The 2 sides of UFOLOGY

By | October 15, 2021
The 2 sides of UFOLOGY

Um Good evening folks Welcome to alien addicts on this fine Luxurious evening and it is a luxurious Evening because We have none other than goof on in the House the man that they call the iron Stallion of ufology I think that’s what they call him anyway The italian stallion I thought it was the out of the iron Stallion never heard of that but that Sounds russian to me Yeah but Russia ufos and we and we have area 503 In the house many I was i wanted you to do it you bet me Too rich sorry i keep forgetting it’s Not my show Welcome money Hello hello good to be here good to see You guys and everyone in the chat Yes yeah It is good to see two very very Beautiful faces on alien addict tonight Um manny is is that the bat sign behind You Yeah i gave up my secret identity i just Keep trying to hide it but everybody got It so yeah i’m the batman i’m sorry you Guys can you all know you’re the first To hear it officially but yeah it’s the Batman symbol i know Just speaking about before before the

Show Speaking of welcome to the show i want To thank welcome to the show welcome to The show thank you for the super chats Before the show had even started He’s it always He always just It’s strange that the general gen what What I can’t say generosity Of these people you know before the show Even starts but a beautiful man Um But It’s it’s an it’s an odd one is ufology At the moment boys and it seems to be I think we did the show rich where we Were talking about the there seems to be A lot of different sides but I think if anything it it all boils down To just two you’re either you’re either Far left or you’re either far right when It comes to the subject Matter and you’re either right or far Left Oh you’re far right All you want i mean Wait i’m sorry i said i wasn’t gonna Interrupt No no no no i and any and i’m all i was Going to say is Or you are in the middle And you’re watching Shows on youtube or other platforms or

Doing a little research on the internet Looking for Evidence of aliens and you know who’s Going to give disclosure Demi tomato Demi What’s what’s the name tomato no i like That demi tomato tomato that’s the best Name ever She’s good she’s going to destroy my Channel because my My channel my channel will get destroyed Because of her because it has the work Because it’s got the word alien in it She doesn’t like it oh it’s racist to Say alien yeah that’s right the aliens Don’t like it So stupid If aliens are so far advanced they Wouldn’t care about that Yeah i don’t think they really would Care about you know an adjective do you Care what you know someone on the other Side of the world who has no influence On your you know world or reality do you Care what they think or say about you i Mean i don’t i don’t it just doesn’t Affect me even you know people online And stuff it’s like you can think what You want you know seven billion people On the planet are eight now so that’s a Lot of opinions Do you think it’s just because of the Times that we’re living that it’s kind

Of It’s just going with the trends of today You know the the yeah the the Something very weird going on in the World i’ve smelt it for a long time and I’ve just thought you know what this This It’s so many i know people call them Snowflakes but I just want to i just want to call them Just Just Strange people that just just give a [ __ ] about nonsense You know let’s change some words let’s Do this let’s do that because we need to Change everything we need to forget History and have a new start To life because everybody else is either Racist Prejudiced or Just a bastard You know what it is see manny didn’t Like that that offended him he didn’t Like because he’s for a left walk we Need to be we need to we need to be Careful but rich we need to be careful What we say Yeah i i give the same Uh carefulness here as i would on my own Podcast i know darling you don’t need to Remind me i’m a professional God i can’t stand what people keep Reminding me

Why why I’m joking now you know i’m just giving You a hard time Um you know what it is and and it it’s The it’s the people who have never been Heard It’s just such a small little community Of people They want to be heard nobody’s ever Listened to them their whole lives now They have social media and they’re Taking advantage of it and we we’re Taking down statues and burning flags Because of a few little people and that Has shifted into ufology Those people are the same exact people That are saying what is real and what Isn’t and that scares me I kind of understand it i mean i’m i Don’t want to get into that because i Definitely want to get into it on Youtube that the whole statue thing but I know what you’re talking about we’re Not that’s it no but i but i know what You’re talking about because i had the Same discussion with my dad and i think You know rightly so uh some of these People were extremely horrible people uh That Did Or terrible things but if we forget Everything that we did in history how do We ever learn you know because something Might happen in life down the line where

We have to remember the horrible things That human beings did Uh to one another and you know if aliens Do visit the planet one day if they are Aliens and they’re not demons um Then I i think if if anything We would definitely need to remember If it was in a hundred years And they came here and we’d forgotten All the The mess that we caused back in the day When people uh you know took over uh Countries and people enslaved other People and just did horrible things to Other human beings if we forget about All of that saying a hundred Years Because we got rid of all the evidence And an actual extraterrestrial Beings an extraterrestrial race just Visit earth Maybe You know we would Some of those prejudices may come back What these people are doing though Is not understanding or learning about Real history And they’re making it up as they go Along And a lot of those things You know if i go back into slavery days That was already here before we came Here you know we

Light-skinned people it was already here It just took a few you know a decade or Two till abraham lincoln got around for Us to finally get people on our side to Abolish slavery and that’s what they Forget they think white man brought it Over here it’s not true it was already Here And that’s what they’re doing the Ufology they’re making up Crap to fill in the void that they can’t Figure out what’s going on and they’re Completely lying to people And That is what i am going to remember a Hundred years from now is how they lied And i’m talking about citizens not the Government because what if the Government is trying to you know bring It forward and they’re doing it right But we’re saying it’s wrong i mean i Could be wrong Um because we don’t really know right Manny we don’t know what’s really going On or do we Now we all have our opinions based on Our perspectives and the uh information That we have at the time you know but You know on the topic of You know the statues in revisionist History i’ve never been a big one for Revisionist history i’ve i like truth i Like honesty because we’re all human Beings and we all can understand truth

And honesty but when people try to Idolize or put other people above Um you know a human level then you lose Sight of that and in history that’s what They try to do a lot with people you Know like i’m sure abraham lincoln was a Great guy but i’m sure he had probably Had a couple of faults too you know i’ve Heard the same thing about albert Einstein he was a hell of a smart man But if you were to walk into his you Know his uh office while he’s working on An equation and say hey what’s up dude And not wait for him to address you he’d Rip you apart you know because he didn’t Want to be distracted he was focused on Something you know and so not Everybody’s perfect you know but um when We keep an eye on our history then we Can learn the lessons that were we won’t Lose the lessons that were long He’s gone again Yeah What seems to be going on now rich Reminds me of and i want to say thank You to david again David uh What is that That is uh david lopez not lopez i’m Thinking of i’m who’s big troubling Little china what’s the name what’s the What’s the guy’s name Kurt russell No

I’m thinking david david’s in the chat Anyway i’ll tell you But This is They live oh Oh it is oh dude i got it sent What it’s i didn’t open it that’s the Best it is the best oh my god i uh first Time i think i’ve ever been jealous of Another of another man That is awesome i love that it is but This is this This reminds me of what is going on Right now If the the aliens are almost if if it is Aliens rich That you know all the things that are Going on the things that we buy the Things that we see They could Narrate this You know And maybe just some people don’t have The glasses on Well it has been said you know rumor you Know and i don’t want to get into the Illuminati and or anything like that but There was that one guy who’s the one guy That was a soccer player and then he Turned journalist The guy with the The white david David yeah well he was talking about how The aliens are actually controlling

Everything Running the show And i don’t know if it’s It’s an impossible time Yeah i know that for a long time you Said it’s all um What do you call it the the queen He said he said that my queen is a Lizard Yeah i don’t know but she might look Like she looks like my ex-grandma you Know not ex-grandma my Ex-grandma so it’s like i used to date My grandma oh man David lopan Jesus christ thank you david for that And thank you welcome to the show for Another super chat you you sexy man Thank you lee Um yeah it’s David ike though you do you buy into the Whole lizard thing have you ever have You ever been a lizard fan no No i thought it was too Hokey manny’s back days going he says he Has to keep his speeches short Or it kicks him off now he’s frozen Friday again Manny you wanna you might wanna restart That Computer then kiss it three times You know about the kissing yeah yeah i Do that too You’ve got to you’ve got it you’ve got

You’ve got you’ve got to crest it You got it david it david ike though he He i’m gonna i’m gonna stay on that for A second because he Spoke a lot of nonsense But if you look back at Some of the things that he said Now That he was saying back in the 80s Some of it smells You could smell the truth in it you know It almost smells right yeah I don’t know man but i think i’m gonna Have to start digging into that because Well i don’t know it’s dangerous topic To talk about but um You could interview him you’d probably Get your channel shut down yeah i Wouldn’t do that i wouldn’t have him Near me i would no you know me i’m a Right little [ __ ] for it yeah no he’s Too risky he’s he’s been banned from Youtube right no Or has he anyway uh But it it doesn’t seem too far-fetched Because of the things that we’re going Through In this last the last couple of years See i was into I was thinking about this whole thing That’s happened the last couple of years And they’re trying to mandate that we Get this you know prick in our arm

For lack of a better term and we’ll be Careful with that one is it because The aliens are gonna be coming And the ones that are here now it’s just Maybe a hundred of them you know but Maybe there’s something on the way why Are we trying to leave this planet i’ve Said that last night on my show what’s The big rush we’ve got the planet to Stay on there’s no way we’re going Interstellar where even light speed Would take too long to go anywhere It doesn’t make sense i understand yeah We’re explorers and all that and maybe We’ll find uh you know an ancient Civilization on mars or the moon But a lot of people died just for that And uh It’s just really I i don’t know man Did they see the aliens on the moon Remember they went to the medical Channel and they were that was Supposedly intercepted they’re here and They’re on the Mountain ridge or whatever they said That’s very weird i watched that show Today It was a great show jackie thank you Very much for the five pound super chat My love love to you and your family um Thank you very much um But with With them with the space race rich and

Wanting to get out there My my thing with that it’s going to take Years it’s going to take years and years And and if anything it’s going to be Elon’s uh Robots that’ll be the first thing to Land on a planet you know they’ll be the First things to go out there then There’ll be so many trips because it’s Going to take so long to even make that Place even remotely Um Liveable Livable yeah To the words right out of my mouth um i I just I don’t See Why I i do see why why we’re so intrigued to Visit and go out and venture into space Elon says we’ve got to because at some Point This planet is going to be Dead Why why don’t we just put all the Trillions of dollars into the planet Because that’s what we’re supposed to Believe That We have to leave here because at some Point You’ve seen the whole um i mean I’ve always recycled you know i i hate

It when somebody chucks something out of The window oh yeah or somebody liters in The street can’t stand it i once got Fined for for putting a cigarette out on The floor and i was gonna pick it up When i used to smoke i gotta find 50 Pounds wow um but i’m I i actually said to the guy you know What i i appreciate the 50 pound fine You know but i was going to put it in The bin Um i just want to put in the bin lit Because it would have set the bin on Fire you stupid bastard that has just Fined me 50 pounds Um That says you have to put it out I think manny thought i called him his Stupid bastard oh no Again he’s so sensitive He’s the least sensitive guy um So you were saying that okay So you put your cigarette out you got a 50 pound fine no i no i’m just saying That I believe in the recycling You know This whole thing about all of a sudden Over that it’s really ramped up over the Last few years that the planet is you Know it’s It’s just destroying itself So we need to leave There’s too many there’s too many

There’s there’s too many of us rich we Need to leave But the alien and the aliens are coming You know Because debbie tomato uh demi demi Tomato sorry Says that It’s It’s happened to her And then there’ll be a Demi tomato oh yeah demi tomato yeah oh Is she an experiencer i didn’t know that She is an experiencer not only is she an Experiencer she thinks that her eggs Have been taken now Okay what type of eggs Uh sunnyside oh Probably benedict now uh Yeah that i don’t know i can’t remember I have to go back and watch it i don’t Want to but uh she talked to somebody Who was an experiencer And this experiencer said she had like Dozen kids or something hybrids 24 Something like that but there were scars On her uh lady parts that proved that These were I guess like Abortions That they were taken out after a certain Amount of time And demi lo demi tamato said she has Those same scars So she must have had her you know her

Eggs taken or something like that i Don’t know it’s on episode one of her New show which is absolutely awful I haven’t watched it oh I’m kind of curious did that story did The story come out when she started her Show or is this a story that she’s been Telling to people you know from day one I don’t know about that but i know she’s She talked about it on her show so if You watch episode one you can get a Little insight to what happened Near the middle so somewhat in the Middle of india fred thank you so much For the 15 super chat i i’m i’m not sure What i see is that 15 or 15 i don’t know What that is what’s that sign 15 Isn’t that rubles rubles thank you for The room i don’t know i don’t know what Ruble noodles i don’t care what it is It’s there uh but i don’t plea please Share Please share it please share it to three I like you All greetings from germany I’ve always wanted to go to germany I’m not sure what that means but he Wants all three of us to get a part of That five dollars each oh right i got You rich i’ll send you i don’t whatever That is guys i will i’ll we’ll we’ll Split it i won’t yeah It could be like it could be a grand for All we know

It i i don’t know what the i don’t know What the colors mean You know what the colors mean colors Yeah the the colors there’s yellows reds Oh yeah the red this type of red is 99 Cents blue Is under five dollars green is five Dollars yeah uh that’s probably ten Dollars because it’s yellow Twenty dollars is orange and anything 50 And above is a is a maroon Well i don’t care whatever you whatever You want to do If you donate thank you very much and Even if and if you can’t donate just hit Them thumbs people and be and be nice to One another in the chat that’s good Enough for me um Yes it’s It’s always hard rich when i when you do A show and people then they contribute To the show and they speak to the guest Because it knocks me for six but at the Same time what i want to say thank you To the to the people in the chat um so i Do apologize for that but thank you for People in the chat Um It’s just nonsense It just seems like there’s going to be Another celebrity next then there’ll be Another one and that’s what’s gonna he’s Gonna take over now it’s gonna be the Celebs that are gonna be the ones that

Are gonna give us the ufology the the Ufology the the disclosure that we’ve Also been begging for for years and Years and years and we’ve earned it but You know what we’re gonna get it from The celebs How does that make you feel Manny Um i’m not sure that it is going to come From the celebrities you know i think in All of these um fields i think like you Know whenever there’s a flavor of the Week topics uh you know celebrities are Going to jump on it for their own Devices or whatever um but you know i’ve Been we all follow ufology in different Ways and look at it you know i try to Look at more of the the government Releases that the the the dry dod stuff And look at that but um i think it’s Probably gonna be coming Uh from the private sector though i Think it’s gonna be people like the Alien scientists who prove this science Works and and release it to the public So that there’s no reason to disclose it My only drawback or my hesitation with That form of disclosure is that we’ll Never get the truth about what happened For the last 80 years They’ll just go on and write a new page Of history and say well it’s kind of Moot now because all the technology is Released we’ll never get the full

Disclosure if that happens we’ll get the Um ttsa tom delong lou elizondo defense Industry version of it where they just Get to close the book on the lie and Start to export the technology to Everyone for profit I don’t know though i i honestly think If you look at everybody in the world The peop The people who are into ufology the People are interested in the subject Will probably look at elsewhere for Their disclosure but A disclosure would only work To My wife you know If it was somebody that was releasing it That maybe do a documentary on britney Spears If britney spears released disclosure to The world My wife would be in you know because She’s been hooked on that tv series The majority of human beings are only Interested in The um Mainstream Uh and all the nonsense that’s going on In the world you know when it comes to Uh who’s the the tiger king or you know Whatever’s on netflix or these these new Celebrities that just pop up that That’s what’s going to give this look That’ll be the disclosure that we’ll get

Unfold the general public doesn’t do the Work the research so they wait for it to Be given to them when they’re at home Eating dinner watching tv or in the Morning you know with the kids and Watching tv or whatever tv’s on in the Background that’s it And guess what when i was in you know You saw the video maybe where we were in Santa monica asking people if they knew What a uap was nobody knew that one guy Knew but it took like forever to get the Right Response so nobody really knows What’s going on uh the thing that they Were concerned with Was Are we going to be attacked by aliens That’s what they took out of what louis Elizondo said For two years Are we being attacked you guys got Jeremy corbell with his fake videos out There saying that You know the uss russell was being Swarmed by ufos when it was just stars And planes What a joke so If a celebrity is going to bring Disclosure i’m all for it I don’t care i just want it So the ends justify the means right yeah Pretty much yeah It’s frustrating though what would that

Look like It would look like uh Celebrities saying oh yes this ufo this Ufo we are being not ufos there is Extraterrestrial craft visiting earth We’ve seen them we’ll vouch for it you Know It’d be hard to believe i don’t know man It would be cool Yeah i mean what what can we expect is The pentagon going to open up the books And say you know for the last 80 years Here’s everything that we legitimately Have and that we did and how are they Going to force all the contractors who Don’t have to play by the same rules to Do the same thing We can’t we can’t and we all know that All that technology that they had was Not designed in area 51 it wasn’t Designed by the military it was designed By these subcontractors and then sold to The military so that’s where the dope is It’s not it’s not an area 51 it’s in a Skunk Skunk works box somewhere at lockheed in A fold in a closet or a basement or Something like that and we’ll never see It if it even still exists it’s probably Been destroyed you know like why would They keep that stuff around it’s Incriminating you know so That i I just don’t know it seems like we can’t

Win to win so we might as well just go With i don’t care anymore just stop Telling the damn lie rip the band-aid Off you know we’ll never get the truth Of what happened all those people who You know Lived lives that would have been Different or that you know lost lives That would have been different because Of that life they’ll never come back and We’ll never get just before them it’s Got to be water under the bridge if they Would have ripped the band-aid off When ttsa was formed or when luis Elizando came aboard hi i’m from atip We’ve got incredible news today david You know i’m gonna uh explain How aliens are visiting us and what we Know They could have ripped off the band-aid Then imagine where we would be now Instead we’re still in the same Situation it’s all about politics it’s All about money it’s all about gas oil And water Yeah it really is i agree with you rich Totally i think they could have ripped The bandit off in the 40s though or After the korean war or after the Vietnam war or at any other time they Could have done it you know so they’ve Had their chances and You know i just don’t i’m tired of Waiting man you know i’m kind of i want

The full disclosure like you i want it i Want to know what really happened i want The truth and i want them to apologize To the world for lying to him for 80 Years but it’s never going to happen and They’re never going to happen so i just I’ll go go ahead man No no finish finishing what you’re going To what you’re going to say money that Then sorry that’s my bad well I just If i have to accept that the the defense Industry or the hollywood version of it I’ll take it you know because i just Don’t want the lie to continue every day That it continues it hurts more more People you know financially and Physically so I don’t want demi lovato to jump in and Be the one You say your name properly oh sorry demi Tomato Tomato I don’t want it to be her I don’t think she gives any credibility To what anybody all of us have been Doing i would think it would be some Sort of uh joke if she was be to be the One I don’t know man it’s got to be somebody It can’t be jim carrey Who could it be kurt russell man why Wasn’t it him he he was there at the Phoenix lights in the air in his cessna

And saw him with his own eyes and has Talked about it from day one why Wouldn’t they bring him on board you Know if that were the case he’d be the Guy that’s a good choice actually right We wouldn’t question his motives we’d Say no kurt russell’s talked about it Since it happened you know like he’s Never hidden it he doesn’t have an Ulterior motive he’s just in the right Place at the right time there’s other People too i mean there’s m.c hammer Said he saw a uh ufo um Who was there was a football player you Know who i mentioned in a video i forget His name now but he did the same thing He’s got two million you know Subscribers on twitter and was like oh i Saw ufo you know and that’s great and Stuff but i was talking about how these People could be easily misled as well You know these celebrities if somebody Came to them that claimed to be an Insider and wanted to make a documentary Those guys could be manipulated real Easily they’re not going to do the Legwork and the research like you and i Would to vet your source and to make Sure that it’s not someone who’s trying To play you they’re just going to go With it you know and that’s how tom Delong that’s how jeremy corbell that’s How all these celebrities got all Wrapped up in that stuff

You know I just found an interesting video with Corbell actually it was a um It was god where was it a convention Where he was talking with stan friedman Right before stan had passed away yeah Oh my god yeah we’re where corbell just Looks like an angry little brat and stan Had just kept his cool man but corbell Is just rich i’ll send you a link after The show bro so you can see it if you Probably have but um it is so It is such a great yeah It’s where um Stanton uh was asking about bob’s Credentials to jeremy corbell and jeremy Starts They they’re they’re kind of arguing Back and forth Uh Stanton is being quite calm but I think they’re both The carmish but there is tension there’s A lot of tension in that room it’s it Was an interesting watch that one um god Rest his soul Um he would have been a lovely guy to Interview he was a you could just tell He was a lovely man You know you just got that feeling for Him didn’t you I did Yeah i i did i i you know i just There didn’t seem to be any nonsense to

Him just seemed like a nice nice chat What what i was gonna say That popped into my head is What if it’s been prepped for a long Time this you know I i have Oh my money’s here the game We’ve got to oh Now that is creepy money could you put Your face in the exact same position of Your face I don’t it just shows black on mine so i Don’t know Was that a bad one Yeah whatever there’s no bad face i got A face only my mom could love oh I really don’t want to sound like a Broken record but i’m going to sound Like a broken record um but i’m going to Bring this up because This Seems to be In I’ve looked back and looked back and Look back and other than people showing Cave paintings of alien greys This seems to be where it came from And we’ve got the paintings of alien Greys Yes that we show we’ve we show them on Little pieces of pottery we don’t do we Really know how old they are I think what i’m saying i think what i’m Saying here rich is

Maybe We’ll be we we’re being prepped for Something And we have been for a long time And we have no control over what’s Happening But maybe right now The time is right for them to do this Whatever they’re doing Whether it be a false flag What if They are not alien at all And i More and more these days i do think that That maybe they are not Extraterrestrial maybe there is Something about this little place that We live that is quite special i think it I re it really hit home when i was Watching your show even though you Weren’t saying that in so many words you Were just asking the question of why are We gonna why do we want to leave here so So badly What if we’re wrong About it not being about it being aliens Yes Well who would it be then if it’s not Are you talking about another faction of Humanoids that you know like a split Civilization that is is controlling Things you know or Uh See i think it’s

It’s ai with Some sort of living Being in it cyborgish I think these are beings that are going It’s where we’re heading Because we’re able to replace body parts Now legs arms you know heart Um liver transplants you know and all That stuff but you know we’re still in The early stages believe it or not but Imagine fast forward a hundred years And we’ll be able to replace our arms And No problem at all you’d probably prefer To have a robotic arm than your regular Arm I would think it would be easier on your Heart you know less blood to go flowing Through it i i don’t know i just think That It’s heading in that direction where We’re going to prolong our life To live longer and to do it we’re going To have to replace some body parts and Eventually you’re going to replace them All I think i don’t know but i’m just saying If if we can’t get the rejuvenation Drug in our body to make our skin Replenish itself and our organs we you Know stay healthy I think that’s where we’re heading and i Think that’s what we’re seeing is Something maybe thousands of years into

The future with tech we don’t understand That’s why luis elizondo says we don’t Even know how to study it because we Don’t have the technology to I think it’s that i think that’s what We’re up against and they can zip in and Out of our reality I mean we only see this much of a Spectrum this big imagine what’s to the Left to the right of us right now as We’re speaking It could be what if there’s nothing It then it’s nothing i don’t believe it It because it really would be an awfully Uh awful waste of space I agree It’s definitely the human perspective to Say you know only what i can see and Feel is is real you know but we know Like like rich what you’re saying you’re Talking about the light spectrum there’s Massive amounts of light that we don’t Even see you know there’s radiation that We can’t see there’s energies that we Can’t see all around us we don’t see our Wi-fi signals we don’t see gravity but Gravity will splatter you on the Pavement if you jump off a building you Know high enough We don’t see it it exists just because We don’t see it doesn’t mean that it’s Not real and that’s that i think that You know real real people who ask good Good questions about science and who are

In the field will understand that and They understand the more you learn the More that you realize you don’t You know you don’t know anything every Time you learn something new it opens up 10 new fields of questions you know what I mean and so i love it though that’s Why it’s a never-ending journey of you Know learning you know like and trying To figure things out but we just got to Keep our eyes and our minds open you Know as a society Um i gotta take five not five minutes Two minutes i’ll be right back yeah Anyways uh Manny though What And and thank you jennifer again my love Uh my lovely awesome um very generous I’m I’m loving The um The question Of how we are we alone in the universe I always have done But the more and more i’ve i’ve looked Into this field And the people that i’ve interviewed Along my journey the experience that i The experiences i seem to be having as a 40 year old man For now probably the past six year seven Years Um

I’m i’m starting to become Something different And i and i find that so hard to explain As somebody that used to be an atheist Got a complete atheist i didn’t you know Believe in Really god jesus or anything like that i Still Don’t But I do think when it comes to The paranormal The people i’ve spoke to along this Journey It always seems to seep in To this subject what people have seen The experiences they’ve had And a lot of the people that i spoke to You know when that when telling these Stories i believe them But i find it very hard to think about An extraterrestrial Being And A An entity say a Spirit I can’t seem to separate The science and the paranormal if you Know if you know what i’m saying there Money it’s it’s a bit of a boggle that Of the mind trying to meld that In but it seems to fit in this subject Yeah i think there’s a blurred line

There too you know like there are there Comes a time when the line blurs i Should say you know um If you’re looking Let’s take a hypothetical situation and Let’s take let’s take uh an Extraterrestrial being that is let’s say Formed of some kind of energy that we Can’t see with our naked eye let’s just Assume that one exists and it’s here all Right standing right next to you If you were to encounter something like That um you wouldn’t even know it’s There right but we might have technology That could see that nowadays and you Might be able to understand that there Is something next to you that you can’t See You know It’s a being you know there’s a sci-fi Movie that discusses this where they They have a pair of goggles that allow People to see into another you know kind Of dimension or something like that it’s A test thing but it’s the very first guy Who puts it on just these creatures Everywhere and they are you know Affecting people um human beings are Ruled you know we were our bodies are Run mainly on electromagnetic impulses And electricity and things like that if You talk about how the brains and the Nerves and things work and it wouldn’t Be too hard to accept that um you know

An energy could come in and Mess with that so to speak but we Wouldn’t even know about it we we might Be able to understand it today with our Technology but if that same thing were To happen 2000 years ago they would Stand zero chance of understanding it Because they don’t have the technology That we have they would liken it to Something like demons and spirits and Angels because that’s That’s how their minds worked back then You know they didn’t understand that There’s bigger things out there besides The the planet that we sit on you know They didn’t even understand things like The solar system really well not at all Well not widespread some of them did Them did but it wasn’t wide spread and Accepted knowledge no not until the time You look at them Well i understand that they that there Are Cases where that isn’t exactly you know Uh uh You know 100 percent the the facts but You know and there are exceptions but I’m talking about mainstream what was What people the people who came up with These religions the minds didn’t come up With christianity or islam you know or Or catholicism these things came up on Their own and those are the people who Um

You know kind of assimilated all these Other cultures and knowledges and rolled Them into their own because they were The dominant religions By war Or you know by numbers it’s hard to say We weren’t there but you know i’m just Saying mainstream science wise and what We understood as as people yeah i mean It wasn’t until the times of uh you know Galileo really that we started to Understand things like that um And you know people really did think That the earth revolved around the sun For the longest time and that uh maybe We were the center of the universe of The galaxy but We’re not we’re part of something bigger You know and that’s That’s truly what i think and and when We start to explore our own solar system Better like when we get out to enceladus Um when we get out to to mars you know And things like the perseverance mission Where they’re looking for microbial life On mars well if we find That there was life on mars before you Know millions of years ago before us or Whatever and then we also find that There’s liquid water and life on on a Moon like enceladus or europa well if There’s life is prevalent in our solar System why should we think that it’s Not relevant everywhere you know in

Every solar system um We have to get out there and look and so We need to wait for the james webb to Come up if it makes it up and up you Know next month or in december when it Goes up but science is going to teach us That stuff you know we can we can sit Around and talk about it philosophically Yes but science is going to dictate you Know it’s going to is going to really Cast some Is going to cast some light on the Subject and answer some questions you Know Yeah I hear somebody cutting their nails or Something in the background I think that was aria 503 computer Really Yeah definitely not that’s somebody Cutting hair nails or toenails Oh dude i can’t hear it i’ve got my Studio my studio headphones on i can Hear nothing man there could be a nuke Dropped outside my house and i’d just be Like It’s gonna be a bright day It’s not All right i know i know you i don’t you Say money but My my issue And it’s it’s probably i think i’ve been Designing these A hard word it’s a made-up word i said

He said amy i’ve been de-scientized That’s what i have i’ve been De-scientized Because I look at some of the rich i look at Some of the some of the science And i’m wondering if What if some of the science that we’ve Been told is not actual science i know It’s just made up bull crap I don’t know We have to learn it To know it i think alien scientist and People like him would tell us if it Wasn’t real So none of that has ever come out so the Science Seemed seemingly is real But for uri we don’t study the science We we do but we don’t Duplicate it Like a mick west or whoever You know it’s uh well i’ve done it i’ve Done balloon tests and things like that I guess but um as of late not much but It’s something that needs to be done and Always focused on so i’m i’m sad to hear That you’ve been de-scientized And what does that mean you you just Don’t follow it or you don’t i made it i Made the word up i know i love it So i i i don’t know what it means i i I’m literally you don’t trust it I don’t

You can’t Well what don’t you trust about science I mean like if somebody publishes a peer Reviewed paper and says okay I’ll be very blunt with that or is it The interpretations because people i Don’t trust what the pictures that we i Don’t trust the pictures that we Received i don’t trust their own Pictures that we receive of our own Planet You know okay I don’t i don’t so if you go to the iss Live stream and you’re looking down at The planet you think that’s not real Or i’m not say i’m not saying it’s not Altered or I mean i i don’t trust Any of it have you ever seen some of the Glitches With the astronauts they’re insane so Many They’re insane so so and and they don’t Make sense i’ve i’ve talked about this Before on the show guys in the chat i’m Not a flyer all i’m saying is i don’t Trust somebody that’s got a big wavy Necklace And you know vidal sassoon hair going Everywhere on the iss i don’t trust That kind of video feedback that and i Don’t trust it especially when that when An astronaut is going across and they Glitch out in the background and they

Disappear before they go through the Frame It’s odd It’s not A lot of those are video compression Things and you can see them you can see Any sort of a remote transmission from a Remote location and yes i know a video i Know a video compressions look yeah okay But that’s kind of like But somebody Somebody to fade out before they before They actually leave the scene is odd I’ll do you one better what about the Guy doing this Grabbing nothing in the air and putting It on an imaginary shelf Maybe maybe he’s got some sort of like Tourette’s Space tourettes I don’t know i mean you can get an app On your phone for the iss hd cam’s live And you can look at that stuff anywhere In the world 24 7. I was addicted i was addicted to it i’ve Watched a lot of it i do i sit there and I’ll put it on my tv while i’m writing And just sit there and look at the iss And watch it the earth underneath and Check it out just because it’s calming To me you know it’s But i like it and i’ve seen a lot of Yeah i’ve seen a lot of i’ve seen a lot Of things float by you know you see all

Kinds of different stuff up there but It’s you know i’ve never i’ve never seen Anything that in my opinion would be Fake you know and i don’t understand how They could fake the volume of footage That they have i mean you’re talking a Colossal production A colossal production and i didn’t know That they have the money but how would You keep that under wraps you know like You can’t even have a you can’t even Have a Secret shoot on a star wars set without Somebody leaking something to tmz you Know but um and it’s always possible you Know people have been saying that for Years probably because of the kubrick And i you know i believe that the Original moon landing they did have a Backup b plan that kubrick did film a Fake one just in case they were i i’ve Read documents you know that nixon was Prepared to leave those men on the moon And and fire off a fake [ __ ] landing You know because that’s how important it Was to win now thankfully they didn’t Have to do that you know they came back But you know if they were prepared to do That back then Could they do it now sure and there is Another thing you know nasa does have The largest green screen in the world The largest chroma key set in the world Is on nasa property marvel studios went

To go uh film spider-man there so they Could run their guy across the wall on a Green screen on a real green screen and Have a dolly camera follow him but why Does nasa have a Green screen that’s the size of you know A large aircraft hanger makes no sense Why Makes no sense I don’t get it either you know um Seriously why would they have a green Screen To project something they want us to see There’s no other reason Yeah i mean i could see that they might Want to get a satellite in there to take A picture of it for you know purposes or Whatever but the people doing their cgi Modeling and their camera for their Photography stuff they can do all their Elsewhere they don’t need they don’t Need a you know a quarter mile or Whatever however big this stinking green Thing screen is it’s huge you know Yeah it’s amazing um i i can’t explain It but they have it and they’ve like i Said there’s a documentary out there you Can watch where marvel studios goes to Rent the damn thing to film out there Um but yeah so are they i just but i Watch a lot of the other stuff too i Watch esa i watch jaxa i watch all of The different rus cosmo launches that They publicize you know and if all those

People are colluding on that like why Can’t we collude to get the world in in Line you know what i mean like how They’re gonna collude to keep a secret About space but they can’t Work together geopolitically to save all Those defense resource money that we Spend on weapons every year and spend That on the planet you know like that’s The real that’s the real thing is space Exploration is a drop in the dime Compared to the defense industry you Know and i think one year’s worth of That money would probably do a lot of Good for this earth I don’t understand though why You know we don’t have a base on the Moon right now Why why do we not have a baseline why Did we stop going to the moon because it Was too expensive Because apparently now we’ve lost the Technology Was it political was the the race to the Moon part of a the space race you know Was that we already are we already there Yeah you know There’s not much on the moon you know What’s there for us there’s a little bit Of water ice they want to use uh Electrolysis to separate people how do You know that because they tell you that Well they being the scientist i’m not Taking uh cnn’s word for this i go and

Look at the real dope you know that’s me Um i go to the nasa site i read their Papers you know if i don’t understand Something i’ll go and i’ll spend the Night trying to understand it and if i Still don’t understand it i’ll go find Someone who does and have them explain It to me someone who i trust like the Alien scientist or you know some people That he affiliates with you know um Because the mainstream media definitely Has got an agenda in it and that’s all That they’re gonna That’s all that they ever push whether It’s space politics or disney’s latest Hit it’s going to be what they tell you It is you know they want you to Understand they’re like this movie is Great because we say it is the Politician’s great because we say it is The serial is great because we say it is This planet’s great because we say it is You know that’s how they work Isn’t nasa government funded right don’t We pay for nasa Yeah Right See this is my point we’re putting so Much money into nasa When we should be using that money to Fix our infrastructure and things i just Don’t understand it my point is there Must be something going on to have to Spend all this money that can be used

For something else that could be better Well you know equipped to fix society More or less our infrastructure gets a d Minus rating And that’s just here in the us Why are we spending this money our money Your money except for ollie Um Oh you pay taxes yeah they do the same Thing there yeah Yeah But it doesn’t go into nasa right does Is it a global thing that all the taxes From the globe go to nasa no No that’s where we fund nasa but then Nasa then partners with eshx and other Space agencies and then they they will Get money from them on partner projects Too i did a lot of digging into the nasa Budget when i was looking into the um Neo-sm the near-earth object Surveillance mission that was going out And why it was shut down and it was Political it was just all about politics And money and that’s why that project Got bounced around to three different Offices before it finally found a Independent budget within nasa but Planetary protection and so they’re like Okay we’ll we’ll fund it out of Planetary protection because nobody can Monkey with that um but yeah there’s a Lot of politics with the money in nasa Just like there is at the dod and just

Like there is at the housing and urban Development and just like there’s a Social services and all of the other Different programs that we have you know They work and nasa is no different than That there’s there are some job farms There you know people do get these Contracts so that they can get keep People employed from one contract to the Other that’s just the reality that we Live in you know but i think nasa’s Probably the one of the better ones you Know because they they are publicly Funded and they are held to Accountability from the american public You know the private agencies are and The private corporations definitely Aren’t you know spacex and a blue origin And and whoever they can do whatever They want you know like they they don’t Have to follow international treaty all That they have to do is not get Prosecuted which means buying some Politicians you know that’s all they Have to do You you’ve you’ve seen the uh i mean It’s i mean it’s not really in going Into space but you’ve seen um Bezos uh go up the other day with um Shatner Williams yeah i loved it it was great Shatner’s reaction when he came back Down how he yeah he was beautiful oh Yeah it was fantastic watching a rocket

Go up and then watching him get out of The rocket but i wanted to see the Footage of william shatner all the way Up on the gopro Somebody filming him going oh like you Know like that and then where’s that Footage i’ve seen a couple stills have Been floating around like that like You’re talking about i don’t know if They haven’t i’ve I’ve seen video footage have been Floating about once it’s up there Shatner’s a great guy man I’m a massive star trek fan i love Shanna you know yeah his personality Like for a guy who’s 90 he is just he’s Really cool man he’s got a great outlook On the world and yeah and he’s just you Know like the way he handles trolls on Twitter you know what i’m saying Manny do you know what i’m saying if They want to do it better Film the whole thing Ask them to i’m sure they would i i can Watch a spacex launch and have live feed All the way up for two hours straight What do you mean they don’t show it i Don’t understand that’s what i’m saying Do you want to watch a space launch with Me ollie i’ll show it to you they don’t Have the phone i watch loads they don’t Are we not watching the same ones man Because species don’t have a dozen

Cameras on on their on their rockets I’ve seen the inside of a hydrogen fuel Tank as it’s going up and i see the fuel Level going up we’re talking about the The people we want to like you barely Get like when bezos went up i didn’t Even see him you saw him from the Outside looking through a window and it Could have been a mannequin for all i Know right Well it could be right but that’s what We’re saying why don’t they i mean What’s the likelihood Just because something can be true Doesn’t mean it is i mean like come on Like there’s a there’s a probability Thing they’re like are we are we saying It’s the whole thing’s fake then because That’s where it’s going i don’t Understand we’re just asking questions So the people are fake That’s not what we’re saying Yeah what about a bomb gardener what About baumgartner jumped out uh in the Red bull uh yeah jumping from 150 000 What feed up rich i put i put that into Your intro that i made was that a solid Shot Yeah but okay so was that legit He nearly died doing that the thing is We’re not seeing like oh like nasa let’s Just say nasa Let me finish a sentence sorry sorry you Can understand it

So when they shoot up the shuttle and They got seven people in there we don’t Even get to see them though i want a Video i want to see their whole ride all The way up all the way down they cut out After a minute and a half and you never See what happens they go through that uh The radio part where it cuts out for However many seconds or minutes i want To see what’s going on inside i want to See the plasma going past the windows When they go into space or back into Earth whatever the heat from it We don’t see that we didn’t see it with Bezos we didn’t see with the virgin guy Richard branson we saw him sitting for What a few seconds and that was it It’s not exciting it’s not it’s just It’s always the same manny i was just You know giving your heart we always Personally we always get the same Footage and that’s the frustration Because i love space i love rockets and On all that jazz but i want to see more I want to see i want i want to see William shatner sat there you know with Them having a a camera on board and Filming his expression all the way up And for a night i think they’re missing A trick there also i wanted to see Uh you know when neil armstrong got out Of Was was about to Step out of the spacecraft i don’t

Understand why Buzz didn’t have maybe a camera because There’s a i bought my dad All that uh apollo mission in 4k Uh for his new television for his Birthday and it looks Absolutely stunning there’s pit there’s Video footage of them When they’re in space they’re off They’re filming each other But then when they get to the moon They Buzz didn’t film him getting out of the Of the lunar module it just went to the The camera that was on the Near the leg You know the remote camera that was Feeding back and i understand why that Was crappy quality because it was a Feedback but they had great cameras on That on that on that launch but you know In For something that is so Such an amazing thing for the first man To step on the moon for the guy that is With him for him to not film that On a good quality camera you know just To pop his His chest out to the camera he was on The chest wasn’t it i’m pretty sure Maybe they would have had something Loose in there that they could have just Buzz could have just gone you know like That just to get that that moment where

Neil stepped down and looked back and Went With it with it with him we’re here mate We’ve landed Safe but It just seems a bit of a waste But did they not think these things you Just see it seems like they never think Of this thing this though ever i think In the shatner case they weren’t Expecting it to be A publicity stunt so they didn’t try to Film it like that i mean they did make Some news about it but they weren’t Setting it up like a production they Were trying to film a movie of shatner Going up you know the they didn’t have Um You know it wasn’t a it wasn’t a Production i don’t think i didn’t see a Director there trying to tell him what To say it seemed natural and yeah i Don’t know what kind of cameras they Have on the inside of that of the module But it should you should be able to Record all that stuff anyways even if You can’t actively transmit it because You’re coming down through the Atmosphere you should be able to record It and watch it later unless it’s you Know something interfering with the Camera so i assume that footage is out There maybe we’ll see it um You know

He’s whenever there wasn’t He’s one of the richest man in the world So you know he For the next launch that jeff you don’t Always see that that flaring though like If you watch when the when the spacex Boosters come down and sometimes you’ll See like one of the dragon thrusters That’s coming down or one of the other Different blue boosters and it’s it Hasn’t gone up high enough to catch That upper atmosphere and to have that Velocity so it’ll be up in the upper Atmosphere still and then come back down But you don’t ever see the flames that You’re talking about like in um you know One of the movies when the space shuttle Is coming down and there’s flames Shooting off it you know um i do What was the shuttle wasn’t one of the Was a discovery that that that uh Broke apart on impact when it was coming Down or was that um you mean when it Came into the atmosphere yeah it had Some tiles that were missing yeah yeah So on that one you can hear radio of the Event but you’ll never find video Footage of that you know so i don’t know What’s going on what if it’s that the Cameras don’t work during there for some Reason because of like em interference From coming down through the plasma or If they just turn them off or Maybe it’ll pop in what rich you know

What i’m saying though don’t you yeah Well like yeah you want more I don’t i think they they’re leaving out The most important footage of all the Reaction of the people inside of the Craft why are they doing that yeah That’s what we want to see i can’t tell You how many times people get upset they We see Seconds of it that’s it But we don’t i want to see a little Camera in the corner You know while they’re showing us the Launch i want to see them you know being Shaken around or holding each other’s Hands or saying holy [ __ ] Yeah like the crew dragon capsule has That footage you know like they’ve got That they’ve got that camera and you see The astronauts will give you a thumbs up The um i just watched the chinese launch That had the same thing they had a full Camera on the inside of the cab but you Don’t get to see out their windows Because they have all their shields down And everything you wouldn’t see anything You know and the crew dragon doesn’t Even have windows or it’s got one window I think but but you just gave a perfect Example they they we get to see them Giving a thumbs up and that’s it then They turn it off and we don’t see the Rest of them right I don’t know the chinese one they had it

Out the whole way i mean you like you See the guy’s clipboard float up and he Grabs it and a pencil Yeah and a lot of them have a I think it’s spacex started doing this They’ll put a bobble head or something On there so that you can tell when you Hit zero g it’s just something that sits On the on the dash and then floats up When they hit zero g it’ll be a dog a Little stuffed animal or something you Know um that they put on their flights But has nasa done that I don’t think nasa has I can’t remember ever seeing inside the Shuttle or rocket when they launch People I don’t think so yeah i don’t think so If they have that footage i don’t think They’ve released it i would assume they Do though why wouldn’t you have a camera On your men so that they could look at Capcom and say yeah thumbs up man you Know like i’m i’m sure they would they Probably do but not for us probably so They can hear the actual you know like There’s some shit’s happening up here You know they’re probably getting scared They don’t want to portray that it’s Probably top secret because it would Show technology and means or whatever You know how that works but What’s up ollie you look like you’re About to pop man no no no i’m not going

To pop out No i just want to say something I i’m literally Um I was just thinking then why should they You know why should nasa do that why why Should jeff do that you know just for The conspiracy theorists Maybe for them I mean i’ve said this many times if if Anything elon has got a sense of humor He should launch the biggest flat Earther into space yes But that but all right listen to this To do you know how far it is To go into orbit Right it’s 250 miles right isn’t that it 200 miles or It’s actually six earth’s atmosphere Goes to 6197 Feet or miles Hold on some of it’ll extend out to the Moon the upper atmosphere does yeah the The very thinnest parts of the Atmosphere it’s actually a lot bigger Than people think but Yeah but but where the part where it Transitions into space is 6214 miles that’s what it says here Earth’s atmosphere stretches from the Surface of the planet Up to as far as 6214 miles after that the atmosphere Blends into space

So if we’re only going 250 miles up and it’s 6214 miles You’re not going to see that you’re not Going to see the curvature of the earth I mean that’s only halfway from phoenix To los angeles that’s very tiny so when You say let’s launch them into space They’re still not going to see it it’s Circular the whole thing right ollie or Do they get to see everything Well i i Apologize At 250 miles they do Yeah i believe you can you can actually Because the iss you can see it from There right And it’s 150 miles so i was once on the Beach i was on the beach and uh i can’t Remember what beach it was but he just Went from side to side and i actually Looked and thought I’m sure i can see a tiny bit of curve There Maybe maybe maybe i’m making that up but I i was positive See a tiny little bit Uh i think you can on a flat you see Where the curvature where that where the Horizon meets the the Well i i’ve asked my dad about that when He’s at sea and he he he said you can’t See it you can’t But he he he also hates

But that’s what i’m saying think how big That’s why flat earthers are flat Earthers this is their biggest argument They think that if you go up into space You should be able to have pictures of The entire earth and they don’t because It’s only 200 miles up it’s they’re not Going that far up it’s it’s how Big is uh the earth’s radius you know You’re going from the ground 6 000 miles I don’t know It 250 miles is nothing you know they Get a they get a lot of uh [ __ ] to fly Officers i can understand the Frustration they’re stupid no there’s no But i can know i can understand the Frustration though rich that’s what i’m Saying But there’s evidence because nasa is Never a straight answer but there’s Evidence scientific evidence and you and I can do it that proves here so if they Can’t buy into some simple Way of proving that the earth is around Then they’re they’re not that bright Even that guy the godfather of flat Earth mark sargent i believe his name is God he seems like He doesn’t believe it’s that evolved Yeah he’s like he’s just making a little Bit of money off it he is he was Laughing when they did that special with National geographic and they proved that The earth you know was had a slight tilt

To it This is true the third phase you can see Apparently my dad has told me this you Can see the curvature when you on Concord What has the altitude of the concord so That’s amazing so then you would Definitely see it In space I think that was our plane wasn’t it Concord it was yours yeah yeah but why Don’t we have any pictures Of the whole now we do i think but What is that that china satellite that’s Way out there That takes pictures live pictures of the Earth I have no idea what it’s called yeah I know which one you mean i have no idea What it’s called i can’t remember that But there’s now you know you can go Online but it but the flat earthers say But it’s still a digital transition Uh transmission i can’t speak for some Reason i don’t know what happened to me Uh So it’s still not even live it’s still Being transmitted digitally back to Earth so it can be manipulated And it looks fake There you go you said it rich It looks fake yeah I never said that and you don’t see the Stars on the sides

But this is the thing it you know if if They if they have faked anything to do With space and i i think Quite possibly they have at some point Fake something When it comes to space When it comes to ufos if they want to Spin that They can they’re getting the celebrities On board You know And then And who’s that going to go out to That’s not going to go out that’s not Going to that’s not going to Invest you rich that’s not going to Invest you money but that will invest People like my wife Yeah again Maybe my next door neighbor generally Maybe Some people i work that i get that that I Go to work with and they think that i Have a gaming channel You know That that is good that’s these those People That will be Invested in this So that when i said This might bring disclosure I’m not talking a good way Because it’ll be it’ll be it’ll be you

And me And and money that is fighting against This And we’ll be the ones that will get Demonetised we’ll be the ones that will Get shut down because it’s not the way It’s supposed to go I hear you But you gotta have some sort of You gotta have um Different opinions in this field to keep You legit But how can you how can you overcome uh Opinions If if If your platform is tiny compared to Mainstream When i heard vince neil from motley crew Talking about a ghost sighting he had It seemed more believable to me because He was a celebrity I don’t know what it was but listening To these people who are risking their Careers All right Saying these things is intrigue it’s Interesting It brings a nice um i don’t know Realistic feel to it i think That these people who we’ve known and Watched for many years are now talking About it too that’s a lot to risk So you’re saying you trust the Celebrities i don’t i just like the

Entertainment value and i think that’s What Hey and and disclosure’s like pizza There’s no bad disclosure at all so Whoever brings about pizza Nobody turns down pizza even if it’s bad That’s true this is true I don’t know i don’t know about where You live but over here in ma’s house Forget about it all right so I think uh and i think that’s it that’s It’s an entertainment value that could Bring truth that may be pushed aside and Not taken so seriously but we need to See the aliens that’s it gotta see the Live alien Be careful what you wish for i wish for It every single day And i and i’m careful about it I don’t know i i don’t know if i could i Trust those aliens You trust the aliens i don’t know if i Trust the aliens oh you can’t They’re bastards I don’t know they’re shape-shifting Bastards is what they are they they Abduct us Without against our will i didn’t ask For this well not me but people say that You know it could be ghosts on all those Things that we don’t understand Hey watch i’m gonna make this guy jump Boom pushes over a cup in front of him I don’t know

My fear is That Maybe we’re playing about with something That we have No idea what we’re playing about with And We we’ve it’s too late Because we’ve already started it I mean i was thinking about Voyager the other day And just thinking about the the actual Concept of that what we did We sent an advertisement Out there in space and when we are here Who Who knows who’s picking that who finds That What if it’s you know you know We’re we I would like to say we’re civil i don’t Think we are civil at all But at times we can be civil and we’re Very curious about Life out there in the solar system and i Would hope if we If we Became the travelers and we Traveled to a primitive Uh planet planet we wouldn’t just Pillage it and uh take everything that We could from that planet and we Wouldn’t be selfish i i hope that it Would be like a star trek moment and we You know we want to

Keep the peace and we won’t want to Interfere with Uh primitive life to us But I don’t know if that had happened i Think I think if we found a planet That had Was teeming with life And there was uh say There were people there that was um very Primitive towards you know they they was They they were coming out of the the Stone age maybe you know Maybe we just take them for everything We could If if our planet would it was a bit Depleted of what we needed If we just take it from them but we’ve Sent voyager out advertising where our Planet is Yeah I don’t think that was the right Decision no well that’s what um What was the guy’s name uh in the the Wheelchair said Stephen hawkins hawkins yeah He said that was a big mistake i think He said that That’s a calling card for them to come Take us over and take our resources It’s kind of like avatar the movie right Show up and take their stuff off their Planet yeah you know um

If you look into asteroid mining i think That’s where resource collection is Going to go uh come from we’re going to Be going out and getting asteroids and And there’s no hopefully there’s no life On them you know like we can leave the Planets have life alone there’s enough Resources out there i really used to Think that that stuff like gold and Diamonds were rare but they’re not you Know like gold is made in fusion in the Sun diamonds just compressed carbon um You know there’s literally i think it’s Jupiter where diamonds will rain down Because carbon is is thrown up into the Atmosphere and then put under pressure So much pressure that it turns them into Diamonds yeah so It’s not we’re rare life is rare Intelligent life is even more rare you Know so that’s the rarity in the Universe We can find water anywhere we find water On mars we know it’s on the moon we know That there’s comets out there floating Around with a bunch of water on it we’ll We can use that stuff if we need water And space for um electrolysis for the Hydrogen and oxygen you know but same Goes for iron nickel all these other Metals they’re all out there we just got To send out these little drones to go Find them and harvest them and that’s uh Like nasa did with the moxie experiment

On perseverance it’s designed to pull Water out of the ground and see if they Can make hydrogen and oxygen out of it On mars and that’ll be done before human Boots are ever on the ground you know It’ll all be automatic it’ll all be Drones and uh robots ai all that stuff So that’s where it’s going i just don’t Think we need to mess with the other Life forms out there if we do find a Planet we should leave them alone you Know especially if there’s life brewing There because It might be part of a bigger system that We’re not aware of you know Just my thoughts it’s the natural um Progression isn’t it you know you you Don’t you don’t want it if it’s Something that’s just starting out or Very Or even if it’s showing signs of Intelligent life If you start messing with that you’re Gonna you’re gonna alter i mean If we started mess if we actually did go And land on a primitive planet to us And say that they were uh i don’t know Uh I’m not victorian ages but they were They would be before that one what was That you know they they they’re they’re The they had the swords they had the Candles they could make medieval Times medieval medieval yeah

And We went to that civilization we were all Look what we’ve got we’ve got we’ve got Ipads we’ve got this they’ve got that What would What would what would we do to that Civilization Nothing it would destroy it Let’s take an example here on earth okay Let’s take um Cellular phones and wireless internet Okay um Our country’s developed countries got All that stuff and we grew up on the Internet through the 90s and we were Slowly acclimated to these things like Facebook and twitter but a lot of the Third world nations have skipped all of That and they’ve gone right to having Cell phones and facebook and twitter at The same time As before they were just getting land Lines you know what i mean and they were Getting connected to the rest of the World so when you have an advanced Civilization that meets a less one if They’re peaceful then they’ll they’ll They’ll catch the less advanced one up Is what happens here on earth we catch Them up we’re like okay you don’t have To go through all the rigmarole that we Learned you guys can just come straight To the you know The new ages where we’re at and you skip

That whole technology um but if it’s not Peaceful They’re not going to do that they’re Just going to conquer us like pizarro And the and the you know the the maya or The incans and you know like all of the Conquerors of of of our times have done You know so they’re it all depends on Their intentions but they’re in charge You know the superior the Technologically superior Group are the ones who dictate the rules Because Might makes right right i mean like you Can force someone to do what you want Them to do if you Have the power so Um It might be that way i mean i Hopefully it is peaceful contact and and So they do want to catch us up and say Hey we’ll give you the technology to Make you guys you know where you need to Be but you need to be responsible with It you know um maybe that’s what they’re Waiting for waiting for us to get a Little bit more globally minded and less You know Nationally Locally minded you know um i don’t know What do you guys think I feel like we’ll find life before it Finds us I i mean microbial included

Or yes i think i figured Microbial first but i think we will find I think before disclosure we will find Uh life on probably mars The odds of mars yeah yeah they’re going To find microbial life they’re just zero Crater they’re they’ve they’re pulling The water samples up it’s gonna i i feel Confident it is you know yeah but we Just gotta wait and see but you gotta Trust the science because that could be Wrong right they might just be trying to Lie to you and tell you there’s there’s How do you trust that is what you were Saying earlier so Um yeah The way yeah Just Well you don’t take the people you don’t Take people’s word for it that’s why in My videos i’ll put links to my [ __ ] Science i’m like go and look at the Science go and look at where i got my Opinion and make up your own mind i you Shouldn’t take anybody’s word not tucker Carlson not me not anybody go read the Information it’s good to get a to get an Idea to wrap your head around it but go And look at the data you know and i will Provide links to my work because i want People to go and make up their own minds And you should be suspicious of people That don’t who just tell you what to Think and then say ooh money you know

You’re on your own pop them in the chat By all means feel free Um I i i just i just think though when it Comes to Proof There there is so many people that don’t Have trust and there’s so many p i think It gets cloudy when people start Fighting about it so you don’t work Together you just start fighting about It So nobody ever kind of sits down and has A conversation about it you know i would Like to sit down civil civilly In this chat room On a live show with a couple of flat Earthers To have a civil conversation About it you know And that rich says this rich is the Stupid you know i don’t know what your Opinion is a bit money but i would like To have averages to conversation they Don’t have the critical thinking it’s What i see i see Yeah they might they may not they may Not they can’t still i’d still like to Have that conversation every time yeah All right i’m not gonna get into it Don’t get into it get into rich Live a little it’s foolery Well it goes into blind believe too and Like like rich says they check out

People check out of critical thinking Sometimes you know there’s been times Where i think that i’ve proven a Statement that i’ve made based upon Evidence like i’ll furnish a document And say it’s right there here’s a Document read it for yourself and people Still argue and you know oh well this Term means that you know and i’m like To you maybe but not to anyone not to The person who wrote the event and not To the person they were writing it to Read you know like the intelligence Community or the dod or whatever you Know like they just don’t get it they Want to argue layman’s terms and i’m Like these aren’t laymen you know these Are these are you know you got to apply Context but so it’s really hard to prove Anything to people even what you and i Might think is is a easily provable fact Like that the route the planet is round And not flat Some people can politicize and argue That and believe it I’ve seen a lot of pictures of the earth Being round whether they’re cgi Or whatever but i’ve never seen a flat Earth picture I wonder why that is There’s no camera that can get up above You know that that the altitude needed To get it i don’t know and you know how I know that the earth isn’t flat is

Because my producer wherever he is he Would have knocked everything off this Damn planet a long time ago and all the Cats that are on this planet they would Have just batted it right off there’d be Nothing left the water would fall off The trees would fall off i would fall Off because my nickname is butter boots All right i wouldn’t be here if it was Flat i would have already teetered up to The edge and been like oh what’s over There Been gone you know just butter boots Rich you just made a very interesting Point though because you just said Yeah you said You know you know it’s not flat because There’s no pictures of a flat earth Right but why would there be a picture Of a fly earth if they’d want you to Believe it’s round No i mean there’s not even one person Never even got a picture up in an Airplane saying look it’s you can see The edges you know there’s none of that An airplane won’t go that high Even if it doesn’t you would think Somebody would have even faked it There’s not even a fake one There’s no picture of the wall And also If the earth is oblate And it looks like a pear why are all the Pictures round

It’s a perfect circle and it better have This little you know curvature Or thick thinner at the top and get Wider at the bottom it’s oblite as neil Degrasse [ __ ] says You know the grasshold tyson You don’t like him Not anymore like he’s just very annoying And now all he’s trying to do is make a Joke with every comment he’s He’s gotten old he’s worn out his Welcome he’s flip-flopped too many times He comes across as condescending to me Man when he just like yeah he just acts Like his his views are right and you’re You’re You know like an arrogant child for Thinking anything else you know and i Don’t need that there’s too many people Already in ufology like that we don’t Need him hey i’m right here yeah what Hey But it’s true you’re right he’s Condescending and he thinks he’s right All the time yeah like that stan Friedman in her interview you watch how How someone deals with people like that In with class and style man and it’s not It’s not lowering yourself to their Level it’s just sticking to your guns And and being professional you know Do do you think When it comes to this subject that there Is a

That one side Is right when it comes to ufology do you Think would It’s very It’s a mixture of Correct opinions and so let me explain That properly so Say for example my side of ufology what I talk about the the nonsense and then They ask all the questions about the Paranormal but then there’s the the side That’s full of the the science and They’re talking about Um you know the Like the alien scientists of this world Where they’re looking for the actual um How these things work Do you think That The mix Of This subject when it comes to Conspiracies when it comes to People talking about the technology Do you think that that will ever just Gel Or it will always be split And there’ll always be arguments when it In the field Because i can’t remember arguments in Ufology uh say eight years eight years Ago i can just remember that people were Either into ufology and they were all in All on one team

And there were no sort of There was no politics to it There was nothing It’s been this the way it is now is the Way it’s been the whole time Maybe i was just never into that much Then because i can’t ever remember this I can’t remember this drama oh my god This right now is nothing compared to What happened in like 2006 and seven for Me and for ufology Yeah i mean it was getting bad everybody Was being called out i mean Whistleblowers explain i am yeah again i Mean i’m just saying a lot of things Didn’t go well for people that once Brought stories to the forefront were Now being it’s the same thing we’re Going through now with dolan’s old man Whistleblower you know and uh wilcock Was very powerful and strong back then And uh you know corey good and that Stuff was kind of still new david ike Was around we talked about him before So there this is not any this is nothing New it’s just new Way of uh talking about it I’m not talking about the people behind It rich i’m talking about i’m talking About the The population What do you mean the drama with the Public the yeah the public With this the people that watch our

Shows the people that are on twitter This seems to be a very argumentative Split when i remember before going on to Going on to four rooms and it was just All very nicely nicely people just Having wow talking about aliens and People just didn’t seem to just where Was it When i first got into it about it Was it aliens the truth was it uh above Top secret I can’t remember i was i i used to go on A few different platforms Seemed to be nice but they weren’t i Don’t remember anybody being nice there Was always fighting going on really bad With the community and the people and Strangers it’s always been this way And that’s what i Yes for But now we have youtube where you and i Can be seen and describe what we’re Talking about before we had blog talk Radio and spreaker i think was just Coming out we didn’t have a big forum Where we could talk and see people Now that we put a face with everything It’s more personal I think i don’t know i don’t know unless I don’t understand what you’re saying Ufology hasn’t really changed that much Other than youtube giving us this type Of you know and stream yard and zoom and All those

By the way your background rich that’s What i want to see that is what i want To see i know I couldn’t believe i didn’t have it That’s what we all want to see man like You said just lock a gopro onto one of These things and just record it from From take off to splashdown and let us See the whole thing that’s i agree you Know um it shouldn’t be that hard Ollie did i answer Or make sense is that what you’re trying To explain Maybe i’ve never maybe i’ve not i wasn’t Into it that much i thought it was maybe Not better yeah we all have our Different perspectives like always got His riches got his baseball and his Experience and me and mine you know like And i was gonna say like i noticed Something somebody said something in the Chat it was mind mind blown lovers uap Says it blew up when lou came out and i I tend to agree with that i saw a lot More polarization in the field not when Ttsa first came out but when tom delonge Split and lou really came out to ufo Twitter and pushed it hard with corbell Yeah and george knapp that’s when i saw The polarization really take off you Know like we used to argue about if Something was a cgi or not bob lazar was Legit or not but it wasn’t it wasn’t Fisticuff fights you know it was it was

It wasn’t serious and it didn’t get into The realm of personal attacks not so Often sometimes it would but you know it Wasn’t the norm right i mean and Nowadays it is Well yeah for rich it was but for me it Wasn’t you know like i think that’s what All he was saying is is like i didn’t See a lot of that either but i wasn’t Around back in the same areas that you Were i was looking at different things And you know like you know like i have My own perspective based upon my Experiences that’s all i’m talking about Well i think because you guys got Involved i was already in it for almost A decade and then you know twitter and All the social media got really violent Yeah so i could see that part of it and Especially when lou came and he brought Those three videos with them and all the A-tip things and man alive and uh Yeah it got bad i admit but that that Has been happening forever Where’s your head with lou money Yeah um well uh I don’t trust him at all i think the Guy’s a lying plant i think he’s either Working for I think he is working for the defense Industry the only thing i’m trying to Nail down is whether it’s under the Umbrella of the central intelligence Agency or if he’s off the reservation

And doing it rogue which i tend to think It’s probably Approved otherwise he would have gotten Gutted by now they would have just Mashed him like the little ant that he Is but um I just read an article this morning Actually that that kind of explained a Little bit about it too and they were Talking about how Um when trump was in office how he had Done some cleaning a house of certain People who had been there certain groups At the pentagon who had been there for So long and that there was two different Factions inside the pentagon one that Wanted disclosure and the other that did Not you know and i can only assume that One’s a defense industry and one’s not You know that the defense industry wants It so they can export it make money off It um they want to declassify all the Stuff that they’ve been you know that They’ve already made you know they want A profit that’s their job um is this True it’s just an opinion ed piece i of Course it’s not truth it’s an opinion But it made sense to me and i tend to Agree with it you know like Um it does seem like there’s there’s two Factions there and that one of them has Been getting the upper hand lately you Know that might not be the one that’s in That’s looking out for the world’s best

Interest they might be looking out for a Select group’s best interest you know And that’s not what we want here we want The world to be looked out for with this This is should be technology in an event That helps and changes everybody not Just the ridge you know I guess we’ll see you were you into ttsa When it first came out Was i into him Yeah we we we were intrigued by and If you go watch the videos that i put Out when they first came out i was along The lines that they were all full of [ __ ] and i haven’t been since day one And i’m just gonna say it bluntly Well you would if you didn’t oh You got frozen the wrong time or the Right time Did you expect manny to say that about Lou Yeah You did yeah yeah He’s not a big fan of lose but i wanted To hear him say it maybe uh a little More detailed like he did so i guess in A way yeah it was pretty good Yeah i’ve got a project in the works on On on that subject that will explain Everything that’s why i’m not i don’t Want to talk too much about it you know I just kind of want to get out there but If you’re interested behind the scenes You can talk to me about it and we’ll

Are you pulling a louis elizondo and Holding back information for Oh yeah i can’t tell you that would be Against my non-disclosure I know right sorry Everything lou says oh i can’t i Took an oath Yeah so did a third of this country took That same oath but they don’t use it to Hide [ __ ] from people you know so but I’m sorry if if if louise is Full of [ __ ] There’s something very sinister about That Of course there’s something very Sinister that our country’s doing Truly oh no and not just to its own Citizens but to the world because i Don’t rich i don’t think it’s one man i Don’t think he’s a citizen no no no it’s Not him no that’s why i say the defense Industry and other people he’s just not Lose not a brain man he ain’t a thinker He’s not creative he’s a doer he’s a Grunt man he’s a and he has no Compunction about man yep yep and that’s Why he’s good at what he did you know is Because he has no no problems just you Know Beating on a guy who’s in handcuffs Because he’s poor you know i mean i’m Sorry you know to get the intel that he Needs i’m sorry i don’t know if he did That i’m just saying you know like it’s

A possibility you know like he has no No scruples man and he would lie to his Father just like you would lie to you And me you know I don’t know well now you’re convinced Of that Well until otherwise yeah but i i’ve got I’ve got a i’ve got the documents man And i i don’t i don’t look at lou at What he says i cannot trust anything the Man says i want to see proof i need Documents i’m taking a hard hardcore Stan friedman approach when it comes to Louis elizondo if it’s not verified in a Document it is not real it does not Exist and it is hearsay that’s it And i don’t know why the rest of the World gave them a pass but they Apparently have you know like ufology Just gave him a a blank check to dodea’s Way into the [ __ ] ranks you know so Weird Yeah but weird yeah I think it’s fomo rich man all these big Channels just did not want to miss out Man they did not want to be the guys who Didn’t get lube because they were too Skeptical it’s straight up it’s it’s Fomo man that at least on on twitter and On on the uh live streams and whatnot You know but they bought his way into Mainstream anyone can do that you know Like he just got out the bank you know It doesn’t and

Some of the outlets that he chose leslie Keane george knapp even fox news like Those people push the uh that agenda Anyways because i suspect that they’re All funded by the same people that you Know that own the defense industry and All that anyways you know like they it’s Not the only agenda that they push but That’s why those those agencies i think Are the only ones who report like where Do we get ufos before two years ago Besides fox news Nobody talked about it nobody talked About it in the mainstream except for Fox news here in the states yeah it’s Always been fox yeah right and then cnn Started picking up on it a little bit The washington post with leslie keane And you know yeah are are those people Plants i’d be like come on man do we Know They’re in the right place at the right Time Try being in the uk Trying to get news about ufos That’s why you guys got to get it from Us yeah They don’t want you to know we get it From you we get it from you wow that’s I’ve heard australia’s the same way too There’s a lot of countries that are the Same way they just don’t get squat and They have to come to us because we do Have the freedom of information act yes

Yeah it’s like you guys have The you know you you you you narrate it For for the rest of the world You control it there’s a good idea for a Show for you rich um But That’s narrate or dictate i think Dictates America dictates it to the rest of the World you have volunteers write that Down Yeah It’ll narrate or dictate okay This this is this is true Because You know I when whenever whenever i re i used to Research this subject which i don’t Anymore It’s a fed up of it i just i’m more into I’m more interested in in the voices Behind the subject than i am in the Papers behind the subject if that makes Sense But whenever whatever i did before it Would always lead me to either An american News article Or you know and somebody that was on a American uh Tv program talking about aliens Ancient aliens You know it’s it’s always been that way Uh it seems to be you guys that have

Been in charge of You you’ve been king of ufology as the Americans I thank you for that no you’re rich You’re entirely right that you can’t Trust us and the reason being is because Our government treats its civilians like Me and rich like we are Russian citizens or chinese citizens or Whatever and they will not tell us Anything that they wouldn’t put out to The whole world and so we don’t truly Get the freedom of information they they Run through everything through a filter And say if it’s fitting for the u.s Public then it’s fitting for the rest of The world I don’t understand Excuse me what the big deal was about Lou elizondo i still can’t get over it And why we gave jeremy corbell a pass With each shitty video that he kept Putting out there is beyond me That’s gotta be a script or some Narrative that is definitely being Pushed that it is so silly What happened This last year it’s Very laughable to me i i just Hate it Does it feel like uh you’re in another Reality at some point you know like a Mandela effect type thing yeah i said That

Yeah i made a joke about that i was like Since did i wake up in another reality Where ufology just takes you know x Spy’s words that you’re you know their Their words at face value without Requiring any evidence you know because I i always felt that it was the opposite You know especially with those types of People that come from the intelligence Community you have to triple vet Everything that they say you know But you know i just i don’t know and i Have to think you know like corbell’s a Real he is kind of a charismatic guy you Know like that’s he has something going For him elizondo is too on the stage When he’s presenting his his stuff but They have some very common tactics which Is Critical thinking errors circling back To arguments and that and i keep Referencing that video that i that i Watched you know the other day about Corbell and fr friedman and you know When you see that you’ll understand what I’m talking about here it’s just yeah oh Yeah yeah or maybe we should make can we Play some of it and let people know is It relevant or you know like it’s good But there’s a psychology there you know What i’m saying rich that’s where i was Going with it they’re they use it and And he corbelle at the end of that Interview really did lose the debate

With friedman but he went away fist Bumping with the audience and calling it A win you know and it it’s you know he Was he would sit there and say oh it’s All about bob lazar’s facts and his Truth and not about feelings or liking The guy but every time that he got a Chance he would get the crowd be like oh Bob’s such a sweet guy he’s this goofy Scientist who’s just eclectic and Eccentric and he’s got all these you Know these cool government contracts He’s just so cool and but it’s not about Feelings it’s about facts of which he Couldn’t state any you know and friedman Just ripped him apart you know but i’m Just saying corbell is charismatic but He just does that he goes in this little Circle and he’ll shun away anybody who Disagrees with them and just keep the People around him who like his story and Are like yeah let’s do this let’s do This you know same thing as tom dalong Did and the same damn thing that lou Elizondo does Surround himself with yes men yeah don’t Believe bubbles out of their money Um you know my Personal relationship with bob lazar is Like my first high school romance man we Love each other and hate each other Every two weeks over the over the years You know what i mean like and I’m currently on the on the

Page that bob science doesn’t work out The alien scientist did a great job Debunking him as far as that’s concerned But my gut tells me when i look at bob Is that he’s telling the truth that he’s Not actively lying so i’m trying to Rationalize or figure out is my gut line To me is my head not i tend to think Maybe it was something along the lines That he was out there he did see some Technology and do something but it might Have been part of a misinformation Campaign they may have Shown him something to see where it Ended up or hoping that it got out um You know like the wikileaks moon base Where russia destroyed a secret u.s moon Base in the 60s Never happened it was complete Misinformation but they reported on it In russia to see where it ended up on The u.s intelligence desk or vice versa You know what i mean it’s spy games um Yeah lazar has also said he’s had Attempts on his life And they don’t make mistakes they’re Going to take you out there you’re go You’re done Yeah yeah that’s what i’ve never got That’s the type of people that he’s Talking about i believe you’re rich if They wanted to they would and nowadays More so easy easier than ever i mean They could hijack a self-driving car and

Wreck it you know you could have a they Could hack into your you know smart Stove and turn the gas on when you’re Not you know sleepers and i mean there’s So many different ways that it could Happen you know um so yeah i tend to Think that but again my gut just tells Me and that’s hard i’m really good at Reading people you know and my gut tells Me that lou is or i’m sorry that Bob is being sincere when he says his Story you know it always has i’ve never Gotten the vibe that he’s a liar so i Have a hard time reconciling that you Know i really do um But the math the science doesn’t make Sense and you Yeah you have to go back to his very First interviews don’t look at the Recent ones just look at the ones in the Early days and you’ll see a difference Very slight difference from then to to Now the guy’s very good at what he’s Saying if he’s lying about it he’s I it’s hard to see So you’re right You’re dying to the impression You’re dying to do your impression about Bizarre oh i wasn’t even thinking of it I promise because my i can’t my voice Isn’t working today i love it rich i Love it it’s not good it’s perfect Um manny froze yep no man he goes I’m getting a new wi-fi card today i’m

Telling you guys right after this show I’m going to go get a new wi-fi you’re Using wi-fi for this yeah i have to i Don’t have a recorded setup yeah all Right yeah it’s terrible So here’s the thing i never thought that I’d i’d find myself questioning the Travis walton case Until until this year right And Now it’s like Seven people Seven was it set it was seven wasn’t it Including travis How How is that how is this This is a thing But bob’s one person you know we’ve got We we’ve only got the people that speak About what he did You know what he could make the guy was A genius you know the guy who faked his Um Credentials It’s one guy’s word we’ve got for it but You know travis This was seven people And one person now mike is saying that Is it’s all harsh [ __ ] Yeah Why would he do that Well they had money issues right So Mike rogers comes out and tells how it

Happened and it made sense How it happened Did make sense Mike rogers and travis walton were the Ufo clowns of their neighborhood So anytime they said something about Ufos what they did they pumped up the Team probably dirt weeks before Saying oh you know we’ve seen some Lights over here and they’re like yeah Whatever i don’t know if that’s chum in The water Yeah exactly And when when they were going home after Work that day they could have taken a Different route and those guys were so Tired they didn’t notice the difference It’s all trees left and right So when they took the different route Home And the light came out of that tower Which was hidden the legs were hidden From that side of the road which was Yards away and at a lower level I could see it i could see them pulling It off But it would have had to have been Perfect in a one-time take and it did And it worked and then let’s remember Travis failed the first And last the you know those um Lie detector tests So he did fail it the first time he took It

And the one for the million dollars He wasn’t dehydrated after five days he Was perfect health it was philip class That was investigating as well yeah But in he he he’s named as i mean like i Said i’m no you f ufologist but isn’t he Like one of the classic Uh he was the bad guy of ufology yeah Yeah Yes so better version of me yeah That’s a better version So yeah that’s him he uh didn’t believe The story And he was right It’s weird Wasn’t there that audio recording that Came out too where they were talking About that or was that the same case Where they were sitting in the truck Talking about hoax in it and Didn’t hear that There wasn’t a A real audio recording like on a dicta Phone Yeah it was i think it was something That somebody recorded on their phone it Was a conversation that they had um you Know where he was talking about hoaxing It i’m not travis i don’t think it was Um mike rogers oh yeah yeah I think he’s talking about uh ryan uh That was uh it was on my ryan Show as well yeah it was a guy they were Doing a video together or a movie or

Something and he had caught something on A hot mic or on his camper on his phone Or something like that where they were Talking about it he’s you know um but it Sounded interesting i didn’t really pay Much attention to it because i’m not it Wasn’t my thing i was like yeah whatever That could be a guy you know saying Something 30 years later because he Feels jaded or whatever but you never Know i mean it’s from his own mouth you Know how do you how do you refute that Later Isn’t it weird though how much it sticks When whenever anybody’s had These these big experiences if they want To if something wants to stick it will a Bit like um So you get betty and barney hill but Now the um is it the niece what’s her Name What’s her name rich i don’t know the Niece’s name my camera you know i mean That don’t you She’s she’s now Like she she she’s she does this for a Living you know she speaks to She spoke she spoke to john for a start Uh what’s her name now I can’t remember her name off the back Of my head Um But It stinks

This the the the bob lazars the travis Walton Barney hill And betty and he’s now his niece that is In the field Working i think she was working quite Close with stanza free but At one point Um He’s odd She’s hard That it’s not real that we’re finding Out chinks in the armor or is it just Decades and decades of trying to find Something anything Look mike rogers came out and said we Hoaxed it and it told in detail which Makes sense You know i don’t i don’t see how that’s Not fake you don’t say that if it’s not True That doesn’t make sense to me And what he said wasn’t just yeah we Faked it he gave details Very good details on it And it made sense with the timeline and Everything and i know you you’d be like Well how could they mistake a light Tower for a ufo That was foggy yeah at night and Depending what he may have put something Over it must them they may have even Gone to the Extreme to put a huge

Sheet over here Especially if you’re hyping it up too And you’re like hey guys what the hell Is that if you’ve got like a plant in The field you can That’s why travis got out of the car and Ran up to it If anybody would have followed him it Would it wouldn’t have worked because They all had to drive away so travis can Go hide up in the light tower So when they went back to the location Mike didn’t take him back to the same Location they took him to a location That they normally would go down And it looked very similar To the location where they faked it but It wasn’t even close At night you can’t see anything all the Trees look the same a little Out cold you know little cutouts in the Road cars pull over and make a clearing It’s very very diabolical you think About that back then as well you you Think about that What was it in the 1970s 70s yeah yeah you think about that And you think about Uh some of the films that were on tv but Back then i think the thing might have Been on there at The the first Was when was the first alien film was it 1970 that was like 77

Yeah that might have been already out i Don’t know no um Okay so you think about the alien films You think about closing counters of the Third kind And all these when did that come out Rich 77 okay there you go so that was Out as well so these people had watched These all these films and you’re and You’re just you’re just a passenger In the back And you just In the fog you see this big bright Object And you you you’re having like the two People in the front the dra Mike and Travis They’re going holy [ __ ] Like that and then travis runs out the Others might be just like It Deers in fog like you know days in um What they call it Deer in their head Yeah They may have been just like that but I don’t mean to interrupt but i have to Because close encounters came out two Years after travis walton Okay fair enough 75 was walton 77 was close encounters But anyway there was loads of alien Stuff there were there was a ton of it

Yeah a ton of it yeah Yeah you know and plus there were Abduction stories already betty and Barney hill the kecksburg case you know Lots of stuff already out there sorry i Didn’t mean to interrupt i’ll be cool no No no no but apparently travis was Really into The betty and barney hill Um case Really into it Massively into into the subject of ufo Ufos And if you’re gonna fake it Why would an alien pick somebody just Because they’re into ufos they it Wouldn’t give a [ __ ] It doesn’t seem like they’d even know How would they know you know that’s Funny that’s true It wouldn’t give a [ __ ] would it it Would not give a [ __ ] if you’re into Ufology or not you could be in Into building Uh Lego you know it was a hobby people the Aliens will not pick oh well this person Really is interested in aliens let’s Visit them It’s not going to happen It is it is odd and it’s disappointing I’m disappointed with that because it’s Kind of like it’s hit a little bit the Nerve

Because now i’m like Travis did you lie all this time i Really hope he didn’t I hope i think he did I think i’ve always thought he looked Like he was lying I i mean he he talks calmly but there’s Just something wrong with the way i i Think he talks when i watch him it’s Something’s off Joe rogan believed him by the looks Behind the looks of the interior we all Get i gave him the benefit of the doubt Too because of the lie detector test That i didn’t know there was a a failed One before And the game show happened later but Yeah it was the other witnesses that Passed the lie detector test but then You find out years later they really Didn’t even ask him about aliens in the Lie detector test and there was only Four questions You think these lie detector tests like 20 30 minutes The getting the baseline takes longer Than the questions I remember seeing that game show live Detector test i think you sent me Actually and yeah i think you sent me Yeah i did a few years back And i actually thought They rigged that i know i did too Bastards

They didn’t did they it’s a game show They don’t have to be legit right it’s Like going on maury povich you know the Lie detector determined that was the Truth Right You are an abduction you are an abductee No but the thing is ollie they asked him That question three different ways and He failed it every time Well on the game show yeah but they Didn’t show it live they talked about it Afterwards and he says and just for Those of you who think that you know he Didn’t pass it i think Something happened where there was like Some discussion afterwards because he Made a big stink about it like there’s No way i lied And then i think he came out later after Commercial break and said we actually Asked three different times just in case You get a yes and no and a maybe then You have something that’s You know undetermined After mike Coming out about this is travis been Going on any of the shows He did go on one show i think he went Back on jimmy church Right i’m not sure oh yeah yeah i think Jimmy was like I think he was at the disclosure con too I think alien girl did a uh an interview

With him or at least talk to him a Little bit so he’s still around he’s not Like in hiding or anything i don’t think He went to oh yeah he was at disclosure Con what about mike Is it mike is yeah is he going is he Still speaking about this because he Seems that he’s only spoke about kind of Well they made advice they made up and He said all right we didn’t fake it [Laughter] True story He did actually did recant his his Confession or whatever after they yeah And that’s i think why i was having a Hard time with it in the first place i Was like why I don’t know though Where do you go with that now What do you believe You know why i believe it because the Way he explained it made sense if he Just said we faked it and didn’t give Any evidence or any way of how they Could have faked it i wouldn’t have Believed him but he gave details man it Was pretty Yeah it sounded convincing like I i remember hearing it too how he was Talking about it and i was like wow That’s a little a lot of detail to have Made up and to just say you know hey we Faked it um Yeah it was convincing but then and then

He recanted it though like you said when He made up with travis so it’s like What do you do man Too bad so sad the truth came out now i Don’t believe travis I can’t ring the bell Because of all the evidence that looks Like he wasn’t abducted He wasn’t dehydrated You know no cuts and bruises on his body As if he was surviving out in the wild It’s just Silly And the way he they explained that he Stayed up in that lighthouse for the Five days makes sense to me They’d and mike took them away during The uh when they were searching for Travis said no no he’s not over there That’s why they never searched over There because mike told them we weren’t Even near the lighthouse So they never searched that area that’s Why they never found them in there ollie Okay so we’re talking about what we Don’t believe here no talking about Truth What was said what do we believe i’m not Talking about the travis case i’m Talking about in this field what do you Believe This this question is for both of you Yeah First

What do i believe I believe that uh hey Some of our ufos that are out there have To be extraterrestrial in origin some of Them are Probably top secret man-made objects and Some of them are probably natural Phenomenon i do believe that our planet Is probably being visited by human life Or alien life and has been For probably quite some time and We might even you know there might be Something to the Uh secret uh you know um plan to Disclose over a period of time of say a Hundred years or something like that That’s that we’re witnessing I believe That um The government’s not going to give us The truth Rewind that You believe over 100 years when did that start You know that that’s just a number that I picked because it sounds like Something that at the end of say world War ii the the politicians the churchill Types and them would have all Said oh 100 years will be more than Enough time to disclose to our people What we need um You know and so if that was the case You’re probably talking the end of the

War so 47 or you know right around there Is when that would have happened um but It just it’s just a number that i came Up with because it sounds like something That the politicians of those times Would have said you know why why not 100 Years since then that would have been a Thousand years but as we know 100 years The last 100 years things have been Moving rapidly very rapidly in the last 30 they’ve been moving even Faster you know so i don’t think they Really They really um Knew what they were doing with that one But who knows i guess we’ll see if in You know 2047 they disclose [Laughter] I guess i was right Well that would be more than a hundred Years wouldn’t it From 1947 to 2047. I don’t know oh 90s sorry Yeah that’s what i was thinking But yeah maybe it’s coming sooner maybe They’re they’re ready to do it now Because of uh some reason i don’t know I like that theory i think it jibes also With the reason that we haven’t nuked Ourselves since we’ve had nukes i find It hard to believe that man could just Keep his finger off the button for all That time i think that at least one Politician would have gotten a itchy

Trigger finger in 80 years and launched Another one but um You know Maybe the aliens won’t let us maybe Maybe they’re like you can’t do that you Know you’re gonna have to figure out Some other way maybe you need to get Along Just my two cents all opinion based on Big picture and everything that i’ve Listed so you you think aliens may have Stopped some nuclear Uh may have may have stopped may have Started and stopped those nuclear tests Way back when And shut them down isn’t it He’s frozen in a very good position Though yeah nice constant concentration Face yeah no blur good screenshot yeah I’d save that I have Um I don’t know about those Ufos turning on and or turning off Turning on launching stopping the launch If that really happened or if uh I mean it had to if you go by the Witnesses statements then it happened They would have to be lying or covering Up their own mistakes and saying it was Ufos but there were ufos Everybody saw him on the base A couple of times So

Maybe they did to you know start the Launch sequence and then stop it That would make sense because that goes Back to those is it the white hall kids They were they were they had uh Telepathic messages sent to them when The aliens showed up and saying you’re Go you’re killing your world with Technology i’m paraphrasing but that was The message they received those who were Able to receive the messages from the Aliens telepathically and teachers too Your technology is going to be the Demise of your planet Not you but the plan it’s gonna that’s a Pretty strong statement which are these The white hole In 1966 and uh i think it was where Anybody know i can’t remember right now Is this the kids that are that are on The interviews No that’s the 75 one right from uh Zimbabwe i believe I can’t remember where the white hole That was 66 and seven so the message is That we’re killing our planet with Technology but they But i was saying that sounds like Something Man would say So maybe it was us from another Dimension or future coming back to tell Us and why did they choose children well It wasn’t just children it was also some

Teachers they were just There they just happened to be there so They got the message out they landed or Appeared in that area maybe they Couldn’t go anywhere else They appeared there gave the message and Went back in to the future maybe they Only had a window of 30 seconds Two minutes or whatever it was I mean in terms of like Uh abductions do you think that’s going On or do you think that’s more part of The conspiracy I really don’t know that’s like it’s Like bigfoot abductions there’s just Enough evidence to keep you satisfied But nothing provable Apart from apart from people telling you Yeah and being as sincere as they can Now you know i know it wasn’t a bear i Just watched a documentary it was called Chimpanzee and then i watched another One about the king of the amazon it was About a silver silverback uh two Silverback groups And they had the conical shaped head Like a bigfoot i was astounded at what i Saw I said oh my god that looks like bigfoot Walk and they walk around on too late You know and then they’d go walking Around You know and it was so funny i’m like Look at the head

It was amazing So maybe they’re but i know i know Silver backs aren’t in you know Washington They’re in the amazon jungles over there Have you ever heard of the of the um Children being taken by um What they they depict something like a Teddy bear or A um A cartoon character It was it was briefly shown in the film Taken the tv series taken Where a squirrel takes a child oh yeah Not a score i was a little monkey That was a squirrel it was it wasn’t It was a squirrel And it dragged the girl by one arm You’re thinking no you think it like it Must be something different okay okay This is the it’s it it’s when it when i Say teddy abducts the the child yeah in In a spaceship and it’s just It appears it appears to the child as a Squirrel Well I was at the gym with my uh my buddy the Other day we were talking i was talking About um Having strange illusion hallucinations And i said i once had one when i was a Kid when i was really poorly I i woke up in the middle of the night And there was all these red dots all

Over my bedroom just just flying around The room And he went and he said to me i um once Saw the easter bunny And i went He said i once saw the easter bunny and It was just right outside my door And that made me think about these the These kids that have had this so i Showed him the clip He’s not even into ufos yeah At all and said this he’s like looking And you could see in his eyes that he’s Like a little bit weirded out by what I’m showing him of this Squirrel taking this child into this Tree and then the tree turns into flying Sauce and takes off He said he saw the easter bunny For real In like a huge easter bunny huge man a Man-sized [ __ ] bunny But he said he wasn’t a dream he was Like how old was he He was a kid i don’t know okay couldn’t Have been his dad or mom wearing a suit Coming in Just to mess around with him Maybe his dad and his mum liked to dress Up as bunnies when he went to bed i Don’t Yeah because it’s not that cheap just to Run an outfit for that Just to scare your kid it doesn’t make

Sense he said he said look like a real Buddy yeah A man’s a man-sized bunny Well that’s just dreaming It made me think of that You know maybe these preachers can Disguise themselves as anything they Well yeah they can man Absolutely That’s scary i know I could be talking to an alien right now Money And i’m just joking That was a good pause rich yeah it’s Years of practice Um Hiding from aliens you don’t want to you Know You don’t want them to hear you Breathing We don’t hear much about the about the Um I’m going to say camels then the cows It was a big thing And now we don’t hear much about the uh Mutilations of animals Every now and again we hear something But it’s not as rife as it was because It’s not new anymore it used to be new And exciting now it’s just like oh the Government’s doing it okay well The evidence never changes it’s the Perfect evidence why would the Government do that why would the

Government The government’s helping the aliens Abduct Cows Because they have to go over people’s Property so they probably know more About the terrain and Um understanding if Why chop them up like that They’re not really chopping them up Though they’re surgically removing Eyeballs lips and a-holes Lip-shits [ __ ] why Oh Well that’s That’s like going to the nazca lines The nazca alliance has all of earth’s Resources pretty much in that area at Least 90 percent of you could learn a Lot about the earth at nazca not just Because of the lines i’m just saying Because of what’s out there so that’s Like the a-hole shows everything you ate You know it’s got blood vessels in there And it’s a muscle and Uh it’s a digestive system it’s a very Important part of everything all living That’s why anal probes were so popular You know um that has to be done That’s why we get the finger you know That as well I i’ve never seen see Me neither I can’t see why

A species That are way way way more advanced than Us would come here To take out a cow’s [ __ ] They’re taking them out of chickens too Chickens and other animals we just don’t Hear about it because they’re not owned By anybody You know what i mean like they’re coming To us Yeah No there have been human mutilation yes For sure Cattle mutilations are relevant up here In the northwest and have been for quite Some time and in prineville last year There was some more and then this last Summer i think there was three or four You know full-size bowls that were bled Out um had their eyes and tongue removed And parts of the genitalia i think but With the Laser precision and surgical Cauterization so it’s like not it’s a Real mystery and in fact the local Sheriff out there in Southeastern oregon has been Investigating this for some years he’s Got an active case on it and i think Cowbell’s coming up here to do a Documentary on it it’s kind of Disappointing but whatever You know at least somebody’s talking About it i might drive down there myself

And talk to the guy and see if he’ll Speak to me about it and you know but it Is interesting i mean you’re talking These massive bulls that are bled out Not a drop of blood or anything you know And We barely talk about that but if we Found a human corpse in that condition You better be global news you know what I mean everyone would be talking about It so maybe they’re not maybe that’s why They’re not doing that on humans anymore They’re going to cows and stuff is Because You know People freak out Yeah Do you think that’s them or do you think That’s Your government Well the cattle mutilations and stuff Are a global phenomenon so it can’t Really be our government unless it’s Way back i don’t think we have them now Oh yeah i just i just read about a Report over in the uk not too long ago About some Yeah yeah there was a farmer who had Some sheep that that happened too the Same sort of need to find that where That yeah i need to visit it and do it Like a An interview i might have talked about It in my cattle mutilation video i’ll

Check my links after the show and if i Have that uh link for that particular Case i’ll send it to you um but yeah There was Why do you think they do it Um a number of reasons maybe if you’re Studying it like the tongue makes sense If you want to figure out how to eat Here and that’s something that i’ve Always thought about if we go to another Planet our we’re not necessarily gonna Be able to eat the vegetation there Because we didn’t grow there but you if We can eat pretty much you know a lot of The stuff that’s on this planet because Of the digestive system that’s all the Bacteria that’s created in our tongues And you know all of that stuff so that Makes sense if you were trying to Study how to survive on a planet you Would want to know that how to eat the Local vegetation right And meats or whatever so i think that’s That’s my my personal opinion about why They’re doing it is to understand how to Either you know survive here or to use That information elsewhere But Not only that But they also get to see how the the Earth is uh being digested inside of Them as well all that stuff I’m sure there’s radiation from them Being under the ground as well and maybe

They’re I heard that they’re Hiding things Under some of these places That The nuclear Whatever the energy can go upward and Out and they want to see if there’s Anything that’s harming these animals as Well Maybe giving them cancer and all that Stuff How them being here hiding underground Maybe leaks upward i don’t know man it’s Just weird It’s been going on forever Yeah that I’m sorry go ahead as i said the cattle Mutilation started up here i think in The 40s were some of the first ones that They really documented in the northwest You know and that’s of course right Around the same time as the ufo Phenomenon was taken off as well um here In the states so is there a link to that Probably You know I tell you what there is a link to the 33rd parallel And did that if you go along that i Can’t remember his name i think it’s uh Rakowski next cop Uh bob wackowski maybe i can’t remember His last name but the 33rd parallels

Where i think 85 to 90 percent of the Cattle mutilations happen Oh wow that is interesting so that’s Just like an orbiting ship or something That’s running that line that’s picking All them up yeah uh that could totally Be i’ve never seen that i’d like to look At that oh yeah Yeah type it in about 33rd parallel uh Cattle mutilations you’ll find it and uh It’s called the ufo highway Unofficially yeah well it makes sense Like we’ve got the asteroid highway Where a lot of the meteorites hit Because they’re along the plane of the Earth that’s rotating along that you Know the orc cloud and the asteroid Belts and stuff like that which runs Like through siberia and stuff which is Like why russia got hit by uh chelya Nabinsk and all those other you know They get hit frequently but yeah so that Makes sense you know you could see a Line around the planet where a ship Could be orbiting if they were orbiting That same time that would make sense That everything was along that line if They were just beaming things up you Know or flying straight down and taking Them But the 33rd parallel is also very Prominent if you look at all of the Planets Um

The 33rd parallel is also where that big Storm is On jupiter and also the big storm that’s On uranus Saturn i think has something to do with It too it’s they’re the 33rd parallels Very I don’t know man universal it’s weird There’s something about the 33rd Parallel But ollie i gotta get going man oh you Got a show mate yeah we’ve been on a Little longer than normal but uh what Just flew by When she showed oh it’s in an hour and 45 minutes but i haven’t gotten it ready Yet what’s it about Uh tonight’s show i am going to be Talking about Um why do you believe in aliens bigfoot And ghosts and you know It’s almost i can’t believe you were Talking about this tonight maybe it was Just me subconsciously thinking about it But Um and then i say what’s wrong with us Why do we have to believe in this stuff Without any evidence or very little Um also know i’ll go over daily events And things that happen on twitter and Facebook and whatnot The news that’s what we bring I love Well i’ve got the day off tomorrow so

I’ll there catch up on it in the morning I have my three o’clock show tomorrow Two for that saturday in the uk at 3 p.m Eastern i will not be here because i’ve Got the day off and then i am going out In leeds drinking And i’m going to and i’m going to i’m Going to a comedy club Oh there’s no way cool what’s the name Of the club i can’t remember my wife Booked it oh okay i was just curious it Is you can tell me later i know you Don’t want people to meet you there i Don’t care we’re gonna crash Honestly i was in the club and people Were alien addicts i i look at my wife And say see i told you to pay off I’m famous Yes that’s when you know it Um Where are those following now I don’t know where i’m going She’s not sent it to me i thought she Sent me a ticket she’s not sent me Somewhere in leeds Cool um But money what what what are you doing Next When you’re uploading i’ve got my uh Alien dance party premiere tomorrow That’s two hours of original music and Videos and dance hangouts and all that Stuff and we’ll be doing that in the Morning

Are we gonna see you are you gonna be on The decks no i don’t i don’t scratch and Do all that i’m what’s called a step Composer or step writer so i’ll do all My work in the in the daw and do all my Music you know on the computer and stuff Like that Um but i put together some pretty good Little tracks and some interesting stuff Oh you made them all yourself Yes he has he’s maybe he has yeah i Think i can lip read Yeah yeah you look like you’re gonna say That but yes rich thanks for coming on My friend Um and When you’re going to do the show that America is controlling ufology In an hour and 45 minutes Oh that’s going to have she already Changed the title oh wait yeah did you Say something different is it are aliens Controlling ufology No america I never said that No i did When am i going to do that show Saturday i’ll do it tomorrow that needs To be done i want to save that so you Want to see how You guys you guys You’ve got the reigns behind this Oh i see what you’re saying yeah from Earlier

We’re the ones that bring the news out To the world do you you follow me We wait With anticipation for america to release Anything About each of those so what would my What would my Focus be then for that type of show How would i do it Let me think why is america Always the ones behind You and following you out okay All right So on that lines why why why are you Guys always the one leading the way I don’t know i’ll tell you why we have To control the narrative because we have The technology We could take e.t home And we’ve had it that was uh john lear Wasn’t it It was i think i’m not sure but Who is Always you crazy americans Because we’ve had it I think we do now i think that’s why They’re trying to give us this narrative It’s a threat It’s not it could be us it couldn’t be It’s not china russia maybe it is maybe It isn’t china russia everything’s Always changing Lou alizando has flip-flopped on this Many times and uh i don’t know what to

Believe and that’s done purposefully Yeah but his end goal is still the same It’s to get this this uh neutered Version of disclosure out you know so That they can um capitalize on all those Patents that they released recently and You know all the other ones that they Have in the secret patent courts And wilcox car Yeah doesn’t that Hey wilcox car did not sound a lot like The ship that ttsa was supposed to build Like doesn’t it seem like they just took That whole responsibility from ttsa and Shifted it over to wilcock No that wasn’t the car that they Yeah they were making a One that can go into space water and Walls Oh yeah and time and fly out of my nose And all that stuff yeah yeah wilcox just Given us a hover car Oh okay Like the avro car that they built in the 60s that’d be cool Wildly rotating machine Stupidest thing i ever seen oh hell i’d Drive one if i could find it down the Street man just for the looks Oh my god that’d be so much fun Put a nice bubble on top Well boys thank you for so much for Joining go check out richie’s show Tonight that starts in

An hour and 32 minutes and money off Your shows premiering both the links are In the description below people Um your show Tomorrow and tomorrow yeah i’m going to Do a live stream for an hour before it And then the premiere is right after the Live stream we’ll redirect everyone to The premiere wait what time is it yours Tomorrow Five o’clock is the premiere and then The six o’clock is five o’clock is a Live stream and six o’clock is the Premiere five eastern Phi pacific That’d be eight eastern Okay perfect I was i i was thinking it was on the Same time as mine i was gonna get mad at Myself no no i’m later yeah it’ll be It’ll be eight o’clock your time rich This is why i’m so glad that i’m in the Uk because i don’t have to be polite Your scheduling times yeah you can just Post your show Because i can’t do a show if i did a Show at two in the morning i’d be Divorced I know That’s why i’m saying Actually we’d probably get along a lot Better It could go either way Yeah boys thank you so much for joining

Us tonight and i really appreciate make Sure you guys you go check out the in The description below uh goof on and uh Area 503 money In the description uh thank you so much And thank you everybody in in the the Chat tonight the people have put the Thumbs up they pick the super chatters People who’ve been very kind in the Comments whatever your contribution has Been tonight is greatly appreciated i’m Alienating this is goof on Area 503 good night god bless by the Bugs don’t bite And oh last but not least Because my wife tells me if i don’t Start making money off this Channel soon i have to stop The channel so go check out my my Merch i have a new t-shirt Which has the atomic structure of Element 115 on the front of it with 115 I can fly on the back of it Quite pleased with that one actually go Check it out it’s in the description Below good night god bless by the books Don’t bite How do i end this