Not me saying that i know I i do believe you that you saw that

Black triangle Would Would whatever is pilot in that now Risk doing the same thing You know being over the field You know Would that happen Now because of the technology that we Have i don’t know do you or do you think They did things back way back when 20 odd years ago and a lot A lot longer before that Well if we just take it from the Perspective the fact that if it was Military yeah they would take those kind Of risk back in and not necessarily take Them now because they would be they Would be told Don’t don’t put yourself in a position That you’re going to be caught by a cell Phone However i still come back to the fact That it’s been 20 years There’s been no leaks And i just that’s what gets me and i Look at you know the stealth bomber and I look at and i don’t i don’t know Exactly what the Letters and stuff are uh just you know Uh The stealth bomber the the you know the Draw the drones These types of things they might go two Or three four five years and then it’s

Leaked to the public Yeah and you see what i’m saying yeah Yeah And what you saw is right not linked and You’d expect it to leak by now right Even if it was technology they found and They they decided they weren’t going to Use it anymore which is yeah possibility Too maybe they didn’t have any real You know Uh use for it Once once they could get it up and Running maybe they just couldn’t find You know I’ve always wondered Will a Uh Tr3 be whatever you want to call it Which don’t which doesn’t if it’s The ones that they show in diagrams and Stuff that doesn’t look like anything i Saw i mean Maybe the outline but it’s it’s not what I saw But go ahead completely straight end Edges And yeah You Right It’s nothing Nothing It was Black yeah You you’d think

Back then If you’re not into um Ufos aliens and all that you see Something like that and you’ve got more Of a practical Head on your shoulders then you’d Probably think yeah This is the the next uh i’ll i’ll be on My holidays That would be awesome Yeah i would even hover over fields if i Could be in holiday one of those Maybe that’s what they were doing maybe They had a couple girls up there you Know I i honestly don’t think that that we Will Probably ever find out Truly what this is that’s a shame Well i just i just don’t Yeah i i think I mean i could be wrong But after all those years You know how how the heck that’s 28 years ago Yeah Well Yeah and i’m kind of at the mindset with People who think that the aliens Probably would just drive by our planet Because we are just so primitive You know and i and i don’t mean that That we don’t have the technology and Things like that but i think that we’re

Very primitive thinking You know we we we still war and Fractions over religion and you know Borderlines and It’s it’s you know fence lines to me you Know it’s arguing with your neighbor Over fence lines It might not be on comment though Yeah We’ll have to talk some time about uh Uh i’m gonna throw something out at you Okay and this is i i have adhd so my Mind goes in different directions have You Read or listened to or watch much about The elongated skulls of peru If you haven’t i’ll send you the link Yes i’ve i’ve seen quite a bit on those Stories Have you seen the most recent one where They they have human dna I don’t believe so no okay i’ll send you I’ll send you the link That one makes me think whoa maybe we Are aliens Maybe we’re the aliens I’ve seen them i’ve seen the ones where I mean a lot of those schools they did Find out was they they’ve been using Banding you know they they Some of them they also I’ll send you the links Because The ones that

The ones that I’ve seen the ones that haven’t Yes Right okay the ones that have the Different sutures Then what we have is humans The interesting thing is there though Is the humans That were doing the bandings Way back when i know i know some Cultures do similar sort of things now Right Yeah not as extreme as that But Um Why were they doing that and then well That too right exactly emulating yeah Emulating god Right Yeah So that’s a subject for maybe another Time but i’ll get georgio for that yeah But i i i but that’s always been kind of What and i probably get that from my Father my father used to say that if if There’s any aliens on this planet it’s Us So He always said that when people would Talk about you know i grew up in the 70s Everybody’s talking about ufos back then Too you know Just keep searching yeah yeah yeah so You’ve just joined the ufo community

With Officially right Do i get my membership card and yeah I don’t even know [Laughter] You should get those for your your merch You need george to send you one of those Okay all right you have to be in the Nap crew to get the membership card Um Cat has been absolutely lovely speaking To you i really enjoyed it and thank you Again so much for letting me share my Story after all these years you feel Like you’ve got it up your chest If if you know what it hasn’t hit me yet I was really really like Incredibly nervous when you first Invited me on i was like oh my god no no No no no this was a mistake and then i i Got calmer the more i thought about like I’m going through the story through my Head and i’m like what am i afraid of my Story is my story You know but this has not hit me Probably until I realized that it’s up on the internet And i haven’t it hasn’t happened yet so Right now this is just a conversation Between you and me And um i’ve loved it it’s been so much Fun I’m wondering if there’s other people That will have seen

Something in the sim in the same area That have a similar story to you uh uh Because we love to hear that Because you know people people will Probably say that i wonder if anybody Else has had their premonition about Facials oh Actually if jeff’s not in it i like Getting me out It’s been a pleasure i will stay here Coming on and joining the show um guys Everybody thank you so much for Supporting alien addict you can check Out my merch which Is in the links below Teespring people there is a few designs On there yeah Go fill your boots Yeah And we do have Still I don’t i’m thinking of taking it down Because it was only supposed to be up For A couple of months But i do like the design so i’m going to Keep it I’ve changed my mind on that one so yeah Go check out the merch people And If you want to support the channel Further you can become a patreon yay But never mind any of that stuff the Best way that you lot in the chat

Can support the channel i see it Guys Like and subscribe Oh i’ve always wanted to say that Oh my god yeah i’m gonna yeah i’m gonna Thank you for that Do you know what i’m gonna give you for That a cat What stephen grant [Laughter] I’ve missed him i i haven’t done that in A while it feels good it feels yeah Good night god bless people mind the Book stop bye i’m alienate cat thank you For so much thank you Thank you so much