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So You would say that The building is Haunted oh there’s things in here There’s definitely there’s definitely Things in here You’re just in time because tv’s most Unbelievable hour begins right now Ripley’s believe it or not Welcome to the wisconsin dells this is One of the most touristy places in the Entire midwest and here in the dells Lies one of the most haunted buildings In the midwest a place that’s been Previously unresearched for paranormal Activity the ripley’s believe it or not Museum Now you probably remember the ripley’s Believe it or not books i certainly do When i was a kid i love these books this One specifically i owned and i used to Read all the time but who was robert Ripley the founder Robert ripley was born in the late 1800s He was a globe trotter and he was the Founder of one of the biggest global Media brands ever Ripley started off as a cartoonist and He drew weekly cartoons for newspapers That included tales of bizarre people And things from across the world that he Titled believe it or not now these Cartoons were wildly popular and they

Turned into a number of different media Forms including tv shows like this one That’s robert ripley himself drawing Something on his show the believe it or Not show from the 1980s which a lot of People remember and even the ripley’s Believe it or not from the 2000s which Was a bit edgier and i actually grew up Watching this show as well But the tv shows were not the biggest Part of the ripley’s brand in fact the Biggest part of the brand is the believe It or not auditorium series these Buildings across the world that feature Pieces from ripley himself’s collection Now These oddities It’s funny to me that ripley’s believe It or not markets itself as a Family-friendly brand when inside of These museums are some macabre artifacts Including the severed heads of serial Killers body parts um guns that were Used to kill people murder weapons these Museums feature some of the darkest Objects known to man and i’ve always Wanted to investigate one now another Part of ripley’s brand which i think is Interesting is the believe it or not True ghost stories comic book series Ripley himself believed in ghosts and he Wanted to chronicle these stories from Across the world He probably had no idea that one day he

Would end up creating a ghost story of His very own Now here we are back in the wisconsin Dels this is the ripley’s believed or Not auditorium in the dells and this is A A very dark dark place this is in my Opinion the darkest ripley’s museum in The us Inside of this ripley’s believe or not There are severed heads there are Shrunken heads skulls coffins with full Human skeletons in them and this Building is home to an entity that has Scared employees from ever working there Again even stepping foot in the building I’m colin brown the director of this Film Welcome to the haunted museum You rolling yeah Okay and go for it um my name is krista Lee geeble i worked at ripley’s in the Wisconsin dells from about 2013 until about 2019 2020 somewhere in there A couple experiences that i’ve had There was one night once i got promoted To supervisor i was closing up And I was I did my walk through to make sure that The businesses were all empty there was

No gas nobody there other than myself And there wasn’t so i went ahead and Made sure all of the doors were locked And i started doing the cleaning and i Always work backwards so i can clean And turn the lights off and everything At the same time so i went to the front Desk to get my cleaning supplies like The glass cleaner and whatever else i Needed to And at the time We had a A room Towards the end of the museum right Before you leave to go to the gift shop That looked like it was spinning when You went through So the walls just kind of moved a little Bit to create the illusion of a spinning Room and i went i usually started There to do my cleaning and clean the Mirrors and glass in there and once i Got through that room Into the area Where the theater room is And there’s a like a temple A temple display as well once i got to That area I Heard a voice shout in my ear Hey Really really loud And of course i was by myself so that Really was kind of freaky so

I right away was like nope doubled back Went back to the front desk called down To wizardquest and was like somebody Needs to come up here With me And my friend z who was also working There at the time Came up from wizard quest and she shot Down the business with me because i was Definitely not Not going through there by myself after That Because when you know there’s nobody Else in the business and you’re getting Somebody screaming in your ear it’s kind Of Not okay Okay go for it all right uh well my name Is z and i worked at ripley’s in the Dells from the summer of 2011 until About fall of 2017. Um There’s ripley’s was immediately one of The places that i knew was gonna be very Strange from day one i was Very reluctant to go into the museum but It wasn’t until i had been there for a Little while that i kind of realized why For the most part a lot of the feelings You get in ripley’s is just Strange like energy dark energy it makes You feel kind of nervous and that’s even Just being up at the front desk just Kind of sitting at the front desk if

You’re in there alone nobody in the gift Shop and you’re just sitting there you Can just feel like there’s something Back in the museum and Like you want to explore it but at the Same time you just want to leave it Alone you don’t want to mess with it One of My i wouldn’t say worst experiences but Most intense experiences was um with the African haikat which is about towards It’s like in the middle of the museum And I had cleaned the Case once we were doing a deep cleaning And i had to actually open the case for The african hate god And clean it and immediately i was Having just strange experiences of you Know stubbing my toes stubbing fingers Losing objects i had never lost before Almost getting in accidents on drive’s Home It’s the african hate guard is Definitely Intense We had an employee once who was Bothering the hate god it was after we Had closed it was going in there it was Kind of like Taunting it And then me and one other employee were Walking through turning off the lights And

The both of us we were just talking Going through flipping lights off when We got into the middle of the museum and Both of us at the same time stopped and Just looked at each other we both knew We were having the same experience it Had felt like the air had left the room And we immediately knew it was from the Hate god all the energy was coming from There we had to Hurry and leave the room because we were Losing like oxygen we couldn’t breathe So we had to run away and leave and we Immediately were like okay like we’re We are never bothering the hate gun ever Again because that is intense and it’s Bad juju basically to play with the hate God So Just to interrupt i’ll let you keep Going yeah it literally sucked the air Out it felt like you it felt like you Couldn’t breathe it was immediately like Uh where’s the air going you know it was It was Immediately terrifying Um So i was that was one of the biggest Moments where i’m like i’m never ever Ever messing with the hate gun i stopped Looking at the hate god i stopped Walking past it i would walk over Display cases to get around to get to Where i needed to go because i would not

Go anywhere near the hate god anymore There was another experience that my Friendsy and i actually shared While we were opening the business We did our Our first walkthrough of the day to make Sure that all the cleaning had been done The night before We checked the bathrooms we’re turning On the lights and i happened to be at The front desk counting in the register While another manager was checking the Bathrooms and making sure the bathrooms Were cleaned and z came in and she Thought that i had actually followed the Other manager into the bathroom So she asked the other manager where i Was at And Was the response was she’s at the front Desk she didn’t follow me and so that Was Another another interesting Thing that happened Because i was in fact at the front desk Counting the register and i hadn’t Actually left that location yet It’s usually employees and we try not to We try not to tell the new hires that There’s stuff that goes on because we Don’t want the new people to be like Nope and then quit right away obviously But If somebody will come up to us and be

Like hey um so i noticed this have you Guys had this like feeling or this Experience at all then we’ll obviously Be like oh yeah there’s stuff there’s Stuff going on in here there’s you know There’s active spirits and Sometimes they you know make themselves Known they’ll either talk to you or You feel like you’re being followed or You know Is that all of your experiences um There’s one other experience when i was Closing up Like i shut all the lights off and Obviously it gets it gets dark when the Lights are off but you can usually still Like make out like Figures like the rock formations and the Decorations and stuff and you can Usually kind of still see what’s going On um but there was one night that it Was Like darker than dark like pitch black You couldn’t see anything Um And that was really really uncomfortable Because i’m used to like i said i you Know i closed up all the time and Um i was used to being able to still see Something and make out some kind of Forms But there was just nothing it was just Black and just a really uncomfortable Feeling like somebody was watching me

Somebody was following me through the Museum So i made sure that I i just got out of there as soon as i Could i didn’t even bother like double Checking like i normally go back through And just double check and make sure that I hit everything make sure that all the Doors were locked and Um The only door i double checked was the Front door as soon as i got out of there So it’s kind of a ominous it’s it’s a Very uncomfortable like you’re not Wanted you shouldn’t be there Like get out But other than like just the feelings Like just feeling really weird oh there Was another time i actually saw Something Um Again i was doing my walkthroughs and Made sure that nobody was in the Business And i like Peaked upstairs to the third floor And i thought that i saw like A flash of like a red outfit um so i Went upstairs to just double check and Make sure that we didn’t have any guests There and there was nobody there But that’s other than that that’s really The only The only thing that i can really

Remember as far as vivid experiences But yeah it’s just a lot of feeling like You’re being followed or you’re being Watched or Like somebody’s right next to you What do you think Causes it like the hauntings um I’m not entirely sure i know there is a River that runs behind the businesses And flowing water is supposed to be like A source of energy They’re also really really old buildings So i’m sure there have been like Accidents or deaths that wouldn’t Surprise me but i don’t really know the Entire history of it There’s just something um it might have Something to do with the artifacts that We have there too because we have Uh peter curtin’s actual head in the Museum And i would assume that if somebody’s Body part is there there would be like Something attached to it um Are there any other artifacts that creep You out Give you just weird vibes The african hate god is Is definitely not a favorite of myself Or anybody Um That has kind of a lot of negative Energy with it And what the african hate got is is it’s

And like an effigy it’s a figure That Was used to like inflict negative energy Onto other people so like if you Absolutely hated somebody you would take A nail and you would drive this nail Into this figure with the intent of Harming that person Um that you have that bad feeling Towards And there’s a lot of Not that one doesn’t feel real great Either we actually um a few of us like If we have loose change when we clean The Clean its case we’ll actually like put The change on top of it kind of like Here’s a little like You know here’s a little offering for You you know we’re just cleaning your Case please don’t don’t do anything no Bad you do And there was once that i it was either Myself that cleaned the case or somebody That i was with And then a week after like they were Joking around about it and like a week After i hit a deer i don’t know if it’s Connected at all but everyone was like Oh my gosh bad youtube So ever since then it’s been like really Careful when we’re anywhere near it just Like don’t make fun of it Just clean the case and be like hey

That’s all i’m doing But that’s probably my least favorite Thing in there is probably the The hate god statue I stopped looking at the hate god i Stopped walking past it i would walk Over display cases to get around to get To where i needed to go because i would Not go anywhere near the hate god Anymore And that once again is just the nails Driven into a human-shaped Wooden Well not plank but Yeah like a wooden statue with evil Intent so every every nail every nail You see Had negative intention towards another Human being and there are A lot of nails in that board Wow yeah So i guess other experiences what’s Happened to you in there anything um i We had a We turned the museum into like a haunted House type thing and it was the first Time they had done it in many years and I was dressed up as a zombie and um we Had all the lights off in the museum and One of the goals towards the end was to Have us all hiding in the different Rooms in the temple And i chose one of the smallest rooms And i wandered in there and i was

Standing there waiting for the guests to Come through so i could jump out and Scare them and as i’m standing there Waiting uh something grabbed my hand it Felt like somebody grabbed my hand and Immediately i went nope and we weren’t Even done and i left the museum i was Like nope i’m not going back in there I’ve had something grab my hand twice Both were in the temple i’m just Standing in there just asking is there Anybody in here so you could turn off The lights and It felt like a little kid and grabbed my Hand and nope That it’s immediately like okay i’m Getting out of here Um I had to open the museum a lot and for Some reason in the mornings after the Museum had been closed all night long Um Almost every single morning i would turn The breakers on it felt like something Was waiting for me like it knew my Routine so i would walk in and it would Wait and i could like feel the energy Move along as i was going like it was Excited like it was like oh you’re here To turn the lights on and i’m like Yeah You’re gonna turn the lights on um and So it was always around it was moving Around i don’t know what it was i never

Interacted with it but it was there Every day there was always some sort of Energy present that was just that knew The routine of all of the workers and Was Just there waiting for us to do our jobs Wow What do you think that it could have Been I Don’t know i have thought about that a Lot i don’t know what it was Um But it’s i don’t Think it was attached to anything in the Museum i think it was attached to the Area that the museum sits around um but Yeah i don’t know what it was but it Felt old like old old And what is it with the area Like the history you were telling me With the Gunfights or the river proximity oh yeah I mean uh because the river flows kind Of right behind the building um yeah i Had been told stories i mean all the Employees tell each other stories as you Go go on and i had been told that You know way back when It was a highly traveled area so there Were either gun fights or something like That with You know the early locals and there was A lot of fighting in that specific area

Because it was a high Travel area So Being right next to the river and being A natural stopping point I mean that’s what they they told me so I mean there there could have been a lot Of tragedy there along the Along the river and the the rock Formations there can you also tell the Story of seeing the cowboy in the Building next door Yeah so uh i mean like i said a lot of My experiences actually happened in the Business next door which was wizard Quest Um there was one night it was always my Job as we would go down the block Closing the businesses was requested as The last one and all the employees would Wait for you to be able to check their Cleaning and turn the lights off and so You know you naturally ask is the Business empty and they all said yes i Said okay And i walked down into The game and was standing next to the Mirror maze and immediately i see that There is a gentleman standing in the Mirror maze and he’s in full blown like Cowboy outfit he’s wearing like a trench Coat he’s got the cowboy hat he’s got Everything And i was like oh i’m sorry you know i

Didn’t realize somebody was down here And he was he stood there and he just Stared at me and i was like Okay i’ll just let you keep doing what You’re doing and i went upstairs to tell The employees that there was uh A gas still in the game and they were Like no there’s not we’ve been down There and we went back downstairs and There was no one there At all So that was uh That was chilling you turn the lights Off real quick and you leave because you Just don’t want to see cowboy again That gives me chills just i know it’s Kind of cold out but Here when you said that at the very end Like No one’s there yeah of like just wow i Can’t imagine and have that was One of the only times in my whole life Where i’ve experienced actually seeing For a long period of time you know it Wasn’t just like a corner of your eye And you turned to look it was i looked Directly at this gentleman and talked to Him for probably 10 15 seconds before i Walked away and he stood there the whole Time it was to realize he wasn’t Actually there was absolutely terrifying Wow For me personally the

The place in the museum that has the Most energy for me is definitely the Middle i mean it is the biggest space in The museum But it’s also where most of the creepy Things are housed you know the head of Peter curtin is there the african hate God is there the torture devices are There Um There’s there’s a lot of What we always call bajuju in that small Area and even if you didn’t really have Any experiences in a certain day When you’re turning off the lights and You get into that middle section It’s there’s just this this intense Energy where it’s not good it’s not bad It’s just a lot of energy’s Focused in just the middle Um mommy a lot of my experiences did Happen either towards the end or the Beginning or in the gift shop but the The energy is mainly focused in that Middle section Creepy anything else Um I mean not really i mean it’s it’s Mainly energies at ripley’s i mean i had A friend of mine told me that they were Standing in the At the front desk counting money And They were alone there was nobody

Cleaning in the museum there was nobody Else in the museum it was just them and Uh as they were standing there there was A rock thrown from a rock display that We had across the gift shop had been Thrown At them and it hit them and hit the Ground and it was They were like i’m alone i just got Something thrown at me So it’s Ripley’s is is a weird one Do you feel like it’s darker energy than Most places because her stories seem to Be kind of just all kind of dark vibes Um yeah oh my gosh that reminds me so There was Definitely darker vibes At ripley’s the energy-wise but uh there Was a afternoon where Um Somebody had been taunting the african Hate god i was already avoiding it and Get over to the last section of the Towards the front of the museum to turn The lights off and immediately i had This feeling Like Like a spirit had touched me or had Gotten close to me or something like That and i immediately felt tired like i Wanted to just go to sleep but the Supervisor i was with was like well We’re you can’t like why are you

Stopping why are you sitting down we Need to go So we finished turning off and The further we got from the museum the More tired i got and when we got to Wizard quest which is the last building I stopped in front of the building just Because i felt like i couldn’t breathe And the light above me flickered and Shut off and died Really yeah Oh after the hate doll talking yup Yup i’ve had some intense experiences So out of all the objects too You’d say the hate doll is definitely Most Active yeah i for me is definitely the Hate god that has the most energy People talk about the skeleton that’s in The museum and they talk about peter Curtain’s head but For me it’s it’s always been the hate God interesting yeah I know Like i said my friends and i we have That shared experience a friend rebecca And used to work there and she did the Cleaning and she would get like really Sick when she was around certain things Like there’s an actual skeleton on the Second floor And she would like clean that exhibit With a skeleton and she would get like Really really sick afterwards

And i know she said that there’s Definitely Like spirits and entities that are there And she really didn’t like going through And doing the deep cleaning because Every time she touched certain things She would get really really sick From it There was one employee that I believe he was doing cleaning i wasn’t There that day when it happened but He ended up falling down the stairs from The third floor And i don’t remember if he was making Fun of like the entities or anything Like i said i wasn’t there i just heard About it Um But he ended up falling down the stairs I think a lot of it is just bad feelings Would you want to spend the night there Alone Would it bother you Um well i mean i worked i closed at Night As well so i mean i’ve been there by Myself at night but i wouldn’t i don’t i Don’t know that i would really want to Spend the night by myself Um And be there like from throughout the Night till morning i don’t know that i’d Really want to be there by myself Like sometimes it’s fine and then other

Times it’s just really Like you really don’t want to be there So i think it would just depend on How i felt but for the most part i don’t Think i would really want to just spend The night just to do it by myself i felt The most probably And it’s it sounds stupid because it’s Like either like right at the beginning Of the museum by the bathrooms is where Like i felt really uncomfortable with The darkness Um And like towards like at the end almost Before the gift shop is where i had that Shout in my ear So those are those are the areas that I’ve had my experiences in beginning in The end the beginning in the end Who needs the middle the middle is a Little uncomfortable sometimes but like The beginning and the end is where i’ve Had the most Like the feeling of dread or like i Really probably shouldn’t be here Um and then the shout in the air Cool well so yeah i don’t even remember What i said we were about to leave yeah You were just talking about how if you Uh taunt the hate god usually almost Every time something happens yeah yeah No every time somebody is messed with That hate god something bad has happened Uh so it’s you don’t you don’t mess with

It you don’t say its name and you don’t You definitely don’t taunt it and yeah You won’t say his name or it’s no i Won’t say it sam i know what it is but i Will never say its name ever again out Of fear that it might Do something yeah well i mean i said its Name and ever since then if i go Anywhere near it That all of that intense energy happens And the times that i you know stubbing The toes and losing things and just the Most ridiculous things happening around That hey god so no never say its name Never taunt it never look at it i Haven’t looked at it in years i it was Probably two years before i quit that i Stopped even looking at it so you would Not recommend us going in and taunting It no i highly i highly recommend Recommend not doing that [ __ ] What do you have to say about that We’re gonna do it Hey everybody it’s colin here i’m a bit Under the weather This week i’ve got a really bad um Chest and like nasal Sinus cold i don’t know what’s really Going on with me it’s not covered i’m Fully um vaccinated and everything but Something i think i got over the weekend Just want to remind y’all that our merch Store is going offline soon thank you to

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Helped support the channel i’m going to Start i’m going to start support jesus i Can’t even talk today i’m going to start Including your guys’s names at the end Of every video so yeah thanks for Bearing with me here uh don’t feel the Best today but we’re getting these Videos out to y’all we’re starting some New series jeff and i are filming in Nevada courtney and i are gonna film With connor doing killing fields part Two and a number of other Creepy creepy episodes in the houston Area in the next couple of weeks and Then we’re planning a trip to indiana to Uh cover some crazy stuff including Potentially fox hollow farm and uh the Joliet prison where john wayne gacy was Helped anyways guys i’m losing my voice Here i love y’all so much and yeah let’s Get to the video Hi i’m jim gerkey vice president of Concept attractions we’ve run one of the Ripples believe it or not locations in Wisconsin dells so i’ll be taking you Through on a a tour of the more Interesting things Everything with ripley’s is weird but There’s some that’s a little bit more Weird than other things If you look into this cabinet off to the

Side we have Head hunters uh chair in there We also have several shrunken heads And so there’s actually We have five shrunken heads here every Ripley location has drunken heads uh They came out of south america’s where So which ones are the truck those are Are those real those are real humans They are yeah and then of course the Shrunken heads uh that one there’s a Caucasian wow there’s only been a couple Um caucasian people that have ever had Their head shrunk inside wow That’s uh one of them there what they Were into the longer the hair the better It was uh it was for some big metabolic Reasons a lot of them Um it would be either relatives or it Would be um Competition you know that they ended up With the enemy because they shrunk their Heads and that too and then some of them Would carry them around their heads Yeah it was kind of a trophy type of a Thing and then others it was a family Type of thing Oh wow and they made them illegal oh Gosh way back in the 50s already because There was Too many times where people were selling Them as souvenirs then too and so then They were removing bodies and stuff just Simply to

And of course That’s not good either no it’s good to Have something educational and let People know of things that happened on The other side of the world or even in South america like that and It it kind of shows that Weird has been all over the world and it Just depends upon how when you look at Something what’s weird to you right Totally normal to me this is our junk Art area that we just Mainly just built built uh because it’s Folk art or junk art is another name for It there’s different things in fact we Should have It was taken into the vaccine we used to Have a actually it was a World war ii Cannon shell Turned into a land motor shower i’m not Seeing it uh seeing it on the display Right now they might have swapped that Out but that was one of those ones When i had to replace the wiring was Done way back you know it’s it that was Called like trench art is they’ll take Something else from world war one and World war ii and Trench art yeah because in world war one You guys had a lot of time on their Hands and so in the trenches they Wouldn’t take weird things and make it Into other weird things and so this guy

Had turned this thing into a lamp But when i was changing the wire out it Was the old cloth wire on the on the Cords and that and i really didn’t want To have that in the museum and so i was Putting in new ones well then i took the Thing apart too and it’s like some of Them had timers because this one even Had where they desire or turn to things Some of them wouldn’t explode until They’re in the ground some of them Explode above the ground and i noticed That it had those on the sides of it and I’m going i hope this guy deactivated This oh you didn’t have a detonator yeah So i took it apart while i had explained To my wife at the time there if you see A big boom in the back of that place That’s me taking part time Yeah so i didn’t take it apart and they Did have it unscrewed and they they Removed the detonator inside the thing So at that point it was less yeah no Kidding though You never know you know that was because There’s so many times world war ii they Bring home grenades or whatever else and They were all active it was a lot i went To school with a kid where his dad had Three hand grenades and I don’t know what you’re going to do With them disgruntled or something And that’s our duct tape room where Everything

Is covered with duct tape okay we Actually did the floor on that but i’m Here to tell you that duct tape does not Work well on a floor even if you put all The urethane on top of it yeah um it Just does not work well so this is Actually painted on the floor we did Leave one duct tape section back there But otherwise everything else in the Room is done and just duct tape Okay looks the johnny depp here Besides Besides seeing that pebble go up that Road there wasn’t anything that i really Ever felt um Yeah these uh these are actually in most Of the ripley’s uh museums also is the Is the uh coppins fantasy coffins and For the way it sounds the i think it’s The mercedes is the most popular out of Them all um but yeah you can get them in All these different types of animals and Like i said they cost about 400 which is A whole year’s uh wages Uh over in guyana where they Have these For sure And um these areas These here are of course the wax figures And they’re just explaining the Different weird things and displays These here well this one you’re going to Have to go into an r that’s a penis Sheath

Those guys were Would wear those i don’t know must be a Macho thing over Over in uh in new guinea yeah oh okay Wow Okay There’s a human bone flute and Skulls Did you have anything uh experience wise In any of this area that we’ve gone Through so far No no this area besides that pebble that Ticked up there From that pebble floor there oh wow okay Okay and so but otherwise these here are This is actually a fertility statue Um which ripley’s has Uh like four different fertility statues Which they actually take all around the World And they’ll um And they how they found out is their African fertility statues they had them In the headquarters and suddenly about Four or five of the gals that worked in The headquarters became pregnant okay So they thought there’s something to This and so then they started Taking different museums And So we ended up with the fertility Statues in the front and we happen to Have this one back here and there’s one That stood around the corner okay okay

And so these are fertility ones too and I even had Oh It was an experience Because Being brought up catholic and that and Suddenly people would send me their Panties and ziploc bags some washed some Not And then i was supposed to rub those Panties on the statue And so Wow yeah so it’s one of those very That’s my request i’m really wide open Pack my brain’s so wide open that i Don’t find home sometimes and so i am Hoping for just about anything but that Was an experience is to take Panties and then rub them on a statue And one lady sent me a prayer So i kind of told you i said boy there’s Something in my old catholic side there That i’m hoping i don’t have to lick a Hot stone someday I grew up catholic too yeah and it just Did not just didn’t feel right But there was a lady in her she was in Her mid-20s and her mom they flew out From new jersey because they missed them At times square in new york and they and She wanted to Her daughter and her husband wanted a Baby in the worst way they’re told they Couldn’t have them and so they flew out

Just for that So they um she Rubbed her hand and that on the Different ones and then i even took her Back to these i said usually these Aren’t part of it but yeah if you need Some extra luck there you go and so She uh she rubbed them all and it was Several months later she sent me an Email and she says oh my god i’m Pregnant wow she said they were going to Try some intro whatever they do with the Fertilization thing And he wasn’t even sure if that was Going to work and all of a sudden they Found out she was pregnant His name’s max and He’s about seven now yeah the healthiest Kid and everything but they purposely Came up because i suggested to him to I said if you’re out here you should Really take the boat tours it’s just a Beautiful on the river and and they said No we got to be back to madison we just Flew off just for this and we’re heading Right back to madison and on the plane Back to new jersey and it’s like Oh that’s kind of nice i was glad yeah That’s crazy i feel sad for the Different ones that Uh kept Calling and saying yeah well it didn’t Help oh i know yeah it’s like i’m sorry Oh

Yeah just something yeah Well cool You know all right that’s interesting Fortune off of the fiji mermaid and so That one there is a small most of the Fiji ones are about two feet long this Is a smaller one You’ll notice there’s a sticker Inside the box on there i actually was Able to google the name on the sticker And it actually was a A world famous taxidermist in london Um and he did that between the 1860s and 1880s i think it was so that you could Tell a minute i looked at the outside That flat black that was very popular Back then and you could tell That it’s definitely aged and with the Sticker in there yeah it was originally Originally in the 18 1870s 1880s yeah But they actually just took a fish and Then took a monkey and sewed the two Together and That’s what you ended up with and so Yeah wow and of course uh ripley’s Always wanted to Point out since they have peachy Mermaids We came up with Actually it was in canada they found Found a guy that stuffed salmon and that And makes them and so we thought that Was Kind of a cute thing to have the

Ripley’s heavy furred fish in there as Long as we have fiji mermaids we might As well have fur makes sense That’s kind of a neat little piece with A Cobra in the monkey fighting the cobra On there That took somebody a lot of talent to Put that all together it’s almost Alien-esque you know from an alien And we have different strange things Like that tree growth That looks like a baby sucking on a Bottle where the bottle grew right into The oh yeah Weird and we have multi multi-horned Animals Quite a few of the farm animals come From uh here in wisconsin around mineral Point there’s a farmer But he He was up there in years years ago i’m Really wondering if he’s still alive but He would for years He would all of the farmers knew that he Would take Deformed animals and he’d let them live Their full life And then when they died he would Sell either have a Taxidermer uh do it or we’d buy it from Them and uh and they’d keep it froze and Then get it taxidermized but he gave all These animals a chance to live their

Lives out that’s pretty cool yeah and so He had all kinds of strange animals and We have some full-size always the back Of a cow obviously For quite a few years to grow that that Yeah same same guy yeah Okay oh i’m trying to think of this His name is uh sperling gosh i never met The guy but uh yeah but i know he’s got To be around 90 by now This one here is um just different fish Type items in here That’s a cow that’s got a lot of soul as I can see there the Tourists are starting to Oh do some ripping of stuff here right There artifacts yeah And these are all of our different uh oh Yeah for different animals that i know One of the cars that just talks about The guy but um but yeah you swim around The mineral point down around dodgeville Wow that’s kind of nice of you like i Said you left them Growing a full life like that yeah That’s a mature cotton there That one there’s got another head coming Out of it right Obviously it lived quite a while too Most of them don’t make it more in the Weaker right Once in a while There’s one like that Yeah they don’t normally do that

Upstairs are called the darker side of Ripley’s because this has the strange Stuff there’s a little gentleman i was Telling you about that’s In the casket he’s from an odd fellow oh Yeah Okay um between them and the masons also Would have uh different types of rituals Like that for initiation yeah and Um i think it’s more for fun than Anything but that that was a would have Been a a member yeah that would have Been a memory you can see they wrapped All of his ribs they’re all wrapped like In a cloth and everything and Like i said becca the only one um She’d get an upset style there was Something about it and and she has no Fear on as far as anything supernatural But every time she would be in there She’d actually get nauseous who was that Again uh rebecca Gabbash that was yeah she used to work This is an area that she maybe had yeah And she’s the one that’s a medium Oh yeah okay so yeah that she would get A lot of um and she said i don’t know What it is about it you know it isn’t Eve it doesn’t seem to be evil but she Said every time she’d Uh clean that obviously the guy didn’t Like to be cleaned that much and so Uh yeah she’d actually get nauseous on That but we have all kinds of different

Torture this is from the 1800s it was a Portable jail cell Yeah i wouldn’t want her to wrestle we Had to wrestle that upstairs yeah that Was bad enough that’s yeah that’s all It’s got some weight Steel This is our vlad the inhaler area Which Lad was in the 1400s and And he was well known for Putting the heads on the posts all the Way around the castle And yeah we were over in romania oh We’re here yeah we were inclusion area But uh he’s pretty obviously famous Yeah cool yeah they went through a lot Of strange things there’s a vampire Killing kit right here In that cabinet And Which was real popular 1870s 1880s or so Yeah they’re uh They’re out there but they’re they’re Kind of hard to find Um there’s been different different Places where we’ve had them where They’ve stolen the gun out of them And it’s like Those guns really a derringer there was So many thousands of those made in the 1800s they’re not worth much more than a Hundred dollars But without it being in a kit it was

Part of the kit you know and so Is that a real human skull yeah yeah That’s a vampire type Uh Type there and they definitely Everything on this stuff i’ve had a Chance like i said i’m always a skeptic Of everything yeah and yeah i’ve taken Real close looks on that and it’s like No those teeth were not implanted or Anything those are normal their normal Teeth on there how about any fuel in This area for you or anybody else Um like i said um there’s different ones That Throughout the years that would not they Wouldn’t even Clean back here at all or come through To shut down and uh i just thought that We walked right past the african he Hates one there we should really oh Where is that double back oh yeah Because that’s what you’re interested in For sure oh yeah for sure Like yes said i try to make friends with Yeah whether they’re there or not i make Friends with them and uh we’re gonna do It so i don’t don’t have that many Issues but you don’t need any more Enemies right exactly either way There’s Let me get over that African hate hate uh statue there that When i had uh

An employee um That oh she was quite superstitious About these different things like this That african hate statue that really Bothered her on stuff and of course i’m Talking with her i’m standing looking at It and i’m going It’s nothing but a bunch of old square Nails that are stomped into a piece of Wood how are you letting that control You that much about two hours later i Threw my back out whether it had Anything to do with this or not it Obviously was on the front of my head Though right okay i guess i shouldn’t Have made those remarks there and so Again it might be just superstition but You never you know you just never know But you did have an experience right Yeah you can’t you never know but i mean It did happen Well let’s just say i had a lot more Respect after that i thought no i’m not Going to diss anything yeah at least not Around it or whatever especially ones That people really do believe in there Are a lot of people that believe that And so that basically people would just Nail Uh nails in for what the way it sounded It was more like a kind of like a voodoo Type of thing is what it was if you had A hate thing and yeah they would just Uh nail in nailing nails and you would

Have a person in thought or in mind that Was going to be on the receiving end of It Like a voodoo doll it’s a lot of nails It’s a lot of nails there’s a lot of Hate yeah yeah exactly that’s kind of Kind of interesting really I mean you can imagine if we have those Up now today that’s the world the way it Is there’s got to be a big one somewhere With a lot of nails in it somewhere and That’s a universal one or something Exactly okay they don’t do these anymore Don’t get that idea All right We’re back This is it this one here actually we put For photo op We cut the back this is actually It’s a replica but it was from the 1800s And that’s oak they’re in there with the Sauce With the sauce oh yeah trying to cut the Back of that out yeah double the time Going through there just the actual you Know the the sawzall Yeah you actually just just kept going Just kept going and kept going and kept Going and oh my gosh I actually wore out a couple blades you Did this Yeah i cut that back up cut it out okay Yeah otherwise i didn’t make that i did Like this

Uh the chandelier here which it looks Like the tourist got a little Crazy on it again yeah but i started Looking at was something like this what It would cost And he started about three thousand Dollars for something like that and so I’ve got I got about 80 bucks stuck in that The uh the chain came from a liquidator Out with delaney’s And it was brass we needed black so we Just hung it on some paneling and Started spraying And those are walmart christmas Christmas ones that you put in your Windows and after christmas they’re only 50 cents a piece so 24 of them but and uh otherwise yeah There is push through all the way around To run the wires and drill downward it Took 18 feet that i had to push for an Inch and a half hole through each one of The sections with long ones and pull it Out and then through the top i had to Also this is medieval You won’t find The screws on any of the chains those Are all locked in with pins So i had to drill holes the way they Would have in medieval times And then put the chain in there and and Drive the pin up in there And so yeah there’s no screws in that

But like i said it was about 80 bucks i Won’t tell you how many hours i spent Yeah there was a lot of time on it but But it turned out to be a neat effect Never built a chandelier before but very Nice just I like building things that’s cool All right this is the darker side of Ripley’s Oh wow okay This final staircase i didn’t build Because this is This one here i actually found it on Craigslist for 600 bucks and i told the Owner i said it’ll cost more material Than that let alone building but yeah i Built a two-story one Over in our new location and so this is All kinds of the Strange things like um We’ve got a good old uh Much we’ll call it uh chastity belt There that’s an evil This one here was a Some warlock guy early 1900s And everybody always opens it and Everything and there’s nothing in it but It was warlock’s chest And i know there’s Latino There’s latin writing around i wouldn’t Even try to pronounce that at all it’s Kind of like no leave that alone yeah And this is peter curtin that’s what he

Looked like In life And he was Actually all excited about being Executed Because he uh he had a fascination with Blood And he told the executioners i can’t Wait Because to feel the Blood gushing out of A lot of his head out of his stubble his Head And um He had he had said too that he had heard That That people can live up to 15 seconds Without their head off because actually With executions they would ask them yes And no questions with blinking and People would actually blink in response And so once it’s removed it’s still Working for a while but he was all Excited about it so when he’s beheaded Is it through an axe or is it through Guilty okay Oh there we go A replica and he was a serial killer Yeah in uh over in germany that have Been back in the 30s but looking at a Guy like that she looks harmless yeah Wow but that’s Usually the way they look It’s kind of a great camouflage for a

Killer is if you don’t look like as if You’re scary pretty well-dressed Yeah there is And when um When the guy set it back down Um on top of the rotisserie on the Turntable on there It tipped over And oh my gosh the guy’s Just kind of freaking about it and i Picked him up and you could see all of The i said he cleared out his nasal Cavities and everything of any dirt from Throughout the years and that and he’s Pretty tough guy yeah he’s just held Together by the um skin on the back of The neck is actually the only thing that Holds it open wow that’s why i don’t Even like moving him much because i’m Afraid eventually that’s going to break And i’m going to have to actually put in Like a leather book binder type of thing In there I don’t want to disturb him that much Wow And again have you had any feel around This area up here yourself Well just in In this any of the areas there yeah You’ll feel you know different presence In that Um But no this section actually the temple Where we go next that was actually where

Where i had quite a bit of experience But right on the where the boat tours Land Um It goes it used to be an eddy and they Called it still call it eddie street as It was like a gulch that went up and They called that the bloody run the uh Lumberjack guys would bring in their ass Loaded up and they would park in that Corner and they’d walk up bloody run up There and that’s where all the bars were And some of the stories that i had read They had mentioned how they How they’d come to town and they’d tie Up the constable because they didn’t Want to see them get hurt or anything And when they go in but the way it Sounds from the history that i read on It there was a lot of those guys that Got rolled too you know as they were Walking back down there even the Bartenders would roll the guys they’d be Drunk and and so um so there’s there was A lot of activity way back then already And then there was a dance hall in that Location up until well then it was wax World of the stars and different things Throughout the years but it was a dance Hall in that okay and the original Foundation if you go into the sub Basement you can still see the Original concrete things down from the Old basement and that so i just got a

Hunch if it’s anything it’s a residual Energy this here is elizabeth She was about 50 years after Vlad the impaler but she believed if you Took virgins and Drain the blood out of them and then you Bathe then it it’s going to make you Stay young forever I’m quite sure that the Virgins didn’t agree with that And you’re gonna stay young forever on That And so it’s just another one of those Strange things in the world Well we had a real quick we had a woman That her husband was an emergency room Physician that we saw today That they were here and they smelled This overwhelming smell of rotting flesh It just got stronger and stronger and Him being an emergency room physician he Just this smells like death you know i Mean it’s like that’s weird me is that Weird yeah because otherwise like i said When you handle him he feels like beef Jerky has no smell to him whatsoever Right and uh except that stubbly red Hair of his you can feel that in your Hands and it kind of gives you the Creeps But um but otherwise no there is no Smell so that is strange that is strange That That something uh came out of that

Because yeah he’s been dehydrated for 90 Some years And is this the end of no we have the Temple okay oh yeah yeah Yeah yeah And that is an executioner’s house that They bought from Um a lot of times they go to different Large auctions where I know edward went to the one where the Family that goes back centuries uh from The british executioner in london And i know they bought a lot of stuff From him in fact our man trap that we Have down below is from that one but the Family i guess decided after centuries To get out of the business so they Started selling their tools and that and So It’s a lot of this but this one’s from Uh germany But yeah those were all worn on Somebody’s face several times wow And that axe more than likely was maybe Used No doubt no doubt That is a creepy face One thing with ripley’s is they always Have to have problems with everything They won’t try anything with it Robert ripley was One of those where they always called Him the world’s biggest liar and so he Started uh collecting on everything that

He got he got proof with it too And if you go down to their vault you Have Um it’s not like they show on tv where It’s a big cave with all kinds of cool Stuff and it’s a large warehouse and Right next to it is a fireproof room Where they have those tall filing Cabinets where you’ve got a crank on Them to move them around and it’s just Row upon a row of documentation of Everything that ripley’s has and so yeah There is documentation For that stuff too like when you were Coming out we were i asked you if that Axe probably was used and yeah yeah Yeah because they will not buy anything Without provenance yeah edward said he Buys very little Um on ebay or anything because it’s too Much of a chance that it’s just Something fake so exactly it has to have Even if it is a fake item from 200 years Ago it was designed as a fake item 200 Years ago and so we’re just showing Something old and weird on something And with believe it or not that’s Exactly what it means you can believe it Or not But they try very hard to make sure that We have documentation on everything so i Guarantee that that this used to be at One time and that’s why it still has This is that a mummy display which is

Actually in the next area now Uh this one um Actually karina Which is it’s kevin and karina own the Businesses and she is an awesome artist She did this when i think she was in Beginning of college uh she did this for Her dad and that and then she did all Kinds of uh hieroglyphic Hieroglyphics in the next room which we Salvaged from this room and moved it Over there okay this is where i was Telling you it was kind of an Interesting little piece There is you can look in and look at the Bracelet Which that effect will probably throw it Off but if you reach in and try to grab It it’s actually a hologram in there And so there is a mirror in the back Concave mirror in the back and so it Throws it off there it’s amazing Yeah and just reach through it looks Like you’re going to grab it oh yeah There’s nothing there Yeah I want to show that on camera That’s very trippy Actually the bracelet again that Bracelet is mounted right about here There’s a parabolic mirror in there yeah And so it picks it up off of there the Reflection and it transfers it and so You got to find the focal point on there

And So it’s this is more underneath the Magician’s illusionist type of a thing This is our interactive area and so each Area has a symbol above the door and Then the kids are supposed to look for It in here And so When you press a button you’ll hear Something happen somewhere And that there is a that there is a real Skull too these are real Mostly if it’s behind glass it’s real uh This here is just simply a facade that We put in these are all plastic and Fiberglass And a big container of great stuff and Just foamed everything and so But yeah these are all different types Of statues and like i say you would Definitely think that You definitely could pull something out Of one of these yeah it’s like i said I’ve never challenged them with all that To see if you guys are still in here or Not yeah Yeah just getting towards the end And on here So my part of it’s almost done African sections Which i have epoxied and glued and ran Screws and you wouldn’t believe how many People want to take this off they never Steal it you’ll always find it like slim

The big cow up there yeah for years all Of a sudden Slim’s ear is missing well then you look Around nobody wants to take a cow’s ear Home with them but then you’ll find it In the temple or whatever and go back And glue it into place and finally i ran About a four inch screw into his head Which to me that was very disgusting as I’m running a drill but between the Epoxy and that four inch screw they have Not taken slims here or since but this Was another one of their favorites is Break it off and then you’ll find it Somewhere Go inside here that’s a neat little Thing they took The old barley and hops from Inside of a pyramid there’s like four Thousand year old hops in that and they Made beer out of it and so that’s Actually a bottle Of beer that they made from two thousand Year old ingredients in the sand i don’t Think i don’t wanna open that that’s Kind of old That’s what they call a hairless dog Thank you it’s another hidden Hidden thing and you’ll see a mummy hand And a mummy’s foot in there I had that apart one time i was changing Out lighting in there knows uh But it’s uh i always like doing that but Got something open because that’s

Something that you might spark something In their kid in their head that they go Into something Too you know and i also admire the Parents that come in and they’ll be Going we’ve only got two two galleries To go here This one here is more in South american there’s a little mix And this is a snake box which i’m not Even sure if it works right now because Yeah i don’t see the ticklers in front Of it Usually i have tubulars on the front of This so when they lift that those Ticklers go And when you open that and you’re Looking at a snake it’s a great special Effects Real great special effects temple here When this was put in I’ll fire it off although the tickers Aren’t working real well We’ve been dedicating our whole time Trying to get that location open Anyways And so anyway they had fallen down and So we’re rethreading that it was about 3 30 in the morning My ex-wife and i were over here working On this and i heard just like plate Glass like a big plate glass door or Window crashed out in front here and i’m

Going Where the hell was that she said i don’t Know For protection i grabbed my dewalt drill It had a paddle drill hanging out of the Front of it and i had a flashlight and i Went out in front there wasn’t any Windows broke there was nothing broke But it was as loud as can be just Right out through because the frontier Is the point which is our sword store And that’s got all glass windows and Then the ripley’s exit is over here and That’s got all glass nothing was broke At all and it just sounded the same as When when the girl when it breaks and You can hear it just drop it sound like Safety glass crashing there wasn’t Anything anywhere that was that was my Top number one in this building as being Something that i heard plain as day There wasn’t an accident outside it’s 3 30 in the morning there isn’t traffic Around and the noise didn’t sound like It was outside it sounded like it was Inside on there And it made a heck of a crash years ago In that little uh in that little room Where the where i said it used to be the Egyptian room Um we one night we decided Take the staff and we’re gonna do an Overnight and uh play Monster movies all night and so we set

Up the video recorder so that we could Uh run dvds on it and that Uh the only thing was it was 10 below That night and this building isn’t Heated that well and so about two in the Morning we all decided you know our beds Are much warmer at home but anyway my Son went around and Didn’t take any and so you might keep Keep this into the thought on it he Didn’t pick up a single orb on anything Going around through the whole building But this next section now it’s a sword Store in there that was a 4d theater That we had in there and oh he was Showing me the pictures everything that He took you’d saw that we had the bubble Machine going the amount of orbs in the Pictures are just packed full so i’ll Show you that before we before we end This this one here is the last room but That one there like i said orbs Everywhere and they weren’t dust type of Thing they were just regular nice orbs That there was This is one of my favorite Favorite pieces out of all of our pieces Because it’s just one of those weird Things again That sheriff down in texas way back when Took on this bandito And when he shot at him The sheriff’s bullet went right down the Gun

We turned the barrel so that you could See where his bullet It would went right down there and it Actually packed in front of the the Original bullet still in there i’ve Taken this apart and looked at it there Is a round in there but his lead Actually went right down the barrel and Jammed in there obviously it had to Knock it out of his hand But that’s when my questions start to Wonder there But this is texas But if he shot the thing because it Mentions that he killed him It’s like if you had a shot that And it went into his gun and he lost his Gun He doesn’t have a weapon so yeah that Makes me kind of wonder what happened on That because he it does go on to say That he uh killed him but The chances of one bullet Going and going down a barrel and Landing inside the other guy’s gun is Just incredible we’re pretty much done The next thing is like any uh any place That’s That has an attraction it’s amazing they All end up in the gift shop Next stop will be the gift shop i guess Well let me just ask you one question Right here and then we can just end this So

You would say that the building is Haunted oh there’s things in here There’s definitely there’s definitely Things in here birding up things and With the staff throughout the years and That and like i said i try to keep an Open mind on things and Just from the experiences i’ve had or The feelings that you have in here There’s there’s definitely there’s Definitely things in here But i always try to stay on the friendly Side with them oh yeah that’s good Okay real quick we’ll put this in the Episode yeah because tonight we’re Investigating the severed head of a Serial killer from germany oh really He’s from germany yeah and so I was at lunch We just finished sorry it’s a little Messy I just knocked this salt over Courtney said bad luck you want to read Again Um it says that the germans believe that To knock salt over is a direct act of Evil The peace disturber So the french throw a little salt behind Them to hit the devil in the eye to Prevent further mischief Interesting So you better throw some salt behind you And you got a muter museum hat on that’s

A german guy too oh Lots of Yeah i already did Oh you got him right in the eye That would be creepy if he threw it and It’s like Like a demon just Appears do you want to throw some salt With your Trash Ready She in range Wow no mary’s all right you didn’t do it Oh i did do a lefty mary all right i Guess mary you have to know your peer Pressure Oh Three tablespoons What’s up everybody welcome to the Paranormal files tonight we are in the Wisconsin dells area if you’re from the Midwest you know that this is a place Where you come for vacation water park Capital of the world and uh i grew up Loving ripley’s believe it or not the Books the tv show all of that Morgan is with us Has never even heard of ripley’s Believer or not But tonight we are here at the ripley’s Believe it or not museum attraction Whatever you want to call it in the Dells we have exclusive access to

Investigate the entire museum There’s a lot of interesting stuff in Here to investigate including the Severed and dried out head of a serial Killer from germany I’m colin brown this is a very special October halloween episode of the Paranormal files And uh Yeah we’re glad to have you all here Let’s uh step inside and Start seeing the oddities okay now that You know The history of the building the Experiences that these people have had Inside of the building It’s Easier to see why ripley’s May be haunted It’s a Building that has no real history no one Died here nothing crazy has happened But the land itself has seen Death tragedy the river right behind This location Could be a conduit for paranormal Activity if you want to go with that Theory that a river or flowing water Really boosts almost like a battery The energy in an area and the dells the Wisconsin dells themselves are right Back there But Courtney right here want to step up here

She has never been in the building she Hasn’t seen any of this no And uh she’s never even heard of Ripley’s no i have it Kind of shocking you were like what do You mean yeah when i was a kid I used to get the books all the time Even at the scholastic book fair and at My elementary school we had those but Yeah never saw the books well it was Always guinness book of world records or Ripley’s believe it or not and i would Always go ripley’s i was more of a Guinness girl interested So Yeah we’re gonna go inside now and begin The investigation it’s just us in the Building which is Truly a special opportunity for you guys Watching this doesn’t happen very often So this is a very cool episode of the Show Let’s uh head inside and do it you ready And we got Mary my mom right here How are you feeling mary I’m excited it looked really cool we did The walkthrough So it’s gonna be fun what do you think Is the eeriest Item in here that head That’s pretty creepy And it’s just a kind of a creepy vibe Around the head

So i’m excited to see the head yeah and The shrunken heads are kind of cool yeah All right okay let’s do it all right Okay so we’re waiting to begin the Investigation but This little guy he’s looking a little Suspicious Got some questions to ask this player Hey buddy Do you hate humans Oh [ __ ] You want to kill someone Oh my God Are you mad that we all keep eating your Honey Oh [ __ ] You gonna hurt one of us This tonight Are you evil Oh my god it’s the most agreeable bear I’ve ever met Okay Evidence I don’t know we’re bored Okay that’s about it Ain’t no winnie the pooh [ __ ] dude is perpetually You know What did you disagree with Nothing Very agreeable bear The world’s most agreeable bear

Fuzzy wuzzy was a bear fuzzy wuzzy had No hair fuzzy wuzzy wasn’t fuzzy was he Do you know fuzzy wuzzy Oh [ __ ] he knows fuzzy was he a bear Oh my god dude did fuzzy wuzzy have any Hair Oh No he said he didn’t have hair you just Asked if fuzzy was he had any hair but Fuzzy wuzzy he had no hair so he’s a Liar yeah Can’t trust a thing this guy says Note to people online Can’t trust a bear Okay everybody you ready Okay everybody so we’re here right now In the ripley’s believe it or not museum Here in the dells in wisconsin Courtney’s here with us Papa spooks jeff mary is behind the Camera my mom mama spooks if you want to Call her that Someone recommended online i don’t know Who recommended this to me Um but this is the aztec death whistle So This is a I want to call it a tool but No one really knows exactly what it was Used for but Historians and researchers agree That back when the aztec people Perform sacrifices they would blow into

This whistle To signal to their gods to the People in the hereafter that they were Sending someone over And what’s interesting is this whistle Now this is obviously a replica it was Cheap But Most the time when researchers and Archaeologists have found these Whistles Buried with victims They’re in the shape of skulls and That’s what was confusing to them at First is they didn’t know Exactly what they were used for and Eventually somebody blew into it and They realized that the sound that came Out when you blew into these things Emulated the sound of a Of a dying human like a death screech As you saw in the interviews earlier This is the west african hate god So You can see in there the amount of nails Nailed into this thing Each one of those nails represents Deep Deep vitriolic hatred from another human Being There’s a run pot right there We’ve been hearing the rem pod going off By the odd public skeleton by the way This whole time

But Each nil represents Hatred towards another human being so Essentially you’re nailing that energy Into this thing But i figured since ripley’s has this Collection Of artifacts from across the planet they Have a whole africa room that we toured Just a couple hours ago I would start this investigation by Blowing into the death whistle Seeing if we can Thin the veil you know what i mean So this is gonna be loud but Y’all need to cover your ears how about Let’s put the rem pot up first Next to it yeah okay let’s set up the Obvious two Here Hey god if you’re here with us tonight My name is colin Mary i’m courtney I’m jeff Mary Don’t try it again Um to anyone that’s here in this Building If your energy is brought in from an Object or if you’re here on the land We want to talk to you tonight So if you can hear the sound of this Whistle

Or the scream Come out and talk to us This is going to signal The beginning of our interaction Do you want to set that down so you plug Your ears i’m okay Sure michael i have to go loud because That’s the full Okay If you hear this sound Follow it this light’s going off Oh what the hell look at the ramp You see that It’s stuck Okay here let me just i won’t even zero Out just make sure That’s the duracell My battery Okay i think that means the battery is Dead yeah Okay why do we get a new battery yeah Well that’s weird we this is like The first time we’re using the rem pod On the trip and The brand new Brand new battery you saw it was just Going it’s working yeah Okay right by the hate god Yeah should i get this first yeah get That first Okay so new battery jeff you want to Explain Well man The hey

Goosebumps here i think those other ones Were from you touching it oh but it just Said mad oh so This is an african hate god yeah and mad Hate mad very related words Immediately we started the rem pod Set it here it’s going crazy like you Saw and that was tested like i do before With the batteries before i put them in Here with our tester So i went got a new battery Retested it All the way to excellent and it’s full Power so we’re going to start again Okay Okay now that does that again 40. With the sound i’m opening up a portal To anybody who’s here In this building or on the land or Attached to any of these Items Follow the sound Of this scream or this whistle [Applause] Unholy right when i blew it right when i Blew it unholy the moment i blew it You saw that i saw it the moment that i Blew into it unholy Okay the lights went on okay Follow the sound of the scream or the Whistle Wow [Applause]

[Applause] That is a scary noise Okay There it goes Remember they said not to say the name Yeah It’s like they weren’t supposed to say His name so We’re starting out tonight Here Next to the west african hate god Can you come out if this is your name Condis Condis If that’s you Come out and show us that you’re real That you’re filled with hatred Are you there condis Can you let us know you’re here By making some sort of a noise Especially you condis the african hate God condis If that’s you Is that you up there Okay i’ve moved that Condis would you say condos or columbus Okay i know we’re not supposed to say Your name but we are So i’ve got that In your case or against your case so can You make that go off at any time for us Are you angry that we’re here If you’re here where are you in the Building

I just turned like a shovel did you hear That Huh Did you hear the shuffle It’s getting colder My arms are exposed so i can There’s some more shoveling Right here Almost like the case yeah Mary i’ll take Is that you in there Are you angry Wait a second I got chills What’s the middle I’m here almost like telling you Do you want to hurt people Do you enjoy Hurting people condis Velma Doug You enjoy hurting them You glad they dug Into your Frame with their nails Make you feel warm to hurt people condis Condos Why are you so angry holy It said holy and unholy Why are you angry holy Do you not like religion You don’t like religion You just hear something I heard like

I think it’s up there again There’s going to be a lot of activity up There in bed The head’s up there the severed head Pride You have pride what are you proud of Condescondis what are you proud of This thing gives me bad vibes i’ve got a Headache for sure my right eye Can you make this light go off in front Of us here This one Condis What is that sound To the glass to see if we can get close To it okay Are you here with us Do you have something you want to tell Us I feel like we should all go up to the Odd fellows Gotta go up there i mean Maybe this will go off down here yeah You know what i mean give it a little Room Take this Okay Okay While we were moving our equipment we Just heard a loud Noise that was weird Hello What happened We heard like movement

It’s a lot of faith Draping over all this Up onto the Up onto Are you upstairs look at that It’s gone Okay if you’re here follow us up Okay It’s a real human skeleton If there’s anyone here with us i’m gonna Sit down for a second Everything hurt Always M Three Well yeah She’s following us Are you here sally Are you here with us Just going up That’s going down are you coming across The bridge Point seven keep coming one eight Keep coming Keep coming Come on over The round pod just hit Which one This one just now yeah Right when you were saying it’s going Off Are you over there It actually says gail and grandma yeah

Yes My sister gail is staying with my mom Okay now And that thing just hit Me she was torturing me yes That’s Weird i don’t like that your sister Gayle’s staying with my mom your mom Right now it literally says gayle Grandma And sally she’s bullying us about that That’s so cool Yeah I think so for sure especially with this Are you downstairs I just got a really weird feeling This climbed up here yeah there you go 0.5 6. Are you here are you coming over here That was right over here Are you attached to the skeleton What was your name A voice recorder right here yeah is it Downstairs Is there someone here over by the Skeleton it’s in the coffin Do we know anything about this guy this Is zero this is zeroed out This is a this is original this skeleton You know isn’t From odd fellas And it’s a real member Of odd fellas that

They donate their body Really after they die And then they literally strip them of All their flesh and everything down to a Skeleton Wire it back together and then they keep It at their place So that’s an actually Real one i think someone who just Donated their body Just to odd follows the actual To them it’s from the 1800s This is still oh there’s more sound This is still zeroed out Can you make any sort of noise we can Hear Small noises but can you knock See other that’s gone up To one Keep talking mary Oh there’s point two We can hear you and we’re here Just to help you we’re friendly Three point four Point five keep walking over here come Across the bridge There’s like a ton of movement Are you tied to the ripley’s museum Are your bones Or skull Here Can you come walk over to us And maybe touch this rimpot over here oh This is point eight

Point seven I’m gonna try to say Crystal Do you like it when people come through Here and look at you Because We were talking about the gauze On the hands of the mummy and that foot In the hand Did you do that again for us Can you come across this bridge I said you like to run across this Bridge You guys Think you saw something i i swear the Last few times i look over at it and it Immediately starts going off that’s like Like the time before this i looked over And it went off and then just then i Looked over at it and it went off again Oh my gosh that’s so weird and it’s like Going off and i look over like right When i look over That was creepy That’s very creepy Colin Okay so i got the Voice recorder we’ve got the k2 right Here Let’s do a session right here I’m going to roll What’s the light flickering mirror that You’ve got in your lap do you have your Phone or something or

Just here yeah it’s probably your phone Oh yeah yeah i just took a couple Pictures to see if i could have the Camera the camera sets off then Flickering Put it down okay If you’re here with us What’s your name Can you make a noise to let us know Where you are If you’re behind us You’re the skeleton can you let us know How you died Have you been here a long time Are you associated With one of the artifacts I get a weird vibe from right here I see why you didn’t want to be here When you were gone i Turned every right like a few times i Would turn my head and right when i Looked at them No Do you know where the animals are Do you like to be by the animals Might be a yes murray Do you like it that we’re here On the screen Are you angry It’s weird Spirit box by here since we have a Skeleton and we can move it to the head If you’re here with us can you say hi or Hello or hey

[Applause] Holy [ __ ] [ __ ] by the way what what I’ve seen that before what the sally House no What I just had deja vu So badly i’ve seen that in a dream what Seriously this exact view of me looking Through this bar And this whatever this is right here and This light flashing i’ve seen that Before like i know for a fact probably a Year ago i’ve seen that exact View Creepy Do you guys have deja vu Yeah yeah and it’s like You can’t go back to see exactly what You just saw but when you see it you Know you’ve seen it It was exactly right there right when That light was going off Yup you’re right Was i meant to come here Oh god weren’t we saying how strange it Was but we came when you were little Yeah and that you’re like we never ever Thought you’d be back here Investigating no no no So it is kind of um You have to be alone in here yeah Can you tell me my name if you know me What’s my name

Actually can you say any of our names Mary Jeff Courtney colin I thought jeff I thought it said liam can you say one Of our names What’s your name Nope Were you ever alive If you were from a different country What country did you come [Applause] Again what country or continent did you Come from Do you like to be part of the ripley’s Museum or would you rather be buried and Left in peace This thing goes up to point one Tell us your name Paul i thought i heard paul What’s your name Oh the light went off again What do you guys think Want to move on yeah Okay Okay Should we take the I think we should take this

This voice recorder’s been doing the Whole thing what did it say france Oh that’s interesting Asking about the country yeah Right let me see now let me see handsome Francis where are you from france Look look at the bridge right now okay Does it feel here hold up hold up yeah It does where’s that Oh geez look how i got my rear Drain here yeah i know but i mean you Look out so you don’t spill on their car Okay we’re at the bridge We’re looking All right am i coming What is that Hey it’s the rim pod god Are we supposed to look at the bridge Isn’t that what you told us to do Okay Right when you said look at that I just said okay okay you said look at The bridge what do you have to say Whoa Oh maybe we don’t want to be on the Bridge Should we go back All of us on the bridge yeah i don’t Know I got a little ominous feeling right Hold on to the side now just hold on Back there You want us to come onto the bridge Why

Any reason What Oh My god Oh jesus There’s a step here and i can’t see Okay oh jesus i ain’t got no light no One’s forcing me off this goddamn bridge Itself and hit the ground just stay Still Oh sorry shh courtney I mean Yeah Brim pod down there Through see it through the floor Yeah these are real animals Does that have an extra nose Yeah These are all animals from wisconsin and It lived to be quite old He didn’t live Roadway i was about to say this chicken Why’d you cross the road buddy no Watch that back on camera i literally Said this chicken i was gonna say why’d You cross the road pal And then it said roadway Why do i say to go to the bridge you Know Good question Why’d you cross the road james Well i think that we should split up now

You want to get the other camera and Courtney and i can go to the serial Killer’s head and you guys can go to the Temple you want us just to stay in the Temple that’s where i have a static Camera so it doesn’t go wherever but i Mean temple i mean should i quite hear That film Okay we’re about to go grab the rem pod Give me the light please Okay so to explain we cut camera jeff Was going to go grab The rem pod we had a whole discussion About the rem pod and he was going over There and the moment he stepped over There this thing started going The moment he got on the bridge If you’re over there can you make that Thing stop can you step towards us Huh That i’ve never seen that thing go off Like that Have you guys ever seen it go off like That no it’s going crazy One Right when we were talking about uh Turning it off and taking it away Right Okay You over there Show yourself on this device If you’re there a show

Where are you What the hell What’s up with that I’ve never seen him do that Can you turn that off Okay it’s your time to rise up and show Us yourself Stand up How come that doesn’t even show up on Here colin You know what i mean Okay I’ve got some my arms are feeling tingly Show yourself stand up I’ve got a headache oh This is Stop playing with the light What the [ __ ] Knock it off remember i did the what They did From what i did Yeah let’s go let’s go let’s go let’s go Let’s go right remember that Should i try it yeah Okay In all seriousness You need to stop playing with that light Please Stop I think we opened a portal

What else should we do here I think we just need to turn it off my Camera’s gonna die anyways okay i need a New battery That is freaky though right next to the Skeleton What the Hell these are still going What are you doing just staring at him That kind of mesmerized I me like Go to the left The left is right here Right here Through the fireplace what really Yeah I wasn’t here earlier Here he is That’s kind of turned in a bad angle This is the head Of the dusseldorf vampire Peter curtain A serial killer who ended the lives of At least nine people Okay we’re settled down by the Dusseldorf vampire if you guys like Murder stories go check out our podcast Murder in america By the way oh yeah What was his name Peter Peter how many people did you kill How are you caught

[Applause] He was the vampire of dusseldorf He loved blood You like drinking the blood of your Victim What do you like about blood You like the taste of it Would you stab your victims [Applause] Did you know you’re victims or were they Strangers I’m not feeling much up here either Can you go back down yeah My sight’s kind of leaking Um If you’re here can you touch the light Make it go off Or make some sort of noise It’s the floor camera Can you walk out in front of this device And make this music go off you can make This Music box go off it sounds pretty cool Did we get that on tape and that room Had gone off Yeah I could just wait on this Okay if you’re in that room you can come Out

Damn Thank you Can you do that again Again can you come out and like mary Said There’s usually not people here at night Do you like it that we’re here at night I just Somehow i just my Visual in black Weird It’s almost like something went over This like this Can you tell us your name Again we’re going to leave pretty soon Like mary said you want to play with a Music box right here Come and dance in front of it I think it’s the furnace over there It’s warmer in that room Oh there’s a little light did you see That Right next to the robot A little light Um what’s the Camera Okay Show us you’re here I’m gonna try the spirit box spearbox Xbox Gaming fm What’s your name Oh i can slow that down Do you like it here are you happy

Do you live here How many spirits live in this room Usually just give us a number Approximately Can you say that again 200. did you hear that Can you say that again how many live Here A couple hundred i mean i don’t have to Slow it down So do you guys live here all the time Yes or no Do you like it when people come through Here during the day Non-stop Are the people nice Can you tell us which room this is You just give us one of your names Please It just seems kind of quiet Okay let you guys play with it These are all working Okay i’m gonna let you guys play with These walls here Yeah it was open If you are egyptian Can you please make a noise and let us Know Do you want your hand back Let me turn

So So Hello

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