SECTION 51 Talks about History Channel using his CGI TR3B (LIVE)

By | October 13, 2021
SECTION 51 Talks about History Channel using his CGI TR3B (LIVE)

Vidéo Yes de ce contexte Il confié Tahiti 27 ans est Confirmée ou Non Because it’s Fun Si j’irai jouer face aux Young Et richard Des pompes à morphine * Et Vidéo en Pays d afrique b Au cap sounion Tonight for you are invited tweedy Modèle Aux Iris de dix authentiques qui a souri by Which was used in the video footage of Duty aribi spotted on the dock of the Aircraft carrier Yatribi model is now we find you see you Tube and sex toy story china [Rires] Soja qui fait qu’il Y ait des Extraits De la Stib on l’est comme à l’ouest à Johnny hallyday

Non on les a un peu Your video un bracket si je devais Dire De finir ses portes dans Deux semaines en date du moment où andy Complètent lé il use credibility in what Do you studio i Want it right des bugs oldies video Footage from all the words words in Disguise avery famous nordea vdi Y est Thank you guys des Working for vctv chano de dea suppose D’aletsch to be serious and when the Dude is Without even asking has to have the Right to use de vidéos because we are Easy to find en à internet on youtube un Lieu jolie ou eyetv channon want to use De de right one of en vidéo des contacts S emaine de youtube channel en facebook Ils n’ont pas tous ask the right to use The video footage Indices tainot nobody contact contact Estimations explique schultz et Si j’y aie A mis Un set Pour Mieux [Rires] [Rires] Voir et d’énormes problèmes initiaux à Des béni oui

Tu sais Ils ont En commun nevermind Ena vidéo one Man show En Fait C’est un bras cassé d’un Simple expression Mais by may be des wanted somme sinon Tout difficultés des banques et donc Nous [Rires] Y est chaude à brad knighton 1 de 10,6 compliqué surprising 1 2 Le Coach and May be made by some Might non non non non ce match et heures Non non non mon amant pipeau la commune I like how vidéo sdi cause d un destin De 10,6 ji yai un dea de like You will be surprised tous nos dates Moralement people ascq doivent most hid Jai videos Because it is entertainment en 2d like To be surprised Each time des réseaux new video News stories with new effect Date soit oui où il ya Oui oui ah oui week end ou very easy we Like to sur price people19 we like to to Make origin all things soan vers icloud Active

De Deutsch of section fiftyone since the Beginning Danse debout et lakhdar this way that we Made you name en youtube un de somewhere Ice data rooms treiber Laika sijiri vidéo ce because it’s Something something say it may vidéo ça Date d’à just in training And It’s like when i want you to treat her Own you would tivi show with et lienz Aut oui spaceship sciencefiction movie Date the same thing that only Entertainment butt in shops eyes in Shops Formate because this is you tube Indécise 10/06 ou youtube 10,6 very good Opportunity for this for the creators Because this is good plyce when you want To be discovered owens i want to meet Sommes viewers you were the spectator For you do things you are creating Without very high budget en date the Beat one of the reason why we started Section fifty one in two towns and for Teen because i lose easy way to to Create tout tout public en contente en Youtube and to keep rights on dit ce Qu’on tente nique aux one you work for Big studio offre producers of our movies You are just Creating something that had you will

Lose de wright 10 all the things you are Creating will finish line dance of the Producer of directors Hold the people who own the movie soda Not you baby animaux sains de when i Started in china we want it ou tout Chaud à hong kong and two to keep our Hands on it Choses Sont Jim Crow Mx2 rosso Sa red bull So you tube Frechaut [Musique] De big in english roses à ayutthaya always been passionate with Sciencefiction un hall 10 stuff baltes Fantasy ou de movies wisps et chip reese Eliane speechi pianola movies like Encounter de third kind of star trek Aurélienne ce hall dit son vice Président aux Abdos beginning 10,3 just to have fun And to expérimente son visual effects With low budget du no1 because we like This is dix 10,6 very low budget and as You know 10,6 technique which is used in De movies star wars des styles des Styles using De techniques of mixing sidya ndiaye Souidi modeling with very concrètes

Viril stuff lac disent ils nous donnent Tout et Tout Doivent 10 par tofu reality in de visual Effects and housing date de bêta de best Way to make to sender Realistic visual effects in movies à une Fois ject when you mix parts of reality 1 de parts of virtuality if you make Visual effects with completely in three Dit or une cisaille You lose 10 parts of credibility 10 Parts aux fruits al hiti you can see What you want is home videos oui oui Stocked bolt 10 vidéo we tried to des Banques sommes vidéo en de chanel which Were made with unity and with you can See you can détecte atwan moment’ date Des risques problem with the lights of Defeat notre nature rôle au sun times Disent ils ont loupé une vidéo hindi Animations wanis complique compléter via Chu-young en direct à tout moment tu dit Aïe de human aïe aïe bolt ou du texte Date des risques something wrong but What is in this thing is when you Started to mix with some parts of Reality you are beginning to two foule De human hay dat date what is interested In job it’s like when you create magical Tricks hinault Dax what what is your sting de Frontières wen de spectateurs isn’t et Ibl any man to detect de frontières

Between de reality and what is de Fiction et un soda troll interesting Hindis soa a dit ce moment tu as deux Beginning of the channel it was vérif it Was to have fun it was because du to Make some experiments in visual effects In some technics Inde est mauvais in the field of de Youssef aux because Aérospatiaux night with 10 Always been triggered by you follow jean De 15,9 of people abducted of 1 Explained phenomena datsyuk en chine de Sky Ces petites choses like x-files Which we watched hall d’épisodes when i Was young sont investis louage sommes épisode n’a toute fine somme inspiron Application myspace et Justine Sauf en fait Bas et dice est Vraiment signer ce so i’ll be back Four de gouvernement Dans ce [Rires] [Musique] But est ici aucun vol agressive présente L hoggy femme arrive à recife de Présente from coming from de 2 us navy Seal Beach au heat In de Nextlight stream descente mis le cap au

Bénéfice soit nice Pham thanh tai chi chuan Soarès date some of them as d’un Experience with you est fausse à tout Moment du ring special operations cover De coopération Veut dire dans un coin Citibank ribéry benzema henry louis Gates jr so to explain to all of you Out poste à croire qu’il y ait de Théâtre il y en ait trop it Mon seriously Prix perdre chaude vidéo in order to Show your De most parts of the project Soul world is in off de 10,6 de fine Alcine of de diatribes i Can’t take off de dia kraft career With the fighter jet landing besides Mehdi hélicoptère parks and take all so Soit 2 beginning We had access tout dit original footage Offre à kraft carrière because dix dates Canaux vidéo à une Public dès avril bolt ou de public And First one aïe aïe have de footage Ayew jolie work with de software adobe After adoubi after effects Fort de vision les facs et son joli Saut mais before de people who don’t Know we used to work with many tracks With de layers en de left de screen en Europe left hand

With dit originals footage we are going To make some tracking By creating Nul object Which i ly cette aune de 10 hélicoptères Which is stick in de sin date whitby Spot fort de tracking date où le but Marc forest and will do de tracking With the help of 10 hélicoptères because We know i’m your since the beginning Date i’m going to pout de théâtre i bis Bis ice dix hélicoptères ce hall de Droite de red dot d’atouts qu’ainsi on Deck à sommes Poels of tracking Corresponding to each frame peur c’est Quand un what we are going to do is to To apply hall 10 points sauf tracking Tous deux modèles offrent de thiès rubis Dispose sauf tracking you are used to To catch dit original movies De caméras move in death in in order to A plaidé m tous deux y as we be in order Date it is it all match is in the same Movement in the same thing you can see Date de thiès ruby modèle rose film de Park inn de studio in green screen Environment Trying to use de same and lighting 200 sources of light dann in in the thin However in de 10 épisodes of history Channel me quest easily des monstres Hated date de sources au fly wasn’t very Very well placed under aux notes de

Matching very well with the lights in by Originals footage bottes 10,6 note Notre big problème qui cause de de Gaulle dit objective in making creating Video was to create visual effects very Fast with low budget d’ici because this Is the economies of you tube when you Start to spend too much as wars en Working on the project Intended to be public en youtube de Bitcoins not enough Bankable en othe et 9 In theory sting en youtube And then When we have field de théâtre libye on Green screen oui pout de footage en After effects all so You can see d’air date en dise footage De thierry be we Used de qu’il ait tout lé in order to to Remove de green Un we use also de masques de masking Toul il n’en donne tout Tout tout tout tout removal de you can See de cheick o le rôle de tierce ribi Because we don’t need them all all the Things allround Ce week-end si date ils sont louise Difficulté to try to tour icreate de Same caméra move dan de deux caméras Move india original footage but if you Take some time i hope you are Good at what you do it can be easily Done

So why does de green it would you can See date De théâtre et be in the ready to be pout Right in by originals footage Date soit we are going to do So very zolotow rendering Bat adoubi after effects is very power Fulford at on dit when you know how to Use it is very youth for You can see date la hype août de deux Triangles relief aux hommes de dec with De de red square witches de howl object Which represents de tracking and will ap Applied tracking tous deux théâtres be In order date de youssef au match is Perfectly or kwaito perfectly deux Mouvements de caméra Il atteint 2,2 fastest way to do footage lac 10 of Course we can always perfect holding Botte de gaulle aux notes to make Something very perfect de gaulle ou aux To create something cool Entertaining 1,2 Et aux notes Intended d’attitude too much time and You can see hommes de top lift d’ataï Pout sommes additionnelles fx and Picture for example il put some gauche Ampleur filter hype août sommes Color correction Filter in order to too much to make de Colorz match thank you were Thank you for your comments

Hype août Soccers lycos be playing with the curve You can play en de différentes levels of Darkness or lightness All the things that you can use In order to Doivent fine hall pictures which is very Cohérente witches uniform witches which Represents the wall fix the wall pis Le programme celui là qui lui est faux At home with been there is you can see Datadiode we create new composition Riche maire jim hall de composition de Composition of de distribuer plus de Composition of dirigeants le foutage où Il mixe old is and we had mon Additionnant les fakes like boys like Lui mettrais fx By Modifying game sommes colors Adding sommes cinéma cinémas filter 1 2 You can see adien da de vérité and we Had some chez king caméra effect in Order to create somme si montréal Istiqlal de zoom les causes de zoom Rosenau tindi original footage Senna [Rires] Button a Lui aussi tout ouïe ouïe ouïe hadid De caméras cheick with very high Frequency just like if we were in D’hélicoptères film ming de de landing Of the fighter jet from his de very high

Stake in camera hockey un mot over after Reading disent Oui hadid zoom effect very fast just Like qui faisait de soldier et D’hélicoptères ou aux filles ming de sin Just sur price to discover de thiérache Rugby hand est qu un à oignies oignies Notice De thiès libye I just decides to write and two to zoom In the picture in order to see more Details and day où est faux so when you Like this One you take that kind of things you Have to to tell story in few seconds Et websense first eagle path Uefa au masters like My words are you have to imagine how Would you react if you were in the same Thing Is like storytelling Importante autour fort de storytelling To make fine not too much longue if it Is to longue It is easy l’offre de spectateurs tous Ses angles de yes to di bone souci de de Force des thèses des six boye à la fao Fortis tant pis pour moi watch is Extremely shirt because it is it is not It easy banques soffin Chaude Yes because he is all ways to shut University and how de vidéos hands for Example if de youssef audy 10e pièce in

The sky ou if it lenze à will disappear De Louise bleury 1 2 all ways to short and de caméras il Check in very very faste son rôle de Conditions à gardonne to make very trash Vidéo very chitti vidéo Il ya Acquis Gagaouzes Mingoua est Using Des banques n’est ce nom novink région Work non windows uniquement si Janot Is right à l’expectative Et a été bon job any way You know i’m not have not agree guen ce Thème D’ici ce just You joly à Une fact avec donc like de de oued de Fac checkers horde des bunkers the Working as de 10 à l’edge des bunkers Because some of them friteuse date des Arts des bunkers bat 10,6 note de 15 10 Is not really de casing date very Professionnels des bunkers et des riffs You in the world does it is very Difficult to text lot of time to two Gates of experience in 10 feed tout tout Tout Tout tout tout détecte hall de room

Detailed in video of course Wanis deals with military vidéo the Military footage yohan mollo woerth ou Be part of the military in order to have All 10-10 experience with the beatles With de planes with all the military Matériaux de milltown equipment and Dix places de fact that you have to a Dit expérience indie audiovisuel ina de Cinéma industry Soe a thing that it’s very de Probabilités is to our kind of people That kind of a person of very profession De bankers of very few but i think that This people existe de La Vie d’hemingway conférence En autriche josef notre note Heinz home concept hard for de Fournil blanquefort de Maïs données clickstream et eliane files 10/06/2010 un don du sang Les six pays où des filles de Notre mission Ma Femme dit it was the project intended to To make up au x come back with michael Been directeur So [Musique] You Feel cream Chez screen Chaîne de didonne des mycoses it was

Very good de project very good a dit Il Guan yu chi what did with district nos églises et Chapelles Et Ses décisions wac M et je deux Essais de shane Williams homeexchange by mail ou l Ised Milito qui font de Screenshots Problème fourmies [Musique] En a Dit Li cause des odeurs L’auteur odeurs concept made by over Artistes dans my name is fantastique un Deux étoiles shared by Website we Live in die de diane frenchies De 10 alien lors de sauts de one day new Date de movie wasn’t Validated date de movie où ils not want To be done des pubs liste hall de Concept art and des shared by works all So Sweet it make it mais de l’autre people Com to my blog to watch diarte switch Aux very good Very positive L’expérience est si évident white

Crosses de Hockey Un de Oignies aussi avec don’t know if you you Play de game [Musique] Et lienz colonial marines Which is the video game 10,6 de 10x de Next de following of de movie et lienz Tout When will follow new team of marine ce Coming élevé elle vit faut faire un Effort du sexe et nièce de Hindi video game guillou discover lot of New century lot of new landscapes lot of New plaît ici zine de beille en date the Very very good Very good time of playing game night and Day I would have the movie Et twitter trop davines so cool date des News de same story telling date days in The video game Show Sitôt Et causa à 100 l’autre of joy wings en Compte 70 tous home studio 1 2 Specially tous deux studios fenil Blomkamp and first à saint tite tout fox Fox studio zune au Ice and sound the wings of hell yens 1,2 à hiesse date d’emails De joe wings com Tout tourne il blomkamp eynden louis ix

Ennemi ni mail en de Because i’m your daddy time that i was Working on the project of hell in five 1,10 told me dati et où des oies mais Kingson concept hard sonia ce qu’il faut Il fallait aux intéristes is to make Some concept art and it only we intended To make de copeaux welcome back with Sigourney weaver où il me plaît Un deuil to be very cool tout souci de Copeaux roll with in your face rien de Holder soit Il aux Intéristes remake de concepts et de [Musique] Diction before [Musique] De problèmes maintenant dix neuf buts de Ryan Jones Inc Notre Note qu’on devine Second Single Bring back Et n’était ni tes forces tu cet Hymne à cet égard ne manquait Que Mario est faux elodie hidden in the Belly De movies because sometimes i know it à L’auto fut au loto fire two to be Released to be concrétise tout est à

Construire De véritables from the writing to et le Chaos de time when the steppes when i Want it because we all in front of the Camera 10 time is very longue ou Directors Comme bailleur au have to to pass lot of States l’auto fait la teuf eudoise Essentially de Hand funding une financing Hold up project you have to combine Producers 1-2 partners Tout genre ndiaye ventures de project of The movies You have to be jour date oldie actors Date you want to make tout jeanine de Project d will be ok dette d will be Physique olive ready to to play in the Movies Hired data 10 last year’s Chine [Musique] Est De 6,9 10 ce N’est Pas par des scripts event crédit si in Just ask me that We need some pictures one we see where We see de copeaux l’ inde Ripley un de mes vignes août 1,2 a dit Dano any more about de story bottes Sohail have to eye had to invent somme Somme stories for four 10 1/2 of course You can see des

Replays has Quite the same posture de same De same Gesture date sillage un poster fort de Ses comptes movie ou et she was very Young and with news 10 now it’s so high Tried to to use 10 posture de i’ll try To majin date des Des world steel On ne devait son Just before you know just before 10 épisodes eliane free eliane five Heroes intended to be Realised between et lienz tout et eliane Free Soleil est à d’autres inouï doctrinaux however Aliens fribourg Good movie tout butt Heroes deceived date De x y z de Citoyenneté russe thing to develop de Fact that it was still alive and so date 10 épisodes aux just after eliane tout Saut de chip de vaisseau Aux captures de buy in other vaisseau Inde A donc dit donc nos animaux bahout D’identité ni formation bottes à imagine Date des escape from De chip forme de v soul and they were in Very big mother ship Un 2d tried to To make your way to another

Survival chipeau something in order to Escape de mothership invaded bail et Lienz maybe et lienz de which were Développe ce bail genetics and don’t Know bailly experiments De Deux one you see you can find other Concept art internet bahout eliane five Un you can see that you can’t see sommes Sommes atteintes touchent au somment Scientifique guys which are trying to Tout contrôle eliane laïque pète du no és s1 2010 project to have some kind of Laboratory into in de mother ship où ils Scientific jusque là que eliane faux Maybe bottes et ils m’ont realistic 1-2 Sommes scientifique guys trying to to Feed 1,2 to To make dit à lienz gros l’eyepet try to Control des mahazo Biological weapons in oh Yes un webcomic slide 10 Which was published by dark horse comics Which is called Et à darwin c’est Donc notre hymne amber ah oui this could It is de story gauze into internationaux Station and internal space station which Is called 10 innominata Ya Think that is inspired hymne faux eliane Five because You can see in dc comics and de comics

Of diallo a very good the result of very Good épisode eynde stories drôle de Concept se développe History of dino minata il pose secret’ Et space station ouais Very high les vols de scientifiques is Making expérimente on est liée aux Newell’s Facing et lienz Trying to control de lienz by the power Of the mind Because 10 alien cannes attaque yuwen Détecte d’actifs friday In Veritate pas su passionner éliane Viennot Mexicaine Tway new look back in 10 rôle 10 10 Years de dhimyotis de nine tease à Believe date dispose de 2 10 ideal Période to make oldies interlining move Is because they were doing visual Effects Mixed with Royalistes hic equipment oui ce costume Oui suits et lienz youth and that’s why I believe date où le dise movies un lac De terminator aux autres éditeurs des Aveux lot of success because This is not completely si jen sont dé Have parts of Credibility of reality dad which Scared de pipoles Des banques

De L’ouest des banques et des bombes Strikes again and markets si jean michel Denis sainte rita b C Wendling what is the interest of that Kind of fish aux mycoses huawai de Banking something that all the people Know that is not your Own site Marina d’amico Est fait à peine Mieux ce type en tant Que chercheur watches and the wall Picross mais ouest et banks est et ouest Nous on Objecte comme tout pays pauvres et Des gamins Cède 2 à 16 8 contre verdict Les fans De Michael mann Dix partis en Wild Ici ce fait que news 2010 10,6 fait que news of The world is history channel not very Stylish chanal botte de 2 à 1 what is His name tony harris one is not a human Being photos [Musique] Et ses vidéos

Web rimer bibi liemandt Et à Mesure que des vacances Riches en [Rires] Fer Forgé sauf fumée Mais Il [Musique] Faudra Qu’ils animaient Uk Spécimens oui oui m Hier mais a fini Mais Justement C’est jake One on One à 9 heures à 10 h 10 à toute autre Histoire à takahashi des sommes lâchées Au bout du rêve et en cd et xavier Ducrocq Mx1 a eu tout De ce Vin Y est mais be Subite tried to do in the previous vidéo Some site j aie vidéo sometimes you were Inspired by sonnerie hall fax sans rire Evans Inde

Ilike de ilike de fact two to give some Une formation bahout sommes event that Some incident en date havre lundi à Pondre un louise multiples whitney 6 1 To make date in pictures tout tout tout Tout pictures and die in order to me Cause de picture this very powerful two To give the mess edge to the people It is more powerful dan the world and The world combined with the picture in The very powerful tout transmis tous Tous and dine formation ou de people and May giving sommes une formation bahout Ufos about oldies evans eyes find 10 Parts de work very interesting under Is easy to Two to find to discover old always news Stories au lieu au wild new testimony zh Doubt people who have experience that You can’t hurry Foz de iguacu sightings and even in de News today i web if you chuck aule de News and has become increasingly Beats kerry Every week we have new wave sightings Every day and there is only you had you Est marine which does it by some you so In de china 6-1-2 De genting parts in all this is date oui Oui donc know what is behind old is that When d’imagination starts to work and Day like It

May be Et Marqué un beau but you’re in Chains Et des peines mais Bizarre Hein Soit des ddh fort de your info Documentaries produced by This could you est faux Il faisant de showtime Jj abrams yes we Did un deuil est sauf course Object of ufos is very trending nukem Sida te moana monte vite shans un mot Movies omaid se disent object de yacine D’atouts do To explore tous développent Un de heaven history channel if they are Interested in China Team pression Impressionnés finale we could do it Would do it with de visual effects and Mais aussi jean louis ii with software Cela que unity Week end ou disney datant [Musique] Des risques difference between What we have seen il dit à kraft career 1 2 kgs dix dates ou you just said Because We will rock you wanna go home video Footage of ten séquence of dakar car y

Ayuda taille à un original foot h à just Have to put y fo modèle en dix ans une Telle somme few minutes barcelone but When recruiting wall seen with you est Faux visas landscape you have to do is In three dit anne louise unity aux âneries et un so it makes it it asks lot Lot more time and so sommes budget butt Oui à notre faim mais by Watch non non il chantait long May be bat you see you oui Oui oui cents Files in france où il ya des situations Called the sea and see Which he hopes to you found to finance Movies au project and how they can help You found some projects and you tube Sorti vite shans Sauder we ask dème to help us to find a Work au rêve de yumi [Musique] Problème [Musique] 1,2 à will continue We ask down to help us and maybe we will Have positive en soirée dit will Triggers Sommes budget for us to develop oldies Vidéo the new new documenté ruiz fort de Youtube channel bottes et it will be Also in this thing to To develop dix ans dix services faut de Tv chose au foot et vicenza question Ichanov others

American civic shannon japanese Savicevic here is because we have a lot Of tv japanese steevy child to which are Interested with that kind of vidéo So Hall 10 10 market in terris sting s12 [Musique] Chaude a tué samedi Internet you can find some Vidéo off de tictacs ufo sans Citer de nom Ni de Gameblog et s’aiment et détail de Mai Woods A commis Deux bogeys aux Beaux-arts à l’écran mais que ma Came Minute Christophe adam back into minutes Vingt et un Game Studios de Jeux vidéo Under Est d’origine people In the same son bureau concept fort et Neill blomkamp ferme des jardins Et parcs à Huîtres aux

Parents Moss a avili project comme Novice decaux vide it was very Difficult times faux at least one York il ya Studio mafia oui oui à de l’auteur Project that works en solde because of Decaux vide Because we also work for defence du No-fault convention fort de Focast fonds Ue nous Faut Renault wind est mais que jeanne rien Tous présentent newcastle signac 10 we Make some visual effects on dit event Hand seen with light sweed animation de Background de big screen symbole disent Oui oui mais cole 10 with virtual Reality we would also in all de parts of The new technology de vie à de Virtuality de des interactions between Wang highland syn1 de background via L’émission de byron saute 10,6 des mises L’auto sting un des dix secteurs 10 Market of the event was very impacted D’urines de kovy because every thing is De confinement everything goes up close And we had lot of friends a lot of other Companies Worked et une vision l’effet kz1 de hold Up Claude guénin Ford n 10 activities conquête lee

Finished dehors L’autre compagnie in france Which have not survive tout de covile De big one the richest ouanna style des Sceaux poulies fort du moment où il ya Still Here with you we still have some beat Activity Hopefully we have also youtube and roll De oui oui oui il faut internet oui oui Oui comme youtube channel or sauf aux Heures creuses towers for companies Saut Aux folies we have all 10,1 de oui-oui Hop date 10 activity will come back just like to Years before Inde date de old is this problem with de Covin with the vaccine with the wind Passe Au Burkina Du yuping Et Marie curie ou à taïwan to say is that Recruiting old is it takes a lot of time Mon times Dan fort de previews vidéos 1-2 problem with de youtube économie Ils doivent tout Tout tout tout make some value to this Time when do some shots vidéo it’s ok de Commerce aux labs 10me enough money Trouve tout dit ou gif de value to this

Time between high tech too much time en De vidéo it’s not enough value bonds Sodat son rôle 10 project s’offrit Création des need to have no budget des Nih to be gathered in mots big up Project sodat what may be you will have To develop in the future working with Some partners en somme compagnie en Somme si vite shans Which will be made in terris steed by Walking with the wounded projects and Things d’apps date possible les Possibles causes de mort biger de Shannon will be de mots famous en demies Attractive où will be faut il dit steve Van zandt à tout moment tu tu y as date Will be possible le choix inde However Watts what ever is going on what ever is Happening We know what will we will know what we Do we Will We will always have de solutions aux Problèmes Rénaux la difficulté c’est in english Button We will always manage to to develop Deutsch annales if i even ils fouillent Have difficulté is like This moment like no 2 à origin s in england and wales [Musique] Avec

122 gaming jambes dc the good question Du yes d’autres options détruits oui à Digging Mais made by creating video game is Because we also 12 streaming de 10,6 my brother de black des vols ou is Very Specializes in developing creating de Video games and we also can du 10 où il Est ivre aux process Friend of mind [Musique] Mais marc by Marc Et Fmvm Higuain et Interactive movie ghana Is It came esprit Que Ses confrères De game In Fine qui coupent prince aubry pnue Project P7 Avec K -o Invitation Sur le yacht auction Art inc Sonatine ans au 16 si geri halliwell

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