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Good evening folks and welcome to alien Updates on this fine luxurious evening Well it it would be luxurious but it’s It’s it’s weird times within right now i Can’t even feel my car up I did fuel it up that’s a lie but anyway This show Um i just wanted to like paint lee and Rich if i’m honest Um I i took so much pleasure doing that to To to rich Um but yeah this show i i i don’t know Where it’s going to go But i do think it’s odd times we’re Living and there’s I smell something you know because i Smell A dirty smell Coming from the world And without me rambling on about Oh let’s get let’s get some experts on Some experts in in in the world Lee marciardio welcome to the show We’re doomed We are doomed we’re doing yeah dude yeah Let’s go i’ve got something may i just a Second I’m good i’m good David Welcome to the show david It’s been a long time it’s been a long Time when was my first interview with You is it about

A year ago a year and a bit Longer all right you know i’ve been Hitting the head a lot of time It’s not something i keep up with But for anybody who doesn’t know who David is i’ve interviewed you now Three times four times you’ve been on With you you came on Once Uh and then it didn’t record Well every time we spoke about anything Paranormal uh in your past Uh the It just stopped working and it was the Oddest thing to look back at i showed my Wife the video she was freaked out just Watching it and said don’t show me that Again um And then i managed to interview you uh Where we actually managed to speak a Little bit about the The exorcism and A few things that happened in your life And we’ve we you also came on i believe You came did you come up with john you Came on with john And i interviewed you off i need to view Your friend from the navy also Um yeah from the annapolis academy yeah From yeah from the naval academy But i’m glad it’s been a while i’m glad You’re back on the show Um and we’re here to talk about the uh The strangeness in the world without

Talking about anything that ends with a One and nine um but we are going to talk About The strangeness that is in this has gone On for a long time now and i think Being an alien channel um It always gets brought up people always Speak about these people that are in Control these people that are in power Them isn’t it It’s them They’re doing it them they yeah There’s all there’s always a Like an overarching control mechanism to Everything that’s in the background that We we can’t see regardless of what Conspiracy theory is or Bad government decision There’s a them to be evade them to be Blamed But i mean have they been around foreign Sorry what did you say i said the Ambiguous dark hand that we we know is There but nobody can see and you sound Crazy if you talk about it yeah yeah i I don’t think it’s like a them that’s Always been there i think it’s just Another puppet with something else’s Hand up its ass like all the pictures Behind league like I think we briefly spoke about that and You wanted us to save it but the Question is like so you got celebrities That constantly close off one eye or

Whatever and that’s that’s heavy and Occult uh symbolism and whatnot But the thing is are they doing it like Is this something oh i’m in this or is It Just the art director making them do it Because the fact is if you’ve ever met Any celebrities and unfortunately i have Uh there’s just vapid i mean they’re They’re products they’re you know a Snickers bar with no moral Compass their guiding and very few of Them can read about the third grade Education that i’ve encountered you know My sample size isn’t huge but You know So I mean i say that i i really only read About a fourth grade level so i’m not Much better But uh Yeah it what why is that why is there Like a synchronicity to it why I don’t know that like so when you talk About like evil like overhand i i think That’s kind of what we’re tap dancing Around if you talk the big bad evil Um in my humble opinion very powerful People believe in it It doesn’t matter like You know like the guy who is an auto Mechanic or a doctor what is ah it’s Nonsense they go on the fact is people Who run countries and leave that [ __ ]

They’re way into it they’re way into all Of it 100 they believe it they are part Of it Um So you should probably take notice You can be as atheist as you want but Like if if Just because Jim is an is an atheist doesn’t mean That those 500 people that live down the Road from aren’t going to go to church Every single sunday because they believe In what they’re doing yeah it’s You you don’t have to believe you don’t Have to have to believe in something for It to be real or For it to have sort of real world Consequences Yeah i mean if you think about it look You got you know The douchebag that is jeffrey epstein a Guy had a private island with an Egyptian temple mock egyptian temple Built on it with celebrities and famous People went there and He’s a known pedophile who did god knows What with what kids and You know all these people that were Involved and you get to it and you get Like maria abramovic who’s a big friend Of his and uh Travels in those same circles and she’s A heavy occultist like they’re all pals So either they’re all full of [ __ ]

That’s some weird game they like to take Time and play and these are billionaires And millionaires and powerful people and If you’ve ever had any dealings with Them they don’t typically waste time on Too much nonsense Um Yeah they they’re into it why What you said there david about the the Director you know the person who’s who’s Doing the the directing when he comes to The photography or what have you uh Do you think um that some of these Celebrities uh and just playing up to The camera I don’t think they have a clue i i think They’re just told what to do and they Perform they’re they’re a [ __ ] monkey Man uh Through some of the things that i’ve met Uh like So i i mean for those who don’t know i i Hide my face because i’m a normal guy With a normal life for the most part i Think And This isn’t something i necessarily want To attach to me it It would negatively affect my life it Would negatively affect my wife’s toy Field affect our businesses our careers Our paths um We travel in certain circles where Instantly enough people talk about this

Kind of [ __ ] all the time but if it was Publicly known Uh we would be a pariah and cast aside Or made fun of him we cannot have that Um I won’t have that but uh At the same time The obligation i feel is difficult to Explain But uh The ones that i’ve met celebrities i’ve Met through the course of that They’re just idiots man like they’re Pretty they’re really good at doing what They’re talking think about how many Actors are actually good actors Versus hey they have a really nice Six-pack they’re willing to die and do Exactly what we tell them Every step of the way You know what i mean Is britney spears a great singer or is She an excellent product Yeah i mean i even even people that do Happen to be good at things uh You know if you let’s say you get Someone that’s a really good musician or A really really good actor they’ve ended Up doing that because they’ve Essentially sacrificed every other part Of the growing of their like personality By focusing on being good at this one Thing so i i think you often find that With people that are just genuinely good

At things there isn’t there isn’t a lot All else About them I i wouldn’t disagree with that yeah You know uh athletes and stuff that i’ve Met Um Yeah i mean you gotta think you know Some of these Guys that are talented at least uh five I’ve met more fighters than anything Else uh when you meet these guys you Know they’re they’re dedicate 10 hour Work day seven days a week Like that’s their life that’s what they Live it’s what they breathe it’s what They try and achieve excellent and and Maybe they get there maybe they don’t But You’re not wrong it doesn’t leave much For anything else Um That’s i don’t know not necessarily a Bad thing but like like we said before I think most of them are just vapid i Don’t think they’re active participants I think they’re just They’re just trying to play a game it’s You know why does the you know pretty Girl or pretty guy Blow harvey weinstein because they want To be in a movie It’s tit for tat they know what’s up It’s like one harvey and his art

Directors hey Put a hand over your eye in this picture Whatever you say rv i mean that’s that’s Their jump to line whatev whatever it Takes i’ll do whatever it takes You know Yeah I feel there’s levels to it with Celebrities um You know you can You can probably have a good think of i Don’t know maybe Your rocks or your um Uh Lady gaga’s and stuff like that there’s There’s certain ones that seem Just More important than the others And i i feel that there’s a certain Amount of them that are that are let Into whatever secret club this is and Then the secret club is the dangling Carrot for The rest of them Oh yeah i think there’s a certain amount Of gatekeeping and i mean anything in Any Any closed off organization like if you Get a security clearance um they’ll tell You well you know now that you’re top Secret or blah blah well that’s not true There’s there’s grades You know You go up you it it just depends on on

What you’re cleared for what you’re not Cleared for is it temporary i mean There’s you know there’s plenty of [ __ ] The president doesn’t get to see Uh It just is what it is Uh so in that world yeah i mean Definitely in a cult circles they they Love that they love Being able to illuminate the Illumination process is such a Powerful thing for them Why is the ramp up because that there Feels like there’s a ramp I’m just about to say that Sorry Fellas i i don’t know anything more Really than than anyone else No no but yeah But we can we can all work it out But there’s the um But it does it just it feels like uh It feels like things have gone into like [ __ ] warp speed Now all of a sudden it it it does It does um I so it’s funny you say that so very few People know this side of me and some of The ones who do Uh have been like one guy i can think of In particular he’s Or was anyway uh uh I wouldn’t say an atheist but a Hard skeptic maybe

Uh very intelligent guy bright guy And he had come to me and he’s like man I’ve been doing the math he’s something Else is he said the level of Coordination you speak globally is Beyond human capacity It it just is like i I have a so i have friends that Do very smart guys [ __ ] uh far smarter Than i i will ever be i mean truly Big brain you know ivy league one Percent Brilliant just [ __ ] people who make More money in a month than some people Will see in 10 years and i truly 100 accurate Uh And they’ve looked at it as well and Like this is a discussion we’ve had and The discussion is This is well beyond anyone’s capability If you took A couple of the smartest guys i’ve ever Met in my [ __ ] life i know i mean That’s one of these guys he got his md At 18. he has a uh engineering degree And nuclear uh Uh sciences Uh he like a phd like he’s [ __ ] Brilliant another gentleman i know Truly a genius Uh if you put these two guys together And you gave them Six months

To hey i want What’s going on In uh certain Island nations or whatever around the World i i want you to figure out to Implement a totalitarian regime or Execute blah blah blah they couldn’t Come up with the steps that have been Executed so flawlessly so my friends I i think well so i had an idea that it Was uh Ai Uh ai had been created and it realized The best way to control and take out the World is to ramp things up And one of the other guys who i would Love to get to come on the show and in a Few day in a few few weeks he may be Losing his job and his security Clearance so he may be willing to do That And that would be wonderful I mean not that he’s losing that but That he’d be willing to talk because He’s articulate and intelligent Uh it’s terrible he’s losing his job but Uh Or at least his contract excuse me but Uh We we got talking around like quantum Computing that’s involved in ai and how Quantum computing works and we’re not Gonna when i i’m not intelligent enough To break down the the finite

Math and and how it works but you know The principles that these things operate In different uh Realities let’s just put it that way Right like it’s bouncing the particle Back and forth and he gives you uh Infinite information and possibilities To expand like the mathematical Principle that builds the algorithm for These things for decision making Processes right just really all any Software’s decision making process one Zeros yes no Basically it’s like a chinese box if You’re familiar with that uh that’s Really all it is whereas a i supposed to Be a step beyond that and the funny Thing is these men of science came back And they’re like you know Because they know what the weird [ __ ] That i’m into and they’re like you know If demons and [ __ ] were real and it Isn’t another reality and we poke holes In that to do our quantum computing what Says a piece of that can’t seep through Into the ai how do you know what the Precision process it’s really making For who for what for why and yet you Totally trust it It’s insane Who knows what we let into the world You know the elon has been warning Against it forever Um i’ve always thought with this this

Sort of thing and to be perfectly honest It’s one of the one one of the things Which Uh when i first started getting into This sort of stuff you know you you’d Always You’d stumble across a david like Youtube video or something like that And uh The but My my thing was I i i would never buy in to buy into it Because uh The time scales always seemed so massive That i didn’t believe human beings would Do something like that because Um I just naturally as animals we fear Death and essentially We want a return on what we do Within our lifetime and Realistically within the shorter space Of time as humanly possible Selfish Yeah well kind of but it’s the way It’s it’s the way we’ve worked isn’t it You know like if i can if i can get the Uh if i can get that that house i can Live in that house and then whoever else Lives in that house after me that that’s Up to them but at least for this period Of time i’ve got somewhere to live But the more the more crazy things have Gone on is the more i’m entertaining the

Idea that there is There’s some sort of overwielding hand Which isn’t like human And i i you know if you very very well Could be ai but it also could be that Whatever They like cabal or whatever you want to Call them are doing sort of [ __ ] around With like different dimensions and Trying to channel entities It could be something it could be that You know it could be something that’s Non-human that’s Oh so that’s that’s probably i Apologize i probably didn’t i didn’t Make that clear um So the the general theory that they’re Working off of is is that We tried to make ai but it was infected With something that has already been There has always been there and the Thing that people do blood sacrifices to Talk to You know they they do mock sacrifices And spirit cooking and effigies of Children and for all we know real Children um to try and communicate i Mean the nazis were way into that in the Occult um and in all honesty if you look At like the foundation of various Government bases and like jet propulsion Laboratories and the scientists that Were involved the engineers

To all occultists Heavy occultists into crazy [ __ ] Like performing sacrifices and rituals Before they ever built their lives That’s insane That isn’t who does that You know And that you said before about people Busy people that are doing things Um If you’re Let’s say you’re in the middle of nazi Germany and you’re like balls deep into The second world war Yeah um Like What what sense Does Like enough to antarctica yeah but we’re [ __ ] off to antarctica i occult Rituals Collecting like the largest um Uh the largest library of occult books Which i think was only sort of was there Was that only discovered like maybe five Ten years ago they found it behind a Behind a false wall i think it was in Himmler’s Uh with himmler’s office or what one i Don’t know when it was but i remember Hearing yeah yeah i you don’t You don’t [ __ ] around doing this stuff If it doesn’t give you real world

Benefits Yeah and and again like So my perspective Is that I won’t even say it’s a bleak it it is To me that these things are real that Evil is real uh so i’ve recently I told ollie this uh I’ve been looking for people with some Similar stories to my own Uh that’s why i contacted ollie uh well It’s part of the reason i contacted Always david just Can just hold that far just for one Second because you contacted me After watching the video john Yeah And I what i want you to go into and what i Want to ask you because i don’t know if I ever asked you this And we speak on a personal basis You know quite often Yeah we’re friendly Do you know who i am I don’t answer this now because i want You to to kind of explain it what you Because you’ve re you’ve you’ve been out You’ve you put me on to ray hernandez Who i interviewed um you met ray uh you Met travis walton um He’s such an [ __ ] Ray ray ray’s coming back on he Remembers you as well

Yeah you remember i’m i’m i’m i’m a Giant of a person i’m kind of hard to Forget Yeah i told him about the conversation You told me about and he says yeah i Remember that guy Um but yeah rey is coming back on i’ll Tell him he called him an [ __ ] um no No no travis is an [ __ ] Oh Travis is an [ __ ] uh ray and i do not Agree Politically but i respect his approach To this field as little as i know about The uh Ufology Whatever like i i’m not really in to That i’m not i i got into that as is a Really a symptom of other things Um But uh yeah i know he’s he’s an Intelligent guy he’s an articulate guy He’s a passionate guy uh and he Understands math Which puts him a few steps up in my book Uh It just does like when you look at his Statistical modeling and and the sample Size that he’s pulling from uh he’s Approaching it the right way and no One’s talking about that Um And i get why no one’s talking about it Because you know it shoots a hole in the

The lizard man and the uh Who’s the guy who sells all that weird [ __ ] he’s building a hover car come on Oh god Uh what’s his name Yeah you know what i’m talking about Though Yeah i can’t think of his name man He Looks like that he looks like a nazi um What’s he called David Is he david I’ve just been watching loads of videos About him all week and it’s color David Avery david like it’s not building a [ __ ] car David small car Yeah [ __ ] how can we forget that last Name Um But yeah the question that i want that i Wanted to ask you and i’ve always wanted To ask you this because you you’ve You’ve delved deep In my interviews about things like Exorcisms Been a part of one Um Yeah And seen Very strange things like Shadow figures and

But what are your thoughts on there Being Aliens And don’t answer that straight away go Into what you was going to talk about But kind of explain what i was going to Say your fault Sorry mate sorry i do this No worries You you were just you was talking about When you found my channel And oh yeah yeah yeah yeah well okay so So like so i’ve been on that path still I’m trying to find someone with a unique Not unique i guess my situation is to Make similar situations excuse me uh to My own Uh not that i’m unique or special i Don’t i don’t believe that i believe It’s it’s probably like a Biological mutation and some receptor Somewhere in my brain or our nervous Function that uh Allows for maybe a different experience Uh it would make sense In some ways and in some ways it doesn’t Uh when i look at my kids my wife and The pregnancies that she’s had in the Encounters and And things and Um And it’s funny because when you had Asked me if i would be willing to come On here i’ve actually had

Some very interesting experiences as of Late uh and i was like man i feel like I’m getting warmed off something and i Have no idea what it is We got to pardon me we got to talking And i was like oh that’s that’s why um But uh no so i went looking for someone Like myself and i stumbled across a Demonology group On facebook with a very innocuous name And it’s invite only and i found that Through a gentleman He wouldn’t be comfortable with me Giving out his information but he had Invited me he is a In the hilarious thing is he’s not Catholic but he was trained by catholic Exorcists He’s Very interesting we’ve had very Excellent conversations he’s had very Similar situations he’s a former uh Aeronautical Engineer Uh he used to contract for nasa in fact He used to contract the department that My one of my current business partners Contracts through which is Small world but uh Yeah so he got me an invite and I found other people and the kicker is a Lot of them are just professional they Want to stay low Uh they

It’s very interesting It’s it’s There’s so there’s a lot of people There’s a lot of people that are Professionals that just keep this [ __ ] To themselves they don’t talk about they Have experiences they roll through life And they learn very early on this is Just [ __ ] you don’t say out loud to People because they’ll put you in a Mental hospital You know Hell maybe we all are crazy i mean i Don’t Do you think what do you think it is From I mean i i know you probably I i think you you’re about A few years younger than i am by the Sounds of you Um but What she farts when it comes to this Subject Because you’ve been searching for such a Long time I uh Oh what the the aliens the aliens topic Is You’ve gone out you’ve met the people Um Oh i think most of them are nuts or Selling [ __ ] or they’re [ __ ] full of It or they’re passionate about their Religion of

Basically pseudoscience and they’re you Know [ __ ] moving forward on hopes and Fantasies and and they’re They’re they’re playing at life like It’s like a weird cosplay Like i’m gonna be a expert in [ __ ] nobody can be an expert in because We don’t know nobody nobody [ __ ] Knows it’s like well i’m an expert in The 28 species from red like ah shut the [ __ ] up like you You don’t know You don’t know like i’ve seen lights in The sky but i also live near a [ __ ] Military base in a national lab and Multiple research centers and nuclear Like It could be drones for all i know you Know it’s interesting and yeah they’re Stationary sure they move in weird Patterns but wouldn’t a high altitude Drone doing surveillance for another Country or some weird [ __ ] that they’re Testing sure Uh does something out there exist well If i take for face value that the Universe is the universe and reality is What it’s been dictated to be then sure But The more i look into things i don’t Think reality is What they think it is i i don’t believe That i don’t think the military believes That smart men who are paid by the

Government to research [ __ ] that i’ve Had the privilege of talking to They do not believe that Um Yeah And i don’t know man there’s every time There’s just more questions than answers You know more questions than answers i And the kicker is i don’t even know if i Have the gray matter to ask the right Question and what if i did get an answer I’d probably have a [ __ ] aneurysm and My brain would run out of my nose You know i don’t think i’m biologically Capable of understanding i don’t i don’t Think that’s what it is my encounters With this phenomenon Is such that It is beyond us it is beyond us by a Magnitude and a scope that we can Understand My encounters lead me to believe that it Is not At least aspects of it the the evil Aspect of it is not omniscient But it does listen It pays [ __ ] attention and it’s Better at reading you and calculating Moves and strategy than we will ever be Um And again it comes back to my encounters With these things They’re so limited they’re that i think The real power that they hold is to play

Back to what lee was talking about is The corruption of humans to get them They’re not the ones Doing [ __ ] they’re the ones promising Whatever to get us to do it to each Other that’s what it always comes down To it’s not them like whenever you Encounter someone that is possessed or Um Not perfect possession but just regular Like They’ve been [ __ ] around with Something and now they got something Attached and it’s making them sacrifice Drowning them down it is a slow Methodical pool if it is a manifestation In a home it’s Trying to scare somebody it’s parlor Trick [ __ ] You know it’s it’s like guy at the bar That talks way tougher than he really is It’s It’s just nonsense Uh and if it’s so powerful why is it Acting like a scared child or a scared Drunk frat boy You know it It doesn’t make sense it does make sense That it’s a master manipulator and I think that it probably does they Probably do have a lot of answers to a Lot of [ __ ] Um It would explain some of the massive

Leaps and technology in my opinion that Have been made i mean i i think humans Are amazing but again If you really get into researching a lot Of the guys who are top level scientists At a lot of government research Facilities and military industrial like Raytheon why They’re weird [ __ ] You know and when you meet these people They’re even [ __ ] weirder they are Weirder You know you’re like these guys have Government clearance are you [ __ ] Kidding me This guy everything about this guy Screams [ __ ] child molester and he Has a top level clearance are you [ __ ] That’s it me Yeah Yeah but he’s he’s Brilliant to boot It I don’t know I don’t know look at the people maria Abramovic hang out with and she if you Don’t know she is google her ass Everything about that person is wrong Everything about her is wrong Um My friend’s obsessed with her as well he Thinks she’s amazing I don’t understand i don’t understand

How somebody that has somebody painting Like words and [ __ ] blood bloods and [ __ ] can be looked at as brilliant i Don’t get it Her spirit cooking effigies where you Partake in Blood and semen and Her ritual to embark power and open mind Knowledge and blah blah blah blah blah Blah And Like the age she is as well and what she Looks like that’s worth [ __ ] note So i have i have some theories about her And some other people that probably left Best on set but Um yeah now she you’re 100 right on that And and like her Her Patronage uh what the hell was that Lady’s name Anyway and i’m trying to keep up those Evil [ __ ] it it just will rot Whatever happiness you have Um Yeah that it’s all just wrong it’s all [ __ ] Uh you know it’s like you look at Aleister crowley he’s playing around and He’s i talked to lamb it’s a demon who’s Going to give me knowledge and wisdom [ __ ] looks like a grey alien Yeah Yeah yeah

Come on now yeah and if you look at him So like aleister crowley was heavily Like real conspiracy theory fun yeah There he is What a weirdo But when you when you think when you Look back to then how um Like Celebrities like the beatles and uh David bowie and some of that they they All hung off the t of crowley and it Just shows that you know But even even back then if there was a Sniff of this sort of occultism around You know the Like the good and the graceful Were so deep into it I i think there’s something to i don’t Know if you guys have seen the videos There’s there’s a couple of them i think The most popular one is that of beyonce When she’s on stage singing Yes yeah Yeah yeah yeah where you see that They’re like well maybe it’s a trick of The light or the camera or whatever Maybe so or maybe it’s exactly what you Think maybe the sauce of fierce is the Name of an outside entity that she Allows to take control You know if i’ve seen this It’s very good Uh and it’s [ __ ] terrifying

On youtube you will find the clip Okay Yeah and so when you think of things Like that like So in the music world and and acting to A certain extent but definitely music You hear a lot of people say well you Know it’s like something comes over me And it’s not really me Okay i mean i understand that if you’ve Ever competed competitively that when You get in the zone It definitely feels that way But Maybe there is more to it You know maybe we should take it at the Face value of what she’s saying Because the nature of the person that She is there and her performance is not Necessary They’re not the same people Um and again i have theories as to why That is as well but Yeah Yeah i mean it There was this the british There was the britney spears one as well Wasn’t there um yes My wife will not stop talking about Britney spears right now i’m just like Oh my god it is it is tragic Yeah Which bit which bits Her whole life man her whole life is

Tragic but the thing is she also has an Undeniable So so like my theory in general is There’s and maybe you guys have met this I’m sure maybe i i can’t see the chat so I have no idea but uh maybe people Watching have noticed this if you’ve Ever met someone with talent and it’s Like they have a stamp of god they have A spark they have whatever that is That’s just special they are unique And they just have that Gravity to them they pull people they Attract people it is what it is And the thing is there’s a lot there’s a Lot of those people a lot of people have Met them and you gotta wonder this Person with all this talent all this Ability why haven’t they gone further Well we talked about gatekeepers earlier It’s been my long-held theory and kind Of personal belief Um and maybe it sounds i’m sure it does Sound absurd but i think that uh For them to go further on there has to Be an acceptance of something outside Like Like why don’t these things ride with it Like if if anyone Would be willing to do it well there’s a Shitload of people willing to trade Their soul for anything they’re just are There always have been there’s never Going to be a shortage of those people

What there is a shortage is of people With that spark that touch that That specialness That clearly exists that is what they Are Um And maybe they have to make a deal to be Willing to let whatever else that is Ride their specialness to really take Them to the top because they’re not Letting them in without it Maybe that’s what they have to give over Because you always hear them talk about Selling their soul or you know i gave it Over it’s like okay maybe it’s the fame And you had to train your personal space No that doesn’t make sense that’s not Your soul It doesn’t make sense to me the whole Soul trading thing at all Because because i mean it doesn’t either What’s the devil gonna do once you know Once he’s took over he’s like If if if there is a devil or you know What whatever it is if if it’s trading a Soul to something Um And i think it’s i think it’s figurative What so this is this is the theory i Have the theory i have is that These people with this uniqueness that Specialness right that makes that will Make them a celebrity They have to let and invite one of these

Things in and at some point somebody Explains what it is that’s why you have So many incredibly talented people that Just kind of fade out and it’s the Industry no longer talks about them they No longer deal with them they’re Incredibly talented writers they’re Incredibly talented singers performers Actors whatever they [ __ ] got it And they just can’t get the break they Can’t get in yet these other people who Not saying they’re not talented but they Get everything they get all the Accolades Maybe the deal has to be made that you Have to let one of these things ride Shotgun You have to give it the control Right and when you do that You do partake in this ritual now you’re One of us and we’ll we’ll take you all The way but that’s the deal That’s the deal the uh and i mean if we Talk about this sort of stuff you always Uh Go back to like predictive programming In films and things like that and stuff The stuff that’s snuck in that that’d be A really good analogy for venom wouldn’t It yeah Yeah that’d be great let valette venom In he’ll he’ll he’ll help with things The whole time he’s killing you yeah I mean if you look at it like

This young lady looks a bit like she’s Uh about to become venom She looks like she’s [ __ ] brainwashed Look at that look at that vapid looking Right she looks like he’s shaking robot Look at that she’s just gone man she’s Gone there’s no spark there there’s no Look at her A little alien a little creepo Jesus I i said this before the show i don’t Want to get get on too much About a god bless her um because i don’t Know if it’s her fault it’s the parents But that’s that’s obviously gotta do in This i mean she’s they took her out of School for a start I mean i did That I i under right if there’s a genuine Passion And i don’t want to get on onto the Whole The the thumbnail was just a bit of a Mistake Um But if there’s a genuine passion for it To save the planet and what have you Fair enough But it’s just a little bit odd the Parents The way is the way it’s been done It’s just it’s too controlled mate it’s Like

You you can like Do do you think like a childhood lee if He’d have had some sort of like green Hope for the world would have been given A look given a floor like a world Assembly You know it’s it it doesn’t happen you You don’t go from Uh deciding we need to do something About climate change when you sat in School to having a [ __ ] Uh Yacht that was owned was owned by a Rothschilds or was it owned by um I don’t know There would be a perfect symmetry if it Was that would be so no it Who’s the other guy that always comes up As far as funding Um No Oh No you have no idea it’s one of the top Three names i i’ll remember later on Later on during the show but it turns Turns out that he was the original buyer Of this boat he then sold the boat so it It filtered down to him Eventually Um But you don’t you don’t just do that you Know That doesn’t happen naturally No

None of that happens now it it Yeah and that’s and i think that’s why There’s it’s like a forced traction is It is again it’s it’s such a weird Orchestration that you can get So much media so much attention to all Push this same message and i’m not Saying like climate message isn’t Valid or needed or whatever you but i i Care less to talk about that but uh It’s it’s synchronized it is perfect it Is every pushy pushing the same Narrative the same script Perfectly everybody from europe to America to australia across the [ __ ] World is this it is perfect it is Unified You have to be shitty you ever played a Game of telephone You get a line of your friends and you Whisper one thing by the end of the Thing is an entirely different message Yet somehow we can globally make a Perfect no man No It’s just the fact that nobody’s Jostling to Um To gain an advantage just for themselves That i i i don’t i don’t i don’t believe In the Like the world coming together to do Something because like we were saying Saying before apart about wanting

Immediate results of things humans are a Selfish animal like all in all Um So i i i don’t believe that if If we talk about the things that like The the thing we can’t talk about the Minute and passports for instance yeah How come a country hasn’t just it Immediately Come out and said right we’re not doing Any of this what do you know we’re not We’re not we’re not doing any of that Sort of stuff And it hasn’t really happened it’s just It in different stages of the same thing Happening I’m very accountable to sort of Pussyfooting around it Um and like people always come back to Sweden having like less things go on but They already have a system like that Already in place i believe Yeah so so they didn’t they didn’t need To go through that yeah yeah they didn’t Need to go through all that sort of Stuff Um but yeah though it it’s it like you Say it’s the orchestration that that Gets me and It does it feels so it feels so perfect And the fact that This ability to Predict the the pattern of the majority Of people you know you

You go Nothing can predict what every what Everybody’s doing and i’m sure In part of whatever plan is going on Um This what we’re doing now was baked into It you know that there would be A certain amount of people out there Which which wouldn’t sort of flow along With it or and would end up talking About it but it’s okay because For every one of those they have 15 Friends around them which are fully on Board and that kind of keeps them shut Off most of the time because i can’t Talk about most of the things i [ __ ] Believe in if i go to the pub with People because they’d think i was [ __ ] crazy Damn Well yeah i live on a small alarm There’s only 8 000 you just got to pick The good ones But um You know it’s It’s Again i i just keep coming back to this Thing that i don’t i don’t believe that It can be something that’s Just concocted by people especially when It seems to have ramped up in such a Short space of time Yeah it’s just impossible um I mean

We can create many things and we can do A lot i i think it’s amazing and a lot Of the things we built are testament to That But I mean yeah i mean i i definitely go Towards An outside influence that’s just me you Know it’s So the outside influence So This This name gets brought dropped in quite Quite a lot and i think people get get Very confused with uh freemasons and the Illuminati because company is separate I know i know you are which is one of The reasons why i know you don’t want to Just to put in quickly it was soros Um Oh that bastard that yeah that’s where That’s where the boat was came back to So we carry on people You say yeah david and i know you’re a Freemason so that’s that’s i think That’s probably it might be one of the Reasons why you don’t want to show Yourself um Secrecy Otherwise you’ll get your yeah your Throat slit and your tongue pulled out Or whatever it is if you disemboweled Yeah Only if i break my brother’s trust

Yeah i’ll i’ll tell you exactly what Freemasonry is you want to know it’s a Bunch of old guys hiding from their Wives at fresh fries who occasionally Wear aprons get together and say so We’re gonna do a ritual tonight does Anyone [ __ ] remember it [ __ ] who wants to drink i want a drink Low-level politics is what uh i i think Freemasonry is so yeah there is a lot of That so that’s a hundred percent true There is a lot of that uh but the thing Is Most of the guys there are pretty Powerful guys in in their small little Boat anyway and powerful people have Always hung out together people with Money have always hung out together um It just is what it is That will always be a thing you know Because the reality is some people Believe This is gonna get into like an economic Rank see how i can simplify it uh some People believe that you know certain People are lucky or that money are Delineated at least in my country If you want more money you can make more Money I Came from abject [ __ ] poverty Uh and i am no longer poor i’ve been Poor and i’ve been not poor not poor is

A hell of a lot better Uh And i’ve never had an issue making more Money it has never been a problem Um And then there’s a certain Mindset with i think that goes with that But whatever this isn’t about that I found at lodges there’s a lot of guys Who see it exactly the same and there’s A lot of back scratching that goes on The smaller the town the smaller the Area the more that [ __ ] goes on but Once you break like a You know you’re in a town of sixty Thousand or ten thousand or say a county Of like sixty thousand a hundred Thousand two hundred thousand whatever Um How much that can you really do i mean Your group of guys like you may want to Think you can do that but you can’t The idea of a king maker only exists In you know whoever’s bending over and Taking it up the ass to try and become a King You know it’s like oh this guy can help Me can he though can he really what can He actually do can he make 10 000 people Vote for you no No I’ll say he’s a good guy Nobody gives a [ __ ] bill nobody gives This [ __ ] you know

Um But with like city stuff if you live in A small city yeah yeah there’s a certain Amount of that but again it only goes so Far like they don’t have some mystical Influence Um I’ve never met any of the guys that were Into the cold night i get the same thing From everybody that i’m sure probably is Popping up in the chat that i can’t read Is that well you’re low level you didn’t Get any higher listen there’s a couple Off shoots it really doesn’t get any Higher it’s just guys who are playing Theater and having a little bit of fun And they like that kind of stuff And even then like The biggest part of it is having Somebody you know has sworn an oath to You and to others like you that will Keep their [ __ ] mouth shut if you Need a hand You know what i mean like you like hey I’m in trouble i need help hey i need Supposedly they’re supposed to help you But at the same time If i had real issue in my life or i need A problem i’m going to my best friends Who coincidentally all live in the same Neighborhood and they are all my Neighbors because we all moved into the Same neighborhood together we’ve been Buying out people’s houses and getting

Them out and getting them in because Like you said the high strangeness that Exists in the world we’ve all decided we Want to be together we want to be closer Because we’re stronger together That’s us that that is a choice that we Have made into You know granted not everyone can do That But what’s your thoughts on the Illuminati You know you do you think that because We Which will bring it up politic So you do think it’s a thing you do Think it’s something that’s still about He’s from the seventh was it am i right He’s from the 17th century I’m sure there’s somebody that claims That i mean what this is this is my Theory on all those secret organizations Whether it be Uh whatever the the bilderberg group Which is definitely a thing council Informal agents which does wield a lot Of power and their entry is very strange Or whatever what have you there’s always Been people who thought hey we’ll get Together and we’re going to be in charge Always they’ve always called themselves Something they always believe they’re Far more powerful than they really are And yeah so you got a bunch of Millionaires together and we can you

Know we can do it like what can you Really do we can swing an election sure If all of you focus on one state you can Do that well we’re a billionaire Billions of dollars do go in are you Willing to spend your entire [ __ ] net Worth to make this happen And even then it still may not happen Well we’ll get together and we’ll you Take countries now you’re talking that Now we’re getting to a point like take The last american election depending on What side you are whether it’s this Election the last election the one Before that If you were going to subvert a country It threw an election the amount of Organization it would take The amount of money power perfect timing Perfect psychological understanding it’s So [ __ ] monumentous It is Supernatural It is supernatural there’s no three or Four smart guys making that happen There’s not a room of 300 smart guys Making that happen You know if you’ve ever seen like uh So like military special forces or law Enforcement special forces or [ __ ] like That Large scale operations even with some of The best trained guys in the world who

Are bred always go sideways they can’t Keep [ __ ] together You want to keep [ __ ] together you want To keep it secret you got to make it Small smaller smaller smaller that’s how It’s done Um So it again it goes back to something Outside of things having influence in Helping to coordinate which i actually 100 believe in I believe it is something else that That’s able to coordinate and make Things happen You know Maybe it has a better understanding of Probability maybe this for it is Saturday night entertainment you know it Just likes [ __ ] with lesser beans Um or what it perceives to be lesser Beans Um or maybe it’s infinitely jealous Yeah well whatever it is or Maybe it thinks it’s doing good You know maybe Things That what it’s doing is gonna make the World a better place For everybody or maybe it’s just [ __ ] Selfish I don’t even think it’s selfish because It doesn’t have an end goal other than Just like what you see in the world Right now is chaos

Right It’s chaos i i think that’s exactly what It wants it’s what it thrives on i know When you talk about like People who are dealing with uh negative Spiritual What have yous you know one of the first Things you want to do is clean their House not [ __ ] get salted iron and Special medals no clean your house put Your life in order set some [ __ ] up go Take a shower clean the bathtub start in One room go to the next Bring order back into your life will That ship back in and you’ll immediately Notice a downturn in activity always Happens this is the first thing i tell People It sounds like that just you said that To john Yeah i’m me it’s a first thing you have To do is always clean my cupboards Yeah yeah it is now all i want to say is Jordan peterson uh doing exorcisms with People And well i mean he’s on to something so I think a lot of people who are so i i Think he’s on to something without Realizing he’s necessarily on now He’s on the same boat On that regard without being on the boat If that makes sense uh Like We both take that that he when i’ve

Heard that from him you know cleaning Your horse put things in order he’s 100 Right not only is it good for you Mentally psychologically The things that are there Really respond to you More than anything else it’s you You know if you want to look at a Biblical standpoint you know the man Himself said you know a few of these Things take prayer and fasting but the Vast majority you know you you got Nobody’s casting them out and making Things happen For the oldest people David for the audience sake here because We’ve we’ve gone an hour in they might Think what’s this guy rambling about Right now you’ve actually had Experience with this thing whatever it Is Well i don’t think it’s a singular Entity yeah these Things yeah But you don’t think this is alien you Think this is something completely Different Well in in regards to what’s going on in The world right now no this is an alien No i could see themselves trying to Portray themselves as aliens or fairies Or whatever and and Maybe all that’s true and maybe it’s all Not true i mean i don’t i don’t know

Um I don’t know i i have what i said i have No answers i have way more questions Than answers um I people who are in a lot of trouble Tend to find themselves into my life And i am blessed enough to be able to Offer them a little aid from time to Time And i’m happy to do it If that’s just it Again for the audience you you You see these things For what they are i have i have yeah Yeah i have in fact i was with uh I told you the story of the the thing That i was doing with the guy for the Audience i’m not trying to be purposely Confusing uh i just want to keep certain Aspects of my life private and if i give Details of this story A smart man or even a mildly clever man Could quite easily figure out who i am And the only reason i don’t want that is Because there’s nutty people in fact i Have personally had an encounter Strangely enough with someone that goof On has had uh threats from Uh Oh Really Oh yeah somebody get rich somebody get Rich in the house yeah i i i know that Guy yeah he’s

Yeah but anyway But uh Yeah the man who sees himself in clouds But uh Anywho Uh yeah so uh i was with men who were Armed who are all very well trained uh We were working with dogs who were Trained to Eat the [ __ ] out of people And um So we were teaching them how to do Certain things at a certain place And uh i was at the back of the stack Uh And i felt some behind me and i turn Around and look and this is broad Daylight and i watch someone walk across The hall which this is bad where working Dogs will work in teams this is You do not get in front of these animals When they’re doing their job they will [ __ ] you up that is that’s their only Purpose that is a fur missile with one Thing on its mind And that’s bite somebody And so i was like oh well i’m with these Guys and they have all the proper Credentials and they look scary as [ __ ] So i was like hey guys let’s you know We’re gonna do this end just us and they Go and we end up Now everything is supposed to be open to Us and this one room was interestingly

Locked And uh I was like all right this is this is Live let’s go we’re going to take this [ __ ] off it’s hinges you know strap it Up light it we go Um when we send the dog in and the dog Who’s around gunfire and explosions all The [ __ ] time uh stops Sits Lays Starts whining and the guy goes yeah He’s done he’s not working anymore And this thing is [ __ ] ferocious i Think i sent you some video of that Ollie yes she did yeah Yeah yeah um It’s quite intense Yeah yeah so it’s ready within the Audience that might think uh what Was he talking about here i i have Actually seen I’m quite i feel quite privileged that You’ve that i’ve been uh quite quite i Mean you you’ve sent me stuff over to The uk here to what you do um I’ve Seen videos of what you do Um I understand why you remain anonymous so When anybody in the audience that might Think that david Might be chatting [ __ ] He’s not chatting [ __ ] i know him

I’m friends with him And we we’ve we’ve We’ve been speaking I’ve actually helped ask for your help For things that have been happening well Advice not help for things that happen In my life yeah So Yeah so the reason but you don’t want Anything from this you just like The show i like to talk about the Subject Yeah i i feel I feel i feel obligated i feel obligated To to to help Uh and and to do this uh It’s Even more difficult to explain but um Yeah so anyway the dog bowed down and it Creeped All of these men out so we rotated out Dogs right Same thing happened with second one Around And these animals are wildly expensive And incredibly well trained And they just turned into little [ __ ] And stayed in the car for the next three Days Yeah i can remember my My old dog in my mum’s I think i’ve sent you pictures of my Mum’s house Yeah yeah well we talked while you were

There on on video yeah Yeah So The The the dog that we had Two dogs that we had used to see things In that house and they used to just they Used to stop and they used to look like And just stare at like a wall or Something and it was just it was weird To watch And i can’t think of any reason why a Dog would do that but that old house Um And lee you you’ve i know you’ve had Experience with decorating so my my mum Had two decorators in Uh In the old victorian house i haven’t got A picture of it otherwise i bring it up But they both uh quit After one day They were left there with the keys And They they They left and they said they won’t work There again because they saw something They saw something go Past The Like these They’re like steamed windows that my Mum’s got in The the living room

And Everybody used to wake up Apparently in the night and smell burnt Toast i say everybody my mum and dad i Was alone i’m a lonely child I never i never smelt it ever And until um me and my wife We stayed there to look after the cat While my mum and dad were on holiday This is before we had kids uh so we we Just reached as far which Yeah we’ll do that we stayed there Middle of the night Serena she wakes up and she says Something’s burning So i’m thinking i’m thinking the house Is on fire so i’ll go downstairs And the whole house just smells of burnt Toast And i just thought i know what this is That’s what i’ve been told as a kid that My mum and dad used to tell me about This smell of burnt toast Oddest thing and that it was freezing as Well the hallway um but yeah never saw Anything just I just i just smelled the burnt toast Once Well my kids have seemed to inherit a Bit of my strangeness Uh and it freaks my wife out from time To time and the hilarious thing is my Wife is Incredibly well educated multiple

Degrees she’s Very She’s important a lot A shitload of people in their families Depend on her Uh in fact she’s at a very important Function right now i’ve actually had to Have someone come just to Anyway watch the kiddos while they’re Downstairs but she always jokes that i Should have come with a warning label She’d come in the other night my Youngest son was apparently crawling Around in his room started pointing and Laughing and jibber jabber into Something that wasn’t there and the Light starts flickering and he walks Over sits in front of it and starts Crawling around it laughing pointing Acting like he’s playing with somebody Oh geez And she’s like got the hair up on her Arms and she’s like afraid to go over And i was like so what’d you do she went Over and i kicked the space She’s like put him to bed and then like Came in there and she was just like She was Yeah she’s like you know she’s like i Love you but i really wish you would Have told me some of this before we got Together And i was like would you have believed It then she said well no i was like okay

Let’s just roll with it You know She’s had massive supernatural Happenings that actually saved her life Her boss’s life and the life of another Gentleman once Um She’s At this point it’s not a question that This is like You know it’s I don’t know i don’t know i don’t know How far i can go with that and how far i Can There’s two sides to this so the there’s Two sides to whatever this this thing is Oh yeah yeah yeah yeah definitely Definitely there’s A lot a light and a dark side yeah yeah I would say well i mean i i have much Clearer terms than that but uh yeah i Mean if you’re speaking in generality Sure that’s actually i think The old adage many are called few are Chosen this isn’t a you know issue some Self-aggrandizing You know whatever i’m not i’m not trying To Inflate a sense of self i i truly am i Hope I really hope i don’t come across that Way uh if i am i’ll have to rethink my My [ __ ] self i guess but uh I think that like people like her and a

Few others i’ve encountered um Many are called fewer chosen whatever it Is maybe it’s a genetic mutation maybe It’s anomaly maybe Whatever that allows you to tune into Whatever else i don’t actually believe In psychics i’m just putting that out There i think most people say i’m a Psychic full of [ __ ] Um You know how many fingers do i have Behind my back Uh what you know [ __ ] like that But uh what’s my name But uh I think some people are tonight i i Think there’s no there’s no control to It Uh you’re in control i’m in control of Nothing at least my kids are in control Of nothing it’s just something you Endure and for whatever reason things Take interest Uh maybe they realize We can interact with them or we notice That they’re there I think people like maria and a few Other people are very much like that but I think they chose a much different Course And i know that that course exists Because Those offers Man that sounds

Weird when do you get the offers when do You get the offers that this is what I always wonder this you know when you See a celebrity and you you like lee’s Got all them behind him um with the I honestly most of them are just done by The art directors and and people who and Again maybe the art director is not in Charge maybe somebody gave them i want This because i want this shot because This is what i’m going for you know Who’s that guy who’s calling the shots Who’s the guy who specifically wants That imagery Yeah who’s telling him To that Oh think the the the things that exist Neither here nor there is something in Between You know i think i think that’s who’s Calling the shots on that I don’t think are you saying that Most of the celebrities have nothing to Do with it No this is [ __ ] people i mean they’re Just yeah they’re just people they have No idea what’s going on That’s what i believe i i do not know The ones i’ve met never gave me a Feeling that they were like real Occultists i’m Pretty quick to pick up on that and They’re pretty quick to pick up on me Um

But uh the ones that i’ve met and again It’s a small like i’ve met governors and Some other fairly important people and They’re just [ __ ] people right there I mean they’re narcissists and they’re You know mad with Their own ego and self-importance and Whatnot But the people around them are the ones That will give you the [ __ ] creeps Like if you’ve ever met someone and you Just did not want to shake their hand You wanted nothing to do with that [ __ ] in fact if he was on fire You just pour gasoline and you do not Know why That’s these people And how they get to their lovers of Power when they’re generally pretty Incompetent I’m just wondering At what point Somebody sees one of these people and Goes Let’s have a conversation You need to know And i don’t even know what it is That they need to know But you need to know about This Because this is going to be your path And i i don’t think it’s ever an upfront Conversation friend i i i don’t think That’s what it is i think it’s a

Proposition made through Sex and Temptation And you take it You know i mean you you take a deal Without knowing your i mean you know You’re taking a deal you know you’re Making a sacrifice you know you go to Absolutely [ __ ] island up front of Rules an upfront set of rules that never Actually has to be laid out Yeah exactly Exactly they’re not spoken but if you go There and there’s a girl who’s clearly Underage you’ve been drinking and Everybody sit around watching you and Watching her Do they really need to sit down and say Listen if you want in this special club You’re gonna [ __ ] this girl on camera No they don’t you know what’s up you Know that you’re with a bunch of Billionaires you know what i mean like Everybody’s playing this game and you Want that next thing and Like yo we’ll talk about the contract After the party You know Now it’s time now it’s time to deal Are you one of us Are you so they already so they already Approach basically people that are a Little bit evil a little bit [ __ ] up And who isn’t who isn’t

You know i mean their people are people Man they’re just people they’re i think They change power i think a shitload of Celebrities why they go bat [ __ ] crazies I think they’re regretful They must have they must have something Mentally [ __ ] Wrong with them like the [ __ ] what’s His name I think i think to touch a kid yeah No but to do But does it start there Yes Like do they jump in with an Eight-year-old or is it a 16 year old 14 year old start with let’s let’s just Start So their mind becomes evil But let’s let’s just start With with something light yeah So let’s just go let’s just go murder For instance And if Someone turn around yeah If someone turned around to you and said Like ollie like i can i can sort alien Addict out like this you the you can be Like ufos joe rogan And uh you know we’re gonna get all the Big guests and stuff like that Your your family will be sorted But you need to join this little this Club and this club involves a sacrifice Now

I think it’s like a chicken But the thing is Sacrificing a person your nan And uh you know how how paul is she How much money are you talking I think People when given the opportunity to Make a good life for themselves and more Importantly their families would do some Terrible things if given the opportunity To become the rock 100 So it’s funny you say that uh So the things i’ve done in my life have Nothing to do with my education my Education was My formal education within economics And uh i actually had a opportunity with A Once in a lifetime opportunity with an Incredibly Powerful company That i that people would [ __ ] Absolutely they would absolutely kill Their parents to get a shot at and i had A shot i had an interview went to the Whole thing and they they gave me they Offered me a job and i had to sit down i Had to think about the offer i thought i Was fortunate enough to talk to some People And it was absurd amounts of money And i said no Because i

There’s a lot of reasons i said no but i Said no Not that i’m better or grander but i Just chose in my life that You can always again i believe you can Always make money money is not all Important it’s always [ __ ] there There’s always opportunities Um people get caught up on to get rich Quick and they’re willing to do anything For it and they don’t realize what They’re going to pay And i i did a little Self-reflection and some prayer and Realized that i i didn’t want to pay What was being asked of me Um Yeah so i think with these people They’re willing to do that You know they’re willing to do that And if you’re the right person and maybe You’re wired the right way You know whatever that means Uh maybe you can really get a lot out of It I i believe that people like again going Back to maria just because she’s easy to Google and search uh or Aleister crowley i believe that they Were People who were a little bit more in Touch with other things and were a Little bit better at figuring things out And i would be willing to bet dollars to

Pesos that They could get things nebulous things to Do things for them Um I’m 100 sure of that i’m 100 sure of That for several reasons Uh these things that tend to take Interest in and again it’s not like you Get people like well i i’ve tried to Make a deal with the devil or i’m a Paranormal researcher or whatever and i Haven’t got anything so it can’t be People never stop to think maybe those Things don’t give a [ __ ] about them Maybe they are not interested in that Maybe they are just a [ __ ] npc who is Not important and they’re much more Interested in someone else and that i Think tends to drive a lot of paranormal Researchers that i’ve met [ __ ] crazy You know what i mean Because i’ve spent a lot of time talking To those people and they’re like well This is the best evidence you know we Got some knocking and then there will be Other people who are maybe a little bit More in tune And they have things happening all the Time And the other people like well they’re Clearly faking it or they’re full of [ __ ] Rage Hey what’s up man

Oh mate you sound terrible Do i You you You do sound like you got a little bit Cold I’m Relaxed yeah What’s going on rich rich this is david David rich Hello rich Hello dave Thank you He’s actually dave’s just been talking About somebody who’s who he’s had a Running um That has had a running with you who was It who was it now Kenneth nate Kenneth i’ve met kenneth yeah Uh mr panama hawana himself yeah Yeah yeah lives in uh tennessee psycho Pass yeah Yeah he’s He he’s he needs to stay on the meds He needs to stay on the think He’s a little bit more entertaining when He’s not but uh you mentally harmless You met him in prison yes Yeah I’m sorry Yeah Nice nuts Yeah he’s he’s that uh he’s that into You huh

Well he always said he was gonna cut me Up into little pieces oh that guy oh She’s oh but for him that’s just a Pillow talk you know that’s that’s Getting it primed Yeah yeah good night there’s a kinky Evening Has has he sent you any presents yet No does he or does he not have a oh That’s good What yeah nobody has my address What we’ve been talking about rich is um What’s up boy I’m good mate you Oh i’m all right He sounds terrible literally Probably allergies Very very allergenic out Here what we’ve been talking about Is The Strangeness in the world and i’m not Talking about right now we’re talking About the strangest that’s been Kind of forever and the people that are Well i say i say forever as long as i I’ve i’ve been alive as long as i know As long as any of them have been being Alive that’s alive right now The people up high that have a kind of Whispering people’s ears and controlling The way things happen Without speaking about anything that Might get me uh banned from youtube

This is This is gone like you’re [ __ ] you’re Already [ __ ] repeat that again The illuminati Ah Not the illuminati Yeah And what Do you think it’s a thing rich do you Think it’s a thing yeah you do yeah yeah I do I do There is there is a secret There is a group of people that are Actually Planning out everything that happens Especially what we’ve been through The last couple of years So You know you even if you go back 20 Years ago What happened in new york and washington And whatnot You know starts where the nine ends with Uh You know Yeah You know then i mean there’s so many Things throughout history it’s just Unbelievable so i do believe in it And do you think it’s It’s active within the the ufo community I don’t think so I don’t know i i don’t know

Really I never even put any thought to it Because i’ve been wondering this Because there’s a narrative that they Push and they and they put do certain Things and like for example uh i think It was last year the word ufo was pulled Out from youtube completely And then they just showed you what they Wanted you to see Which was the cnn for teacher Um Cgi footage Cnn And you know yeah you know that that They go fast and the gimbal and that That’s always we seem to see And it and then it was pushed and pushed And pushed And it just reminds me of like anything In life um that we that we may see on News media That just keeps getting spun and spun And spun so i mean i don’t watch tv Anymore i i i’ve actually turned it off I don’t My tv is just literally there and i Placed some nintendo with my little boys Which is probably not even even that’s Probably got something in it But i i just think that There is something and i can’t put my Hand on it I don’t know i don’t don’t know if it’s

Illumina you know what it is but i think There’s there is controls in this world That are controlling us And i think it’s It’s way bigger than any of Any of us know And When we talk about aliens I don’t think that’s what we need to be Worried about or even need to be Thinking about even though we have ufo Alien channels I think it’s something completely Different and Half of the stuff that we we may see In That is little sparkles of news about Alien life or This Crash spaceship that comes up on youtube And We all get excited It seems like things push us in Different directions And we should really be thinking Right now about how we just calm This [ __ ] down Calm watch it though Ourselves As human beings And start become a little bit more Human there’s too many of us first of All So i i personally think that uh

Well i i can’t say it on the channel but Um You think the levels are too high They are they’re getting they’re they’re Beyond high i mean You look back at the georgia guide Stones Where it says earth and humanity and In Perpetuity or something like that would Mean only 500 million people would have To be on the the planet we’re at almost What 8 billion billion 7.2 or something i don’t know but we’ll Be at 9 billion by 2050 And we’re already at the tipping point They say Oceanographers and uh Geologists and everybody’s agreeing that Water is going to be the number one item On the planet Very soon within 25 years And The oceans are all already at the Tipping point where they can barely Sustain what we have on the planet and They they stopped having all you could Eat crab legs and all you could eat Crabs at you know a bunch of restaurants Because we’ve depleted the oceans Hey That’s all lies Yeah i don’t know I don’t think so

I don’t think i know the uh the water Away as much as we eat huh That’s just that the water stuff is on Point i have a Unique perspective on that and uh that Is the The talk of the utilities world at least In the u.s Um it’s a it’s a big problem only that To be fresh water fresh clean drinking Water yeah there’s a tremendous Tremendous issue Certain parts of the country not a big Deal but a bunch of very heavily Populated issue places it is a It’s a very big deal And they don’t know what to do and they Don’t know how to deal with it and They’re just kind of not talking about It but if you go to any of the big water Wastewater conferences Um It’s it’s on all the dockets It’s on all the dockets i got all the Best minds thinking about it especially Like new york baltimore all those areas Uh the The headwaters they they pull from have Been Ridiculously polluted i think it’s some Of the places they were storing nuclear Waste above them and they’d be like oh Ground seepage won’t happen No no it happened

And they’re like well how do we get that Out and everyone’s like oh and i don’t Know I have no idea Um Yeah Yeah as somebody in the chat room double 07 says they lie about everything What are you building It’s a good one yeah what do you believe Yeah He is he is he’s a global denier not a Flat earth he’s a global denier He’s a good man who double o Yeah i interviewed him um wait about i Think you interviewed him as well dude i I had him on the mosquito as well yeah Nice guys nice guy yeah I don’t think the world is flat but Other than everything else How do i know i mean He just thinks he’s bigger than it is That than the telling us Um How would you ever i mean This is another one of the weird things We’ve had everything from mandela effect Flat earth big big Um what’s the other one Fake Fake Metallic mandela effects just bad Memories i mean we can’t bring no it’s Not i think i think them i we we came to

The conclusion on this rich i think the Mandela effects came when did the you You you googled this you googled when Mandela started and it was when cern Just like it was two years after cern Two years not on the same day but two Years later all right Come on man It takes two years to realize that we’ve See c3po had a silver leg i can’t get Over that i i i can’t reconcile Uh the silver leg on cd because they Rarely showed him from the knee down They rarely did if you watch the movies It’s always from the waist up almost Every time David what’s your fault on the mandela Effect is it is it just me is it just Memory it is oh my god if you say i i i Think it’s i think it’s uh i do i think It’s bad memory Yeah Yeah Well i mean like the thing is So again Wait wait a minute wait a minute wait a Minute There we go [Laughter] So i live so the weird thing is like i Live near again Government labs government research labs Lots of friends there They

They Ollie i never really took you for a top But okay That’s true yeah a little bit a little Better just He couldn’t handle riding this Yeah so i i’ve i’ve been in drinking Sessions where this has come up and Nobody Believes that it would work that way Like the merging of universe is like Splitting off sure like maybe we’re a Fractal of a line absolutely but to just Rewrite everything they’re like that Doesn’t It doesn’t My car isn’t a porsche you know That hasn’t changed it’s always the Little stuff the little you know things That you don’t really notice oh it’s not An oh it’s an extra own fruit Yeah right okay The record i’m not a fan of horses but It’s just not bad You go outside and you fall fiesta it’s A ferrari right yeah but it’s still far From it’s a it is a fourth fiesta it’s Right ferrari And then you see a ferrari and it’s got Ford on it you’re like You’re right That’s the mandela effect now that’s a Real

No buildings have changed you know Exactly exactly Different architecture Had an arch on it yesterday now it’s Flat mandela That’s so stupid yeah only entertainment Properties and cereal boxes Yeah there’s something odd with it Though The the oh come on cern Yes This is going to be a title don’t make It rich This is going to be a title video i’m Concerned about cern oh that’s awful i’m Going to use it Yeah i think you’ll find there’s already A musty audio podcast called called a Very concerning episode About The mandela effect yeah You already did one yeah Oh this is one of the first ones Well i mean particle cell particle Accelerators in general are are very Unnerving one of my former business Partners used to build what was called a Tabletop particle accelerator which Isn’t actually a tabletop they’re Actually fairly large But that that was his primary business And we made uh Some things on the side together But uh

They were all the guys who are involved With like they’re building them and They’re like you know this is a terrible Idea it was like what he’s like you know Particle accelerator so i was like what Do you mean he’s like this this is dumb This is dumb as [ __ ] it’s like well Don’t they use it to research he’s like Sure but there this is like Back when they fired off a nuclear Weapons like well it couldn’t ignite the Atmosphere or it could just go off well [ __ ] let’s set it off and see what Happens You know we should build a huge particle Accelerator and fire these things the Fastest rates we can ever get why i Don’t know see what happens What That’s a terrible [ __ ] idea man It’s a but i mean granted he still made Them like yeah at our at our machine Shop or made a lot of the uh Struts and stuff at the machine shop all The higher stuff happened at it labs Because the materials you use for that Shit’s controlled Um But yeah it it’s a terrible idea I don’t know anyone who works on them Other than the people they put in front Of the media you’ve got to wonder where They actually got their [ __ ] science Degree like i’m an engineer from where

Mcdonald’s like what the [ __ ] man Right Um Yeah it Yeah anyway they’re bad ideas i think It’s a bad idea I’m a fear-monger though so I do think it’s a bad idea i i honestly Do i think the the saying well you know What we’re scientists you know we’re We’re This is where the magic happens Have you seen the size of that [ __ ] Thing it’s the biggest man-made thing Ever it’s the most expensive scientific Experiment ever And what we’re looking for they’ve got The got dark matter the the god particle Yeah So that that rings alarm bells and the Best way to do it or just do is to start The proceedings with an occult ritual Yeah yeah with sheba Yeah It’s a minion Yep And the interesting thing is they talk About that being the biggest it’s the Biggest internationally funded one but i Would in fact i do guarantee you that The united states government and the National lab system That we have in multiple states they Have much bigger much more powerful much

More exotic things to test particles and They have had it for a long time Uh 100 Verifiable fact i know people who work There um Yeah it’s the biggest internationally Funded one that all the scientists go to That’s not where the cool [ __ ] happens You know darpa yeah i mean darpa Facilities are everywhere drive out in The middle of [ __ ] oklahoma uh There’s one planted on the raytheon like Why do you have a massive raytheon owned Property out here and you have darth Robotics and all the other weird [ __ ] They work on dude it Yeah They just don’t talk about it so long as It’s in the military or the industrial Complex and the military itself and the Us government’s not so much what funds It is the contractors on the outside Because the contractors on the outside You don’t have to acknowledge that they Ever existed work there you can’t Freedom of information request what Project they worked on because you don’t Know their name and without specific Information Specific project headers you’re not Going to get [ __ ] that’s another reason Compartmentalization is so powerful Um Yeah

It’s it’s scary It’s terrifying to think isn’t it that The uh You could just be sat here doing this Doing this right now And everything could end because of An experiment that was going on Somewhere that you have absolutely no Control over I definitely live close enough i’m going First and that that there’s some comfort In there and i don’t want to be on the Outside zone where you just barely Survive that would be terrible Yeah just go with the big flash and move Fast right Dave do you believe in the big bang Theory Uh no How come not as is presented Where did we come from how did this all Just Happen man i i i barely read it a fourth Grade education level but uh me too Yeah so i i i am not one to expound on The creation of the universe uh do you Have i just think What’s your thoughts i think that Okay no problem i think complexity is Proof of design clock did not evolve a Laptop did not evolve your cell phone Did not evolve it did not through trial And error it was it was The more complex the system is and the

Most complex piece of machinery That i know exists is the ecosystem on Our planet It’s one in a [ __ ] gajillion right And so like if we’re talking a natural Evolution there we should see signs of This everywhere Everywhere Uh Let alone a person how did a person come To be what came first your mouth of your Summit And why What was the purpose of it like how how Did you move like None of those things Make sense where you look at like i look At a person And this comes back to uh some of the Things i do on the side i often refer to The body as a meat suit right you are Your consciousness your body is just a [ __ ] meat suit it is a machine it is Maybe the most impressive single machine I’ve ever seen it is infinitely adaptive It can recover it can build it can self Heal uh depending on what you feed and What you do to it you can slow down your Aging you can stay fit you can stay Vital you can keep moving forward it’s Just all on how you treat it what you’re What you feel it with Kind of like a precision automobile Right

Putting regular gas in there it’s not Going to go very far but if you keep Putting that high in [ __ ] and it’s going To per like a kitten Uh Same thing like the they so when i see That when i see human body or the birth Of my child the perfection that is The replication of humans It is phenomenal it is it is perfect and It’s there i mean granted i mean we get Some anomalies like you know kenneth Um Some [ __ ] clearly went wrong somewhere i Mean things happen right we’re not Always bad in a hundred i’ll go with Environment or slippery fingers of the Doctor but uh well they pull too hard on The head or something but um Yeah that’s that’s that is how Everything But See i think i think the creation of Every i don’t think it was a big bang i Think we got sucked through a black hole And i think that’s what black holes do They suck everything up and spit Everything out and recreate Everything all over again they’re the Vacuum cleaners of space Maybe I i think uh a portion of the people on This planet did not originate on this Planet

Um Or at least in this reality or dimension A hundred percent believe that but Where’s that proof you know you need Proof Well so the reason i come to that theory Is This is gonna sound weird uh but it’s Out there i mean i’m not pulling Anything new and i i’ve talked to My other friends right who think along The lines i do you don’t just spat the [ __ ] off weird people at the bus stop You know what i mean you’ll get tased And arrested But uh But uh so if you look at like rh Negative Oh thank you jennifer There you go guys if i if if i don’t if I don’t think that i’m just a super chat Uh harder thing but i i’m dyslexic so i Struggle to read the rest of the Comments i i have been reading and Smiling sometimes at them but uh Jennifer thank you very much my friend Well Carry on david sorry I don’t know what was that saying i Don’t know that’s jab burn on Uh oh no yeah so rh negative blood types If you look at the uniqueness and again It comes down to part of this theory Came to me when like so i am rh negative

My wife is already positive she was Easily able to have my baby um My sister is rh negative she had Difficulty having all of her children uh Because she made it with an rh positive Now if i was going to put an invasive Species what i would do is control the Reproduction of their women and make it So that the men Could easily inseminate other people and When you look at Like and this is a known thing you can Look at powerful people uh ceos Especially this is an excellent one ceos Of companies a lot of them you can find Out the blood types or even very Influential celebrities or politicians You find out these are rh negative People you find out that something that Is 15 of the [ __ ] global population Somehow has 90 percent of ceo and Leadership positions of power and Politics that run countries that are Royal families like that makes zero Sense David my mums are All my kids are as well so it makes Sense that i could go to my wife knock Her up with my kids and spread that Bloodline but it would stop And i’m thinking just from a pr a primal Basis and i’m equating people to animals It would make sense if you want to stop These women who were this from breeding

With the outsides because their body Would trigger an immune response and Kill the fetus nothing else in nature Does that there’s not too much Eight She had eight miscarriages yeah the Rhodan shot makes it happen but before Then it just wasn’t and and so you look At just that factor so again i have Friends that are in the cloning industry So cloning Cells and organs and stuff it’s great uh Research uh rh negative people they’re Not cloning organs or blood types or any Of that o negative Can take any blood type in the world but It can only have its own Why is that That can’t be accurate 100 accurate There’s got to be people who are all Negative making it and having kids with Your blood pressure somewhere Oh yeah yeah i mean me and my wife are My my sister has kids with oh positive People but she had to have a rodance Shot for an immune system She had miscarriages her body turned on The fetus that’s what happens Yes When you look at it just from that It’s it’s almost a difference of species One seems almost invasive to the other David i come back now because my mum

Said that i was the miracle child Because back then they didn’t really i Don’t think they they knew much about it And my mum had eight miscarriages Yeah both of my parents were negatives Uh so like the doctor that’s why they Used to do blood tests back that’s so That’s where a blood test when people Got married who wanted to have kids That’s where that came from if the woman Was already they didn’t have blood tests They just had a the babies just didn’t They just had miscarriages you might get One believe that i think that’s Inaccurate to put to a point i’m going To look this up Go for it it is 100 biologically correct It is rich 100 percent my my mom Exactly the same I know for a fact uh But you know if the woman was Positive it didn’t matter like oh she’s Fine it doesn’t matter what the man is If the woman was negative the man needed To be negative or you know you’re gonna Be able to have one child or you may Have difficulty Having the one child but after the one Child it’s gonna be incredibly difficult To have more children Um Yeah and to me that is that is a bizarre Thing because when you talk to Biologists or people who who study you

Know hematology things like that They don’t really talk about it because Blood is a difficult thing to mutate There’s not a lot of mutations in the Blood it’s not a thing Uh Different oils and different cars i Guess To cause an excellent analogy excellent You can’t put yeah yeah you have to use Specific that’s interesting all right I’ll see But that’s that’s totally wild if that’s True Though David So so you’ve been because i was Quite intrigued That when i found out my mom was reese’s Negative like i think When i kind of got into the alien stuff And i’m like I saw a few documentaries about people That are negative Yeah yeah and i i said i said mum what Type of my mum’s the same blood type but She she had eight miscarriages so eight Eight children they they died some of Them went a few uh A little bit a little bit further yeah And um It’s just it’s just be it’s it’s an odd Thing It is so odd that that

I know what you’re saying you said these Certain human beings it’s like they’re Not meant to Read with Well it’s actually like It’s like it’s like a weird alien Invasion because the men can easily be Like my wife’s uh O positive i can easily like we we have Four kids no problem my sister’s own Negative it is a challenge for her to to To have kids with her husband um I mean they they have a beautiful family Thanks to the road and shot and you know Other drugs and rest in bed another one Of my friends His wife was o negative uh they’re lucky To have the one kid they have and the Doctors even told them that they’re like Well you know we could do the rodan shot Again it wasn’t They had a lot of issues they had a lot Of issues it it was i don’t i don’t Actually see them going down that road Again um they almost lost her they Almost lost the baby it just wasn’t her Body was rejecting it Um and to me that is [ __ ] bizarre and It’s a question no one wants to talk About the people who do want to talk About well they’re lizard people they’re You know they’re star children like oh Jesus man stop with the the nutty stuff Let’s

You know let’s figure this out let’s Talk about it no one wants to talk about It other than it’s a biological fact That you know blood types transfusions How these things work okay uh the birth Rate we know this and then all of a Sudden all the research disappears on it You know the journals dry up Uh And that to me is curious in and of Itself because you know they spend you Know 50 million dollars studying the Masturbation habits of starfish Um i’m making that up maybe it’s true i Don’t know kind of seems like something The government would spend money on um i Believe i believe fish May be butterfish But uh So that’s why some that’s why we can’t Get other people’s blood When we have to get a transfusion It’s kind of like that yeah Yeah so i Yeah i was on a uh i was on a train Because i’m i’m an o negative blood type And i was doing a thing that was Fairly dangerous and the guys like well Just make sure nothing bad happens Because where we are right now you’re [ __ ] like you lose too much blood You’re [ __ ] So

Good luck Here’s the pat on the back son have fun And i was like oh [ __ ] Um So i’ll be extra careful then uh yeah But uh yeah Is this one of the recent videos that The Excited you sent me No this was a different one we were more Isolated than that Uh We we can’t go there anymore because of The laws with the things about which we Must not touch i was not allowed to Enter that state Because i refuse to do things we must Not talk about Okay i understand yeah Until they all [ __ ] themselves and uh so We held in a different state How many different blood types are there Uh there are four variations there’s oh There will there’s there’s o a b A b and then you have a negative variant Of each one of those Okay so there’s eight pretty much yeah Pretty much And all of the positives can have Negative blood none of the negatives can Have positive blood Uh o so a b is a universal recipient Especially a b positive they can have Anyone they totally consume everything

It’s believed to be the latest mutation In blood o is to believe to be the Original mutation in blood and so that’s Why everyone can have it if you’re oh Negative you are a universal donor which Is great because if you’re in a tragic Accident you go to the hospital say You’re shot whatever you’re bleeding the First thing they give you is a [ __ ] Pint of oh negative blood because Everybody can have it And then when they figure out and they Type you and figure out what you are They start getting your The blood that matches you into you Because oh negative is a precious Commodity the [ __ ] the thing is if You’re oh negative and you go in you get One maybe two pints of that [ __ ] and Then you’re just on your own with the Saline drip good luck Uh because that blood can save so many Other people they’re just not gonna Waste it on giving you two or three you Know But I didn’t have a blood test before i got Married My wife did you try and have kids When did you get married they didn’t ask Us that Yeah what year It was 2006 Yeah rodan shot exists they stopped

Doing that This is a this that’s a 1970s thing That would be why you know all these Parents would do it or my parents would Do it the rodan shot i think came out You’d have to google it maybe 80s um 2004. no wait when was i married 2002 That’s why i’m divorced hey Yes 2002. Yeah oh my god So the these blood types Do you think it’s Do you actually think we’re from spain We are originally from space then david Said i don’t know i don’t i i i can’t Speak Positively on anything i i i mean you Think it’s built I don’t think it’s been tampered with i I think it’s i truly believe it’s a Separate like So like are you familiar with like becky Tepe and some of the monuments around There Only if i’m while watching ancient Aliens Graham hancock has some books that are Worth reading and he goes over some Historical sites and uh I don’t know i think Maybe it wasn’t always so hard to go From one plane of a place to another Plane of a place Maybe a group of people had to get out

Of a plane of a place and they came over And uh Maybe maybe not maybe these are leftover Neanderthals maybe this may be that i Know everyone’s like genetic testing This genetic testing that most of Genetic testing when you look at the Actual you know proofs that they need And variation if you have like i have i Took all those tests because I’m a bastard mutt from nowhere and i Kind of curious where i was they my test Constantly change constantly change Where i’m from Um And when you look at like the data Behind it okay what what what proofs are You using to do this like what what is Your range what is your certainty that We are going to look at this data with What what metric well how are we Applying these metrics to your your null Hypothesis to get that i’m irish or Whatever and you’re like well you know We’re looking for at least a 15 Certainty well that’s [ __ ] joke man That’s not statistically significant you Have no idea when you start looking at It the only thing they can tell you oh You’re You’re a caucasian from Potentially Come Dave you’re cutting out you’re gone

That’s what happened to everyone else We didn’t hear what you said because you Cut out for about 10 seconds David if you if you can hear me just Like Leave and then pop back in Same link that i sent you before it Should work Um Yes It’s odd The the blood types and you always hear About the Illuminati talking about Uh you know the The blood types There we go he’s back in Back in i removed that one Wow that was weird hey There you Go sorry about that But uh i have But uh Yeah so i don’t know i think it’s a Mystery i have no answers It’s been working perfectly yeah if i Had to answer that write a book and be a Billionaire What’s that sir No i’m just i’m just saying that the Audio was perfect for an hour and then It and then it went it’s a bit like our First interview that we had david where We we started talking about the exorcist

And then it just went weird It was odd yeah it’s never a healthy Topic So but yes so So rich i I did now that david’s on I do want to i do want to actually i’ve Always wanted to bring something up here Between youtube because i’ve I’ve have you seen my original interview With david I might have i can’t recall anything Right now So So Ace about a year and a bit maybe two Years i don’t know um But you said you said something um about Rich in Off off air of that interview uh david Because you you was Subscribed to both my channels watching Our channels And you said that rich Is crazy for [ __ ] about with the Ouija board Yep Yeah why is why is that It’s a permanent invitation even if You’re like well we’ll close it out it’s A permanent invitation just waiting for Something to talk and it’s not like The ouija board itself is a doorway it’s More like

Constantly sending up a flare hoping That someone comes over You know And it’s like being in a rave and Swinging around a glow stick someone Will take notice sooner or later and Come You know pop some ecstasy and grind with You Maybe what do you mean just having one No no no fiddling around with it it has To be an active invitation it’s an Invocation Uh it’s an invitation invitation Um Just owning it it’s just a [ __ ] thing You know honestly you could do that with Anything You don’t need one to do it You know people invite [ __ ] into their Lives all the time most of it i mean I’ve seen some beautiful ones that are Really just artwork it’s just a piece of Ward yeah it means nothing Means as much as you give it Leverage to But you know So i can use a pillow I can use a pillow as a ouija board and It would still work because uh it’s What i’m saying it’s my actions correct Yeah yeah it’s invitations you’re you’re Invoking it it’s not an item there’s no Item to channel anything i don’t believe

That they’re just [ __ ] things Um You’re you’re the best conduit in the World you want to talk to something that Then Talk to it Something either will listen to you Because it wants to or it won’t because It doesn’t give a [ __ ] and it doesn’t Want to talk to you You know like it goes back to earlier Yeah So The reason ouija boards like work for People then would you put that down to The fact that Um Because it’s been sort of like hammered Into people for for a long time that Ouija boards work Yeah there’s Confidence there’s the belief there Yes so it’s the same reason like if you Get into like the catholic rite of Exorcism or the orthodox right or Anything like that they have all this Massive ritual when in my opinion they Don’t really need any of that But they have ritual to replace faith Ritual gives them a set of guidelines That they put faith into Does that make sense It’s a process kind of like a flow chart So when you use a ouija board it’s an

Easier flow chart to understand Except yeah Just my belief i i you know maybe i’m A thousand percent wrong who knows I get what you’re saying that because The ouija board’s not actually that old Is it was it was it a game or something Isn’t it Yep Yes sold the kids toy stores which again If you look at the things behind you and The epstein and how much shit’s focused At children through disney and whatnot Kind of makes sense that they would sell Those things yeah yeah yeah Guys i’d be shocked I was in florida and i saw the uh hasbro In the in the the toy section because i Had my son in the toy shop And there was ouija boards in the hasbro Toy section like board games Wow yeah i found that you know i’m also A big believer in free will do what you You know whatever you want to do it’s It’s your life this is your ride it’s I can have fun Um i i think it’s a bad idea i don’t Know that good things come from it Inviting things like that in your life i Wouldn’t invite anything in my life i Had a choice about it Um so Sorry i thought you Stopped

What did So Praying so when you pray to god You’re inviting Something to come over right 100 You’re just a little bit more clear About what you’re looking for I i believe in tension and will have a Big big play i think again i think we’re Not a meat suit man we operate in a meat Suit we were plugged into this amazing Robot to have these [ __ ] incredible Experiences and ride on this rocket ship Of life which i think is awesome and People get consumed with petty [ __ ] and Forget just how amazing it is if you Think about it you know But Yeah i don’t think that we’re the body At all i think if anything the body Limits what a senses we should have or Maybe limits what we are you know Maybe it’s like a governor in a fast car I don’t know Well that would be interesting yeah If you were just what if you were just Ahead i mean would you have More abilities to make things happen With your mind it reminds me of the law Of attraction basically and i believe in The law of attraction Yeah i do too to a very very real extent I i yeah

Hugely believe it we’re doing it right Now whether you want to or not Because thoughts create things i do Believe it i i’ve had it proven to me so Many times i’ve denied it so many times Just saying it’s a coincidence but when You do it purpose with purpose and then It happens which i’ve done many times You got to say well I’m going to keep doing this but we Don’t keep doing it it’s like we we Don’t Want to give the day two minutes just to Create what we want By just thinking about it it’s not just Thinking about it it’s thinking about it Creating it in your mind as if it really Happened To open up the doors of the universe for That to really happen because the Universe can’t tell the difference Between reality and thought And that’s been proven In a lab brain waves and stuff so yeah They did it with yeah Yeah Oh yeah Yeah They got every possible outcome at the Instantaneous when no one was watching But you would get the outcome that you You wanted to happen Yeah it shows that our consciousness Affects the reality of the universe

Around us It’s so weird again that’s that’s where I come into that Yeah you so it goes back to yeah you can Use a pillow you know yeah if that’s What you wanted I think it’s a i think [ __ ] around That stuff is bad juju But People do what they do Yeah well you know when you don’t Believe in something and you want proof You’re gonna Do it 127 times like i did And the proof came and i don’t know if i I got proof because nothing nothing Really showed up on the recordings The videos you know i was expecting to See a mist ectoplasm or something in There you know i did hear a growling pig You know like You know like a snort and it sounded Like my dishes were rattling but other Than that i didn’t hear any satanic Or any any voices nothing happened Except what happened to me you know See in my experience i’ve never heard Like the the so much of that i i think Is In my experiences so i’m i’m an n of one Here right i got sample size of me My sample size is the [ __ ] you see in Hollywood is not the [ __ ] that is in Real life um

It’s not Uh they’re not speaking latin and the Head’s not spinning around backwards Um And most of the time you’ll you’ll If you do have a conversation with Something that’ll end up more like a Lucid dream or what you believe is a Lucid dream Um And if you actually encounter someone Who is possessed like So much so that these things are really Riding shotgun on them They’ll know your name and they’ll be Threatening but physical action isn’t Something that they do Not really i mean in frightening like so I i have an experience with a young Woman who Struck around large men Um Yeah but when you think about it to Throw a you know for a young girl to be Able to throw a 300 plus pound man Uh like she did the pasture at that time She could just [ __ ] snapped his neck He couldn’t stop that So why why the theatrics yeah It’s always theatrics why are you why Are you trying to scare us more It it’s a weird set of rules that make Very little sense And again

I don’t know that i could make sin like I said earlier if i knew the and if i Knew the right question to ask my i Would have an aneurysm and my brain Would run out of my nose i don’t think i Could [ __ ] process the answer as i am Now i don’t think it’s possible Uh You know i think we’re we’re cogs and Something else and i just kind of roll Through my life mostly i just wake up And i’m impressed with the day every day And just try and take it at that You know Try not to let too much [ __ ] of my own Ego get getting away or other people’s If i can help Which is a hilarious thing when you Think about what i do for money But Yeah Have you ever messed with italy What Ouija board No would you Um I don’t know probably Probably shouldn’t I probably do it on a podcast Ahem But yeah i i don’t see i I i believe in demons And if if i and if i if i believe They’re out there then

I probably don’t want to leave the Window open Maybe that’s why i didn’t have anything Happen because i really didn’t believe In it but there i am trying to make Contact with something i didn’t believe In Could that have been why Nothing well i guess something did Happen everybody says something happened And it’s possible Rich That’s what i’m talking about You choked on a demon penis Yeah That’s really good Yeah Uh no what what i think happens So i i’ve met several people who who do That they’re like man i’ve played around With it for years and nothing happened And you look at this guy’s health as [ __ ] his life is [ __ ] his marriage fell Apart he’s living under what he would You most people say man that guy just Got a cloud about him that’s not right It’s you invited something like not you In particular but this gentleman these People invite things into their lives That maybe they don’t fully grasp and Understand and Like you’ve always heard i’m sure you’ve Heard uh the trickster aspect of the Paranormal right

It never gives you what you want it’s That It’s never going to happen They’ll never get it it just doesn’t Happen It doesn’t if it did it would give it to Somebody else that you hated Just to [ __ ] with you Because it would think it’s hilarious Um It’s petty like that man like Overall evil of the I mean yeah i’ve heard him utter weird [ __ ] to try and scare people but it’s That’s what i mean it’s a parlor trick It scratched me Yeah what did it do Are you alive Get past it you know You know i heard growling down the Hallway and saw a shadow and everyone’s Pissing their pants outside you heard Growling and saw a shadow turn on the [ __ ] like you know what i mean What’s he gonna do What’s it gonna do unless you invoke it With will To yourself Oh that’s a different ball game and it Will Siphon you like a battery So david after this i’ve just noticed This because it’s come up in block Capital letters but

Uh somebody’s just said can you ask the Guest how under what circumstances He came to meet kenneth pass In person And I met him at a store I read about a radio shack in cook full Classy when there was a radio shack in Quick full tennessee It’s a fluke encounter and then uh Later on i For a while i had a group that not a Group i i Felt compelled to kind of Put out their people maybe Because there are people who suffer or Who have paranormal encounters and can’t Talk to anyone they don’t want to talk To them because every time they look Online they find nothing but [ __ ] Crazy people talking about All the [ __ ] that people talk about you Know just just everything they can Flying kylie i mean not even that Greater nonsense than that the indigo Star children are gonna reopen the Portal to god with the imagination of Projection through seminal fluid i’ll Drink through a cup we’re gonna get Together naked and beat bongos And the guy’s a doctor you had a weird Paranormal experience and he’s like I’m not i’m not doing that that’s None of these things are gonna happen

That’s not sanitary for one but uh You know so i i threw a thing out on Meetup if people needed Paranormal help and then like a support Group type deal and a shitload of people Oh we spoke about this on the first Interview i think yes yeah So that’s where you met him Yeah well no no no he didn’t come but he Did send a message that he demanded so The crazy thing is he didn’t know that i Had met him before Uh and he had sent a message i don’t Live anywhere near there now i think he Just trolls around Meetups and groups looking for people so This is just a Very weird very [ __ ] weird Coincidence that Um Yeah he demanded someone drive hours and Hours and hours to come get him so he Could teach us the truth that he’s to be Worshipped And for a while i trolled with him and i Was like you know i met you once before And he’s like oh brother this is the Universe putting you back in touch with Your father and i was like i think You’re full of [ __ ] And then he went off on a tyrant about How he was going to burn me alive And uh i just i [ __ ] blocked him yeah Yeah good old kenneth that’s that’s

That’s the kenneth Yeah He’s a nice guy he means well He’s just unbalanced i i don’t know if It’s a little bit wiring his head is off I mean you could say me oh i am on Balance down the walls i guess you know I think everybody a little bit is he’s Just a little more Than other people but He’s also living in government so after That uh I used some of my other talents to Figure out exactly who this [ __ ] Was And uh figured out where he lived his Name places he’s lived and realized he’s He’s you know for a time he was a ward Of the state Uh There are no more mental institutions uh But he’s been you know sectioned out by The cops a couple times when he loses His [ __ ] right now he’s living in Government housing in cookeville Tennessee Uh he’s You know just a [ __ ] crazy guy just One more crazy guy who’s just kind of Sad And lonely and aggressive oh uh Hopefully he gets Better soon He’ll never be better i don’t think he

Will no no i i yeah i think kenneth’s ad Will be trash and candace and will be Tragic and sad and there’ll just be Another You know lost soul out there Yeah but Go ahead we’re good yeah we can know What you say rich nothing Well no i was just gonna say on that Note i’ve been going for two hours um i Said it would just be a two-hour show Tonight so I it’s it i don’t like to i don’t like To cut the show at this point but i’ve I’ve kind of got to because i’ve got a Schedule tomorrow and i’m up at 6 00 a.m In the morning which is And it usually takes me two hours to get To sleep Um But i want to thank you all uh david Thank you for coming on again and uh i’d Like you to come on again at some point Yeah you’re an awesome guest on the show Lee my friend you’ll you look absolutely Knackered And rich tired i’ve done nothing but Sleep today as well Yeah Getting over this bug i’ve done nothing But sleep today and i can’t wait to go And do some more sleep yeah rich have You got a show tonight Yeah

Is it when is the show two hours don’t Know what it’s about yet I think it’s going to be about aliens Nope Nope no more aliens He doesn’t believe in aliens anymore no I don’t believe in anything it’s just Going to be a blank screen Create your own talk that’s what it’s Going to be tonight it’s not a bad idea Actually It’s not Yeah get the guests in No Open forum When you do that Nope nobody loves it It’s the same five people that keep Calling in I need we need to have you know have a New room in line There’s no rules Like what kind of rule give me an Example real quick see you don’t have One same the same people cat carly Everybody watching can’t wear pants That’s a good rule I like that Live stream Yeah i don’t know what tonight’s gonna Be yet i’ve been thinking about it i Have no idea i just haven’t had the time Today Well i’m sure it’ll be an awesome show

And i’ll look forward to watching in the Morning on the way to work because i’ve Got i’ve got i’ve got a big morning Tomorrow so It’ll take about three hours of me being On my own which means i get to listen To your show well i’ll make sure it’s It’s better than normal Well yeah because i’ll be listening yeah Yeah Yeah but thank you very much boys for Joining us tonight thanks um good night Go blessed Mind the books Yes Yeah it has been good i’ve enjoyed the The foursome Good night