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Oh Hey everybody it’s colin here and Courtney we got mary behind the camera Jeff behind that camera right there if You don’t know where we are don’t blame You blame blame you this is a very old Jesus It’s a very plain town in fact it’s a Little place called plainfield wisconsin Now for a town with such a plain name The history of plainfield is marred with A bizarre Mystery and history of death and just Gruesome gruesome crimes this is the Hometown well not really the hometown But Where Eventually he lived and died Of ed gein one of america’s most Notorious depraved killers right here Actually behind us Is where one of ed gein’s two confirmed Murders took place this is the old Wardens hardware store main main street Playing field uh locals around here i’ve Heard do not like to talk about ed Gaines so i can already send some kind Of dirty looks from people like that Woman just staring at us out of her car Um but yeah this is the site of wardens Now We saw a special Uh travel channel where they were ghost

Hunting in here we tried to get access To this building but unfortunately we Just couldn’t get in but it was right Inside of here where ed gein allegedly Either shot bernice wharton or cut her Throat with a knife and he loaded her Body out back into his truck and Afterwards he would then drive her body To his farm in order to hang gut and Skin it So stay with her Yeah this is kind of a natural beginning Point to the uh ed geen story Yeah you can That’s so crazy that this is where it Happened Yep Wow and actually a couple years ago Back in 2016 When we were here in wisconsin on family Vacation i made as just jeff and i i Made him drive with me up to plainfield Just to go take a look at all these Places Back then this store was actually open And i went in and bought anti-freeze to See if i could bring out any energy from The area but That video footage i haven’t seen in Years but do you really you do see these People staring at us do you notice that Yeah they really do be giving us looks And [ __ ] They really do be giving us

They really are yeah but this is the Beginning of the journey Tonight is one of the most historic Investigations in the history of the Paranormal files We have access to ed gein’s original Knife and his guns We’re going to be taking them out of the Display cases inside of the jail where He was held immediately after being Arrested for murder And we’re going to investigate them and Try to get closer to the ghost of gein But this is stop one out of a couple That we’re gonna make before tonight So Yeah if you haven’t listened to our Episode on murder in america about Edging Go listen to it courtney and i It’s uh halloween today everybody hope You’re having a great 31st and uh Welcome to the paranormal files the Ghost of gee There once was a man named Who wouldn’t take a woman to bed when he Wanted to diddle he cut out the middle And hung the rest in the shed November 16 1957 plainfield wisconsin For a town with such an unassuming name The history of this community is one

Marred with bizarre and unthinkable Darkness Following the disappearance of a local Woman named bernice warden and the Discovery of bloodstains on the floor of The shop she was working at earlier that Day deputy sheriff frank warden her son Who had taken over ownership of the Store from his mother in recent years Informs local investigators that a man Named ed gein had stopped by the store The night before and told his mother That he was to return the next morning To purchase anti-freeze following this Tip investigators search the hardware Store discover a sales slip written on The morning of bernice’s disappearance For a gallon of antifreeze and Immediately begin their attempt to Locate the whereabouts of ed gein it’s a Cold night The sun sets early in wisconsin in the Winter and the darkness that sets in on The small town is thick and penetrating It was getting late in plainfield at This point and dusk was approaching At first in an attempt to find ed two Deputies are dispatched out to the keene Residents the large white dilapidating Farmhouse sat five miles out of town on A large spat of farmland Isolated from the rest of plainfield the Home had no power and was surrounded Almost entirely by barren trees and snow

The deputies exited their vehicle And all they could hear Was the moaning of the wisconsin winter Winds and Silence the two approached the farmhouse With their flashlights on and perform a Superficial search of the exterior of The home they crunched through the snow Attempting to find anything out of the Ordinary but after knocking on the door And asking for mr gean The two came out empty-handed Nothing seemed out of place What they were looking at was simply an Old empty farmhouse with no power and no Residence They listened intently into the silence Hoping to hear a muffled cry for help From bernice or some sort of movement Inside from ed But they heard nothing The two deputies then got back into Their vehicle and drove back to Plainfield to report what they had found Meanwhile ed gein is enjoying dinner at The home of two of his friends lester And irene hill that night they dined on Pork chops boiled potatoes Macaroni and cheese and pickles with Coffee and cookies for dessert the Dinner was normal ed seemed happy and After supper ed was playing with one of The hills young children when a man Named jen roman irene’s son-in-law

Arrived at the house and burst through The door according to the author harold Schechter in his highly regarded book About ed keen titled deviant The interaction went something like this There’s quite a bit of commotion Downtown seems like bernice warden’s Gone missing i heard they found some Sort of blood stains or something inside The store whole town’s out looking for Her Says jim Ed listened to jim intently processed What he had heard for a moment then Bewildered says I must have been somebody pretty Cold-blooded irene shocked glanced Around the room before landing her stare On ed and suddenly a memory pops into Her head a few years ago when the news Of the disappearance of another local Woman mary hogan had reached her Household ed had also been dining with Her family Strange she thought to herself before Saying to ed how come every time someone Gets banged on the head and hauled away You’re always around ed smiled a Somewhat innocuous little grin and Shrugged bob hill irene and lester’s son Was eager to see what was going on Downtown and asked ed if he would drive Him into town to check out all the Action and ed obliged the two then got

Up and got dressed for their departure Into the cold night the grocery store That irene and lester owned and operated Was located only a couple hundred feet From the couple’s home and irene ready To go work the store until closing Exited the home with bob and ed to go Grab her husband lester from the store To send him back to the house to eat his Dinner before his food got cold ed and Bob got into ed’s car and they started It up and allowed the engine to idle for A moment so that the heater could warm Up the car and make their drive a little More comfortable irene then entered the Grocery store Sent lester back to the house and Removed her jacket She was only behind the counter for a Couple of minutes before the door opened And two men entered slowly the men Approached irene irene do you know where Ed gein is tonight He’s sitting in his car right there in My driveway unless he’s taken off he’s Driving my son downtown to see what’s Going on The two men were officials from the Local police department officer dan Chase and deputy poke spies after Hearing this from irene the two left the Store and headed over to the house where Sure enough they found ed gein still Sitting in the driveway with bob hill

Officer chase leaned down and tapped on The window and ed rolled it down Ed i’d like to talk to you Ed then exited his car and headed with The two officers back to their squad car Once inside the vehicle chase leaned Back towards the back seat where ed sat With a soft smile on his face and he Asked ed to tell him what he had been up To that day ed told him and he was then Asked to repeat those events one more Time after listening to ed’s repeated Account on what happened that day the Officers processed this information for A second chase then stated now eddie you Didn’t tell me the same story come Through there that second time Somebody framed me Framed you for what Well mrs warden chase taken aback Thought for a moment then leaned in Closer to ed Getting right up to his suspect’s face What about mrs warden well she’s dead Ain’t she dead how do you know she’s Dead ed still smiling remains silent for A moment Before continuing the conversation by Saying well i i heard it where did you Hear it i heard them talking about it At this point the officers knew that They had their man They knew that they hadn’t found bernice Warden yet

And they also knew for a fact that they Hadn’t found her dead body so chase Radios into his superior Sheriff art schlee And tells him that he’s got gene in Custody And then he takes off into the cold Night with the wanted man the hill Family whom ed was just dining with had No idea at the time The gruesome and shocking details that They would soon find out about their Family friend the very next day After being booked into the waushara County jail ed gein begins to grow Extremely nervous He knows that the investigators are Going to find bernice warden’s dead body In his farmhouse but that’s not all that He’s nervous about He’s nervous about the other things that They’re going to find His arts His crafts And his suit And as he waits in custody twiddling his Thumbs investigators in plainfield Wisconsin are about to make one of the Most shocking discoveries in american Criminal history Now that ed was in custody the search Then became focused exclusively on Locating bernice ushara county sheriff Arch lee and plainfield police captain

Lloyd show forester Decide that there has to be some sort of Clue as to where bernice was located at Ed gein’s residence So they load up into a squad car and Head out to the gene family farmhouse Together it was almost eight o’clock at This point but time was about to stand Still for the two officers As they pulled up to ed gein’s farmhouse A chill filled the squad car The darkness was thick around the home And the trees were bending and crackling In the winter wind filling the air with Faint ghoulish sounds Art and lloyd exited their vehicle Turned on their flashlights and Approached the home on foot After jiggling on the door handles and Discovering that the house was locked up Tight the two headed towards the Attached shed or summer kitchen to give Their search one final try And what they discover next will forever Change the history of plainfield Wisconsin It’s quiet Too quiet But the two are determined to discover Some sort of clue as to where bernice Warden is So they approached the summer kitchen

And notice that it’s secure only with a Weak latch lloyd places his boot on the Door and gives it a push And it gives way Swinging open with a loud eerie creek As the two enter the room they noticed That there’s junk everywhere bottles Knives paper The place was filthy ed was no clean Freak There’s also a foul odor permeating the Air it’s the scent of rot and decay They stumble through the room and lloyd Heads towards the next door so that the Two can make entry into ed’s house As lloyd approaches the door art takes a Step back and bumps into something Hanging from the ceiling he whips around And his flashlight illuminates the Object it’s something long white and Bloody strung up suspended from the roof With rope it takes a second for art to Process exactly what he’s looking at He can tell that it’s a carcass dangling In the air upside down with its head Sliced clean off the body had been Cleaned like a deer sliced open and Gutted leaving a large dark crevice in Its center It was the opening day of deer season That day in plainfield and everyone was Out hunting maybe he thought ed had gone Out and gotten himself a buck But to art’s horror as he stares at this

Corpse he realizes this was no deer he Was looking at this was no animal They had just discovered bernice warden Or at least What was left of her Art stumbles outside into the dark night In shock he can’t believe what he just Saw immediately art falls to his knees And begins to vomit profusely he’s Joined quickly by lloyd who also is in a Daze they quickly radio in to their Fellow officers their discovery and walk Back into the summer kitchen to get a Better look at bernice warden’s corpse a Wooden bar had been sharpened and Inserted through the tendons of one of Her ankles and the other foot had been Slit above the heel and secured to the Bar with a cord the bar had then been Hoisted up towards the ceiling Pulling her body off the ground And allowing it to dangle freely in the Air her arms were bound tightly at her Sides and once again she had been Decapitated and gutted from her vagina To her throat the 58 year old Grandmother had been butchered like an Animal This was a gruesome discovery for the Two to find but it was far from the last As soon as the other officers and Officials began to arrive the Investigators led by lloyd entered ed’s House

The farmhouse was pitch black and Without power so the group had to light Their search using flashlights oil lamps And lanterns Immediately they noticed the trash The place was practically a garbage dump Filled to the brim with all sorts of Filth like food scraps dirty dishes Empty cans moldy cartons and old Newspapers and it stank Horribly There were also a number of strange Trash items that investigators Discovered A coffee tin filled with old pieces of Chewing gum A wash basin filled with sand Yellow dentures displayed on a shelf but It was when officials really began to Take a closer look at what they had Discovered that they began to grow Extremely concerned It turns out that ed considered himself To be some sort of artist or at least at Minimum a creative person because not Only did he have a collection of human Body parts and flesh inside of his house But he actually fashioned most of his Human skin into usable products or in Some cases as ed would probably consider Them to be Conversation pieces We could continue to describe the Process during which investigators

Discovered all of the gruesome items That they found but instead we’re going To take a pause and just list off the Things that they found in his house this Is a long disturbing list and we’re not Going to skip out on listing any of the Objects in ed gein’s house investigators Found Whole human bones and bone fragments a Wastebasket made out of human skin Four chairs in total upholstered using Human skin human skulls mounted atop his Bed posts and multiple female skulls Some with their tops sawn off others Found untouched and even bowls from Which ed apparently ate food and drank Made from human skulls In addition there were elements of a Suit a skin suit that ed keen had Fashioned from human flesh a suit that Was obviously meant to be worn by ed in Some sort of strange ritual or practice Elements of the suit included a corset Made from a female torso skinned from Shoulders to waist the corset was meant To be worn around one’s chest sort of Like a vest ed had inserted a cord Through the back of the skin so that it Could be tied tightly around himself There were also leggings meant to be Pulled up onto one’s legs made purely From human leg skin officials also Located a belt Made from human nails

And then There were the masks Investigators inside of ed’s house found Nine full face masks crafted from human Skin The faces had been skinned from the Skulls of women’s corpses dried out and Preserved Some of these masks appeared almost Mummified while others looked to have Been more carefully prepared and Preserved almost as if they were treated Regularly with some sort of oil to keep The skin smooth some of the masks in Fact even had lipstick on their lips and Appeared very lifelike it should be Noted that the masks also still had the Dead woman’s hair attached to them Four of these face masks had been Stuffed with paper and hung upon ed’s Bedroom walls like twisted hunting Mounts in addition officials located Four noses a pair of lips on a window Shade drawstring a lampshade made from The skin of a human face and a large Amount of fingernails clipped or ripped From female fingers but shockingly this Wasn’t all that investigators found they Also discovered bernice warden’s entire Head in a burlap sack along with her Heart in a plastic bag in front of the Stove and her intestines still warm Folded up and wrapped in some newspaper And remember those face masks well one

Of them was in a paper bag and when Investigators opened this bag and pulled Out the face mask they recognized the Face It was mary hogan a local tavern owner Who had gone missing years before Later on they also found mary hogan’s Skull in a box After all of these objects had been Found investigators had no clue how many People ed gein had killed after all they Had just stumbled upon an absolute Slaughterhouse a death farm skulls skin Suits human face lamps skin chairs you Name it The geen farmhouse was a place straight Out of a nightmare but the case was far From over In fact it had really just begun back at The washara county jail ed had been Being interrogated for hours he was Never informed of his right to an Attorney or his right to remain silent But nonetheless he had given Investigators no information and no Confession at one point during the night Sheriff art arrived back at the jail From the crime scene this was back in The day when sheriffs would actually Live inside of the jailhouses that they Managed with their families and remember Art was the first one to discover Bernice warden’s body hanging from the Rafters and he had been deeply impacted

By this discovery as soon as art came Face to face with gene and discovered That he hadn’t confessed to anything yet He began to savagely beat him slamming His head and face into the cement walls Art was angry Nobody would ever get away with crimes Like this in his town Or at least i’m sure that’s what he was Thinking when he assaulted ed a short While later ed keen requested a slice of Apple pie with cheddar cheese on top and Announced to investigators working on The case that he was prepared to Cooperate fully with the investigation And make a full confession so officials Hurried and brought ed his dessert And suddenly the story of ed keen the Butcher of plainfield began to unravel And reveal its dark twisted secrets Welcome to the spirit land cemetery That’s right the spirit land cemetery Now this place is named the spirit land Cemetery because one of the first Burials here the guy actually believed That he could come here and commune with His wife who had died so there’s a History of paranormal activity right Here on the grounds And in addition this is one of the Cemeteries one of the three cemeteries That ed gaine would come

And rob graves at there are a number of Confirmed Robberies from graves That would come here in the middle of The night dig up the corpses bring him To his house then defile them what’s Interesting is ed gein’s story inspired The texas chainsaw massacre And Listen Yeah right when we got here there’s a Chainsaw There it is Oh yeah kind of weird that he’s the Inspiration there’s a chainsaw but let’s Go inside This is a Eerie looking cemetery you know And one can only imagine the mind of a Man Driven so mad that he comes right here To this cemetery under the veil of night With a shovel or whatever tools he would Bring And The thought of actually coming here and Looking at these plots usually he would Pick Women from newspapers who had recently Died Who almost looked like his mother who Would come to their graves and defile

Their corpses The fresh bodies the fresh bodies I know it’s just a normal person cutting Up wood but you know It’s just an eerie kind of woods over Here Yeah this is a coffin that would have Collapsed inwards well if there are any Spirits that were disturbed by ed gein Here in the cemetery anybody whose grave Was defiled Feel free to follow us Today as we Traverse plainfield and come talk to us Tonight at the washar county jail feel Free Should we take some like dirt from here Like we did the hardware I wonder if that Grave right here has any relation to Bernice warden ed gaines final victim You got some dirt from the graves Yeah i got some Tree bark the trees would have been There definitely back then A leaf and some cemetery dirt Okay so hopefully on to the next one yep Okay So i wanted to pull over on the side of The road here uh once again people are Kind of staring at me but what’s Interesting is this building which looks

To be you know 40s 50s Is a grocery store it’s an old grocery Store and ed gein’s home is actually Three minutes from here so Makes me wonder if uh If ed gein ever came i mean the cemetery That we just were at spirit land is Right over there and right here is this Grocery store three minutes from his House i wonder if he ever actually came Here to buy groceries it’s interesting Okay everybody one of our final stops Before we investigate the washara county Jail historical society tonight with ed Gein’s knife guns and his cell that he Was imprisoned in We’re here at the plainfield cemetery Now take a look around once jeff just Show everybody This cemetery Is actually where gene robbed graves the Most frequently there were a number of Bodies stolen from these grounds right Here it’s a very unassuming Basic rural country cemetery but it’s Got a very dark history now I don’t know where Ed gein is in here so i guess let’s just Look around a little bit I know that it’s somewhere around here But could it

Be this way You know Here i think you thought was over there Oh there’s the there’s the grave that It’s Okay i recognize this Let’s see maybe over here You guys see it Oh Right there That is the grave of ed gene This is the unmarked grave where the Killer himself Is laying in rest right now that’s crazy Ed gein is physically right here or What’s left of him this is his brother Henry Who a lot of people don’t know Well i guess how would i phrase that a Lot of people don’t know that Supposedly Ed himself actually killed his own Brother that’s one of the big Conspiracies Is that ed was responsible for his Brother’s death in a wildfire accident Or a controlled burn accident on the Farm but he was found dead Some reports said Bludgeoned When he was there So that’s his brother Here’s of course augusta gene Ed’s mom

The inspiration for norman bates’s own Mother in psycho She was a very domineering woman very Christian and a lot of people think that It was her Method of upbringing that turned ed into What he was it Took his mental issues and it really Made them problems And here’s Here’s their uh Their father george And obviously so like we just said with The candyman Most the time you don’t see killers or Criminals like to this caliber buried Out in public but right here this is Ed’s grave years ago His headstone was stolen so he’s just Unmarked now But Look at this Yeah You see this is interesting so somebody Has left little pumpkins For the game family And then down here in ed gaines actual Grave Itself There are Some coins There’s a Little rose that someone put there So somebody must have you know taken

Dirt Right is that Sure yeah why it’s just So yeah Ed If you’re here with us right now Come through tonight Follow us to the washara county jail Where you were held right after being Found out for those crimes and talk to Us We’ve got one more stop We’re headed to ed gaines farm itself Then we’re beginning the investigation So Happy halloween everybody it’s a spooky Scene out here It’s so spooky Cold gloomy killer’s grave a famous Macabre killer’s grave And chickens in the back yeah a bunch of Ducks are coming Okay Let’s cut Here we are oh That’s super creepy That buildings back there okay Top out really quick Hmm So we were just going to show you guys What it looks like here at the property John pulled up I thought he was going to be kind of one

Of those people that was going to yell At us Not necessarily yeah he ended up being Super cool but you’ve got some geen Stories In the family not not necessarily gain Stories but He used to be known by a few of my Friends and family My grandpa used to get like rides from Him to the hardware store along with my Buddy’s grandma and other Friends like that way back in the day But I mean What he did wasn’t great i mean we all Know that I don’t know if you guys know or not but Do you know Why this isn’t here anymore does that Have the fire yeah the electrical fire Yeah The only only real story but i wouldn’t Ask anybody else about it because Chances are anybody won’t say anything But Do you have you heard that it was not an Electrical fire oh definitely yeah That’s what i’ll have to tell myself Yeah that’s what we figured anything Else from your family anything that you Ever heard about who he was I mean Actually uh what i’ve heard from my

Grandpa is he was he was actually a nice Guy if you met him i mean he wasn’t Really Like too terrible of a person he was Strong everybody knew that he was known For being the strong little short guy So he was never really suspected of Doing too much Through his life but Then all of a sudden right well he was He was doing all that crap in the Background yeah i mean he wasn’t He wasn’t trying to Hide it too hard after a while actually Uh the people who live down there Second house the white house That’s that’s a good person to go talk To she actually uh ate some of the Venison She lived here during that time Really and got to eat some of gene’s Venison she’s like 97 now that’s great Wow Yeah well he shared it like it was Regular old mint And you mean like human flesh uh yeah Granted though he was mostly a Gravedigger yeah that that’s he’d been Doing that forever supposedly And no one knew it was why the graves Were going missing But um Yeah he only started doing a live people For those little that little short

Amount of time Got him caught with the one at the Hardware store yep And he lives also in this area i want to Point out Um but you’ve never had anything Strange Happening to you around here the only The only real strange thing is when You’re out here at night Just alone yeah it’s not it’s not a good Idea to be walking up and down here Because i mean The animals are one thing but I’m sure he’s still on here it’s a weird Vibe Well at that house i mean i’ve heard a Few weird greeks and whatnot but I wouldn’t i wouldn’t necessarily assume Anything like that Sure that’s what you guys are looking For Tonight we’re going to try yeah my Grandpa got to see the belt Really yeah and that was before they Like destroyed all of it yeah well i Mean he he didn’t live at this house Specifically but he lived down the road A little bit probably two miles three Miles that way that’s crazy man Oh thank you dude yeah i appreciate it Thanks for the stories let’s just take a Little look real quick So all that’s left nowadays

Is uh This little shed It’s kind of eerie back there So yeah that’s that’s where Ed’s house would have been i’m assuming Ed gein If you are in the area I know this is where your house was this Is where you found comfort in mutilating And killing people but we Want you to come follow us tonight To the jail to bashara county jail where You were held Because we want to talk to you we got Some questions man It really is like i can almost feel him Like in the trees you know it’s like so Spooky right now I kind of want to get off this property Okay well ed Follow us It’s time to talk Wow Back here just me In the woods Yep This is right Where it all went down Wow Yeah i have no idea what’s in there Ed if you’re out here Come on out Come on out eddie

I feel like he’s here somewhere And I’ve chased you in the past I’ve chased you for weeks for months now It’s time to meet face to face Let’s do this thing Hello Hello What the [ __ ] was that Hello Is there somebody back here That straight up sounded like a [ __ ] Like laugh or something Almost like footsteps yeah i’m Officially a little creeped out well we Gotta go anyways Ed if that was you can you do that again Doesn’t that sound like footsteps Okay so mary you were out there with me What did you hear It was just really weird because I almost heard Like hammering or knocking but it came From up in the trees And then i heard it for a little bit and I was trying to get your attention and Then i just quit and i thought well Maybe there’s somebody around working But there’s i walked all the way around And there’s nobody around but It was just had such a creepy vibe yeah On that land it was like Like you wanted to get off mm-hmm

And what did you hear Almost like a laugh and then footsteps Oh god Which really creeped me out Yeah i’d say so Okay well off to the jail all right Three Two One I’m sheri thurley and i grew up In the old jail upstairs and my father Was a deputy downstairs We used to come out here and play So we would Climb up on these Concrete Walls and we would jump down This was pretty much our playground And we would always play on those Concrete You know like concrete boulders right There too And out there Is there’s two statues The first statue we would play around That statue all the time and climb up on The Concrete ledge there’s another statue Over that has four steps up and so we Would play on that statue also and our Other playground would be the steps to The um Courthouse So that’s what we did when we were

Little And this is the downstairs Where the jail Was And to our right There was a Desktop That was here And the dispatcher was in the corner Lila patterson and she would Dispatch all the Squad cars and everything and we would Sneak around the corner and we’d go Underneath this desk area Where they would Um welcome visitors Uh for their Going and visiting their family inmates And We would hide underneath this desk And we’d spook out some of the officers Because they were really a lot of fun to Um play with these police officers were Just like our best friends if not Family members all of us were family Members So then when we go in here This had a kitchen table here and chairs And this is where the officers would Come in and they would eat at the table And that was a sink back there which i’m Pretty sure it still is a sink but And the cupboards all had food they had Their special mugs for coffee and so

Lila would Make coffee and we would Come down here and visit with the Officers until we got caught by our mom Or our dad and then we were shagged back Upstairs and in here This was the booking area for the Inmates they’d come through that door Never the front door most of the time Because that’s where visitors would come In and the inmates would come in here They’d be booked And they would stand up How high you know how tall they are And then um after they were all booked In They would open this door And they would um Take the inmates into the jail And they’d be in the cells For whatever mostly when i was a kid um They were here From the watoma hotel which has been Torn down and they uh were pretty much Drunk so friday and saturday nights the Drunks would be in They’d put them in a cell they would Sleep it off and they’d go home the next Morning And that is lila patterson’s Her original uniform and her badge and Her name plate and her tie that was lyla And who was lyla She was this foundation yeah she was the

Female first female dispatcher she’s Even got a picture And this is my father And this is lila Wow So we’re all together They did they did a great job So then the jail well this here they Would um get the pr you know the Personal items from the people And then they would put them we don’t Have anything here now but they would Put them in cupboards and all that used To be in here Then This is the jail We Um We’re not allowed in here very often Pretty much not supposed to be in unless We snuck But there’s different cells they have Holding cells that they Kind of have changed here but There was a bull pen In here Yep Wow this is weird yeah i thought it was And they would the inmates would come in Here And they would um stay in this room um i Don’t know if When i was young um I saw ed geen one time

He was handcuffed to my father and here For unrelated Um charges from what he had done prior So you saw him in person i did and The night before he was uh In court he had a white shirt and the Button fell off of his shirt So my mom Sewed the button back on his shirt and He went to court the next day really With the white shirt the tie And his suit coat because that’s our Whole episode that we’re doing here is About gene So what’s like the paranormal activity That people report Scared Around here um they’re saying that they See like military people you know like Um there was a black Uh Mist over there and when it Kind of came together it looked like a Military guy well They A lot of the people that were drunk uh Were Veterans that had come back from the war And so Uh that could very easily be you know a Veteran that Stayed in here a lot of times they Stayed in here and they went to sleep And then they went home the next day or

Back to the potomac hotel Then here’s just another Um they have a lot of the different old Time things i don’t think they’ve had This all Set but That last bed that we saw that’s what They laid on that’s what they slept on And it was like uh Um cot with a real thin A little mattress on there not comfy at All And then You come around and We have The windows So when we were young We would be down At the bottom of these windows and the Inmates that were here Would They would write little notes to us or Draw pictures for my brothers and i and Then they would take a string they would Tie it and they would say um send them Down and we would get pictures and stuff Like that from the inmates that’s kind Of another like uh playground event But it wasn’t accepted by The sheriff or my parents That’s kind of cool though yeah they Would sit up here they sat up on these And they were you know they were outside This would come up

And they could get all their breath that This part that’s on the outside that Wasn’t there when i was a kid it was Just these bars in this window So all along here It was the same thing These are real From when people were Um in the jail So it they are the real Writings from inmates there’s a 1978. How where would this have been when they From this It would be from Years it would be like i’m gonna say 1957 through Right the time that Before they built the new one which they Have you know they’ve had that for a While but Yeah it’s really cool this is really Cool and this is yeah i mean like they Are from mexico yeah Tim hooper i remember him Really that’s so cool bob hoople butch Yep there were a lot and we knew them i Mean they Yeah they were being punished but I mean they weren’t real bad villains Yeah Right so was there ever any violence or Anything that happened in the jail oh Yes remind me when we go to the steps to Go upstairs i’ll tell you what happened

Up there okay cool And then we’re down back these are just Things that they have And we’re back to the beginning all Right And we have metal steps over here That go upstairs What what leads up here This these steps here okay yeah and There’s more Um Cells up here This is a lot bigger Really it’s really cool yeah this is Like the playground that i was in yeah Even though but this was another like Holding cell that they had and there was A bed in here and nothing was in here For them to hurt themselves so They would hold them in here and Sober up or whatever And then they would be released the next Day not all of them but a lot of them Yeah Oh and then we go So don’t think no that’s just another Window that they Do you know if anybody ever did die in Here yeah Well you know i i don’t know and i think That’s because we were being protected From you know because we were kids we Were young yeah like six years old five Years old wow yeah they don’t want to

Tell you that yes And so this also oh Yeah This is where i just we just heard Something really loud yeah yeah That was What did you hear just to Because we got i just heard like uh It sounded like something was yeah like A straight thing right That’s what i heard From i just want to point that out Somewhere over here Anyways That’s all right interesting and this is Really cool this is where my mom Fed the prisoners from really they would Come in here and there was a table many Many Moons ago And um Trey’s exactly like this And she would cook the food in our Kitchen We ate the same thing that the prisoners Ate she did it for 11 years Wow It’s cool that’s our kitchen that i grew Up with what would a typical meal be From your mom oh you guys this and it’s Still It’s called prisoner hot dish because She could make big Amounts of it you know yeah and so

It would be she’d fry up a bunch of Hamburger she’d put minute rice in it She’d put vegetable soup campbell’s Vegetable soup not vegetable beef Just vegetable soup and mozzarella and Then she would mix it up she puts it in The oven and when it comes out it’s her We named it prisoner hot dish long time Ago and so still to this day she makes It for our family and then The uh us kids we argue about who’s Getting the leftovers so to take home But that was big yeah she that was Really big and we had another issue Happen up here Um this was all the doors always closed When uh My mom wasn’t feeding Somehow some night somebody pushed open The door and our Refrigerator was right across the room And they had taken A bunch of um hangers and they put them All together fed it through that door They opened the refrigerator door And they took soda Out and then they’d shut that Refrigerator door i don’t know how they Did it you guys It’s crazy and then they would However We were always blamed for drinking the Soda It wasn’t us

Finally when it was found out that it Was the um inmates that were stealing The soda they didn’t have soda up here Anymore So It was kind of cool yeah wow yep and Here’s some more windows that they would Sit on And just i mean they They’d get air and they could open those Windows at any time and that’s the same Windows that they’ve always had up here With the little bit of the um Metal around it And they would sing And we would You know we were little kids and so when They were singing to us it was like it Was cool it was really cool So that’s and so we weren’t afraid Except for one night but i’ll show you That down here so paranormal activity What People said up here anything They’ve said that there is Apparitions up here And they’ve said they’ve heard sounds Kind of like the sound that we heard Just a little while ago really yes and So they’ve heard the same thing And then talking And whispering And There’s just i’m sure there’s a lot up

Here when we get going you guys are Gonna love it you will love it And they still Yeah this is neat And then my father told me that there’s A room Okay that’s the holding cell there’s a Room and i believe it’s downstairs And that’s where the doctor was So like if there was any Um inmate that had have any kind of Doctor care It was down here And it’s in In this room to the left So this is where they actually Um you know if there was anything at all That they needed there was a doctor here And a nurse And then that bed back there that’s Where they laid if there were You know they were bothered with Something and they had to lay down That’s the real one This is an original Wow definitely an original cool Yeah oh look at that Oh a little dummy over there oh wow yeah He’s spooky And that was the wheelchair If needed they had that wheelchair so It’s really kind of cool yeah it’s Really cool Wow

Is there any relevance to the dummy or Is it just like a little prop i think It’s a prop because He is spooky though i know he’s that Regular I can’t even think of charlie that’s it That’s it yeah yep That’s him Wow So now we can go back downstairs okay There are numerous decorations seen down Here and upstairs in this area Just Figures People see things And hear it you can hear it Especially when you walk out and like When it gets silent All of a sudden you’ll hear crash or You’ll hear a scratch or something like That somebody had said that they got Scratched in this area So we’ll have to see right yeah oh and This right here Is that window from the outside So their personal things they could get Their personal things before they were Released and the officers would put it Through here and then they were released From the door And Once My dad was kind of rustling around a Little bit with um

An inmate And he went to close the door and my Father Crushed his thumb oh no because the door Shut on his thumb I’ll never forget that because when they Back in the day they had this big huge Thing on his thumb i didn’t know he had That on for quite a while because it was Crushed So these are the steps to Our apartment that we lived upstairs So they had a door here at one time And they had a door here And one night an officer brought and my Dad was on Work also but an officer brought an Unruly drunk in And The guy started coming up the stairs My mom heard him so she grabbed one of Our baseball bats And she hid behind this door For just in case he was going to get all The way up here Needless to say he did not get up here Good he did it This is our kitchen I mean seriously that’s the same faucet Because i’m not you know you don’t see These anymore so We would all those had cupboard doors And we would feed my mom would feed the Inmates through that door oh there it is

And that’s where they got the soda yeah Because the Refrigerator was over there and so yeah They took that Wire and went right through and they Drank the soda My understanding it was like the Officers soda you know they stored them Up here and so they kept saying that Soda’s gone your kids have to be Drinking it and we never drank it it Wasn’t us like i promise yeah it was not Us So but yeah that’s the That’s the window and my mom would make All of us kids stand over behind the Door And then she would put the Um Trays in one at a time so this was Always lined with a bunch of trays and Then the kitchen table we ate the same Thing they ate every day so i mean they Had good meals yeah and they were all Home-cooked meals and back in that day It wasn’t always you know like the state Approved or anything like that she could Make what she wanted to make and she Made darn good food for them and there Were a couple of the people that Our adults now would say to me Your mom made the best meals so we Didn’t mind being there Like oh that’s so true they were even

Good How many um Inmates would usually be here at a time I was eight or nine okay So it wasn’t i mean what a big group No but Eight or nine of them and then there’s Four of us and a lot of times mom would Give um The fellow officers Uh something to eat and then lila and so She fed a lot my mom did that for 11 Years that’s a lot of fun Yeah She loved it And this Was our bedroom My bed was here And my brothers had um bunk beds over Here Here we can turn this off And really Um we didn’t play in our bedroom because We had all outside to play so we didn’t Have to worry and if we hurt when we Heard the six o’clock whistle which Would be the old Firehouse um When that whistle went off we knew we Had to come in and eat supper so that Was fun Um They see they have some paranormal

Activity in here i’ve heard right I think they were talking about kids at One time So and then the the attic is right over Here where they Have seen and heard children We were not allowed to go up here But We’re Kids And we’d go up there anyhow Until we get caught And this Was always Here for the light Still This is cool up here though This is a place where my mom would store You know all of our stuff christmas Stuff just kind of like what they’ve got Up here now And so the things were stored up here Over in that corner is where um two Children play And um you can hear the little girl It’s it hasn’t changed it’s like this is It All this old wood and everything is so Cool But it’s neat We’ll definitely have to come up here An eerie vibe Yeah this was off limits but Not anymore he snuck up yeah

I grew up now Did that [ __ ] off and this was our Bathroom you guys you got to check this Out The same toilet Some ugly yellow toilets and the same Bathtub It’s still here and the same sink Wow Let’s bring out some memories oh my gosh Yeah Having a bath before we go to bed before We go to school the next day it was neat The same Shower head you guys this is like And light fixtures i haven’t changed This room it’s crazy yeah The child was stuck but Yeah there’s a lot of stuff in there i Know And then this room Was just a closet Spooky lady in there now And our living room watch these boxes And stuff Uh this was our living room And i remember my mom having a big Rug here and then we had little Um A little couch and then our tv was Usually in that corner And so i just remember all of this And i’ll never forget I was about

Five five and a half years old And i was infatuated with fire Not good And my mom and dad both smoked back then And they had matches you know those Little books and matches I was playing with the matches and i Burnt myself and it fell onto the couch And it started couch on fire oh no let Me tell you did i get punished oh i got Punished big time the jail on fire Yeah that’s for sure that’s arson No kidding [Laughter] Now if we go can we get through here no We’ll go to the other side And my mom and my dad Their bedroom was here Still in the Same room And That that was their closet And it actually had a door on it you Know like with a handle like an actual Door And then this was Um another Walk-in closet But there was the door was right here So Um and this was open so is that the Living room on the other side yeah Okay not cool wow it was small but it Was cozy and it was home

And it was like Uh so did your dad like run The The place He was a deputy sheriff okay so he Worked with the other deputies in mosher County and and the um the sheriff buck Batterman virgil buck batterman was A sheriff for the longest time with my Dad And He was like a father to my dad you know He’s like a grandpa to us And we used to get rides to school And it would be so fun every once in a While Jim’s gorgey was the fella that had this Old time square ugly male Truck And we’d Three of us would go in there and he Would take us down to school And i can still hear his voice i still Can hear his voice He was just We were a family All the officers and and all of us we Were a family here in this building for Years many years it’s beautiful It was the best so your family was the Only one that lived here I believe there was yeah at that time But how many years was it that you lived Here

Oh my gosh it was from So we must have been here eight or nine Years But then we bought my parents bought the House across the road and so then i mean Dad had his Job right in the front yard And so that’s what we were over there Oh yes yeah and all of the good old boys That i mean they’re still looked at like The good old boys today And we were just all one big family it Didn’t It didn’t matter when we were out of Line We’d get her even from the um Fellow police officers but they weren’t Police officers to us you know they were Family yeah you listened You definitely listen and then my dad Became the um Juvenile officer when we were living Across the street And then um That was kind of hard on us kids because Our friends if they were juvenile Delinquents they would meet my dad and So it was like that’s his job so They’d get in trouble yeah believe me we Knew better than to be a juvenile Delinquent at that time anyhow But yeah it was this is our life we just Had the the best Growing up ever it was just great all

Right my name is nate hopwood i’m a Paranormal investigator i also own the Ed gene knife We’re in the area where The edgy knife is stored And You know a little bit of history is uh This is the cell Oh yeah It is As we start talking about edgy no no You’re good Um So this is the area that they keep the Knife we do have a few other things here That are at gaines possessions There’s some skis that i own as well That Sounds like the story is that his Brother made for him or built him Before he was He died and the rumor is that It had something to do with that so um We can go and i can show you the the Cell that it’s in uh there’s some other Stuff in there if you guys Listen real quick i want to explain Some rem pods going off and the music Paranormal music box been going off in There that’s how i just got goosebumps Holy crap Um that’s the room that edge spent some Time in when he was first arrested and Uh it sounds like that he may have

Confessed in there too i don’t have 100 confirmation on that but it sounds Like um they did talk to them in that Room so that’s a lot of significance and What we want to do is we’ll get the Knife out at some point And then some of the other stuff maybe We can put in there um see what kind of Activity we get well we can hear the Music box There’s a box and the rest going on There One started and then the other one went Off okay and i’ve been in there before And i’ve channeled ed gein in there so i Hope that he comes through or his mom And uh his mom’s name was augusta Not a nice person So Yeah we can i can kind of show you this You guys just want to Follow me This jail cell has no significance with That gain they just put it in here to Kind of have a little bit of a change Um But in here Uh Is some of the knight or the the knife That i’m getting all flustered now you Notice that All right take a breath Um His knife isn’t the knife that i own is

In this case as well and he has some of His rifles that That were were taken as evidence they Weren’t used in any crimes but they were Just his possessions And i mentioned the skis Oh i think this one’s totally blurry Didn’t it Right here These are the skis these are the Possession of ed geens that i That i got from another paranormal Investigator who had a lot of Bad things happen To him and his family While having these possessions in this House that’s why they’re here at a Museum where they belong instead of at Somebody’s house But you can see here there’s some Pictures Uh Some of the pictures of Him That they have Also in this museum they have Um basically like a log book of Like his Like some of the evidence and stuff That you can go through it’s a huge Binder it’s it’s pretty interesting if You’re if you’re really interested in The ad game Files and stuff there’s a

It’s an amazing place The the heaviness here and everything Else and so if you guys want should i Get the knife out I got the keys And i can certainly unlock it Um And we’ll get the knife out i know we’re Going to hold off on the on one of his Guns yeah but we’ll get the knife out And i’ll just show you real quick how Does that sound sure okay I feel like my heart’s racing There’s the knife and i want to take a Close-up of it As i opened this up and now i’m getting Let up again yes I’m going to grab a hold this knife here After you guys take a video Okay Crazy oh yeah So this is a This is the infamous knife this is uh A couple of uh psychic mediums have said That This was covered up with a blanket and Uh they just put their hands on some of The possessions and They felt They saw Skinning They thought of the animals being Skinned or

In this case of that dean case Potentially People And so this is allegedly the knife that Was used To do that Whether That’s the case or not this has a ton of Energy and and Just me holding it is just it’s intense But it’s I’ve had a lot of experiences so Yeah absolutely the handle itself yeah And if you guys want to handle it go Ahead and just uh Wow look at the blade yeah it’s all Pitted and stuff But this is one of them It looks like a 22. Um the even the evidence tag is still on It so that’s pretty interesting Came back from madison because that’s Where all the stuff was see that again Yeah It’s like evidence tag here Yeah it’s a This is kind of you know the history of This is Just super interesting to me you know And the fact that i was able to acquire The knife is even better just kind of By chance Um I met the guy he talked about this one

Of the stuff That’s very difficult some of the stuff That he had You mentioned the knife and i said If you’re ever interested in getting rid Of it Let me know and lo and behold So i’ll put it back here for now Yeah it’s very intense and it’s the fact Of the matter that Things are going on in there as we’re Doing and talking about edging and That’s the room where we spent time i Mean that’s That’s pretty Pretty insane You know So i’m not going to lock it back up i’m Just going to leave this on there And then Yeah so The thing is uh this You know ed gean is this you know the Big name person that’s been here But there’s this is actually a cell Where a gentleman hung himself One of the prisoners who was here and She used his own belt and so Um so sometimes it’s hard to know Who’s coming through and who’s not Because his spirit is here as well But that back room That room that that green room is It can be intense it’s very intense so

I’m excited to see what happens with you Guys when you guys go and uh It’ll be it’ll be awesome so Um i can kind of do let me kind of show You some of the other stuff uh jail cell Wise Okay we can go um Just watch your step when you come back Um i can take you upstairs talk about The german soldier that’s up there okay So this is this is what they would do is In this cell this is open so when they Wanted to exercise this is what they Would do they let them out here because This goes in a complete circle so you Know you can Have your out of cell time and some of These cells are interesting because i Mean these are this is the original Cells And you’ll see upstairs um this actually This name Uh this guy For some reason that name’s come through A lot Upstairs So um You know obviously as a museum now they Have a bunch of stuff out here so it’s Harder to Maneuver around I don’t think they had typewriters back Then But it’s just the the history of this

Place and the is what it just is so Interesting and uh i’m jenny richards i Am a member of richwood paranormal with Nathan hopwood Yeah so we’re gonna go upstairs Upstairs jail she had an experience up Here uh She’s In my group and she’s one of the She’s one of the members of this hat the Most activity happened and i kind of Want to tell her the story a little bit When we’re up here in the jail what Happened with the german soldier that’s Up here that doesn’t like women so Let’s all the ladies come up Okay um these stairs are also known to Have people get pushed on them So when you guys come back down just be Careful So this is the area That We were uh walking through and i want You to tell the story i’m gonna walk in Front of you as if It’s happening again Oh boy yeah Okay so I was told not to come up here And like an idiot i came up here anyway So we were Going around Looking at everything We had our cameras on

In the dark And i turn around and this big black Mass just started charging at me So i Take off and try to push him out of the Way and it’s not really you know it’s Pretty narrow yeah so i’m like shoving Him into the wall trying to get past and It was very interesting um I never we didn’t catch it because i was Had my camera facing forward and so did She yeah She by chance turned around it was right Around this corner right there It was right here and it’s like oh You know she said holy i think it was The word yeah uh oh sorry i swear i’m Not supposed to but uh That’s up here the things that happen And like downstairs You’ll see This is the exercise area like this and If we we want to we can go we’ll go in There and i’ll just show you the cells Quick But that’s can i ask you real quick yeah One more time on that That story where were you were you Standing i was behind him why was i Behind over here over there yeah right Around that corner over there No it was that one i promised you no Okay It was that corner because i remember i

Remember it like it was yesterday okay Then where did the shadow come The corner it came around the corner and Came right out yeah so we’ll show you Let’s see let’s see we’re kind of like Uh like we’re exactly re-enacted Yeah without her swearing at me and Running me over So we’re going around this corner right Here okay Yeah careful i think that was about Halfway down here And then i see it Coming around here there was a music did You hear no there aren’t pods going on Oh That’s crazy That’s awesome Yeah it came around here it’s just Big black It was already dark so it was darker Than So yeah it was a it was a big black mass She says just won’t run me over and i Was like What’s the matter yeah of course i’m i’m Spooked because i’m like what the hell Happened And uh you know that’s uh That’s pretty much that story i mean It’s just a Uh we’ve had other people come up here And be affected uh somebody spoke german Up here

And he told me not to He uh he got affected he had to leave The building for a little while he was Really affected i didn’t know where he Went apparently he was in I think he was this cell he was laying On the actual bed of the jail cell Because he had just he didn’t feel good Just It was his first time doing this and he Made the mistake of telling He told the spirit to use his energy no He told him to use his body oh yeah That’s what i was using my body and as You guys know You don’t you don’t say that so that was The big thing um But yeah If you want we need to go around and Then uh do you guys want to go back Downstairs because that’s you know about It up here for that kind of stuff okay Yeah any other paranormal stories Throughout the building oh yeah thank You you have any just that you could Tell us yeah um I don’t know if the attic’s Accessible accessible yeah but the attic Uh but that’s on the other side the You know the residential side i guess You’d say I’ve had the kids up there on the sls Tip on the sls um kids upstairs in sls They play hide and seek they hide in the

Corners they love the paranormal music Box that’s like their favorite thing to Do They’ll just go by just keep crossing it You know so it goes off Periodically so that’s a big area she Also had a um She had an experience in the bedroom It’s like a kid’s bedroom with a bunch Of dolls Literally had a tea party using the Paranormal music box when there’s a tea Party that was set up in the middle of The room which i have a video of and she Was She literally had a tea party with we Think which was A little girl so she has a i mean she’s A mom and so yeah she’s anywhere we go You know the mother the motherly Instinct the kids are attracted to her And and come to her so That’s a that’s a pretty cool thing to To have happen and Um You know i’ve I’ve been affected downstairs like i Said with uh With the edging knife last time i was Here when i held the knife i felt a Heartbeat on the handle Um And that was in the A different room downstairs actually is

A doctor’s room which a lot of people Don’t like and somebody was also Scratched in there so um it was It’s intense it’s a it’s a different Experience every time and the biggest Thing for me is just I you can feel Uh it’s heavy in that edging cell And uh it’s just When i i was you i had held the knife That was the first time it actually Really held the knife um i always Usually just kind of hold it you know Like you guys saw earlier but i actually Just held i didn’t squeeze super hard Just held it as if you know Like you would hold a knife but uh it Was just it was so intense and It’s just that knife is just it’s got Something on it and i’m excited for you Guys to experience that because that’s I want to see how it affects certain People because some people it affects Differently and that’s that’s the Biggest thing that i want to see with You guys so Yeah all right It might be because they’re new people Oh my god They’re both going Oh they are going okay this one’s done Okay i’ll make this one go The best they can oh Okay this is where we heard that this

Going off plus the rim pod from the Other room Can the shrimp still be going on no it Shouldn’t be going off at all Oh wow Okay this has only so people know It’s only got about a 45 degrees pattern Right so the middle you’ve got about 22 And a half degrees out And 20 where you can break the wave yeah You can’t affect it over there or yeah Or shadows or anything else it’s got to Be Something that’s ultrasound yeah It’s not ir Yeah okay yeah again Get the goosebumps now yeah it’s just This one talk about in this room it’s Just It’s intense Yeah oh yeah I can show you this oh it’s right in Here actually This real quick is uh things going off And we’re leaving Um See if it’s at The doctor’s quarters Um This is people just don’t have a good Vibe in here i’ve er jenny you don’t Have a good vibe in here at all she Don’t even want she only like to come in

Here Okay Well it doesn’t help that you have a Doctor’s room and there’s an actual Skeleton and i don’t know if that’s real I just saw that skull i sure as hell Hope that’s not real it might be No it looks like it might be i think it Looks great hopefully it’s not that Probably add to it but this creepy He just uh you know um but i we were in Here and i had a I had a music the not the music box but I had a paranormal box or just like a i Called it’s an echo box and Um it kept saying ed once we had the Knife it was like ed Ed And he kept saying his name they would Say ed gein And so Then the lady that was in here with us Is her first time investigating Um she got scratched she literally had To sketch Scratch from here to here She’s like oh i’m like don’t touch you Know as an investigator you’re like Somebody’s like i get this weird don’t Touch it just leave it All right i’m gonna get the camera out I’m gonna take a picture and then it was Like I was it was it was intense and there

Was I mean there’s just three of us here and All jenny’s the fourth but she’s not Even in the room there’s five or six of Us in this room so we’re kind of cramped In here but It’s just It feels heavy in here and it’s just uh We don’t know exactly who’s in here it Might be the spirit of one of the Doctors that used to be here But it’s definitely a it’s definitely a Weird feeling it’s just an off feeling Um And like you know jenny she don’t want To be in here Um but she’s also very sensitive so you Know she’s a sensitive can i ask Jenny like why do you not want to be in Here what are you what are you actually Just something negative In There It just it’s A bad feeling my stomach starts to cramp Up and it’s just i don’t want to be in There Okay so physically you kind of get yeah Sick or yes you feel sick okay Yeah You know this is uh You know this The thing about a museum is like the Relics you have here you know like

There’s all this history here that we Don’t know really where it came from i Mean We don’t know what kind of energy is on Us on some of this stuff so you know That’s what makes these places Interesting because it could be We you know like that for example the Skull i don’t know it looks almost like A real skull and that’s the case there’s Got to be there’s got to be some energy On that You know and that’s the thing is the the Energy and the residual energy and Things like that i’m getting dizzy Um In here but yeah it’s just a I mean as an investigator i know a lot Of people You know um your best tool is your body In your senses you know you can get a Music It’s going off so you get a music box And you know It’s going off again so that’s That’s intense that’s what i love about Doing this stuff so but yeah this is the The you know the the headquarters or the Headquarters but the Um Doctor’s doctor’s room for the inmates So not a very big jail but there was Quite a few people coming in and out so There’s a

Lot of history here that’s why i love This place Oh yeah Are you in Here man i’m charged Coming in i’m going to close the door You don’t like me in here Seems like you’re here Ed if you’re in here Can you give me a sign I see your picture Okay i will leave You want me to leave it seems like That’s what You do you play the music box For the run pot You know how to do it I’m leaving Guys Hey Only when i’m leaving Only when i leave Yeah It might have brought something I’m feeling a charge No i’m sad i know What it wants me to leave i didn’t do That at all okay i’m leaving Yeah Then it just kept telling us to get out Yeah Do you want me to leave I’m going to close the door now

Just My words are getting jumbled in my head It happens here a lot yeah i don’t know If it’s just the knife it gets you Thrown off yeah oh yeah it’s just you You can’t put Like you just you’re trying to think of Like Like you know as you’re saying stuff as You’re talking then all of a sudden it’s Like you just get confused yeah you’re Mine I got kind of disoriented even up in the Jail Going around i thought we kind of went Like on a circle For a second like why don’t you go the Other way or yeah like we’re walking Like in circles yeah i know it’s a Circle kind of right but it’s still like Like i’m trapped here or something yeah It’s it’s just a weird okay Well can i ask you guys at the end um She may or may not have did she ask you You definitely feel like this place is Is haunted oh yeah oh absolutely i had Enough experiences here that I do think That there’s things that have stuck Around Yeah absolutely and like i was saying This is a museum with a bunch of Different stuff all over the place you

Got residual energy and some of this Stuff and Then you had that gain and And uh he just seems like he Something he travels everywhere And so you know and having the knife and His relics here you know like relics but Like his guns and some of his property You know like caught on the sls i’ve Caught him reaching for his stuff So you know i don’t know if that’s Something you guys wanted to do but We’ve gotten Him reaching for his knife quite a few Times but at the end of the day you guys Are thoroughly convinced yeah at the end Of the day this place is definitely hot This is definitely haunted yes all right Absolutely all right everybody so Tonight we are here in the uh museum we Were talking about it all day we’re here With nate once again and nate has Something well a couple of things Extremely important to this Investigation that we’re about to Retrieve so uh absolutely you got you’ve Had tons of experiences in here Absolutely i’ve had a lot of experiences With the stuff that we’re going to bring Out and uh good trigger objects Very good Yes dark history yes absolutely so nate Lead the way let’s grab them to start This off all right

Okay All right So we’re in a it’s a different jail cell But they keep some of this stuff here Because I think it was getting to be too much in The other Cell but i just want to i can kind of Hand the stuff to you can i tell you so These are the skis that i own that are Uh ed gaines that his brother made for Him and you know What happened to his brother yeah Probably killed by guinea yeah probably Killed by his uh His uh His brother so well let’s take this one At a time in there yeah absolutely Okay So we’re going to set these Over here these are actual skis owned at One point By ed gein himself i’ll let you go in There thank you Okay let’s set these What do you guys think Where would these go naturally back back Behind you out there i think over here Back there Um are you coming nate let’s just lay Him down i don’t want him to fall over I’m gonna lay him Right here Skis are set okay let’s go let’s go back

Get a little workout in You wanna grab something gordon sure I would love too Here we go All right so This is always locked they they keep This thing locked up tighter than well It’s a jail so Keep it locked up pretty good right but Uh This in here Is Where I don’t know which one you want me to Get first but i have two things This is a very important thing this is Edgin’s knife now It’s been said that this is the knife he Used to make Some of the uh The skin suit and Uh It’s Anytime i hold this knife i get all my Words get all jumbled and stuff it’s Just a i’ve uh it’s interesting so i’m Gonna hand this to you i will take this For sure And uh Yeah It’s intense and i have one more thing If you want me to hand that to courtney Yes please So when

Some of the evidence came back from Madison from the Trial Some of these came back These are his rifles Never used in a crime but they were Usually show evidence tags on them so we Got one Unlocked you can try and use this Nobody Has ever tried to use this as a trigger Object she is the first really yes I never knew that we were able to and i Asked because i know you guys wanted to Do that so here you go so this is the First one thank you i didn’t even know That until right now yeah yeah So I’m gonna leave this open because the Energy that comes out of here is intense I can feel it Right here yeah it’s it’s it’s Inspirational yeah oh yeah So yeah this is absolutely Insane I know it is isn’t it being like we had A whole podcast about ed gein mm-hmm I’ve known about him since i was you Know five years old yeah to see this is Like Maybe not a final It’s intense When you you know whatever you’re going To do you know

Make sure you hold it in your hand see What happens look i’ve only done that Once where i literally just held it in My hands didn’t squeeze hard the last Time i did i felt a heartbeat on the Handle i’m not even kidding Creep me out So because you know if you squeeze your Hand you can feel a heartbeat i didn’t Squeeze i just held it literally On the side It’s like attached It’s attached guys there’s like Okay it’s on your left hand your left Arm Yes it’s oh it jumped up on the case and Just disappeared We felt an energy Yeah i feel like what hand did you hold The knife with Oh yeah the left yeah right when you Picked it out keeps coming The motion sensor yeah that’s we’re way Beyond eight feet it’s like he knows We’re going over that road yeah you know I feel the excuse you’re there yeah Yeah this is just hard to believe that You’re holding this i know it’s Yep i got that uh in In the beginning of december of Last year Wow Yeah what yeah Yeah never had at my house because a

Previous owner he did and he had a lot Of Are you getting evidence Oh is it yeah the but the fact that When he had this at his house i mean you Probably heard Horrible things happen i acquired this This one in a storage locker for a month I didn’t take it home because i know Better all right so you know He didn’t but his He had all of his birds he had died His dogs died his parents died and then His wife died Wow And the medium has put her hands over The top of this not knowing what it was And the first thing she got was skinning The first thing she said was skinning And it was uh yeah it was a pretty Prominent is that going on Again Two weeks after they filmed with that i Guess You want to see if anything will pick up Before we bring it out here you want to Step over here sure jeff why don’t you Show him there with none of us in here Ed Are you here with us now that we Open the case No no It just said no in the ovulation there What if that was augusta

The bossy mom Let’s just go to the okay okay let’s Follow it okay that was so weird we Didn’t hear the obvious at all Well you guys do your thing i’m going to Be out here Good luck thank you you bet you know When you guys are You guys are ready With someone holding the knife yeah so You might want to try that yeah we will Okay thank you Okay Um You want to come in and shut the door Channeling Demand Flight Rule Oh my god look at that right What did you want me to do Okay everybody so to start our Investigation Every time we went to One of the places that ed gein you know Was associated with today Courtney and once me Gathered Substances usually dirt or pieces of Of the building So this is Some material from ed gein’s grave This is some material from

This was from the spirit land cemetery Where he would Grave rob You two gathered these yup that was from The hardware store where he got killed This last victim And then This Is from ed dean’s house That i grabbed from the actual place Where the house was built So not only do we have the earth from Those places but we also have for the First time ever ed gein’s rifle no one Has ever investigated this thing it’s Crazy to think that ed gein Held this at one point in his life And Ed gain’s knife that he supposedly Used to skin his victims And Create Can i feel that just artifacts and Furniture from Blade Human bodies Look at all the um nicks of the blade Oh You probably got that Probably maybe like bomb yeah or Something you know this is a real Evidence tag from The edging investigation I want everybody to sprinkle a little

Bit of your material on the corners of The ouija board So mary this is the Spirit land cemetery For he got his grave Hardware I’m gonna have you guys turn on those uh Em pods Okay everybody hand on [Applause] We are channeling you right now We have your knife your gun materials From your life We’re sitting in the cell where you were Once imprisoned Please come through as we open this Portal We are opening this up to anybody and Everybody who would like to come Communicate augusta if you’re out there You can come through as well But we’re going to leave this portal Open so anybody who comes in you’re Welcome We want you to come in especially you And dean Region Oh yeah I also forgot we got ed gein’s skis Right behind jeff over there that his Brother Yeah there’s brother made Him killed henry yeah

Let’s kill these Oh there goes that k2 See it Right here Are you here with us right now Oh there’s the k2 again When you asked One off So and you are here with us There it goes Wow Went all the way to red for a second Ed do you remember this knife Um ed if you’re here with us can you Come and Touch one of these devices One of these balls or um up against your Knife that you like to use Details Age I’m going to move Telepathy Surprise Ed do you remember your knife Or your gun Violent all violent Were you violent during your life Um we know that there is a lot of Violence associated with the things in This room with us Is that what you meant Messenger

Who’s the messenger Nail A mail messenger nail nail mail oh Remember he said that um augusta will Kind of not exactly like get points Or snap like lose your Work Is this augusta here with us We came to visit you today at your grave Are you here Yeah I’m going to put the airpod up away from This board Disregard Disregarding Okay I’m gonna open up the door And allow Any spirits to enter the room so if the Motion sensing lights go off we can see Him I also got a glass of coffee Where are the what Okay i’m gonna start the voice recorder Now okay There you go Since you left Okay Ed Are you with us right now You’re somewhere in the jail Can you make a noise to let us know Where you are This thing

This thing feels We disc Are we This Who is We something full up in between you guys Are you there Can you identify yourself so we know who We’re talking to Or you somebody else that was just Brought into the jail Maybe the man that killed himself in the Cell Can somebody from the outside come in This room and make those lights go out For us out there Come in the room Have you ever heard somebody Do you want to hurt somebody Okay If ed’s here Did you love your mother Or did she just control you I smell And if you’re in here with us what do You think about Us holding Your weapons It’s excellent If you’ve come in this room why don’t

You make one of the lights go off these Balls of the lake behind me Up here on the table Is And This is you does this remind you of Something Anything in this room not really You know what happens Every time it’s like when we left That’s when everything went off the rim Pod Try to see um Would you want the other better camera Yeah i feel like Um I just felt like I feel like i was Sensing from right here The image of ed keen just going like I’m just like choking me from right here You’re really Just creeped out i don’t know why but it Really creeped me out like he was like Lunging at me right here Well there’s a life-size you know Cut out of him right there Yeah i mean just it’s like weird i’m Kind of like Tense now all of a sudden Did i get cooler in here It did a little bit uh-huh it’s just

Like when you were telling that story oh I just gotta chill I really feel like he Was just angry Whoever’s here but i just had an image Of eddie Choke holding me Ed we’re gonna leave this room Can you tell me What is this What is this that i’m holding What’s the object in my hand Is there a certain one of us that you Like the best whoever it is we’re Speaking to I just got married Really i was getting married too i Literally just like in my mind just like The word mary really right when you said That i was thinking that too if it is Gain Like You would It keeps coming from over here yeah By his cutout yeah true Also you’re the only mother that’s That’s that’s what i was gonna say you Were the only one that’s like Around His mom’s like Age yeah yeah i’m sorry I mean also you’re not a mom She’s the only actual mom mm-hmm Maybe you should ask a question

Okay listen would you skin me with this Knife Really yeah And Do i remind you of your mother Would you skin me with this knife Do you want to hurt me Oh my God yeah And Are you here I’m telling you if you’re here make a Noise Is this how your mom talked to you Very demanding Um augusta if that’s if you’re here with Us are you not letting ed speak to us Yeah did you hear that yeah That was from out Augusta Is that you Feedback It’s almost like a mother’s duties Uh-huh back then feed your children put Them to bed right make their beds that’s What a 50s you know mom housewife would Do unclear What’s unclear Okay i’m gonna end this session okay I’ll review that later you guys want to Walk around the jail for a little bit Sure Let’s see if anything happens Something

Amazed Something mays It’s Here we are in the jail So we didn’t cover this earlier but It says right here a prisoner hanging Himself with his belt after spending Only one night in this cell after the Robbery 1941 here’s the guy karl yeske 36 Ends his life So This guy Hanged himself with a belt right here in This cell Carl Are you here with us What was that I feel like it’s colder in here than it Is out there I also i can’t shake the feeling or just The thought Of a body hanging behind me Because i was looking around in here and I feel like that’s the only way he could Have Hanged himself can you put your hand or Your arms to the side then see if A little bit so yeah they can there you Go just so we can see Carl are you here

With me If you’re here This will show You if you want courtney to help you or Colin Can you try to show yourself now Okay good courtney just mapped Can you show yourself It’s weird Yeah Colin do you feel anything on your head Uh kind of a coldness right here oops Okay I just moved off of courtney Come on carl Show yourself for us we’re here to talk To you I just feel like somebody’s Um Right there I know i feel like there’s someone Always like just a little bit aways from Us like keeping their distance but not a Good person I don’t feel good knives from them it’s Kind of making me nervous Hey dean where are you If this is carl did you kill yourself Because you didn’t want to spend your Life in prison Really You know what i actually Have the coldest Sensation behind me really uh-huh i feel

Like i can almost see you oh god It’s for whatever reason courtney’s Right Arm looking that keeps going to your top Of your head look at that can you film That That that has happened like This is the third time I feel like something’s like getting to My mind in here for whatever reason yeah Right Extends off your body like i have a cold Sensation isn’t that weird Yeah And The end gain Feeling like i could see him and i Feel like i could set something back oh Look at looking Look at did you see that You had like a whole red blob on your Head me a whole red blob and it just it Just disappeared What the Oh it’s but still it’s there but Wow courtney your hand Your right hand arm was on the on your Head and then your i went back to your Body and then a huge red piece was left On the top your head cone and it fell on Your lap Can you make a sound like this Can you make another sound like this Like this

I’m feeling drawn upstairs Let’s go up there okay I want to bring the Music box up there It said group follow. Stop Stand Mary oh my god mary look look look Mary stop stand mary remember as we both Said we felt like he was talking to you Yes Very very very Let’s go upstairs Are you evil You down here In one of these jail cells A Trace Face a trace Sacrifice oh my gosh Face corner a trace Edging notoriously hung Uh the faces he literally skinned Especially Very Ed yin was a came from a very highly Religious background he actually skinned The faces Of corpses hung him up in his house in Corners He didn’t leave a trace for a while he Wasn’t caught Devil especially

Where are you in here Big black shadow was over there what do You mean i’m the woman that we Interviewed she got chased around by a Big block Ear You see though A light Oh there it is right there i’m sorry What is it why is it Oh you can see it right through there Where’d you set the box Right here because you have to reset it You know for it to work oh my god it’s Right here That shirt Are you here Where are you ed through And Oh Sugars and Oh my god so ed you’re here Where are you Oh that’s creepy oh My god I keep going hey do you feel like you’re In hell For what you did Is that where your mother told you you’d Go Why did you want to kill those women Soon Casket

Casket You took them out of their caskets oh Yeah Ed how would you How would you kill these women Well Stretched Stretched Like they’re stretched he would kill Them stretch their skin And Design Design you would design lampshades and Belts out of stretched skin And did you enjoy killing Do you want to kill again you want to Come back to earth to kill again Threat Arms Farmers Threat arms all of his weapons are Downstairs and he was a farmer He killed someone named mary too Mary hogan oh yeah Oh here it is It is corny look at this all right good Move your left hand Yes oh it’s on your left hand look at That Are you touching me ed It’s on your left Arm sitting on your hand arm Go up with your left arm slowly He stays there

It’s hanging off of your left hand can You feel anything at all it’s heavier Than my right hand is almost Oh my gosh look at it it’s a male i mean It’s adult It literally feels heavier look at that Courtney i want to see if it moves with You but don’t go too fast go to your a Step to your right Let’s just see Yeah And and do another step Oh it’s it’s hanging Do one more step let’s separate you Mary can you see this yeah This is so touching no I don’t want to move it’s like hanging Mary It’s like hanging from the ceiling look At its feet or off the floor Look at this Oh my god Oh it’s on the floor Dude it’s going crazy It’s kind of like it’s It’s gone Courtney i think you’re just Having an attraction for this actually Mm-hmm you really do That you’re You’re just They like to touch me yeah i think so i Think so Feeling like goosebumps

I swear i just saw something move in Here right There I swear something just moved inside so i Thought we’re inside of there Guys Up here okay Would you go grab it i don’t want to go Back down there again Okay everybody so courtney and i are Gonna sit up here upstairs in the jail Roadway I’m holding ed gaines knife right now And we’re gonna try and experiment Mary and jeff you guys are gonna go Downstairs and ask questions for the Estes method session Um in a totally different part of the Building and then i’m going to link the Footage up afterwards and see if There are any responses that make sense Okay Sounds good okay so you guys head down There bring the devices out go to that Cell where his guns are okay or the room And just see If there’s anything okay Okay i’m gonna sit over Here okay everybody so mary and jeff are Downstairs they’re gonna ask some Questions i’m gonna link up the footage We’re also gonna run a voice recorder Session right here There you go

Put the headphones or put the blindfold On Headphones and i’m going to hold Edging’s knife And Let’s do this And are you here with us No Fruit Cross Have you crossed over to the other side Shut up Why did you hurt those women didn’t mean To Kind of like didn’t mean to How much 10 bodies Deer season It’s already going Ed are you here with us I’m in town Why did you hurt those women Early Oh this This thing actually Makes my hand hurt all the way down here Dean i just heard dean i’m not even with You Game Do you like it that we have your knife Knife Knife knife i just heard are those your Overalls hanging there

Why did you do it dean again gain again You’re a target again how many women did You kill Who’s here with us I think someone’s behind me Take it Do you know what my name is Mother Just knock it off Sheriff what kind of crop did you like To farm The most Or did you raise cattle or pigs that was Mine Tell me something about yourself November What the hell Can you make that k2 meter go off again That was just those lights It’s the first time Oh what is that the motion sensor Okay what is that Upstairs All of these I looked in here and i was like Oh my heart is beating really fast i was Like like this Yeah i sat here and i was like it feels Like somebody’s in here all of a sudden And then i went like this my phone night

And then my phone died Right when i looked in here This feels different though all of a Sudden feel this stairs Doesn’t it I just got kind of creeped out coming up Here can’t see [ __ ] But Yeah new camera battery we’re gonna end All this up here with an estes session You guys ask questions okay okay yep Can’t see where you’re at i’m gonna Guess courtney’s there yep Chef yep Mary yes Mary i just heard mary But again remember he killed him Feelings Is augusta here At all I smell cigarette again Do you smell it Yesterday Is there is there another man here or Smoking a cigarette What’s your name put to your left Okay who is it though There’s a chair right here to my life oh Who is that to my left Is that ed or augusta two hunters Is that you ed and your brother Hunting Bridge What did you do with that knife that’s

In colin’s hands me Kill him Love you Faces What did you do with their faces Power How many women did you hurt it’s never Over Yes Why did you want to kill those women I seriously have heard like I don’t know if like There’s a common noise but i’ve heard Like getting like multiple times Both sessions You know what we should just do a Straight up spirit box With all of us so you can hear this Because i’ve actually heard Gene Like See if you guys are hearing this like me You got a headache yes yeah okay well so We got us Right side of my head Okay so we have a speaker for the sp7 Now Let’s ask some questions yeah Ed are you here with us And what did you use this knife for [Applause]

Right here like something’s coming Ed what did you use this knife for Oh Where are you up here What’s your name [Applause] Grab this knife there’s something here Who’s here Did you hear that Who do you want to hurt Are you sure yeah What’d you do with this knife Cheers Me Where are you right now Why did you like to hurt women What did bernice warren say to you right Before you killed her

Did you kill any other people that they Don’t know about that the public doesn’t Know about I swear i thought it just said two in The quarterback Oh Oh Oh My arms are still and then this is this Is never gone that way oh my god or Right above your head this has never Been there yeah no Where did you feel like it it touched Your hair like i just kept feeling Something really cold on my back and Then like Oh my god i’m just like kind of shaking Except for during this session oh my god Oh and behind you jeff no i i i saw the One you saw the one between us yeah and Over by mary okay so I’m like yeah I’m like holy i’m just looking at arm Hairs yeah I’m just like holy [ __ ] it’s just I was trying to avoid the challenges Well you’ve been saying that you’ve been Feeling something from that area and Mary yes yes mary wow i’m not if this is I don’t like oh my god an orb just flew Out of that door That’s Okay let’s just ask let’s just Calm down yeah

Because there’s orbs flying through here Jeff you want to flow for a second yeah Oh i’ve got a headache i want to get my Back i have a major headache Against this open spot i’m not feeling Good about it Well now i got mine i’m gonna come over Here sorry i hope you don’t feel like You’re hungry I actually don’t Feel comfortable here it’s terrible Is everything okay i’m actually feeling Sick myself i told you We’re leaving come on falling come on Don’t know stop it But i feel like when i feel a lot of Energy It like makes me gag like It’s like i just randomly have started Lately like gagging Do you hold the knife Is there something oh there’s a huge orb That just Flew right between you guys oh another One We got something that’s so weird though Like the gagging like genuinely i don’t Know what that is but Okay those are not bugs They’re i mean that’s crazy oh there’s No bugs because no freezing i know but It’s like and it’s this is crazy here

If there’s somebody upstairs You’ve just touched my mom you made me Gag you spoke to us Another orb can you make a noise Does it bother you that we have this Knife up here There’s something over here guys It’s gotten it’s actually it is creepy In here I’m feeling like some bad energy here For sure What do you guys feel Like Can you not Like that What the f What what there’s a [ __ ] noise behind In my head Around my neck It’s like a freaking Static Like um It’s gone now a crackling static Earlier Before we all gathered in this room i Swear i thought i saw someone in the Room behind you i know either There’s like i’m really creeped out here And out here Like i’m surrounded by something this Room is it’s creeping behind me It’s like there’s nothing in both rooms The hell Can you use your voice and talk to us

Oh [ __ ] I got something on my arms Look at that oh my gosh something like Brushed across my hair jeff you need to Hold the knife here to switch holy [ __ ] Look at this Oh wow that’s creepy What Dude something’s like surrounding you Because you’re hearing stuff we’re not Like a gurgling like a um a drain Something draining a tin can And you’re just hearing me It’s coming from behind me Are you hearing anything Us yeah i’m not hearing anything Oh my gosh Ed gein is that you Careful with that knife It’s a dude Is that a picture Who is this I think we need to laugh We’re getting a little too freaked out To anybody here in the jail Um please come out and talk to us Specifically ed if you’re here we want To talk to you before we go Can you just tell me one time Why you killed Oh my god i’m filming again guys Oh i gotta turn this way there’s Something out here Colin you know it’s weird to me like you

Know how you ended the podcast about Edging like dancing in the moonlight It’s a full moon And i just when that started playing i Started imagining him dancing Because that’s like the kind of music i Pictured Oh courtney I’m telling you something i’m feeling Me too it’s wrong Look at that jesus guys i’m getting Freaked out actually i really am i feel Like you could write around this knife Too dude you want to be careful where You’re pointing that thing no i don’t Think you should hold it Is that you ed Are you mad i’m holding holding your Knife Eddie gaine Go put it by the music box Set it right there Dude set it right by it See if he comes over Did you feel anything out there in the Hallway I i just i feel like heavy Like It almost looked like there was a shadow Okay okay There was a shadow and i didn’t want to Freak you out but when you were standing There it looked like there was freaking Shadows i’m all charged again

When i had the knife up like this and The light came through I saw i thought i saw a figure Right by that device yeah And that’s why i’m like i didn’t i Wasn’t i didn’t want to say anything Because i’m like i’m kind of almost Transfixed on the knife like he wants The knife that’s why i just point Because i think he wants the knife Honestly i really do feel like it’s ed Gein Like with his knife And i heard music playing but the music Box was not going off i was looking Right at it it was coming from a Different area i think if we just we Should just i feel like we should be Quiet I actually feel actually fear like again It’s like right here Yeah That [Applause] That is you Can you touch me or knock my hat off Whoever’s over there just I just Whoever’s over there just Whoever’s over there just like a breath Did you just hear that And the light just went off there Did you see that already Can you knock

Could you stop by that music box one More time Before we go Go grab your knife eddie It’s okay to grab your knife at dean Ed It’s your final chance Can you grab your knife Okay okay okay okay okay okay Can i grab it grab it grab Yeah that’s your knife and grab it okay We’re gonna okay we need to go [Applause] Hey I think we need to quit here guys oh i Just saw a huge orb i just saw a huge Orb from the music box okay okay step Away It’s time to leave the knife No more violence oh god no he [ __ ] Wants it he wants it Okay guys this is getting too much Okay Stop okay Stop stop No The way that just happened when we were About to leave too You know what the [ __ ] is that light Okay there there isn’t Yes

We’ve both seen that as well Why did you i mean seriously after that Just stopped going off we’re about to Leave What is that is that okay there So why wasn’t it there before No think about it right when ed left This street light just came on You know what i mean yeah This was not on that entire wow that Time we were just staring that’s true That just came yeah it was completely You could i mean i don’t know if you can See that on the ir Look it’s off again i know it’s looking That’s what i’m saying what that’s what I’m telling you what it’s off Dude this is the street light look at Look at look at it look at he’s back in Here hey are you back hold up dude i’ve Got a charger it’s right there it’s Right from there dude i’m charged dude i Honestly that is so weird because when i Was over there i thought i uh felt Something in that doorway right there Again right here yeah i’m i’ve got Chills again dude dude why did this did It turn off yes Right when we’re talking about it look At mary okay This is the exact light Yeah I’m trying to zoom in on it See there’s that one that’s on right

There And then the one that’s off Is right there But i just got a picture of it when it Was on so Dude there it orbs out the ass in here i Don’t know if that’s dust or what but This place ain’t dusty You know There’s There’s more than one spirit in here I mean and it’s not a good feeling for Me Well let’s get out of here man that’s True i’m tired It’s already Late as [ __ ] we got an hour drive home Oh did you hear that You did honestly If that actually just knocked over Dude look at my hair I know i know hold up hold up are you Filming yes they’re i’m just i was just Like look at my hair It’s freaking like the highest i ever Think i’ve seen it look at that Yeah this there’s like okay but that That scared the living [ __ ] out of me Jeez let’s go man let’s go What you really don’t want to see what Do you want to see i don’t know i mean We already did hey if

Last time we gotta go get the kid Where is it over there we got the flurry I guess we can go grab That’s [ __ ] nuts though that is nuts Oh my god I mean how much did that go off the Music box also This fan dude hold on Yeah this place is active as [ __ ] Honestly you know the last like 20 Minutes have been it’s gotten way more Active quickly I think man kind of in a bad way Like that that fan falling like that Yeah that’s some physical that was like Scary Usually that’s scary Here’s his knife Okay so I seriously went here When energy comes into these runes I don’t want this to I know this is new in the videos guys But Nobody can feel this stuff no But also I know people are gonna criticize Okay but we gotta criticize me Yeah Why don’t you put the knife down I didn’t realize i picked up the knife But lately i have been uh I’ve done it in a couple of these shoots

I’ve been gagging when i feel really Strong energy and i don’t know what that What the [ __ ] that is But i would not want to willingly do That to myself and i don’t i don’t even Know if i count that as evidence it’s Just weird But this thing This thing over here I just want to show people This is just a straight up This is a pretty heavy fan too you know Like even if you were to It would fall the other way Like look even if i kick it Look at that it’s like impossible to tip Over Thanks to whoever is up here Did you ever find out what that picture Was no you know what is that water That picture or anything What is this it’s an old guy And a farm with the church jesus watch Yourself okay anyways Thank you to whoever’s up here yeah you Can’t follow us home either We got to close this portal Yeah We have to Okay first of all everybody Uh we’ve calmed down a little bit what’s Your opinion does courtney rock and a Freddie krueger look

That’s true We’ve been we’ve been saying it’s kind Of Halloween all day Krueger Oh jeez Um So that got unexpectedly very weird at The end of all of that We’re here downstairs uh because always When we do a ouija board session we Close stuff out but oftentimes we don’t Film it because it’s the end of the Night we just do it pretty quickly we’re Gonna do it on camera tonight for you Guys online because i know you all want To see it But uh Y’all want to put the hands down here With me Okay I’m closing this portal Nobody can follow us you got to stay Here my name’s colin i’m jeff i’m Courtney i’m mary and you can’t follow Any of us okay So Goodbye What’s this penny from i don’t know i Was gonna ask you that too Remember earlier at the cemetery i was Asking like what’s this he had pennies Yeah He was in his

Grave Ed gaine had pennies yeah i mean Seriously And i we set all this up i did not see That yeah no i didn’t see the scene look At the footage yeah Yeah Good idea That’s very strange i swear that was not There no wow okay Well i guess we can leave this as a Tribute Yeah so he won’t follow us Hello there who’s with us i’m lit up Yeah i can feel it too yeah I said there was a couple spears I just had I told them there was a few spirits Oh Yeah Like you step over here There’s nothing over here it’s not a Consistent Signal And you come over here towards And you can watch yourself Yeah oh no that’s well there we go now That’s four yeah i’m new here at bc i Just came to visit and i’m doing this

Uh which which one are you are you Were you a patron here were you one of The owners here This is a beautiful mansion Oh my God it’s a beautiful man look at that Thing Oh my god it’s all right you’re right Here that’s why we’re just trying to Communicate with you Sorry It’s okay Crazy Trying to communicate with you and i Appreciate your communication with me Wow just totally i do this is insane My legs my head Recording by itself I’m getting a feeling that you’re the Old man You’re not You are oh my god Okay well that’s excuse me sir but it’s Very nice to have association with you Um I think i enjoy your place it’s Fantastic i think that this is coming From yeah Yeah maybe he doesn’t like that we Rocked it yeah i’m wondering Because it has because it’s evil you Know Sure

I’m telling you this thing is the real Deal I can’t believe this yeah I mean it’s like coincidence didn’t Really go off any at all last night the Music Is it adds razor knife that’s Stimulating all this Okay thank you for the validation We don’t like it either want to get rid Of that Again thank you for the validation It’s a it’s an evil piece we know that Look at that Still It’s like something standing in front of It over here I’m sorry i brought that into your Mansion But we had an interview with it and i Will remove it as soon as i’m done the Interview It’s real That’s why i felt head in the back seat Like somebody’s in the back seat the Whole way down just look at me just Stand in the back of my neck Okay well let’s turn these on first Hiking so we can do this let’s just Let’s

Go ahead Certainly i’m bc far i’m the owner and Ceo of the old bear win The tremendously historic and extremely Haunted old bear win written up as the Most haunted place in wisconsin top 10 In the nation And you today have brought something for Us That relates to our investigation Yes i have and It’s an object i don’t show to many People you lit up too jeff aren’t you i Don’t feel as much because i’ve stood Away from you but when i’m closer to you I feel it when i just go a little Farther yeah our emojis are amazing I don’t show this very many to very many People I do not want to be in possession of it Ever But i am And I need to get rid of it It’s too much negative energy Um I guess i’ll just tell the story sure A friend of mine A good friend of mine Named tom dyer that’s the only name i’m Going to use in this interview It was Um Had gone to edging

Um auction and bought his razor knife One of his other knives and the mountain Skis that that And for years he was trying to give them To me to put him up at obi and i just i Just had such a negative feeling about i Said No no i don’t want him in there i just There’s too much negativity around i Just don’t want him Well in the number of years that he had These things In his house About 30 of his birds died All his rabbits died his ferret died his Cats died his dogs started eating each Other And his wife died And they kind of realization i got rid Of this stuff Um And he’s had something hooked on him Since he was a child And he can’t get rid of it And tom’s a good friend of mine but Um so one night i was at obi like many Nights And uh I saw him walk i had i had a Ghost on going with with like 12 ladies In the back bar And i had the front bars just full of People and i see him sneak in the door And go right to the back bar you know

Where You know and uh I’m like i’m like Well he just wasn’t carrying a pair of Skis I know exactly what skis he’s carrying Right away i’m like oh no no so i go Back there he’s gotten laid on the pool Table now these ladies were happy They were joyful they were drinking they Were partying they’re laughing And they immediately started to turn Turn them all sour And they started getting [ __ ] For lack of better terms uh just Irritable uh started getting sick to Their stomachs And i said them i said and then and then He goes and he goes hey put your hand Out like what are you doing with those Skis well your buddy bought him he said What buddy bought him well you know your Buddy here that at the at the ob i said Who because well that that big guy said Nate yeah nate bought him i said well i Don’t want those in here get them out Because no they’re here no that’s it You’re taking care of them blah blah Blah put them in the kitchen whatever You want i’m done I said what in the heck did they buy us We was going to put them in the shower Museum Okay

I’m like i don’t want them and then all These these ladies started you know Getting really fine and then and he goes Put your hand up i said why he’s a push Handle Pull my hand out and slap this razor Knife in my hand And i said What the heck is that because that’s ed Gaines razor he skinned all along with Him Dissecting him with and it immediately Started burning my hand I’m i’m a bit of a psychic and It it just started burning my hand i’m Like whoa whoa whoa i don’t want this he Goes he goes that’s it i’m out goodbye Just stuck in my hand and walked out the Door I’m like What do i do with this Put on the back bar hutch i had people Wait on the front but i come back and These women are more and more and more Distraught They’re young at each other They’re sick to their stomachs I’m like okay ladies i tell you what i So let’s move out to the front bar well There’s not room on the front right There’s no place for us to say so i’ll Go let me go clear a couple of tables For you i said i’ll get you on the front Bar okay

And they’re just not very friendly Towards me i’m an author hey you guys we Got to move you got to move combine These stable blah blah made room for two Or three tables for him i said come on Out here ladies and then he just Immediately turned again to happy joyful Drinking partying laughing I’m just like oh boy I got something to handle here So In the meantime i set that on the back Bar by the cash register And i had another psyche in there a Friend of mine good such a good friend Of mine Who’s got psychic ability and she’s like Peace with somebody over there i said Well i really don’t want to tell you She goes what did you set that until i Said well I’ll bring an overton shot I put in my hand again and immediately Started burning my hand like it was on Fire I went to i’d say hey okay she goes what Is that i said eddie straight she goes Get away from me get away from me now Get away from me and put it down put it Down put it on and i put it down it was It was my hand just literally was burned And uh And she goes have you got a mason jar i Said yes i do i get down the basement

She go go get it put a lid on she goes Put that sucker in then mason already Got trapped energy And so i ran downstairs this bar is Extremely busy ran downstairs got a Mason jar Came back up put that sucker in the Masonry put the lid on took it over and Said in front of her and this lid was Going To hold it was trying to get out There it trapped the energy and this is I know that sounds crazy that’s the Honest god of truth a witness by Emptying people And it was just blowing the top off this One For 10 15 minutes And it’s never been out there since Writing down here today Put it in the back seat And i felt like somebody was Behind me the whole way just staring at Me Feeling this look on the back of my neck Back my head And as soon as i took it out of the car Today me and jeff were just All right I felt the energy off it And he lit up i lit up i said i know i Had to do those all the way down you Know and on the way back when put away

In the back But it’s just It’s one of those items that Is extremely rare Uh has got a lot of history to it a lot Of unfortunate history to it But it is what it is And there’s only one of those in the World that’s right there Um I pick up the jar i get vibes off it Just It has never been on a jar since that Night i put in a jar that’s not going to Be It’s it’s a heck of a piece It should be With some of edging’s other pieces i Believe they should reunite I think that’s what what should happen To it So all energy is trapped in one area Because it’s just so sporadic right now And negative and I don’t want it I didn’t want it before yeah i don’t Want to know Wow Oh I’m gonna turn the K2 on And there’s no electrical devices no no

Power box nothing over here Right that is picking up that’s picking Up the stairs this is off okay i’m gonna Turn The voice recorder on I’ll put this over here so you can use This Look at that This needs a path Just to show people how it works once Again I mean we could point out the jar But i think then they would just capture Us moving yeah true trying to put the Jaw over here in front of it Yeah Okay okay well it’s not the energy’s not Coming from the jar Here’s oil Object Object Yes there is an object here in front of An object Oh man Yes there is an object in front let’s do That mm-hmm Yes there was a lot of cutting down with This knife That’s weird because i don’t remember a Live cut i will use cut them same Did he kill somebody named mary yeah Remember he stole her right out of her Tavern she disappeared for years Okay mom we’re gonna open this up now

He’s not gonna Okay if there’s anybody attached to this Thing Come on out don’t get too close There are several Potassium I’m feeling crazy Whoa it’s up the back of my head up the Back of my neck Ooh me too actually i bought it I feel like Earth Boy Never had any life Yeah Timid he was too he was timid yeah Are you Are we talking Here i am again here we go i know i’m The same way are we talking right now to Ed gain past Is he still tastes attached to his razor Record couch I feel He feel like he’s escaped All the jars just right down the jar so You’d hold it like this That this thing’s quiet now i know no You got the jar open Are you over here Age

Okay Oh here it comes something’s come in Here all of a sudden Oh i got it I actually yeah Literally right Wow for a split second there when this Was all going off it’s like i got a Really bad headache and now it’s I’m totally again So If this Can can you identify who you are Wow these words are accurate I’d say what happened with this This object Um He gets like when he feels a lot of Energy he starts to die The other day at the energy museum Or the bashara i started to gag and in The basement of baraboo It’s just been happening this trip which Is weird Can you tell me what this is in my hand What am i holding Say what this is please Inside this is you know when you’re

Thinking about it he and i are standing Here If someone did come in they would be Standing right here where this thing’s Pointed Music box is going off i mean that the Music box doesn’t go off at all last Night no the music box did not work it Did not remember how many hours Ashara and the obi was great Wow i’m just like again Okay Oh you want blurry Look at how blurry this was look at this Here we go look at it Oh boy is this cold right on my Oh my god i can’t tell if it’s coming From this It’s just It’s like oh there you go we’re just Saying it’s cold the temperature just Changed it just said temperature on no Way No way I’m going to turn this off Oh i got a ring in my ears Okay Yeah Um What What was this object Used for can you

State it How many women was this knife used on That’s coming through to me You’re not saying Was he a little guy Yeah yeah he was short i see him short Little guy little bumble guy Yeah That’s what i see him He’s a pretty strong guy too Did we release your energy Energy right you just said energy 18 13. that might have been the answer to How many women yeah Allegedly killed his brother in a field Um And you can admit if you killed your own Brother Ed you can admit if you killed your own Brother Brother There’s got to be something to be said About the rimpod Not active it is now when the jars come Loose i know i’m listening Yeah Waves Still filming comes in waves Is there anything is are there any Victims that are attached to this Blade cloister I’ve seen three or four

Other ones now or no three or four of Those well cloister could you know it Was a group yeah a group three or four May have been alive Damn this is like Deathly Still though You know what a different Shift K2 has been dead until you just pick it Up really There it is that was the knife It does feel it feels Dark you know It’s it’s a sharp blade still yeah they Used to have like a leather strap or Something to mm-hmm Does it feel if this is a head does it Feel weird to have A woman holding The knife that you used to Skin women The power that you had once has kind of Been taken away now it’s in the hands of Someone that would have been a victim Think about all the blood that would Have been on this knife Or this razor Because i mean when you really think About it Edging did kill two people but He was more A Corpse defiler than a serial killer you

Know but i see there was somebody That wasn’t live That I see two or three Men or women Women No issues There’s one man killed too That was crazy Yeah Look at that lost always And never went away from him The desire to Rob and it actually got so bad that That’s why he started killing Well and then his mom All the preachings and lust Religion yeah okay Possibly He was doing something to everybody got Caught Oh he’s killed her This thing does give a very strong Energy it’s crazy just look at I’m gonna zoom in on this All the The wear You know And tear on something like this And you can really It’s like you know when something’s used A lot and it’s smooth that’s what

Do you have anything to say if you’re Attached to This yeah his energy Ed is that you Come on if it is Come through He says no but his energy is so attached To this You can’t let go of it no you can’t Cold Certain If it’s a victim That still has energy attached to this Can you tell us your name or something I am not You’re not a victim Oh my god i just said are you a victim Jeff get that I am not i’m not mad i’ve never seen it Say you know no that’s like a coherent Sentence So this is the energy of Let me just ask you Um Ed Just one question Maybe it could be the final one if You Don’t want to answer anymore Um why did you do all this i think That’s the big question everybody Asks Why Sick

Sick I’m getting sick Ed Can you speak it Into the room Tell us why It is Yeah yeah seriously everything Still I’ll be curious what happens when you Put it back Me too i just have to Look at my arms Wow i gotta turn this wow yeah turn it On i just want to see it’s good That was incredible here’s where’d you Touch it jeff Wow it is still sharp Thanks people I think This was used in those things He’s attached to that I yeah my arms again up to my elbows Like there was You know like Work You know like when you cut something Yeah You have to kind of use yeah So ed if you’re here

Okay i’m gonna say you are I’d like you to speak into that box Okay Let us know Why What do you think that you were sick Mentally I’m kidding I’m going to open that up again Is this how you would do it Would you work it this way Jeff you kind of look like ed gain if You had a beard You kind of had a hair like you said I kind of feel like it’s like You know feeling like this Ready to go back in the jar mason jar do You want to go back in the mason jar How do you feel about that If we put it back in the mason jar Trapped Look at these things flashing It’s crazy That’s just crazy I’m lit up here we go again I feel sick to my stomach My neck hurts I’m a headache yeah I think this is a bad Bad things Okay final time to say anything Do you want to Do you have any final words

Anything left to say Crazy the oculus just You want me to put it back in yeah I felt like There was a lot of energy released on This knife yes Um it’s never going to be like the first Time described Unclear i’m describing it to make it More clear i’m saying that it’s never Going to have The amount of energy that i trapped in The first time But we just released so much energy off That knife by talking to him And a lot of just yeah i’m just i’m too My legs my back the lot just got just A lot of the energy just got dispersed Okay not that’s not going to come back i Think it’ll come back But it’s just kind of running loose Right now the energy yeah got out of the Jars exactly It’s not concentrated no and it’s going To slowly concentrate back up again When i put this in the jar If it’s ed if it’s a victim whoever’s Attached to this you gotta Stay in here And no attachments No attachment i felt an attack hey I felt an attachment coming to colin i Do not want you to attach you are not

Allowed to attach the collin anywhere he Shaped former manner or to jeff Or to courtney as she touched the knife Also i command this of you You’re not allowed to attach to any of Them I just have really weird deja vu Oh yeah Well that was exciting that was exciting Wow Wow um that just incredible incredible Response on the k2 on the coffin on the Rem pod and the podcast And we could describe everyone Everywhere it came out or just about Everywhere it was really interesting That was nice Oh Bc Thank you for coming and bringing it up Brother appreciate it man give you a hug A little light out of the box it’s Really awesome of you to come up here Really appreciate it But we’re gonna just felt this had to be Shown It definitely did i feel like that was a Really good wrap up of the Story the experience here today was just Incredible i mean How would you describe what what just

Happened here i mean honestly No words honestly i I’m in awe like from the Very beginning of Just this sitting here And this thing going crazy than the Music box the k2 and if you even look at The k2 it’s still long it’s green but You know at various points it was like Red you know what i mean And jeff as soon as He touched the jar got the same same Energy off and i just just oh yeah Outside he’s like oh i feel sick right Like i said we’re connected We’re just somehow connected here well We’ve got one more scene in the Documentary We’re gonna cut to that now i think it’s Time to end The story of ed gein with A visit once again to the plainfield Cemetery Okay everybody so it’s the end of the Investigation end of our time here in Plainfield we’ve met some great people Investigated And checked out a number of different Sites relating to the gene Uh story But right here in plainfield in the Plainfield cemetery jaffa field show Right there

Right down that road trees you can see I’ll put an arrow in there That’s at gaines burial site that’s Where ed gein is buried now not only is It weird that he’s buried here and that He would come to this cemetery to rob Graves But let’s come back a couple steps Right here just a stone’s throw away Literally from ed gein’s grave Is bernice warden she’s right here this Was ed’s final victim Bernice was the owner of the general Store The hardware store he killed her in There where we started the video and We’re going to end it right here mary Hogan The tavern owner who ed killed before Bernice she’s also buried here in the Plainfield cemetery but in an unmarked Grave so i’m going to lay down these Flowers In the Show of respect and memorial for mary Hogan With bernice And courtney and i’ll lay these down for Bernice Bernice i know all of us are so sorry About what happened to you We’re here to honor your memory Give you some love and some light in This season

And i hope you found peace Sorry that you’re buried so close to That person who did such a bad thing to You Same to you mary You guys want to say anything Yeah i’m sorry i’m sorry that your life Was taken sooner than it should have Been taken You were just trying to Work your job and Make a living and your life was taken Far too soon Yeah it’s so sad but we all remember you And Just want to leave these flowers for you Anyways it’s a cold gloomy night here in Plainfield wisconsin Happy halloween to everybody that’s Watching hopefully you had a great day And a great night with us and as always Stay spooky Happy halloween we love y’all And here’s jeff back here happy Halloween stay spooky So Hello