Kid $pooky x Cress – FACE IT (Official Music Video)

By | November 5, 2021
Kid $pooky x Cress - FACE IT (Official Music Video)

Wow All right everybody welcome to tonight’s Episode of the ghost guys in this Episode we’re going to be taking you Inside of this notoriously haunted Cemetery it is at the end of a long dark Winding road here in south dakota where We both grew up Experiencing this extreme paranormal Activity and uh in addition to ghost Sightings people have seen demons here In the cemetery dark Fiery evil demons so without further ado Let’s head on in We’re already in night shot because We’re prepared to see a demon tonight oh Yes i’m sure somebody will come out to Talk oh yes I’m not gonna lie it is creepy out here It is you know it’s a little spooky If there is anybody here We invite you to come out and speak with Us tonight on this very cold october Night Ghost guy number two what are you Thinking about well so it’s a weird Environment for sure i’m feeling a Little uh feeling a little antsy if you Will i think we uh if we cross something A little weird then i guess we have to Uh embrace ourselves you know what i Mean very true let’s see what’s going on

Over here There is anybody here Give us a sign show us something speak Up Bro i’m feeling Something what about you Yeah Dude Holy oh god oh my god dude oh man Oh you feel that over there over There oh look I can’t even see oh my god wait wait Wait You you hear that yeah Hey what is that it’s like a scratching On No it’s something scratching on the tree Or something no bro it’s a solo You hear that Yeah i do What could this mean what is this I’ve never heard anything like this This is the first time i’ve ever heard Anything like this okay well let’s go Feet in the ground Give a The break Is

Let’s walk every day You You

Generalizations: Handle With Care!

We view the world as divided into well defined groups. We create this division on some common cultural trends, languages, religions, ideas or geographical positions. The Americans, the Chinese, the Italians, the Christians, the Muslims, the Pacifists, the Opposition – more than groups of individuals, they appear to be solid blocks of something. It goes further – the Western World, the Civilized World, Africa, Europe, the Middle East and so on. We ascribe to these groups a character, a culture, a belief, a behavior, a voice and they seem to act as independent theoretical entities. Such generalization may come handy in some matters and at times may be practical, however once it establishes itself in the human minds, it creates a dangerous mentality.

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