The MOST HAUNTED Place In America: The WASHOE CLUB (13+ Ghosts) | Documentary | The Paranormal Files

By | January 6, 2022
The MOST HAUNTED Place In America: The WASHOE CLUB (13+ Ghosts) | Documentary | The Paranormal Files

All right so here i go alone into the Crypt You can be active again tonight guys These guys are professionals and they Will be respectful you have my Permission to walk talk make smells Appear as full apparitions throw stuff You’d like to whatever you like give Them the full experience welcome to the Paranormal files tonight we have an Extremely historic and important Investigation in the history of this Channel do you know where we are tonight Jeff and i are here alone at the washoe Club standing out here with the washoe Club behind me here it is i gotta tell You guys how just freaky this place just Looks let’s give me the heebie-jeebies And they could not save that little girl She passed away right here in this room In total 12 people were killed this is Where they had 77 bodies stacked in 1874. They would take the bodies up there and Drop them when it attacks people it’s Three scratches when it knocks it’s Three knocks when it’s active you smell Sulfuric smells there’s a very dark Entity that is not human inside of that Room It really is active just take a look at Me over here this building is like a Labyrinth there’s rooms like look at This there’s two rooms down there just

Two days ago they were hearing somebody Shuffling through things in this room And it’s padlocked shut nobody has a key Except the owner in the last few days All the activity has been spiking Because It’s very eerie in here both the gopro They’re completely dead Are you coming in Oh jesus what [ __ ] me What the [ __ ] was that Sacrifice bones dealt Here alone in the crypt No one’s here i just [ __ ] heard Something too multiple murders happened Oh my god i just Welcome to the paranormal files tonight We have an extremely historic and Important investigation in the history Of this channel Look around guys do you know where we Are If you don’t when i tell you the name You’re probably going to know tonight Jeff and i are here alone at the washoe Club in virginia city nevada now you’ll Probably remember the washoe club from The original ghost adventures Documentary along with so many other

Paranormal tv shows this place is Routinely named one of the most haunted Locations in the entire united states of America and it’s no wonder why there Have been multiple murders there have Been reports of a demon literally you’ll See in the interview a demon crawling on All fours on the walls of this place This room right here the ballroom Supposedly haunted by a little girl Named gretchen who died here in this Room and not only that there have been There have been all sorts of terrible Things there was an explosion that Killed multiple people here in the Building i mean you’ll see in the Interview all day We have been experiencing paranormal Activity in here and it really is active Just take a look at me over here This building is like a labyrinth There’s rooms like look at this there’s Two rooms down there This room they were saying just two days Ago they were hearing somebody shuffling Through things in this room and it’s Padlocked shut nobody has a key except The owner Now Over here This goes i mean look you guys show them This way all the way down there there’s There’s four or five rooms that Direction over here

This just stretches all the way around There’s the stairway down to the street And Upstairs that’s where the demon lives You guys are in for a treat tonight Welcome to the paranormal files okay Everybody so we’re here um doing the Wash show club episode finally a lot of People have requested it and i know two Really good friends of mine who just Visited the washoe club and i’m going to Let them introduce themselves to you Guys and we’re just going to talk about What happened when they visited so hey My name is omar oh my gosh tv [Laughter] Well yeah we visited the washoe club and I think it was in july right it was hot Whenever it was it was over the summer i Mean it was so hot that they didn’t have Air conditioning we were staying Beautiful place another haunted hotel Was it called silver the silver queen Silver queen i had dinner there i had Dinner there you should definitely stay There next time i i had actually that Was the very first paranormal experience So they say for for zach from ghost Adventures but yeah i don’t know yeah it Was a cool place it was hot though they Don’t have air conditioning there but an Awesome place if if you like haunted Hotels but yeah we went to the wash show Club funny story when we got there they

Were getting ready to close we kind of Came like last minute and the tour guide Her name’s shelly she was on her way out And i was and she was i think she was in The middle of counting her tips she was And i was like hey um i’ll give you a Little bit more to count if you can take Us on a quick little tour and she agreed And she was like no no i don’t need any Money she’s so nice and she was like Won’t you just buy buy me a drink i’m Like okay well hey we’ll buy her a drink And and we still gave her a good Generous tip by the way but uh she did Amazing but uh while she’s taking us up You know that stairway you know the Stairway that you you go up on the side I felt and i felt this on the way up and On the way down i’m not sure if you felt The same way but i felt like something Was gonna push me down down leaving You felt i felt like i was gonna be Pushed okay i i felt like something was Gonna push me down the stairs i’m here Walking around the places it’s pretty Spooky in itself especially during the Day you don’t usually get really crazy Scary vibes from a place during the day This is one of those places that you do Anyways i’m walking around you know Nothing crazy’s happening but i get to i Think it’s like the second floor And i start hearing footsteps up above Me and i’m thinking to myself well maybe

They got a rap problem you know i wrote It or something but no it sounds like Somebody’s up there walking around i Confirmed it with shelley and she said That tends to happen on the third floor Which is another haunted floor i don’t Know how did you go to the third floor At all we went up there and i think That’s the creepiest floor Out of all of them in the building the Third floor was like i didn’t want to Stay up there too long just because That’s where they have that demon room Right with the door that slams right i Mean Okay another story because we were on That we were in that particular room and Shelley’s telling this story i think the The ghost that they call him by his name Is scotty oh wait yeah i think that was The one that scotty and then you know The guy with the pet monkey yeah or Whatever well anyways she’s telling me You know hey sometimes he opens and Closes this door and i asked it i’m like You know hey asked him can you open and Close this door i mean immediately as i Ask this question we hear this this Really strong sound and like the the end Of the room people are in my video Saying that they they caught like a Figure i don’t know if it’s true i don’t Know what it is but what we heard was Something with the wind outside and we

Did confirm that we kind of debunked Like what i mean instantly we’re like Hey that’s that what’s up but they Didn’t go against the idea of as soon as I asked something like something with The wind happened which is very odd i Mean it could have happened three Seconds before three seconds after but i Mean it was like right away when i asked So and then tiffany has an experience There oh the play-off of what you said In that room she even played us a tape Recorder remember oh yeah in that room Where the door slams she recorded with a Tape recorder in there and when she Played it back you can clearly hear a Guy say shut the door shut the door You put that in your video It said shut the door I heard it in the beginning i believe he Says shut the door and he says shut the Damn door and then shut the door i’ll do It again wow i only heard it the one Time All right There was a lady next to me and there Were two other guys in the room with me There were four of us That is so in this room alone you guys Over 150 people have been scratched And he was so nice he even wrote on this Board Jwt that’s what i think it is

J and there’s three marks Like a w a t i think that like when wind Stuff like that Happens even if it’s debunkable Sometimes it’s like it happens at the Perfect time and it’s a little too weird You know to just be The wind you know it’s like a vibe right That’s how i feel Even if it is like a totally rational Explanation sometimes you have that Feeling like hmm that was kind of like Weird you know chills almost right yeah Like what are the chances like you’re Asking something and it happens you know Exactly tiffany i’ll let you continue Though on what you were saying oh so we Were in the first room on the first Floor it’s towards the back it’s called The crypt where what was it they used to Like hold bodies there because the Ground was too cold or something like That to bury them so they would stack These bodies in the script well right When we go in there he wasn’t even Recording because he’s thinking that We’re just like going over this like Interview thing first and we’re just Like learning about the place and as Soon as we walk in i feel something like Tug on my hair so i just went like that Thinking that i’m like close to the wall Because it’s like a brick wall and i Thought my hair got stuck in it and the

Lady’s like Something touch her hair and i was like I don’t know why like i would and she Was like yeah it happens a lot to women In here their hair gets poor so when i Look back i’m not i’m like this far away From the wall and i was just like oh my God and i was like you’re not even Recording yeah that’s how it doesn’t Happen It’s always not recording that crazy [ __ ] happens every time you know not the Melted finger oh yeah she took this Really weird picture where it like it Looks like this old disfigured finger it Was the weirdest thing it almost looked Like a like a burnt candle just melting Like i mean it was just like this creepy Finger like and and that’s in my video You could you can use that any time we Go somewhere i’m walking around and i’m Just constantly snapping pictures or Like doing my own videoing to see if i Catch anything to add to his videos People are like that could have been Shelley which it could have been because She would point and show stuff but in That particular picture she was over Here and her this finger is going like This and it’s like really long like Melting so i’m like unless her finger Was melting It wasn’t it didn’t look like you know It definitely wasn’t her finger yeah as

Far as uh you know having anything Demonic or anything like that i mean you Know i don’t think we spent enough time In there but i think the short amount of Time that we did get to spend there we Did catch it quite a bit personally i Would say that that building just feels Off You know Just I don’t know what the hell it is but There’s something about it that just Feels freaky you know oh it definitely Does The girl the woman in blue her room oh Yeah wasn’t she like almost her throat Was cut so deep it was like she was Almost decapitated do you remember i Just remember this we were walking out Because i was like i like this room as Morbid as that sounds i liked being in Her room and when we were walking out to Leave didn’t like i it was either a Like giggle in my ear and i stopped and I turned around and i looked at you and I was like did you just like get close To my ear I remember that yeah because it was i Can’t remember if it was like i didn’t Hear it but yeah but it was in my ear And i was just like oh my god Something’s just in my ear i mean it Could have been a bug there could have Been something flying around i don’t

Know but it it came pretty cool and i Was just like i really like this room Oh and you guys drove in there for like What an hour two hours no we were in There for a few hours it was like maybe Two hours yeah i mean For a while yeah if if you’re ever in Virginia city that is a must like go on The tour they’re great everybody’s so Knowledgeable there even if it’s during The day which most of the tours usually Run you’re gonna catch something well Thank you guys so much and uh hey you’re Welcome man yeah happy new year you know [Applause] So All right y’all so i’m shooting on my Iphone because we don’t have any of the Camera equipment out my hair is wet Because i showered and it hasn’t dried Yet but i just had to document this Moment standing out here with the washoe Club behind me here it is Um i gotta tell you guys how just freaky This place just looks it looks the Energy is like It’s giving me the heapy jeebies it’s Really cold out it’s about the Thunderstorm tonight Um it’s gonna snow later when we just Went up there jeff said that he just He could feel the energy and i can also

Just feel it in there it is thick and Just look at the shots that i’m putting On screen look at how creepy This is it’s like I don’t know i haven’t felt like this in A long time been so excited for a Location as as the washoe club but Here we are and dude this place lives up To its name So it’ll be cool you ask it again like You just said you do You can be active again tonight guys These guys are professionals and they Will be respectful you have my Permission to walk talk Make smells appear as full apparitions Throw stuff if you’d like to whatever You like give them the full experience Appreciate you And there you go man It’s my office wow strange office so you Guys My name is justin i am a head manager Here at the washoe club located in Virginia city nevada so backstory on our Town is virginia city was founded in 1859 Due to a gentleman coming out of a Saloon spilling some whiskey and naming The town after himself later on towards The early 1860s uh into the mid half of That year mining operations began Booming here on the comstock

That is the big silver load which is Located right underneath our feet Then we became virginia city from Virginia town due to the fact that we Had a population of around 25 000 people Nowadays though we only have about 950 personnel including myself but the Building right here the old washout this Is the oldest saloon here in this entire Town built in 1862. two years older than The state of nevada itself this building Is also known to be one of the most Haunted locations in the entire town due To the fact that it not only served as Just a saloon which occupies the whole First floor of our establishment but on The second and third floors which you Will see in a little bit It harbored everything from a boarding House to a doctor’s office libraries and Everything in between the last year Anybody occupied this place was 1984. That being said let’s go inside take a Quick look All right That is It’s very ominous especially when we get To the third floor and we can look back Down It can get weird and it is very common For people to come down these stairs and Actually feel somebody either behind Them or looking up or down them see Figures moving it’s interesting the past

Two days we’ve actually been hearing Footsteps walk around on the second Floor on that side of the stairwell Which is to the left towards our Ballroom and i mean it’s so audible we Were out here screaming up here telling People to come out and down and there Was nobody in the building when we Walked through Crazy stuff this place is always active 100 of the time you are in the right Spot for what you guys do it is awesome Yeah This building is a lot larger than it Actually looks when you’re down on the Street level which is uh c street which Is the main road through this entire Town the building on the second and Third story is nine thousand square feet Meaning each floor second and third Story is roughly 4 500 square feet in Total this place is Massive for a quick overview of what You’re gonna see throughout this uh Filming This right here is original wallpaper it Was put up in 1862 a lot of the Furniture that we have throughout this Building is not original to this Establishment the majority of it was Actually sold in the 1960s and 70s I’m not too sure why so i’m not going to Come up with anything so we had to

Replace a lot of it with stuff from the Same time period if you will this couch Is between 110 and 120 years old this Buggy right here is from what we think Early 1900s kind of creepy had just a Weird vibe to this place These rooms right here originally in 1862 Up to 1875 would have been used as Doctors offices retail space other Additional offices and in just a little Bit we’ll go to the library section Towards the back the miners occupied the Third floor that was their boarding House so when they would get off work From the mines they’d go and stay Upstairs then they’d come back down and Go right back into the mines right below Our feet here in virginia city we have Over 750 miles of mining tunnels We also think that is why our town is so Haunted it’s not the buildings per se Those mines you would have had a lot of Hazards you would have experienced fires Cavins explosions poison gas cyanide Arsenic dead air extremely hot water Which would cause third degree burns And on average working temperatures of Roughly 140 degrees fahrenheit miners on Average back then would work Nine to 12 hour shifts So you can imagine working down to those Elements as long as they were doing a Lot of people were getting injured and a

Lot of people were being killed daily Due to that conditions but the amount of Mining tunnels that we have underneath Us Right below the washoe club there’s Actually one tunnel that runs from here And it goes all the way up to mount Davidson which is directly behind us There’s a ponderosa saloon which is two Doors down they actually have a mining Tunnel entrance that starts in the back Of their building and runs into the back And then they link together so whenever You’re in this town no matter where you Are you are never truly alone it is Absolutely amazing these miners due to The robust amount of gold and silver Were the highest paid miners in the Entire united states on average they Were paid four dollars per day Everywhere else in the united states Average minor pay was only 80 cents per Day that’s a pretty big pay increase With that being said let’s go this way And i’ll start telling you all about the Crazy happenings here in the washoe club Oh yeah yeah i can’t show what you guys Are saying it feels a little heavier Right now It’s pretty Real what do you what do you mean oh Jesus christ [ __ ] hell oh god damn it man I’m a [ __ ] jumpy dude i’ll point out

The rest of them for you bro So this is willie nelson This is You’ll get used to their location There’s one two there’s five Four or five of these dudes so i’ll pull Up Two you beat me before i could turn Around and boy That was pretty good oh man so what i Mean by a heavier feeling is um So when you usually walk into this Building If the building itself or the town is Not active it feels like a normal Building if you walk in your own home You don’t feel anything heavy when you Walk into a place when it’s becoming Active in my experience your hair kind Of stands up that’s commonplace you’ll Feel almost like an atmospheric pressure Change almost just the pressure on your Shoulders your chest everything starts To feel like heavier almost like Something is compressing down upon you That’s how the building feels right now Usually that’s a sign that there may be Some good activity happening up inside This place so we call this room that We’re standing in the shadow man room The reason it’s called that is because Very frequently myself my co-workers and People on tours see shadow people in This room ghost adventures when they

Were here in 2009 their second time Being in this building they captured a Shadow man right against this back wall Right there there were only two people In this room they were taking pictures Using the flash on their cameras and in One of those images three human shadows Showed up I’ll show you guys a picture of a shadow Man that we captured in this room i want To say it was about Six and a half ish months ago now i was Giving a tour and you know i tell all The people who come on my tours take Videos and take pictures it’s absolutely Free to do that and someone took a Picture and they sent it back to us Right after the tour they sent it over To me and there was this big white Light thing just sitting right in this Region the picture was dark so i Brightened the exposure up and there was This little Shadow guy holding what looks like a Scroll standing against this window Frame you can see it right there you can See his arms his legs and he’s wearing What appears to be a derby or a bowler Style hat Isn’t that cool Wow crazy isn’t it Yeah Isn’t that cool so you can see stuff

Like this um most of the time usually i Get shadow people in this one that’s Really about what i’ve had happen In this room per se now we have windows That look at the inside of our building The reason that is is because in 1862 The roof of this building was actually Made out of glass in order to allow the Natural sunlight to illuminate the Entire establishment because back in Those years electricity did not exist it Was all candlelit over time though birds Have a tendency to fly through old Single pane glass windows they shatter Them out so we had to remove the glass Roofing to harbor a metal roof nowadays But still the fact that these windows Still exist is fantastic that big box Thing that you can see right there that Is the cap to the spiral staircase when We go downstairs i’ll talk about that a Little bit because historically it is Amazing but we had to cap it off because It is unsafe now if you climb up it You’re going to fall through it then We’re probably going to add you to the Ghost collection here at the washoe club And i don’t want that happening to any Of you guys That being said follow me this way and We’ll head to the library section of This building Now there is a mannequin sitting right Here

Don’t let jeronimo scare you Awesome So this whole section right here this is The library section of the washoe Building we found historical Documentation that states what it looked Like so the documentation mentioned that It had Dual pocket doors that’s what these are Right here these are the doors that Slide out and then back into the wall The library back then also had a drop Ceiling you can see there’s little Notches right above these doorways for That drop ceiling sometime in the 1950s They removed that drop ceiling and left The wood gapped so one day we might Actually make that back to being solid But what i want you to do is look right Here that blue wallpaper that you can See up there that was actually put up in 1862 right after this building was built That is original to the building for Reference in time when this building was Built and that wallpaper was put up Abraham lincoln was the president of the United states the civil war was still Being fought and as i said earlier Nevada did not exist we became a state In 1864. this is 62. so this building is Older than the entire state of nevada by Two years that’s pretty awesome Especially with the fact that it’s still Standing

Now fast forwarding 13 years to 1875 That’s the year that the millionaires Club had to leave their clubhouse on b Street because in 1875 there was a fire That started on a street which is two Streets up and it burnt 95 to 98 of the town in about three and A half hours the washoe club survived That fire When we get downstairs into the crypt You can actually see how close the Flames came to burning this building Down but it did not succeed so the Millionaires club they took all of their Money and they purchased this building And they made it one of the richest Clubs in virginia city Some of those members of that club are People we’ve learned about through History classes and things like that People like thomas edison president Ulysses s grant was a member here adolf Sutro so if any of you viewers or ever Plan on going to san francisco or are Located there the sutro baths the cliff House the cable car systems were all Created by adolf sutro and he started Right here in virginia city you had john Mackey who was a multi-millionaire back In those times william tecumseh sherman Samuel clemens who’s also known as the Author mark twain and he started right Here in town as well even edwin booth Was a member here john wilkes booth’s

Brother edwin was a member of this club For a very long time and he would Perform plays at piper’s opera house Which is just one street up and a couple Blocks over This entire town is connected around the Entire world it is fantastic Unfortunately in the years of 1897-98 The mining operations in town began to Decline causing the millionaires club to Lose a lot of their investment money so They had to disband themselves what also Aided in that um disbandment was in April of 1898 roughly there was a Collapse on that side of our building And when we go there you can actually See the deviations in the flooring from When they rebuilt it but a bath house Next door leaked so much water the Exterior wall of the ballroom completely Disintegrated the roof fell into the Building and stuff the millionaires club Losing all of their money in the mining Decline didn’t have enough to actually Fully rebuild that place so they Completely disbanded themselves the Building then sat dormant until about 1920 1930 and then it became a hotel of Sorts all the way until 1984. from what i’ve been told and read This place was only 20 a week i would Like those rates back myself that would Be awesome that being said now i’m going To show you guys the area we call the

[ __ ] that i previously mentioned from up Above this area is awesome for Paranormal experiences i have not had Much ever happen in this section of the Building personally i’ve have had people Though capture orbs and things like that Going down this hallway in that Direction So you might catch something like that I’ve had people think they’ve seen a Shadow person or something like that i Haven’t experienced that personally So right here this is a little Um area that back in the day there was Actually a doorway up here but they Blocked it off and turned that into just Like a little low like type of roofline Or something but if you stand right here And look through these but if you stand Right here and look through these but if You stand right here and look through These slats down you can look down Inside the crib space and i’ll step out Of your way so you can actually check That out Now the reason we call that space the Crypt Is because it was actually used as a Place to store bodies during the winters Here in virginia city from 1870 until 1922. Pretty morbid the reason they had to do That back then is because during the Winters like it is now our soil freezes

Like concrete meaning you cannot dig Through it by hand so back then without Modern excavation equipment we’ll say They could not create new graves at all Of our cemeteries so they had to put the Dead somewhere we had a body storage the Silver dollar saloon had one as did the Silver queen hotel Not very many people know that the cigar Bar which is located on the north end of Our town that’s actually the old town Mortuary so a lot of these bodies were Overflow from that establishment in 1874 There was a typhoid epidemic that Occurred killing off a lot of people we Had 77 bodies stacked inside of burlap Sacks down in that crypt space the Majority of those bodies unfortunately Were infants toddlers and kids that’s Why if you happen to ever come visit our Town and walk around our cemetery take Note of all of the death dates 1874 is Very prevalent and a lot of the ages are Five and younger now the reason disease Would run rampant here in town back then Is as i mentioned earlier we had a lot Of people living here in 1876 we had a Population of 25 000 people On any given day at any given time the People from gold hill and silver city Which are located a few miles in that Direction they would visit us and they Say we would have around 100 000 people Walking our city streets los angeles in

The same year only had eight thousand so We had a lot more people than la back Then nowadays though that is not quite The case that being said my friends Follow me this way Then once again all that geronimo’s Sitting right there in that corner This right here actually used to be a Window but at some point they blew it Out and turned it into a walkway not too Sure when that actually occurred but It’s interesting they did that to the One upstairs too And we’ll see that we do have locked Doors these are just antique storage Rooms i have had people report hearing What sounds like a person or something In there rummaging through it but There’s no other entry way to get into This and it is completely latched shut i Don’t even have a key to this door so if You guys hear something in here tonight Just know that nobody’s snuck in and is Messing with stuff You’re probably hearing one of the Entities for whatever reason in that Room Which is just weird Watch your step right here guys so you Don’t trip over this Two days ago ah two days ago or Yesterday i can’t remember which we did Hear somebody walking around in this Room and rummaging through stuff this is

Locked um and it was so loud and Prevalent with every footstep you could Hear in there you could feel the floor Actually like vibrating with each step And these are the original floors so if Something bounces on this side you’ll Feel it in there and i was sitting here Just like Hey is someone in there because you Can’t get in there it would stop then We’d sit here and then you’d start Hearing it again and you could hear like Almost like a muffled talking or Something it was really really Interesting so with the locked rooms Don’t be shocked if you hear stuff it is Very very very common So little super on this way so you can Kind of get a gist of how Big this or labyrinth this place is you Can see how the visa to two different Rooms is how they built it this is a Good room to show you how hard the Building actually collapsed when that Happened in 1898 if you look at these Two windows you can see how much of a Slant there is to this and if i stand I’ll stand vertical in front you can see How much of the deviation the building Is actually listing when that collapse Happened and the roof came down It actually blew the janitor who was Living i want to believe in this room Almost out of the windows but he came

Back in ran to the back of the building Went to the millionaires club and was Like hey the building’s falling down They came out because they didn’t Believe him yeah the building was pretty Much collapsing so they all ran out that Was the end of that club So they rebuilt the building to the Slant that it acquired you can see if You look at the top of the windows right There they actually had pie shims up There to Make the windows properly operate and Somewhat seal again extremely Interesting so right now when we walk to The ballroom you’re actually walking Slightly uphill inside of a building It’s it’s almost like a fun house yeah It really is it’s disorienting isn’t it It’s really interesting This is kind of just like a little Overview of some stuff you would have Found in an old building back then a Little gas stove this is a radiator Water heater water would go up and it Would just naturally heat your rooms and Stuff pretty interesting This is the world famous ballroom my Friends this is actually where the tv Series ghost adventures got their start With that shadow man that was caught Walking around this room but i won’t Talk about them um personally this room Is one of the more active rooms that

I’ve ever had stuff happen to when i First started working here for instance I was having stuff happen in my home i Live two streets behind this building my House is already haunted there’s a male Or female entity in there or both but After i started working in this location Activity just started ramping up i had Stuff moving around i would hear more Footsteps talking uneasiness things like That so myself and my girlfriend we came Down here and we sat right on these Benches And i was like hey um I’m here all the time you know who i am You know i live behind this building Stop following me home this is your Place what stays in my house stays there You stay here kind of thing and i was Like if we’re on a term of agreement can You make an audible sound so i can hear You since i cannot see you right above Us right as soon as i said that we heard Footsteps walk all over the third story At the end of this hallway we heard a Female giggle and um somewhere On that side of the building we heard Leica So i looked at my girlfriend and said Cool they listened and off we went it’s Also real common for me in this uh Section of the building to hear at the End of this hallway which is where the Stairs are

A female giggle i’ve always heard that I’ve had people on tours hear it and It’s just a quick like Laugh In this area and in that hallway you Will start to smell a lady’s perfume so I’m not too sure what entity Is in this whole section but there’s a Female entity that is very very active In here We’ve heard heavy footsteps walk around In here I’ve had people doing investigations Pick up almost like Music like old ragtime scott joplin type Stuff Parties where it sounds like two people Are like celebrating yelling back and Forth the whole nine yards Going back in time this has not always Been a ballroom before the millionaires Club took this place over so from 1862 Until 1875 this Room was actually the doctor’s office In uh october 20th of 1864 there was a 10 year old little girl who was actually Playing out in front of our building her Name we like to call her gretchen Historically we don’t know her name we Know she was a german immigrant so we Just gave her the moniker aggression Because it kind of fits naming of that Time period but as she was playing she Went across the street and she was hit

And run over by a horse-drawn carriage But she did not die right away so the Townspeople grabbed gretchen and they Brought her into this room because of it Being the doctor’s office but medical Technology back then not the best and They could not save that little girl she Passed away right here in this room i’ve Had some people on tours take pictures Through that far left doorway and every Now and again they will actually capture What looks like a little girl standing Against the lath in plaster it is Amazing when that happens but roughly Two and a half three-ish months ago now I had a guy on the tour and he took a Picture through that doorway And what he captured it’s not gretchen i Don’t know who it is But through that doorway he captured a Full body apparition And it looks almost like it’s hanging Now what’s interesting about that is About a month ago i was showing this to Someone and they had an ovulus device That’s the device that says the words Out loud like a computer lady voice Dude you’re gonna love it i’ve had so Much interaction with those things in This place and we were talking about This image and i was like it almost Looks like he’s hanging and then the Ovulus goes frederick hanged i have no Idea who frederick is

I’ve never heard of a frederick being Hung in this building but to have An entity where it looks like his feet Are off of the ground almost like he’s Suspended and then as i’m talking about It says frederick hanged That’s pretty interesting back in those Days the 1800s murders up here were Quite common so it’s possible he could Have been hung outside of the building Maybe hung off the apartment back behind Us in the weird common area which is on The other side of those windows you just Never know and a real interesting Picture that i um recently just got from A person who was doing one of my tours Towards that doorway is what we believe To be something actually manifesting it Looks almost like smoke What That’s pretty cool That’s real interesting That is bizarre isn’t that cool For something real cool and i’m not too Sure how well your cameras are going to Come up you might have to dim your light Just a little bit or you actually might Be able to pick it up right here this Sparkling effect So this is called the diamond dust Mirror this was made for our building Between um Roughly 1858 or 1862.

Are you having electronic issues it’s Coming off three times now now it has This what that’s very common in this Building electronic issues are super Super common lost divide lost recover Recover that okay I don’t know what Yeah it’s it’s possible they’re starting To mess with your stuff I’ve had it happen all the time okay Well we just had a camera glitch there Well that was weird okay i’ve never seen That actually i’ve had all those years Uh camera stuff Mess up i’ve had the most recent one Which to me it was actually pretty Pretty funny was uh i was doing a small Tour it was me a guy His girlfriend And i think another one of their friends It was his girlfriend’s wife something Like that and as we were walking through The building his phone kept taking Pictures so as we’re walking it was only When it was like down so there’s a walk And also the flash would go off And he was like my phone is not on the Camera so he like showed it and it’s on The black screen like it’s off it still Keeps just taking pictures of the floor And he turns it on it goes to his lock Screen there’s no camera thing it still Keeps taking pictures he unlocked it and

It just went right to his home screen so He opened up his camera thing the flash Button isn’t on And it still kept just automatically Taking stuff and he was like okay let’s Try and see if we can fix it so we went Like this Cleared it turned his screen off and i Still kept taking pictures that happened I think three weeks ago i’ve had people Come into this building with 96 charged phones they come in they go To start recording their phone dies like It won’t turn on nothing we get right Outside of the building back onto the Street phone kicks right back on it’s Real real weird i’ll actually talk about Audio interference when we go to the Poker room in a second so as i was Saying though before that happened which Is pretty cool this is what they call a Diamond dust mirror These are very very rare what these are Made out of is basically pure silver and Mercury mixed together which allows the Silver dust to sparkle and glimmer Through it and that’s what prevents them From ever aging this Dates to about 1858 to 1862 and this did Belong to the washer club back then so Just think of the amount of people back In those days who would have stood right In front of this thing and that amazing We’re blessed to have this in our

Possession Now we’ll walk this way towards the Poker room this area right here and i’m Not sure if your cameras can shine Through these windows when we get Upstairs there’s a window that’s open That you can look down into this This is just a common area so this is How the people back then would have been Able to go in between all the buildings To get where they were going because With a population of 25 000 people and In our saloon we have a drawing that Shows kind of how many buildings there Were back then you had to build stuff on Top of each other so the people would Have come out of that apartment drop Right down to the common area and just Gone down through that and shot out the Back of the building and right onto the Main street so it’s real cool when we Get up to the third story you guys can Put your cameras out of the window and i Want to say it’s about a 50 or 60 foot Drop i mean straight down it’s it’s Creepy i’ve It’s a weird Weird beard Make sure you guys watch your step right Here then right here the floor is Slightly elevated and i don’t want you Tripping on those So this right here this is the Millionaires club poker room this table

Is the original 1875-76 Um pharaoh playing card poker table for That club so sitting here back then you Would have seen president grant playing Cards with thomas edison john mackie Samuel clements so on and so forth With that club you had a lot of gambling On average their games would last three To four days straight without stopping That’s insane that is just crazy you Also had a lot of booze In those years whiskey was actually Cheaper than water and we actually had Over 140 saloons right there on c street So just imagine how much alcohol was Flowing around this town our town slogan These days is we don’t have a town drunk We have a drunk town now with the Millionaires club what they’re drinking There not only was a bar downstairs There’s actually a bar located right Along this back wall underneath that Little window that’s sitting right there That bar top is now located downstairs In our saloon it’s the smaller darker Colored one that sits closer to kind of Where the display cabinets are that bar Is from 1862 and president grant used to Get his drinks off of that super super Historical you also had a lot of women Within that club but they could not come Up the beautiful spiral staircase for The first few years after it was built They actually had to sneak them in

Through this door right there that side Door right there is where the ladies Would come in because they had to keep Their interactions hush hush they were Known as the ladies of the night let you Guys think about that one that’s all i’m Saying about those beautiful girls now For my paranormal stuff i’ve had a lot Of experiences in this Section of the room both this poker room And this weird like little intermediary Room i’ve heard everything from Footsteps um One of the weirdest ones that we had i Had investigators here And there is a dark entity in this Building i don’t really like talking About it in the building but for you Guys i’ll go into detail about it Especially when we hit that room but it Followed me home so i was sitting at my House and i heard three heavy knocks and It just resounded through the entire House the walls i mean i was immersed in Just these three loud knocks so i came Down because the investigators invited Me back down here with them later that Night so i was coming in anyway and we Were sitting at this table and uh They had an ovulus sitting on the table With us and um k2 meters And i started telling i was like just so You guys know that there’s a dark thing Here in this building and when it’s

Active all of the good gets suppressed It followed me home And uh the ovulus then said um Suppression he’s here and i was like This is the thing i’m talking about this Is what actually followed me home now That it’s out and about you’re not going To have real good interactions you’re Going to be dealing with something more Darker i guess i’ll say then the ovulus Said um house Demon And we’re all looking at each other and Like what like this is crazy and i was Like this is why My girlfriend’s mother gave me a bunch Of crystals i guess they’re called to Put above my windows and door frames to Try and keep my house safe as soon as i Said that the ovulus then went are you Afraid it made a full-on sentence are You afraid those guys they were filming It including myself After all that happened when we went Down to kind of reset we all tried to Play those video clips back It only had video footage there was no Sound on any of the devices that we Tried filming it so i of course deleted The file because there’s no point in you Know watching without any context but That interaction alone it was Intelligent it was interacting the k2s Were going off at the same time it would

Start talking it was the craziest thing I’ve had people set up laser grids in This room pointing that direction Towards that wall and they’ll get Something actually literally walking Across this room breaking the laser Grids and you can hear The footsteps as it walks Across I sat up here i think it was last week Or the week before and i had an hour to Kill so i sat in that chair right there This one with my phone on the thing and I’m just you know talking hey guys if You’re here come down talk to me teach Me how to play favor i’ve never played Poker games in my life so teach me how To play a card game And down by the staircase which is Through those doors to the left down in That section i could hear footsteps and Talking now i’m the only person up here In the building i do security stuff and All that stuff for the washoe so i know I’m the only person in the building so i Said and i’ll play it for you guys i Don’t know how well you guys will pick It up because it’s really quick but i Was like i’m sitting down um In the poker room kind of next to the Ballroom why don’t you come over here And say hi right as soon as i’m Finishing the eye and high a quick Whistle goes

Right next to me i didn’t even hear it Until i played it back so the audio clip It’s kind of quiet and then i had i Boosted the audio as loud as i could get It using the apps on my phone to try and Clear it up but it’s it’s It’s pretty cool listen careful this So come on over here i’m in the poker Room guys by the ballroom coming to say Hi You guys heard that So Yeah you don’t know what you’re going to Get especially in this section this is Real real active i’ve had ramp pods go Off in this thing The whole nine yards smell a cigar smoke Through this whole section too is real Real real common um with that being said We’ll go i gotta say when you were Explaining that did you hear her feel Something did did you hear a really loud Like Yeah i heard that over there yeah i felt That like on my feet Okay i’ve been hearing obviously other Things already yeah um and that’s weird Also Just to interject we never even got this On camera last night about our Investigation do you want to just Explain the whistle you heard it’s like A weird question yeah that is kind of Where you brought up a whistle because

We were in uh crown point mill if you’re Familiar with that or not right yeah and He had gone out to the car i had walked Up cassie who was our our guide up to The very top to close up and as we were Away at the top I literally heard About as lot of whistle as you could Like this one And we’re stopping i’m like okay colin We know that’s you come on man we know It’s you just kept walking down yeah and Then about maybe another 10 or 15 Seconds Same thing Same cadence And i stopped and cast i’m like okay He’s screwing with us Colin come on man we know that’s you and Then of course we walked back down out The door did you hear that Wow And then he’s in the car and i’m like Dude okay you’re you’re you’re right it Is i mean But it was very dude everything We’ve been hearing bangs all of us were Just talking about that and it’s Something over i think i just heard one Over there dude i gotta say i’m gonna Just interject on myself too When you were just talking about That experience I got just lit up with

And not even like just it’s just really Weirdly strong yeah i just felt like It’s like ringing my right ear Which is just almost like tinnitus like Yeah yes i get that all the time I get that I just i feel it you know and just a Couple really quick things Last night you’re talking about the Atmospheric My right arrow was plugged remember and My sinuses were full And then we had a through the obelisk Two things came through names one was George which is who she thought was in The building okay actually came through And this is weird where is look at this Okay there you go that’s your way out of Focus That being said we’ll actually go up to The third floor that music right there That is the church so don’t be shocked If you hear that but people do report Hearing uh ragtime piano and the music Box i don’t have a piano or a music box In here watch your step brother It’s actually colder Yeah Yeah so in the back of this building Right here unfortunately as i mentioned Earlier birds have a tendency to blow Out our glass This whole room back here as you can see It’s tarp i mean everything because

Birds have just literally blown out all The rooms in here so we’ve tried the Best we can to seal it yeah but it Doesn’t Really Really work um So we call this room scotty’s room now Scotty was a former washoe club Bartender who worked here from 1970 Until 1982 and he lived in this room With his 16 year old son Well in 1979 his son and his 14 year old Friend went three miles in that Direction to play above silver city That’s where you guys were just Traveling through it’s right over there Those kids they were playing above Silver city in one of the hills and they Ran over one of them and fell into a 1200 foot deep ventilation shaft for a Mine that’s almost like a quarter of a Mile straight down and killed those kids Instantly Understandably scotty’s pretty upset at The death of his son i mean what good Parent wouldn’t be he was so upset that On june 2nd of 1982 He decided he could no longer live Without his kid he got off work Downstairs at the bar came up here to His bedroom pulled a gun out shot Himself in the head he ended his life And that to me is absolutely Heartbreaking

Scotty haunts this section of the Building still and he is a very active Entity in this whole section of the Building Um i was up here one night doing an Investigation with some uh people And we were sitting right here on the Floor with the ovulas and we had a Rampart on that desk And uh We’re like scotty if you’re here give us A sign rempot went crazy my friends it Made multiple tones at the same time and Each one started to fluctuate through Different pitch ranges at different Speeds i’ve personally never seen a rem Pod do that before or after that ever Happened so we started going back and Forth with each other have you seen one Do that no have you seen under that no So you’re like this is probably a pretty Strong manifestation to make this thing Go off in a way we’ve never ever seen One go off then the ovula said Depression Help me And we were like i think scotty might be Up here with us right now and then a Couple minutes later it then said after We’re like you know hey move something Touch something say something else it Goes The rent pod went off and it went it was A hard hard hit then

You know we started talking about Because it was a i forget the name of The youtube channel they were filming Stuff too so he started talking about You know suicide awareness which is a Real big thing And and as he’s talking the obvious Thing goes 1200 and so we were i stepped Back and i was like Depression help me 1200 that sounds like Something scotty would say he was Depressed for the few years that Followed after his son’s death he wanted Help to get over that grief he didn’t Receive any so he committed right here In his room because his son died in a 1200 foot deep ventilation shaft That is for me the most solid Interaction i’ve ever had with scotty Now going back in time because this room Has been marked with a lot of tragedy in The 1870s on that side of our building We had the ruse uh the roof brothers Clothing store and the back of that Building was an apartment building Living in one of those apartments was a Civil war union general by the name of General jacob bachmann and i actually Have a portrait of him that i’ll share With you guys well during the war he was An explosives expert so it makes sense That um when the war ended he became an Explosives expert for the local mining Companies in the immediate area but

Jacob did not leave his explosives just The mine site he kept them stored in his Bedroom You don’t do things like that with Explosives guys he also rented out the Room below his and stored explosives in That as well Jacob also had a pet spider monkey you Don’t mix monkeys and explosives june 29 1873 at 11 o’clock at night his monkey Knocked over six cans of nitroglycerin Causing a chain reaction setting off an Additional 150 pounds of dynamite the Back of that building disappeared off The face of the earth the monkey was Actually vaporized they found no Remnants of that little thing they Discovered jacob’s body almost Completely blown through one of the Brick walls in his bedroom he was so Mangled the only way they identified him Was because his name was engraved on his Pocket watch and somehow it was still Inside one of his pockets a hundred feet Behind our building in that direction on B street a guy was just walking down the Roadway well an iron curtain shutter Door which are extremely extremely heavy Was blown off that building thrown Through the air and it actually hit and Killed that gentleman they say when it’s Your time to go it is your time to go he Was killed and killed by a flying door i Feel bad for that man in one of the

Inter-more apartments on that side of That building You had a guy by the name of charles Knox now he survived that explosion but The roof actually collapsed on top of Him pinning him from the neck down under A lot of brick and timber he was still Alive so the fire crews came in and they Started removing that debris but they Ran back out because That explosion created a fire the fire Went into charles’s bedroom and burned Him to death burn him so severely when They recovered his remains two days Later his legs were burned completely Off of his torso that’s how intense that Blaze was in the room we’re standing in You had ed and his eight-year-old Daughter ella they both died immediately In the blast as well in total 12 people Were killed and it was due to the Explosion the over pressure of the Concussive wave and flying timbers and Bricks and over two dozen were injured Ella just like scottie haunts this Section of the building so as i Mentioned a little bit ago i do security Stuff here for the washoe club so i’m up Here 11 12 1 2 3 5 6 at night just Consistently checking on the place every Now and again and it’s common for me to Hear a little girl laugh within this Room or right outside of that doorway And it is so loud and clear if i’m on

The phone with someone they can hear it We also used to have a lot of toys up Here So if you look at old tour footage i Mean Five-ish months ago you’ll see there’s Stuffed animals that surround i mean the Entirety of this room there’s toy balls Stuffed animals you name it it was up Here and it was common for me to come in Through the building i have a door That’s back there that i can come in Through and find toys that belong within This room actually down between the two Staircases i would find some down by the Ballroom some down by the crypt area There were countless times where i’d Take a toy ball and i would lock it Inside of this cabinet and uh the way to Do that is you can see it’s Kind of loose but this thing when it Goes like that or whatever so i’d take The ball i’d stick it in here and shut The door and back in those months this Cabinet top was actually flipped around So i’d do that i’d go on my security Check i’d come back the ball would be Gone the doors would still be shut Wouldn’t be able to find the ball the Rest of that time i’d walk through the Whole building again where did my ball Go Then one time about a week after it Disappeared it showed up there’s a green

Chair over there in that corner and it Actually showed up underneath that green Chair it was the trippiest thing i’ve Ever experienced we’ve had times where Uh I would be up here with some Investigators and we would put a toy Ball in the center of this room and we’d Walk off we’d come back come around And The ball would be gone so we’d cut the Corner a little more because we’re you Know naturally where’d the ball go and It would usually be sitting right in This doorway threshold spinning i mean Crazy i actually have a picture of who We believe to be ella as a manifestation This one’s actually pretty cool so this Was taken coming up the staircase and Then shooting through this doorway and Right there looks like a little girl in Old victorian style of clothing you can See her face like the jawline her nose The hair as it comes down That’s a cool capture that is a Fantastic capture i have one more Picture that someone got of her and sent To us And it looks like she’s actually raising Her hand and is like pushing like a Stroller or something You can see it back there Oh my god that is cool there’s nothing That has ever

Looked like that in this room because if I back out and go to similar age Pictures from that time as you can see That’s my former co-worker carl but There is nothing in this room that Resembles a little girl with her hand Raised or even manifesting as we can all See Isn’t that a trip that is crazy Now i’ve had people see Shadow people from this doorway actually Um Looking this way across this hallway It’s common Enough to see a shadow man walk back and Forth through this i have a picture of That that i’ll share with you guys So you can see him Right there That is nuts isn’t that awesome Um i’ve also had it very common for People to see Either people walking down these stairs And If the dark thing is active It doesn’t walk it crawls Which is i mean that just sounds like Straight out of a conjuring movie but it Does crawl you can ask Other employees i don’t know if kimmy’s Ever experienced it but the older Gentleman that was sitting at the bar Craig the one that we were laughing About earlier my good buddy he’s i

Believe seen the thing crawl i’ve had People say that they’ve seen it come out Of this room when they’re coming out This way go up the wall and then down The stairwell they’ll be going down the Stairs yeah it goes up like a spider Goes down or they’ve had it come up These stairs and it goes up on it likes Going with the walls and it goes up the Wall and it hooks that corner and then Goes towards the ballroom I mean they’re ringing in my ear That’s why i don’t like talking about in The building right now back feels just It’s so it scratches people i’ve had it Scratched so if you guys at any point um Like feel like the best way i could Describe it was a bunch of like bee Stings just went down my back And i’ll show you guys a The picture of it it’s faint so i don’t Know how well you guys will pick it up But you can see it goes down and then Horizontally across my back is when it Got me good one time and it does it Feels like bee stings is the best way i Can describe it yeah we’ve both been Scratched okay yeah i’ll go more into in Depth about this thing though like Out front or out back of it i just don’t Like talking about it in here just after It followed me home and stuff enough Enough is enough with that thing um what Which room

We’ll go save that one for last but it’s What we call the red room or room number 12. Yesterday i had a guy see a figure Like he was coming right here and he got Like right about here and he’s the best Way to describe it was he saw an arm Come around this like this And that poor kid he screamed and almost Went right down the stairs Understandable it’s terrifying to Anybody i Don’t blame him at all i did some stuff Up here with the travel channel about Three and a half months ago i was Telling you guys a little bit about that Ago and when we were filming up here Especially right through this hallway We had so much interaction the poor Camera guy and i won’t say his name but Uh he pretty much like buried his head In the small of my back and grabbed me And was just like what is going on get Me out of this place we were hearing Footsteps walk around in this room Um there’s and if you guys pan in here You can see it i have a bunch of Wallpaper all stacked up because we’re Restoring this place how to look in 1862. so i’ve got a whole bunch of Wallpaper all right here and it sounded Like these were getting knocked over we Would hear stuff like this going on in Here as we’re on the other side of the

Wall And He said that he saw a person like poke Their head out we were done he let he Went back downstairs for like three or Four hours the poor guy was terrified so This Is really really active i guess seeing People figures and all that crazy stuff Through this doorway this is the old Music room This this is has a winter fred and i Don’t like that no one i’ll go into that In a second the way we know this is the Music room is the roof is actually Shaped like a grand piano and it has This curved wall the reason this wall is Curved is actually help direct sound so Whatever you play in this room speakers Victrola piano pump organs anything like That your sound travels this flat wall Goes around this curve and it’s directed Out of the doorway deflects off that Stairwell and it goes left right and Down so you hear whatever’s played in This throughout your the entire building Versus like your modern home when you Play music or your tv really loud in the Room and you walk out it’s a lot quieter Right it’s because your sound waves Deflect off the four corners and they go Back to the center over 150 years ago They knew how to properly direct sound So you would hear it throughout the

Entire building extremely extremely Smart people Now for the weird haunting stuff with This being the music room i have Personally heard loud ragtime piano come Blaring out of this thing i don’t have Electricity up in the second or third Story minus three exit signs and a power Cable so there’s no Speakers or like electronic pianos That’ll play up here to make that kind Of music happen That right there you might think is a Piano this is actually a pump organ so The only way this will make sounds is if You pump these pedals while pressing the Keys and as you can see it’s broken so The pillows are broke so this really Won’t make any sounds so To hear old saloon music blare out of This Ridiculous i mean it is absolutely Insane and it’s loud and it’s like three Or four seconds long it’s the craziest Thing i’ve had people on my tours here Right this right here Is We used to call her annabelle Oh it’s getting Scared that’s interesting okay that was Interesting Yeah right when you’re pointing at the Doll Yeah

Yeah i i can’t stand this name this doll To be honest with you um So her name used to be annabelle that’s What my co-worker called her about Four months ago i was up here with some Very good friends of mine and we were Doing a little spirit box thing in here And we were like what is your name and The doll or like this little girl voice Cuts through and it goes win a friend So her name is actually winnifred she Rocks by herself often enough yesterday She did it twice for people so you might Get it uh heard a rock usually it’s real Subtle so it’s usually kind of stuff Like this the first time i saw her do That was about seven or eight months ago At about 2 15 in the morning came Through here doing a security check Shining my flashlight in on her and she Was going Like this And i just sped walk past the room to be Honest with you i don’t do the weird Creepy doll thing There’s this is not a there’s no Gimmicky thing here and i’ll just go Like this so people there it’s just an Old chair as you can see there’s nothing Different right so there’s no reason This thing should rock on its own Ever she’s from about the 1800s i have a Cool picture that someone um Captured uh i want to say it was last

Year of this doll and they captured Whatever it is attached to it Manifesting out of it Check that out so you can see it’s Coming up Over the doll Or out of it all i mean that is cool and What’s unique about this too is to get An effect like that if you’re in a dark Space or something you would have to Like have a light source and you know go Like that as you’re shooting All of the lath Is perfectly aligned so you can tell That they’re not bouncing their phone Around That’s cool that is a cool capture With that being said we will go this way And i’ll introduce you into lena who’s a Pretty prominent entity here in this Place We’ll go around this hallway right here This is another locked room right there Just for storage antiques i have not Heard anything in that one yet This after the building personally for Me i haven’t really had much ever Happened so But the next room will go to Yeah okay we were in this before right No no we’re on the third floor oh shoot This is a carbon copy split almost it is It is hardly it’s a labyrinth up here The feel of it you know yeah

And you’re not the first person i’ve Ever had say that and stuff So in the mid-1880s there was a lady of The night by the name of lena who was Actually murdered in this room she was Murdered by having her throat slit so Severely when they found her the poor Girl was almost completely decapitated Now we think lena haunts this location Still because they never found the man Who took her life so they uh so she Received no type of closure and we think She was either murdered wearing blue or That was her favorite color because Whenever she shows up on the first Second or third floor of this building People will report A woman in a blue victorian dress with a Man of face manifestation in its Entirety the skin color the transparency The weird misty stuff has a blue hue to It the picture i’ll show you guys was Taken i want to say about two and a half Years ago in broad daylight from across The street looking back at this building And in the room right below this one Looking out of the window is who we Believe to be lena it’s a woman in a Blue victorian dress but she’s See-through oh my gosh She’s see-through Isn’t Earlier today my second tour uh today i

Had right when i it was just two people And i started talking to them they go It’s funny you say that because as we Were walking by we looked up and we Could see a woman and it looked like she Was wearing blue and she was looking at Like at us out of the windows but you Guys were closed I was like you probably saw her when we Get downstairs i’ll show you some Pictures of her in the museum of her Manifesting on the spiral staircase but I have a real cool picture in here that I’ll show you guys when we get Downstairs because that’s where we Captured it i’m the only person in the Building with that It is mind-boggling i’m just like Lit up you know right now if you’re Feeling it yeah just like if my clothes Were off and my hairs would all be on Him that’s weird because my left ear Just started to ring and i’ve got a Headache and my head is full my voice Has changed all right you know just Being full yeah so someone today saw Lina i believe so i believe it was who Who they saw and she was within i think She was I think she was down on the second story Looking out not the window that picture Was taken but the one next to it because She was closer to the e and the washoe And that runs right here that transom

Window did not used to be open it Actually swung full open during one of My tours a couple uh Like about a month ago so it was closed When a transom window naturally i guess Slips for whatever reason it’ll like Slowly rotate right that’s just the way The weight transfer goes that i was Doing a tour um and we were all talking And it went from full close to full open I mean just just snapped This thing is and i’m six foot tall so Just as a gauge of height so i’m 72 Inches six foot tall I can’t even Like Get it to even try and pull it closed And we were all standing i’ll never Forget it i was right here talking to my People right out of the corner my eye it Just literally closed and just snap full Open i mean just Fast super fast and if we do it you want To be slow it’s all from 1862 i don’t Want to break the hinges off it so that Was a real cool experience that i had With that transmitter actually there is A mannequin sitting right here don’t let Them scare you this wallpaper is from 1862. Wow and that shine that it has is a Beautiful man And stuff and then we will go this way

To the room that i just did yeah There’s a guy sitting right here don’t Let him scare you Oh jesus All righty let’s go Tell me if you feel the pressure shift In this one I can feel it i feel like my stomach’s Like flipped and it feels weird i don’t I don’t like this room So this is a cool example of wallpaper We put up it’s from bradbury companies 1875-76 archives so this is kind of how Our building’s gonna look when we’re all Done it’s real real cool but the reason It’s called the red room is while it’s Surrounded by red paint but i won’t talk About any of that stuff this door right Here this is a key piece thing right Here so this door is known to shut on Its own and it gets shut so hard every Now and again it’s actually breaking Right here below that doorknob that is An inch and three quarter thick solid Wood door it takes a lot of force to Break would that stout i can pull it off The wall and you can see How how robust this door actually is Now there’s no reason this thing should Be shutting on its own or slamming as Hard as it does the windows on that side Of the room are completely shut so um There’s no wind that comes severe as we Can feel it’s raining outside it’s

Decently windy there’s no wind pulling Through this thing If i stand next to it and i start Stomping my foot It doesn’t move right so there’s no wind Pulling it closed there’s no vibration Causing it to bounce and shut and if i Pull it off the wall and let gravity and The angle of our building because Everything in virginia city is crooked Do its thing this does not shut hard Enough to damage an inch and three Quarter thick solid wood door As we can all see right that’s not going To cause it to split that way What’s interesting to note as well is The way it’s breaking is very similar to If you were to kick a door on this side The kinetic force travels through it and It starts to split on the other side of It kind of like if you uh like shoot Like A piece of wood or a can or something The entry hole is smaller than the exit Same thing applies to this that force Transfer causes it to go this way so It’s like something is kicking this Thing shut it gets slammed so hard every Now and again it sounds like a 12-gauge Shotgun gets fired off up here in the Building and we can hear it down at the Bar that is Insane i’ve had it happen during tours My co-workers have experienced it i’ve

Had it slam when i’m doing security Checks up here by myself i am not not The biggest fan of that one it scares me To after death it’s just scary um ghost Adventures countless youtube Investigators private just fun Paranormal people they’ve all captured It on video shutting on its own i mean It’s it’s insane Now i was talking earlier about the uh That common area that was on the other Side of the ballroom if you put your Lights through this you can actually Look down into the common area so that Is the 50 foot drop Check that out Wow it gets colder in here than it is Out there yeah don’t don’t send that Now Um we also know the entity likes this Door shut because i have an evp of it Telling my former co-worker to shut that Door And so you need to listen real carefully To hear it but you hear my former Co-worker say A lady’s voice now then he pauses and Then he goes back into his conversation But with that momentary pause that he Does a low whisper cuts turn he goes Shut the door so the shut happens within That pause and then the door comes as he Starts talking again but it’s you can Hear it undercutting him i’ll play it

Twice for you guys listen to this three Two one And Now and she uh I’ll play one more time Right now and she said Isn’t that cool it’s clear I’ve had a lot of people get evps in This section of the building from Full-blown conversations to laughing Crying screaming Growling Cursing all that stuff remember i said There’s a dark thing in here um that i Just want to i don’t i won’t talk about It in this room A cool video clip that i’ll play for you Guys um so i say you had a rent pod with Your equipment You get a lot of interactions with those One night we had one sitting in this Doorway and we had one in that far Doorway this one would start getting Like a real soft tone so like something Was getting close to it we were like hey Come in here you know you can come in Here and then also you would hear like Faint footsteps go that way and then That one would start going off super Super super hard then it would stop and It just kept like something was going Like this between the two So one of my buddies

We were standing I mean probably right about here and he Was taking pictures towards the rem pod And i’ll play the video for you in the First picture there’s nothing above it Goes to the second one huge orb streak Red pots going off in the background you Can hear it’s a real strong hit and uh I’m like hey if that’s you can you stop Making that go off for a second Off on command then we start cracking if You know whoa it’s intelligent as soon As i say thank you it kicks right back On i love sharing this video with people Because it’s just awesome interaction Cool so i’ll go like this so this is Looking Down towards that uh threshold that’s Where the rem pods sitting and so There’s nothing above it first one Second one huge orb streak That’s Hands That’s come back off What the [ __ ] Wow If that’s you can you stop making that Go off for a second I love how it’s just like thank you i’m Intelligent man That’s a strong hit that is very very Solid So you can get a lot of interaction with That that being said let’s get out

Behind the building and then i’ll talk About the thing that harbors this room And i’m just seeing this before we leave Here For reference This room right here This is where You would say the darkest yeah energy is Yeah there’s there’s a very dark entity That is not human inside of that room 100 100 It’s Put it this way when it attacks people It’s three scratches when it knocks it’s Three knocks when it’s active you smell Sulfuric smells or a very weird uh Like a chemical cleaning kind of nasty Smell and then it’ll turn into a Sulfuric smell Um Stuff like that it’s it’s it’s Not good it makes you feel sick and just Kind of sick now I’m an optometrist okay Science is so i’m definitely a skeptic But i’m also kind of an empath if you Will for many many years that’s a good Combination yeah right but i can just My ears have been ringing i haven’t been Saying anything and clogged like my Whole sinuses and then this is really Heavy like my back even right now i feel Like

Something doesn’t that So we should go this way We’ll look right here because i want to Talk about this thing this place like i Said is a complete labyrinth That’s with my feet what was that It’s almost like you feel like you need To have someone like you with us just Kind of like a little fear kind of yeah You know yeah that’s good though that’s Good for the investigation One that’s hyped up here Yeah and it’s it’s so funny i’ve had People inviting me up on their little Investigation so i pop up with them for An hour or two and they won’t have much And then i’m like all right let’s see if We can kick it off hey guys you know It’s me do this do that if you’re here And like seven out of ten times i’ll Usually get a pretty good response out Of it then i’m like cool there you go I’m going back to bed But it’s just it’s just weird and also Take notice smells as you go through the Place too And be careful back here it’s super Super ricky And then people literally lock Themselves out of the building And i don’t want you to get hurt back Here I’ll rebuild these one of these days One day one day

So yeah i’ll talk about the thing inside So your equipment is getting wet and Stuff but at least for someone away so The dark thing upstairs um i don’t like Talking about it in the building but Since we’re away from where it harbors At usually we should be okay i have had To get active down here too like i said If it’s active It’s active so i don’t really know when It came about how long ago i was told That people went up there to do an Overnight investigation and um they uh Did Like a pentagram i think they’re called On the floor and did like a seance or Something so they summon this thing open A portal and then uh that word got out And then i guess other overnights came In with ouija boards and they never Closed it out it scared them so bad they Ran out we had that quite a few times And i guess with the they did like a Sacrifice with the pentagram thingamajig And i’m not trying to associate Something with something that’s just What i’ve been told is that they killed I think it was a crow they had a dead Crow in the center of this this symbol And then dark stuff started happening People were getting attacked you know Sick all this crazy stuff my personal Interactions with it my girlfriend is an Empath

We went up to the third floor and like You said she started feeling really Really really sick and then she Blacked out i mean just like a sack of Potatoes almost dropped to the floor so I grabbed her brought her all the way Down we sat in the saloon she had no Recollection of even coming down she was Like what am i doing down here i was Just upstairs what happened i had people Go up in that room Start getting either really dizzy bloody Noses the weirdest one was my buddy Brought his four-year-old kid up there We came down to the bar and the kid had Three scratch marks down both his arms His legs his stomach and his back and They were like hey buddy who did this to You and he goes oh gengar upstairs did Well if you don’t know who gengar is It’s a demonic pokemon so to have this Little kid correlate being scratched by A demonic pokemon to that room That’s that’s not okay um i have a video That actually shows what this thing Looks like So i’ll turn my brightness up so it Quits like auto dimming on us and this Is the thing that crawls yeah it is the Thing that crawls It’s weird man um and it does you will Hear three knocks like i said That’s the really prominent one um i Don’t know if you guys have like spirit

Boxes in uh So i’ve interacted with it and it’s just Very very angry sounding that’s how you Know if you’re dealing with it it’s like This low Like just kind of voice or it’ll growl At you so this is what it looks like This was captured a few years ago Cool so i’m going to zoom in right here So i’m not too sure how well your Cameras can like pick up the brightness Of my phone so there’s a face right There on the right and i’ll make it Clear so it focuses on that face it goes Right there you guys see that face That’s pretty clear And um So like i said when we were upstairs That’s that 50 foot drop you cannot Stand and look back in that glass there Is absolutely No way unless they’re floating but People don’t normally float So it loses focus on that face right There comes back in And if you watch right in this region You’ll see something start manifesting And the whole thing shifts it turns red It raises what looks like a three clawed Webbed hand and it opens its mouth Your shoulder yeah okay Let me let me let me zoom in before he Does this So remember watch right in front of my

Thumbnail so i’m going to slow as i can So you can see it take shape right there It’s starting to manifest something as You can see it come out of nowhere turns Into that just shifted color Oh my god and now that is a three clawed Webbed hand you can see the webbing the Claws closet’s mouth is open and it Turns red god look at that so i’ll go Back and i’ll just do it a little bit Quicker so there’s that face right there Goes like this And three two one Boom Turns into that Some scratch examples and i’ll show you Guys some cool scratch examples this is One of them That occurred um this is one of them Right here There’s that and i had somebody tell me That is ancient symbolism almost for Like the word hell or something like That So three scratches that and that Actually happened on my tour in front of Me that is my former roommate’s uncle His back was against the wall and he Jumped off and like dude what lifted his Shirt that’s what we saw behind him And then i also have another one right Here So you can get stuff like that just just Crazy

So as you guys already know just be Careful if you guys try to interact with That thing now lena the the lady that i Talked about upstairs in blue this is Where she manifests herself so if we go Around this wall i can show you that Spiral staircase which is really really Really cool So we have I’m gonna close this so you can better Hear me Thank you so you’re welcome so this Right here this is one of two Freestanding spiral staircases left in The entire world what we mean by Freestanding is it’s actually attached Right here at this part and it’s also Attached above us but there’s nothing That supports it in the middle so it is Literally floating so if you look right Up there where the wood kind of notches Into the wall All the way down through here to this Section It is literally free floating there’s Nothing suspending this thing when it Was originally built it was built Without nails or screws it was built Using wooden dowels this thing was built Like i said 1875-76 But that is why it is capped off and Roped off because you can see the wood Backing coming apart it’s separating off My wall and if i go like this watch the

Handrail Super unstable so you cannot go up it Anymore because if you go up and you Fall through it and then you become the Next latest and greatest tourist Attraction at the washington club you Don’t want that happening lena the lady In blue this is where she manifests all Of the time so if we go in the museum I’ll show you two old photographs of her And then i’ll show you a picture that um We captured I want to say in june or july So this right image is the most common Way that lena will manifest herself so There’s this blue coloration right here As we can see and it goes across this Entire image all the way up to this People capture this on the low end three To four times a week super super common But it has that blue coloration blue Dress we think that’s her color this is Her as a full body manifestation coming Down the stairs at us so you can see it Has a bluish hue and i’ll turn my light On it’s slightly dim so it might help Amplify it a little bit so it has that Bluish hue to it as we can see This is her hair This is what appears to be the collar to A victorian dress you can kind of see The ruffled look of it right here this Is what we think might be a four-leaf Clover necklace that’s where we attach

To a necklace chain this is her Waistline right here her hips come right Through this you can see the outline of Her her figure the right hip line is Faint but you can kind of see a slight Discoloration right through this the Dress fabric is draping down right here And that is her foot one two three four Five toes and you can see the tendons to Each one That is a fantastic capture wow but the Coolest one that we kept had captured And i’ll actually look at the photo Details so i can tell you exactly when This was this was on june 20th of this Year So the picture was a picture of the Mirror right by the spiral staircase There’s something in the bottom left of This image so if i enlarge that and go Right here you can see it has blue Coloration in eye socket there’s Individual strands of hair And this is the facial structure my Co-workers and i spent over two hours Trying to debunk this and we could not Make it happen we could not make it Happen and here in case you want to get A little bit of that too Cool creepy’s like let’s go inside the Crypt guys So this is the crypt my friends This is where they had 77 bodies stacked In 1874.

Now the way they’d get the dead in here Is they would wheel them through the Front of this building on a wooden Gurney and start stacking them up Originally before the bodies happened This was a perishable storage area So when that body pile became too tall That platform right there that you guys Looked off of earlier they would take The bodies up there and drop them from That to keep the power rising that’s Morbid and that’s kind of sad Now they had to do that by candlelight For many years if you drop a body too Quick it’s going to turn off the or blow Your candles out causing it to go dark And i’ll just flick this off real quick It becomes pitch black in here There you go pitch black as you guys can See Um I’ll flip these on too now Um i’ve had a lot of weird interactions In here So scotty’s room you guys remember that The remember the gentleman killed Himself in 82 That wooden ceiling way above us that is The florida scottish room and that is How high up in this building we actually Just were a little bit ago this place is A lot bigger than it looks i’ve heard Heavy boots walk around in scotty’s room I’ve had rocks thrown at me in here i’ve

Had people on tours actually validate That I’ve personally heard there’s a woman Who screams like she is being murdered Down here it’s I don’t like when i hear it it’d be cool If you guys can capture it but on the Flip side it’s terrifying usually i hear It when we’re walking down the building I come back here to make sure we’re not Locking anybody back here and right Before i hit the white double doors by Where that spiral staircase is you will Hear a woman back here just just Shrieking and i was just in here i know Nobody’s back here it i cannot stand When that one happens i’ve had people Come back here and get their clothing Pulled they’ve been grabbed i’ve had Someone had their clothing torn or their Hair gets pulled so they leave The other day the building got really Heavy and me and my co-worker came back Here because we kept hearing something So we came back here to do like a mini Like A evp session and stuff and i could feel Like all of a sudden the pressure and The Temperature shifted and it felt like Somebody was up against me like pushing Into me so that was really interesting I’ve had k2 meters sitting on this Platform thing to start spiking like

Crazy and i’ve even had people take Pictures up towards that platform and Capture A thing is the best way i can describe This looking down at them and i’ll show You an example of that i actually have a Picture of a Sad weird Entity looking down at them Check that thing out guys oh What the hell i’m not seeing it where is It sit like right up in here Oh that level yeah oh you can see the Eye sockets in almost like the weird Like high like cheekbones or something No In that creepy i’ve even had people um While they’ve been down here doing their Investigations they will hear stuff Walking back there they’ll hear voices And things like that And Like for you guys doing your Investigation upstairs you know you’re The only people in that section of the Building there’s nobody that’s going to Be up there with you So it’s real trippy when that one Happens other than that That pretty much Is the entire washer club as i know it Personally This is a cool place Thank you man no of course it is wow

Okay everybody so we’re here now at the Washoe club it’s just jeff and i the Entire building has been cleared out Nobody else is here with us like we’ve Been showing you this entire complex is Completely empty step with me now into The ballroom if you remember this is Where the little girl who they call Gretchen died This is a hot spot of paranormal Activity just to give you a rundown of What we’re going to do we’re going to Start out in here we’re going to do a Call out or a seance then after Investigating this floor jeff and i are Going to move up to the third floor And try to contact the spirit of the man Who took his own life the two the parent And child who were blown up in the Explosion i know a lot of y’all don’t Like uh like when we do this stuff but We’re going to try to conjure the demon The darkness and see if it’ll come out And talk to us now i’ll just tell you Guys off camera while jeff and i have Been up here setting stuff up we heard a Very very loud bang from upstairs almost Like someone was walking around once Again it’s confirmed that no one is here In the building with us all day when We’ve been in here it’s like There’s somebody here and i don’t think We got Justin to talk about this on camera but

All the employees here at the washoe Club who work here have told us that in The last few days All the activity has been spiking Because I don’t know Um but they’ve been telling us that all The activity is spiking because they Just put up the holiday decorations it’s Currently december 5th right now 2021 All of that that extra electricity and The lighting and everything Seems to be spiking the paranormal Activity they also told us that the Demon thing the darkness has been More apparent lately people have been Scratched and attacked more frequently In this building so We’re going to try our best tonight to Get that uh that evil piece of [ __ ] to Come out wherever they are in the Building so Yeah let me get jeff How are you feeling Well um it’s late for one thing um cold But it’s like massive this place is much Bigger than i thought it was Uh the demon uh We’re talking more about that i think Colin you’re becoming a little more open Uh the idea that those do exist and i I’ve always thought they do That that’s creepy to me crown on the

Ceiling as justin was saying in the Interview The ballroom You know lots of activity here Um The pool the room where they played Cards there’s some noise going over There and there’s a place uh i think a Man hung himself over here if i remember Right There’s so much history of this place Including murders but Dying an explosion a father and his Daughter i don’t know what we’re going To find but there’s definitely a lot of Heaviness i think we’re gonna find stuff Here tonight well let’s get started i’m Ready let’s go Okay so jeff’s Getting a static camera set up but we’re Literally hearing like Loud Knocking from over here Right there That doorway they’ve caught pressure It’s very eerie in here Not gonna lie There it is again Well that was not just happening 20 Seconds ago I can’t tell i can’t tell if it’s like The window or Are you here Okay we’ll be right back guys just a

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Help support the channel you can pick up Some of the merch that we’re selling the Link is in the description of this video Or you can become a patreon where we’re Posting bonus content we posted stuff From the washoe club tonight on the Patreon so you can see our Investigations A month two months in advance but yeah Y’all we’re uh we’re gonna go set up the Static cameras and uh Oh I almost thought i saw a shadow over There in that light Okay yeah we’re gonna set up the static Cameras Okay explain what’s happening we just Take a brief break Okay I’m trying to get a static camera set up All these are charged fully yeah we Charged them all last night they uh both The gopro the They’re they’re they’re completely dead Both static cameras that’s weird let’s See Damn this thing’s been falling off like Crazy It’s like they don’t they don’t want us To film i’m not even kidding yet I have not had this I mean i’ve never you are not the type Of person to not charge stuff And you were charging these all night

Last night Dude Both of them Look it maybe this will come on What the hell they’re [ __ ] dead dude No that is trippy they’re completely Dead both too we had both of them last Night i mean you’d think that even one Of them would turn on for like half a Second and then die Because we didn’t even use both of them Last night you know We just used one of them What the hell man To start all this out we’re going to do The usual and we’re just going to walk Around this floor and uh I think that’s just Rain it’s been raining all day So if you haven’t seen this device Before this is basically a k2 meter or An emf detector Based on em levels in the environment Which spirits are said to give off this Thing will light up different colors the Ball just flickered Yeah Oh i just saw something move over here All right What’s up everybody My name is colin brown I’m jeff Brown And tonight

We’re here to talk to you Anybody who’s here in the washoe club Gretchen Scotty scotty The demon Eddie ellie Eddie or ellie Anybody who’s in here if you’re upstairs Up there Or if you’re here on this floor maybe in The library The music room if you’re attached to the Doll I want you to follow Follow the sound of my voice Follow us over here into the ballroom Gretchen If you’re here with us We would love to make contact with you You can come touch any of the lights That we have set up here But we came a long way From texas and south dakota to see you Guys Let’s just sit here Oh okay they’re coming Thanks for coming in Can you give us another sign Do you have another yeah Okay Come on in You’re welcome to come in anybody that’s

Here Good or evil Let’s just sit down here yeah We’re gonna go up lights outer Oh okay Are you coming in Okay so what’s interesting about that is On camera too I just swapped out that battery to make Sure That It’s all fresh you know that was a new Battery but still just in case i just Swapped it out and look at it Are you over there by the the hallway Here Now i think they’re just whoever’s here They’re like who are these people Who are these people famous Yeah sort of oh the k2 is going off here You making this meter go off in front of Me go ahead and keep doing it Can you keep coming in Is this correction come in What Panel can you make a noise maybe knock On something and let us know where you Are Where are you in the building There’s a lot of things set up for you To experiment with you can move any Balls you can touch these lights We’re here to talk to you Can you go like this

Yeah over There You know i feel a weird Attraction to that Area way more so than this area over There i’ve been my eyes just been drawn There Are you over near the poker table the Card Well i think that’s Again this is the activity at least has Been happening here You had set this meter off in front of Me off come over and touch this meter Down here Show me you’re here Oh i got a ring in my ear Right side Can you come into the room Come on walk over here What Souls Is this the thing that crawls Come on you can do way better than that Demon Oh my god Are you playing cards at the table Oh That’s the table dude Okay i got it Keep coming Is this the shadow man

Oh man i’m charged Right there i’m charged oh my god dude It’s fine right there Oh Damn that was like a loud i’m Show yourself on camera here Yeah That’s been silent this whole time Show us another sign over there Play with those lights Dude i feel kind of surrounded here a Little bit me too What’s your name What is your name Dude this is insane Are there more than one of you here Are you by the card table Can you move one of the chairs so that We can come sit God that’s crazy That was zeroed out doing nothing Come on in come in You’re welcome to come in no i think This thing’s telling us come over to the Card table okay i know no but it’s over Here too

Okay let’s go the card table what do you Think yeah what do you want to bring god It’s a heavy energy right there man Okay God that thing’s going crazy It literally hasn’t stopped i’ve never Seen him do this I’m gonna zoom on it zoom in on this Dude and show people How it works So that Is pointing in the direction of the foot Of the coffin Towards the poker table over there are You trying to get us to come over here Did you hear a whistle just now i did I did I heard her Isn’t this the exact room where you said Your whistle it might be come over here Come on dude what is happening look at Okay the mirror’s right here too There’s a ball All right so this is the table Where ulysses s grant Tons of famous people have come thomas Edison they’ve all played cards here and This is one of the hot spots of the Building which is ironically where it Just led us by total chance So here’s the obvious Grandfather casket

Grandfather casket There’s a casket downstairs Is pointing in the direction of the foot Of the coffin grandfather casket Grandfather casket Are you here to play games with us Who’s here with us Oh my god oh my god i just this him I just said Edison entered Thomas edison are you here People like thomas edison so sitting Here back then you would have seen President grant playing cards with Thomas edison tons of famous people have Come thomas edison they’ve all played Cards here Oh my god oh my god i just Said dude Addison Entered thomas edison Entered Dude that is [ __ ] freaky dude that is Right when i said thomas i never heard Edison out of that And you said thomas edison tends to know That is unbelievably strange we would Have brought some cards to play poker With you guys Thomas edison if you’re here who else is Here here let’s play with his flashlight If this is thomas edison Or maybe you you were here when thomas

Edison was here Edison entered i think we got to get That one more time here Edison entered It’s like a maze For sure around here This building is like a labyrinth It’s like a maze For sure around here Conditions certain If you want to talk to us You know thomas edison you know he Invented the light bulb What Nighttime temperature nighttime quilt Sentence If you Were here when thomas edison was here It’s not it is night time now We have a flashlight We have a flashlight right here can you Move a little to the right of that and Touch the flashlight Just to show us that you’re here so we Can talk I’ve kind of Footsteps i’ve got a headache again a Band pressure Dude i feel like something’s coming in Right now Can you touch the flashlight right here Why don’t you ask some questions Okay we’re here at the poker table you Guys used to play for days

Edison entered is there anybody else That’s entered if so Set off some of these devices or say Your name on that device Are you filming Okay got to film man It’s like the first time the k2 went all The way up Can you show us a sign that you’re here Oh That was nuts thank you the k2 and the Rem pod went off Okay by the way guys to remind you we’re Sitting in the pitch black this is what We see i can’t even see jeff right here Okay once again the Envelope is going all the way to red It’s once it wants to say something or Something wants to say something through It tell us who you are are you here Again enter with thomas edison if you’re Here You’re playing cards again we’re going To play cards poker i’m ready to take Your money You want to sit down and play some cards Show me I’ve got a hundred thousand dollars to Spend Do you want my money Oh i got a headache again right before That kind of happened before Are you a human Always

Wherever you are here in the washoe club Can you please walk over towards us it’s Just my dad and i right here Can you walk over to us and use your Voice just say something It’s like a cigar smell You’re smelling cigar Okay who are you It’s a weird feeling my ears are just Like i’m kind of like disarranted a Little bit Are you good or evil [Applause] Character wise need character yeah Again are you good Or are you evil Because we know both is here Come into the room let’s play some cards This is the original table Really used to play cards on actually Yeah this is the original table the Original table it’s amazing that they You can touch it and stuff you know This would be in a museum yeah honestly Okay so earlier you said edison Thomas edison used to play cards right Here Did you know thomas edison Can you say that name again Bush It’s george bush W used to play here What do you mean When you say bush

I feel like i just left Yeah i’m trying to understand what i’m Feeling like I still smell Like a stale cigar Do you want me to touch this hold this And then you can Go through me and communicate with me With this device I smell something weird all of a The sudden Keeps going all the way to red Did you used to smoke cigars Did you like cigars Your voice I just heard a very loud voice Can you use your voice again and talk to Us So Okay it’s on Okay Yep keep going What are you trying to tell Us you want us to just look with our Eyes and not use the camera Is that what you’re saying Ah i’m feeling charged again i don’t Know why Come and sit down we come a long ways to See you guys Or women Let us know you’re here there’s all These devices in front of you that you Can

You can play with to make the lights Yep you can play with the music box There you go Come on over yeah come and sit down You’re crossing in front of that to get To these that’s fine Where where are you in the room Can you come in again Yeah have a seat do you want to play Some poker It’s obvious that someone is here with Us i just don’t know who The edison was really weird a very Strange confirmation of exactly what i Just said on the device so at this point I guess we’re just gonna try to figure Out who’s here and And where they are Are you standing right in front of us You hear that voice yeah that’s a voice That was very faint but i heard a Woman’s voice yeah That came from above us Are you on the third floor Here If you’re over there in that corner can You move that chair Just move it a little bit pull on it If you can move it forward a little bit We’ll get out of here What’s your name say your name into this

Box right here it will pick up your name If you say it into there Please Can you do something else for us we’re Going to leave this room soon If you want to talk with us you got to Give us something Dude look at that blue too That’s not enough though If you want us to stay here you need to Give us something physical you need to Move a chair you need to stomp on the Floor you need to bang on something or Else we’re going to start moving on to Different rooms in here Can you give us anything else No not that I need something like this Can you tell us your name Okay last chance we’re gonna leave this Room Anything That’s all Oh my god My light just dies Okay well the light just died right While this thing is going off yeah That’s freaky and this thing is going

Dessert Completely dead guys Okay alice Reveal what And why is this thing going on I don’t know I was not doing this last Night who’s making this go this go off This music box because it’s You’re sitting in this chair right here What’s your name Play with these other lights Show us you’re here give us some proof Other than this I think we should move rooms Okay Oh look at the moment i stood up to Leave and nana it said nana Lady Nana lady lady Is it Who Who’s the woman Lina Nana lena that’s half of lena’s name Nana Lina are you here Do you do you like it here Okay we’re leaving this room Feel free to follow us Walk walk walk right when we started to Walk

That’s really weird isn’t that the Moment we started to walk okay here we Go you know do you want to grab Gretchen All right y’all so it hasn’t been as Active as we thought it would be Down here on the second floor so we’re Gonna just go right ahead up to the Third floor where the demon thing is Where Multiple murders happened where somebody Took their own life and that’s supposed To be the most active part of the washoe Club Um we haven’t been up there at night yet So We got all of our equipment Let’s do this let’s go If you’re up here We’re coming up It’s like energy shift yeah Where should we go first The demon room whoa There’s a lot more energy up here That’s kind of where we’re supposed to Be A dolly doesn’t like it Right This doll this These [ __ ] things What here’s the demon room I’m a little freaked out here This is like heavier energy here Okay the red room

This is where that thing that crawls on The walls lives okay Hey you want to explain this new Equipment we’ve got Okay so um you know listen to some People online and looking it up Um we’re talking about using the spirit Box so it’s not so Annoying with the background noise so i Got what’s called a A sound gate Sound gate like using the guitar you see It the sound industry This little guy here and it’s battery Operated on the top Got a couple ports one goes to a speaker And one goes to the spear box so we’re Going to turn off the bypass here Okay And we’re going to go ahead And turn this on What will happen After we turn the speaker on I’m feeling heavy up here This will will set the sensitivity so Eventually hear the sweeping sound see And we’ll get So it’s not so loud now Right We’re hopefully going to hear the Yeah we turn the lights out now guys And so we can go more

Yeah but you can’t hear it as well Okay tell us your name I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m so sorry Oh this is creepy right here sorry What are you sorry about Can you tell us what you’re sorry about Are you an evil spirit Where are you in this building Tell us again Your name Who’s here with us One of you that died can you say your Name that we know your name We talked about it with justin tonight Why aren’t you Talking to us Why is it so hard to get you to Say something to us Can one of you That is here Tell us your name I feel something right here Very strongly Right in this [ __ ] corner Wow Are you right here next to me

Tell me again are you standing right Here Is this you right here Do you want us to come somewhere else in The building It’s weird because i have like a lot of Feelings Like My body is tingling i’m numb i don’t Feel well but nothing’s happening i know I’m trying to understand why I’m the same way like i feel somebody Literally right here but it’s like what Are you not responding to us Purposely not responding to us Genuinely we’re feeling like a lot but Nothing is getting picked up on our Devices which is really odd I guess let’s just turn that off for a Second i’m gonna run a Voice recorder Okay then we’re gonna move out of this Room I’m gonna put the voice recorder Over here Whoever’s up here Could you walk over to our voice Lina scotty Anybody Eddie allie who’s the first time Gretchen Can you make a noise and just let us

Know where you are in here If this is a scary part of the The whole place for you We’re here to protect you that and we’re Friendly Can you make that light with the lantern Go off for us Just let us know you’re here Or if you are the evil one If you’re actually a demon show us that You can close that door We’re going to try and listen for your Voice now Can you tell us your name Can you tell us if you want us to stay Or to go It’s like incredibly still in here you Know It’s like There’s a lockdown Yeah well you know what i mean yeah like The whole place It’s like I’m kind of like i’m the boss and no one Says anything Why Is there something evil here Why are you refusing to come out and Talk to us What’s the reason is there Is there is any reason why you don’t Want to come talk Sacrifice bones Deal sacrifice bones deal

Exactly remember he said they sacrificed Uh Oh yeah he sacrificed oh oh crow oh Damn They did it on a ouija board right here Yeah they sacrificed a crow a dead crow What do you mean by that You can’t use kind of a weird thing Okay Oh my Oh jesus what what man What Floorboard creep behind me That’s good Jesus where’d you go man Oh yeah If you’re the doll If you’re attached to this doll Can you rock that rocking chair really Hard for us please Can you push that chair back and forth Please i would really love to see you do It Okay This is the runway So this is the room where scotty The disgruntled father took his own life Also a room where a father and daughter Parent and daughter Lost their lives in a tragic explosion Supposed to be one of the most active Rooms up here I’m going to turn this rim pot on And since they were talking about how

The ovulus Always gives such great results in here I’m gonna turn the oculus on Scotty are you in here What do you mean by triangle scotty Or whoever’s in here I don’t know it’s like uh Once again like People are Like is something stopping you from Talking Wait Raise Temperature Wait race temperature boy Did you lose your son You’re allowed to come and play with This device here Ali If you’re here This is like a toy you can come and Put your hand on And just see how fun the lights are Closet solstice Is that a closet over here Can you Can you open up the closet door for us It literally doesn’t want to talk to us Usually we have such Relevant communication this is just Even this thing it’s like The temperature is just going off that’s It Okay guys so we’re upstairs i’m going to

Do the estes method like you guys know And you’ve seen on the channel Blindfold noise cancelling headphones Spirit box i’m going to read out what I’m hearing jeff’s gonna ask questions i Can’t hear the questions Hopefully we can get something because Honestly guys Um i know it’s somewhat disappointing to Hear we’ve had some very intelligent Activity but That was all kind of at the very Beginning in the downstairs And so far i don’t really even feel that Much Energy in here specifically so maybe by Trying to communicate in this way we can Talk to scotty or whoever else is here Great greg All right Okay And he’ll never see me How did you die Trying to get all them Thought you were quick didn’t you yeah Why are you not talking to us I’m from here i trained him You can see Who it is Now i can barely hear anything Just a connection Girl Who’s the girl Are you another entity

That’s here with us Let me introduce you to him How are you In the bedroom You lost my mind Medication Once Again trapped Who’s got you trapped Cauliflower Upper floor Are you good or evil Other Room Before My car How about a type of flower Roses Oh my god Funeral It’s not nice I’m always working On a project that makes sense Won’t let me Okay Control Check Wish you’d go Tired jeff complete Again Back in reno Do you hear me Yep i hear you

No Right Afraid I’m scared Character Altered Want to say Really enough summoned Um Behind you There is a storm just kidding Shut up Seriously Corn soup I don’t know this [ __ ] is making sense At all to me Carrot Mark Okay i’m done 13. Yeah but i mean there’s no message to it Yeah I think it’s like again My feeling is that it’s just messing With Us Like it’s like No one can talk You know This is kind of pissing me off yeah You know because we came all the way Here To finish this out You should spend 15 minutes on up here

You can keep your light on And i’ll go in the Body room down there Oh we got that yeah yeah i think we Should do it alone for a little bit It’s like he was saying how sometimes It’s like Normal in here Earlier today it felt really charged Yeah Right now it does not feel charged at All You know but you have to kind of also Understand like You just can’t make Stuff happen right now Okay everybody so we haven’t exactly Gotten the most activity tonight Um some really cool stuff like the Edison thing but other than that Really just not that much so For the end of the night i’m gonna have Jeff stay up here for 20 minutes By himself up here in the washoe club You ready for that i am yes It’s been a long day And i’m going to go downstairs to the Crypt where we haven’t been yet yeah i Mean we still got some interesting Things it just goes to show you like Some of the most famous Places you just can’t create activity no We just don’t fake stuff and It’s not that we doubt it it’s just that

It just Some nights just doesn’t happen yeah but I think but we got like 30 more minutes Yeah i know Okay good luck let me go down there Oh i will Okay This just quit Right when i started to hit the record Button On this the camera shut off i’m going to Go back now and shut the light off We’re going to do an evp session Go to dark It shut my light Off what just happened here There we are Okay i’ve got this box here in front of Me that i’m going to let you talk to Okay Since you don’t want to communicate with Us tonight let’s sit here and talk Tell me your name in this box here Let me know who you are And i’ll just listen for a while Okay i’m gonna come in the mirror I’m in the mirror Is there somebody That can come out of the mirror Show me who you are Who’s here with Me again i have this box in my hand you Can talk and this will pick it up

Let me know who you are Okay everybody Um Collins downstairs I’m up in the ballroom used to be the Doctor’s office And we’ve been at this for hours and Hours here Um I’ve got a Digital recorder that’s going Um just trying to be silent if i get any Evps that we could maybe pick up but Tonight The entity or entities that are here Good or bad For whatever reason have really kind of Chosen not to communicate with us we’re Not really sure why I definitely feel there’s things here But One of the the bar mates downstairs Actually thought that The Evil entity had left with another guy That was here investigating that did Some I don’t know what he did to maybe make It go with him but maybe that’s the Reason i don’t know But it’s been very quiet So i’m gonna let this play a little Longer And see if we can maybe get some

Intelligent recordings on the device So i’m just gonna be quiet for a bit Longer Okay everybody I’ve spent About 30 minutes now up here on my own In the ballroom I really haven’t gotten Hardly any sounds Or anything i don’t know if this is just A night they don’t want to communicate With us Either way i’m going to be closing this Out because we’ve been here for hours on End we’re getting really tired I’ve stayed up here in the ballroom Colin’s gone gone downstairs with the Crypt area I said i’d meet him in 30 minutes it’s Been 30 minutes So i’m going to sign off and uh maybe We’ll catch some things on the evp Recorder that i’ve got going i’ve had Going i’ll review that After the investigation’s over with and Hopefully we find something but for now I’m going to sign off See you All right so Here i go Alone into the crypt I’ve got some equipment with me

It is pitch black in here So remember Back in the day There were like 70 bodies Stored on top of each other in here All right so I’m here alone in the crypt Here’s the rim pod I’m going to set this up right here Here is the Emf flashlight I set that up right there oh Is there anybody here Before i do a spirit box i’m going to do A really quick voice recorder session Okay Here we go Is there somebody here in the crypt with Me You know I actually feel Really heavy in here Weirdly enough Okay that came from behind the camera I can’t i can’t see anything because of That flashlight Are you uh Are you in this room with me can you Make a noise There’s a noise Also i don’t know if i was just tripping Out but it looked like the flashlight Was like Uh

Pulsing Can you come sit next to me Can you touch that red light that’s uh Can you touch this red light that’s Sitting right here Another noise it’s coming from like the Floor over there Can you use your voice and uh talk to me It’s almost like It’s like i’m hearing footsteps Or something from Above this is the third floor above me This is uh scotty’s room above me scotty Are you here with me You know what i’m gonna grab I’m gonna pause the voice recorder Are you right here Are you sitting next to me keep doing That yeah you can sit next to me Are you in this room Apparent footsteps Upstairs are you up in scotty’s room On the third floor I just heard a whistle Did you just whistle Somewhere in here Oh my god i thought i just heard a [ __ ] scream hello Did you guys [ __ ] hear that Yeah Jeff’s not down here Okay that was freaky as [ __ ] i wonder if He heard that upstairs

To describe that to you guys i just Thought i heard like a whistle and then Like a Almost But it sounded like it came from like Here you know Okay i’m gonna use the spirit box Honestly it feels like you just got Colder too Is there somebody in here with me In the crypt I’m all alone And if you’re the demon i’d especially Love to talk to you whoever that creepy Thing is Whatever you are that keeps crawling on The walls It’s just me and you in this room What’s your name Joker Can you tell me what your name is Maybe Oh it’s getting cold in here honestly Is somebody stopping you from telling me Your name What do you have to say You know the rempot is suddenly silent Too Oh oh i feel something in here I feel something Oh it feels like somebody’s breathing on

Me Are you in here now Ooh i gotta tell you guys i got a Major chill up and down my body all of a Sudden The whole night we haven’t known who you Are lena Is this you No What’s your name i feel like really Creepy all of a sudden What do you have to say if you could Tell me one thing what would you say Come on who are you This thing just hasn’t gone off I started to hear a weird ringing Okay if you’re here In the crypt Who are you Can you move something in There’s a here from that floorboard it Seemed like up there This one Please can you move something in here For me So quiet in here guys It’s like hard to explain how just weird This is Like this whole place feels supercharged But it’s like silent Do you have anything can you do anything For me

I would seriously just love To see you move something like this rock Or one of these chairs It would make me really really happy Just to know that you’re here Come on growl at me Okay i just heard a footstep from above Me Scotty did you end your life in this Building Scotty did you End your life in here I don’t know guys It’s like You get a piece of evidence in here And then All of a sudden you get no evidence for A while Then you get something really Interesting Then nothing Can’t tell who the hell Is talking to us There’s no consistency in any of it I don’t really know what to think I mean this is the show this is the Washoe club this is such a Historic Dark Just classic location in the paranormal This is like a Ghost hunter’s dream this place but I mean we just haven’t had anything

Monumental happen tonight and that’s That’s not Saying that nothing can happen in here And i’m not doubting anybody who’s ever Had an experience here But We don’t fake [ __ ] in our videos so it’s Like i mean i just have to be honest With y’all it’s kind of like when we Went to bobby mackey’s we really didn’t Get much of bobby mackey’s even though Everybody claims that’s like the most Demonically haunted evil place on earth I honestly didn’t really feel Anything that wacky at bobby mackey’s Kinda wrong didn’t it wacky at mackies Washoe is kind of the same thing it just Seems almost like an off night we had a Lot at the very beginning And the edison thing was really weird And just some of the noises Even in here when i heard that scream Like 20 minutes ago But i mean just listen This is your last chance to let me know Is there something i can do to help you Oh my hair draft coming I guess that’s it So i just came out here Because You’ve heard that too Oh my hairdress coming in I guess that’s it

All right On camera The sounds of somebody coming in here I thought jeff would be down here But Look There’s the bar No one’s here Here’s the doorway that jeff Would have had to come through And his bag is not here I just heard something too Hello Okay Now this is there’s the crypt right There Did you just come into this room Okay things just got noticeably more Creepy in here Just to show y’all There’s the crypt where i just came from Can you touch that red light if you just Came in here What Yeah did you just come in here You haven’t come in here no I swear to [ __ ] god i thought i just Heard you come in here And the door slam And then i Said in there oh That’s jeff and i better go now and then I came out here and it was no one was

Here Are you here ready to Go well there you go folks That was weird Look at that All right you guys so like i was just Saying in there sometimes you come to Big locations like the sally house and It’s a ton of activity and it’s so Creepy And you leave frightened But here Um we really didn’t get much you know we Had a couple really compelling pieces of Evidence whatever just happened was Freaky to me still kind of freaked out In here overall it was not nearly as Active or as freaky as i thought it was Going to be but that doesn’t mean like I’ve said that it’s not haunted but we Don’t lie to you guys and we’re not Embellishing just to make a good video The history and our experience stands And uh You know It is what it is so Thank y’all for watching be sure to tune In next week um have so many great Episodes especially from this nevada Series But we did the washoe club let me know What you guys thought below If you’re watching right now Let me know what you thought of the

Investigation Were you expecting more activity is this Kind of what you thought was gonna Happen I don’t know definitely took us a little Bit by surprise but um let’s call in Here we’re gonna head back to our hotel In reno it’s about a 45-minute drive It’s Well into the night right now at least One to two a.m and uh as always Everybody Oh [ __ ] real close with that light rolling Oh now now we have none yeah That’s fine I guess it wants us to stay now Can you just give us one farewell Goodbye Just light it up for us Come on Spirits We’re leaving right now It’s just like they just don’t want to Get it no They just want to give a tiny bit and That’s it yep Anyway It’s all right good night y’all Wow


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