5 Bizarre Accounts From History of UFO Sightings (74 BC – 1896) // Primary Sources

By | November 28, 2021
5 Bizarre Accounts From History of UFO Sightings (74 BC - 1896) // Primary Sources

With these words he led his army against Mithra deities having 20 000 foot Soldiers and 2500 horsemen But when he had come within sight of the Enemy and seen with amazement to their Multitude he decided to refrain from Battle and draw out the time But presently as they were on the point Of joining battle with no apparent Change of weather but all on a sudden The sky burst asunder and a huge Flame-like body was seen to fall between The two armies In shape it was most like a wine jar and In color like molten silver Both sides were astonished at the sight And separated This marvel as they say Occurred in phrygia At a place called trije This video was sponsored by magellan tv Question where was the oldest discovered Intentional human burial found was it a Shannada cave in iraq b pangaya saeedi In kenya or c kaspar in galilee israel That's right kaspar is the oldest yet Found at about 92 000 years old and so My recommendation this week is one of Magellan's new documentaries which they Add every week the last rites ceremonies Of death is an incredible dive into Different cultures reactions to life Ending and how it can be a positive

Force in some societies it's an Eye-opening journey and one that gave me Loads of ideas for future videos and of Course magellan have more than 3 000 Other documentaries already on their System to check out too and this Christmas voices of the past viewers can Take advantage of a special holiday Offer a buy one get one free gift card For an annual membership by clicking on The link in the description In the month of april 14 1561 at Daybreak between 4 and 5 am a dreadful Apparition occurred on the sun And this was seen in nuremberg in the City before the gates and in the country By many men and women At first there appeared in the middle of The sun two blood-red semi-circular arcs Just like the moon in the last quarter Above and below and on both sides of the Sun the colour was blood and in the sun There stood a round ball of partly dull Partly black ferrous colour in between These globes there were visible a few Blood-red crosses between which there Were blood-red strips becoming thicker To the rear and in the front malleable Like the rods of reed grass These all started to fight among Themselves the globes flew back and Forth among themselves and fought Vehemently with each other for over an Hour

And when the conflict in and out of the Sun was most intense they became Fatigued to such an extent that they all As said above fell from the sun down Upon the earth as if they all burned And they then wasted away on the earth With immense smoke After all this there was something like A black spear very long and thick Sighted the shaft pointed to the east The point Pointed west Whatever such signs mean God alone knows although we have seen Surely one after another many kinds of Signs on the heaven which are sent to us By the almighty god to bring us to Repentance we still are unfortunately so Ungrateful that we despise such high Signs and miracles of god The god fearing will by no means discard These signs but will take it to heart as A warning of their merciful father in Heaven will mend their lives and Faithfully beg god that he may avert his Wrath including the well-deserved Punishment on us So that we may temporarily hear and Perpetually there live as his children In this year one james everl a sober Discreet man and two others saw a great Light in the night At muddy river

When it stood still it flamed up and was About three yards square When it ran it was contracted into the Figure of a swine It ran as swift as an arrow towards Charlton and so up and down about two or Three hours They came down in their lighter about a Mile and when it was all over the men Found themselves carried quite back Against the tide to the place they came From Diverse other credible persons saw the Same light After at about the same place On february the 22nd 1803 Local fishermen of the harriadori shore In hitachi province saw an ominous ship Drifting in the waters Curious they towed the vessel back to Land discovering that it was three Meters high and five meters wide Reminding the witnesses of a kohaku Its upper part appeared to be made of Red coated rosewood while the lower part Was covered with brazen plates obviously To protect it against sharp edged rocks The upper part had several windows made Of glass or crystal covered with bars And clogged with some kind of tree resin The windows were completely transparent And the baffled fishermen looked inside The inner side of the utsuru bune was

Decorated with texts written in an Unknown language The fisherman found items inside such as Two bed sheets a bottle filled with Three and a half liters of water some Cake and needed meat Then the fisherman saw a beautiful young Woman possibly 18 or 20 years old her Body size was said to be one and a half Meters The woman had red hair and eyebrows the Hair elongated by artificial white Extensions the extensions could have Been made of white fur or thin white Powdered textile streaks This hairstyle cannot be found in any Literature The skin of the lady was a very pale Pink color she wore precious long and Smooth clothes of Unknown fabrics the woman began speaking But no one understood her she did not Seem to understand the fisherman either So no one could ask her about her origin Although the mysterious woman appeared Friendly and courteous she acted oddly For she always clutched a quadratic box Made of pale material and around half a Metre in size The woman did not allow anyone to touch The box no matter how kindly or Pressingly the witnesses asked An old man from the village said This woman could be a princess of a

Foreign realm who married at her Homeland but when she had an affair with A townsman after marriage it caused a Scandal and the lover was killed for Punishment The princess was banned from home for She enjoyed lots of sympathy so she Escaped the death penalty instead she Might have been exposed in that Utsurobune to leave her to destiny If this should be correct the quadratic Box may contain the head of the woman's Deceased lover In the past a very similar object with a Woman was washed ashore on a close by Beach During the incident a small board with a Pinned head was found The contents of the box could therefore Be the same which would certainly Explain why she protects it so much It would afford lots of money and time To investigate the woman and her boat Since it seems to be tradition to expose These boats at sea we should bring the Woman back to the utsuro bune and let Her Drift away From human sight it might be cruel but It seems to be her predetermined destiny And so the fishermen reassembled the Atsurobune place the woman in it And set it to drift away Into the ocean

Someone must be operating an airship in This portion of the state Twice within the past six weeks it has Been seen by reliable residents of Oakland and on each occasion it has Presented the same appearance Six weeks ago a young lady was riding a Wheel on telegraph avenue when she saw a Strange-looking object in the sky It appeared to descend gradually but Regularly as though under perfect Control and it disappeared in the Direction of san francisco Another witness to the visit of the Airship is selby yast a member of the Oakland guard he was a little behind Time and was taking his car towards Piedmont trying to recover the few Minutes he was behind as he passed 30th Street a little boy stood in the road And cried gee whiz what's that The passengers heard it and immediately Looked at the direction in the sky where The boy was pointing they had no Difficulty in seeing the airship when i Looked ahead said mr yass today i was Mystified and i may as well confess i Was I don't like to admit to myself that i Had suddenly gone crazy but really for a Moment i did wonder if my senses had Abandoned me The most peculiar feature of it was a

Powerful headlight and another light Which seemed to be in the bottom of the Machine and to shine directly on the Earth It came into view from the direction of East oakland passing over piedmont and According to the story of the passengers Seemed to descend in such a manner as to Indicate that it would land somewhere in San francisco It was the most uncanny looking thing i Ever saw and i'm at a loss now to Convince myself that i actually saw it Many of the passengers took up their Morning newspapers today expecting to See a full description of the peculiar Object that they had seen so plainly and Were surprised and disappointed to find No report whatsoever It is the prevalent opinion that someone In alameda or neighboring counties has Solved the problem of flying in the air And has been for some weeks putting his Experiment to a practical test