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Were there any accidents here that you Know of or like history-wise anybody That died Well They say there’s a body out here What do you mean Yeah they said there’s a body they said That the guy killed his girlfriend and Dumped in a whale out back Indiana jones [ __ ] dude Some weird stuff has happened women Getting mad at their boyfriend for no Reason i mean just it was almost like um Something was getting in their head you Know what i mean Like is your body down there Is there somebody down there is there a Body down there [Applause] Do you believe A place where Is The darkness Is Me

New orleans louisiana A city where the dead literally Outnumber the living New orleans is famous across the world For its hauntings and its history but These hauntings they’re not confined to The famous more touristy parts of new Orleans like the french quarter or the St louis cemetery number one You see All of new orleans is haunted there’s a Darkness that stains the city and it’s a City that has its own character its own Life the cemeteries are alive When you walk the streets of the french Quarter the music it almost begs you to Stay But that’s why when we visited new Orleans we wanted to experience the Hauntings that weren’t touristy we Wanted to see the things that no one Else had seen And boy On this night that we filmed this video Did we see Some things we never Thought we would see Welcome To a lesser-known part of new orleans In this part of new orleans there’s a Power plant

We are refraining from using the name of The power plant you will see why in a Second But this place Is famous It’s massive it’s completely abandoned And It’s not dead You’ll see why soon But at the end of the night after we Were done filming here at this power Plant We discovered a mystery A mystery that the evidence we captured That night Only seemed To grow darker with So Allow me to welcome you to the Paranormal files to a very special Episode Let me know your thoughts on this Investigation in the comments below Hey everybody and welcome to the spirits Of the south our new orleans series We’re beginning today with an Investigation at an abandoned power Plant a very notorious place With uh A lot of history but not much history That you can find online this is Interesting in the interview you’ll see That we recorded there at the power Plant jimmy tells us that

There isn’t a lot of history known about The building because a lot of the Employees i think all of them were made To sign Basically nda’s non-disclosure Agreements about what happened when the Place closed and uh yeah still to this Day you can’t really find uh any Information about really the power Plants you know formation uh why it Closed all of that it’s just kind of Hidden and locked away but in the next Couple videos we’re going to be Including clips from us exploring Haunted hotels in new orleans drinking In the french quarter on bourbon street Taking murder tours along with the ghost Hunts but this episode is going to Function from beginning to end as a Chronicle of this one specific night it Is a crazy crazy video one of the Strangest in the history of the channel And one that will captivate you from Beginning to end just to remind you guys If you want to help support the channel Become a patron i’m on there all the Time talking to you guys thank you to All of my patrons you guys are the ones That are helping make this show possible And we are about to finally close the Merch store we’re uh we’re finalizing All the designs we’re gonna start Printing everything ourselves including Signed photos and stuff but if you want

To grab any of those original designs They’re all going to be gone we’re not Going to reissue them in the near future So this is one of your last chances but Anyways let’s get to the video thanks Everybody for watching if you’re here on The live premiere shout out to all you Guys i’m probably in the chat with y’all Right now but uh yeah let’s do this Okay youtube you wanna Give me a rundown real quick where we’re At We’re at the old new orleans power plant It’s the only thing that we know about It was just there’s an old power plant That is abandoned and hearing from other Youtubers that came here that do only Our backs they said that they had things They were hearing voices and things Thrown at them the typical things that Happen in abandoned buildings so we’re Like oh man we gotta go there and then Looking at the pictures online like it’s A really dope place that’s huge yeah It’s massive and we have never been here Like we’ve we’ve said before so this is New to all of us so um i’m very creeped Out my stomach’s bubbling up We got this guy over here walking in Circles yeah looking like he’s about to Murder someone no i wanted to get the Camera out before we even got out of the Car because just to show you guys

Remember this is new orleans yeah this Is new orleans one of the murder Capitals of the us and this guy is just Uh you know i i feel bad for homeless Individuals obviously but Um it’s just not the best site to see a Guy just pacing around He’s walking in He’s been doing this for about 15 Minutes like a bird in a cage is how he Literally yeah right exactly which is Like if this is outside of the power Plant who the [ __ ] knows what’s inside Yeah what’s what’s going to be inside Helicopter Oh really yeah i hope they’re here for Us either is that a police copter oh [ __ ] Great you got that camera on right i do Yeah holy crap [ __ ] Man all right 303 paranormal tv baby He’s saying that just in case we die Because there’s holes in this yeah again If you find these videos please drop Them for us My final wish and testament please like And subscribe we don’t know if we’re Gonna make it out of here Well i guess uh yeah we’re ready to go But let’s rock baby Just be careful when you step back bro Please appreciate you see what i was

Telling y’all about holes in the ground Can i ask you a question What are you doing in here Living you living here mm-hmm You ever had anything creepy happen to You he’s asking because yeah What do you mean creepy like i don’t Know certain spots you get like The hair on the back of your neck goes Up you get the goosebumps and you can Feel like cold spots and [ __ ] what’s Your name yellow okay all right man Colin All right i appreciate it man This is a dope building though Oh my god you see that mist From how Humid it is out here Okay guys so we’re back in new orleans Right now we’re at a massive abandoned Power plant we’ve never done a power Plant here on the show i don’t know why This isn’t focusing There we go you guys want to shy Yourselves out 303 paranormal tv All things paranormal official yeah yeah Yeah these are homies of ours great People go check out their channels but Uh yeah we’ve never done a uh power Plant before in this place if you guys Can’t tell from the b-roll is Massive And apparently according to the guy we Just ran into there are people living in

Here so Yeah let’s uh let’s just go in and uh It’s interesting though that we asked The guy and he said that there’s places That give him goosebumps he lives here You know I’ve never heard that from someone who Actually lives in a place but uh that’s Interesting All right y’all lead the way We’re just we’re just following So you guys have no idea of the layout Of this place Bro that’s what i’m saying we gotta have Him yeah I know the layout Wow Hey I hear it No it’s just Water from where thank god it rains Every day It does sound like somebody missing Just to give you guys context too these Guys said that friends of theirs have Been peed on here in the building yeah Well that’s what they say when i hear a P noise i’m gonna point it out i don’t Really Want to get I heard that That was twigs breaking You know if that’s a p noise it’s a very Long pee i highly doubt it

Oh my god Hmm Are you sure you don’t want to talk to Somebody that’s been here longer is There somebody here that we could talk To that has yeah they got somebody’s Been here way longer than me yeah bro Jimmy He’s upstairs by his room No not yet Careful over here everybody That’s like my big brother See do you think this place is haunted Or it’s got something to it yeah Really yeah why do you why do you say so I mean just weird [ __ ] that happens You hear noises You feel [ __ ] like when you walk in Certain areas the other day when that Bad storm came it felt like the building Was starting really really all right Let’s start it this is good all right Man you want to start the roof So when was this built do y’all have any Idea it was like the 1950s or something Like that 1897 Really i would have loved to see this Place in full operation That’s insane dude this is an old-ass

Building Jesus Oh yeah okay watch where i walk down the Wood i know i kicked that wood man So We’re here looking for paranormal stuff Uh-huh What have you Experienced or heard from people in this Building It’s i think this building is haunted i Think it may be racist everybody every Black person that’s come out here has Been hurt severely and something really Bad happened at this place that nobody Will talk about From what i understand that people that Used to work here uh had to sign a gag Order saying that they would never talk About anything that happened out here Something happened they closed this Place down and just shut it down you Know i mean it’s like and this you Should power all in new orleans But yeah i’m thinking something bad Happened in this place They’re not talking about Really so everyone had to sign like an Nda basically Just know a guy that used to work used To come out here a black guy maybe a Pretty good friend um his dad used to Work here he asked his dad about it his Dad wouldn’t say nothing

You know really about why it closed About any of it period nothing Really he and when he was a kid When he was a kid they used to go tr uh Go on vacation or whatever i can’t Remember where he said they went but on The way home they always stopped here Because it was kind of like a halfway Point even after it closed because he Had key still and they used the bathroom You know and then they go on to the House never would talk about anything to Happen really What do you have any idea on what you Think it might be what happened No no maybe cancer cancer stuff Yeah chemicals and everything this used To be you know there’s a pennies that Power out new orleans i don’t know if it Was steam or coal I imagine coal though because they got The shoots So you yourself you ever had any Creepy any places in here that just feel Kind of creepy that building over there Uh it kind of makes it really creepy Sometimes and um The catacombs on occasion Not really i mean i’ve been out here Before by myself like three nights in a Row Nine nothing well i wouldn’t say Nothing it’s not enough to creep you out Huh no

Have you ever had anything like happen To you like heard a voice or like Footsteps like First time ever happened something like That and it’s weird because All right when i was a little kid You know i used to go to church and they Told me if i prayed and asked to see an Angel i could see an angel well you’re Not kids are you know they’re innocent Pretty much you know so i really pray With my whole heart well that night i Woke up in the middle of the night and If you walk up the top of the steps of The apartment my mom lived in when you Get to the top of the steps if you keep Going forward you run into a closet Nowhere to go Her bedroom was across the hall my Bedroom was you know other way well i Woke up in the middle of the night and My mom had this White winter coat and it looked like my Mom’s standing in the doorway for a Minute and i was like mom what are you Doing and then it just kind of turned And went towards the closet i was like Where you going and as a kid i kind of Got scared and i pulled my head over the Color covers over my head and i yelled Underneath the covers got real bright And then it got black again Really yeah they really freaked me out That’s crazy so you were a kid yeah i

Was really young and I thought i won’t ever forget though do You feel like you’re kind of you’ve had Paranormal experiences in your life well I i feel that i’m in tune with stuff i Actually you know what do you feel like About in here like what’s the right What’s the vibe of this well just the Complex in general the whole ability Yeah what’s the vibe in here Yeah you said scary yeah Why do you say that i don’t know i just Get good feeling when i walk certain Places it feels like somebody’s watching Me or something sometimes yeah sometimes Yeah what do you think that would be General just uneasiness you’d say yeah Sometimes feel like you always your hair Is on your whole body to stand up does Anything Change or move oh yeah man stuff Disappears all the time and there’s like Man who else could have ain’t nobody Else been out here you know we kind of Keep an eye Coming and going If the if there’s one experience you’ve Had here in the building what would you Say is like the kind of freakiest thing That’s happened to you [ __ ] moving is normal anyway you know You might set something down and not Paying attention but You hear like doors slamming or oh you

Hear noises in this place all night long But most of them you can justify voices But it’s those definitely hear voices a Lot You’ll hear people talking and because You you hear the echo you know You can hear people talking and you can Hear from a good distance in here yeah Right and if you go looking and this is A lot of time you don’t find nothing Really and we’ve looked man like we were All like five of us weren’t looking one Night but we heard somebody talking and We couldn’t find nobody really Is there any like were there any Accidents here that you know of or like History-wise anybody that died another i Know of well They say there’s a body out here What do you mean a body yeah they said There’s a body they said that the guy Killed his girlfriend and dumped on a Whale out back oh no That’s what they say where’s the well End It’s outside you go outside you go down I just can show you that’ll be badass Dude you wanna go there first Well i guess why don’t we go to the roof First because we’re all the way up here Thank you man for showing us around I would have loved to see this place in Operations Have you ever heard of anybody like

You’re like hurting here after it was Abandoned now if somebody one night said That they thought that you heard Somebody going for help like that i got Over there i didn’t hear nothing really But and you can’t really account you Can’t you can’t take much into account This person because they’re credited They’re not very credible Still though i mean that’s not the best Thing to be hearing and i have heard Stuff i’ve heard like i said i’ve heard It And now i hear at night like two or Three other people have heard it we’re Looking can’t find nothing what are they Like men’s voices Oh yeah Kind of pretty much going all the way up But they’re a little different each One’s a little different and how tall is This building eight seven stars i think I was going to show you this right here We’re going back up behind me I get creeped out over here sometime This area yeah And what is this the locker no this is Where The wires and stuff come down through Here Oh wow So this would have been Like just a

Electrical yeah i mean like i said it Generated power And then it shot all the power all over New orleans Hey No public access that’s ironic Damn man This is a hike Dude i would too man Holy [ __ ] I first started coming out here i was Terrified of heights And i got up in the beams Walking around in the beams and then i Realized what i was doing and where i Was at and i looked down and i grabbed Hold the beam and my friends had to come And get me down they laughed at me oh mr Tough guy mr tough guy you’re afraid of Heights huh Shut up man i think funny Because i’m not afraid of anything Really yeah Yeah i’m not anymore i’m not afraid Especially once you’re walking under the Barbed wire oh yeah that barber yeah i Did inside that gate there’s a lever you Hit that lever it’ll drop really yep is That like a trap yeah to keep people From pulling up no Way That’s hardcore dude They had

Guns thought that they thought some People that were here were doing some Bad stuff and they weren’t but they were Taking it upon themselves Yeah This is really pretty There’s a nice little breeze up here too Yeah i’ll take you over here on the Other side you see river real good damn Bro Downtown new orleans i’ve been here for About five years i’m from originally From canada but i moved from canada to Atlanta and i live in atlanta like 25 Something years and then i moved here I’ve been here for the first five years It’s a great city dude i like it i mean It’s it’s got us up since guys down yeah You ain’t careful to chew up and spit You out man it’s got a nasty dark side Choice Man this is a homie where you live oh He’s talking about like some voodoo [ __ ] The dark side man That’s just real You got some experiences with that my Sister studied witchcraft a lot uh her Best friend xlana owns our own holistic Shop up in blue ridge mountains in Georgia and man yeah it’s real It’s just different little things in Life you know like for example i was Pulling a chiller out and i climbed all The way up in the beams downstairs where

The room is where i said that crane is I climbed all the way up into the [ __ ] rafters all the way up top and i Mounted the pulley and then i mounted a Cable and the cable came from the roof Mounted to the Uh beam it came down and hit a pulley on Top of the chiller then it went back up And hit a pulley that i mounted to the Beam and it came down and caught another Pulley and then i hooked it come along To it and i was pulling it and as i’m Pulling it i’m pulling this chain come Along i look up and i’m standing right Underneath that a pulley up there and I’m like yeah something goes wrong man I’m in a bad spot right now mm-hmm so i Was like Maybe i just should step to the side but I was like nah you know what i’d be able To move out the way if something happens You know i hear it you know then i got To thinking more and i was like you know I’m going to step over i took like three Steps i pulled two times And you heard boom boom Like a 30 like like like a a nine Millimeter something like that going off It was loud and that pulley hit right Where i was standing if i’ve still been Standing there you know And it was like it just out of nowhere Or something just said hey man you’re Watching out you might wanna you wanna

Move over wow man Kind of a dangerous building yeah it Really is you know you gotta really Watch your step you gotta watch where You’re going some of these stairs you Can’t go up but one in person at a time I mean or you could but i wouldn’t Advise it and there’s not a place in This place i haven’t been really i’ve Been up him at least once but that Doesn’t mean i’ll do it again Oh yeah be very careful babe yeah Yeah you okay honey He came from uh I’m good bro i love it here What are you thinking baby it’s a creepy Place It’s very creepy did you see all the Heroin needles down there no They look on the ground when you’re Walking heroin needles literally Everywhere Really Dozens This is a very Crazy place And we didn’t even expect to come here It was like a last-minute deal right I don’t think this is where we came I want to go see that well Jesus man This is like decades of graffiti too Oh

Like that Wow A silhouette of a person we’re wearing Women’s clothes down in there because he Went down in there to look for something And um i don’t know if i believe him so Much but it’s very possible and i told Him i said if you are that sure that you Seen a body in there i said we’re gonna Have to call it holy hmm yeah yeah Honestly that means everybody’s probably Gonna be run up out of here well then he Recanted and But do you think you said that because You didn’t want yourself to come around I’m sure he did i think he believed what He think but then again at the same time It could have been just i don’t know i Mean I Still a very creepy uh thing to be told That someone saw that well when i first Started staying out here Every time i pass that thing It’s Wreak of death Really but i thought it was a dead Animal and because i didn’t hear about The story until later on Wow That’s interesting His death has a very unmistakable smell Yeah

I’ve smelled the dead body before from Someone who od’d on heroin You can’t you can’t mistake when you Smell that [ __ ] It’s like uh it’s like fish I’d say like some rotten fish Um Okay did y’all see that don’t hold on to This because it’s oh Oh yeah i’m not afraid of heights either Anymore i am afraid of falling though Yes buttons stop at the end it terrifies Me Did you step on that grace yeah i did It’s it’s dirty Go ahead man just don’t think about It just walk fast Let’s go I’m about to crawl Oh now it’s my turn This is a tree right here yeah We’re telling ourselves into sweaty mess That’s an exploration Yeah i told y’all This his head when he come out of the Hospital he was worried about the police Wanting to get him for something else Yeah and so he left the hospital early And he came back over here and his head Was freaking egg shaped dude It was not normal where did he fall from From right here from right here down There he was standing right there and he

Handed somebody else a flashlight and he Turned the walk it wasn’t paying Attention where he was at and he went And lived Man i didn’t even need to work out this Morning i know Kept the whole damn thing done tonight Like next time y’all come out if y’all Want i’ll show you this other building This is the building that creeps me out The most this one that building right There yeah why is this i don’t know why It just does for some reason and they Just get weird vibes from it it’s it’s It’s not as old as this it’s an addition But it’s i don’t know something about it Some bad energy yeah essentials and bad Energy That’s what it’s about man is just Energy Yes when he first came in here yeah bro I heard the sound of my sweat hitting The floor Make it rain Oh it’s a [ __ ] thunderstorm baby A chase bag Spray paint This is your favorite that’s one of them My second favorite

My actual favorite favorite is here We’re going this way Better than this is over the tower So yeah i i was like happy and then Everybody started cutting holes I am very disoriented Everybody online And i’ve barely been in this but I’m very sweaty we hear both of you holy Look at my shirt it literally is soaked And i’m wearing this jacket for fashion Sense Fashionably very hot Not in the way that you’d like to be Though Oh [ __ ] so this is the active power Plant Part of it Indiana jones [ __ ] dude That’s so cool oh [ __ ] The only way to get up there is in the Back you gotta try and kind of climb up But you can get up there there’s a hole Right Right there okay it goes way down i’ll Show you yeah i definitely want to we Came all the way here yeah The mosquitoes out here ain’t [ __ ] Compared to the killing fields the other Night courtney literally had about 50 60 Mosquito bites

[ __ ] that’s badass Good job Oh Arms day [ __ ] i don’t know i was getting a full Body workout today watch this whole baby Oh Here let me take your backpack you want Me to grab you No He’s heavy i’m heavy All right hey don’t down play my primal Strength Come on hercules Ready one two three Oh [Laughter] Ruger All right man let’s see this well This is like a [ __ ] jungle gym bro Yeah You’re definitely definitely getting Your Exercise I will say though if you’re gonna hide a Body this is a damn good place right There really is a bunny down here it’s Been there a long time yeah Oh my god you are So completely can you get a shot of that Can you show that I’m not even kidding I would win right now

Oh dave check out my back too oh My god Look at his back jimmy what is it yeah Oh good thing you got that backpack to Cover it up here Is this the well this is the well all This right here this is where they said They seen it Look babe this is the well this is the Spot where they went down they went down That line and they said they seen it Down there They saw a dead body i love what they Thought they did okay so jimmy lee can You uh retell that story you were Talking about the guy who said he saw Something here oh yeah he uh he went Down there and he said he’d seen the Silhouette of a female look like wearing Uh you see a silhouette of a person who Looked like i was wearing female clothes And down in the water Oh my god how long ago was that Uh Two years ago And they said that if you call the Police they’d have to come and kick People out and everything i mean i was All about calling the police but then he Was like you know he said he said well He could just been some clothes He was kind of drunk at the time but Still that’s a pretty big thing to see Down there yeah

Yeah have you ever been down there nah I mean i’ve been yeah i’ve been down There but not that way i didn’t go that Way That’s like a uh a barrier wall and you Got to see they got different size uh Levels of water on each side And i think what they did was they use This to cool it Off Damn dude that’s crazy i climbed down This way when i went down there Yeah i’ll let you go Now back up This is where you climb Over here yeah we should definitely eat It some weird stuff has happened out Here um people’s minds have like for Example Women getting mad at their boyfriend for No reason i mean just it’s almost like Um It was almost like um something was Getting in their head you know what i Mean Like Literally driving crazy there’s a couple People that come out here and I guess you could say weak-minded mm-hmm Yeah You know as well as i do experience you Know they can’t hurt you physically the Only thing they can do is mess with you

Mentally and if you’ve got a weak mind And you’re very susceptible for them you Know and just to do whatever they want And wreak havoc in your head And then of course you know there’s been A few people have come out here that you Know i haven’t been really strong-willed And strong-minded and you could see like Almost like taking over you know it’s Like Start accusing her boyfriend and doing Stuff that he wasn’t doing and it just It was a mess and then they would leave The place and they’d be like you know [ __ ] started going back to normal and it Was like then they said that It was the girl here This area right here this area just this Whole place i mean in general you know i Mean that’s crazy people are starting to I don’t know um Like he was messing with them but you Had somebody Tell you that they felt like they Had seen a body right here under this Comp this area we stand right now right Did they mention like how decomposed it Looked or they didn’t they said they Didn’t really see they said this whole Guy like floating in the water what do You believe it I don’t know I thought about going down there and Checking myself but

I really don’t want to see a body like That you know Yeah okay i understand you can’t unsee Anything you know what you see jack I’m sure you’d smell it yeah well not Anymore how long has it been over two Years and it’s in water yeah it’d be Every time i walk by this area i’d smell Something worried and i just thought it Was a dead animal you know yeah because I didn’t know about the story So you actually came through this area Smelled Like rot like decomposition And then at the same time yeah somebody Then told you that there was a body out Here Wow and just for the camera record he Told us this Off camera this is not like we’re making This up yeah this is what you said and That’s why we said we got to go to the Well so Let’s get some devices i think this is a Great place to do the actual Ghost hunting cool even though Holy [ __ ] I’m going to put a ramp on right here by The entrance I actually just put it by the steps over Here Look at that already There’s spare presents here That’s actually insane

And and for people saying online on our Last video that courtney and i did a git Sheet with bugs flying around look if There ain’t any bugs around there no Oh what bugs cannot Can you step away from it please The spirit that’s touching that can you Step away Just one second It’s responding step back Thank you Get back all the way back You step towards us over here Digital recording yeah i’m going to do a Digital recorder I would review it in the field right now But if you just show this on camera the Battery is on one So it’s probably going to die in the Midst of this recording but I said it Right there hit record Oh my god This is literally wearing a Wet Rag Okay if there’s somebody down there if Your body is down there in that well We’re inviting you to come out Speak with us We’d love to uh Help tell your story

Is there somebody down there in the well If there is somebody down If there is somebody down there Can you tell us your name [Applause] Tell us the name of the person that Brought you here [Applause] Were you murdered is that how you ended Up down there [Applause] Do you want someone to come down and Help try to find you Why don’t you guys ask me questions let Me get you guys reporting you want to Ask for something Um If there’s somebody down there we heard That Somebody may have saw your body down There and we would love to bring you Answers is there any way that you can Come and touch this rim pod that we have Set up The camera better just started by if You’re here please come touch the rim Pod Tell us what year Were you placed here in the well Who did this to you taking an iphone Video my camera just dropped from two Bars to uh dying

Almost immediately after starting this Session Can you put your light down for a second After two questions immediately after Starting this session Can you put your light down for a second Ask like two questions Now this is very interesting those evps Were totally freaky um i heard amanda And joshua i don’t know what you guys Heard um but That points towards a murder you know if You go with that narrative that possibly Joshua killed amanda and put her body Down there in the well where maybe it Still is to this day like i said we Don’t know we didn’t actually go down to The well But um some evidence that’s going to Happen in a little bit is going to kind Of confuse you and cloud the narrative Because i don’t really know what to Think about it but those are extremely Clear evps joshua and amanda i heard Both of those when i was listening to That and the crimes kind of like Almost like when i was listening to the To the recorder i that’s what i heard so Let me know below if you guys heard Something else but what do you think at This point do you think that it’s Possible there’s a body down there let Me know in the comments below My

Battery just died in the middle of that Shot and uh It just deleted Everything that i just recorded with the Uh Rem pod going off in the beginning of Our evp session so i’m gonna get footage From you guys Did you record me doing the evp yeah From the beginning yeah all right great But uh also they missed yeah yeah yeah Okay what did you just what were you Just talking about over here Yeah he’s away from all of us So it’s not like he smelled us or Anything yeah And then i swore i smelled something a Few seconds after he smiled and it Smelled like a woman like a women’s Like a lotion How much you smelled something right now But like like a honey Yeah i just smelled something just like That Weird i smelled that too also Let’s look at this the k2 is on a Solid reading here okay Oh wow look at that it’s just completely Solid Something here Look at that orange in the middle I don’t know if it’s the power plant Being residual or any of that You wanna do a spirit box

Very [ __ ] sweaty still yeah very [ __ ] how are you so sweaty and i’m Still dry and i’m wearing two shirts a Lucky [ __ ] that’s what i call Him he’s a sweaty boy he’s always sweaty Literally i’ll be freezing and he’s like Is it hot in here No that’s not here hold this for a sec Babe okay i’m gonna pause this voice Recorder over here Oh look at it it’s dead it’s [ __ ] Dead what look it you see that Sure like courtney you see that So right here check out the camera seems To have died almost at the exact same Time that the voice recorder died so Here i’m going to play you the clip from The camera shoot on here Now you heard that audio listen to when The voice recorder recording stops which Means that the recorder died Now isn’t that weird it’s almost like an Energy came into the area and uh and Killed both devices at the same time and It’s around the same time that as you’re About to see or maybe you already did i Don’t know uh we recorded a massive k2 Spike or energy like a flat line on the Device so i don’t know It was getting weird at this point out There yeah i’m going to plug in the Ovulus as well I love the obvious Spell

Industry Industry it’s turning on look at look at How much does it say It said waters Digital industry colin yeah Orb numbers Two Tides Written on the roof up there A giant two Tune Tune Tell us your name Us where we’re at Tell us what is colin standing next to How were you killed I don’t want to see that You know what that is right no it’s when Stigmata you’re going to get scared now Is what happens when Um the signs of the The nails that went into jesus’s hands Up here on your on your hands and feet That’s stigmata really [ __ ] it’s them we Just asked you that means you’re Experiencing the crucifer you know Crucification right That’s stick mode If was easy give race Show if was easy give race Almost like each other there’s been Gracious Stuff

You guys want to do a spirit box Sure That tree over there is a movie You see through does it say moving i Said me it says show me Show me here it says show me right here Through you see it like where the lights Are okay Report Yeah it’s the only one moving there’s Nothing else moving weird Puncture puncture Stab Sun july Were you punctured were you stabbed July what Choking for air gasping for air bro yeah Were you drowned Did you drown down there Maybe she was suffocated and just threw Her body here Government Scratch Scratch Whoever’s here if you’re the woman whose Body might be down there Can you please come through and connect With us What’s your name What’s your name [Laughter]

Now this is crazy to me something we did Not connect at the time so just moments Before we started doing the session with The spirit box Uh courtney actually recorded the ovulus As saying report rocket in that order Report rocket almost like go to the Police and report rocket um a lot of These people who were at the power plant That night had nicknames you’ll notice The guy at the beginning introduced Himself as yellow so it makes me wonder If maybe somebody who was there living In the area somewhere around there or Passing through was named joshua and he Went by the name rocket because right After we recorded that on the obvious on The obvious sorry the uh the spirit box Says rocket in a woman’s voice in a very Firm kind of kind of way So Yeah that’s uh what do you guys think is Rocket a nickname what what is rocket What does it have to do with this paper You see it like where’s your ass Report yeah it’s the only one moving Feel like a screen [Laughter] Are you down is your body down there in The well Is your spirit down there in the well Should we turn the lights off

Can you come out of the well and tell us Your name Were you murdered Marley Do you know the name david [Laughter] Dancing It’s like there’s like a woman’s voice Then some kind of almost evil sounding Men’s voices who’s here with us right Now Tell me your name please [Laughter] Did you take your own life and end up Down there Is there any of us that remind you of Who brought you here Can you splash around in the water down There for us Water water bro Still that’s weird it’s very Close Do you want somebody to find you down There Debbie

You did you jump down here Is there somebody down there is there a Body down there Were you murdered Did you take your own life Crossovers Is there anything you want us to hear or Anything you want to say Is your body down there Oh man I definitely feel some some things here But i feel like it’s difficult to Communicate with it you know what i mean It is crazy then No [Applause] No i got I was even saying like i feel like There’s something here but it’s Difficult to communicate with it and Then it says and i literally went like This babe i pointed over here to get a Shot and said wow oh my god Wow That’s crazy dude ready to explore the Rest of this yeah let’s do it man can we It hurt you i just said malevolent all Right well You know what we are It just said stay it’s like yeah y’all

Should stay that’s There are cables everywhere by the way Yeah what if one snaps like final Destination Well y’all want to move on to another Place let’s do another building okay all Right All right jimmy we’ll go another Building So this building here is safe there’s Nothing in there Hurts you for the most part there’s no Holes or nothing like that um i’m gonna Let y’all go ahead i’m gonna give you Something to eat real quick i’m sorry You got it But if y’all need anything holler at me Obviously i’ll just be right over there Do we get out of here When you come back out you when you when You go to the bottom mm-hmm can you go Wrap that door there Oh okay you do me a favor All right thanks jimmy we appreciate you Thank you man i appreciate you so much Dude No problem no problem nice to meet you Nice to meet you all right jimmy be cool Dawg like i said if y’all ever will come Back y’all wanna come back out um man For y’all leave swing by and i’ll give You my number should i actually be right

Over Is We’re not here to harm you we mean no Disrespect i’m drew Leslie Yeah see what he mean when he said this Part is creepier You know it’s funny it’s where did they Say that because this part is a little Bit more Let’s go down Yeah let’s go down Whoa look at that What bro That is something deep oh you scared me You see that It looks like a Like a dog It smells what yeah cause it’s rotten It’s a dog what oh yeah that’s That looks like it’s definitely a dog Just laying there dead that’s quite the Omen You can see the hair on the top Smells so It bad scary in here and that didn’t Help Yeah this is a lot creepier in here Beautiful That smells in the whole stairway My light’s dead

Oh look at all the water in here All right where’s that exit he was Talking about that no but let’s find it Candy jacket Shoes baby i didn’t realize power plants Were so creepy That is creepy Yeah That definitely is a heat All right let’s go back down What about that one right in front of us No this one If he said there’s a way out there’s got To be a There’s door over here Yo there you go baby let’s go And we’re right by our car and we’re Right by the car Okay y’all we’re gonna do a proper Wrap-up later on but i just want to Experiment here you’re gonna ring i Seriously yeah i do not think i’ve ever Been this sweaty ever in my entire life Before Look at this Let’s just see here if we can get some Sweat out Oh Dude That Wow dude come on Hey y’all Oh my god

Jimmy what the [ __ ] Is that you jimmy Um that was Terrifying Let’s just get the what a way to end the Episode y’all want No I got the salt cleanse baby All right okay we’ll do a wrap up Tomorrow ending our night here Great location power plant it’s been a Great night don’t come visit literally Do not The dead dog at the end was just an Interesting little ending I think the most interesting part was The sweat ring That was nasty that was pretty Disgusting Finally at the end of the day we don’t Really know Anything about the well Some of the evidence pointed towards a Woman who may have taken her own life And ended up down there other evidence Like report rocket joshua amanda That all points towards a homicide of Some sort now i looked up joshua amanda Rocket i searched every possible Combination of those terms nothing has Come up for me So it’s kind of a mystery as to what the Evidence points to but i should point Out now this is a bizarre little twist

To this story So I in researching for this episode i was Trying to find Um you know Any sort of history about the building i Couldn’t find any but i did come across A blog post that was talking about the Power plant in the history of the Building and in that post the person Mentions that a body was discovered Floating in the power plant in 2017 Now i don’t know how that fits with the Timeline jimmy said it was two years ago So that would have been 2019 but this Guy in his post on the blog Said that when people were clearing out The power plant another body was found Uh i think they were draining it because It had become flooded but it says Clearly right there there was a body Found floating in the power plant so I don’t know what to think about all That at the end of our trip i came back And i visited jimmy again he had a Little dog with him that he had taken in A stray jimmy was a great great guy Totally amazing host very gracious for Showing us around Jimmy if you’re out there i hope you’re Watching man i appreciate it dude i went And i brought jimmy some food some water And stuff on that last day hung out with Them a little bit more before we left

Town But uh Yeah thank you guys for watching and uh Let me know do you think there’s a body In that well beneath the Or i guess out back behind the power Plant i would really like to know what You guys have to think about this uh This entire episode so it really is a Compelling one and uh I don’t know what to think myself but Anyways colin here I love you guys we’ll see you next week For another episode of spirits of the South i was gonna say southern spirits And uh i love y’all stay spooky Hello