Aliens are exactly what you think they are?

By | December 23, 2021
Aliens are exactly what you think they are?

Brisbane Um Good evening Folks and welcome To alien add eight on this fine and Colorful evening And it’s always a colorful evening when We have Rich Jordan out in the house Rich Giordano welcome to the show my Goophonium friend I’m in the house Welcome to my show how are you doing Does anybody call you goofy No We need to start this [ __ ] no don’t come On we need to start goofy goofy that’s Not what I want that’s not what the name Is I don’t know I just think it should Be like a little bit of a A nickname I won’t I won’t acknowledge It I’ll ignore it and it’ll end would You buy people No no okay so when are you doing a show Tonight rich Yeah So you know what to do people yeah Ignore them goofy is Hey Ben Ben it’s Ben Yorkshire UK Ben Ponte UK I know Ben and he’s a Spiffing fellow I’ve gone for a few beers with Ben Ben How you doing man thank you for the zoo Super Chat man have you really You’ve had a few beers with Ben I have I Also dated his sister

What true story true this is the Greatest thing ever that’s cool yeah Ben Yorkshire is always a supporting goofan Unless it’s a different band than a fox There’s a lot of Ben’s out there I know That it’s a different bet I haven’t Dated your sister about the same bed I Have uh But yes um how you doing mate it’s it is It’s a fine evening it’s a very strange One this because we Lee’s supposed to be Joiners and still may be joining us but He currently has covered Um sexy bastard he tested Poverty he tested pump He tested pop he tested positive today So fingers crossed he’s on a speed Recovery and he’s not going to be Affected too much by it it seemed like He said I’m fine he said I’m fine he Said I’m just I’m just buggered for Christmas uh but you know oh please oh He may be joining us though he said I May be joining it I don’t know he won’t He doesn’t like me that’s why he left Early last show he left in last show Because his little boy was really ill Now he doesn’t like me It’s always about me Speaking of about you how you been mate Grace I haven’t I haven’t actually spoke To you face to face in like two a week No a week last week we did a show Did we do a show last week we did a show

Before did we do a show before Ray yeah No after right After right oh you’re right it was a two Weeks it was like two weeks yeah well I Have to say you look great I haven’t Seen you in a long time but that Beard’s Gotten thicker No he no he actually hasn’t I’ve trimmed It down oh well that goes to show you Where it was at then it was it was it Was beefy no it’s just like uh I look at You now and I see you with a much Thicker beard like it was just coming in Last time I saw you I think maybe Because I’ve run a comb through it yeah Yeah maybe me too I appreciate that Ben Thank you mate Um Rich I don’t know where I’m going with It with with this this thumbnail You know thumbnail I just realized that I put one of the the aliens hands Backwards Yeah but can you can you see the mistake I I see it but it’s an alien everything Goes because nobody knows and they could Have backwards well you know don’t you Think that would make sense To have backward hands Totally much better they’re a little bit Back hey I’ll tell you something you Ever heard the theory of the alien Gray And the future of humanity you know we We’re we’re always typing on computer So

Eventually we’re going to lose a digit Yeah this digit that we don’t use and You know we’re always looking at screens So as eyes are going to become uh more Um yeah You know we don’t know which way to to Go these days in terms of uh male female Everybody’s doing all sorts of things Their own things so we may as well just Just not be nothingness so they they’ll Lose the genitals you’re thinking too Much I’m I’m just you know that’s that may be The evolution We’ve been looking at screens our whole Lives not that there’s anything wrong With going either way people you know It’s absolutely fine I don’t give a Monkeys but I’m just saying you know in General uh humanity is it’s uh we’re We’re uh we’re a greedy Bunch you know We may lose them uh appendages No we won’t Have you ever seen an alien with a penis I’ve never seen an alien and yes I have seen an alien with a penis Who’s which one mine Paul I’m a penis Paul’s head is a penis He’s a penis with ears You’re talking about the out there Channel Well uh-oh I’ve invited him on him a few Times you don’t bother the guy’s a waste Of space now I want him to come on with

You you know seeking it’ll never happen Now It’s not a show about aliens these People I don’t know what it’s a show About because it’s been a while since I’ve done a show with Rich I was hoping To do like I was hoping for everybody to Have Christmas jumpers tonight but we Haven’t got Christmas jumpers you didn’t Tell me to no I forgot I have but I can Go get one real quick I tried to look I’m gonna do it I’ll be right back okay I’m gonna get a Christmas jumper as the Kids say Christmas jumper all right I’ll Be right back like a minute and a half I’ll be right back I already have it out I’m not getting one all right I’ll be Right back okay he just wants to go he You know what he wants to do Hey You do you want I know exactly your game We’ve got keto converted in the house my Good friend Universe how you doing my Friend Handsome money is done He’s in a few of my Show’s people from Way back when getting drunk in the Kitchen Um we have uh Renee Cruz how you doing my love she is Uh the one and only she’s on Ren you put Some working on this UEFA and the on the UFO subject she’s on every every channel My lovely Caroline in the house who is a

An awesome moderator David Underscore I love that name don’t know Why it’s just got such a ring to it Dave Welcome to the show my friend alien Girl11 Guys go check alien girl out she does Some great work and she’s a little bit Like me but she likes to have a little Bit of a Tipple now and again it is Christmas after all uh though I can’t Have too many because I’m at work Tomorrow uh Adam welcome to the show my Friend I’m just popping I’m just I’m hitting I’m popping it up before I even read the Comments so it could say anything it Could say alien I think you’re a Complete dick then we know that’s Probably gonna be my dad Um Walt how you doing mate I’m putting the Replies up and he’s he’s with playing to Caroline To Carol Coral Carol Carol Coral it’s Because Rich calls you Caroline Well I do mate We are going to start to show people we Just waiting for Rich to get his Christmas jumper Will Carr how you doing my friend So many people coming on board on alien Addicts so early in the show 61. this is Over easy There it is oh my God would you look at

That that is a Absolutely And then look at the back Did you Mum net that No somebody my sister got it for me Online Last year if you just said my mom’s dad For me yeah she did I didn’t want to say It though but my mom knitted it all These are from her experiences So rich I’ve been I’ve been literally so Busy and a bit out of the field and I Only get nibbles of different shows Literally driving to work what is going On in the field right now because I get I get a message on my phone with Jeremy Corbell literally now saying everything Well no hear me out here he’s saying Everything what we’re saying Right now there is there’s a new video Out a little and he’s saying that he Doesn’t know what these UFOs are maybe We need to look more down the Paranormal Room he said that they’re possibly from Another reality Is what he said kind of signed for Forever So the tune has slightly changed there Because he’s showing you I mean don’t Get me wrong But The weight was kind of put across from Car belt what he was showing it you know With the the radar uh not the national

Radar the radar oh yeah the [ __ ] Yeah yeah the [ __ ] that’s uh the Stuff out at Sea yeah that you know what That is that was a flare going over the Horizon of the ocean And waves that it’s exactly what it is But now he’s he’s it’s almost like what I the little clip I’ve just sit and I’ve Literally just been outside and what is That the one from Twitter I I don’t know where it came from I Didn’t look at the link I got it sent And it literally clicked on it uh in Fact If I get him to talk into the mic Jeremy Jeremy do you reckon I do you reckon I’d Get a strike do you reckon he’d get me Into trouble for it No I do it here I’ll pull it up then you Have this idea We’re seeing our machines from other Planets I I’m unconvinced what we may be Seeing is an alternate reality yeah Another Ring and that once in a while they Perforate they pop through it into our Reality and this is not just from a Cursory Look At You of a phenomena From Top thousands of a close encounter Eyewitness I like that I like that call Bell there he’s saying What we’ve been saying for for years Since we’ve started doing these live

Shows What that they come from another reality I don’t know whose reality is but yeah That have we not been saying have we not Been singing off that same page Um I I would disagree And I agree because uh yeah I’ve always Been saying that they’ve always been Here more or less or I mean there’s only Three different things it could be they Came from their planet or another planet They’ve always been here where they’re From another dimension or another Reality that’s the only three things And we don’t have any proof of any of it So what he’s saying is can be can be Real maybe but I don’t believe they’re Coming from other realities I just don’t Freaking buy it I don’t buy into the Alternate Dimension or interdimensional Don’t buy it I don’t think it’s possible To go from Dimension to Dimension that’s Just me what he’s saying he’s going off The old uh idea that there’s waves and Now that our waves are crisscrossing Over each other and there’s little Pieces of the alternate reality coming Into view He can’t even think for himself this Poor bastard Yeah it’s an old thing yeah Baconator Lee Guy Lee with these lovely bacon uh He says Carvel lives in his in a reality Where he’s BS is real yeah where his big

Sausage is real yeah You know I don’t I When we talk about other people like the Big people in this world like the Carbels you know the people that are Elizondo Dolan she had Greer yeah Sometimes I almost think Are we giving him a hard time for no Reason no Are you crazy Have you been have you lived this whole Year do you see the videos he’s put out There I’m interrupting you that’s right Did you see all the videos he put out he Did we [ __ ] after [ __ ] he Deserves all the crap he gets he’s not Doing anything original anything new the Guy’s a hack seriously he is his movies Suck his comments suck his fake acting Sucks everything about corbel is fake It’s all about him him and him Nothing to do with finding the truth This guy’s such an ass He phoned him recently Yeah Last April yeah he picked up we already Talked about this No I know I just didn’t actually phoned Him again I know I did not no when I do Everybody will know what I mean by maybe Maybe uh It just seems like they latch on to

Something like and it seems like Everybody latched on to the to the the Uh the tick tock and they they took it From there and they just kind of like Shoved it down our neck Constantly you know I was full with tic tacs I I and I to the point where I couldn’t take any More Tic Tacs I still I still don’t want Any more take tax But it seems that Maybe the the change in the tune You know it’s gone the ticks seems to Have gone a little bit quiet Maybe you’re gonna lose the tick tock Ah Would you not tic tac’s not real I know you think he’s China No I think it’s fake I think the whole Story is a yeah disinfo Let me ask you this how many people okay How many people came forward from the Russell You know the the big ship the Russell And uh from the other one the Nimitz and Then you got a few other ships the the 2019 the one you showed the radar you Know from corbel that is supposedly what Happened with the Russell and there was A swarm of UFOs yeah that one there’s Only three dots on there and they’re Just going the same speed as a regular Airplane or slower Could be drones but

I don’t think the TIC tac’s real how Many people from the Nimitz came out in 2014 and talked about it five or six People you can make a fake story first It came out with fravor and then the Radar operator Kevin day and then Cahill And then they brought in fravers uh uh The the other pilot Alex Dietrich I think there’s one more person you Could make a fake narrow a false Narrative with six people that are Staggered into the story we spoke about This a few times I know you’ve mentioned It on your show I think we’ve mentioned On here that Kevin day is somebody who Is operating a radar equipment out there For him just almost have a nervous Breakdown after seeing these signs just Seems very odd of somebody of that Caliber Um that would have that type of job say That this is it just seems like an odd Thing for a man just to say you know and Break down almost over this that is had The training that has been trained and That we had like probably one of the Most important jobs you know somebody Who’s behind the radar whether it be in Military or whether it be in I spoke About this my good friend who is in the RAF he applied for a radar uh job Original operator’s license yeah yeah Not for military for commercial airlines Yeah yeah and he he’s he’s well

Qualified for it he’s not he’s he’s now An engineer and he fix he fixes planes In the RF RAF and it’s quite high up but He wanted that radar operator job but They the test that he did It was all they they came back and said Look you need to uh Go through different ranks before you Can even get there and the uh the level Of Uh being switched on and also been Saying headed and being able to act Quick is unreal I don’t know what it’s Like over there but it just seems to me I mean Kevin I I I’m sure he was great At his job something may have happened I Don’t believe it was the UFOs that that Made him do turn into a nervous wreck Because he does unfortunately seem like A complete nervous wreck and somebody Who you wouldn’t want behind that radar You know The guy spoke about that yeah the guy Literally had a nervous breakdown he did Drugs he got on a drinking binge and Meanwhile this other radar operator who Was there Um now has gone to the way of saying oh We need to speak with these with our Minds he’s thinking they’re from the you Know subconscious unconscious he’s Talking like Greer the other radar Operator now I can’t remember his name I Don’t know why it evades me but yeah

Kevin Day literally lost his mind Because nobody believed him he said Nobody would believe me every time I Tried to bring it up they said I was Crazy oh poor baby welcome to ufology It’s unbelievable what he did he lost His family he lost his friends And then one day he walks into a pub or A bar Some seven years later and he hears that Uh he hears somebody talking to Lou Elizondo talking about the Nimitz And then he finally had some relief After that but I don’t think it’s real I Think the Tic Tac is made up So you think Kevin days in on that story Whoa hold on Sorry I didn’t know that was on Somebody’s calling me from Tucson and I Had to hang up Sorry no he’s right you think Um you think fraver Is making it up Where’s the evidence where’s the Evidence man why why would they make it Up because of China Because there’s China and possibly even Russia have weapons that could possibly Be in In uh open secured airspace when they Shouldn’t be so what it why else would You think Lou Elizondo says they’re Flying in our airspace they shouldn’t be In

Unimpeded we don’t know how to stop them And we don’t know how to attract them or Anything That sounds like a Hypersonic type of Object to me going through the going Through some serious uh Places where they shouldn’t be and we Americans had a contract with DJI drones Not that it was commercial drones but I’m talking the DJI was making drones For our military and they infiltrated With the software they put in and saw Where we were using those drones and They were getting all this information On our technology and where we were Flying drones all over the world Probably why else did the U.S cancel That contract with DJI because they Actually said it they’re hacking our our In for our whole uh technology Infrastructure That’s pretty huge people everybody’s Forgetting about that well you’ve got a DJI drone so that the company I have it But I don’t have it I’m not a military Drone they made him for the military as Well And they got and they the the they got Canceled Yeah we canceled the contract our our You know Air Force Navy whatever we Stopped getting drone material from DJI About a year ago or two wow yeah because Of the fact that they were getting

Person you know information they Shouldn’t have There’s proof of it not that I have it They said they have proof of it see so You’ve got I reckon yeah I mean to my knowledge The people that have that have come out And talked about this it’s less than 10 People that you see yeah it was there Was there was aboard that ship All of them combined there’s not even 10 People That came out and talked about the Tic Tacs Ryan Graves was another one he was From 2019 saying he’s the one who said Every time we went out for two years we Saw UFOs What would be the reason behind it Because they want us to let China and Russia know or think we don’t know it’s Them so if we say it’s these we’re not Saying it’s UFOs we’re saying we don’t Know what it is you know how easy it is It for us to deny knowing anything if we Say we think it’s E.T craft or off-world Vehicles or unknown could be at Interdimensional or whatever I mean Lou has thrown out all aspects of Ufology over the last couple of years So so so Ben’s asking he I think he’s Asking isn’t that why he was told to go With the story Because he he’s in on it so he knows That he’s got to go in with the story

Yeah Yeah he’s the one who’s creating he’s The new Richard Dodie he’s telling us What we need to hear to not think that They know it’s China Or Russia I think he’s talking about Fraser Wasn’t in on it well he might have been In on it As an unwitting participant Do you do you remember when I’m willing What did I say yeah unwilling Participant do you remember when I Showed you the uh the The observation that I did of the first Interview with fraver that was on ttsa I Do where there was I think 19 Cuts During The interview and you said well maybe That because there was a quite a bit of Dead air Maybe yeah But it was 19 Cuts you could blatantly See those cuts like it was almost like This he’d he’d I just can’t see a reason Why there would be 19 to different cuts To tell a story because the story does Seem to follow on But that you can see them the the little Jerks of the of the different takes I know but sometimes when people are Talking they don’t like the way they Sounded and then maybe they stop and They say can we do that over yeah they

Look suspicious I know it does yeah yeah You ask me something and I’ll tell you The whole story without stopping you Know that’s that’s the difference Between what he did and what reality is Truth is I don’t trust a guy I think When it comes to something like that I want to see the raw footage I want to See the the little uh you know if he Makes a mistake it is in waste like About a bit of equipment or something Like oh sorry I meant I would like to See that I don’t want to see the I don’t Want to see the cuts yeah I know That would that’s what makes a real good Documentary good you know when you have Reality there and not having to cut it To make it perfect but I don’t know it Depends on what they were going after The narrative they wanted what they Wanted from him maybe it didn’t work out Maybe he was true tooth too true see I’m I’m dyslexic too maybe he was So but when he went on took a Carlson For the for the first time You remember that one it’s just it is he Looks literally Starstruck I have to watch it again I can’t Remember Yeah well if I’m sure a lot of people Remember it’s way he stood really Straight He looks scared to death you know when I Thought I was gonna be on Tucker Carlson

I was already nervous before I even had An answer I can’t imagine you know what I remember that I remember that yeah It’s nervous I mean it’s nerve-wracking Bro going on a place where 10 million People are gonna watch you Do you reckon that guy really worked for Tucker Carlson I I don’t know I don’t Think it seemed legit it did But I don’t really know you know I don’t Know I’m just gonna say it was But I don’t really know I don’t really knows Rich no that’s the Whole thing Nobody really knows and I don’t like That we don’t get any of the 23 minute Video that Lou says definitely exists we Don’t get to see the real radar You know from the Kevin Day Day you know Kevin DayDay on in November 20 2004 on the Nimitz we don’t get anything And the reason we don’t get anything Because they’re it’s not what they’re Telling us I don’t see What’s so difficult in showing us a Little bit of that if they’ve already Shown us the flear footage of a gimbal Go fast and Tic Tac whatever it is why Can’t they show us what happened on the Russell Jeremy Corbell tried giving us pyramid Video Boca The two stars and the airplane and

Saying this is really a pure pyramid UFO My god well maybe that’s why Jeremy Corbell is taking this new narrative That they’re probably From Another Dimension or reality because the way he Was going didn’t work out too well hold That thought for one second Rich because I just got to say thank you to frapsack Sure sure 35 dollars mate cheese [ __ ] the bed Sends along a little along for the Little ones Merry Christmas Ollie from Me and mine to you and yours mate that’s All so much my friend I really Appreciate that Do you rich do you not think that that Anything else is going to come over the Next three years to what we’ve had over The last three years do you think that Where can they go from from here Well I think they’re going to continue To give us Fleer footage if they give us Any footage at all but here’s what’s Going to happen in the next year it’s Gonna take a good year six months to a Year for the Galileo project to get Going So that won’t happen until late next Year so what are they going to give us Starting now through the next six months They’re gonna have to okay let me take That back they don’t have to give us Anything Ollie you know what I mean they Can just let us lose book is coming out

I know everybody’s going to want to talk About that Um I don’t know where they can go next Year I think the only place They can go I just I can’t even tell you what just happened You wouldn’t even believe it No it’s not the spoon I I don’t want to talk about it right Now we’ll get back to it No look it it the people in the people In the chat we need to get back to that So remind us we need to get back to that What happened I have the green screen taped you see it How it just came out oh yeah yeah I can See there’s no way that could have come Undone because I had a thumbtack through It and I bent the back end but I just Heard it smack against the the wall What’s a thumbtack it’s a push pin What’s up Oh no a drawing pin I don’t know what That is One of these yeah a drawing pin yeah Push pin thumbtack See you break you Americans are so she’s So [ __ ] strange yeah oh oh we’re Strange what’s a trainer A trainer yeah right you’re training him I know but they’re sneakers what’s a Sneaker men used to wear rubber soles The the crooks then they call them Sneakers because you can sneak around

Without being heard if you wore these Special shoes okay and and we so you Guys were robbing [ __ ] in them and we Trained in them training trainers is a Newer term than sneakers See you so you’re telling me that the The original meaning behind the word for A trainer is a sneaker because people Were robbing [ __ ] These shoes were originally designed to Commit crime gangsters wore them so they Can sneak up on their uh people and cut Their throats or use piano wires amazing Anyway that that’s what I was told Growing up always wear your sneakers If you’re gonna kill somebody is he Spelled the same Sneaking yeah S-n-e-a-k-e-r-s but some people call Them tennis shoes now You can put your tennis shoes on no Trainers that’s I like trainers I don’t Hate it I just and what is the other one What is this called the shirt Jumper jumper why is it a jumper You see I got no idea actually why it’s called The jumper yeah I like it though I try Jumping in it I did I do think I got Into this you call him sweaters Yes that makes sense because she’s Sweating you do well you do in the States but here you know yeah

You’re jumping around you’re trying to Keep warm I don’t know where we’re going Underwear It’s okay to have off you know off Conversations I’m joking I know You don’t know where we’re going I don’t reach I don’t think any anybody Does but I’m just wondering if it’ll get Any more interesting than what it’s Already got over the last three years Because it really at one point I I I I Think I even said to you rich you might Have to eat you words you know it seems Like we’re gonna get something But then we it just it just went and it Was just like you know we could we got We got a document that every a few People got excited about I got a nine page book report is what we Got There was nothing you talking about the 180 day dump yeah yeah and then what Happened after that remember they said That was just a pro preliminary yep Nothing and what came out after that Well if he did he pass me straight by But um Next year is going to be more Galileo Lu Elizondo’s book The aoi MSG that’s the New office that they put in replace of Uaptf inside the Pentagon When the office of the dod that is not Going to give us any transparency on

UFOs even though they say it is it isn’t As according to Lou And Lou said it’s unfortunate that that Office is going to be in the in my old Office with the same old tactics and the Same old routine cover-up cover-up Cover-up you’re not going to get Anything so Everything Lou was said said that he was Fighting for didn’t go through Lou has Failed ufology more than anybody in the Shortest amount of time I mean he’s like Another he’s like an Angelique type of Guy you know type of person Making all these claims but not coming Through with anything I asked him I asked Ray Hernandez about Um Lou I think you’re in the chat But he He just he almost kind of just It didn’t fob it off but he he didn’t Kind of give me the answer that I was Looking for because I I did I thought That he would basically say that he Thinks he’s full of [ __ ] yeah um but he Didn’t he didn’t say that because he Doesn’t know No I know he doesn’t know nobody knows That you don’t even know I don’t know we We make assumptions we we have a guess At what well I guess upon the results That that he’s given us and I don’t see Any I see everything going for

Lou’s popularity huh they may all be in The book maybe the book has all the Answers yeah yeah right yeah I don’t read books but I’m wondering how Much content there is to this book Is it just gonna go over every all the All the kind of like Nimitz stuff is it Gonna go into what Lou’s been doing uh Leading up to it how it’s affected lose Life What’s it gonna be I know Apparently there’s going to be some Information in that book that is Supposed to be A world shattering type of [ __ ] and This guy’s just he’s a Salesman now he’s In it for himself all these guys are Look Lou did nothing for ufology except One thing get on mainstream media every Other day for a couple years well Especially From December of last year till June 25th when the dump went the 180 days was Over the day after Here on YouTube everything went back to Normal You know there were no more getting 250 People during a live show you know there Wasn’t a lot of new Subs anymore Everything just seemed to stop because It’s all part of the narrative and then We haven’t had anything It went really quiet what does Jeremy Corbell given us remember what he said Earlier in the year this is only the

Tippity iceberg Yeah I guess the iceberg melted Something was meant to hit this month Something was big kind of come out in December that was November What was it what hey apparently nothing It was the the new office That’s what happened this month was the New office Lou thought he was going to Get his uh new office in there That’s the only thing I can think of Because nothing else has been talked About that’s coming out Apparently there was supposed to be this Groundbreaking Thing that was supposed to happen before Thanksgiving it didn’t happen Um it’s just the same thing we hear Every year every year it’s the same Thing oh we’re gonna have disclosure We’re gonna have a disclosure we’re Gonna have disclosure no no no well We’re gonna get part of this and that’s Going to be the uh disclosure drip drip Drip now Nothing Not one thing Ollie looked like a UFO acted like a UFO Or was a UFO End of story No no I I completely I completely agree With you and there’s a I think I think The community is I think the community is frustrated but

I think some of them Will not say it Because they’ve already invested I don’t mean that financially invested Like yeah I mean they’ve already said that piece So you know I’m not gonna go back on That because I’ve said this and I’ve got Faith in that now because I’ve already Invested I I I’m I’m in with this and I’ve got the faith and that’s what it’s About rich These people these yeah these people are Faith in these people These people have faith in the lose of This world That he will deliver Well this is what I’m talking about Tonight on my show You know why do we give these people Any any room why do why do we believe Why you know why because who else is Going to be on TV talking about it Hopefully these guys will spill the Beans but they won’t nobody will this is What people don’t get rich they think That you want him to fail they think That I want him to fail we don’t want Him to fail absolutely not What we’re saying is that we don’t Entirely trust them out And rightly so we didn’t just not trust Him why should we trust it come Yeah we didn’t just not trust the guy

Out of the gate we gave him a chance and He kept saying this that and the other Thing and we got nothing nothing and More nothing In my opinion no not even in my opinion It’s a fact It’s a fact what I want to know is What is Lou’s background before he got Into atip before 2008. I know he’s a Counter-intelligence agent and all that Stuff but I want to know what he was Doing before that because according to Lou he said he wasn’t even into UFOs You know he had a general You know curiosity like a lot of people Do but he wasn’t a researcher all of a Sudden he gets taken out of his Counterintelligence uh whatever uniform And put into a UFO room to study with Atip A guy who knows nothing about UFOs That to me just tells me that if if he Doesn’t really know anything and they Just put him in there he’s basically a PR guy That’s all lose a uh a voice that’s it Talking head Talking in ways that are you know a Script more or less Say this Lou memorize it when you go on Tucker I want you hit it on these three Points hard And I want you to come out saying if They ask you do you believe that the U.S

Has has UFOs you know in some sort of Hidden basement Well I can’t answer a hundred percent on That but I believe that the U.S has UFOs In their custody yeah I believe yeah what what would is there And don’t take this the wrong way rich But oh I don’t is there anything or Anybody that that or anything that’s Gonna you that’s happening You’re excited about when it comes to This field Anything no No not even the Galileo project Oh yeah right Luke Kardashian because Lou he’s always talking and I heard you On your show the other day at least he Said the same thing He’s reminding me to call him Luke Kardashian I keep forgetting When they flew down she’s calling that Well I wonder if Lou what watches your Your show I think he does And I think he he referenced it without Saying the name of the show in one of His um interviews he said There are some people or podcasters or Whatever and then he says I’m not going To name any names who think that what We’re doing here Isn’t really what we’re doing you know Basically saying what we say almost Verbatim it was weird I’m like oh my God He’s talking about goofan

You know like Say The word that would be so wild if he did I mean I don’t have proof of it but he Was really it was almost exactly word For word for what we say we believe Lou Was doing it was kind of cool There’s a lot of people it’s not just Goofan or anything I know there’s plenty Of people’s I mean Scott is you know He’s not a fan at all area 503 same Thing Manny he he does not have any love For Lou Doc’s guy uh Um I’m not doc Scott actually I don’t Know does is dark sky files does not Like uh no that’s guy no he doesn’t but That that hour Um Michael Michael he does what’s his Impressions of Lou uh you know he Doesn’t really He doesn’t I don’t know I I really don’t Know I I don’t think he trusts him but He’s not really into it like that part Of it like I am Third phase don’t really make it known That much other than that call like they Did with Steven Greer on the show but They they haven’t really called out Lou Other than that have they Um Yes and no I can’t tell you anything but When Above Top Secret comes out in February their new documentary you’ll

Definitely get to see what they think Oh so they are they are going to call Him out oh I don’t know if they’re Called I know but uh you’ll have to Watch it I know what they think No you don’t you’ll see the in the video It’s it’s amazing Lou’s not gonna like It I will But obviously this was done at a time This was made when Lou was calling Dr Greer a terrorist And a baby and a crybaby That was on um who shows that on now Sold out radio Spaced out right here Sor isn’t it sold Out sold out right oh spaced out yeah I Forgot I’m gonna get Dave home Yeah you should be a good interview With you No that’ll never happen I I’d love to Get you both in the same rooms together No it’s over Yeah uh Lee has just messaged me by the Way people he can’t make it he’s um I Told you he hates me he he oh God yes You’re right you’re right I know Lee here we go I’ll read it to you Um I feel fine Um Not affected by covert in the slightest He says but I just hate rich Uh got a little

No no he’s going to bed because uh the The Yeah it feels a bit beat he’s a bit it’s [ __ ] him a little bit so yeah he’s off To bed I don’t blame you get get well Soon my friend yeah get better Um YouTube’s probably gonna [ __ ] me for Saying that when I was just I was it was A joke YouTube it was a joke don’t don’t I’m not saying anything bad about Anything Alien girl When Dave and I did shows together It was good It really was it was good it didn’t get Much better than that let me just tell You that I missed that I miss having That camaraderie but uh the one thing About it is I I just can’t be with somebody’s fake Is that gonna fake their friendship It’s a long story people Of evening you’ve given each other like A snippet of an olive right no Third phase of moon tried What did they fall out with Dave or did They try no they’re they’re still Friends with them oh so they try to kind Of like yeah they asked Dave in the Middle yeah yeah they asked Dave would You consider and Dave said no I’m done With them and when I heard that I’m like Okay so good all right I’m done with it

Then So that was it Hey man sometimes things just don’t work Out even after five years Is that is that how long you were There is stuff to get for the Friendship Would come on for yes and it was a Battle even then I had many people Telling me you’re you’re mixed in with a Compulsive liar this guy lies every step Of the way and I’m like but he’s Treating me nicely he’s not lying to me That I know of and that’s how I go about My relationships that’s why I’m friends With third phase of moon because I don’t Go by what other people are saying Because I like them for how they Explained everything to me it made sense And you know say what you want about Third phase of moon But everybody’s got it wrong Ollie I think you know that too these Guys aren’t bad people they’re not Hoaxing Anything uh there was one time they made A mistake a very big one and then there Were a lot of other videos early on with Third phase that were curious you know It’s like come on that looks like a Star Wars action figure thing you know uh but What happens in ufology you you realize That doing the right thing is better Than doing just put it posting anything Up so they changed their ways about five

Six years ago and decided to do things As perfectly as possible and that’s what I saw Yeah do you think anybody’s Uh Done Justice when they’ve interviewed Lou That you’ve seen yeah well you see the Thing is with Lou from what I learned Especially when he was on Sor and Another show is that Lou has his people His handlers I guess that may talk to You before the show and give you things To talk about questions that you can ask And tell you what not to ask So that bothers me but Um There was that bothers me as well Um Dr J interview when he was on with Dr J Dr J radio live was really good and also That Sor interview wasn’t bad at all That was pretty good I didn’t watch the Whole thing but I watched probably half Of it That was done really well Have you have you ever had a guess come On that’s giving you uh instructions to How you supposed to interview them No No they were there I used to be with a Book company can’t remember the name uh When I was with the AZ UFO show my old Show

And they would send you a guideline of Questions that they can answer very well And then they give you the book to read And a couple of notes But I never followed it See I I almost expected that when I I When Tyler came on the show and I said Is that you know is there any he says no Just ask me what you want yeah you know What people don’t have to answer That’s the best thing about it is and my Michael’s Michael Michael schrat was on With the panel a couple of months ago And I asked them a question and he says No I just don’t know All right I like that just say you don’t know or You can’t answer it It’s an interview Yep it’s it’s so so so his interviews so When people are interviewing before Prior to the interview they get straight To instructions to the questions that They are allowed to ask and not allow to Us who When interviewing Lou yeah 100 percent I just didn’t sit well with me that at All I know It shouldn’t sit well with you Because doesn’t I tell you one thing the Same thing I’ve been saying for a year And a half two years it’s a script They really they go off a script yeah Yeah I I understand it is it that he

Could he could be asked the question and Say look I can’t speak about that Because it’s I’d be breaking blah blah Blah you know um but To get given a straight instructions to What Do you know what do you know what these Instructions are has anybody told you The actual Full instructions to what The brief that they’re given before that They interview it goes something like This here’s the questions that we want You to ask Lou Try not to go off these And uh And that’s it just stick to this and Everything will take its uh you know and Then what happened is third phase of Moon already before Lou came on asked Dave if they could ask a certain Question so Dave did and Luke started Stuttering yeah he couldn’t speak for a Second he you can see him get angry and Then he said oh I just I don’t negotiate With uh yes with terrorists yeah yeah it Was pretty cool rich Hold on I’m gonna fix my screenshots I don’t know why um Uh Mr Catfish thank you very much for The two dollar super fat it’s super fat Third phase of moon uh that are only Ones truly researching the subject okay Yeah I love them boys did you know what

They have done a massive U-turn I’m Proud of them for that I have to say Um and hopefully Blake and Brent’s gonna Come on at some point in the me in the Near future just before they uh launch The new documentary Rich how how are you mate how are you Really what what do you what what do you Think about have you been you’ve been Watching the show I’ve seen you in the Chat Um What do you think of uh Rich’s views on Uh Lou and um well there’s been some Recent Um uh Revelations hasn’t there somebody Was uh uh coming out on uh uh I think it Was Reddit and they were saying that They were a disinformation agent and That they had they had been on the uh Unexplained Um Uh documentary as and they were billed As as some official that they were Talking to that that Lou was talking to But apparently they weren’t That Official they were actually somebody That was uh asked to speak to Lou Because or they were told to speak to Lou because they wanted to know more About atip and what went on they were Quite curious and and they wanted to do UFO type research Um and

They said that that the back of their Head had been used disingenuously In The Unexplained Um Uh videos you know Um It so it’s it’s interesting but Obviously if somebody’s claims to be a Disinformation agent they could be doing Disinformation themselves you know so Um I know Black Vault has been involved In that and um uh so John greenwald’s Been trying to uh uh track this person Down in terms of his veracity And and he seems to say that this person Is saying who they are but he’s Protecting their name Um it’s and it’s fascinating that Because Um he might be protecting this person’s Name but If if you if you uh a genuine in your Accusations surely you you you come Forward and do that Uh otherwise you’re you’re being Libelous and and and you’re hiding you Know uh so It it’s interesting I can see both sides To this it certainly muddies the waters It doesn’t make things any any easier For us to uh trust what Lou says but I Can also see that this could also be Um a narrative that’s being pushed by The television producers rather than Lou

Himself Um it certainly it wasn’t Lou that said That You know so It is what it is it muddies the waters It’s not too much wood in the mud in the Water third phase of the moon I Appreciate that uh my my friends and uh Merry Christmas to you boys Um When you I I did see you in the chat uh Richard and when Rich was talking about It uh it being China Um That uh with the the Tic Tac and and What have you Um What are your thoughts on that You Don’t think it’s China or Russia I well I don’t think they’ve got the resources I just don’t Um I think when you’re looking at When we talk about things traveling at Hypersonic velocities Um and changing directions abruptly the Only the only way that that you can ever Do that using conventional thrusts that We have at the moment when when were There ever any When were there ever any videos of Objects changing direction oh yeah I Agree we don’t see that do we I know we Just hear stories about it sorry I

Didn’t mean interrupt I would have Forgotten if I didn’t say anything no no That’s fine that’s fine I I get what You’re saying and we don’t actually see That Um my understanding is that that the go Fast video apparently they cut it before It does change abroad of course they did Yeah Well they need to show us so I can have A different opinion on it exactly I only Go by what they show us man and what They tell us what and what they’re Saying what they’re saying and what They’re showing doesn’t match up Doesn’t that seem weird It does yeah yeah yeah well we was Promised uh like A longer video from The Tick Tock 23 Minutes and it’s never I mean it may Come out Abilene thank you very much by The way and a merry Christmas to you and Your family I appreciate that awesome my Friend yeah it’s never appeared and he’s Been how how long has it been since the Original Um go fast and Tic-Tac and gimbal To 2017. I mean the interesting one to me was uh It was a bit of a slip during Um the phenomenon video where they were Interviewing uh Chris Mellon I think When he was talking about this thing Changing directions

And and what he said was that the go Fast video was much longer He said it showed Direction he he showed It showed changes in Direction But and and I think everyone’s missed This he said he said but for some reason They didn’t release that Now who’s they I thought he was the one that was the Architect of all of this the Navy is There yeah it would be the Navy yeah Yeah So you know who is they that’s that’s Holding this back and and making the Decisions Behind the scenes on all of this you Know we you the The Narrative is that Him and Lou are the whistleblowers But it’s clear that it’s not quite that Isn’t it I don’t think they have anything really We don’t know who to trust where to look Well there’s a whole Fleet of them over There but they don’t show us the whole Fleet of them over there yeah look on The Asa Yeah yeah you sounded like it This I asked I asked I asked goof on Rich the Same question Rich Where where do you see this going in There so we’ve had three years of what Seemed I mean as much as we may take the Piss out of it and uh you know diss it

And uh If people might say that we’re a little Bit negative with it we’re probably just A little bit like Fed Up of it because We feel like there’s a there’s a a Promise there that they’re not Delivering on but it Don’t get me wrong the past few years Have been quite exciting it seems like I’m not taking that away from what’s Happened at all you know UFO Twitter I’m Not taking that away from you at all But where do you think this is gonna go Do you do you think this is just gonna This is it now it’s just gonna settle Down and you know it’s going just going To go back to Back to the day job and uh that’s the The to just reporting the old UFO site You know do you think it’s going to ramp Up again well I think there’s going to Be isn’t that isn’t there meant to be 200 gigabytes of data being dropped Sometime in Spring apparently Um that’s That’s going to be interesting because I I do think I I don’t think it’s We’ve we’ve been looking to the military For this all of the time and it needs to Be wrestled out of the military hands uh And and hand it to the scientists you Know I’ve I’ve always said it that that It’s no good Being kept Under Wraps

Whatever it is But I I get the feeling that okay so if If Lou is saying That he believes that there are Materials and Uh You know bits of evidence knocking Around Even if it’s true I’ll be surprised if We’ve managed to glean anything of any Importance out of it and I suspect that That the real The real crime has been probably the Amount of money they might have wasted Trying to work this out behind the Scenes do you think they’ve actually Wasted a lot of money Trying to work this out behind the Scenes Possibly how do you think we’re just Told about how much money’s gone into it Well I don’t think we have you know I Mean yeah you can talk about atip and And maybe orsap is probably the same Amount again Uh maybe less I don’t know but the end Of the day You know that that’s the money that we Know about What we don’t know is the proper black Stuff you know Um and it might be that they’ve just got Fragments of stuff that they’re just Staring at going well we don’t know what

The hell it does And that’s the best that’s the best case Scenario I think definitely yeah Rich What is this the third phase everyone Are talking about here is this something That that that is I don’t know about This were they going to be an Unidentified unidentified we’ve turned Along I don’t know They put not good news we were dropped For unidentified Tom delong’s Show very Sad yeah I know I don’t remember having That conversation with them being on Their show on that show that is nice sad Because I I think third phase and moon Would would be good For for if if Tom brought them in I Think he needs that right now he needs Something they could have told me and I Just don’t remember but yeah they They’ve had things like that happen to Them over the years It’s very very sad They’re the only I mean seriously They’re the ones who are always bringing The UFOs to the Forefront whether you Like the videos or not Those are the unidentifieds that people Are capturing and sending into them So if we ever saw anything like that From what’s his name Corbell He might be a little different and People might look at him a little

Differently I mean yeah Well I mean greeting Stephen feel free To join the show my friend I’ll send you A link if you’re out and about Um Steven’s doing some great work Got a fantastic show S Gambian oh Campion he’s here Seekers He’s in the chat yeah he’s in the chat Chat I’m looking for some information I Thought would be good for the show and I For some reason can’t find it That’s why my head is down I think the Interesting thing though is the Galileo Project Um I I think that’s going to be the the Biggest disappointment I think they’re Going to have rely too heavily on AI and I think AI is going to let people down Badly because Um because of the uh the amount of time It takes to train a machine learning Algorithm to do its job properly I think They’re going to be they’re going to be Plagued with excessive amounts of false Positives Yeah And so so Maybe maybe Six months to set up the infrastructure Uh and and two two three years to train The algorithms properly Um so you’ve got faith uh Rich you’ve

Got faith that this is you know Something’s gonna happen You know It it could I I just think it’s going to Be longer than everybody thinks and I Don’t think the Galileo projects doing The right thing Um I don’t know Um as I say I I think there’s too much Credence placed on uh AI I really do And I don’t know how Well if we’re trust in in AI uh that could possibly have a Narrative that’s been programmed with in The first place you know to whatever They want to show us or not show us and Uh thank you Mr Catfish for that and yes The boys the boys are beautiful boys Come and join us Um Yeah yeah I I don’t I don’t trust Anything when he could whenever the word AI gets brought into it I don’t trust That because I know the people who control the AI Well that works Machine learning algorithms and I I know How hard they are to get right uh even With the simplest of data you know but If they’re programmed by the right People Um To

Um For their benefit You know The data that we get They’re going to show us the data How can we trust that data is correct You can’t well they can they can we can Trust that the data is correct because It will be collected now how it’s Interpreted That’s perhaps another thing You know you can sit there and say and And you can you can you can see a trace Going across there and you can go well It’s traveling at this speed and it’s Going like this so we think it’s a UFO You know Um and it could be Something else you know it you know It’s the interpretation of it That’s important You know and that’s what algorithms Meant to do it’s meant to take data and It’s meant to say okay this data Uh we we’ve taken Um radar data sensor Optical data and We’ve got this telescope and it’s all Pointing in the same direction we’ve Caught this it’s moving this speed it’s This temperature it’s this height Etc we’ve worked all this out and Therefore this object is a UAP it’s not A plane it’s not a bird it’s not this It’s not that it’s not that

You know what I mean and that’s that’s How they do it they’ll do it by Elimination they’ll say they’ll say all Of these other things that we’ve got are All these uh have got different Properties It doesn’t match all of these and Therefore it’s something that we don’t Know That’s all they’re going to tell us and It might be that they’ve just not Trained the algorithm correctly Thank you Irish for that boys welcome to The show What’s up guys how’s everybody doing Over there good to see you rich people Fun and Rich hey what do you say you Made it Merry Christmas boys Merry Christmas happy holidays What is this that I’m hearing uh Blake In the chat that you you guys have been Dropped from unidentified Well I think it’s about Um it was about three months before Andy And his the History Channel said that They’re going to be coming out with this New series called unidentified but uh Prior to that we were in close uh talks Pretty much on a daily basis with uh the History Channel and a producer over There and they were definitely inclined To do the third phase of moon TV show Where we’d go across the United States Boots on the ground investigation with

The people that shot the videos And uh you know do a TV show third phase Moon style but on cable television we Were right there we were slotted we’re Just about to have the TV show our Producer was excited we were excited we Thought this was going to be kind of a Groundbreaking thing for television Um you know dealing with the public Evidence and then all of a sudden from The producer we got the bad news one day And they said well there’s this guy Named Tom DeLong and Lou and they’re Going to be looking at UFO videos in an office and it sounds And she’s saying it sounds really boring They’re just they have these blurry Black and white videos and they’re just Studying so she must have seen what They’re looking at and this was before You know the go fast and everything was Leaked if I’m correct not quite it was They’re still leaked And they’re just saying they’re going Over these old black and white videos And there wasn’t much going on and she Was sad that uh they took the show so Unidentified took over and from what We’re hearing too is that actually Tom Delance funded the whole series easily a Company or a cable network will actually Produce the episodes But in this case it seemed from what We’re hearing I’m not if I don’t I don’t

Know if I’m accurate on this but from What we’ve heard is that Tom DeLonge Actually produced all the episodes so And he says well hey we don’t even have To produce anything this would be a lot Cheaper than sending the cousins Brothers around the country and uh why Not just let them fill the slot in so It’s kind of like forced down our throat Some of this the unidentified show Where actually Tom DeLonge paid for the Production of it and then they just said Well here’s a slot and it’s interesting After unidentified unidentified came out And was shown to everybody that By the first two episodes you’ll realize There’s going to be nothing that was Going to give us any kind of disclosure And it was just kind of a threat based Now rate of to scare everybody so I Think it would have been a lot more Exciting if the third phase of moon You know TV show would have got boots on The ground across the United States Dealing with the people people say why Don’t you investigate all these UFO Sightings you guys should go to the Places it’s like well could you imagine The time and effort and financial cost It would incur on the cousins Brothers To go around the United States every Single Um you know Great looking UFO video that the public

Captured it’s pretty much impossible and With the help of like a major Network Like Andy they would have been uh Actually able to help in that cause no Doubt about it So so so Blake you you guys were Stephen Come being you sexy man welcome to the Show I’m so happy to finally be on your Show I knew it was going to happen like This just to ask God damn it I’ve been listening and Blake and dirt freeze the moon just got There long and that’s something And uh Rich that I don’t know nice to Meet you nice to meet you oh that rich Oh yeah the other room Hey Blake Blake Blake’s explaining that that They were dropped from from unidentified Yeah top the long cheated by by Financing the whole thing himself and That’s not fair That’s Not Fair Competition in the marketplace but this Is what we get from Galore win at all Costs right I still want to know where The goddamn spaceship he promised all Those investors is for 35 million Dollars he raised there’s no spaceship None of the stuff he promised ever Happened And he’s selling his fake Arts Parts Which he bought from Linda Moulton Hal It’s garbage that stuff is garbage it Was proven garbage 15 years ago and now

He’s recycling that and trying to make Money off of it again he’s not to be Trusted he’s hanging out with all these Counterintelligence people the the board Of ttsa was filled with over a hundred Years combined experience of CIA That’s not people you should trust about UFO truth just my opinion Well third phase you guys called out uh Lou on your Show recently and me and Rich were speaking about this We didn’t call out Luke well I Know Rich Definitely calls out loon rich is He’s got less filter Blake’s more Diplomatic about it yeah but you know we Questioned Lou and when we’ve had Opportunity because we’ve spoken with Lou’s manager personally that books all The shows for Lou and we’ve met him in Person in Los Angeles and you know we Said why doesn’t Luke want to come on Third phase of moon let’s let’s just uh You know we’re gonna ask questions and It’s not going to be anywhere out of the Ordinary than any other podcast that He’s been on it except quite possibly The biggest UFO show so the biggest UFO Show on YouTube why would he not want to Do the biggest UFO show on YouTube makes No sense well that I think he’s afraid Of the questions that we would ask so if We drop the ball there’s going to be a Lot of people watching it but when we’ve Had the opportunity when he’s on other

Podcasts like Dr J radio live and Uh Dave Scott sold that um excuse me Spaced out radio that We were able to actually get into the Podcast Invited by Dr J and Dave Scott to get Questions into Lou Without uh any kind of you know Background so we’re able to actually get Our questions in a few times I did that I did that when he was on Theories of everything with Kurt I asked Him why he doesn’t just release his tax Returns and he didn’t like the question He did not like that question and we can See what happens and I’ve seen you do The same thing you send in a question to Somebody he does not like those Unplanned questions you know well I Think like that’s true but to a certain Point from what we’ve heard from the Producer is that they love our questions Because you could tell by after when Lou Actually answered or tried to answer our Questions he felt that he actually Accomplished new language and he was Actually had to train himself on how to Take these kind of questions and as he Dodged and weaved through the question Where it’s not much of an answer he kind Of felt Hey I got through this and he felt Accomplished he could feel that he was He’s a king of Taco for an hour not

Saying anything come on He’s the best at that I want to know where the alien uh Organic samples are you know he says These things and then he runs away and Hides behind an NBA come on if you Really cared about disclosure burn that NDA and tell us where the alien samples Are in the alien spacecraft and all this Stuff that you allude to but never like Like I’ve always said about Lou is you Know if you can’t bring bring it to the Table you should have never have come Out at all because he’s gonna keep Weaving the same story over and over in A circle that really leads to nowhere And what’s pretty incredible like you Were talking about earlier Rich where we Have this Dynamic discussion and bring Forth in our need documentary coming out In February 2022 Above Top Secret the Technology behind disclosure we read the Story between what Dr guerrer’s response To lose accusations including even Opinions from John to Susan Goodall in Regards to this uh you know in in-house Fighting between You know Dr Greer and Lou Elizondo among Others because I think they should have A boxing Matchbox they should have a boxing match For child you know Greer’s Not Afraid Guerrera approached third figure and Said hey look guys you guys got to get

Off the pot you guys are you know not Doing this properly And he called all these guys out he Called out corbel Nick Pope Um Lou Sheehan And we reached out to all of them and uh You know they’re too afraid to get in That ring with Greer what is that yeah I I followed that I followed you doing That that was good work Corbell got Angry I’m like Ollie I’m I’m very fascinated By all the characters in this stuff so That’s my thing even if I don’t like Even if I disagree with most of Stephen Greer that was beautiful that he you Know trashed all them and then they Wouldn’t say anything back and they’re Some of them are trying to be diplomatic And they’re trashing each other it’s It’s wonderful Thank you Brie was ready was ready for that was we Did he say to you I’m ready to go Whenever he’s ready like he had the Money Greer made this statement and gave Us the video to release and then Immediately afterwards we had a Discussion with Greer and said hey look Rare This would be great propaganda and the Word means propaganda doesn’t mean Deceitful in any way it just it creates A promotion and basically promoting this

Whole basically discussion debate so the Propaganda Were kind of caught uh Greer’s little His interests like okay yes I will come On your channel and debate all of them If they agree to come at the in the Beginning Greer was like kind of didn’t Even think of the idea until I you know Mentioned it to him and he 100 agreed And he’s still ready he’s not He was ready to come on third phase Moon That’s why we reached out to everybody And we got everybody to respond via Indirectly or directly to third phase Moon declining to be on this discussion With Greer and some of them were hostile Some of them were very rude and some of Them came out with reactions that are Pretty amazing so a lot of that will be Shown on Uh the new documentary were coming out Some of this is all competition like Don’t get your UFO truth from that guy Get it from me buy my book buy my Documentary buy my stuff those guys are Are fakes and and you know this and that Not me you know we see a lot of that Yeah we had the open discussion and the Open invitation and the presentation That I gave forward to all the five People that uh Dr Greer called that was Basically very professional I just said We’re just I know you you like thread That needle you thread that needle

Beautifully I’ll give you that I will Give you that you’ve read that eagle Beautifully and very diplomatic about it Like hey we just want a reaction we want To know what you think you’re invited to Be here they chose not to do it and I Think that reflects poorly on them Appreciate it appreciate that you know That’s our goal at third phase moon it’s More of a you know a community that we All should be working with but hey There’s people that just will refuse to Uh combine efforts and I think that’s Their loss in my opinion and then at Least we know who these people are so They expose themselves and I think it’s Important that once we know who’s Exposed we can move along and understand You know why these guys are exposed and What their agenda is loud and clear or You expose them and they copyright Strike your videos and have them take it Off of YouTube Uh-oh yeah Louise Mitchell thank you Very much for that very generous 20 Pound I really do appreciate it yeah I Really appreciate that Merry Christmas To you uh Blake we spoke uh we’ve been Speaking uh briefly uh me and me and the The two riches about the the two riches That’s going to it what the last three Years as much as we have Um Ridiculed it and we’ve had a lot of uh

Frustrations for the last three years But it has been exciting What do you boys Think’s going to come in the next three To five years you into do you think that There’s going to be anything major that We’re gonna get Well you know it’s a good question and Um you know I don’t think this office That’s going to be uh implemented is Going to bring anything I should just Totally forget the office you know Decommission that whole idea save the Taxpayers a lot of money Um if there’s going to be any kind of Any kind of a disclosure Things that make you wonder whether We’re alone in the universe is going to Come from the public and I think third Phase moon is going to bring it you know It’s the same thing as usual we’re just Bringing you the evidence and I think Disclosure has already happened there’s So much evidence out there that you know There’s high technology whether it’s ET In nature you know I really don’t care About that too much I just care about The high-end technology and Implement That then we could find out where that’s From and we could all speculate where This high technology came from but Things are happening in the sky and the Technology remains a phenomenon and we Need to find out what that is that’s

That’s the number one point and that’s Our goal at third phase is just to Reveal the phenomenon of the technology And bring that out Um you know we’re we’ve been in Discussion in close talks and you know I Think we had a good click with Avi lope When we had him on the show we have some We have some close friends that work Within the Galileo project and uh we’re Working on possibly doing a feature on That in a special and you know if they Hold their word like a held to Avi That don’t let the government come in And tell you hey look This is top secret so if your telescopes Pick up on this you can’t report back to The people well the good thing isn’t I Think me and Avi have a agreement upon Is that the Tic Tac Whatever it is according to the Government they say they don’t know what It is so that’s not off limits for the Galileo project they have the full Rights to go after capture it and reveal It if they can without any kind of you Know implication of violating National Security or top secret because the the Government’s already admitted they don’t Know what it is so therefore Non-liability but I do have a concern That they may come in and tell Avi Hey Look you can’t you can’t uh report back On this

With this certain signature because this Is ours and that’s right For the whole purpose he needs to get Rid of Elizondo and melon he’s going to Defeat the whole purpose and Avi says as At this point he has not been approached And he you know so Avi says the whole Thing he doesn’t care about the Government so maybe something hopefully Will come from the Galileo project They’re government guys though man They’re already here I have higher hopes For the Galileo project and I do this New government program because what People need to understand is that what Are the people that’s going to be in Charge of the transparency of the new Government program her father worked for The Nexium sex cult and her mother was a Member and the Nexium sex cult tapes Everything like Scientology they’ve got Tapes they’ve got videos of all the Members uh doing counseling sessions They’ve got so much blackmail material On her and her family that whatever she Finds they can shut her up in an Instance so I don’t trust that program One bit they’re putting they’re putting The perfect Patsy government Patsy is in Charge of it that they can control We’re not going to get anything from That government project Hey um guys I got a roll but I just Wanted to jump on appreciate the invite

Yelling at it um We said we will uh get on your show Um in 2020 To uh early like maybe January and we’ll Get what I thought you’re gonna say 2020 Then I’m like are we going back You know I could I could use a guest Spot too Mr cousins yeah I can use a little bump you know I’m Down here in the UFO ghetto trying to Make something happen and uh you know Help a brother out been waiting all he’s Been waiting for what how long did it Happen waiting for a few years I have an Idea Steven no you’ll we’ll get you on third Phase UFO report and then they’ll put it On third phase UF U of moon I’d love to Do that with you guys absolutely boys I I appreciate you so much when when’s the Doc coming out when’s when when I think It’s slated well I know mid uh Mid-February 2022. I’m again am I getting assigned Copy oh well you you get a signed email Signed emails We’ll get you some exclusive clips that You can share on your Channel all some Nice poster art huh February 8th is going to be out February 8th so yeah everybody I want to post it Up yeah yeah six weeks away Boys good luck have a Merry Christmas Both of you yeah Merry Christmas thanks

Rich for being there goof on we’ll see You soon and the other Rich we’ve never Met but you take care and then And don’t take I call you the kylo ren Of UFO yes yeah I get that all the time Yeah I am your father shirt That’s funny I see the connection now I Wish that guy did Cameo because I want To get him to do a cameo that says like You’re watching To wear sunglasses Glass is great wait don’t go hold on hey Before you go I know you got to go but I Tried I was gonna call uh Goodall today Yep I don’t know did you email it to me all Of a sudden I can’t find his phone Number I’ll get it for you I don’t know isn’t That wild you see you emailed it right I Sure did yeah I can’t find it and I did A search on it and everything during the Show well we’ll get it to you right now Hey you guys have a good thanks see you Later happy holidays everybody in the Chat thanks for the support support Ali Alien attic he’s he’s doing good work Over there you guys be safe Good night Grace I had to ask because I I you know wanted to get Jim Goodall on And I was going to call him today Are you having children yeah I was Supposed to call him last week but I’ve Never interviewed him but I’ve talked to

Him on the phone like three four times And yeah and we couldn’t ever get the Interview he’s a busy guy I love his Book on uh the Blackbird that’s my Favorite airplane so you know he’s got a Whole book on his history it’s Construction the people behind it the Pilots yeah it’s an amazing books yeah And his connection with Bob Lazar and Stuff it’s pretty wild He was there when Bob was off he sent me Pictures of him and his son in Bob Lazar’s house and stuff like that oh wow Okay just hanging out with him and other Friends so Goodall is one of the good Guys Stephen we we were just discussing your Favorite subject Lou Yeah I’m not a fan I’m not a fan first Of all Volumes some people say embellishing Giving inaccurate information I say if You say I ran this program we had a 23 Million dollar budget and then that Turns out to be that that was a Different program not the one that you Were in or involved in and that’s a lie Somebody misled the New York Times now He’s misleading everybody on this Television show and it’s very clear that He’s misleading people about fake Meetings that never took place and so I’m not a fan and he’s a Counterintelligence officer I don’t

Trust the government I sure don’t trust A former counterintelligence officer to Bring me the truth about UFOs Uh do you not think that um uh another Uh counterintelligence officer in Accusing another counter-intelligence Officer fake is just a little bit Yeah So now we gotta say who’s the liar which One’s the liar which one’s that the Truth yeah or are they both lying yeah Yeah everybody lies Everybody who’s in the upper like on Mainstream media seems to be a liar We’ve got Nick Pope and it’s like Everybody introduces him as the guy who Ran the British government UFO program That didn’t exist when he was working For the you know like it’s it’s garbage And and it’s the same thing that always Drives me nuts when you hear stories of Bob Lazar and they say former government Scientists that’s never been proven that He worked for the government or that he Was a scientist he doesn’t have the Education to be called The Scientist but This Mantra keeps getting repeated over And over and over again in hundreds of Articles you know media shots former Government scientists no he’s not Former head of the Mod UFO program Nick Pope no he wasn’t it’s garbage Stephen I’m really surprised that you Managed to to to to to control yourself By the way Jennifer thank you very much

Jennifer actually Jennifer did some work For Stephen gray I don’t know if you’ve Seen the video uh with with Jennifer in It might be worth getting her on your Show uh but yeah a guy who went missing That worked for figured uh not not no no No no nothing nothing spicy no murder Well but you have to watch that oh I Gotta hear that story yeah but anyway Thank you very much Jennifer I Appreciate that Um I would I’m surprised you managed to Keep your Um what’s the word I’m looking for cool When it came to Steve and you were you Were very because the boys the cousins The The Good the the yeah I know you’re not a fan I used to be I Used to be very harsh towards them Um and then I I have to put myself in Their place and realize where would be Like if I was getting a hundred UFO Videos from around the world in a week With all the CGI out there and all the Other stuff so then I kind of give them A pass now and I say yeah if they’re Just posting this stuff and saying what Do you think I don’t have a problem with It I think I had a problem with them Earlier on when they when they more took A stance of what it was now they I think They’re doing it better now and and Everybody everybody deserves a Road to Redemption and I can’t be so harsh I

Weren’t talking so much about the boys I I’m talking about their uh because Because I’m not a fan of Greer I I did want to Ask him but I didn’t want to be rude if The next time he talks to Stephen Greer He can ask Stephen Greer what happened To the half million dollars that Greer Raised for his free energy device that He never produced for a question why Does he why does he raise a million Dollars to make a documentary that any Documentary filmmaker can look at and Say that cost ten or twenty thousand Dollars that did not cost a million Dollars to make does he pocket the rest Of that money I think these are valid Questions You mean the last one The last one he raised four to five Hundred thousand dollars for and that Was a hit piece on all his competition So people gave him 400 to 500 000 to Make a hit piece documentary about why All his competition or Liars yeah don’t Forget and again it doesn’t cost 500 000 To make the level of production that He’s making it costs 10 or 20. Even if you’re hiring lighting guy Imer men and 10 to 20 and a decent Editor 10 to 20 you can make that not a Million certainly you know not 400 500 000 and certainly not for his previous Projects he raised a million each for

Unidentified and the serious disclosure One he raised a million plus each And I also found a suspect that he’s got This little creature that he claims as An alien he makes a documentary about it All he had to do was wait a few weeks a Month Max for the scientists to finish Their evaluation in the DNA study and he Could include it the results in the Documentary but does he do that no he Ends the documentary before they finish The analysis that’s suspect he knew that It wasn’t easy that’s my opinion Okay so While we’re on the subject of that Little you talk about the Anna Karma Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah so so Gary Nolan that was doing the research with Greer for it with with the documentary Uh Sirius now he’s doing metal he’s Working with yeah but he’s working with TTS hey Yeah and and it was ttsa that re Released the results Of the the uh saying that this was Nothing more than a fetus deformed fetus Yes that had so so so many anomalies With it which was like you know when People people I understand that people Love their Heroes and all that stuff and I don’t want to be the guy to tear your Hero down but to me when a former Medical doctor is running around with a With a dead baby to sell a story about Aliens and makes over a million dollars

Selling a fake story about aliens based On a dead baby you know I just think That calls into question a lot of his Morality and ethics and and motivation If you’re running around with a Literally with a dead human baby saying This is an alien send me money which is What he did you know I I just I turn off I think that that baby should be put to Rest should be buried and let rest in Peace give it some respect it’s a human Being I agree But also at the same time Gary Nolan Took that research to ttsa did he not Yeah and I don’t know that he had a Right to or what contracts that he had You know I’ve been thinking Do you to trust ttsa of course not they Promised us a spaceship that would Revolutionize the world and they never Delivered it you know that’s that’s what I’ve got two people I don’t think I’m Very distrustful let’s leave it at that I I have a I have trust issues with These people But I think it’s well warranted what’s In some of their cases right yeah yes Steve Justice kept his head well low After that yeah Yeah and that’s another thing with Lou Elizondo and Chris Mellon you know They’re making the rounds doing all These media appearances I haven’t heard

One person asked him what happened to All the ttsa money what happened to the Spaceship and why did Tom Delong try to Hide that he was the publisher of uh of Bob lazar’s book you know it was me and A few other researchers that found out That it was Tom delong’s sister who Registered this brand new pub book Publisher website So we caught him if if me and a few Other researchers hadn’t caught that we Would have never known that it was Tom Delong publishing Bob lazar’s book Tom Delong tried to hide that well I don’t Know that he tried to hide it but out of Nowhere came this new book publisher Company that was owned by his sister and The website for the Publishing Company Publishing the book was registered by His sister and we caught him and he Still hasn’t commented on any of this But now it’s pretty well accepted and Common knowledge that Tom Delong gave Him a six-figure deal or seven figure Deal to get the book rights in the book Deal and then John Lear interestingly John Lear who was there since the very Beginning of this Bob Lazar story he Read the book and claimed that no way on God’s green earth balazar wrote that Book it was written by a ghost writer Because too many of the details were Completely totally wrong So there’s that you know I don’t know

But that’s what Lear asserts that that’s Not written yes I have and I and there’s There’s many different inconsistencies In the book especially surrounding his Dead wife his wife who died you know he Claimed that he that he got married a Few weeks after his wife’s suicide his First wife suicide and actually he got Married before his first he married a Second woman and then his first wife Killed herself shortly thereafter like a Few days or a week after he married a Second woman and he got that detail Wrong in the book lied about it or just You know I don’t know there’s many moved Into a house as well didn’t he he Literally yeah yeah him and his new wife Moved into the house yeah yeah that the Woman killed herself in and you know There’s been a lot of Suspicion about That Suicide but I’ve talked to you know Police which you won’t speak about much Of it because Um yeah People have asserted that I don’t Believe that I believe that she was Despondent over his treatment of her so Certainly maybe he has some Responsibility but whatever aliens alien Scientists got into a lot of trouble Over some accusations he made about Bob Uh with that well he came right out and Said things yeah and he didn’t use the

Word allegedly or it’s my belief or Anything Yeah it is very suspicious death though This woman was young Um but they were having financial Problems marital problems you know Infidelity problems all these different Things so uh you know she uh she killed Herself in her garage you know I believe It was carbon monoxide poisoning so um And while she’s killing herself uh Bob Lazar is is in Vegas with uh his new Wife that was an employee of both him And his first wife At the photo mat the Bible’s already in A photo mat that’s why when people call Him a scientist I kind of laugh like Real senior staff level physicists don’t Run one hour photo mats you know they’ve Got better things to do I I was aware of the book uh probably You should read it I mean it’s a good Read if you’re interested I can’t read I’m dyslexic oh that’s right I forgot I Could I could get my wife to read it if I read it I would get about eight pages In and then I’d be like How did it I’d love to be able to read a book from Start to finish but maybe you could get It on audio format yeah with Bob reading It how would Bob read it rich I said how would Bob raise his own book How would he read it uh well this is my

Own book here so I’ll read it And it sounds literally just like me I Can’t I wasn’t ready for it I have to Get my voice ready for that That was being published by by Tom Thumb Because there is there’s a guy that Called Osvaldo Franco who is uh he’s Quite a big investor of ttsa that comes On the show he did tell me that I don’t Know if it’s big as an investor he Actually found out that Tom Delong was Um Do you not find do you not like get like Uh like a booklet yeah like here’s what We’re doing with all your money But that’s one thing he knew that his Money was going into the in it a book For uh well Bible story must have got Quite a money deal because shortly after That book deal and the book was Published and available for purchase Bob Lazar moved to uh I believe it’s a half Million dollar sort of compound out in The middle of the Midwest in the middle Of nowhere with like huge Barns and Garages and outbuildings and a nice House and a bunch of acreage and I find That and uh there was various reports That his other home was up for sale or Maybe getting foreclosed on like Bob Needed money it all of a sudden he gets This book deal and he buys a half Million dollar property Um an alien scientist and others even

Located the property showed it and which I think is a I don’t know It’s a little suspect that he bought a Half million dollar property right after A book deal So that may give us some indication About just how much money Tom delone Gave him for those book rights Hey Stephen do you follow the um Brandon Fugle from Skinwalker Ranch You know I try to watch some of that on TV and I just couldn’t I think it’s uh Highly dramatized and yeah you know I’m not myself I don’t follow him on Twitter no okay just curious Yeah I think he’s another interesting Guy but uh you know part of me thinks he Can’t be doing this for money because He’s already like got so much money yeah But then you think you know people who Have money don’t stop they don’t go well I got enough now if they have a good Opportunity to make a few million on a TV show so I don’t know what to think The guy’s so fake I would like to think That uh there is something to skin mocha Ranch just because I love the story I Know I haven’t seen anything Bigelow Pumps so much money into that we haven’t Seen any evidence nothing and he pumped Tons of money into research he had Full-time scientists there seven years Yeah seven years where’s the data Where’s the where’s the goods never see

It he said Because there isn’t any But if if you’re one of the richest guys On the planet okay you’ve got all that Money but you you’re kind of into the Paranormal subject oh yeah I’d be buying If I had his money I’d be buying Skinwalker Ranch I’d buy the alien in I’d buy all the land around Area 51 and Run tours do Sky watches I’d buy any Place where there’s a lot of Bigfoot And you would be open about hey we’re Not catching anything you have fun with Your money and do things that interest You I mean just like Ollie you probably Have some Hobbies right you probably Spend a little bit of money you just Enjoy like alcohol or you know alcohol These guys are the same except you know Like here’s me splurging here’s me Splurging you know what I’m gonna get an Appetizer tonight when I when I buy Dinner there’s a rich guy splurging I’ma Buy a yacht you know they just have beer Bigger splurges so he bought it he Bought a famous paranormal Ranch and I Don’t blame him good for him you know But I’d love to I’d love to see some Proof of all this stuff because but if Don’t you think if you or I own the Ranch we would be telling people haven’t Caught anything yet or I caught Something this guy’s not giving us Anything it’s got to go on a TV show

[ __ ] yeah I suppose I would just run a YouTube channel and everything yeah Every few weeks I’d give an update Here’s what happened in the last three Weeks absolutely nothing we got nothing On film nothing happened was quiet some Drunks were out front taking pictures in Front of the gate that’s what happens There mostly Brandon Fugal is a Sociopath too he sent out a Twitter Video message it was like this it was Like hi this is Brandon fugo from Skinwalker Ranch hope everybody has a Happy New Year and a merry Christmas I Mean there was no emotions it was It and he’s so fake But that’s how I know he’s in it for Just his personality for the ego that’s All it is I’m kind of disappointed today I know nobody no uh for a separation Nobody here asked me about Jimmy Church Forcing my videos down from YouTube I Was afraid yeah I haven’t prepared legal Statement on the advice wait I got it Right here is this on Twitter because I Don’t I don’t look at Twitter too much Yeah it’s on Twitter Well Ollie if you watch truth Seekers Yesterday he explains what happened I Didn’t want chase today I was at work Jimmy Church Content removed by Fade to Black the Game changer Network Incorporated and in Two of the four of the claims I used a

50 second clip in a two hour and 30 Minute video I cited fair use verbally I Had a fair use Banner playing at the Bottom of the screen and the video Description had a fair use disclaimer in It so I’m gonna we’re gonna pursue it With uh the fair use defense and we’ll See what happens but uh I’m supposed to Say this on the advice of my attorney I Cannot publicly comment further on Content removed by Fade to Black Jimmy Church and The Game Changer Network Incorporated even though I can tell you That all four of those videos were me Reporting on my investigative journalist Work into his business dealings End quote there we go I don’t think he Can do that Well we’re going to see it’s I I’ve Given it to the lawyer I’m not I’m just Like yeah this is something right here Because and what kind of a world can the Subject of an investigative journalism Report Force the videos reporting on his Shady business dealings down from the Host Uh I don’t think that’s uh I don’t think That’s gonna paint him in a very good Light when I win and the videos go back People are going to want to see him even More so give me a Christmas present It’s always scary when you get that um Yeah because you have to have certified You have to certify under threat of

Perjury or prosecution for perjury Um you know and that’s another thing There’s there’s some real problems with The with the legal filings that he did He he basically made completely and Totally factually inaccurate statements In his legal filings and he had to Certify under penalty of perjury that The filings that he are filing is is True and accurate and they’re not There’s factual errors in them and he’s Making claims that are completely easily Proven factually wrong so you know Because it’s someone else’s video not His yes what happened was I shared a Billy Carson video from Facebook live 50 Seconds of it Jesus and later so Jimmy Carter Billy Jimmy Church took Billy Carson’s Facebook live video and uploaded to his YouTube channel so in his filings for The strikes to YouTube to my channel he Claimed I shared his YouTube video when I did not I shared Billy Carson’s so he Doesn’t even own the copyrights to the To the rights that he’s claiming to Strike my channel and everybody knows You don’t strike he didn’t have to Strike me no he could have filed a claim And given me an opportunity to trim that 50 second sale he didn’t do that he Filed legal threats with YouTube to Force my videos down Jimmy I would like To say you were you are a man okay if

You’re a man take those strikes back and Take the take the [ __ ] criticism Don’t be a bell end Yeah every one of those four videos Forces you probably don’t know what a Bell and you don’t know what no what is The spelling I gotta look at this you English guys it’s a dick yeah certain Part of it Yeah yeah looks like a bell It’s the Bell oh yeah I I I I I don’t I I think anybody does copyright strikes Unless it’s like you’ve you’ve blatantly Got a channel that is copying your Channel and trying to be your Channel Mm-hmm or you know like let’s say Somebody takes your two-hour documentary You produced and worked very hard on for A year and just uploads it to their Channel That’s yeah that’s grounds for a Copyright strike right but even not a 50 Second clip of three hours of two and a Half hour show you get some balls get Some balls you know it’s gonna backfire Because yeah we’re going to want to see What’s in those videos more now and by The way we have a very good distribution Network so they’re still on Rumble and Odyssey and other video sites and and The views of them have jumped up by 300 Since he did that I’m sure that when This is resolved and my videos are put Back on YouTube they’re gonna get 10

Times the views they would have if he Would have just taken it like a man like You said Ollie That’s when you make a new video about It and you repost it Yeah you gotta do that let’s not forget That I also have a mask of him character Of him and So going for We’re going to share another anything From Jimmy church I won’t share 10 Seconds of a video of his what I’m going To do is I’m gonna do a reenactment with Me in a mask doing Jimmy Church whatever He’s saying that’s funny he can’t he Can’t do anything and it’s funnier Yes it’s better than the actual guy yeah But can you do the vice uh buy my coffee Yeah I could try I don’t know he just Has deep stupid voice I did a pretty Good job of it before have you purchased That coffee Everybody likes my coffee something like That I’ll get intrigued intrigued about This coffee I’m gonna buy it’s it’s Regular coffee it’s it’s a shop Mark Coffee you can buy it at the gas station Let’s just Rebrand it yeah that’s all It’s not good Well I don’t know I haven’t tried it so It’s not good uh I don’t know I’m gonna Say it’s not good because if Jimmy Church is branding it it’s not good In my opinion I know people who like it

Though so I know I’m just being a dick If I’m Hocking coffee every five minutes To keep my show going somebody shoot me You know I don’t even know how people Listen to his show it’s like every five Minutes there’s this big long commercial That and the [ __ ] yourself T oh crap Yourself T sorry sorry this is why I Don’t want merch because nobody wants to Buy tea that makes you forget yourself For a week straight You know and he’s running Those ads and Between the coffee and the [ __ ] yourself Tea I don’t know how anybody survives For two hours of a show with him but Well well Jennifer here you know thank You Jennifer again Um but she’s on your side mate you know I’d like to talk to you about being a Guest on my show I would love that I Want to hear your story Well she did do a little bit of work for Stephen That would be fun on the Anaconda um Oh really well there’s videos of him Like with it where they were doing the Pulling the samples from it with Emery Smith and Stephen Greer yeah things so I Would love to hear her side of the story Though because she probably has got some Inside baseball on that and I would love It I want to hear it Jennifer ciami yeah Jimmy just remove the strikes

Be a man yeah yeah You know I’ll even buy some of your Shitty coffee if you remove those Strikes there you go there’s a deal That’s a that’s a resolution right That’s a that’s like a settlement what’s An olive branch yeah crappy coffee you Take the strike down uh but I will say That if that you know I really shouldn’t Have talked this much about it but Anyway like you know we’ve got a legal Defense and and uh I I was told by my Lawyer that he is 100 confident that We’re going to win and he will be uh you Know The YouTube is going to be forced to put Those videos back Within a certain time frame so he’s got A little bit of a window to decide Whether he wants to escalate this Current Conflict at Great personal Expense to himself of time energy and Financial Resources lawyers aren’t cheap Or whether he’s going to release the Claims or just let the claims time out And then I win either way I win I’m glad you’ve come on Stephen because It’s it’s kind of We’ll have this discussion now so so we We’ve both we’ve both have Anjali on our Shows yeah that was an adventure We’ve both had rain on our shows yeah People don’t know but when Ali had her On the show I was driving to a cabin in

The middle of the mountains and on one Side of me was a river no shoulder and The other side was rocks for 200 feet up A mountain and he’s going Stephen came Here come on the shower I could not find Anywhere to pull over I was desperate to Come on so I’m sorry I missed it but you Did a great job I thought So Ryan was supposed thank you Ryan was Supposed to uh release something on the Sixth however he did say to me I’m not going to release anything until I’ve got a buyer for this I have not Been I’ve not at least Wait a second rich I I’ve spoke I spoke to him Probably a month ago he says if I get a Buyer I’m not gonna release it I’m gonna Write by saying he was going to release Everything on his channel on the six or He was going to send it to me I have Nothing sent to me yeah I haven’t spoken To him the last communication I got from Him though was an angry lawyer letter he Uh apparently is suing Charlie wiser for Defamation of character and he sent me An angry lawyer letter saying that I had To preserve all my communications and And all this other stuff and I I just Want to say that like I’ll go to federal Prison before I release any private Communications between me and a source I Just won’t release him I don’t care if a Court I don’t care if you have a court

Order a subpoena lock me up I’m not I’m Not divulging private Communications Between me and a source so and then I Told him that and and then I never heard Back from him so I don’t know what’s Going on with him wish him the best Though I wish you know Anjali the best Too people ask me about her to this day And I say you know I I think she’s a Nice lady I’m not completely convinced Her story is true but I think she Believes it I think she had a DMT trip That’s what I believe that’s my personal Belief and uh but I wish her the best She’s a real nice lady and I I feel bad For how she got sort of beaten up and Rung through the ringer but she did Bring it on herself making these Fantastical claims she sure did Yeah This is what people do though in this Field they they make the claims yeah Otherwise there wouldn’t be a field to Talk about Yeah and and you know what’s so funny is It’s amazing how many people jumped all Over her story because finally we had Something new to talk about and that was Enough just the fact that it was a news Story and not a 20 year old regurgitated 10 times repeated story that somebody Else has a new slant on it was a new Story so June 25th was the 180 day dump after

That it got quiet then a week later she Comes out with this uh Thing in front of the capitol or press Up or whatever she calls it or presser Yeah people were people were dying for Something so does that not seem like It’s being cleverly done yeah to me I Was just gonna say it seems like they Are filling in the slow time with Something new okay Brody’s UFO dork some Fresh meat right right you know yeah They’ve been active for a while on Um read it beforehand yes yes she had For a good good few months before it Started maybe about six months and then It kind of peaked with that uh yeah and People sent me those Reddit posts and Said you should cover this and I said Stupid you know but then later I I Changed my mind because I looked into Her background and said well uh she’s Telling the truth about where she worked And being in the military that’s Interesting I thought she was lying About everything you know so now Don’t you think it’s a chat for that now I must have morph though and now it’s It’s turning into like she’s almost Retconning it that like oh it maybe it Was an astral experience maybe it was uh You know uh like a metaphysical and not So much a physical experience where First she said she physically met with The aliens you know now there’s a back

Pedal of sorts you know I don’t know or It’s [ __ ] cheers Sister Maybe you used to give him the two Dollars Did you did you did you not Think that she I know you say she’s a nice lady But yeah He’s telling me that you believe that She believes it Because she believes it yes I’ve had a Few conversations with her off air that Were very uh convincing that convinced She’s convincing she convinced me that She truly believes what happened what She claimed happened to her truly Happened to her Yeah [ __ ] she she’s a good salesperson Yeah I’ve worked in sales all my life And she worked on like pattern uh what What is it she worked in the DIA on on Projects disinformation and and uh Personalities yeah personalities and all This sort of mind you know uh psyops and Stuff she worked on that but for for the Purposes of manipulating foreign Governments she was encounter Intelligent yeah intelligence yeah so if She could manipulate foreign governments To do certain things then she could Probably sell you anything you know Don’t you think it’s funny right after Lou takes a nice little Hiatus and she

Comes out of nowhere another Counterintelligence person we should Trust yeah come on man I don’t I don’t know but she does have a History of talking about interacting With aliens and she was a child Go back to when she’s when did she come Out when is she when did she when did She when did she trigger this What date did she trigger this and Rich What day did what date was it on Reddit Oh geez I couldn’t February earlier in The year yes it was February yeah yeah Yeah yeah so so we get she was on Another show talking about another Podcast talking about this stuff and I Had to rehash this but it’s the first Time yeah go ahead that Steve we’ve all Been in the kind of like same vicinity Um It it seems to me that there is some Truth to this Wanting to be the next Twilight Saga Um as if I’m looking from a sales point Of view I’m looking for somebody who Wants to sell a story to test the to Test the waters See how because she could go to a Publisher the publisher wouldn’t give a [ __ ] about it well I I happen I asked Ollie I asked the publisher that I know Somebody that publishes books and I said If somebody came to you published a book Are there metrics that you use to make

That decision or whether you’ll go Forward with publishing a book or not And one of the new metrics that all Publishers are looking at is social Media reach In other words if this person has a Hundred thousand followers on social Media there’s a good chance they’re Going to sell a hundred thousand books Or more yeah it’s like they take the Safe bet whereas if you’ve got 2 000 Followers on Twitter they’re not so sure And they’re gonna have to pump more into Marketing the book and advertising it But if you’ve got a built-in fan base Like that they’ll take half the money The author takes half the money Everybody wins you know So they definitely look at that social Media reach and interaction they’d be Looking at those Reddit posts they’d be Looking at her you know I gotta say I I Think to this day that’s the most people I’ve ever had in my live chat when I Interviewed her there was 565 people or something like that So to just come to a show that mine that Nobody but most people hadn’t heard of And listened to her be interviewed 600 People that’s a lot of people to show up To hear her talk how many people Just put a number out there Let’s play a guessing game how many People that was in that live chat would

Buy that book I’d say half of them at least It would seem to be about 50 50. half The people in the live chat were like She’s full of crap and the other half Were like give her a chance it’s her Experience you don’t have a right to to Tell her her experience is it real they Were really supportive of us yeah What are you gonna say Rich thanks you Do know that she uh she’s had a go at Writing uh science fiction and you also Know that she’s had a go at Um uh being an actress as well you know What I mean so she’s she’s been Branching out In in terms of wanting Fame Um to me that’s the common denominator Uh I I I think she’s just after an Audience personally that’s yeah I agree With you rich absolutely Yeah 100 percent minorities 100 so where’s This where’s this leave Ryan Nowhere because it kind of disappeared He did but so the last message is I got From Ray it’s like almost like you know I don’t need this I I I I generally a lot of people don’t like Ryan in this community the thing the guy Is full of [ __ ] but he’s after he’s After a story he’s trying to sound Story The TV yeah yes so he’s after the same Thing that Anjali I think they’re both

After the same thing So he’s off the disprove he’s after Getting a story out on how she’s pulling The wool over people’s eyes a big Faker In this community And I’ve looked at it from both sides And Ryan’s gone quiet and I’m thinking To myself Is he waiting to see as a good chess Player you’d wait to see the next piece Being placed so He doesn’t give I mean I’ve spoke to Ryan we get along Quite well on the phone yeah I do two at One time until he threatened me with Like legal stuff and I was kind of like Oh but here we go here so as a good Chess player You learn where to put your pieces he Might be waiting for the next move that Anjali does so if every scene he hasn’t Got this interview with Wayne maybe what If he does but what if he’s holding that Back because he’s waiting for the next That next move if he’s like poker yeah He doesn’t want to show him why why Would he just give me or put it out on His YouTube channel because he did say That he would if it’s nothing kind of it He would give me exclusive rights to the Wayne the interview with Wayne at the Ranch But As somebody if that’s his his job that

Is his job that is his life you know I’ve had a video conversations with him On his and he was out in the middle of Nowhere yeah me too out in the middle of Nowhere yeah That’s his job So He’s done that work he’s done that Ground work To release that just to us just just to Prove something means nothing to him Yeah he maybe he might be waiting for a Paycheck to release it Or again this could be like a poker game Let’s say that he has overwhelming Evidence that she’s full of crap in the Form of this interview as he kind of Claimed Maybe he doesn’t want to release that Until he sees what she’s going to do Because you don’t want to show your hand If you’ve got a winning hand you hold it Close to your chest and you put on your Poker face right and you let them blot For or bet before you show your hand Right Could base Suddenly me I’ve been saying that all Night that Ben I dated Ben’s sister Because Thought he was one of my somebody else Oh yeah He gave me another two dollars to say You didn’t bang my sister that was

Somebody else’s sister Ollie from Ben Simone Ben sorry Stephen I gotta get going Ollie yeah I gotta go If you guys have you got show Rich yeah It’s right behind me Oh thank you it’s a game to them and I Have my Christmas dumpster fire anybody In the live chat you can come over to Truth Seekers just put truth seekers in The YouTube search bar look for me the Strange guy with the sunglasses we’re Going live uh in 24 minutes at 7 30 p.m Eastern Standard Time we’re just gonna Have a fun Christmas party sort of thing And anybody can join the show call into The show it’s our annual Christmas Dumpster fire and last year’s got so Crazy that I had to pull it from YouTube Because there was nudity all kinds of Cursing drug use Oh somebody just came into this somebody Just came into the live chat and I was Like whoa and I had to pull them down Because it was like look at my stuff you Know was it was it a penis off of JJ it Was it was it was male parts Yeah and nobody wants to see that so it Might get crazy tonight I don’t know What’s going to happen but everybody’s Welcome to join in the show and thank You Ali for finally having me I’m sorry It took me so mate I need to have you Properly we need to do it for you yeah Let’s do it let’s get you on more often

But no I appreciate that rich with Wengie show Me yeah Okay it’s in uh 93 minutes about an hour And a half two hours it’s 9 p.m Eastern Yeah mine’s 7 30 7 30 p.m No I’m gonna try to end mine before his I’ve been trying to go early because we Do have a lot of crossover and people Emailed me like why you do yourself the Same time as his because then one of you I have to watch it in a replay and I Can’t be in the live chat so what time Would you rather go Then then I’ll stay at nine because I Was gonna drop it down to seven good We’re like the we’re like the David Letterman and the and the Johnny Carson You know exactly I’ll have the early you Have the later yeah we could always Switch it if we have to I’m sure that we Both get better live audiences when we Don’t enter in her lap I’ve looked at Them I know for sure we do about 50 Extra people so who’s going first me I Go first okay I always go first and I Watch everything and I like watching it While I’m setting up my show yeah yeah And I like getting done and jumping in His chat there’s a lot of uh friends From my show and yeah it’s good it’s Good it’s good cooperate like that Because we do both get better shows when We when we don’t overlap yeah it’s true

Yeah I could tell I could tell sometimes I’m like where is everybody and then I Look rich is on I’ve done it we both Have been moving around our times so Yeah it’s okay though all right yeah Work it out it’s great yeah yeah yeah Yeah all right I’ll see you in the 20 Minutes which is about the only guy I Would cooperate with too everybody else I’m like Oh they’re extreme when I’m going to Stream dude what do you want because I’ve had I’ve had other shows that were Like oh you know uh I was doing my show And you know I’m sorry sometimes I gotta Blow over yours you know I gotta do it When I gotta do it you know what kids You know yeah And if you’re if your content is good Then they’ll come and watch you I want To watch the replay so I’m good yeah I’m Gonna bounce on out of here nice meeting You new Rich I’m gonna call him new Rich Forever that’s the rich I know the UFO Rich I know you’re the new UFO rich and Ollie thank you for having me anytime Mate anytime you welcome here any time All right thank you guys happy holidays I hope you have a great one yeah All right I’m gonna say good Merry Christmas to all the live chat and to All a good night good night God bless People mine the bugs don’t bite this is Alienet at it

Make sure you subscribe hit that little Bell in the corner speakers on YouTube Help a brother out it’s good fun on YouTube Stephen I will add the uh yeah Good night good night folks good night God bless Merry Christmas one and all And God bless Harry Horton