The Ladies of UFOLOGY

By | November 23, 2021
The Ladies of UFOLOGY

I don’t know how that just came out um i Have a rubber dinosaur on my desk fun Fact And it’s red Sorry Right On with the show shall we i’m not the Greatest person at intros but we have We have that one time i was abducted by Aliens on the show brie and jamie Tonight we have Aliengirl111 and we have artemis prime Um but she’s a little late and we Probably have our little friend uh Goofon Joining us probably after he’s had his Nap But without further ado Ladies welcome To the show did you like that intro very Good gorgeous I thought so it was awesome paper mache Evening Did it just what is that It just it just popped out This is that this is the first time i’ve Met you i know hello thank you for Having us on pleasure I found you both through Seeing you an alien girl Nice yes we love amy amy Yeah They’re amazing Amy is my ufo crush for life

I know right back i am i have to say you Have an impressive channel thank you And I i did i did put all the links In the description all 25 of them well 25 of them yeah exactly they are all Down there and i’ve never seen anybody Interview bigfoot before Right The most impressive interview ever so if Anybody in the chat Wants to know if bigfoot is real Head over to the youtube channel and Watch the bigfoot into you i want that You need to You need to give me big foot i want the Big foot He’s fun he was super super fun to Interview and we have plans to have him Come on again soon i’m not surprised I enjoyed the big foot very much and I’ve just been watching you having grant Cameron on the show as well so you girls Have been busy He interviewed us who and that was just So cool i think he did yeah for him to Ask us to be interviewed that was that Was a cool moment i think that goes down In my In my life now Exactly You’ve got have you have you ladies got A bucket list and i know you’ve got one Anyway

And it was to have alien alien addicts On the show Yes Yes and it happened and it was the most Epic episode ever Yes thank you But all three of you i have is that i Know i have a bucket list Is there a ufology bucket list it’s not Necessarily that we have a bucket list I’ll say one thing that me and brie have Done since the beginning of doing this We’re going on our fifth year now we’re New to the youtube world but we’ve been An audio podcast for the last four years And one thing that we’ve done since the Beginning is we’ve been not shy about Asking people to come on and just kind Of like going for it because what’s the Worst is going to happen they’re going To say no so we’ve been pretty bold with The kind of people that we’ve wanted on The show so we’ve only been turned down A very small handful of times so i don’t Know if we have a bucket list because we Just we are not afraid really to ask Anyone Yeah I will say we did get turned down by uh I will say we did get turned down by Stephen we did ask him but he did not Die yeah i think we weren’t really Turned down she was just like They didn’t really kind of wanted more

Information and then just didn’t get Back to us exactly And nick pope Oh yeah and nick pope like and here’s The thing we have a very long history With nick pope nick pope once got very Drunk and ate my nachos and we’ve we’ve Had more than one conversation many Drinks dreams And like even funny when we’re in person He’s like yeah yeah podcast and then the Minute we ask him when we’re not around Him he’s just like he it’s like he has No idea who we are and he’s like what no I’m sorry i’m busy I know he only he even told you and and My husband told he told my husband and Jamie like where he hangs out um kind of Outside of the ufo world if we want Because we are not that far from each Other So it was like yeah like let’s hang out Kind of thing and yeah he invited us he Invited us out with his wife he was like Yeah yeah we’ll all go out together Here’s why i hang out and then Won’t come on our podcast Reverse to the nachos Quesadilla and the quesadillas Nick pope ate all your nachos yeah 100 Bree got him drunk and then he ate our Nachos I believe i have several pictures of it On our instagram if i remember correctly

Where where was this when you got nick Pope drunk Contacted the desert and we go every Single year See he seems like such a straight-laced Guy I mean he is but you gotta slip on the Sauce and then they’re like loosen up a Little bit So that’s one of the ways that we ask a Lot of speakers to come on the podcast Is we try to get them very drunk at These conferences and then we’re like Hey You want to come on the podcast and They’re like yeah I’m drunk we’re having a great time and Then when they get sober they don’t Realize that they have pulled us yes They will come on our podcast It’s rude of him not to come on Especially after your full bag of nature It’s been years it’s been years now i Think we’ve seen him at pretty much Every conference we’ve ever been to he’s Been there and we’ve had some sort of an Interaction with him Wow yeah yeah it’s the want to be honest I’m just like whatever yeah now it’s Like yeah now it’s just like a funny Joke running joke with a podcast now It’s like if we got him on i don’t even Know what we talked about at this point I’d probably just be

I think so That’s the thing though when you ask a Guest i see i i will ask a guest a Couple of times and then if if if they Don’t i’m just like you know what i mean I asked i asked tyler twice from secure Team And he like He didn’t and then eventually he just Said what about that interview and he Came on the channel so that’s awesome Yeah thank you do you know why it was an Interesting and it was It was interesting because of the past I’ve had anyway enough of me but yeah no I i don’t i’m interested too yeah i Don’t want no i don’t like to um ask People too many times because you it’s Like it’s just you don’t want to beg Dear it feels degrading after after a Point no i make some patients feel Privileged to come on your channel Right But it is good to hear like jamie and i Get a lot from people when we interview Them um i think people that even Sometimes i’ve been nervous to interview Um there’s been a lot of times where They’ve been like wow this was actually Really great and they’ve been Kind of surprised with us and that Always feels like a good pat on the back You know when it comes to people that Are

Bigger or bigger researchers or have Written books do movies um it’s easy to Feel kind of small you know and like oh We’re going to ask these like questions That everyone asked so let’s not do that Let’s do something different and then to Hear their feedback like wow That was actually really good it’s like Yeah the small channels matter too Well and i think something that’s Important that me and bree do too is we Watch a lot of the interviews with these People and we go to a lot of these Conferences and see their speeches so We’re trying to ask them things that Aren’t already out there and already on The internet like we’re purposely Watching a lot of their interviews to Not ask them the same thing like let’s Not ask those questions that are already Being asked Well that’s yeah that’s you’ve got to do That because if you otherwise you just Regurgitate an old shite you know and it Happens a lot It does it’s it’s expect the ufo Community loves regurgitating especially If something nasty’s happening to a Certain part of The ufo community I’m gonna i’m gonna ask you you ladies Something now i’m gonna start with you Amy um This i’ve i don’t really do much twitter

But i do see arguments going on Twitter quite a lot and it’s it it’s it Seems that there is a little bit of Sexism In the ufo world um how What how do you feel amy sometimes as a Being in this field and do sometimes do You feel like There is certain parties that don’t like Females In the ufo field i do by the way But i i just i’ve noticed some stuff Going on recently and it’s like Oh what’s this i thought we got past That You know i think um I think women normally Are generally conditioned from a young Age to not interrupt Um and sorry i’m hearing one second on My door but um i think they’re generally Preconditioned to not interrupt so like When i go on shows and i watch and i see It with like men or women i usually Notice that the women Are a little bit more okay with getting Cut off I think they’ve been preconditioned to Just like if they’re interrupted just to Stop and instead of getting pissed off And like men tend to be like well no i Just said this and they kind of like Not not all men but i’m just saying so i Don’t blame the men in that regard i

Think that’s just a societal thing That’s that’s shifting a lot um and i Think uh I think there’s a an interesting type of Woman that gets out there and starts Doing this stuff too which is why i Think i’ve become friends with brie and Jamie and artemis and all these girls is Because um We’re all so similar very strong Strong-minded uh people With the negativity on twitter I just try to stay as far away from it As possible you know if i feel like we Need to have a conversation you can just Jump onto my show i have open stream Yard there’s no reason that we can’t Just have a conversation about this Um Yeah but women Especially seeing Some of the things that like happen to Women in bad relationships and and just Some weird stuff that like you’re you’ve Said twitter ollie so it’s just like Sure but um yeah That’s the only place that i’ve noticed It going on really i’ve i’ve noticed a Couple of youtube videos where you know Not not negative things have been said But It’s almost like some people are shocked Or see some people will say and i think I’ve said it before i’ve said oh

Brilliant you know More more ladies in the ufo community But why should i even have to say that You know it’s well it seemed seems for So long other than linda you know It’s yeah You made me realize it it’s it’s not It’s not that they’re offended or Surprised it’s that they want the views And the girls get the views so they get Hey Hey girl Yeah my wife is to be my wife is going To be so jealous She watches this video She’s going to be like you were flirting No i wasn’t flirting Oh my god what am i what did i miss Don’t tell josh from fellaini No wait is josh feeling well No he messaged me just before um Saying that he feels really crap i know We’ll speak about the ufo romance soon Um Amy carry on with what you’re saying Sorry Oh and i just think that a lot of the Time people see an opportunity to get Sensational views or whatever and hey Man if people are gonna watch it and They’re gonna take that content my Personal philosophies go for it but a Lot of take people have taken like the Hashtag ufo twitter girl thing and i

Think they’ve used it to their own Advantage i think they like creating Controversy because they know they can Get a thousand views on their youtube Channel because they’re talking smack About the girls um so a lot of initiate Like that we’re not the ones like Creating the situation it’s them coming You know but yeah whatever they can have Fun with it who cares most men like all Super nice i think I don’t i’ve never felt like people are Attacking me on twitter because i’m a Girl or anything like that but I don’t know well i mean me and richard Spoke offline about this and and I mean he said you know the it it it’s Been so Male oriented for such a long time and It’s about time there’s a massive change Within the community i i couldn’t agree More but i it’s it’s great to see Uh not only You guys getting such good guests on the Show but The actual the knowledge i mean i’m i When i showed my wife uh Your channel amy and she’s like i didn’t Know girls were into this subject This is what she said Because she finds it boring she’s like Oh don’t talk to me about the aliens This is the notes Baby it’s this is normal behavior

It’s you that’s not normal I love that She just thinks it’s the a male geek Thing you know She that’s what she thinks It’s it’s not necessarily like a a male Thing though that i think is what you Have to understand there’s a lot of Women inside of you apology linda Mullenhaus one of them but i think that It’s just just such a boys club for so Long that it it women haven’t been able To shine i know that when me and bree Started this four years ago we were the Only women who were talking about ufos On a podcast like no one in the world Was doing anything like that at the time And we were like all right there’s this Market out there that’s missing there’s A lot of men who are making a lot of Commentary about ufos why not women and I think over time we started to realize Why it is like that and why more women Aren’t more prominent in the ufo field Is because there’s this big separation Between nuts and bolts and the woo-woo Spirituality side of aliens and ufos and Things and the women tend to be more Associated with that side the Spirituality and the woo-woo and that Part of ufology seems to be a lot more Off um like offhands like you’re not Allowed to talk about that kind of stuff So you have men who talk about you know

Statistics and the government and Documents and things like that and That’s what’s big because it’s more Acceptable to talk about those type of Things and there’s not a lot of women Who are talking about that or have been That’s all changed now that you know all This stuff is blown up and we have these Government drops and we have shows like Amy’s or like artemises where more and More women are talking about this but in The beginning that there was a big Separation between those two camps and i Think that’s why there’s so much of a Separation when it comes to women inside Of ufology Absolutely Absolutely i couldn’t agree more So so when you both started this it was It was just like um were you already Friends or were you just like kind of Like you were already like you knew each Other personally as friends you just Went into both both into Aliens I’ll let you tell everybody Uh jamie and i have been best friends Since we were in seventh grade Um we’re Both well i’m 31 now she’s 32. it’s been A long time And we both had experiences around the Same time but we didn’t tell each other About it until seven years later

She moved back to her hometown where i Was still living and Somehow we just started talking about Ancient aliens or something and then we Realized that we both were really into The whole subject and then we just Opened up to each other that we had both Had experiences And how strange it was that it was Around the same time frame but we never Talked about it with each other and it Was like why why is there so much stigma That you don’t even feel comfortable to Tell your own best friend Something that’s happened to you that You can’t explain and you feel like You’re the one and only person yet you Had a best friend going through the Exact same thing and then it was Realizing that there is such a Separation between people that are just Into ufology and then people that are Actual experiencers That We needed to bridge that gap so we just Started going to conferences Long story short someone told us that we Should start a podcast and about a year Went by And we just decided to do it And it kind of just went from us hanging Out every friday night just drinking Talking aliens getting in conversations About different dimensions and things

And to like okay let’s just throw a Microphone in front of it And so we we had no idea what we were Doing i think we’re still kind of um Figuring it out going with yeah going Along with the punches But it really was just like so Grassroots like we’re Recorded in an attic for most of the Years that we were doing it So yeah You can’t do this to us Take what’s the what’s the story Here what what’s the experience Because i’ve i’ve not heard i have i’ve Not heard it because i’ve i found your Channel Literally through amy’s uh a few months Ago when you girls were on i said i like These girls they’re great um But what i didn’t know you both had this Is interesting this is this why the name Of the channel is that one time I was abducted by aliens he doesn’t know Yeah yeah so that’s that’s kind of the Start of it so we do we do consider Ourselves uh Experiencers we don’t like to say Abductees because abjectees i think has A lot of uh bad kind of names behind it So like we don’t want to say abductees So we’re experiencers i’m somebody who’s Considered more of a physical Experiencer where i had like an

Experience i saw a ufo I’m pretty sure i was abducted by it Brie had an experience that was more on The astral realm kind of like dream time Kind of state thing so we’re two Different experiencers in that way but Together we’ve also had plenty of Physical experiences of witnessing ufos And things like that over the years We’ve seen I can’t even count so many ufos over the Years it’s kind of never-ending I was just thinking about that too how It’s like to started from very vague and Then all the time together and then Bleeding to everyone around us where It’s like then my family started seeing Them all the time people that we hang Out with start seeing them all the time When they’re with us So it’s kind of like as we started to Progress i think in opening up About things we literally were just like Attracting that phenomena to us and then It affected people around us Wow That’s really interesting that two good Friends uh Came together like that I I’m kind of i’m drawn to that when when When you hear these stories and it’s not Just Two people that have decided to do it do

A show together but you girls have known Each other since Oh my god jamie how long has it been Because i’m bad at math i don’t know i’m So bad about it Over over 15 years at this point you Know it’s been a really long time that We’ve known each other and i think What’s interesting too is with the Progression of the podcast and the more And more we learned and the more Knowledgeable we became we also learned A lot more about ourselves and the path That we’re on and how a lot more Connected me and brie are than just the Surface like we started realizing that Before we even really hung out with each Other we probably lived within like Blocks of each other and didn’t even Realize it like we had the same Neighbors at one point like we had to Have lived a house away from each other And had no idea about it We’re only a few minutes from each other Anyway even when we started recording She was right down the street it took Her less than two minutes to get to my House So it’s just weird things like that i Think we were both kind of At this point feel like it was Absolutely meant to be and even though There is a lot of struggles and you know The path seems so weird and just

Zigzagging all around that it was really Meant to come together and to do this Together and that we both have very Different perspectives And we both struggle with different Things and i think that we balance each Other out definitely it’s meant to be Kind of situation i truly feel i’ve Watched a few of the shows now and and You definitely there’s a good there’s Good teamwork there you know you’re You’re a good fit you can tell that You’re like best friends it it works it Really does work atomos welcome to the Show my friend Long time no see you’re looking well Other than josh Josh josh is not so well Not no Yeah Yeah like he’s right now in the uk Actually um Oh is he going back to the uk Yeah but he’ll be back sunday he Officially booked his flight It’ll be good I like a good romance i like a good Roman ha so you’ve been busy Yeah You you guys seem to be you know putting Some stuff out there i i i see the I don’t really understand instagram but I do see that this stuff at the time So what’s going on in artemis prime’s

World when it comes to the ufology realm It’s been um Yeah a whirlwind but yeah we started our Channel about a month ago now um I think yeah we’ve done 11 or 12 episodes which is crazy Um But it’s been really good i don’t know Like it feels Good like we’ve been getting a lot of Really cool um people to interview and It’s just been It’s a whole other world like when You’re actually the one Hosting like you guys will know but like The ones like Hosting a podcast versus being a guest And like Just the amount of like Prep that goes behind the scenes and Like Yeah i don’t know it’s it’s a lot um Of work behind the scenes for sure and Uh Last week it was like a burnout because We had like we ended up booking because We rescheduled a show so we had like Four shows In the week plus i had like two other Lives as well so it was like it was a Lot in one week which doesn’t it doesn’t Sound like that much but it was um yeah It was actually a lot but it’s been Really good um

Yeah just enjoying this like new Journey i guess um Like i’ve always been interested in the Topic but to actually have A channel and like a space to talk about It To other people is like a whole other It’s a whole other world but i’m loving It yeah it’s it’s fun it’s different It’s awesome So did you did you um I’m not i’m not going to get too Personal here but that’s cool With josh did did you guys kind of meet Through Forums or channels as uh or what have You So like for Yeah we met um Actually on instagram you at uap Uk Josh is that right you you ap uk yeah But he actually changed his um He’s rebranded himself to prime time Josh I like that i like that because I’m not keen on uap it seems a very Government thing Yeah and well also because he it was Like tied to the uk and he’s going to be Living in canada now so You know it’s kind of like a new Beginning for him too um which is cool Um

Essentially yeah If you want to think of it like that It’s funny yeah yeah um I know and Then prime time is like our Like a like channel name yeah the whole It just rolls off the tongue though you Know like prime time Prime time josh yeah it’s funny um Yeah so I just like we weren’t Like i just randomly messaged or replied To like his insta story one day um Because he shared Like an interview that was coming up and I was like Um i just replied saying that i was Looking forward to the interview too i Don’t even know why like i had never Talked to him before and vice versa Um And then after that we just kept Messaging back and forth and then Um I don’t know started flirting i don’t Know why we just did yeah That’s cute though yeah i mean we we Went back into like those conversations To like see Like how it all played out and we’re Like wow we started flirting like really Early on So i guess like we were both just drawn To each other i guess it was funny

Because we were like Wow like kind of out of character and Like yeah we didn’t talk about ufos for Very long It was funny um Yeah and then i don’t know so we hadn’t Met yet and like that was in Like the end of july um and then Yeah i just kind of progressed from There and then he came in uh october And he had to go back just to like tie Up some Like work things and then he’s coming Back For good enough For good and then and then yeah so then You’re gonna be doing do not only be a Couple but like work together in in the Ufo community fantastic yeah I know and it’s it’s only been like a Few months and like But it feels i don’t know it feels it Sounds crazy maybe to like other people But it just feels Right and it feels good it’s right Yeah and i mean something we’re doing is Working and it you know um So It’s it feels like we’re on the right Path so Why fight that you know Life is short It is If you follow your heart if you got a

Feeling Just do it exactly is it aim is it zofa Sofa the the scene yeah so far yeah [Applause] Thanks man Everybody Help me out he’ll help me out here with My dyslexia because i don’t want to Radiate out and butcher it but Hey Right let me let me let me get a bit Closer with my eyeballs so five pounds It is five pounds thank you very much For the five pounder Is that woman Women women women women There’s a faction out there that appear As women plus cows we have had um Communication about bovines and Women and the women in white and Various other things that Are very interesting xofa has a great Channel too you should definitely um Check it out It’s it’s pretty far out there but he’s Got the research and the facts and the Data to back it up that’s the stories And testimonies so Yeah Thank you especially i appreciate that We’re talking about like women yeah There’s laura laura thank you for the Super sticker Oh it is it’s that it’s that pair again

Everybody loves putting the pair or is It an avocado i don’t know but i Appreciate it nevertheless Nevertheless i do appreciate it the It’s interesting because The community i do think not i think not Only it needs More ladies but it needs i think it Needs couples to come together you know And i like the artifice that you have The back i do but i mean more channels To Just Come together as one with and forget The the sex I’m i’m talking about People that are into maybe the Paranormal People into goats people are into ufos I really do feel Over the last couple of years and i said This to Many of my subscribers um people that See me in the the industry and say You’re that weird alien guy yes i am um I’ve changed my attitude when it comes To this subject and i do think that There’s the paranormal has a big part to Play in this and it i find it quite Frustrating when you see the the the People who claim to be the top science Guys in all this when they and they seem To just like push that apart and yeah They like ignore a whole portion of this

Topic when it’s like All under the same umbrella Yeah and they’re definitely all Related in some way Between like the paranormal and um Whatever is going on in our skies You know me and brie talking about that A lot we do something called bobby’s Cryptid corner and what we’ve started to Kind of happen through this this kind of Little It started off as just kind of like a Segment that we were doing has turned Into this oh my god everything is Connected aliens Uh like Bigfoot [ __ ] ghosts everything is all The same there’s all like a thread here That connects all of it there’s Something about it being on the other Side of this veil And That’s this commonality that we have we Need to figure out what this veil is and Then we can talk about what’s behind it What do you think’s behind it ladies Aliens ghosts Ufos interdimensional beings our higher Selfs Yeah who knows all of us Comes down to dimensions for sure And it’s just In other dimensions that we can’t see so To us it’s paranormal or it’s alien uh

Because it doesn’t coexist with us on This plane or we get glimpses of it that Bleeds through and it comes in and out And that’s what’s so difficult for us to Understand because it’s not something That’s always here that’s always Physical you know it’s not something we Can Taste and touch and feel all the time But i definitely think that it all comes Down to dimensions and and what is Beyond The dimension that we’re here we’re in Now and i think there’s a lot of proof That there obviously is somewhere else Something else here simultaneously with Us Do you mean like co-existing on our Planet Not unnecessarily on our planet well yes And no you never universe you also never Know like what’s in the oceans really Because Um oh for sure Yeah I i just mean like in our existence Existence itself like in our 3d that This is all we can see but we obviously Have interactions with other things Right just because we can’t see it It doesn’t mean it’s not there we’ve had Plenty of experiences i think all of us Where there’s something there that you Can’t

Grab and hold on to and that’s why it’s Such a puzzle Well and i think about a good way of Explaining it too is uh neil degrasse Tyson said this but i’ll paraphrase him You think about ants ants only see Things in 2ds so if you take an amp put It on a piece of paper and draw a circle Around it the ant cannot escape that so You think about us being in our 3d world We have that but just in a different Frame of mind right and then so you Think about that fifth or sixth or Seventh dimension it’s that same thing So there could be someone looking down At us and we’re stuck in this little Planet and they’re looking at us like We’re crazy because it’s like look Everything is out there but it’s the Same way that we look at that ant stuck Inside that circle That’s interesting who knows what’s Beyond you just literally can’t see it Mm-hmm How do they know how an aunt sees that’s Crazy I have no idea That you know when people say Somebody’ll do david attenborough do a Documentary and go here in the african Jungle and they they’ll show how how a Wolf sees or a cat sees how do they know Have they put a little little tiny Camera inside its eyeballs yeah like how

Do they figure that out it’s crazy Science is crazy I i do think When it comes to the subject though Of ghosts And aliens together It’s a risky little game that a channel Has when you mix the two together Because you’ve got a massive risk of Losing half your audience I kind of noticed that happening um and It building back up but when i went down That route of the paranormal I did see that there was You know a lot of the hardcore science Alien guys you know Osvaldo’s like when osvaldo franco comes On the show quite often he’s a massively He’s a big ufologist He’s So into the subject so into the science And he pushes the other stuff away and Me and him have debates all the time But i have see I do feel like it’s a risk When you have a channel and you you’re Kind of calling it anything alien i’m Alienated you’re that one time i was Abducted by aliens You’re alien girl And you’re a transformer Yeah Literally yeah Do you ever see do you ever see a split

In the audience when you’re talking About it I don’t think we’ve seen it in in ours But i think it’s the way that we have Incorporated it into what we talk about Is is Why we aren’t losing that audience it’s When we are talking about the paranormal We’re not talking about it Separately we’re not like this is a Paranormal episode it just so happens That when we talk about aliens a lot of This paranormal stuff tends to come up Especially when we’re talking about Things like cryptids and things so i Think it was just slowly over time our Audience just became really adjusted to It because we just kept talking about it And so a lot of the people who are Listeners of ours tend to agree with us On this that’s kind of like why they’re Listening they’re like oh yeah oh yeah You guys are connecting those dots That’s crazy so i haven’t seen so much Of like a separation of the two camps But more people like we’re figuring this Out as we go along and the people who Are listening to us are kind of going on That ride as well I agree i think since day one Anytime something paranormal pops up We’ve always connected it there’s always Something there’s always a thread And so it’s just like the more you talk

About it each encounter there’s always That same thread and it’s just pointing It out being like how is this not Connected There’s it’s impossible But the way i see it i mean and i’ve Said this so many times each and every Person in the chat will have had some Sort of experience of something Probably more paranormal than uh seeing A ufo in the sky because let’s face it When you whenever you see a light in the Sky You people see many likes in the sky I’ve seen many likes in this guy i’ve Already seen a couple that i’ve i Thought you know what that’s definitely Something and i actually had an Experience with my wife out outside um Oh really with the ufo yeah it was just A it was a tiny dot in the sky but it is Just how clear the sky were and It just disappearing like that and it Was it was but it could have been for All i know a satellite You never But when it comes to the paranormal and You actually see something like a shadow Figure or you see Um A You have an a lucid dream or something Really crazy happens that is Almost

You you go oh that’s a coincidence but I i’ve come i’m the ripe old age of 40 Now and i’ve come to believe that there Are no coincidences In life i Of course there may be a couple but yeah But i i it feels It feels like almost life is Having a little bit of a giggle Sometimes At your expense 100 things will happen in your life and You just like Are you you got to be [ __ ] kidding me Uh-huh Seriously It’s it’s almost I i have this My father when i was when i was a kid he Used to say to me you say Oliver Have you ever thought what if you’re god And you’ve created everybody Like i’ve created all you girls the Audience the channel the world Everything about me My wife my kids i’ve created them it’s Just me just little old me in in this Universe sometimes feels like that I don’t if you get that feeling ever That you you just feel like something Is Cropping up and just speaking of Cropping up

Who invited me here I’m crashing this party it’s the ladies Hour I thought we agreed What’s up everybody i thought we agreed We agreed on i thought we agreed on the Wig Yeah oh sh I forgot All right next time that’s his day job So what did i miss Amy what did he miss Well we were discussing um jamie and Brie we were talking about the Paranormal And the connection that the paranormal Has to the alien Phenomenon ufo phenomenon and how we all Kind of think it they’re all kind of Related Yeah i definitely i feel that way i feel Like i live in a matrix every day and Now that i’ve like sinked into the Internet and i’m youtubing and stuff it Feels like on steroids i love it Yeah It is the deeper you allow yourself to Go it’s like you really You really um Start to kind of Keep opening your eyes to like more and More i think Including the paranormal and like just

That whole aspect you know it’s kind of Like what you’re letting in At the same time yeah Gotta be careful though Don’t use ouija boards I want to so bad I’ve had a very bad experience with it Yeah i actually don’t think we should Meddle you know it it depends sometimes I’m in the chaos mood then i tell jamie Like yeah we can do something like that And then other times i’m more Level-headed and smart and i’m like Jamie we’re gonna bring in the devil or Something because we have luck doing Things like that we Have had bad experiences yeah so Like i don’t think we should be messing Around You talk about not meddling bree but You’ve got a big black triangle behind You i know With with like three eyeballs in the Middle of it so yes it’s looking right At me I definitely believe in that like All-seeing eye thing Yeah i just think of it as like source And it kind of goes back to what you Were saying like the whole You like could you be god thing i Definitely Think There’s a source field and it kind of

Burst out to experience itself and we’re Good and we’re bad and we’re both Energies but we’re all a part of that Same Source energy field i am very much Aligned with that Rich you you’ve just joined the show Have you got some questions for the Ladies because i i did want you to come On with me so you could help me out here I know i said you’d be asleep i was i i Said i said rich is asleep he’ll be with Us soon he just woke up coming crazy Uh no i didn’t go to bed till 7 a.m Oh my jesus why yeah well that’s the Normal schedule now Um I talked the third phase until third Phase of moon all the way up until We hours because they’re six hours They’re five hours behind But it’s okay i i like sleeping during The day but uh I was thinking of questions but i didn’t Have any just yet because i literally Woke up and said Alien addict and then i came over so This is me without my hair and makeup We’re here now my friend no i i was i Was speaking with you and i think it was Like three when did we first meet rich Was it about two years ago it was Believe it or not Because we had another team yeah

We had the conversation then and said we Both said there needs to be more females In in the community We’ve always said that yeah always said That and we we’ve just we’ve just been Talking about that and i was asking Um I was asking the ladies if they ever Feel pardon the pun but alienated in in In a field that seems to be Oversaturated with men And they said no they said no you know We’re just not that’s well that’s chill We’re just chilled with it see we need Women More women in this field all fields Because they seem to be a lot more Level-headed than the men in my opinion They are better critical thinkers in my Opinion in most cases And uh when i was married and i showed My wife some things on video she’s like Yeah idiot that’s a balloon and i’m like You know and she would keep me grounded And i’m like i guess i was a little Desperate You know so It’s it’s much needed It’s much needed in every field possible You know All paranormal all paranormal So When it comes to we you just said it There rich paranormal um and we we spoke

About that so many times what we what You’ve just kind of missed that we that I really wanted to get into here Is There’s not enough channels That that are the big channels the People that are the big players in this World that they’re all they’re only Talking about the ufos they’re talking About the aliens that no there’s nobody None of the big science people are Talking about the paranormal or mixing It in without even even giving it A a shot It’s almost like it is They are scared to even go there and we Were speaking with david on Last week’s show i’ve spoke with david Quite a few times and that was it he’s He’s opened my eyes to the paranormal Side I i i know you girls may and may have Not seen david on the show before um but It’s just it’s somebody who kind of Uh Made me think Made me basically Come out of being a total atheist to Somebody who started to believe in maybe Something Is out there But If that’s there it’s definitely mixed in With this subject

Why is there nobody other than like The open-minded channels why is the big People not speaking about it I think they’re almost still scared to Get uh Like that stigma on their channel or Something and it’s like [ __ ] we’re just Talking about aliens yeah they’re Already they’re like We’re gonna stick with the nuts and Bolts which i mean That’s not like it’s a bad thing it’s Just that in addition to that There’s more like it it’s like you’re Looking through a little tunnel like Just Just kind of get your head out of the Tunnel and see that this is all related And that Um One part of the subject isn’t like Better than the other it’s just Different and it’s all related and like It’s kind of annoying sometimes when you Do hear some of the bigger like youtube Channels Not like discrediting it but still kind Of being like oh you know we want to Stick to the facts and not the woo-woo And it’s like You know Like credit like witness um testimonies Are credible in like a court of law so It’s not like they’re

Totally discredible for any like Experiences and stuff obviously You have to You know have like I don’t know you have to take some facts Into consideration because then you Can’t just believe anybody because some People do lie but at the same time That doesn’t mean that everybody is Lying and like um we should give those People more respect as well and just Yeah start thinking of the topic as a Whole instead of separating it into all These little Like sub categories because Um i think we’re entering like that new Era where we are starting to But it’s it’s a process I think we need to be just more Encouraging i guess on our own channels And then Talking to Like people about it and I don’t know just encouraging others to To at least like think about a little More than what they’ve already been um Researching you know And it’s like the science thing it’s Like the word science they’re thinking Of Aliens like i said earlier it’s like a Alien someone said something like that It’s science and real But that’s exactly that just thinking of

Alien as being an extraterrestrial like In an actual only only in the sense that There’s another living being on our Plane they’re not thinking of an Alter-dimensional a trans-dimensional They’re not taking those extra thoughts Into consideration they’re still stuck In that just one it is in this box and i Think that we’re starting to break free Of that and there’s a lot of people that Just see it as like oh that that is just Pseudoscience but really there’s a Possibility that this is just a Different type of science that we have Yet to understand and i think as humans We’re just so accustomed or so groomed Into thinking that we know everything And if it’s not something that is all Over agreed upon and in our books that It can’t be And so i do dare more people to think a Little bit outside of that and and not Be so afraid to get out of that and and Get the judgment because there’s Obviously judgment when it comes to that That’s the judgment but Amy did what do you how do you how do You find it like Uh when do you i mean i’ve watched quite A few of your shows but i don’t see you Talking that much about the paranormal You you speak about a lot about um Planets and different types of aliens And what have you but i haven’t seen you

Speaking too much about the paranormal Where do you lie when it comes to this So um yeah i do not talk about the Paranormal really at all on my show Unless my my guest is very interested in The paranormal Um then i i do like uh to discuss it Because for me i really think it’s Interesting like what bigelow’s doing With the funding right He wrote out a prize he’s a million Dollars reserved so that they can have He’s looking for two papers he has two Yeah he wants people to write great Studies and write good academic papers About The afterlife and whoever wins right Gets five hundred thousand dollars So i am very interested in the Paranormal especially when it’s fact Based and there’s some sort of Quantifiable way to measure it Uh Yeah but for the most part there’s like A lot of a lot of it’s just just the Aliens but When it comes to the paranormal there Are some fact-based trails that we can Follow Uh especially when you look at like the Cousins brothers documentary uh the First earth battalion right because What’s going on there is they were Learning how to do remote viewing okay

And there are some sort of studies i’m Sure somewhere around it obviously if The military is engaging with it so when I think about the paranormal i Definitely think the power of the mind And how we communicate with each other Is something that hasn’t been discussed Enough at all and i think that’s that’s I think that’s like a tiny little um Window Into the paranormal aspect of ufology Good point and there’s lots of documents About that being done the government Jamie and i went full blown down into That rabbit hole already And i feel like if people knew more About that i think that they would start To question A lot more Definitely How do we get The I keep seeing the bigger people but i Don’t want to name any names but i Probably don’t know the names But how do we get how do we how do we How do we change it how do we get this I think doing this I think you’re you’re already aiding in That you know i don’t i don’t think we Can make We’ll never be able to make other people Think um You know a certain way or

But it’s just you doing what you’re Doing now and having people come Together to ask those questions and Maybe other people will Think of things differently than they Have before but i think if like everyone Here is doing their own thing if we just Keep doing that I think that’s a great way it’s probably The best way yeah it starts grassroots And then it starts to build its way up You know the more and more people you Know let’s say artemis has someone on Their show and then you start to ask More paranormal questions and it changes That conversation and then it keeps Going further than that because then More and more people start to have these Questions surrounding that so i think That it just starts on that grassroots Level of exactly what’s going on here Yeah that is kind of a reason we didn’t Want to like when we were Thinking of like Our name before Prime time we were like we didn’t want To just be associated with Um Like it’s having something with like ufo In the name or or whatever because We we wanted to be able to talk about Like i mean not that you can’t but we Wanted to make it obvious that we want To talk about like

Not just Um Like the nuts and bolts but Like explore All of these topics under this umbrella So like with consciousness and Um like the mental health side and um Um in addition to like science and ufos And and all that and that’s just because It’s all connected and like we keep Trying to Like say that same message to people too I think that’s all we can do Individually but Um I don’t know maybe pushing these Channels to talk about it more or Um Like what’s the harm in And saying like these kinds of things to People like if as long as you’re Respectful and like You know Maybe you’re just sending like these Other channels a message saying like hey You know maybe look into Um having More people talking about this side of The topic and you know getting a panel Together even offering your own Yourself to speak on it on these Channels Um Be like you know we want to advocate for

This side of the topic um Maybe we can talk behind the scenes or Even on your show blah blah blah like Um You know those are just like things that We could do and just what we’re sharing On Our own Platforms and stuff It’s a small scale but i mean we each Can make a difference it just Might not feel like every single day We’re making these like we’re breaking Grounds but i think it’s just what we’re Doing collectively You know For sure do you never know who you’re Going to convince to get away from the Ridicule you never know Yeah that person’s going to say hey you Know what i am going to study this or You know what i did see an alien at the Aerial school in zimbabwe and i’m going To start talking about it you know like If you’ve seen an alien you should be Talking about it like and i just there’s So many people who won’t I think that’s dangerous to tell people That And i’ll tell you why yeah cause in my Own experiences when i brought this up Or i’ll go to my parents house for a Christmas party or a business party And my parents would be like uh oh my

Son he has a podcast you know What do you talk about i’m like oh boy Here we go and i’ll just say Ufos and ghosts and paranormal oh When you see somebody turn away and they Walk away go that way somebody goes that Way But there’s always one person that Interested but it’s You got to be careful people talk behind Your back but yet they’re just as Interested as you But they’re going to people talk crap All the time and uh even in this year I think that happens to all of us Yeah i know Even if you think when me and bree first Started this that’s something that Happened like when we would tell people Like oh yeah we’re doing a podcast about Aliens they were like what the [ __ ] but Over time i think something that we’ve Realized though is that the more and More people we start to talk about this With the more and more people are like Oh wait tell me more about it like i Think that it’s changing over time i Think that what we’re trying to do with All of us continuing to talk about the Subject is just normalize it you know The more normal it is the more we’re Going to be able to talk about it and i Think that’s what’s important the more And more we have these experiencers come

Out and talk about their experiences the More and more people come out and talk About their experiences so i get what You mean rich that you don’t want to Because you’ve had like bad experiences And i think that that’s super [ __ ] Shitty but we’re trying to make it Better for everyone going forward too so People don’t have to have that same Experience as you and i think that by Staying quiet sometimes we’re Perpetuating that fear of people coming Out about their experiences Yeah it won’t change i see it both ways Something different no absolutely It’s just you know If you know when people come out they Don’t know what to expect if it’s their First time look at what happened with Anjali For all of them Yeah Me too yeah so you know she she thought It was going to be easy you know Well i’ll just go out in front of the Capitol I think but that’s like a hard thing too That we have like in the ufo world is Like all of these people thinking that They have to come out and make some sort Of like weird declaration of like how They’re going to come out with Information like what what weird world Do we live in where people just can’t be

Like hey this is what i got like why Hold a press conference for this [ __ ] Like i think from the beginning like i Regardless of whether her story is true Or not because we all live in our own Realities and we all think things are True in our own realities but like why On earth would you make some big Skeptical out of it that’s what gets me Like what was the point of that She was missing the trumpets she should Have for sure like a whole marching band But like all jokes aside though not Everyone thinks like that maybe she Didn’t realize that she was literally Coming out to a pack of wolves i think Especially in the twitter world there’s A lot of wolves out here And maybe she’s just not thinking That she’s throwing herself into The fire yeah she thought well they’ll Think what i’m thinking you know they’ll Understand they’ll want to know Sorry David’s my friend David you you’ve really stuck around for This long wow that’s amazing you get a Stephen gray thumbs up for that one mate Thank you very much Wow 300 he is here 300 wow Um The I’m gonna i don’t really i don’t want to

Dwell on on the anjali thing um But amy where are you on that now Because you you had her on the show Do you believe you’re calling me On this okay do you believe i think um I i mean me and jamie and brie had a Really great conversation about this About your own reality and what your Perception is of your own reality Um and i think she’s being honest about Her own Perspective and i think she believes That these things have happened to her That she went Down the mountain i do think that there Is kind of maybe some sort of Agenda behind her from other people that Might be trying to push this whole thing Into a new direction to grow legs of its Own and become its own Thing if that makes sense so that’s Where i’m at with it i believe her I believe she believes That’s good words Good words yeah and i agree with amy Same thing i think i believe that she Believes it happened to her And that’s that’s where i think we Should leave it but that’s weakness for Her too that she Fully believes it because then that Means that she tried to come out to a Community That did not accept her at all and put

It through the shredders that kind of Stuff she’s got she’s got followers who Are Yeah there’s she has people who are very Into her and her message and i think That the problem with her and what amy Was talking about people kind of Directing her from the back i think that If she just would have like been on Twitter and talked about her message or Whatever but i think the people behind Her who were trying to turn this into a Bigger moving wheel is where it started To go into a weird culty kind of Territory and why she ended up getting Ripped to shreds and you know and Yeah that’s really what happened well She’s the woo-woo one and then she was Like i’m gonna get you guys evidence Big claims And the nuts and bolts so all of us woo People were like oh yeah you know that’s Cool she’s kind of like decor good or David wilcock And then she was like but i’m going to Bring evidence and everyone I stormed on her that’s what happened Where is it Like everybody’s like wait you just said You saw like yeah and the whole i have Evidence thing i think just made people Go nuts well she wanted to she wanted to Get the evidence in december she said I’m gonna you know get this research

Team together i’ll announce who they are Next week or two weeks from now And uh then you know everybody’s like That ain’t never gonna happen she’s Never gonna make it there you know and Myself included i’m like there’s no Aliens in a mountain And of course it happened and she Canceled and wayne had cancer and then All this stuff happened and my god She just well i mean she handled it as Best as anybody ever has i think i mean She did a good job But You know like you guys were saying it It’s her experience and that’s one thing We can’t step into But she shouldn’t have said i don’t know What she did yeah exactly what she can Of cannot believe it’s about her but but I think we could still be respectful Yeah yeah I’ll think we will i’ll buy a book for My wife she’ll love it thank you dorothy Yes but you know like some people are Just so cruel but i mean when you hide Behind a screen To say all this crap it’s easy to Get caught up in that and Um That’s what some people forget it’s like Well at the end of the day we’re all Human and we do have feelings and Um we’re all just

We’re all speaking in this topic you Know from different points of view Because we’re all different but We can still Have that level of respect for sure um Yeah just in general i mean life like Life is too short like it really is and Like that sounds cliche but it’s like Why are you gonna waste it doing They’re saying This kind of crap to each other you know Because we’re sick of it we’re sick of Hearing people lie and we want evidence No and i agree with that and that’s why There are people who try to stir the pot On purpose which is even worse because Then it’s like you want to have this Like faith in humanity and then People do that crap and you’re like Seriously like i’m trying to be on your Side like work with me but Um Yeah i think just reiterating that same Message and then just Not giving Attention to all this hate what’s up Okay i have a question and i think bree Might possibly i don’t know if she’s Reading my mind but like okay you talk About this evidence right what do you Yeah rich what is what does evidence Mean to you like what do you mean by Evidence because i’ve found in our Research over the years that there is no

Picture there is no video there is no Story that i could tell you that could Convince you that aliens are real and I’m not not mean you i just mean anybody In general right So I don’t really understand what people Talk about this evidence thing because To me the only evidence that matters When we’re talking about evidence is a Personal experience you have to have the Experience yourself to truly understand That it’s real you know what i mean or Someone you know really close to you has The experience and you trust that they That they believe that they had that Experience so what do people mean by Evidence like what are your guys’s Thoughts on on this whole evidence thing Like what is evidence since you asked me Kind of uh yeah Evidence is something we could see That’s actually what you’re claiming and She made a very big claim That never came to fruition because it Was you know just all bs from the Beginning Um she felt the pressure and i would Like to see evidence something we could Look at and if we’re not there in person That’s fine personal experiences is your Personal evidence but that’s nothing That has nothing to do with the evidence I need that’s something that’s tangible

You can hold it look And that’s what i mean though so what Kind of evidence like if if on jolly and I don’t even need I was like i don’t mean her specifically But i mean like if she said she went Down this mountain let’s say wayne let Her go down there went on she took a Video camera with her and she videotaped The entire thing would that have been Evidence enough or would people start to Tear that to shreds because of things Like cgi or photoshopping and stuff like That like so what when you say evidence And i don’t mean just her story just in General like what does that evidence Look like to convince people what is That tangible thing like is it i have to Bring you an alien arm and a plate for You to really understand it you know i’d Take that i’m sure some people yeah Yeah yes and no no one would believe i Mean that’s just that’s the proof i mean That’s what i see is Yeah and i’m more just asking the Question because i i think we hear that A lot in this community when it comes to Like evidence and i just kind of want to Hear everybody’s perspective of like What like what would convince you that An alien’s real you know what i mean Like what evidence is is it that you’re Looking for like some people need you The the president to come out and say

Hey I’m the president and aliens are real And that’s their that’s my line that’s The evidence i need like what is it for Everybody here I i think what i would need is And i’ve said this so many times For my for my actual mother To ring me and go You were right They are here Like we made it i like that That that For the for the just for the average Not not that my mum’s averaging Definitely not average but for the For the normal Population To turn around and actually but saying That Once the normal population tell me that There’s aliens that’s when i’m telling Them no they’re not aliens That’s the government doing pleasure Project blue bluebeam baby yes don’t Believe it i That jamie that’s an that’s it’s an Excellent It’s an excellent question because there Is no answer because i don’t think now There could be any evidence that anybody Could say That’s not cgi or that’s being faked I i know what you’re saying it’s per

People’s personal experience when people Tell a story It’s the personal experience that It kind of is their evidence to them So my personal experience with things That i’ve experienced is my evidence That that i expect i expect you to to Take my word for it Um yeah But when it comes Now especially the day we live in With all the technology I think you’re going to need Ufos and Not ufos sorry i always butch that one Alien spaceships to come down And Land on the ground and want to step out And go Any chance of a cup of tea Like a phoenix lights in 2021 kind of Thing because It would still be passionate I think that would people would call Project bluebeam oh it’s the government Doing that that’s exactly i see that People have already said that with the Latest videos that were released a Couple years ago Tons of people It’s just project bluebeam so it’s like Uh You know i don’t think there’s any video Any we can create anything

Well and let’s not just limit it to the The alien side of things the same thing Comes to paranormal when people catch Things like ghosts or demons on camera And video We there’s tons of those videos out There on the internet and so many people Claim them to be fake or not real or Anything like that so with this whole Evidence thing when it and i think that It goes back to connecting the aliens to The paranormal That is another thread that you have There this this way of like not being Able to show evidence or proof even if You have a video or a photo Yeah There’s never going to be any evidence Now that anybody’s going to accept It’s not going to happen No but i think that’s why we’re having This conversation because we need to we Need to talk about what are acceptable Forms of evidence that the masses are Going to accept you know what i mean It depends on what the evidence is and How it’s delivered that’s a pretty Broad statement to say of just evidence It depends on how it’s presented There’s so many different if you want to Show an alien well we’re going to have To see that alien do things like walk Around speak perhaps you know if you’re Just talking about orbs and those are

The aliens and you know we got to see That orb Transform maybe or show itself on camera There’s so many different ways this Evidence would have to be uh showcased For it to be taken real Depends on what it is Yeah hundred percent Rich what To answer james question now what do you Actually think that they could do what Do you think could actually happen now It To to for somebody to release something To you One of one of my biggest skeptic friends Who’s into the field Yeah Yeah i know with good reason but what Would convince you okay What would convince me well if the Government was going to present it and Make it official i would like an Announcement made that would be a Worldwide event happen on maybe Television and at a certain time and Then what they would do is announce that They’ve made contact with aliens however Long ago Explain where they come from what they What they want what they’re doing here And maybe have like a Like a alien 101 before they bring the Evidence out to us you know and teach

The public what we’re going to look at And show us why what they’re going to Bring forward is alien it’s real this Isn’t cgi it’s not fake if they could do Something like that and present it to The whole world at the same time i think That shows a lot of balls first of all And second of all well Then you’ll have a lot of skeptics Wanting to know Is this real is it in a studio just like The moon landings You know then we’re going to go down That road so they would have to bring in Some people from the public and meet the Alien You know it’s just it there’s got to be A way that the whole world can do it i Think the whole world would have to see It at the same time That’s just in my opinion i think that Would be proof enough if you got all the Governments together do a tv show maybe At the u.n who knows Yeah and make that announcement and Prove it that way i can’t think of Another way I don’t want to i don’t wanna i don’t Know i wouldn’t want to just meet the Alien i want to touch the alien i want To smell the alien i’d need it here but You know i i need all the alien evidence Well eventually they will you know Eventually we’ll all be living together

That’s that’s the thing right we want to Coexist you don’t believe that for a Second No i you you’re asking me what how would I want the evidence presented to prove That it’s real that’s one way i would Like To see it done Because that that would prove to me that Wow you’ve got People from russia and china and all These other countries all over the world You know all their heads of state are Showing up at the u.n or whatever to Meet this alien well they’ve already met It but to showcase it It’s weird i don’t know it would have to Be a worldwide event it just can’t Happen in america it just can’t happen In russia then we’ll say well they’re Faking it But get everybody involved well then Everybody’s faking it at the same time i Don’t know just the thought I’ve thought of many different ways and I think that would be a powerful message What do we all think of the The stuff that that came out through you Know the gimbal footage the tic tac Footage the Go fast all all that you know we were You ladies impressed with that No I was happy i mean like impressed

Um i think what we’re talking about Specifically is about the mainstream Media also announcing the fact that Aliens are real right Like what at what point Where is the evidence right like where Is the evidence well the government Controls so much of what’s coming out Anyway that that’s going to be the Evidence that’s completely confirmed as Being what What you know and how you guys know what I mean Yeah like basically all the cover-ups That they’ve done over the years and how It’s all kind of unraveling i think that Alone also is Part of this disclosure because people Are realizing oh hey maybe the Government is hiding more than we think In like all aspects not just the ufo Community but still in this community i Think some people are starting to Realize that and The more that does come out by like Officials or pilots and like um like This radar footage whatever um I think that does help a lot with um Some of the people who are like not Involved in the topic at all Like those people will probably need More Um of the evidence and also just um More of like the bigger exposures

Because they haven’t been in Like they’re not on ufo twitter they’re Not in these you like youtube channels To like hear what people have to say Like daily So For people who are not Sorry For people who are not like involved in This at all They’ll need like something way more Concrete Yeah um So they’ll just need more of that Evidence you know and that’s not a bad Thing it’s just That’s just part of the umbrella and i Think we just have to accept that as Well but we have to be accepting of that And the experiencer side and the Paranormal side we just have to make it Like on the same playing field because It’s all related you know but it Definitely helps for for people who are Not involved in this like at all or the Older generation who you know maybe did See a lot that they never spoke about in The past so It helps Jamie you said no Okay yeah so we’re gonna ruffle some Feathers here depending on how your Audience and everybody leans but i’m not Into the government release of documents

Or any of those videos like i’m just not Into them i don’t find them impressive And i don’t Exactly what artemis was saying we’re Realizing more and more every day that Our government is lying to us about more And more things so why in the world are We trusting the government when it comes To them releasing information about Aliens it’s really hard for me to grasp That and understand it and i know that That’s a big part of the community right Now are these government drops and Things and i look at it from the outside And i’m very like Wait what why wait why are you listening To the government now they’ve they’ve Lied for a long time like i remember Years before the official like new york Times report and everything uh someone From the pentagon came out before harry Reid did it and like there was a very Small press conference and he was like Hey everybody i just want to let you Guys know we’re investigating ufos with Black money have a nice day and that was The entire press conference and it was Not in the mainstream news nobody talked About it it was super hush-hush some People talk about oh my god the Government’s admitting things it’s like They’ve been doing it for a long time It’s just we haven’t been paying Attention to it and the mass media

Hasn’t been putting it out there so i’m Not into this whole narrative of the Government and the mass media being hand In hand and delivering us this message Because i just think that there’s Something inherently wrong with that if You just look at the history of our Government Narrative is a great way i don’t accept Their narrative and i refuse to let them Take a hold of what the narrative is and I Personally just me I don’t need any government to tell me What is and is not true and i have heard That from a lot of experiencers as well I think there’s just a Weird divide right now i don’t trust People that come out and say I was working with this and i had a Problem with the secrecy and so now i’m Coming out to like be the person to tell The truth no i don’t buy it Yeah i just and and no offense to people Who are really into the government Document side that’s right no not at all We all have our own We all have our own it’s just we’ve we Come from a very different angle and we Just don’t quite understand this whole Government aspect of it i get that it’s Why it’s in the news and why so many More people are talking about it so like I enjoyed that aspect of it but i think

It’s a double-edged sword when it comes To the government talking about anything Secret whether it be aliens ufos are the Paranormal i think there are cooler Documents that the government has that People don’t talk about you know Like yeah super paranormal things i Think those are more juicy than them Being like yeah there’s Some weird like ufos and stuff do you Mean like remote viewing Yeah there’s a lot of things like that Um And i just i just think those are a lot More interesting than even talking about Like parallel realities and things like That Um i think that’s more interesting And i’m also i wouldn’t a hundred Percent Uh Not consider That those are our craft as well and That we have already been Uh traveling More than we’ve been told that we are That’s what you said rich I know But there’s still no proof You can’t have proof of everything Though You’re just gonna take somebody’s word i Think if we just rely on that i kind of Feel like

I my gut tells me that You’ll never get that i don’t think That’s ever coming Not in our lifetime unfortunately Do you guys think disclosure will happen Okay No i love that you asked this question Because i’m so ready for it okay Disclosure is omnipresent it is always Happening yet never happening we’re Never gonna get a definite this is Disclosure or this is not disclosure Disclosure has been happening since the Minute ufos and aliens have started to Been talk about And it’s never going to stop because There’s never going to be an end point So it’s just disclosure is Disagree it’s okay that’s what we’re Here for tell me Because disclosure is proof that’s Showing proof that aliens exist that They’re here that the Technology is real That’s what disclosure is it’s the Disclosure of the technology that’s been Hidden for all these years let’s Disclose it to the public so just Because they’re showing us three videos Of grainy footage doesn’t mean that’s Disclosure or a part of it you’re either Pregnant or you’re not you either have Disclosure or you don’t Interesting

Yeah like the government kind of did Already officially say it and then since Then haven’t so i think they kind of Like look we’ve said what we needed to Say you guys can just kind of take with It what you want yeah and Like a lot of people just kind of it Just went like right over their heads And i mean um that could be with what Else is going on in the world and Everything That you know times are changing Although there’s a lot more awareness Because of what’s going on in the world People are at home and Paying more attention to things they’re Looking up at the sky more But also On the other side of that it’s like Um Yeah there’s just a balance between the Two i think you know Well i’m going on my 18th year in this Field and the only thing that’s Different is the internet more social Media presence and people with cameras In their hands That’s why we think that’s why a lot of People think we’re seeing more stuff We’re we’re not nothing’s different than It was when i got in this field Everything’s the same same technology It’s just the technology that’s Different that we haven’t captured or

Talk about it across the world from each Other yeah So you got a lot of a lot of people now Seeing each other real time like we’re Doing now and they’re talking about it So that’s the thing that’s the one thing That’s different That i’d say you know would be uh Improvement but still not disclosure Well there’s two things there right One It’s good for the community But two it’s dangerous for the community It’s a double-edged sword because Because it’s massively pushed out and it You don’t know what’s being fed to us We don’t know what’s being fed to us But Or who it’s been Who’s been pushed by we get all these Different stories And we all we always um as ufo Paranormal alien people wherever we are We all we all will talk about it and We’ll tell a story and then that story i Mean It will just go on and on through Different shows throughout maybe a Couple of months period sometimes And then at the end We’re back at the beginning When we start with something new I was just gonna say that yeah

Anytime there’s something new there’s Pushback or you know people with you Know they got to let everybody know what They think about it somebody’s always Got to be the opposite and uh you know We get that a lot just because they want To do it not because they have to or Anything else just because personal Gains but Yeah now i think what’s going to happen Is in the next few years the way things Have gone through the internet twitter Youtube and all those other places i Think it’s going to be a little bit Better it’s going to calm down and People are going to realize you know you Don’t have to be a jerk anymore but There’s always new people coming into The field Like me i’m always learning and you know People call me a ufo bully Because i speak my mind i don’t think That’s that’s right to say but uh i Can’t stop what people say so i accept It But um I think we’re gonna see a level a Leveling off but i also see that we Haven’t heard anything from the Government in a while really nothing Major no sightings no corbell no Elizondo on the news so Is there this announcement that’s going To happen this week

Supposed to be one apparently Does anybody know anything about this Announcement that was supposed to happen What’s the date it was supposed to be Before thanksgiving or up to it That’s that was about six weeks ago when That rumor started But leslie keane uh was posting on Twitter that they’ve been working you Know silently behind the scenes with Elizondo and melin and everybody else in That all quiet on the On the front but doesn’t mean nothing’s Happening Elizondo’s been cryptic lately too Saying stuff like that Yeah but i think he’s definitely kind of Changing his Like the way he’s interviewing i’ve Noticed in the last like few interviews Like You know if somebody’s asking a question That he can’t answer he’s like you know Ask me my opinion on it and it’s like Well it’s like he’s he’s he’s wanting People to probe him now in different Ways or at least i Feel like he never used to say that on Interviews like he would just He used to be like oh i can’t answer That or like oh i shouldn’t answer that But now it’s like ask me my opinion and It’s like Okay and then and it’s like well that’s

Kind of different you never used to say Like you never used to like hint at People that they could hint More with you i don’t know at least That’s my take on it Wants to talk more he’s learned he’s He’s changing too Yeah i think it’s good to see Like how people can evolve in the topic And like People are learning and like just like You know no one’s an expert at this you Know we’re all Kind of figuring things out in our own Way but um it is nice to see when you Can see that evolution like in these People and especially the people who are More prominently talking about the Subject because you know Those people are gonna get the message Out in a bigger way too so It’s nice to see that it’s not gonna It’s not only one-sided i think he’s Definitely opening up to more out there Which is good to see For sure oh he’s a paid Counter-intelligence liar I was like i also think that he has a Lot of coming I’m not full on him i know Coming out that’s going to talk about a Lot of his opinions so i think that he’s Trying to shift his narrative To be more opinionated because it serves

Well with his book coming out so i think That that’s part of it as well Yeah i still think that him coming out With a book is as a red flag because It’s like well if you have so much to Say in this like Ufo topic that your nda has Like blocked you from What’s going to be different in the book Like i mean In the book are you going to write well I can’t talk about this because my mda But like i don’t know i just like Why It’ll be like one book where he would Like all of it Yeah it looks like if it’s also good Information then like why aren’t you Just talking about it now like shit’s Happening now not in whatever amount of Time that you’re going to release this Book Like i don’t know how it’s straightened Yeah It’s all orchestrated yeah You know that’s why it’s like some People are a bit blind to these people Like you have to be skeptical not that He’s i mean i still am curious like what He’s gonna be doing and like what’s Gonna happen in the galileo project and Stuff but To to not be skeptical or question Anything that any of these people are

Doing and some people are really doing That like they just follow blindly and i Don’t think you should follow anybody Blindly in the topic because No one has all of the answers and if They do then they should really come Forward Why do i get the feeling that you have More trust For anjali Than you do for lou It’s that i truly believe that she is an Experiencer and i just don’t necessarily Subscribe to somebody from the Government coming out wanting to talk About aliens Yeah To literally keep it a secret exactly so It’s like that flip of the script is Like okay and and here’s another point That i like to make too and not to call Out names or anything but bubbles are Regardless of how how you fall in Whether you believe him or not Look at the way the government treated Him after this right look at how the Government is treating lou there’s a Very big difference and so when i just Look at that from the outside i read Flags everywhere Like all right Because it seems like the people who Really are these big whistleblowers in The community tend to not get great

Treatment from the government but here Lewis still contracting for him and Talking about aliens won’t say what he’s Contracting about again i’m not trying To discredit lou or any anything that He’s brought to light or anything like That but to me the story seems very Fishy because the more and more you dig Into it you’re like wait a second wait a Second why is the government pretty much Endorsing this man paying his bills Still but he’s coming out as a Whistleblower that doesn’t make sense Yeah Basically Is supported by the government it is for Sure interesting But um if uh just because i like to be My own devil’s advocate i guess what if He’s saying that it’s his opinion but He’s going to be saying Pretty much everything that he knows It’s just that he can’t say That it’s official so he’s just kind of Putting it in the filter of his Beliefs or his opinions But what if you know he is going to Write what he truly Knows and it’s just like a way to cover His ass well that’s kind of what he’s Saying isn’t it he he kind of says i Can’t say Exactly what i know He does say that constantly

Yeah That’s why it’s like well if you can’t Say anything else why are we still Interviewing the same people that can’t Talk it’s like No there’s so many questions there’s so Many questions it’s like Yeah why There’s there’s definitely red flags That we don’t know about and clicks and Views Yeah Let’s get let’s get uh you know But i just mean like we’re asking all The same questions we’re not probing Enough so it’s like Move on to the next person well i think That there’s a problem too inside of That because a lot of people want to Have blue on their show so why would They ask those probing questions because Why would he go on your show if you’re Asking those you know what i mean so a Lot of the a lot of these interviews That you have But i mean i feel like he wouldn’t come On some of these channels because Exactly some of these channels he knows That We’d ask these difficult questions that They Like might not want to answer but like You know they just want more of the like Fluff and like

Not always just praise but also praise Yeah and if you’re in questions he’s Being asked all the time everyone that Has them on it’s this it’s basically the Same show with different people that are Interviewing him yeah you know why Because it’s scripted and Before the show they talk to the host And and say look only ask these Questions don’t go anywhere else except For what we want you to ask lou and i Know this is true because uh sor Had him on and he asked a question from Third phase of moon that wasn’t in the Script and lou was like oh i don’t deal With terrorists you know and i mean he Just went off script it was crazy Yeah and uh yeah so it’s all that’s why It’s all the same questions That’s not so because then that means That people just have them on the show Just to be like hey i got lou yeah yeah That’s 100 For any new information it’s just Literally for their own hype to be like I gotta lose 1 million percent yeah and You know that type it might come Like quick but it’s not going to stay Either because People aren’t actually interested in What you’re saying they just we’re Following for the like louis lozando Hype but It’s more meaningful when you’re gaining

Like Followers or like building your own Little community because they actually Believe in what you’re What you’re saying and what you Put out there so um well and you can see It isn’t how did you speak to these People but if like it’s it’s not going To be only about these big guys it’s Going to be Talking to People more like you and us or like um Different uh sort of like people in the Topic like on the mental health side on The experiencer side on the Consciousness side like um Like how that Exists with like spirituality and how it Exists with what we see on radars and Um interdimensional beings and Everything like we It’s all connected and we need to Um we need more people connecting these Thoughts together For Sure Yeah so what would you do differently What would you all do differently if you Had lou Had him That’s such a good question yeah i mean What it’s hard i’m not talking about Probably

Yeah i’m like of course i’d love to Interview him but yeah like i don’t Think You know like I would have to it would have to like I’d have to really think about questions That he hasn’t been asked before or that He’s been asking me like Come on let’s go let’s just have a look It’s like what’s your favorite cocktail Uh no you think on the weekend i think i Think if we had blue on ours we had Little on our show career we would when It was over We would specifically ask him about his Experiences i think is something that we Would talk about i don’t want to hear About your government [ __ ] Viewing experiences Ignore the whole government side of him And more talk about who he is as a Person and give me your [ __ ] story And not this narrative Of the government that you’re talking About like where the hell did you grow Up when’s the first time you saw ufo did You realize that you probably had Experiences with [ __ ] in the sky at a Younger age like that’s the kind of [ __ ] I want to talk to lou about exactly none Of us have any idea Or is he just a pen and paper like i Just worked for them kind of guys If anyone wants to wants to clip this

Hey any of us will interview you lou Come on we’ll ask you these kind of any Of us here yeah any of us anybody here All of us at the same time come on let’s Let’s have that conversation and talk About who you are and not this Government person that you are eat yes I think that helps too like a lot of People do kind of focus on his military Career which is good but Um You know it’s more like how is Everything that he’s done like Helped like change him because i’m sure He’s changed a lot In the last like five ten years of Doing this so it’s like Asking him maybe more of those questions And like I don’t know Yeah It’s hard but you don’t want to be the Person who’s asking just the same Questions you want to try to get more Out of him or Like different points of view so yeah Talking about His experiences or um Yeah how he grew up or like how this is Changing him how it impacts his like Family Um I don’t know Are you being where did you say this

Yeah yeah He’s like Not by us we’re not we’re not monetized But No but yeah it’s it’s tough you want to Ask these different questions Yeah i want to know what’s next for him Because there’s no one That comes forward in this community That claims things That last forever it’s like we We suck all the juice out of them and Then when we’re done we toss them out And we wait for the new person to come Unfortunately and so i wonder what he Will do next but why do we do that Um because we we live in the world of of Amazon and doordash and we want Everything right here and now so we we Exploit the [ __ ] out of it and then we Move on to the next because that’s the Society that we live in we do it with Everything yeah And i think we believe a lot of people At first too and then over Time then we start to Get sick of them and then it’s like we Start to see them in a different light You know All these people that i don’t think People like anymore at one point were so Popular And they were like the messiah Well like someone mentioned corey good

Earlier Wilcox and wilcock earlier Those people i mean Even emery smith i mean people like that They come out they’re like the hot thing And then They have their little minions then we Find them and they disappear yeah Exactly Yeah I don’t know his backstory but Man does he put out some crazy Stuff like i mean he has like a show Where He just Casually talks about all this stuff and It’s like It’s just a comment oh my mind it was Like blown when i first like heard his Stuff and i’m like Do you mean emery are you talking about Cosmic disclosure Uh Yeah i think so that sounds like his Show so it was david wilcock’s show it Was cosmic disclosure where he first Just started with interviewing corey Goode and that’s how corey good got Really big and then he started bringing In other people and then when they both Left gaia then emery smith fulfilled David wilcox position so it’s the same Show It’s just he’s now the new host

And then i’ve been talking about like How he’s gone to like the center of the Earth and like yeah yeah Everything’s about the secret space Program and Interstellar and they’re like you should See them In person Yeah and there was there was a huge cult Behind it that was like the whole thing Of like where david wilcock and and Corey good kind of got their start is This whole like Secret space program underground bases And emery was somebody who was in like The medical community Like he was like a nurse or something Like that and he had and his claim was Is that he was involved in all of these Um Medical Experiments i guess uh with Extraterrestrials and things like that Yeah i watched a couple of those Episodes and i’m just like Thinking like how is this guy even able To talk about this if it’s true And like have their own like show If it’s true which i don’t i don’t know How much i believe of him but i don’t Know him very well yeah his story The thing with him is i mean this is my Personal opinion is i think that it Started with with david and corey and

Then emery kind of saw an opportunity to Bank on it and so that’s kind of why He’s more involved with it now Personally because i i don’t think any Three of their stories have any any Facts behind it in any capacity i think That emory saw a story being spun and There’s a lot of back and forth between The three of them and a lot of accusing And lawsuits and stuff that happened Behind the scenes that like got very Messy confusing with them and that was Really the downfall of like a lot of the People who were following them and their Ideals and their community We still have an ass ton of followers Though they really do and that’s the That’s the crazy part of it is he still Has tons of followers yeah that’s right The alliance we’ll take him I don’t want to keep like suffering I don’t know i kind of feel like we’re All gonna Kill each other from the inside out um i Feel like we should just It’s hard though i say i would i’m about To say that we should you know not like Separate ourselves from these people so Much but it is hard no no i’ve already Pre-ordered wilcox car so So skinny bob thank you for the five Pounder there mate i keep using a five Pounder rich yeah i’ve nicked it yeah i Like it five pounder uh but this is this

Leads me on to something i did want to Ask you ladies because i have asked rich This umpteen times and we did a show About it last week so lou’s saying it Could be demons And a threat Is implying that demons Is that So Where did where where are you off the Show that i did last last week guys go Check it out uh with rich david and lee Uh about the demons it was pretty it was An awesome show go check that out it was It was a lot of fun but where are your Thoughts when it comes to because we Keep hearing this we keep hearing the Word demons i’ve heard it a few times Not just from lou but from other people As well I’ll go first i think that it’s total [ __ ] and when people talk about Demons it tends to lead towards the Religious side of the world and i think That somebody like lou using the term Demons is very on topic for the the Government narrative because they like To control people specifically within Kind of this religious bounds like when You know we’re talking about like Republicans and things like that Republicans tend to lean more on this Whole christian side and their ideals And things like that and something that

Happens a lot that we’ve experienced Talking to experiencers is a lot of People growing up their parents who were Super religious and went to church When they would try to tell their Parents about these experiences with Extraterrestrials it was a demon it’s Demons we’re taking you to the church We’re going to expel you so i hate this Idea that demons are aliens because i Think what it is is it’s they’re using This god of the gap theory it’s Something that they can’t explain or Understand so they’re using god to Explain it and when you’re thinking About something negative you can’t use God so therefore they use demons Are you an atheist Uh i was raised jewish is the funny Thing going to temple and everything I went to several different religious Schools growing up christian catholic Jewish hindu you name it i’ve been there I’ve studied a lot of religions and i’ve Decided that all of them are the exact Same thing and it is [ __ ] and what It is is it’s it was an ideal an Ideology that was created to control a Narrative of people who were not very Smart or understanding or who can think For themselves and so i think that we Live in a society now where we can think For ourselves and we don’t need that Narrative and we’re just having a hard

Time getting rid of that Uh religion aspect of life but i think It’s changing with the whole Spirituality movement that’s upcoming Because i think that there’s a big Difference between spirituality and Religion i am spiritual i am not Religious And you cannot be spiritual with god i’m Not hating on people who love god you Could be spiritual with jesus if you Want but i think that there’s when you Have religion i think that that’s so Negative and like literally every battle And war in the world has pretty much Been about religion It is unfortunately you see i’m quite of An an open book when it comes to this But but i i always I i look i always say this i look back At Some of the ancients and what they was Painting on walls and what have you and Some people will will say well that’s Just ancient alien Or whatever But what if we’re wrong what if we what If we are deadly wrong about this Subject and what if it is something else So it’s what if what if Our Our elders were right And you know we’ve we’ve been what The

I mean we’ve got a lot we don’t trust The government we don’t trust Some of the scientists Um What if there’s a bigger narrative here What if they know something and i i That’s just the question i’m not saying I believe that I don’t know what i believe anymore but But what if What if there’s something to The the legends and i’m not really i am I i was an atheist i’m not i don’t even Know what i am anymore but Just i what if we’re wrong Um so like With the ancients do you mean when they Talk about god’s coming And or do you mean like going back to The bible So i’ve never read the bible I know the story never read it Probably never really proper probably Never read a proper book to be honest With you i haven’t got the concentration For it i feel like But When when you So when you’ve had experience with Strange things going on in your life And we we talk about the paranormal I struggle to My my little tiny people brain struggles To comprehend

Extraterrestrials And playing mind tricks on me with Shadow figures and All sorts of crazy numbers popping up Crazy coincidences I struggle with that to think that Synchronicities Yeah So It kind of it always makes me think back To well what if it is something Different I i don’t know if any of Any of you guys have heard of alistair Crowley of course yeah And he depicted That i love bringing it up every single Time i’ll bring it up again because it’s One of my favorite pictures But he he played lamb yeah Is that just the guy that just painted a Random picture or is that a guy that saw An alien Okay he for sure conjured that thing he Conjured it up okay so is it so so you Said the that you’re not sure about the Demon thing but What’s that okay so When it comes to crowley and his his his Weird [ __ ] we’ve talked about it a few Times on the podcast so when it comes to Crowley you have to understand that He was working in a realm of magic and Not magic like [ __ ] wizards at harry

Potter but more like you can create Things within your own mind’s eye you Can create your own reality and things Like that and so some several of the Things that he did were these kind of Like rituals and things like that to Summon demons or whatever but again You’re using the word demon because i Think it’s something that you don’t Necessarily understand then you have to Get into the whole world of what is an Alien and where do you think an alien Comes from do aliens only come from Space inside of spaceships right that’s One idea but i also think that aliens Are extra dimensional beings and can Come in and out of our our plane at any Time so why is it not that he basically Was doing a very early version of ce5 if We’re going to get technical with it he Sat he sent his intentions he did a Little ritual and then an alien popped Out and [ __ ] talked to him And a demon It’s the same thing it’s like when they Saw something Positive they then referred it to an Angel So it’s the same thing when we talk i Think with extraterrestrials and just Like with humans there’s good and There’s bad And so i think that those words became Really religious but really we’re just

Talking about good and bad entities In general So for sure i think that He was doing some type of ce5 and he he Wanted something dark because that’s What he resonated with and it’s that’s How everything is i think in this Universe you’re gonna get what you Resonate with Jamie i mean i don’t know the answer to This but what did that uh that little Guy say to him I don’t remember off the top of my head In all honesty i Couldn’t I don’t remember i just remember lamb Yeah i remember the name i don’t know What i don’t know what i need to find Out maybe Yeah i don’t remember what the hell he Said obviously not anything that Important if i don’t remember it Rich you could probably do the ouija Board Crowley was one of the first ones i Think who made this gap between aliens And the paranormal and i think that we We have to kind of recognize that that His story has so much to do with both of It and that’s when i think we’re trying To talk about the aliens as a whole and How to move forward in this community And and how to prop you know go forward With progress

He was one of those people out there who Was doing something like that like he Was basically pulling aliens from other Dimensions And i mean technically with like Jack parsons in his His back pocket and then i mean Technically that’s how our whole secret Space system that’s how our whole Everything in space even happened So it’s it’s all comes back to the Occult and i don’t think a lot of people Realize that yeah if persons if persons Wouldn’t have been friends with crowley Then we wouldn’t have rockets Um i do struggle with this the cult and Uh they If it so so you’re saying that crowley Was possibly Like remote viewing Or or not remote viewing sorry we’ll see E5 for sure yeah the e5 for sure Absolutely i think the position I think Again when we say ce5 there’s a lot of Stigma around the the ce5 term ce5 at Its core is just going out there setting Your intention and asking aliens to talk To you so he was basically doing ce5 Before ce5 was a thing i’m sure because He was some type of a ritual and he was Very based in like satanism and all that Kind of stuff that i’m sure there was Probably some meditation music in the

Background as well so it’s probably not Far off than what stephen greer is doing These days So jamie you would agree that that’s not That so you you’re agreeing that that is No coincidence that he drew that that That is definitely what he drew He’s probably 100 I think that there’s also a lot of these Instances if you look at some of the Stories of skinwalkers where people Talking about these this thing coming Out of a portal and looking very much so Like an alien that’s very similar to What alistar saw yeah we opened a portal And Here comes lamb Alpine It’s only it’s only scary because i Think you’re perceiving it as a scary Experience this is something that we Hear a lot when we talk about Experiences and things is the very first Time it happens there’s a fear right You’re very scared you don’t know what’s Going on and then over time it’s like Not scary anymore like oh the aliens are Here to visit me it’s fine whether that Be a little bit of stockholm syndrome or You’re just more comfortable or what’s Happening is actually not that bad lamb Might look scary but what if he comes Out and brings you a [ __ ] chocolate

Cake And a puppy I’ll take the chocolate cake that’s what I’m saying exactly I think it’s the circumstances in which Is happening to you if you are with a Ouija board and you open up a [ __ ] Portal and lamb comes out yeah probably [ __ ] scary but if you happen to come Down your chimney with some [ __ ] Presents then that’s another story So You mentioned when You said you said that brie had ha You’ve had experiences That that where you’ve um possibly had Lucid dreams Um yeah so many lucid dreams yeah but Jamie you said Possibly an abduction mm-hmm yes i Acquired because they’re not jamie like Remembers things Mine was very like a sleep paralysis Although it wasn’t a sleep paralysis and Then as we started talking then there Were um instances where then i Remembered like weird physical things Happening to me So it’s like a mixture But i don’t like to think that I don’t like to think that i was like Physically I don’t know but it’s weird over time It’s more like

Maybe Probably I want to know jamie about that Abduction Okay Tell a very quick story version of it Because there’s lots of details i was Living in oakland at the time i was Driving home from breeze i was roughly About 17 18 years old i was driving home From bree’s house she lived in the south Bay i lived in oakland’s about a two-ish To a shower drive it was very late at Night i’m talking like midnight one O’clock in the morning 2am kind of vibes I wasn’t the one driving i was in the Passenger seat as we approached oakland I started to see something outside of The window that at first i thought was Just a light the more and more i looked At it i realized it was a craft and it Was driving alongside of me above People’s houses it was very strange it Was not a helicopter a plane didn’t make Any sounds i got off the freeway it Still followed me it ended up landing on Top of a building i was like oh my god i Could see that building from my house Let’s go home and stare at it so we Rushed home i lived at a four-story Walk-up up at the very top ran up my Stairs plopped down in my window watched This weird ufo it was on top of this Building uh oakland doesn’t have a very

Big like uh who is she with I at the time it was my boyfriend at the Time me and my boyfriend we lived Together so your boyfriend saw this as Well Absolutely well at the time yes but Later he doesn’t remember any of that That’s the funny part So I’m watching this thing it’s on top of The building there’s only so many big Buildings so i could physically kind of See this this metal craft and at the Very top of it there’s like a light and The light was like pulsating changing Colors from green to blue to pink just All these different colors that lights Wouldn’t have done this is like 2007-ish 2008-ish they didn’t really Have a lot of like led lights and stuff Like that so that wasn’t something i Would necessarily like recognize as like One singular light that was changing and The more and more i stared at it i just Felt like i was kind of hypnotized by it I don’t really know how much time had Passed and eventually a weird red light Had shown through my window and i had Noticed it and it was almost like a Laser pointer on my wall and i was Looking down on the ground trying to Figure out who at like two or two O’clock in the morning was pointing a Laser inside of my room but this is

Oakland and it’s dead quiet and there’s Nothing going on and i realize that this Red beam is coming from where this ufo Is and the minute i make the connection Of that’s where it’s coming from it Starts to scan all of the walls in my Room kind of back and forth and up and Down i’m immediately freaking out like What the hell’s going on my boyfriend is Of no help to me at the time he’s just As confused as i am so i call my best Friend he’s with you He’s with me yeah and so i i call one of My best friends at the time named rafa And i was like hey i’m freaking out i’m Seeing a ufo this weird red light is in My room and i think that he thought i Was like joking with him and he his Advice was to grab a bottle of water and Hide in the closet because aliens can’t Open doorknobs and they’re afraid of Water which if anyone knows this plot it Is the plot of signs yeah um i at the Time I at the time took his advice very Seriously i wasn’t into the whole ufo Stuff i had no idea about aliens or Anything at the time and i went and i Sat in my closet with a pack of Cigarettes and ashtray a bottle of water With my boyfriend and i shut the goddamn Door and i sat in there with like the Light of my phone like chain smoking and At some point in the night i had fallen

Asleep um and then i woke up Just A little bit slower Don’t absorb it all So uh next morning i wake up and i’m in Bed and i’m in like pajamas i’m not in The closet anymore i don’t have a pack Of cigarettes with me my water bottle’s Not with me and i don’t remember ever Getting to bed and when i was waking up In the morning i was having this really Weird dream about being like trapped Inside of like a cocoon almost and i Woke up from this dream kind of like Screaming this night after and so i’m Already kind of disoriented because i Had this really weird dream that i was Trapped inside a cocoon and then all of A sudden i’m back inside my bed and Immediately i start to realize i didn’t Fall asleep here How did i get here why am i wearing Different clothes i’m looking at my Boyfriend next to me he’s still sleeping And when he wakes up i start to ask him Like what the hell happened he has no Recollection of the night before and in That moment i realized that i had an Experience i just didn’t know what had Happened and then over time as i started To like Remember more and more about what Happened i realized that like oh i think I might have went up on the spaceship

With them and that’s why i have that Missing amount of time and why i ended Up back in bed B don’t remember anything have been About being on board anything no no nor Do i really want to remember in all Honesty it’s a little twofold one i Think that that’s doing stuff like um Hypnotic regression is a little bit Scary i have a little bit of a dark mind I don’t want to open up some of those Walls that don’t necessarily need to be Opened up uh but i also think that if i Needed to know what the hell happened to Me there that my weird alien spirit Guides would probably tell me about it And i think that they’re just giving me The information that i need So brie you and you’ve had Lucid dreams Was that around the same sort of time Yeah the first time it was probably Within the first week or two maybe Of jamie’s experience um and did you two Have i call it like a sleep paralysis But i don’t think it was because We were best friends at the time I’ve had many experiences of like seeing Like missing time Seeing ufos having missing time Weird things as a kid A lot of weird things as a kid So it sounds very physical but i just Seem to think that

There’s a big part of our consciousness That can also see itself physically So That’s why i kind of I struggle to think that like my body Was physically taken somewhere But Very Yeah There’s a lot of times where it sound it Sounds like it was But like i said i think of it more of Like a consciousness thing and not Really I mean who knows i think we’re still Figuring it out and um Even a couple weeks ago jamie and i Had something to do and i was having a Conversation with someone about it and It wasn’t until like hearing their Feedback about some of those things i Was sharing Where i started to question Like was it just a consciousness thing So it’s it’s definitely a process Of Going through all these experiences and Trying to figure out what the hell is Happening Artemis an Alien girl i i Am i can’t remember if i asked you on Honor our first interview but Did did what’s got you have you had

Experiences It’s so interesting that you say that Because i went on uh jamie and bree’s Show And we talked about them And then you and i kind of talked about Them too But i i have a little bit of a wild side You know we didn’t really get into that One No but We talked about about our astral Projections me bri and jamie and a Couple of the you know experiences and i Think you and rich both know about my Ce5 because it’s the photo that i have In the beginning of my reach is lovely Yeah he’s had a little bit of his magic Magic Magic and what does he call it rich Magic That you know magic man Yeah he’s just like yeah this is good i Like this Oh is it alice in the stories i’m just Listening i love it but jamie and brie Really opened me up a little bit more to That astral experience because Um astral projection’s a weird Thing Um but i think when you have experiences That transform you Whether that be You know in one way or another um

That like like like like angelay right Like She believes that this happened to her And i’ve had And joan and chilly And i kind of feel like i’ve had um Things i was telling jamie and brie About a female Uh alien spirit that i feel connected to Um yeah okay okay no no no you can’t Just stop there They all know they know You really can’t wait for them to come Out I did the steven grier meditation one Day and then like i was on this planet And then like i met this alien and lady And she was like what’s up and we talked A little bit Um and then she was like all right you Know we had a conversation that was Important is this on the the stephen Grier app Yeah i did the stephen grier meditation And it was worth every penny yeah He’s happy he’s happy he’s happy he’s Happy he is he got all six dollars out Of me and i met an alien through it is That how much they happened priceless Just like six it was a very in-depth Astral projection experience though i Remember seeing the the planet it was Like You know and i’m not especially seeing

Like what has happened since then in my Life in terms of like where it’s at now With all this alien stuff it’s not Too far out of the realm of possibility That maybe i was astrally projected you Know totally but i have to question it Myself but the more i see value in this Meditation that i had with this Experience with the stephen The stephen graham Yes i got my money’s worth man like come On we’re all here for the fun too right I ate six bucks i got an alien everyone Yeah stop hating on stephen grier for an App he spent money i don’t i spent Just just people in general i think that They they hate him so much yes stephen Greer is a very interesting fellow but He created an app that actually does Some pretty cool things and so spend the Money and just try it yourself what the Hell is six or seven dollars to people Obviously or don’t even spend the money In canada I don’t know Be open to it be open to the possibility That your consciousness can connect with Other consciousness that’s it and you Could see not that there you go This little guy Bijou i love that his name i love that Little guy he looks like it’s his name He said i don’t know He’s very

He’s very wrinkled it looks like david Wilcock Probably is no it really does yeah My daughter maybe it is david wilcox Maybe it is stuck It might be go to the do the picture Again ellie The one on the left looks like dallas The crowley guy Very much so like lamb yeah yeah Same kind of like kind of like triangle Little face oh i see it like his little Eyes in there and his nose and his mouth Yeah yeah right it’s just very much Through the air You never know man If we don’t open our minds we don’t get Any anywhere Hey I will say this about stephen greer i Mean As as much as sometimes i’ve taken the Piss out of him When he did when he did that um That documentary that he put out for Free and told everybody to share it I was quite impressed yeah i was quite Impressed with that i liked it And It cost money to do it yeah everybody Says He says lee’s a good buddy of mine he’s Like yeah he’s just selling a nap But you know what i’ve got a patreon

Page i sell t-shirts I get super chats He’s just on a bigger scale you know Exactly Like always hating on people for trying To make a living doing what they love Yeah yeah and what’s wrong with that but There’s nothing wrong with getting paid For doing and especially if what you’re Doing is giving value to other people Right then why do we look down on that i Don’t understand that well because People make money it’s just like oh That’s There Of course he has a history of making Money but he also has a history of Bringing a different life With a lot of other people oh he’s done Some great work 100 he’s definitely he’s Done great work and then he’s also done Things that are like sneaky or slimy so They’re which takes away from his good Work and that’s what’s shitty about it We’re all human it’s true i’m just about To say that jamie yeah we’re all human That’s true you know i think we get Celebrated I don’t have a problem with him selling An app like if he was Um If he had a better Reputation otherwise you know because i Agree like what’s wrong with people

Trying to make a living doing what they Loved instead of some Crappy nine to five that they’re working Daily and That is slowly killing them and is not Fulfilling and i can speak from Experience like speak like working in an Office that’s like Just a whatever job like Pays the bills but Why if you can do something that you Love and you can Live off of it but also to be able to Continue doing that Like that’s not bad like i i told you to Make the show awesome how are you going To make this so awesome with no money Yeah no i agree with that like i mean I’m i’m all for that part i think it’s Just because of everything else Linked with him and like you know he he Did do a lot of really good work in the Beginning and i mean when i first got Into the topic like years ago um He was one of the first people that i Did find online and like hearing about The bob lazar story and stuff but Um Yeah there’s you know you just like like We’ve said before you can’t really fully Trust anybody you have to be skeptical Of Everybody especially the people who say That they know

The truth or they know what’s out there Or they They’re like basically an expert i think Those are red flags too because it’s Like uh Not unless you really know something we All don’t know Because otherwise we’re all In like the same boat you know we’re all Figuring this out and Talking about it and bringing more Awareness to the topic so Yeah there’s a balance i think between That Artemis Have you had Experience before Yes I i haven’t had like a Like a contact like experience but i’ve Had like some paranormal experiences Which is i know you’ve been on my Channel since i started pretty much same With me Oh yeah You were one of the first channels i Started following too yeah for sure That’s how i discovered amy i always Tell her i’m like i was like fangirling Amy when she When she was on this show and then when She followed me back on twitter i had Like you know i wasn’t even like on Twitter really and she followed me back

And i was like oh my god She’s sure yeah well that was the thing I was like oh my god this cool chick Like who talks about ufos and like has This channel and like now she’s on alien Addict this is so cool yeah at the time It was like really cool oh my gosh Is this why you do it is this why you do What you do i mean No i no this is these experiences have Been in the last like I would say like five years So like um Already kind of being not involved like Um In like the forefront but in behind the Scenes like i was definitely following The topic um So It’s me it’s i’m getting a call like oh Girl She’s acting all casual like i don’t Know I know i’m like trying to ignore it i’m Like please stay knowing i just thought You were really happy because she kind Of like froze in a strange position Your screen froze Oh Hello Oh there we go No there you are okay oh my god What a man okay sorry So this happened five years ago anyway

Um Yeah it will like so I would say within like those years um So the paranormal stuff started Happening in the last house i was living In um so in the last like Three years it was after i tried shrooms For the first time And when i did ladies experience as well Lee said that at least at the time but Like wow did it ever like Open things like when i When i was on shrooms like i felt like It was like a whole other perspective of The world that like Came about like i also Like i would see Like i had like a knowing that there was Like spirits everywhere and that we were Just like it was so strange but like i Had like a feeling that like there is Just like a veil between us and like That there are other dimensions like it It was a really cool experience Um And after that Happened Um i would see like i had like a vision Of like this man And like almost like i could see a Picture of him but i’m like i don’t know Who this person is and i feel like he Was like the person who used to live in That house and he actually passed away

Not in the house but i think like Like he had an illness And he was older And I’m pretty sure that that’s who i s Who i used to see And like um i’ve heard like i’ve Recorded videos um Just of like my kids or whatever and Then i’ll hear stuff in the background Of these recordings that’s like Really strange that i didn’t hear in Person at all Um And then Um yeah i would just keep seeing this Man and then i would feel like randomly Like i was being like touched on the Shoulder or like Somebody grabbed like my ankle once While i was trying to walk like it Really strange things that i can’t Explain but also No idea what the heck was going on Um And that’s just been like In yeah the last few years and then For like Seeing anything um i’ve i’ve definitely Seen some weird things in the sky And actually last month so it was Sometime in october um josh saw it too We were outside and it was it was pretty Late i guess it was like after 11 or

Something so it was pretty dark and it Was a clear sky that night And um So it happened like in three Like Three different instances he saw two and I saw all three so there was like some Weird light and it was moving kind of Like in a circular Motion And it like phased out and i saw it now You like freaked out and josh didn’t see It And i was like oh my god this was so Weird like what was that i kept talking About it because i’m like i can’t Believe you didn’t see that that was so Like it was just acting in like a weird Way and then all of a sudden it Reappeared And i’m like i bet you it’s because i’m Talking Like and um so it came back and it was Still acting in that like weird Way and then we saw what looked like a Comet or something because it was like a Big ball of light and It like almost looked like it was on Fire and then it like Zoomed and like faded right out and it Was like in like this like it’s not Explosion manner but it like it like Bursted and then like faded out into Nothing and that was really strange that

Was all like in the matter of like 20 minutes of each other um so that was Really cool i felt like i was seeing Something Very strange i don’t know what it was But Um Yeah that’s like the extent of how much I’ve actually seen is just like lights Kind of thing in the sky but Things that make me really question Because i’ve seen satellites i’ve seen Airplanes like i see airplanes a lot Around here um And Yeah those were Definitely some interesting things that Had me thinking like That could have been something really Cool and really really rare and i mean Josh saw the last the the two of the Three and he Agrees he’s like i don’t know what the Heck that was so Um it’s interesting i mean you never Know what you’re gonna see Why do you why do you think and this Goes for everybody why do why do you Think we don’t capture them the good Ones because like i said i was out there With my wife I saw something for a split second now My excuse for this this was like three Months ago

I’ve got an iphone 12 mini because i Like small things Um it’s a nice little small phone but It’s got a great camera not a great it’s Not the the optical it’s not got the Eight optical zoom On it But I just thought I looked it was a tiny dot in the sky And i i had a feeling that it was Strange I thought i’m not even going to get my Phone out because this will show nothing So i watched it with my wife and he we Watched it for about 40 seconds and then it disappeared When it when it actually got the i was Watching for longer that but for 40 Seconds it had our attention And then And then it disappeared but if i’d have Filmed it on this It just wouldn’t it doesn’t come out It would have been nothing it would Probably It would have been maybe something’s Better than nothing though I agree right still But yeah i Even then i would like there’s I guess i have that same thing where It’s like it’s not even worth it i’ve Tried recording things in the past and

Like It is really hard to identify what it is And then i go back and watch it and i’m Like i can hardly tell or like I don’t know But It’s true i mean i guess we just assume Because we have Like good Cameras on our phones for taking like Close proximity pictures that It’ll be the same when we’re like Pointing it at the sky but Um Not really the case because like on i Mine i have the It’s an android it’s the s 21 ultra and That one has like a hundred times Zoom and i’ve taken really cool pictures Of the moon and stuff so like i i I Um it is really cool i i can get like Really nice pictures close up of planets But keep that still you can’t keep oh It’s so hard it’s really nice you can’t Do that It’s hard but yeah you can but it but In that zoom i’ve tried to do that even Like on like airplanes and stuff like That you kind of can but not really and Like it doesn’t come out clear so Even though we have like the technology Theoretically in our hands it doesn’t Come out the same way

You have to use a real camera that’s why Yeah And then have it like readily on hand i Know Right at like the door basically in case You like run out and see this Um like anomaly and that it doesn’t Disappear while you’re running and Getting it that’s what i did i had kept I had two cameras one with me everywhere I went and one at the door you know Depending on where i was It’s really you have to be like Really involved for that yeah right yeah But i i have to get going ollie no you Got you guys show me maybe we don’t get Much longer anyway i’ve been here for Two or two hours but rich thanks for Joining us hey thanks for inviting me Thanks for accepting me into your Show thank you Thanks for having a purple background Thanks Bye guys bye ladies See i said ladies I said guys first It’s okay okay Not offended don’t worry damn it [Laughter] Some people do get offended though by That you know to be fair Like i won’t like like saying I’m like i’m like saying hey guys versus I

I’m just like bye guys i say that all The time yeah guys guys is gender of Neutrals i feel like guys is kind of General neutral in that sense yeah i’m Like bye guys like just guys in general Like all y’alls are guys i agree I agree i say hey guys but then like Yeah i’ve i’ve been told before that Like it’s not Inclusive and i’m like well i’m not Trying to not include anybody you know Yeah Yeah so you do have to watch and be Mindful i guess So So so ladies do you do do you How do you feel about all all the you Because you’ve been in this for a while Probably all of you Even before you had channels but You see all the footage And you see you and it’s a few seconds Long Do we buy any any of it do you know i i Feel like everybody’s every Average joe just tries to pull the wall The wool over everybody’s eyes and they They they’ll see something i’ve had hot Air balloons sent to me to my email Um All sorts of stuff um why why do people Do that [ __ ] i just don’t understand I come across videos sometimes too where It’s just like so cgi and they make it

Look like a spaceship and everyone’s Freaking out and i’m just like what’s Where is the value in that Well there isn’t But it I I honestly don’t think there’s much out There In terms of footage I think The experiences and i i see this is why I love speaking to people Like You guys um Because I think the experiences and The actual Um What you’ve got to bring to the table When it comes to discussing the subject Is a lot more important than the actual Stupid videos of little little dots in The sky that just disappear or somebody Filming outside their window in the car I’m kind of sick of that you know i i’ve I’ve stayed away from that from a long Time now But it’s like jamie you said it earlier Um That you know people Why Why do how can you I think you were saying how can you just Disprove somebody’s experience

You you really can’t because you You’ve not been in the in those shoes It’s whether you trust somebody that’s That’s the question Yeah or you don’t even have to trust Someone it’s just it’s just that you Can’t make someone believe and i think Jamie and i have both come to that Conclusion that you can’t make someone Believe doesn’t matter what you put in Front of them you have to wait until They have an experience yeah like Them we don’t do this podcast because We’re trying to convince people aliens Are real right we’re doing this podcast Because we’re creating a space where This topic is normalized so that more And more people can talk about it and so That’s what we’re doing we’re just Trying to create a space where people Can openly talk about it whether it be Their experiences or just the fact that They’re interested in the subject i Think that’s really what’s important Yeah Totally completely i couldn’t agree more So In terms of the podcast because we are Coming to that we’ve gone over two hours At them Where i mean all the links are in the Descriptions but how often do you do Girls go live and what do you do So live on youtube is something we’re a

Little bit new to so like i said we Started our youtube only maybe like six Six months ago maybe a little bit longer Now um so we there’s like a lot of newer Episodes where we do panels and stuff Like this where we’ve talked to amy Artemus is coming on soon and we just Have conversations with like this month We’re doing experiencers but we also Have a podcast that we’ve been doing for The past four years that’s on apple Podcast and spotify and Soundcloud and iheartradio and all those Things you know where we over the years Not only talked to experiencers but done Tons of interviews with people inside of The field and then also gone over Several different ufo cases and and Studied you know like uh the mj-12 or Like we just recently not too long ago Talked about different alien species Like every species had their own episode Kind of thing so just kind of an Overalls We like the subject we want to talk About all of it in every aspect of it We did that with the podcast for a lot a Long time we’re still releasing our Audio but we are more transferring over To the whole youtube world of videos and Things Yeah yeah so we’re We’ll probably start to be doing lives More and more it it has been just such a

Different transition for us Because we’re used to getting at least a A week’s worth of information together And trying to really put it in like the Perfect little packet to sit down and Just record for an hour and give someone All of the information that we can Gather on a certain topic and it’s a Little bit different here because people Want to see each other more often So um i think we are going to start Transitioning back into trying to mix Both of those kind of more going back to Our really deep dives and not just Interviewing people And trying to do it live Yeah you get you gave me all your links But you didn’t give me youtube link i Had to find that myself and put them Together it’s just backslash That one time i was abducted by aliens Is it i’ve put in the in the description You didn’t give me it so i found it Myself Again it’s because we’re just kind of New to it and all like i said i’m not Used to necessarily giving people our Youtube like we’ve had a youtube channel And there’s like a few random videos From like a few years ago when we first Started but we never Were in this video kind of world and now We are we do every tuesday bobby’s Cryptid corner on fridays our normal

Episodes and on weekends we release old Episodes of the podcast on to youtube Well it’s good stuff honestly i’ve i’ll I’ll be honest i’ve watched about Four shows Um bigfoot was my favorite and i’m Halfway through the one with grant Cameron And If you’re watching this grant you i’ve Like you on the show and you look a lot Like the uh the the lead guy from saw You’re like you’re like a i’m going to Say like a phoenix but you’ve not been You’ve not been killed yet you’ve not Been killed yet so you’re not rising From the fight i haven’t been killed yet That’s Right you are like a Phoenix yes yes yes Yes Exactly you see me you see me You see me you started you started with The crafts channel And then You know what I love watching alien channels you’re Gonna have an alien channel no i was Talking with brie and jamie about this Two days ago i was like i wanted to hang Out with the people in the tv And i am now i love that [ __ ] I was like ollie seems cool that’d be Cool if i could just like i don’t know

Hang out with him and then i got to know Her no and um just seeing everybody In a lot of trouble i would get in a lot Of trouble if i if i if i if i hung out With you i’m getting a lot of trouble Because I would come home i would come home and I think My wife would say what’s wrong with you Moving on Um i’m sorry decided To Start a show No and i a lot of it actually came to The fact that i couldn’t go to the bars With my friends Um and my friends were super duper you Know like but you know so i just kind of Kick back and It all unfolded and it’s all been about Beautiful friendships and beautiful People and every time i think maybe i’ll Stop i always have like another show i Want to do with someone that i love and Care about and want to have fun with so I just think it’s been such an amazing Alignment and honestly the beauty of it All is like meeting all of you guys and All of our friends in the live chat Well you know you know amy i think if You’ve come a long way you’ve literally You just You’ve just done so well with it and uh Hats off to you my friend hats off to

You yeah for sure And one day if i’m in the states i’m Gonna have a pint with you There you go And then you guys scoot up to camera Come when you come to the the contact in The desert There you go oh yeah and uh Nick pope nick pope the nacho stealer Yeah Nachos we’re gonna make sure he gives us Nachos I’m curious if people are open to start Going back to conferences and stuff like That in person Uh definitely I hear contact in the desert is going to Be in person uh in 2020 2022. Can’t is is there anybody in here that Can confirm that No i didn’t i have heard that i thought Maybe That’s because i think i knew though Maybe it was you jamie who told me he Was like because i think who told me That asking i’m looking because bree Works for contact in the desert And so hey brie Is it going to be in person do we have Confirmation yet or is it still we don’t Know Nor deny okay she can’t confirm or deny All right we’ll leave it there we’ll

Leave it there I’m trying to get a feel for the people If they’re Uh they’re interested Bri you work you work with contacts in The desert that’s my day job mm-hmm That’s all i do is ufos and that’s new It’s new it’s new she quit her real job Uh what jun June of this year started working for Him That’s awesome congratulations thank you I’ve always i i’ve always wanted to work For contact So you’d be able to grab my ginger beard And bring it over to america and put it In the desert Let’s go Talk to the people in person and Interview those people that you want There’s no desert And then nick could eat your nachos Oh that smells a bit like wow Now that’s contact after dark right now He may he may want to i don’t know maybe You know People can’t go anywhere that’s what i’m Wondering is if like we’re over the hump And we’re gonna oh hopefully if you’re Vaccinated you’ll be able to yeah okay Okay let’s don’t talk about that oh That’s right we’re supposed to talk About the c word yeah that’s right Or the b word but it’s true though in

General i think If you are like a lot of things have Been opening up like even just like to Watch sports and things like that Uh like movie theaters Um I love watching movies from home i have To say Because it’s just nice honestly like It’s so much more comfortable you can Have all your snacks and like set it all Up but I haven’t been to the movies in so long Even before All this that like There is something about like Seeing a movie like Huge on the screen but to even go back And like sit in like a whole room with Like all these strangers listening to Them like And like I don’t know They’re there’s comic con yeah frozen Content i like i like watching movies at Home too so Yeah Artemis then so so what’s going on what What’s gonna what’s gonna be going on in Your little ufo world Uh well this week we have Um philip mantle who’s he’s an International ufo researcher And he’s based in the uk uh

Yeah so we’re gonna be talking to him on Wednesday And on friday we’ve got alien girl Quantum witch and benji On the show um so that’ll be really fun I’m so excited for that one too actually It’ll be awesome Yeah and then actually i just remembered Tomorrow night Um josh and i are guests Appearancing on dj show calling all Beings so that’ll be really cool too Um so yeah we have a lot going on and Like we’ve we’ve booked the next few Weeks of shows we haven’t released the Promos for them all but we’re trying to Stick to only like two shows a week Versus like four so burnout is a real Thing it’s a real thing Is definitely a real thing yeah it is And we don’t we both did and also it Didn’t help like we’ve been Um Like in separate countries too so like It just adds to All those emotions but it’s all good um For sure yeah but all of those are like In my link chain stuff so just follow Prime time all all the links people are In the All we’re on the socials and we update Everything so let me try anyway I just i just put us on like facebook And i don’t know why i did that but

Same like why not Just have it We may as well it does bring a different Demographic maybe older Generation i don’t know and same with Tick tock i’m like what the f am i doing Oh no tick tock is it Tick tock i’m still learning okay but Like tick tock is chaotic i feel every Time i open tick tock it just like Screams at me it’s like These videos start playing and i’m just Like it’s like it’s very chaotic I was like i live in chaos like me and Brie have this joke like we’re chaos Beings and so any like i love that for That i’m like yes the music the dancing All of it bring it to me I don’t mind that i just i wish it Didn’t Start as soon as you open the app like It does just ask you ready to party it Really is it really is yeah it’s funny But but you know we’re trying to branch Out onto different social medias it’s Just Better exposure different demographic Like tic tocs like the younger Generation so it’s important and like They’re the ones who are gonna You know bring this topic even further So You know trying to be mindful of that i Make jokes about it and now i’m like 30

Now so i don’t know if i should be doing That but it’s like Um It is important for sure so yes yeah but Yeah so we have a lot coming up so just Follow up prime time on all the socials There’s the message people tick tock is Important remember that I’m 14. if you take anything away from This episode I click on it and it just yells at me Yes i know i [Laughter] It is good though i’m glad he did like Just put little clips up all i’ve done Is just put like clips and then like i Kind of leave and i’m like well and That’s the thing like you guys have These channels you have these literally Hours and hours worth of footage just Start making [ __ ] clips of it use Canva to make it look nice inside a [ __ ] tick tock and post the [ __ ] it’s It’s super easy to do Yeah it’s not that hard it’s just like She’s in tiktok too it’s really not just For kids we jamie Followers of you know We’re addicted to talk I love your tick Tock and giving your friends yours Thank you You know Alien scientist probably one of the

My favorite people in the field i’ve Been subscribed from for many years We keep we keep saying let’s start a Show out let’s start a shout out my Friend Message me we’ll start a show jeremy was In the chat asking if we met him in 2019. yes we did you have one of our Business cards we handed them out to Every person we met at aliencon because We are con people and if you’ve ever Been to a ufo conference i can guarantee You we’ve probably handed you a one time I was abducted business card and or Sticker Or a lanyard or a lanyard or a lighter On it because we always have swag Everywhere we go without throwing the Swag mm-hmm That one time i was abducted lanyard Speaking of speaking of swag people Don’t forget spread the cop you you can Support the channel buy yourself a T-shirt Bob and jeremy did Oh beautiful i love it i love it Gorgeous i don’t know I love that Oh my gosh My biggest fans Can you make one for jamie and i they They Can you get us in your t-shirts please Put a little photoshop us on there they

I’ve not photoshopped that what are you Trying to say Oh well you can do it for hours You could just do it for hours Can you also say can you photoshop us on There wearing them i don’t photoshop any Even your favorite man mr grey i don’t Photoshop this Definitely not photoshopped no that Looks just like Identical that is pro work That is that is bigfoot Awesome you should make stickers of that For seriously put that on a shirt please I’ll buy it i would put that on my Laptop yeah that would be cool on a Shirt well you know I will ask steven’s permission but he Might want to cut I believe I believe that since he is a he’s a Public person he has no rights to his Image and you can take it for all you Want i’m pretty sure Just add a mole and then be like Can i do home agree on a t-shirt i don’t Think the homer part you can because That is intellectual property but i Believe greer’s face itself is fair game That’s good to know Any public persona yes your image is not Considered your own because you are Public You ladies have been absolutely awesome

And make sure everybody in the chat go Go hit the links go subscribe go support These channels because it’s the small Channels that are going to make a Difference in this community it’s not The big ones it’s the small ones because You know why because we don’t give a [ __ ] We will literally speak our minds But people No fun ladies i’m gonna no just a gift Given none I’m gonna drop you down below and i’m Going to come say goodbye in a moment if You would uh Carry me that comment Yeah thank you for having us on Thank you ali You guys are all awesome Tell josh before he goes back i’ll meet Him in leeds for a pint It would have to be this week Oh god i’m working all week but i’ll try My best In your mind I might name manchester at all or not Yeah yeah yeah i’m i’m nervous he will Be this weekend he’s staying there two Nights in order to come back to canada So maybe trouble wanna go to manchester Um well don’t get josh in trouble No but maybe you guys can arrange it who Knows but yeah he is coming back sunday So limited time

Oh yeah no that’s not going to happen Then because i’m working now All week you guys will just have to do It virtually i guess but that’s not us Maybe when i’m in this Or i was gonna say you come to canada We’re in toronto my wife has a canadian Passport Really Yeah my my wife’s from ecuador but she Was born in canada I think i’m to go to canada Yeah go check out everybody That would be so cool honestly i’m Coming i’ll stay there for about three Months i hope you don’t mind i’ll bring The family the children all of them and My mum and dad well i’m being two [Laughter] I’m going to drop you down thank you for Joining us my friend and brie thank you For coming on the show even even Um Little skeletons and they’re all doing Like different yoga poses and stuff Oh cute Delicious things Chochkies that’s what jamie says Tchotchkes exactly Well i will hope i hope you’ll all come Back on the on the channel brie I am going to drop you down goodbye Everybody i love you all Bye

Bye And jamie thank you Very interesting Story and And you’ve got you’ve got some um What’s what’s the word i’m looking for Yeah you like it you’re like you’re like A warrior yeah i don’t you know what i Lived my life being quiet and i grew up And said not anymore i’m gonna say Whatever the [ __ ] i want whenever the [ __ ] i want and i give no [ __ ] and i Live life very happily that way There you go keep giving no [ __ ] thank You for coming on the show thank you for Having us Hi jamie Alien girl thank you for introducing me To all these lovely ladies even though Artemis has been around for a long time I actually Think i saw artemis for the first time In person on your channel Um But You’ve been awesome my friend and keep Doing what you’re doing because she’s Doing a great job Thanks man thanks for letting me come on I always have fun hanging out with you Guys and i’m glad we got to like mesh The friendship because we got rich Hanging out with the girls this was good This was really good

I enjoyed it a lot thank you Guys go oh i’ve brought i’ve brought Jamie jamie Bye-bye Guys make sure you go check out all the Links below in the description even My uh Sexy t-shirt because you know a man’s Got i’ve got i’ve got Five kids to feed but that’s a that is a Sexy t-shirt that’s one of my favorites What jeremy if you’re watching this bob I’m sure you’d like one of those Go check it out But those on a serious note guys i want To thank everybody In the that’s been in the chat that’s Sharing the the channel out That is Spreading the word that has just been Nice in the community that’s been Genuine people because without you guys There would be no alien addicts so i Appreciate all of you Um Just keep doing what you’re doing keep Supporting the channel sharing it out to Your friends and it’s appreciated good Night god bless mind the bugs though bye