Alien tech is our tech!

By | October 30, 2021
Alien tech is our tech!

Good evening folks and welcome to alien Edits on this fine and luxurious it’s Definitely Definitely i do this every time two Computers one of them is is not muted This is professional though this is what Professional people do They come on a show they don’t prepare They make a thumbnail and they think you Know what that looks good we’ll just go With that and we’ll talk some nonsense Throughout the entire show and what Better man To talk nonsense with The mr goofon rich Welcome my friend hey I didn’t know i was on now no welcome Welcome to the show everybody alien Addicts joining me here tonight wait is It your show you can present it if you Like oh it’s your show i forgot ah Thanks for having me on i always have to Do something different for everybody He agrees hey Greengreer he looks a little yellow he’s Got a what generous what does they call It Jaundice John this yeah my little boy my little Boy had that when he was first born oh Yeah he was he’s yellow he looked like An alien He might be he did he did he probably is Because i am

How you been How how the devil are you Good way to ask how the devil Am i good question uh I’m all right You know Just if i sleep i’m fine it’s when i Don’t sleep yeah that looks good i can Smell it my My senses in my mouth are already going With that wine glass Have you ever have you ever drunk red Wine yeah i hate it Yeah yeah i hate all the alcohol Yeah even beer i wish i did i wish Really do i wish i did i’m being I quit drinking at 21 years old my 21st Birthday was the last day i drank and The first day you drank No i drank before that because of high School and stuff but i wasn’t a drinker Like i didn’t go get Crap-faced on the weekend I wasn’t i know i just every time i Drank i felt sick and i think because I’m diabetic and didn’t know it when i Was that young no because it’s all sugar Yeah i i’m um i i like a bit of Moderation so a a red wine you know 20 cans of beer i’m i’m good Hey man i i like to smoke the chihabi Wabi so i like that That’s what i did the day after my 21st Birthday was try pot for the first time

I’m the beer see that that’s what that’s Where you went wrong No no no they were uh Together one was they one was on my 21st Birthday the one the weed was the day After because i was in new york on that That one day when i drank and i was sick All the way home and the next day my Friend wanted to celebrate here in Arizona and i went to his house and he Goes you ever smoke weed i’m like nah It’s not for me and he’s like just try It i heard it’s good before your workout So now you know i was working out back Then So i tried it and i didn’t like it but He gave me a quarter for free And i i tried it and kept trying it and Then next thing you know I see Doing it sweets people youtube we’re Talking about sweeties yeah sweeties Sweet sweeties sweeties and uh Coca-cola um it’s okay to talk about on Youtube you just can’t promote it no Don’t promote it i don’t promote it at All I’d rather i Yeah go ahead i’ll just say speaking of Promotion so It it has seemed like over the last Since we’ve been doing these live shows I know you’d be doing live shows a lot Longer than probably most people on

Youtube doing live shows i’m an idiot It seems like It is Definitely being promoted now You know you’ve got Bill nelson from nasa Talking about you know What the fighter pilots Saw What they’d seen you know and it’s It’s interesting but How can we trust That type of um He’s coming from nasa you know Never a straight answer I i do the way i do love them you know They make rockets and anybody and Anybody that makes rockets i’ve got The the utmost respect for They have to lie They can’t tell us or else our Adversaries would know about it so they Can’t tell us anything at all Even though China has infiltrated our government With drone technology camera technology And uh wound up getting a lot of Information from us which is why they Were able To fly a hypersonic rocket around the World and come within 24 miles of their Target Yeah that’s our technology Yeah we’ve we’ve said this thank you

Thank you lee welcome to the show for The super sticker Unicorn And it is a it’s a rainbow unicorn as Well Not a not a normal one rich a rainbow One i appreciate The rainbow one yeah The rainbow one always stands out and You get it you get a jaundice uh Homograph for that one yeah Thank you my friend um We have been saying for a long time uh Since i’ve been doing these live shows That we think it’s our tech You know Possible alien tech right but it’s what We’re seeing in the sky You know like that like the The delicious Lighting that i did on this thumbnail That’s beautiful thank you rich It really is i love it I didn’t design the ufo i i pinched it But it made it pop right it did the Lighting yeah But Are you quite convinced now that that What A lot of the stuff that we are seeing Some of the stuff that’s been reported In the media That Maybe it is our technology and what

Maybe what the pilots saw with the tic Tac ufo that it’s possibly what we’re Looking at is something that somebody Has maybe it’s your guy’s technology My well right yeah right america’s well The tic tac I don’t know man uh the thing is When fravor saw the tic tac that day he Said that it was like it read his mind It knew where he was going You know with their tactical coordinates Were however he worded it where he had To be in part of his training mission So if he was here he had to go 60 miles Over there well when he went to the next Uh Next point of interest the tic tac was Already there So that doesn’t me it doesn’t mean that They read his mind it mean that it means That it was probably our technology we Knew where it was going to go so that’s Why they set the coordinates up that day Maybe i don’t know if if they set the Coordinates up that day Then we knew where favor was going to go To to bring the tic tac right you see What i’m saying but isn’t it crazy that So they were on a training mission Yeah right What if whatever that tech was was Training Right So

That way to test the pilots to see the Pilot’s reaction To Whatever that is whether it be a drone With i i don’t think i still don’t think To this day that anything was manning That even if it was alien i think it was Definitely some sort of drone Um I could be completely wrong it could Have loads of little tiny aliens inside It you know right But forever said it was 40 feet long Okay Size of that f-80 says the size of his F-18 It could fit a person in there He just doesn’t look comfortable though You know no but you and i didn’t see it He we only heard his description It could be a lie It could it could completely be a lie um Do you trust the flavor I don’t trust anybody anymore In the military or the government See fravor was on tv did you know only You spoke about that It’s with me i don’t know if it was on The show but it might be privately you Did mention this It was only months After i think he saw the tic tac that he Was on this tv show So i think

When lou elizondo came around and they Wanted to talk about this nimitz Incident Said has anybody uh you know worked on Tv they probably thought about this well We know i think fravor had a tv series Or something like that oh let’s let’s Have him read the script And then we’ll get someone else to read The script so the script was i saw a tic Tac it made these maneuvers hover you Know over the water and then they Brought in alex dietrich the other pilot The woman And she didn’t come in right away Because maybe she didn’t get her part Down or they thought about adding her Later to corroborate favor’s story Whatever obviously she was there that Day when he flew but we don’t really Know Because we don’t We don’t know anything There’s a lot of pieces to this so Yeah so maybe she learned the script is What i’m saying and now she’s part of it But now you have you now you got bill Bill nelson uh talking about it Have you watched the clip I Didn’t have time today I so i i will i’m going to bring it Up with the risk of being no you’re not Yeah you won’t have anything

Will it be good Let’s bring it up i’ve got a a specific Point Um for us tonight Uh I bet everybody in the chat’s already Seen it probably they’ve probably Watched the full thing because they’re They’re the proper researchers rich i Know The community that is what makes us God bless you all i love you all very Much fantastic and every one of you Well there’s one that i hate but you Know yeah there’s always one It doesn’t i don’t hate anybody no i Don’t either except for a few people do You uh Do you think bill nelson had a facelift Exists So He He he you know he’s an old guy and he’s Obviously had a lot of son he’s pretty Shiny He’s he’s very shiny he’s facing that Shining quality is you know definitely a Calling card for face tuckery He’s he’s also easy he’s an old i know Guy oh That one time i i i was at um I was adopted i always i was butch People’s name the ladies that one time Was abducted by aliens in the chat hello

Ladies an alien girl I love i love the ladies of ufology i Want more of them more of them they’re Smarter than we are they’re more Controlled they don’t try to measure Each other’s dicks you know they’re i Don’t have penises Not that i know of but if they do wait This one time It’s one time a band camp yeah yeah Are you playing the clip I am going to play the clip oh okay I thought you forgot about it i i am but And me and my like i can’t multitask i’m Excited i want to see i Struggle You so i probably have seen it i just Hang about hang about let’s reverse it So you you go live Every night you talk about ufology and You’ve just watched probably a little Clip that’s on another ufo channel and You’ve not watched the entire thing and It’s entirety rich That’s unbelievably accurate yes Exactly the same as me That’s unbelievably accurate So let me bring up the clip [Laughter] Um I don’t know if i i don’t think i Watched the whole thing how long is it An hour and a half oh i’m not gonna put That full thing up well how long is it

Though I think it’s about an hour and a half oh Then i did watch the first 11 minutes of It oh the first 11 the first 11 minutes Reveals nothing Okay there we go we’ve got him up can we See him we can see him oh my god it’s The grip keeper Hey it’s the crib That Personal opinion is that the universe is So big and now there are even theories Yeah there might be other universes And If that’s the case Who am i to say That planet earth Is the only location of a life form that Is Civilized yeah i’ve Like ours But i’ll tell you what that makes me Think I’d better be a better steward Of what we have Because uh we’re messing it up And we’re messing it up just the way We’re treating each other Uh and so i know what my mission is To be a better steward of this planet And be a better citizen Of planet earth But Are there other planet earths out there

I certainly think so because the Universe is so big It looks like Of course einstein believed in parallel Universes Uh so that’s good enough for me if Einstein the bit i want to bring that’s Not actually the bit that i wanted to Bring up they have matching colored ties Though that’s odd Yeah that’s uh you know why that is Don’t you Yeah of course I don’t uh is the university of virginia Are there other planets elsewhere that There is life Now i know what you’ve seen is what Those navy pilots saw in 2004 and there Have been some 300 sightings since then And i’ve talked to those pilots And they know they saw something and Their radar is locked onto it And and then all of a sudden it was here On the surface And then it’s there And they don’t know what it is and we Don’t know what it is We hope it’s not an adversary here on Earth that has that kind of genealogy That guy Is a bad actor Okay do tell Man Did you do your thing did you do you

What what did you call it what did they Call it rich the Were you reading people’s uh no you did Yeah well you know his Um his body language aneurysms Yeah and his uh facial fractures or Whatever they call them Definitely no but the thing about him Was It was the way he sounded And the things he said sounded like Somebody Who who heard the same stories you and All i had But was just telling a story that’s all He was doing was repeating what he heard He didn’t talk to i don’t believe that Guy for a minute i don’t know maybe he Talked to everybody but he he just Doesn’t this guy just bothers me for Some reason and i can’t put my finger on It So i’m being a dick about it and uh Professionally speaking Ollie sorry didn’t mean to interrupt no No no i heard some sounds coming out of You Um I i just Yeah He um he just seems very uh insincere Like i don’t know i Like he’s reading off a script Like he memorized the script

The odd thing about that interview is That this was saved to the end of the Interview and i can kind of see as the From the person who’s interviewing him Why you wouldn’t start with aliens you Know when you’re interviewing somebody From nasa But don’t you think it’s odd That whenever somebody that’s an Official Uh you know one of the the big guys and They get asked about aliens it always Seems to be at the end of the interview Where they drop kind of a little Semi bombshell It’s almost like It’s like chess is ufology at the moment It’s like they’re putting all the pieces In place For for something really Big to happen For that checkmate You know it’s selling us it’s like it For somebody like One of my friends that’s not into the Subject that doesn’t even watch my Channel that when i go out for a drink They’ll they’ll go hey Are you still uh you know talking to To goblins aliens yeah yeah yeah yeah Yeah yes mate i still i still Do that type of thing And For somebody who

Who is like that who is an outsider That Sells ufology to somebody who is Not in the know you know it’s true when It hits bbc when it hits cnn when it Hits the the big News companies when my dad or my mum is Telling me Hey son you’ve not wasted your time for The past five years yeah yeah you know That’s when that that’s what this is That’s aimed at those people I’ve said this Many times It will be the people like you and i And some of the other people in ufology That will Be the ones that are speaking against it That won’t get the channels promoted Because they’re saying the wrong things You know We’re speaking against their narrative Yes His narrative isn’t that bad No it’s not i agree completely and you Know he’s staying very much on the fence When he when he’s talking about it But it’s like but it’s the i’m talking About the pieces that are being played The little tiny easter eggs that have Been given out By Big Companies like nasa

Um News networks And it’s putting in place for The normal people you know the people Are not that they’re not Don’t eat sleep and breathe this subject Not that i do that But it’s for them it’s not for us but It’ll be us they’ll speak It’ll be us that don’t believe it They are trying to make it As Simple in simple in plain english as Possible So that’s why it seems like it’s for People You know who aren’t into this who don’t Study it every day Because we’ve real we’ve come to the Realization at least i have in the last 20 years of my life that people just Aren’t smart As well let me rephrase that jurassic Erased People aren’t as smart as i thought they Were And And i think in america we’ve been Dummied down more than any other country Faster than any other country i believe It and i know in the uk you’re saying ah Maybe not really maybe it’s a tie Right He’s definitely a tie people in the uk

Are absolutely um They’re gone gone with the wind But that’s why they have to That’s why they’re talking this way You know they want to keep it for even Children to understand what’s going on It’s an interesting Narrative that way you know why would They need to do that Instead of just talk about the nuts and Bolts of what’s going on Get into it you know Maybe grey is right You know with what part With the false flag alien invasion maybe That’s the one thing That he’s got that he’s that he’s right About and maybe this will happen Great yeah Well whatever’s happening it If you want to talk about uaps that Means we’re talking about government Sightings and you know Army navy air force marine space force Has nothing to do with you or i Said because it’s only official if the Military’s if it’s military footage That’s it’s only official it’s only Official when it’s them but they changed Ufo to uap to You know to uh distinguish which ones Are government and which ones are Citizens So that’s why that was brought in it’s

Not as nefarious as we all thought They’re not trying to change the Narrative Is what i found out they’re trying to Teach us Some Language we’re not used to and if we Can’t say uap When we’re talking about government ufo Sightings then you know you got a Problem that’s ego just say uap i Started saying it But that’s government ollie that’s what It is ufos are for the citizens you know Us laymen You know So what do you think the end game here Is the end game this is all about Misinformation or disinformation as the Kids like to say I believe lou elizondo is the richard Dodie of our day I believe china does have the technology I don’t think it’s us I was hoping it would be But can That’s why Our government and yours won’t say Anything bad about china All that stuff stopped once uh trump was Out No more negativity kissing their butt And now So you think the tech is theirs you

Think the tig is theirs i do I think from what i’ve heard they’ve Infiltrated our government through Technology possible drone technology And also uh you know Camera technology tvs I mean uh you know phones And they were able to hack into those Systems and seeing Things they weren’t supposed to see Top secret facilities you know what i Mean people walking around with their Phone that’s why they don’t allow phones They’re not supposed to and nobody’s Supposed to have their phone out you Know in these places so But They infiltrated stole technology and Passed us by and now america is not The the most the strongest military uh Country in the world anymore China just put You know i can’t speak Uh they put that rocket around the world Hypersonically yeah speaking in one hour And it just missed the target by 24 Miles But when we tried we failed we had tried Twice One lasted about five minutes and one Lasted about three But if they have the technic take the Take nick the ticket the If they have the knickknack technology

You know what’s the point in the hype What would be even the point in the Hypersonic rocket because it’s the same Technology That rocket was a if it could be filled With uh You know Nuclear disaster Capabilities yeah but at the end of the Day it’s still a rocket You know to what a tic tac could do from From apparently what they were saying Shooting uh from you know The ocean up to The Stratosphere you know and then coming Back down then zipping like this rockets Don’t do that No that’s different technology for sure So if they have that technology why is The even Well i’ll tell you why why even use the Hypersonic rocket you know it’s the same They’re using the technology from the Tic tac right But they don’t want us to really know That they have the tic tac even though We know america is not going to say that China stole our technology and made the Tic tac so they have to say it’s not us It’s not them to throw off dissent That’s why it’s a disinformation Campaign well what is it then if it’s Not china russia or america well we

Don’t know so it’s alien well it might Be we don’t know so Yeah That you guys have the technology no We don’t China has it all he said stole it they Stole it they perfected it faster they May have made a rocket instead of a tic Tac or they have both I think i don’t know man i mean this is The stuff that’s circulating around it Makes sense now What do you think they stole it from Well they stole it from us Uh you know and i don’t know if it i Think when i’m getting it do you think That We have taken it from alien technology Or it was it’s just a natural Progression of humanity yeah that’s the Thing nobody’s talking about aliens They’re talking about it being a natural Progression of technology That’s how i’ve that’s how i’ve taken it It makes sense it’s nothing alien about Going hypersonic 20 000 miles an hour 15 000 miles an hour It’s not alien Doesn’t sound like it to me alien sounds Like the tic tac almost And we couldn’t because that’s alien Technology to us maybe yeah i don’t know Man all i know is is that china is Supposedly they’re the ones that have

The tic tac and they’re showing us the Rocket because they don’t want to tip Their hat to exactly all the technology They have I mean we we haven’t seen a real And i mean a real jump when it comes to How we get into space Now Since The early days of nasa Right We still use it yeah we can paint them Up well we can make We can make them look futuristic we can Wear a fancy space suit elon’s doing the Fancy spacesuits But at the end of the day they still do The same thing yes they can they could They can they can land now they can Reuse them but we’re still using the Same We’re still putting the same [ __ ] inside Them you know yeah to power them more or Less yeah But when you look at Ufos And how they move True story i was out There with the missus Uh this was A few weeks ago Right and i’m seeing this thing moving In the sky And i don’t know if you’ve ever seen

Something when it’s been pitch black and It looks like a star and you think shall I bother filming that you think there’s Absolutely no point even me even trying Because i i won’t be able to see Anything because he but it was and i Said to to my wife i said There That looks like a ufo I think it’s got no flashing lights on It And then one it was moving And this is a clear night this is a Really clear night not a cloud in the Sky and it it was Almost like the color of the background Here like a dark blue sky Um And it was bright and it was had a glow To it it was just moving along the sky And then it just went Gone It didn’t zap off it disappeared didn’t Go behind it Like turned off and she went where did It go i said there you go i’ll see you What time was it It was about Nine o’clock In the morning roughly because it was i Think it was about an hour before the Show Before our show Oh tonight

No not tonight this was a this was this Was weeks and weeks ago oh okay so the Sun so the sun had just went down Yeah it’s getting darker here in the uk But it wasn’t as dark as It is now Sounds like it may have been An iridium flare satellite maybe it Could have been it more than likely was But i didn’t even bother filming it Because i thought I can’t tell what it is i can’t tell What it is it’s no point I know that is a mistake i wish i had Because but i don’t think my camera Would have picked it up i really don’t Think it would have picked up The dot because it was a dot Yeah You never know what that dot’s gonna do Though so that’s why it’s always good to I always say record them don’t send them To me if they’re not doing anything but Record them anyway you mean if the Doctor starts to then went Yeah But how many people have sent that Footage in yeah and a couple of them Looked like i don’t know it looked real You know where they just get smaller and Smaller and smaller Yeah like it’s going away how many have You actually seen of a dot and then the Dot goes

Like that I’m talking from the general public Never in them i’ve never seen it i can’t I can’t think of them only the fake ones Yeah never seen a real fake ones yeah Yep but Now it makes sense that it it was china All along at least this is my opinion But And well not only my opinion i’ve Changed my opinion i used to think it Was the americans The u.s who had this technology and Didn’t want anybody to know Jennifer thank you my friend Nobody has ever mentioned the effects This which helped me out oh yeah nobody Ever mentions the effects discoveries And its impact on physics and associated Technologies and worldwide phenomenons Like sonic booms So you guys are getting a lot of those Aren’t you you guys are getting a lot of Those Booms i have them here in florida heard Another one a few days ago Four in the morning What’s your thoughts on what that Actually could be Man I have a theory That i think we’re flying into or are Stuck in some sort of debris field And these are

Little asteroids getting in our Atmosphere Or it’s uh us testing technology in the Sky or under the ground i mean take a Pic man i mean it’s crazy There’s little tremors with these things You know miniature earthquakes Housing shake Yeah that’s interesting you should say That because didn’t that one that came That hit russia that was filmed that Made a booming sound when it came Through the the atmosphere yeah they do Yeah that one was amazing yeah that was In 2015 i believe You know that was crazy off the dash cam Shock waves thousands of windows windows Out yeah um A window smashing away where With these booms where you guys uh One person had a window crack but uh Most of them are just shaking pretty bad And you know some items fall off the Shelves and things like that Even in arizona when i was in arizona we Had one And uh what what is Cha cha It’s russia that’s where the meteor went Off the one you’re talking about Right i i thought that rung a bell i Thought that wrong Yeah it’s a meteor when it hits the Ground

Oh i meant the effect of the the hard on Collider oh the hydrant collider Hadron hadron You know the one right We spoke about that many times yeah it’s Certain could it be the effect of the Hadron collider no i don’t think so Could be but i don’t think so would they Tell us no But how do we know we we don’t know i Don’t think so Some people think when they first turn That thing on All that existed Stopped existing and we’re in another Dimension that would explain the mandela Effect stop it you I i said stop it right there We looked that up on a show we we looked That up on a show of when the mandela Effect started And it’s that it started a few i think It was a About eight months after They first used yeah The the collider Which is very strange that’s weird and I’m telling you now C3po never had a silver leg Never never in a million years I think you did Like you say it’s probably just it’s Probably just memory It is well i don’t remember him ever

Having a silver leg Either but everything else like froot Loops and berestine bears and Everything else i remember the spelling Of froot loops with two o’s you know and All that stuff it’s just bad memory and And when it started it was people closer To you know 40 years old because that Stuff happened 25 years earlier when They were just kids and it’s all Subliminal so of course when you get Older your brain doesn’t need to Remember all that stuff anymore so you’d Think everything just changed but it Didn’t it’s bad memory if that if that Stupid mandela effect was real i’d walk Outside and my car would be a Lamborghini one day Or a pinto I i know yeah i know you’re saying that Everything’s a Little tiny changes The new york yankees hat might be Yeah totally different logo but so well Yeah right that would be a mendel a real Mandela effect But nothing big ever changes I’m not into mandela effect i never have Been but I Some of the things i have to say i mean What what was it what’s the is miramira On the wall who’s the fairest of them All it’s not magic mirror it’s not much

Magic mirrors It’s never been magic mirror rich it Always has and i’ll tell you why Because I was alive when that thing came Jennifer look what you’ve started look What you’ve started here Thank you for the super chat You know why it turned into mirror Mirror because some bozo in an ad for The movie Put a little bubble next to the mirror As the the woman walks a witch or Whatever walks up to it And it says mirror mirror because he Messed up or she messed up when they Made that little bubble speak That’s why that person that mistake Happened Thank you abby great subject i I’m glad you think it’s a great subject We come we do these shows and i think It’s a bit like goof on you start a show And then you go on a tangent but that’s The best way to do it That’s the best way to do it you’re Walking the line tonight i know I want you to grow a task like that rich Like your mug um I’m sorry i got a drink i just woke up I’m sorry I’ve got a drink as well you wanted to You want it stuck to me like a Marionette no i want you to grow that

Type of tash you know the uh this like The mug the tash and the mug oh yeah fu Manchu i think i think you could pull it Off I Do you know what i’m gonna do I’m gonna do a show i know a few mandela Affected channels And i’m gonna get them on rich And You’re going to come on as well What Yes yeah and what are you going to tell Them here’s what’s here I’m going to just sit back and watch you Argue with me they’re going to i’m going To say dude you’re wasting your time It’s all bad memories and how about this It’s bad memory that’s the conversation There’s no more to it yeah but this one With froot loops and oh my god there’s Not one of them they could tell tell me Is a legitimate mandela effect ever Thank you abby i appreciate this yeah Yeah yeah gigi abby lynn over there See so nothing there’s nothing there’s Not one of them that has made you think Nope no okay well forget the mandela Effect then no seriously not one even if I but even if i thought it was luke i’m Your father i am your father It’s still a bad memory because the Original you know screenplay or Screenwrite was no

I’m your father Not luke i am your father That was done because of bad advertising Wrong you see the The strange thing with this and i am Going to move on from this people don’t We’re not going to stay on mandela but You see people putting their old Videotapes in to try and watch it but if It was a total paradigm shift The videotapes would Not they would they would they would They would they would re they would Debunk you Because if it was a shift they would you Wouldn’t have the if you had shifted Realities No matter what you had whether you had a Old book the berenstain bears or you had Um you know a model of secret c3p which I did have a totally silver model uh not Silver there was a silver cpu there I had a gold one and it was solid gold Never He never They couldn’t be asked to make a silver Leg On the toy too expensive it doesn’t mean That’s a mandela effect So we’re going to base the entire Universe changing on c-3po’s leg Yes Unbelievable People would be

If things changed it would be such A news thing it would be crazy people All over the world are forgetting things Like this that and the other thing even Today when i woke up i thought this was The name of the diaper but it was not You know i mean come on And nobody has a videotape with proof do They If somebody can show me it says mirror Mirror on the wall Without an original no that would be Impossible Because if there’s been a shift rich Everything’s changed you wouldn’t have An old tape Because we’re in a different reality That would be impossible So you might But you would you would also think Why would you still have that memory Again Like you say you debunk it as We’ve forgotten we you know well you Just improved everything You just you just said it without even Knowing i know i’m genius Because what did i say if though if the Universe Did change Then we wouldn’t be able to notice the Difference so it didn’t change because You can’t get that proof That proves it right there

Unless Humanity humans Are You know You may you may get a a dimensional Change But something about us Whether it’s the soul whatever it is That still keeps the memory You can do the shift But you can’t take the You can’t take the human mind Out of the old dimension Into the new dimension you can’t check You can’t reprogram A human as much as they try to reprogram Us they can’t reprogram us Maybe that’s what it is i don’t know It’s it’s all fun to talk about but yeah I’ll get some mandala affected people on The show that’d be a good conversation That were affected that is beautiful Is that what i say I never heard it that way before i think It’s funny But so i mean moving on from the The collider but what if The ufos are messing with maybe they’re Messing with our reality maybe whatever They’re doing coming in or if it is our Technology we are moving Uh shifting through dimensions With these tic tacs with whatever it is Maybe that would affect

The actual planet itself You know Where we are Changing Things Ever so slightly but still changing i Mean when they sent those and i think i Spoke about this on the on a show before My dad used to always tell me the story About i’m not going to talk about the Ufo about the The The two planes that went round the world Together the atomic clocks were Slightly out like Like Nano second a nano of a second out but It was out that proved that time If you travel You can change time i don’t have you Ever looked that up have you ever seen Anything to do with that it’s a true Thing that it it’s it’s a Stream Going up in space they uh gain a few Hundred millimeters of a second whatever You know nanoseconds They gain a nanosecond yeah i saw that The brookhaven national lab in the u.s Is a hadrian hadron collider if you Split atoms at such a level you may Experience sonic booms from jennifer cme Oh thank you jennifer uh I did not know that you guys had one

Or a similar thing Yeah the brookhaven national lab in the U.s is a hadrian collider i didn’t know That either Wow yes I didn’t i thought there was only One there’s there’s more than one It seems like a lot of effort just to Prove the god particular Is it black mata or what what the dark Matter the god Well they’re smashing different things You know smashing atoms together yeah Yeah yeah the god particle i think was The original thing but people were Worried in 2012 i believe that If they did it that would be the end of Everything a black hole would form but What kind of black what kind of sonic Booms Like loud ones like we hear from jets That is that what is jennifer saying Yeah we i’ve see i’ve seen the reports You guys are the the popping up Everybody’s Youtube channels are popping up in the States now saying that these loud booms Have been yeah it’s been it’s been it’s Been on uh i think it’s even been on cnn It’s definitely been on fox Yeah It’s definitely it was on all the Channels you’re right And it’s really ramped up

I mean i can remember when there was a Lot of the booms have you done a show About the booms i think did you you’ve Done a segment about it yeah I yeah i did i also did a little episode You know like a mini 20 15 minute video On the The sounds of the trumps in this guy It’s crazy i mean it really is yeah but I debunked it Remember Was it something to do with How to do with um machines digging Construction that’s all it was yeah when They when they grind against the earth And they’re digging yeah Was that when you was up in arizona yeah Yeah i thought sorry i remember that Exact same thing thank you jennifer I exact same sound i mean i’ve had it Once over here and it turns out that it Was two jets that went to sought out air Um an airliner that had gone off course Um But I mean it is it’s illegal to to scramble To have even do a sonic boom i say Illegal based in military so they can do What they want Um It’s It is it’s a mind boggle though why all Those booms are going off At your end of the woods

It’s crazy There’s nobody Not only that What no i mean there’s little Earthquakes with these things tremors Too there’s you know they they hear the Big boom and then You know It’s crazy But you do get crazy weather as well You know but it’s It wasn’t weather though And maybe they she video taped it and You can see that the glass you know When it happened I like your explanation of That it may be Something coming through the atmosphere But that could be anything coming from The atmosphere Maybe it maybe is them testing Uh Tech Maybe they’re testing the tic tac But the tic tac and anything hypersonic Isn’t i didn’t think it was leaving Uh like fravor said it wasn’t leaving Boom It didn’t boom but maybe at certain Speeds it maybe it did i don’t know How would you how would you how would You even hear the boom you know when You’re in a A jet

Yeah Huh you wouldn’t hear it when you’re in It no he wouldn’t i don’t know i i mean Do you i i don’t know i’m sure he said I’m sure he said there was no sonic boom Jory said that i could be wrong oh There was no Sonic boom when From the tic tac it made nothing there Wasn’t forever said there was he Actually said that there was no sonic Boom what did he have his ear to the Window Do you know how loud those things are That he would have yes i had them over My house You would you would you would have heard Them yeah he would have felt it man It’s crazy loud that thing Especially when they’re really low You i don’t know if i’ve spoke to you About the guy uh i think he’s he’s He’s He was on he was on that show recently Uh the the radar guy Kevin david Yeah what do you do what do you make of Him seems seems like uh Not He doesn’t seem he yeah he seems very Young not unconfident but he Yeah Almost unconfident but not in what he’s Saying

But like he’s a little bit Shaky Well he went through a lot when he saw Those 80 or 100 of them Falling from the sky episode 4 on Unidentified called reigning ufos When he went to talk to people he’s Nobody was admitting it For some reason and he got frustrated he Knows what he saw And then I guess years later he saw that they Were talking about it on the tv at a at A bar he was at because he went through Some tough times he got into drinking Got divorced because he said nobody Would corroborate what i saw on radar Isn’t that weird why would somebody get That emotionally distraught this is What’s in our army Okay yeah that’s that’s my question and You know i’d like to get the guy on but But for For him to Have a job of that sort of To be in that job in the first place now My my friend who’s in the raf He wanted to be uh in he he’s a Technician and he fixes the planes okay But he what he’s the job that he Actually applied for was air traffic Control And he is Solid as a rock i mean i mean you could

Insult him you could you could say Whatev This guy Would watch e.t and not cry oh man That’s a man right here he’s that type Of guy that’s a real man And he’s extremely intelligent Like so the The iq and everything he passed for Everything but he didn’t get The job In the re he didn’t get the job he Wanted he had to work his way oh he said They said they said that he that he may Not be um Be able to handle it there was a few Things they needed to Do a lot of they needed to uh vet him First almost he had to work his way up To that now that’s in the uk Yeah but When When he’s there and he get he’s getting Emotional over what he saw them not Believe believe in him i find that Not well i don’t want to say i don’t Believe the guy But like you said for somebody to be in That position To have that That role Surely to be in that role you should be Ready for anything absolutely Nailed it

Yeah oh yeah no matter what it is 50 Dots 1 dot 100 dots You need to be mr steel cool breeze man Nothing affects you nothing is out here Everything is focused Sounds like he had a little bit of a Panic attack You know little i mean that to me In the u.s we’ve lowered our standards Let’s just say that And we had to to appease everybody So more people can get into the army Navy air force of marines it’s amazing What they’ve done So i’m not sure if in 2004 that was the Case but kevin day fits that role and Hey man you got hundreds or even Thousands of people In the army or whatever is going to be One or two bad apples or apples that go Sour slowly He may have been one of those you know Not everybody’s of a perfect mind Wow I mean unless It was more the home life that affected Him and yeah That i can understand And i just don’t understand yeah and it Followed him to work But this was going on for almost two Years anyway right Isn’t that what they said or was that in 2019 2014

I’m not sure but even if he saw them Firing nuclear missiles and they just Escaped by the skin of the teeth and he Witnessed that For that type of job He’s you would think That The uh the test that they would do on Somebody that is in that role that they Should be able to take anything So either he saw something so shocking Or something i or like i’ve just said in His personal life a lot of [ __ ] was Going on and then that affected him at Work and he just couldn’t Couldn’t cope with it well We need to clarify something kevin day Didn’t have a breakdown or anything at Work It was after the fact yes i know that i Know that oh okay well the reason i say That because if anybody just came in it Sounds like we’re attacking them for you Oh no we’re definitely not definitely Not attacking him man you know i’ve got The the utmost respect yeah just asking The question yeah you know what could Have possibly happened To turn somebody with that type of Training to do a job with that Huge and that is a huge responsibility When you’re in the radar seat when You’re actually looking at what’s coming In

You have to be switched on You know you have to be that person that Is on the ball you know that can take Anything that can take a but a nuclear Missile On radar whatever you know you have to Be that person that that can you know Not panic and be there to to report it Or whatever they do you know be a rock Yeah you got to be a rock You’re going to smell what the rock’s Cooking He may have been the rock but when People wouldn’t believe him or talk to Him about what he saw and then the tapes Went missing According to him I don’t know But yeah they said that somebody came in Yeah a couple of they ceased the Helicopter helicopter landed on there And supposedly took him i’ve heard Stories that nobody came In a helicopter and took the tapes they Just went missing so i don’t know but Apparently that’s the that’s the real Story somebody came and took them there Were two operators radar operators i Just can’t remember the other one i Think it was chris or something i’m not Sure But now you have But now rich though if it’s just a story To sell

But now you have nasa backing it up That’s interesting You’ve got nasa backing that up You know so bill nelson and nasa backed Up The uh tic tacs Bill nelson i’m gonna play it again for You i’m just i’m just asking yeah no i’m Gonna play it i know the answer I’m gonna play again because he backed Those pilots up Yeah yeah yeah let’s hear it again Though Major damage To planet earth the the force He’s got such an echo on his mic uh After it goes through the earth’s Atmosphere and yeah it’s still the size Of see their time Field hitting the planet You’re talking about a major disaster Uh Larry before we leave I didn’t even talked about the search For Extraterrestrial life What do you think What do you think we’re doing on mars What do you think uh we’re looking for Life This is a part of nasa’s mission That’s what this telescope Uh is going to be looking for Are there other planets elsewhere that

There is life Now i know what you’ve seen is what Those navy pilots saw in 2004 and there Have been some 300 sightings since then And i’ve talked to those pilots And they know they saw something and Their radars locked onto it And and then all of a sudden it was here On the surface And then it’s there Uh and they don’t know what it is and we Don’t know what it is We hope it’s not an adversary here on Earth that has that kind of technology Oh But it’s something And uh and so this is a mission that We’re constantly Looking god dang it he does sound like He practiced that He brought in the threat then didn’t he Yeah He brought the friend They are a threat If you don’t know what something is if Something was in your house But just kept floating around you didn’t Do anything you know it’s just floating Ever going in and out of other rooms and Everything and everywhere you go it Followed wouldn’t you feel threatened i Mean I’ve got two of the little bastards So you know

Yeah but uh It’s a threat i get it i don’t like it i Don’t like the way they pulled it all Out the last four years it was a total Disinformation campaign It’s exactly what it was and that’s why They wanted to get this uh Seat the permanent office of the Secretary of defense inside the inside Of the department of defense in the Pentagon Because they wanted to know what these Things are doing And what our friends that’s what Elizondo said we need to have this Office once we have this office Inside the government then we could get With our allies and all of our All the people around the world And then they’re all going to put their Notes together and they’re going to say Hey we saw the tic tacs here we just Never reported it we were doing a Training mission over here and we saw The tic tacs ah everybody’s seeing it During training missions interesting So who’s left well we didn’t talk to China Or russia but Man i wonder if they have it Sure enough they fly that rocket around The world never been done before that Means they can go anywhere they want With the nuclear warhead

You don’t think we’ve got it then I don’t know I don’t know When the uk’s got it Well you know uk is number two in the World with ufo sightings We don’t talk about it though I mean the the uk government don’t talk About it the uk news barely talks about It wow you guys have Not as the united states is almost Covered in reports except for the middle Part Um but compared to the rest of the world The united states is about 90 of the Sightings around the you know taken over The whole world So what does that mean What’s going on over the u.s And canada Maybe Maybe anjali’s right you know maybe That’s where the base is On jolly man she she didn’t go there Physically she went there in her mind Right Didn’t she go there she didn’t actually Go into the no no no no she went into a Coffee shop We’ve discussed this rich she she met Dave And brenda at the table When she when she was with uh donald her Friend donald

And donald said i’m gonna leave you with These people you’ve never met before But it’s been nice meeting up with you Again and uh Dave and brenda told her a story about You know The alien base So she said well you know what i’d like To come with you but before i do I’m gonna Message my son At Your location Just in case you you Decide to chop me up into little pieces Which is fair enough She went She went to the house Fortunately she didn’t get she you know They were nice people He did live on a in a nice big ranch Yeah and they took her to the mountain They took her into the tunnel And she walked that tunnel All the way up And she She saw the aliens and then she appeared Back Inside Dave and brenda’s house right underneath The kitchen beam Which exactly where dave said she’d Appear They weren’t liars they weren’t that you

Know they they they took her And they told the she Reappear In the kitchen she reappeared in the Kitchen She is now going to take people at some Point this year angeli you i i did Message you on twitter to come on the Show see you should have come on the Show because i believe you i believe you Sincerely believe you you do i do yeah i I i don’t understand your problem with It rich i really don’t i think that i Think the lady is gonna be The head of disclosure Shares eight weeks Wait if he was in the uk If he was in the uk and somebody said That i’d be saying time’s tick ticking Because it’s getting cold Right but didn’t this happen in a place Where there isn’t snow Where is this place in arizona i can’t Remember i don’t know what it is California i i i listened and then it Went in one ear and out the other Oh here we go Uh Mind blown China not got tic tac tech Will It would show It’d show It would it would shouldn’t be game over

It would be i don’t know The game over china had taken i’ve been To china the nice people they don’t want To Destroy people you know they just they Just want to Sell loads of the tech to us all You know we buy it Didn’t i don’t know who said it but they Have 90 or 80 of the uh Lithium in the world really yeah So That’s i mean I I don’t know about the america thing With china but i mean I’ve been to china It’s a great place the people are lovely But i don’t know about the government The people are amazing and the nicest People you would ever meet i’ve been Into people i got invited into Somebody’s house for dinner and i’m Talking about just somebody’s general House i’d never met and i went in and Had dinner in their house hmm Crazy times Amazing times as well but The the country is just Absolutely phenomenal I would like to go there Yeah the tech they have though is It is quite amazing How it all runs the cities and

Everything And But um i don’t know about the tic tacs i Didn’t see any tic tacs i saw some great Drones though And robots They’ve got good stuff man China Yeah i’ve got a video of the drones Which i might put up on the channel Actually because i think i can now Because i don’t work for the company Anymore but yeah the uh The drones are phenomenal and even now i Reckon if i Get those uh drones up They They would probably look better than Most of the drones that you would see in That after the in the average shop today Yeah And that was what six years ago It’s uh The tech is phenomenal but it always has Been it always has been Whether they’ve got a tic tac or not i Don’t know I mean if you think that’s their top and That’s their tech rich And a few other people have said that And i know a lot of people in playing it Well It would be a good reason not to show it You know right that’s what i’m saying so

Why not just show us the rocket part That’s like and yeah that’s what i said First thing in the show they’re not Gonna show us what the best thing is Now they so what that means is if it was China They’ve watched us training You know without impedement they were Flying around Our pilots Watching watching all of everything we Do if they you know they’re gathering Data on all of our battlefield plans Possibly you know how we train where we Go They’ve got it all they have everything I believe they literally hack The united states military Deep And they’ve been doing it for years That’s the whole thing Undetected man Well i would say they’d be offended by This video but did you know that youtube Is banned in china What Yeah you’re not allowed youtube in china I didn’t know that oh oh no whatsapp i Had to use um Oh wechat i had to use an app called Wechat i wasn’t allowed to use whatsapp While i was out there oh wow Which was quite insane but yeah The company said we only need well we

All needed to download wechat And i had to to use wechat while i was In china Because i think youtube has too much Information that China doesn’t want their people to see Though i did go live on the great wall Of china because i couldn’t resist Yeah But that was about when i had about 100 Subscribers so So yeah but i i i i don’t honestly When it comes to The tech I kind of think you guys have got it I really do Because of nasa and You know the research that have been Done done Along the years i i refuse to believe That they stopped Progressing the technology You know it’s almost like You you guys ca have kept your secrets For a reason you know nasa i refuse to Believe that nasa Just After all these years Uh from from long from going to the moon Yeah Seven times they just stopped going to The moon right Why would you just stop going to the Moon it’s a great place

If you get a base up there especially Have you ever heard of a A show called ufo seekers Yes i have Okay um Secure team 10 used to promote them i Think the guys in area 51 There’s a different one That’s the that’s another ufo seekers i Believe right There’s two of them I was there okay they’ve both got the Same i thought ufo seekers is the guy With the He’s got the car and he’s got ufo Seekers written on the car Yep that’s that guy but i don’t know if This is him because i thought there was Two Two different ufo seekers out there but Anyway It looks like it might be that guy i Don’t know The logo is it anyway so He’s been sending me these Videos that he makes and things that he Figures out and have figured out And um he made a video explaining why It’s china And he’s oh are you are you friends with The ufo seeker guy I would think so yeah oh you should game On Yeah yeah yeah i

That’s a great idea actually for this it Is Um well let’s see that But he made a video a few days ago a Week ago and it’s unbelievable the way He put it together and figured out that It it might be china after all so he Gave have you have you played on your Show yet no tonight i will so he gave me Permission to play it yeah and he wants Me to But he made an eight nine eight minute Video and it’s unreal The things he says so Thank you jennifer again yeah i mean if If if they’ve got all the lithium um You know we need those lithium batteries I definitely do i’ve got lots of things That have lithium batteries This isn’t the The electric cars the the teslas they Run off lithium batteries don’t yeah Yeah i really i really want a tesla but We don’t have enough Um Money well we have one we don’t have Enough money oh you mean grids like But we don’t have enough uh yeah the Fueling points oh they’re right right They’re getting there but it’s not like You guys in the states that have got Them everywhere Yeah yeah thank you jennifer you’re Right though the lithium the lithium

Batteries go we’re buggered When i was in uh santa monica with the Cousins brothers and dark hour and Everybody we had a tesla for a week I saw that thing is wickedly fast with Four people in it i couldn’t believe it Goes zero to sixty i i think it was like 2.8 seconds or something it’s almost as Fast as a motorcycle it’s crazy Even the cheap Electric cars are insane on the Acceleration oh yeah yeah it’s it’s Ridiculous but yeah i think the tesla is A beautiful cars they’re so cool Yeah the but the thing is with the Tesla’s it’s the actual Technology that makes those cars yeah I mean i’m talking about like the The whole infrastructure of the unit in The middle and how that works with the Car So yeah the The lithium the The car being electric in itself and Having a great Well getting better not like Not not like a The fuel cars But still Can get a good mileage on a tesla Oh yeah But it’s the tech that makes a tesla Compared to the other electric cars That’s what makes them they’re just too

Expensive it’s so cool when you’re Driving down the street And it shows you everything That’s in front of you it’s so cool the Way it maps it You imagine that sort of technology i am Well i imagine that sort of technology To be in A Fast moving Uh Vehicle uh Not vehicle uh Tic tac yeah something that would move So fast that it would need some sort of Self navigation almost yeah The elon uses In his Tesla tic-tacs And his space rockets as well You know they use similar tech on board To What he His technology is Insanely good Let’s put it i i think Nasa if you look at nasa spacecraft And then you look at a A Spacex spacecraft That the tech in that Looks Way ahead of its time when it comes to Nasa

You would expect nasa to be like that Now Even better after the years and years But sure I just i just don’t i think in the next 20 years we’ll still be seeing rockets Yeah like you just said with nasa you Still see extension cords hanging from The ceiling and you know upside down Outlets over here I wanna i wanna see a solid state rocket Yeah man Where it doesn’t need to Just keep ejecting and what have you Because they’ve probably got that Technology But it’s hidden I don’t know man I i i don’t know You do know rich because if we believe In what we believe in it when it comes To ufos when it comes to tr3bs I mean we’ve not even spoke about that I know but people are seeing these Objects in the skies for years and years And years i know And going back to arizona How many people Witnessed The lights Tens of 20 000 people saw it And how big was it One to two miles wide And moving a nice steady pace as well

Yeah moving very very slowly some said At a walking pace which is you know 0.2 Miles an hour to hundreds of miles an Hour without making a sound they said When the wings the wings would be wide But when they came in close then it Would jolt away from them Really quick like and then they would Spread open the wings Or whatever Have you ever thought that that may have Just been Flares No Come on No no i’m talking about the eight i’m Just team exciting yeah yeah i know i’m Talking about the 815 sighting not the 10 o’clock one that everybody saw on tv That was flares that was the distraction Because so many people called in About what happened around 8 15. so how Many people How many people about that have video Cameras Nobody The 10 o’clock one there’s supposedly Two or three but those are flares But the 815 one there’s not one video of It There’s a video that was taken like a Week earlier that was up in jerome Arizona just north in Phoenix

But uh they don’t know if that was it or What but nope nobody’s got it on video Which is interesting because it happened So quick and back then in 97 we didn’t Have cell phones like we do today No but you had video cameras you know People yeah that was that was kind of The thing people got a video camera for Christmas Somebody somebody bought the dad a video Camera hey that is a video camera yeah That was probably the the problem that No but nobody knew how to use it yeah Maybe thank you fred yeah they they no Longer Well are they no longer allowed or did Nasa lose the technology to go to the Moon oh that’s the dumbest thing i ever Heard and then that is Makes me who thought of that and said That’s a brilliant idea we lost it all Wait have you looked at the way he says It The way he says it he just looks like he Looks like david fraver in that first Interview on fox news We lost the technology together yeah Yeah he’s all programmed he’s a Manchurian candidate No we didn’t lose the technology to go To the moon Well you didn’t Rich i didn’t No i did not if you were in charge you

Would have done No i would have never lost it i would Have kept it Come on You put in the box Huh you put in the box safe when you Yeah yeah yeah it would be in the attic You would have backed that [ __ ] up I would have man Someday We’ll go back to the moon maybe they Threw it out thinking we’re never going Back so why keep this stuff well it’s Got historical value First time man’s ever been to the moon You know that ain’t true johnson there’s Aliens up there i know But they don’t know That’s how that went down We gotta throw it out let’s just keep it I hope somebody kept it instead of Throwing it out People keep saying that going back to The the The lights people keep saying they’re Waiting for that uh That new event the next um The next phoenix lights And apparently it’s going to happen When that happens next with the with all The cell phones that’s game over you Know that’s disclosure for you Um it’s almost like the aliens know We’ve got these phones now and they

Won’t do it again I know It’s been since 2005 Since the uh chicago o’hare incident That we’ve had something Right have we had any sightings where Lots of citizens have seen and reported Ufos since then Do you know of any Not like that and that’s gonna that’s Gonna be bring me back to this rich the The title of the show yeah Because The phoenix lights Do you really think that would have Happened If everybody had one of these Um I don’t know man I really don’t but uh lately i’ve been Saying i don’t know but Probably not because you don’t know Nobody I feel like uh i’m a broken record of The worst kind i really been saying i Don’t know more than ever because i Really don’t know In the old days i would say yeah yeah You know it’s this it’s that but really We don’t know Lee’s in the chat Hey L lee lisa moo lee’s the moon leads the New you know like joe rogan he’s a moon

Denier Joe rogan removed tonight for a long Time lee’s a moon denier We never went to the moon in my opinion It’s what we’re and what we’re told About space is a lie too much is fakery To believe anything we are given where’s Your proof He just feels it in his gut you know it Doesn’t look like i don’t blame i don’t Blame him It looks fake we’ve had this Conversation so many times I i sound like a broken record we talk About the the Ships going up into space remember we Had when we had area 503 and we spoke an Aerial 503 if you’re watching this i Love you to pieces but It was like He got like my dad when i’m talking About space travel and about them not Showing enough footage for me to Be able to accept it What you don’t think is real No i’m just asking the question you know Why do they not Show why why when they went to the moon Did they not have They had good footage going up there I’ve seen the the documentary where Where buzz is on board with a video Camera filming in very good quality neil Armstrong while they’re on the ship you

Know brushing the tee for whatever Whatever they’re doing But they didn’t use that and pop it over While neil was going down the ladder Maybe the maybe maybe the camera would Have imploded i don’t know but I get exactly what lee’s saying you know There is there’s nothing now other than Faith Faith in nasa faith in the government Faith in faith in the world You know the people controlling Everything That’s what we’ve got we’ve got faith And i’m not a moon denier I’m just saying Question everything because that’s what You should do It’s photoshop because it’s it it has to Be What’s photoshopped Everything There’s an there’s a good explanation to Why a camera wasn’t pointed down at What’s his name going down the ladder on The moon i’ll find that video and send It to you i know what you’re going to Say No no because you’d have had to have the Spacesuit on and it’s attached to the Space yeah that’s not it though That was what i said but i think it’s The the guy gave such a logical Explanation as to why

We don’t see him go down the ladder like You’re explaining I’ll find that and send it to you and You can use it someday I know where to find it so it’ll be good It’s weird Steve loves the island i don’t know Charlotte I think he’s talking about lee’s island Dr moreau No lee lives on the isle of man I think he said he said he said alex White oh but yeah at least lee says only Bring up The iss fake stuff Um I then i didn’t show that on youtube Because that will be uh Immediately uh The video might get taken down What There’s a few videos out there that i Have watched and i I i i think i might might have sent you A couple of them rich and i’ve sent lee Some of them And it’s a few of the um Let’s just call them the globe deniers Yeah Yeah Where they believe because That Maybe There’s a little bit of uh

Tomfoolery going on On a certain Um A certain giant um object that is Orbiting the earth With a few people on board That is very shiny and it moves Extremely fast they think because it Moves so fast You know It wouldn’t survive up there five Minutes Because about the iss Yes Yes but what we talking about it there Is have you ever watched iss glitches And Where where the The people kind of glitch out yeah of Course Seen them all i love it Some of them do look very some of them You just think well you know what They’re they’re all the way up there and That’s just image artifacts right in That video video image artifacts but Some of them Some of them You know you you jargos like that and i Show i showed my dad one of them and he Went Do you want some nonsense you right Right yeah he got a little bit A little bit angry you know

I think the anger there might be because He almost Felt a little bit like You ruined his dreams yeah He took away his fantasy of all Fantasies Because because my dad constantly used To speak about you know them going to The moon and what have you done i said i Said dad i’m not saying it’s not real But what i’m saying is That bit there Right there that thing that you’re Watching right there It looks odd It looks a little bit Fake you Dare i say it right What did he say I think he told me to [ __ ] off And he doesn’t normally use that Language for white my dad’s like it Doesn’t say half off but he’s like the Same way uh get out of here with that That i’m not gonna watch that you know I’m like why don’t you want to know the Truth for once uh your generation thinks Everything’s a conspiracy But but this one’s good Just take a look at this and but they Don’t understand the technology and how It works and why things fade out If you tell them well it’s free to know Because of whatever you know they’ll be

Like It’s not english i don’t know what You’re saying So then they think we’re tricking them It’s not necessarily the fading out ones That that get me it’s the ones where Because maybe that is just a really Convenient image artifact that does that It’s the ones where they’re doing this Oh yeah and there’s just nothing there Right These guys guys putting fruit up Grabbing over here i mean and nothing’s In his hand You could just imagine somebody one of The big bosses sat in the iron chair Going [ __ ] you know I can’t believe you’ve done it again Yeah can you get this technology right People It is weird Look um but it’s there It’s there rich because you you know you Have A good friend of mine he’s an astronomer He’s actually i think he’s a feature Channel he is a feature channel He’s one of the channels that filmed the Iss going past the moon and slowed it Down yep And you can plain as day see it You can even see the shape of it So there’s something there

It’s there Or Maybe it’s a hologram oh projected oh i Didn’t think of that All of space is a hologram haven’t you Heard all the news all the rave Space is a hologram I watched a video the other day and it Was so convincing i’m like man Why’d i have to watch that If it’s a hologram Rich And this is a program This is the worst computer game I would i would film this i would Thought this would get a bad review this Computer game if this earth simulation Is It’s not a good game to play i’m not Having i am not having fun Yeah no i know I did say that though i did say i said That to my dad i said you know he says So you don’t believe they went to the And says dad i believe they went to the Moon but i said what i said look at the Interview When the astronauts come back from the Moon yeah watch it I said i think they saw something he Said what do you think these are aliens I said no i think they saw the grid Yeah the end i think they saw the end of The simulation

Maybe Like But then what would you but then what Would ufos be rich what would the aliens Be what would be would they even be You know are they the next level of the Computer game well let’s hold on man We haven’t you and i haven’t seen a ufo To the point that we could say that’s Definitely alien technology or our Technology i have never touched one nor Have i gotten close to one Have you no Nobody has I’ve seen something But there’s a there’s many stories That i have the fbi files of ufos it’s Amazing Where people have seen and spoke to Aliens and were believed to be real real Encounters So there’s a lot of interaction believe It or not with the aliens and ufos i Don’t know what it means Mine’s more The the paranormal Kind of things seeing things um Odd things i can’t explain happen Strange coincidences that happen deja Vu’s Number patterns seeing odd things in Life it’s almost like code um Like signs that is What has happened to me over the last

Six years It’s not seeing ufos up in the sky and i Look I i constantly looked for a long time i Had my face i used to walk home Uh from work every night i didn’t use it I used to i used to i used to work close By i drive to work now but i used to Work quite close to home but it was a Good 20-minute walk Um i used to walk home every night and i I just i’m surprised i didn’t get run Over because my face used to be just Straight up looking up all the time Thinking i need to see one i need to see One I need to see when i and i keep seeing Them now I keep seeing them and you know what i Saw one this morning And i thought wow that’s amazing and Then you know what it was rich It was a balloon But you loved it right you loved the way You felt No I was disappointed it was when you first Saw it you thought it was a ufo oh yeah I got my heart started pounding right It’s a great feeling But Everything every time i look rich it’s Just either something that just is in The corner of my eye something that

Disappears quite fast it’s just like a Little bit of light That could be anything iridium flare Like you said It’s never it’s never satisfying i never Get that that video that that i would be Proud of to put up on youtube there was One that paul took the pleasure of Debunking for eight hours as you know um But that’s probably the best one i’ve Actually seen which it turns out that it Was a panda blog Well he he he i don’t know how he did That because it was like a dot but he Debunked it as a panda balloon from China uh we don’t even have panda bloons In the uk but god bless you paul i love You you don’t think somebody could buy One they they could but i don’t think i Don’t think you could I don’t think you could debunk Three pixels as being a panda balloon Because it was that high up i just don’t Think he can do that Jennifer Very generous tonight jennifer thank you So much the tic tac Could be That uhb mouse What’s uhb it’s supposed to be usb Usb mouse oh yeah yeah i think she means Usb mouse in the game Well that’s what i’ve always said like When you know when you put your mouse

And you move your mouse left and no you Know what i mean the cursor Is tic tac apple mouse it’s like a tic Tac Oh What do you mean well i’ve said this in The past before like when we’re on earth But we’re in a video game so let’s say They have to fix something in the video Game then they send their bots the Robots to go in and do stuff and then Maybe a mouse you know the cursor on Your mouse you know how it’s on the Screen You move it left and right that could be A ufo in the earth’s atmosphere that You’re moving around Do you understand what i’m saying i Understand exactly what you’re saying Yeah so when we look up we see the mouse Moving and but we call it a ufo Do you Da I know we spoke about this before is but Do you think it’s simulation theory or Do you think that this do you think this This is a simulation I don’t think so Because i asked myself that question Quite a lot of times especially things Like deja vu’s strange things that Happen like number codes and what have You yeah But somebody would have to create the

Simulation Yeah And then somebody Some somebody would have to create the Thing that’s making the simulation and Is the thing that created the simulation In a simulation itself And maybe the thing that made that in a Simulation is that in a simulation where Does that go on that’s like the universe That goes on and on and on and on and on And on forever So maybe simulation theory is not Necessarily computer code As we As we would perceive it to be yes Maybe it’s just life in general maybe Life in general is Like computer code So then why do you need computer code to Add trees Maybe there’s such thing as god and god That the computer code Is the creator’s imagination Computer yeah okay that’s good But don’t you think it would be changing There would be major changes and things Of that nature We talked about Yeah see pre-apo I’m talking about mountains being erased And oceans being moved I think if we were in a simulation code Would break down somewhere and we would

See behind the curtain i think if it is A simulation there’s so many programs Going uh right now there’s 7.5 billion Of them going with people on earth and That’s not even the other stuff that has To be programmed weather animals bugs Insects things we can’t see sounds we Can’t hear The sun the moon the planets oh my Everything it’s It’s too big how do you think we’d Manage Without it Without what Well you heard that you hit the black at The the rumors that the blackout from David smallcock david wilcock You know when he said that everything Was going to go The internet was going to go for quite Some time i didn’t if you saw the show That he mentioned that i actually Thought about that i thought how would We actually as human beings cope Without Having social media without having Access to the internet Would Like Life itself as in going shopping their Way things work It would break down We’d be starting from scratch Completely

For the most part we would steve k sent You a ten dollar yes i’m just bringing That up thank you steve okay i think I think it’s the future i think it’s the Future humans What’s the hell’s that say with the the Hype Hypothetical hypothetical Hypothetical can explain everything yeah That hypothetical can explain everything It fills in the holes but it doesn’t Mean it’s the truth aliens could just as Well fill in the truth magic could fill In that and make it true But i don’t think see i don’t believe in Time travel so i don’t think it’s future Humans at all But you don’t believe in time travel When we look at a star in the sky we ask That’s not the same that’s not the same That’s just perception time and distance That’s different seeing something 13 Billion years ago happen now that’s just Because it got here now Thank you steve That’s not time travel time travel is me Going back in time So you don’t believe you can go back or Forward Hell no no way No way I think it’s impossible First of all it’s not like you think It’s not back to the future where you go

1955 you don’t push in a number You got to do so much math i mean to To land back in 1955 to be in the same Position Where nothing’s going to be around you Without Anything getting in your way i mean if You’re off by a millionth of a percent You’re going to wind up in space That’s what i think So how tell me ollie how do you think we We would get back in time And just show up there and and we’re on Earth How do you how do you mathematically Make that happen how do you build Something that can tell you where you Can go and what year you to pop up at Rich i can barely wake up on the morning Let alone answer that question of how Can we time travel True i mean if if we have if there are Such things As Dimensions which There are dimensions Maybe they they figured out a way to Go through a dimension And come back out A different time period in this Dimension But a different I don’t know how do you get there that’s What i want to know how do you get to

Those other dimensions You would ask somebody like alien Scientist that question and not me I know that’s the problem i’m having With it That’s why i have these questions you Should get him back on that was a great Show Yeah Yeah i don’t know Getting to show you around the lab I don’t think he likes uh Me anymore for some reason That’s nonsense who wouldn’t like you Okay let’s not get into it I think it’s my so he i don’t know Something happened It has to do with the certain individual Being on third phase of moon’s show That he thought Would never go On third phase of moon And i think because i’m associated with Third phase of moon he decided Not To associate with me That’s a long story You know For me in this field I don’t know if it’s cause i’m like a Little alien [ __ ] But i would probably associate with Anybody Just for a conversation i know man

That’s what you’re supposed to do Speaking of conversations what what is Your show going to be about tonight Tonight Yes because we’re an hour and 40 minutes In i know you’re going to prepare for a Show and you’ve got to do a shop and I’ve gotta get to bed yeah it is going To be the ufology squid game I love the thumbnail rich yeah you’re Very nice Thank you you you could have made it Look beautiful though no People it’s a delicious thumbnail and You are going to show the clip from That you said uh tonight from truth Seekers is it not truth seekers Seekers ufo seekers i am going to talk About how the same stuff we were talking About tonight but with this video Explaining it all it’s an eight minute Video we’ll use it for the first hour it Is really compelling information that This guy Talks about i mean it really makes sense That it’s china With these tic tacs I can’t wait to see this i know me too Is it good evidence would you say It’s a good it’s good yeah it’s a good a Good concept it’s really good yeah It makes sense to me and i told him That it fills in the blanks for me Because i had questions about certain

Things like Why couldn’t it be this or that or china You know why can’t it be russia and it Kind of made sense what he says and he’s Not the only one and he talks about that Too Other people are on board what it’s China so everything lou talked about Is a disinfo and campaign over the last Couple of years Just because we don’t want The world to know that china has this Technology now don’t forget Before thanksgiving there’s supposedly a An announcement that’s going to happen That’s supposed to be yes i’ve i keep Hearing this people say i need to speak About it What’s it going to be what’s the Announcement going to be Apparently thank you for the super chat Helen crystal energy with a 5 pounder is That pounds that is pounds rich that’s What a pound looks like saying time is Only linear as we see it is like saying Only what we can see exists and we know That’s not true right i understand that But that’s that’s talking about Spectrums I’m talking about reality and if anybody Can explain to me how time travel works I’d like to know that’s my only question That’s my only beef with it how do you Get to point a to point b safely

Also rich though And helen Time is nothing but a human Concept right it’s not even real really Time probably It’s we measure that it’s our measuring Tool yeah but maybe maybe time doesn’t Actually exist Well times different For the planet like if we were in Jupiter things would be a lot slower i Think because the gravity’s so strong so Time would slow down It’s really weird I guarantee if there is those little Guys with the gray With the big heads and the The big the big eyes That time is not a thing for them Not like we see it anyway Right Hidden underbelly i would Like i would like to get you on the show My friend At some point thank you helen for the Super chat again a hidden belly you you Should join us at some point Um So you’re going to be showing this Evidence And Are you going to be getting the guys on I want to see the truth seekers on on Goof on

I Well i didn’t think about it but uh That’s a great opportunity Is what they called again rich ufo Seekers ufo seekers i remember When uh secure team 10 was massively Promoting them Yes and they kind of they they they Started to whoosh and then they got the Cat not saying that that’s how they Gain their channel because what the Stuff that they put out is really good And it’s good quality and he’s got also He’s got an awesome car with truth with Um What the freaks it called again rich Seekers Ufo seekers yeah the phil seekers why Can’t i remember that i don’t know i’ve Only had i’ve had one glass of wine and Half a kind of large yeah but look how Big the wine is it’s the bottle No It was filter there rich oh that’s it It’s a big glass so you actually didn’t Have enough is the point it’s a big Glass it keeps its warmth gotcha Yeah Um no you should you should get the ufo Seekers on There And they they’re very close to area 51 And don’t they constantly fly drones That try to try and get drones as close

As they can i think i’ve seen that i Could be wrong I don’t know I’m sure they do i’ve probably watched Them more than you rich Yeah i stopped watching because i was Busy and i just couldn’t fit them in my Schedule so I’ll tell you a secret i don’t watch ufo Videos anymore I have to but if i didn’t have to i Wouldn’t Kind of boring Say mulch Same old shite Same old shiite It is It’s the same Well that’s it huh Yeah i want to thank you for coming on As as as all as always uh you guys make This channel what it is because it used To be a completely it just used to be me And 15 minute videos on a black and White screen Um And uh You always make my night everybody in The chat and uh My good friends that i have on then They’re not guests they are friends You are good friends and uh we’ve great Channels that’s my ass looking for Tonight my good deed that’s beautiful

Yeah Um and i look forward to watching some Goof on in the morning Guys if you if I’m pretty sure that everybody in the Chat is subscribed but if you’re not go To goof on after this show And uh isn’t the link in the description The link is always in the description Yeah boy Yeah boy Good night god bless rich Mind your bugs don’t bite And also people If you do happen Because there’s been a couple But if you do get some of these t-shirts Because i’ve had like three pictures Sent to me I don’t need to see your face Just send me a picture of you wearing One of the Mofos If you’re watching this you should you Should you should You should get one of those I’ll give you a discount bob I would give him a discount that’s very Very smart 115 i can fly that’s pretty Good it’s just i just thought of it you Know rich it’s really good Or you can help out if you don’t want to Get a t-shirt you can just film the Video up if you want to do a free thing

From the video up if you want to be even Better And do one better you could go and share It on facebook or any social media Platforms to raise alien addict like the Wolf that it That it is Or you could head over to patreon Or you could head over to patreon just You know chip in a little bit With your nipples no don’t send me Nipples Do not want nipples Good night god bless folks Mind the bugs don’t bite i am alien Addict and this is rich from goof on it Was goof on radio I still can’t get over the fact that he Dropped the radio but How dare you how dare you because i’m Not a radio show It’s a goof on Good night folks you made it i made it i Made it Good night rich you hold on for one Second i will do that for you good night Everybody In two hours two hours What time will that be Nine eastern six pacific d-day Or not Oh man All right thank you

I miss tom delong