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Okay it’s november 12th And i’m blocking the door back but That’s how i found the door whenever i Got home i already turned the light on But i’m not going crazy our lighter is Gone again i just left the house it was Right here it was right there and like There’s papers now on the ground and Like i don’t know i just feel weird like Didn’t tell me details just kind of was Just seeing you know Did you Yes Wait Hi i’m megan i’m shelby i walked back up And i noticed a pair of my underwear out Of my underwear drawers just neatly Unfolded on my dresser our lighter that We used to light our candles around the House that it just started going missing I hear something as if like someone’s Walking around like honestly we’ve Started feeling so creeped out that i Have a gun and we moved it closer so It’s easy access because we started Feeling so uneasy we heard like people Are in the garage we’ve heard that Several times at night if my roommate Was gone i would like get a knife from The kitchen because i was so scared to Be in this house by myself and when we Opened the attic there was like a Children’s mattress And kids toys just like around the

Mattress In the attic the night before last night When we were here just spending the Night we hear loud loud footsteps Upstairs and we also grabbed the gun Because we we were convinced there was a Human inside of the house if someone Murdered someone up there and they got Away with the murder there would not be A murder to disclose it just would have Happened there’s so many murders that go Unsolved or even uncaught you know Something Happened some it wants something to like Be found which is why this is like very Very compelling because you not only Have the paranormal evidence but you Have actual people finding [ __ ] up [ __ ] in here whoever lived in there Before Glued the window shut and there used to Be bars all in the windows it’s glued Shut wow dude that is really right Holy [ __ ] that is more intense than i Thought it would be that is nuts look at That someone did not want this window Open it’s obviously keeping someone Inside not someone coming into the house They don’t want them getting out yeah so I was like mom nothing’s coming up what The [ __ ] my life just died It’s used to kill children it’s growing In a [ __ ] pot in my backyard and it Wasn’t there when you all moved in

Like it’s cut cut and that was like After we had like really truly been like Okay we need to get the like cameras out Like this is actually like [ __ ] weird We did have a termite problem in the Hispanic culture when somebody passes or Somebody’s gonna pass termites is Sometimes something that you see So obviously that was concerning my Neighbor i was telling them what’s going On and when we were walking i was Pointing to the window or whatever we Were walking and she was like oh nancy Let’s keep walking because there’s There’s somebody up there now i don’t Know where y’all were conducting your Interview but you mean just now yeah no She just i just walked her because she Gave us some food so just now you’re Talking about 20 30 minutes ago somebody Saw a man up there Someone someone yes someone Right when we turn the camera on right When we start rolling we’re inviting you To come talk to us You literally just said a woman’s name Seems like a girl who likes jewelry Dress jewelry bracelet show yourself in The closet again megan that’s a long ass Scratch that is new do you see it Turning right now look there’s another One that just joined we don’t know if There’s a person up there something Hidden you guys ready

There’s like a picture of a family up Here oh oh oh oh on the portrait No don’t even tell me Shut the [ __ ] go calling shelby Hey everybody it’s colin here it’s Almost the holidays just want to shout Out the merch store if you guys want to Pick up something for your friends or Family member who Watches the paranormal files you can rep All the brand new paranormal files merch The merch store like i’ve been saying We’re working on getting it closed it’s Happening very soon we just ordered our First run of actual handmade paranormal Files merch we’re gonna be launching our Own store and we’re gonna be selling That stuff exclusively at the perry Unity convention in las vegas so if you Don’t have tickets to come out and meet Jeff and i or the Catholic kindred spirits and destination Fear and all those great shows that are Going to be there at the perry unity Convention the link is in the Description of this video i want to Shout out everybody out there who’s Watching thank you guys so much for Joining us tonight on this new episode Of the show and as always please like The video leave me a comment and Subscribe to the channel with those Notifications on a lot of people have Been reporting that the notifications

Haven’t been working for them lately i Don’t know if youtube just Hates me or what but this episode took a Long time to edit and put together it’s One of my favorites of all time it’s Super intense and uh one more thing Everybody if you’re watching this video Go comment in the comment section below Where you’re watching from i want to see Where all of you guys are from so uh Yeah let’s have a discussion anyways Y’all shout out to the spooky fam and Let’s get back to the video Okay so I know you guys online know that trains Always Interrupt investigations Um we’re on the way To megan and shelby’s house right now Here’s courtney This is a new low Their house is like We have to cross this road to get there It’s pretty close to here but This this train oh jesus This [ __ ] train we’ve been here for a While already Of course [Applause] Hi i’m megan i’m shelby And we’ve known courtney since junior High high school

We go um way back with her so we’re her Best friends And when we first moved in in july You know we just kind of didn’t expect Anything normal but things have Progressed we Called in Our ghost hunter friends to come and Scope some things out with us So Tell me about The beginning before it was scary what Was it like So we moved in and we thought it was Like a really nice area like we haven’t Lived here before And then we got here we made sure we’ve Asked all the questions that you would Ask like a landlord and then we move in We checked the back yard there’s a dead Rat on the ground So Like and two baby mice too yes so we Thought that was kind of weird like why We made sure we specifically asked the Landlord like is there gonna be mice Anything like that She said no and then we move and we see A dead rat and a few dead baby mice so We kind of were thrown off by that So whenever we moved in we found them And we were actually taking them out in The trash and our neighbor across the Street just introduced himself to us and

So my curious self i was like hey so you Know like why did the last people move Out and he was like oh they supposedly Had like a rodent problem and so when we Sent the pictures of like the rat and The mice in the back to our landlord um We sent her a message too and we’re like Hey so like we heard that this was the Reason and she like and i quote it was Like oh that’s not the reason that they Moved out and she like kept it at that Like no details were made like she Literally just splat out said oh that Was not the reason And gave no more information to us and Me and megan were both like all right i Guess Yeah we won’t get any more information Super happy to like move in together and Um just nothing like out of the ordinary You know i’m just super happy we loved Like our view outside in the back we Loved that we had like a little Garden-ish area which now we’re going Night shade randomly And if you don’t know what night shade Is it’s like a highly toxic poisonous Plant used to kill children sometimes i Have it growing in a pot in my backyard Don’t know how don’t know when it Decided to sprout but it did so and We’ll get into why that’s weird in a Little bit Take me through the first

Things like the first times you started To notice anything was it like immediate Did you ever like Feel just off before it started Happening Honestly no not in the beginning like Not in the beginning maybe a couple few Months in we were like Um this kind of feels weird like every Once in a while i’d be in my room it’d Be night time i’m trying to go to bed And i would just feel like not a Presence but like you’re not alone you Know when you feel just like someone Entering the room that’s what i felt Like like that’s it just felt like Someone else was in the room with me but It was just me in there like in bed so Eerie yeah very early Something is there with you or someone Like when you’re trying to sleep it just Feels like someone’s watching you a lot Of the times honestly This was before anything started to yeah Yeah just kind of like eerie feelings But like you just kind of dismiss yeah You kind of like blow it off it’s a new House so like you’re just trying to get Used to it you know and you don’t know Like the outside noises like you like When you start like noticing your house Like creaks and cracks like you’re just Like oh that’s just it’s my house but Maybe we just like try to write it off

As that But then like more things kept happening So we moved in in july and probably Honestly like what two months a month And a half yeah When we really started noticing like This happen we saw that like Our lighter that we used to light our Candles around the house that it just Started going missing but we have like a Little area that we keep it in so that Like no matter where we’re at in the House like we one of us can like find it And light one of these we have a coffee Table we have several things on the Coffee table and the lighter usually Stays on there because we have a candle On the coffee table around the living Room so it’s just easy for it to be Right there on the coffee table and we Would leave the house go run some Errands we’d come home The lighter would be gone and we thought Okay maybe it’s just us misplacing it Being stupid as we are maybe it’s one of Our animals yes because we have a dog And a cat so Like we took the animals with us to go Get food one time came back still spider Was missing i put like the remote i put Other things on top of the lighter to Make sure it wouldn’t move that like it Wouldn’t fall off the table or anything Like that still we would come back

Gone wouldn’t be there it’s gotten to The point where now we literally have to Like hide it because we laughed Last night like if we leave the house no Matter what we know we’re going to come Home it’s going to be gone and you’re Talking about It’s not moving it’s actually going on We have yet to find we’ve searched the House for this and we have not it’s Happened seven times And each time you have no idea where the Lighter is you have to go replace it Search like everywhere under the couch Like under the rug even like we look for It like we thought again paranoid like You don’t first assume it’s a house or Anything like that you have to like Decide like okay it’s gotta be us being Stupid like we’re just being forgetful But like it’s gone we’ve now made sure That it’s not gonna happen and it Happens So like It’s not out of like it’s just It can’t line up that perfectly and not Be like us doing it now so like a month And a half ago i work from home so i’m Like always here and a month and a half Ago i was coming downstairs just getting A drink just kind of like taking a Second and i heard like footsteps from Upstairs but i knew she was at work so Like i was here alone the dog and the

Cat were both downstairs with me And i was like that’s interesting Just kind of heard something kept it to Myself because i don’t want to freak her Out but then i was gone Like two weeks ago and she heard the Same exact thing yeah i was sitting here On the couch and i texted me and it was Like i don’t know 10 11 at night And i heard noises upstairs and both the Animals were downstairs with me so Obviously no one’s upstairs but i hear Something as if like someone’s walking Around like i can obviously hear Footsteps because we have very like loud Floors very hollow And i heard footsteps and i immediately Texted megan and i was like okay i just Heard something upstairs she texted me The same exact things that i heard and i Didn’t tell you we never talked about What she heard like i said it out of my Own like will and she has experienced The same thing and when it does step When we like when they do step both of The animals both times have just stared At the stairs we’ll just sit there and Look and like they’re very food Motivated so i’ll leave you in a treat You want some food like you want to go Outside like the words that they know And nothing will draw their attention Nothing will draw their attention away From the stairs i mean they literally

Just stare it up like The stairs and it’s the whole time we Have to be like okay come on we have to Like actually physically move them Because we get freaked out ourselves Like okay so we’re getting into the Ghost stuff but i want to clarify In the video that For the most part at the beginning you Guys actually thought someone was Breaking into your house can we talk About why Because this is the really compelling Part of the story when it starts to get Like Twisted Yeah So we When we moved in we’ve met most of our Neighbors super safe area we think you Know it’s a gated little neighborhood And so like honestly like we feel safe Enough so we would go out our garage and We would leave our door unlocked and so We like kind of noticed that things Would just be moved around every now and Then like on top of the things that We’re already missing the light are Missing and um so the other day she got Home So i got home let me preface the night Before i had cleaned my room i had made Sure everything was put up i’d done Laundry that night because i was off

Work that day so that was my time to Catch up on everything put everything up I didn’t leave piles of clothes anywhere And the next day i wake up i go do some Things downstairs and i walk back up and I notice a pair of my underwear out of My underwear drawers just neatly Unfolded on my dresser And Why would i leave just one pair of Underwear sitting on my dresser Especially when we just cleaned yes like There’s no reason for me to ever do that Like i would never just leave one single Pair out and it got me thinking like That’s interesting like i i wouldn’t do That megan obviously didn’t come in There and do that like i it doesn’t make Any sense so then it made us think like Okay it’s maybe a person coming we live Close to downtown like you hear stories On the internet of like homeless people Living in people’s attics so it got in My head and i was like okay it’s gotta Be human No ghosts gonna grab my undies and like But and also to say Your Underwear was moved in the drawer yeah Like my underwear drawers so it’s like Divided up and i have like specific Dividers and they were like moved around It was like push obviously someone had Been in there i like even when i put up

My laundry i don’t mess with the things And it was obviously messed with so Someone had gone through the drawer and Taken a pair of underwear and laid it Out yes exactly like almost like letting You know that someone had been there yes Like they wanted me to know that they Did that because obviously they would Clean up their mess if they didn’t want Me to know right because i’m right there In the room So it doesn’t make any sense So then i went to the shower after again Like we were cleaning everything and my Friend who had recently stayed the night Like again when she had left i wanted to Tidy everything up i took all the towels All my washcloths all like my clothes And stuff did all the laundry like when We were cleaning so i know like Everything was cleaned up in my bathroom And i was in the shower the other night And i was just like something doesn’t Really feel right and so and like i Looked down and there was a wet Washcloth in the corner of my shower and Like i’m ocd enough to where i know i’m Not going to leave a washcloth like Crumbled up in the shower corner like to Me that’s just kind of gross i mean no Offense y’all do it fine But like for me in my ocd like i know For a fact that was not me that left That there like i made sure from my

Friend leaving that i had cleaned Everything up that i did all the laundry So like that again was like okay it’s Gotta be yeah she came into my room and She was like did you take a shower in my Shower like any time this week and i was Like no it’s been like weeks even like Months since i had ever even like taken A shower in there even like leave a Washcloth on the ground i wouldn’t do That so It’s just weird and it was like a wet Washcloth and there was water in the Shower yes soaking wet washcloth like Honestly it had to have been wet Recently and like before that again like I hadn’t taken a shower right before Then and so like there’s no reason it Would have been like a wet washcloth There definitely like it had been moved In there and was wet by the time i got In there and i already saw it because my Water doesn’t hit in that corner and Shelby you Also had something on your bed The morning of like the morning i found The underwear like out and about i kind Of like was a little freaked out but Then i remembered i don’t normally dream I even said this out loud to you i was Like i had a weird dream last night like I only specific like remember just Random parts And i never dream i haven’t in years

Just i don’t know And i look over on my bed and there’s Like Something like crested On the edge of the mattress like I know i might be thinking too much into It but It’s like something obviously Very suspicious yes It’s not obviously water But it has like a rind A crust also i Looked at it because i stayed with her The other night and i saw The piece on the sheet that she was Talking about and it’s like Crusty clear and it looks like just yeah We can’t say we can’t say what it is but You can kind of assume yeah you can use Your imagination and so to let’s spell This out for people online so you’re Hearing footsteps um Stuff is being stolen someone took a Shower in your shower Someone went through your underwear Drawer and moved your underwear and Also this thing that you found on your Sheets when you were sleeping after you Woke up Then can you talk about the cameras i’m Just trying to show people like It seems like a person you know So i have cameras that i’ve used just in Previous houses that i’ve like lived in

And so we were talking about things Going missing but not our big items that You would think not jewelry not like our Purses not money like big monetary items That you would think someone would want To steal nothing went missing like that So we were like we should set up one of The cameras that i have and like just See what’s going on the day we were Talking about it the wi-fi shut off the Whole day i restarted it i like again Restarted the extender and the router I’ve like retried my computer was trying It on my phone like It would not work for the whole day it Wouldn’t work so we just kind of gave up Just forgot about it for i guess couple Days yeah and so then like a few days Ago we were talking about it again and We’re like we should set up the camera And just like try it again this is like Whenever we found the washcloth this is When we were like actually getting Worried that our actual person was in Our house so let’s get the cameras on Let’s just do it so we go in the closet To get them out we pull out the cord and The cords like severed like it looks Like someone either like it’s been cut Yeah it’s it’s been cut like obviously You can’t use it anymore it’s not usable So and we obviously would not do that And it didn’t happen in the move because We safely put it in a box from the last

House and it’s broken now it’s literally Cut All of that Leads one to believe That it’s a human yeah i mean any insane Person like you would think it’s not a Ghost yeah and you guys have left your Garage door unlocked yeah and the door Coming in right there Unlocked so it’s actually possible that Someone could have been coming yeah i Mean we we weren’t thinking smart the First few months so and i was like oh I’m home all the time like what are the Odds but like Things started you live in a gated Community you don’t usually think They’re usually outside too all the time Like they are never Like they’re like families yeah exactly Like it’s not like we bought their kids Things for halloween yeah we bought them Candy like little tattoos and stuff so Like we’re close with our neighbors They all said like we would have known If someone was coming in your place like They said like we we are very protective Of our neighbors and we would have Noticed if someone was coming in and Shelby actually texted me that all of This stuff was happening and i was and She was like i think my place is haunted And then she explained everything and i Was like shelby that’s a person like you

Need to be careful that’s not that Doesn’t sound like a ghost that sounds Like someone’s coming in your place So Even after all that though that’s what i Said too i want to clarify i said you Guys are in a dangerous situation which Is why courtney and i actually came over To spend the night Partly because we were here for Friendsgiving but Then why don’t you talk about a few of The things that Are just weird that have happened like The clicking or the tapping stuff like That that you’ve been experiencing so It sounds it’s only in my room i run out Two of the rooms and it’s only in my Bedroom specifically that like i will Hear You have your blinds and it has like the Little cord that hangs down with a Little like plastic in and it sounds Like that’s tapping against the blinds Like that’s the kind of noise it’s just Like a repetitive tap but where my fan Is where like it’s far away like it’s a Big room so the fan’s not going to be Blowing the cord into it’s not going to Be creating that tapping noise and i Will just i mean look at these yeah here They’re not getting moved by the fan no And she hears that tapping against her Blind and that fan is going hard right

There exactly nothing’s like really ever Moving necessary but i hear it like i Was just upstairs i came down and told You i was like i’m hearing it And like It’s very suspicious what what else i Feel like there’s a couple other things Um you said that you felt like there was A presence One time so like in my room i just like Sometimes the doors shut i’m in bed like Getting ready to go to sleep i just you Know when you like feel like someone’s In the room with you but There’s no one there but you can like Sense someone walking in i kept getting That feeling and i would look up And knowing there megan’s not walking in My cat’s not jumping in the like room It’s not luna the dog like it’s a Feeling that you’re just not alone yeah Like you just feel yeah it’s just you Know something’s there but you just Don’t see it So and like it feels like chills but Then the other times that you feel Normal it’s just like these weird Specific moments that you’ll just feel Like that like like i’ll get the chill Sometimes just because like Again you just feel like you’re not Alone or like i’ll be doing laundry and Sometimes i’ll i swear someone’s right Behind me and like over my shoulder

While i’m doing laundry and like i’ll be Facetiming my friends sometimes and like I’ll literally have to take a second and Tell them to like This just feels weird yeah So why don’t you Now that we’re deep into this Talk about some of the weird things you Found when you moved in like the Flooring and the weird thing in your Room It was like a random square that looked Like it had been replaced in like the Closet of my office it’s like on the Floor it looks like literally like a Square was cut out and they didn’t Replace the whole carpet they replaced Like this one Like square And yeah that is weird to cover Something yeah obviously yeah like if You look on the wood if you like look in Like weird places and stuff in the wood It’s like Like wood damn water damage like rotting Out yeah like Right there it’s rotting over there Yeah it’s in like Kind of several places honestly and when We moved in so our neighbors like have Lived in this unit but when me and megan Moved in The ice maker didn’t work the dishwasher Didn’t work um the microwave doesn’t

Spin the microwave microwave doesn’t Spin the garage won’t open like your Window doesn’t open yeah my window Doesn’t we’ll get into that later but Like All these things were broken and we were Like okay that’s kind of odd and we Found out the guy who used to live here Was like when i moved out everything Worked perfect when we first moved in When we first moved in we were trying to Hook up the like her car to the Automatic garage yeah and it caught on Fire yes like burst like the little Garage thing at the very top that like Box with the light on it it literally Started like smoking and catching on Fire just because we were setting up the Like touch like in my car the automatic Thing why would it do that so we stopped Got it fixed and then like two days Later it broke again like a different Thing for the garage so that’s why it’s Always usually open Uh we got it fixed now but that’s like a Lot of the times why we would leave it Open is because it Just kept breaking And so So Basically courtney and i Came here we were gonna shoot a Different video but we decided to do These guys house because it’s like all

This stuff is unfolding right now these Events have gotten a lot worse weren’t You guys saying that just like Someone was working on something or Something and like it just has started To get worse in the last couple weeks Okay here’s the thing I made the mistake So me and megan like [Laughter] We decided to um burn sage sage the House cleanse it yeah because we’re We’re Doing movies right you see it on the Internet people do it so we’re like oh That’s a good option yeah so i didn’t Have specifically sage i didn’t have That but i had sandalwood incense and i Googled like is that cleanse negative Energy and google obviously told me yes So i cleansed the house As i should and did all the different Rooms like walked around with it yes And then things got so so much worse Like That’s when every time we left the house The lighter would disappear like Every thing would always happen pretty Much almost every day it was something Out there a noise or like something move Something missing Like rearranged on my counter like just Random things would just kind of happen Ever since we ever since i did that

So they have had this stuff Randomly escalate in the last like week Week and a half and that’s where they’ve Been hearing these footsteps and whatnot And when courtney and i first heard the Story from shelby and megan we both Agreed a thousand percent no doubt about It that This was A person breaking in we said like you Should call the police file a report And so that leads me to oh thanks cory’s Got the light over there Um So that leads me to what just happened The night before last night when we were Here just spending the night We’ve been staying here because megan Was out of town and shelby both of you Guys don’t want to stay here alone no Let me get that on camera too no no Megan went out of town this past what Was it friday or thursday we should Start with honestly we’ve started Feeling so creeped out that i have a gun And we moved it closer so it’s easy Access because we started feeling so Uneasy we didn’t mention this we heard Like people are in the garage we’ve Heard that several times where it sounds Like someone’s lifting up our garage so Much so that we get up go check the Peephole and like i even had to go into The garage just to make sure because it

Genuinely sounds like someone’s lifting It up from the bottom like we’ll be Cooking dinner and we’ll hear like the Garage noise and me and her will both Stop say nothing and we both heard the Same noise and we’ll both be like That sounded like something we needed to Make sure Like Obviously that and then we would check Nothing it was empty we had our Flashlights nothing so Like we didn’t know what to think i i Wanted to say like so shelby texted me Months ago telling me that she thought Her place was haunted she told me Everything that happened and i was like Shelby i don’t think that’s a ghost i Genuinely think that’s a person breaking In like you all need to be careful And She was staying here by herself and she Told me like she was like i do not want To stay here alone can you come stay With me And so that’s why me and colin came to Stay over here and we experienced Something which we’ll go into that in a Second but we experienced something and I completely changed my mind i was 100 Sure that it was a human but now i am Convinced that it’s a ghost i was Actually going gonna ask you to go sit By them or just like kneel by them and

Tell the story because to preface this Courtney and i were both here for this Event but i’m gonna film it so megan was Going out of town the other weekend and We were coming in for my brother’s Friendsgiving and we usually stay with My brother but shelby texted us and Asked if we would stay with her because Megan was going to be out of town and She was like courtney i do not want to Stay by myself i’m so creeped out here Like please come stay with us and so i Was like yeah for sure we’ll come stay With you we they had an extra room for Us um and we came over here and again we Were sitting on the couch she was Telling us everything that had been Happening to them and i was again saying Like shelby that is not a ghost that is A person like you need to be really Careful lock all your doors and i was 100 Convinced that someone was coming in Here and messing with their stuff Um but as she’s telling us all of this On the couch out of nowhere we hear loud Loud footsteps upstairs um and we all Stopped what we were doing and we just Listened and they continued for another Like five to ten seconds yeah and it got To the point like all of us got silent Luna the dog was downstairs with us so Obviously it’s not her making that noise My cat can’t make that loud of a stomp

Now And colin like because they both thought Like it’s a human in here and so colin Even made the call he was like y’all Stay here i’m gonna go check first just In case And he went up there checked Literally nothing like we went up there Like we walked because we were like Someone is upstairs i want to add in Here first of all i screamed up the Stairs like is there anybody [ __ ] in Here like because we’re like someone has To be upstairs because that was a human Noise and we also grabbed the gun Because we we were convinced there was a Human inside of the house yeah but we so We all go upstairs we’re all preparing Ourselves to see someone up there we go To every single room and there was no One there anywhere all the windows are Locked everything’s locked so no one had Come in no one was there and that’s what I was saying at first i was so sure it Was a person but then we heard it Firsthand the footsteps and i was like Okay like That’s i’m convinced it’s not a human Anymore yeah they also have an addict So we thought maybe someone they thought That someone was in the attic yeah we Were like almost certain someone may be Like Like you know you hear the

Like horror stories about it i called in My brother to even come look through all The closets chugging around the beds Like looking all over different rooms Just because like We were certain that there was someone In there with us yeah yes but there is An attic that we haven’t checked no One’s been up there yet no one’s been Out there we didn’t have a light the Other night for it so we’re gonna go up There tonight make sure that it’s not a Person but i’m pretty confident that It’s a ghost And also i gotta say when i tell you Guys that The footsteps were loud you gotta Imagine it’s beyond what evidence would Be in a paranormal files video this was Like literally Like that and we all just i remember Like looking at each other like and you You looked at us you’re like no They’re like freaked out like Yeah Yeah and we were just watching a movie You know we weren’t like trying to ghost Hunt the first time that anyone’s like Been here when something’s happened and It’s y’all too And people like people tell people yeah I just think honestly like we’re crazy And people like like our moms like our Parents are always like oh y’all are

Just being silly like it’s not like We’re scared we’re being like scary Movie fanatics yes and maybe we’re Overthinking it like we’re forcing Ourselves into this situation so like It’s like they think we’re making it up Yes or being dramatic about it but like But then y’all two came over and then Heard something so that was the loudest I’ve ever heard the footsteps Like the loudest piece of evidence i Think i’ve ever heard in any Investigation and we weren’t recording Filming anything no hanging out we were Watching projects Eating pizza and watching project x like And i’ve never heard such loud evidence In my entire life so much so that we Literally were like someone is upstairs We were walking around with a gun Because we were so scared it couldn’t Have been something that had like fallen Or anything like that because nothing Was moving nothing was moved so it was Very obvious like footsteps like Stomping footsteps i i was so freaked I’ll say like i’m gonna get over here And kind of explain can you film this So like I was so convinced that there was Somebody up there and you probably Remember me like doing this [ __ ] I would like walk up to closets and i Was like

Yes and like open it like that and There’d be no one in there but we all Thought somebody was It was crazy Yeah That’s not even close to the end of the Story because Megan So after that happened i want to explain Um [ __ ] i’m sweaty damn Unforgiving light we talked about all This after that happened with shelby um Megan came back the next day and we’re Talking about the history of the Building i tried to find anything i Could online about this place there’s Nothing that came up should be noted That in texas murders are required to be Disclosed from a realtor about a house After a few years it doesn’t after a few Years you don’t have to tell anyone About a murder yeah but i mean recent Like if this was a recent thing that Happened but you do not have to disclose If someone committed suicide if there Was a deadly accident or there’s Something else that they don’t have to Disclose that involves death so someone Could have taken their own life there’s Also the possibility of well Yeah so Then Megan comes back we’re talking to megan

About all this megan has met a bunch of The neighbors who live oh thanks Megan’s met most of the neighbors and She has some of their phone numbers so We asked megan to like Reach out and ask the neighbors if they Knew anything about this property and Like what had happened and i cannot Make this up guys the stuff that the guy The neighbor His wife is going to come talk to us Later tonight and the previous tenants Are going to come here and tell their Story but we’re going to go over it Right now because it’s important for This interview Megan got a phone call at lunch Yesterday and it literally changed the Entire course of this video and It’s so crazy so i’m gonna let you tell This so i texted my neighbor who used to Live here just to see if they had heard Anything Um or like anything from even the other People that used to live here Um like just anything random because let Me preface like these guys who have Lived here they’ve lived here for like 10 15 years like they’ve been here for a Very long time in the complex No not in this specific unit but it Right here in the complex they’ve been Here for 10 years plus So they obviously would know anything

That’s happened so and like again They’re very personable people they like Made friends with us you know made us Feel very welcome so why would they not Do it to like the other neighbors Especially over the years so anyways we Text him and i ask him you know like Have you ever seen anything heard Anything just kind of strange didn’t Really like tell him exactly what we Thought Yet didn’t tell me details just kind of Was just seeing you know Did you yes Um Wait I didn’t tell any details just kind of Was just seeing you know Did you yes Um Wait Yeah i didn’t tell any details just kind Of was just seeing you know Did you yes That’s upstairs upstairs okay that was Hello Are you up there right now I just walked up there once just show People Yeah okay so that is literally exactly What we were talking about There’s nobody up here And here’s the attic you can’t put night Vision on

Well that was freaky that was very weird I didn’t like that person didn’t like That that’s what we hear yeah like Literally like that all the time and it Makes us like think like okay maybe it’s Someone outside but then It’s not someone outside like it’s Actually happening but we’re trying to Like convince ourselves that it’s not It’s an outside thing yeah but it’s not A ghost but But that was exactly what we were Hearing the other night like that’s Exactly the sound we were here the other Night it was way louder But but this was still like Obviously something upstairs and no one Else is in the house except us for right Now yeah My cat’s upstairs but he’s not going to Make a loud sound he’s not that big i Think he can’t do that That was crazy wow Okay so You asked your neighbors who’ve lived Here Yes so the neighbors that used to live Here Um texted them and i got a call a little Bit later from him And he just kind of laughed it’s like so Have you heard anything and he just kind Of laughed and he was like Yeah so

And like any store that starts like That’s never a good story No So He basically answers and is like We’ll start with you know the least Scary of all the things basically he was Like go for it alrighty well my name is Austin parrish i Am the previous tenant here we moved in Um in 2019 in february and we moved out Uh 2021 february 2021 so we were here For two years so we got to really know This house Um and it is incredibly creepy we none Of us liked being here by ourselves i Lived in the Room upstairs by the guest bathroom And I would have my dog in there when we go To sleep and he would constantly just Bark at the door even when nobody was There In the house and um Constantly hear different noises or he Would sit at the top of the stairs and Just like stare and look down in the Pitch black downstairs Which is super creepy So i would most of the time keep him in My room with me At night if my roommate was gone i would Like get a knife from the kitchen Because i was so scared to be in this

House by myself When we first moved in we had some like Extra kitchen chairs and stuff and we Were um going to put them in the attic And when we opened the attic there was Like a children’s mattress And kids toys just like around the Mattress in the attic and um So that was like Sign number one about this creepy house And then in my room that room by the Guest guest bathroom the windows Actually like sealed shut like cannot Open it at all Um which was like red flag number two So the whole time we lived here we just Were trying to figure out what was going On and stuff and we would always hear Noises And then It kind of came to a big bang Literally Towards when we were about to move out i Remember i got woke up in the middle of The night like out of a dead sleep i Heard this huge crash and i ran out my Door Which i don’t know why what was i gonna Do if something was going on But i ran out my door and i saw nothing Nobody was downstairs anything and i Turned on the bathroom light and i had a Cup on my counter before or earlier in The day in the bathroom and it was on

The floor when i yeah when i Went to look so i don’t know what’s Going on in this house i would love to Know but yeah that’s it’s creepy what Kind of stuff did you experience like Frequently um the noises was probably The biggest thing we used to blame a lot Of it like on the hot water heater but Even then we knew When it was the hot water heater and When it clearly wasn’t and but we would Still just kind of psych ourselves out Because we’d always hear stuff mainly From the attic like the attic was the Source of a lot of noise and we used to Always like there would be frequent Times where i thought i would hear stuff And i would literally like walk out my Room and like look down the stairs and Like shine a light because we would hear Stuff all the time even my roommate she Talks about it like we would talk about It every now and then but it was very Like If we don’t talk about it then it’s not Happening kind of thing And so when y’all contacted us we Started talking about it like sharing Stories and stuff and we all of our Stories are like very similar was that Bathroom incident the like freakiest Thing probably because that was the First time it was like something Physical like that um which really

Scared me because From before that it was only like noises Or something like that but then i was Like okay now you’re like physically Moving things whatever it is so did you Feel like it was like a ghost Or what what do you think was causing All that It was yeah like i said it was one of Those like i never really wanted to like Put a name on it because if i put a name On it then that means it was real and That was happening and not to say that i Don’t believe him because i Do um But it was one of those where i didn’t Want to put a label on it because that Means i was living with like a ghost in My house and i didn’t want to keep Living there if there was a ghost in my House What what do you think May have caused that stuff to happen Here do you think it relates to like the Attic No that attic with the kids stuff what’s Weird is like the neighbors around here Nobody can really like tell Nobody could really tell us like who had Lived here before like the people across The street they were like years ago and Nobody could really tell us anything About the people between them and when We moved in

And so Like I don’t know if they just lived a quiet Life you know what was going on up there What happened maybe even before they Moved in like i just don’t know but it Is weird because The neighbors Didn’t really have Anything spooky happening You did a lot And now they are so something and then Something between when they moved out And we moved in mm-hmm Was fully functioning like the windows Yeah the windows were Fine when they lived here that’s crazy And there was no kid’s mattress That’s someone between Them and me and y’all like In the fact that nobody can really like Tell us about who lived there i’m like They didn’t talk to anyone or what like I don’t know what I know I Can’t wait to live here i know y’all but Seven more months Anything else to share about when you Were here um Not In particular like stories or anything No but you were happy to leave oh for Sure for sure we left our new house and

I was ready to get out of here So when we thought It was a human coming into the house we Went around and made sure all the Windows were locked and shut and her Office is right next to my bedroom and So we were in there doing that window we Were having a hard time locking it Because it kind of kept popping open and I was like oh my window can’t open i Can’t get mine to open at all And then we find out he mentions that And he was like oh yeah when he lived There everything was functional so Anyways he calls me and he’s like oh Yeah just one of the windows not open And we were like Yeah shelby’s room doesn’t open and he Goes Yeah that’s because Whoever lived in there before glued the Window shut and there used to be bars All in the windows the people who like He said who lived here before us when They lived there they always heard like Footsteps and things never went missing Per se but things would always like be Misplaced Or like things would just be moved Around or like it just looked like Someone else had been there essentially And so like he said that whenever They finally went upstairs they went to Go check the attic

And they found a kid’s mattress with Kids toys all over the mattress on the Ground upstairs And like That’s like we’ve heard the landlord Said like the attic’s not finished like There’s no flooring up there which makes Us not ever go up there because why Would we need to go up there and they Mentioned that there was a crawl space But like we’ve looked because we even When we moved in we’re like there’s Really not much storage in this house And we always thought that underneath The stairs there should be like a closet There’s like enough room and where the Bathroom ends There’s like a space between where the Bathroom wall ends in the stairs like There’s a it’s hollow yeah like we’ve But there’s no door and they said that There used to be a crawl space but Whatever crawl space that had used up in Here like it’s been sealed up it’s been Painted over like there’s nothing here That ever indicates that there was a Crawl space even and so like they said Same thing though they hear the same Noises that we’ve heard both of them Both the family that used to live here And the people like before us both Reports and the thing is like when we Told them like we were experiencing we Hadn’t said what we heard yet they

Expressed what they went through which Perfectly like so happens to align with Everything that we’ve gone through That’s really when we didn’t think it Was a person yeah like a ghost or s Something like a a presence cause a Person isn’t gonna live here while Multiple families have come in and out If there’s if if all of these people are Experiencing the same things over a 10-year period it’s clearly a spirit That’s here it’s not a human But What i’m gonna add i gotta say this the Underwear being moved the weird crusty Stuff The The shower being taken those are not Paranormal things i’ve never heard of Those things being paranormal those Things point to a crime being committed The the cameras being snipped you know That’s all crime but the rest of stuff The wi-fi going out the footsteps that’s All Paranormal what i will say is that owner That we have already talked to um he Used to sleep with a knife every night So this is like an entity or an energy That is oppressing people in here you Guys are so scared that you don’t want To be in here alone anymore and in Addition that The the child’s mattress in the attic

With child’s toys and a window that’s Glued shut they said there were jail Bars On like the windows in like a A reason like to keep someone locked up There in shelby’s room where her bedroom Is now the same bedroom that i mentioned How every time i go to bed i feel as if There’s another person in the room with Me and there’s no one in there it’s just Me And it’s glued shut her room is glued Her window is glued shut and you see That’s why it’ll be interesting to do This investigation because In my mind there’s some sort of unsolved Or uncaught criminal or crime that has Happened here in the house Maybe we were talking about like There could have been somebody held Captive or abducted that was held here In the attic there could have been Somebody like i was saying even if Someone murdered someone up there or in The house and they got away with the Murder there would not be a murder to Disclose it just would have happened and No there’s so many murders that go Unsolved or even uncaught you know and Like we’re in houston texas houston Texas is the number one it’s You gotta think about it yes you have to Think about like the actual like facts That we know

And A child’s mattress you can’t help but Think something Happens like honestly a child’s master’s In a child’s toys up in the attic Your mind should be up there exactly Especially their bed and toys like i’m Sorry but my mind immediately goes to Something Sad yes it’s it’s horrifying like if you Were to traffic Children you obviously would want them In a place where they can’t escape they Can’t the neighbors can’t hear them the Attic is a perfect place there’s no Windows if they scream no one’s gonna Hear them and based on the fact that There was a child’s mattress and toys Like it there’s no situation where That’s a good thing like no child should Ever be up in that in the in the attic You can’t come up with like an excuse as To why that’s in there just you don’t That’s not your child and send them up To the attic yes like it’s something Obviously something dark like you can’t Think of a child’s mattress in the attic And not think okay Something is Wrong like you can’t help but think that And to add on top of all of that You have this paranormal activity that Is It’s like really trying to get people’s

Attention it’s trying to get your guys’s Attention right now it’s trying to get Ours look at those footsteps that just Happen while we’re talking about it the Other night that’s what happened So it wants something to like be found It wants to be acknowledged it wants to Tell us something which is why this is Like Very very compelling because you not Only have the paranormal evidence but You have Actual people finding [ __ ] up [ __ ] in here and i feel like a Lot of people online are gonna even say Like that like that’s a person but i Promise you we thought the exact same Thing until we came here the other night And we heard those footsteps and now i’m Convinced that I think that there may there could have Been someone that was coming in here but I definitely believe that there’s a Spirit a spirit like some kind of Presence in the neighbor or the people Who lived in here last that heard the Same thing with the knife it’s like There’s something dark in here lunch That we just went on we just came back From it too and i pointed out i was like Y’all the lighter again is missing he’s Gone when y’all were here i was just About to say like going back to the Whole lighter situation it’s happened

Seven times like i’m not exaggerating That it’s literally you have to play Something you know like maybe maybe even Up to three times i’ll give us that but After that you start Trying to make sure it’s not you like You have to make sure at that point Because then we’re just wasting our Money having to replace lighters like It’s getting frustrating and megan made This comment to me yesterday what if They were taking other things in the Beginning and we were noticing but we Use the lighter almost every day like For candles and whatever else What if they realize they use that every Day Because they’ll start noticing that and Here we are seven lighters later They’re all high you have noticed and Yes They’re gonna notice that you’re under Like like you said if someone’s wanting To make their presence known they’re Gonna take a shower in your restroom They’re gonna point pull out your Underwear they’re doing very obvious Things it’s almost like because they Want us to know like we’re also we’re Not alone like it’s not just us two in This house Speaking of that you guys want to go Show us like the shower absolutely let Me show you the camera too yes okay

Hi my name is nancy And this is bella and uh we used to live Well she was a baby when we lived at But um Fortunately we never experience anything That i can really remember or say However Tenants that have lived there Things have happened heard things they Could probably explain that a little bit Better to you I will say that when we lived there home Was pretty normal all the windows were Functioning opening and closing Um We actually had the attic um Where my husband went in and not him but A carpenter went in and put like Boards so that we could walk up there so When we Uh Left the home it was completely clean Out nothing left in the attic No weird stuff in them when we lived There Nothing no funny business so so there Was it was a very normal house very Normal very normal um No yeah not scary at all not scary at All like and the window was not glued The window was not glued everything was Doors were functioning Windows were functioning everything was

Normal good to go and i think your Husband was telling us about the Termites do you know what happened with That oh we did have a termite problem i Forgot about that we did have a termite Problem that was like In the master bedroom only Um Don’t know if that’s happened to them or Not but yeah we did have a termite that Was like i think we had like two or Three people come out until they finally Got it that was odd though like it was Just there was no reason for us to have A termite issue And he was telling us that there was Like a lot of termites that kind of came Out of nowhere i don’t know where yes Um i will say that when that happened i Asked my father because my father’s like Old school and Um I don’t know what you’ve heard But i know that’s like a good thing or a Bad thing For us it’s not a good thing which is Kind of weird what do you mean like Termites are not a good thing like they Come they Come how do i say um It’s not a good like a good vibe good Spirit good type Thing you know like what do you say Thank you thank you

Uh whereas ladybug it’s like look right Termites bad omen and we could not get Rid of them but again we i never we Never felt Anything weird happened it wasn’t like We were scared in there Um so what just as a curios you know Question what do termites mean it’s just Bad luck Um Because i’ve never heard that before Yeah it’s like uh When In in the hispanic culture i mean you Might be able to look this up When somebody passes Termites is sometimes something that you See or somebody’s gonna pass So obviously that was that was a little Uh Weird not weird it was concerning And he was saying that there were like Lots like piles right How many like a lot like like when they They came in to clean them when they Were like dead dry whatever it was like A lot like not just like a few it was Like a lot like like piles they were Like what like they were scooping them Up they were scooping them up exactly Wow And in what room in the master bedroom Closet Weird

Like where do termites come from that Just you know swell out of nowhere That many too really weird But other than that And talking about like the possibility Of someone coming into the house you Guys have never seen anything weird in The neighborhood like No people walking around their house or Anything like that no but a couple weeks Ago there was actually someone that came And stole someone’s bike with their Garage open They They stole their bikes when they like The last day they were moving out they Stole them came back took their power Washer and just left With the open garage yes interesting Because that’s but they never tried to Go inside the house i think they did try And it was locked like that door So right by one two three homes down From us one two three so it’s still Close Yeah but you guys Once again nothing crazy happened for You Didn’t hear anybody When you lived there that had had Experiences No well so last night actually my son Said He’s a gamer he plays his games all the

Time he stays up late he’s like you know It’s so weird that we’re talking about This he’s like i don’t know if i’ve ever Told you or whatever but when i played Games i thought i heard stuff and i’m Like no see stop you never told me that And now you’re telling me that and and He was in the the bedroom over there not Over there that we used the shelby’s i Guess from as a guest bedroom lit up Yeah And then Yeah yeah that wasn’t glued when we Lived there that’s really weird i don’t Know what that’s about I would freak out too Yeah so So you said that you don’t experience Anything but you also said you have like Rosaries and oh yeah Well so being catholic um i grew up you Know we’re religious we we pray what not And i have rosaries at the tip of my bed And we keep holy water If there’s ever anything that i Experience or feel We use the holy water to kind of say a Prayer and get rid of whatever Negative possible vibes there might be But nothing bad has ever happened all Our life growing up stuff happened but We were never scared in the house that We lived in and my dad feels like maybe That’s followed me particularly but i’m

Not scared i feel like they’re uh this Might sound weird but i feel like They’re friendly ghosts or spirits Whatever you want to call them so Something seems to have happened maybe Yeah i’d forgotten i can’t believe john Remember that so you live but you how Long ago did you live at this one oh Gosh she was Just born born we and then we live maybe Six seven months so it’s been 12 years That we lived there So it’s been a while since they were There it’s totally possible that Something could have happened with Anyone else living after absolutely and There was I’m gonna go with at least six tenants Before Austin and his roommate live there so Who knows with the mattress potentially Yeah somebody had to put it up there Because you guys left and it was it Wasn’t there there was no mattress Absolutely no mattress no toys nothing Left behind so Any final thoughts anything to say but In this house when i was younger i Saw Something above the stairs and looking Back now it kind of looked like Slenderman Really my grandma used to watch me and i Would just see that and babies and dogs

I hear see ghosts yes they do i used to See that above there all the time when She used to come and i’d cry go Downstairs try and go up and It was just crazy well we said that we Get a weird vibe at the top of their Stairs too something shelby just told me While they were sitting here they’re Sitting here her room’s right up there Where it’s lit shelby just said that she Saw her lamp flicker I said you saw that and like i can Control it’s the red lamp right there in The corner of the window i control it With my phone Like so there’s no it’s not like Like i i don’t even have my phone Outside with me right now last night Before y’all went inside actually i was Going through here i didn’t tell them But i saw a shadow up there Really okay so this is And she’s probably not going to be on Camera but my neighbor Down the way and i i was telling them What’s going on or telling her what’s Going on and when we were walking and She’s from mexico and obviously there’s A language barrier there but when we Were walking over there when we were by Ourselves um And i was telling her what’s going on She i was pointing to the window or Whatever we were walking and she was

Like oh nancy let’s keep walking because There’s there’s somebody up there now i Don’t know where y’all were conducting Your interview But you mean just now no no she just i Just walked her because she gave us some Food and so i was telling her what was Going on and she was like oh well let’s Keep walking because there’s somebody in The room i don’t want them to think Because i was there upstairs We’ve been downstairs Her and i were standing like right in Front of your car And talking and i was explaining to her And i used my hands a lot as you can see And so i’m talking to her and she’s Looking and she’s like oh well let’s Keep walking to somebody’s and Somebody’s there and i was like okay Let’s keep walking you know i just got Goosebumps up and Been downstairs for like hours doing the Investigation no none of us have been up There wow But she’s more saying that she feels or She’s or she saw no no like i said we Were in front of your car and i’m facing Her and i’m telling her so this is What’s going on So she’s facing the home and she’s like Okay well there’s somebody in the room i Don’t want them to think you know let’s Keep walking

And we have not been and i turned and i Saw your light is on so i’m like okay Maybe they’re up there so let’s let’s go Yeah she was wanting to be like more Respectful of like yeah let’s get out of Here yes We’re not up there I swear to you the entire time we’ve Been in that house we’ve been downstairs I can’t believe you didn’t lead with That that is so crazy Your light is on so i’m like okay maybe They’re up there i don’t know so i was Like okay miss laura let’s go All right let’s go Hey but back to what bella was saying About the and you just said something Really and that gave me goosebumps as Well about the top of the steps so when She was she was approximately two years Old about two years old And when my mom would come babysit her Here She would always tell my mom’s past now But she would always tell me In spanish nancy some something scares Bella at the top of the steps she’ll be She’ll be playing i’m cooking and she As a baby toddler whatever wants to go Upstairs and i tell her no no you can’t Go up and the minute that bella would Look up She would

Do like like Something yeah nobody was there except For her We have a piece of furniture up at the Top That was uh given to us by one of john’s Um family members who’s also passed now And so my mom thought maybe There was something with the piece of Furniture he was attached to it Something like that but like all her Baby toddler from two to four i think She was probably about four That she stopped freaking out but even With me I said come on and and she she didn’t Want to look up at the top of the step So i don’t know if it’s a piece of Furniture but it’s just weird that y’all Just said that in the morning in the Morning when i put my shoes on i just Like Get a bad bite from there sitting down And i look back and i’m like oh okay i’m Gonna go somewhere else that’s crazy That you guys are saying that because my Perspective not even you know living Here i’ve been telling them the whole Time that that little area right when You get to the top kind of between the Closet and the bedroom is like where i Feel something just where the energy is You know energy that’s also where their Dogs stare up their dogs will just stare

Up At the top of the stairs for so long and You call them like come on and they just Will not break eye contact with Whatever’s up there So i was literally sending courtney Pictures today Of luna the dog just staring up at the Stairs And she will just do that throughout the Day and we’re like luna look at us and She won’t and like where the laundry is Right at the top that’s always where i Feel so there’s like someone over my Head yeah there’s like the ac vent where You like have to change the filters and Then there’s the attic and it’s just Right there right at that little section You always feel weird So i guess to kind To kind of cap this off so just now You’re talking about 20 30 minutes ago Somebody saw a man up there Someone like someone yes someone Wow Yes and it’s been like way over an hour And a half at least do you feel anything In that room absolutely i was telling Them earlier in my interview like when I’m up there when i’m like in bed like Getting ready to go to sleep it’s like When you feel someone walking into the Same room as you and you can just like

Feel someone else has walked in there With you but no one’s there you even Told me the other day that blue You texted me i was in my room and she Was in her room she texted me and she Was like i feel so weird she’s like blue Won’t stop staring by the door yes like He just my blue’s my cat and he’ll just Literally just stare at the door And she she felt so freaked out she even Texted me and she was like will you like Come in here for a second like she’s Like i can like it’s just like you feel Like off put it it’s like very Off-putting at some point like today Megan was like i got just like the Chills i was like oh really i feel fine Right now like we’ll just like randomly Feel these things and we’re like This isn’t right i’ve never felt this Before somewhere and it’s always Upstairs yeah i feel like it’s this i Feel like downstairs it doesn’t look Fine but then something about the Upstairs is just a little uneasy so very Uneasy We’ll hear things upstairs but never Downstairs But you just made me remember something Me yes when you were just saying about Your cat but i don’t know why this Triggered this memory um so growing up i Don’t know and i feel like it’s a folks Folktale um

Been told that when you smell flowers It’s somebody that has passed Now i don’t know that’s something that I’ve always carried with me i i have Have experienced that in that home in The master bedroom um Where i smell roses Um and that’s happened to me here as Well in my home But um It’s not like a bad thing like but but It’s crazy because i can clearly smell Flowers roses Something and so growing up that’s what I was told um but i just remember that Did happen to me In The masters Well okay so I have a few plants back here in the Backyard We’ll show it like it’s these pots right Here okay so So my mom gave me this pot right here And she had planted like a few seeds in It i think it was like a magnolia or Something like just a random flower And it was like months ago when she gave Me this pot months ago nothing ever Sprouted she had planted seeds i was Like mom nothing nothing’s coming up What the [ __ ] my light just died We’ve been filming with this all night

My light just died Okay Let me show people online Fully charged light How long does it usually last Three days And You’re battling and i got a state Both camera batteries this one too look At this one bar both of these we’re Supposed to be able to last Six hours We’ve been filming for about an hour and A half And i just plugged in my other camera And then this battery’s dying and this Light just died on camera But like Going back to the plant like my mom gave Me this pot only had seeds planted in it And months passed by nothing sprouted And then randomly we got like a plant Sprouting out of it and i was like okay It finally spreads so i downloaded an App where you can like see what’s you Take a picture of the leaf and it’ll Tell you the whole like what’s growing And blah blah blah i decide to you know Take a picture of the leaf it’s essence Of nightshade i don’t know if anyone’s Familiar with nightshade but it’s highly Toxic i tell them that people use it to Poison other people you kill them Without like a poison yeah like it it’s

Used to kill children it’s in a lot of Movies honestly too like yeah that’s how We first kind of like knew what that’s Honestly how i know what it is like they Talk about it on like game of thrones Like old medieval type things where they Use a lot of poisons Essence of night shade as you usually Mentioned I have it literally It’s growing in a pot in my backyard It’s all over the backyard now like we Had weeds back here but nothing like This not plants like this it’s never Decided to sprout in the pot like it’s Actually like It’s just showing up and we picked a Very weird plant yeah show up a Poisonous plant like it’s shocked what We had everywhere this is a weed this is A freaking plant this is what we’re Seeing now yes we never saw this it was Only ever this The things with the like fat leaves like Right here all of this this whole thing Essence of nightshade Poison poison it’s literally poison and It wasn’t there when you all moved on it Just came about when y’all have lived he Like made the jokes like we had a couple Of mushrooms sprouting the other day and Me and megan like i’m into like yes They’re like no thank you we don’t want To accept the gifts like we’re not going

To move we’re not going to touch the Tall tales of like don’t accept the Gifts from the fairies just express your Gratitude and leave it at that and we Did that with the mushrooms and now We’re getting this and now we have this So now it’s just like Weird like That’s creepy that’s very Weird Absolutely yeah like it’s a literal Poison that kills children Children as in like child mattress Finding in the ass toys Like kids toys in the attic it all like All ends up somehow connecting And so it’s like that’s very bizarre Right It’s just shocking Okay well so Let’s go upstairs Follow us Okay So this specifically this area is kind Of where we feel a lot of like this is Our laundry room So this genuinely like is where we’re Just kind of feeling like a weird Presence and like if you look up like Here’s the air conditioner vent that’s The attic it blows that way though it Doesn’t even blow towards like this There’s no draft when you get up here It’s like wait like you immediately get

Like i don’t know like a presence you Know what i mean like It’s just like that feeling like someone Else is here like how megan was Explaining earlier when she’s doing Laundry and laundry rooms right here in The middle of the like common area like You’re gonna you feel something and no One’s feeling yeah like you literally You feel that like you’re you feel Someone’s right there and you think like You’re gonna shut this like the door and See someone in the reflection type of Thing like and there’s no one there Absolutely so if you want to follow me Please I will say too I’ve told courtney here’s courtney hello Right here Is where i feel yeah Like i don’t know if it’s the relation To the attic right there like even right Now i feel like something in my stomach Like it’s like almost like on my skin i Can feel it yeah it’s like something It’s like cold heat yes you know it’s Like a burning like kind of weirdness Like i have all these like i have long Sleeve pants on and i still like i’m Like i’m going to tell you i actually Feel Something yeah no see i’m not even [ __ ] with you at all no Yes when they’re like at the bottom of

Stairs they stare straight up to here That is freaky and it’s like say i’m in My room and megan’s in her room the Animals only congregate right here So welcome This is my room Generally when i am in the shower so Usually when i’m using a washcloth and I’m showering um when i when i’m done I’ll just like toss it over here into The bathtub And like once that just kind of piles up I’ll take all the dirty towels and stuff Out of there because i don’t take baths Typically i just shower And so like i just throw it in there so I would notice If i left that there i wouldn’t I don’t just like leave stuff like this Like You can see myself organized like i’m Just ocd about that like i would toss it Over even if i wanted to leave it in the Shower i would hang it here or i’d hang It like on one of the edges like i even Have a squeegee like i’m ocd about it You know what i mean So i wouldn’t know if i left a washcloth Especially one that’s i don’t even want To touch it that’s Like sopping wet So this is this is an actual washcloth That was that you found yes and i have Not touched it i haven’t touched it

Is this where it was found yes Yeah we literally have not touched it That is so crazy and i’ve always said That every time i shower specifically in This corner like i always feel like just Like something like i will even ask her Sometimes to just come hang out with me Because like you just feel so weird yeah Samia That is crazy though there it is There she is well you want to see the Glued window yeah With the camera follow me oh and the Camera And like mind you when we had this like I specifically had i’m pretty sure it’s Still like that but there’s like other Boxes on top of the box that it had wait Don’t move it yet oh that wasn’t there Move that i just moved that we put that There today so this is how it looked Originally like i have my art box on top Of like all the electrical stuff So This originally when we had it it was in This box wait no not that one this one So this has all like just random wires I’ve collected over the years like Cameras and like whatever else Yeah so when we first just like talked About using it wi-fi went out for the Whole day the next time we went to use It Like it’s cut cut i didn’t even realize

Yeah that’s the only way it’s holding The only way it’s holding on is Literally the plastic on the end like The wires themselves have been cut Through too That is crazy right right And that was like after we had like Really truly been like okay we need to Get the like cameras out like It’s time It’s cut like we like saw that it was Cut and we were like let’s just put it Away like we were like if someone was in Here too and heard you say that that’s What we were afraid of that’s when like The wi-fi i was like we’re obviously Talking too loud like when she asked About a camera i told specifically i was Like i know exactly where my camera is Too i was like it’s in my like wire box My electrics box in the closet in my Office like i said exactly that So if somebody were to hear that they Would have come up here that’s when we Cut it concerned about the gun because We’ve expressively talked about where We’ve hidden the gun and i was like 40 Times when i am out of town because i Travel yes so and like i don’t take it With me so when i am out of town that She can like use it and she’ll know Where it is and like We felt even though we need to move Where i hide it because i was like megan

We’ve expressively told out loud like Where the gun is like we’ve said it Several times so we need to like move it And now we’ve moved it to the point Because we’re we’re just so freaked out Like we don’t know what to do like like The possibility that someone is there And listening in like We have to take every precaution yes Because like i don’t want to say like we Don’t want to like immediately go to Ghost because like When does that ever happen like honestly Like people no literally like how does That actually happen we try to explain It though like we don’t we don’t even Want to think that it’s another person We’ve tried to explain it as literally Anything under the sun that we can But nothing makes sense not until we Like actually we’ll catch them and we’re Like oh my god like this is actually Like [ __ ] weird Seriously like Normal people don’t go through this like This isn’t something that happens in Everyone’s house we’re 24 25 years old And this has never happened to me this Doesn’t happen like in any of the houses That i’ve rented over the years like you Just this has never happened Like you joke around at other places You’ve lived and you’re like oh my god This place is haunted

Like but you’ve never actually no you Don’t actually experience things as if Like we’re actually experiencing them Now like even when we were talking to The neighbor like how she was like oh Someone’s in that room let’s not like Look up there but like we haven’t been Up we hadn’t been out there in hours Like Like that was that’s even on camera like We weren’t we weren’t like chalking it Up to something more like we all got our Genuine reaction on camera that we were All like did y’all just hear that um To find out that they saw someone in my Room at the same time since we heard Those yes Well let’s show them shelby’s room Real quick okay so my room’s this way Oh sorry So this is my room this is where they Saw the shadow all that jazz This is the window we’ve been talking About And this is where they saw someone Walking around um the woman outside yeah 30 minutes ago yeah 30 minutes ago this Is the room it stinks up right whenever We’re saying like that we heard Footsteps and we were all freaking out Like this is exactly where it was This is the window they were talking About being glued shut i noticed this Basically when we moved in i was like oh

I can’t open my window like that’s kind Of odd It’s you can’t even Like i’m It’s it’s glued shut wow dude that is Really right it’s like actually like I wouldn’t see it Holy [ __ ] that is more intense than i Thought it would be yes that is nuts Look at that someone did not want this Window open yeah look at all this This dude Is like like the seal this is this is Sealed all of this is sealed it’s like This this right here this entire window The whole thing even down here dude even Down here it’s sealed You see that Yeah and like i’ve even lived so when i Went to school Where i went to school they used to seal All the windows because of the dust You don’t seal it like this like i’ve Seen the seals for windows specifically So things won’t come in and like just Like dust and stuff like that you don’t Seal it with glue Like this is insane this is this is like Visibly like Someone like it’s like a homemade job Like someone’s genuinely sealing it up Yeah like because they don’t want Someone getting out yeah they do not Want no even noise yeah voice a cry for

Help literally they don’t want it out That is look at this courtney can you Can you guys channel this is the only Window that doesn’t have a screen on it All in there like that is a very very Thick Layer of seal or And someone added that within the last Few years because if i try to dig it out With my nails even like you can’t you Literally i’m trying to pick it off you Can’t You literally can’t i’m going to break It now you can’t get it out even look at This over here you see this massive Amount of stuff over here that’s like You can literally press your finger into That because that’s so much sealant Like they put a lot of work into making Sure no one can come out of here why is This the only one too that doesn’t have A screen and you guys have no answers Why no no no no and they never told you Oh the windows literally two days ago Literally i and like Literally a couple weeks ago we were Talking about our windows and megan like Made a com her office window has a hard Time shutting all the way and i was like Oh i can’t even open my window And that’s weird What’s weird to me is why wouldn’t they Do that if someone genuinely just didn’t Want people getting out of the windows

Why wouldn’t they do both windows right Like like do a good enough job of Keeping people out why are you stealing Why wouldn’t they seal both windows why Did it why was it from the inside out Why would they just do this one and not The office not megan’s only this room Especially with jail bars too on top of The glue yeah like the jail bars aren’t There anymore but like they were Like it’s obviously keeping someone Inside not someone coming in to the House it’s someone eating them and they Don’t want them getting out yeah really Eerie well i don’t know about you guys But i’m ready to start Investigating yeah yeah well not that Again It’s about time We find out what’s going on literally Because like because i’m terrified quite Honestly I’m terrified to say that let’s go Right when we turn the camera on okay we Were just setting up some motion lights Right here and the rem pod just started Hitting and it stopped right when we Started rolling But you can see it’s still alerting look At that i’m gonna have to cry i don’t Like that like rivaling cordy was like Turn the cameras on it’s going it’s Literally going off it stopped Yep well it’s happened many times

Like Interesting I’m telling you that is not me the one Up there that is not me I just walked over look at that You guys weren’t moving no Okay so i just walked over here to Move the motion sensing lights because We thought that they might have been Being triggered by us sitting over there The moment i came over here all three of Them went from the bottom step to the Top step one two three Yes literally walked up And i got that on camera too [Applause] But have a motion light right here right Here and right here i guess i can turn This one around Okay Why don’t you guys just uh introduce Yourselves to you see that that just Turned on by itself That one it’s facing the other way do You all hear something I swear i just heard something like it Was like running around Yes you heard that I swear if you play that back you’re Gonna be able to hear that Here i’m gonna turn the light Off okay everybody who’s in this house Anybody male female whatever you are Feel free to come talk to us these guys

Live here they want to know who you are And what you want Out of this because Honestly you have been kind of Frightening people and that’s not okay It’s okay to have an open conversation But if you’re gonna scare people We need to figure out why that’s Happening so i’m gonna introduce myself My name is colin it’s good to meet you All Hi i’m megan i’m one of the tenants that Live here I’m shelby i also live here Yes and these are my really good friends And they invited us to come today so we Can help Um get some answers and communicate with You so if you’re here Come down here we have a device here That you can come touch And we would love to talk with you Tonight If there’s anybody here We’re not afraid of you none of us have Any fear in our hearts can you Make a noise or give us a sign to let us Know where you are in the house Please make yourself known we would like To know who you are and what you would Like we’re willing to listen Okay That was you Come down the stairs i heard you

Upstairs Walk down the stairs please Like i i just want to know like i don’t Mind you being here i just would rather Be comfortable knowing Rampard Show me keep asking Just make yourself known we don’t mind You being here We are okay with sharing the space with You If we can all just Get along Just make yourself nervous That’s all we ask is if you make Yourself known so we can all be Comfortable here And this isn’t even the scariest part of The house That’s That’s like the thing that’s crazy you Have parts of investigations where Places are more active this down here is The least active also look at my battery All of a sudden it’s four bars Do you see that it’s really it’s four Bars And you’ve been talking about how it’s About yeah hold up let me get a shot of This Okay i want to show that there’s my Camera i was just bitching about this Thing being on one bar Look at that that is a full cat

Full camera battery That is insane that it randomly came Back like that no you cannot it’s like Him Her they Them would like Their story told they’re giving you the Battery now well do you see the rim pods Still hitting the pod’s still going that Light blinking yeah that means the Temperature is changing Like i just i want them to be able to Express their stories i want them to Feel comfortable with us living here Okay asking something oh my god Is that you here with us are you Stepping here because you want to tell Your story Are you a child Were you stuck in the attic Have you been messing with Shelby and megan’s stuff Are you the one taking the lighter I feel a little colder I feel it i literally felt it right now Look at that Can you Step away from the lights Can you step away Just yeah keep keep moving away go Towards the stairs Move over to the stairs yeah like shelby Said knows we’re talking to it it’s like No i’m here it finally is getting its

Voice It’s loud they’re loud they want to be Known they want you that just started Out of nowhere too Are there more than one Spirit in here Seriously because there’s i think There’s somebody upstairs that’s darker And there’s somebody that’s got a Lighter energy That is Something tripped this thing though You saw that when you were asking both Both sensors too The temperature and the emf think about It this was on the entire time we were By the stairs this has been on the Entire time didn’t go off it went off That one time until we started asking it Specific questions i feel almost Vibrational i’m like shaking Here i’m literally like Let me know if you’re here please No [ __ ] way Oh my god dude it’s it’s standing right Here guys it’s it’s whoever’s here is Here Right now Is it me that you’re attracted to Is it something with shelby’s room It’s almost like it’s like it needs help You know yeah like a something that’s Been like

Okay let’s race let’s reset it that is Insane Hold up look at this It stopped Okay please Please Walk towards the stairs Can you Please get further so we can reset Please Yes that’s amazing please just walk to The stairs please Okay that was a lot um I’m like My hand i’m like shaking you know Which keep in mind most of the places That we investigate are haunted Locations places that people They’re they’re known to be haunted this Is just our friend’s home we’re Genuinely trying to get my best friend’s Answers on what’s happening and it’s Very clear that there’s something here And it clearly wants its voice heard so Hopefully In the investigation we’re going to be Able to figure out i’m not really like i Know i’m literally i’m shaking if you Can see my hair You were just here Show yourself again Do you want us to come upstairs We can follow you up there if you want Whoever’s down here is there something

That Some energy that scares you upstairs is There something That’s not as friendly up there See sometimes in investigations we’ll Get a lot of activity all at once and Then for some reason whatever entities There They’ll leave the room we’ve experienced This so many times where it will be so Heavy and then out of nowhere it’ll lead I feel like it left Yeah and bottom of the line it’s cold Anymore and think about it If this was a faulty device it would Still be going off yeah you know and It’s completely silent well we’ve always Said that like we don’t hear Like the things that we hear come from Upstairs when we feel activity it’s Always like i genuinely like feel Comfortable typically when like i’m just Here downstairs i don’t really feel Things like but also we asked it to make Itself known i feel like it came Downstairs let itself be known and then It walked upstairs where it really wants To kill i just feel like it really wants Us to follow it The The footstep that we heard do you want Us to come upstairs can you give us a Sign up there Ari oh what the [ __ ] you see that look

At that look at that one That’s the top one The top oh Oh i’m not even moving i’m not moving Energy too energy right here dude i’m Not i wasn’t even trying to get that on Camera whoa whoa where did that top Light would go first Dude It came down to me i have goose bumps All on my body right now are you here With us right now again Are you back downstairs dude full body Chills over here honestly for me Come back over here if you’re here Show yourself known on this whole thing Please I’m telling y’all i feel Freaky right here Look at that there’s the second one The top one i have to literally go over Here you just walked over to the stairs And it went up almost like it was like Standing there already and then when you Walked over it ran up the stairs no it Looked like it came down because the top One was first and then this bottom one I like the air in here just feels Different it’s just like I i i I’m tripling one more time if you are up There i like to just hear from you guys Could you just knock on something or Move something up there and we’ll come

Up and talk to you Just please show us that you’re up there And we’ll we’ll have a conversation Okay well we’re going to come up um Real quick Real quick Real quick That was the most audible sound yes Are you over there near the bathroom I just feel weird like i feel like Someone’s here with us and i don’t know How to explain it so And that’s the thing with these Investigations like a lot of times People no you’re good but people online Like you can’t A lot of times you’re not seeing it like When people think of ghosts you think of Things flying around and hitting things But it really is a feeling yeah it’s Hard to explain but when you can’t feel It through the screen oh jesus Oh my God Okay Look at that i’m telling you that’s Exactly what i think we should do and it Confirmed it You can’t fake that you cannot fake that Okay step away whatever energy is here Is so intense that it literally cannot Even step away it’s like powerful it’s Like

The sensors in this so hard that it Cannot shake what’s what comes in you Know That’s and i forgot that was on Yeah literally because it stopped for a While okay so We When we go up to the attic i had Explained that if there’s anything up There that we should bring it down here And investigate it because previous Owners said there were mattresses there Were Kids toys i said earlier we talked about This and we said that if there was Something up there shelby and megan said That they might want to leave it up There and I can understand that perspective but What just happened off camera which is Crazy is i was telling them and i said If there’s something up there we should Bring it down here to the table and Investigate it and i pointed at the Table and the moment that i pointed at It this thing started going [ __ ] hate Wire And it was silent for like 15 minutes Just now and then i pointed at it and it Started tripping out Like it’s still going like I’m so sad that that wasn’t on camera no Literally so good because you Immediately you’re like should we bring

Them downstairs and like bring it Towards this Yeah i literally said something up there Let’s bring it down to the table and i Pointed at the rem pod and it started Freaking out And it hasn’t stopped Also should we introduce that they’re Here to help us yeah and so we we paused For a second to introduce hunter and and Connor you guys know connor he’s got the Apparently merch on That’s my brother that’s my brother Connor His best friend and roommate hunter Great great great group of fellas Here to help stop ice irish oh my god my Life is dying again He’s just charging for an hour It’s been on for like 20 seconds and you Said it would last like three days yes Um what’s your battery camera app your Camera battery my camera is full right Now you know what’s weird about his Battery Down to like one bar and randomly it Grew to full bars This was just charging for like Literally an hour bars And think about it the only time i just Used this light was to introduce the Scene and to turn on right now for like Two minutes should we ask about the Batteries

Do you want us to bring things down from The attic will we learn your story from The stuff upstairs Or should we just not touch it Do you have anything up there That is a hundred percent and if you’re Gonna say that’s not that that right There off camera was like that was Insane we have to do it we have to it Literally just showed that it wants us To you know Okay before we ever started this Investigation like before y’all even Came over i had my backpack it’s my gym Bag i put it up against the wall like That we just walked in here It was moved from the wall Like this And this is the room where somebody just Saw somebody standing by the window this Is like the most active room in the House like this is the one with the Glued window like and we did i didn’t we Haven’t been up for hours this is the First time we’ve come up here since Y’all got here so Like creepy and this is your bedroom Yeah this is my bedroom this is the one With the window that’s glued shut like The one with the bars on the window yeah This is the one like supposedly with the Most activity Okay so we are now in shelby’s bedroom

This is the Room where just an hour ago uh shelby’s Neighbor shelby and megan’s neighbor Saw somebody standing at the window Right there this is the window that’s Glued shut this is where we think crimes May have happened somebody may have been Sealed in here or kept in here Personally i have felt Weird in this room we slept here the Last two nights so be interesting to See exactly what’s in here it’s courtney Shelby megan and i And this is the ovulus for you guys this Thing basically measures the emf in the Environment electromagnetic field when The Emf levels deviate from the standard It puts that deviation through an Algorithm and it gives you a word So i’m also going to run A right here a voice recorder so we can Catch evps Here you go on this So we need to be quiet Whoever’s in here Please come and talk to us we just want To figure out who you are Don’t be afraid of us we’re not afraid Of you I start the ovulation Yes Morning desk Could what’s your name

You seem to like Scaring people By appearing and what not I live in this room i i i just want to Know if someone else is in here with me That’s all i’m asking out of you Do you know who lives in this room Or who used to live in this room You hear that Yeah i heard something that was from out Of this room I also will say like This is a lot Y’all haven’t done investigations before But there will be like 20 minutes where nothing will happen and Then all of a sudden a lot will happen All at once Are you standing there it said desk and Table yeah which is weird because There’s you go in megan’s office You guys want to go over there do you Want us to go into the office you don’t Want us in this room We just talked about wanting to go in The other room what if it’s like leaving Us Hike Move Pace hike learn It’s saying like Go to the other room And buy the store yeah yeah like take Like take a hike

Saying peace hike do you want us to get Out of this room One Cheat cat hurt Underline let me see Were you hurt in this house Record record Record ring bracelet Record what record record lane and Bracelet Pendant bracelet and pendant yeah that’s Talking about jewelry yes that’s that’s Where your underwear drawer is that’s What it is your underwear drawers this Right here is where she keeps her Underwear and her jewelry is all on There too Are you behind me is that what you’re Trying to tell me right now Do you like shelby’s jewelry is that why You’ve been going through her drawers Maybe it’s a girl that was abducted or Something In the drawer with my panties Is a bag of like what i use to like Travel with my jewelry Oh I swear We can look at it right now it’s a bag That says ss and that’s what i use to Like travel with my jewelry Can you tell us Something about who you were Religion

Right when you asked that you were Religious What else can you tell us about you or What you’re wanting to tell us Come on keep talking Why don’t we go to the office tight foot Cut foot cut foot rhythm You want us to dance Did something bad Happen to you in this house No i really did like it it changed like I feel like I don’t know i’m like hot but like you Just it’s hard to explain Dress Dress I feel like honestly like I feel like a female presence is in here We’re getting bracelet pendant dress Ceiling Attic Do you want us to come to the attic What if there’s a bunch of dresses in The like box i feel cold right now i’m Not even kidding you Oh i got a weird like on my skin feeling Are you a woman is that why you keep Referencing dresses and jewelry Were you the one that moved shelby’s Underwear Are you being a little nosy You guys want to go to the office Sin

Sin It said religion earlier Gag gag Gagged So you can’t scream for some reason i Feel i don’t honestly i genuinely don’t Feel a huge presence in here But that’s what i’m saying energy moves Around for a split second in there i Really felt it And then it was gone the same yes and That’s what we wanted to have Investigations like you’ll feel Something and we can come back in 30 Minutes and this room will be charged Like that’s just how it is but like Right now i feel like i’m just sitting In a bedroom yeah yeah Let’s go to the office see if there’s Anything in there All right guys we’re in the master Bedroom right now it’s me and hunter me Connor shannon uh we got two motion Sensor lights Set up in here One in the closet over here And then One over on this side of the room uh we Just turned on the rem pod And it is already going insane right Here we’ve maybe been in this room for Five minutes maybe Maybe five minutes um we got the spirit

Box in here tonight We’re gonna get this going Spirit box in here we gotta get this all Situated and then we will be ready to go It’s just one stop This rim pod has been going crazy Ever since we stepped into this house Yeah Being in this room for about five Minutes now the closet Uh This room definitely has a very eerie Vibe just the house alone tonight it’s Got a different energy than It usually does for sure From morehouse oh i’m not saying that no Doubt about it So whoever’s in here with us we would Love to talk to you tonight Uh we’re gonna be using some devices We’d like to talk to you through so come Make contact with us tonight we’d love To have a conversation with you Is there anyone here with us Feel free to come forth and speak Is there a little kid here with us Was that you that was messing with the Rempot earlier If there’s someone here with us can you Come sit down with us We have some lights set up around the Room If you touch them they’ll turn on so we Can know you’re here with us

Why did the closet have termites in it At one point If you’re in the closet Towards us Who’s in that closet Who’s in this room with us Do you like being in that closet This is an opportunity for the both of Us Do you not like us being in here with You Okay so we’ve reset this rim pod about Six times Past ten minutes we’ve been in here We’ve reloaded and it keeps going Crazy it’ll be silent And then it won’t stop I mean i’ve just never seen anything Like this i can’t imagine that it would Just go absolutely wild It doesn’t matter where we set it up in This room it just doesn’t stop i’m gonna Reset it again and put it in the far Corner and see if it’ll do anything Let’s reset it Nobody’s near it so we’re gonna We’re gonna come way over here Okay See what i’m talking about We just reset it No matter where we move it it starts Going crazy If you’re in this room with us could you

Please step towards me and conor We would love to talk to You to you Up to you All right we gotta figure this out it’s Weight it’s like actually cold in here Here okay so i’m gonna run Yo Phantom yell camera Okay i’m gonna run the voice recorder And i’m gonna let the three girls sit in Here for a couple minutes and just You guys try okay I think we should all sit together yeah What does it say i suffered Okay Judge Bank Do you have an interesting backstory it Sounds like it there’s a voice recorder Okay y’all sit in the ground right here Did something Did something illegal happen that’s the Second time it’s a table Did something illegal happen in this House Are you sitting by the table right now We’re in the office now let us know if You want us to be in here All right let’s let’s put it in the Middle of us and kind of create like a Little circle but we have to stand kind

Of far away from it so it won’t go off Are you here with Okay we us two devices here with us now So You can communicate through either and We Can know what you want to tell us so Is this where you wanted to take us We’re here listening to you Give us anything How old are you Are you a girl Are you alone Hand it to me Medium Medium and content What do you want us to know you can tell Us through this device right here you Can say any word you want to Megan and shelby the girls who live here They just want Some answers and they want to know who It is that lives here with them Could you let us know Female immersion us Okay that’s weird because we were just Saying who are you are you girl are you A boy or girl Female immersion eyes world it seems Like a girl who likes It seems like a girl who likes jewelry They said dress jewelry they’ve said Rings bracelet yeah it seems like i

Definitely think it’s a girl and that’s Why she likes like she likes going in Your room probably i don’t i don’t want To be you see i’m on your idol Shelby’s for animals smell Report smell report smell interesting Because the girl the lady outside said That They always smell Look The [ __ ] Thing just went off The motion Sensor i just watched it go off cross Over Cross They’re coming in they crossed over they Crossed rooms Are you coming into here Watch Watch Are you watching us do this Is there something in the cement their Floors are also meant in this house Did you just come step into the room we Saw the light come off and then it says Crossover Coat it keeps saying little articles It’s like clothing it’s like accessories What might be Uh stairs maybe Do you love fashion Interesting because they’re over there Investigating the closet

And they just said it was going off the Room yeah they said the rem pod was Going off like everywhere in my room We should switch and they should come Into these rooms we should go into their Example Okay What does that mean Scratch scratch Birds Church Church potential Quiet Tina Was your name tina I think we should go into megan’s room And do an investigation in her room and Then go to the attic hair Lisa yell That’s the second time it’s a hair Answer It’s going off But also the rim pod hasn’t gone off Once isn’t that weird It is Were there multiple Girls here Yes Gosh Derrick maybe there was a derrick here So no there was some guys That makes it even creepier that there Was guys because I don’t know just like the underwear

Thing mm-hmm Was derek good or bad Um Abort Can you abort Secret Secret Rapture What if they try to do something Religious upstairs with them or about Sally Yeah Heavy Um is there a lisa or a sally here or a Jackie or a jackie Phone statement Deal What Well why don’t you guys go into the Closet So we’re going to turn the grandpad back On Okay so right now it’s just the women in The room Linger Where Are you in my room I am the one that lives here are you in My room Are you the same person that we just Wed Were you married to someone You can also touch that rim pod that’s Right here

You see the red light get towards it Does it make you mad that only girls Live your arm’s kind of getting hot i’m Not gonna lie Like scratchy hot just that one that Like Do you want to show it and make sure That it didn’t Scratch you can yeah it just like feels Kind of Hot your whole arm’s red But there’s no scratches okay that’s Good I’m going to bring the rim pot of closer To cold January Cold Does it upset you that it’s only girls In here Did you like talking to the boys better Do you not like that we’re in here Robert Robert It didn’t even say it out loud It didn’t Is your name robert Do you or do you not have a crush on me Does it upset you that only me and megan Live here It’s just us girls If your name’s robert did you Have family here did you have other People that lived here with you

Did you do something to hurt the women Here Um I’m crying All right robert all right you made your Point dude to regroup man Um Um Um the motion sensor light in the closet Went off It just went off the motion sensor light In the closet went off Show yourself in the closet again I’m gonna reset it But That’s crazy that when you asked if it Had hurt women it Should we go in the closet Yeah okay you want it yeah i think okay We you don’t have to you know Okay This is where the most activities happen Yeah so we felt a presence in megan’s In megan’s closet yeah So we’re in here right now No one was in here and the motion sensor Went off so yeah So we have the rim pod and the ovulation Here Do you Doug dog it said that earlier We feel a male presence in megan’s room

Did you live in here at one point Did a man used to live in this room What did you hear that yes What was that No We were getting more activity when megan Was with us seriously do you think that They like Because it’s her room they’re Like more Into speaking Because that makes sense like if it’s Her room and someone Lives in that room with her they would Obviously like want her around Should we bring megan back Give us any sign That someone is still here with us If not we’re gonna leave the closet Here thin What does that mean that’s the third Time it said hair Do you like our hair i genuinely think Like a man lived in megan’s room Is that true After something like that on the thing Too Yes it literally said scratch on the Obvious and We just turned on the lights and megan We looked over at megan’s arm And that is like hold on so it’s a long Scratch daddy look at it Long scratches y’all just hear that do

You all just hear that Okay Look at this scratch on my arm megan has A scratch on her arm and look how long It is And this the thing isn’t scratch At one point That’s a long-ass scratch And it’s like up here too and it like Goes down Did that happen We just didn’t know we just noticed it That was like megan what’s on your arm And and shelby was like did you just Scratch yourself and megan was like no i Didn’t and that’s like a long That just happened That was when we’re in the office very Long like there’s not even like a Scratch perspective You can tell that something went like Down your that’s a crazy thing it’s like Yeah even if you tried to scratch Yourself like that that’s a little We’ve come to the conclusion that like We think women are trying to reach out To us that like something bad happened To them and because like we got so many Girls names on them like bracelets and Dress and jewelry Yeah jewelry dresses clothes like and Religion and like a lot of stuff too so What if it has something to do with like But i don’t understand the scratch no

Because if there’s a peaceful entity why Are they scratching you Okay My shoes have a dry bag i’m gonna go Grab a jacket my shoes literally have Zero chickens like i’m not having my Arms exposed anymore yeah the brown pop Was going crazy like i’m generally just Trying to think if i even did scrap but Like i didn’t know Like it would be silent right when we Reset it and then it’d be like 30 Seconds i just scratched myself you can See like multiple scratch marks of when I would scratch And it’s not as like prominent as that Like Big red line that was like a long dark Like scratch That was just so weird because we were Like this is a sweet entity we don’t Feel something evil and then we Immediately look over and megan has the Longest darkest scratched on her arm And like we haven’t been around the Animals so like obviously they didn’t Scratch you i think it there might be A man That’s Maybe i mean you have the Situation where it might have been a man And these women are trying to protect You from him That’s really sweet of them if it is

It could totally be the case Because they’re trying to protect you From him what we’ve heard from the Neighbors and everything i mean them Seeing a man in your room I mean today also keep this in mind We’ve we’ve gotten a lot of ac we’ve Gotten a lot of evidence that it’s a Woman so we’ve been saying like oh it’s Like a peaceful woman what if the man oh He’s getting mad what if the man of the Group is like No he’s like i started this and i want To show you that I don’t know I’m literally like Literally shaking i’m trying to keep Still like wait oh my god It’s okay megan It’s not gonna get you that is new we as We are speaking new scratches are Showing up As we are recording this i’m not kidding It just appeared out of nowhere It’s okay it’s okay megan it’s not gonna Get you we won’t let it that one But those scratches were not there It’s okay meg we’re not gonna have Anything hurt you Your shoulders like be red mm-hmm okay Well i’m about to Just put your jacket off and tell it not To touch you zip up your jacket okay Let’s not have your audience

Let’s just turn on some devices maybe we Can get some answers on why these Scratches appeared and why they’re Targeting megan what Do you see it turning right now look There’s another one that just joined on It What And it kind of goes it’s like getting Redder and redder as well It’s really growing down Am i about to die okay just zip up Everything close all Just cover all skin from now on no skin Let’s not show any Okay we just Set this rim pot down literally just now Keep in mind this is where the termites Were Um but we just set that up and it’s Going off really hard Can you step away from that light Give us time It stepped away for a sec Thank you Thank you keep stepping away Keep stepping away thank you Just back all right all right we’re Gonna turn it off if you don’t step away Please Okay Okay Back up we know you’re here It’s like when we say it it does for a

Second Are you trying to are you trying to hurt Us Okay that’s it slow down that’s a good Sign is there something you want known Yes it does are you a girl Are you a boy Were you hurt in this place What if it wasn’t hurt because it was The man that was hurt is there something In the attic Okay you do the hurting okay Let’s let’s all sit down for a sec Let’s um here’s Raster Judge That it said that again Okay Is the judge here with us Megan i want you to ask questions since You were the one that it scratched Why did you scratch me Triangle son holy like the like the Father son and the holy spirit Are you trying to use my body to Communicate Radio do you want us to turn on the Spirit box If there’s a presence in this room could You step near that rim pot again I kind of want to go show calling my Scratches we can take a pause on this Really quick and go eat and just That’s insane okay so it’s now finally

The time when we’re gonna open the attic For the very first time You guys don’t know what’s up there I have no clue what’s up there And It’s scary we have to value safety so Everyone be very cautious when we go up There But without further ado I’m going to run this camera and this is A Sensitive microphone so i’m going to be Listening for evps while we go up there And if we hear anything at all i’m gonna Report it in live you know time so you Guys can know what i’m hearing as we go Up there But i mean we don’t know if there’s a Person up there we don’t know if there’s Something hidden up there Either way Or not here we go I’m going to put my headphones on too You guys ready Okay Okay Whoa This is not the best ladder Whoa Grandpa’s going off down here Connor you should show them Hold up babe

There’s like a picture of a family up Here okay What the [ __ ] is this Okay well this is This is a very weird first thing to see Dude Oh my god they look creepy yeah This is Okay who who is his family You know only boys Do you guys know anybody who Could have matched this yeah On the portrait This is a nice picture to just leave you Know why would you ever that’s crazy if You were if you lived here Why would you leave that picture You wouldn’t you wouldn’t you would Bring that with you Do you religion they kept talking about Religious too look at all of like the oh My god you’re right They kept talking about religion and sun Specifically okay So many times also you guys didn’t know This [ __ ] was up here right no no we Haven’t been up here do you know these People no i’ve never Even heard of a family living in this House like at all And that’s so weird because if someone

Lived here you would think when they Would move out they would take that Picture with them and why would they Just leave a picture Like that’s like one thing that you Would bring from your family you know Ice Ice Who’s up here in the attic You guys can ask questions too i’m just Gonna listen Are you related to The family and the portrait Who was the kid that had to stay up here Work Um Did you stay up here for work did the People that Put you up here make you Work was it part of your job Inside inside Who put you up here H a h Could that be the initials of something Unclear Maybe they don’t know and there was an h On your body mag Right And each was carved into her skin Okay What do you want If you’re up here Why are you scaring people

Can you speak and tell us Stone compare Compare Compare what Were you being sold Oh That’s what we were saying What if somebody was selling Few How many Was the kid who lived up here one of the Sons Focus Focus We are Can you tell me What the mattress means and the kids Toys Did we bring the toy Someone should go get the toy We brought you a toy Do you want it I’m gonna i think we should grab it yeah Beast Drag Cards energy This picture is So eerie because i just can’t get over The fact this is such a nice picture why Would anybody leave this yeah why like If you were moving out of here you would Bring this with you this is a very nice Photo It’s not a picture from here no

No that’s not a picture that was shot at This house that’s picture from the early 90s yeah clearly this is an old picture Studios i wonder if it says anything on The back can i look at it disease Did someone die Because of a sickness i’m gonna look at The back of it and see if there’s Anything on the back Nope What pendant we should bring that down With us form shown It works Homicide Homicide together Found Found together homicide oh We died up here ledge Y’all are on the ledge Homicide found together what if a whole Family was killed here And they were all found together Literally in a row homicide found Together Can you make a noise Let us know where you are it just said Myself Let me just see if i can hear something On here If you’re here Use your voice Say something to us please So A shirt of breath

Like a What’s your name Etch Poverty Poverty Crappy manual Maze You Felt you Did you touch one of us tonight I wish i knew where the mattress I don’t feel much up here Do you guys No i’m not Really been numb the past hour Are you here with us in the attic Oh [ __ ] Passed You just passed energy We brought you toys We have this toy right here if you want To come play with it Do you like the toy we brought you [Applause] Holy [ __ ] Are you a child Do you like when i play this game Did you stay up here for a while when You were Living up here

Where were you sleeping This thing you it either wants to go off A lot or not at all You know like tonight certain rooms it’s Like going crazy other rooms it’s just Like Nothing Over here Shelby you want to listen Here Weird how right when we take it off the Picture Find near Um so let’s see if just taking it off of The picture Makes it Who’s in the picture It’s a family and we have no idea who The family also let’s keep in mind that We’ve creepy that that picture was up Here no one mentioned at all that there Was a picture up here No even the last tenants they didn’t They didn’t say anything about a picture Where did it come from the neighbors Whenever we were talking to them Um stephen and sam they said that like Right before we moved in they remodeled A lot of stuff So If someone was remodeling they would Like check all the rooms like they

Wouldn’t have just left this here Yeah this is a weird thing to leave in An expensive thing to just leave you Know in a very not only expensive but Very personal to you and your family Like if i had this nice of a picture Of my family i would used to i would Never leave it this is like the one Thing you would take you know Can you come and touch this rem pod Again for us This red light right here Maybe play with the toy again [Applause] [Applause] First [Applause] I kind of want to put it back on the Picture and see if it does something [Applause] Surprise mostly Fate fate Who is this family Surprise did they live here Awesome That was so Creepy this picture is like Really unsettling we gotta bring this Down and do an estes i don’t know what It is about that but some i think you Need to do an estes method up here You for sure need to do an s’s method up Here because there’s something something

Went on up here that’s unsettling I feel like one of them is this what You’re talking about What Like just was saying sons was saying Religion Look all the things that you’re pointing At like the crosses We have we have seen sons over and over Tonight on the objectives not even this Dress that isn’t even this house This isn’t our this isn’t and honestly Like i i also want to point out whoever Whatever house they took this picture in Looks really nice So No like not saying that y’all’s place Isn’t nice but like yeah they went they Went from like a mansion To like a condo Like why would this house why would this Thing end up in a in a condo after they Lived in the house You know like that just doesn’t really Make sense Like there’s something so eerie about Whatever’s going on wait Colin do you want to come sit like right Here or something sure Let’s do an s just now Slower Drop alice slower above please what if That lady’s name is out It could have been dropped

I did i did just drop her They could have been Dropped I did i did just drop her What Tucked in there Um Creepy What did it say Why would somebody say something else Randomly throw their earrings up here What is an earring doing up here what Would an earring be doing up here it was Like oh [ __ ] sorry guys This was like [ __ ] in there too but it Looks pretty new like it says something Again Large cellar Do you guys look at this though pass This around it’s not like dusty no this Is like a a hooped like it’s a hooped Earring you can see the little clamp Why would someone’s earring be up here Newscar during But this is really creepy because why Would somebody’s earring be up in the Attic this is like a cute earring and It’s like Or not Show it really quick Like this And why would you keep this up in an Attic this should be in your jewelry box Like

Somewhere where you keep things like Unless somebody was being held up here i Have no There it doesn’t make any sense why this Earring would be up here yeah Don’t you know dusty or like nasty Looking but also wouldn’t you like us as Women we know we you keep all of your Jewelry in your room Why would you ever put your jewelry up In an attic where you barely go colin You know you can sit right here yeah i’m Gonna Okay connor make sure you can’t see my Tracks Oh my extension tracks Here sit right here babe right here What does it say Top Ceiling okay shelby i’m gonna take those Headphones from you yeah all right Name but you can i mean if you want to Film you can sit right there That’s really strange actually it’s been Talking about all kinds of jewelry Saying like dresses coats and then we Find this one single hoop that she has She’s got hoops in Look at this she’s got multiple hoops And isn’t the scoops that’s no that’s All the lights Or what These are not [ __ ] studs dude these Are circular look at this no i’m telling

You they’re not hoops she’s wearing Multiple necklaces she got so many Necklaces Bracelets i kept saying bracelets and Rings and she has bracelets rings and Necklaces and like all that jewelry on a Dress kept saying dress that Honestly that earring is really creepy And i can’t get over it why are the Other ones why would one earring be Found up here There’s nothing else up there shelby Where did you find that calling right Under that first one shelby Because that is like a very I mean it’s very fresh it’s like a cute Earring too you would think that Somebody would like want that Okay y’all Ask at any time What does this room mean to you Did anything bad happen here Why was there a mattress up here Eight years Did the earring belong to you Tonight does this picture belong to your Family Um No Do you know anybody in the portrait Hi mom Why the camera is having a hard time Focusing hi mom Right when we said does anything

Are you trying to point us to the mom And the portrait There you go They’re gone Why are you still here Albuquerque Were you hurt up here Was the family in the picture you got to Get out Was the family in the picture No Um Were you a child Were you hurt up here Three of them There’s three kids in the picture There’s three the three songs call them Now Call the children Are you the three sons that are in the Picture up here Are you robert or derek Random It was random almost And it sounded like a girl like it was Round How long were you up here Seven Seven Seven months Seven days Seven months Disgusting for what reason Camera has four minutes until it dies

Can’t It just had three bars and now it has Four minutes left were you punished Do we have another camera up here yeah Connor’s recording Okay maybe my sister too Wow Nice okay make sure to stop that before It dies or else it won’t save it who’s The sister the family The family there’s no sister Yeah weird in the picture that was her I was hurt Were you hurt up here what happened to You Who hurt you not here Are you trying to hurt us homicide i Heard homicide Like a news report homicide They kept saying news That’s me Next monday I’m coming Isn’t today monday It is Today’s monday today’s monday finally Finally Finally on final heimlick Heimlich maneuver did somebody choke to Death up here Can you tell us what you’re saying shut Up No me gusta

They don’t like you Can you tell us what your name is Or how old you are Are you from multiple different the Drugs The drugs Were you involved in i feel cold I feel cold back here Coming on my back i don’t know if that Was any relevance I was about to say were you involved in Speaking and it said sure Quiet i heard Speak do you not like that we’re up here Like a laugh Not like an evil app but like How many people are up here A lot of like spanish words all of a Sudden I don’t know if i’m in those frequencies No any spanish but Um Same old Mommy What’s your name mommy Were you punished up here when you Didn’t obey Were you punished up here when you Didn’t obey Were you punished by your mom Frank i don’t know Look The little heat circle thing was no more

Birthday parties get the kids get the Kids i’m gonna put this just set this Off really oh no Or um My eyes i don’t see I don’t know Do you like exploring Here i just heard like a sound of like a Cry i don’t know how to explain that but Like a 19 Was that the age of your brother no Did you know the people who hurt you That was none of us I’m dying Every night Every sunday What did you experience everything Everything rots Tell us a little bit about yourself Did your family have money Did your family lose money Were you put up here as punishment Where was your family Sex Sex Underwear underwear Underwear it was like underwear One of my mom one of my moments What do you vomit Were you touched inappropriately Yeah we just jumped from two bars to

It’s about to die Stop it right now good job just for just For just to be safe stop it is your Family no Is your family your family is like a Metal song Do you know the people in these pic in This picture right here Broken Who’s the man in the window the new Favorite Who’s the man in the window For sure They couldn’t help it How does this addict make you feel I can’t Are you alone Strawberry yeah Okay harry styles Muhammad Are you upset that we’re talking quran They said muhammad and then it says Literally he said muhammad and then Quran oh my god Look Quran i don’t know if you can see that But that was just he’s speaking to you What does religion mean to you Muhammad again Hospitals Coins Was your name muhammad Did that mean something to you No i’m standing on a dock

What do you think not real What do you think about megan and shelby Living here Have you interacted with them in any way Tonight Just go Do you want us to leave this house talk To me please Do you just want to be known Oh my god i felt really creepy when i Heard that last one i don’t know what Y’all are Hearing I’m just leveling They’re getting close They won’t be able to get in right up to The surface Do you just want to be heard I’ll hurt them You won’t hurt anybody You can’t hurt is someone blowing on my Arm over here no no That’s i mean no one is anybody no I feel something right here no Okay i’m going back You can’t harm anyone do you want to Hurt shelby and i megan Reagan Ready Again what do you think about i’m Testing this living here You’re gonna have to try harder Quran again fight

Quran fight Was there a struggle up here Divided divided Did you have a disagreement with someone That lived here hey connor No You’re Up Hello Yes Conor speaking do you see me Connor’s connor I do not see you can you come talk to us Can you come touch this rim pod in the Middle of us The rim pod light is blinking Can you change a different color on the Rim pod Just look Say something people’s name just look Multiple Are you glad connor’s here i hate it You don’t like that i’m weird You know you’re a narc What are you so angry about you seem Really You seem really angry no one listens Did you scratch me to get my attention Who’s downstairs He killed Look at the music for like he killed Also crayon Is there a child up here with us as well

We had fun in here With the toys that were left Eight i feel like there’s multiple Entities here mm-hmm like i’m getting The vibes of like children I’m getting the vibes of like some Sundays typically why so concerned Why so concerned with the sabbath Didn’t mean to hurt What do you think about this i feel Really sad all of a sudden Like i can start crying right now i’m Feeling really nauseous Is this your earring right here your Friend’s his favorite Um Who’s his favorite who which one To the right or left of me Is there someone in the room that you Don’t like oh Very deep male voice that you said Down the stairs Really creepy and i also feel cold who Is down the stairs Are you looking for me 15 people are down the stairs Satan i just heard satan Connor will go down the stairs So i could have been shaving but i heard Satan Doug Doug’s down the stairs Not funny Oh sorry who’s his favorite

I keep feeling cold all around me i Don’t know what the [ __ ] any of that is But i keep feeling it Do you not like that you’re being Recorded right now Do you feel like you’re being hunted What happens if we stay Purse tease curse Are you going to tease us if we stay I’ve been here too long I was just about to say we want to help Whatever spirit is trapped up here are You trying to protect us Not at all okay Wow Opposite Opposite We are here i love this home Should we Leave athena Okay Do you want me to leave Bye Hi On the office [Applause] Are you intimidated by me being here Why specifically connor Everything’s got to go I’ve tried long enough Into the British baking What shelby great british baking shows We’ve been watching the british baking

Show all the time The show that y’all watched yes all the Time i’ve seen it too Were you watching it with them Were you downstairs i’m feeling really Creepy all of a sudden too again And my legs are falling asleep british Baking how weird of it to say that Mm-hmm You wanna try how weird of it to say That it’s calling me out okay did any of That make sense it literally just said Stairs on here i don’t because my legs Are gone it’s been calling me out i’m Really dizzy actually trying to sit up a Second stairs tell me about my legs Idle again Can you tell us what your name is Rayne What do you like about the rain Let’s party Okay Are you a girl or a boy Young Okay are you the same person that was Just talking to us Do you want this a light on Die You don’t like the light what happened To you parmesan [Laughter] No Do you like shelby’s cooking Get out of my way

President it’s weird that it just said Get the money Get the money get out of my way get the Money That’s like that’s like sort of Did a crime happen here I heard a bullet hit the floor Was somebody murdered in mike What do you mean Did some did you kill somebody Or were you killed There was There was Chance chance Were you related to someone in this Picture right here now Do you know who was in this picture so Many people Were there crimes happening up here Why is my window glued shut Exchange Exchange Were you selling people in here Like keeping him in there for that Reason Were you selling people for money Front It was a front Store Storefront i’m just trying it’s like a Guy who’s like desperate for money and He’s like Tension Was there tension among

Your workplace does that Living in reject 13 There was more 13 there was more Right when i said 13 Were people Up here They were there Who Were there people In this room The front The front front again the second time Where’s the front in here Bastard A bastard child climate was someone kept Up here They couldn’t They couldn’t buy it They Who was the warden God Loco Were the men that kept you up here The hispanic oh yeah Her He said a Spanish word It hurt me What happened to you can you tell us Dose how old are you It’s my casa

It’s my Way and i just asked if there were Hispanic people It’s my house Do you feel like this oh that’s Do you want us to leave Your house Let me go You can go Please Thank you for talking with us The people that live here what it’s all Out Are you the one that’s been moving Things around the house Play around Oh my god Where’s the Lighter white around Where Show long enough Show us Tell me is there a bad energy It is Rolled church Whatever that means would you hurt Somebody Who Megan or sheldon who Megan or shelby This is Who are you It’s

It’s you Work nothing works when you die When you die nothing left for work when You die Are you still working up here 100 You’re free You don’t have to work anymore We love Who is the dark Energy who is that quantos What how many session How many sections We only want to talk to you this one Time because we just want a conversion Type it’s a he Do you still want to hurt somebody If this is the bad person Why are you here Spazz No tell me Why are you here You’re not allowed to hurt my friends The rem pod No i just [ __ ] what no right when he Touched the ring right when i just Zeroed that out too As soon as No Yo this guy’s kind of freaking me out no Worship What You’re not allowed to hurt my friends Okay they love sci-fi

They live here And this is their home you can live here Peacefully with them but you can’t hurt Them For goon I don’t know what it is i’m like feeling Like super nauseous and like weak right Now do we take a break i don’t know What’s going on You are carter you’re good You’re okay I don’t know what’s going on i feel like But how like i was fine then it’s just Like Ever since we got up here it started Feeling like Something’s like Messing with me my body feels horrible Up here We can shut the attic and leave you Alone up here Is that what you want It’s about What’s it about oh do you think that’s a Sign that we should just go yeah he just We said do you want us to leave i don’t Even know It’s about to die yeah let’s just go Down All right we’re gonna go is there any Last words Any last word you want to say before we Leave Capital lead friendly

Capital world she’s arrived He’s arrived that’s the last thing you Want to leave us with I think just in case i’m going to take Okay shelby we’re about to go down What’d you say so we just found an Earring up here i have earrings that Look identical to that so i don’t know If it’s my earring that got put up here Or it’s just like By chance yeah that’s your community That’s my that’s gonna be that’s So sweet like i’m like all right So Okay well i’ll keep hold of this Oh my god i just fell In the air I almost fell through the room babe be Very careful please yeah Oh my gosh Okay so we just came downstairs i’m Gonna come around the ladder Use my phone because the camera died Shelby i’m gonna give you Here’s the earring we found yeah so we Found this earring No don’t even tell me Shut the [ __ ] go college shelby No you’re [ __ ] No i swear to god Right now your earrings Look good Shelby

Okay take it out and hold it up let’s Make sure Let’s make sure it’s a match Oh My God i have such chills on my body right Now Shelby that is your earring It was shelby’s earring bro that is Literally a match of shelby’s earring How did your earring get up there Underneath you’ve never been out there Bro that is some of the craziest [ __ ] i Think i’ve ever seen in my life look at This It was on deep under the ac vent Shelby and that’s the exact same there Was there was nothing under there other Than this And in your room earlier was when he was Talking about didn’t say earring in here And it said It said it was talking about jewelry in Here in this room earlier That was your earring upstairs This is this is the This is the is an exact match Something took your earring upstairs i Cannot believe we got that on camera Just now like the whole thing too your Earrings

Are upstairs in a room that you never Been in before nobody’s been in there Um See i can’t i don’t i can’t figure out If it was a person or if it was a ghost Like did a person take your earrings up There or like i don’t i don’t know what To think the shower of megan’s like i Just can’t see a ghost bringing an Earring they would have had to open it Up climb up there yes but i mean this is This is a 100 percent your ear Look at like exact match Shelby why is your earring up there No seriously you don’t have to answer But i mean obviously i don’t have Anything that’s like i don’t know what To say like i i wouldn’t be able to say Anything because i’ve never seen Anything i can’t believe i even thought Like oh i have earrings that look like That you don’t even say that until the End yes like right when you pull it out I didn’t think anything of it I’m glad you thought of that because That’s literal Some of the best proof i’ve ever Captured of anything like this Upstairs your exact match Was upstairs in the addict in a room That you’ve never been in What does that even mean i don’t even Know what to think of this is it a ghost Is it a human like i really don’t

I have no explanation do you No like i would think if your earring is Upstairs it would have had to have been A human Like we haven’t been up in the attic no Before it ha it has to be a human at That point It has to be there’s no way a ghost can Pull down your attic thing walk up there With your it has to be a human but then What explains all the footage what Explains There’s no humans up there why why are We hearing hearing footsteps if there’s No person here Like i genuinely don’t know what to Think Me either This is the first case i’ve ever had Where i am Leaving more Out megan’s confused scratched like We’re hearing all those answers that’s The one thing like i would after all of That i would be like 100 a human but Then also megan’s getting megan getting Scratched right in front of our face i’m Looking in the mirror and more scratches Are showing up as we’re just looking at My arm This is either like a a spirit that has Like hard Core ability to move things like

Or it’s a person and i just don’t i Don’t know I really don’t have any answers So Hello

What Should You Consider When Deciding on What GCSE’s to Take?

When you have to make a difficult decision about what GCSE’s you should take can be very daunting and can get overwhelming. There are certain things to consider when making this decision though its important to remember you are not alone and there are many areas and people you can go to for help and advice. Also its important to remember that if you are worried you have chosen the wrong options it is not the end of the world and there are plenty of opportunities in the future as the options for GCSE’s are already restricted to students as every student is required to take English, Maths and a Science.

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Seaweed in Your Ice Cream? While you may think that you don’t normally eat seaweed, you probably do. Probably often. And in a surprising variety of foods. Carrageenan is a fiber extracted from red seaweed. Like cellulose (which also appears in processed food), it’s indigestible to humans, but it works wonders when used as a thickening or gelling agent or as an emulsifier to keep ingredients in food from separating.

Laser Pointer: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Laser pointers must not be misused. It is a utility item for teachers, guides, scientists, hikers/campers and the warfare. However, It should be kept away from children. It must not be used for an ugly purpose as distracting or harming an innocent or ignorant.

Too Much Respect for Knowledge Produces A Deluge Of Posers and Plagiarism

I’ve always said that competition is good for America, and I do believe that competition brings out the human spirit and the best of anything. Of course, all too often I am reminded that too much competition also brings out the worst in humanity. That is to say it brings out the cheaters, liars, and those who lack integrity. Always trying to find a way around the rules, and cheating as they go. It doesn’t just happen in sports, politics, and business it also happens in academia.

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Bloom’s Taxonomy in Education

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