A Soft Disclosure?

By | November 27, 2021
A Soft Disclosure?

Um Good evening folks And welcome to this soft and cuddly Moist Evening In the uk Which is where i am Please lee’s in the isle of man Is that elise i love mano i love white i Always get it i love man I love it i got it right yeah i got it Right One of the one of the tax havens and the Two riches are in the house two dicks Two dinks three dicks Better than one my dick is bigger than Yours oh that’s horrible What do you mean my name Is talking about my name youtube i go by Rich hard There you go Yeah talking about The name dick Which is absolutely fine on the youtuber Saying that the youtube algorithm Makes no sense anyway but i’m not going To talk about that What we’re going to talk about boys is Anjali Cockrells Soft disclosure Disclosure and i need something soft So i need to put a little fluffy little Alien

In the in the in there because we we Keep hearing Anyway before we get on with that let’s Do the pleasantries first lee you’re Still bald you’re looking well Although it’s coming back a bit it Appears to be great it appears to be Growing in the bits that was bored as Well the whole thing’s grown back which Is weird Maybe that’s all you needed to do was Shave it maybe that’s it i just had to Reboot my hair turn off and on again i Like it i like it Those the new bono glasses nope had These for almost two years did you have The yellow ones on last show Uh no two shows ago But uh i have to fix them these are These are cheapos right here I like them oh i love them they’re just Dirty a little bit but uh They reflect a lot of light so you can’t See my eyes as much And i want people to look at the truth I’d do the same rich you know because You know when you’ve got the lights in Front of you yeah the dazzle I’d wear the sunglasses but you’ve kind Of stolen that and i’ve stole the hat so I can’t steal the sunglasses as well Yeah i’ve got my own image You have and i have hair i have a lot of Hair too it’s amazing

And i don’t have the lights anymore No no no This is because i’m not using a green Screen you’ve got no natural and Speaking of speaking of natural That’s guy rich how you doing my friend Welcome back to alien addict Thanks thanks for having me i appreciate It No we’ve been dying to get you back on The amount of feedback that says you Need to get that skies back on it was Unreal that’s awesome thanks man Appreciate it no we love having you here So boys i i want to talk about um this Thing that we keep hearing about because I keep hearing the word soft disclosure And i kind of I don’t really understand it don’t Defend it does anybody understand it Soft disclosure what an actual soft Disclosure looks like I mean are we living in a Do we feel do we do we feel like we’re Getting any disclosure even if it’s a Little bit squishy or soft or what could Leaks Ollie You’re either pregnant or you’re not You can’t have soft disclosure you Either have disclosure or you don’t Yep totally agree Yeah i think they’re testing us i think They’re seeing what’s going to stick and

What’s not and Just giving us all the big enchilada all At once it’s just a matter of let’s see What people are going to follow and then Let’s go with that narrative Because they’re not showing us anything They’re just telling us about it and That’s not disclosure to me yep Absolutely To test yeah But we hear that There’s Like People that are quite quite well known In in the in the i’m going to say They’ll call it an industry then but It’s this people Yeah the business In the business there’s people well Knowing the business And it is a business um They’re They’re saying soft disclosure so i’m i Need to find the meaning of soft Disclosure what is a soft disclosure Lee That was for you Um Well when you look at what we had with The new york times thing was it was new York times wasn’t it not new york times Flat disclosure thank you lee Appreciate it That’s the best man

I i think he’s a right you think we’re Clear it’s there’s clearly something Being put out so to see how people react To it But it’s to what end isn’t it that’s What That’s what i’m interested in more than Like because that is soft disclosure if You want if you want to decide to Describe what soft disclosure is we’ve Already had it We’ve already had it when everyone was Sat at home watching the telly’s and Nobody [ __ ] cared Was that When the uh was it new york times Article was it new york times or was it The new york post the post the times new York something yeah yeah yeah times it Was the time i would call that soft Disclosure When they said what When they brought the um like off-world Vehicles those off-world vehicles that Sort of stuff yeah and they retracted it Yeah Oh yeah yeah no but i’d still call that At the time you know you can because It’s the same thing with Even though they retracted it it’s like When you get someone saying something Bad about somebody in the news isn’t it You know you can have like terrible Things thrown at people then all of a

Sudden there’s a retraction and that Retraction will get like 30 of the Traction that the actual story got so You’ve had soft disclosure and like say Nobody Nobody really cared maybe there’s a Little bit too soft i honestly think Soft the disclosure has been A combination of movies All these documentaries you know all the Information that’s been released over The years Um the tv shows you know the stuff that I’m showing on my channel it’s yeah it’s It’s like they’re getting the public Ready for something but they don’t know What’s gonna stick you know i i just Don’t think that we’ve been fully Uh told you know exactly what is Actually going on and i’m not sure if It’s ever gonna happen be quite honest i Mean especially after seeing everything That’s been going on lately it’s just You know you got all the nonsense with Jeremy corbell and everyone else Releasing these crappy videos and Getting really horrible information it’s Just it’s either give it to us or don’t You know what i mean like let us know What’s going on or just shut up about it You know it’s one of the other in my Opinion I i sometimes feel like i’m one of the Bad guys in this i don’t know about any

You you you well rip rich and uh other Rich lee i know you just you kind of Speak about all sorts of things on your Podcast and ufology comes a A a a uh Just a little bit of a taste that you Put out on there i must say But when we when we when we’re hosting a Show And we’re talking quite negative about The field I do i often get comments From people saying You know you’re wrong this is this it We’re at the the forefront of something Something’s just something any minute Now it’s about to happen i constantly Get people telling me this and Sometimes people will say that you know It’s not going to help what you’re doing Putting your negativity out there when It comes to this subject oh you mean the Truth yeah but inevitably olly i bet the People that are saying that to you are 10 or 20 years younger than you hell Yeah i agree with that 100 yep hell Yeah they’re in their mid-20s Mid-thirties not all of them some older No i know but the majority of it It’s this new generation like a ufo Twitter group the young guns yeah you Know i i and rich i think it’s it’s Twitter Um

Tick tock’s another one you know i don’t Think anyone on tick tock is good for 25. it seems like everyone on there is Is about you know they’re they’re you Know i’ve actually had people who say Like oh my god who’s this bob lazar guy And i’m like are you kidding me really Like wow all right It’s it’s it’s it’s really amazing that The lack of understanding and You know knowledge that’s it that you Know that’s out there so it’s just yeah I think it’s unfortunate Do you think maybe some of that’s got Something to do with Um Like for instance when i when i start Getting into this stuff like most people I start getting into this stuff through Youtube And the fact that youtube senses so much Stuff now you’ve had such a big gap of Like the beginning of youtube censorship That There is there’s that middle generation That didn’t go on youtube when it was The wild west when it was you know when You could just yeah not only was it Did the real research yeah yeah but not Only was it the wild west the like the The search engine was still pretty good You know it was better than like bit Shoot and rumble and stuff like that are Now

So but even that i mean it’s only been What two years roughly like Three years maybe two and a half i mean Honestly i i kind of feel like it all Started right around when you know the Big the big c happened uh You know when out you know when The the pandemic happened so oh i i Think it was before that because you if You look Back at um When alex jones was sort of binned Binned off that’s true yeah he’s 20 Years he’s more he’s more than just the Ufo topic i mean he touches all the Other stuff that we can’t mention Anymore on youtube that censors us so But even when alex went the um there was A load of other channels went with them As well which didn’t you know you didn’t Say you know because i mean even like Outside of that sort of thing like milo Yiannopoulos as well Were was ripped off a lot of platforms You know It was it was the beginning of what We’ve now seen as a a purge because i Mean i think Um youtube is being lined up to Take over from Terrestrial television Yeah and you know i do see like there There is some ways to kind of hide and Get underneath the radar

Um and still present some of that Content on youtube um you can’t use the Same obviously the keywords the hashtags The name Uh you have to like kind of cut up the Video a little bit in order to get it to Go on there and even then after a while They will find it but i mean there’s Still ways to find all that information On youtube there’s like it’s not it’s Not like it’s not like the subreddit of You know of reddit you know where you Can find some really deep stuff but i Mean there is some some channels and There are some ways to still get some of That Taboo content that you know you know you Can no longer find any more on the on The surface level uh it’s still out There it’s just it’s a little bit harder To find well i found it i found it Really interesting because um This isn’t going to show me in a great Light but the i uh I set up a new account on youtube uh to Go on youtube to look for porn to see How much like Porn was on youtube but there’s genuine Hardcore porn on youtube really yeah I think that’s insane i mean i mean I mean i get it i mean i i label my Channel over 18s oh Yeah yeah and so I i try and do everything the best i can

To say say to youtube look this is not Made for kids i don’t want kids on my Channel to be honest with you you know i I i Like adults on That can have a A quality conversation with i don’t want Somebody to get going you look like my Dad You know But I think you can only do so much but i Don’t know how stuff like that gets Through youtube’s um Youtube’s algorithm is so good that if It’s there it’s there because it’s Allowed to filter through the cracks Yeah i mean i worked in big tech for 15 Years so i will tell you like the Algorithm is based around keywords key Searches filtering around You know identity Um your past history of what you’ve Posted who you’re friends with etc so It’s not it’s not it’s not looking the Algorithm is not looking specifically at The video content itself the video Content comes into play when You start having views when you start Having people commenting good or bad And shares you know and then they start To notice like okay well what’s actually Going on in this video they start to Look at the content inside of it so i

Mean that’s how i get away with some of This stuff where i can post it and have It up and running that i have to take it Off after about you know a week or two Um There you go like i said there is There’s definitely ways to get around it And there’s absolutely those channels That you mentioned ali that are out There that are showing some Pretty crazy stuff you know That’s insane People get around it you always find I mean When i if you remember i mean we’ve Spoke about this a few a few times but And i don’t know how much uh it was and Dorothy hawkins thank you very much by The way what dorothy uh we’ve been Conditioned since the late 1940s through The media to accept Uh that That there are Galactic what’s that say Societies is Jesus christ that’s right it was yeah i Read that wow I’m starting to learn to read started to Dyslexic man as well there you go yeah No i i totally agree dorothy i mean i Mean It’s it’s been going on for a long time But what was gonna what was this i’m Gonna say then is

If you remember the 4chan um alien I wonder if that’s happened on youtube And it’s and it slipped through the Algorithms got rid of it straight away i Wonder if there’s anything that has been Tried to There’s somebody’s tried upon if you Remember did you remember you guys Remember that The 4chan we’ve spoke about a few times I know This apparently is the The real one Um The fake one and that’s the real one I found it i think it was the real one No no i found pictures of that Of that real one being made Oh you’ve seen yeah no i’ve seen that as Well but it doesn’t match up oh it Doesn’t photoshop no it doesn’t match up All right i’ve put it into photoshop in Fact i will do that i’ll i will make a Little video of that and do that um but I’m wondering if anything’s ever slipped On youtube if any so somebody’s put Something out i know but a lot of people Have said skinny bob was one of them i Personally think skinny bobs are is a A nice fake um but nevertheless a fake He’s a nice fake guy Yeah i wonder but i wonder if anything’s Been put out like that on youtube and Youtube has taken it down i’ve told you

Before on this channel haven’t i years Ago i remember watching a Video in a forest on youtube and it was Very much like the Um you know when the transformer blew in New york you had all the like the blue Flashy lights And the story that went along with it Was that an entire town disappeared And this is what would what this was was Filmed but i’ve never been able to find That video again Never I believe if you if you delete the meta Tags And the h references on the back of the Files Um whether it’s a picture Specifically video or file or like Pictures um if you’ve removed that meta Tag and just get rid of it like that’s Tied to like the iso settings Um it’s a little bit harder for them to Find and that’s where The shares the likes the views Um how many people are actually Associating themselves with it sharing It on other different social media Platforms that’s where they’ll actually Find it and the algorithm will kick in And you know be able to track that down But if you Remove that information before you post It

It is really hard for them to find it Because then they’re relying on Basically you know a visual Representation of whatever you’re trying To show on the channel Rich from darts guys i know You don’t Voice you put the documentaries out in Your on your channels but Not a lot that i i don’t know if i’ve Seen you actually speak on your own Channel but i know you put a lot out on Twitter and you voiced your opinions Um Where do you think lou falls into all This alexander when it comes to this Soft disclosure I I’m not a fan of him um i know But i i i i kind of want to know why and Uh I don’t i don’t think he So in my opinion i don’t think he’s I don’t think he’s relevant for someone Like myself that has a really small Channel and that’s not really you know Really well known that kind of thing um I think the the people that are Much larger like you know some of the Other folks here like especially goof on Then you and yourself um yeah i mean Maybe they maybe they are watching and Seeing what’s going on there i mean but I don’t know i mean i i don’t i just

Don’t think he’s As relevant as as most people give him Credit for you know i think he’s You know he’s said a lot he’s come out And he’s Presented a lot of different things but I don’t know i just i don’t I don’t really think he’s as relevant as Most folks you know give him credit for Him as relevant to what To the field to the in general for Ufology lou elizondo For what we’re doing yeah i understand He’s he’s presented all these videos and He’s he’s giving out information he’s a Part of the government he’s he’s been on 60 minutes and cnn and fox and everyone You know and everything else but You know it for him to come down to Youtube and and try to be as relevant You know to to see anything that i’m Doing i don’t i don’t think that’s ever Going to happen Unless that’s not what you’re trying to Ask me here Um Is looking at everybody’s channel at Least once In the field I i feel confident that he would do that Okay it was interesting i don’t know if You if you i think you might have been In the chat actually uh yeah you you Were in the chat um rich from dart sky

But the the show i did with uh With when david was on oh lazy about the Demons yeah but david Said that he’s a master That lou is an actual master i thought That was very interesting when he was Talking about a master bullshitter No he said he’s a master in his field What field What what You know it he said he was a master at Talking It’s speaking he didn’t say he was a Master of ufology or the this feeling he Doesn’t matter He’s a master at Switching things and and changing Narratives and stuff like that i would Agree with that That’s what he said Lou is a master bullshitter basically And i agree with that 100 and and that’s Where i i think that’s why i don’t have The utmost respect for someone like him Because No offense to anyone on youtube and i Don’t mean this in any mean way at all But for someone that’s going to go on a Youtube channel with under 10 000 subs a Hundred thousand subs whatever but also Go on 60 minutes fox mainstream media And have these conversations and with You know with a you know And it’s a very important topic right

For him to be able to do both at the Same time i just i have a hard time You know believing his story Across the board it’s like i just feel Like he’s bullshitting with so many Different things and i i just I don’t know My theory on why he goes on channels you Know like mine or you know not he never Came here but you know with thousand Subs it’s because he’s practicing Before he gets to the mainstream media Yeah i think he’s honing his skills what He needs to say he’s trying to get back Into the game you know and be sharp and Be quick no matter what hits them he can Answer it i mean he does have a very Lengthy career i mean he’s been in the Government for Many years so i i mean It only takes a you know a certain Amount of time for you to be able to Under you know to know how to Get up and have a conversation with Someone be able to look some guy and Talk to somebody be able to get up and Have a presentation or get on tv and not Be scared you know what i mean like it’s Not like you need to have that much Practice No you know what i’m saying but well i Wasn’t finished today with my thought i Think it’s just that He wants to be seen and shown that he’s

A people person you know he’s here for The public which he’s not because it’s Uap not ufos with him yeah it’s all [ __ ] Yeah i agree i think it’s easy to forget As well especially when you do things Like this like either podcasts or Youtube stuff um it’s easy to forget how Much of a skill talking is you know it’s A and J just communicating with each other is It’s a really difficult thing to do Especially for long periods of times Without tripping over words and right Correcting yourself yeah because this Isn’t scripted right i mean it’s not Like he has a set list of questions and Answers for he’s got to go off you know Off of you know the conversation that He’s having so yeah no that’s not true He when he goes on other podcasts he Gives them or somebody a handler i don’t Know but they they get in touch with the Person and they tell them what to ask Them oh i did i didn’t know that i mean Oh okay oh yeah so so even like that The people he’s been on youtube these These really small channels he’s given He’s basically having like a predefined List of questions and things that yeah I didn’t know that okay that’s that’s Even more pathetic Have you ever considered that what what If we’re wrong about lou

Yeah i have many nights Yeah but what would i be wrong about That’s the whole thing that’s what i Asked myself what if okay what if he Isn’t it for the right reasons and what If everything he’s doing it is doing Because any because he wants this You know And he is actually working for us rather Than against us And that we’re just So untrustworthy We’re so untrusting now because of Everything that’s happened over the Years If he was on the level he wouldn’t be so Vague He has a non-disclosure he says he’s got To be vague he You know I’m just playing devil’s advocate here Is that you know i’m just what i’m Asking that question what if we’re wrong The evidence shows that we’re not Yeah I would agree Okay Like i always say Where’s his body of work does anybody Have we ever seen a stack of papers that He signed to you know to get certain Information or yeah and that was the Next thing i was going to mention too It’s like how do we know he’s he

Actually works and has done the things That he said he has done You know we’re going by him just saying Those things we just there’s no Documentation it’s not like we can go to The blackbaud or anyone else or look on You know any of the government websites And pull his information down yeah his Name is on here but certain documents And stuff but we don’t really know i Mean for sure and i mean if you and if You don’t trust the government it’s it’s Really hard to buy into everything that Comes out of his mouth and let’s not Forget lou’s not in this for disclosure He said that i’m not going to risk National security for disclosure it’ll Never happen yeah but he’s talking about Topics which makes contradicting himself That’s stupid True Do you think that This is this is planned though and he is In this because It it’s not All for himself This has all been Planned out he’s the guy to deliver Something that we’re supposed to Follow or know So he’s the spokesperson for disclosure Basically One of them but one of many one of many Because he’s seen he seems to have

Flipped around You know he started with we started with The tom Then it’s flipped to the loo That sounds strange But It it does seem to me like If if this this This this big conspiracy theorist here It seems that If he’s the guy It’s working whatever he’s doing Especially with the hardcore Science ufo guys You know the ones that don’t really Believe in the woo part of it Which side which hardcore science goes Well you know you know like the uh well He’s not hardcore science guy but like At least at least let’s put jesus on the On the table there for one ufo jesus Yeah He loves like he i know he loves lou He’s lose um blowhorn or whatever you Call those He’s now being invited on um george Knapp’s uh show He’s been with you I mean he and i i’ve been watching Twitter a lot lately good on him yeah i Mean he’s literally been like blowing Him up like thanks buddy you’re the man Dude like all these ridiculous comments And it’s almost cringe to even read some

Of my like i’ve I do It’s i can’t stand it i really can’t It’s like Ufo jesus and i’m nothing against him But when you’re trying to put people in That category of this like lead person That’s a part of you of you know that’s A part of disclosure that’s going to Give the world this this great Revelation of information like i don’t Want ufo jesus be in that face No no I just don’t and It’s it’s because of the way he presents Himself and the way he Just the way he is like i mean it’s not Again it’s nothing against him it’s just It’s you know it’s it’s his avatar that He’s Like kind of like making up for everyone I He’s a tree-hugging Leftist as well yeah you said it sorry i Just have to say it and it’s ufo young Guns twitter young guns group if you’re Not in the group you’re not you’re not Going to be on 60 minutes with lou or Whatever you know you’re not going to Get that notoriety that you deserve yeah There’s so much unconscious bias with Those guys like you can’t say anything That goes against their narrative and What you do and what they think is the

Right way and what is correct if Anything strays from that it’s like you Get beat up they they bash you they Curse you out they do that it’s it’s It’s almost it’s comical even if you’re Nice Yeah they Okay but They probably think the same about you Guys look i went into that Uh Anytime even before they knew who i was I was very nice to these people and they Just They’re relentless on what they believe In and they’re rude and they’re very Angry They are the do as i say not as i do oh We’re all about peace love and we want The aliens you know and us to get along But yet you know they call you racist Pig nazi at the same time yeah so That’s them that’s not me you’re 100 Correct how long has ufo twitter been Out let’s see let’s start let’s start Ufo twitter since the ttsa came out okay So before that This kind of stuff in my opinion didn’t Happen you could actually have an Educated conversation or an intelligent Conversation with a person and disagree On both sides and still come to some Sort of resolution or Have like you know just a cordial

Conversation now it’s like if you have Anything that disagrees with their you Know their information their narrative Whatever they believe in It’s immediately bashing cursing you out Thinking you’re a horrible person Thinking you don’t know anything you Haven’t been in the field long enough And it’s just blah blah blah blah blah You know and i think twitter is That i mean that that’s what ufo twitter Has done to that you know to that group And it’s just they’ve isolated Themselves into Into a little field where everyone only Will listen to whatever they want to Listen to and outside of it it’s like Everyone else is wrong and i think it It’s it’s not doing It’s a disservice to the you know to the Whole subject in my opinion There’s only that show that shows how Much i know about twitter because i Thought when i’m putting a hashtag ufo Twitter it’s just like hey Anybody who likes ufos On twitter oh i mean Yeah i just want people to watch my Stuff so yeah you know so i have no Problem doing it but at the same time It’s like it’s so freaking annoying oh People like literally yell and curse me Out for posting something about nasa That doesn’t agree with the narrative

That they believe and then i’m like Don’t be wrong dude it’s just my opinion Like it’s not it’s just you oppose them Is it it’s not it’s not just ufos You live in a world now where everything Is Like Politically segregated into little Feelings yeah if you If you’re not on the same team as me Then you’re the enemy it’s all it’s all Tribal i i don’t i don’t understand it It’s never It’s it seems to be something that’s Crept in Within the last five years and it seems To it’s seeped into every aspect of Communication in life it’s really Strange Yeah i agree with that and ufo jesus is The loudest of them all And that’s not even a joke They love him I mean he he doesn’t upload a lot but he Exploded Yeah because of lou Because lou keeps shouting them out And now recently corbell’s doing the Same thing i mean yeah yeah Yeah i mean some of these i’m i’m not Even kidding you it’s like this that was Awesome dude you you’ve done so much for This field in this community thanks Buddy it’s just it’s like oh stick my

Finger in my throat And and ufo jesus all he does is parrot Everything he hears it’s it’s it’s a Joke So I do i i like the guy i think he’s a Nice of course you love everybody i Think no i know i i no what i’m saying Is i think i think he’s a nice guy You want him on your show i know you do That’s why Come on tell us the truth do not hide Underneath that hat you can’t handle the Truth Come on ollie it’s us you’re talking to Dicks and lee i was actually I was actually going to say a negative Though okay so i’ll let you speak on Your own show so i like the guy But what So what you’re saying there That caught with carbel you know is Embracing him Um May two beards collide And uh You you’ve got George knapp that’s that’s had him on uh Thingy wire wherever it’s called Um And you’ve got Lou Maybe they need that guy He doesn’t even know it so so whatever’s

Going on I don’t think When they’re choosing these people Maybe Ufo jesus Is gonna be in that um That triangle okay of people and he and He’s got to do a job he doesn’t know What job he’s doing because to him He’s Speaking from the heart from his true Feelings when it comes to uf ufology Because he really wants disclosure he Has the passion for it Maybe that’s it Maybe Maybe that maybe that’s that’s it for Lou maybe lou doesn’t even know What louise doing no he absolutely knows He does yeah and i think abs absolutely And i think that’s the reason why he Chose You know the blink 182 star And ttsa Because it was geared more towards a Younger crowd with a much much much Larger audience than he could ever have Accomplished on his own right You you bring in the crowd you go after Someone you you give them all the kudos In the world you give them all the pads On the back and you show them some Information let them buy into a Narrative or to a story and next thing

You know you have their following along With you Right i think that’s the same thing That’s happening with you know what These other folks are doing with you Know some of these you know people like Ufo jesus and some of the others you Know it’s it’s it’s about getting the Getting the masses involved and getting Them to You know to see a different side of the Story where if you know if those big Talking heads weren’t involved in that Type of conversation they i don’t think They would be as interested in it you Know do you think this many people would Be interested in it if blink 182 wasn’t Involved So here’s the thing Um He’s actually brought into this field Just because of who he was and the band That he had and all that kind of yeah But did was tom aware Was was tom awa steven greer actually Said it he said it on in the interview On security and 10 he said tom delong is Being used he doesn’t realize it i don’t Think tom belong was aware at all and i Think that’s right Yeah right so ufog’s is exactly the same Thing Absolutely maybe the next guy right and That’s why i don’t trust that’s why i

Don’t trust corbell because he goes After the people that’ll listen to him And follow him and do everything he Wants him to say or do in order for him To get that message out to them you know To that mass Right i mean i think you don’t think He’s in on it Well bell I think it’s multiple layers in my Opinion i don’t think he’s he’s not like Sitting next to a level of lou in the Government that has that type of Information i think he’s another layer That’s involved that He bought into it because of the people He was around And now he’s the person he’s like the Spokesperson that’s why he gets up and Has his hands well and all over when he Does all these interviews and talks About all these different things and Thinks he knows about all this stuff But he’s wrong on so many different Things so so i I don’t i i don’t i don’t i just i don’t Trust i just don’t trust those guys at All when it comes to the subject i think I think corbell has a lot in common with Somebody that buys a wife Because if i don’t know if any of you Guys know anyone that sort of has a paid For wife But you’ll notice that really quickly

They can They can no no no it’s it’s it’s finally Don’t worry the uh if you notice really Quickly They convinced themselves that after They’ve come back from whatever country They’ve been to And they convinced themselves that their Wife loves them because it’s beneficial To them To Convince themselves that regardless of The fact that it just cost them Five thousand dollars worth of bar to Bring this uh this woman back with them It makes it better for them if they can Make themselves believe that she’s in Love with them And in the same way i think he’s doing The same thing with ufology it benefits Corbell If he believes his own [ __ ] because If he because if he believes his own [ __ ] he can carry on like his Filmmaking and the core bell money Machine keeps rolling Yeah i i i i i hear that I i don’t i i think for him though i Think he’s I don’t think he has the same level of Conscious You know He doesn’t feel the same way for me if i Were if i’m lying about something

I’m gonna feel really bad especially if I’m making money off it or especially if People everyone’s buying into it i’m Like man this is a lie like i i can’t Believe people are buying this like i Would feel so guilty i would not feel i Wouldn’t want to show my face i don’t Think he has that same feeling i don’t Think he has that same level i think he Just believes his own [ __ ] because It’s about money But you know him though don’t you you Know him No comment Okay He knows of them Let’s just put it that way Right that’s the best way to put it yeah We won’t call him again then No but i’m thinking we need to We should you should release that video You have man i don’t have it anymore oh My god we’ll find it we’ll find it You may have to do uh what do you call It come on my computer and see if you Can find it it might be on the way back Like internet machine we can oh no no no Oh wait you think the conversation is The internet archive archives everything So if you had that live and it was out There for at least a day it should be Out there it wasn’t it wasn’t out there For a day it was out there for 15 Minutes i took it out you took it out it

Was yeah at the end of the show and what Happened i was doing it on stream yard And i saved and i saved it but at the Time stream yard only let you hold on to Files for 15 days before it erases right And now they don’t do that anymore but i Lost it and i thought i downloaded it to The computer and i still don’t know Where it is i checked everything yeah I’ll look on the internet that’s a good Point i’ll look at an archive tonight And see if it’s out there yeah you’re Right if i don’t i don’t i don’t know I’ve never really used streamer before So i’m not sure how that saves things But if it was published or broadcast at One point it should be out on there on The internet that was a classic Conversation and i wanted to have that Go out if he didn’t come on the show When i looked for it It was gone yeah yeah He owes you a call man Well i’m going to call him back and say You didn’t come on the show what’s going On That’s what we should do the phone Number’s the same so oh well i have it All Right i’ve got it i think um so The everybody Everyone’s got this number now they do I won’t share it It started to with with me didn’t start

With me but for me it seemed to have Really Rocketed from ttsa really has Uh this soft disclosure thing You know and it’s gone through um Bob lazar being re-introduced into the Woodwork that you’ve got travis has been Pushed out a little bit more and then Now now you’ve got Demi lovato You know What’s next What is actually coming Along the pipeline are you saying demi Lovato’s soft disclosure oh a little bit Yeah come on Man then i’m disclosure yeah yeah not Not for me are you rich rich is like a Genius i’m i’m free yeah no [ __ ] i’m i’m Talking to about the average joe what Not oh okay not that they’re average but The p the people who are not even Interested in the subject yeah yeah but But that’s also like saying if that case Then You know people like corey good and you Know david wilcock and all these guys Are relevant too right i mean because Everyone’s going to believe a story Every everyone’s going to believe Something They’re going you know i mean there’s There’s i mean there’s a following for Those folks

So the wilcox and the corey good i think They’re just trying to make it make it You know that they’re just like the Snake i’ll say salesman but I i think when it comes to This demi lovato thing there’s a reason For this I put her in the same category as an Charlie Yeah And in fact i think angeli’s horrible And i put her above Demi lovato that’s just my opinion But wouldn’t you if you were If you were going to launch something Um As in Like whatever whatever the reason for The ufo stuff is going to come out In in the modern world you do it like Anything like if we were going to launch A video game or we were going to launch A clothing line you would have a group Of influencers out there Pushing yeah Towards entertainment you know what i Mean structure it towards an Entertainment side of the subject versus It being Facts and reality it’s not no no but i Think that’s what’s happening here but When we talk about this of the ufo Twitter people and people at ufo jesus I think the um

Core bell and um Alezzando Like Initiative if you want Are uh Are angling Even if the people even if the people That are being put in the pl in place Don’t realize they’re being put in place You know some of the smaller channels That might be getting boosted here and There and getting a shout out from one Of them If they’re getting put in place to be to Be the influencers That will push Whatever narrative comes out of Luelezando next That seems to me if you already had this Little group on like on twitter and um Youtube and instagram if you already had The like this little core nucleus of People are working really really hard Only like some of the channels only Would like maybe Two three hundred views a video But if they were already working really Hard so when all of a sudden they put Out your message and they get a massive Jump in views They’re going to be right on board with This Yeah they’re almost forced into that You know

They have I hear you I mean i I i don’t know i kind of view it the Same way as you know we’re you know Let’s let’s use corey good as an example So in my opinion you know don’t get me Wrong i mean i i enjoyed above majestic And i enjoyed you know cosmic secret and You know some of his conversation points It’s good when you’re high you know that Kind of stuff But When it comes down to facts versus Fiction I mean it’s it’s a really fine line and You can see the difference between one And the other Um and i think corey has kind of even Realized that now You know in perspective because i mean Think about he’s he’s actually now Starting this whole comic book you know Line and he’s going more he’s gearing More towards that versus you know the The factual side of it you know he’s Focusing more on his comic book stories And his blue alien comic book and that You know that kind of thing um and it’s Good i mean it’s it’s not you know if You’re into that kind of fictional type Of narrative and conversation uh you Know around the subject awesome you know I mean i love star trek i love star wars

And that kind of stuff too so uh i’m not But it’s not it’s not a factual thing You know it’s it’s all about you know It’s the storytelling type of thing so But the people that come out and say Like anjali like i know where aliens are In a cave and i’m going to take you There in the next you know x amount of Time it’s [ __ ] it’s it’s all crap It’s not You know how do you live up to that how Do you get past that type of lie foreign That’s how corey good started out though You know she’s she’s Technically she’s technically she’s She’s doing What he did Yeah Different story different story but you Know he he and now what is he doing the Comic books you say yeah yeah but There’s only so many people you’re You’re absolutely you’re i didn’t think Of it from that perspective you’re 100 Correct What’s the timeline what’s the timeline What’s what As somebody who has a business plan You know you you you get your plans Together you put your plan in place and You you you have at you You’ll give yourself a I don’t know if they could have gone to The bank with that but you’ll give

Themselves they will give themselves a Uh You know Five year plan you know at this point i Want to be doing the book at this point I want the film to get i want to i want A movie producer to want to make the Film yeah i believe that that’s what She’s doing i believe that she wants to Be the next stephanie uh the twilight Woman whatever she’s called stephanie Mayer Oh yeah yeah yeah i mean but but it’s Also the year 2021. you know when corey Good was doing this it was and i’m not And i’m not i’m not trying to protect Him at all at all but i’m saying like When he was going through this process There was no one really out there having That conversation You know what i mean there was nobody Else it was his believing story his 20 And back all this all this stuff that Was just so like wow really are you Kidding me like and everyone was a gal Into it and bought into it or they Thought it was bs and you know they did Some research into it You know i just i think more people in This field are more educated now where They’re They’re going to hear these Conversations that are coming from Anjali and just the way she presents it

And kind of has that conversation like How do you believe it like when she was Sitting up in washington having this Conversation i think it was the same Time third phase of the moon was in There i actually emailed him and was Like dude it would be awesome if you Guys could go over there and meet up oh That would be amazing i was like dude i I literally emailed blake and brent when That when because i think they were i Think they were leaving There to go down to maybe florida or so Maybe back to the west coast so right Around the same time when they were Doing that on that trip um But just yeah it’s i don’t know i i just It There’s only so many times you can Bs your way into this field and make a Ton of money before people are just Going to call your bluff and i think That’s what’s happening right now with Her with social media there’s way too Many people that are you know that know What’s actually going on or that they Feel like they know what’s going on and They’re hearing this conversation and They’re just like yeah this is open [ __ ] So you think there is a turn now and People are starting to become smarter I think i mean i I think so um at least you know the the Folks that i talk to people that

If there’s on my channel the the folks That i you know i i hang out with Outside of the internet Um Yeah i mean it’s They know It’s more around like they all have a Belief in the subject They want to get answers and they know That following certain individuals that Are Presenting or doing a certain thing Aren’t going to get them to that holy Land you know if they’re not there’s no Way they’re going to do there’s no way They’re going to get the right Information by following people like Angeli or other people that are having That kind of conversation it’s because They know it’s [ __ ] You know Rich you like you want to say something No i’m sorry i had i thought the mu i Hit the mute button it didn’t work and I’m typing away and i i saw that it went Through during the conversation very Amateur Oh don’t worry about it no i worry about Everything And i like it rich i actually feel like I’m watching you back in florida man This is good do you have the same room Set up here

You mean arizona yeah yeah my bed yeah Yes arizona yeah like reminds me of the Old the old setup alone yeah that’s what Third phase said and i didn’t want to Have that look but it’s only in the Window on the left or your right or Whatever well the window is all this Stuff yes that’s where the window would Be but under here i have wood that’s Going to be a liner and then i’m going To paint the bottom part yeah yeah it Looks good it looks really good man i Like it it’ll be it’ll thank you it’ll Be good when it i saw people talking About in the chat room Uh we see ollie yeah he hates it when i Talk about me we’ve lost the host This is not professional you know soft Disclosure is bs all right we all agree Right no such thing no i don’t agree What they’re doing can’t softly say Aliens are real You’re 100 right i never thought of it That way yeah You can’t It’s a it’s a huge statement To say something that if you want to Call Soft disclosure well we have some alien Medals we think they’re alien as a Matter of fact we checked them out They’re not alien you know it’s never What they tell us The three videos

It’s like having an um it’s like having An informal chat with your parents where They tell you they’re not actually your Parents oh my god that is really good Well i miss that yeah that’s right you Don’t leave your own show [Laughter] If you wanna if you wanna know rich i Used to have a message that i’d that i’d Put up when i left which was that That is so smart I just Some people don’t like it so well piss Is a really like You know it’s like you’re just getting I’m getting old I understand hey when i play a video Where do you think i go sometimes Right to that bathroom yeah i’ve got Professionals on i think you you could Take over Yeah i know let me ask you this question I mean obviously the four of us and Everyone else probably in the chat room And everyone else that followed biology I mean we we We follow this subject we love it we You know we live it right but I really truly believe that there is Still the majority of the population out There that has no idea about this stuff And the reason 100 percent I mean even before thanksgiving you know I know i did i was i wasn’t with anyone

On thanksgiving i went camping the other Day um spent the day with the dog and Out of the woods and just having some Bushcraft time but before that i had Dinner with family and Randomly they were like you know oh the Ufo guys you know he’s here it was funny Because out they were like all like Laughing at me making fun of me because You know they know i love you know the Subject Um but i was like having trying to have Like an intelligent conversation with You know with the group And the things i was throwing out were Just things like the tic-tac and how it Dropped from space to The top of the ocean in like less than a Second and they were like what [ __ ] No way like they even that that Information that just seems so common Sense Things that we you know that we talk About all the time they had no idea like They had no idea that that kind of stuff Was out there and i hear that all the Time And it baffles me because i i think it’s On tv a lot i think it’s it’s in the Media all the time i see it in the news All the time with it but that’s also i Think just maybe my persona with things That i’ve searched and when i look on The internet my phone i mean those are

The things that pop up automatically Because of you know based on my search History but Um I i really think the subject isn’t as Well known yeah you really think that it Is I totally agree i’d like to stay on that For a little bit as well and go to lee With this because i’m sure i’m sure i’m Sure a lot of people in the in the chat Will be relating to this when they’re at The dinner table with the parents or the Wife or the kids or whatever if they’re Into the subject talking about it and Sometimes they just get a look You know No but i i think i think you use it Wrong in a way because I i think more people do know about this All you need to do is look go back to The um rogan podcasts 100 million people Watch every episode of that show a Hundred million people Um i’ve got friends which have Absolutely no interest In um Like in conspiracy stuff and think like Quietly They probably don’t say it when we’re All out having a pint and stuff like That and talk about formula one football But um quietly when i’ve left the table They probably thought did you see lee’s

Podcast you know he’s [ __ ] crazy Don’t you You know so 100 Yeah yeah and um but the thing is those Same people When um rogan had the pilot on and they Had bob lazar on would then turn around To me and say what’s what’s [ __ ] What’s what’s this about then But the thing is i had like a short Conversation with these people about About these things and they were all Right okay and then carried on with Their lives it’s not the fact they don’t Know about it they don’t Care so if there is a narrative And i’ve said this before Why has this not happened yet This big announcement hasn’t happened Yet well i i i predicted this Like two years ago but it’s still i’m Still waiting i think Rogan has he’s positioned himself way Too far to one side of the aisle versus Being in the middle You know before this This last year This this pattern listen to this last Year this this past year With everything that has happened with Him in the media i think has really you Know pigeonholed him into being on one Side and i think lou in my opinion from What i’ve seen he likes his he likes to

Sit in the middle and have the Conversation on both left and right you Know and i i really think that joe has Positioned himself to be on one side of The topic you know with that with Everything that’s in mainstream media Right now and i don’t think he wants to Be involved with that type of You know controversy like oh you went on Joe rogan or oh you you’re what you’re You’re you’re talking to someone or Having a conversation with someone that That’s so far to the left or to the Right you know specifically to the right But i i think that’s that that that’s The way i view it anyway i think you’re Right bro i think it’s the other way Around Um you think luke will go on there Oh no sorry i know i got the wrong under The stick yeah no i agree with you talks Guys sorry um but the the thing is that Rogan’s so um Critical of government right now You know I i don’t think you can be that critical Of You can’t turn around and like talk About the president [ __ ] himself and Being like and having cognitive decline And then go in and say oh yeah but Obviously everything that’s coming out Of the government about ufos is real That doesn’t no that’s the american yeah

[Laughter] Yeah Yeah but i i i’m glad about it uh see That’s one of the reasons i think lou Might be still there because i think Whatever’s behind this Is Um i i think The long was was uh put in place But when people thought clinton was Going to be president I think But and i think he was put in place Because Clinton podesta thing yeah it was the League won that there was the league Yeah pedestal and along but they were so Out of touch because it’s only people Like me that and i’m what 39 that’s They’ll still think of tom delong yeah The um So if they were thinking oh yeah he’s a [ __ ] rock star he can get the kids Involved absolutely not he’s not he’s Not credible anymore so if that’s why he Got thrown away and then they thought [ __ ] joe rogan everybody listens to Joe rogan and they started filtering Into rogan he was supposed to be the Next figurehead and i think at some Point he’s seen through the [ __ ] and That’s why we’re left with lou alexander Because he doesn’t want to do it Even if he had even if he hasn’t turned

Around and said i’m not spreading your Ufo misinformation He’s clearly pulled back from this Yeah i i i you know i i think i i Believe that yeah i mean because that’s Exactly how i feel You know why um Why tom delong isn’t isn’t relevant Anymore you know he’s he’s They used him past his prime For this specific subject and he’s no Longer He’s not the young he’s not the young Blink 182 anymore he’s not you know it’s Different can i jump in because Tom delong Was looking to put together A ttsa group And wound up getting an email from i Think how put off or somebody Right isn’t that right Yeah yeah you’re right yeah so that’s Why they kept them around for a little Bit and then they’re like who can do Better than this joker what did we get Ourselves into talking about his dick on Joe rogan I’ll still Do you think financial reasons maybe i Mean because he had i mean because Didn’t didn’t tom delong actually Wasn’t he the one that that fronted all The money for the yeah he’s wealthy i Heard yeah yeah

He’s doing rather well well he’s got Angels and airwaves right he’s got that Band which isn’t bad Yeah i quite like it yeah me too i said It Um But Hal still with him I think They still have ttsa it’s just but Hallie’s still doing something of course Yes he is yeah what is he doing Yeah um well Are we ever going to hear again from Ttsa as far as uap ufos And where’s that pass ari where’s that Ship that can travel through everything I like the design It was a kick-ass design yeah it looked Comfortable it’s like it’s like a con Card with a dinner plate going through It Yeah It’s it’s not like like a snake eating a Frog you know it’s it’s not real The ttsa was nothing but a pyramid Scheme It was but They raised what three million dollars And nothing under a 50 was allowed i Mean that was rude They don’t even want five dollars huh It’s a you know and i think i think the Other reason why it’s still relevant and

Still financially relevant it’s also Because of the shareholder aspect of it Oh yeah yeah and plus it just happened To break up yeah yeah and i i don’t Think if that wasn’t i don’t think i i Mean in my opinion i don’t think if Their shareholder part of that wasn’t Involved and all that money wasn’t Involved i mean i’d i’ve heard of plenty Of people that have been on this show And others uh that love ttsa only Well they make it seem like it’s because Of the shareholder part like they’re Always floating like oh i’m a Shareholder i’m sure They just like saying it right and it’s Like well okay but it’s never what it Happens if it never amounts to anything Yeah but the reason there’s so much There’s so much fluff around that Subject right now because of all the People that are invested into it you Know they know they’re no more a Shareholder of ttsa then i would be a Shareholder of a company if i signed up To a kickstarter yeah i mean that’s what You so what you’ve done is you’ve you’ve Put money you’ve put money into a Private charity essentially yes yeah Yeah just so they can get around money Yeah but that happens on wall street all The time so i mean that’s yeah that’s Not a that’s not something that’s just Happened this one time i mean this is

Something that happens no no no with Private companies and startup companies And people make a [ __ ] ton of money on Type of thing so i mean yeah i would be I wouldn’t if i if i dropped 10 grand Into it i’d be heavily invested as well You know i’d be like well yeah like dude Show me something do something yeah is Wilcox asking for money for his hover Car Um well being serious too no no yeah Yeah i know he has the patreon uh thing I i know he has other different Charities that are raising money i know There’s one through paypal Yeah yeah does he have a kickstarter i’m Not sure that i don’t know I know but i know he has a charity Through paypal And that’s a little bit different so It’s a little bit better than than the Kickstart so i i mean it’s it’s Essentially the same as just a bigger Yeah i know But Well clocks are ticking and i want to See that hover car uh that uh what do They call it the first one they put out Yeah wouldn’t that be some [ __ ] if he Has something come out before something Like etsa hell yeah Okay i don’t care who does it yeah get Forget the actual the physics to get That hovercraft

Have a car in the air yeah What about the actual technology to keep It safe all that stuff can you really See will who who’s doing that for Wilcock You know you’ve got there’s many i mean Tesla’s got one of the best systems Built in In any um Never mind a car in anything it has one Of the best systems right yeah i agree And i was actually going to say i was Going to just shout out spacex too when You were talking about that i mean that To me that’s more of a company that i Would want to invest in if that was the Subject that they were studying Even if wilcox makes a hovercar would i Trust that other car you would have to Would i [ __ ] you of course you trust That just like you trust that message You know the the the the message that Was going to go out for eight hours on Loop on all television networks you Could just trust it yeah wilcox said it And i heard that wilcock is to save Money is using his forehead as the Runway And i’m going to share that joke with Lee guy because he gave me the idea for It in the chat room if he can stick his Ego into a battery then he’s got [ __ ] A tesla beat hasn’t David i think you’ve got a lovely

Forehead and you’re welcome on the show At any point Oh boy well yeah no he can come on what A great personality he is The only thing ollie you have to make Sure that you have at least six Different camera angles yeah You can’t just have one man to have at Least six back of the head front of the Head side side side yes If i was making it on the show i need to Make sure i have another six of these Never mind cameras um The other thing with like um To the to the stars for instance putting Out the like the crazy Like going through mata [ __ ] yeah magic Car when has that ever happened in Technology no where where someone has Come out with something so Groundbreaking technology is about Incremental updates i don’t even care if There’s [ __ ] exotic material in it Because if they’ve got exotic material Loads of other people have got exotic Material that’s how companies work Um if you look at like in our time if You take the internet out of it because Obviously the internet was a massive Technology to to just be thrown at us And changed everything the way we the Way we work But the um i think the biggest piece of Technology has been the smartphone in my

In my life as far as a physical oh yeah Thing i carry around with me um and you Can you can instantly track that back to The iphone as being like that’s where The modern smartphone took off but Before that there was shitty um Eriksen’s and stuff like that they were There Horrible horrible like plastic touch Screens on them which you use the stylus For you know and they were they were Terrible phones and it was only they Cost a ton of money and it was really Rich people had them that went oh look At my phone you go that’s really cool But really impressed yeah those screens Would take forever to load yeah yeah And you but you could play snake on it You couldn’t i know it wasn’t that But before this before the hover car Before the hovercar we’re gonna get a Hoverboard That’s the way it will be something Smaller before we can turn it into like A full [ __ ] vehicle and then a Vehicle that can go through walls well Isn’t it that you you start big and then Things get smaller Yeah like the computer Yeah it’s like it’s like going from Punch card mainframes to like a single Processor computer i guess it works both Ways though right The iphone didn’t the iphone grew into

The ipad but it started out as a big Motorola brick and then it got all the Way itself if you break it down to its Core technology then the mainframe the The the motherboard itself with the Processing computer’s battery isn’t it Yeah i think that yeah think about Battery stream I think what lee’s saying there With a hoverboard you’ve got the risk of One person uh dying um two inches off The ground yeah two inches off the Ground okay yeah or maybe breaking a leg Up yeah yeah then you have a seven Billion people in the hospital yeah a Hover of a car you know That That’s not the same They’re two totally different things one Weighs you know two tons one weighs you Know maybe three pounds But if you’re if you’re able to make Something that can i number like in like In back to the future i mean If you’re whatever whatever size that is I mean i guess we’re talking about an Anti-gravity tank Pollution i mean so if whether it’s Smaller or big i think it would be Relevant or it would be irrelevant at That point No i i don’t know because you know If a car flying over a city or or Wherever something goes wrong

A hover a hoverboard Something goes wrong okay yeah yeah yeah I see that but you’re gonna have way More people using hoverboards than the Car Trust me uh you’d want the hover car No i think financially i think i think Money wise you’d do the hoverboard first Because i’m telling you now everything Yeah oh for sure yeah i agree Agreed but i’m just talking in the way Of safety And people going to the hospital or Dying Oh yeah yeah you would you think that’s It if you increase hover over Hoverboards To like these electric scooters you see You’re going past all the time yeah Right yeah replacing them everybody even Me i would get one just see if i could Sit on it and float we couldn’t even Make we couldn’t even make those little Balance boards with two wheels on there With that Bursting into flames that’s true [Laughter] Children died that christmas this is not Funny that’s not nice yeah How did we get on to david wilcox Thought because uh somebody brought it Up The camera angles i think it was Yeah i brought it up

Because let’s face it i don’t think David’s got anything to bring to Disclosure You never know But she may claim yes That’s all So does anybody believe that the hover Car will ever come no absolutely not i Don’t I love the fact um That he went from going with like so Deep in with the sort of letter and on Um and that which destroyed his Credibility you know with that with the Video that was supposed to come oh yeah Yeah i thought how can i break build This back i’ll tell everybody i’m going To make a flying car That’s that’s not the decision of a sane Man that’s true yeah you’re right He’s just trying to save face yep or Rebuild His face He got his teeth started Wouldn’t it be great if he was there Covered in oil right now in his garage With loads of parts trying to build a Hovercar everybody’s naked cursing us Out i’ll show you guys Hey Yeah Screw those four guys i’ll show them I mean without going on about it for too Long but

What it was amazing the first video that He did with in the hanging and he was And he was kind of trying to make a Point that he wasn’t lying to people Going look it’s a real hangar The only people who do that are people Who lie all the time Exactly elon musk didn’t come out and Say hey everybody look what i’m gonna Build or You just did it and then showed us he Thinks He can tell us He imagined elon musk in the cylinder of A rocket engine going look it’s real [Laughter] I’ll send you pictures from mars See you in 10 years david wilcock What a legend He’s a legend Yeah So Swiftly moving on from the wilcock the [ __ ] Um Won’t [ __ ] Do you do you I i know i’m not going to ask do you Ever see disclosure coming because i Know the answer that you’re all gonna Do do you feel like This disclosure is going to Is coming to almost an end

What Oh sorry you were still talking yeah It’s i mean it’s slowing down it’s the They’ve done the bit and that’s it for Now do you think we’ve got our because You Over the past what God knows how many years from Right well my granddad was a lad yeah um He’s dead now my granddad god rest his Souls goddesses he’s got two he’s got Two souls Um he was He’s schizophrenic So But we’ve we’ve seen this you’ve seen Little snippets of stuff that happens Across the history and now we’re it Seems that we’re we’re a pivotal point In history where we’ve had a lot of big Stuff come out over the last few years Other than the last two years that we Talked about but when it comes to Ufology we’ve had quite a lot You think that that’s our segment for Now that’s our slice of pie and that’s What we’re getting that’s what’s that’s What we’re being fed so far it seems Like is it going to come to a bit of a Rest now or do you reckon we’ve got more To come That makes any sense that was the Longest question in the history of talk Shows i like that question

I i i do that rich i do but it was a Good question I i kind of think i mean I think some of it’s based on Some of the release of documentation Either through foia or you know through Other means i mean so for instance you Know that you know They There comes a point where they have to Release information They have to like and i know that the Government can delay certain Documentation or certain information Coming out like they’re doing right now With jfk and i know the jfk docs were Supposed to be already released but They’re supposed Now i think they’re they’re not supposed To be released until i think it’s December 15th Um yeah Yeah um but i think I i also wonder if that’s maybe a part Of You know some of the The mass information that’s coming out Around ufo because they’re almost forced To you know to show their hand or show That information Um whether or not they’ll kill Everything i don’t know i mean But Why do you think they’ll be forced now

Though Because after a certain amount of time They have to release that information to The public At least 60 years or something in the united States i mean so for instance the the Jfk documentation that was Um that was that was hidden under the Wraps until this year It was supposed to be i think it was October or november or something Um Now that they’ve delayed it the biden Administration delayed that information From being released to the public until December 15th of this year Um they’re doing the same thing with a Lot of the the four-year releases the Things that john greenwald’s doing um Some of the stuff that’s on Specifically on roswell uh you know it Gets to a certain point of time where They can only hold that information for So long and then they are forced to flip Their hand and show the public this Information or at least you know make it Available for them to be able to get it So Um But even that i think is sketchy it’s Like do we really believe what they’re Actually showing us are they really Showing us everything that they’re

Actually you know that they know that They’re Showing us are they holding back or they Changing it they mutate Who knows right but i mean i do Yeah What’s that i’m saying you do we all Know Yeah they’re holding back man they’re Not showing us anything you know those Three videos are nothing yep it’s Garbage yeah and i’ve heard i’ve heard Rumors of and i’ve heard this even from Jeremy like that they’ve had Uh there’s 20 minute long videos of this Stuff it’s clear Clear footage that’s supposedly like you Know 100 feet away 50 feet away from the Cockpit i want to see it Like why would you block that why would You keep that from the public if you Know it’s something Unless they unless they specifically Don’t know where it’s from And they don’t want to look stupid Because if they come out and say oh we Don’t know what it is but here it is Next thing you know like a couple Years down the road they find out that Something from another country like one Of our adversaries but I mean why would you hide something That’s that’s that Important to the public to answer that

Question because they don’t have it They don’t have anything i don’t believe They do I think it’s all everything is Disinformation for something secretive That may go public by accident you know Maybe like china You know or somebody else I think that’s what this all i don’t Think they have [ __ ] to be honest with You really Yeah that it’s just my You know thing on it because every year I hear the same thing we’re going to see This we’re going to see this this is Going to be released and nothing ever Happens we never have seen clear video Of anything No i really believe it yeah the videos That kind of stuff i i yeah you’re right I mean But the the doc Hold on i i just remembered why i said That they always say we can’t show it to You because of uh national security So me looking at a disc is going to ruin All of national security it doesn’t make Sense yeah if it doesn’t make sense it’s Not right a thousand percent and even Even lazar said that even you know Whether you believe him or not like he Even thing like there’s why hide Something now if you know that there’s Extraterrestrial life that’s visiting

This planet like there’s no reason to Block that from the That information to the public Keep some of the secret you know the Secret of stuff like you know the the Technology behind it yes maybe that Needs to be kind of locked up under key For security reasons right but The fact that they hide things that Could potentially change the world as we Know it from a Knowledge perspective is just bs and They always use religion as the reason Why that’s their first reason yeah and i I don’t To me that’s it’s that’s just a cop-out Excuse it’s really is it’s so it’s it’s Such crap and i it makes me so angry and I think that’s another reason why i Continue to To research this subject and continue to Follow it and you know There’ll be three reasons there would be Three reasons why they that we’re not Getting anything one they have nothing And you know choose religion No i would say two’s religion yeah That’s their main reason why they don’t Think they give a [ __ ] Of course they don’t I think that’s the excuses they’re Giving us but i think they do have it And that’s why they continue to just not Say anything well if if it’s black and

White they would be like you guys are You guys are stupid no it’s yes or no It’s that simple so they’ve had it for All these years where is it you tell me What alien technology do you think we’re Using now and don’t say kevlar Kevlar So Velcro um No i’m serious what what are we using Now that looks like alien technology Other than touching a screen which was Coming anyway one of them was uh like Fiber optic technology They weren’t they were already involved With making that i’d argue that was Common i i’d argue that was the natural Natural development from copper wire and Working and working in big tech i i Agree with that i mean because i’ve seen That progression go from where it was Before to where it is and i think laser Technology is unreal it can read stuff Play music that’s alien to me yeah but Even that’s stuff that i know i’ve seen And i’ve researched that is something That we have created i mean it’s it’s Like standard science it’s it’s not hard To comprehend if you get it right Um on the on the national security thing Though i i think maybe The way we’re having the conversation Use it too busy talking about it as Being like

Technology and military-wise Whereas look like 20 months ago we had a Situation where everybody panicked and Started running out buying toilet roll People do not react well In high stress situations especially in Like in a mob So if if right you know the national Security could be to stop the [ __ ] Place going bat [ __ ] Yeah that was my third reason my the Second reason why i was gonna say i got A bit of beard hair in my mouth there Is That It shows something that that that Potentially you guys have That shows some sort of technology that They don’t want getting into the wrong Hands Or the third reason whatever they are Showing Is it’s scary as [ __ ] That’s the only reasons i can think of I’ve heard that before too it’s really Scary but we wouldn’t understand what We’re looking at it would freak us out The other thing to think about and it’s It’s where i am with with this as well Because i see no uh if i don’t trust the Like louis alizando sort of thing um I’m i’m not convinced this is Technology as in like nuts and bolts Technology

So if it is something more of what i Think of some like something more Supernatural Than Something coming from a different planet Which is a set essentially always but Looks a bit different and has evolved You know evolved for slightly longer And if it is something more supernatural That like that would terrify people If it was something from some sort of Hellscape like we were talking about Last week You know you know that that would can You can you imagine the panic that would Be if they turn around and said so so These aliens they’re not exactly aliens They’re not exactly in ships we don’t Know what they are but what we do know They are is we know they’re they’re Something that you know we do know you Need to get to church yeah we think They’re from some sort of like alternate Universe which is kind of like hell kind Of like hell yeah they’ve and they’re Malevolent they hate us they just for Some reason hate the human spirit and They keep now and again abducting us and Doing things to us Happy friday But I think it’s even more than that i mean Going back to the conversation i had With family members just recently you

Know one of them uh actually two of them Were one’s a phys one’s a physicist That’s in college right now that’s this You know going to college to be a a Physics major the other one Is a very senior computer scientist um Just having a conversation with them Around the The laws of gravity the the the just the Physics around an object going from Space down to the top of the surface of The ocean in less than a second That that alone scares them Yeah right I mean so If that if that type of conversation is Able to scare or put the fear like wow Like what the hell could that be what is It that could actually cause that kind Of What kind of technologies out there that Can actually do that like who in the World has that because if you know Initially they think of it’s got to be Something that’s earthly it’s got to be Something that’s on this planet you know And then they expand that to something That’s obviously more than that because It’s they they feel like you know this Is not something that we they know that They can actually we can actually do on You know on planet earth I think that alone is is a fear factor i Mean for me just working in tech my

Whole life i mean i know that If if you were to do that and if you Were sitting in an object that was Actually going from that level down to The you know down to the ocean in less Than a second like you’d be dead you’d Be a piece of liquid that would be Floating around in that object i mean There’s no way that you would live So how was it from how is it moving Around and performing and making those Turns and doing those types of things i Mean that that alone is very scary to The people that are in the scientific Community you know And i think this is part of the problem I have with the Scientific Youtube community um Because sometimes i think if when you’ve Got something that is for one of better Words so alien Uh it’s almost like you’re trying to Spell a word with numbers it’s we’re Trying to solve a problem With without the technical ability to Solve solve the problem in the same way As my [ __ ] cat watches me light a Fire and looks at how what i’m doing Goes holy [ __ ] [ __ ] what’s going on Here it’s the same [ __ ] thing We we like we’re trying to solve a Problem With ants without knowing the question

Yeah yeah It’s all speculation it’s just Whatever we see trying to process it and Try to figure out exactly what it is That we’re actually seeing and that’s Why it’s so easy to be an expert Or speculate on things that don’t Actually exist yeah Like aliens like oh It’s not nothing of this world it must Be alien nobody’s an expert Can’t be an expert [ __ ] do you ever speak to your parents About What you do Yeah All the time And When you first started to tell them About it How is that how has that progressed from Way back when when you first said i’m Going out and investigating ufos to What you do now Well it was more natural than you think Because uh i i When i recorded the very first thing Uh in june of 2004 that i actually had Something on video Uh i i went over to my parents house Said look look what i have on film i or Whatever hi eight And they looked at and they said oh what Do you think that is you know they’re

Into the ufo subject my dad’s always Been that’s why i’m into it um but they Were like yeah you’re gonna do a show You’re gonna make money that was the First thing they said i’m like no money I’m just doing it because i want to Oh all right And that was it and then it progressed We didn’t talk about it for maybe a year Or two So how’s that uh ufo thing you were Doing there Yeah so i got a website now oh yeah Making any money It’s always about money But they’ve come to accept it they’ve Always accepted it it’s their friends And their co-workers that i meet that Act At first and then later on they’ll Corner you and say So have you ever seen a ufo because i Have you know and then they want to tell You their story It’s pretty interesting i love the way People react when and i hate it Uh when i first moved to florida i Walked into The room where i was going to meet all These people i never met except for a Few and i hear somebody say are you the Ufo guy I’m like Who wants to know

It’s It’s amazing i think there’s such a we We talked about normalcy bias weren’t we Last week yeah um I think there’s so many questions like Some people would like to ask For there’s i’ve got a really good Friend of mine i’ll be careful what i Say that being on youtube Um But they’re a journalist And obviously they’re they’ve been Writing a lot of articles about a Certain thing over the past 20 months Um but the other day knowing the sort of Stuff i’m into When they came around my house they were Like yeah i don’t want to sound crazy Here but after Number two I can stick magnets on my arms What yeah I don’t stick with your arms magnets After a certain thing they can put a Magnet on themselves Scary milly Yeah no no no i’m just that’s what That’s as far as i’m going but i’m just Saying like that That’s that’s somebody that couldn’t say That to Anybody else apart from me Because of the situation And that’s silly of them to think so

Yeah yeah absolutely yeah I say uh Do research research the people you want To tell your stuff to before you tell it To anybody because the people love to Talk to other people when it comes to This subject and if they found out Something nobody else knows and you Trusted them when you shouldn’t have Forget about it your whole reputation You could lose your job relationships It’s crazy what ufology is like Behind the scenes Here’s the problem right then it’s it’s It’s right with what i’ve just said to Lead there is we we don’t trust any of The other platforms that we’re on Apart from some of them that you know Need to improve the How you upload videos to them but you Know the main players We then speak our minds When it comes to any of it even when it Comes to to to the subject of ufology i Think sometimes you know You you’ve got to be careful because Youtube i don’t know about you rich but I get warnings uh like The warnings for me are that you can’t Monetize this video i don’t care about The three dollars it’ll make or whatever You know from just from advent because You know what you know what it makes it Makes nothing it makes nothing

I care that youtube is seeing it as a Threat to its platform Why you know Through throughout It’s not advertisement friendly no What was coming what’s next Yeah i hear you so even without any like Audio or Video playing i mean just just you Having that conversation you’re still Getting copyright strikes on that Not strikes Not strikes limited advertising Right yeah most videos that i i do and i Don’t put the ads in between the section I just literally just put it up because The ads don’t make anything So literally I monetize because Monetizing your channel on youtube Youtube like to promote it apparently More because it makes them money even Though youtube said many moons ago that It doesn’t make them they’re they’re no Did they say they were a non-profitable Company or something like that I’ve heard the actual opposite i mean I’ve heard it doesn’t actually matter Whether you’re monetized or not and That’s why i i didn’t care whether it Was You know whether that happened or not But anyway The the

The problem is it’s been looked and it’s Been looked at as Inappropriate for advertisers So my worry is sort of inappropriate For My the audience that i’m wanting to Reach So that’s why i’m i i say to literally You know i want to be so careful and What i say and i i i want to i want a Platform to be there where i can go just Be myself speak my mind Look right mate Or odyssey they want you to but they Want you to rate yourself you’re allowed To say the f word they have a a place Where you can say But no you’re worried about what you can Say and you can say a lot more than you Think you can It’s just how you’re saying it so if you Want to talk about you know getting you Know the shot in the arm and you can’t Say well i don’t you know want that or Whatever that’s promoting against what They believe So that might get you demonetized for That Video but i’m saying you have the option They youtube gives you the option to Choose how much you swear what you’re Pretty much going to talk about I i don’t think that would you were Demonetized i think that would get you a

Community guideline strike Yeah i i would agree willy Really Yeah we happen to leave on his show yeah Yeah But the ego community Guidelines strike for having a guest on Supposedly Certain things yeah so Back to the subject in itself but it is All about a part of it because i think If there is potentially a disclosure And it goes one way or another It might become to a point where on Certain media platforms We’re only allowed to speak about if it Becomes If it becomes a real big thing and not Just a like a A twinkle in the background that we’re Thinking something may happen because i Always feel like something may happen With disclosure at some point Um i know rich who’s he may have gone For a wee wee break nothing’s ever going To happen with this okay no i’m vaping i Don’t want people to see me vaping i Don’t care Um I care But with the controls that that That that the the controls are in place If something did happen I think it would be controlled to what

We would be allowed to say about these Extraterrestrials or whatever it is i Agree 100 1 1 000 And and i think if you apply that to the Same Way that they’re doing censorship right Now versus you know on certain topics And subjects and whatever everyone you Know call it out it it it’s happening Right now i mean it really is it’s Happening with you know the thing that Good fun just mentioned with you know in The arm it’s happening with certain Three-letter acronyms um when it’s crazy Like even even like like a year ago you Could talk about things that were Related to illuminati is still able to You’re still able to have that Conversation but the three-letter word That begins with in the end you can’t Have that conversation anymore because It’s about something that’s relevant to The times And I think that is That’s my biggest concern when it comes To censorship because it’s taking away The Taking away your ability to be able to Just have an open conversation about a Subject it doesn’t necessarily like say That you’re pushing That narrative or pushing that specific Topic

You just you physically can’t even have A conversation about it and i think it’s Wrong i mean it’s The way that they’re doing this right Now is it’s really tough it really is And you have to be really careful and Even if right now this conversation is Okay to be had Uh six down six months down the road From now this could be completely taboo And we have to then delete it or you’re Going to get a strike or you’re going to Get a warning or you’re going to have Something you know prosecuted against You it’s it’s really ridiculous yeah Um So we go on What worries me about it is the fact That it’s not about um it doesn’t none Of this seems to make Sense for a company If you look at uh If if it’s just about like monetization And like what what ad companies and Stuff like that are happy with it um We’ll take alex jones again you know The views alex jones used to get i don’t Care what he says if you’re trying to Sell a product and I don’t think any company Would argue with those views In the same way as when we see countless Films being rebooted right now which are Injected with identity politics

You me and everybody else that are Normal cinema goers reject these films They bomb yet companies keep making them Over and over again it doesn’t make Sense it doesn’t make sense that the Whole the whole get work go broke thing Isn’t a catchy slogan it’s [ __ ] real But the crazy thing is is these Companies that only cared about profit Up until a couple of years ago Now seem to care about moral values and I don’t understand how that works in a Capitalist society It Doesn’t It doesn’t work So what’s the what’s the reason for it What’s the reason for for everything That’s been going on Everything that’s been happening with The soft disclosure the so-called soft Disclosure I think it’s all leading into one thing I think it’s all linked definitely 100 Yeah yeah I i feel like there’s ev everything that Even down to what we’re doing right now I think i said this last week that i i Think whatever whatever the control and Hands are that pull the strings they They’re they’ve they’ve take they have This covered You know they have the outliers covered Whatever this

That this plan is It’s it seems pretty [ __ ] Comprehensive Rich from dark Dance guy I am I’ve always wanted to ask you to ask you This question because you you put out a Lot of Great documentaries some old forgotten Ones as well when it comes to uh the the Subject of Ufos links are in the description people Go check out subscribe Um What do you actually What what what is your honest opinion of This subject and what it actually is Ow You must have a have a feel You must like Have a feeling deep down inside what all This is about I i mean i i think i think it’s a i i Flip-flop all the time just like i Flip-flop like some days depending on my Mood and how i feel i believe lazar Story You know but then there’s other days i’m Just like you know it’s just like 80 of The time i’m like nope this is all bs And then there’s like some days where i Think like okay this could be real um I

I’m not i’m not sure how to answer that Um Part of me believes it’s A much A much bigger Topic and Conversation than what we’re having now That’s not related to the subject at all And and In the sense that it’s like aliens from Space um At its core i kind of think it has to do With some sort of you know Tech that we’re just not aware of Um in some respects i think You know Before Before china launched that um Uh that missile that that shut out you Know the the satellite you know what was It last week or the week and a half ago Two weeks ago um i mean that that to me That blew me away i was like wow there’s Something that can actually Go around this entire planet within four Years Or within within four hours and We had no idea and then they were also Shooting satellites at a space where the People on the space station are having To take cover you know I i don’t know i might i flip-flop all The time on what i think What i think it is

And what i you know and what my beliefs Are Um I mean i i i definitely don’t think that We’re alone in the universe i mean i Think that’s just naive to think that That’s that’s what we are i mean the Universe is just way too big for for Anyone to think in my opinion that we’re Alone but What we’re experiencing today is it Actually that specific topic i don’t Know i don’t know i think for me it’s a Hard It’s a hard thing to just say like Definitively like yes this is what it is You know i i constantly flip-flop on What i think and feel um I’m not sure i’m not sure where to Answer that No no you answered it fair and square if That’s if that’s [ __ ] if that’s your Your god’s honest Uh truth and the feelings you have about The subject Then Yeah i mean so like me personally like i I’ve seen things in the sky i mean i I’ve been an amateur astrophotographer For the last 15 years i’ve got tons of Telescopes and cameras i’ve got tons of Different filters that i use to take you Know hydrogen alpha or A sulfur different so i i’ve

I’m well educated on the subject of Space and technology and engineering and All that kind of stuff just with my Career and my hobbies and stuff but Um i don’t think that we’re alone but at The same time i don’t know I don’t know what it is i don’t know do You believe in god I do yeah I believe Yeah i believe there’s a bigger power Out there yeah So Did god make aliens as well I mean why stop at earth you know You’re building one lego model build a Number yeah yeah i don’t know i don’t Know Yeah i i don’t think it’s the same i Think there’s a bigger i think it’s a Much bigger conversation than just the Alien topic i guess See see what When you say you believe in god are you I i this is totally different show this But uh are you a religious man No no No you were Was you an atheist before No no i was i never was like raised like Catholic or anything like that i was you Know i went to church and stuff when i Was younger and and you know was raised To believe in you know higher power and

That kind of stuff um You know pray and that kind of thing but You know i’m not like one of those Church people that You know Focus on that that’s that’s you know i Mean that that was never my thing the Reason why i asked that question is is Because like I think rich was speaking about the the The chinese ballistic missile and you Know He he believes that the tic tac may have Come from china Yeah but but what if that’s what we’re Supposed to believe What do you mean They want us to believe it’s aliens they Can’t have they can’t say this and that So you guys You guys at your end Or you either think that chyna runs that Runs the show are you guys from the show I don’t i don’t me i don’t i don’t Personally think that What if not why what if the the world Runs the Show what like a secret government Yeah what if the world runs the show and What everything that everything that we See when it when it comes to The chinese ballistic missile when it Comes to all these different subjects Because we we don’t trust media

I personally think they just created Their own tech in a secret way And were able to demonstrate it in a way That would freaking scare the hell out Of everyone Like it like it Did without saying anything and just Being covert and i really think that’s What it comes down to i mean and and on The flip side you know coming from the United living in the united states We we do the same thing right we have Technology that is either you know on Purpose or On accident That’s revealed to the public and You know it’s that like oh [ __ ] moment Like okay well now we need to have this Conversation we need to disclose it we Need to have this again we need to talk About it um but i think absolutely i Don’t i’m not discrediting you know the Human race at all when it comes to us Being able to You know come up with this type of tech And engineering i mean i think we’re Absolutely capable of doing those things When it comes to something like the tic Tac and the way that they’re describing That tech when it drops down and makes All these different maneuvers I have a really hard time believing that That came from something that’s from our Secret government if

People are piloting it If it’s something that’s not piloting Those specific crafts you know and i Have to go on you know what favor and Everyone else is saying like they saw it They they Let’s just believe what they said Um if that’s the truth Then my mind starts to think okay well It’s more than just the craft like what Freaking material are they using that’s Able to do that Because it’s conventional What’s that Meta materials right yeah like like what Kind of like what kind of metamaterial Are they using that’s actually able to Like what are they using to build that Type of specific Technology that’s that’s that it’s do You know it’s doing it because Everything that we’re aware of whether It’s Public knowledge covert black project Something that’s on a drawing board Something that’s like you know the tier 3b type of technology whatever whatever That wherever it defines itself It doesn’t fit into any of those Categories it doesn’t just doesn’t You know it really doesn’t so i i would Like to know how that Kind of came about um i don’t Immediately go to it’s alien tech i’m

Kind of like in the same camp for rich As that where it’s like well maybe it is China maybe it’s russia maybe it’s Someone else like one of our adversaries That’s actually building this tech and Uh and and they’ve leapfrogged us in Some way that Uh that that we just you know that To me if that’s the case that’s freaking Scary as [ __ ] and the reason i say china Because we were buying dji drones not Just for the consumer but for the Military through china’s dji company And they infiltrated uh top secret Information through those drones where They went and everything all the Metadata was all recorded right i mean They mapped everything out Yeah yeah exactly right yeah but even at Its core if you come down to the physics Of it like how is it doing that how is It actually making those those maneuvers It Even that You know did you know the dj tech i mean I i don’t know and from what i’ve read i Don’t think it can It can’t do those things no i’m not Talking about the dji tech i’m talking How they stole The material they’re talking about the Software Yeah the software yeah yeah you’re right You’re right yeah yeah that yeah that

Could very well be yeah well that’s why We stopped doing business with china and Dji i mean just dji in china not stop Doing business but With all that stuff that’s why we’re Only staying in america now yeah we have To we have tesla’s in china’s here all Right They build them in china No no they’ve got them You mean they have the product not the They’ve got the products so yeah you Guys got the dji but they got the teslas Yeah so maybe elon’s doing the same Thing i think oh i see yeah they only Hire people from the united states i Believe Well that’s why that’s why you guys That’s why donald trump ordered um Uh the united states to stop doing work With huawei the uh oh yeah oh right yeah Yeah same thing you’re right exact same Thing at the same time that happened Meanwhile in the uk yeah you’re right it Was it was around the same time wasn’t It yeah Me meanwhile in the uk we’ve built our Entire mobile network with huawei That seems like a bad move We have no well we do have choices but We really don’t when it comes to certain Things there’s monopolies And uh we can’t avoid it we need the Product right somebody gonna say

Somebody has the product yeah we need I’m i’m with ollie anyway as far as the Good where this comes from no the uh I i think there’s some sort of overarch Arching hand that pulls the strings some Of them more powerful than government Leaders there has to be um the other and As far as the like what we’re talking About with disclosure where it could be Leading up to The best I or what when you look at through human History what’s been the best thing to Control people Money yeah Technology fear No religion Is religion as being the single best Thing to control large groups of people Isn’t that fading away though now mean It is yeah that’s why we need a new Religion for we’re starting off Are you religion from normal yeah and i Keep hearing like how Alien tech or alien in general is is the New like you know the new religion Interesting That that’s what i think is going on i Don’t think any of it’s real i think It’s all put out there for whatever this New Social Um like [ __ ]

Fabric that’s going to be netted over us Social justice warriors no Maybe no i don’t know i don’t know if That’s where you’re going no no no i Don’t i don’t know But i think i think we are entering like A thing we’re going to have new social Controls put over us a new way of living And going about life is going to be Impossible for people well look what They’re doing in china right now they’re Doing the whole social score thing right I mean they’re basing it off of Keep hearing that i keep hearing that Coming that that’s part of the thing That’s coming that’s trying to come the United states i hear that they’re trying To implement that now and you know over In australia with all the things that’s Going on there with the pandemic and Yeah well that’s awful over there I am I i kind of feel That When it comes to Aliens If they’ve known about this for a long Time And going back to what i said about China The us russia Great britain and any country If the if they found that there was Something out there

Whether they it was friendly or not I feel like After I mean how long’s uh at least let’s just Let’s just say roswell’s i know that i Know that they’ve been ufo signs before Then possible crashes before that But How long has that been now 1946 47 it’s been 74 years 77 years okay so In seven so so if they knew that they Were extraterrestrials The world And I i would i would guarantee that every Country And every power would know about that There would be a so-called space force There would be a base on the moon They would have to be They would have to be They’re talking about doing it now yeah I mean i i was watching the fox it Should be already there yeah well It should be it It it should no be no but he’s actually Right with for once because it should be If If if it was aliens that crashed in Russia or in roswell Um Tom delon said it was uh it was it was a German craft that He believes crap crashed in the hanabu

Yeah and you know in some ways that Makes sense Uh the the what the Uh with the with the us army uh Recalling what they’d said About it being a crashed disk that They’d found A ufo a flying saucer And they recalled it as a weather Balloon it kind of makes sense that Maybe then they realized [ __ ] no it’s The germans we’ve got we’ve got a nazi Craft okay That kind of makes sense i’m not calling Germans nazis Before anybody says but at the time That’s germany um It makes sense that kind of makes sense And it makes sense with the going to Antarctica getting certain Whatever it was whether it was tech Whether it was Um They were finding something completely Whether it’s what they call it uh what Was it bird found admiral bird the Inside of the earth Yeah Admiral richard byrd yeah that was uh Craziness craziness operations Absolutely Exciting Yeah Was he hijab and fishbowl was the two

There’s a couple yeah i don’t i think That’s not the fishman wasn’t him high Jump was admiral richard bird that was It Was it was fishing Was that it sorry just going there Was fishbowl um Detonating nukes in the high altitude Nukes I don’t know the answer All right all right hurry up sorry Someone on the channel now Somebody in the chat will definitely Know that i know i just think that If that information was out there And it’s been there for all these years I i i i’m pretty sure that every single Country would know about this Every single country well maybe that’s Why that they they have it so that you Know they sign that treaty that’s in you Know antarctica where no one can go There there’s you know the government of You know all the governments of the World that sign the treaty it’s it’s Specifically for scientific research Blah blah blah blah blah you know what i Mean like i it and that brings up a good Point like for me i think that that’s The next big topic that’s going to come Up i keep for some reason i keep seeing Antarctica popping up all over the place Um i’ve been hearing a lot about it i’ve Been hearing people chattering and

Having conversations about i’ve been Seeing videos on it all the time Um and it’s like one of the biggest Mysteries that are unknown right i mean We don’t know no one’s been there no one Really knows what’s actually down there So You know who knows Could i go to antarctica I i believe they could You can go to a bit of it a bit of it But you can only go you can you can go To um There’s a certain shoreline isn’t that You can you can land on and then from That shoreline you can go X amount of miles in Guarded Which takes you to the pole which Because they’ve got a pole there but It’s not actually the north pole it’s Like a ceremonial pole it’s there as Like a tourist attraction so you can’t You can you can go but you can go in the Same way you can go to disney you can go To disneyland but you can’t go in the Cellar you can’t go behind the yeah Behind the castle I mean antarctica’s is pretty big So huge it’s huge yeah What would stop somebody from getting The entire Surrounding of the of the disc isn’t it It’s

What was larger than the united states i Know that yeah So what would stop somebody from just Just getting a boat and Doing their own expedition i know how How much of this antarctica Is you know Monitored For for People coming in I don’t know i haven’t got the contract But i mean the thing is it’s the Logistics of getting there though isn’t It you know It’s it’s a logistical nightmare it’s An an actual expedition To go and do it yes i mean south america Has tours that go from the southern Point of south america that you can go Down there on a cruise boat Um I’m actually trying to look it up now to See i don’t know of Just being able to like hey i want to Get a boat and Go down to king george island You know and go down the south southland And and see if i can just you know pull My boat up anchor out and go walk around And camp i mean i think what i’m saying Is if you if you did have the the ways The means to do it and i’m sure there Are people in the world that That do have the money that do have the

Ways and means of of pulling up on a Nice big yacht or whatever with all the Equipment to get to venture out into Antarctica so there are people with that Sort of money Would they get stopped When they got there no matter what Area that they approached would Something happen I’m wondering You know how much because people Everybody says you can’t get in you know The the the the there’s this this big Conspiracy that’s that says that you Well last you know i think it’s factual That you can’t but how much of this is That you can’t get in at this Place that’s absolutely freaking huge You know Is Somebody that somebody out there will Would have an ambition To actually find out what’s What on antarctica is all about and if It’s not just a Bit of ice You know Unless maybe people have tried and uh They’ve been either turned away or Turned down if you catch my drift Yeah i don’t know personally i mean that It’s a good point man i i’d have to That’s something i would definitely like To look into in in you know china

Because it’s massive yeah dude like i Said it’s it’s larger than you know than The continent the north america i mean It’s it’s It’s a massive continent It’s cut and the entire thing is covered Literally by ice they say so Um Yeah who knew who knows All the residents like all the buildings That are there from what they have and From the public that you can research It’s all it’s all government facilities It’s all research facilities yeah Scientific research i mean it’s not like Anyone lives there right i mean there’s Penguins and ice so Yeah i mean who knows Is that Right yeah that’s what they tell us Yeah It’s interesting isn’t the whole the Whole idea of the antarctic treaty is Interesting that this is This one thing that survived like Conflict it survived political upheavals Um And all for some reason because we We really care about penguins all of a Sudden It’s it it doesn’t matter especially When you look at Like the interview With adverb on the long jeans

Chronoscope i think it was wasn’t it Where he’s talking about coal and Uranium and stuff like that and how That it would be Like the next like big conflict would be Out about Like taking the resources from that Place And If that’s true And it’s full of coal and stuff like That then The the idea that countries are still Have still got together now we’re Supposedly In um Like in scarcity when it comes to Um natural fuels And we’re still There’s still no companies None of them no like exxon mobil shell None of them want to go down there yeah That’s a good point i don’t i don’t get That you know in a world where we will We will destroy acres of forests Yeah to make paper that’s true i mean Because you could literally have an Underground or undersea pipeline going From that continent to the southern Point of south america i mean it’s not That it’s not like it’s thousands of Miles it’s like it’s a couple hundred Miles yeah if they have pipelines that Cross and traverse the pacific and

Atlantic and You know they mean i mean they mean Freaking microsoft has a fiber optic Line that goes from the atlantic ocean Over to london so I mean it’s it’s totally You know conceptually it’s something That yeah You’re right yeah yeah why not use those Resources and go down there if that is Something that is actually there Yep doesn’t make sense It’s really good man i know yeah it’s It’s awesome i don’t think we’ll ever Find out i Dance have you got any any documentaries On you on your channel about Antarctica I do i have a couple that’s based on Theory around atlantis um I’ve got i think three or four of them That are specifically on admiral byrd Just because i love that subject um and I have a couple other ones that are like Theoretical theory type of stuff that’s Around more of the the fake ufology type Of subject that’s you know on other Pseudo you know pseudoeuthologists that Are in the field that are talking about Like alien reptilian kind of stuff but Um Anything that’s real scientific wise Would be anything that’s from nasa or United states government

Specifically on You know project high jump or any other You know Type of projects or secret projects that Were around that time frame But you mean think about it like why Would our government actually why would The us government send An expedition trip down there If they quote unquote knew that there Was nothing there I wanted a penguin Why did he return so quickly like in Fear and then and then make it like Taboo to even talk about us even Having any information about what he saw Or what he didn’t see down there You know i Always had those questions like Especially after you watch even the Periscope films like if you watched any Of the periscope films that are on Project high jump that are literally From the government released government You know once confidential documentaries That are now public Yeah those richard bird ones are cool Yeah oh dude totally i mean they’re it’s You’re like i mean you sit back and you Watch and you think it’s like science Fiction but no it’s actual it’s factual It’s real things that actually happened Back in the day so yeah Wild

Bridge Giordano hello antarctica Where are you On this uh this icy subject Well i don’t know man if i you have to Go by what admiral richard bird was Saying i mean people did die right Didn’t people get killed on those Missions or the high jump one They got attacked like 17 that died down There yeah so what happened he’s just Making it up to cover his ass while he Got kicked you know it got destroyed by Germans Didn’t weren’t those ufos didn’t they Have The nazi symbol on them They did yeah yeah is that am i right on That all right and they were even trying To link that back to the whole invasion Of you know the ufos that they saw over The capital back in the day Oh right yeah about that and then Relaying that to that was this main Reason why we received all the nazi Scientists from world war ii To be a part of nasa And that’s why we create nasa right Exactly and that’s why we end up having You know you know werner von braun and Everyone else that was basically You know that ran all these government Agencies there at the united states we Literally took nazi scientists and

Converted them into Public citizens to be You know you know basically you know for Their brain and their smarts of the Technology that they knew and that knew How to produce at the time so did Anybody ever catch that easter egg and Back to the future too where Uh Doc where they were going back into the Past and he says oh you can see about Your future well there weren’t any van There weren’t any browns back then we Used to be called the von brauns but my Father changed it oh no i didn’t contact Anything like it’s funny you said i Actually i watched all three of them Last night on Oh wow out in the woods yeah it was it Was on tbs yeah that’s that’s what i did Too last week and they did i never Caught that yeah and he says that it’s Amazing we used to be called the von Brauns but now we’re the browns But that is interesting though Right Yeah that’s one for you what time is it Holy smokes it’s already been two hours Yeah you when she shout when’s your Shower when she showed me my show Tonight is on early at 8 55 p.m instead Of nine i’m going to try five minutes Early And it’s easy

I was just going to say quickly before We start doing the wrap-up thing just to Get to get back on the soft disclosure No no no it’s all right just before um It was just something dark sky said you Know when you look at the Um Like ridiculous Video footage that’s come out like the Flare footage and stuff like that Yeah that um Video of the ufo’s boson the capitol Building That didn’t cause disclosure There that’s crazy And yeah The amount of people i i’ve shown that To friends And the amount of people that have never Seen or heard of that incident yeah in Their lives that came up the other night The one the battle of l.a came up the Other night oh i was going to say that Yes Maybe that was a nazi aircraft and i Think and i and for me like uh that that That’s why the the older stuff i mean For me personally is just so fascinating Because it’s way before any of this Modern tech that we can you know You know You know basically say okay this is a Drone this is an airplane this is this This is that it’s a weather i mean it

Like back then it was really hard to Think that kind of [ __ ] even like fake Videos yeah and it’s way before instant Crazy media right like there was no Internet there was there was no cgi There was no like any software programs To do this kind of stuff that we know of Um you know what i mean like it was Really hard to do that so Uh you know even like like take for Instance like the kent video the kent Photos um i mean that’s really hard to Fake that kind of stuff you know back in The you know the 20s 30s the 40s 50s and 60s i mean i think anything up to like The 70s And 80s 80s is getting into like a little bit More of a you know I guess more modern tech where they can Kind of fake that kind of stuff but Back in the day it’s really hard to fake That kind of stuff so i mean I don’t know like i mean how do you how Do you faked an alien invasion over the Top of the capitol You know back then You know i mean did the battle of l.a Like how do you how do you fake that Because they didn’t it was real right Yeah it was something Whether it’s alien or whether it’s on This earth and it was tech that we just Don’t know i’m not aware of that was

Something else i mean but like they Literally shot at that [ __ ] for hours And it didn’t do anything over a Thousand rounds yeah yeah these are like It killed it literally and it killed People so it wasn’t like the rounds Falling yeah yeah it killed people in L.a like it wasn’t like it was a fake Thing and the media was making up like People died like literally they died Like you just it too i don’t know i mean That that kind of stuff to me is just it Is extremely fascinating to research Firing for an hour Yeah it was a little over an hour that They were found for the battle of the Battle of l.a wasn’t it maybe It was a hologram Um like blue blue blue yeah blue blue Maybe it was back then yeah when was That 60s or seven the 40s right Have you just come out with that rich is That your theory yeah Probably that’s why they couldn’t shoot It down there was nothing there has Anybody else said that No i don’t think so Secular wasn’t it this is the second World war no battle level yeah the Battle of the battle of los angeles was In 1942. yeah yeah yeah but if it was a Hologram then that’s some crazy Technology right he would have had Incredible technology maybe it was the

Aliens doing it right Whoa This just got crazy well you think about It why would a an alien craft No matter how much you know how strong It is i don’t know why i’ve got a horn In my hand Why why would pick up the aliens I’m looking for anything that looks like A a ufo Uh a hairbrush that’ll do Why why would uh why would a an alien Spaceship just come over and Sit there to be fired upon Because yeah right to show that we can’t Damage them or maybe they didn’t realize That they were actually being shot at They’re like what are these people Throwing little tiny toothpicks you know I mean yeah maybe they just sat there Like what is this the natives are They’re mad That grey headbutt in that might rich Sounds amazing [Laughter] See now Speaking of headphones lee your Headphones are very see how I’ve had all this room here i don’t want That what what do you recommend i get One is yours good is it just for talking No microphone no yeah i just go I do have one see I just tuck it in just like when i walk

Around naked like i can’t i can’t Hate 440s Pardon sure is what Your Srh440s how much were those 80 pounds Each how about is uh What is it tascam good Tax am no idea no idea come on lee You’re an audio guy it says it right There Must see audio yes see audio it’s Cameras these are great this is nicest Yeah but i don’t want the microphone Sticking out I want to chop it off But there are these tascams i could buy On the you know 25 bucks i was just Wondering if they’re good also 40 bucks With the nice bigger This thing broke the other day see you Once you come on So get oh yeah Get go to um a A musician site and look look at the Studio gear yeah i just go for studio Headphones Why do you think why so let me ask you This Live podcast why do you guys have to use Live why do you use headphones why can’t You just use a like echo canceling like Microphone or something like a job or a Device you still get bleed because you Also want to sound oh what do you mean

The headphones Yeah Yeah i like to hear things you know it Blocks out all the stuff behind me does My audio sound like crappier compared no No it sounds fine but that’s but You’re talking about a microphone i was Just talking about the headphones To listen with well you had i i thought I saw a microphone on your head yeah Yeah i have it this is a two-year-old Headset that i bought When i got this uh computer okay okay so Now i need i just want a nice Form-fitting one like lee has Mine mine looks so big look at this Thing it’s a monster Yeah i’ve got my like ollie’s it’s a Monster looks like he’s wearing a helmet Almost yes i look like somebody out of Uh alien So where are we rolling So do i i just want to look like a Yeah never mind Sleek i guess Drake we are leaving Sorry Where is that from Aliens drake we are leaving you know The Pulse rifle oh right What a film Don’t make them like that anymore the Part two one

I watched one Part two yeah those are the best two’s The best In my op Alien resurrection can’t beat it I like them all I like them but i don’t you know they’re Not great i just like to watch How about this shirt nine i love that oh I love that you cheeky prawn yeah Yeah i watched it last night on uh on Sci-fi i was like oh my god this is the Best Two he’s coming out Is it oh really yeah and he’s making it Yeah it’s district Yeah really oh that’s district nine the Return or something is did you down Point point i don’t know Anyway he’s doing it it’s been confirmed Neil blancamp is doing yeah That’ll be great Yeah he was gonna be doing alien five But he but until disney uh Bought it his alien five concept was Wild It was wild i i it looks great well what About the matrix coming out christmas Resurrections i hope it’s good it looks Good it doesn’t work I have a bad feeling it doesn’t look That good got a bad feeling about this Drop All these things seem to get that nice

Little sprinkle of identity politics on Top of it and everything tastes [ __ ] Awful Prometheus I did I liked prometheus yeah it was it was Fun to watch it wasn’t great but It was good to watch i liked it the idea Behind it was fantastic yeah oh if that If that wasn’t an alien film it would Have been Amazing right yeah Especially that ending with the ship Crashing and rolling and if if yeah If it had not been an alien Film as in the alien franchise it would Have been An amazing film Of course it’s because it’s an alien Film And you expect Alien It was a bit Yeah you know it was it wasn’t i liked It I put i put prometheus and alien Covenant in the same category like i Don’t think okay You know there’s two i don’t know They’re just they remind me of the same Type of series those things sure yeah Yeah you’re right Okay boys before before best alien film In the past five years

And ten years it’s good ten just say Ever Panic What is the best this is recommendation From the chat Other than the first one let’s do the Other than the first two no alien film Alien any alien oh oh okay Alien wow Extraterrestrial alien in the last 10 Years over the last 10 years paul No that’s fun that’s a good movie yeah i Genuinely watched it last night I’ve watched it once hmm it’s good good I’m gonna come up with something that i Really have to think about here It’s going to take a second ollie There’s been a lot of iffy horror films Hasn’t there like you’re like skin Walker and all that sort of stuff How about a rival yeah Yeah yeah i like that i would have to go With that too i mean it’s not like Aliens but i kind of like the fact that They don’t show anything and it’s more Of a like makes you like makes your mind Think kind of that’s what i liked about It yeah yeah that was it was i had yeah Yeah i would go with that one too i Can’t think of anything else that was Good yeah i forget when that came i Think that was in the last ten years Yeah it was five years ago well yeah all Right

Around there It’s a very emotional film you know but You know you know it’s The aliens look like big Fungus trees Just strange looking things hectic pods Or something Yeah yeah they’re getting hector I love the the hand thing that yeah and I love the language the way they speak In pattern It’s like windings Yeah The whole language as well wasn’t they Made a whole language for them Yeah For a rival yeah yeah Really those shapes are a real language That they made up yeah you can actually Buy them Yeah yeah that’d be cool if you could See the future and the past though In the writings That i don’t understand how time works That was an interesting thing edge of Tomorrow was pretty good too oh edge of Tomorrow was freaking awesome that’s tom Cruise in it yeah and i hate him but i Tell you what like him in that movie That movie i was okay with with him Being in it like that’s right That was And i also like the one that just came Out this year where it had chris pratt

In it the War of tomorrow tomorrow war i never Watched it It was great oh yeah that was the amazon Exclusive i loved that i’ve seen it Three times already it was all it was Fun it was a vicious [ __ ] They’re mainly enjoying that Yeah i know They find that they’ve got organic guns Haven’t they they yeah like the tails The darts out of the tails and they’re Out of their hands and man that was just Amazing how they thought of all that Stuff i mean it wasn’t perfect movie but You know what the writing was done very Well in that and you you actually cared About the people in most movies you Don’t care about them because you never Learned anything about them but they did A good job They are remaking flight of the Navigator apparently no way oh that’s Right thank god No i hated that movie man oh really Really i hate that like that’s the one With the kid right who fly this stupid Thing around i’m using my mind Time travel holy mackerel what What what everybody That was trying time traveling right Yeah yeah he went into the future and Then had to come back and it was it was All about time travel and stuff i don’t

Remember that oh yeah yeah he goes into The future and meets uh sandra bullock i Think it was and that’s in your book um The chick that was in sex in the city Yeah and what’s her name yeah Her yeah she was in it and he sneaks Away in that little tiny robot oh right Yeah yeah okay now i remember yeah yeah Yeah he goes back and had to write the Fireworks and his his brother’s all Older and the parents are all old and in Florida I i i grew up on that i was growing i Did Me and richard did you guys were 10 Years behind You were younger you were like five Right i was i grew up on the i was that Was the ninth that movie came out in 86 Yeah and i was 1687 i remember going to See that in the theater with my parents That was that i i yeah i watched 18 at The cinema rich that was an 82. yeah i Watched that at the cinema wow so you Were like four-ish No i’ve been two but i remember seeing The cinema really right Maybe i watched it again oh okay maybe Yeah maybe when it came back out ten Years later yeah and you were no no no No i was really about six okay But anyway that was the pleasantries to The end of the show but richard what’s Going on tonight what’s going on in the

Show tonight uh we’re talking about what I think is an ultimate universe Alternate universe dreaming So we’re going to talk about dreams Tonight oh so when you dream you’re Actually in in another universe In another in another Life that you lived That’s where you are um i want to do That too that’s an awesome topic to have Yeah and i i thank you and i i hope i Can make it worthy of everybody’s uh Watching but i may have people Chime in too tonight That’s an interesting theory it might Yeah oh yeah as well I talked about it with third phase of Moon and thought it would be a good Topic What’s that dark sky Oh no i was gonna say the whole that That whole topic is is fascinating Especially when you mix in like the Whole dmt and You know that that conversation along With it i mean everyone sees the same Stuff whether they know about it or not Like they always they always end up Seeing entities when they when they go Into that yeah Anyone that’s interested in this should Go and read a spirit molecule Okay yeah outread I’ll buy the book the audiobook the

Audiobook yeah what’s it called again Uh Dmt the spirit molecule I think i have it i have the video on my Channel richard oh you do Yeah Yeah But the book’s awesome mate what what The book is different than the video Well i’ll watch the video Send me the link send me the link oh Yeah yeah okay yep narrated by joe rogan Oh is it come again the audio blog you Know the uh the the documentary is Narrated by joe rogan oh fantastic Hey andy kelly i can’t wait To listen i may do that before i do the Show And darts guy So You you you you’re uploading the Documentaries some of the docu some of The documentaries i’ve never seen Some Are ones that are way back Really old you put the stanton uh Conference up tonight love stanton Freeman what a legend he was and that Man can talk on stage he knows what he’s Doing yeah yeah he does what what What’s your next upload I got one later for tonight um it’s it’s A really hard to find Um

Klas video of george knapp talking with Not only not not just bob lazar but Talking with some of the other folks That were in the on you know in In his world at the time Some really hard to find footage a buddy Of mine sent me that he found i mean i Was it was my first time seeing it I think i’ve seen i thought i saw Everything on lazar Um but i watched it Last night and i was like holy crap this Is so cool like this is like you know New footage i haven’t seen so it was i Have that coming up Um and then some other stuff that’s on i Don’t uh see the spirit molecule Anywhere you sure it’s under that i Don’t think it might not be under that Name i’ll send you the link i know i Have it on there i think it’s called i Think i had to change the name of it so I could post it i need it uh real quick So i could watch it before the show yep Yeah yes all right all right set me as Well mate so how do you how do you find Yours your stuff uh rich from darts guys I mean working with big tech i mean i i I said i worked in big tech for 15 years And A lot of you’d be surprised a lot of People that are in engineering and and i T and that kind of stuff they’re into The subject and

Just made friends with people and i was I’ve always talked to them about that Like when i was on projects and they Would send me some stuff it’s in videos Um i have a conversion machine that Takes stuff from vhs and dvd and Converts it over to digital media i do a Lot of that i mean for me that’s like my Like one of my big hobbies outside of Doing stuff with telescopes and Astrophotography i found the video Oh good it’s still under it says dmt to Spirit molecule yeah yeah but that’s the One yep sorry i know Something so do you go out sometimes and Actually Try and source the actual original old Video tapes then convert them A lot of them are ones that i’ve Collected um And Like you know so they’re either either On physical media that i have to convert From dvd or vhs tape over to a digital Format Um and i i that process to me is just It’s fun it’s fun to do it it’s fun to Like you know process it and put it into A video format and then kind of change It up and add some stuff into it Um Or move things around where i would want To have it shown versus the way it Originally was

I’ve got people sending me stuff um Stuff that i find like on the internet Or you know way back machine A lot of stuff i find either on the dark Web or on things like auto binaries um So i mean it’s all over the place it’s Just you know you have to know where to Look and know where to kind of grab some Stuff um But a lot of it lately has been just People sending me some stuff that they Think is really cool they’re like hey i Have this video i don’t i haven’t seen On your channel it’s something you may Want to check out and i’m like oh quiet Something you know i might be interested In and usually it’s the stuff that’s Like around paranormal and like you know Those who know those kind of things but Um yeah i mean it’s a couple different Resources that i pull from Awesome guys go go check out that’s guys We are rich i’m just gonna i put the Link in the chat Oh you put it in beautiful beautiful oh Sweet thanks man Lee lee when when she when’s your next This is cheaper than therapy coming up I’m going to try and do one i love that Show tomorrow i’m going to try and do One tomorrow i was late i was trying to Do one tonight before i’d come in come On to do this one without getting me Into trouble just to explain to the to

People in the chat what what you talk About no well not what you talk about But it’s going to be more of a general Conspiracy podcast now because i’ve had An idea uh because a listener sent me a Thing i said he sent me the uh The conspiracy triangle And it’s just got loads of stuff on it So i’m going to cut take that i’m going To cut out all the different Conspiracies on it and put it into a Small small conspiracy box And then every week at the end of this Is cheaper than therapy i’m going to do A tick tock Pulling out a conspiracy and then over The course of the week before i bring The next do the next podcast i’m going To do a deep dive on that conspiracy and Then essentially bastards are faster Size it for an hour on my podcast and Probably get everything wrong but i Think it might be a good podcast Yeah but sometimes you come on the week After and say i was actually wrong about What i said yeah yeah yeah it’s fine Look if you can admit you’re wrong then You’re always right and you’ve got david Coming on uncut i hear yeah we haven’t Uh we haven’t sort of date yet but we’ll Do Beautiful hey uh How come on the stream yard chat i don’t See my messages popping up that’s weird

I blocked you rich okay i’m just saying Because i dropped the link and i don’t See it i think they changed it unless You’re a moderator Is it it’s in private chat i can see It’s private that’s the one that’s not One No i can’t see it It’s in the regular one in youtube but It’s not in my stream yard chat oh maybe Yeah and i saw my earlier ones popping Up rich i think you put in the private Link I just i just dropped that one no i did Not i put a message with it this is i Said dmt Here’s the link and then i put the link In i know how to do it let me see I’ve just put the link up i think I think that’s still that link works Adore doing this show That link don’t work I see alien addicts but i don’t see mine This is bullsh i’ve put the link in oh Nice loading up there you go hey rich Watch this Don’t don’t do it Please please don’t What’s he doing He’s dead oh my goodness there it is Bastard Bastards Why is mine works now no you hold on now And i’ll hold on hold on my link was the

Link in again here goes again i’ll put Yeah you probably just unblocked me [Laughter] That’s what it is you blocked me See Better show up or i quit i can’t believe I can’t believe that maybe one of the Monsters alien addicts moderate so it’s Not showing up we’re like i’m gonna Remove him i don’t want him posting Where is it Maybe maybe Rich put a normal comment in the chat Please you put a normal comment nope i Want to see if you comment shows i know It’s this is so dumb It it showed up when i put other links In there yo Here we go i don’t even have a spot to Post anything in the car there you go i Think somebody blocked me can anybody Else see me hello You see the yo but you don’t see the But you when you put it in It worked yeah oh well it’s probably a Saying that i’ve gone Yeah you probably got me Turned off Yeah it’s not showing up the links won’t Show up you have a link Thing that prevents links from going on The channel Chat If you look in the private chat on

Stream nerd It shows i may have i may have put that I may have put that link blocker in Because for a while i have people Putting Uh Naughty lady links in The uh Videos for a long time yeah like Come check me out yeah My name’s deidre And i’m i’m It doesn’t It doesn’t matter if i’m a mod or not I’m single and ready to mingle It doesn’t matter if i’m a mod I think it does and i mean i know anyone That tries to post on live chat on my When i’m doing it it it doesn’t like and Let you have to be a mod in order oh Okay that’s how you have it set up then Um I’ll mod you up mate i trust you don’t Worry about i don’t want to be a mod Right boys well We’ve come to Nearly that two hour and a half mark and We’re just rambling about Sorry my favorite comment of the night Was from horsey saying cc with them Naughty links yo Yeah right Out of hook you up It was fun tonight it was good it wasn’t

It’s always fun it’s just feel good and And and dance guys thanks for joining us You welcome any time my friend i know You’re a busy man no no no thank you i Really appreciate you guys are awesome i Love watching your guys shows i would Like to get you on have you seen david On the show that came on with us talking About the aliens and demons Last week Yeah Yes yes Yeah i’ve i’d like to get you on with David and Rich and lee You know go get a big big uh and scott And scott if you’re listening gets Headphones love yes Yes I see wearing it if i had got to see Wearing on Oh yeah man that man nearly destroyed my Entire channel But um Yeah he gave me free copyright strikes In one day did he he’s An [ __ ] yeah he’s a turd Um but uh yeah i haven’t even managed to Destroy your channel and i’m trying on The inside Every single day but i do want to thank Uh everybody uh In the chat that has been there Just awesome giving the thumbs up the

Videos are doing really well the the Channel is doing Really really good i you know it’s Beyond you’re welcome yeah yeah he’s Fine I also i also want to say a big thank You Rich thank you to you Good auntie julie For being just here for me all the time Yeah It makes my slave labor it’s called We went there Scottish scottish clans man Thank you so much new patreon of the Channel i appreciate it And every little helps people it helps Pay for the software it helps pay for My wife’s shoes so I really appreciate it just help pay for The guests I’ll say i’ll send you a mug You know and also people i do have the Merch store Where you can grab yourself some Official Absolutely need to buy one of those T-shirts these hoodies are awesome i Need to buy one of those t-shirts to Gigging this is going to be my new this Is going to be the new t-shirt which is My a logo which is not out yet but it’s It is on some of the t-shirts on the Back

It’s got like so so like these these Symbol ones have that and on the back of The t-shirts they do have the new aa Logo and also we have the new uh The new one which i’m quite pleased with The 115 i can fly But yes Thank you people just needed to plug the Merch there a little bit But uh how mysterious see It he’ll vape at the end of the show [ __ ] i don’t mind you vaping on the Show i don’t want people to see me go It just looks like a smoke machine i Want to see the photoshops after you Have done it Right I know good night god bless people mind The books though bye i am alien addict This is goof on raid goof not radio just Good phone just plain old goof on in the Description below lee stevens from Muscato in the description from a Podcast a bunch of [ __ ] Yes Oh my god me too It’s okay he said the c word at the end Of the show and dance guys files Thank you so much for joining us the Link’s in the description people good Night god bless