Will 2022 reveal the truth about whats hidden above our skies?

By | January 3, 2022
Will 2022 reveal the truth about whats hidden above our skies?

Happy belated New year My fellow addicts and what a luxurious And splendid Evening it is because we have none other In the house tonight but Bob gloom one I should have put my fist in them before I started and boggling too that’s what She said uh and i cannot get rich and Lee upon the channel with bogglings in My hand so just a second You’ve just missed me uh We’re boggling um You’ve just turned your mic off as well Yeah Is that better oh my god yeah what a Difference yeah yeah You were talking out his ass Is that better than one of those No no no no you hear anything it’s awful It sounds like you’re way underground if You’re speaking it’s blossom no yeah It’s fine Yeah i should have said yeah How you boys been Well a whole year has been in ages yeah I haven’t seen you in a long minute did You have a good christmas Lee I had i i had that that that shall not

Be named before christmas oh you did Didn’t you yeah yeah you’re feeling Better than now oh no that’s right Yeah I’m feeling good now i took on what shut World down i was sick for three whole Days Damn Would you have the o or the c Well i lost the nose and the tastes so You had the c19 Yeah Um i was I i was positive for three days Three days Is good he’s good now let’s get off that Subject but You’re looking you’re looking Absolutely splendid You’re not fresh Not once that i feel like treating it With anything other than paracetamol i Never communism or totalitarianism And rich You got a vr headset for christmas I got the oculus yes the oculus 2 Well you know where your dad got it but He couldn’t work it but i got it now i Own it it’s mine it was re-gifted to me It’s just not your account i know You’re ready for the metaverse I am whatever that is That’s the next thing oh that’s the Medeva

Yeah i’m ready oh my god even when You’re just there in the uh the opening Part of it You know where you can see you know Settings and You know profile and all that you’re Sitting Above everything i mean you could look Over the edge look up at the sky i turn Around there’s chairs being blown in the Wind a little bit it is so unbelievably Real And there’s no plug-in that goes in your Ear or a headset you just put it on and You can hear everything in 3d sound it’s Crazy real you’ve got one of these Haven’t you lee as well I did i sold mine Oh is that is that when you heard about The metaphors No it just i i i i used it for like a Month and then stopped using it and it Was just gathering dust in my house and Then as soon as i got the sniff that There might be a newer version coming Out i thought best sell that before the New one comes out So that’s that’s all it was [ __ ] it i Mean like this is the thing i think the Metaverse sounds like hell i think it Genuinely sounds like the [ __ ] end of What we look at is humanity but [ __ ] it It’s all going anyway everything’s gonna Turn to [ __ ] so if if i have to [ __ ]

Experience some sort of life from from The comfort of my living room strapped With sensors gloves and probably some Sort of masturbation device And I uh Then so [ __ ] it So the metaverse is A virtual reality world right yes it’s Facebook facebook’s rebranded to meta It has That was real that was real Oh okay all right Yes i guess So crazy Rightly it does look crazy and it does Look quite scary Dark how paranormal in the house Translation means it looks awesome is What you really want to say right I i don’t know I don’t honestly don’t know it looks fun But i think you know terrifying Good evening fellas what’s up man What’s the background uh this is just Another aspect of my room just another Corner that you guys don’t normally see It’s a nice corner of your life right There yeah i think i spend way too much Time in this chair researching and Corresponding but you know what it’s Nice and worn in now I feel i feel like we’ve got a very Relaxed dark hour

I see that too Feet are up just hanging out i mean kids Are running about and that’s fine and All but uh you know can’t get too rigid In the studio if you need to put out a Fire at some point word Boys i you guys have uh you you’ve given It a good bit of interest i only saw it Yesterday Uh the s4 finding from ufo proof Um Now i i i sent it to lee but like you Dark out lee had his his little one Running around while he was watching it But For anybody that doesn’t know in the Chat already Um so kyle from ufo proof has as found On Google um Earth S4 But there was there was a bit of a a Shingling between Him and uh alien scientists where I i i did watch the debunk Thing Uh and And jeremy did say that you you can get To a certain level Of um Google where you can name your own stuff The more you use it you get certain Yeah but he didn’t he didn’t accuse him

No but it was almost like an insinuation Because he said He said you know i know that he’s been Around kyle’s been around a while and i Know he uses google earth a lot and then He said so you know you can get certain Type of access the longer you use it and You know whatever i felt there was an Insinuating Uh Insinuating verbiage So so i i’ve been on it today um And I don’t know if It’s years since i have used google Earth Um but i actually have it up now Uh over the i believe is the location um Just to show leaks i don’t know how much You saw in this i had it i had it in one Eye while i was putting fires out with The other Okay so We we shall we shall um have a little Check we should check this out Um Share screen rich you say do it in the Chrome tab yeah You have to yes yes don’t forget to hit Your uh well you don’t need the sound But yeah use chrome tab so there’s no Echo I’ll take the sound off anyway Is there an echo

Nope no echo so i believe i believe i Found it is this is this yeah This is what we’re talking about when You get close it’ll say s4 facility See it doesn’t well you’re not down There yet Get down nope that’s not it That’s not it Nope there it is how close you have to Get before he said well a little bit Closer what are you using that’s not Is that google pro or just google earth Ice google if is it pro you need it’s Pro i think i i know which unless they Move let me check mine while we’re here Oh bugger it you you bring yours up rich I’ll stop straight off okay i don’t know Why it’s not on yours but it’s on mine I’m using it through the browser so that Might be why It shouldn’t matter secret i like that Military bases or dlc I’m a little frustrated here i can’t i Don’t can you job [ __ ] a can You send me the uh the coordinates Um In the Private chat The quality Yeah it didn’t pull up in my history for Some reason i mean that’s i hate this Thing i hate likes right now one second How do how do i get these coordinates How do you copy coordinates

Oh yeah i see it i see it i see it i see It unless you want to just read them oh No that would be awful too yeah it’s Three seven dot one hold on hold on nine Zero hold on Is he not hearing me Three seven hey i’m not gonna Just read it I can’t read it It’s not that much it’s 20 characters Dude oh you wait wait until you see this One i’m gonna send you the direct link This is this will take you To the spot that i’m looking at i don’t Believe you there you go Where is it Private i don’t see it in private chat i I just i’ve just oh you want me to put It on oh okay no no no i got it i got it What is this Come on Does it end in or One second I could watch this isn’t it dude I just wanted the coordinates not not The whole address of the page Rich getting angry technology this it Doesn’t work I wish i’d have watched him set that Oculus rift i have it up i’ll just show You what i got I’ll just show you what i got okay i can Guide you to it no i have the video i Got it all up because i knew this would

Happen i can walk you there Hold on let me uh was s4 here it is If do you want to see what alien Scientist did because what he did was Phenomenal well and also not so Phenomenal because i i’ve watched it Today i know but for the for the crowd If alien scientist doesn’t mind he Doesn’t mind all right then i’ll just Show my video then I made a video of it too i know you did I mean watching it it’s not even that Good but i’ll show it to you guys Because i suck at this thing but the Area The area that i’m hovering over on Google on google maps yeah i don’t know If it’s something that i’ve not got Ticked But it’s not bringing up a name for it That’s that’s not cool maybe because You’re in uh Gb Could it be no it shouldn’t matter all Right i got mine up i’m gonna share it You said an actual thing All right Huh Go you go Now you go Boss You’re a boss Are we alive All right

Connect me there we go Near groom lake i have music with your Peppers like who knows here we go god He’s so stupid to find out Was bob lazar there that’s the address i Want indicated with this Does he feel vindicated Oh my god there it is see look at this Right here it’s real According to this Let’s throw ourselves down here let’s See what happens oh Wow this is amazing this guy thinks he’s Funny i hate this i know it’s not going To show us Perfect details mature Unbelievable let’s exit the ground Yeah That’s exactly what ufo proof found Yeah I mean These i guess go into the mountain Mountain Mountain here’s the mountains speak Clearly that i hate this guy artist drew Similar i mean this is amazing Let’s see what else is out here where Where does it take us I am look at how deep this goes Man All right i don’t know well let’s just Back out See that’s papoose like up there over Here and then there’s area 31 green

Lights exactly Like bob lazar explained it or is it This is great it’s all right I’m gonna follow the road so it’s there Then they would make a ride by the way This thing right here Is called homey airport i don’t know What place this is i cut it out though See if there’s a name for it I cut it out oh next known next one Look at this Uh then they take the road To There it is That’s groom lake huh So you guys want to talk about this for A second while we keep it open there’s More to talk about definitely sure It’s I definitely think he’s it’s a it’s a Good find Um But third face said that this was Which which backs up kyle even more Because he said that Kyle’s been like one of the main People’s reporting on it this this but Somebody else reported on it two years Ago but it’s been missed by everybody Isn’t that right yeah that i was gonna Just say it except yep it’s it’s been Found but not one person talked about it Not jimmy church’s Not mick west not anybody call bell you

Would have thought yeah there’s third Phase of moons here Hello boys hey boys Yeah It’s only 12 15 over there lucky Bastards So you would have thought Sorry i didn’t mean to say that Two years ago That With with carbel doing the research and What what have you still and it’s still Been very fresh um That he would have done a little video Just to say oh yeah and there is here His s4 Well i go into something else well Here’s What kyle said He said That uh Oh [ __ ] i lost my train of thought damn It Uh yeah it’s been there two years Uh something oh jesus Come on rich I Caught my Faith in your brain it’ll come back But it’s been that now Alien scientist Jeremy Says that He thinks these are

Water Like water comes down the mountain and It catches the water i forget what They’re called like gushes or something Like that And It’s uh you know this is flat you saw When i i’ve seen what he’s talking about Yeah those Big collector things yeah now google Earth google maps whatever google earth They squish a lot of buildings down like This so you can’t have detail But they were trying to say this little Thing right here i can’t you know the Way i did it i didn’t zoom in but you Can see little things here that look Like they could be a like a pump You know but you can’t tell You can’t tell anything from this not Even if it’s s4 however it says s4 Research facility now bob lazar said and This was part of what jeremy was trying To say Is that Bob lazar said oh they rolled out the Ufo right on to papoose lake and you Can’t do that here It could hover down there though Jennifer Thank you so much for the five dollar Five pound uh super chat um if you look At the tracks everything seems it may be Underground lake

If you’d like i’ll play the uh bob lazar Portion And what jeremy said let’s do that What does she mean what does she mean by That rich Pardon what does she mean by that if You look at the tracks everything seems It may be under groom lake Yeah Yeah possibly Yeah like maybe they go here and it Takes them to You know I don’t know right yeah i get it it Could all be yeah right very very good Point guys This doesn’t match up though is it with What lazar said it was because that he Said the hangers were Built into the mountains you couldn’t See them from the air There’s no point in Building hanging into A mountain And then having these huge big flat Things on the ground so you can see that There’s something there I had to uh Change So give me uh Approval there here we go Now let’s listen to what alien science Scientists said If you could just share that for me yeah

All right there we go So they’re they’re playing so right here They said What S4 is shown here doesn’t match up to What lazar said so what that’s where We’re at here in the video let me just Go back a little further so we could Hear what these guys were talking about Oh [ __ ] i have my own video by accident Let me get jeremy’s i thought this was His tuesday i would like jeremy to to Come and give his um that would be cool To pen swift for this you know you want Me to send him a link yeah send him a Link Let me uh i’m gonna set the video up Play it and then get the link and ask Him to come over i’ll send you a ufo Proof a link as well okay Oh good idea Yeah yeah All right now third phase of moon Was on Alien scientist for a couple of hours And then he took the video down the next Day it was such a great Well i mean from what they told me i Didn’t see it and i asked if i could see It i haven’t heard back from him if he Can give me the link but apparently it Was a really good uh sticking up for For ufo proof like defending what he Found because they’re saying they

Debunked it they even changed the title Of the show too so Pretty to to be fair on jeremy i don’t Sure I don’t think he was disrespectful to Kyle in that video no he wasn’t he he he Just He was like I think we There there’s this This could have been named you know Somebody could have just named this area I do find it odd though that if it is Actually real that google would let that You know Yeah any indication that it was there i Mean you’d figure that google would try To cover that up in one way shape or Form i mean To a much lesser extent we’ve seen other Uh anomalous areas and you know features That we understand that there’s Architecture there being covered up so Why wouldn’t they do it here now you Know the thought can certainly be that We’re seeing the top of something i Think lee kind of put a good point Forward saying you know why would you Think that’s necessary in way of the Construction but at the same time Maybe this is something that was built In a certain way perhaps erosion has Occurred over there uh you know again Just kind of spitballing when we’re

Looking at this because it does seem Quite artificial is it something to Catch water uh It’s a very good question man but it’s Hard to make these you go ahead i’m Gonna say or maybe if it is real maybe They’ve done with it Right well also somebody said the nda Has expired So it’s public knowledge now It’s over 50 years uh you know whatever Their nda was on it 3540 here here’s the Actual uh video from if you could share Me one more time please I’ll press play immediately as soon as It pops up i’ve sent Third face i’ve sent you a link by the Way if you want to come and give your Room Oh yeah and i’m gonna send alien Scientists the leak here the link here In a second here we go Whoops i’ll turn off the volume turned It up and putting some lines on there uh It wasn’t the doors or anything so i was Like that’s where everyone always looks For because that’s the way they assume It’s gonna be but it’s actually not if You look at one of the drawings it Actually buy some rocky mountains um Of you know some kind of granite or Something like that um that’s where the Hangar doors were built so i looked on The opposite side towards these rocky

Mountains that are over here and wrote Up here i found it and look at this Google actually has it labeled S4 research facility S for high ridge research facility that Is the government research facility that Is the mountain in the backdrop just Like his the artist rendering this is The s4 base where bob lazar worked at And it is labeled right there by google Wind it back a bit Just just Whine it back to where there’s two of Them There’s this two of the little geo that The tag thing is saying s4 based there Stop there okay Now Bring yours up Just get another just before you move Move off that I think that’s really interesting that There’s a dash between s4 the top one And no dash at the bottom one that Suggests to me two different people have Put have put that up No Yeah it’s So there’s this bit here but that when You brought yours at rich and and again I’m not accusing kyle of anything here Because i i I do think that Well third face have already said that

Somebody else has put this out two years Ago But i i just want to know When you when you had yours up it never Said s for high ridge facility It just said s4 research facility there Was only the one Am i wrong there Yeah you’re wrong let me show you I have to do this because we’re using The this is why i hate that we can’t use Full window with guests on Here’s mine Hello boys Hey hey happy new year Hey ellie and addict what’s up happy new Year everybody How’s it going hey hey look who it is Over there Good good Honestly and also it was the cousin’s Brother’s birthday on december 30th oh Happy birthday boys I know some people didn’t know so um Yeah we got me and brent 102 years of Experience between both of us I apologize you’re right about this look Which one whose birthday is it blake or Brent’s Yes What do you mean it’s both of our Birthdays i’m three minutes older than My brother i’m just [ __ ] with you [Laughter]

So so boys you you found This two years ago you’ve won you didn’t Find it two years ago but you found that The original sauce that That found this two years ago that’s not Taking anything away from from kyle But that’s just backing up his Um The fact that he hasn’t done it himself This this was this this was there two Years ago is that is that is that Correct Well yeah i’m glad you brought that up Because when we put up the video after Kyle gave us a heads up on his discovery Um we put it out on third phase of moon And People started to uh say well he Made People might have insinuated that he put The pin them there himself and You know there’s a lot of accusations Going around even by alien scientists And somebody did some research and sent Us a link from youtube A youtube post that was posted Approximately two years ago of the exact Same location so that in my opinion Proves that This has been around for two years at Least and nobody saw this um i’m glad That we’re friends with ufo proof so he Gave us a heads up on it because we Would have posted this two years ago if

We knew about it but we did it and we Knew We haven’t seen this location with s4 You know pin on it Ever so we’re like well let’s put this Up but then again people are trying to Insinuate kyle put this pin in and let Me Clarify to everybody that is saying that Anybody could put their own pin in and It’s very simple that is a simple Falsehood you can’t just go in there and Put your own pin placement For everybody to see around the world Sure you could put your own pin Placement for your own personal usage That’s what it’s there for but they’re Not going to let the public put their Own pins for the rest of the world to See could you imagine what kind of Quagmire that would Intel so This Should dismiss anybody saying that Anybody could put their own pin Placement we’re doing a special update On third phase moon later tonight to Show how difficult it would be to get Management into placing pins these People that are placing pins have Special access into google maps you’re Not able to just do it like i said Whoever’s putting these pin placements Are they work at google and they have

High special access into doing this so That’s the big question Why did google earth name it s4 research Facility and Whether or not we believe if bob lazar Said this or bob lazar says that that’s All instant uh you know It’s hypothetical speculation by Everybody saying oh well that’s not what Bob says Give me a break Something about not about like bob says And you’re telling me from one way or The other that’s not the point here the Point is Google Claims this is s4 research facility So Let’s not talk about what bob said or What bob didn’t say that’s irrelevant no It isn’t irrelevant kyle actually Believes that his point of view it’s Exactly where ufo where uh Bob lazar stated it was other people say It’s not so who’s right i’m not exactly Sure let’s ask bob lazar that’s who we Need to ask what’s up well we have we Have bob lazar All of his uh His interviews Yeah that’s what jeremy And kyle listen to them all i’m sure Yeah kyle didn’t do anything wrong i Mean that’s google earth that’s not him

Or Whatever it is i think that nda has Ended and they were allowed two years Ago To put that up there now kyle thinks That the people who put it up there Didn’t even know bob lazar existed or Know anything about s4 they were just Doing their job and putting it up there Not knowing the history of s4 that’s why It’s up Well i think that the government Gives special access to labeling their Government facilities yeah well remember Area 51 was never on there and then next The one year it was it’s like now Everybody knows about it So the same thing happened yeah i don’t Use google earth a lot do you um Can you pull that up and Um get a rough Estimate of how big the square is of Course because if you do if you do that You can At least eliminate the possibility that That’s A structure in the research facility i Want to jump in real quick exact diecast Monsoor hey if you could put a pin Placement next to this s4 yourself or Anybody to prove to me that you could Pin something and it’s super easy Please do it and prove prove us wrong Prove me wrong because i’m telling you

Zach diecast that If you think it’s so easy to pin it Please do and show me that you could pin It otherwise i would like Even alien scientists You can pin video say look you could Easily pin it yourself and then Everybody started to think wow it’s that Easy no it’s not He gets to see it on his computer That’s it you can pin anything you want For yourself it doesn’t go worldwide Right which is what blake was saying There i know i’m just saying it because You know just to Make it i don’t know so people Understand It’s it’s free speaker says google would Never lie to us He’s joking and obviously this could be A big joke by google i’m not exactly Sure Whatever it is say that they this thing Is debunked it’s far from it Zofa thank you so much for the five Dollar super chat five pound super chat By all means share the link in the Description because i’d like to see this Uh your findings on your channel uh if You have something on that that’s that This helps the the case even more um Thank you i i blake uh boys i i This this guy that you’ve seen from two Years ago do you have the link for that

Yeah i think uh i could pull that up Definitely i could Definitely need a couple minutes on that Um Also People are saying like okay again like What Terrestrial just said with the five Dollar super chat it says that’s not What lazar said it was there’s a Particular hillside on the papoose lake There are um Other google imagery where i think is Maybe six years ago where we claimed From google earth imagery that this Could be the s4 it wasn’t labeled i Remember that showed peculiar uh Tunnels that were leading into a Mountain we showed it over the years We’re speculating along on what bob Lazar’s testimony is that You know there were places where the Flying saucers could enter and exit Under a camouflage shield over the Terrain And we put that video out years ago so Maybe that’s what he’s talking about if He’s got other uh evidence i’d like to See it but a lot of people are referring To that as the true s4 location all We’re just saying is that this is the Location that google says Yeah well well that’s it i mean It if and if if it’s if it was there two

Years ago as well This kind of I don’t know i don’t know how true it is Though because i have heard this blate Where you can If you if you reach a certain level You can start naming stuff on google Like wikipedia Yeah yeah but only for the state you Live in i think is that okay Guys not to uh interject but very Quickly i do have to run uh take the Little ones home and i’ll be watching on The sidelines but thank you for having Me even for a short time that uh that You did so i’ll talk to you all uh later On all right yeah great have a great Year Thank you guys i’ll see you all sooner Than later be safe Sounds good Hey um ellie and attic check your email I just sent you the video that was Posted two years ago Okay approximately and i now have the Image up for google Earth Of the uh And guess what there’s no label on it Anymore And i’m on google earth google earth pro There it doesn’t say s4 anymore Thank you rocks in space i appreciate That my friend

Oh great name so you’re saying now rich That it’s not up there at the moment i Could share it and show you Hey I’ll see if it’s still there oh i can Share it and show it alienatic right now Alienatic bring me up Okay have you have you got it Yeah i got any scientists how you doing Mate hey hey ollie how’s it going hey Hey rich and hey good mate hey Jeremy how you doing Good good so So a couple days ago i went and i i told Oh wait hold up i gotta I gotta shut it off in the background There we go i stopped the youtube all Right so This location i went on google earth and I i went and reported the places you Know to to google so they have to Actually go and check if it’s there and I did i did some research on this and it Is true that you have you can only like Be a guide so right now i’m i’m a guide On google on google earth or google maps Um which me i’m a local guide though so And i’m like level seven or something You get points for everything that you Report like if you say oh well this this Thing isn’t there anymore this this uh Speedy uh speedway is now uh uh a Different kind of gas station you know It’s now a flagship fuels or a you know

So like there’s little things like this That will come up on the map like Businesses will change and if you report Those you get points on this guide System on google earth and once you Reach a certain level within your your Local got local guide area you become a Local guide for that area so so for Example in rhode island i went and Reported that you know i made up a point Now and it now comes up on google maps On other people’s computer and you can You can go and find it right Because i’m live in rhode island and This is where i i’m a local local guide I take pictures of businesses i’ll post Things that aren’t there And um and keep google maps updated with You know on boots on the ground Information So what i think happened is that Somebody from las vegas who has a Similar uh status on google maps like Local guide um pinpointed that that Thing on the map and then other people Affirmed it or went around to it so that It you know it it Because it relies on user feedback i Mean really really we are the internet We’re we’re programming the internet and Putting stuff on there so that’s what Let me tell you this real quick It’s interesting because now we’re going Back to the location and i’m doing it on

My end and there is no uh pin placement It’s done yeah that’s what i said cobra Thanks for confirming okay Okay yeah blake that’s what i noticed Tonight as well so i i’ll i’ll share This now it has gone Um yep well i had reported it a couple Days ago as you know i said hey google Check this place out i don’t think it’s Real make sure you know have some local Other local guides go and check that out And so what they’ll do is other other Local guides um in You know the nevada area will get Notifications saying hey check this Place out and tell me if this is legit Or not Um you know also with all the traffic That’s garnered with everybody going to That exact same place In the last couple days and it’s not the First time google You know Messes with uh their Information after third phase moon puts It up and Yeah i don’t know it’s interesting that It is down though it’s not there i said That would happen Another prediction Well Let’s just let’s just go to the site um I we we’re trying to do right now is Going back um to the satellite imagery

From um you know 10 to 15 20 years ago To see if this site is indeed you know Oh yeah a site that goes back to you Know the the late 1980s when bob lazar Uh claims to have worked out there i’m Going back to uh 2000 2002 and it’s there It’s their background 1998 let’s see go to 85 or 6. they Blurred out in 1998 and then we go back To uh 85 And uh the image it’s hard to tell what We’re looking for how do you go back in Time i used to know on the old one but i Can’t see on this one 1985 is where i’m at and it’s blurry you Can’t really make out much mm-hmm Boys how do you how do you go back in Time yeah you go to the history uh It’s on google earth pro and there’s ah Historical yeah good you got to be a pro I haven’t got the pro yet It’s free I know it’s free i just don’t i just Haven’t downloaded it Back in the day when i first started i Was i was constantly on google earth but You know the channel’s changed a lot Since then it it’s It’s interesting that this is gone Though now because i’m thinking this This morning when i’m looking at this What’s going on why is it disappeared You know is it something to do have i

Not i’m there clicking on every single Feature thinking i’ve not got a feature That that is going to show it but then I’m going to other stuff And it’s it’s showing the locations it’s Just this area here it has gone Overnight Completely And that’s Again i reported it on to google maps And a couple other people did too so That’s just let me just say this though Some people are still speculating that They could replace their pin And anybody could put a pin in And you tried um jeremy at least because I’m a local guy that even to put If i was a local guide in nevada like if I had a local gut that’s a top secret Area nobody’s a local guide there that’s This is tops this is top secret it goes No trespassing nobody’s a local guide at Area 51 or that area This is i think it’s this is on the Border of the atomic test range And um The you know the air force so who’s the Local guide there jeremy It would be the you know the atomic Energy commission uh You know the so they put it in there That’s strange No no no it goes by geographical area so If i lived in las vegas and i was a

Local guide in las vegas i could I could potentially um please okay so Anybody out in las vegas if they’re Listening right now their local guide Please put that pin in there and call it Third phase of moon base they have to Have guide status though how do you know You have that that particular geographic Area might be flagged now because you Know because it’s controversial so maybe Try like another location on papua’s Lake somewhere remember is born there It was there two years ago as well Jeremy and again when you say that it’s Easy to put a pin placement In that area you’re you’re You’re if you’re pointing people on the Point here they’re making you’re Dismissing it that it’s anybody could do This So be clear on that language you’re Saying a local guide could have done it Yeah who’s a local guide this is Top secret Real estate here not anybody could just Go there If anybody else can please and you’re Saying now it’s flagged so it’s going to Be impossible that’s speculation I don’t know i’m just i’m just trying to Play devil’s advocate on all this and uh You know you’ve got to the thing is Right i showed the pictures on my Channel on my stream of uh world war ii

When they hit the boeing factory in in Washington state you know outside of Seattle and they they literally Camouflaged the entire factory they put Tents so they put like grass Landscape and they built fake houses Fake trees Uh fake everything and and they hid the Entire plant with camouflage i’m not Going to disagree with you that google Earth covers stuff up that’s not what I’m saying at all yeah i just think it’s Highly unlikely that you know that this Is the the real s4 and also i pointed Out you know i i played the the lazar Testimony Showed some of the images that we used To be up on bob lazard.com his website And um they’re not in It’s not an agreement with you know Either his testimony descriptions of the Base the approach to the base or the um Or the the images that he gave of the Location so i i think it’s high it’s a Lot of speculation but you know Again It’d be awesome if you guys really did Find it but i just like with all the I just i just don’t i can’t believe it Man you know Have you thought about logistics as well Ask you need to believe it one way or The other but All we know is that google earth had it

Up there for a few for over two years And nobody’s ever seen that until just Recently which surprises the heck out of Everybody Yeah just going to my email now uh blake You say you sent it to my email And is it is it copyright friendly Yeah for sure it’s google earth it’s no Big deal just turn down the music i Don’t know if there’s any music okay but It’s cool Nobody owns rights to google earth the Thing is that these types of structures Have come up in other um you know Alleged allegations by other people who Who’ve claimed other secret bases and Stuff out there so people go on google Earth and they find these types of Structures which we actually determined Through our research were were these Water guzzlers operated by the um bureau Yeah but you don’t know if these are Water guzzlers and that’s The thing I i would i would i will bet you Let’s i’ll bet you 500 bucks right now That these are water resolution We’re going to be putting up an episode Tonight that A little wrong I think you’ve got to look at the roads As well that imagery looks like a flat Foundation doesn’t mean That it’s a flat foundation that

Yeah no but look at the roads going into It if you look at the roads that go Around that sort of roundabout Sort of area before you come up to the Up to the structures Like this they’re so narrow like they’re Not the same size when you’ve got what Where what would be like the right hand One as you look down on it it doesn’t Sort of come out square so if you think That these research facilities would Have to be two of like the most Technically advanced research facilities In the world to be dealing with this Sort of stuff so think about what you Would need to get energy there i just Don’t see that Do you see the dirt roads leading into Area 51 lee those are dirt roads Yeah but you if you see the If you don’t if you you’re going out of Your way to the middle of nowhere And you think about the amount of energy That’s going to be required to get these Things moving It just seems it seems odd you see it Seems odd to have That much stuff In such a um I mean obviously it’s gonna be hard to Get to area because you’re not gonna you You’re gonna want to keep secret But it just doesn’t It doesn’t seem feasible for me for the

Amount of stuff that we’re going to have To drive in and out of there you know You’re talking about lorries and trucks Of like so much equipment Well of course when they built area 51 And obviously i think we could all agree That there’s underground uh basic There’s an underground facility over There when we spoke to david adair He claimed that he was at area 51 and The underground city of area 51 was so Large That it has to compensate for the Curvature of the earth blake This this guy that put this out two Years ago yes he’s found the same Location But this is a personal pin This is not A um Like what we saw uh kyle used this is Anybody where anybody could pin this Like that is yes this guy this is from Two years ago this guy’s found it But that is a personal pin I Literally could probably bring up Something right now then Yeah prove it don’t say it That’s like that’s 100 a personal pin Yeah but i was able to see it yeah That’s not why were we all you think we Got to see his personal pin personal Pins are for him only his computer right

Yes He’s doing it Yeah this guy But we saw it too from my home exactly Listen this makes it more interesting Guys no it doesn’t it does i promise you That’s what it is I promise you this is a personal pin Though This is not a location okay Well you’re not getting it It’s his personal pin yes got it yes but What if it’s his own personal pen then Why can we see it put it in there Why can you see this personal pin yeah Because personal pins are for his Computer only yeah yes but he’s screen Recording but we can see but i can pull Up google earth and find it give me a Minute but when we go on google earth we Get to see it from our end yeah the Official But that’s a different pin than what we Saw before because yeah we see the Official yeah it is that’s the Average facility didn’t it S4 is s4 it says s4 that’s all we know What do we know about high ridge it Could be another point of s4 could be The high ridge part that maybe there’s Another s4 by papoose like maybe where They roll them out And we just haven’t found it yet or it’s In the mountain we don’t know or it’s

Not pinned this could be s4 Second Location or something because it’s so Big we gotta all ask ourselves That was there yesterday and it was There two years prior or whatever it was There since third phase moon put it out Now they took it down well now you’re Claiming that again we need evidence Though blake because you’re claiming That it was there two years ago and That’s not been established yet Okay that wasn’t different two years ago I’m not sure Why that person would put s4 research Facility in his own pin and then In presence days a couple days ago it Was there by google that’s proof That was a different pin because it’s it Like it said s4 research facility on the One we just seen which was one from a Couple of days ago but that one from 2018 always said f4 research sorry s4 Facility So it’s you know it it’s even it’s not In the same Sentence that’s it s4 s4 Facility facility what i don’t Understand the little i had um i had This here right What i had because it wouldn’t matter I asked him about s4 when he was on my Show the the head of special projects Manager out at area 51 td barnes

He said that s4 is a facility at tonopah Test range that Was used for eccms or electronic warfare That was their electronic warfare Testing building out at tonopah So that’s what he said the s4 is Actually at tonopah test range Um And i mean we’re talking about the guy That was head of the head of Every other head of the roadrunners you Know he’s head of like you know i’m not Gonna go down the speculation of what That guy said or what this person said About the exact location at s4 i’m just Saying Google put it up there and it wasn’t Anybody some joe schmoe I don’t think that That google google it’s on google but Just because it’s listed on google Doesn’t mean that some joe schmoe who is A local guide in nevada didn’t didn’t Place that on the map Well you’re saying it’s a local guide But you’re not proving it’s a local Guide because that’s a top secret place And local guides don’t get to tour Around top secret facilities and you Know that be called trespassing Does google make the distinction though Or they just base their local guide on If you live in the state or not because It’s like do they know like and have

Like this whole area is marked off so Local you know unless you’re a state Official you can’t you know mark what’s There okay i can prove it’s a personal Pin because i’ve just gone back to my Old videos but no but this makes it more Interesting this is what you’re not Getting um there’s nothing against it This is making this more exciting this Is not what you you know i understand What you’re saying but this doesn’t Matter This guy found it Originally but you personally pinned it What kyle saw was not a personal pin Right Okay so right so i’m gonna um and i’ll Prove that to you right now But we know that though Yeah You know you know we had over 20 000 People at the minimum went to this exact Location in the last 24 hours and just Flooded it sure And that’s why it’s removed and for them To remove that Is very uh dubious in my opinion and Shows why i went and reported it i Encouraged everybody to report it But why Why did you encourage everybody to just Why would you do that yeah Because it’s not really there it i want Them to check it out and make sure that

It’s actually there if they’re going to Say that it’s on the map I don’t think That’s a personal thing So you think you’re speculating That you told over everybody go over There and flag it And that’s why they took it down Yes yeah So Everybody is jeremy scientist who went Over there And basically shut shut it all down Blame it on lane scientist That’s why we’re never going to be able To see s4 or even speculate anymore Because now it’s not there location Scientist How do you know it’s another location That could be another location of s4 Where like that somebody in the chat Room said maybe there’s two Maybe they go underground from that Point or they have an escape route or It’s just another location because s4 is So huge that’s not the place we’re all Speculating Nobody knows for sure exactly But for jeremy’s not speculating he’s Saying that’s not the place 100 I’m saying i’m No i reported to google so they can go And check it out and make sure you know What it is

Google and what’s google going to come Back to you and say hey yeah This isn’t s4 jeremy sorry about the Mess up well is that what they do Tomorrow is monday i’m going to be Calling the bureau of land management And asking them about you know the water Guzzler locations and all that because i I’m pretty sure it’s one of these animal Wildlife water guzzlers when you zoom in You can see it looks like you know four By eight sheets of corrugated metal Panels you’re looking at flat topography And not three-dimensional Footage of that that’s a one-dimensional Two-dimensional shot you’re you’re Looking you’re misked on your Look on that whole map I got this too so um Yeah no it’s all right i if you zoom in On on on these things you can see the Grid like pattern and it looks like you Know they’re almost rectangular yeah They’re rectangles that are about two Times as long as they are Wide which you know they look about the Same size as four by eight you know Metal sheets which is you know what they Would use to build these things but that Could be a roof too yeah i was just Going to say to play like i said but They hit they hit the entire boeing Factory in washington during world war Ii if this was like a secret facility

You wouldn’t i don’t think you’d see it From above I hear you you would you you do get um Aircraft carrier aircraft hangers don’t You with the the large corrugated sheets That go over in a dome Yes yeah they use it for roofing on on Aircraft hangers as well that’s correct So it Depends that we got to get someone in There to fly 3d so there’s this go to Area 51 ali go to area 51 show me some Show me the buildings over there they All look flat okay This is a video a flyover oh cool okay This is a flyover this is papoose lake Right here sweet oh we’re going right Towards it yeah we’re going right Unfortunately he turns he turns so this Is right this mountain range right up Here would be right where that uh your Your s4 facility is um a little bit North right in right in here somewhere And he doesn’t get close enough to see It i was hoping that he would you know But uh maybe next time this pilot makes A makes a trip out there we can get him To um You know do some photography of that Area it is right in the atomic testing Range though you’re right it’s going to Be real hard to get Anything close to that area Aren’t there photos detailed photos now

That we could go find and see what’s There Um well this pilot he took he did a Flyover and he did take some photographs Which you can look up there on george Knapp’s website if you look up gabe Zeifman is this oh right on yeah You can find these photographs that he Took But he was looking specifically at at This this area you know where bob lazar Where we thought the base was right in The side of this this hill right here on The direct edge of the lake bed because Remember he says that they they pulled This thing out of the hangar right onto The lake bed and they tested it right on The lake bed and then rolled it back in The hangar when he was there So That’s why i think this facility Whatever if there’s a facility out there That bob was talking about i we’ve Always thought it was right on the lake Bed itself or next to the lake bed which The lake bed actually floods out you can See in this picture that there’s water On the lake bed so it actually During the rainy season it actually Floods out a little bit and floods with Water so that kind of disproves the idea That there was this hole underneath the Lake bed that opened up where there’s a Facility underneath the lake bed because

That would just It wouldn’t make any sense with all the Because it would flood So it’d have to be off the lake bed up Here in the hillside somewhere and again They hit an entire airplane Factory during world war ii so who’s to Say that this Like lighter area right here isn’t you Know Netting or something you know That looks like what bob lazar said Right that’s interesting And that’s the location he used to have It on his website back in the day too So But nonetheless that s4 marker was there Again that’s all we got we just got to Figure out how why and who Yeah I understand what you mean now again i’m Just i’m just trying to help i’m sorry That i reported it and got it taken down And i just uh Again it’s still there we still know the Location everyone i got the coordinates Saved did you interview bob lazar let’s Ask him you’re speculating again on These on this video and what you just Showed me where you i didn’t Shows nothing it just shows amounts Inside oh yeah okay So right here this is exactly like he Said it was on pat like kyle’s done his

Research Kyle has not done his research no he Hasn’t disagreement no he has Sorry jeremy can you ring kyle get kyle On Yeah he has not done his research on bob Lazar and and uh i i’ve debated him on This and before and What did he do what did he say i used i Used actual clips of bob lazar i showed Like the testimony of what he says you Know what the the part you know in the Interview with george knapp there’s a There’s a number of where he’s now Let’s get this all straight everybody Ellie and scientists said it was some Local tour guide that put it in there Number one And number two that he told Everybody to go flag it at google To take it down Yes Blake i don’t think i don’t think alien Science is the bad guy here because i Think well alien scientist i’m not Calling him the bad guy but he’s saying Things are fact when they’re not It’s a water guzzler i’ll bet you five Hundred dollars blake right now That it’s a bureau of land management Water guzzler put there for the bighorn Sheep How are you going to prove it and i’m Going to call blm tomorrow

How are we going to get there i’m going To call blm tomorrow And you think about it Maybe the state of nevada and then their Next your comeback’s going to be that They’re they’re working for you know the Government to cover up no i won’t say That i just want to let’s let’s uh i Don’t know they could be though They could be though let’s let’s let’s Be honest respect we’re speculating on Everything here why wouldn’t the bureau Of land management cover something like This up why does legal earth covered it Up today google earth covered it up Today that’s a fact It’s odd that it got covered up today I think that it’s it’s It’s all speculation it doesn’t agree it Doesn’t agree with what bob lazar’s Testimony says you’re saying that kyle’s You know this we’re not speculating that Google earth We’re not speculating google earth had That yesterday it was there yesterday And it’s gone Today that’s not speculation that’s fact Okay it’s gone today because it’s been Reported as a fake location speculating You’re speculating that’s too why And In my opinion you are too you’re Speculating that you’re speculating that Yeah nobody from the government not

Speculating you have to be from the Government because that’s because that’s Uh you know atomic testing range You’re speculating that this is like it Has to have been someone who’s a local Guide to that area Because you know google can tell the Difference between you know a classified Installation of land and you know the City of nevada or or somewhere else you Know So i don’t know that’s that’s Speculation as well you’re speculating That google put that on them on the maps When i’m telling you like the process Because i understand it it’s well okay You’re a local guide and it’s okay and It is local maybe google didn’t put it On maybe some guy with special access Put it in there a tour guide got into The top secret texas oh it needs to be a Little bit out there okay Five local Took it down Somebody took it down Yes because it’s been reported as not a Real as not as not not being there not Actually but how can you Why do you think you’re right when There’s no proof yet you should have Waited Why should he wait he should have waited Till we found out what that that Structure is instead of just flagging it

Before that’s all i think that was a Weird move I’ve done other investigations on claims Like charles hall claimed there was Another alien base out in this area and He showed these structures and and said That this was an alien base years ago But was there a flower We went and did the research and found That these were water guzzlers and found That there’s there’s a lot of these out There put by the bureau of land Management and they’re very often by Ufologists digging through this area on Google earth they’re mistaken for other Structures oh i didn’t know you’ve seen These before like this we’ve seen these Before and and i recognize them as what They are so i would I i would i will bet you anyone here 500 Bucks if they want to if they want to Shake hands and and pet me on this but Jeremy do you want to bring them up Would you i know you have to i watched You share them in your video also take You on that bet for 500 bucks the Problem is We’re not going to be able to you know Collect on that bet because we’re not Going to be able to prove it yes i will Be able to because they if they Installed them then there’s records of It somewhere and i and all i have to do Is make a couple phone calls to figure

Out what those records are good give me Those records if it’s worth it if it Take me three hours of work for 500 Bucks you’re damn right i’m gonna do it When you research the other story and Found out they were And found out they were the water things Was there a flag stated there or a pin That said it was you know some sort of Base not on these ones that there’s so Many of them out there that there Wouldn’t be um like uh Google earth wouldn’t have that data Unless unless a local guide went and Populated that data onto google earth That’s how google earth and again you’re Looking at two-dimensional not Three-dimensional uh jeremy so when You’re saying it looks like it’s a flat What do you call them uh water gutters Water guzzlers yeah water guzzlers that Love the name They appear to be water guzzlers but Can you agree that there’s a lot of Buildings that are you know over 10 Stories high Look like water guzzlers and they look Flat Yes there there are where they’re in you Know locations where they have that type Of utility this is like just on a high On a mountain ridge out in the middle of Nowhere it’s what i’m asking you is It doesn’t have seen on google earth

Buildings that look flat When they’re actually not have you ever Seen that i’ll bet you 500 bucks i could Show you buildings that are flat right Now Blake can you just be Blake can you be really careful when You’re saying the word earth and flat on This channel because i don’t want to get Demonetized sorry That buildings Appear to be uh Looking like pancakes But i suppose the thing is just because It’s a two-dimensional image doesn’t Mean it’s not to be dimensional You know Jeremy no no i don’t want to uh make the Bet that you know i’ll make the bet that The image that the structures in this Image are flat they’re they’re not uh They’re not more than they’re not one Story high or more i’ll make that that So When you look at other buildings that Have the same feature What how could you prove it otherwise Well generally they actually A it’s a building versus what you’re Saying is flat You’ll be able to see a shadow i mean Unless it’s like 12 noon you know and it Depends on what time of day it was

Captured Yeah so you get a couple different Perspectives you’ll be able to get one With with a different sun angle and You’ll be able to see How many shots they took of that Sensitive location There’s um another building isn’t it It’d be interesting On that sort of ring in the middle There’s another small building it’d be Interesting to see whether there’s a Shadow on that building we’re going to Be yeah that looks like again With a little bit more enhancement on The so-called Pancake size looking Uh Rain capture devices i don’t think so You could see a shadow even in this in This field look at the shadow coming off On the right hand uh lower Go to the right uh Building you can see That there’s shadows coming off of its Lower left In my opinion that looks like pretty Deep shadows if you ask me i don’t see Any shadows no i can’t up the top you Can see shadows and if you go to the the Round part i don’t know Hey if i’m wrong i’ll owe you 500 bucks Right so yeah Oh yeah

You can see shadows on the structure of Like not the structure the smaller Structure that little one yeah above it Looks like that might be uh they’re not Gonna have If it was tall there would be a lot of Shadow um is that what you’re guessing Depends on what time of day rich yeah it Could be noon for all we know or Whatever look at Look at how the When you’re rotating around that it Creates this pancake look And this happens with high-rise Buildings all the time google with Google earth yeah that phenomenon Happens all the time and i’ll bet jeremy That i could prove that Buildings look just like this you want To take that bet But also the water gushers look like This i know i know that if it’s 12 noon A one story you know um airplane hangar Or something You know you might get no shadow and it Might look like it’s flat to the ground Especially the 3d drive building that Will look flat like this you want to bet Yeah i’ve seen it i’ve seen it so i was Doing it there you go so Google earth had it up there yesterday And now it’s gone today and To me It’s

It’s very interesting that One way or the other They took it down whatever the reason For it is This is very curious very curious And and you’re saying because it’s not The place which you have not proven Go to area 51 ali go to area 51 And look at the buildings over there They look like the same exact thing They’re flat Everything’s flat over there they got Shadows though you can see the shadows You know even the even the low Low buildings You know on one side Is the half pad to the heli Over there as well They’re flat They look like those rain catchers I don’t see any shadows there A little slideshow But pretty much shadowless same features It’s a little clear the imagery is a Little clearer due to the fact for some Reason they took pictures of this with Better satellite imagery comparatively To what That s4 facility labeled by google earth Uh You don’t know that it was labeled by Google earth again it was on google Earth but that doesn’t mean they Specifically labeled it and in fact i i

Thought i made it clear that Google earth there’s nobody at google Whose job it is to populate google earth With these places it’s all done by local Guy like users and we we’re the ones That like local guides i don’t Understand who’s the local guide give me His name who’s the tourist guy that gets On Top secret Land i wish i could look up who who made The pin there maybe we can speculate You’re saying like it’s a tour guide That did it that you can’t say that yes Because oh no i can say that because i Know government i’ll call google i will Call google tomorrow and i will ask them About their map like is there any Where’s the department who who updates Google maps because it’s all done by Local guides it’s all done you’re able To put your own information with google Maps once you kind of register business Show your business establishment give it It’ll go on there give you reviews the Person that owns land google doesn’t do It in my opinion and that’s the us Government Google relies on us to populate that With Whether it’s Whether it is water guzzlers or not it’s Still interesting that it was labeled That but

Jeremy can you tell tell us how big A water guzzler is do these ma have you Measured these in google earth To say Something Like a car area 51 or an airplane I’m trying to find the video that i had The other day um with that guy uh where They built they show like the whole Construction process of them They’re built different ways they Basically they want the largest area Possible on on an already like You know sloped terrain so that They basically the point is to just have A large area so that during a rainstorm They can collect all the water runoff And um They go up they go out and flatten a Large area Uh they cover it with corrugated metal Sheets And yeah i have i have corrugated metal Sheets on my house Big deal So they usually look If you look at the imagery from area 51 It has a pretty much the exact same Shadow feature as the so-called s4 Location pinned by a A tourist guide a tour guide But any wait look at the imagery once Again at area at this s4 you see shadows Just like that area 51 the exact same

Thing that you would see So again again you don’t want to be Discolored I could show you a 10 story building That appears to be flat on google earth But you’re a 100 percent fact that these Aren’t Uh tall buildings there’s no even though It happens all the time on google earth This thing is 30 miles on a remote access road that Goes north of the the entire you know Atomic testing range to get there it’s Like it’s it’s not a not an apt place For a research facility and by any means It’s It’s an app place for Um a water guzzler and that’s what i Think it is If you go look at there’s trees there’s Uh trees on the side of the building Look your angle it the other way ollie The top one I miss yeah see now if you look there There’s some mass shadows on the one to The left there And it’s underneath the road it looks Like it has yeah but there’s a space Between them what’s going on there quite A bit it looks like the same color as The soil and the surrounding darker side Of the wall You can see not not that thing go to the Bottom one ollie the bottom no i’m just

Looking i’m the reason why i’m looking At that blades because that has the same Amount of shadow as these two things Yeah let’s see which is no longer go to The bottom one there close yeah that one Look at that one getting close There’s that that’s a pretty thick slab Look how thick that is that’s not a rain Gutter sheet of metal I think it is you know sheet of metal is Only You know less than what an eighth of an Inch Depends how thick your metal is so You’re saying that’s You know that’s about maybe three feet Tall off the ground And then other buildings appear on Google earth with the exact same kind of Pancake feature On it i posted that That video in the private chat with uh The guy’s name’s randy newberg And this is they build one of these Things and you can see right at about 58 You’re saying these things I’ll share my screen so you don’t know If that’s these things Is what i think it is so there you go That’s more like it We gotta watch we gotta watch it We can’t say you gotta we got Everybody has has we got to watch the Language we can speculate but we can’t

Say fact unless we can prove it So they they pipe it down but this this The guy in front of the actual uh Collector Yeah that wall was a lot bigger than That if you go back to the original Footage oh yeah they could make them They could make them larger see they Just drop into this trough it drops the Rain water runs into a trough and then It goes through a collector and then it Um Goes into a tank where the animals can Drink from it And these tanks people were taking Pictures of these years ago that’s how i I am saying that they were alien bases And they were saying that these things Were ufos because they’re circular you Know and they’re just like look there’s A ufo parked right out there and it was I’m like we were like oh my god this is There’s ufos parked out here so we’re Digging into like and we found out that They were just these water guzzlers it Was i was super disappointed as well um And you know been really cool if we we Found something we never called it once An alien base we never said ufos were Out there we just said that it was on Google earth yesterday and now it’s gone Today and it’s been off for two years Ollie thinks somebody pinned it two Years ago then for some reason google

Somebody else pinned it within google And now it’s off google Does anybody understand what’s going on Here Yeah that’s an interesting thing jeremy Had it blocked Well then we have the i i didn’t have it Blocked i didn’t have it Maybe because The moon put it out there and the video Got over 50 000 views and we had a lot Of flood of traffic over there it’s a Mixture probably reasons i’m speculating Yeah Well jeremy told everybody to go there And You know we’re speculating that is Because of jeremy as well I know but that thing’s been there for Two years you know this is what we’re Supposed to we have and then you get 50 000 views on it overnight okay okay we Have a flood of people going over there Taking a look at this thing yeah twenty Maybe that was the reason yeah twenty Thirty thousand people could have went There But guys this is what we’re supposed to Do we’re supposed to speculate we’re Supposed to be supposed to analyze it Otherwise yeah and we’re supposed to Debate too there’s nothing wrong with Debating not no I think jeremy does work of course i

Like jeremy what he does debating that’s What we need we need this as long as the Language is right Hey i i hope i’m wrong i hope it is That’s right I really do I’m not trying to Hey what better way to disguise it than A water guzzler Maybe you know good point ollie good Point It’s pretty big Are there other ones that big jeremy That look like that That looks about 40 feet across 20 30 feet maybe 35 feet It’s hard to tell what does that look Like about probably about 40 50 feet Um what does that say You could measure it ali with that Roller you have over there and um Again that’s jeremy that shadow is Pretty deep if you ask me a lot cheaper Than what those guzzlers look like that We just i don’t see any shadow at all i See brush But i don’t see a shadow The shadows to the right and bottom left Of the color that’s not a shadow that’s That’s the brush and stuff i think There’s there’s a shadow there to the Right there it is good yep and why isn’t It on the other one that’s that’s Sagebrush and [ __ ]

That’s all that happens all around so That could mean uh that it is about i Can see a corner edge it’s a total sharp Corner edge that’s not brushed you could No At the top right it’s totally a straight Corner go look at the very top look look At the depth there that’s it it would be On the other one it’s any brush there Yeah it’s brushed it’s brown it’s not Black Brown equals dirt brush is green you can See a lot of green around it this one They just made there would be a little Bit of a shadow though you see because It is slightly raised so If it you know I’m not buying that’s a shadow it’s not On the other one and this there’s a six Seven foot gap between where the dark Area is and the edge of the building Yeah a walkway maybe perhaps but look at The other one nobody’s going to the Other square where there’s no Shadow See there’s like no shadow on that one Thank you and look at the brush down in The bottom left that’s brush that’s why I got that Bottom left see it it matches up it’s Brushed So they’re not four by eight because This is an 18 foot section from those Lines so that’s 72 the one on the right

Ollie measures that at least 20 feet and Again we’re looking at something Two-dimensional not 3d Right just quickly if you look at the Brush on the left hand side one down the Bottom of it that looks like it’s on Like hanging over onto the Structure So No you see see if you go if you zoom in Go to the left square the left square Doesn’t have it around like that no no It does run down the corner See you see uh just before the Bottom right hand corner What looks like planets there it would It would be one’s a water guzzler one’s A building who knows there you go yeah It could be there we go but i don’t Think that is i think that’s sagebrush And [ __ ] If you look around Look around it’s everywhere It’s the same color all around it Look you can see it Go down beyond the road down you can see It right there oh you you’re already There i just want to show on a different Satellite this is the usgs Image that’s interesting Yeah that is Can you zoom into that I don’t see it Yep i do see it a little bit

See there’s no it’s very well maybe it Didn’t grow Maybe that’s a new how old is that I don’t know and it’s also not brown This is a different photo obviously but It doesn’t match i don’t see any gutters On that jeremy can you zoom back into That jeremy See this is what i was trying to say Before on the um On the other one if you go to the right Hand side of the left square Yeah Just yet there you can see the you can See this plant so down the bottom of it You can see there’s plants there Now if you go back to the google earth One as well they’re also on it and they Look like they’re hanging over onto the Structure so if that was a building you Wouldn’t get plant life hanging over Onto the top of it unless they were Really tall trees yeah yeah Oh yeah you mean the top one Yeah that’s what i was trying to say About the brush there’s there’s brush There on the yeah These trees it looks like shrubs or Trees or something They’re kind of big though this is like This 100 foot by 100 foot they might be Trees So What if you go back further even saying

That though you’d have to have if it was Some sort of aircraft hangar type Facility you’d have to have aircraft Hanger size trees Oh that’s from Like four stories high yeah yeah 50 40 50 foot trees there that’s not Happening that’s not the type of Landscape there Three foot five foot trees that’s about It tall as they get Sometimes you’ll get a saguaro cactus in There 20 30 feet but I don’t even see those dog i’ll show you A couple of these this one’s the white Sage guzzler Um I don’t see nothing there Maybe they got the wrong one see the Shadows from the mountains totally Different right here this is this is one Right here see oh wow Oh yeah it looks very similar to the Tank so there’s it’s got a little bit of An edge here with the shadow because It’s slightly raised definitely see that Okay So there’s one how big to how Do they do they different size jeremy Yeah they differ in size you know Because they just need a a large enough Area to to um collect some rain water And then they build the tanks to um You know to store the water in there

Uh where’s this one in this area they Get about seven inches or ear of rain Yeah so it’s very arid very dry so these Are like um These really helped bring this i just One double check on trees on how high They grow in the nevada desert they grow Up to 50 to 70 feet Yeah saguaro cactus too What’s that this air saguaro cactus do Yeah well so do trees trees grow up to 50 to 70. not in this area Yeah not here though yeah i just checked It on google earth unless or google maps Or google i’m saying not this area That doesn’t look like they have trees We don’t know i lived in the desert for 43 years and i can tell you in the Desert trees go up to 50 to 75 feet yeah And they’re in places where there are no Roads That’s for sure they wouldn’t want those Things near these things But i don’t know I’m not there so it’s hard to tell maybe They are there Maybe they need it for the birds to look Out i don’t know Two tweets for somebody’s come in one Tweet for all clear That looks that looks like a little Mountainous little region where the this This um Whatever place is

To me mountainous regions Creates like its own ecosphere and trees Thrive in that I have to agree to disagree but i want To know who aimed it who named s4 Well we’ll find a question there ollie And why You know but it’s your local tourist Guide in nevada that put it there Is what elliot Said it has to be yes google doesn’t Hire people to populate their maps i’ll Show you this like i know this They rely on crowd source you know Public data information to input all to Populate all the data so Can we prove who uh labeled area 51 area 51 It’s actually it’s actually labeled Homey airport When i put punch in area 51 it takes me To area 51. yep Who who did that search because i Remember years ago when i put in area 51 It didn’t take me there that’s for sure It took them years before that was uh Able to uh type in and press a button And it’ll take you there you have to Actually physically look for it yourself And it was a trick to find in the Beginning We trained it we’ve trained uh google Well Jeremy what’s the um district sort of

Area for um The guides Is that if you if you’re a google guide Is there’s like a certain area from like Where you live where you’re where you’re Sort of destined to Like look for things Let’s see local guides so I want to find more about this so share Your discoveries support your local Community get recognized with rewards Select your city so we can send you Locally relevant emails and awards let’s I want to put in las vegas Uh it won’t let me become a local guide In las vegas because it knows i don’t Live there see this So let me put in Providence Now let me be a local guide because it Knows i live in providence So i’m a local guide level one if i Switch my profiles if i was on my other Computer and i had my other profile i Would have a lot more points Than this but Um so do you think it’s possible that The person that pinned this Had special access or prove that he is a Local guide yeah put this up for i don’t Know it was somebody put it up two years Ago And i guess somebody else was able to do It after the fact and do you think it

Was the same guy that put it up took it Down I was interested in itself no i think That once it gets flagged google takes It down Um but i think that the guy who whoever Put it up Had to have been from the city of uh you Know Had to be from that state basically you Know they showed this by state it worked I’m pretty sure it works by state but I’m gonna call up google tomorrow we’re Going to get some information on on that Whole process and I’m going to watch a couple of these Videos see if they have any tidbits of Information in there that prove my point On this If anybody is listening and has special Access to google earth Go name something third phase of moon Base and send it to me and if i could See it on my end i’d be in and really Interested Yeah Let’s see if i can do it in rhode island Because nobody’s proven to me that It’s that simple to put in a pin Placement for the world to see And if somebody could name number 10 Downing street dildo factory i really Appreciate that as well

Hilarious Exactly That’s what i wanna just like uh i don’t Think it’s Sure you’re saying People are local guides and the public Submits their little Uh pin placements for market of uh Geographic locations but It’s interesting that somebody was able To market s4 And to me That it’s gone the next day and Apparently it’s been around for two Years or somebody else labeled it two Years ago Uh just Got a lot of questions around it it’s Not easily dismissed at the moment yeah I agree um i’m going to do some digging Into this with google and also with the Bureau of land management on this exact Site Tomorrow and um We’ll get back we’ll get let’s find out Let’s do an update on it we’ve got an Update up on third phase on uh this And uh it’s quite interesting and we’re Gonna be updating a little bit on How google earth scrubs images as well That’s when it comes down to sensitive Locations and i wouldn’t be surprised if They scrub this image And uh blur it out here in the next few

Days Yeah Maybe We’ll see I still i i still want to know the link Between the guy that that put the Thumbnail on there two years ago and Then somebody ended up actually Yeah i’m not sure if i agree with the Ollie that that guy placed it in himself Either blake i i lit honestly i i i Promise you my friend that is how it was Done back in the day that i used that’s What i used to do that’s how i started My channel just well Pinpointing your own locations and it’s Easy to do a screen recording of your Own pin placement i’m not arguing that That’s of course we’ve done that for Years but the fact is Is that Okay so this guy randomly pin You’re saying how i don’t know how you Could prove that he put it there and Just did a screen recording what makes You say that he put it there because and Not that and not what jeremy says a lot Because he put it there because What kyle showed was like a professional Uh google uh Actual What what’s the words i’m looking for Guys give me this no no no this was Captured like two years ago and google

Continues to improve their Software i can remember and there will There’s loads of videos where i’m Looking at like like stuff but the ones That i find myself like like like this One here So Which which i debunked myself and said You know what it’s it’s just the Reflection of a hen barn That looked like a ufo that had crashed They’d landed but This here that pin i put that pin there And i pinned it So that that that was the That was what you did you pinned it i Got here but that doesn’t mean you Proved that the guy pit that that wasn’t A pin from somebody else No but that’s not looking at that you Never saw these pins anywhere else on Google earth you only saw your own pins They were always in yellow So so this so the vid the video that Um That you the that you guys showed me um On the email Um It’s It’s pinned So This guy Has He’s put that out there and he’s pinned

That he’s found that and he has pinned That himself As that location do you think the person That pinned it via in google and not a Personal pin saw this video two years Ago I’m gonna put it in s4 Quite possibly yes quite possibly um But a yell the yellow pin is 100 A personal Pin i know that because that’s how i Started my channel by pinning stuff Myself and i’d save stuff on the moon And google and mars and all that [ __ ] And Like you know just Try and find stuff that was anomalous Um But yeah this guy here um he sees his Pinned area 51 main base there you can See he’s written main base That’s not the normal pin he’s pinned That true You see and you see up here in the top Corner Um Let me bring it back Yeah yeah isn’t it the pen that was yeah You take it off just today had a like a Blue kind of like tab Versus a tic uh attack Yeah they’ve changed it now it’s like a Little red thing um

But Yeah that that he is he’s pinned it He’s These are his own pins That blue one where it says papoose lake That’s an official one But the pinned ones Those are his So so he’s found this first and then Somebody has then Gone in and gained um Got that higher level and look how many Pancakes there They’re Buildings they’re totally pancake Concave that’s actually concave inwards Anyone ever actually heard lazar refer To it as the high ridge facility either Because i cause that was very specific About the naming of this it was the s4 High ridge facility i’ve never heard That before You know i’m gonna uh Call it Call up some uh people that are close to Bob I don’t know he’s he doesn’t want to Talk anymore that dude unfortunately i Wish he would come out he You know Because Once you come out with these statements You should be public access and you know Be able to take interviews and not just

Come out selectively to promote a film Well that should give you like some key Hints right there to the to the whole Story true true Blake could you would you reckon you Could not at least get somebody Who’s quite close to him say is this the Location You know i don’t think he would admit it One way or the other but yes i do have We do have people that might be able to Get this to them and we might be able to Get some behind-the-scenes information For sure we’ll definitely work on that Today I’m surprised cora bell’s not on it Already He removed it because everybody saw it And we don’t waste time putting stuff Out we don’t hold on to things And uh that’s it probably that’s the Reason I i i honestly think this is gonna Mystery that will remain a mystery until We see these uh these guzzlers be but I have to say I’m i’m more on the guzzler side Than i am on the s4 base At the moment Well that’s your job ollie you’re uh No i’m not a g bunker j uh jake that’s My son’s name specialized Wants to bunker but it’s still in here It’s still embedded in your mind i got

It you know you got to be skeptical And uh i i think that’s great i don’t Know i’m saying that covered up the base Because that’s your opinion and that’s How we should all have opinions unless We could prove fact or otherwise That’s it I i i do find it interesting though like I find it interesting that that guy Pinned it two years ago okay and and Then you get that official That goo that official google pin that’s That’s what’s interesting that’s what Sends my nipples you know there you go And it’s interesting too because i don’t Think nobody would have found out about That video that was posted two years ago Um one of our uh per one of our people Who are watching third phase moon in That post we only received usually we Get a bunch of links from the public Like look it’s been here before it’s Been here before oh you got it wrong Third phase over and over you know They’ll try and do this but we’ve only Received it from one source Of that one particular video posted two Years ago which is it’s pretty Interesting that nobody wouldn’t even Known Unless you know that one person pointed It out to us which it’s cool we like to Be we want to You know we had to even tell kyle from

Ufo proof you weren’t the first one that Uh you know Discovered this apparently because Somebody else labeled it this or google Labeled it Again i’m i’m not sure if we could prove That that was him pinning it or not Maybe you’re right on that ollie but Either way it’s still fascinating that Something like that With that pretty much same title Was in that area Kyle’s found the official And if like an uh Guy’s tag yeah And somebody officially took it down The two year ago 100 may i i will bet my testicles on it That that is a a personal pin Um Just because i’ve done it that that that Often you know Where you record your screen and while You’re doing a guide and you put the pin You pin it just to show people your Point of reference exactly it’s a pin Why would google yeah Aren’t the ones that are like on the map Red or like A different color like than the ones you Put yourself too they’re white right They’ve Been updated that much Now

Yeah What happened this past couple days is Everybody could screen record their own Screen without having to pin it because It was already pinned from somebody Within google that had special access Sorry lee what are you saying Is um is the guy still making videos the Guy that made the video two years ago oh I don’t know blake is he still making Videos Not sure not sure i gave you the link Check out his channel see what he’s Doing worth is it worth reaching out to Him because if he’s been um Bloody good On google earth for so long And happens to live in nevada maybe he Is the um The guide for nevada Because i find it interesting he didn’t Put a dash Between the s and the four Okay let’s bring the channel up Yeah and on the like the one which was a Couple of days ago there was two Different ones one had a dash between The s and the four and the other one Didn’t have a dash in the between the s And the four That made me think that two different People pinned it Because if it was one person that did The two separate pins they’d have

Written it the same way So could your man that did the original Video I’m going to bring in Be a guide And and have gone back and pin and put Like an official pin in where he’d Painted years ago like his personal he Just needs a las vegas ip address I think Let me bring it up late while we’re Bringing it up uh rockspace thank you For the 4.99 and uh what do you guys Make of uh think of all the The meteor activity Well um We’ll talk about that while i’m just There Finding it give me one second well That’s what i talked about that about a Year ago how much activity there’s been All over the world especially over in The russia area It’s been amazing oh god i remember that One on video that rashawn it was amazing That was like 2014 or 2012 or something That was pretty huge blew out windows People got injured Here we go this is his channel Maybe yeah we’ll talk about his video Tomorrow if that’s okay we didn’t thin Air unless he wants to come on and talk About it that’d be cool Anachronistic curmudgeon dre i’m so glad

You read that rich anachronistic jesus i Don’t even know that word So you just i can’t even see the the goo The uh oh they go s4 two years ago there Is oh yeah Oh it’s the same thing Yep You’re gonna click on it We’ve just watched it we’ve been Watching oh oh oh okay I was i was Answering questions in the chat yeah he Just seems like uh You know a little bit of a gamer he’s i Don’t think he’s No Um He doesn’t look like he’s massively into The subject Just interesting just like looks like Your normal geeky guy that that we all Know and love In a very positive way One video how did he why did he have That one video That’s weird Because he was interested and he found It he just he just saw it and he went That’s it That’s the one Let’s put it there Anyone that’s ever uh Like use google earth that’s half Interested in this sort of thing

Immediately go to area 51 first don’t They I think it was the first thing i did Hmm i went to my old house in new york Did you Yeah Then area That’s true actually I went to paris right after i remember I used to have a flight simulator you Know remember that in the old days The thing is with their with with area 51 with with google Earth if they don’t want you to see Something i’m i’m i’m sure they would Have an agreement with with google that You cannot show certain areas You know because i’ve seen areas covered Up So I’m going to start thinking with me Which is right with google not the other Way around i think they’re having a Little bit of a giggle here At our expense they left Left Goodbye boys did they say goodbye i Think so but they were on meal though Yeah that’s a shame maybe they didn’t Realize they were a mute you know Or they lost connection yeah But um I Lee you want you you wanted to say

Things a few times there when jeremy Were talking about it being a um A guzzler And yeah well no i i got him what i Thought like the I think it’s a guzzler don’t you i can Tell yeah yeah it it looks it looks Two-dimensional the um I thought the look like those plants on Top of it i think the idea of the the Sort of machinery that you’d have to get Out there on that like on that small Sort of roundabout area seems ridiculous Because You know you talk about massive trucks That that have to be taking stuff out i I know that we can say that there might Be underground bases and stuff that but Again we’re we’re in make believe land There because we’ve no idea whether That’s the case or not so we just look At it as What you see Um The other the other thing as well is if You were Testing Exotic like aircraft there It would make sense to wheel them out Onto a lake bed because if something Goes wrong it’s going to make a [ __ ] Big explosion So if you if you do it there you can’t Just roll that out of the hangar and do

It because if something goes wrong it’s Crashing straight into your hangar And and This is on the cliff side a mountainside You know something goes wrong with that On the test run it’s going to just go Flying down the mountainside it’s going To you know That’s a great point i’m glad you Brought that up It’s a shame because it’s always cool When people find stuff that’s odd isn’t It you know when you find odd stuff Hey i mean listen i’m not taking Anything away from kylie because i think He definitely found that i think one guy Found it Any any literally pinned it himself 100 Depending himself for the pins have gone Uh that you know you would not you I challenge anybody to see a yellow Google pin on you on google earth you Will not see it anywhere um So Those pins that kyle had were Official ones Um But if this is some sort of Base Then I can’t help but think You know when you look at these roads You i mean I have no idea how

What’s the word i’m looking for girthy These roads actually are but Navi whatever’s in that the say say These are hangers and they do have Craft in them Nine of them 15 or 15 of them how many If it’s the real nine four Nine it’s got nine of these craft there On the hidden in the mountainside I mean just imagine like transporting Them on this dirt access road that’s I’m going to measure the distance of it Right now See i’m thinking they didn’t transport Them there i think They probably went underground Maybe through the papoose lake entrance And maybe they come up over there and They launch them from a distance to see What they look like i don’t know It doesn’t look like uh A place that they would have ufos around That’s for sure i don’t know what do i Know what are we all i think it looks Like water gushers I’ve i’d think at least the roads would Be maintained to the point that the Roads are the same size on each side of That oh yeah that circle you know The um It’s a guy because the first thing i Thought they were before jeremy came on Was um because i think that sounds like A perfectly reasonable explanation

But the the only other thing i could Think is maybe they were sort of Um Like out of the way helipads you know Like just emergency use Concrete Helipads that were there Yeah They do look like helipads totally yeah But i feel like i think your your thing Of water guzzler thing that that seems To Seems to fit better for me when you Showed me the other ones Where’s the pipes though that connect to It They might be they could be buried Underground and you saw the other one Too is just these little thin black Lines the tanks That hole that could be a buried Underground tank with this whole thing Could be like a trough like a building You know like a manger or something that The animals can go right into oh wow Okay you know yeah yeah do they ever Cover these tanks up with anything Someone this in the middle I don’t know this this is again this This looks a lot different than the Other water guzzlers we’ve seen you know It’s a lot bigger because i was Expecting you know the thing to be like

30 or 40 feet long but it’s when i found Out it’s 100 feet on each one of those Each one of those gray squares is 100 Feet on the side When you do the measurement and that’s That’s sizeable i mean Those mountains are all around it too so Maybe it has to be For capturing a lot of water maybe See yeah Also on the The The bottom one of the squares comes from The other mount oh sorry sorry go ahead No no it’s okay but that that looks off The corner of that one looks like There’s something runs down from there Yeah yeah You know that that could be something That could just be run off from when it Rains In the other guzzlers we saw The the tank the storage tank could be You know Hundreds of meters from the site too oh So it might it might be further downhill Too Yeah i suppose because when ollie did The thing across it was like over 200 Feet across one of them wasn’t from Point to point Across the middle That was jeremy doing that or was it i Take it the um

The larger Those water guzzlers would be just for Just to make them work and not sort of Overfill what you were trying to trying To filter it through the larger they are Is the further away and the larger the Tanks would have to be because you Couldn’t have You couldn’t have tanks close to Something so big Because it would there wouldn’t be Enough runoff from the pipes did you get Me am i explaining that right That makes sense in my head If you have if you have a lot of if you Have a lot of water collected in Something yeah you’re going to need a Long pipe to take it to where you want To drain it off Otherwise If you’re if you’re getting so much Water through it Then your your pipe will fill up before You’ve you’ve managed to get it Into where you want it to go Get me Yeah Yeah i i i don’t know the the science on How they build these things i’d like to Ask them some questions about that you Know because uh i’m gonna do that Tomorrow i’m gonna try and call up a Couple places and stuff and say Well i have the day off

I still have cove and i’m trying i’m Trying to get back to work this week but I had a that positive covid test so Do you what variant did you have I don’t know i had uh i just took one of These the uh rapid tests You know so it does it just tells you Positive it doesn’t tell you like Omnichrome or delta or any of that stuff Have you lost your smell and taste Because yeah And the next thing is all we’re doing is Talking about the bug Right yeah you both haven’t had it Recently haven’t you yeah there we go oh Blake’s back there we go in the area Right he doesn’t want us to see they cut You off blake you must be on or Something Yep i guess so I don’t know something happened and then The phone just I was losing it couldn’t find you guys On my phone so i had to reboot the whole Phone What’s up guys The agencies hacked it they don’t want You getting the truth out they watched Everything we do So blake they do More work on this have you if you guys Got something and like the next part of This coming out Too the next part of this what

To this s4 find from kyle from ufo proof Well it’s you know i’m just glad that We’re uh we’ve known kyle for what about I don’t know 12 years And uh it’s really cool you know you and I think we met ollie ellen addict in Your Cruise We’re losing your chief Breaking up Yeah he’s breaking up he’s breaking up Nsa he’s like quick kill the signal yeah Didn’t we meet you ollie in a ufo Proof’s chat about 12 years ago Well i’ve been on youtube Since 2015. not i’ve not been on 12 years Oh yeah well Oh yeah i know on youtube you’re on ufo Channels for a long time long time ago That’s where we met i’m i may have yeah In the chat I’ve been in the chat but i’ve never About i started the channel back in 2015. it was something to do while my Wife was pregnant So You know To get away from the the whinging and You do this can you get me that It was it was like my So yeah it was 2015. It’s a long time a long time though I think i’ve lost him again

It’s been a long Time it’s in direction Is that bob behind you rich It is the little bizarre but i don’t Like it Can’t see Do you think lazar’s seen this that We’re all talking about right now i Don’t know I don’t know Maybe he’s not into ufos remember i Would have thought you had seen you Think jeremy would have called him by Now I’m going to email some friends of his Definitely Maybe email this to Jim brent Email this video to jim and see if we Can get bob lazar’s reaction to it So we’re going to try and reach out to Bob lazar right now that wouldn’t be Great if he came on the show live ellen Addict you’d be stoked I think i would i think i’d die Maybe he will come on you never know i Would listen to fluid news which i like If bob lazar came on this show you know I i i would literally probably duck Underneath the table and then To speak to him Do you remember these blake Did you boys have them No actually i was looking at those when

You posted it up on your video on new Years or what have you yeah those those Are kind of cool man i like them 80s from the 80s oh i deleted that video From before new year’s It was a bad idea we just we just Decided me and my mate we just we Thought Should we just go live Yeah and then i realized the next after The hour after the show had finished i Thought that was not a good idea delete So that ended Um But yeah i i um Did you get do you guys See anything coming from this year From what we’ve had of the week You know above top above top secret the Technology behind disclosure is going to Shake the foundations of ufology i know You’re going to like it jeremy You know we we got a dr greer like Nobody’s ever seen him before and yeah We’re going to get in some discussions We’re going to be dropping the trailer Soon And um you know there’s so much Information when we decided when we’re Doing the final cut on the edit whether It’s going to be like 90 minutes But it it pushed up to about two and a Half three hours just about and um you Know there’s so much information our

Final cut we got it down to two hours And it just rocks all the way through And you’re gonna see grier like you’ve Never seen before it’s it’s actually Quite fascinating And i think everybody’s gonna have a Different opinion on them and he brings It to the table again he’s he’s uh Not holding back and calling people out And There’s a part of the documentary that Gets really dynamic and i call it the I don’t know the crutch of the whole Movie where it gets into this Acceleration and then it just starts to Be it almost seems like you’re watching A movie but this is You know real people and uh people In the top of the field in ufology going On in 2021 and This debate Is uh quite impressive on how it all Comes through and we also got michael Schrad on there you know Aviation historian along with james Goodall And billy carson forbidden knowledge And we also have um Dr greer and who else oh yeah and john De souza uh you know the real fbi agent And then of course third phase moon You know when we make our documentaries We don’t want to flood Everybody with the cousins brothers or

Hey let’s let’s film myself and show me In a closet looking at a phone For about uh 30 minutes of the whole Film you know we we throw ourselves in For a couple minutes here and there but You don’t worry you’re not going to see Me in a closet texting anybody for for a Half hour I’m partial to a phone in the closet Stepping out every now and again you Have to be barefoot though you gotta go Barefoot yep no barefoot i spare the Audience showing them my white feet You know that my legs never get any sun You know i always kind of got a sun Complexion because we live in hawaii saw My legs you know we’d have a supernova My face will get any sun never mind my Legs You need that sun for your vitamin d no But seriously above top secrets gonna That’s gonna shake things up i think It’s a new standard of documentary Filmmaking and we’re trying to bring it To a level where um you know We want to have people take it in And feel that they’re on the edge of Their seat all the way through and you Know it’s pretty amazing i can’t wait to Share it with everybody and it’s coming Out what february 8th so we’re not going To have to wait too much longer and uh Our trailer is going to drop and we’re Going to have some poster art here

Coming up and um we’re going to be Giving exclusives we could give some to All you guys exclusive cuts to share And uh you know have the discussion About this technology that’s being Suppressed and that’s what i you know i Think third phase moon’s all about Everybody’s here about the for the Technology and i know jeremy’s doing a Interesting work with trying to figure This whole thing out and maybe even Build a device And uh it’s all about the technology to Us and You know it’s been suppressed for so Long we could change the world As dr grier says overnight Yes Interested it just seems like a lot of My researchers are getting distracted by A lot of other things i feel it’s not Like the not the research that i i Really want to do all the time you know But We have to do it because it’s it’s all In the historic record it’s out there on The internet records so we have to we Have to like try to explore all these Things you know because it’s what we Have today the main thing is you guys Are really trying that’s what’s great You guys are actually building trying to Build asking questions crunching the Numbers

And that’s bringing the community Together because we get more and more People involved as they see us doing This publicly and and building this Community behind that we’re getting more People that you know the smarter people Too because they come on and they’re Like no you guys are stupid this is this Is how it’s done and it’s like oh well Thank you you know That’s one thing about the documentary As well uh jeremy an above top secret With greer he talks about How he’s seen this same scenario play Out over and over and over again with People that actually come up with Devices or some kind of free energy or a Car that could uh work on just hydrogen And um unfortunately all these people Either get taken out Or they’re bought off and it’s just this Unfortunate continuous cycle And i urge you guys that what What you guys think the story that’s the Story we’ve heard for years so it’s like Well why don’t we create a community Where we can get this out before those People get killed you know where they Can com they have a place a safe haven To sort of you know spread that Information if they have that and and so Far we haven’t we haven’t got anything Legit you know who knows but hopefully We will that’s that’s what the hope for

2020 is about you know Is getting getting that one You know getting that those secrets out To because they Not to our enemies but to the just the General public because it’s just it’s Just for all it belongs to all of us Because you know that the once the world Governments or these people are going to Get a hold of this stuff they’re just Going to use it you know They’re going to keep it secret and use It for military advantage and stuff and Uh We want to use it to stay on the planet They’ll buy it out and militarize it and That’s what you guys got to be careful On if you guys come up with anything You don’t want to hesitate On putting it out as fast as possible And uh be as transparent It’s the only protection because if you Guys come up with something You know You’re dealing with the Major industries and yes it gets it’s It’s dicey and you got to be careful Well You well we all got to be careful Because when we get that breakthrough You’re going to be getting the drop Let’s get the breakthrough um we just Sent out an email to our contact that’s Going to reach out to bob

We’ll see if we hear back from bob if he Could confirm one way or the other If he could say if he says that’s not The place if it could lead us to exactly The place on google maps he should be He should know where to find it on Google maps in my opinion And maybe you’ll get an answer either Way that this is not s4 but this is Where s4 is and that would be the Ultimate from the from the person who Told us about s4 from the very beginning Yeah if he could go and do a video or Just this is where it is on the map okay Official Then That’s Super helpful A public uh figure that’s had so many His the most biggest claims in ufology He should have a A little bit of uh You know reaction with the public And uh that If if he does that that would say a lot About his character but if he doesn’t Then i there’s issues definitely but It’s interesting that uh that again that That uh google put it down and it’s not Up there anymore s4 officially does not Exist once again on google maps Jeremy is as somebody who doesn’t know Much about the science behind These type of things and i think

Probably All all four of us other than yourself Are probably in the same boat here i Even met a t-shirt that has the element On there Go buy it guys It’s probably not real i don’t know But it’s a cool t-shirt It’s a good t-shirt What what are your thoughts on Element15115 because i’ve seen you so Many times have a run on your channel In the past not so much recently about Bob and element 115 Right so and And why and just just for anybody who Might not know what why you you’d be Qualified to to explain why Just expl please explain that Right so element 115 is the main Disclosure that bob gave you know for How These ufos fly he you know he described The reactor drew pictures of the reactor Described the the reaction and and uh And some of the components you know this Gravity a wave gravity b wave that he he Talks about and stuff and the uh delta And omnicron configuration The uh Thermionic generator that’s perfectly Efficient you know and and uh all the Components that he was he was talking About to this this engine

And i you know like any anyone i would i Went and searched the literature for Everything i could find on element 115. You know what’s what’s What is out there in the uh in the Actual books if you if you read up on Element 115 and it’s true that he talked About it before it was it was just Discovered but it’s not like it wasn’t Predicted it’s it’s just this is Arithmetic you know on the periodic Table you just add protons and you go Higher and higher and you create Different elements by adding protons to The nucleus and each time you add a Proton it changes the atomic number z And there therefore changes the element So it’s it’s only It’s only natural that you know they Could have anyone could have with a Chemistry book and some arithmetic Knowledge could have predicted that There would be an element 115 just like I can predict there’s going to be an Element 130 and and and higher you know If If you just keep adding protons you’ll Eventually get there so it’s nothing There was nothing really there um You know the substantiates that you know He made any sort of crazy predictions he Also predicted a stable isotope and we Know of i think five isotopes of element 115 that have been created

Experimentally in the years since and None of them have a Stability higher than a couple Milliseconds But the big thing i found was i found a May 1989 article from scientific American magazine By peter armbruster and gottfried Leapzig i think is his name uh manberg No gotford manberg maybe Um and in that article which i can bring It up if you guys on screen share Um yeah bro This article uh i went and bought it Actually from um Scientific american And In this article um it talks about Element 115 It talks about the island of stability And it talks about using Element 115 are these higher elements as Fuel because of the the amount of mass That they can pack into a Certain area that there’s this island of Stability Uh munzenberg is his name gottfried Munzenberg But Here it is they talk about elements 107 108 109. That was what they were experimenting With first and then elements up to 114 Seemed within reach

And then they said there was this Barrier that they hit At element 115 so bob lazar knew if he Read this article which came out before He made the disclosures of element 115 This came out in may 1989 when he was Still dennis Under the um Under his pseudonym And hadn’t talked about any of the real Technologies yet So he he did as the big disclosure in October 1989 where he came out with the whole Story of the element 115 Being used um so it’s it’s In my opinion that this is this article Is where he got that information because It comes from a non-classified source That was public domain And You know even says element 115 is right Here it’s mentioned several times and The article talks about using it as fuel Uh for spaceships of the future So he knew that there was this this Difficulty and that there would be a Number of years before they actually Figured out element 115 and he knew like Something’s about he would knew enough Information to to basically make to Basically like Say what he said in his story just from Reading this article so

Again i’ve looked for Classified programs we’ve done numerous Foias Requests to try to find information on You know classified programs involving Super heavy elements research and it’s It’s not I haven’t come across any real like Concrete references Anywhere in the literature For propulsion technology or classified Programs related to element 115 it seems Like all this work was done by these Guys these two scientists who later Discovered element 115 at the particle Accelerator in in In cern i think in Switzerland what year was this published This was may 1989 it was published and This was before before they actually Created element 115 but these are the Two scientists who later discovered Element 115. So you’re saying this article was out Prior to bob lazar’s first statement out Of his mouth element 150 absolutely yeah Absolutely it was may 1989. Did you just say that they discovered it In cern Um Where did they discover element 115 These guys worked at It i don’t know if it was the particle Accelerator at certain no i think it

Might actually be the one In zurich i think it’s zurich right I i think it was actually zurich but it Was a part it is that is that is there a Particle accelerator in zurich as well Because there’s a few of them in the World Yeah let me see um University of gissen zen of terrestrial I have never heard that an x-ray Hologram book Of prim of primitive humans did anybody Else hear that claim from bob lazar I never heard this this is the first Time i’ve ever heard that Apparently bigelow mentioned it on rogan You can remember it No i can’t remember it I can’t remember that I want to But thank you for the super chat my Friend i cannot remember The hologram Book of humans I don’t remember that either Doesn’t ring a bell send me the link if It’s somewhere my friend Email me So it’s university of jessen let’s try That out But i’m gonna have to do some more Research on the exact exactly where Element 115 was first synthesized and Okay

So but For what you do and what you’re You’re working with right now do you see Any potential of element 115 Unless we found a stable isotope with You know like If maybe if we had a stable isotope or a Way to put it in a magnetic bottle which Would increase its uh its stability you Know to keep it stable it might be able To you know you it might be useful as Fuel for a spacecraft because you know You’re packing equals mc squared it’s a Lot of mass that’s packed into a small a Small area let me let me ask you this Jeremy When um Your friends and your uh associates are Working on this technology and trying to Build something are they um using any of Bob lazar’s kind of Statements around the technology of the Propulsion that how he best describes it Are they going along with any of that Or are they dismissing that all together No it’s it’s The people the physicists that i’m Working with are are So far above the bob lazar science it’s It’s on another level so i’ll share some Of that with you if you if you want to Check it out Um where’s the Jack sarfati’s recent paper with keith

Wanser This is what jack’s currently working on With keith wants her and it’s it’s all Based on you know battle tested um Relativity theory einstein einsteinian Physics and tensor calculus I haven’t seen any ma any math from bob You know physicists usually speak with The language of math and and Quantitatively you know showing exactly How much and and You know how much propulsion how much You can bend the space time metric using The stress energy tensor uh to bend the Spacetime so can you apply this to a Prototype How much would it cost So We just are working on the material Science end of this you know currently And um we’re experimenting with Different ways of of doing this with Actual materials and and you and using Light so it’s really uh What i want what i want to do with with The uh the physics of it is is build Some of these Um some of these meta materials they’re Actually it’s like a mirror with a Dielectric between it so it’s like a Dielectric’s like a piece of glass so It’s just two mirror it’s actually two Mirrors with you know a piece of glass Between them

And It’s a perfect environment because the You can trap light because it will just Bounce off the two mirrors and back and Forth indefinitely And so the idea is to create like a thin Surface Of this type of stuff and then bounce a Ton and then trap a ton of light inside And keep you know pumping light into That into this um Into this dielectric until you get um Until you get Enough energy in a concentrated in a Small amount of area to create this uh Local space-time warping effect um so Jeremy uh jennifer said she she she’s She read the element that the element Was discovered in the 80s She’s also Seen what you’ve seen but As far as i i have seen that there was Nothing found in the 80s but it was like Was that Was that bob just guessing or Were they on to something it was a first Synthesized in 2003 by a joint team of Russian and american scientists Right uh okay so this was this wasn’t Element 115 remember i said that the These scientists who wrote it they later Discovered element 109 up to 109 Um because And they weren’t the ones that later

Discovered 115 so 115 was discovered at Uh jinr in dubna russia So the russians spent you know Decades working on this uh element 115 Stuff And i i believe that they were actually Chasing you know Bob lazarus claims you know of us Intelligence too so it’s um Even the russians you know entertain Some of this stuff i believe But Again They they’ve created element 115 it Wasn’t it doesn’t have any of these Properties bob lazar scribe described he Said like you know you shine proton beam At this element 115 and it generates uh This anti-gravity field Um We don’t know anything like that but i Think you could do the same thing with Uh proton conducting perovskites Lee i i want to come to goof on as well Do you believe bob lazar’s story I believe it left now after Seeing that article about 1 15 And i i think um The If i remember rightly young jamie on Rogan’s show as well brought up the fact That you know at some point there would Be an element 115 and he’d been able to Sort of predict that because it would

Have happened I don’t know um jerry would you think That when you said that he could have Got what he knew about um for his story From that one article So do you think he he went out and Researched Various things to concoct a story And then Essentially Run forward with it for uh Is going to be done by Protons It could be done by particles or it Could be done by um It could be done with uh Photons as well um so or light Um But yeah i look i i actually went and Put together a whole Guide of things that i i think bob used To to craft his story together like he i I found all these different themes and Elements of places he borrowed various You know themes and elements of his Story from like his sport model saucer Which looks identical to billy myers are You saying flying saucers don’t exist And only billy meyer was the guy behind A flying saucer well billy meyer copied Um he copied out his car and otis cars X-t c-o-o-t you know the otis car uh What is it xtc one Um no

Otis carr Xtc X1 So yeah Um weather balloon jeremy The 50s oh i don’t think it was a Weather balloon i think if they used They used a top secret weather balloon Program for the cover story it was Something much more classified than that Oh yeah Um and it was probably as Dish shaped in my opinion as well But this goes back to otis carr was Trying to build a ufo in the 50s and you Know so it’s very similar to To billy myers beam ship craft and this Was our sport model yeah um The sports model The three uh the three gravity Amplifiers came straight from georgia Damski’s uh literature on the hanabu and Um The damski flying saucers that he was he Said germany was in possession of So The um Okay i found uh this from ufo cover up Live 1990 1988 And in this they have um they have a Whole bunch of guys come out who are They called the aviary right And they have condor I think condor is richard dodie

By the way And richard dodie and a bunch of these Other guys in the from the aviary came Out and they they did this ufo tv live Thing and they talked about aliens from Zeta reticuli And they talked about ufos and the Government bible Jeremy just a quick one you’ve got a You’ve got a there’s a super chat there For you i’ll have to send you the 4.99 Cents um Right back to you can you can you answer That one What use for we have for it with our Current technology i mean fuel storage Would be about it because there’s no There’s no reason to believe in any of The physics that we have to that that it Would have anti-gravity properties or be Able to warp the space-time metric You know there’s no There’s no there there’s no papers or Science to back that up or theory or Anything the only thing it would be Useful for us is for storing uh fuel as Fuel storage because it’s you know such So much mass and such a small area so Equals mc squared so it’s a lot of Energy that we could store that would be The only Use That we could have if we did discover a Stabilizer i actually forgot to uh

Mention in that president on Presidential on the chain of command Was it sci sensitive compartmentalized Information that was missing in there Yes sci Yeah that’s uh That’s where All the sensitive information Compartmentalized comes in Oh where’s the other stuff i had on here About fat man and little boy oh it might Be the element 115 stuff uh So i have this article on there with the Gut got freed and remembered yeah this Was the uh the movie that came out Remember he had this bob had the story Of that he said he got hired out there Because there was an accident with the Reactor these these two scientists cut Into the reactor and then two scientists Died and he was he was um hired to go Out there and replace them weren’t they Russian or german He said that they were yeah they were Foreign scientists working there So yeah that’s um One thing i find interesting though real Quick is that You know we met up with james goodall James goodall and you know he’s He’s basically friends with bob lazar And um you know had high access to skunk Works and the president of skunk works And you know a lot of uh

He’s revealing the black birds and the Spooky birds before anybody else got to See he’s on the front line of aerospace Disclosure Within the military’s assets but What’s interesting is that he was and We’re going to get him on the show He explained to me right um it was plain As day that he saw the cover-up of bob Lazar And his credentials speaking with a high Uh commanding ranking official that Covered it up right in front of his face And he that’s his testimony that he Witnessed First-hand basis from a higher ranking Military From a high ranking person in the Military suppressing the bob lazar Credentials in front of them and uh i Think that says a lot and i’ll take James james word on that it’s Interesting i don’t know why he’d make Up that story where he saw in front of His own eyes The cover-up of bob lazar from a High-ranking military official Well the name the name of the security Guard is td barnes b baker said they’re Just oh no it’s that’s fred dunn fred Dunham is the security guard um td Barnes was the head of special projects Okay It’s fred dunham is the name of the

Security guard Um but this is a picture of bob lazar on His rocket bike okay when he’s about you Know 19 years old i would say maybe 19 20 years old this picture was taken in Woodland hills california where bob Lazar lived next to a rocket scientist Named uh glue glue haref It’s called glue glue ref how do you Spell this Glue her f helicopters they used to you Know so this is this is the glue herrera Uh you gotta admit that looks pretty fun And a little risky strapping rockets to Bikes that’s awesome he was strapping Him to go karts and strapping them to Everything i mean He even strapped one of bob lazar’s uh Honda civic he had the rocket i i Strapped my wife onto that no problem Boys will be boys that’s pretty sick Look at that helicopter strapped to that Guy’s head that’s classic the rotor Blades Go down that little It’s better than your wife using a strap On i suppose No but go down look at that guy’s helmet Oh it looks cl like he has a helmet A little bit more down That guy In the yellow’s jacket there That’s pretty oh yeah Look at that that’s amazing yeah they

Did the glue herrera was doing all kinds Of experiments with personal helicopters And they’re trying to build personal Helicopters and rocket-powered Helicopters and and rocket-powered All kinds of things so this was this was Bob lazar’s neighbor out in woodland Hills california and um You know bubbles are had the rocket car Too You know the haunt the honda with the Rocket engine out the back is that a cr7 Crx crx yeah He used to drive it around los alamos um But yeah One of the things that was interesting Is that um When bob lazar was asked to name his Professors for his credentials he was Asked that um And he named two professors one from Caltech and one from mit And the guy he named from um The guy he named from caltech was a guy Named Who actually turned out to be a Professor at pierce junior college which Is in woodland hills california So Woodland hills california and then they And stanton friedman when he Investigated the bob lazar case he was Able to find out that He was able to contact pierce college

And at pierce junior college he he he Determined that uh bob lazar did go to Pierce junior college he did take uh Some physics courses from a professor With the same name that he named sane Was his caltech professor So there was that’s also caused some Controversy in his academic and Education credentials Um the professor he said from mit was um Hosenfelder And uh hossen haasen Felder Lazar and when we looked up hossenfelder We found that he went he was actually a High school teacher At west trespark clark high school in New york where bob lazar went to high School And after high school bob lazar’s family Moved to woodland hills where he Where he went to pierce junior college So you don’t go to pierce junior college If you can go to caltech or mit And There’s no record of bob ever living in Cambridge mass where mit is Um yeah so there’s a number of things Like that which i also found you know Confusing for for the story Yeah but as jim goodall says he saw his Records being Disposed of In front of his in front of his eyes by

A high-ranking official basically Throwing his paperwork and credentials Through a shredder Something along those lines And removing them from the database And that’s what james said Interesting So that might be some of the reasons why You can’t we can’t connect the dots Because of what james says And yeah that’s coming from That’s coming from a pretty good source There It’s interesting you know you know like They Did a lot of people have dug into the Records you know called up mit you Contacted classmates who graduated with Degrees in physics and in 1982 the year That bob lazar said He was graduating there and um You know there’s not there’s no evidence That he ever went you know went to School there Um I thought that was interesting because You know Richard feynman was recruited to go work On the manhattan project well he was Like a bright student at mit in in age 18. You know and Isn’t it like It’s you got a figure

Like lou elizondo said he was the head Of atip and the pentagon says he had no Really substantial role at the pentagon It’s kind of the same thing In a way In a way it seems that uh whether it was Telling us the truth or not In my opinion The government if they want to erase Your records in your history that’s not Out of the question or You know even deny that they work there Do we have And again we don’t have any really Paperwork of loot making any uh calls Officially in that dewey With his signature on it I don’t know it’s it’s we gotta go on These guys word because they don’t have Proof and i get that and uh We definitely gotta question everything That was the last live q a that bob Lazar ever did was rachel nevada Um 93 Bob lazar Q and a he never did a live q a after That and and after that it’s all it’s All been like you know really scripted Interviews yeah he took some pictures at His premiere and lost it he took some Questions at his uh premiere in los Angeles for the lazar film didn’t but Didn’t we try to get some we tried to Get some questions in and

There was a kind of a lock down on media And it was a little difficult we had a Camera guy actually show up invited by Invited by 1091 pictures to show up on Location get some questions in and then They gave our camera guy a hard time And uh they wouldn’t really let them Have access To uh lazar even though we’re officially Invited by the company that was Distributing it Yeah how did that make you guys feel Oh well I don’t like it it’s off because they Paid money and they traveled real far to Go there for that and they weren’t Allowed to ask questions and we were Invited and we went through a lot of Trouble getting our camera guy there and He was getting hassled and getting the Run around and then they put him up in The back seats where he should have been In the front seat having the first Question to lazar and we had a list of Questions and um You know there were giving other people More privileged accent access i won’t Mention names but Yeah um it’s not the first time i don’t Think it’ll be the last See see rich you believe That bob thinks he worked there am i Right by saying that that’s your Favorite yeah yeah well i don’t know i

Mean it’s just one of my theories since We can’t prove it but now i think it’s Possible he did work there and he was Just expendable Because he he took the place of the two Scientists that got blown up right so Well i want to talk about that let’s get Back to that because i I have uh that movie right that came out In 1989 Okay the same year It was in theaters like right in that Summer you know it was in theaters that Summer it was called fat man and little Boy by paul newman i mean paul newman Was in it um Paramount pictures And it was uh Yeah in the movie it talks about this Thing called the slaughten accident with Something called the demon core and you Guys can look up the demon core yeah Yeah the guy picked it up right and he Had it in his hands for a few seconds Yeah he touched it just a couple seconds He had the worst radiation burns on his Hand he actually saved the lives of the Other scientists Two of them died Um and and the restroom survived because He actually grabbed this it’s called This is a half a half shell and it’s Made of beryllium and this is another Beryllium half shell and there’s a bad

Day at work for that guy for sure Definitely and and They had to develop new safety Procedures for these criticality tests Because they they want to do the Criticality test on the course so they Can tell if they’re going to go super Critical before they you know put them In the bomb and and so you’re saying bob Lazar took that store and repurposed it So it’s It seems very much like this is where he Got that story because one of the laws That was set up in 1979 On Under osha the occupational safety Hazards and health administration They put this into law in 1971 And you can go on osha.gov and you can Look up All deaths on the workplace even if They’re in classified government Facilities have to be reported to osha Within 48 hours by law So Yeah it’s one of the reasons why area 51 Was made public because of the people That got smoking how they did Yeah they consumed smoke from some kind Of fire that happened on the base So you can go here and look up deaths And you can find everyone with you know Who’s died in 2021

While on the job Well on the any every workplace fatality Is is listed on here and you know they Make you do this as part of your osha Training is to go and You know read the fatality go to the Fatality reports and look at the data You can see the here is the Here was the latest one Worker died falling through floor joists On a roof right cincinnati ohio sterling City texas Worker electrocuted when helicopter hit Power line So you can look up every death’s listed On here and and they did this going back So so I’ve never been able to find the deaths For those two scientists who worked on This project or even and you know you Can look up their names and find Information on them well this is Sensitive Again compartmentalize sensitive Information they’re not gonna always put It up on osha it’s law though they have To i know but you know these guys are Above the law of course they are but You’re going to find a record of the Scientists there’s no there’s no record Of the scientists But there is They’re going to have to report it in Its public knowledge and at a top secret

Facility Yeah i mean it’s kind of hard to uh the Slotten accident right so this one is Was in this movie And and it’s a whole have you found Anybody that’s died at area 51 in there Um Because somebody you would have thought That maybe somebody died on location at The job over all these years Can i find one person that uh had a Accident at area 51 on that chart Let’s look up uh Nevada Will it show error 51 or that is a good Point Let’s type in rachel Very good Nope No I guarantee you that yeah not in the Last three four years Goes back 2017. so Like test pilots isn’t the stories of Like test pilots dying And their families being told something Different happened to them than what Actually happened Right it makes it you know it makes Sense that if you’re doing something Which is Sensitive you would uh essentially have A different job Than what yeah but he said it would it

Would be that they were reported as Dying in an unscheduled nuclear test and Stuff also from what i’ve heard from my Witness testimony whether they they work There or not they seem pretty close uh Believable the person called in is kind Of a deathbed confession he gave us a Lot of insight what was going on believe Them or not but from different sources We’ve heard that You know people that walk around in area 51 they got to walk a certain line they Have these goggles that you know horse Blinds basically goggles What are the foggles And um And there’s a lot of uh foreign activity It’s not just run by the u.s there’s Like different factions from different Nations That are working there That these they have military in their Own different patches from what region What uh army they in what country They’re from it’s not just the united States there’s a nation Of people that work there from around The world at area 51. Yeah that’s what i’ve it’s not it’s not Strictly uh Us military personnel in there again This is What you call a transnational cover-up You know when the whole world is

Involved In these high positions of power And it’s just not america by ourselves We have a Transnational firm And we even have a transnational space Station you know russia and china China’s building their own finally but There were the trends you know we all All countries were involved with the Space station and that’s kind of the Similar thing that we hear with area 51. This is a new yeah so that’s interesting Point i i don’t know i think i asked td Barnes about that and he said that There’s no it’s all american there and That that’s just a that’s just a rumor That there’s international teams working Together there on this that it’s a Strictly Rumors we can only only could verify From what we hear from these supposed People that have been to area 51. You know if james goodall told me he was There i would have believed them the Only person that i You know actually what um i know When we interviewed edgar mitchell he Said he flew over ares 51 So but that didn’t give us much david Adair said he was actually on the base At area 51 which is interesting he Brings up this it’s a really cool story Where he said the place is so massive it

Has to calibrate for the curvature of The earth but not only that there’s Ambient light with no shadows on the Ground and it has no idea where the Light source is coming from there’s no Like lights or Lights on the ceiling of the building There it’s just like illuminate Light that’s with no shadows and he has No idea where the light source is coming From he’s fascinated by that So There’s uh all right yeah this is a good New website too with uh research on into Bob lazar with a lot of that a lot of That stuff that i was have talked about It’s called uh Papooselake.org And uh this but i don’t know whose Website this is it just came up but it’s Got a lot of interesting stuff that i Mentioned so it’s got uh professor Duxler Was the one who uh he said was his was His caltech professor he was actually a Professor of physics and department Chair of physics at pierce junior College And then um Dr frederick holsenfeld hosen hosenfeld Hosefield Hosefield Was the other um he said that his Professor at mit was uh dr hostfield and

Mr hostfield was uh his pro his Tech vocational tech teacher at west Trespas clark high school According to the yearbook that somebody Looked up so this this Some interesting research that’s been Done until you know bob lazar’s claims He can’t he he allegedly went to mit and Cal tech but couldn’t you know remember Or name any of his professors there Um named professors from other you know Colleges and In high school that he attended You know There’s a lot of a lot of interesting Things that don’t add up about his story And it’s i think that that’s that’s the Reason why he refused you guys to do the Uh to do an open q a and they put Certain people in the back And then certain friendly people in the Front to you know ask the right Questions You know the harmless green questions You know that like the questions he got Asked on joe rogan he really didn’t get Asked a lot of hard questions and when He did get asked the hard questions it Was like boom i got a headache all right And what if he did go to the colleges But not as a student but maybe as an Observer maybe they sent him there and Said he’s going to sit in and watch your Class for a month or do something you

Think that could have happened I think um You know i’ve gone to mit and then sat In on lectures and said on like open Classes and stuff they have they have Open courseware at mit too that’s open To the public too or anyone can go to These these courses too Um so i’ve gone to Mit and done that myself i know that They do that i know that you could i Know that on the first week of school You could pretend to be a freshman if You’re you look right and you could just Go into any any like you know you can go Into any big lecture hall on any class Like And just sit in and nobody would know The difference and um apparently there’s Some evidence that bob used to do that At caltech naturally because he used to Get dropped off there a lot when he and Uh and he liked to tell people that he He went to school there or And stuff too because bob was i think He’s that kind of guy he is He’s into shady [ __ ] his whole adult Life this guy Yeah if you look at everything he’s done He’s he’s just been into like Uh he was a photo processor Um He used to process the photos for gene Huff who’s a real estate appraiser and

That’s uh that’s how they got um That’s how they met john lear they went To john lear’s house one day because John lear was trying to get an appraisal On his home And he said that you know gene huff came There to do the appraisal and And who did he bring along to hold the Tape measure with him but bob lazar Is jeremy photo processing guy jeremy i Think i think it’s It’s quite clear that you don’t believe A word that bob lazarus said Would we write by saying that Only because everything i’ve researched That he said this turned out to be you Know false Okay are you are you founder joe rogan Yeah i i am all right with joe rogan not Really a huge fan of him because i don’t Know i just don’t do do you think do you Think that bob lazar pulled the wool Over his eyes With cardboard Yeah absolutely i think they i think That they that bought that joe did not Research and know enough about the case When he did that interview if i had done That interview i would have That’s why you i laughed when you said Bob lazar might come on here man bob Lazar will never come on with me i will Demolish him I will demolish him with the questions

That i will ask What questions would you ask we did get Him in uh the documentary our Documentary countdown to disclosure We’re lucky enough to get his reaction To the new york times uh Front paper when they said off-world Vehicles recovered not of this earth and We actually got bob lazar statement on The phone that day When we put it up on the documentary and It’s kind of curious to what he said he Said I don’t understand why this is happening They’re not going to let this stand There must be some kind of mix up And what i don’t know why i even said it That way but the next day they retracted It and they didn’t let it stand which is Really um again i think that was the Equivalent of 47 roswell um newspaper Recovered flying saucers So It’s in it’s just uh he said that they Weren’t going to let it stand i guess They didn’t let it stand but i think That was a Was that the last statement we got from Bob lazar i think so i think it was On a documentary And we’ve tried since and his statements Are basically i regret ever coming Forward i should have never came forward And um you know he’s been getting offers

For all kinds of people offering them Money to come on he doesn’t want it he Doesn’t want anything to do with it Which we don’t we’re not paying anybody To be in our documentaries we just want People to uh have their opinions or Their expressions or whatever But uh yeah he’s he’s not a He regrets ever coming forward which is Kind of interesting to me i think he has A public obligation Because because of the claims that he’s Said to the public that he still has a Public obligation to come forward as a Public figure To uh ask questions Or answer our questions at least take You know every once in a while he Doesn’t have to do louis lozando circuit On a daily basis you know putting Himself everywhere but you know put him Put himself out Reachable at least what’s going to hurt With the zoom call it’s no big deal he’s Already everybody knows about him why Can’t he come out and You know keep talking a little bit even Though i guess he says there’s nothing Else to tell I’m sure we’ve still got some questions That Uh we haven’t got answers to or at least Pick his pick his brain a little bit And the joe rogan thing i heard joe on

Other podcasts that he’d done where People would ask questions why didn’t You ask this why didn’t he ask that and He said we went out to dinner the night Before And we talked about what we were going To talk about And i think everything was just like a Louis elizondo script you know you don’t Ask me this don’t ask me that And we’re fine i’ll do the interview That’s exactly what happened Lee you’re you’re a big big uh I mean i’m i’m i’m a joe rogan fanboy i Like a bit of joe but you you’re the Biggest one that i know Uh yeah Do you think that kind of thing happens Do you think that I think i know it has to like the um You know if you’ve ever interviewed like Even politicians on like a local level You will You’ll get an um A set of questions given to you you know Or what you can ask or um if you’ve ever Interviewed like a Like a high-level sport athlete or Sports personality like i’ve done with a Couple of formula one guys Um You have to provide Your questions

Before you interview them Um so yeah absolutely it’s this in the Same way as when rogan did uh macaulay Culkin Um he didn’t bring up michael jackson Calm down mate he didn’t do him No jackson did that Um that’s right yeah No he didn’t bring up uh jackpot at all Nope um so yeah everybody wants that Yeah yeah it doesn’t surprise me it Doesn’t surprise me that um Lazarus had that in the first place what They did interesting yeah is that rogan Seems to Have stepped right back from the ufo Thing Yeah he had this he had this Like scutch of podcasts that went out That um Seem to just bounce bounce bounce and Then i mean even to the point that when You look at the logo on his of his show He’s got a flying saucer on it now Hasn’t it on the joe rogan experience oh Really Yeah Like sign behind him and uh but he seems To have walked right back oh i gotta Walk back it would just Not doesn’t seem to be addressing it Anymore and i I don’t know whether that’s I mean if you listen to the message of

Like pretty much that runs through every Podcast at some point now unless he’s Doing uh interviewing somebody on Something particularly specific Um There’s like a a pretty hefty Anti-government message about rogan These days and it makes me wonder Whether he’s suspicious Of The reasoning behind the The ufo flap for once one of better Words that started with that new york Times you’re sorry was new york post Post times that’s it Can’t remember really is bob lazar the Last ufo related interview that joe Rogan has done no no no he wasn’t he Wasn’t the last but he did um Yeah and he’d uh he’s done them for Years i mean Great yeah but we had in the in the Space of a year he like did the who’s Who did it He did the long he did rogan he did it Was either bigelow or bro Yeah yeah it was either bigelow or um Your man what’s his name fire in the sky Abductee travis Yeah Yeah that was one of the last ones and I can’t i wonder Did steve justice Well both um

Both travis Yeah both travis and um Uh bigelow came across as Well i mean it was they were terrible Interviews to be perfectly honest Because bigelow didn’t say anything and Travis walton came across as a liar So i i just wonder whether that was one Of the reasons he started stepping back Maybe um I know that The some of the earlier interviews with Bob lazar are the more like juicier ones That are more revealing i feel and if Anyone’s gonna go back through the History books on here the the 1989 billy Goodman happening interview is is the One i would recommend if you’re going to Go back and listen to old bob lazar Interviews for nuggets of things that You know can be used to Really illuminate the story a little Better because i i just i go back and Forth between you know was bob hired by You know like an mj12 like program and Brought out there and fed disinformation You know by like a richard dodie type Figure Or was he just you know did he Meet john lear and then you know see Money in his Eyes when he saw that You know john lear was going on and Getting tons of people watching him

Um on klas talking about area 51 and Ufos and did he just see dollar signs And and then you know say hey bob you Know you could pretend to be a physicist And you know like the you know did he Concoct this whole thing on his own Because Regardless Bob lazar is a really smart and Intelligent guy okay regardless if he if He was hired to work out there and faked His credentials and and he’s a smart guy All right he definitely even if he faked The whole story and was able to pull the Wool over all of our eyes for the last You know 30 years that still takes a lot Of intelligence to come up with an Airtight story that has never been like You know there’s never been like even The education credentials and things Like that i’ve never like Shown somebody this aha you know there He is he’s lying for sure you know It’s it’s just Hard what i found most interesting about The rogue interview was the fact that He came out with the um Like the discs were Like discovered in excavation sites you Know making it sound like they were Like old technology that was that was Found and i think that he even brought Antarctica into it didn’t he at one Point

And um I’d never heard him saying i’ve never Heard that interviews yeah never Happened I can’t help but think he thought I’m going on like the biggest Talk show in the world And wait arguably the biggest like Single media outlet Um i need something to sex this up a bit Yeah because that was not anywhere in His original testimony and why he Concluded that now 30 years later to That you know no this this was Definitely dug up you know That’s kind of weird i thought that was Interesting too Well i think everybody kind of took it For granted didn’t they the the the link Between roswell and Then the craft in Area 51 that lazar was working on People kind of just put two and two Together with it so you always kind of Put it as thought of as crash retrieval Not Like some sort of archaeological dig So I hear some people in the thing about The bob lazar being a pimp There is a pandering case it’s on here You guys can look it up On the documents page of papooselake.org

What was the name of the guy billy who That he had the 89 interview with billy Goodman oh goodman yeah that’s right Yeah i’m just writing all these down all These notes here yeah it’ll be good for Your research on bob to go through some Of this stuff i’ve seen them But i’ve only watched them once in 2004 So i need to get updated just in case Yeah thanks Documented pimp uh So the um the the name of his brothel Was called the crystal cove The crystal cove and the maddam who Worked there is actually anjali oh i’m Sorry Who was it Oh god He’s doing many things So no uh tony bullock tony bullock was The name of the mad m Tony mariner in mourinho Interesting that’s kind of close to uh What was it dennis mariani marina Marianne oh the fake name he used yeah Dennis mariani right yeah from the Mariana ufo case there’s a there’s a Mariana Ufo case too so geez That’s interesting There’s a beauty from richard northwood I think i think lazar did something good For the government it made people stop Talking about roswell

Oh wow Well or tried connecting it to roswell Too yeah yeah That that’s i i always had lazar and Roswell linked in my head Yeah i never did that’s interesting no i Didn’t i didn’t either yeah yeah Literally kind of like Went away from russia yeah yeah i did Too Yeah Yeah this is good then the notarized Public documents of bob lazar being a Official pimp certified certified pimp Hey ali i want to let you know you know How you see super chat and rich Northwood covering up third phase of Moon there’s an option in your settings Where you can have that push everybody Up Well they’re not here anymore but it was Covering up jeremy just now Oh i i i You you’ll have to you’ll have yeah rich On the private thing just so you know Yeah Um It was i think it’s interesting when Third phase when i think the boy’s gone Again they’re gone i need to get going i Got to eat something unless you’re gonna Stay on a while and be back eh i’m not Going to be much longer it’s like it’s Like it’s like one here and lee probably

Needs a poo so um it looks like Who said that i’ve i’ve just done one Now here’s the um here’s the document From los alamos national laboratories Notarized letterhead um claiming that Lazar Worked for Kirk meyer corporation That’s funny which did not employ Physicists they did employ electronics Technicians though and i have an ad for The local paper In nevada you know advertising for Electronics technicians which baba tsar Was qualified to do So lots of interesting documentation on On this website for those who are Interested in researching the lazar case So Interesting yeah I did want to last third phase before But that they’ve gone now but It’s I get the feeling that Blake Is a little bit on the the edge there When it comes to the bob lazar case And he doesn’t He may not believe him I don’t know if he’d ever say that On a live show Well Yeah it’s It’s pretty taboo man it’s like you want

To be like It’s it’s one of the pillars of ufology That it’s like the mj12 Lazar And uh Roswell those three things you know you Have to believe in one of them to be you Know ufos right you can’t if you don’t Believe in one of those three things Then what do you what the hell are you Doing here right yeah Do you think that that might be a Problem you know like in the same way When um people talk about things like The pyramids and when when were they Built Um and one of the issues we have with Like for people like graham hancock Speak where speaking to like what One of better words like Real or mainstream archaeologists When you’ve got these underpinnings of a Subject like lazar like the mg12 Documents like roswell Um If if we if they’re sort of unshakable Things And they turn out to be [ __ ] [ __ ] And People you know everything all the Foundations that have been built on Will end up to be [ __ ] as well Yeah it’s kind of like cutting the root You know

Yeah it’s also it yeah it’s almost like It feels because i know we spoke about This on this channel before it almost Feels now like it’s kind of time to Start again You know to rip things up and start Talking about it in a different way It’s funny you should say that lady Because That is exactly the inspiration that i Had behind this thumbnail Oh yes New new sheet of paper yes blank yeah Stop from scratch dude just throw Everything in the trash say this is this Is a good this is a good um Rule of thumb that i go by i i generally Just assume that everybody’s misled Lying Or or full of crap you know i just just That’s my first assumption is that i Don’t believe this and I want to prove it to myself And that is a much better stance to Approach any topic from than Oh this has got to be true let me let me Find ways to prove it Right i want to believe part of ufology That so many people have a problem with You know Yeah Who aren’t good people and He said i think that’s No

I was just to say Jeremy who are the good people in this Field Within yourself obviously I’m not perfect by any means and i get Things wrong sometimes too you know so We’re all human You know so Uh I just I don’t know It’s it’s it’s all that this It’s just anyone who’s out for the truth And and and the people that aren’t in it Just to make money and get views Because you can tell there’s certain People that like They don’t go on and confront their Critics or their you know they don’t Come on shows Like like jeremy corbell right He you don’t see you see him taking this High seat you know Immediately and he he he’s not willing To engage or talk with the rest of the Community you know and and I think that’s a that’s a big sign right There is the people that You know They sit on a on a high horse or a high Pedestal and they try to like you know Say that you know Control over the information i guess i Don’t know like he’s he’s got one up on

Everybody this guy he pretends yeah Everything he says he’s like i got the Inside sources you know cause i talked To bob lazar i’m special you know i’m More special than you now oh you’re Unless you’re like Unless you’re a whistleblower who worked On a project you know and is coming from Somewhere Then then no Um Well the thing is he’s not really Researching is he or he’s networking And When you Oh what what corbel is trying to do is Move the needle on his netflix views Yeah so let’s say if if he came on um Goof on for instance he’s probably not Gonna move the needle on his netflix Side views Not not because of the audience numbers But chances are everybody that watches Rich has already watched this Documentary So Interesting or he’s interested in is Where can he where can he hit new Audiences so things like when he goes on Cnn or fox news and stuff like that he’s Hitting Mainstream average joe that isn’t Interested in this but they hear of a Documentary called bob lazara the flying

Sources and they’re [ __ ] Immediately firing up their smart telly Hey yeah i don’t say it’s all bad Because this That documentary brought a couple of new Physicists you know the ones that didn’t Weren’t like looking at this stuff and Just like oh my god this is complete Crap and They brought a number of people like Interested in looking into this stuff so I get i get more Traffic and you know don’t get me wrong I i like it too because it brings more People to my channel Because people start looking for this Stuff and they’re like oh well is there Classified programs related to physics Or advanced propulsion and you know Who’s who’s working on this you know Who’s out there that and then they find My channel which is which is good Because i connect them with a lot of Those people and and information Because i’ve been researching this stuff For 17 years man and you know i got i Got inside scoops on all kinds of stuff That come across my desk so I like tell me have you ever have you Ever Ordered anything from united news killer I have not personally ever ordered Anything from united nuclear I know people who have i know people who

Have bought some stuff on there before Because Certain things you know bob lazor is Just able to get you know Cheaper and better than other other uh Suppliers Out there Oh she’d recommend it then Um You know hey i’m not gonna if it is this It’s probably cheaper than mcmaster carr Or some of these other uh suppliers out There for for a lot of stuff So i don’t know they apparently have Pretty good reviews you know and uh he’s Got it he’s got a pretty good Staff over there you know the people That work for him are pretty you know They’re pretty good usually so i mean i Don’t see any reason i’m going to say Like a boycott bob’s business because he Lied about his education credentials or You know or some of these other things That we’ve caught him know he’s lying About i don’t know that he’s lying about The s4 thing and and this whole you know Work at a secret base it just seems kind Of it seems kind of far-fetched and and There hasn’t been a lot of corroborating Data with there’s been a lot of copycats The guys who said you know things that Bob lazar said and copied his story to Get credibility and and get a foothold Within the movement and within ufology

But i haven’t seen like any like legit Anything legit that’s come out of it That made me say oh wow this guy was Definitely telling the truth and believe Me i i started my research here i grew Up with bob lazar in the 90s on unsolved Mysteries you know So i i’ve dug into this stuff this would Got me into the all this research of you Know where are their labs really working On this stuff like Where are they and you know where are The scientists and are there anyone Really working on anything kind of like This or anything did you say you were we Were Inspired and uh like Absolutely a bit of a fanboy of lazar That i saw those are back in the 90s on Unsolved mysteries yeah i used to watch I used to watch that i was fascinated by This whole idea and this whole prospect That’s what got me into studying you Know los alamos and the manhattan Project and i read richard feynman’s Book in high school and started i was Just hooked i was like oh my god they They hired a hundred thousand people and Kept a classified program to develop the Atomic bomb during the 1940s like this Is amazing you know like and they had All these scientists and physicists Working on a top secret project and they Literally like you look up the history

Of the manhattan project They banned certain words you were like Atomic nuclear those words were banned By every news reporter every you know New new york times new york uh every Newspaper and every uh television Station was Banned from using the words atomic or Nuclear from the years 1941 to 1945 when we won the war with The after the after the with the bombs That’s amazing that should like show People that you know this the amount the Level of censorship that this stuff goes Through That You’ll find people talking about element 115 you’ll find that stuff out there That this every I went to the um Ufo conference and i asked people you Know how do ufos work and The number one answer was element 115. So everyone knows about that How do they work I i wish i knew but i have a lot of Speculation and a lot of smart people Working on it i think it works through Um Actual you know a fab fabric of Space-time distortion that everything’s Held together in this in in limbo by This sort of uh electromagnetic Field or inter interaction

A lot of it might be the cosmic Microwave background radiation because This is there’s this some of the cmb Where we point uh our telescopes in the Sky and no matter where we look there’s This background radiation that’s sort of Emanating everywhere in the universe in The in the microwave spectrum And if there’s all these little waves And vibrations and we’re just sitting in A sea of a sea of waves Then There’s this whole idea that all these These wave interactions um when you have They did this one experiment years ago And and they took a big tub of water And they put two boats in it and then They just made waves in the in the in The pool of water and they found that The the two boats the waves were damped Between the two boats more than other Places and that the boats would Eventually Stick together In this wave pool and that no matter Where they put the boats separately they Would eventually like come together and Stick together and they’re like wow this Is like all very similar to how gravity Works you know because nobody knows what Gravity is not even our top scientists Not even the best physicists out there Has a definitive explanation for what Gravity is i mean we have i the closest

We have is einstein’s general theory of Relativity which tells us you know um You know one one half of it says how This is how space time warps and this is How enter you know energy is affected And this is fight and vice versa so we Have energy and it warps space time Accordingly like this and that’s all we Have but it’s it’s a it’s a field Description it’s not a co it’s not a Quantum there’s no theory of quantum Gravity that actually explains on you Know quantum mechanically how gravity Works and i thought that that wave Analogy is the best one that i’ve seen So far for how gravity could work that We’re kind of sitting in this sea or This bath of radiation And um Some physicists call that bath unra Radiation it’s our unruh U-n-r-u-h It’s spelled you can look it up and and It’s this idea that there’s this It’s not an ether but it’s kind of like An ether it’s kind of like this just This bath that we’re all sitting in that Holds everything together and stasis and That if you’re able to optically Warp those because all the things i’ve Seen and all these all the best stories That i’ve heard about ufos and the Actual people that got up close to them You know like i einstein’s aide said

That einstein was brought to the roswell Like site and and shown the roswell Craft and that she was with him right Later on one of einstein’s aides said This is on Testimony and she said that this craft Was gray metallic And that when you got close to it it Appeared but when you got further back When you stepped further back it just Fuzzed out and something happened with The optics that as you move further back It disappeared Wow And i thought that’s that’s fascinating You know like what does that tell us About you know the optical properties of This craft is is that I think that the surfaces are are are Essentially meta surfaces Which are designed to interact with the Electromagnetic field on a i’m very Enriched you might want to mute your Michael you’re typing I thought it was oh no you just turned It off I thought you tried to turn it off but He turned it on No it’s all right um but this whole idea That There’s this ether bath of of radiation That holds everything together and that If you can sort of Build something that warps that or

Changes the optical properties of that Then you could essentially hide from Gravity or Warp you know Affect the the warping of gravity Around the craft optic using optics and That’s why i think meta materials are so Important and why they’re they feature So predominantly a lot of the the Studies that have come out That we know of Um the scientific studies that were done Under atip you know were looked heavily Into meta materials and and these Optical materials and also spintronics Um this whole idea of you know light Light and matter and um The future of electronics so so all the Like all the electronics that we use Integrated circuit chips push electrons Around but our scientists are are no Know that there’s a way but we haven’t Quite engineered it to to build things That can use light for actual Computation so that we have like Photonic based computers and light based Computers and there’s actually a lot of Research into building quantum computers That use This type of uh you know it’s called Exciton technology Excitons And it’s just a name for a Literally

You’re gonna you’re gonna have to come On and do a show On it Man oh man one on one with a bit with a Beer Um But we’ve we’ve been going like three Hours now i know oh man but can i ask Him one question though You know go bikes i just thought you you Need to eat and you need to yeah i do I’m i’m there i can wait um what about The use of mercury is that still Something So that was a i i think that that Research was done by general electric And bell labs And it was done Out of Valley forage pennsylvania By a guy named henry william wallace no That’s kind of like the you know Braveheart guy but uh If you look up henry william wallace’s Patents He was working on this idea of something Called the kinemastic effect or also Gravido magnetism um This whole idea of it’s called gem Theory that’s what uh Kepler aerospace is basing a lot of Their research around And i think that You look up those patents and stuff they

Have this whole idea of Rotating objects to create this massive This uh you know kinemastic field effect And um Of course mercury would be a good Candidate for this because you can You can it’s magnetic it rotates under a Magnet and it’s also really heavy it’s Heavier than gold you can actually float Steel and mercury it’s heavier than Steel More dense so it’s really heavy and it’s Easy to um it’s easy to rotate and Manipulate so i know that there are Experiments done with rotating mercury Going back you know to the 70s with this But to the extent of what those produce And and i don’t know because there’s Rumors even with igor witkowski going Back with the nazi bell saying that the Nazis were working on this with project Reese in the mountain in the mountains During the end of world war ii with this Wonder what technology under dornberger So There’s Been nothing substantiated with that but It’s it’s it’s one of these pervasive Rumors that’s out there in ufology but Again it’s it We haven’t had an um We haven’t had the Equipment and the uh the safe the safety Protocols to to really do that

Experiment on a large scale Wow okay but but it’s definitely Something that we’re interested in yeah Deglock the glock yeah um sure the bell The nazi bell so it’s certainly Good It’s certainly something that’s Interesting there is some there are some Theoretics that go behind it uh einstein Carton theory and this whole torsion Tensor Um so there is some idea that you know This rotating mercury will create the Effect this torsion tensor But i don’t know jack sarfati says that That’s you know that’s been debunked and Yeah but it doesn’t mean that it wasn’t Tried and it wasn’t thought of and it Wasn’t done in secret of these programs Did the dig did that disappear Did it ever just vanish from that and You know i guess it was in some sort of Circular cage but i don’t know if that Was a water tower Yeah that fly trap thing they said it Was a foundation for a water tower or Or or a cooling tower for the power Plants but did it ever disappear like Visually like the philadelphia Experiment Well they said that the nazis to cover It up they dynamited all the tunnels Shut at the end of the war no i mean i Mean when they experimented on it did it

Disappear and then come back Or did it i heard a story where they did A test and it was spinning inside that Thing and then it disappeared and nobody Saw it and then i don’t know some years Later kecksburg happened and it kind of Looked like the bell or d block or Whatever It’s an interesting you know theory but I i don’t know that it you know Disappeared or time traveled you know And in call of duty black ops they have The bell and it’s a teleporter oh wow Cool man Ali uh lee had a question yeah the what You were saying before was that Interesting about the um Uh roswell crash and that whether when You walked away from the clock craft it Starts to get blurry That’d be a real good exa like reason And also they said Sorry i i’m going to add a couple points To that because i thought that was cool Too they said that when you went in the Inside of it you could see from the Inside out Wow So that like the walls were invisible so That you know like the floor and the Walls were invisible so you could Actually see outside even though it was Gray looking in but you could see from The inside out

You know i had a dream and i noticed Sounds crazy but i’m i told a dream very Many times where i touched his craft Disc shaped and my hand i didn’t know Because i was rubbing against it and it Went inside this Opening and when i looked in it i could See outlines of Just lines like thin lines but i could See the landscape through this object Exactly what you said wow was i abducted That is unreal it was also in a movie um I watched recently called the bamboo Saucer oh never heard of it no i’ve Never heard of that right so the bamboo Saucer was a 1968 um film You guys can look this up and you can Actually watch the full movie on on Youtube for free cool we watched it the Other night Go watch that movie because The bamboo saucer they go they go um It’s the same thing they find this Saucer and and then they’re getting to It and they find they run into this Russian team who’s there for the same Thing and the russians end up they They’re lying and say that they’re Allied with the chinese and they’re like No they find out that they’re not and Then they start working together with The russians and they find like the Portal the portal opens up they go Inside the craft and from the inside out

They can see from the inside out but They can’t see from the you know yeah The outside in that’s so cool there’s All these little themes in this old Movie i was like i was so fascinated and You know for back then yeah It’s hollywood but It has all this themes in it and it Talks about it and then Yep the year i was born yeah Go check that one out Is a really good [ __ ] reason why There’s no good pictures of ufos and Possibly Never will be no matter how good Technology goes taking photographs off Them Exactly that’s what i wanted to like i Was trying to get abby loeb to come on And like have a discussion with him About some of this stuff and Because i’m like oh you’re trying to Build telescopes that are trying to look At this stuff but have you thought of You know this or this or this you know And You know there could be meta materials That are terahertz frequency active Which is that’s what you’re the spectrum Of that we see with our eyes is actually Terror a certain frequency of terahertz Radiation in the visible spectrum So They it’s a very small spectrum that we

Can see in so are we looking in all the Other spectrums too to see if there’s Other stuff there um and then I think they are They are they are with the infrared and Certain things too but i’ve even heard Stories about guys with these third Generation night vision goggles that see All kinds of [ __ ] flying around that’s Invisible to the naked eye Yeah Jeremy what do you think to Uh Area 51 The crash the roswell crash The retraction Uh that the the That the military made because they did Say it was a flying sauce to start off With And that it could have been Uh nazi technology it could have been Well maybe not nazi technology but it Was Nazis That actually crashed in area 51 and They they retracted it you guys got to Get my friend walter bosley on to talk About that because he wrote a whole book On on You know operation paperclip and and the Redstone arsenal and all the research That was being done By the nazi you know with the nazi

Scientists that we brought to america And What they were developing with what Became Nasa and our official space program and The whole mercury tests and stuff He goes into a lot of detail on that and He he’s He’s of the opinion that it was a top Secret Uh Secret space program Um craft that crashed out there and that That’s why they covered it up and Brought everything out there that’s what He’s convinced because he said the Proximity so close to white sands where They were and and to los alamos where They were doing a lot of this research And um He thinks that roswell was uh you know Nazi nazi technology and stuff and super Interesting because we we find out that We If they caught fire but we had a bunch Of these uh what’s called the horton Parabola Look up this So the horton brothers were these two Nazi um Scientists who during world war ii were Developing uh all the flying the flying Wing type aircraft And they had developed this um craft

Called the horton parabola and this is a Picture of one that the u.s forces had Captured and were Storing at um this facility and it Actually Captured Yes they had captured this at the end of World war ii and brought it back with Operational paperclip Okay and um Okay they said that this craft looks Very similar to those Saucers described craft that um kenneth Arnold saw Um operating and also you know so he Thinks that that you know kenneth arnold Might have seen them flying these craft Back from you know Somewhere Um that looks almost identical that was Only a month what he said yeah he Described and it was only a month before The roswell event Yes so they they have this whole idea That you know that they had captured Nazi technology and they were testing it And flying it around and and that’s what Crashed on roswell and that’s why there Was a cover-up and that’s why you know They used a classified weather balloon Project mogul you know to cover up for The real program That would that would it’s consistent And it makes sense you know it makes

Just as much sense as that it’s aliens You know Although there’s you know To me anyways you know It’s their technology is what you’re Saying if that thing were lying flat on The ground And the back of it was buried in this It would look like you’d think the rest Of it was a disc oh yeah Backwards yeah That’s right we see that in antarctica Sometimes Especially it was covered on the Backside with dirt you think it was Buried yep Interesting But yeah it’s it’s super interesting They had a whole bunch of the flying Wing aircraft and then and then in the Years you look through the intelligence Documents like right the uh the twining Memo It mentions the horton brothers in the Twining memo They’re looking for you know things Built up this composite materials And um And then there was a subsequent Intelligent search You find that they they went and Tried to trace where the horton brothers Went You know where the horton brothers still

Operating there was a whole bunch of Intelligence in the cia documents on the Ufo file there’s tons of documents going Back in the late 1940s trying to chase The horton brothers through germany nazi Germany to find out You know Did Did they escape are they still building You know And there was a whole theory and that They were entertaining that the russians The russians had their own version of Operation paperclip as you know right What was that called again um Operation Paperclip It was uh Operation oh so viajim I think And that was the russians version so the Russians got So the russians moved in right away and They got a whole bunch of these Scientists Um including helmut Helmut grothup Uh who is the german engineer and rocket Scientist Who helped the the german uh he helped The russian v2 rocket program So So yeah he actually headed the uh the Whole russian program for the russians

Version of operation paperclip Interesting history so they were chasing These these horton brothers parabola Craft um across you know europe to find Out where the horton brothers went after World war ii they thought the russians Got a hold of them and that they were Building these techno these craft So there’s You know that that’s another viable Explanation i can’t argue with it you Know because there it would have the Same classification the same secrecy you Know But they’re wild man I have The only issue i have with the the idea Of um But you know the the advanced german Technology Group Is The things like the um The glock and stuff like that the That technology is so crazy that you Think if they almost had that they would Have had better than they already had And i can’t help thinking if that’s Where they were taking technology they Would have already had the technology to Win the war Oh if it was alien technology yeah well They probably couldn’t fly it yet No no yeah you know

What i mean if they were already working On prototypes that they couldn’t do I don’t see how you get from Wooden framed Um Messerschmitts To To That without being able to do something In the middle That was better than what they had So these things were built out of Plywood and composite materials it was Some of the first plywood that was ever Developed was was was um used in in These in the construction of these And it was uh like a formaldehyde glue And composite sort of um You know material which is consistent to Some of what was described in the real Twining memo there’s a there’s a fake One out there that says like more Advanced materials and stuff but Um so I don’t know it’s it’s It’s tough because it would con Here here we have the roswell daily Record with the report that the raf Captured a flying saucer on a ranch in The reusable region of roswell new Mexico Now Maybe they did Maybe it was this

That’s a wedge but yeah It doesn’t look like a saucer is what i Was going to say yeah but if it was like Again you said if it was laying down in The dirt and this was the only part that Was exposed If it had glided down and like hit and Then the back end had just gone down Sure It wouldn’t be the first time for a Newspaper to spice up a front page Yeah If flying say flying saucer was a buzz Word But it wasn’t that it wasn’t that it was The thing that gets me right yeah Is if it was this horton parabola Right Why would the air us air force in 1993 Double down on the project mogul weather Balloon story why wouldn’t they just Come out and be like look It was this horton parabola That would have been more believable Honestly True missing though isn’t it It’s an admitting line that’s the Problem yeah yeah Yeah that’s always the problem Yeah boys we have been going three and a Half hours now and So I think that’s good you want i gotta get Going i know you haven’t seen marvin

Richie’s I won’t die I don’t eat better but what i do want is To to thank you all very much for coming On tonight i haven’t i haven’t done a Show in about two a proper show in about Two weeks yeah uh lee You uh Forever entertain me with the musty Audio and uh You keep me you keep me warm with the The this is cheaper and very my favorite Show by far The latest episode of that was uploaded This afternoon So i want to go listen to that Links absolutely Rich yeah links at your links are below Are you doing a show tonight no I put out a show today it was uh the law Of attraction yeah i watched it Beforehand yeah yeah very interesting Very interesting good feeling i’ve yeah I’ve been listening to uh the secret in The car Oh wow Yeah i think you told me to do it oh Yeah i i i’ve been listening to it you Know i don’t believe in a lot of these Self-help things and whatever take Anything it’s always whatever works for You for some reason this works and i Don’t know why but i just tell people You know give it a try you’re going to

Feel stupid But you know if it works what do you got To lose man well i was taking It worked for me A lot of times over christmas i tell i Talk about it in the uh the video but Yeah it’s interesting it’s weird how Things line up when you there’s no Chance of you Getting what you need and you do the Secret or law of attraction and It happens and you’re like i never would Have thought that that would have Happened and you know it’s just Interesting that’s all i can say because Thoughts create things that’s what People say that we you know your brain Puts out this vibration that is Apparently the same as reality and the Universe can’t tell the difference i Don’t know I don’t know but whatever it makes me Happy to try it but anyway i’ll be i’ll Be on tomorrow live huh it was it was a Good show angel yeah People go check it out it is in the Description below Jeremy you’re not in the description Below yet because i didn’t know you were Coming on but you will be in the Description below um I want to thank you for coming on there But you need to you need to come on Again i would love to have you on a

One-on-one with over a beer because i Know you like to have a beverage now and Again you you like that you like that Scientist man that you know just gets a Little bit too drunk when he’s handling His elements and this that and the other But In the spirit of zephyrum cochrane what Is the guy who discovered warp drive He’s the scientist that discovers warp Drive and first connect in star trek Okay yeah and he’s a total alcoholic Drunk he’s just like [ __ ] He’s just hammered like throughout the Whole thing so that and then you see That Reality you know No i’m not i’m not i’m not a There are people on our team that drink More than i do a lot more so now that’s Something so are you feeling a lot Better though With the c19 Yeah i’m feeling a little bit better you Know i got a little It’s i don’t know it’s like the Fifth day now It’s lingering feeling much better i can I got my sense of smell and taste back You know i’m eating I’m eating the habanero pepper so Man We were drinking tabasco yes i trying to Get the senses back that’s crazy then

Your stomach’s hurting you’re like why Is my stomach hurt of no wonder you’re Drinking tabasco Yes that’s all right that was weird yeah That’s why my organs hurt it’s kind of Counteracting the organ pain or the Damage that the bio weapon is suing I think the flu is is worse honestly I’ve had the phone before and and it’s Been a lot worse than this So i just the fearmongering is real Though we’re all gonna do jeremy It does seem though that Youtube is kind of like forgiving you Because for a long time and i can Remember being subscribed to you before I even had a channel And uh you you got deep well not the Platform but you’re demonetized and uh You you you’ve done a lot of groundwork And uh you stuck to your guns you know You’ve not changed It this in the slightest have you been Monetized again I managed to get yeah i get that i get Them i get the super chats now i get Monetized you know um certain times i I i don’t i don’t monetize any of my Videos because i don’t want to put the Ads on i don’t want to make my audience Sit through the ads So i don’t like do it that way Um Just because i like to show a lot of

Other content too on my channel and then They have copyright issues and then all That so it’s just but you went through Some [ __ ] didn’t you And Where The the channel was almo it was it Looked like you i’m still going through It man i have a i have over a hundred Thousand subscribers and i’ll get like 3 000 views per video but it’s i think i Got to get back into the pre like Pre-scripted you know short video stuff Because that’s where i i think if i post More stuff like that i get i get a Better Outcome from that you get more from the Shorts with youtube yes it’s all the Algorithms man i’d like to see more Behind the scenes and what’s going on uh Where is it eagle space Is it falcon yeah falcon space falcons Close I’m gonna go down there again soon and Uh and give an update because they’re They’re doing uh He switched over now to a full-time Space program and and uh But again i i wanna I feel like they’re spending a lot of Time on these things like that grab a Flyer from russia man i’m like i think That thing’s a hoax it looks so fake and I’m just trying to like debunk it and no

One all these people have tried to Replicate it and we had a whole Conference on it yesterday but no one Can seem to like get it working and show It you know Todd todd to seattle showing a couple Things where he gets some lift you know From different designs and get some Airflow and Show us different ways where he thinks It could be working but You know i don’t know it’s it’s so far We it’s been a struggle because i i Really think that the um the Gravitational space-time warping that We’re talking about is occurring in These these sorts of um optical Materials that we need we haven’t Created or really worked with in our lab Yet because They’re they’re really expensive that Was the saucer That guy with the saucer yeah that that Saucer shape thing it’s called uh if you Look up alexei Chirkakov oh my god All right But i was gonna say that i didn’t i Think that guy’s pulling a leg there man That camera should be focused in you Know why wouldn’t you use a camera that Can focus closer I’d have two cameras i’d have another One like way out in the field like a

Hundred feet away just to show because We we we saw that thing and when he Kicks it it goes back and forth right Yeah and so what i did is i measured the Time period that it goes back and forth Which is about four seconds and i said What the time period about four seconds It’s a pendulum that should be about 13 Feet long because Because if you change the length of a Pendulum it changes the the time period That it swings so it’s hanging out so i Think it’s hanging damn it Oh Camera but then you can’t see anything Off camera and then he shows in the Beginning like off camera he has a whole Bunch of other videos where he’s Demonstrating it like that shows it Apparently debunks all these like things So it’s it’s so hard to tell it’s like But then again if i if i was david Copperfield or uh who’s that guy the the Street illusionist David blaine i could do this you know i Could find a way to do this you know What i mean i could do this like You know and i i want to like make some Videos where i sh you know but it hasn’t Been proven yet But i don’t think again i don’t think That’s the way the ufos are working at All i don’t think that’s the physics of Them i don’t think it’s i don’t think

It’s That at all i think the physics of the Ufos are using Um Technology They’re using A an electromagnetic An electromagnetic material that is Acting like a meta atom it’s it’s it’s It’s manifesting macro scale quantum Mechanical effects so it’s using quantum Mechanics on a macro scale to to to Achieve these these things because we Have quantum teleportation we have we We’ve shown that we can teleport things Using quantum mechanics on a quantum Scale so if you can Find a way to make things behave like Quantum particles You can do a lot of crazy physics and That’s where i think that ufos are Operating on that just just as a hunch I could be completely wrong but that’s It’s interesting though i like it Sounds right to me on that now thank you The perfect attendant boys i’m going to Drop you down into the uh section below And uh if you’re still around well when I’ve said goodnight god bless of mine The bugs don’t bite i’ll come back to You Well bye boys and girls that was Nipple twisting honestly there’s Moisture here in these nips i enjoyed

That i enjoyed that very much indeed And uh I enjoy you lot you lot are absolutely Fantastic so just Keep doing what you’re doing Keep Hitting the bell end in the corner and Uh Subscribing and sharing it out to all Them nonsense social media platforms That you have to be careful With um but anyway i love you very all All very much About five beers i’m good i’m good good Night god bless Mind the book still by i’m alien addict You know what to do