TERRIFYING Paranormal Activity CAUGHT on CAMERA (Murder Mansion) | Full Episode | PARANORMAL FILES

By | October 28, 2021
TERRIFYING Paranormal Activity CAUGHT on CAMERA (Murder Mansion) | Full Episode | PARANORMAL FILES

This is their home We welcome them the moment i stopped the Moment i paused look at that Daddy is that you Look at my goosebumps my hair standing On end was that you You saying this isn’t over No Way dude No Okay you’re not welcome you gotta leave That is insane guys Can you believe that Are you proud that you killed all those People Oh my god No What the hell and i just Would you kill again if you were given The chance oh my god No way Oh my god this dude is really evil man Um Will you follow me If i want to Meet you How’s it going everybody colin here from

The paranormal files tonight we are here In mauston wisconsin kind of like boston Kind of like austin this is mauston this Is a very historic town very small here In wisconsin but behind me this is a Notorious home in the area the borman House now this is a home that was built A very long time ago and we’ve already Done the interviews and everything so uh Yeah i guess let’s just cut right into The episode we already have had some Stuff happen to us Let’s go to that footage from the Beginning of the investigation now Because then after you see these clips Of the interviews i’m going to get into Some theories that i have that are very Interesting Okay go for it all right i’m rose clark The volunteer historian for the juneau County historical society and of course Uh the headquarters of the society is The borman house in mauston Ben boermann that built this house in 1876 Owned the rights to the power on the dam Over here on the lemon ware river Ben borman had a three-story flour mill Salt flour all over the midwest And a lumber mill The woodwork in this house was the Finest lumber that came through His mill and then ben berman discovered That

There was people making money off Carting wool because there was a lot of Sheep in the area So he started a third meal which was Wool carting Well ben uh owned actually at one time Most of the north side of the lemon ware River in Mauston he talked about building up a Big house and now One day Somebody was coming across the Bridge right over here and ben bourbon Was coming from town the man met him and Said if you’re gonna build that big House ben start it now i’m sick of Hearing about it Well this is the big house that he built And ben borman was married to A beautiful wonderful lady elizabeth Greg and they had three children And elizabeth Died of consumption in her 30s In within a couple years he remarried His brother’s wife’s sister She lived in mauston And then They had Two children One died young and the other A man Died in minnesota when he was about 75. So the kitchen of the house The room we’re standing in

Um Probably looked very much like it does Today we Every Almost everything in the house has been Donated and we Try to get period items Like the cook stove We have these Beautiful cupboards here It’s not called a dumb wader because It doesn’t go down into the basement or It doesn’t go through to the other side Where the Dining room is so they can’t Set the food In here For people to for the maid to pick up in The dining room And over to our uh back here this was a Maids room And In larger homes Built during that area Larger than this home which is quite Large Oftentimes There was an addition onto one side of The house that was the servants or the Maids quarters Because the maid would probably do the Mending for the house And we did have a spinning wheel in There she

I think that’s been moved Awesome All right we Move on here Now this room the bathroom is not Original to the house nothing in it is Original however the barmans had Running water In their house because they had their Own generator The dining room Um You can see the other side of the Cupboard And the nicer dishes Are in here Which differs from those that are in the Kitchen Now there’s wayne’s coating on the Bottom Corner of the room And the wainscoting is from ben borman’s Lumber mill It was part of his meal and when the Part of the mill year many many years After he built it it Part of it was destroyed by fire But they did salvage enough to make Put the wainscoting in here The light fixtures Are not original to the house But they are original To some of the older buildings In marston so they have meaning

We do have a list of where they came From but they were historic buildings in Mauston Is where they came from All right we’ll move on To the Second parlor Now there are three marble fireplaces in The house The marble came from Italy And by the way this house cost Twelve thousand dollars to build Including three marble fireplaces and Everything So Nowadays you could build One marble fireplace or the double doors For twelve thousand Times have changed The man up here is Uh charles cutler He was the first junior county clerk he Was a clerk for 30 some years And from all indication he was a Wonderful man well liked by people he Never married Now juneau county One of the township is named after Charles cutler and some of our Pictures around On the walls Some of them were not Really relevant to the history of

Juneau county however The pictures were good and the frames Were nice when they were donated so That’s why The pride and joy of Our society Is a candy case From a 105 year old grocery store in new Lisbon And there’s 32 compartments and any Child that grew up in new lisbon Could remember if they had a few pennies It was all penny candy It took a long time to decide how to Spend those Pennies And At the table When we Went to the home for the family to Show this case to us and decide if we Wanted it which we knew right away we Did It was sitting on this table and the Table was painted Gray and it was from the first owner of The grocery store this is a hammered Dulcimer Uh Would you like me to raise it up sure Okay Like i say all these items have been Donated And

Yeah I guess Anyway That’s what a hammer dulcimer sounds Like it’s like a guitar in that it has To be Tuned Every time it’s played And we are Getting someone that can play it for Some of our events That is a very creepy noise when it’s Cartoon And there are the Dulcimers like Mother mae bella carter Johnny cash’s mother-in-law She played the dulcimer But it was One that She held in her arm like a guitar In here We have the sun room Or solarium Back when this house was built many many People were dying of consumption There was no cure But the doctors and Believed that sunshine and rest Enabled the people to live longer but so Many Young people especially young women in Their teens or early 20s die to Consumption so back uh in the days that

This home was built this was Might have been referred to as the tb Room See the person could rest in the Sunshine all year round on a sunny day Would make this a wonderful room to be In Did anyone in the family die from tv Yes but um but this is the first mrs Foreman died of consumption But Of course that was a first before the House was built And but the second Mrs bormann she lived up quite a few Years past her husband Ben really died of consumption a few Years later something that he suffered From for a number of years At first they thought that maybe because He was a miller you know the grain mills So dusty that that was the number one Cause and he did go back to england for A few months Uh during the year Thinking that would be good for him but You know london weather is Anyway he died It was Not 10 years Less than 10 years after the house was Built And

I guess he died of consumption according To to what the History write-ups Say Uh there wasn’t a lot of emphasis on What he died from because he had been Ill For quite a few Uh years but he didn’t die in here no up I’m not sure Interesting Beautiful doors the finest wood that Came from ben borman’s mill Are part of these Doors Three different kind of wood these were Included in that twelve thousand dollar Price tag Okay a grand piano Made in massachusetts Uh the wedding dress belonged Was worn by ben borman’s Daughter And it’s Been exposed to the air Quite Too much and it doesn’t look so good but At least we we can get the style of it And uh this was a little gown that was Uh Made by ben mormont’s first wife For the first baby The first baby was a boy will And he ended up

Moving to australia over here we have The first mrs borman elizabeth the one That died before the house was built Then over here is ben boreman We Have had A number of descendants From out west here no longer are there Any descendants in wisconsin But There are some That have been here from California oregon and Washington And they love the house And they love the fact we’re taking care Of it And Another marble fireplace and by the way The rocking horse did belong to the Gorman children We we do have about a dozen items That were sent to us by the family Over here This is a melodion It’s kind of like a A keyboard Uh That we might Have to see today And the first mrs borman Uh play out she owned this And she played it when ben borman was

Courting her So it’s I think you have to pump it something Like a pimple And this Okay we have Um The families Of ben borman the descendants from out In oregon Have Had copies made of The original Letters that Ben wrote to his little daughter When he went over to england For a few months It’s just precious We Love the entrance Especially the staircase We have had Weddings In the house we’ve had prom pictures We have had many more Wedding pictures than actual weddings Because the people in juneau county know This Wonderful staircase is great The niches where the lamps are Uh in some of the homes The large homes throughout the united States probably the world Sometimes they’re called coffin corners

Or lamp niches We’ve experimented and discovered that If the lights are all off and the lamps Are lit we would try with a kerosene Lamp if they’re lit it does Light the entire stairway And then We wondered why they called them coffin Corners People Back in the 1800s And early 1900s they would often Pass away In their upstairs bedroom And they often were Not taken to the funeral home But they were prepared to for burial in Their bedroom And then They would be put in the coffin Well they’d Find that in a with a stairway like this It was very hard To get it down the stairs But We’ve experimented with coffins too and We know it works So it Makes it enables Them to turn the corner i can imagine it Would be easier Just The archives of the historical society

We know It was probably ben borman’s bedroom All right uh this was ben borman’s Office We call it our library and that’s the Third marble fireplace And we have three pump organs in the House No take that back two We didn’t intend to have two But the second organ the lady had it in Her will That we would get it and so when we went To the house to um check it out it was a Nice organ so we found room in the hall For it And it when we have our open house There’s usually a lady or two that can Play the pump organ Over here we have a picture that hung Down in the Um Wisconsin capitol in madison Orland s loomis was elected governor Of uh wisconsin in about 1942 But mr loomis Contacted Pneumonia and He was very ill for a few days he died Before he was inaugurated but this was a Picture that hung down in the capitol in His office When he was The wisconsin attorney attorney general

All right did you want to go upstairs Sure okay Let’s do it Oh by the way um We are on the national register of Historic places and we have a plaque out In front Now this house was made into Apartments Four apartments four different families Uh could have lived did live in this House Uh in the 30s 40s 50s And 60s But they didn’t ruin the woodwork But if we have visitors That live ever lived in this house the Kids all remember the staircase The first room we go into Will be the hospital auxiliary room the Hospital in austin Is called the hess memorial hospital And the picture the Five pictures of the same dr hass senior The hospital is named after him and his Son dr hess jr Dr when we first purchased this Building Um dr hess jr’s wife who was a Retired nurse She would come up every year And make Wash the bedding

In this hospital bed And she’d bring it back up and Made the bed like a good nurse should Well A typical Uh nurse’s uniform from probably the 20s And 30s And that and of course they would All have A nurse’s cap The cases here Hold Some of the Tools From Real tools from the doctor’s office this Was dr hess jr’s guest This was a famous lawyer And Well famous Well known in tuna county We have The boutique Have to have a place for these Clothes that we get donated Some are just really unique like this Little Little sailor suit and there’s a little Cat And a picture that the family donated And when he He passed away he was in his 80s Last year or so and we took this Stand with the picture in the little

Suit And put it up Near the casket and his family loved it One thing we have a problem with in this House Is a bird Birds Usually one at a time get in the house And we haven’t been able to figure out If We know it’s not through the chimney Because they’re all closed off But it seemed like it always gets in in This bedroom and flies to this bedroom Trying to get out now here is one Indication The only indication that the room was The house was made into apartments is This archway Doorway because the people had These two rooms And I guess there was probably a regular Wooden door Here and they just wanted the archway so That was the one change in the house The people years ago way back didn’t Waste a thing now here’s a wreath made Out of human hair When The ladies would brush their hair they Would save that Human hair And uh it looks like there’s some

Tatting a type of needlework tatting That goes on there And if you look behind you there’s Another smaller A picture made out of hair And of course this is a more recent Probably from Only 40 years ago with Real Human hair Here we have a display of The first Couple in june county in mauston And if you notice His hair His daughter’s here His grandchildren’s hair They had thick hair And this is Her great-grandparents and she’s still Alive she lives in Phoenix and she’s about 93 now she’s Been here twice Okay this is mary troy’s room You see another a wonderful closet when We were in the library downstairs i Mentioned orlan loomis was elected Governor This is Orlan loomis’s grandparents Mary troy was the first secretary of the Historical society Starting about 1960

She Was Had never married And she had inherited A lot of money From an aunt and uncle over the years The uncle was a lumber baron And the aunt was a handicapped lady that Lived with mary Mary was a school teacher but she didn’t Make her money teaching school Anyway she Made her papers out Long before she Uh developed alzheimer’s And about the Week that this house was for sale mary Uh had passed away and her will came out That The historical society was getting Enough we could buy the house and the Owner Lived in the house with his mother at That time And then he married uh during He was probably in his 40s and his wife Did not want anything to do with the House So he They moved to georgia sold the house to Us for a good Decent price he wanted us that’s Society to have it So

And we were able to go to mary troy’s Home in mauston And pick out Uh really anything we wanted so they Picked out her bedroom set and this is a Picture of mary joyce uh the family farm That she Her parents owned down here The ballroom of the house I Wondered why they would have A ballroom or a party room upstairs when It’s so cold In the winter and so hot in the summer But I was Going through the first state capital Governor’s mansion out in california it Was next to us First aid capital And they had a ballroom upstairs And the curator said it’s because If they had a house Elegant enough to have a ballroom they Would want the people to come through The House downstairs and see The downstairs And then come through and see the Upstairs Over here Watch your step All right the bourbons did not have A school room in their house years back

Some of our young younger members Uh Visualized this storage loft As a replicable one From schoolhouse and this is about the Size of a one-room scholas And Sometimes they would have as many as 30-40 Children But That’s the way it was In the basement All right when The society purchased this house There was a sunken furnace in here That didn’t work So it was something probably Three feet down So anyway that’s why this Newly cemented wells not newly it’s been Re-cemented years ago all old farm Equipment This would be They could sharpen the blades And i grew up on a farm And We had to You know and so we thought anybody could Sit down and sharpen the balloon Pretty lucky This is a butter churn treadmill Um It would be powered

By a large dog or a goat The Cream would be in here and the pulley Would be attached so that the dog would Or goat would do the work wow And over here we have items from a Beauty shop And you can see that these Permanent wave machines kind of look Like a electric chair And they See the metal Would get hot and Uh once in a while people would Get their head scorched That’s why we don’t have A big machines like a creepy looking Machine yeah they are This is a cream separator You know Pour the milk in and the cream would Come out here and the skim milk was over Here And back When i was on the farm the ski milk was Fed to the pigs People didn’t drink steam Our hospitality room is kind of crowded We’ve just got some new cupboards Donated we haven’t got them put away yet But up here This is 50 years of real estate tax Records for junior county over here we Have

A two-time safe that was donated from The odd fellows the odd fellows of Course disband in most places they Phased out And they had to get the safe out of the Building it weighs two ton So they donated We had a hard time finding someone that Could move it but finally they found a Lumber company in town could move it And the floor is Cement down here under the carpet Probably the only room in the house that We could store One thing nice about the Receiving the safe we have the charter Members for the like the first 50 years Of the odd fellows We’ve got their name their age their Occupation And that’s Real special to have them there’s Another loomis sign A few other things here’s a picture mr Loomis And then the newspaper article Declaring that he died Of that before he was inaugurated Wow so Awesome i think i’m good i’m almost out Of camera battery Well maybe You didn’t yes yeah that was amazing Hi i’m dawn logan i’m on the board of

Directors for the juno county historical Society And i’m going to update you on a little Bit of paranormal investigation issues That have happened where we’ve had Different individuals mediums And investigators uh discovering Some of our possible spirit residents On this stairwell here There was a young man seen um by young Man We believe it was Greg hall borman who was at the time Probably about four years old wearing Old-time plaid shirt And old time pants And again you know he’s a little guy Kind of shy And he was videotaped actually kind of a Shadow Peeking around the corner here and one Of the investigators who i believe is a Sensitive Actually saw him more in a 3d form with color perceived that he was Quite shy And didn’t really want to interact but He was curious also in this hallway Again our original owners were you know As ben borman but technically elizabeth Died Prior to this hor the house being Completed A recording

Had a lady with a slight english accent But very proper english Ask You’re not going to make us leave are You and The guess was that that likely was Elizabeth there was a discussion about The house And After we heard that recording we made Sure to take Heed that we wanted to assure everybody Of the spirits That we appreciated Being able to use their home In their house and absolutely no we did Not want them to leave this is their Home We welcome them and we just appreciate Them allowing us to be here As far as actual visual On elizabeth it was uh No visual or shadow Strictly a voice we walk down the hall Just follow you Lead the way um this main hallway again Rose would have described how This was his original office in here And You know how it was set up we We only guess there was a recording Of two gentlemen talking and again this Would have been more a residual As opposed to an actual interactive

Discussion But you could hear two men talking and One which we would perceive as ben Borman Saying that a particular occurrence was In a town known as linden station and Again you know there wasn’t there was Sounds of voices again you can imagine The business that took place in his Office Other detail we couldn’t understand the Words Just In that town known as linden station so Again this was his Office area and rose would have told you About some of the Original borman artifacts As far as direct interaction or Reaction Of any Spirits with those items i can’t say That anybody’s actually recorded That in The room down this direction Again we’ll Duck across Through the main greeting room in This particular room We were Set up in a kind of a circle And We had flashlights on this particular Table

And we believe we were talking to A 16 year old Rob roy Rob roy would have been the second Child of Ben and margaret Borman who was his second wife And he was discussing Again we had one of the devices that Printed out words like a dictionary And we had flashlights for the yes no And we found out that He liked to hunt with his uncle’s dog Particularly turkey hunting and that he Was going to be having a birthday soon The month we were doing this was in August and i’ve been trying to get Record of his date of birth which i Haven’t been able to but i would have Been really curious you know comparing What he was describing as having a Birthday in august And to see if he actually Had that birthday but he did say his Name was rob roy um so that that Occurred in this room we didn’t have Like a bugsy box or anything where we’d Hear the voice But it was flashlight communication And using one of those little dictionary Things that would print out words So that way we could get more than yes No and when we first started before we Did

Had narrowed it down to being rob roy we Had asked somebody what type of vehicle They traveled in and we were told that They had a car So again now when did the first cars Come into town all that type of thing I’m not sure exactly interesting so but That that conversation occurred in this Room oh the other thing that was Interesting is when we first started Recording and this was before we got Into the flashlight things We had a lady say hello i’m ethel Well Interestingly enough Ethel hess Was married to the dr hess jr And her Nursing uniform is actually up in the Hess room the medical room upstairs And she had spent a lot of time here at The borman house and had been an active Member now it’s been several years since She has passed prior to her passing she Never would Write out her Experience as being a doctor’s wife it Wasn’t easy for her because her husband Well he had some bad behaviors including Liking a little bit of alcohol but times Were rough i mean the the guys Going out on You know In whatever rustic vehicle he had over

Horse and buggy Going out to see people at their homes Wasn’t home much so her life as a Doctor’s wife was not exactly pleasant So i she basically says history is past And i’m not going to talk about it but That’s this area then the next area that Uh we can Look at is up by the ballroom mm-hmm so Want to head up there yeah there is a Regular Rather salty character daddy salter did She tell you anything about the daddy’s Health or stuff no If there was a dark part Of the house So down the base of this step A lot of times not that much is Told about daddy salter But Hell’s delight Was the name of his bar and store Hell’s the light yes Yes And I don’t know if uh if you have a chance To read The story bottom line is his Wife he believes was killed by the Indians And as a result He decided to punish them You know he felt it was indians Responsible

And people have recorded uh his response Mediums have sensed his presence and Said that he was a little bit edgy but i Think he likes to have his story told So but this was the marker from his bar Right and That had been out in the country for a Long period of time And uh i’m not sure at what point it was Transported here obviously it was Sometime after 1987. Wow when the historical society moved Here so that’s they think that He He’s around this marker Because of the marker I’m sure i’m sure that’s probably what What his legacy is there are salters Still alive and living in the area And i know when we first moved here my Husband actually had some of the salter Relatives In his practice wow But Um Oh that’s not to put my arm right in a Big spider web Oh but we’re just decorating for Halloween but if you had a relative Or a spouse or somebody significant Killed and you perceived it was by the Indians There’s an axe that’s got to be ground

And whether or not He was able to ever find out who Actually had murdered his wife And if justice or due diligence had been Done to the particular Culprit We may never know Interesting but his spirit and presence Is here and you said that’s if there’s Anywhere dark here it’s going to be Yeah this area because the kind of anger Yeah the anger and edginess and so what What have people experienced i guess What what would lead is it just the Psychics More the psychics feelings he’s but when We’ve had mediums here They said that he would really like to Dominate a conversation And i think he’s got a lot he’d like to Express and to say But because of this being his legacy the Hell’s delight stone Um i we believe that’s why his presence Is here and again we do post the hell’s Delight marker and some of the history Of daddy salter i’m blocked by this i Didn’t actually read it i thought it Looked almost like a tombstone so it’s Yeah That was uh hell’s delight was the Marker that was by his uh business wow So there’s a child that peaked around a Corner down here uh we haven’t seen the

Children down here so much It was more up in the ballroom and that Was looking from The upstairs ballroom into the hallway And we believe that was probably libby Libby borman who would have been the Last child that elizabeth boorman gave Birth to And in fact she delivered Her daughter which was elizabeth Elizabeth borman also But they Dubbed her libby She was born four days Before elizabeth borman died And what’s ironic is that libby and greg Hall Borman Who was of the second marriage Both died the same day He likely was just Right around four years of age And libby was just shy of six They did they die here at the house uh i Believe so and they would have had the Wake up in the ballroom oh interesting So and the wake for ben borman would Have also been up in the ballroom so That’s another question i had deaths in The house are there any recorded deaths Or that you know of um well like with Ben borman The thought is that he was either in the Front yard on a cot or in the front

Porch when he died because he died of Consumption Elizabeth died actually before the house Was finished here So i can’t recall which house they lived In prior to this house being built There have been other deaths Like elizabeth and ben borman Had two other uh they had three Children That survived to adulthood But they had a total of seven children That they had libby would have been the Oldest of the little ones That had died but some of them were just Months old some were Maybe 18 months or something what the Cause of death we’re not sure But you had Diphtheria Well spanish flu i mean they died before The spanish flu era We’re guessing with Uh greg hall Borman who is the Like about four-year-old and libby who Is just shy of the six probably You know five plus Years old We had a psychic say it had something to Do with water But it was in november and we really Don’t think that they would have allowed The children to be playing outside and

Fall in to the river But The suspicion was possibly like a Pneumonia You know when you think of water related And you think of water in the lungs So we’re guessing that the two children That have been seen in this house Likely are Greg hall Borman And libby borman And we have had psychics say when They’re up in the ballroom trying to Communicate with some of the soldiers And some related to The other uh historical artifacts that Libby This little girl really would like to Talk to him And actually Kind of interfere with the conversation If she could and You know the psychics have said okay Libby i’ll talk to you in a little bit I’m trying to talk with this individual And she would step back but we have Caught the image of who we think is Libby and as far as catching the actual Image of robert hall on film we I can’t say that anybody has But we’ve had people actually have Visual of him Now

The president of our historical society I’m kind of jealous of her because I have had my arms really really full of Things And never had anybody open the door for Me But she was going to do some wallpaper And she had this back door that you came In to the kitchen actually all of a Sudden open up for her when she was Struggling to reach in her pocket to get The key And She also our furnace down here She had one time it was in june it was Plenty warm and the furnace kept trying To kick on Well the furnace was off There’s no reason for it to kick on And she said ben i’m here i’m gonna do Some work everything’s okay and then all Of a sudden it just stopped trying to Kick on wow So again as far as my personal Experience i’ve never had anything bad Or weird or unusual i have been here When some of the investigations were Going on And i did get to visualize Seeing the video With who we thought was libby I have heard the voices I did see the flashlight response yes no And what do you call it the dictionary

Box The obvious yeah it’s obvious okay So i have observed some of those things But for me to say i’ve specifically seen Or interacted i can’t say that i did Interesting but i got to observe Which was an exciting thing what would You say is the most uh active part of The home Well As far as an energy of an individual The psychics have said this is really Really strong here this area Yes Up in the ballroom is very intense also Whoops sorry Um Because there are a lot of military Artifacts And Uh the feeling that you know like Attached to the uniforms and artifacts You know a lot of these guys gave their Life You know so i would say that That specifically Residual Uh Probably up in ben’s office But that wasn’t like Acknowledging us when we tried to talk To him This was just like overhearing Somebody’s conversation

The stairs was active at the base with Little uh Greg hall peeking around the corner but Again that wasn’t caught on video But this one gal Leslie described him And it was the same description our Daughter had When she was about six years old helping With the christmas open house And saw that same little boy rob roy go Into the closet in the upstairs bedroom Which is the mary troy room Wow That’s and and we tried to assure oh i Don’t think there’s any ghosts and stuff But she would have been still at that Age that is i don’t know how they say it You know that they’re receptive and able To see things But the description she had and her Friend had was identical to our friend Leslie In describing What rob roy was wearing Again that was like a plaid shirt and Old type pants Is there anything else That’s happened or any place you want to Visit before we end the interview um no That that kind of covers it the rest of It is uh you know setting up shop and Just seeing what you can pick up you’re Right well perfect i think we’re good

Sounds good Okay guys so now We’re back at the beginning we’ve kind Of time hopped a bit but we got the Borman house behind us this is like We’ve covered extensively now a very Historic property now if you remember When rose was doing the interview with Us she was talking about some of the Wainscoting and the uh The materials in the home the doors were Actually produced by The borman family’s lumber shop the mill Here in town so It’s almost like the borman family Not only owned and lived in the house But they’ve built their energy in their I don’t want to say their soul but their Being into the home with this wood that The family business produced like the Fact that there have been deaths in the Home children have died supposedly Mr borman maybe died out here over to The side his wife passed before the home Was even constructed Death has seemed to kind of circle Around this property which is Interesting i wonder if the inclusion of That wood a material that obviously just Like with fire can take in energy and And absorb it very quickly if that has Anything to do with why this place is so Haunted and what i’m very interested in

Investigating i they didn’t really want To go i don’t think into too much of the Detail about the Hell marker downstairs but i read some Of the history On that little piece of paper the guy uh Daddy He supposedly killed up to 18 indigenous People 18 Um on his revenge quest he was actually Tried in court but he was acquitted Um he even says well we’ll get back We’ll get into that when i go downstairs And show you guys because he has a Pretty insane quote on that piece of Paper but We’re going to begin the investigation Now it’s late at night it’s chilly it’s October it’s before halloween just a Reminder if you want to see bonus Content from the channel we work very Hard on the patreon Uh just sign up for our patreon the Paranormal files the link is in the Description of the video our halloween Merch is done but all of our other merch Is uh is still available for purchase so Go buy a piece of merch and support the Channel and as always everybody leave a Like on the video comment and subscribe To the channel if you don’t already all Of it helps a lot and you’re helping me And you’re helping This guy too

They are no i’m just kidding No thank you uh everybody really to help Colin and and courtney and and all of us Actually get to do this it’s it’s fun For me and Mary’s here tonight as well uh like Colin said Piece of merch The new stuff coming out is awesome Becoming a patron was is really cool we I know really appreciate it it is really Costly to do all these things Especially to do them well and that Really does help a lot to let these guys Including me Come along on these things but yeah Again i want to thank all the moderators Especially too That that help on the live streams and Just supporting the channel behind the Scenes they’re all awesome Uh but yeah let’s get to it man this is This is a new place head on in all right Man Lead the way Wow Got some cool doors Stained glass is protected All right guys Mary hi and i’ll let you introduce Yourself to everybody online i’m Colleena And um you’re not really a native of the Town but

No i live about two and a half hours Away i’m a native of northern wisconsin And you have helped us a lot in the Series We’re so happy to have you out to film With us tonight to investigate it’s a Pleasure thank you for having me and Thank you for being a patron too It’s so sweet we don’t watch any other Shows either this is it that’s great to Hear Because otherwise i’m investigating Right Yeah kalina reached out initially and Then we’ve been communicating quite a Bit and then you got me in contact with Other people and it just kind of Mushroomed from there so yeah a couple Of my friends really set you up well Yeah from old baraboo yeah yeah and uh So yeah we really appreciate it though For sure it’s been really really helpful So and she’s got a bunch of equipment And some things that we’ve never used This is like a souped-up k2 so Um i’ll use my phone take it off Airplane mode Oh that’s cool yeah that’s very cool Yeah just like a Uh a really strong k2 Interesting Oh what is the name of it here it’s a Paralytic parallate okay i’ve never seen That that one before that’s cool well

I’m going to suggest we all go to the Ballroom to start this off okay sounds Good so let’s grab our stuff and uh Let’s go do we have what are we bringing Okay I miss the history Yes you did Yeah well This is Wow Let me just see if it’s the flashlight It will go off with flashlights Well not that one I have seen it go off with flashlights Oh oh was it the ram or the room yeah oh It was the rim yeah i was gonna say Um okay to intro this to everybody Online we’re in the ballroom now this is Um A place where gatherings were held Obviously it was the ballroom um it’s Explained thoroughly in the history Portion People in this room have seen Apparitions Namely uh small children that’s this is Usually Yeah this is the one that’s near me too The weakest one but Yeah so uh people have seen a lot of Kids in here there’s a very creepy doll Over there on the bed with like glowing

Green eyes if you look at it with the Lights on But um got all sorts of em devices emf Set up here we’re gonna do a voice Recording session I’m just gonna start off oh Um To anyone here in the borman house my Name is colin um here with my family the Friend if you guys want to introduce Yourselves i’m jeff I’m kalina And i’m mary So uh we’re not here to hurt you we have Nothing but good intentions if you would Like to come out you may have already Been playing with the light Feel free to do Whatever you’d like Um you can talk to us you can dance Around you can go play with these Little lights the color red if you go Touch the color red Um i’m just going to ask is there Anybody Here with us in the house at all Could you let us know somehow Oh my god it is so quiet You know it’s like The term deafening science Is that is that Kalina if you look up against that wall Does that light on the wall look like It’s shimmering or is that just my eyes

You know what i’m talking about i don’t See it shimmering right now at all okay Okay i’m gonna run an evp session right Here on the voice recorder As always just Set it right there Um Can you walk over towards these lights If you see them Whoever you are Thank you as you can keep doing that Yeah great Oh Um Are you A young child Could you use your voice and tell us yes Yeah we’re not here to hurt you just Here To talk with you Thank you If Um maybe you’re not a child are you An adult can you walk over towards that Little red ball If you’re an adult come talk to us What kind of dances did you use to dance Up here there’s any spirits here that Used to dance Oh For you boy or girl If you’re a boy can you Walk towards that red light Red ball

Okay It’s nice to meet you I’m glad you came to communicate with us We hope you’ll stay Can you Even if you whisper it Tell us your name we’d love to hear your Name And like colin said you could whisper Your name into this little box over here It’s not going to hurt you We’d really appreciate it Was that school set reason Do you want us to come with you to Another room in the house can you Touch that little red ball if you want Us to come to another room in the house With you Any kind of bad energy I mean there’s some places that are just Like Thick Downstairs or something do you keep Hearing them I think that’s my uh diabetes A couple seconds ago Okay if you’re here come out with us and Play a little bit if you would please We’ve come a long ways we’d really Like to see you Here

You’ll get that light do you want to Play If you want to play can you hit up again I’ve got some balls It would be great if you could hit some Other light on those two Other than the green ones How old are you The person that touched that Oh i really feel Something now That’s very strange Are you an adult If you are an adult can you make those Lights go off again I think you’re a child i guess is that What we all kind of feel like that’s What she or she Yeah Can you play with those balls that clean Up put on the floor oh Yeah go ahead and go over to those balls That clean this guy And put you with the pink Wow oh my gosh i’ve got like that energy Charge again We think you’re Okay there’s the k2 Colin We got a we think we’ve got a child Playing with us here Yep this has been going on Seven seconds the light will go off if

It’s not being played I think uh we got someone here Wants to play with me maybe it knows i Have the boo bear maybe Look at this What’s your name Can you give that teddy bear a hug Count with me one two three four Can you tell us how old you are Can you tell me what two plus two is Well it seems like you were really Playing a lot there and columns Downstairs can you come back and play a Little bit more again Are you back can you finish this She did say that it could be somebody Too that owned Something here from like one of the Yeah soldier And some of that energy from the war Can you touch my tummy Well we’d really like to see you come Back and play like you were before don’t Be afraid We’re just here to have fun with you What’s your favorite game Was that green again Yeah yeah Okay okay yeah yeah okay Thanks for stepping over there can you Guys stand right on top of that red ball We can play

You just gotta tell us what you want to Play Thank you I’m gonna play with this doll And Pick them up just like this Can you give this little animal a hug Yeah give him a hug good job Do you have a brother or a sister Can you say brother if you have a Brother or sister If you have a sister Sister I have a sister too her name is paula What’s your sister’s name Do you not want to play with the bear Are you around that red light You’re making that other light go off it Looks like can you try making that other Light with the red light in the middle To go off more Thank you All you have to do is step by it It’s not gonna hurt you Or give the teddy bear a little hug Oh man you’re back Yeah no kalina can get used to Jeffs Yeah see they’re sticking up for me i Believe maybe they like to get in here Kalina and jeff they like they like us Uh

Old ones more mature people I’m the mature one here the most most Mature Should we go walk in that hallway and do A spirit box i think Hey can you come back if you’re over There It’s right here oh yeah yep tiny Are you here you can show yourself this Device will let you appear just for fun A little tiny finger about the size of The window Yeah child size yeah Actually even within the window so Can you reappear for me Interesting oh we got a figure in the Chair And you behind it and me do you want me To stay Yeah you’re good Yeah Huh are you sitting down in the chair It’s probably warm for me sitting there Yeah i might like the Chair can you step up and stand out of The chair Looks like it is Standing on the ground Trying to Clean up clean them maybe maybe you Could come you could come over here Clean up next and back of it And back yeah right come right back at The chair uh-huh

Yeah oh it’s kind of it went up yeah Grabbed Yeah hold your hand up can you grab Calena’s hand Does it have oh there’s another one There’s a little little one the tear Hey i’m so glad you play with me For this I miss little kids my son’s 18. Over there Where she just was yeah where you were Standing but small Wow are there more of you here maybe You’d like to be around kalina you’re She’s Really nice not gonna Hurt you at all I brought a lot of toys for you More the merrier Oh Little one Disappeared This one here no it’s still there I wonder if you Yeah Oh Another one came and now it’s a Different color i’m going to move over a Little bit Do you want me to brush your hair Oh look it came down on the table it’s On the table Next to you on the left kalina Yep can you grab kalina’s hand

On the tail It jumped back Here Over Over it’s jumping from the case to the Table If you’re a little girl can you raise Your hand I’m kind of surprised how long the one In the chair is staying there though You know oh jesus Oh my god i did not expect to I literally went to look at what that Noise was and i was like oh can you Raise your hand up and touch kalina’s Hand Oh you guys Both Unmapped Just went Interesting how you both just heard it Isn’t it So We’ve done some investigating here in The ballroom It seems like Child Energy seems like a child that was me We’re gonna head out into the hallway Now where Uh different adult spirits have been Seen and felt And uh we’re gonna use a spirit box now The classic

Sb7 So Let’s go out there jeff’s got the kinect As you guys have probably seen already Watch If there’s anybody up here We would love to talk to you Once again my name is colin Here with jeff marykalina Yeah if you could just say hi or hello Or something like a greeting to let us Know that you’re here so we can start Having a conversation that’ll be awesome Did you used to work at a hospital in Town If you were a nurse can you say nurse Were you a doctor Did you work for dr house What kind of doctor was here Did he do surgeries He died Were you a doctor during the spanish flu Pandemic If you were a doctor than the spanish Group what kind of symptoms did people Have [Applause] Again Austin

What did you like about being a doctor Did you enjoy saving lives Did you deliver a lot of babies Can you tell us the name of the town That we’re in Or the name of the house Are you german I think right when you uncovered it said Yes Yeah that was weird It’s an interesting sound This doll i don’t know Who the hell would want to play with This doll as a child You know that’s like one You say that again the man whatever you Said Again Yeah say it again Can you tell me your name whoever’s in Here Are you a Man Are you a woman A lady Do you know any of our names that are in The room right now Can you say it again How many people are here with us In the house or

Children adults how many spirits are Here I kind of sound like happy or what did You hear i just heard yes Are you happy here Can you tell us again Are all the spirits in this house Good spirits Is everybody here nice Tell us if it’s day or night do you know If it’s day or night right now Why Why are you still in this place what Makes you want to stay here Okay can you tell us how many of you are Here Are you guys happy here Um i got a question Do you have anything to do with all this Human hair That one’s creepy that one’s creepy i Don’t like that one Did this hair belong to you If there’s many of you Here Can just one of you say Yes Almost hurting yes Can you say it again

Just yes Does anybody know whose hair this Belongs to can you say their name Are there any spirits in the closet Right now In here Should colin go in that closet I’ll ask one more time should colin go In that closet Do you want me to come in the closet I think you should go almost I’m coming in here by the way You know this reminded me of what i was Going to say earlier what insidious ew Remember A little kid in insidious who’s dancing In the window yeah what are these things In here what do you swear what are they Called What are these called in here That you wear What color is this dress Can you tell us what color that Dress is again This one What color is that Well Maybe you can’t see the colors you’re Just guessing huh What is this called right here What’s this called

I feel like Energy You okay Yeah I just like And i had like a Charlie horse like a jaw spasm Like literally shooting pain through my Feet It’s like i could feel my muscles Twitching Maybe i need the doctor Is the doctor in Yeah colin needs help Did you make fallen’s jaw Why don’t we just sit up here for like Five minutes and just listen okay so i’d Like to just do no devices for a second Just sure i love my favorite as evp is Disembodied on the recorder yeah Why don’t you just sit in the hallway And just i’ll grab my review yeah over Here Okay All right robbie fly Here I scratched myself on that When i fell down the steps oh i’ve got Some cat balls falling apart

You don’t have to put that on tape That’s funny i love you I noticed that in the episode yeah i Thought it was our one downstairs is our New one Um are any of the borman’s here with us Could you knock on something Like that Come walk over here Mr borman if you’re here did you build Any other houses besides this house If you did Can you tell us what city you built Another house in I don’t know why but i’m really kind of A little disoriented up here I don’t know if it’s the Lighting or what This the doctor’s Sleeping area No he never even lived here never even Lived here no they have his Just like office out back yeah He like was part of the history Something with the historical society so They turned this into that room for him Donated or something Did you die in here I will say i When i first sat down right here I felt cold and i like checked over here For like an air vent I didn’t see anything or feel anything

But like i’m getting like cold here You know and like my leg right here is Like cold and my arms i think i have Like For goosebumps First time all night it’s like the Hallway it’s not even near a window Is there someone standing behind colin There’s definitely cold Here you know i think it’s just colder Over here In this room Look when we were in there i didn’t feel Cold i think it’s facing the What is that way is that north It’s like weird because it’s like i Don’t feel like Like my body isn’t cold it’s like my arm It’s cold and then my leg but this side It’s completely fine Looks like what is that if the colds Come in is there just like a This is where the heat starts i think if You feel my back it feels cold It’s interesting as well how Both rim pods are silent You know in the other room it really was Going off a lot Maybe it’s bedtime If the kids are still here do you still Want to play Can you move something up here To make a noise for us Or make a sound

God it is so quiet Because they don’t have air conditioning Here do they No they have just a furnace but it’s Turned off oh yeah but it’s off it’s Usually in the building yeah there’s Like a hum or This something Like straight up just this is a really Hard home for me to feel out You know Like i didn’t i didn’t get any of the History obviously of this place but Really isn’t that much to know is there Well this is none of its original Is it Some of it is some of it but it’s a Hodgepodge of things Like you said the doctor’s stuff most Little kids died here though they did Mm-hmm they did all they did family they Lost four out of the seven kids mormon Family Oh my goodness and The first When he built it he died either on the Lawn or to the side of the house Or maybe in that fainting or maybe in The tv Then his wife died before the house was Finished I felt a lot of like My throat and my chest Is like

You know like tight I mean it wasn’t the day Was it like Influenza or anything like that or Consumption Tuberculosis Really yeah that’s how he died Tuberculosis say that yeah it’s kind of Like I feel like my throat along my chest Right here They didn’t really know how the kids Died John Did you uh did you have tuberculosis Consumption This remind you of anything Yeah that’s really weird I think it’s really dry Can you make a noise in the room that You’re in Just let us know where you are We can come to you I kind of feel Kind of really crappy You know With this and i have a headache now like I feel like i’m almost i have the flu i Don’t but I straight up just had a Jaw spasm In the other room Which is weird timing

And then last time that happened to me It was like so much pain that it was Like my vision went like white for a Second like Crazy because it yeah like a An actual spasm like just tight yeah Like my muscle i can put my finger up to My yeah Muscle and i can literally feel it going Like shaking i’m just twisting i’ve had That with my neck muscle before you know Mm-hmm that could be just any kind of A spasm that locks can be just really Painful it could charlie horse yeah Terrible sentence There’s a lot of lymph nodes in your jaw Too my son just had one swell up really Big in his jaw What happened it’s like strep throat or Something and just never really went Down Thankfully i’m not dead yet Strangely enough i feel better Actually too Much pain i was i think so yeah I’m feeling like a lot lighter Are any of the borings here Um well i Kind of want to go do the basement yeah But i want to do it alone Okay guys so I’m down here alone at the hell’s Delight marker now you guys know that i

Like to do alone stuff I feel like this place is too small to Have a big group of people and i wanted To try to connect with this darkness That’s supposedly down here in this Corner back in the tour that we received This wasn’t covered this history And i’m just gonna read this to you guys Because this is unbelievably Brutal So here’s what the history says on Highway 80 about six miles this side of New libson is a small marker put up by Gus mooney it marks the site of the old Salter cabin where mrs george salter was Murdered by the indians on july 13 1863 Her husband commonly known as daddy Seltzer was working in a field three Miles from home when a man on horseback Came and told of the tragedy when he got Home he found a great crowd of people Standing around amongst them was the Sheriff who had a drunken indian in Custody he had been about to take him to Jail when mr salter arrived gus nunes Suggested that daddy be allowed to see The indian in case he knew him and not Content with merely looking he got the Indian down and was kicking him when Some someone intervened salter broke Away and went into the cabin and got the Axe handle which had been used in Killing his wife and started after the Indian again the sheriff grabbed him but

George burch said that he had a right to Do as he pleased with the indian and That he himself would shoot anyone who Tried to interfere So daddy polished off the indian with The axe handle and then they wondered What they should do with the rest of the Body one of the neighbors john miller Cut the indians head off and they put it On a 10-foot pole and stuck it in the Middle of the road the next day as some Of the people were going home they met An indian who said he was looking for His brother john george carter told him That mr salter wanted to see him and he Went back with him to the cabin when the Indians saw the head on the pole planted In the middle of the road he refused to Go any farther but carter grabbed him And dragged him to the house there the Indian grabbed a rifle and shot at the Men but missed them salter used the axe Handle effect effectively and another Indian had paid for mrs salter’s death Mr salter himself claimed that through The years he killed 18 of them with a Rifle he named black hawk he was Arrested for killing the first two Indians and taken to milwaukee but later Was released from custody because no Jury could be found who would convict Him the case was before the courts for Four years following the death of mr mrs Salter there was a great excitement at

New libson and the company of soldiers Was stationed there for a time many of The citizens were in mortal terror for Weeks fearing a massacre daddy salter Kept a resort there during the civil war Years called hell’s delight and it is so The marker is inscribed he furnished Meals and lodgings to those passengers Who were traveling from new libson to Wasall grand rapids and stevens point And the rest of wisconsin all were made Welcome at salters where they found food And rest So that’s like Unbelievably brutal and messed up uh I guess uh this guy did not care for um The typical systems of Justice in america this was like Frontier Justice for him even though you know I personally reading this highly and i’m Getting chills reading that right now Up up and down my arms i feel very cold And my hair is like Raising As i’m reading that out loud that’s Creepy Yeah this is like and then here’s what The other one says he and his wife Sailed from liverpool for america in 1852 they settled in wisconsin Where he married emma cowcute she was Murdered by the indians in the town in 1863 the murder weapon was an axe in

Reprisal daddy used the same axe to Dispatch joe and jim dandy to an early Visit to the happy hunting grounds which Is i think just a very crude way of Saying he murdered them daddy built his House they erected A slab showing where the home was daddy Operated a tavern he chose to name it Hell’s delight it had been estimated That daddy salter sent as many as 18 Indians to the happy hunting grounds we Think this is largely myth but certain It is that he accounted for the two who Killed his wife and then listen to this This is this is insane so to talk about His family daddy was good to his family And kind to his neighbors his tavern was A rendezvous for deer hunters and he Entertained them royally his family gave Concerts these concerts were never Complete without their bare dance Interpretation the tavern burned around 1889 and daddy passed away early in the Present century this colorful character Did not believe in a supreme being and This is a quote from him but if i am Mistaken and there is a hereafter it Does not matter where i go as long as There are no indians Is that not Insane So here is the Man it is i don’t know if you can see my Arm but it is like really cold all of a

Sudden hell’s delight That’s the This is the marker From his tavern called Hell’s Delight daddy salter There’s just some movement You can see there is a massive Spider Right here I also want to point out they never Cover this this is really interesting Right next to it is this thing called Mystery painting Unknown artist painting unsigned unknown Donor no records available And this whole thing is talking about What people have noticed in this Painting and What it might mean they don’t know if The artist was a man or a woman Yeah it’s from like the 1800s this big Painting What do you guys think that this means Online Do you have any interpretation They don’t know where it came from who Painted it but Here’s a little shot of it Strange right I’m gonna turn on the rem pod Ice Numbers Ice shot

No Look He shot and killed them with the rifle He named blackhawk Shot it just popped up shot Numbers shot 18. Ice i guess that’s kind of opposite of Hell but he had a bar Muddy rhythm Clean Record record clean record Maybe he had a clean record other than That seemed like a nice guy to people That met him England No way No way Uh yeah he seemed to be a racist guy Yeah He didn’t like Indigenous peoples he didn’t like that Race he literally says here that First of all he sailed from liverpool He was born in england right here Daddy salter born in the county of wits England just said england And race his thing his final some of his Words he doesn’t believe in heaven but He’s fine going there as long as there Are no indians i hate really saying that But i’m just reading this text here That is bizarre dude Okay well Um

Okay Beast Hell’s delight Beast Hell’s delight everybody That’s an indigenous thing manaki Dude this thing’s like hitting right now This is trippy Who’s Who’s Who’s boys [Laughter] This is tricky Who’s Who’s Who’s a boy Okay [Laughter] Hmm [Laughter] I’m in the complete darkness down here By myself daddy seltzer Daddy salter if you’re here with me Yeah that’s creepy that just came from Down there Kim Kim Kim So this was elizabeth cow kit I know i don’t know who kim was I will say though i got way colder Stood there goes my voice recorder look

At that it just died my voice recorder Just died this is Was charged fully when we brought it Here Low battery thing just died Spirit Worry Stood altar clock spirit worry Dude i have no idea if you guys can make Sense of any of this let me know I’m gonna sit down here I’m gonna use this spear box [Applause] Daddy salter are you down here with me Right now Um I got a question for you did you enjoy Killing [Applause] Cycle If you’re here did you enjoy Murder and killing Did you like taking people’s lives Wicked Did you feel like a bad person when you Killed these people How did killing make you feel How did killing make you feel daddy [Applause] What was the name of your bar

[Applause] What was the name of your bar Your tavern daddy It was two words can you tell me one of The words that you named your tavern One of them [Applause] [Applause] How did you kill the people that you Killed [Applause] I swear i just heard Who did you kill Drunk drunk drunk Drunk date Do run Drunk it says right there on the side That he killed a drunken uh indigenous Person Drunk Why did you kill the people that you Killed Hate Why’d you kill them fate I honestly feel like this daddy guy is Standing like behind me this is Just to remind you guys it’s black Moving right here Hello [Applause]

Daddy salter can you just tell me how Many people did you murder [Applause] All right Last chance Do you feel bad for what you did to Those people Daddy salter I feel like he was here but i feel like He’s gone well guys This has been interesting uh this Episode isn’t over yet but uh It’s very late at night we’ve had a long Day we drove from south dakota to Wisconsin this morning we got up at 7 15 In the morning And drove six and a half hours here Did the interviews shot everything Investigated so we’re gonna call it a Night but me and daddy salter and this Atrocious act that he committed truly Just a Brutal According to him series of crimes and uh Unwarranted murders Uh needs to be addressed so um Daddy salter you can follow me man Uh let’s have a talk But for tonight Let’s call on here and we’re gonna end It here What the the moment i stopped the Moment i paused look at that Daddy is that you

No way dude Look i have goosebumps all up and down My body Holy man can you see those Look at my goosebumps my hair standing On end Straight up goosebumps all of a sudden Was that you You saying this isn’t over No Way dude No Okay you’re not welcome you gotta leave That is insane guys Can you believe that Are you still pissed off About what happened to you Are you proud that you killed all those People Oh my god No What the hell i just What do i ask um Would you kill again if you were given The chance oh my god No way Oh my god this dude is really evil man Um Will you follow me If i want to Meet you

What the hell dude he’s really easy this Dude’s gonna follow me Um If you follow me Out near New lipson to the old salter cabin If You’re going to be there You’re going to follow me out there Well i did not expect that ending i Literally just Was gonna pack this stuff up and you Guys just watched that entire shot this Run pod didn’t beep once So yeah So daddy salter what you’re saying is if I come out to your cabin you’ll meet me Out there No response well i guess that’s I wish i had more time here but our Time’s up so uh Yeah follow me out to highway 60 to Where you where your wife died Where those first other murders took Place Let’s uh Let’s have a chat there Okay guys good night creepy ending i Guess All right everybody so we did the daddy Salter investigation we were there at The borman house the other night and now We’ve come

To the place where daddy salter himself Actually unjustly slaughtered those two Indigenous men And apparently he buried their remains In the road so their skeletons are Right here in the road which is Incredibly bizarre that i couldn’t find Any accounts of uh Of the skeletons or the bodies being Recovered They are Allegedly right here Being driven over hundreds thousands of Times a day So it says Mrs salter killed here by the indians June 13th 1863 Two indians jim Joe and jim dandy killed by salter then Buried here This axe handle killed two indians and Mrs saltzer and mrs salter Muckagui or some i can’t remember i Can’t see what that says That’s crazy that this is an imprint of A murder weapon oh my god right here That’s weird And yeah the two indigenous people were Buried right here in the road it says Right there Well So here on the channel we always Like to respect jesus

We like to respect the dead This time these two uh indigenous guys Were unfairly murdered there was no Trial there was no evidence they were Just basically found and and beaten to Death with this axe handle right here in This area and buried right here i’m Assuming that their skeletons are still Under the road and yeah some of the History that i was reading seemed to Skew towards This daddy salter guy being a A really good guy it says in the paper How nice he was his family blah blah but He murdered two people without you know Trial or any evidence really in in a Brutal way and they cut their head off And stuck it right here in the road So We actually came today We just stopped and got some tobacco Some Just regular pipe tobacco we got the rem Pod we’re gonna build a little mini fire Over here and uh And light some tobacco for the Indigenous people that this guy Um sent to the grave so So i wonder I wonder if they actually Rem pod right there Or close It’s interesting What i was wondering is if they actually

Buried the axe somewhere around here Like the murder weapon Or yeah those two bodies that were lost Rem pods going off colin Really no Okay Do you guys who were unfairly killed This uh This offering is for you guys Yeah i’m not a master firestarter To anyone online You guys the run pod Weird There we go Okay Oh no don’t smother it Okay [Applause] [Applause] Oh there we go this is for The indigenous Man Who were unfairly killed here This is for the Men who were murdered here May you all Rest in peace to the victims who were Murdered here i’m leaving this tobacco As an offering

To you all I hope you guys find peace [Applause] I also want to state that we’re leaving This tribute to mrs salters well she was An innocent party in this who was Brutally murdered in her bed either Behind here or right here in the area That we’re standing in so many years ago But uh this is the end of our journey Here everybody and uh hopefully these Spirits can find peace especially to the Two indigenous Spirits and mrs salter i hope this Helped a little bit I’m gonna leave a little bit of tobacco Right here by the memorial too For the indigenous guys that were killed Here Just burning a little bit of it just There you go Strange That’s really strange