2021 a space odyssey

By | October 22, 2021
2021 a space odyssey

So [Applause] [Applause] So [Applause] Good evening folks that was longer than Expected it felt so Small that’s what she said uh while i Was Editing it How are we all dealing on this final Luxurious evening and it is a fine Evening because it’s approaching the Hollow of the ween And that’s when my children become Little shite bags and uh just cause us To havoc all over the house And we we buy a random shite that we’re Not going to use but without further ado Let’s bring the guests on of tonight’s Show I’ll say the guests they’re not the Guests it’s kind of like a I’m not going to call it a panel because It’s not it’s a nipple my nipples for Tonight’s show nipple one and nipple two Hi

Hi How do you do my loyal nipples Still hanging in here Just being abreast I knew there was a joke there somewhere Ah well done I’m milking the situation Don’t be a tit it’s gonna a tad bit Nipply in here Hey you started it The nipples just popped out mate that’s It’s that’s what you get when you bring Us out The um The theme of tonight’s show i i didn’t Know where i was i just what i i kind of Thought There’s only one year that i can do this Or i would have to wait another 10 years You know it needs to have the one at the End And the fact that it’s 2021 i just Thought I need to put the space odyssey in that But there’s a lot of space stuff Happening right now but before we get Into that guys dark hour paranormal Should be joining us by the way as well Because he did say yes I i’m gonna do an unboxing Live Aren’t you worried about copyright Claims with that intro No

Because somebody played that in their Bedroom that’s how it works That’s real somebody if somebody Copyright strike me claims me over that They’ll well they’ll welcome to the 65 Pence that it makes if you know if They’re gonna be petty have you ever Done an unboxing before on your channel No It’s like 2001 all over again isn’t it It is How do i make me big that’s what she Said i don’t know Do i uh There we go hey there it’s cool Before we get on with the show guys this It’s either going to be two things it’s Either gonna be my kids christmas Presents or my wife’s new uh sex toy uh I’m hoping it’s gonna be my kids Christmas presents So did you see the new feature on Stream yard i saw it on your channel Rich i saw you use it for the first time Where you shrunk down to like a little Tiny boy In the corner no yeah they don’t shrink The screen they keep the screen the same Size but they throw you on it now Nice You boys Yeah it’s nice i like it i like it i Like They need to do it so you can actually

You know take the green screen takes you Completely out takes the background Completely out and just puts you as a Little man You can do that yeah you can’t do that Yet yeah yeah they’ll have it So I’m excited this is this is like a Christmas present for my my two boys I one made it more One may have caught me two one what One may have come It could be both of them I ordered two i’ve got two little Bastards They’re called children aren’t they I i’ve brought a wooden knife to a Unboxing a wooden knife To uh How to a podcast ecologically Conscious of you I’ll tell you why i wouldn’t be proud i Brought a wooden knife Simply because I’ve got a few beers here i may forget And leave the knife on the side So i’m i’m always thinking you know and You have to shave your teeth later Oh This is not my kid’s christmas present This is a google bag nice How did you get that They sold out He did sell out it only cost us so

I I really did think after all that You know yeah i work for google people There’s oh you do No i don’t um yay oh I actually thought that was a kid’s uh Thing what’s the story to it now there Will be another unboxing i’m not gonna I’m not gonna i can’t i can’t let it out I can’t let it i can’t let the cat out Of the bag there will be another Unboxing uh but Anybody who was born in the 80s Um That grew up in in the 80s as a kid Will be uh Highly uh energetic over i can’t Yeah i just i just i just i bought a Google handbag there he Bought google rucksack i don’t know why I believe you I ca you did No i work for google I know And elon musk is your uncle If i worked for google i would be fired Um Yes you would Yes you you bring on the show you can i Can i just just because just just Because we watched it we all watched it That’s on this uh this stream right now We saw the the musk car Go into

Like with the earth behind it am i the Only person that thinks that looks [ __ ] fake it every time i see it no Elon says it looks fake as well Yeah well you’re okay But it looks so fake that’s why you know It’s real it doesn’t though does it He said he what was it what did he say Yeah no he said he said he looks fake You know no you know it’s real because It looks so fake yeah I don’t get that concept Yeah it’s called an excuse That’s why I mean people do say the tires would Have exploded uh would they exploded Media immediately i would you know i Imagine this car now to be on its way to Mars or wherever it is and just be Completely You know buggered You know it will not look like a tesla Anymore that’s what if if We’ll know if it’s [ __ ] won’t we We’ll know if it’s [ __ ] because In x amount of years when they want to Pull some more [ __ ] [ __ ] up to Feed people they’ll send like a picture Of it passing [ __ ] Europa or something like that you know There’ll be a picture of this perfect Tesla still driven by the guy that Shagged elon musk’s wife in a spacesuit Um

Driving oh you think it’s a dead body no I don’t think it’s a dead body i just Think i just think it’s dummy but i Think it’s i think it’s all still here You see if you think that elon I don’t know what i think sometimes but That just doesn’t look right and the Fact that he had those split few frames In the launch Where they said oh it was because it was Inside the capsule but when you when There’s the picture of it being uh like Held up to go into the capsule it looked Like it was in the same [ __ ] room as It was On earth Just with like cameras and stuff around It You’ve got to think to yourself That’s [ __ ] weird What do you think of the car in space Rich do you think he’s up there Nope You surprised me rich please elaborate He surprised me as well Because the tires would have imploded The pressure From uh Zero gravity On those tires they would have imploded Or i think they Once all the gas is neutralized then the Thing probably would explode i don’t Know

I’m really Amazed that the paint Would even stay on that car for even a Few weeks When it was floating around would we Have been past the extreme cold part Would we be at the extreme heat part Because space like temperature varies Right massively doesn’t it so it’s Either it would have either turned into Some sort of [ __ ] ice cube because There must still be moisture around it You know it comes out of that castle There must be yeah must be moisture on It so either that would you would have Seen like um the windshield sort of Freeze up or it’s something you know Like where what would have been oxygen And water vapor freeze or it would have Started bubbling up and melting surely And I guess in tesla’s there are no rear View mirrors So i always used to say you know they Removed the rear view mirror so you Can’t see the stars behind they’d have To match them perfectly in the glare you Know the reflection you don’t see any Stars and i know it’s bright because of The sun and all that come on man we’re Never going to see stars while we’re in Space it’s so illogical to me it is Illogical when you think of all the Atmosphere that we have to look through

Through stars on earth i know it’s You’ve got to have some pretty uh like Thick cloud cover not to see any stars At all here Or at least have a camera that’s focused For the stars and show us what it’s like I mean you could well that’s the thing Like you can even um If you [ __ ] around the settings on your Phone now but your phone cameras that’s Not good enough for astrophotography but You can take pictures of [ __ ] starry Skies Yeah with a phone camera I see all the stars on mine yeah but When you think about how we’re doing it Here when you’ve got no atmosphere Around you Surely Surely there should be something But surely if they wanted to fake it They would Fake it better You know because Like Going back to that’s what he said i Don’t think it’s you know You don’t think it’s possible to fake it Better no I don’t think it’s possible to fake when You look at the like uh positions of Stars and like we we have the evidence Above our heads So when you see like things in um movies

You know Somebody With a different colored torch instead Of what they had on the frame before is Picked up instantly by the internet hive Mind you know there’s thousands of Examples of incontinuities in films So if there was the slightest Discrepancy between stars in right Behind the moving musk car and stars in Space You know you’d you wouldn’t just have an Ink like inconsistency In a movie you’d have an inconsistency With reality And that’s Like Paradigm shifting at that point It’s too dangerous It’s i think it’s too if they’re faking It though as well they i’ve seen have You ever thought if the faking it is too Dangerous right now with everything the Actual normal man has To i mean we’ve got flat earthers god Bless his soul because he’s snuffed it Now but launching themselves into trying To lodge themselves into space Um Do you know he wasn’t a flat earther Was he not no it was media hype that That guy that launched himself into Space he was sponsored by um dave weiss And

Another like his group like flat earth Movement so they they they knew because This guy been like look trying to launch Himself up for ages you know in like Homemade rockets So they said to him we will fund this or Give him some money towards funding it If you put research flat earth on the Side of it you know it’s like um It’s like thinking that a racing Coca-cola written on the side it’s Driven by mr coke Okay that’s that’s interesting that’s it So he said the guy actually wasn’t Anything to be flattered yeah he got Sponsored by flat earthers oddly enough I only found that out maybe two weeks Ago maybe not even that I think space is very odd at the moment I mean i’ve always thought i’ve always Been intrigued by for space excited About space but now i’m finding space An odyssey Very odd It’s not an odyssey it’s odd it’s odd i See you know Do you feel it’s because in In the same way i feel about Like earth history like ancient sites Like the pyramids and things like that And You when you were a child we were sort Of told when we were in school or we’re Doing all this exploring we’re doing all

This research we’re going to know so Much more And then what happens is 30 years passed by And we appear to be At the same point of knowledge Technology is better but there’s no more Answers for things No there isn’t no there is We found hundreds of planets We didn’t have we never found planets Like we can now we’ve we’ve seen Interstellar object uh you’re right Everything you said was right except for The a couple of things in science that Have come a lot further and i created The virus Uh Whatever you call it the vax Pardon No i didn’t hear what you said oh sorry No um No i i know what we’ve found more things You know look we’re looking for things But there’s no explanations there’s less To see maybe just because because it’s Such a incomprehensible Incomprehensible mystery All will all we can find out is more of The mystery instead instead of some of The solutions but I am i don’t know maybe maybe i expected Too much in such a like a short space of Time like half a human life

Give me an example Um I expected us to be further than we are Yeah Like as far as man space goes We didn’t do anything for 25 years you Know we just sat around nasa did exactly That’s what it means So we went from being a child to now i Expected is to like be essentially We were told not to go back to the moon Yeah mars was the that’s what we’ve been Doing for the last 30 years focusing on Making Uh a way to stay on mars and get there Safely without losing our uh you know Space uh craft so And what else I don’t know i just expected more I i know i know he’s saying so do i but I want to hear it Sorry No no no because if that what i’m going To say rich is that’s kind of like the The topic of tonight with the 2021 Space odyssey um because it feels like Now We’re cracking the whip a little bit but It’s it’s It seems a little bit For the con the conspiracy theorist People and the people that are maybe uh Like myself that are kind of frustrated With what we actually see when they do

Go up into space Uh a little bit disappointed because If you You would expect Right now the vision that cubic had that He put out on 2001 space odyssey that Would be reality now that would be where We were from how Look how far back that is When we actually Sent the the first man To the moon years ago Look what we’re doing now Yeah Think about it 50 years is nothing I agree i agree But you know we you have to there’s a Lot of politics involved in every new Administration that comes in Yeah i know nasa’s you know government Owned and all that stuff but They allocate that money to other Projects and that’s why nasa sat around It was a shame it was almost like they Were shutting nasa down like for good Why is no other country tonight Well i think Uh India did And no no no nobody’s doing what well Now they are yeah but now they are Unless it is all secret space programs Yeah There is a lot of that there has to be

Like we can’t um If If space is Exactly if everything’s exactly like We’ve been told yeah We can’t ignore space because it would Be such a huge military advantage You know to Space-based weapons space-based like Um air aircraft carriers what space Stations sorry you know it would be such Such an advantage there to be the first Um country with a permanent residency For their military in space So we can’t think that Oh it’s it’s too expensive because you Know where countries are now testing um Like super uh mach 5 Missiles aren’t there you know China uh just had uh just did a test of One which circumnavigated the earth Didn’t it before it were it landed 20 Miles off target Um The us have said that they’ve been Looking into Um Supersonic Uh White missiles the The idea behind it being apparently that If as soon as you hit mach 5 You um essentially usurp all Uh ground to air defense

The re You’re you’re that quick at that point Reaction time doesn’t matter anymore There’s there’s essentially no defending From it Um So you can’t tell me that all that all That money has gone into those projects But they wouldn’t be putting pro money Into Trying to Like leave the earth to use that as you Know As trump put it the next war fighting Domain Do you think it’s important though that We get as like elon says it is important That we get out there If you believe the climate alarmists There’s got to be hasn’t it The climate goblin greta thinks Right now The Oh well i mean I i will say this and i said this on the Last last show Make sure you recycle people because It’s not nice to see litter everywhere Never mind the climate it’s just just Nice to To recycle Um I just i can’t 50 years from now when my when i when

I’m Dead Okay but and my little boy my my oldest Will be 55 years Of age Do you do you think we’ll be any further I think we’ll put somebody on mars be it Um Be it questionable or not There will be a there will be a tv show With people walking on mars Within our lifetime But is it easy It’s not gonna be a holiday destination I wouldn’t have thought so see it seems Too far away doesn’t it But you would have fought with the the Ten When you look at the ships that elon’s Making now uh i’m i’m not gonna Say nasa because Elon seems very uh Future proof almost With his designs everything with the Starship Um And wanting to send Uh You know just the general public as long As you’ve got quite a a hefty wad of Cash behind you Um Into space You don’t think that the average joe

They’ll make it cheaper That that’s the vision that you know it You might have seen the first Um Starship video it wasn’t called starship Then i think i can’t remember what they Called it Um but they sent it up and they was Getting from new york to Uh I can’t remember that was it in like 15 minutes There you go rich he’s done his research You don’t do you think that vision That’s going to be the that that is Going to be the future yeah 100 yeah No We may i don’t know i can’t say yes or No maybe in 25 years 20 years So For me now for you yeah I think there’s more Um Don’t say yourself short rich you can Make i’m already 70. [Laughter] I I’d like to think you were right i think By that point we’ll all be living in one Room apartments and living in vr Headsets Yeah that’ll happen yeah When i went to china that was already

Happening there was people that actually Did live in one room No way it was not in a virtual reality World though no no you could see them They literally had one room and they Were at the side of the buildings it was Crazy cool um I i just I just think With this The with the whole space race how it Happened and You then you get the footage of uh of Neil Armstrong and i’ve said Many times why is there never why was There never any good hd footage of buzz Holding the camera as nails going down And just you know even if it’s just him Getting out of the capsule going I’m going down the ladder now people The quality is about to turn [ __ ] It just didn’t happen because that’s A good point Well i’ll tell you do you know that they Actually practiced that before they Actually showed it on tv yeah yeah so it Was hard for him to lean over with the Camera stuck right in the middle of his Chest and look out a window You know or look down yeah that was kind Of one to look down the ladder Could the camera be removed from the Chest no they were permanently fixed to

The suit Always always Built in what about did not but nasa Didn’t think to put like a a portable Camera in I’m sure they had one because it showed Them filming While they was in mid When they took off They had they had cameras inside the Spacecraft yes so why could they not you Know Not It was so much dust would have gotten on It would have ruined it yeah but you Know it’s it’s the trip to the moon Yeah i don’t think nasa’s gonna say boys Whatever you do Um When you get to the moon don’t pick that Camera up because if you [ __ ] drop That it’s expensive [ __ ] You know no i’m saying if they dropped It by accident it’s almost impossible to Get that dust off you basically would be Ruining the camera at that point it Would you know probably blurry dirty Dusty whatever But i don’t know how they would have Known that yeah but you know what i’m Saying rachel’s the most totally it’s The the the most Iconic and It’s everywhere

Historic yeah it’s it’s just a Ridiculous Thing that happened that man landed on The moon It’s crazy Film it You know give it give me a little bit More than the than the live camera that That [ __ ] and and also neil armstrong One small step for man one giant leap For mankind isn’t really spoken that way It’s one giant leap for man Uh something like uh Wait what is it one small how does it Start that’s one And one giant leap for mankind because The step the last step off the ladder Was pretty big And he didn’t realize it so he said That’s you know One small step for man for a man Joking i guess So that was weird I i don’t know I think they filmed them going You know they were there but i also Think like we’ve spoken about before That they filmed it in a studio just in Case The uh that what the one small step for A man thing that sounds like a A really good mandela effect now i know Yeah I’m sure it is one i’m sure i i i found

Another well i didn’t find another Mandela effect it was on a rogan podcast It was about scarce uh scarface Uh the um lion scarface where he’s just First you get your first you get the Money then you get the power then you Get the [ __ ] But the line is first you get the power Power the money then you get the power Then you get the woman And i was convinced My whole life that it was First you get the money then you get the Power then you get the [ __ ] i have not Seen it in a long time convinced Rich do the impression First What is it first first you get the power Then You get one Huh What do you get Tell me what do you get the [ __ ] the Second one oh the money no the money the Power the [ __ ] first you get the money Now i’m doing [ __ ] First you’ll get the money Then you get the power and then You get the yayo huh hey I wasn’t i wasn’t expecting to do an Impression barry h barry h white in the In the uh in the In the comments thinks it’s [ __ ] as Well but yeah apparently not apparently

It’s woman people That’s why the mandela effect is still Popular today because it’s popular with The younger people i think And the old well the older people for Sure because We think all the subliminal messages we Got them right but They’re all wrong it’s bad memory I don’t understand why it’s popular with The younger people because a lot of that [ __ ] they won’t remember They like seeing us tripping out the Only reason i um hey todd That one Sticks stuck with me a little bit more Is because i always thought like Especially when i was younger i always Thought it was a dead cool line But like first you get the money then You get the power then you get the [ __ ] Is a [ __ ] cool line for anyone to say But stick woman at the end of it it’s Not in 2021 it’s not it’s not a cool Saying now lee no no no but you cannot Say that they stay in the heat but it’s Not because then you get the themes but The um It’s But it’s It’s not cool first you get the power Then you get the money then you get the Woman it’s not a cool line It’s not

So Okay Not for The the was it the 80s that scarface Came out Yeah yeah i think it came out in 1980 Actually yeah Say i thought i think it was filmed in The 70s that’s what i was going to say So yeah 80. I was one years old If that came out in 1981 I wasn’t born You were a walking sperm still working Sp i might have been i might have been In the [ __ ] mothership at that point You were if it was 81 i might be in the Mothership Do you think there will be we will get More of a ship we’ll we’ll eventually Get a ship big enough that we can fit A load of people on And we can we can all gonna have a Little mosey at the moon never mind mars Then We’ll say the moon Now or oh are we gonna go are we are we Gonna be able to go on like a bus And at least go can i take off from England go to australia in You know two hours Yeah But you can’t take like 200 people well Maybe it can take 200 people in the

Space off of earth but i think they want To build something on the moon So it’s easier to take off And go faster Off the moon To mars Yeah because there’s there’s no Well very little very little um Yeah drag and atmosphere and all that Yeah i don’t think is it is there there Is a little bit of an atmosphere on on The moon i believe It’s very Tiny but The actual See i and i’m sorry to me right but i Didn’t i thought that if there was no if You’re in space Right and it’s a vacuum That how are rockets propelling anybody Anywhere what is that what are the Rockets pushing off I never understood that I don’t understand it i really don’t do You know what right i’m I i’m not I i don’t subscribe to the whole flat Earth thing But if you but if no but if you take the Flat earth out of what the flat earthers Are asking There’s some dead good questions in it Jeremy and i don’t i think they’ve got There’s some really good questions for

Earthers have But i don’t think the answer is the World’s flat My good friend uh steven madden who’s The best friend of mine who is a actual Engineer uh front the tank we call him When he gets drunk uh is in the chat He may be able to answer that because He’s a very clever guy Uh of why Frank drop us a message Why is the propulsion in space and There’s no atmosphere Um It’s a good question But i think my simple brain Would Can’t fathom that scientists know that [ __ ] don’t they or very clever people Um of why that happens i i i never There is very complicated things in the World that are very hard to understand But i think one of the the great tricks Is That um Things are incomprehensible to normal People I think most people most people if Things are explained to them in a good Enough way can understand them You have to have something for it to Push off of itself you can’t just push Off of it or People are saying it because it’s called

Thrust Well it’s called thrust because it’s Pushing off an atmosphere yeah yeah Sit in the middle of a chair or sit on a Wheeled chair and try and push yourself Off air and not a wall you’ve still got Thrust in your legs but you’re not going Anywhere If you’ve ever played um There’s a game called kerbal space Program Where you can fit different types of Engines on Um and it’s a it’s an amazing simulation So you can hit it Yeah i’ve i’ve landed on the bloody moon I’ve got a video it’s more than america Did But But anyway um If you put us like normal jet engines on There And when you start to get through that They stop working oh yeah yeah so they Start working at a certain um Altitude you know because you you need Those You need those [ __ ] rockets So i mean i i have no idea i am not a Clever man this is why i run a show About aliens and taught nonsense um But i i do understand When the general public has frustrations

When it comes to asking questions about Science and i i even i i don’t I don’t have any malice or any sort of Hate towards Flat earthers or i don’t even think They’re stupid because There’s so much bollocks that’s in the Media that that gets fed I i almost think that at one point flat Earth was pushed you know it was Massively pushed to be to be a thing to Be a trend So i don’t blame anybody for their Beliefs whether they think earth is flat Or whether they think earth is Geo-centric and that we are the center Of everything People can believe whatever they want as Far as i’m concerned because i’m not i’m Not an intelligent man i’m just a very Handsome man that is it you know and People can believe whatever they want But they’d be wrong I like the things they would be rich I agree Um Well the thing with the whole flat earth Thing the way it took off And really got huge you know the I think one of the interesting things With that was is how much it was Centered on youtube That’s a big it wasn’t start with it was Possible no no it wasn’t to start with

At all but now if you put flat earth in All you get is Vice articles with a guy Doing like 10 ways for earth debunked But i i’ve i’ve watched loads of flat Earth stuff years ago A little bit of a fetish of mine yeah Yeah and um right there but you you know You used to put flat earth in you go to Bay stuff you get all um Mark sergeant’s Clues that uh map powerland and where’s Where has he gone now where’s mark gone Now i’ve disappeared he didn’t do Anything You never hear about him he’s but he’s He’s retired with his His couple of hundred thousand or Whatever he made of it he was just on uh Ftfe what was he last week yeah They were doing some sort of award or Something for the best flat earthers I i as a person i find him quite Engaging who man he knows how to speak Yeah yeah I i i enjoyed listening because i uh he He released the flat earth clues as an Audiobook i enjoyed listening to that as An audiobook Um I what i’ve listened to on podcasts and Stuff like that and he He seems like a good guy A lot of the uh flat earthers sound like

Ufo proof When they talk Everything Well the f and moon and the f and sun How can they be in the f in alignment Fudge [Laughter] Is f And that’s no dig on ufo It’s just he swears a lot I i i i honestly think It when when it comes to um The flat earth theory um You know it’s an old concept And You get so many people just saying yes Because nasa lies but you know Maybe they’ll maybe they are covering Something up but it maybe it’s not It’s not because the earth is actually Flat you know i mean i i’ve i’ve given This like I’m sure i have sat on the beach looked Out And seen A little bit of curvature i’m sure that Maybe that’s impossible It’s it’s impossible from um a passenger Plane let alone Like stand on the beach right thank you Five stroke wonder of scotland my friend Beautiful man This is this is a two pounder there rich Yeah i don’t i don’t have the cash

What is it you you do the the Where’d you get the little videos from No i’m i’m not gonna copy that i’m not Gonna copy that off here Okay i got him from storybox you know What i’m gonna do you know what i’m Gonna do I see what i’m gonna do What are you gonna do yeah What you were gonna do it’s extremely Cool right there it doesn’t get much Better than that Rich Thank you five strokes Maybe Maybe you can make yourself a little Gift when people super chat yeah of like A little gif in the corner of a strip Down like a striptease and alien and um Take off a piece to reveal the clothing With each donut I would do a little animation Yeah you can i don’t think you can on This platform even if it’s just a Picture of a little stripping alien and Then um little homer Little little homer ufo guru making it Rain You know what lee i’m gonna do it Stripping alien coming up people They The whole The whole thing that’s happening this

This year though when we’re seeing uh More uh commercial space travel you know You i know it’s the the people with the Big books doing it but you’re seeing uh That branston richard uh the guy who Made branston pickle um going into space With his uh Beautiful designed uh spacecraft but It’s not spacecraft is he he’s it’s Lower earth orbit and jeff going up in His uh penis looking spaceship he’s just Gone up with uh william shatner and uh Shatner was very emotional if you Watched the uh the video of that Of And it was it was it was great you saw Them You saw the interview with them coming Out and i said this on the last show and I loved it if there’d have been a gopro Filming uh shatner [ __ ] himself all The way up to the to uh lower lower Lower earth orbit but we didn’t see that They didn’t go to low earth orbit did They Well Not even look okay what what what’s it Called it’s just the uh Stratosphere Technically not space is it No No but no but the more of an astronaut Than i am I don’t know i think you’re well out

There an astronaut goes to other planets Then that means we’ve never had an Astronaut we’ve never had an astronaut Really I know that sounds bad it does because Buzz will punch you Yeah but Well he can punch now he’s 90 something But when he barks he hit mark sergeant That was funny um was it mark no it Wasn’t The guy with the bible in his hand that Was martial No it wasn’t mark sargent it wasn’t yeah You’re right That was um Jeff Jeff He was john Yeah it hit him he also interviewed um Uh neil as well And he asked neil to swear on the bible All of them all of them Too and yeah i find that really Interesting the fact they wouldn’t they They were so adamant they wouldn’t Surround the bible stupid Because they may know something we don’t Know exactly and that scares me maybe Those are demons up there but not demons Like we would think but maybe it’s flat I’m telling you anything’s possible man I just watched a video today where i Thought maybe now the space is a

Hologram Hello Well if I mean that Would rock with simulation theory Wouldn’t it yeah And we can’t get anywhere with the Propulsion system we have now we can’t Go anywhere Outside of our little tiny solar system In the middle of nowhere on a spiral Galaxy It’s amazing how perfectly hidden we are From everybody else we’re close enough To the sun they probably can’t see the Planet unless they know how to use Doppler Which i’m sure they do and i mean they The aliens But there’s there’s also a problem there Right now because i mean so the uh the Whole alien thing has ramped up The whole ufo thing’s ramped up up That they’re afraid they stand the other And we’ve kind of We’ve we’ve shut up about that for quite A while now well i have for a while We’ve We’ve not really spoke about the threat Thing Us No no that’s gone away for a while it’s You know it’s It’s kind of like

It’s late it’s Just it’s just it’s just there isn’t It’s just it’s just just lie down for a Little bit i’m sure it’ll come back up You know i’m sure he’s gonna it’s just Waiting just to pop But The problem that we’ve had When it comes to Believing in space believing in the Aliens believing in These creatures coming from a different Planet Is that Us as the general public Have never actually and i know there’s So many people and we had a little he Wanted he wasn’t an argument but a Little bit of a debate rich with um Area 503 last week Where we were saying yes but you never See anything that’s satisfactory Of them being in space I don’t think any of it for me And it used to be i used to love it and I used to be addicted to it But now i’m just like I’ve seen that before I’m seeing that all the time It’s like it’s like watching um history Channel ufo programs You know you used to Years ago you used to watch these things Like religiously if there was something

To do with ufos you would watch it on a History channel or um whatever whatever Other sky channels you were watching Things on Um but now if like let’s see like you Get [ __ ] skin walker for instance Comes up but you [ __ ] know what’s Going on in that program before you’ve Even watched it And you know there’s no conclusion to it So it’s it it almost becomes a point Where it’s it’s almost madness to watch It because why would you spend time Watching something that portrays itself As a documentary and doesn’t give you Anything the end Well this is the thing with nasa because What as much as Nasa if you’re watching this i love you Don’t take me down um But you know all you ever show is a Woman with long hair with a wavy Necklace that’s going around and you Talking to children uh from space either That or you’re fixing something outside That is all we see of the international Space station That is all we see well the stuff inside The international space station is very Strange Like some of the the What looks like green screens failing Behind them you know where you’ve got It seems like there’s been a layer like

The people are layers and there’s Something behind and then the back the Back fails I actually showed that one do you have You seen that one Rich what was that There’s say Like four of them in the um space Station and they’re signing off and Saying goodbye And then the Background starts to Like warp behind them Like a texture problem in It after effects yeah and like and i’ve I showed That to my friend who’s who essentially Works with photoshop and after effects All like all day every day And um he’s not a conspiracy guy at all And he he was sort of looking like oh he Said i i I don’t know what to say so i don’t i Don’t know what to say to it because he Said if if you had if you give me that I’d have just said someone’s done a Really poor job there you know and and Something’s gone wrong on them and they Haven’t had time to fix it and they’ve Just shoved it out And he said but i can’t think that Because for me to think that then i’d Have to think that It was

Something faked on the space station That i mean Steve that’s not the answer i was Looking for but he’s just he’s kind of Like said that that’s where the Explanation is of the proportions that’s My friend who is in the raf and he does Fix aircrafts he’s taken put my little Boy inside The eurofighter And he [ __ ] himself I think he was two years old but it Since I’ve been in those hangars with uh steve There those planes are incredible Newton wasn’t alive when we had rockets So how would newton know So we just have to read the law On that i think that’s just how it work How it would work yeah i think he’s just Saying that We’ll find out I’ll take a look The Thanks What what the problem is that the way That we’re saying here And i think we’ve discussed this on so Many shows now we’ve we sound like a Broken record But the lack of trust for any big Corporation That’s showing anything when it comes to Not just space uh

I’m not going to speak about things that Are going on in the world or anything Like that but We just see uh there’s always a big Media hype about things that are going On uh When it comes to All these rockets that are going up Recently the commercial flight And i just want a little bit more and i Would have it i would expect Between now and 19 was it in 69 when When was it the first man 53 years 53 Almost Yeah i would expect a little bit more Now and i know we said that they say That nasa is saying that they lost the Technology to go back to the moon Uh and it’s all about funding this that And the other but there’s No disrespect rich but there’s more than Just you guys there’s more than just the States You know you know there’s so many Different countries And Russia was in a massive race with you What happened to that race So that see you guys stopped But then they just stopped afterwards so They don’t do that you know you don’t See anything unless it is There is a secret space mission And it is top secret and the reason

Why a flat earther has been developed is Because the lack of trust In what we’re seeing in space but Everything that we have seen in the past Is real Everything that has been filmed in the Past is real But now they’re not showing [ __ ] because There is a secret space program and There is something going on up there Maybe maybe we have multiple uh bases up There maybe we have multiple stations up There maybe the actual International space station is just the Tip of the iceberg and we’re just seeing A tiny room and that thing’s [ __ ] Massive We had this on the last podcast i was on With you guys Um but i think we closed out didn’t we Was looking at that rocket Um That stops The highest highest rocket by air it Hits the first yeah And I i know someone said in the chat it’s To do with the Whatever the mechanism is to slow those Down like a reverse spin i i’m not Having that i’m afraid because you don’t Go from that to nothing without ripping Everything apart right it’s just not the Way things it’s not the way physics

[ __ ] works Um But it’s saying that you don’t go from That to a standstill of hitting Something without Smashing it up So there’s there’s something like really Unexplainable about that and what makes Me think it’s even more unexplainable is The fact that that’s happened And there isn’t more videos of other People doing it Right you know this this this is the Thing we we talk we when we start Talking about the conversation about Space And it it’s a problem because when you Think about it especially over the last 12 months 18 months Um So let’s let’s take Nasa Faith shattered in it Police forces faith shattered politics And politicians faith shattered Um medicine Faith shattered to a certain extent not Not completely Um You know it’s what What establishment What establishes like tech giants tech Giants and tech companies like our faith Is shattered in them what established

Like pillars of Like Do we still have Jeremy that we can We can 100 percent Who the [ __ ] trust news jesus christ I i mean Thank you jennifer by the way uh but Yeah she’s completely It’s completely You may think it is a distraction the Space program but they’re not doing a Good job of distracting us No no no Um I know it’s just strange it’s just where Do you Maybe maybe it’s a shift maybe we’re in A shift in um Like media so if you’ve got a Establishment that is embedded in old Media and we’ve got this this media Change i mean realistically These people in the chat right now Probably trust us talking about this More than they trust like uh people Being paid millions of dollars on Television You know and it’s it’s because When you have small independent things Hopefully people come come at it from a Point of like Genuine Uh the genuine sentiment to want to make

Things better or to want to At least put a view across that’s Authentic Um I i think like For me as far as mainstream stuff goes I i trust what i watch on [ __ ] joe Rogan more than i would trust anything The bbc put out You know and when you when you’re Getting your news From a Cage fighting comedian that’s not ideal For a civilization Yeah i mean i it’s like i’m not gonna Get into what you said on uh it it’s Cheaper than is it it’s cheaper than Therapy league yeah this is [ __ ] This is cheaper than therapy go check it Out people using the description must See audio yeah It yeah i i listened tonight on the way Home and uh fantastic podcast but i’m Not going to get into what you said Because it might get me deleted off Youtube absolutely Um But yeah i mean it’s it’s surprising That joe is allowed to get away with Saying what he’s saying i’m not saying What he said what he does is a bad thing Because he’s the guy speaks his mind and He’s right what you said for a while joe Kind of calmed it down a little bit yeah

And and he was you know he wasn’t You know speaking with the With the alex jones of this world and The eddie um what’s his name bravo eddie Brother the flight the flat guy um eddie Brother But he but he now he just is he he’s Unchained He just doesn’t give a [ __ ] he’s almost Like you know what she makes it too big To fail it’s like russell brand russell Brand at the moment he’s And i think you Yeah like him or love him and you know i I love it i love his youtube channel Love it i watch every morning he speaks His mind and he’s he’s uh you i think You said it later it’s almost like the Guy’s making up for some [ __ ] that he’s Done in the past And he’s I mean he’s getting a few if I don’t know how he’s getting The millions and millions of views that He’s getting because i would have Thought youtube would have deep Platformed him from the stuff that he’s Saying I think there’s that balance isn’t it They can’t They can’t de-platform somebody that’s Got essentially a good message Because first they make it inform Anybody no no but first the problem is

When when you you can do platform people Like alex jones or people like Um say stephen crowder who’s sort of on The on the verge isn’t he because they Polarize people But when you’ve got someone like russell Brand He doesn’t really polarize people he you Might not like him that’s fine but Nobody hates him You know it’s that he’s just he doesn’t Have that um Right left Like war going on with him so if you get Rid of him people just go oh well that’s [ __ ] weird because he hasn’t actually Done anything wrong And i i think that some some people are Just too big Or too big to get rid of Like like stephen gray is too big to get Rid of yeah he’s a big he’s a big guy he Was he is all open rich isn’t he all up In him He’s loving a bit of rich there he’s Right behind you rich i didn’t think He’d pop up yet those big hands just It looks like he’s it looks like he’s Holding you like a like a like a lover You must feel so sad i’m sorry i didn’t Think it shouldn’t have showed up it Usually gives me a chance to adjust it And it didn’t Stephen if you’re watching this you

Shouldn’t have been in the ufo field you Should have been a wrestler my friend A wrestler yeah yeah the grier The The grier The the problem that and i say this a Lot but the problem that we have today Though is yeah i like that rich He’s he’s almost like you’re all on Green screens Um But Like how it should work You know where you you’re just free to Float around my page Um The the problem that we have is that We don’t know what we can and can’t say And and that’s in anything like when it Comes to twitter i’ve seen some things Recently um On twitter with uh All sorts of arguments going on in the Field of ufology and i don’t get Involved in it pops up and i get Sometimes get tagged in stuff And i’ll be honest with you i i i just Go watch that and i’m at work at the Time so i don’t get time to respond but Sometimes i laugh it sometimes i go What the hell’s going on here people are Actually getting a little bit bitter With each other i saw something with uh

Nocturnal news um About the the ladies of ufology Spoiling things or something like that I’m like what’s going what’s going on There What’s happened i love the ladies of Ufology and i especially love it when They’ve got their Their nice dresses on as he put it Well he got in a lot of trouble for Joking around I saw all that stuff he was just joking And they couldn’t take a joke they Thought he was being you know a feminist Or whatever the hell it is okay not a Feminist but a misogynist Yes thank you Because you’ve always got on with him Rich Not eternal you’ve not always gotten me Not telling news No no not always uh Lately you know things are fine but do You think it was all taken out of Concept i i don’t know i just saw it on Twitter he was just making a comment That it if women you know Wanted to be popular in this field all They would have to do basically is show A little tna Or t That’s not a lot that’s not a lie that’s All you need to do is like on twitch It’s 88

Mail This whole genre so of course we’re Going to be like hound dogs when we see A girl’s cleavage hanging out i’m glad Though that there is females in this Absolutely No with a voice i mean forget the the Boobies but with an actual with an Actual voice I didn’t mean that Do you know but do you know i mean i’m Because It’s very Testosterone driven um I’ve always felt it’s like he’s a big [ __ ] You know it’s [ __ ] ufology I think Most of these things are i don’t know Why you know but if you look at um Even youtube i’d imagine youtube Obviously a lot of female youtubers But I bet the ratio is mostly Male 1 Really I thought this mother I thought he’s mostly uh I don’t know i don’t know what to call Them but this is the thing No but but certain people drift drifted To certain things like there’s um There’s more female asmr artists than There are um

Uh male ones yeah it’s there’s Regardless People don’t like to try to admit it Anymore but um if you put two Children if you put a boy and a girl in A room and you put barbie dolls and Tonka troys or like trucks on the other Side The two small children which have have No idea of the [ __ ] patriarchy will Pretty much gender themselves You know and in the same way as the uh There’s a there’s this thing as well i Come up with this what the study is the Um If you put If you put an adult like in a class Children will hang out together Um and essentially just be kids But if you take the child if you take The adult out of the room and just leave The children on the room On their own In general they will separate themselves Into genders And it’s Like we like different things you know So if the fact that there’s more people Doing ufology means it’s just one of Those things that is a mainly male Orientated interest and i think i think That goes for conspiracy theory Look at that that the hashtag panel on Youtube number one chat panel on youtube

I think i i i i fact i think Those as a threesome make a great Freaking team greason we’d make a great Threesome let alone panel Yeah there’d be too much sagginess there From all of us i think Um Thank you thank you lee uh welcome to The show um I appreciate that my friend and he super Chatted me before the show even started About Three hours before I only i only only saw it that like Without a chance but thank you my friend Yeah i i don’t get and i’m gonna get Back onto the space thing people but i Don’t really Get the whole Gender thing because If a man wants to be a man let him be a Man if a woman wants to be a woman let Her be a woman you know we are Completely opposites okay And this This whole Sexist thing that People are saying I think Just needs to stop and people just need To grow up you know i think people need A thicker skin Yeah thicker skin yeah You know

And don’t If something’s history and people made Jokes about stuff on a film or a program Don’t get rid of it because it’s Offensive now because that’s [ __ ] And you’re just being [ __ ] of Absolute snowflake and it’s absolute Bollocks For all the swearing i apologize but i Get really irritated when stuff gets Deleted because now it’s not acceptable Um But Dorothy hawkins thank you for the super Chat my love what a name Sounds like an actress’s name she’s Related to stephen Hawkins Yeah What Oh I face steven yeah no this evening Yeah the hawkins is sorry is taylor Hawkins the drum from before sister but Um i forgot stephen hawkins Stephen hawking’s sister I mean there’s somebody to speak about Stephen harkins right there because he Warned about um us sending out signals Into space You know He’s absolutely right surely For an advert we’re here we’re here We’re here aliens it’s like can we come

And do what you want with us It’s like going into a forest where you Know it’s full of bears with loads of Stakes and covering yourself in blood That’s what it is Rich do you think that do you think that Was a bad idea To advertise when we sent voyager out With with a big you thought that was do You think it’s a great idea To advertise exactly where we are Nobody’s gonna find it anyway so yeah it Was a great idea It made them it made them feel better Here on earth that’s all that matters Okay Look that thing is a little it’s smaller Than a lee’s all blurry That thing is so tiny how could anybody Find that thing and what are they going To do find the signal Yeah that’s what they’re hoping somebody Picks up on the weakest signal ever well That would mean they would have to have The same technology as And most likely that’s not gonna happen They’re not gonna create radios maybe Who knows maybe they will maybe they Already did and they don’t use it Anymore just like we don’t use uh Certain technologies anymore Yeah and you gotta throw something out There it’s a big ocean might as well try So what the alien’s going to come here

And they’re going to kill us all they’d Do it anyway What’s this about the uh the new wow Signal i was just about to talk about That there Because i i know i know lucy Yeah i saw a an article In um I can’t remember it was either the times Or probably probably something else but At the time the times was on my feed Um Saying somebody’s Somebody’s trying to get encouraged so There’s somebody There’s something out there and it’s Trying and it’s trying to get our Attention really badly Yes so i i don’t know much about this Rich might know more than this maybe not Because he’s turned his mic off um But It’s just weird the whole the name of it As well you know it reminds me of Lucifer Sorry what’s the name lucy lucy Lucy which do you know about have you Heard about the new wow signal the lucy I saw that when they discovered it and i Never went back to it so i don’t know Anything about that Yeah he’s been brought up a few times i Have heard on different news channels That there is a repetitive signal coming

From this certain Constellation is the repetitive signal Not come from the versando Yeah but when we first found out about The The fast bursts or whatever they’re Called Uh you know that was the first time We’ve ever heard those so this is just Something like that i just think it’s a Just something we haven’t figured out Yet that’s all natural Isn’t this something say as someone Thinks that the fast radio burst could Come from black holes as well yeah Yeah or quasars or you can come from a Lot of places they don’t know When was the first one we we we the wow Signal that we got Oh is it 70s i thought it was a 90s god I may be wrong maybe i’m wrong no no You’re probably right it’s probably just I i learned about it in the 90s probably Well we can just pull it up Oh 1982 alien girl said 1982 oh alien girl by the way go go guys In the chat go subscribe to alien girl She’s just reached 1 000 subscribers Congratulations my love Oh welter i was right 1977. But that turned out to be Nothingness didn’t it Was a strong narrowband radio signal They still don’t know what it is mm-hmm

To this oh i thought it was debunked to Be No they don’t they still don’t know what It is okay Right what do i know The whole Um the whole thing is with radio signals Though and it’s like you just said that Rich though When we’re sending voyager out you’re Almost it’s like you’re expecting Uh an alien race to use that sort of Same Technology that we use to find it um But My thoughts are if there if if we’re Sending an actual um If we’re sending voyager out with that Technology on board um that is Transmission but it has a Um A little bit of a star map of where we Are it shows what the human race is If it’s got some sort of a signal on it If you were as a highly advanced race Say us in A thousand years being able to track Multiple different types of frequencies Maybe we’ll learn about different Frequencies that don’t even exist now Surely if this cree these creatures are You know a thousand years more advanced Than us they would have found that Yeah

But So that what i was saying is what if They what if they’re dangerous Yeah you know What if is it what if what if it’s a Civilization’s highly intelligent Highly highly intelligent But Has the say the say that earth Is Just a miracle planet you know There’s not many of them i know the Saying that there’s Um The finding planets in the goldilocks Zone all over now in our milky way But what if this planet is something Special and it has This Just essence that is life itself that And there isn’t many of them like this But maybe There are older ones That Certain civilizations have been on And they’ve messed it up like we’re Messing it up but they have developed Technology to travel out into space and They have developed You know Interstellar travel They found that voyager they found where We were But they have nothing they have no

Planet If that was us as a species how we are Now Do you think we’d dominate another Planet That that where we could Uh Thrive No if it no you think you would so you Think right now as a human race if we Saw a planet with a civilization on it That says uh medieval let’s just say Medieval Our planet’s messed up says We’ve we’ve knew we’ve new to one Another you know it’s full of radiation Would we not just say you know what We’re living here i don’t we’re not Gonna we’re not gonna ask we’re not Gonna ask permission we’re gonna live There yeah we’re gonna live there we’re Gonna try to go we’re gonna go to the Planet we’re gonna see that there’s 15th Century people living there whatever no Technology we’re going to go somewhere Where they can’t find us and build a big Trench or a wall or even underground and We’re going to live there and do what we Want to do until you know we’ll be Picking them off and they come by We can survive underground Yeah Big time That could be what’s happening here on

Earth Whereas all these people going missing Every year most of them are found again But High you know good percentage are Never found again not a trace they just Disappeared they were right behind me Next thing i know no rustling of leaves No scream nothing they’re gone have you Read missing for one word yes Oh is that david pilates yes yeah very Strange it’s an amazing Amazing thing yeah it’s he’s done such Good work But that scares me i mean there could be An alien civilization that said look we Can survive on this planet they call Earth But let’s not interact with them let’s Let’s find other planets and see if we Can just you know hopscotch off here and Go there when we find another one That’s not inhabited by intelligence That could be what’s happening here Maybe maybe they found another planet Elsewhere but they’re just chilling out Here they like it here That’s what i think is happening Do you think it’s more likely though Like you know when you look at the um no Well All right do i think it’s more likely Then that

I haven’t looked into it to be honest But i think it might be my next Uh my next conspiracy sort of deep dive Is the uh idea of the Is it the tartarian civilization You know this uh this Technologically advanced civilization That’s been around on the earth Then there’s been a massive cataclysm That’s that’s got it and things like the Destruction of the second world war and Things like that were used to Like hard evidence Of this past advanced civilization which Was Like much closer Than What we would think yeah we’re talking Yeah Thousands of years not Hundreds of thousands of years Um Would it not make more more sense that These things were seen in the sky might Actually be the remnants Of a past what we already had Past civilization that’s already been Here rather than something that’s come From billions of miles away oh that’s Cool yeah could be man Well you look at the nazca lines And there is a mountain There that is almost like it’s cut off And i i know it’s that’s been spoken

About on ancient aliens you know i’m not Saying exactly I’m not sure about all this ancient tree Shenanigans No but that but if you look at the nazca Lines there is so many symbols and those Symbols can only be seen from yeah they Are pointless on the ground unless they Were just they were just doing it Because they saw they saw the night sky And they thought you know what those Stars are god i’m gonna paint this there But why is there a mountain that has Been cut completely off and it is flat On top It’s shielded off leveled yeah Completely shared off leveled and they They i think it was neat is that near is It near peru it is in peru yeah nasty Lines of peru yeah so so that and that’s I’m right by setting my geography is Shite but that’s near the inca ruins Yeah yeah Yeah and the inca ruins they found those Little tiny uh gold Uh Little monuments like little tiny Airplanes that which they got debunked As being flies but they had wing Uh They had tails on they had on the road Yeah yes thanks rich that’s that’s what I was looking for i in fact i did a Video with my mate from the raf that is

In the chat right now and that is an Older video on my channel where i’m Showing them and i said to him he’s had A few beers mind i said what are these What do these look like and he went well They look like aeroplanes oh my god Yeah Those figurines tell a lot You know the wings on that thing it Shows a little swirl because the wind Goes over it and that’s what it does it Swirls over yeah that’s what they’re Emulating as oh like varsities Yes i i know what you talk talk about With those little models i i’d never Thought of those little swirls as being That sort of thing yeah I just thought they were little patterns Yeah that is interesting that the swirls The how the wind how how How the lift works it’s just more it’s Just more evidence that it’s a physical Representation of a flying object yeah Yeah And then you’ve got birds don’t have Rudders sorry No no no no no you’re right rich but They they didn’t know them little things If you remember them i wish i had to Pitch them right now but they did not Look like birds They looked they looked bring them up Rich Bring the planes up

Bring the little take me a second though Just give me a minute But yeah i i know you’re saying lee a a Civilization that has been long lost Forgotten not even maybe not even Forgotten maybe just covered up It wasn’t allowed for us to see whatever This technology was have you ever seen Like the pictures of what what the they Call the mud floods Like pictures of buildings and so you Say you’ve got um Like gothic style buildings And but then when these buildings have Been dug out in like the 30s and 40s There’s old photographs of them and There’s like a layer and underneath this Physical building which is being used Now is like another two floors Underneath it but where the the Building’s been repurposed and instead Of so say you’ve got As you go in a building you have the Door that you walk in yeah and then when These buildings have been dug out Underneath there’s been the same Building go down for like two more Floors but another front door there Is if at some point something’s happened Which is buried two floors of that Building wow and then that building has Been repurposed at essentially the new Floor level

It’s it’s just like the I i don’t i don’t know how to comprehend Yeah yeah i don’t know enough about the Mud flood stuff but i i know that when You see some of these pictures It’s Really strange I might have it rich i think hey man i Thought it i mean I can’t not be any closer than where i Am it’s showing me everything but the [ __ ] oh sorry but the birds [ __ ] You know you’re allowed to say what you Like here mate i know but i don’t know You know me and richard me and leave got Potty mouse yeah you’re gentlemen The less party the better I’m trying to find And by the way you know youtube can take You down for everything for anything Even even if a look Like if you went if somebody said oh That’s a big person and you went Like that meaning something you can get Demonetized for that Isn’t that amazing they covered every Angle it’s a scary platform um I think you guys especially Like need to need to look at like Diversifying Where you where you guys are because It’s it’s one of those things it’s Coming

You know it’s a it it You might not be on the the edge today But you’ll be on the edge at some point I’m already we’ll be on the edge of Tomorrow It’s a good film though Thank you jennifer Jennifer siami I guess This is crazy Sonic booms is this is this these booms That are going on in the states a lot Right now Yeah probably they’re happening Worldwide but we’re getting a lot over Here in florida and Have you heard any I have have you yeah and i’ve actually Felt the whole house shake a couple of Times and i was sitting in bed it was Like 4 45 5 o’clock in the morning and I heard The windows rattling towards the front And then then it came over to my bedroom To the back of the house and then it was Just Like that it was crazy i was on the Phone with third phase of the moon when It happened wow Do you uh do you get earthquakes in Florida i i don’t know very little yeah There are but you know nothing i’m not I’m not up on tectonics I i remember hearing uh sonic booms um

I think i just started the channel Because i actually got out of bed and i Made a video and looked uploaded it the Next day Secure team 10 had actually reported on It this before i even Knew it spoke to tyler but there was There was um A French airliner That had gone off course And they’d scrambled two um Two jets And they literally flew over my house to Go out to sea To to like Find out why this french airliner had Gone off course but if you look at the Actual uh the The trajectory that is these that is Mapped out these things circle and Circle and circle and circle and they Keep going around in circles it is a bit Odd And um know I just Sometimes i think maybe it is is a A a cover-up when they when they put out Stuff the next day in the papers or next Year on the news and say it was just an Airline that went off course look at the Malaysian airlines flight i mean There’s definitely something going on There

Yeah i i think i think these these Things happen all the time but it’s only When when there’s a passenger plane Especially You’ve got so many people involved you Know it’s so it’s you you’ve not Say you’ve got how much you’ve gotten a Passenger plane let’s say 500 people say Yeah About 300. is it yeah So you see you’ve got 300 then you see You’ve got 300 separate families there That will miss these people and then all Their family and friends and it becomes Impossible to just Not talk about Yeah i do find it odd when something’s So big and it’s got the orange box and They’ve got the tracking devices it just Goes missing Um It’s it’s craziness it’s very sad as Well thank you lee uh welcome to the Show i appreciate that i I i can’t get over the name welcome to The show When you say it rich when you’re when Lee’s on your channel you say welcome to The show welcome to the show Well he made it because i did that yeah I know i know i i get that I’m right it’s just it was just lee it Was just just yeah plain and simple

Lee i swear oh i thought i thought he Was welcome to the show because he was One of the um The letter guys that we can’t say on Youtube Oh no because it’s one of those they’re Things isn’t it No no not that not that the The whole loo thing though um Where are you with that at the minute Rich because i i i watched your show the Other day and you were speaking about Alexander and it almost sounded like I’m not saying that you you you’re Um leaning towards maybe maybe that he’s Not a government um Guy Cover-up guy what’s it like a dodie um No he is i’m saying he is You think he is because you’re going Back and forth for a little bit no i Wasn’t i never did i i don’t think i did I think lou well it was like you playing Devil’s advocate Maybe but i i don’t know i what i was Saying well i talked about lou almost Every day last week because he’s talking On twitter Uh i found the one of the bur i found The figurine you want to see it Yeah There is There’s a figurine of blue i actually Have one of those can you imagine all

Right i have it up here So do you want me to share it i guess Yeah yes definitely mate this is the Little airplanes This is one of them this is the one that Everybody knows Look at that And that thing in the back that Shouldn’t be there if it’s a bird No You know And i there’s one more I’ll pull it up Whoa Hold on a second I know There we go this is another one This is that of the echo it’s that’s got Rid of the echo is it echoing no it Isn’t now it was i’m out of it No no no no It’s because i said for a second I’ve never seen that one You never seen that one never seen that One that’s the uglier one yeah what are What um what airplanes what birds look Like that though what birds have a tail Like that that’s the thing that is Yeah Eve No but no birds haven’t have It’s missing the rudder man yeah that’s Not a real bird it doesn’t have a rudder See the wind that that’s depicting the

Wind going over the Floods yeah No that makes so much What are you saying there with the Because That’s kind of that’s um My mate say yes Steve was explaining the way a wing Works as well do you know like a wing It’s like that way you got the you get The air that goes and you get the lift Yeah through the underneath That’s that is literally kind of Explaining that That’s explaining the lift of the wing Just on the wing alone Pretty cool stuff right I don’t think anybody’s ever said that They’re rich other than You with the swirls has anybody actually Said that that explains the lift okay That’s the first that’s the first time I’ve heard that i just loved it and Thought it was a nice little pattern on The wing Nope It’s Showing wind going over it it’s pretty Cool Straight from ancient aliens huh it’s Got a very strange end though yeah what Are the four things on there is that are Those like rocket boosters i thought Engine when i looked at it yeah engine

But you see them they’re on the front Too There’s two of them like the antenna Either that are the the things that bob Lazar was describing you know What He was describing the uh inside the ufos He had those little the gravity the Gravitational things but you wouldn’t Think it’d need even wings if it had That sort of technology On ancient aliens they built one of These to scale yeah it flew i saw that And it flew perfectly let’s just it Wasn’t that one though was it it was it Was it was this one Was it that one I don’t think it was It was the other it was another one It was Was it that one okay Maybe i’m wrong but i don’t think i am But uh it Why wh what other ones are there there’s Another one there’s another one i was Thinking of the one that they built There there is one that they built and i Think it’s the other one to this that Looks As intriguing as this one So not the one that you not that one There’s another one i can’t find any i Know what you mean but i thought that Was this the other one we just looked at

Isn’t it weird that you can’t These were everywhere if you type to me You could find all sorts on the internet Now and it’s like it’s like It’s almost like you when you try and Search for this stuff it’s becoming more And more difficult to be to find Anything when it comes to our history I’m not just talking about ancient alien Aircraft but yeah It’s becoming difficult to find you Would think with Google Um Or whoever Whichever search engine you’re using It would be easier now Because you know there’s so many people That have put it out there But it’s between different it’s becoming More Difficult i don’t get it it’s almost Like when people are trying to find our Shows Well not you rich because you’re still Growing i i’m i’m i’m seeing a steady Steady burner at the minute Uh on the channel Yes yeah yeah sometimes i took youtube’s Advice and just changed some things so It worked I’m gonna have to do what you said to do Rich sold out to youtube confirmed i can Only lead you to drink the water

Can’t force you to drink it Is that the mountain dew Is it the uh No Crocodile lemonade Crocodile lemonade what is it you guys Drink Crocodile lemonade in it gatorade that’s Crocodile lemonade That’s awesome Well gator yeah so like that that was The actual that was the manson thing Wasn’t it it wasn’t uh kool-aid It was gatorade they had not kool-aid on In the manson murders But sorry not manson um jim jones Massacre They had kool-aid i thought no it’s the Uh they used they had gatorade no way And kool-aid changed it They laid the groundwork for people to Think it was kool-aid because all Publicity is good publicity And don’t drink the kool-aid yeah that’s Where that came from isn’t it yeah yeah But that was that was essentially a Kool-aid advertisement and they used Gatorade oh my god yeah crazy oh wow That’s not cool man That’s great actually Rich can i ask you a question that i i i You may feel a little bit uncomfortable Answering this question and i’m gonna And i’m gonna ask uh lee the same

Question But why do you think i wouldn’t be Uncomfortable answering it Because i know you wouldn’t Answer it But coming coming from somebody who has Very much just a space ufo channel Have you ever thought that Maybe there’s just nothing out there Yeah And that maybe there’s something Completely different and we’re all being Lighter Of Course I always think it’s bullcrap but We wouldn’t know if we were in a Simulation anyway You know what i mean video games are Going to be like reality in 15 20 years Maybe 10 years less than that Maybe five yeah maybe three i don’t know But they’re so close Um Oh [ __ ] i forgot what i was going to say I actually i asked you Do you think That maybe what we’re being shown Isn’t real at all Yeah yeah yeah and we kind of talked on This last week you know we only see in A very small percentage of the light Spectrum so i can’t imagine what we Aren’t seeing

You know it’s huge it’s a huge spectrum And we’re only seeing a very small Portion of it So We could be looking at a hologram Universe I mean we’re never going to get there With in our lifetimes we’re not going to Go 44 light years to wherever or the Closest star it’s not going to happen Unless we get technology that may be Announced here in the next couple of Weeks that’ll tell us hey yeah we got This technology we can go to a any Planet in an instant It’s the only way it’s going to happen I think about it all the time All the time Because let me tell you one more thing I use the law of attraction right it’s Almost like praying with the imagination The universe does give you What you ask for it’s very strange And i i use it all the time for little Things and Why i’m not using it to become a Millionaire because that’s not what i Really seek out to see to be although I’d like to be but You know I don’t need all the money in the world People always say well why don’t you Just become a millionaire if you can

Make the law of attraction work for you Well money doesn’t uh motivate me so It does But in the grand scheme of things it Doesn’t i’d rather have better health And Good people around me so anyway i know You’re saying money is not a motivation But you can and uh not now that i’ve Seen it for the last 17 years work for Me I’m sorry this is what you’re saying Money’s not i have to that’s great no no That’s awesome Alien addict at patreon.com But no it’s not a motivation to do what You do Because you enjoy what you do but Like your channel I mean i mean i hope you don’t mind me Saying this but b That’s what you do that’s your job now Goof on your job that’s that’s the only Way That you that you As goof on actually drinks Eats survives is through goof on that’s The thing so people when they say to you Uh Yeah they even say to me You you know What wha oh you just have to make your Money with those uh That ad revenue or you know those after

Gaining them views they have no idea the Views do absolutely bugger all they will Give you uh the pr probably you might if You’re lucky at the end of the month on Mine and rich’s just views Me maybe i have to buy uh more rich’s Views not my views mine are probably Able to buy a beer rich’s views may be Able to buy a crate of beer With just the view yeah it’s just the View views revenue is nothing is it it’s It’s the patreons the super chats the People that are support that by the Merch those are the people that keep the Goof on alive Um And For anybody it says that You know you just hit in it to make Money you had a you have a passion That passion i told you i said to you You said i need to go back to work i Said don’t go back to work rich if you Go back to work you’ll you’ll lose what You’re doing right now because you Started to grow and i told you that i Said do not go back to work and you’re Gonna go back to work i said don’t do it Don’t go back to work if i was a single Man i would not go back to work And then it didn’t happen Yeah Yeah

Yeah because i i had lost my job in January got a new job on the day they Shut down The world March 13th i believe it was or something Like that March 10th i don’t know Yeah so i was in orientation that day And they said we got to send you home Everybody Can’t work anymore So it’s your fault rich Because of look because of law of Attraction you plagued the entire world Just to make your youtube channel work I told him to well now I respect the hustle good job Hey i got to do what i got to do if that Means taking down the world i don’t give A sh don’t say anything But rich do you do you see yourself like Lee says do you have you ever thought of Another platform so you can really speak Your mind I have Yeah but you’ve tried those platforms Out and realized they’re very difficult There’s just no views On those other platforms and i don’t Want to start over either I don’t want to have to go somewhere and Take away from goof on to go to another Platform

Um I’m interested to see What um thank you jackie Trump’s Um Network thing because he’s he’s Apparently making a Social media platform great media Platform now i know just the name trump Be careful with that lately that upsets People But He’s not talking about donald trump no No he’s not at least brittany’s british And lee has just trump yeah talk about The trump the snooker player um The uh Uh I uh I i really think the guy You man jack that owns twitter I i think he’s a horrible human being The worst yeah but i use twitter all the Time because it really works for my Podcast Um so not anymore Well Nobody might not mind But the um This is the thing though isn’t it you Know it’s sometimes like Sometimes the sword you’re gonna have to Use in battle Is not made by a person you like

And i think if you’ve got something That’s gonna have essentially the same Cloud as what was the um What was that parlor that started the Other and that that was looking like It could have been a It could have been an arrival to twitter And As soon as it started to get some Traction because it was using amazon’s Um Thing they just whipped it out oh Business gone whole business destroyed Uh but if you’ve got someone that’s There that’s putting the foundations in For something that can’t be taken away And essentially if if that Platform is going to be the alternative To like the youtube and Twitters of the world Then that’ll be the place people end up Going because like you say Everybody that goes on youtube misses Wild west youtube Yeah Everyone misses putting something into The search bar and going where the [ __ ] Am i gonna end up here it was beautiful Yeah It is i made uh i mean i felt a bit When i saw the big changes on youtube a Few years ago and i saw that a few People were moving to vidme you remember That and then that got

I don’t know what happened to it they They made out that they they were making No money Same as lively same thing happened to Live leak they yeah they said oh they We’re not making any money anymore so We’re going to shut down no the mother You [ __ ] got paid I actually uploaded to that champ to That because it was easy though it was Kind of as easy as youtube with me And it’s gone yeah Well i was i tried with Bit shoot for stuff and Like if [ __ ] shoot takes decades to Upload anything to and Halfway through it can just cancel on You yeah I’ve got i’ve got an account i’ve got an Account ready you me too yeah there’s There’s a must-see audio [ __ ] yeah i’m Absolutely convinced of it You might have made it when you were Drunk but you’re not sure Yeah Just like uh just like one of my best Friends all of a sudden he’s happily Married with two with two lovely Children but uh he ended up on all the Dating websites because i was drunk Oh my god So going back to that carrying space Boys do you think elon musk lied about That

Yes And that’s why i can’t work out because I Yeah it’s what rich said Like podca Shows ago shows and shows ago When you pointed out that there are Certain people in the world that Seem to fit The place like a character they just Seem to be the ideal person and it’s not Just Um Like job Uh he’s one rogan’s one as well you know It’s if you look at elon musk he looks Odd he looks like he could be A mad inventor type person that’s That that’s out there he’s not better Looking with age i have to say that He’s looking a bit weird now he had he Had a he had a hot minute there where he Was almost [ __ ] not But the um But then then you get the likes of rogan Which is like the This sort of Libertarian centrist that’s Um like the last stage the last bastion Of [ __ ] masculinity on air On mainstream media and he’s like so What is he oh well he’s a comedian so That’s cool and he is a [ __ ] cage Fighting commentator that used to uh

Compete at sort of world championship Level in jiu jitsu you know it’s uh It’s it’s so perfect how how do these People how do these people to end up Ticking all the boxes alex jones is Another one he’s a crazy conspiracy Theorist you don’t get much more perfect Than alex jones david ike too You know fit they’re all cast from the Matrix yeah it’s really weird strange Look at just george this is where you Got it from lee you got it from rich Because you spoke about it on your show Yes it did yeah yeah and you said i got It from uh from uh yeah from here yeah You got it from rich Yeah yeah He said that I said that You think i made this and it’s good Me and my third phase were talking about It the night before i think so i thought It was interesting we were talking about It At that time it’s amazing Uh you look like must-see audio guy you Fit exactly the role Olly you look like alien addict it Doesn’t get and ufo proof looks like ufo Proof tyler looks like secure team it’s Weird The efo jesus is try hard [Laughter] He fits he does fit he absolutely fits i

Know do you not think that’s just our Minds though yeah you know because we Know the names and it’s just like we we We click it before it’s i think i think That it’s it’s your mind when you look At people and you see your name but when You like i say when you go deeper with The musk thing or the sweat rogan’s the Perfect example for me and he’s he’s my Go-to to explain most things Um But like when you you just tick off his Interests and hobbies and stuff like That And Then what he’s doing right now in the The face of Essentially like Right thing It’s it’s odd that you have these people That If you never watched alex jones or Joe rogan You know what they would look like yes Right Absolutely And then if you only listen to one uh if You only listen to like one show And then you found out that rogan was Like a cage fighting commentary you go Oh well that makes perfect [ __ ] sense Of course because yes but and then your Perspective changes a little bit yeah I don’t know i i just think

Maybe You where you’ve got a product You’ve seen an iphone okay so you know What an iphone looks like i’ll tell you Another good one sorry but sorry to put In it’s dark hour Dark hour look at it where is He looks and speaks and comes across Exactly how somebody in that position Should do Maybe that’s maybe that’s why maybe That’s why he’s in that position is Because he looks acts and speaks exactly How somebody should do in that position You know you don’t you don’t walk into a Bank go to see the bank manager and then Sit down next to a clown and go oh That’s really weird you seem like you’re In the wrong job mate Yeah so maybe it’s Maybe that’s why he’s doing what he’s Doing What about david uh white [ __ ] not What’s his name david wilcock He does not look no he does well he does Because he looks ridiculous yes Yeah he would also Suit um Something else Something else he’d see Like one of those people that get their Hard drives checked regularly um he Suits one of those too regularly But he wouldn’t suit a guy that sells

Hovercars to you No i i also I also wouldn’t refer to him as the last Bastion of masculinity does he look like A um Is the iron man guy he’s the idiot I am man guy Because that’s what he’s trying to be Right now and he was who’s the head guy He doesn’t look like tony stark no tony Stark yeah What um Uh mr [ __ ] looks like is that he’s Looked down a list of foods He’s looked down a list of foods and Found every single food with the highest Level of estrogen in it and he’s gone They’re the foods for me Yeah and that’s all he lives on Yep That’s him Face-taking But he will make that flying car But he will be that flying car he’s Absolutely not gonna make that fly car I’m never gonna buy in fact if he does Make that that car i will say right now I will not buy it even if i can afford It just out of ju i’ll just Just because i don’t deserve it because I’ve never had the faith in him would You test drive it If he was with me And then i could take his both out

Where would you Where’s your video where’s your video Your eight hour video that was going to Hit the internet that was going to Change the world Who’s who’s the uh Do you think uh Is it is it hammond do you think cameron Would give it right originally forced to Amazon would just keep giving him bags Of money until he jumped in it Like the tvs tried to kill him loads of Times Okay I i i i honestly Who would have thought that we would be In a world that we are right now we’ve Got What we’ve got we’ve got Two commercial flights going up where This ended uh Just just the average joe with a few Million in the pocket up in space And uh david will wilcock making a Flying car i know it’s oh Do you know what right If you take away the horrible parts At least at least the uh The new fall of the roman empire is Hilarious Yeah Yeah from the first female four-star General which is a bug bear for me Um

To David wilcock and his flying car It’s it’s all hilarious rich do do uh i I know third phase had a They they speak with will cut well you They used to do now and again but if They had a bit of a falling out after What they said about his flying car Well i i don’t know i don’t think they Spoke to him at all No they didn’t they you they used to Interview him he used to be on there a Few times didn’t he that the wilcock Yeah it was a while back Two years ago almost A year and a half ago the boys think It’s [ __ ] though don’t they Yeah And they made that that very clear on The actual third phase of moon as well Which was quite proud you can say that Yeah I don’t think they have much faith in Wilcox car Anything willcock I would love to know What musk thinks if the wilcock project Yes oh god yes the wilker doesn’t even Know about it does he even know doesn’t Even care um i must say that the Willcock project is and or is going to Be and will be my new prog rock band But um The uh

The world cup project i would like to Know what he’s uh he thinks about and to The stars academy And ufos i’d love to know most things About ufos Well he keeps dropping tweets every now And again I have a little hint of ufo this yeah That’s only because now and again he uh He wakes up has a sierra go what should I do today should i tweet my ufos shall I uh sell cars or shall i crash the Crypto market he is the like the Greatest most powerful troll in the World When you think that’s what he did when He put that carry into space it was just Just to troll us i think so yeah i think It’s just Like Eve right if you think his rock is going Into space I don’t know Lisa’s secret flat earther he is Not he is he is he is i just don’t know I just don’t when you see The problem is Some of that footage looks especially Like the rocket’s landing and things Like that It looks like film footage it doesn’t Look like if you watch Let’s say you watch an aircraft a normal Aircraft land

Yeah Does it’s not smooth But when you see those rockets do the Landing on the platforms they’re landing On c platforms as well It’s so smooth when you watch wait a Second you just said when they land it’s Not smooth No no no when the when it when a plane Like like an aircraft lands you see the Movement you see you see them landing But when the The the um The musk spaceship stuff It seems so smooth like this the same Problem i have with the skinny bob stuff It looks There’s something fluid about computer Animation no matter how good it is There’s something there’s something Where you it I suppose it’s your brain picking up on A like a subconscious level The fact that it’s not traveling through Mata you know it’s not the forces that Are against it aren’t there Okay and yeah Yeah and um there’s something Too fluid Like fluid’s a better word than smooth Um about The The rockets landing on the planet the Reason it’s like that because you’ve

Never seen it before until now yeah i’ll Take that as well i will i’m i’m quite Open To to that too so a year from now you’re Gonna be like oh it’s old hat to me of Course it looks that way maybe maybe Yeah we get acclimated to everything and Then it’s old hat and we’re like next Yeah But there’s something maybe i mean maybe It’s because it reminds me of Thunderbirds There’s something off about it to me too I don’t know how they can fly and land That thing without it even tipping a Little bit every time it’s just too Perfect i don’t know i feel the same way Yeah Covered Unless it’s just just great It’s just been manufactured to A [ __ ] Absolute Pristine nipple and that thing can just Fly there It could it could just do its thing you Know unless it’s photoshopped because it Has to be sorry just dropping that in There for the flat earth Do you know something i’m starting to Get a little bit more dairy i think i Think i would like to do a show and get Like three flat earthers on one side and Flee

For flea And And free um Globists Yeah on the other side just do twozies Because i’d like to come on this Cause no please i’ll put you in the Middle we can have we can have two Neutrals Two neutrals two flat earthers two Uh two globes Yeah he sounds like some sort of i would Say get alien scientist in on it So he can yeah i i’d love to get i keep I i speak to him privately on on twitter Every now and again rich and we’re Trying to i’m trying to arrange just Because the time difference is getting On the show to do a show He’s fascinating And He but he’s had a lot he i don’t do you Know about Uh He nearly got taken out his channel Nearly when it ne yeah many years ago I i’ve been subscribed to him for many Years and he used to be a big uh 11 9 Channel uh he used to speak about 11 9 Often and the concept Yeah he I don’t know Put it backwards um Yeah he used to speak about that and he

His channel got demonetized and he was He was nearly taken out uh to the point Where i can remember he said guys i Don’t think the channel is going to be Here for much longer He also spoke about bob lazar uh and he In and when he was speaking about bob Azar it was very risky what he was Saying about bob’s island if you saw About what he was saying about bobazza And maybe what may might have happened To his ex-wife oh i remember that yeah Yeah yes so i mean he he has some some Some very out there uh stuff a bit yeah I i do think the guy is a f He’s a he’s a little genius Big genius he’s he’s very good When you’re but i’m good i was just very Impressed sorry yeah but it was scary at One point because i thought is uh How long ago was it it was on your show That was a good i remember that that was A good show It was a good show thanks But he’s i definitely think he’s one of The good people in this do you know we Talk about lee by the way sorry i was Writing i was writing a message to Somebody that messaged me on the uh chat I didn’t hear a word you said Uh Alien scientists have you seen him about On youtube I’ve heard the name i don’t think i’ve

Ever seen his stuff i might i might have Seen his stuff without Doing it but i’ve heard the name he’s Now got a company is it falcon space I believe is it falcon space rich i Don’t know I think it’s falcon space but He’s He’s trying to basically prove uh Anti-gravity right it Can be done But he’s very open and honest about what He’s doing and what and he kind of does It he goes into the lab with the camera And shows everything that’s going on This goes back doesn’t it this goes back To what we were saying before about old School youtube When um right remember 15 years ago say When you used to come on youtube and You’d yeah there was so many people There was so many people with the like The supercharged magnets and things like That making things levitate and you know Crazy videos yeah homemade experiments Try to do stuff people trying to be the Next iron man People all disappeared Jeremy they’re all gone Strange it’s strange that sort of thing To me we can’t change that though it’s It’s It’s it’s it’s

Either that we are we go to the smaller Platforms no no no i was i was only Doing it i was only bringing that up to Give Um whatever alien scientist is trying to Do more yeah no because because yeah Because what he’s trying to do now would Have absolutely exploded way back in the Day You know It But i mean i mean even even when you Look at videos like Anything now stuff that tt well ttsa and Put a video on in 80s but even though When they used to put videos out they Didn’t get the views you’d expect them To get but back in the day Especially when The ufo you you did a video about ufos It would That was a popular subject when youtube Was first There was a hot minute again wasn’t it When your channel exploded Mine yeah yeah You you had that big jump in viewers oh That was a thousand i i i got a thousand Subscribers in one day but that was when I caught i called the security intent Out that was way back when yeah that was Like I was on 60 subscribers the next day i Was like 1060

Oh my didn’t know what to do That’s crazy Um but yeah thank you uh Mind blown Um Rich It is 12 00 p.m Here We’ve gone two hours I’m not gonna stay on much longer and go Around the stanley kubrick thing Even though i want to but why what what Have you got planned for tonight what is The show about on goof on radio I haven’t made it yet I’m doing that right now yeah i gotta Get going but uh it’ll be on at nine Well what is it now Two hours from now I don’t know what i’m doing Really don’t it’s friday so you know and Then tomorrow we have the Goof on on saturday in the uk at 3 p.m Eastern so Well i might be about for oh no my mom’s Out i’ll go tied in my mom’s kitchen I’ll offer to do the washing up and i Get a bit of goof along the background Oh don’t Treat for you The Are you gonna do more the phone-ins Because i like the idea of that i’ve

Seen you do it a few times but i can see How frustrating and difficult it is when Especially in the this day and age Because everything’s robotic yeah Yeah you call in and it’s like welcome To walmart press one if you want and you Gotta go through all these prompts just To get to somebody so Yeah i am gonna be doing more of those But i think i’m gonna record them and Then bring them on the show Well there was so i think there was Somebody in your chat that did mention Uh and i saw a few numbers get thrown up There you’re like you don’t put the Numbers in the chat yeah But maybe if it maybe if you put your Email in the chat and say you do want me To prank call one of your friends Oh You need that You need goofball You need goofball if you’re gonna record Them separately So yeah so you can have a um Like an animation Like that’ll talk the Uh but it’s just a real thing called Goofball yeah Just made it up And you can have So so whoever’s talking to you you can Have goofbop speaking to them so it’s Not a little mouth on the phone yeah

All right something to think about But yeah i like the idea that rich and Uh Yeah Unfortunately none of those callers were Really uh One of them went through Yeah no but they weren’t biting they Were You know you you want that you want that Person that goes oh god yeah i believe In aliens i i have been I’ve been taken There was one day i made 10 calls and 9 Out of 10 talked to me about more than Just you know one question it’s amazing People want to talk about ufos and Aliens they love it as long as nobody Can hear them talking about it they’ll Talk to me about it and then we all hear It so nobody knows who they are It’s interesting You know when we were in santa monica And nobody knew what a uap was And why would they really wow because no No lou elizondo was on the news every Freaking day man talking about the Threat in uaps and new york times was Talking about it hillary clinton said it On the tonight show wasn’t it but didn’t She say jimmy kimmel jimmy kimmel was it Yeah Or tonight show either way it’s the same Stuff but yeah she said that years ago

Before it was even out to the public That uap i’m like what is she talking About But uh i do want to thank all the Goofonians and alien addicts and Must-see audios here tonight so thanks For hanging out nice to see super chats Go ollie’s way works hard You’re bringing in a lot of good stuff Lately man a lot of interviews aren’t You going to be doing like every day Next year I it’s so i i no no I did say on my uh i said to my patreons Today that’s a hint guys yeah support The channel you [ __ ] Now i did say Um That i wanted to do more than one show Um a week I wanted to do one with maybe a panel Like you guys i am and boys i really Appreciate the fact that you two have Really supported me this channel would Not be anything without Both of you Really i think it would be more without No no i know i i i disagree i disagree Completely and you ain’t you guys We gel I like the gel you know Sometimes some sometimes we talk Absolute god [ __ ] It can be used as a lubricant gel as

Universal Exactly that’s my point exactly well Said Yeah so i want to thank you both uh for Making the channel what it is today Um but what i watched well done rich we Did well we did awesome yeah good for us And also all the subscribers in the chat I’m not going guys but youtube may Delete me Right me too right We i think because we’re all getting a Little bit pissed we’re starting to get A little bit more daring See see how much we can poke that you Know just that Not me You’re playing anybody you’re playing Back you’re playing by the rules rich You have to As soon as you get to 10 000 subs they Take you out i think that’s what happens You get too big Oh no I don’t know all right i’m gonna get Going uh but You guys still gonna talk we’ve said too Much I Know we haven’t said enough Thanks ali Thank you thank you rich thank you thank You rich i’m doing something wrong Rich is too scared to say anything bad

About youtube you’re getting bags from Google i’ve got nothing Where’s my cello i’ll sell i i’ve Already said i’ll sell my mother Just what do you mean are you saying we Sold out No well not really i’m trying to say He’s saying he’ll sell his mother Yeah well i did Youtube meatballs now hurry all right I’ll see you guys later good night rich Thanks so much thanks lee bye guys bye Everybody Thank you mind blown again the british Mod Used to team What’s that the british the british the British ministry of japan oh yes thanks For Use the the term uap in the 80s Apparently wow I did not know that i literally uap Is something that i have only heard Probably over the last five years Mind blown Has blown my mind I got my mind on my money and my money In our minds oh jesus christ no no no no Guys in the chat thank you so much Tonight for being supportive putting the Thumbs up super chat has just People just been ladies and gentlemen in The chat and it’s been a good chat Tonight

Yeah yeah and actually at the end of the Day I’m well aware that sometimes we just Come on here and we talk nonsense I think it’s a good show tonight i Enjoyed this no but we do don’t we That’s what we do we we come on here we We don’t know anything we just we just Literally just speak our minds We try to We try to speak Our minds and i always say let’s just Play carefully i think tonight i’ve i’ve I’ve i’ve tested mom and dad a little Bit Mom and dad beginning with a massive Year and ending with tube Yeah um but i think i think if tread I’ve tried carefully you know i i’ve I’ve i’ve kept it pg Ish i think you’re about 10 foot Away from smack 10 foot away from the Boundaries i reckon you can go another Safe five foot Yeah Don’t show anything Yeah It’s like those people you know there’s People that don’t um they don’t walk Into area 51 but they go just past the Sign to get the photograph That’s where you need to be is just Two foot past the sign

I think one day that’s where i mean you Need to be late I absolutely feel absolutely great Together you know with it with Like a Oh What is it the americans drink those They drink their massive Bottles of beef americans don’t drink Enough Enough beer yeah That’s my my experience of being in America we’ll find out because we will Do one day we’ll do a road trip to America we’ll see how much beer we can Drink To like to to do some sort of thing like One of the conventions and go meet up With like the um The girls meet up up with goof on and Dark hour yeah i would be So down for that would be the best Holiday It would be the best mate yeah screaming A little Bit tickle to my eyeball i would like I’d like to shake hands with uh Stephen greer as well because i’d like To see my hand Inside his huge He’s um he’s a smaller man now i think He’s uh he’s shrinking with age i know String is drinking with age or um Maybe he’s made a decision on

Supplements So he’s made his Decisions to shrink yeah he’s yeah i Think there is Less mexican supplements in that man Right Okay I mean i don’t know anything about that But You know each there only stephen wants To shrink then he Can stream right now Anyway on that note good night god bless Folks mind the bugs don’t bite oh i need To i need to let you know because my Wife just keeps saying to me This is yeah but i’ve never been here For the end usually you drop me out no i Can’t be asked oh that’s Raised it’s gone past that this is the Best i’m gonna i’m gonna show my new T-shirt there you go Me a little i would say a bob lazarty Ship it’s not bob bazaar because i love That alien one with the dots on it That’s that’s the atomic structure of Element 115 No way is it i’m right maybe not with Your logo sorry about that but if i knew The atomic structure of element 115 Looked like that that is absolutely Getting tattooed on my person No i want my logo on your elbow No the elbows hurt loads and um

[ __ ] stars on elbows i don’t know It’s uh i think it’s something it’s a Simple thing to do an elbow is i’m do it I’m due a day with um susie oh hold your Hold your hold hold your cubic up Oh my kubrick My kubrick yeah There you go people um These guys cubic Pubic Um Yeah i i i like that i like the Astronaut though it’s my favorite lee The astronaut is Oh It’s like i like the concept behind it i Like the i like i like what’s in the Visor it’s different it’s difficult to Get it there there she’s upside down It’s meaningful The uh The thing in his heart the thing in this Helmet you can’t see is like a It’s a heartbeat and it’s my son’s Heartbeat That’s what it is beautiful Yeah on that note lee i will speak to You in just a moment but good night god Bless folks i’m not staying for the end Am i you’re gonna get rid of me no i’m Not gonna get rid of you you can stay I’m just gonna end it oh it’s gonna Literally just disappear That’s what we’re going to do

I think these beers are stronger than Normal i don’t normally drink this stuff I’ve had i’ve had six cans of goodness So here we are There you go well if youtube says i’ve Been in trouble i’ll email them and say Well i’m not drinking the normal Beverage that i drink tonight youtube so I promise i’ll never do it again I’m gonna go back to my normal beverage Next week And it will be back to just being you Know Prim and proper good night god bless Folks mind the books don’t bite i’m Alien addict this is musty audio and go Check out lee’s Podcast because Music And especially the what my favorite is Better than therapy This is better than therapy this is Better and it bloody well is It’s hilarious but very very fitting in The world that we’re living today good Night god bless Bye bye Bye bye How do we end this there you go