Dr Greer’s ex Researcher tells her story.

By | October 8, 2021
Dr Greer's ex Researcher tells her story.

Um Good evening folks and welcome To alien addict on this fine and Delicious evening um We have um A lady from the uk in um And she has um a story to tell us well Not a story a factual a fact i mean not My cap off then a factual story Uh about the time when she worked for Steven greer Now we’ve been chatting On and off for I think Near two weeks now weak in a bit And We’ve shared emails she’s followed me Lots of information in regards to The job that she was doing to prove Um The back and forth correspondence with Steven’s company But Before we go into that i’ve got a little Uh something special to show you guys I’ve been working On a new T-shirt design And the link is in the description but Check this out 115 I can fly that’s on the back of the T-shirt and we have the atomic Um structure

On the front of element 115 with the Alien addict head in the center Boo yakasha Enjoy I quite like that i’m quite pleased with It Bend this old thing i do like this folks My best friend got this a long time ago It’s we’re back this is before the alien Change this is the plane alien now it’s Got like wrinkles and stuff but without Further ado let’s bring on the guest Rosanna Welcome to the show Hi ollie thanks for having me you’re Very welcome and I you almost Didn’t get reply because i thought i was Being trolled because um we won’t tell You how you found my personal number but You actually got hold of my personal Number and it was a little bit strange Because the only person i gave that to Was jeremy corbell Um And Even though he’s a great friend that Buys him and bob t-shirts um I uh you know i i thought he’s trying to Push a story here you know He’s And i thought that You He he’d give you

I remember you Rosanna he’d give you my number And i was a little bit um That was funny how how did you get my Number It was funny But now that you’ve it’s even funnier Now that you’ve told me how You actually got the number um But It’s good that i got your number Actually then isn’t it it is Definitely definitely and just just Please Don’t you you’ll scare me if anybody Else has my number Just Choose not to message me because i Nearly had the heart attack and it was 11 o’clock at night i’m thinking what’s Going on here This is this is the men in black You did say that That was it was fair So Let’s um By the way people Rosanna is That’s not that’s not rosanna’s not your Real name um her real her real name is Uh craig david let’s just Yeah And i’m proper bow Um

In all sit all seriousness though uh you Do have a story to tell and a little bit There’s some concerns Um and we are going to go into that but Can you just start us off rosanna When This um This job offer came and how it came uh Sure how did it actually happen Well My interest i hope you like a lot of People who are interested in ufos and Paranormal stephen gray was one of those Chaps that was just out there i mean he Was there and you couldn’t miss him So i i began to watch his stuff he Disclosed and everything And stumbled across his um Atacama skeleton conference that he put Out about eight years ago And that sparked my interest so Um i Researched the atacama skeleton thought Wow this is so interesting and um You know dr gray he’s he’s he’s a Fabulous speaker he’s um He’s quite flamboyant and he you you Easily believe what he tells you Plus the fact he advertises that he’s Not just an md but He’s um You know he looks after people have been Blown up in cars and this so it’s all Very flamboyant but hey you fall for it

I fell for it i’m not saying that he’s Lying i’m just saying that’s how easy it Is to to believe dr grace so anyway I but um i just happened to be On his disclosure website and i think This was Um Three years ago now i think and i can’t Don’t hold me to this but i think i saw An advert where he was looking for Researchers to Work on the disclosure project And um i thought wow i i mean I’m i’m good at research i’ll i’ll Respond to this well just for the Audience you i hope you don’t mind me Saying this you are you’re you’re an Ex-lawyer yes i’ve gone up i’ve got an Honors degree in law practice for a While Um albeit as a paralegal because I couldn’t go the whole shebang because Of family issues Um but yeah um that’s what i did for a While so a medical negligence actually So But if you have a law degree you do have By nature really good news research Skills by the end of it Because that’s what law is all about Research So anyway um i got an answer pretty Swiftly actually From

A lawyer who was working Pro bono Uh Um On dr risa and dr grier’s research team Now when i received the email Straight away i saw that Um Copied into the email was emily gray Dr gray’s wife of course So it was this gentleman and emily greer That recruited me So that’s how it came about ollie that’s How it started and then of course there Was a Online recruitment process you know they Had to vet me i had to show my Qualifications even where i’d had Studies i mean it was it you know it Wasn’t like oh yeah we’ll just trust you They weren’t into a lot of things about Me Was was this was this pro bono with you With yourself yes There was no no no paid work so i was Working full time and i know and i had Heavy commitments at the time And i thought can i fit this and i Thought yeah I can fit this in it because it’s Something that interested me Um paranormal ufo ufology all that sort Of things always interested me i thought This would be a great opportunity just

To To um To enlighten me as well you know just to Help the team but i would gain something From it as well because i find it really Interesting So That that’s how it all began and that’s How i got involved with the team And what was your um What was your mission what did you have To do for Uh Well initially it what um initially when I first replied they weren’t aware until They when They got more into the vetting got more Intense that i was based in the uk Which was um quite beneficial for them Because Um steven by then was working on the Atacama uh skeleton And he was um was it with gary nolan Yeah gary noland yeah The is it the stamford university um Chap yeah And they were he was you know Desperately trying through research to Us saying whether it was humanoid or Whether it was alien And i don’t think I think what he was wanting was for more More geneticists to come on board And one of the geneticists that he was

Particularly interested in at the time Was a professor Sykes Who was based at He thought At oxford university Um and he wanted me to contact dr sykes Explain the project and meet with him Try and get him on board the team I mean he was quite they were quite Confident actually that i think that Dr sykes would be interested But it wasn’t that straightforward Because he wasn’t at oxford university And it took me a couple of weeks to Track this gentleman down that i mean It’s all um Via telephone but then your Investigative skills kick in And um but i did manage to pin uh dr Sykes down in the end there was other Things i was asked to do Was um Uh forward Various research articles periodicals Magazines And i thought why why don’t they just go Online for these things i don’t i didn’t Understand why They were asking me to personally Forward these materials because when you Could access that information online Yeah they wanted uh you mentioned in one Of the earlier messages to me that they

Wanted you to um To look into the the press and what was Going out In the press about Uh The uh Serious uh pro that the series Disclosure the and i i can’t say the Word anakin Whatever it is Yeah thank you yes i think you know Looking back It didn’t click first of all um I think looking back the reason they Were Investigating british journalism and the Freedom of the press over here ofcom Regulations i think is because Um the doctrine of fairness in the United states regarding media Publications and broadcasting uh was Abolished in the um reagan era Right And um the doctrine of fairness meant That um In areas of controversy Um it was okay to broadcast no matter What media were using as long as that Your broadcast was just Equitable and fair But that was abolished and so if you had A controversial issue Um you would find it very hard to to get It out there to certain

Media platforms And that was replaced i think by the Doctrine a timing doctrine where two Sides have to have the same amount of Time to put their argument forward so i Think this i think the plan may have Been It may i may be wrong on this but to Come to the united kingdom Um does that make sense yeah and so Comes the united kingdom and then um Broadcast his um His platform from here I think he was hoping that our off-cam Regulations were slightly uh more casual And allow him to do more work here Interesting so so So for the audience did you actually Track down the uh the profes the Professor Yes I did um I sent him quite quite uh i sent him an Email i introduced myself very polite Explain the research that dr gray was Doing and i think i Forwarded you the response olly yes yes She did yeah i said it was just for the Audience It was it was uh very brief to say the Least and really really to the point Uh after reading that i thought well There’s there’s absolutely no chance

This professor sacks is going to work With dr gray and i was almost even Saying he said something about bigfoot Yes he says i can’t oh something along The lines i can’t be doing with this uh Kind of science tell big foot something To uh it was yeah it was I was almost scared to send the response Back to the united states that’s how Insulting it was Um Yeah So um that was that so But the nice part was the the chap that Did recruit me with emily gray He was a a a lawyer is also a professor I think he was a civil rights lawyer and A professor in a university taught But it was quite prominent um And we became friends even though we Never met we emailed each other Regularly You know all the time And um We we had the same views of things and We talked about law but he was also very Interested in other things he was Interested in the paranormal ufology and We we did spark up a really good Relationship Um unfortunately sorry This this is will um that we’re talking About who the concern is is about yes Now now did is it am i right by saying

That will is the person that initially Uh interviewed me interviewed you yes it Got you on board that He was the spokesperson for Uh Emily carey and the great and dr great Yeah So um Yeah i mean he’d tell we you know we The emails Um They moved on and they became rather Like friends would speak you know all This the the the veil came down and we Became friends And um And then Nothing Nothing Uh just never heard from me again And i sent email after email after email How long was this after you stopped Working for footsteps no we were still Working and when we hadn’t ended we were Still recruited to be researchers but by That time Because i couldn’t get in contact with Will I mean he was the person providing me With the The questions to go forth and do the Research Now what’s interesting is um He did become quite critical

Of dr gray As we as the months progressed in the Emails And um But yeah um i don’t know he just Vanished vanished Into thin air into the into the ethers Of the internet And it he was the type of man i know he Was extremely polite He was just a lovely man he wouldn’t Even if he’d upset him he would have the Manners to say look i don’t think this Is going to work now Maybe we should party this but Nothing nothing he just disappeared and I never you know i never got to I mean i’ve sent email after email will Even if you don’t want to speak to me Please let me know you’re fine please Let me know you’re okay I would like to use To use his full name on it i mean i i i Don’t know if you want in Um His name actually his full name being Out there in casey oh he if i suppose if He He may know who you are yes yeah Um Yeah he if he saw this he would know who I am obviously i can verify for the Audience that if somebody thinks that This is something i’ve seen the back and

Forth emails i’ve had them actually Forwarded to me um The Did you mention that he’d He’d got into an argument with stephen Right so um i think it was just after we Were speaking uh was at the end of last Week olly i decided to uh email emily Greer which is something i’ve not done Before because my interest in all of This was not to meet dr gray it wasn’t To me emily gray even though i had very Her email address my interest was just In the subject But then i thought no i’m gonna um so i Wrote to em i emailed emily gray last Friday i believe which i forwarded to You and um i did say look you know if This is who i am um I’m looking for will such a buddy Um and then this was in 2018 when we’ve Got recruited And she says oh yeah um i remember him Uh yeah he did some pro bono work for us Uh if you see him sure she didn’t even Bother to read the question because i Was asking her had she heard from him And is he okay That she she replied to me if you see Him if you speak to him tell him you Know i’m sorry if he’s not well so it Didn’t the email just did not make sense But prior to that Prior to reaching out to emily i’d also

Contacted dr gray’s team On numerous times you know just begging For some help to try and find this Gentleman you know you you you’re part Of a great team and they would know they Were almost rude and then emily greer When i emailed her last week apologize For the great scene being rude Yeah i saw that yeah So and then i emailed her back and said Look I said i’m concerned about this man i Said he worked for you are you not Concerned for somebody that perfectly Well more or less saying provided a Service for you but you know it’s pro Bono i didn’t say that but surely at Some Humanistic part of you would say hey This man worked for us you know but she She did reply and she did say That her and stephen that him that will And stephen had a discussion And they just uh they disagreed on was It did you see only they disagreed on Certain Certain things and agreed and agreed on Others And then it and then she’d put us at the But it’s been a long time now So best not talk about this anymore Something to that effect Very unhelpful very very unhealthy what Was it that they disagreed on she didn’t

Say did she in the email She didn’t say she just said that her And did you get any inklings though from From will when you had your Correspondence beforehand That there was something yeah he started To be quite Um Disparaging he was quite um disappointed In dr gray And he began to talk to disgust for me About the uh amounts of money he was Charging for his conferences in these C5 projects and that sort of thing and i Am one of those that was daft enough to Buy the app for c5 i must admit Um But yeah i did get um I got that i got that um Yeah he he was he was very disappointed In dr gray When you so So he’s pr he has had his pro bono work Stopped and he was you and him would Just I don’t know only that’s just it because Will just vanished And we we there was no talk of the work Stopping It’s just that will who Sent me tasks to do from england he was No longer contactable Uh And

So through this time um so i take it the This was before the documentary got Released When you first got in touch with will Yeah How long after the 2008 2018 will and i um Started working um On the disclosure of the atacama Skeleton And i think it was 2020 When i last had contact no end of 2019 Because i’ve got an email in 2020 where I’m begging him to email me back to see Whether he um at the end of the 20 if he Was okay But still nothing Does it doesn’t make sense to me I mean Am i like when you initially uh got Contact with me you said you were you Were concerned about this person i said Well stephen has said in some of his Documentaries that people have gone Missing Um I mean this I could just be a a guy that maybe has Just gone You know off the radar and He could have died i mean he could have Died um You know hopes he got and that’s what i Wanted to find out has anything happened

To him but i just thought My my my big thing is Is that they hired this man and this man Did some pro bono work for them i’ve Asked emily gray to at least take 10 minutes out of her time to try and Contact this man and she cannot be Bothered Because all you’ve got is an email back And forth yeah Yeah Yeah it wouldn’t have taken a five Minutes to find out if this gentleman Was uh dead or alive she could have Asked stephen gray But what did she say it’s a long time Ago best not talk about this anymore in The email if you read it i know which i Know you did So yeah the intimation was they’d had a Fallout and let’s not talk about this Anymore because it’s been a long time And more or less Go away When you were doing the work for steven And you and will was back and forth with The conversations when you were speaking About the Did you ever speak about the um The little Fifa And Mid in between private conversations With did you both we both a believer

That this was Alien we didn’t know because i’m quite I’m scientifically minded so I just wanted the proof this is why i Wanted to join into the research because I i was I didn’t know i just wanted to i just Wanted to see the final outcome And we all know now that it’s got 64 Genetic mutations it’s humanoid So yeah well it was a funny one that Because i i did um I did a video um A long time ago i think i i think i may Have forged you the video Where i i i was actually Where steve and i spoke about this a few Times so people are probably getting Bored of it but Where stephen’s speaking about uh gary Nolan taking the research to ttsa Yeah and that is when it got released That it was in fact um Just just a fetus with so many genetic Problems with it yeah um But Liking stephen greer And his wife Or not It is strange to me That Because i’ve just watched it i’ve just Watched sirius again i haven’t watched It for years i just watched it again

And Gary gary nola when he’s working On that he’s he’s almost like convinced That this is Something Yeah you know I did they initially did say that It sh i mean the the results came out Rather quickly didn’t they because the Relationship said it could say that’s Like donkey’s years Yeah i mean i accept what you’re saying Except you know You know the the results could be wrong It could be you know a cover-up but Those are the official results aren’t They But you think that grier just spun a Story and he wanted to make a Documentary is that your Take on it Absolutely guys that you just fit the Guys out to make as much money as po as Possible i think so What inspired you But you were not were you not inspired In the first place to work for him Through Because At that time um i believe Well i believe mostly like most people At that time did most of everything that Came out of his mouth And um because he is um compelling to

Listen to he’s a very good talker yeah Very good talker and his qualifications Are excellent aren’t they you know Not many people mistrust a doctor Especially an emergency Uh Doctor you know who works in a e looking After um Such traumatized patients you know Stabbings motor motor car accidents as He tells us You you know it’s got a great portfolio But you but you just think that this Now you don’t have any trust whatsoever No Right another thing is Um The the money that he i mean i think You’ve spoken about this rich giordano’s Spoken about it’s obscene the amount of Money he charges for these seminars he’s Excluding many um Contactees or supposed contactees from Ever joining these seminars because they Can’t afford to go there’s thousands of Witnesses to ufos across the you know With all jews with all due respect Rosanna the aliens only visit the rich You know like Yeah Something that really really sickened me As well not about dr gray But i mean i’ve always been interested In ufology psychic paranormal and that

Sort of thing so i went on the ce5 app And you know you’ve got that have you Got the have you seen it ollie the c5 App You put it on your phone Oh gosh Will you get a tracking device i should I should do i should do it it’s like Research i should have it really should Well you get a little tracking device With it And you can contact other people in your Local area Who are interested who’s offer who’ve Also got the c5 and you can set up your Little group To go out with your App because it plays some lovely music As well while you’re trying to contact Ufos So this is what i thought well we’ll try This i’ll try anything once and i joined A little group and it was headed by this Lady who was She called herself a healer Some kind of empathic healer or Something And um I just happened to one night send one of The members of the group a normal Message about me And she said We’re not having that sort of thing in This group

We don’t talk about normal things we are Here to um contact the aliens and we’re Going to keep our vibration on that Plane And it turns out yeah Yeah so it turns out that this woman was Charging a phenomenal amount Of money To visit her online also um Clinics for healing you know she was Making money through She was already as well yes She Was interested What she was doing well she was already Making money anyway but i believe that Whatever skill you’ve got you give it Freely like if you see somebody homeless I will always give something on the Street i’m not here to make money but Some people are that’s all they care About money but how can you call Yourself an empath Or a healer Or whatever if you’re charging Phenomenal amounts to share your skills And your vibration or so to speak So she was already doing that for a Living And then she came into the ce five and I’ll snitch was using that to try and Enhance her skills to make money and That’s the kind of people you meet and It just it’s just not for me just not

For me it’s plus it doesn’t work like Richard darno’s rich giordano says it Just doesn’t work It’s crazy So what you get for your money you get This app You get it gives you a bit of music that You can play in the field so you’ve got That on the recording You’ve got your little tracker to visit Someone else Uh that’s it Something to read That’s your app Sounds a bit like pokemon go Yeah yeah it’s very interactive But if you go on it now nobody’s Bothered you know he’s dead Nobody wants to set up one I just So With And will if you are watching this um My emails there if you if you email i Will pass it on to uh rosanna um It’s not rosanna uh will um You mentioned that I Need to tread carefully with this but Will wasn’t well He wasn’t He wasn’t No And of course that’s why i was so

Worried you know has he died you know Just You know And i think the grim Uh organization would know that Yeah so so We with this i think your disappointment Is that the lack of humanity yes When it comes to to this yeah yeah You’re angry you are angry I am yeah because these are Multi-millionaires and their feet They’re getting their information Free From people that entrusted them that That they you know that trusted them That thought they were doing some good Work you know and and it’s just not the Case is it How many others do you know of that will Work i mean Did will employ quite a few other people No he didn’t i’ve no idea um olly So um It wasn’t hard to it wasn’t hard to Enroll me i can tell you because i was i Was eager to join the team based upon Stephen gray’s reputation I’m just wondering How many people work for free That’s what i’m saying yeah i suppose It’s I wouldn’t like to speculate but like i Said i was easily taken on board i mean

Not easily taking on borders that i Wasn’t vetted but i was eager to work For him for free Hmm i i just It puts a Funny taste in my mouth people working For Somebody for free when it when it Involves that kind of subject Yeah Of aliens you know yeah if it’s working For free for for cancer patients or You know Um A case where somebody just can’t afford To pay the money and you know it might Be going down for murder when the the The blatantly innocent or Whatever i can kind of i can’t i can Agree with it but working for free Yeah I mean again It’s good it’s done all those gofundme Things though hasn’t he I mean that was you know purely for Education wasn’t it but Carl richards got off those go fund me Things Yeah but this is the thing and this is The thing that the rich do You know that’s why they’re rich Yeah yeah i need to take a leaf out of Somebody’s book I know some rich people that are that

Are awesome you know yeah He said so they’re not all like that but I i did i know you will have seen on my Channel uh of over the last Year You know i gained a huge amount of Respect for stephen greer when he came Out and um He was you know going against the grain On this [ __ ] Yeah that is um Them being Been a threat You know so i did i there is that You know is it do you think there’s Nothing in that man that is in it for Good I’d like and we were talking about being So i’d like to believe him because i Don’t i want to believe there’s no Threat But i do you believe olly that he truly Truly speaks to aliens when he does These ce5 events because he claims to be In contact with him doesn’t he do Ibollocks no So how does he know they’re not a threat I Do i think that stephen greer has had um Any encounters quite possibly do i think He maybe knows some [ __ ] yes But Is he summering aliens I don’t

I don’t think that i don’t unless Unless steven flies me over you know and Steve if you’re watching this now you Can fly me over i will stay in your um What do they call it that house of the House that’s in the garden you know in You know in the gazebo It’s the summer house summer house i’ll Stay in your summer house I will stay in your summer house As long as it’s got a fridge with some Beers in it I will stay in that summer house and you Know He could take me out and if i stay with My own eyes and i don’t think he’s Got some Guy with a yacht To shoot some flares up in the air Then i’ll sing his praises but until Then I don’t know and what oh and what about Like when you listen to him everybody’s Got to go into this trans meditation State To be able to do something I’ve never had to go into a Transmeditation state to be able to Austral travel and i can astral travel i Don’t particularly have to go into some Trans-meditational state you either have A A gift or you’ve had it since birth but I don’t think you can learn it

I think it’s innate Um and i think Astral spit you’ve opened up pandora’s Box that you do realize that ever My my friend rich the is saying my beard Is looking epic he’s getting anita Thanks rich I just saw the epic And his lovely bald head i love him such A beautiful man He’s got a very smooth face have you Ever seen rich on the show rich Rich has done the um He went to the I think he’s gonna kill me for monroe oh Yes i’ve saw that it was really Interesting yes yeah so um When we’re talking about astral Projection He’s the man to speak to speak to it Because he is he’s trained in it so so You’ve before we get into that because i Do want to get back into the greer thing But lit Take me back take us all way way back When did rosanna First Get into this subject how old were you Well This is my baseline Which i call my baseline i remember When i was five having my first Existential senseless thought I remember lying in bed trying to think

What I was five and i knew i was five because Of where we lived at the time and we Only stayed a year there What does nothing look like i was Thinking as a five-year-old I thought well it’s black Well then no it can’t be enough that’s Because black’s a color that’s not Nothing So i could never as a five-year-old Grasp what nothing was even as much as i Tried of course i’d never grasp it That thought Stayed with me for you it haunted me why People can’t grasp what nothing is until I realized i worked it out for myself Not long ago actually quite a few years Ago That humans find it so difficult to Imagine what nothingness is it’s because We’re turned on Imagine we were robots and when we Turned on You you’d have to be turned off Because that’s what nothing in it is so For me nothingness is death Um this is pure consciousness and your Pain No i believe in god Okay So it’s weird that you see that you use The the the tame the term nothingness Because that’s what i i use as well

Nothingness yeah can you ima can you Imagine nothing if i’m talking about Death Yeah you’re five years old and you’re Thinking about nothingness Were you thinking about death no i was Trying to so that’s the type of child i Was I remember my my cousin i was used to Because she used to babysit me that was A very strange shot i mean she loved me Daily she was great but she said i was a Strange child so I was just a very i was i was quiet and I i was a deep thinker from being very Young But happy but i didn’t think her so Um so that’s nice strokes of wonder Scotland beautiful man and it is a Beautiful cool uh aubergine No It’s uh I don’t know what it is it’s some sort Of fruit Thank you Thank you for the two dolls Sorry sorry i i i had to uh i had to say Thank you then so five years old you’re Thinking about nothingness And You Go on carry on carrying this stuff then I’m out of the age where There was a which terrified me intrigued

Me so much i was only young again i Don’t know if you won’t remember ollie There was a an american program called The invaders Uh you’ve got to watch that it’s so Retro but it was so scary And it was real mad in black it was on Every week and it was scary it’s about Ufos and men in black coming to earth And it was really well done That sparked my interest Initially So from very young age i’ve been Interested in ufos Um astronomy but i don’t know much about Astronomy but Um The earth in general uh i’m watching Live now the um volcanic eruption in las Palmas things like that really really um Like i said i don’t watch tv Scott’s usually got to be scientific And spiritual Um And i’ve had many experiences throughout My life i mean I hate that word paranormal because for Me it’s just normal Um i think we should use another term For paranormal makes it sound like You’re a bit odd But i think there’s millions of people All over the world with the same Experiences as myself who just don’t

Have the courage or they think they’ve Got something to lose if they talk about It so that’s why i don’t think it’s Paranormal i just think it’s more normal Than we think when people just won’t Talk about it So i do have you experienced anything Um Alien or ufo related right um Rich right rich giordano which i do i Love his show it speaks a lot of sense He’s He does he’s he he hit a chord for me The other night because he says that Sometimes he wakes up in his apartment He doesn’t think it’s his that’s never Happened to me But i i do Freak not frequently a few months every Few months or so i will wake up Absolutely Convinced that Where the hell did i just go Not you know it’s a feeling it’s a Physical feeling it’s not a mental Feeling you can’t remember anything but You feel you’ve been somewhere booked I can’t prove that I can’t prove that i feel i could just Be saying that but i will say The most profound experience for me Happened to me whilst i was awake and my Daughter witnessed thee Because i have two children a daughter

And a son I was when was this this was in the 80s Actually Um i was getting ready for work it was a Sunny day I was near the window and i was just Putting my clothes on and my daughter She was on the bed and she was chatting To me like she normally did you know how Was your daughter my my daughter was About eight at the time And um we were chatting And this this is the craziest crate i’ve Ever Never experienced anything like it It wasn’t like an electric shock it was A shift it was just a complete shift In my whole i Can’t even explain it ollie But i went somewhere else and i i was i Was in in in a flash On top of a mountain it was red hearts And it was red everywhere it looked like Arizona or something like that Everything was red I was on top of the mountain distressed And i saw above me all these lights just All up above me and i was crying why Have you left me here why have you left Me here And this one light came came down and Moved towards my belly And just before it entered my belly i Came back to where i was in the but i

Screamed as i came back because it was Such a profound experience i don’t even Remember seeing my daughter because i Think i went run straight downstairs Because my mum was downstairs at the Time and i was just in a state because i Couldn’t understand what had just Happened to me So what did you what did you don’t say How that she She remembered me uh she remembers me Screaming not screaming shouting at the End of it but she didn’t see anything i Don’t but it’s funny we we were only Talking about this about five weeks ago Do you remember what you know like you Talked years back She does remember it Yeah but i didn’t have the time to She i must have frightened her But i was so traumatized by i couldn’t Console her at the time does that make Sense So So you were on top of a mountain And it was when you say Red light arizona are we talking like it Just I could feel the heat Blazing sun Yeah blazing sun Um Like the desert like but i was really High up on the mountain and it was red

And like i said there were lights above Me and i was i was so upset that i’d Been put on that mountain You’re upset Very upset And i was asking them why have you left Me here And i only got consoled when the light Came towards me But i was fully awake So hang about here so so one minute you You’re in your room You are uh you’re getting ready Where were you going Are you going out i was going to work i Was going to work so you’ve not been Drinking No i don’t drink no no not in the day Definitely not never I have to ask that yeah i know Because no drugs Professional Clean living So When you’re on that mountain What What did you have the knowledge Of You back at home no No I i was just swat i was Just like i’ve been swapped I wasn’t crying because i’d left my home I was crying because i’d been put on top

Of this mountain I was crying because they’d left me Jesus so you had no did you have any any Knowledge of your daughter No not nothing there was There was I was a sh it was a complete shift Of reality No it was a complete shift of reality I was like i’d been transported Somewhere else Experienced that for a few minutes But and then came back so it was me but It wasn’t me Does that make sense yeah so this is you See you Is it would you say that it was like you Projected yourself there or not like you Were physically there it was an energy That went right through me physical Because it was a it was this it was um It’s like somebody put a ray gun through You and you went somewhere else but you Didn’t go somewhere else it’s just that You were living some some other Experience but i’m wide awake So uh changes Just be glitched Do you believe in simulation theory I don’t know what that is Um So That this isn’t real Oh yeah i don’t i i it disturbs me that

Though that That theory that you could not be Real because that would explain a glitch That that you would Yeah you’re kind of like the program you Oh wow yeah Into a different but did you say did you Say you saw something above your head it Was the the lights were all flying Around me at the top in the sky So they were just like they were orbs They were just orbs like flying orbs Everywhere Um like Grace there’s a ufos in the sky those Kind of orbs And so i knew i’d come from the orbs But i was i was upset that they put me On the mountain but the funny thing was Um when i came back Because i’d i had that oh i was Wondering wonder if i’m going to get Pregnant or you know because the orb Came to my belly but it was weird things You you think about when something real Like that happens to you that you can’t Explain i’ll never no one will ever Explain that So How long did it seem like you were on This mountain for Long enough for me to For the orb to come from the sky and it Was traveling um

I don’t know i can’t even estimate miles I didn’t even think about that but for It to come down and into my body and Then i i was back That’s it wasn’t you know but for me it Was like um Maybe i used the word glitch then it was Like that But even though it was it was instant But i had enough time To know to follow something down so that May have taken in that memory that i had Of that altered reality or whatever it Was it may have taken 10 minutes But your eight year eight-year-old saw Your reaction to what yes yes that’s all She saw she said Yeah i’ve had no Episodes since then i don’t have Epileptic seizures I’ve got no history of Do you ever do you ever see Any have you ever seen Ghosts or Anything that could i felt ghosts um I’ve um Not seen one i’ve felt one come through Me well a few come through i’ve never Seen one But i’ve seen this kitchen is beside me It’s here Um there are times when um there’s a It’s used about two in the morning or Maybe twelve it varies

This massive flash will come into the Kitchen you know it’s not next door is Facing me and when they put the kitchen Light on you can see those flashes can’t You when lights reflect into somebody’s House but this is a this is a flash That is just it’s it’s it’s immense of The the light and it goes off straight Away I get i’ve got used to that over the Years but last year and so i think it Was rich giordano’s show Is in the winter of last year my Daughter was sat where i am now and i Said oh my god we saw the flash it was Earlier on than in the morning And i said come and see what’s in the Guard and there were orbs in the garden And i think i’ve mentioned this on Richie’s show you know in the chats Um but yeah they they were in the garden You mean like that big Is this is this in the evening Yeah these were um Just a bit smaller than a football orbs There was two of them just going through The grass at the back of the garden it’s A long garden Balls of light Yeah balls of light And Perfect spheres Yep Just just moving across the with it was

There anything coming off them like no They’re just normal and you Just know i i’ve just normal spheres and It wasn’t Um I mean it could have been electric uh to Say that what do they call them those Balls of lightning Ball lightning bolt lightning could it Be ball lightning who knows and maybe I’m saying it i probably just say that I’d love it Yeah um i’ve just seen that once how Would you know it was Likely not yeah you don’t do you a Little no Green [ __ ] in a giant ball In the garden glowing yeah yeah out of My french but you know you wouldn’t know You wouldn’t know so uh my daughter she Was sat here But they used to me my daughter My daughter’s um and my son are used to These events happening around All our lives to be honest Um i bought this house that i’m in now And i left behind my previous house and Everything in it And all i brought here was a couch and The beds And because we had such severe Poltergeist activity in the last house So i wouldn’t bring anything to this House

Severe pots against it too too and i I couldn’t i mean i could sit here Forever Ollie telling you what’s up it’s Happened to me all my life and It’s enormou like i say it’s not Paranormal it’s normal for some people To have these experiences It doesn’t make you special the last House You lived in Yeah there was a poltergeist in it Yeah oh big time yeah oh I’ve been here 20 years now and this House is brilliant you know there’s no Nothing negative here but the other House wasn’t good at all Yeah So how old were you in when you Last lived in the other house Well i had two i had to i had a small Boy and a teenager my daughter was a Teenager then in the house So and my son i think was seven Um but it was yeah it was terrifying in That house What happened How halloween house how long were you Five years in the house five years stood That house for five years Um All sorts i mean you you could be sat Downstairs And the baby gate the baby would be in

Bed and the baby gate would rattle at The top of the stairs Um you would you would hear um cracks Cracks of like energy just in front of You while you were Talking to your neighbor and you Couldn’t see but just like Fireworks going off Like like high-end static Yeah like um Like he pulled a cracker But in front of you and it’s energy And then one particular every but um Everybody um Oh god when my mum died that was worse Um we saw that high energy and we were Sat here my friend was over on the right Hand side of me on the couch And i saw was like these black beads Come through the wall And we actually there was nothing there There’s It was it was awful And then um I can’t even go out to tell you anymore Because it this i’m gonna sound like a Wacko if i went on honestly that house Was awful Listen you’re on a channel called alien Addicts People that watch it that like aliens And like ufos so You know you Get quite at home here and if it’s any

Consolation apparently i’ve seen a white Lady when i was little have you yeah um My mom saw her Really yeah i do I have no recollection of that i was Probably about i think it was about five Years old Uh was it Yeah did it seem real or was it is it a Mist i have no idea i can’t remember it I can’t say it I i used to go into my mom’s room Apparently and and tell her every night That there was a white lady in my room My dad was in the my dad my dad was away At sea in the merchant navy and i used To tell my mum All the time there’s a white lady in my Room one night my mum saw the white lady At the bottom of the bed the next day She had a miscarriage Oh my gosh No i don’t i don’t think that i think That white lady came to help the baby Cross over Maybe maybe yes So This house when you say poltergeist So did it was did it chug things as well Yeah it was the bangs Um not so much chucking things like you See on the tv like the cub is opening And everything my daughter would go to Bed at night and she’d scream and she’d

Say that there’d be an old man’s face in Front of her but Now we i knew this before i i moved in There not not through Choice i moved there through Circumstance but i knew before i went Into the house that Um my partner’s Uncle had committed suicide in that House So it wasn’t it wasn’t a good house to Be in Anyway So uh yeah so that that was a terrible House yeah Is that why you moved from it yeah i i i And like i said i didn’t i the only Thing i brought were my essentials like The bed Couch and then i had to save up for the Rest of the things that i needed in the House Yeah But it was worth it because this house Is lovely now So so It’s interesting to me that you’ve had This experience Um which is probably more paranormal Uh Normal should i say sorry um All your life and then you you went Uh you saw a An experience or an opportunity to have

An experience which was a job but it was Pro bono with stephen greer Yep And that’s Essentially alien you know it’s It’s um Extraterrestrial So where are your thoughts when it comes To The subject because you said you’re Religious I am and i do pray Can i just say one thing before i answer That ali what i forgot to mention which Is very very important After the um After the incident where i was in the Bedroom and i went through that shift And i started reading I started to research why what is it and Then i came across Because there was no internet then i Came across a book by jenny randalls she Was a Physics uh lecturer at manchester University but she was also interested In ufos she wrote she’s written loads of Books and then if you look her up They’re really interesting book jenny Randalls And she came with me I mean she came to my house With the policeman who was investigating You remember the policeman who saw the

Ufo in yorkshire That ufo case Have they made a recreation of it as Well i think so but he was with her Because they had made up a team and they Came to my house so she was very Interested from a physics point of view As well what happened to me And she was she was really helpful and That she put me into uh in concert with Linda jones She lives in didsbury in manchester and She was a she’s quite a famous ufo um Query abductee she lives in didsbury She’s been all over the tv in the 80s And we’re still friends now So you know some positives came out of It but Yeah I didn’t just leave it and think gosh You know i i did try to get some answers For myself So So Where is your head when it comes to this Subject now because so you’ve gone to Work for Essentially Dr grier Um back in 2018 Yeah uh and You you you’ve doing research for him When Uh for the uh the little anakin

Alien But you’ve seen poltergeists You’ve you’ve had Paranormal experiences Psychic Natural psychics and styles Where is your head when it comes to this Subject what do you think it is Do you think i believe i believe in Obviously believing aliens That’s just goes for me i’ve always Believed in aliens Um But you see i don’t think he I’m a great believer in in um in god and Jesus But i don’t But that but innately i’m i’m believing Just trying to be nice to people and Being good And It doesn’t necessarily mean My grandmother was um A witness to the angel of mons in the uh Is it the first world war Now she was born in 1898 and um she was very religious So when she witnessed the angel the Angel of mons appeared to the soldiers Do you remember this No Well she witnessed that And when she witnessed it was the angel Of mums was the virgin mary appearing to

The troops you can research it and she She i think i have heard of this yeah She was teetotaled so she ran to the Church And uh the um priest accused her of Drinking didn’t she couldn’t possibly Have witnessed it being a normal you Know working-class woman You know what who who are you to witness The virgin mary so she stopped going to Church then and she she’s been the Biggest inspiration in my life i loved Her more than anything And she taught me you know um she was Very spiritual but she believed in god But She also was very psychic And um I think it runs in families as well Definitely I mean they say abductions running Families generational isn’t it but I think if you psych it you’re born with It and it I don’t most of all you can’t learn These things i don’t think How do you fathom though God jesus and little green men I do because Because i’m also interested in you mean Look at all the The structures that from thousands of Years ago how they have they’ve been Molded into the rocks that they find so

When you we do know that there’s this Strong proof that there is ancient Civilization uh civilization We know that Yeah And don’t don’t take this the wrong Way one what i’m saying to you is and And For many years i’ve been an atheist Completely yeah okay until and until Probably the last Five years maybe maybe just before five Years My first little boy And Now weird things happen in my life that I just really i’ve got no explanation For there is not aliens or anything like That but it’s just Weird little Let’s call them glitches uh ginger steve But yeah little Things happen to me that i just kind of Laugh it now and i think it’s like Somebody’s playing a joke on me Okay Yeah but In your head and that’s what i find Fascinating somebody who’s very Religious I know i know a few people that are very Very religious And they also study the subject of Ufology

Why I can’t i can’t out rule that jesus was Um a psychic and i can’t i mean um from Another planet i can’t rule that But it doesn’t it doesn’t change history It doesn’t change the fact that it Doesn’t matter where he’s from Does it But i know he existed See Do you are you saying that maybe that Jesus god Is it in a sense like A bit like that film prometheus they are The creator yeah Possibly not magical But It could jesus could be an alien Couldn’t he That’s how i feel but it doesn’t matter To me whether he’s alien or whether he’s Off this earth Because for me it’s about the type of Type of person and the message that’s Important It doesn’t i’m simplifying it But it’s not it wouldn’t be a problem to Me if they found out jesus was an alien Do you think it would be a problem to a Lot to religion Not so much though because the pope The um vatican’s now Uh encouraging people to you know maybe Uh aliens are not um as far-fetched as

We think That’s what the popes um That’s the latest from the vatican isn’t It Have you ever looked into The other so as somebody is religious Have you ever looked into the the other Side of it that maybe We’re all being lied to And maybe that The You know thousands and thousands of Years of people Uh Talking about demons and um Weird things that happen is actually True and Only the last 100 years of us talking About extraterrestrials and aliens Is a different time Then you’ve got to think about the Carvings on the um The ancient civilizations the wars with The us you know the ancient astronaut Theory they do look very similar don’t They they do look very convincing You me you mean Whatever they’re inside Yeah Yeah But does that mean it’s technology In what sense As in Uh

You know A technology with uh you know nuts and Bolts Whatever they use Uh to get To here Is does that I find it i don’t think that’s i don’t Think it’s technology i just think it’s Um it’s a different realm isn’t it it’s Energy it’s a realm that we’re not part Of and i think we get we get glimpses of It every now and again And i think that’s the that’s the Experiences that we We term as paranormal So you think the dimensional yeah Definitely Yeah And i think these glimpses into the Other realms if it happened thousands of Years ago I mean obviously they happened thousands Of years ago we’ve been on the planet That long Why aren’t they getting glimpses in Steve realms i mean it’s ongoing isn’t It and these writings and the scribes The old scholars maybe they’re just Scribing those experiences like the one I had like the glitch you do you just Don’t know you just don’t know but i Think it’s dimensional Yeah

Definitely i i I feel it can be how else would you Prove esp i still travel if it’s not Dimensional i i don’t go Uh i don’t build a machine to astral Travel i just go My kids Sorry No no no you Your kids my kids When my you know every mother worries When their teenagers are out but i’d Normally be able to pitch them quite um Nobody’s gonna believe me i really don’t Care But i could get i could get to the point Where i could see briefly what they were Doing or where they were it wasn’t a Feeling i could see it So i’ve always been able to place myself Somewhere else I’d love to do that you know just take My whole take myself i’ll tell you what I did as an experiment Do you know what i told you about the Lady in the ce5 who didn’t want me on The team And i know why she didn’t want me on the Team Because she wanted us all to meditate And everything else But i told what i sometimes do and it Sounds really childish and really simple

Just try it It was last year and i don’t know why i Did it I’ve done this once before it’s not i Don’t sit there going no i’m going to Ask your travel it’s Nice one rich oh he’s brilliant And um I was walking to morrison’s last year Because i walk everywhere and i that’s The supermarket for anybody in states Yeah So uh Don’t i i’m embarrassed to say this but I said it and i did it So it and it’s a long one i said jen you Go ahead To myself right or rosanna you go i Don’t care I said you go ahead So i thought why did i just say that so I thought right i’ve just said you go Ahead right so what am i trying to do All right so when i really get there Even though i’ve sent myself a head I will try to envision now while i’m Walking who’s going to be in morrison’s When i get through that door or what Will i see So i i saw the fish counter ahead of me I saw the usual stuff and which one it Was but to the left of the door i saw Somebody in uniform But like had yellow flowers and i

Thought that’s odd so when i go through The door i’ll look to see if there’s Somebody there in a uniform but with Flowers on it didn’t make sense And the other little bits and lo and Behold when i walked through the door When i finally got there There was the uh is it the marie rose With the yellow Thing that they said the cadets sell it Was them selling those so i saw it as i Was walking up so Try it I’ve tried I’ve tried i’ve tried to kind of like Just get myself in that zone I just can’t seem to do it You know maybe i i think it’s only Certain people that can use that part of The brain Do you reckon i think you’ve just got to Believe in yourself olly you don’t think You don’t think you feel So you don’t think about it you feel it I’ve seen things you know um But i’ve never tried so That i think maybe as a kid i did it i Don’t know but i do remember I used to watch tv What my mom and dad was watching i think I’ve watched i think i watched Uh aliens As a kid When i was in my bed if that makes sense

Yeah So I can remember kind of like and i’d Always Go back up the stairs in sl It was always slow motion i remember Once Twice maybe three times i it Was probably loads of times i remember Going downstairs Was this why you were awake No in bed Okay It was like a dream but i was i in the Dream i’m watching what my mom and dad Are watching i’m telling you let’s see What you’re saying yeah yeah Wow with the but maybe that’s because I’d Seen What because these were on vhs tapes and Some sometimes i used to like when my Mum would go into the kitchen she’d like Do loads of cooking or she’d go out in The garden do gardening and maybe i’d Just like put the vhs i can remember Watching american whales in london when I was Eight years old and I was terrified My mum walked in when i was watching it Was halfway through watching it And she’s like wait no you can’t watch That

And it’s really the damage had been done I’d already seen the scenes that Affected me so what you should have done When you saw yourself going down the Stairs watching your parents watching a Video did you not check with him the Next day what they were watching I can’t even remember what age it was I can remember the house and i can Remember I would and there was some there was Like i had a lot of dreams about Being Chased by something but i never knew What it was and it was always i was Moving back up to my bedroom in slow Motion and there was one time i know It’s your interview but you asked the Question yeah There was one time there was one time When i woke up and i think i was paulie With a fever at the time i i woke up and I remember getting out of my bed And there was little tiny um red dots Everywhere All over my room everywhere like Literally little tiny red dots And one of them Hit me in the eye And That’s so it was real that’s the last Thing i remember and I don’t know if it was real or not i Don’t know

I was very ill i think i had a fever Yeah yeah Wow I think i was about nine years old or Ten and i had a Bad feedback and still i can remember That it was weird it was very strange Um But I think I don’t think everybody can do what you Can do you know Take the self out the body yet i think Can you be trained to do that maybe I don’t think you can just Like Gain that ability Just like i think i think you’ve got to I think i think people certain people Have a gift It’s like it’s like my mate david that Comes on the channel i’ve i think he’s Got um i call it the shining he calls it The he calls it the flashlight Flashlight from From stare of echoes because right he Sees things A def and We i have conversations with him um And uh i think i do think There is a lot of people on this earth That do have a gift that have some sort Of ability and You know because we’re not all the same

But we’re all definitely not very very Strange creatures very spiritual Creatures precisely Five stroke wonder again with the three Dollar super chat and it oh i know what It is it’s um I can’t tell if it’s a if it’s a If it’s a pigeon Or if it’s it’s half pitching and half What are those things that are really Good for you that really fatten in The vegetable With a big giant stone in the middle Avocado avocado He just said it says fist Oh fist bump fist bump fist bump yes Fist bumping me thank you my friend Yeah i I honestly think That people like yourself Have some sort of Thing You know a thing Yeah you must have you you’ve Experienced it though early i know you Have right so I’ve experienced lots of things but i Won’t speak about them on here because i Run a show and i’d be very biased to do That But you’ve you’ve met people who you get When you get a really bad vibe from Um but i mean i yeah I remember meeting someone who was an

Ex-partner Many years ago And when i met him it was like i’d have Been hit by a train But i didn’t listen to that feeling and It wasn’t it wasn’t a good experience i Can tell you so i know now i’ve ever Have that feeling again to run a mile Yeah so that’s that you know that’s your Instinct That’s not that’s your instinct Do You so you’ve got um You’ve got you’ve got um have you got Daughters A daughter and a son Do they have anything I’d ask She’s psychic but she’s more she’s not As open to it as i am Um They both yeah but they don’t My daughter had to say my they both Believe in it because they both it Freaks them both out well it used to When they were children because they Said they could never get away with Doing anything because i always seem to Know what was going on So So yeah um no no My daughter is more afraid of it than i Am So

So she’s well she’s a is that the is This the same daughter that saw your Reaction when she was yeah eight eight Eight nine years old yeah and she had a Lot of bad experiences in that house Uh where we had the poltergeists It seems to be focused around her a lot Of the time because she’d have to be you Know those awful experiences at night Where she thought there was an old man Leaning over and a bed would shake it Was awful for her Yeah I had i had a guest on um That lived in a um a large um I think we called caravans but it was a Big trailer Uh he grew up in that and his family um It was it was only the females as well That this This thing Um Kind of latched onto Yeah it seems to be the way Teenagers they seem to be attracted by Teenagers Yeah It’s i mean it’s I wouldn’t recommend that experience to Anyone have you um was it you ollie that Recommended jeff young Jeff young yeah hey Yeah Great if you’re a great guy i’m gonna

Get him back back on it’s been a while Since he’s been on i still speak to him Quite oh do you i’ve just saw his latest One that was came out Um if anybody’s interested in the Paranormal and ghost i think he produces Amazing evidence yeah go check out ghost Tech paranormal with jeff young he’s he Is incredible and you know there’s a lot Of episodes on they this is i mean i I speak to you to him quite on a regular Basis and it’s like why don’t you Monetize your videos he’s like well Because i’m not interested in that i Says but jeff he has because he works Full-time he works long hours he doesn’t He works for long hours yeah And uh he Is sometimes i ask him to come on and he Can’t come on because he’s working the Next morning at five in the morning Right okay so jeff for the amount of Views you get why don’t you monetize Your channel yeah or do a patreon or Something like that he’s like because it Is because that will um That’ll taint it you know I don’t think he would i don’t think he Would i think he needs to do it his Evidence is strong His evidence is strong but i get what He’s saying because If he monetized it and he and he Profited from those videos people would

Be more likely to say maybe That he’s faking it he’s worried because There’s like yeah I forgot the names of the his Competition but the ghost uh what they Called the other ghost hunter ghost Hunters Yeah he doesn’t want to be In association with that That’s his but i mean he he he um he did A rendulcham forest um that was amazing That was really that was That was interesting wasn’t it because They see all the helicopters came there Didn’t they yeah they did well he was There yeah i’m gonna get Him and the team are gonna come on and We’re going to speak about that That experience that was i think people Need to see that reynoldshim one we need To promote that video it was interesting A few eyes on that yeah he was a good Good good He said it was scary There is people there is good people in This paranormal Field and i think And me you spoke about because you’ve Seen osvaldo franco on the channel I i’ve asked osvaldo frank i’ve given Oswaldo the full name of the person that We’re trying to okay yeah you’re trying To track down yeah and uh

You know He may do it but he We’ve had you might have seen it we’ve Had many uh Not arguments i i i love the guy to Pieces but He he can’t mix the paranormal with Ufology no and i i think That needs to happen i think that That needs that subject it gels quite Well And i think If there are these little green bastards Up there they know very well what is Going on when it comes to the paranormal Because they’ll be quiet And If this paranormal here on our planet if They are If they are on a planet Okay They’d be paranormal on that planet you Know they they’ll be little alien ghosts Yeah And this is why i struggle With the whole religious Aspect When it’s mixed in with Ufos If somebody was to ask me now if i had To choose one side Or the other I would probably lose a lot of Subscribers from the chat the the side

That i choose really Yes Okay to what i think it is Right So you’re not brave enough to say Well i think i just said it Okay But i i think I i think that the people like stephen Greer The luau lou alexanders you know the Ttsas I don’t think the touching on what this Subject is I think they They’re getting lost In The dollar they agree I think i think that i think they’re Getting lost I i mean Lou says he’s not making any money off It i don’t know if he is or not I think thank you look at the thing you Did with uh linda martin how it was rich Says was it linda howdy doody That’s funny That’s pretty Rich as the hots for her i know I know I know but yeah but they all went on That seminar together didn’t they so That would cost a pretty fortune as well To get onto that virtual platform

Do you remember it a few a few months Ago I didn’t watch it No you had to sign up for it it was a Virtual platform Louise alizondo um Stephen gray wasn’t there uh linda Motorhome the whole shebang all of them Were there and they were giving lectures But they were online lectures but you Were in a some kind of camp effort or Something but you were there virtually And they were charging extra Uh rich did it on his show A lot of money to attend these seminars Online And they weren’t even live And this is what destroys the subject When it comes to these Exclusive sessions that only the rich And this this is i think this was your Initial email to a message To me uh That why are we excluding You know The vast majority of the public Population And i told you the answer that because Aliens only visit rich people precisely Precisely And then you know you can’t You can’t spread this message of Hope and love and spiritual awakening And um and then well if you’ve not got

It give me a few thousand dollars and I’ll teach you how to get it that’s just Not how it works that make to me that Makes me think that you’re there’s Nothing spiritual about you whatsoever And you’ll be someone you should Mistrust That’s how i feel So Since you um When did you what year when did you Start working for um Stephen greer uh what that would have Been At the end of ninth when i last Stopped hearing from will so that would Have been in 2019 Did you did you just have the work Stopped or did you just kind of like Would it i suppose with the research you Would you could have carried on working On because i was still working on those Um articles that he’d asked me to um Research and send send over Um but like i said he just I was no longer able to contact him so I i what was the point in doing anything Because i had nowhere to send the Research after that So So you send quite a few emails of Research to to will and everything For anybody it’s late the show so um Rosanna did some work for um

Stephen griot who was employed but you Were employed by will as a pro bono job Um to do research and you were trying to Tr you you were tracking down a um Are we tracking down the uk again Sorry professor sykes Yes professor sykes Um What i want to know is From your back and forth emails with Will Did it all of a sudden stop or did it Did did you there was a less stuff going Back and forth and how long No it was it was it was it was unchanged Constant yeah And then just nothing You said you developed a friendship as Well yeah we had I mean i clearly knew he was unwell And This is why i didn’t want to mention his Surname because some of the things He said in the emails concern me Um And they did concern me and i worried About him Um because he was in i mean he was clear That he was in a lot of pain So so when he’d stopped i thought well Is he what’s he done is it is he has he Died or has he done something silly or Does that make sense so literally the Emails stopped yes suddenly

Yeah nothing And then so so you then you reached out To uh emily grier yeah Well i reached out to the great team as A whole Um and nothing just just disregarded my Inquiries there don’t worry but dr Gray’s fine i’ll find that email for you And forward it to you You’ve followed you followed me one from Emily emily yeah i forwarded that one And emily was just as uh what was she Was just as um Uninterested wasn’t she So do you think they that they well i Would have thought if If all of a sudden it’s stopped by that They must know Yes because in emily’s last email it Clearly says that stephen gray and will We spoke to each other you know and they Disagreed on some things and agreed on Others Um so it gives to me that they you know She didn’t just he just didn’t just talk To emily He spoke to stephen greer as well and Don’t forget he was an eminent lawyer He’s not He’s not some You know he’s he he’s going to come on Some respect from these people Why did he Work pro bono for

Stephen as well i can’t answer that one Or i have no idea Maybe Himself was he interested in the subject Like you were very interested in the Subjects He would ask it’s funny he didn’t give Much away about his own paranormal Experiences but he liked to hear mine So he’d ask me questions about my Experiences He he appeared to be very interested in All of the subjects ufos paranormal Ghosts it’s much the same as that we’re Speaking about now he would that’s where His questions were I got you know related to But are super nice guys super nice man I’m going to pop the email up again but So it will if you are watching this Um Email me um So i can forward your details on To rosanna Um Because she’s worried even if it’s just To say i’m all right and yeah You know um It So i mean Some people do go off the radar some People just Kind of have enough of Humans

Um I’ve done that before For for a month for two yeah but how Long how long’s this been It’s a year now Over a year now Yeah so Yeah well over a year I emailed him last year And um Nothing that was the last time i emailed Him i mean i put it in black capitals Well you know please please if you’re Okay just let me know i don’t want you Don’t need to react to me or anything Just let me just respond and let me know You’re okay That was it I think somebody in the chat earlier i Saw something pop up like what’s the Motive here you haven’t got a motive and You’re not Accusing um No Stephen Greer of anything that’s at all you You’re just like literally you kind of a Little bit disgusted that you know They could He did a lot of work for them and it was Pro bono the least that they could do is Kind of see if he’s okay See if the guy’s okay get back to you i I get it i get it precisely that’s all

It is No no other um No other motive Yeah it’s um I There needs to be more of that in the World a bit more humanity especially you Know it it would go a long way as well You know with the people that are up A bit bigger than us you know yeah Well steven’s a big guy He is Yeah but you know the people that They’re up there you know they’ve got They’ve got a voice It would go a long way to show a little Bit of Humanity it was And humility Yeah Definitely Do You mentioned um You know with with the subject that You’ve you’ve been you’ve be you’ve been A subscriber for for a quite long time Of of myself so Do you What do you look for when you when You’re You’re looking at this subject what are You trying to gain For yourself I’m not trying to gain anything from

No i don’t say that i would that wrong i Mean i don’t mean gain for yourself from It from it yeah what when you when You’re researching this subject for you What are you trying to get out of it What just When we’re doing this type of subject And interviewing people What is it we need to do for people like Yourself that are Seems frustrated with the subject at Times because You know what can we do There’s no i don’t think you should do Anything different i think you’d because Like i said um You just you just want to hear people Because it’s not Asking me i do everything perfect i want About everybody else Um i i mean The shows i follow are the ones that um I think everyone’s doing a great job Everyone’s trying to get the message out Everybody nobody’s um I think that people like goof and i Particularly like Third phase i particularly like yourself And those are the three main ones and Then the paranormal ones i will watch Jeff young Um I’ve used to watch ghost adventures i Don’t you watch those anymore it’s gone

Too Theatrical too zany Yeah Yeah So nothing i’m just interested in it and You only want you only get involved in Something that you’re interested in Don’t you you know You’re not going to watch something that Bores you stiff if you’re not even if You’re not interested it’s going to be Boring Do you see many lights in the sky Actually i mean i’m talking without Actually Astral projection you don’t see any ufos No No no Um That’s disappointing I yeah i’m joking Um i’ve had Experiences where i can’t sell i mean It’s obviously a dream like rich Giordano was saying He has very vivid dreams of ufos and He’s convinced he does not convince that They’re absolutely i’ve had those sorts Of things but not Nothing whilst i’ve been awake But i’m sure their dreams You see so you’ve never very vivid so You never see them you never see them While you’re awake but you see ufos in

Your dreams it’s interesting yeah Yeah Wait you mentioned i i think it was i Don’t know if you spoke about it During this interview or bef i think it Was before You said don’t worry i’m not Yeah What do you make of what do you make of Her You think he’s just all gonna wither Away She just seems crazy don’t she I don’t know i mean wouldn’t it be great If she was telling the truth and that Did exist but i just don’t get it i just Do not get why that woman has sat Herself there opens the world made these Crazy Crazy claims But there has to be a plan why would she Do that And i don’t just think it’s the money That she was she’s going to write about There’s something’s not right about the Whole thing Do you think it’s it’s something a bit Up high This is like a diversional I just do not know i’ve never seen Anything like it ever Actually is she’s unique don’t you think She’s not that you know and she’s unique To come out to the public to say that

She’s she’s I mean you know you’ve got your david Wilcox and you you and corey uh good and All of that Uh They’re a bit crazy but well speaking of Wilcock he a very young wilcock was in The documentary that you was researching For he was in he was in that documentary Yeah yeah i didn’t realize that until i Watched it again tonight Um but yeah she’s I i i said i i i said to you i’d i’ve Emailed her I’ve invited her on the show She probably won’t want to come on I i wouldn’t blame her but you know I think if you if you’ve got nothing to Hide you would go on every You just go on them you know you just go You know what you’ll you’ll you’ll You’ll see You’ll see You’ll see when i’m when i’m shaking Hands with the purple alien Oh she got family i wonder I think yeah i think she’s yeah she’s Got um she’s got family right I just don’t understand why she’s done It He’s odd It’s it’s really odd it’s like And for me after everything that’s Happened um

When it Well everything that’s happened over the Last few years but everything that’s Happened With ufology During the over the last couple of years Three years four years five years Whatever it’s all been building up and Then but there’s been there was a you Know there was a big ramp up when it Came to the actual uh The uh the piece that was going to come Out the documents that were going to Come out and then And then we’ve got the angeli You know I’ve just had a thought though Right stephen gru is um you know you’ve Got your louis alexander and the Government it’s a threat it’s a threat Stephen griez warning that they’re going To have a false Flag invasion isn’t he Now if that happens That would fall right into angeli’s Story wouldn’t it Because she’s claiming because these People are believing if there’s a false Flag invasion from the government saying There’s aliens here And they are a threat and they’re coming And then you’ve got angeli saying oh Well i’ve already met them they’re in People would believe her and the

Government is she just there as a Preempt Does that make sense yeah no it does it Does i i just I mean i said to my wife and i said i Said this to my wife i think a year ago I said listen If we ever because i i think i got i got A little bit tipsy And i was a little a little bit Emotional and i said listen babe If if you ever turn the tv on are you Looking outside and there’s big lights In the sky and then there’s loads of News articles saying that the aliens are Shooting people yeah Please take it with a pinch of salt Absolutely yeah definitely Don’t believe it Yes the lying to you Precise but Gears predicted that though hasn’t it For years he’s been right on that one But this is the thing though All the alien people When actual when aliens are on Television the alien people the people On the alien channels the good alien Channels you know the goofons the alien Addicts The the third phase of moon now they’ve Changed their ways Um They won’t believe it

No they won’t believe it They will not believe it they would they Will look at it and they’ll go This is horseshit Yeah Precisely Precisely But hey you i would never believe that Aliens would be hostile Not in that way i believe they would be Hostile But not in that way if they wanted to if They wanted to take us out they’d just Do it Many many many many you wouldn’t even Know we wouldn’t even know about yeah No it would be they would just probably Just Send some sort of Um I don’t say the word they said something That would give us the sniffles and we’d All just die Absolutely i know Yeah So It’s it’s interesting definitely Interesting But I don’t think any of that’s going on i Think it’s something completely Different and uh I i totally agreed with with stephen When he put his

His um His video out a few months ago say about Uh it not being a threat and we should Be stopped that was good i thought that Was quite nice and yeah definitely A good message very positive Yeah I just don’t know if i trust the guy You know this is what i said I like the message And i believe it but why do we believe It because we he’s not been in concept With aliens but he says he has but That’s that’s the bit i’m i’m a bit Dodgy with Do you know what i mean yeah so you Don’t think Um I don’t know if i’ve got it on here you You don’t think any of this Is You know that i once went to um A spiritualist church many years ago There’s a type of paranormal photography That you can do And you can take a picture i’ve heard of This yes the spiritualist church has Used it it looks just like that I think honestly i don’t know what that Blob looks like i don’t mean it i don’t Mean that figure in the middle i mean You get those save the best one Yes the best one yeah That that plant life

Life form is the best one I have no idea and i like i like the Angel looking one Yeah what that one I think it’s on my left i don’t know if It’s on your right what is it I have no idea where it is it it looks Like Some sort of sexually transmitted Disease It looks like somebody’s put the camera Down their underpants that’s got some Sort of Something something wrong with them You know I have no idea what that but that Photograph that type of um That type of image can be created they Do it in spiritual churches i’ve seen it You can take a picture and you’ll see a Person’s head then with perfect features And everything So yeah You’d have to be there though i mean and They must be using uh polaroid cameras Mustn’t they and flipping them back Instantly so Yeah It’s always like a little oh We found this little if you zoom in here There is this alien And it’s in the background observing or There’s this triangle in the sky But when we went to the next frame

It moved You know Yeah It’s always that but there’s never Nothing like not a constituent no when It but i have to say and and again to go Back for the project that you was Working on for stephen greer I did find That that This very intriguing and and the fact That gary nolan went to ttsa and only When he went to ttsa Did it get debunked as a fetus The thing is so they found them all over The show haven’t they found them in Russia Brazil They have but not like that Yeah not well not like that Well not as um as intact and Kind of Alien looking as that one but i mean it Does I mean i have no idea what a skeleton of Well i i have because i have actually Done i i did it when i did a video about This i looked at skeleton fetuses and Yeah I i just can’t imagine all the bones and Everything i i can’t see a situation Where this thing would dry up like that And be like i mean i know they Reconstructed their heads when they were

Alive didn’t they Hundreds and hundreds of years ago and That’s not unusual to have a skull with That deformity on that skull through Binding and so forth yeah but not for a Fetus Well you wouldn’t bind a feet a child Like that no Absolutely no You know a child The bones are soft yeah it was crazy So i don’t know And That small you know that’s it was tiny It was Yeah But um I would i would like to speak to gary Nolan he probably won’t come on a show Like this because it’s not scientific Enough it’s not scientific at all But i’d like to speak to him and just Say what What actually went down you know because All of a sudden You’re intrigued by this thing but then Something happens and you go and work For ttsa Yeah and then that is only then when you Tell us that this thing Is an alien and it is just a deformed Fetus with 64 mutations that’s it yeah Wow

Yep So So i think there’s some there was there Was something interesting a lot of People i mean osvaldo franco he’s in the Credits of that film and he was Disappointed Really He was part of the um Crowdfunding wasn’t he was he yeah i Think he put quite a bit of money in it As well But He doesn’t like dr gruyere does he No he hates him Yeah but he yeah he said that dr cree Was nasty to him at some point um So I said it was cold Yeah very cold Um I don’t know stephen if you’re watching This you know We need to see a bit bit of humanity From you We do And can you can you Can you please look into Um the whereabouts of will And get back to rosanna she has thank You Um Or or email me Um

If you email me i will ask you to come On the show Of course It’s in my nature Yeah The subject of ufology and Religion Is something that has interested me for A long While now um probably for half of my Um i’m going to say my life half of my What do you call it that with youtube Half of since i’ve been up Behalf of it Yeah When i started out it was all look at Nasa footage all looking at ufos I’ll be honest with you Traipsing the internet for ufos now Bores me Because you don’t see anything new do You Looking for a good Story A good experience Personal Experiences that people have with The paranormal Ufos Whatever that’s what spikes my interest And i i think That some of these big people they need To you know They need to start looking into it

Because we think we’re forgetting about Thousands and thousands and thousands of Years of people re Talking about this This the subject of paranormal Precisely and now it’s being monetized Yeah But if you want to see if anybody wants To see uh good Shadow people and evidence of them like I said before jeff young You need to watch his channel And that’s perfect that’s brilliant Honestly Well third phase have just popped into The yeah this chat and that they’ve got Greer on Um their new documentary um Third phase uh maybe you could ask um Yeah steve stephen to get back to um Rose gamma who has emailed them about uh Will’s whereabouts um and his health and If he’s okay Um Probably don’t have a clue what i’m Talking about because i think they just Popped in um But um thanks ally No no you’re very welcome i want to Thank you for coming on the show you’re Very welcome very much come on again It’d be nice to get you on with the Paranormal panel Uh yes i think your story seems to be

More Your personal story forget you were Doing a ps4 Uh your personal story is very uh you Know it’s interesting You You your life I The the messages back and forth with you I get um I get a feeling for people that have had These experiences and they get It’s a good thing where and You tonight very nervous you told me You’re very nervous yeah You’re very nervous for a reason because You said your story’s so So bizarre and you scared that people Won’t believe What Well i’ll tell you now they’re on the Wrong channel Yeah they’re on the wrong channel if They don’t want to hear these stories Because these stories will come from Human beings how strange Strange Situations happen in their life Yeah That’s true thank you ellie and there’s Millions and millions of people that Have had these strange experiences But very few people there to speak about

Them But we need a forum We do need a forum I i am gonna do i keep saying it Somebody’s gonna kill me for this Um But i do have a patreon page people And at some point i am going to get a Discord for the Like a Chat thing going on okay um And uh the I would like to get people in the chat Maybe not just for patrons just just People that i trust Yeah i promised the patreons i’d do it Get the discard going where i get people To discuss their Their paranormal experiences and talk Show subjects on an open platform Um It’s just it’s just um I can’t manage it you know i can’t Manage a patreon page in the youtube Channel i’m good at the same time so i Have to have people to ah i like mods to Do it for me and what have you got some Great mods great mods on the on the chat Great good but thank you so much for Coming on you’re welcome i’m going to Drop you down below okay i’ll speak to You after the show for it for a few Minutes if you don’t mind before good to Go okay no problem thank you

And for Last but not least For anybody Uh who Is watching the show now that might know Who rosanna is uh who doesn’t want to Reveal a real name and we don’t i Will If you’re watching this Um Email me just so i can follow your Details on to rosanna even if you just Say you’re okay Okay thank you ollie thank you my friend Take care You’re very welcome i will take care you Take it i’ll speak to you in a minute Okay all right Ladies and gents thank you so much uh For everybody in the chat tonight great People Um I’ve had a good time I’ve got i’ve got a little bit of a rasp Here something’s going on my throat I think it’s I might be allergic to that beer i don’t Know But um I want you to get the word out the alien Addict Needs more people with more experiences My email address is alienated uk Gmail.com because somebody was very

Selfish and took alien addicts Um So Email me if you’ve had an experience i Don’t want you to email me I’ve seen the ufo and send me a die in The sky i’m not interested in that I quite to be to be quite frank i get Quite a few of those And as much as Some of them are interesting I’m somebody who likes to speak to the People and they want to know your Experiences whether it’s paranormal Whether it’s ghosts ghost paranormal Ghosts Similar thing I think it’s the same thing Ufos if you’ve been abducted if they’ve Shoved things up your bottom whatever They’ve done to you i want to know it But in the meantime people Go check out my new t-shirt design Boom Yes That is 115 i could that’s that’s written on the Back by the way people That’s the front The front of the t-shirt is the element Itself it’s um what’s the word i’m Looking for i’ve forgotten the word Again i’ve forgotten the word It’s a atomic structure of element 115

With 115 i can fly The link is in the chat i’m quite Pleased with that it’s been a long time Since i’ve had a new design that is the New design 115 i can fly good night god Bless people mind the bugs don’t bite Hit that thumb up and If you haven’t already hit the little Bell in the corner just go hit it you Know give it a little tickle Good night love you all Very much On the channel