DO NOT Drink At This Bar. SCARY Paranormal Activity Caught On Camera | THE PARANORMAL FILES

By | December 9, 2021
DO NOT Drink At This Bar. SCARY Paranormal Activity Caught On Camera | THE PARANORMAL FILES

We have people who attempt to spend the Night up here and i must say attempt Unless you’re incredibly well medicated You really don’t make it through the Night 10 or 12 percent of the people do What’s up everybody it’s colin here just As a fair warning like we do with every Single episode of the show we are going To haunted places we are broadcasting These images and videos from haunted Places i don’t know if spirits can Travel through videos but in the last Couple weeks we’ve seen a number of Reports from you viewers online that the Spirits from locations have been coming Through your screen into your house so As always viewer discretion is heavily Advised for this video series from the Customers those on the famous shakers Ghost tours to the employees do you ever Get nervous being down here sometimes Yes shakers looks a lot like well a bar But it’s once you go in that you see the Difference it’s not just the simple orbs It’s just the monstrous little Fantastic floating around it’s the the Images of women with no mandible this Building was built on top of a cemetery Back in 1894 and some families couldn’t Afford to move their loved ones bodies I’ve been down here and i’ve heard Things move there are stories from Believers it just gives you that weird Feeling and you just don’t want to be

Known here those who work here say this Is the most haunted area of the bar in The basement they say spirits will just Appear a lot of people will tell you This is the most haunted bar in the city Of milwaukee this building was built in 1894. shaker’s owner bob weiss says the Spirit of a dead prostitute appears from Time to time and often that would be Portrayed as something in a mirror just Like the one behind me uh something you Could catch the side of your eye when You’re downstairs if you’re blonde or Redhead there’s a greater chance that You have your hair tugged or pulled You’re walking you’re looking around and You’re trying to figure out where they Are what it is You know and there’s nothing here the Back room of the main floor is what used To be a speakeasy owned by the capone Family the original bar is still In-house back in the 20s you would have Found two brothels upstairs molly Brennan was a brothel worker she was the A girl when this was a brothel in the uh Mid to late 1920s and the a girl was a Girl who like ran this entire floor and So this this was her floor this was like The luxury brothel floor and this was The bedroom and this is where she was Killed so tell us how that happened We’re standing in one of the most Haunted bars in the country and the

Seller is one of the most haunted Sellers in the country anywhere we have People who attempt to spend the night All night in the dead hooker’s bedroom Upstairs And about 10 are successful i’ve had Other things that i’ll be up there and You hear like stilettos walking back and Forth you wake up obviously the person Next to you is still asleep you look Around there’s nothing there contractors The electricians the plumbers talking About hearing voices their tools moving This place was built on a cemetery That’s part of the reason they say it Could be haunted people have been killed Here over the years i mean it’s been Around for more than a hundred years now So who knows would have happened all Throughout history here at shaker’s bar We’ll give you a look at that coming up On live at daybreak vince and susan if You dare Bridget thanks very much So we’re here today Very windy this is our last Investigation of our wisconsin trip We’re in milwaukee wisconsin i’ve never Been here before i know you guys have Courtney has it behind me is the Infamous shakers shakers is a cigar bar Once frequented by a number of infamous People in milwaukee history including Jeffrey dahmer and al capone there was a

Body recently found Inside of the building there was a the Building itself was built on top of a Cemetery Very very very haunted and we’re filming This intro after the investigation let Me tell you guys this one is not going To disappoint but as always if you want To help support the show become a patron We have almost 400 of you guys on Patreon it’s awesome buy a piece of Merch Or Simply like and comment on the video That helps the most if you just like the Video give us a big thumbs up subscribe Turn your notifications on leave a Comment blah blah blah Anyways this is a crazy episode so let’s Get to it everybody Okay that’s it Three Two One Good afternoon welcome to milwaukee this Is shaker cigar bar in milwaukee Wisconsin regarded as the most haunted Bar in the entire country To begin the process we’re going to talk About this lovely mural that’s Commissioned for us a few years ago by Tom stella out of chicago and this is Rather a representative of the bell Epoch period that took place throughout

Europe and parts of the us in the late 1800s It’s applicable because this building Was constructed in 1894 and during that Time you had All sorts of adverse advice taking place And this is the artist representation of My life being drawn into hell by wants And women by cigars and by wine let’s Continue shall we Estonia was constructed again in 1894 it Served as a cooperage house to the Schlitz brewing company at that time the Largest brewer in the entire country That nasty little social experiment of Prohibition though raised its head and At some point there’s no reason to have A cooperage coopers of course made Wooden barrels wooden barrel So you notice on the side of the Building we like to merge of course Modern-day with of course the ancient Way but you see there are rings attached And that is so you could tie up your Horses in the 1800s now prohibition Comes it’s 1920 No reason have beer barrels so the Building is dormant for a few years And a lovely lovely family from chicago Known as the capone’s comes here and They acquire this property to expand Their network so they obviously are well Regarded as Gangsters

As bootleggers as people that have well Profiteered from the illicit sale of Alcohol and drugs and prostitution so What do they do here you ask well they Break over the windows that were here And inside they built that beautiful Mahogany and oak bar Granite bases and then they of course Put brothels on the second and third Floor So imagine if you will that you’re here It’s night time there are not cars Driving around there’s not lagging Taking place You really need to get away from the Person that you’re married to because Frankly it’s just going nowhere you’re Not going to get laid sitting at home by Yourself on a saturday night right Presumably there’s no What are you going to do well you’re Looking for companionship So you know a guy who sends you down Here to walker’s point the warehouse District and they will direct you with The appropriate Knock And the password So you come back here to these double Doors and you’ll knock on those and rap Several times this large girl is going To answer and if he likes the way you Look and or you flash the right amount Of money and or skirt he will let you

Inside it’s important because if he Doesn’t let you inside these nerdwells Out back i’m waiting to caution your Head and take your money away from you Now before the building was built in 1894 we were this area here is one of The three original cemeteries in Southeastern wisconsin for Non-indigenous people Indian burial grounds were right across The street and right along the canal That’s there All purged of course So from 2nd street to national avenue to Florida and into the marshes milwaukee Meeting place of many waters You have this cemetery in 1835 there’s a Little girl named elizabeth who’s Climbing for apples and she falls and She breaks her neck and way before harry Potter we’ve had a little girl in the Restroom So hopefully ladies you have the Opportunity to interact with her Very nice eight-year-old child So typically we’d walk in this way but Instead we’re gonna sneak back in the Front door and walk through the existing Bar room and uh show you what’s what you Can find us right now on netflix on Episode number three on dark tourist That is us and that will talk about one Of our tours we are our current piece in The uk and the bbc and then archivally

You can find us on a e and discovery and Travel channel and history channel and Sci-fi and ad nauseam actually warner Brothers shot motion pictures here and They are well worth fighting so we are About to enter a little time capsule not Quite like cuba but a time capsule Nonetheless here we are shaker cigar bar Milwaukee wisconsin Come on in So in 1986 i acquired this property i Had been based in chicago and my ex-wife And i decided it was time to settle down And we’re both from the area so we came Back here City milwaukee is working with me they Wanted me on the east side of downtown I get off the express while i drive past This this beautiful old warehouse District of milwaukee wisconsin was in Many ways left untouched gentrification Had not taken place yet it certainly has Now But there was this building this Beautiful building the most beautiful Building on second street The queen of second street if you will And here we are So I’m taking a note from the back and that Is Pretty much the way that it has been Since the capone’s in 1924. Uh we found all sorts of exotic things

And estate sales and Found old things that we then piece Together to create this homage to that At the front park as you walk back here You see this gorgeous thin ceiling as Well And you’ll say my gosh they were not Doing tin ceilings in 1894 and that is Correct they were not but in 1905 they Certainly were and that’s when that Pretty much came on the scene Let’s take a little peek in the ladies Room and the aforementioned young lady So just walk inside there and take Looks a little different than most Ladies do Wow that’s so cool So this is the uh the habitat if you Will of elizabeth again a lovely Eight-year-old girl Usually when film companies come they Bring her little things to mollify her Little stuffed animals or toys or Something and they stay for a while she Is well renowned for knocking on stone Doors Women talk about seeing her shoes Underneath the stall door she’ll sing Short or laugh Sometimes unlock that stall door Sometimes lock that stall door so you Have to shimmy underneath it Turn water on lights off whatever the Case might be playful

Come on We like to play full goods well i think People often make the mistake in Thinking that a ghost has to be Something malevolent or something nasty But the reality is that at least as i View things very basic metaphysics Essence precedes existence and therefore In my mind essence succeeds existence So here are this beautiful capone bar Back here And uh we have a few other things that We talked about on the tour you could Probably Skim over on this and take you Downstairs into the cellar Please do watch your steps in your head There’s a railing on the right hand side So like any other working Bar and restaurant you’ve got coolers And you have ice machines and all sorts Of things that Have their own machinations We have an interesting anomaly over here To my now just the only working Cistern in the entire state of wisconsin A commercial building Cisterns were used of course to gather Water and this would have been used i’m Sure during the cemetery days to have Water for that little sand of apple Trees It doesn’t have much correlation to the Water table outside and sometimes you

Will find this to have like this clear Clear you can see down for feet Sometimes it looks like it’s a Crystalline type of thing with bubbles On the top Sometimes it’s green has no correlation Anything else Uh but what it does do is possesses a Tremendous amount of water So throughout the uh the last several Centuries people have used divination Rods as a means to identify energy and That energy is water energy we begin on Our 2.0 tour by bringing over the Divination rods showing people how they Work And how they interact with of course the Metals and the water but that same Concept works for psychic energy as well As you walk to the east we have this Lovely little safe And you can see the markings on the Floor the safe has a tendency to move Around We have cameras everywhere and one of The interesting things about Here Is that right now i’m sure there’s a Little blip on my timeline because we as People are standing here But you’ll see it will go to a Monochromatic as opposed to black And then you’ll see it’s very fuzzy and Then the safe is somewhere else you

Don’t actually see the safe move but the Safe does move So this time of year we do as many as 14 Or 15 tours per day And um Between each one of these it is it’s a Production between each one of these Tours the safe is somewhere else than it Was just moments before So we don’t open this we did have a um A safe cracker who is with the largest Firm in wisconsin he spent every Thursday for 50 weeks here Made meticulous notes and his Determination was this just cannot be Opened we’ve had federal agents we have A long past the federal government as Well so we’ve had federal agents who’ve Attempted to open this and again that’s What they do for the bureau and they Can’t open it so yes we could cut this We could torch this we could do all Sorts of things but the reality is Aside from people trying to dial using The stethoscope even taking out the Hinge pins We don’t want to damage that so we have Psychics and and mediums and Paranormalists here every day at shakers And they to a woman because they are Oddly enough all women Are adamant that there’s something very Valuable in that safe but that we Certainly should not open it

As you walk back here It’s not unusual to have a rather Significant drop in temperature 30 or 40 Degrees By gauges So we do a variety of things that are Down here on the tour and uh we have These two skeletons right here and the Reason we have skeletons there is Because The capone’s acquired this property in 1924 and one of the things that they did Was to pour a cement floor Now we had used ground penetrating radar From discovery world and lo and behold You find body parts or skeletal remains At least everywhere because it was again A cemetery right so you’d expect that But over here these two skeletons are Virtually intact and they’re far more Modern Than the other skeletal remains from the 1800s You can probably make a simple deduction That as jimmy hoffa is buried under Cement it perhaps could be consistent With the storyline that goes along that Someone else came down to perhaps Persuade the capone’s that now that They’re in wisconsin they should pay Their dues I’m sure they had a meeting here didn’t Work out so well they’re over there So with these huge number of tours that

We have and we do things with uh Forensic hypnosis as well Um people get the sensation we hear About this almost all the time on tours They felt like they’re being sucked into The ground down here so um if you were To have come to one of the tours Yesterday we did over 200 people on just The ghost tours alone yesterday and That’s a constant refrain as people were Down here they might only have 15 Minutes here with the guide but they Have the sensation they’re getting Sucked down the other thing that happens A lot is that we have people that have To leave the tour because they’re short Of breath they have chest pains They’re your age so they’re not cardiac Patients We had three different women in the past Two years that had to be taken out by Paramedics rep to a gurney and taken out Because they have They have fallen over they have lost Consciousness So again you’ve got a group of 15 people With you and they will just start to tip And just go down so fortunately there Are enough other people that kind of Help them down so no one gets cost in The head but when they’re revived these Women are not able to move their legs Hence the paramedics Interesting no

Over here is a staircase to nowhere as We euphemistically call but the reality Is that this was probably used Underneath that bar as a means to get Out during prohibition So people use this for photo ops quite a Bit and frequently you see either a dog Or like a goat kind of shape thing That’s in the pictures with them that’s Right there it’s important note that Everything is organic at shakers we do Not do anything to contrive any things This is not a disney ride we don’t say It’s 7 15 you’re going to see this Taking place Things happen Of their own accord now fox fox news in Denver was here filming A couple of summers ago And the convention bureau had brought Them here they had an hour to spend and About five hours later they left because They kept getting all sorts of things They had some really cool cameras with Them and right over there they caught a Full apparition full size of a guy in a Confederate garb So we in fact we researched this And his name was o’connor he was in the Third ward in milwaukee which is about Three blocks that direction And what a lot of people don’t realize That during the civil war a lot of the Irish fought for the site of the south

Because they’re concerned about the Abolitionists and once these slaves were Freed they thought that they would be Above the irish and the social strata so Very poor self-concept with the irish We had a tour guide named kelly she was Our lead tour guide a buxom young lady Vibrant red hair And she’s down here mocking our irish Guy And uh so they’re you know maybe 15 Minutes into the tour so at this point Everybody in the tour runs upstairs Including kelly kelly didn’t drink but She did that night So people were talking about seeing her Head getting pulled to the side they Could literally see her hair sticking Out sideways no hands of course hair Sticking outside was a yank to the side So kelly had a couple pops continued her Tour and then she had the next tour down Here i think at 8 30 Doing the tour and the same kind of Situation a few minutes later everybody Runs upstairs in a panic kelly just runs Out the door What’s going on Well kelly is talking about the Experience on the previous tour and About how she doesn’t think much of O’connor the irishman she’s irish as Well So they can now see that pushed against

The back wall and they can see the Imprints on her boobs of like Handfriends kind of a thing So it took kelly about six months to Come back she had cut her vibrant red Hair and dyed it black And she refuses of course to come Downstairs we see her maybe once a year Now but she still talks about how Scared she is let’s continue back Upstairs And we’re going back upstairs so i’ll Let you go first okay Watch your steps please And now up to the brothels Yeah courtney’s actually Irisher and tom anderson Back to the old side are we So here we are we uh we found the actual Menu from 1924 Which we have uh recreated here in the Stairs so this is uh the bill affair and The prices at Time Oh that So you have this lovely gate here also Goes back to prohibition what do you Suppose this is for Well if you don’t pay don’t get out Is that true is that real it’s real wow You don’t pay you don’t leave And i’m dying and dashing It’s where the fluffers would work on

The eb floor their job was to take care Of whoever came in and you think about Milwaukee being a very vibrant at one Point one of the five largest cities in The country With a very vibrant uh Waterway lake michigan you have to take Care of whoever comes in from the port Of milwaukee Guys who’ve been on the great lakes for Six months have one change of clothes That’s what they’re wearing Uh your responsibility as a brothel girl Is to Facilitate their satisfaction Now uh several of the brothel workers Have committed here The easy thing to do is uh wrap a rope Around the doorknob and close the door And Fall forward hope your neck breaks People did jump out of windows but they Weren’t really successful with that just Got more screwed up Um Take a little gander up to the third Floor The a girl suite Chew Again the process Like the Prettier ones Or what well the more uh So

One woman at a time would run this Entire suite up here she was very Successful We had pictures of duesenbergs and cords Parked outside And that would be what you would Expect to be here So Though the people downstairs the workers Would Be responsible for anybody who walked in The door This was an appointment situation that She wanted to see who she would Otherwise you don’t get up here So molly brennan was uh one of the story Lines here We had people on a tour about maybe 15 Years ago now And husband and wife and there’s 13 Other people 15 people to a tour And they get home they had a film camera And uh had commented that the husband Had stopped in front of the mirror his Wife had taken a picture and they called Us and said there’s other people in the Barton of course well yes there’s 13 Other people He said no the tour went on without us I’m standing there looking at my phone My wife takes a picture That’s the picture over there So if you look at this picture and colin You should

You will see here is this middle-aged Dude right here With a uh Looking at his camera Boom right there where courtney is And Right next to him it looks like a woman With a 1920s bell or cloche style hat Look really close you see she’s not Flushed out it’s just Very cadaverous And then what they didn’t see but we do Is right over here Molly brennan the a-girl Patrick harvey her childhood friend who Killed her Gosh So patrick’s father actually uh was her Sponsor And uh Patrick was aghast and wanted to take Her away from this and clearly She had a very luxe life so The opportunities for women were rather Limited in the 1920s and 30s If you didn’t want to work in an office Or in a millinery and there’s quite a Few knitting Uh production facilities that are around Us the uh the young man uh took umbrage At that and wanted her to leave and she Didn’t want to leave and then he Murdered her And um

Then he enlisted apparently the help of Sam the bouncer at that time who would Be standing by that gate downstairs Um because the family had a lot of money And uh You know what do you do when you kill a Asset of the capone’s well i suppose you Want to Dispose of it somehow So years later in 2001 we’re doing an Addition we do a lot of things outside We have two very very vibrant outdoor Service areas do a lot of corporate Parties a lot of social parties i needed More space for my hotline Um i’m a chef cook And uh there was a shack on the back of The building that never quite made sense So in either regard we’re taking that Down And you know pry bar sawzalls the whole Thing as we’re pulling this remnants Away from the back of the building there Are some bones that are there along with The lath Yeah nothing i’ve seen before but that’s Not particularly You know earth shattering But while i’m there the deck the Flooring is a little bit soft as well so Since i’m there doing this construction I may as well rip this up i take that up And there’s a mass of bones and i’ve Cooked for a long period of time and

Some of these bones don’t look right and You would say to me what bones do look Right You know i don’t know the answer to that Either but these certainly did not look Right and i actually had a clue as to What they might be Again with our long association with the Feds i called the bureau someone came by He called mpd It was crime scene and uh then the Medical examiner came they took our Bones away So Uh it was later determined that those Bones were about 70 years old so 2001 Minus 70 1930s Prohibition And uh so they had aged as a 16 to 19 Year old female And then we went back to the historical Society and did a little more research And found that there was this young lady Named molly brennan who left who Went to seek her fortune and fame She’s certainly infamous now So uh that would take place there So on any of these we of course you see Divination rides everywhere rods And we have people on a daily basis who Use those divination rods to either talk To our spirits here Or whichever entities they want to Interact with

People get the most interesting Responses from things So i don’t do a lot of tours myself Anymore because i’m preoccupied with Just other components of this and the Other businesses But i had a couple of jamaican guys and Um big big guys And um we start downstairs and and they Had all sorts of experiences down there That we hadn’t touched upon and they got Up here and i’ve already moved the rest Of people through this side and they are Stuck in front of that very same Mantelpiece great photo op for you Courtney So um as i walk back over there they’re They’re crying Okay well we should continue on so i Bring it back in this room where the Rest of the people are cued up and we Had a phonograph that was sitting right There old sale phonograph For different locations and sets we move Things around so Now i’ve got the full attention i’ve got 15 people that old phonograph is right Over there And Um these guys are here they’re still Crying and actually that Rocker used it right over here And i suggest that one of these jamaican Dudes sits down because he’s clearly

Beside himself So as soon as he plants his butt there It’s like a waterfall now he was crying Before now he’s just gushing at the same Time that phonograph Is playing It’s getting louder and louder so i walk Over the first thing i do is i turn the Knob down Doesn’t make any difference i reach Behind to unplug it it’s not even Plugged in so i took the rest the tour Downstairs left these guys their own Machinations for a while And there we are Wow so this is the third floor and um We have people who attempt to spend the Night up here and i must say attempt Unless you’re incredibly well medicated You really don’t make it through the Night 10 or 12 percent of the people do Um So one of the unique things about Shakers and the things you do for Hangman tours is that This is not a booze tour so i’ve Consulted and put some things together In new orleans and key west before And by and large those are really Drinking tours the first thing i’m going To do is start right here here have this Cocktail and then 30 feet away i’m going To stop at that bar too well that’s not A ghost tour that’s a booze tour we

Don’t do that Now we do have extraordinary selections Of things Kony expect 1879 scotches in 1954. Award-winning wine list and really nice Cocktails some of which are focused on Authentic absinthe real absinthe so you Drink enough of those it’s not going to Matter what takes place up here What i personally experience is that About three o’clock in the morning Because i like to stay up here once a Month just to kind of stay connected Is that i get the sensation because i’ll Be asleep i wake up i hear like a woman Stilettos walking back and forth Okay wait for this many times now but i Still wake up i kind of look around Whatever else as i wake up i have a Sensation there’s someone sitting in the Bed next to me sometimes you see a Depression sometimes there’s a weight on Your chest it’s really fascinating if You’re looking for this to be a an Experience you’ll get that i think you Guys are staying up here tonight aren’t You what fun so people often talk about Finding their shoes in the sink or their Shoes in the tub they’re like we can Leave that there um sometimes people Wake up in this little closet over here Sometimes people wake up outside or they Have no idea how they got out there So um things happen sometimes my whole

Thought on this is that if you are Afraid of something And i’ve gotten phone calls at four in The morning the walls are on fire There’s spiders everywhere there’s water Everywhere And obliterally i’d get myself back down Here and none of that is taking place to Me But if they’re afraid of water spider Fire whatever the case might be there’s Something here that will work on you Sometimes and manifest and make you Think that’s what’s taking place So by and large our resident spirits are Well healed are well-mannered and Tolerate us And and my view on this of the the nine People that are currently doing tours For us is that we are respectful for Every portion of them And that includes obviously the working Girls as well because they’re you know Trying to make a living And uh they’ve been here way longer than We have so at shakers we are only Against stewards of them And uh they allow us to be here so um i Think that you know you think about People working in speakeasies and bars Whatever and certainly in brothels as Well you’re a performer right So you like that social that human Interaction

And i think that’s why everything is Kind of cool and they’re still here Different Spiritualists and psychics have their Own spin on why some different things Are here we’ve got a alexa kind of Things i’m sure you can read about that Online Even like o’connor downstairs so there Is certainly an attachment for him here And i think that’s a problem with a lot Of places you go to that are alleged to Be haunted or something else is well First they don’t do a lot of research And we get asked all the time can you Help us put together a ghost tour my First question is always are you haunted Because i can mark the crap out of Anything but the point is if you don’t Have that product if that’s not actually There then i want no part of doing Anything with you And beyond that i can’t stress enough That people that want to do tours for Something really have an obligation to Get as much of a historical background As they can to become historians to Become docents And to really you know get to the meat Of the matter Before you start interacting oh yeah The the whole veil thing is interesting As well my first experiences go back to When i was four years old it’s just part

Of the nature of my family Generations ago and uh And you know sometimes you got and Sometimes you don’t no matter how much You want to try to force something but i Think most importantly americans have a Tendency very arrogant about we believe In or don’t see If you can let down your defenses for a Moment and open your mind you you may Well experience something a little bit Different Just like i suggest that people go spend Several months living in europe because Uh not that i’m a francophile or Anything but because the style of living Is different the way society functions Is different And um they’ve been doing it for a lot Longer than we have here and there has To be a way to get along and i think Part and parcel that again Is not just in this dimension right here Um who knows what happens afterwards Right so our shells have a finite amount Of time the energy that’s us is going to Continue on when the shell is gone Hope you had fun There we go that’s the uh That’s the question that’s the quickie Tour wow I cannot believe how much history and Energy shakers has i’m just sitting Outside of the

Bar and restaurant right now and let me Tell you guys it is a cold night it just Started to rain it’s gloomy it’s dark This is a spooky episode and courtney And i were talking While we were leaving Uh courtney felt like she got pinched on The ass or walking out of the bar we Weren’t filming because all the cameras Were Loaded up and everything and while i was In there i also felt like i couldn’t Breathe almost like something upstairs In the brothel was trying to uh Hurt me because we carried some Equipment up there all off camera Nothing to capture other than our Experiences but I’m really excited man shakers this is Going to be an epic epic night I’m tanya and i am a Server here at shakers i also do some Hosting and tour guiding every once in a While also Um right now we’re up in mali suite and So molly was one of the a girls that Worked here when al and frank capone Owned the building to be in this Penthouse up here you needed to have a Sponsor so molly was up here and she had A sponsor the sponsor that she had ended Up being the father of her childhood Friend a boy that was her childhood Friend and so he had come into the

Brothel the bar one day and saw her and Asked her to come back home she’d run Away from home and so she’d run away she Found a home here he was like come back Home your dad misses you he wants you to Come home And she’s like no i don’t i don’t want To go home the family was very religious And so When molly broke away and came here She’s like i’m free like i can do Whatever i want so she didn’t want to go She wanted to stay here and so she did But he was like it was kind of like Awkward because obviously he knows why She’s here and she knows why he’s here Right and so it was a little awkward and Then he was like well fine if you insist On doing this then at least let me Become your sponsor and let you move up To the upstairs as an a girl you did not Have to service anybody but your sponsor So when he came she had to service him Even if she was with somebody else she Had to drop everything and service him If other Guests came that she wanted to service She could so she kind of had Like her pick of what she wanted to do After a few years i think he had passed Away but his son came here and ended up Finding molly and so they had been Childhood friends they would play Together and now found each other here

And She was to the point where she didn’t Need a sponsor anymore so she was kind Of just able to be up here she’d earn Her keep or whatever and so she was able To service people if she wanted to and She was still servicing this childhood Friend of hers that was coming up to Visit he patrick patrick’s name and Patrick fell in love with molly and he Would come and visit her and beg her to Run away with him like meanwhile he’s Married with kids and he’s like oh come Run away with me molly right and again She’s telling him to know she’s going to Stay here she likes to hear so he kept Telling her no She kept telling him no Um and one night he had asked her to run Away with him again and she said no I don’t know what that was And for whatever reason that night he Became very very angry so he got into an Argument and he strangled her to death On her bed drug her body down the Hallway to the bathroom at the end of The hallway um it’s a new tub that’s not Original And proceeded to chop her body up in the Tub And then didn’t know what to do with it So then he brought it back in here And tried to burn her bones and things In the the fireplace so the fireplace is

Original um In that fireplace and that didn’t work Too well either and i don’t know what Ended up happening with them getting Caught but molly was dead up here Patrick killed her And our doorman Sam had let patrick up so with the Capone’s running this place you kill Their a girl right that’s kind of an Issue So Patrick was also killed and so was sam Because sam let him up and so all three Of their spirits are in this room they Are resident spirits they’re always here And they do hang out up here a lot Patrick sam and molly patrick sam and Molly sam was the doorman patrick was Her childhood friend and molly was our a Girl And then when they were renovating we Have a rooftop bar on the second floor Rooftop they were renovating that it Used to be just kind of like a shed like A shack and bob our owner was like Pulling down uh floorboards and the Walls and stuff and underneath the Floorboards like right when you walk out There he had found a bunch of bones and He was like these don’t look like animal Bones he’d found some animal bones and Stuff like in the walls also but he knew That these weren’t animal bones they

Were seemed to be about from the same Time that molly would have been here and So we’re pretty sure that those ended up Being her bones and he did take him and Buried him like on a bluff or something So he told us he told us about that Story we just didn’t connect that it was Mom does molly yeah so have you had any Experiences With molly or in the building in general Yes yeah for sure in the building i hear My name a lot so like i’ll just be Downstairs and somebody like tanya Look and nobody’s looking for me I did actually have a spirit follow me Home from here and so then it was like Doing things at my house like it Unlocked my door make noises at night to Wake me up followed me in my friend’s House and was flicking the lights on and Off in the kitchen so yes i’ve had Experiences not so much here more with The one that followed me home but yeah Wow Anything else you’d like to share Um No i don’t think so i love this Well good thank you Hi my name is elizabeth i’m one of the Guides and workers here at shaker cigar Bar in milwaukee been working here off And on for about four years And in that time we’ve experienced quite A bit here um everything from full

Apparitions to orbs both in picture as Well as People actually seeing them with their Own eyes One of the more recent things was just Last night we did a ghost investigation From about midnight to 3 a.m And during that time the energy got very Intense one of the main spirits here in This building her name is molly and she Definitely showed herself last night i Won’t go into all the gruesome details But Unfortunately molly was murdered here in 1929 and Her spirit definitely still remains It also sometimes relives that night and That pain and that’s what we went Through last night there was waves of Many emotions and me personally was very Very overwhelming something else that Was interesting though is we were using The spirit boxes in a couple of Different rooms we had a small group Here and everyone kind of split off was Doing their own thing to see what we Could pick up And a couple of the names that came Through were adam and dan along with a Few others i don’t know Where they came from or If they were workers here or potentially Patrons as this was a brothel for a good Chunk of time during prohibition it is

Very nice to know that those repetitions Do happen and that we get to have those Consistencies within the hauntings here Yeah my only question where does molly Hang out this floor is it this is her Space Is that uh this is what’s known as the a Floor um molly was an a girl which Was basically the top girl at the Brothel she was the most expensive she Was the most luxurious if you will she Was murdered in that bedroom there And she Really likes the space it belongs to her Now just as much as it did while she was Living Beautiful yeah Okay we’re gonna we’re up in the brothel Of shaker’s cigar bar Once again we’d like to thank bob for Letting us do this the owner of shaker Cigar bar you definitely want to come And visit here this is a great really Cool place but this is the brothel Should we just sit sure I think um we should go in this other Room okay i think we’ll So we’re just here to visit I’m jeff And i’m mary These are just lights you can play with They don’t hurt you You can talk into this device Again it won’t hurt you

Just to show us that you’re here Like your name or what you do Leave Leave said leave Crime no drive Dan A couple of names that came through were Adam and dan along with a few others Um It’s kind of interesting doing a daytime Investigation yeah because a lot of People Want us to do daytime right and here we Go exactly Choke choke drag look at that choke Drag or joke Hunting Drag Weird We had a dan up here Informed Money Money This is like mafia well it’s a brothel Money muscle night time wound Wow oh my gosh wow so nighttime wound Safe Oh bill so we’ve got a dan and a bill Here okay dan or bill Tell us what Oxygen Burning Well okay

You know it is a cigar bar sure and my Lungs have kind of been burning Because it’s a little hard to breathe So he got into an argument and he Strangled her to death on her bed Drug her body down the hallway to the Bathroom at the end of the hallway and Proceeded to chop her body up in the tub And then didn’t know what to do with it So then he brought it back in here And tried to burn her bones and things In the the fireplace so the fireplace is Original um In that fireplace and that didn’t work Too well either Burning Well okay Okay even even the idea though it’s a Cigar bar yeah and you’ve got burning Right and oxygen that makes it burn a Lot better yeah And if you do have or have that a little Bit more allergies like some of us I feel like i need to move the rem pod Somewhere different Like it’s they’re not gonna really hang Right here doesn’t seem like to me I’m gonna just i’m gonna put it On the floor We’re gonna see if we can get anybody to Come Join us So

Anybody that comes over here You can let this device kind of go off For us here let us know that you’re Coming the room with us Come and join us Aura music What kind of music do you like Again the uh shaker cigar bar this is The Cut Cut Look at this okay cut Drug her body down the hallway to the Bathroom at the end of the hallway and Proceeded to chop her body up in the tub Did you get cut up here That’s interesting Cut Aqua If you’re one of the women that worked Up here can you tell us your name Straight Caress Boy Caress Boy of course because this was A brothel Did you like working here Okay And this is the area where the more Experienced women were And so this was the the highest chart Well i’m sure there are a lot of

Different appetites Of things that you had to do to men up Here And i love that Haunting Yes we are here for haunting So would you Like to leave this place Or do you like it here Complete Was there a little girl That was in this building Do you know what her name was Peace If you’re up here can you come over and Touch this device on the floor in front Of you it’s not going to hurt you just Let us know you’re here Well it’s october It says moan really yeah well that would Be very happy Oh okay Okay Come on in We’re friendly How did they treat you here I’m crazy there’s jewelry of course Right there do you still think you’re Open for business here Do you know the name of the man that Owns this building Kind of feel like we need to move What do you want We can go in this other okay

If you followed us in the room Come with us though okay Come with us You got it Make those lights go Thanks for allowing us to be here with You Uh we understand You worked here for quite a while Several of you i’m sure this is a little Device that you can talk into and let us Know some things about you okay it Doesn’t hurt you Okay can you give us again let’s just Find out who’s here any names Okay tell us who you are give us a name Something else that was interesting Though is we were using the spirit boxes In a couple of different rooms we had a Small group here and everyone kind of Split off was doing their own thing to See what we could pick up And a couple of the names that came Through were adam and dan along with a Few others How many women are working here How many women are up here Can you name one of the things you do up Here I thought i heard can we just get one of Your your names one of the

Madames Voices coming voices If you’re a male here Can you tell us What you do here what what do you do do You work here or is it this is where you Come for pleasure Here’s the rim pod going off We’re just trying to have a little bit Of silence here Are you here with us You can talk into the camera too This thing’s going wacky Can you speak into this device and tell Us your name Aqua and famous i wonder if i mean one Of those famous Yeah got that out Three or four four times Music music again aqua famous music oh You know what there’s this stream Bag Off Big stream off Myself Did somebody die up here What did they expect you to do Debbie Adam Debbie adam A couple of the names that came through Were adam and dan along with a few Others

Secret What’s your secret Wars Doctor Sample Feet Did you like it up here dollars They gave you dollars for Services i’m sure obviously Do you need help with anything What is it that we can do for you Can you try to talk into that box and Tell us what you need help with It said Cement orange lamb Was somebody buried in the cement Strangely the energy here is really Light mm-hmm Oh native american Um Burial grounds really yeah he was Talking about outside And it says angry Indian nerve Indian burial grounds were right across The street Oh native american Um Burial grounds really yeah he was Talking about outside And it says angry indian nerve Hey everybody it’s colin here uh papa Spooks and i are in nevada we’ve been Here for a couple days we just filmed at

The washoe club last night absolutely Amazing investigation and so much Amazing crazy history like stuff on all Fours crawling on the walls like just Crazy crazy stuff we encountered some Potentially demonic as some people would Call it activity the other night in a Very very scary episode that we filmed That shocked both jeff and i tonight We’re going to be at the mackie mansion And then um the next night tomorrow We’re doing the clown motel so we have Some amazing videos on the channel Coming up soon i want to shout out Everybody online who’s watching Especially those of y’all who are Watching the live premiere hey everybody Um real quick i’m gonna give y’all 10 Seconds i want you to go down in the Comment section below and comment what State you would like to see jeff and i Or courtney and i courtney connor and i Whoever traveled to to film some Investigations in so what state uh north Dakota minnesota florida new york what Do you guys think i’m going to give you 10 seconds now 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3

Two One I better see those states everybody and Uh just a reminder we have um the las Vegas perry unity convention this Weekend so if you’re in the vegas area If you’re in nevada come out and say hi To jeff and i and come meet susan and so Many people that have been on the show Really good friends of mine we’re going To be there hanging out all weekend uh Tickets are in the description of the Video if you guys want to come out go Buy a piece of merch for christmas get Someone a nice christmas present because We’re shutting down that merch store Soon we have all the test runs of the New merch with us that we’re going to be Selling in vegas which is dope and uh Yeah if you want to become a patreon Help support the show and fund these Investigations go to patreon and become A patron i love all of y’all that are on There i love talking to you guys but Anyways another little promo here i hope You enjoy this episode shakers is a Super super intensely historical Location there’s so much to process There very very active too and uh it was Really really a treat to be able to get In there because not very many people Are allowed access to shakers overnight So Yeah enjoy everybody stay spooky and

Let’s get back to the video Okay we’re going to set up uh we’re down Here in the shaker cigar bar Uh colin is continuing to interview the Travel channel has dubbed this the most Haunted basement in america is according To bob but he told me Definitely creepy there’s no question About it had a lot of activity over by The safe that you’ll see in the Interview process and further down down The road in the video we’ll show that Clip uh mary and i are just down in the Basement together and we’re going to do A few experiments so first of all i’ve Got the rem pod set up right here And Maybe we want to put it over where the Body’s working right here the skeleton Okay so you’re ready So we’re going to set the rem pod where The body has been found Out okay Come out and interact with us at your Place I think we should maybe just do a little Bit on the um the obvious five you think Yes okay let’s do that and we kind of Have a limited amount of time to Investigate here we already got a lot of Activity over there you’ll see but We’re gonna try to zip through some of This and Of course uh

What said alcohol look at that oh it Just went around Need alcohol it was the alcohol just Just went by Okay do you need some alcohol down here I’m gonna set it down So any spirits that are here Oh okay look at alice i gotta ask him Just asked her after i asked about a Spirit we got an alice And ellis And we got alcohol which is interesting Being in a Cigar bar So any spirits here this is where the Bodies were found we’ve got a device That you can play with there This device you can talk into would you Please give us some sign that you’re Here or make other noises or Play with these devices if you will O’connor are you here Okay so i’m going to be curious to see If alice has a meeting and i’ve had Alcohol yeah so that’s definitely Part of it here need Need alcohol alice So can anybody come out and talk to us More famous More famous What do you mean by that

Three This three What do you mean by that We got yeah it is but i’ve got A camera on it down there the rem pod is Going off down by the safe From here from here So we hear there’s a spirit named molly Patrick and sam Um my name is courtney And this is colin and we’re here to Communicate with you tonight Mal Oh Molly is that you Thank you molly or patrick or sam We’re really excited to be here with you Tonight Oh my god It was like a medium that was immediate And it didn’t go off at all oh the Motion ball the motion block [Applause] Hi You hear that yeah This is a beautiful home you have here And we’re really excited to spend the Night with you and we’d love to Communicate with you Wow Motion balls don’t usually go off no Never Molly Is that you

Is this patrick That was crazy the rim pie did not go Off we had it on For like 10 minutes it didn’t go off at All and then right when we asked a Question it went off so that’s really Really cool molly Are you here with us Molly if that’s you Can you step away from the rem pod This is Patrick no Motion ball motion ball position Let’s see if this is patrick could you Step by the rim pod one more time for us Is this sam the doorman You’re obvious Sure All right we’re gonna turn on this Ovulus and you can talk to us Through this and maybe tell us who you Are or Whatever you want to say Kid Are you a child Were you killed up here in this room Whoa woman Timid woman Reservation Knife always bread Spread Oh the other one

Shoes shoes Is there any way you can tell us who Exactly we’re talking to right now We want to know if this is molly patrick Or sam Is there any way You can tell us who you are Maybe let’s use the dowsing rod How much would you usually pay for a Dollar Both of them Are you wanting to pay for a service Someone’s here Someone is definitely here Murder murder Murder Molly was murdered in here This thing is going crazy liz said that If we play 1920s jazz music molly Loves it so let’s play Some music for her all right molly if You’re in here we’re gonna play some Music for you we know that you like jazz Music so we’re gonna play some for you Okay Oh You like that idea Do Look at that Could you step away from that for a

Second Yeah Oh no that’s not good That’s nice There’s a lot of activity here I had it okay yep we’re back You like it warm back here Let’s show some love give us some lights Say some things into the camera thank You Are you the little girl You can come and touch one of these Instruments I kind of feel like maybe we should set The paranormal music box A different direction like if someone’s Coming down here Okay Can you pick it up and then let’s Let’s just set it like that and then go Ahead and reset it okay so she’s gonna Come out All right did you see someone else come Down here Yeah i think you like it when people are Down here That’s what’s been happening Anybody back here in the corner Stretched Three Three stretched grind You know Torturing people Over here

Can you give me a name of someone that’s Here any gangster or anybody else Can you say that again Al capone are you here Okay we’re friendly here we’re just Trying to verify that you’re maybe Hanging out down here can you tell us if You’re one of the gangsters can you tell Us your name Raining outside You see the rain Beautiful Again can we get a name from you if You’re one of the gangsters that lives Here If you’re here just say yes That We’re getting maybe a confirmation from That Were you buried here Barry oh did you hear that yeah I did can you say that again were you Buried here You want to try it sometimes This is still stuck on Hey we’re going to come in here and do This little box lets you say words into It and let us know you’re here so we’re Gonna we’re gonna give it a try okay it Doesn’t hurt you we’re friendly Do you like to stay down here by chance In this stairwell I do

Michael Yes Is there anybody else under here other Than michael Three So can you give me another name other Than michael Oh [Applause] Okay michael if you’ve got a couple or More females let’s say what one of the Females say who they are Did you die down here Did you die down here Yes i did i did yes that’s what i said Yesterday okay How did you die Okay i thought you tried to say Something again how did you die Push down Again online or You know we’re just trying to make sense Of over here on the spot on so far we’ve Kind of established like michael and a Few women live like with like this Stairwell And they said He died here Pushed i hooked her down so maybe these Stairs

Okay we’re gonna go Yeah Okay Stairway wow Thank you Oh this is going We’re back 13 Ride show show 13. Are there 13 spirits here Remember we had 13. It’s hard to hear any noise specifically Mary and i are down here we got quite a Bit of interesting Information on that stairwell it’s kind Of a stairway to nowhere a lot of these Places our device down here Um what was the name of kim ellis And alcohol Um 13 the number we can ask bob some of Those things we had the rem pod going Off where the people were buried In this area we’re going to leave this Are we going to leave it Just leave it here should we bring it With Just leave it You don’t have a camera on it Sure When we’re walking away Okay this you guys really like it on This side Can you give us some light ups on those

Lights again You can say some voices or anything you Want into the camera as well so we can Hear it when we start listening later It shows where it’s off right now We’re going to move it one more time I’m going to flip it this way Okay reset here in about Three seconds There you go okay Okay now it should be going on He said that this um Keeps moving All the time okay so the safe keeps Doing The safe right here This safe will move different positions We just reset that again and it keeps Going off There’s a lot of activity around the Safe But mary do you think we should set that Up some one more time Point it somewhere it’s going off so Much Just so on camera we can show people That we’re resetting this okay This has about a 45 degree pattern Dissolved so we turn it off And i’m going to move it this way Towards the safe And we’re going to let it Recalibrate one more time

And then we’re going to leave it Takes about four seconds actually Okay So we’re gonna leave it Are you here with us Moment i stood up too Molly if that’s you stand away Okay so we heard earlier in interviews That Molly likes to communicate with the I think that’s her Molly Likes to use the dowsy rods Molly can you step away Okay So we’ve got the uh the divining rods or The dowsing rods that they Say that molly likes to use let’s use Them right here Molly could you step away from that for A second Thank you Molly we’re gonna use the dowsing rods In a second oh You like those Could you step near that device again With the red light one more time Thank you Okay molly I’m holding your dowsing rods could you Cross them if you’re here with us You thank you molly could you point us To where you’re at in the room I didn’t expect that oh

Over here Molly are you in this room Hmm Where are you molly In the room Other room these are very long Rods If you’re here with me right now can you Cross the rods You have spike on the k2 Can you cross the rods if this is molly Is this patrick Patrick we have a few questions for you Why did you kill molly Can you cross the rods patrick if you Killed molly Did you kill her because She wasn’t wanting to run away with you Oh Interesting i feel a Magnetic pole over there Maybe his reasoning for killing her was Something it’s very more than that it’s A very strong Hole towards the window Jesus Did you kill her because she upset you We didn’t move and this thing’s going Off can you step towards the red light Interesting Molly we heard you were murdered in this Brothel is this patrick Sam is this you Or is this someone completely unrelated

To any of those three names Do you hear like music I’m gonna start this voice recorder There we go Also I want to point out to y’all it is 207 A.m Very late at night Molly Are you here with us Molly we hear you like jazz music is That right Molly was that you If molly is here with us We heard that a few years back your Bones were discovered here Did you know about that Do you think we’re too close to it she Doesn’t want to come by it could you Give us one word describing what it felt Like to die Paralysis Paralysis Substances divided That’s really weird that you asked what It felt like to die and she said Paralysis Because that is like what Dying’s like your body just kind of Stops working you know Is patrick also here Babe i think we need to go

Sit on the ground in that room but keep The rim pod in the threshold How it was because we were getting a lot Of responses i think us it being in Between us they don’t want to come this Close because They don’t know us Molly is that you could you step near The rim pods that we have set up I think it’s just the wind but it’s Still creepy yes Oh look at the camera Here let’s put the cowboy right there Whoever’s in here can you step towards Us please I’m going to start this voice recorder Right here Got the rem pods set up Molly Can you walk over towards the sound of My voice You can step near those red lights and Let us know that you’re here Oh Weird that the rem pods were just going Off so hard right all of a sudden They’re just silent Near and herd Watch Are you watching us right now I feel like they’re all standing in a Corner like just looking over at us Like they came at first but it’s like Quiet now

Total silence I don’t feel like anything up here Though All of a sudden Oh whoa whoa whoa What the [ __ ] Whoa whoa whoa Abort every threat abort Report abort report So i asked molly to come back i can’t Even make this [ __ ] up guys the moment That i said that Molly came over and then The uh the rem pod the actual em sensor Started to hit Weird dude we sat there for like 40 Minutes and nothing happened What what the [ __ ] Okay this is bizarre Okay that last clip that was like 10 15 Minutes ago all of a sudden oh There’s a window again Right when i start recording The rem pod goes off it’s almost like The spirit knows When we’re filming that’s crazy Molly Who’s with us right now Where do you work It’s definitely active up here but i Can’t tell You know who’s with us it’s crazy molly Thank you so much Or whoever’s with us

I appreciate you So I was asking colin if we could It says speak faster I was telling colin that i wanted to Investigate for a few more minutes And he was tired and he was telling me That he didn’t want to And right when i said that It said on the obvious day And it said speak faster Do you want us to speak a little bit More to you And i’m not yawning because i’m bored I’m just It’s past 3 a.m now All right we’re gonna stay for a little Longer okay What do you want us to know Doug Her body was Buried here Yeah in the ground We’re not gonna leave just yet We know that you want to talk to us a Little bit longer so we’re here to talk To you What’s your name Is your name molly Okay molly thank you so much Molly how do you feel about Being here do you like it here Oh

Wow dude Molly how do you feel about patrick Patrick was killed because he killed you What do you think about that are you Happy that he was killed because of what He did The wind weird timing It’s like she’s telling us like Yeah evil’s here yeah it’s not good Molly we know that you were wrongfully Killed I have never seen both of these things Act like this at the same time right Next to each other going crazy you know But the people that are here love you And i hope you could feel that presence From Everyone here in this building We love you molly All right everybody so it’s the morning After our investigation of shakers we Were here all day yesterday and all Night courtney and i slept right there If you want to show Here in the brothel Hopefully that’s not true Yeah you’re in big trouble if it is Shakers merch But yeah this it was a very interesting Night uh Lots of activity tons of activity first Of all stuff

Coming in especially right here the rem Pods are still set up where they were We’re still gonna do a little Investigating right now but here Courtney had some weird dreams last Night yeah it’s hard to almost explain Them but In my dream colin and i were asleep In this bed And We kept hearing the same kind of Noises and we kept like We were dreaming in our dream in my Dream and we were dreaming of the same Entity walking around in here It’s hard to explain but in my mind it Felt very real And very creepy and i remember at one Point i actually woke up and i thought That I thought that whatever we were dreaming Was real And then I heard um almost like a ping pong And i heard it for like 10 minutes Straight just like the sound of like a Ping pong i don’t know what it could Have been in here but i definitely was Not dreaming at that part because i Remember being like i’m awake right now Like this isn’t My dream and then right after the ping Pong noises i heard footsteps Walking in either this room

Or the one behind me but i was really Creeped out because you were passed out You were like snoring and i was the only One awake and i was like I’m just gonna keep my eyes closed and Pretend like i’m mostly but i was very Creeped out it wasn’t like a negative Presence it was just like I’ve never i’ve never heard like Footsteps Like so prominent so close by me you Know Right here yeah Very creepy and we both heard 1920s Music Outside of the bar courtney specifically What were you hearing yeah Well we were hearing it Like right when we went to bed there was 1920s music playing And i thought that they were playing it On the outside of the bar and um but This morning we woke up and the music’s Not playing So that’s a little weird weird And this is at like 3 a.m too yeah i Don’t know why they’d be piping music so Loud you can hear three stories yeah but Not right now at like 11 You know well Real quickly All right molly If you’re up here

Can you come talk to us one more time This is where you heard the footsteps Molly if that’s you with us can you Cross the rods Molly can you cross the rods without you That music box was not going on look at The rocks too These are big thousand rods Oh my goodness dude Were you here with us last night in this Room Actually let me ask Molly what room were you in last night Did courtney hear you in the middle of The night Roger But one’s also pointing at this chair Oh Look at that I don’t know what that means molly are You standing in this doorway right here Look at that look at that i got chills Actually What This is insane That music box Oh my god Molly are you Can you cross these rods if you feel

Sad Are you over there in that room molly You’ll notice how the rem pods silent Now with them What the hell is that Over there Right when he’s crossed Patrick is that you over there Patrick were you the one that Was with us Patrick were you the one that was with Us last night I’d love to speak to molly though Molly can you come through step into This room please with us I can almost feel cold right here Actually were you hurt near the stairs Molly Look at both of those going off You hear that dual tone i’ve never heard That before Molly is there something that you want To share with us about how you died That people don’t know about Oh my god Square it’s almost like there’s one of Them is standing in this room one of Them standing in this one and it’s like They don’t want to be by each other you Know Haunting Molly How do you feel about Staying in the room with your killer

We know that there’s a spirit in this Bedroom and the one to the left of us Can you point the dowsing rods In the direction of which room molly’s In Oh jesus sorry So she’s the one that’s over there Who’s in the other room Burning She was burned in that fireplace Not What is i am not maybe she’s not even Here Or maybe she’s not I don’t know But burning that’s the original Fireplace where If you guys remember That’s the original fireplace right when I’m saying that it’s going off Where uh Molly’s body was supposedly burned Molly were you burned in here I really do feel like some something is Off i’m like Yeah Did you want a tip but you never got one Or did you ask for a tip and you got Murdered It’s kind of sexual Molly how old were you can you tell us The age you were when you died So bizarre how the rem pods just go Silent

Can you tell us what emotion you feel Right now Are you happy sad angry Huge foot Are you trying to tell us something About a large foot Oh look at that i wasn’t even holding Them they’re just like They’re kind of weird mm-hmm And look at how they’re perfect look at This look at this look at this look how They’re perfectly divided right there I’m just holding them and they just Started swinging So Is there more than one spirit here can You cross the rods if there is Thank you Is Adjective Is patrick here I have a feeling that patrick’s in this Room Molly’s in this one and I don’t think that’s the room where she Was strangled and where she was burned So i would assume she doesn’t love Hanging out in there Molly do you feel trapped here Can you cross the rods if you do I don’t think she i think she likes it Here do you like it here molly can you Cross the rods if you like it here

Well thank you molly Could you tell us Why Patrick strangled you was he mad because You didn’t want to run away with him Funeral Right when you asked that Bill Like the bill as in maybe maybe there Was an He didn’t pay a bill or something Like she gave him the service and he Didn’t pay it Or She was making too much money doing Prostituting I think that could be it Like he He didn’t want and look at these rods Too not to interrupt you but Look at this one it’s pointing right Behind us This one’s straight forward Did patrick want to control you and you Wouldn’t let him Right when they crossed that one off Both all both of them So all you wanted was independence molly And you got killed for it basically It’s an eerie day it’s like raining a Lot outside too if you can hear it Well

You don’t have to be controlled anymore Molly i know people have told you that But You’re free now Is there anything we can do to help What we do to help molly I don’t know i don’t know we can do now There’s a cat ball under that chair in The back There’s a cat ball under that chair I’m gonna start a voice recorder session Right now by the way This camera this battery’s about to die Pause it really quick Okay molly i’m gonna start a voice Recorder Can you be quiet for one second step Away from the lights Molly What can we do to help you Do you have anything to say And Just a question for us did you have fun With us last night hanging out Okay It’s weird how they actually did go Quiet for us Well everybody i’ve got About two minutes of battery life left So

I’m sorry molly we have to go Holy [ __ ] We love you molly we love you molly We hope you’re happy up here You’re loved by a lot of people in Milwaukee Maybe kind of emo Um anyways Yeah before this clip gets lost we’re Gonna cut the camera thank you guys for Watching I don’t know if we’ll do a wrap up or Not but yeah we’re gonna pack up and Leave shakers now Thanks again molly bye molly So we’re back here at the beginning or Really the end of the shakers Investigation My personal thoughts Very extremely active building Spooky being there at night Great opportunity to investigate such a Historic Location bob The owner a great guy for letting us Come in and do our thing giving us Access to the brothel last night It was a great experience haven’t smoked A cigar in a long time It kind of got to me after 20 puffs but you know just one of those Things i’d gladly return here and uh Jeff’s behind the camera right now but We’ll be back

We’ll be back jesus We’ll be back very soon With another extremely exciting new Series that i’m planning right now Courtney And her brother connor so yeah Talk about that later but anyway stay Spooky y’all [ __ ] So Hello

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