Myths and Legends, what should we believe?

By | September 23, 2021
Myths and Legends, what should we believe?

Why am i always late always like a Couple of minutes you know 30 seconds come on stop exaggerating People good evening folks welcome to Alien addicts on this fine and Mythological Evening How are we all diddling on this fine Luxurious and it is a luxurious evening Because we have my two favorite people In the world joining me on alien addict Tonight We have lee from mussy audio hi Good evening bring me in first I i it’s just the click of the button i I go to What i’m drawn to and i always come to Rich last because he’s usually doing Something very naughty on the other end So i just need to control him Good evening rich giordano and that’s it No one usually is still smoking that Room Yeah that’s right I had to get it because i’m working all Day today You’ve been here You have been busy you’ve been a busy Man you’ve been a busy beefer you you You were gonna have michael horny on Last night and he didn’t turn up and you Destroyed him today And myers Yes

I haven’t watched the full stream Because i started watching when i got Home but i’ve watched about 30 minutes of the stream And i’ve watched the whole of what you Put up um the 15 minute um i’m going to Carry on watching that tomorrow and i Urge anybody Who ever questioned billy myers stuff And tells me Alien addicts it could be real you know Maybe these Ufos are just tree huggers you know they Just like to sniff the trees Without a shadow or a doubt that I remember them bins rich i remember Them that’s what they used to put my School dinners in do you remember that Lee The school dinners in the big blue bins And they used to put the The leftovers in there and sometimes the The the kid that got picked on would get Dipped inside oh my god Yeah i didn’t like it Um how many times how many times did you Get dipped ollie oh my And My face wasn’t always ginger until i got You know Um Dipped dipped and i got the radiation Poisoning I’m school dinners

Because that’s what ginger people are It’s a radiation Too much radiation i’m sorry but we are It’s radiation so what’s my excuse Have you got any ginger A powerful meat up I’ve got no ginger near me i’m married Ginger though don’t be proud of it I’m married Interesting personality but i’m a little Upset um everything’s falling apart guys Travis walton Billy meyer Who’s next Bob lazar is not real On jelly well bob’s not actually real He’s just a hologram yeah he’s not real I i i i’ve sent angeli an email a very Nice email the other day She’s completely ignored me it’s like Maybe Maybe she saw a clip Yeah yeah it’s my fault Blame it on me i don’t think she likes Men That’s what i knows never do i Who knows i know I know i’ve seen her type before Well you know I i would love it and don’t worry guys This is not clickbait we are going to Start getting onto the the sasquatch and The loch ness monster and a bit of Mothman i love a bit of mothman rich

You know i had the mothman ready before You even started speaking about them Offline But yeah i do want to speak about that Briefly before we even get on with this Because this is the thing And People Like Anjali anjali or whatever she likes to Call herself Angela Angela yeah i like that one What if she pulls through She will i said this to you yeah she Will It’s never been done But what if she does And it’s a slight bit of um Not evidence but what if there’s Something You know what if there is something If there’s something they’re going to Use david wilcox flying car and they’re All going to go around the universe Come on man that this if it okay you Want to play devil’s advocate as people Say Uh well then everything changes how About that everything We have to rewrite history books we’ll Have to rewrite our medical journals We might even have to uh You know add them in as citizens and i

Mean the whole thing can change Overnight or maybe they don’t want to Live on earth they have to live in this Cave Or maybe the cave isn’t really there i Mean it’s there but they’re in a Hologram deck or something it’s weird i Was Listening to a thing this afternoon Talking about um What were they called Micro Um Micro dimensions And the the idea being that you could Have like a small structure because they They they were talking to the uh about This in relationship to That um is it missing four one one with The whether people go missing in the National forest David Yeah yeah And he was talking about in relation to That way there’s uh a theory that you Could have like trees or rocks or cliffs That essentially aren’t trees or rocks Or cliffs but if you can go inside the Tree then inside the tree it’s thousands Of miles like wide because it’s a micro Dimension it’s like yeah you can just Say anything we you know we can say i Think absolutely yeah yeah because if You’re talking i mean don’t you wrong of

Course i want that to be real it’s good Um but if you talk if you’re talking About imaginary land every anyone could Be an expert I’m i’m an expert in never neverland I have my own never never land yeah So so So we what they’re saying there is that Basically that little thing from the men In black with the marble that could be Real yeah yeah Yeah it really can Doesn’t that blow you away we could just Be microbes man we could be living in a Microbe you know something like a Microbe Maybe each atom has a universe inside it That’d be a freaking lot of things going On I mean not many oh my god what if all The if you had if you say Every sort of like micro of every cell Is essentially another universe inside Another universe and But the The activity that goes on Inside those like mini worlds like like Ours so for everything from making a cup Of coffee really nicely like rich just Did to uh having a nuclear war That creates energy and that’s what Makes essentially microbes and life Forms work as these Tiny little civilizations

Making making the power to do it I think If anything What What life is as well as As we’ve progressed and the more that we The more we think we know with science The less it makes sense Yeah Right I thought this today i i thought um I think i think we need to start when You look at sort of the stuff that’s Going on with quantum physics and things Like that we need to switch that saying Around now and the saying should be Um Any any advanced science can be Indistinguishable from magic and switch It round Because i think magic was their first Yeah lee It was you that got me to say that i Think i said that on another show when You wasn’t on and i thought where did i Get that from and i got it from you You’ve said that many times you know What if it’s [ __ ] magic What if it’s magic But which which leads it leads us on to Tonight’s show with the you know the Hairy man himself um thank you You’re welcome i bet you michael he’ll Be here later he said michael is harry i

Bet michael’s a hairy man A very beautiful hair he’s not you’ve Seen him i’ve seen his ass it’s not Hairy i’m joking He takes care shaving his beard not like Myself yeah he’s as he’s got a delicious That’s a man that waxes his balls I can’t believe i didn’t get a laugh out Of that i’m a little depressed is this All which which [ __ ] did you say What there now lee’s making up for it Thank you So much Sometimes things just pass me by What are you asking what i mean Mainly my wife But oh no yeah what no no she just Passes me by sometimes you know oh okay Yeah we don’t speak she just walks Around Um I’m glad i got really high before this Show this is amazing You need to you need to this is what i’m Serious i smoke too much i’m a little Bit out there right now Oh well well this that leads us on to Bigfoot Hey I know that guy i think that’s getting Old isn’t it i need That’s the best one ever stephen and the Hendersons I just had coffee go out my left nostril

Sorry see i’ve got one one of my Nostrils doesn’t work yeah I had my nose broken and it’s definitely I was Nose broken he had his nose broken yeah They did Well yeah Well i had one of those too my sister Pushed me down the stairs she tried to Call me i i broke my nose loads of times When i was 20. usually like around the Weekend What are you doing running in the fists Doesn’t matter get up i’ll be Demonetised to carry on Oh okay oh yeah don’t speak about Fasting we’re not gonna go there tonight Huh Who’s a bigfoot fan I’m a bigfoot fan but i don’t believe in It That is Like the fact that bigfoot fans Abbreviation is bff Oh yeah That’s the best Did any of you guys see the um the one That There’s a channel i can’t remember is a Big foot hunter And then he’s the guy who’s Eating bits of his foot I don’t know is it the same guy that Shot this i love yeah that thing’s real

That’s makeup job don’t you think Something’s going on there i don’t i Don’t believe it’s a big foot Big nose Yeah that’s a dude They just did a good makeup job very Good makeup i think yeah doesn’t it look Like makeup to you yes It doesn’t look like natural Um it doesn’t look like that uh that That branch is there Because for that I’m no photography expert i am but if He’s took that with Like a Like a a decent camera which i think You’d have to because of how in focus That like middle branch is i don’t Believe The back Image would be so in focus as well yeah I know it’s slightly out of focus but You’d have the bokeh thing going Wouldn’t you nope Not boca what’s it called depth of field I forgot it’s called that looks accurate To me that i think everything’s there That’s Yeah yeah big time Who’s the guy that that Got this Um I don’t know he’s still on youtube Though isn’t he yeah yeah and he takes

People out now does he Yeah i think he takes people big foot i Think it’s like i don’t know how much They have to pay but he they they go out With him I believe so i could be putting i could Be putting i could be just now you know Making i could be just making up the Charges there but i believe i heard that He does charge If he’s charging it’s fake Next time you know what why why if he’s Charging it’s fake one if he’s What if he’s got expenses to pay Oh come on this is nature nature you Don’t let you don’t charge people to see Something like that i mean that’s Ridiculous You would have a guy getting in makeup And make an appearance And then people feel like they got their Money worth their money’s worth that’s Me i i mean maybe i’m wrong no no no no No if he’s a nice crook i don’t know The thing is with that for me if if your Passion is big for Do you and bigfoot likes to Remain anonymous he likes to You know make sure he He doesn’t like people’s seeing him yeah Why would you then Take people out to try and find him You know if your passion if you really Want to find him and you really want to

Spend time well it looks like he already Has uh You know that’s That’s as up close and personal as it Gets You know unless he’s unless he’s zoomed In I think he was zoomed in he was zoomed In Yeah I watched a documentary yesterday it was Called chimpanzee It’s freaking awesome uh And when you look at a chimpanzee or Any Kind of vape they look way different Than what we see here yeah and i would Think if we saw a real bigfoot it would Be part man part 8 part whatever And it would look a little better than That Don’t you think yeah it wouldn’t look Like um That’s like like a like a gorilla stood Up in a in a man costume Now one thing i noticed when i was Watching chimpanzee Was I always thought you saw the striations Of the muscles as they flex when they Walk These chimpanzees looked like they were Wearing suits All right yeah it was interesting

I’m a little uh curious as to I’ll tell you something if he has faked It though rich he he’s done kind of a Good job from the original photograph From back then hell yeah oh this guy Which guy this guy Yeah if you look at the face You talking about giblet or did the the New guy The new guy Okay He’s done he’s done a good job of kind Of Mimicking this Yeah but if you go back go back to the Other you see the lips That would be lips of an outdoor Ape You know if that was makeup then this Guy literally has no upper lip Go back and look at the lip I mean There’s quite a few people like that you See you see you call them no lips yeah i Guess but what i’m saying if this was Makeup It’s hard to cover up your human parts You would see the indents and stuff it’s A very well done Look it could be real man i mean right i Could be wrong he’s very clean He’s well they would be grooming like an Ape like you know you would think they Would don’t groom apes

But um Yeah right like apes do i meant to say He looks like a wax work to me Pardon he looks Yeah it looks like a wax work to me like A model no it moves in the video oh that Thing yeah it just does it yes oh i Didn’t know there’s a video i just Thought it was the still oh right okay It’s a video yeah i know And you see it man i mean it There it’s real can we have a look at That ali have you got it By the way my uh oh i didn’t mean to Interrupt you i was just now i didn’t Have an echo last night I know on the uh when you wish when you Show in a video on stream yard because Every time i do it is an echo Yeah so maybe Did you need me to look it up for you or Something if you wouldn’t mind getting The video clip up yeah i don’t i hope We’re allowed to use it we totally Believe you my father oh yeah well i’ve Used it three or four times just use it For like 20 seconds As long as we’re talking about it Transformative content Does it have any any music to it rich You know it’s not got oasis played no i Know i don’t know [Laughter] My my

It might take me a second oh i think uh I think that was from on the history Channel if it is you can’t play it but Let me take a look here animal planet no If you guys want to just continue Talking give me a minute and i’ll uh I think We don’t really need to play us I’m desperate to see it i’ll keep Looking if i find it i find it Um And see that what i’d like to know is You know when you think of Like gorilla like grilla families Like uh in the forest and things like That How often is it that Like people just trekking these forests Uh come across Um like dead grillers that’s what i’d Like to know Yeah No no no but you know if you’ve got if You’ve got a tribe’s going through the Amazon and stuff like that i wonder if They find dead gorillas and dead monkeys Because that that if if that’s a thing That happens that now and again they Just come across a Like panned out Silverback I’d want to know why we don’t no one’s Just happened upon A dead

Bigfoot Because maybe it gets rid of it’s dead Maybe Do you know may if it’s that intelligent And this there’s a few of them They go out together So you think they’re spiritual I think it’s i think i think if it’s if If bigfoot is real And it’s definitely um It’s definitely Intelligent To probably as intelligent as a as a Human Maybe primitive i don’t i don’t buy the Whole bigfoot’s an alien thing You know bigfoot is you know i just Don’t can’t imagine uh bigfoot having a Spaceship and just coming out of a Spaceship Naked and all hairy you know i just Just i i struggle to picture that It’s something interesting i don’t it Didn’t mean interrupt again i’ll forget Him but How come nobody’s ever gotten a picture Of his thing his manhood He’s big We never see that part of him we always Usually we see it from a distance right His his third leg you think his tripod Would be seen You would Easily like it would be out there out

There Unless you know he’s just a little bit Out of proportion No no No way Not my bigfoot I may keep it in a pouch Oh wow you know if he if he if he is Quite advanced you know i’ve always Wondered that about man you know why do Our testicles Why are they so exposed you know To keep them cool Yeah but why didn’t they just put him Somewhere yeah you know you make this a Little more protected Well that’s the thing we’ve like Nature’s already invented turtle shell It should be encased in a little turtle Shell Oh yeah yeah solid Yeah I did into i’ve just just remembered i Did interview a guy In leeds About bigfoot Like and this guy he seemed to I’ll play a little clip I don’t know what the quality will be Like because it is from a long ago i Spoke to this fella many times about Bigfoot i want to get him on the channel At some point but he’s a complete Fanatic when it comes to bigfoot he’s

Obsessed with bigfoot and he thinks Bigfoot is real are you still having a Look for that rich i’m still looking i Just came across one that said bigfoot Is gay Most animals are You know Are you Is that what we’re all animals well i Think they just a lot of them are just Greedy you know yeah yeah my i mean my Dog you know if If My dog’s passed away now but It would shag anything Like literally anything Right Like objects Seti Yeah Anything anything anything it would just Go for anything you know i i don’t think Animals are too bothered about what it Is not saying there’s nothing wrong with Being attracted to the opposite sex but I’m saying animals Generally animals are you know they’re Not They’re not too fussed No either way it doesn’t matter Uh in the name of science I’ve uh i’ve just looked for Primate penises Um

And grilla penises Small Very small yeah i was just thinking when You said that rich i’ve never seen a Guerrillas penis either Yeah oh unfortunately oliver now i have Um why did we get on i think it was Rich’s fault that we got onto willy’s I just brought it up because we never Nobody’s ever brought it up before Everybody’s afraid to talk about big Foot’s penis i don’t think they see all The they see all the footprints you see All the footprints you see people that Have picked up bits of feces and what Have your bits of hair How many people Have analyzed this hair You know and actually Jesus The Do you know what i mean though there’s Nobody that’s coming up that’s ever said That they’ve They’ve found hair and without a shadow Of a doubt This hair Is i think we’re gonna we’re gonna lose Big foot we’re gonna move on to the lot This monster before we before we move Away from big foot though I’ve never smoked anything before we go I’m going to google dinosaur penis so I’m ready hey yeah

Lizards See lizards lizards are more more Advanced than we are definitely because It’s in they keep it in You won’t believe what i just found Pubic hair sasquatch Making a bigfoot suit out of pubic hair Well somebody’s done that oh stevo of Course of course it is Oh You saw the guy um Did you see the guy that that made the Big foot Which one i’ve forgotten his name he’s On youtube He he he he’s he’s dad oh they’re shot His dad shot bigfoot in the 60s And he uh He throws it and he Was talking about peter crane dog Trainer that’s his name Yes And he He brings the uh He he’s got big foot stick And yeah yeah Yeah yeah it But he did like a big thing didn’t he Where he he had bigfoot’s foot that that He kept in the freezer yeah and then he Hacked a bit off to defrost it and then Essentially gordon ramsay that uh and Like cooked it up to eat it to see what It was like to eat

Have you ever seen this guy Have you ever seen p peter crane peter Pizza crane dog dog trainer he’s a dog Training channel that happens to have a Big foot in his refrigerator Well yeah it sounds familiar that’s why I knew it was frozen Yeah He’s he all he set up a gofundme as well Uh to build a theme park with a giant Bigfoot in his garden yeah okay we’ve Talked about this yeah 2.5 million he wanted for it yes What a legend he’s gonna have a big foot Uh slide and everything right yeah i Also asked him for an interview he never Replied yeah i remember There’s something sometimes these people Just seem to think they’re too big for The boots You know Pat in the pool yeah Stack squatch That’s what polar bear said Dm watch Here we are so this this is back squatch Is this on can they hear me Sasquatch sack Yes I mean We’re talking about You know genitalia Sack Squatch set of sasquatch

Earth to ali Sakh Nakhisak I got it i got it see we just no but we Call it ball back Yeah oh i love ball bag I got it weird I just love ball bags so So here he We’re gonna test it rich see if the Echo’s gone because i’m gonna play a lot Okay of um The guy that i interviewed in leeds the Audio is probably terrible because i did It on a gopro and if it you’ll know what I mean rich when you’re trying to just I i got a gopro and i just thought i’m Gonna take it out in leeds for a night Out and interview somebody And My mate was there yeah and he happens to Love bigfoot so i interviewed him on Bigfoot oh that’s cool with my gopro but The audio the audio is probably Absolutely garbage oh yeah of course it Is i don’t think i have a beard Either there you go Can you see that Yeah i can see clearly you The rain has gone oh yeah i can see all Obstacles in my way Wow what a lovely voice Thank you so much As you can see

Why is You should rename this two drunk guys Talk bigfoot You can’t even hear it the audio is not Terrible it’s terrible but we were Outside a club and i just thought it was A good idea To talk about bigfoot But Youtubers probably are already already Demonetised because i could hear a town Called malice in the background But that is way down i can’t be bothered To put in the description guys and don’t Watch it because the audio is terrible And i look extremely drunk and my eyes My eyes are like pistols in the snow You look like you just broke your nose I Probably had No that was way back when um and it Wasn’t for frightening i just It was an accident Just an accident i walked into it i Walked into a wall Um I knew it So so so bigfoot though um before we Move on to A couple of the other subjects Is you do think it’s possible that this Thing is still alive and it is Essentially a Something that’s from earth not an alien

We Um I i still still stand by if if any of These things are real i think there has To be something Not of the world i’m with you i don’t Believe that aliens But like folklore and Like stories passed down of like goblins And vampires and all that sort of stuff Um I feel it’s got to be something like Other realm if if it’s real you know if It’s if if there’s something to it i’m Not i’m not saying i think that’s what It is But like i was saying like never finding Things that were finding bones never Finding dead ones either or even not Even that not even just happening upon a Like a settlement where they’ve been Living and then moved and then like Moved on somewhere else or Found It so if we’re thinking they’re going to Be like neanderthal Uh Creatures Then what do we think they’re probably Going to be like stone age sort of Things in which case we’d probably be Finding rocks and sticks that have been Fashioned into tools We’d find like elk and bears maybe that

Had been killed by these things in you You’d you’d I would think you would Quite obviously see If something had been killed by a seven Foot griller man You would tell that that that that thing Had been killed by something different Unless he’s veggie It could be Could be but then you’d have to be Looking at them in uh in places where There’s like massive amounts of Like vegetables and fruits Like the amount well Not j because you you couldn’t do it you Couldn’t sustain Something that size that’s true without Eating meat Or even um like high sugar and stuff you Know high sugar like fruits and Vegetables and things like that yeah Well yes gorillas don’t eat meat But well i don’t think they don’t they Don’t eat do they eat meat so do chimps Do they eat a lot of meat though Like spider monkeys no but they have Meat they they love meat They eat everything and and the one Thing just to expand on what lee was Saying you would come across i think A clan of these things that had once Lived in an area or eight in an area Where you would see a bunch of

Half-eaten bananas and Fruit and Like i was watching that chimpanzee Thing and they were using rocks as tools And the rocks kept breaking and Yeah and trees were bright i mean there Was a lot of interesting leftovers that They were using as tools branches and All sorts of stuff So why aren’t we running into Things like that like they they must Have They must live like Chimps in the wild They might maybe they live in the trees High up they they take the branches and Fold them over to make sturdy beds I Or they’re all cave dwellers or live in The ground i just i’m not buying that They’re Mystical and can disappear on a whim Um I think the other the way to sorry just Before i forgot The other way to think about the Mystical thing is is maybe these places Where we see these things Are places with like essentially a loose Grip on reality So if we think if if we believe Dimensions are a thing Um Maybe there’s parts of our our world

Where The veil is thin for one of a better Word so you’re not see you’re not seeing Something shifting in and out of our World we just happen to be seeing out of Our world So you’re seeing bigfoots from a Different dimension could be It might to me if if you if you’re Saying this thing might be real that Makes more sense to me than the fact That we have like seven foot tall Bipedal grillers running around American national parks and nobody’s Really seen any yet Do we do we hear much about bigfoot in Any other countries But above on a bus no man yeah but i Mean Do we have one in england Uh there’s like there’s moore’s things Isn’t there wasn’t there a A big black moor monster It was a leopard I know that much no i thought there was I thought it was like a proper a proper Monstery thing Um are you thinking about american Whalefield london Or maybe Stick to Some amazon tribes got stories of eight Men as well In fact i think there’s a photograph

From like the 40s 30s or 40s with A Eight man strung up in a um In some sort of tribe thing The the thing is with this then it goes Back to what what rich was doing last Night with billy meyer there’s so many People that have done hoaxes on bigfoot That it’s just it’s poisoned the subject So if there is anything left to Investigate Anybody now That That even gets a sniff of interest in This is should be suspicious of Everybody so somebody come could come up With some smoking gun effort smoking gun Evidence and it’s like where did you get That from you know i want to they They want they want to know everything And i don’t think anybody could ever Deliver that with actually without Having anything that is Just Like Full hd video footage that shows this Thing moving in a way that a Man wouldn’t move That shows this thing that Eating foraging whatever it they could They have this hard hitting evidence Without that but if somebody just has A A hint of evidence

I think and they may be legit and they May want funding to try and look into This even further because they have seen It themselves with their own eyes but Didn’t capture it No one would believe them people would Say you’re just a fraud and eventually You’ll buy yourself a big hanger or You’ll rent one out for the day and then You’ll be telling me that you’re going To make a hoverbike That’s the course they usually go Right to the freaking warehouse I see i should have done a show about That but it just seems it just seems Everybody’s just gonna do a show about That these days because If it happens I’ll eat my microphone I will It will sound terrible and i like it Live but if he makes a hover car Is it a hoverboard is he sure he’s going To make a hover skateboard first welcome Car no the car yeah car you think you Would make the skateboard first right i Wonder if elon’s heard this Oh god he’s probably laughing Can’t do it in a warehouse you know you Need so much space need the equipment to Build the parts Wilcox always been the least credible um Oh yeah like Paranormally guy to me even more even

More um Discreditable Than your lad which had bigfoot’s dick In the fridge Wow The thing is with peter though and his Name’s peter The thing is we’ve we’ve picked peter Kane is that Some people call him a big hoaxer He knows he’s a hoax and he’s like yeah You’re you’re done for believing it yeah You know that’s great you know he does An alien [ __ ] scene gets squirted in The eye by a green goo With the american flag behind him while He’s doing it and people like It’s fake it’s fake no [ __ ] it’s fake Yeah you don’t even need to comment it’s Fake You should be commented that’s brilliant Well done yeah very very creative It was cool People just take things far too Seriously in life But something that I was always like intrigued by this is a As a kid and i don’t know if you have Similar things in the u.s rich i don’t Know i i hate people talking about Monsters But nessie Is has always been Something that i thought

Maybe at some point a plesiosaurus Maybe it got He was in that lock But do you know now when i look at this Picture this classic picture yep That water doesn’t look to scale No that that’s confirmed faker anyway Isn’t it Yes Yeah Has it totally been confirmed how have They totally confirmed it indeed The guy that took it i think What he admitted to it is he not dead it Was either him or one of the guys that Was with him Just that’s like a travis It’s a uh Something that isn’t it something they Stick out of the water Yeah it was like a small model like a Small Nessie model yeah Something like that yeah Um Because the water does not look to scale It it doesn’t look It looks far too Even now it It just looks like someone is sticking The hand out of the water and doing like A duck with their hand doesn’t it yes Well i think because we don’t have the The reference of the rest of the uh the

Pond or lake over there that thing’s Actually far away Have you seen the new sighting No i didn’t know there was one Get [ __ ] What is this that’s [ __ ] um that’s The blockness monster’s dick that’s what That is rich here we go Free willy it literally is fun Oh wow that’s no i don’t want to look at That now Yeah it’s a it’s a whale willie Yeah yeah all right Some people have spotted it oh wow oh Yeah and i Thought it was uh You know the kraken That’s what his wife likes it to be Called Ollie look at the size of it it’s Definitely a kraken I had to put that in there because You know i i just thought if i saw that If i did if i saw that thing hanging out The water I’d be like [ __ ] the Bed I i’d get the camera Even if even if even if i knew it was a Whale i would start I’d start to take a picture of his mouth I just love the fact that rich keeps Disappearing now because he’s gone like

I am [ __ ] high as giraffe [ __ ] and i Am still not high enough for this show Nope I didn’t think i’d be seeing Songs I couldn’t believe when i saw it i Literally i was like holy sh You actually Tainted me You tainted me just so you know Um I i i To maybe to move this on to more fun Monsters i 100 do not believe in the lot Less monster me neither No are you talking about in lotness Itself are you talking about there’s no On earth that we’ve got those creatures Swimming in our oceans i don’t know i Have i don’t think we’ve got those Creatures anymore i don’t think they’re There if you’re going to go for things Like the kraken like giant squids i Think there might be giant squids dead Deep down in the ocean But um I’m not well there is giant squid still Alive and they do they do whales still Get you can see scars yeah yeah I i but i also i As far as like big things being in the Ocean i [ __ ] bet maybe there’s a megalodon Left now and again you know we’ve had

We’ve stuck tags on Uh Great whites haven’t we and the great Works have dived down and coming what Happened there was that someone tagged a Great white It dove dove down then the next thing is All right it’s cool the uh she’s paying You i’m not um yeah the next thing is This great white was grabbed Thrown down like a Vast speed down into the water And then it just just went out of range And One of the people well One of the people that was talking about This would say that they thought the Only way that that would have happened Is if the great white had been swallowed Whole Right by a norca and taken down Further than it can go at that speed Dory if i’ll come i’ll come to you in a Moment moment with that i’ll ask rich About that but a great white swallowed Actually what and this is something that They tracked dorothy thank you very much By the way yeah That was one of the explanations for it That it was swallowed whole And then taken down in the belly of Something else The thing is though and they i hear this All the time we’ve explored space more

Than we’ve explored our own oceans i Don’t know if i believe that because Space is just endless [ __ ] massive Yeah Um I don’t even know if i believe that if You look at some of the [ __ ] things That go on like with clear green Screening on the iss I’m not even sure how much of space We’ve [ __ ] looked at Rich let me just come to this with with Dora dorothy because she’s kindly Donated ten dollars super chat um and She has she sent this to your facebook Page Yeah And what is it is it is it good it’s a Sighting she had it was a ufo That uh She saw In 1997 Oh so he’s he’s It’s been recorded on a 1997 Move five Yeah I want to see this Well there’s no pictures it’s just a You’d have to read it oh wait i always Say it’s it’s a it’s just right okay Dorothy email me a alien addict Uh uk There we go thank you for the super chat Don’t forget email me the the mufon case

I’ll take a look at that definitely Um I i just i just think that the depth of The ocean and what we’ve actually Explored Is Nothing you know and it’s it’s that vast And big That These some of these creatures may hide i Mean we’ve only just discovered i think In the last 10 years That there is a colossal squid there is A Squid that attacks whales and they they Found one they got video footage of it And it was amazing it was absolutely Massive this thing there’s also that Thing that was spotted by the deep-sea Camera as well isn’t there Remember that thing Yeah wasn’t that the squid no no that Was something we we don’t know what that [ __ ] thing is oh are you talking About the hand No no the thing that looks like a [ __ ] praying mantis I don’t know if i’ve seen that Uh how big was it Um I don’t know Madness size Um What that

Bar big No no You couldn’t tell because of the camera I mean you i suppose you’d be looking Like six foot maybe maybe bigger i don’t Know But it was it was like dangly it looked Like half sort of mantis half jellyfish Thing Maybe it was a jellyfish jellyfish with Mantis no no it was it was really odd Do you think do you find most things in The sea that you look at though on Documentaries you you’re looking you Think that’s alien that is that’s just What It’s Alien but literally if you if you think Of like the The barrier of what we can exist in is Essentially the difference between land And water then it is [ __ ] alien to us You know we can’t go down there and live With it But So i i get when the dinosaurs Um Died That most of them didn’t make it but the Ones in the sea You would have thought that a lot of Them would have made it that they would Make it because they’ve still got the Food there

Um maybe the ones that breathed oxygen Struggled i mean do any youtube boys Know anything about that in terms of What whale whales managed and they’re Massive Yeah exactly so why why would a plessy So back to the lotness monster If whales managed Then Why would uh a plesiosaurus that Apparently ate a diet of fish Not survived It would have to be eating so much and There’s nothing that would get that big That would be going up into that region Just doesn’t make sense And like why would it go there No i’m not talking about going to the Into the actual lock rich i’m talking About If Because because i said could something Not survive in our oceans like that Like a plesiosaurus I don’t think so You think we’d have seen it by now I think we would have seen it by now Yeah The the only caveat i’d give that is if We had a massive cataclysm And there were these animals that ended Up being pushed down you know and then As if Over millions of years evolved to be

Sort of like Creatures that lived at extreme depth That’s the only The only caveat i’d give it there’s not Not a lot of food down there man They’d have to make appearances Yeah they would eventually wouldn’t they Because they they breathe oxygen They do breathe out they don’t have Gills That type of dinosaur apparently doesn’t Yeah yeah it was a very oxygen well i Think that there again there’s the Answer isn’t it i mean might you saying That how how long could it last to be it Be there you know But look how big the ocean is okay and Look how long look along wales can Like stay under the ocean for Yeah like nine minutes eight minutes I think when it comes to the sea In our lifetime i don’t think we’ll Discover everything that’s down there Yeah but if 140 50 Years ago or even when the vikings were Out on the oceans they were talking About kraken right or is that just Mythology Yeah no they did they did speak about Uh it’s not just from jason they are not Jason arkansas one clash of the titans Oh yeah the good one the one that the One from the eight is not the new new One now um

But yeah they have uh the greeks have Always spoke about Myths and legends and and that kind of Made me want to do this show Because it has to have come from Somewhere do you i don’t think it just Came from stories You know i think everything Back then came from some Sort of Reality of somebody’s reality somebody’s Reality of c i mean you’ve seen the the I don’t know how many of them are real But i i’ve seen like old like poetry Inca stuff Where they’ve they’ve drawn things that Do look a bit Dinosaury you know that looks Like you see the stegosaurus i mean The the brontesaurus the You don’t see any tyrannosaurus rex’s But why that why would you tame one of Them And just just quickly just because i Just pulled this up to go back to talk About the nessie thing Um i’ve just pulled up uh Uh If there was anything sticking its head Out We’d have [ __ ] seen it the amount of Ships Right now

That are That are Flying around the ocean country to Country the only it’s only up in the Arctic where there isn’t anything Uh really But as far as if you look at the map you Know how you when you have a map that Stretches across so you’ve got like Canada here like flat earth yeah yeah Yeah Yeah yeah the fluffy have you got that On your screen rip um Yeah would you like it yeah i want a Screenshot i want to look at the area Around antarctica Yeah let me let me send it to you I’ll just just share screen right Exactly You next time we do a show you’ll have To explain how to do it because i don’t Know it’s so easy i know look Just hit the share button do what it Says done Lots of things Have you have you sent it to me Yeah but like now Yeah there You’ve got it Oh have you done the share yeah You wouldn’t oh yeah Oh no no no i sent it to you sorry your Facebook to me that’s it okay i’ll i’ll Bring it let’s have a look at it

Jesus Exactly Wow exactly Really put it into the place doesn’t it At least bring let’s bring that up on The screen I’ve lost me streaming out there we are Wow That’s crazy have you got it rich as Well i’m just practicing [Laughter] There we go Wow Yeah it’s crazy [Laughter] It’s crazy though isn’t it it is it’s 15 000 ships at any given time but let’s be Perfectly honest right so unless he Happens to like particularly cold places Odd round like there’s nothing around The arctic though isn’t it but uh oh There’s not a lot but um if you uh Where’s he going Where is he going where is he going who Is that who’s he Um Yeah but if you’re up in that middle Region and you think i’ve been Underwater for nine minutes and i can Only do ten best get some air some [ __ ] Is seeing you at some point I don’t know what’s this oh it’s awfully Big out there What is that

I know i think when a kid’s his wife is I know a friend of mine used to do Private security work uh because he was Ex forces on oil rigs sorry oil tankers And uh he was saying it was a very Bizarre feeling when you get out in the Middle of the ocean and There is literally nothing like no boats Around you no land and all you can see What i see around you is a horizon And the stars are so amazing That is It’s just mental just uh Can you come on Oh you want it back up i just wanted you To take us into like a cluster of them i Wanted to see what i looked like in the Cluster anyone that’s a good player i Like that see what the what the sort of Relative distances yeah Yeah yeah i mean The grand scheme of things you know There’s a lot of space there isn’t there There is but there isn’t you think yeah It’s over there Pretty close together You mean this is now like This is right now yeah That is absolutely ridiculous yeah No No That’s just live movement we have to be Polluting that ocean like it’s the Saddest thing ever

Do you know how much i mean we still Work with the But gas man Yeah Those aren’t nuclear subs and then water I mean But remember by by putting insulating Insulation in your house we can stop Global warming No i you know i did i did that i’ve got Installation in here And It’s i am I really don’t recommend it because I was already a hot person but now i’m Just constantly hot i don’t need to put The central 18 on a wintertime though so That’s a In the chat d turbine i i i knew this Actually but the determined just put a Po posted up in the chat saying Uh you should see The airplane map uh 40 000 in the air at Any one time Yeah I’ve seen that one yeah so that means if You’ve got pterodactyls on your list as Well there’s no pterodactyls I nearly nearly put that image in the uh In the footage do you ever see that one Of the Where they’ve got the pterodactyl yeah Yeah yeah How did it was that is that a photoshop

Jobby no That’s it it’s that look it’s got to be A model for the time it was done It’s a hell of a model it’s a great Model It’s it’s pre But i mean Let’s not forget That from the minute cameras were Invented people were faking Things with cameras you know from Pictures of ghosts walking downstairs so I yeah i get that but that’s a bloody Good model you know oh yeah It’s really it looks good that’s like uh Walking with dinosaurs Quality yeah Saying that i did watch that the other Day and you know it’s gone downhill If you think back to the 1850s and you Put in how many people were on the earth How many were i wonder probably like a Billion if that I mean i think we were pretty spread out I would imagine a pterodactyl Would be able to fly around at that time The thing is if they survived like What’s going to take out a pterodactyl Food shortage what right There would never be a lot of the small Animals would they need to eat a lot The big and the big things like the T-rexes and whatever yeah they ate the And the triceratops ate over the

Branches and things like that they died But the things that ate the small stuff Survived and evolved so maybe a Pterodactyl Feeding on the small things maybe it fed On our predecessors you know the humans At one point tell you what you wanna if You to barbecue your head for an Afternoon Um go down the yeah that’s pretty crazy That’s a photoshop choppy that’s not the One i was talking about That’s is that real Is that the photography I sometimes for i think it’s photoshop It’s well photoshopped What are you really holding on to then That’s fair No what are they really holding yeah You’re right Yeah uh No i mean i’m half joking saying it’s Real but Can it be I don’t know That i think that’s the veins and the Wings i was just gonna say that and the Body itself you could even see ribs no But that’s exactly why i think it’s Photoshopped Because if because look at all the veins And stuff you can see you can see in it You can see the fact that the skin’s Translucent because you can see the like

The body and the muscle structure of the Of the thing then when you look at the Rest of the photograph there’s nowhere Near that detail on it Oh someone’s just put in the chat Aircraft wings Huh Aircraft wings And what what is that in reference too That’s what this is an aircraft wing Now i was just thinking you know maybe Maybe it was the first Thing they they try to fly you know uh Oh dakar is in the house there he is Hey buddy How are you doing my friend We’re just talking about pterodactyls i Saw the picture Have you ever seen that one well that One’s actually been debunked sometimes Yes unfortunately listen Well I’ll tell you as much as i can recall Because this was done quite some time Ago uh this picture captured my Imagination you know when i first saw it Of course you know you’re looking in uh Seeing the soldiers everybody seems to Be in place as far as i understand there Was some sort of uh prop that was put up Against with this and that’s what we’re Looking at so it’s not What it’s purported to be but it’s more Or less something in the way of

Hollywood or deception In this picture again i wish i could go More into the history Of uh what’s behind this because it is Out there that information is there but At the moment i simply can’t recall I’m wondering if they because if you Look at them the men at the bottom all Stood with rifles I wonder if they’re always holding Rifles Well they allegedly hunted this thing to Some degree or at least shot it down so You know with any hunting trophy picture You see the guy standing there with his Weapon of choice uh and i don’t think it Was any different back in the you know Earlier days colonial area where’s the Bullet holes Yeah it’s a good question rich In the cheek There does look to be something in the Cheek Yeah i know there does but You mean they hit it the first time Don’t you think they might have hit the Wings and put a hole in the wing That’s what i would think too like Somebody’s you know i mean these are Older guns they’re using uh you know Black powder and and um lead pellets you Know Aim is best with those things i mean it Took a lot of work to be accurate

I got lucky where are you at you’re in Connecticut I am in this danvers state hospital That Was turned over into condominiums i came In here Uh on the way back i was upstate Massachusetts and i’ve been looking for This place took me about a half hour to Find it Uh but i’m actually inside the building Taking a little b-roll and uh figured This would be a good place to broadcast From on your show there oh yes you’re Looking to buy another building now or What ah listen it’s supposedly you know One of the most active places in the State even today with all the Renovations so wow Yeah i figured it would be it’d be good To come over it’s just really nice in Here though they’ve done a very good job In way of i mean look at this for god’s Sake You guys want to go to the arcade why do You look cold and absolutely summer i am I got an arcade It was cold today it got warmer as the Day went on but That’s an arcade There was a little arcade in this room Now keep in mind all these rooms have Been renovated over this was used as a State hospital for

Oh god since i think at least 1800s late 1800s was when this curt ride Architecture of this building was built Um Now if you look at the original i’m Going to be walking out in a moment Because the sun is setting and i want to Get a shot of this for you guys you look At the original facade It’s out there in the front they Couldn’t mess with that but everything Inside has been gutted and reformed so It’s pretty curious again it’s one of These places i’ve wanted to visit for a Very long time So you’re gonna be able to do a whole Ghost hunt in there I could I could do one now if i didn’t have uh Well number one we have residents that Are up walking around so you’re gonna Have that ambient interference Uh at the same time You know You’d have to come back at the Appropriate hour to do it but i do have A couple people that live in this Building i just have to get in touch With them Uh see if i can Get some thoughts these folks have been Living in this building for a handful of Years now So you’re just there getting b-roll

Footage and whatnot It’s fantastic look how beautiful this Is the chandelier At the georgian hotel Yeah is that a piano Where i thought i saw a piano Maybe well maybe he did rich maybe Someone would like but hey ollie you Could use this for your lighting Oh yes look at that wow beautiful What are you trying to what are you Trying to say what are you trying to say About my lighting Why do you say you instead of lee yeah No All right check this out right so i’m Out in the front here i don’t mean to Use our program i know why did you see Me rich [Laughter] Why did you say me Look at this place because you’re in a Dark forest that’s true yeah Oh my god that looks great holy man Still operational too they had to keep Part of the building because this is all Historic and it’s under the registry Apparently that helped a little bit we Know that it doesn’t save buildings Forever but because it was renovated Into something much more useful for you Know people in the modern sense it’s Going to be around for much longer than I think they intended it to be

Another decade at least Yeah oh god at least say 60 70 years Probably i mean It’s looked really nice in there it’s Not deteriorating any time soon Go ahead ollie you first i don’t know no No no you you gotta ask the question About me go ahead no because because It’s what it’s leading on to so you Asked the question first oh i was just Gonna ask if it had a certain kind of Musky smell in there like old Wood or something Actually surprisingly it didn’t i think This is because It’s very well kept up i mean we’re Talking about some upscale condos for What it’s worth To live in this place but i would Imagine it would be quite expensive Uh it’s honestly beautiful and Immaculate and they’re like yeah stepped Into a hotel now as far as feelings go There’s a heaviness that’s in the Building but it’s nothing That i would remark on you know in any Sort of uh Notable fashion it’s certainly still Here and if i spend time i’m sure we Could find where it is but You know at that point when everything’s Been done over in the physical and You know you don’t allow whatever Spirits to move on what are you what are

You doing you know It’s a beautiful building what’s the Weather right now temperature Temperatures probably mid 60s Whoa Yeah it’s not Yeah it was it was cooler earlier but uh Yeah that is chill Sure enough florida’s getting down to 66 Tonight i can’t believe it wow wealth Falls upon us Full pledge rich Well this this this has brought us Nicely into the paranormal which my Other thing that i wanted to speak about Tonight Is what rich wanted to talk about And that is mothman oh Yes okay mothballs Which one I’m serious which mothman Any of them what do you mean well Probably all the same thing though Aren’t they Well This is something i was debating with uh Ron strickler Uh tobias weyland and uh Manny Oh god i can’t remember his last name All from the 14 Crew Okay about a year ago over at o’hare There was a sighting of this wing

Creature that was zooming around uh it Was actually chasing cars similar to Point pleasant mothman and yet there’s Actually no resemblance other than it Being a winged humanoid to the original Mothman so my confusion was You know why are people calling this Entity mothman this modern day sighting If it has no correlation To the traditional west point uh Westplat Thank you point pleasant uh has no Bearing you know in way of resemblance So i was always curious as to why people Were doing that and we kind of came up With the idea that it’s because it was Flying and it appeared to humanoid those Are the only two similarities but it Seems to be a completely different Entity than what we originally knew What do you guys think Michael when did that one appear The the other one that you were talking About because i know the first one was Was recorded in 19 was it 1966 Yeah i think you’re right Well let’s see From what i understand from the Employees at o’hare uh airport not in Chicago This was yeah within the last like two Three Maybe four years but These guys uh the 14 team have been

Actively talking to and interviewing People from that uh That airport and they’re all coming back With these very interesting uh Correlating stories and yet they don’t Have any connection to each other other Than they they work there It’s amazing how many times o’hare Airport comes up in things isn’t it Oh yeah Ufo signing Ufo sighting the murals that are on the Wall the the no that’s the on the Airport Sorry yeah So you’re wrong i’m wrong Um You know that is weird that denver Airport is interesting that doesn’t mean Anything I don’t know about that rich i don’t Know about that that place is incredibly Anomalous I know what it means that’s anomalous There’s there’s so much going on over There underground i i want to go there One day and check it out I’ve been to the airport but Oh cupid my friend in the chat i’ve just Seen just a quick one there i i Commented it on the out there channels Uh Stream to stream today

And no i did rich i did i And i just said i can’t remember what he Said it was a little joke about Something he said Michael’s wind is killing me yeah sorry Let me uh What have you been eating I commented on uh paul’s channel today Rich then i realized because i could see His chat going up that i am blocked from The channel Because my my comment wasn’t there and i Was like oh how charming oh you’re Blocked Yeah yeah yeah i’m blocked from the Outlet channel i don’t know why i’ve Never done anything to paul but Uh you know i was i was deeply yeah you Did you talked to those guys Who’s All the oh Like me Tpom yeah yeah michael the devils I didn’t talk to him off man no q q i Love you you need to come on the show i I i he’s he’s bloody brilliant he used To go on uh ufo proof way back when when I used to go on every now and again Probably twice a year i was i wasn’t There Cupid’s ufo proof yeah no Cuvid Used to go on as a guest and he’s he’s a Great guest very knowledgeable and

He’s him on third phase He’s a good guy um apparently but Mothman I i am I think there’s something in that You know i i see these many people Speaking about this legend And i i don’t know if he’s alien But it it People people have spoken about it Looking like a moth looking like an owl And owls i was gonna bring the i was Gonna bring the owl thing up as well Yeah What do you rich You look like you’re trying to stumble With that You think it’s you think the mothman’s Fake No You don’t i’m thinking uh Because you said you don’t think it’s Alien so How many of them are out there that People are seeing them since 66 I don’t know i i think it’s the same Thing that happens when people say they See bigfoot and you know the police that Take the report say oh no your your Adrenaline was going you was a bear It’s the dumbest thing i’ve ever heard Ever I’ve had my i mean i’ve been in the Middle of like spinning at intersections

At 40 miles an hour i think i’m gonna Die i don’t see my dog in the side seat Looking like a fish You know why do things change Why do why do if your adrenaline is Going and you look at a bear why would You see bigfoot It doesn’t make sense Back i was just frozen in the in the Most oh yes in an accident i just love The idea if you’d be if you were sorry No that that was going to stop we’ll Start bad like i love the idea of you Being wheeled into hospital i don’t love The idea of being with you if it’s a Joke it’s funny but i’d love the idea if You willed it to hospital Was the salmon okay It was goldfish but yeah Yeah um If they found one that’d be even weirder I thought the bear thing’s weird i mean I i told you wrong i’ve i’ve never been Anywhere which has wild bears but i’m Pretty [ __ ] sure if i was somewhere And i saw a bear i’d go oh [ __ ] that’s a Bear You wouldn’t all of a sudden see bigfoot No i’d see a bear because That’s where the danger’s coming from my Head doesn’t need to make it more Dangerous All i would say to myself is Leo dicaprio

He only just made it I’m not leo i’m off Leonardo you seen the reverend You’ve never seen oh my god you’ve not Seen this guy got the one of the best Have you ever seen it rich reverend i Didn’t like it But the bear scene the bear scene one Scene it was 32. oh my god that whole Scene that that that i’ve never seen any That was That man just well he just watched the Bear scene that’s all i was real he was Getting Oh my god it was terrible does he kill Leonardo dicaprio No The whole the whole film is based off Him surviving the bear attack he Survives He barely We didn’t die yeah Yeah he’s laughing at barely can’t Control himself It sounds like a grizzly scene um barely No i don’t imagine that oh we can make This happen What’s going on You said barely like nakedly No no no barely A bear and lee no barely i can make Barely happen for you that’s alright What show what is my show Um i like the fact that it’s not my

Fault as far as mothman goes that when He appears like [ __ ] cataclysm well Not cataclysm but bad things this [ __ ] Happens Who when who mothman yeah yeah because What was it was the first was the first Uh time he was seen was when that the Bridge collapsed yeah in 1966 no November of 66 that bridge broke up And there was a pit there was a pitch Taken right and there’s a Is it isn’t he hanging on to He’s yeah he’s supposedly sitting on one Of the arches at at the top right Pretty wild stuff man yeah See that’s what i’m saying like so if if We’re not making it up in our minds a Bear into a bigfoot or a bird into a Mothman then what the hell is it And where does it come from you’re going To tell me oh they just made them over At uh Uh you know it’s What is that island plug island palm Palm island whatever that is Plum island It’s here Yeah so you know what i mean it’s like Where do all these creatures come from The rake And then you got the uh The fresno walkers you got the Jersey devil You got little

Hobbits you got fairies Yes And the ones in hawaii Look at the consistencies between all of These supposed beings okay number one They are seen in flesh and blood number Two they’re also seen in an etheric Sense so that’s one really interesting Consistency that all of these share Including bigfoot mothman pukwudgies Leprechauns you name it they’re either There one moment or they’re not um That’s kind of interesting and it Certainly is an exercise in the argument For some sort of elemental existence in The way of Don’t leave us hanging Come on mike Show me your goods He’s he’s probably still talking he’s Not realized I want to know what a puck what she is Oh yeah look it up Little tiny dwarf-like things You can go bowling with them you Actually use them Can you hear me Um now we can go ahead finish what you Were saying I was saying that you know this Particular aspect of dipping in between Dimensions now there’s a curiosity in Way of you know perhaps we exist in many Different dimensions simultaneously

We’re only aware of maybe one maybe two But it seems like these creatures or Elementals of any sort you want to call It They’ve figured out how to exist in at Least two different spaces Possibly simultaneously possibly one at A time but either way they may be able To dip in and out that is a certainly a Facet that’s helped throughout history When we talk about cryptids and Elementals So that’s like what i was saying before Isn’t it uh i’ll leave uh the the idea That these places in national forests Where things like bigfoot are seen it’s It’s not the fact that they’re actually Living there and they’re there all the Time it’s just maybe that reality’s a Little thinner in these locations Come on guys that’s not happening Well think about it this way i mean if Somebody goes into meditation and you Know we could argue whether they go out Of body or not but they can retrieve Certain information and experiences Through these meditations Maybe These elementals are doing a similar Meditation but they’ve figured out a way To manifest it into reality And i know why you say that rich because You’re not a big skin walker fan Uh and a lot of people talk about

Skinwalker being one of those places That where it’s thin and things are Allowed to come through Um But if it’s not a different dimension What is it is it something natural And that question is to you rich because If you don’t think it is dimensional Dimensions great it solves all of our Problems but i like to live in a reality That i can at least see maybe i can’t Understand it because i don’t understand It you know what i mean it’s like i Don’t Ever have the experiences And that would be nice to have an Experience like that but i have seen Shadows Things in the corner of my eye and Things right in front of me yeah that’s True too Oh yeah no man i mean it’s weird i would Weird i would bring this up I got something interesting for you guys To ponder over okay we understand that Children Often Perhaps have a window into at least Invisible friends or something from the Other side guardian angels whatever Excuse me I have A friend of mine who has a four year Three-year-old daughter she’ll be four

In october And she claims that she’s been seeing These two uh male spirits around And they’re ones you know a little bit Older than she is and the other one is Probably a Tween right maybe 12 13. And she also said i know where they come From so she took her mother over to the Back of the house where there’s a small Swing on a paved area and she said Underneath there is a hole which they Covered up with dirt but if you were to Take it off you would see that there is A small door with no handle and they all Come from there and her mother said how Many and her three-year-old daughter Said hundreds So It’s no matter exactly for a Three-year-old to say this and have some Sort of description Yeah you know We’re missing something there guys she Was watching ghost adventures Yeah maybe huh You know that’s interesting kids Seem to see things and i think because They have a sponge you know of a of a Body like they haven’t been uh Desensitized and they’re they don’t Really have a lot of thoughts going on i Think 100 100 percent

From Everything we think about and that’s why I think we need to meditate and get to That different vibration But um i was just going to say that Richard when we you were talking about The Not particularly being happy about the Idea of the different dimensions and Stuff like that lately hold that far Hold that photo hold that far thank you Five stroke one i love you my friend i Love scotland thank oh and i like iron Brew thank you i’ll buy a bottle of Vinegar Yeah i i like to say i won’t i won’t go Into the story again because i’ve told It too many times on the on podcasts and Youtube things anyway But um i i i wouldn’t have be [ __ ] With this the idea of Like Thin reality in places and stuff if if i Didn’t believe 100 I’d met entities That exist on a different Plane to us after taking Far too many psychedelics For real yeah yeah if that didn’t i i’ve I’ve told you that story before haven’t I i don’t remember it Yeah Now it looks like a good time though Yeah um i wouldn’t remember this story

Because this fascinates this is what i Want to do it’s a good story the um I’ll try i’ll try and tell the the quick Version of it now because because like Most of your listeners will have heard This or viewers um My friends were all older than me i was About 18. the uh They’d all done mushrooms a couple of Times i’d never done mushrooms before And uh we’d all we’ve been being out a Bit going back to someone’s house they’d They’d all been out and collected these Mushrooms over the uh over a couple of Days And uh We we didn’t bother making them in a tea Or anything like that we just had them All dried out on paper now I [ __ ] love mushrooms i love raw Mushrooms as well so i turned to mate And said What should i do i said he said just Take a pinch he’s just a little pinch You’ll be you’ll be fine with with a Pinch for your first time So the next thing is They’re all um coming up off their Mushrooms i’m still sat there with Nothing going on So I just start [ __ ] munching these Things Like the

Sweets sat there on the table it like a [ __ ] full-on Young rookie drug error And uh like that i always i i always Joke or to tell their stories that i Took enough mushrooms to shake hands With god that’s how What i took And the uh We we went for a little walk and stuff When we were walking our lane And then the whole lane closed in on me I remember turn around to my friend and Said that i need to sit down and i lay Down this lane and luckily enough i was With really good friends This must be about four two three four O’clock in the morning late anyway Uh i lay down this lane and i tripped Out for about two hours and um well not Two hours so about 40 minutes The uh Um The thing i remember was i remember Lying there and the first thing i was Worried about because i thought it was Wet because i could feel water And um i thought i’d pissed myself And uh rich is gone you’re right mate Yeah no sorry at the uh um i thought i’d Piss myself i was really worried that With with people being around me then i Realized i hadn’t pissed myself and i Was in water

And um That was the it was like that split Second moment where i all of a sudden Realized i could feel things but i Didn’t have a body and now Looking back on it because you know when People used to talk you always talk About how the you lose sense of ego And you always think of ego as being a Um You know it’s all Ego is the guy with the with the really Nice car that’s really proud of his job Or is really in something but then it’s Only when you experience that you go oh No like losing a sense of ego is Actually losing a sense of your physical Self And feeling completely pulled apart from Your physical body And um I remember It was odd it was it was like a Transition period where things went from This where i felt like i was floating to The Um right fractal colors And craziness going around and then i Remember being surrounded by the what Looked like black Figures just like you were like what You’d imagine is shadow people Because you couldn’t make any detail out On them but i you could make heads and

Shoulders out essentially like like they Were wearing like long capes that that Sort of thing and they surrounded me Like completely surrounded me but Through no point of this did i feel Scared Uh they didn’t say anything to me and i Had like this deep feeling of Um they were sorry for me They like they pitied me because I shouldn’t have been where i was Like And i still now feel that these things Surrounding me was surrounded me to Protect me and they stayed there until i Came round and then i was Back with my friends in a lane again Aliens or yeah whatever um What what were the shapes of the bodies Though Like If you can imagine you know you know Like the silhouette of if you take Batman’s ears off Okay i’ve always yeah so it’s just a rat It’s just just a round head but like It’s just a silhouette thing so he’s so He’s there’s a head there you’ve got Broad shoulders and then it comes down To like quite slim That that type of thing that’s what i Mean like like they were wearing a cape But they’re not it wasn’t a cape it was Just the whole

The whole of the thing yeah Yeah that’s wild man yeah no it’s crazy And that’s the i i hadn’t it was only um When i read Uh dmt the spirit molecule and i i I found so many Likenesses To what happened to me To what happened to the subjects in his Uh like experiments it was very it was It was really weird reading that book Well i’ve i’ve never done anything so You say All i was going to say is I i’ve never done anything like dmt or Mushrooms i do love mushrooms as well Especially shiitake mushrooms i make a Mean beef in oyster sauce um But i When i was when i was a child i’d i’m Not sure if i’ve ever spoke about this On the channel before i think i’ve told David that was a guest Um apparently i used to see a white lady In my bedroom um I used my dad was in at sea at the time I think your fantasies have a diversity Problem Probably And i used to When i say Well all dressed in white you know just Completely what completely white and I i

Told my mum this story Over and over again My mum still Tells tales of this I can’t i have no recollection of this Whatsoever i was a small young boy my Dad was at sea and i used to always like Try and come into my mum’s bedroom and Because i was scared i just i didn’t Like being on my own Um but i just complained about well not Complained but you should tell her i’d Seen a white lady now My mum used to like put me back to bed Say you know It’s okay nothing to worry about and she Says what does what does she do and Apparently i said well i wasn’t scared i Said she just smiles at me This lady And One night my mum and i think my dad was Back from sea at the time but my mum Woke up in the middle of the night And she saw a a white lady uh at the Bottom of the bed With uh she said look like a pram or she Was she had She even said she had a problem or Something in her hand i can’t remember i Need to get the story off her again But the next day my mom had a Miscarriage And

My mom’s my mom’s had eight i think Eight eight Miscarriages are a lot of eptop eptopic Pregnancies my mum’s rhys is negative so I’m kind she calls me a miracle child Because um Reese’s negative is where You Something happens with the body fights Off the Uh it’s certain It fights off that It’s just Yeah he spikes it off and it doesn’t Like To uh Accept a child basically yeah so so Anybody anybody who’s Negative now Who tries to have a ch a child will know It’s extremely difficult but doctors Will say to them they’ll give i think They give them a drug or something to Kind of like Uh make their genetics accept The child but my my mum The night she had that miscarriage she Saw The same white lady she said she was all She was literally white as a sheep White Not see-through but completely Like powdery white weird And it was it was like a lucid dream she

Said Well she didn’t use the word lucid dream She probably doesn’t know that means but The way she explained it to me Sounded like she was explaining like a Lucid dream Um Which possibly was a dream i don’t know But it’s just weird that she had a Miscarriage At the time it’s interesting too that Everybody jumps to something way outside Of ourselves when we see these shadow People out of the corner of our eyes or We see You know a full-scale apparition that Doesn’t invoke some sort of dread or Fear I’ve heard in again this is just in Theory here that most of them are Actually either spirit guides who have Lowered their vibration and maybe they Wanted you to know that they’re there Maybe they’re just you know Inadvertently you catch them or their Relatives that have already passed on And they may not be relatives from your Immediate life they may be ancestors From you know your mother’s grandfather Or your grandfather’s grandfather who Are around in some sort of whole family Sort of way so you know this story that You’re talking about with the white lady Ollie is really significant especially

In the way the fact that your mother saw It and then of course what happened After the fact to me this might seem Like you know on first glance some sort Of guardian or somebody who was there Knowing that this was going to take Place and perhaps was In the way of some sort of security by Just showing up or you know maybe that Was the intention but that’s really Curious man that’s a really interesting Story But wait you had the thing right you saw It too you said Me Yes yes but i can’t remember it rich Like i was a small boy i can’t i can’t Remember seeing a white lady at all I used to tell my mum that i was seeing A white lady right about but i was Four years old i think it was five um I’m gonna ask my mum i might get on Video camera telling the story my mum Will do that my dad won’t my mum will so I’ll get her to tell the story um Sorry i don’t know the night that i want You saw it she had No I don’t know if it’s the night that i Saw it but it was the night that um Lee’s internet keeps going it’s been Going all week Um It was the night

That Um she had the miscarriage that my mom Saw it right i don’t know i don’t know If it’s a night that i saw it or not Because i oh i thought it was the same i Have said i have no recollection of Seeing A white lady i’ve seen one thing weird In my life and that was at the bottom Sat on the bottom of my And that was probably about Two years before my first boy was born And i sat up in bed My wife was like what’s wrong and i said Nothing this is it’s fine it’s nice There’s somebody sat at the bottom of The bed I turned i turned round and went back to Sleep apparently why but i can remember It i can remember it playing as day and It did seem real whether it was a dream Or me sleep dreaming sleep sitting up And i physically sat up I don’t sleepwalk um but yeah i i Remember that and it was like it was a Black figure At the bottom of the bed didn’t feel it Or anything like that I just remember seeing it And My wife was freaked out and she said What’s wrong i said there’s something Inside the bottom of the bed don’t worry I used the word nice i said it’s nice

And i turned round and went back to Sleep left left her scared shitless well That that’s interesting It is I’ve also had lucid dreams of seeing Things and i i told David i speak to david who’s been on the Channel a couple of times completely Blacked out wilcock No not wilcock um A a a A real david Um I don’t even know if david wilcock’s Real name is david It looks like it looks like a sebastian To me it looks like a man that should Have his hard drive checked looks like An [ __ ] Yeah Sorry I’m sorry You should you should call somebody out Like david’s rich Get him on your channel I just did i just did a mire No but have you caught have you asked Have you invited him on Yeah environment No it’s not easy to get a hold of him i Heard Probably because he doesn’t want to be Ahold of You know i i think he’s been busy on

This project he’s been working on where He’s Making things We’ll find out in a year That’s when the prototype will be out I mean Just to just to break the subject for a Bit and speak about this but because it Isn’t quite it’s quite exciting the Wilcock thing and probably the thumbnail Should have probably been about the World cup but i didn’t really i looked At it in that kind of like Until i saw uh third phase speak about It right and you speak about it I thought I just saw a little bit of it and i Thought oh it’s just david being david Uh nothing will be it’s kind of like People talking about it on the internet So You do you think this is gonna be an Ongoing thing do you think this is going To be something that’s going to get Hyped and hyped and hyped yeah yeah i Said certain people that’ll just believe That [ __ ] And they’ll donate i’ll do it yeah can i Uh I’m going to be really ignorant sorry i Don’t know what he’s done this time what What’s the new willcock i’m gonna let Rich explain the hovercar I’m gonna let michael explain the

Hovercar no i’ll tell you David wilcock i guess you know who he is Right yeah yeah All right so he Put a a video out the other day Saying that he purchased this warehouse That he was standing in And he goes oh hello and it echoes Telling everybody this is what i’ve been Doing i’ve been real busy we are going To Within one year have a prototype of a Flying car That defies gravity You know so it’s this new technology i Guess anti-gravity if you want to call It that and then in four years everybody Will be able to purchase them So That’s what’s going on and he claims It’s real He bought this warehouse Michael found out the guy was broke down To his last three thousand dollars and How did he get this and Who knows so guys He’s in a he’s a habitual He’s a slur is where he is yeah but the Uh So the la the the so the last thing he Did where he was sort of the big Presence was when he said that there was There was going to be the The trump video that came out that gave

All the stuff you know there was there Was going to be like an eight it was an Eight-hour presentation was going to get Put over the Emergency broadcast services That was you know it all had to do with Your man with the with the letter for a Name which we’re not allowed to say For youtube purposes Oh right yeah Yeah yeah yeah Um and then he disappeared after that And he’s come back with the with this is His his new thing he’s all right because To me it sounds like he’s looked at what To the stars academy has managed to make In uh yes funding and gone for i could i Could take some of that to the stars Money Yeah and get away with it though you Know what i mean this is getting Ridiculous now for this Cults mate it’s a problem I have an idea i have an idea i have an Idea it will take it will take one witty Very rich genius man I’m listening me too Every everybody including all us all as Guys let’s tweet our elon musk if enough People do it we may get a response Let’s tweet elon musk if the fight is Power if the mighty power of alienatic Goof on and some [ __ ] idiot that does Podcast

Can’t get elon musk’s attention no no no I’m talking let’s start something Let’s let’s get all all the guys in the Chat here to tweet when rich does his Show tonight which we are going to end This show in the next 15 minutes because Rich needs to prepare me too Let’s get our our par our Audience to tweet Uh elon musk David will is david wilcock Your Uh What’s it called tesla’s next Competition because tesla might be the Thing that does the hovercar next is you Know we need to think of a which a witty Thing but if if third phase and moon do It if everybody does it maybe elon musk Will release that one tweet and just say David wilcock you’re a bellend I don’t think he’s going to you know Offer any real competition i mean if if Willcock is standing out there now Saying hey this is what i’m going to do Huh he’s definitely not gonna offer any Competition he’s got more chance of Making a flying dildo than he has of Making a flying car Exactly i mean he’s no competition to The musker even bezos or uh branson some Of these people who have all this Privatized money behind them yeah wilcox Probably has something there but

You know if he he’s really going to have To deliver on this promise of product Otherwise You know i don’t know where he’s going To find himself because it’s lofty what He’s proposing and of course there have Been other entrepreneurial entrepreneurs Who have suggested something in the way Of an anti-gravity vehicle whether it be A car whether it be some sort of Airplane i mean look at russia they had Already said that they had a certain Working prototypes but they’re way too Expensive to create commerce So you know there probably are other Countries or aren’t being as verbose About this particular subject and have Already taken these endeavors so it’s Curious to see wilcock jumping on this Now and we’re just going to have to wait To see how empty his promise is or if He’s going to give us a glass it’s half Full Just like angeli The problem is we don’t just In my head anyway as far as technology Goes We don’t jump from Gas guzzling Like cars which we have now we don’t Jump from that immediately to Like zero zero point energy flying cars Jeremy we we need to go through this Whole fuel system

Like evolution first Until we can get something which we can Compact that much energy in that make it Makes like anti-gravity technology like Viable you know it’s There’s so many steps you’ve got to make To to go to a half a car from a car I think it probably is already there That technology but The problem is did you guys see it’s not Going to make any money I meant to send this to you in fact i Did i i tagged ollie in the in the tweet Did you guys see that craft like the um That looked like a some sort of spy Plane that was on the back of the the Lorry the other day what did you think Of it It could be a movie prop who knows could Be yeah yeah That’s the whole thing with all these Things they’re not going to take top Secret technology out in the open Mm-hmm Or whatever well they wouldn’t they Wouldn’t reach you right they wouldn’t Take it out in the open you know it’s Let’s transport an honorary and we’ll Cover it with a blanket or whatever that I don’t think it worked that um well That’s what they did with the flight of The navigator um i i don’t think it Would work that way but sometimes There’s that old saying you know what

What is that i’ll say what’s right in Front of your face you don’t know what’s Right in front of your face Yeah what’s right under your nose maybe They they do do [ __ ] like that they just Put it right playing in sight i mean to Be perfectly honest though if you’ve got If let’s say you had Let’s say you had something like that i Mean to be perfectly honest i would say If it was a Um If it was a prototype stealth aircraft Um because it because that’s what it Looked like you know it didn’t look like Anything particularly crazy it looked Like the natural evolution of what you’d Think of as like a stealth fighter jet You know Even You you would you would say that was Solid fuel as well you wouldn’t think There was anything Insane about it um well i would say if That was the Like new fighter jets that you guys had Made Um You would fly it from place to place Rather than transporting a lorry but i Just found it interesting but as far as The stop of the thing put the tarpon Over it if you did happen to have Something that you had to move from one

Base to the other You don’t have a lot of Options then thrown on the back of a Lorry and driving down the road No Yeah i mean I just The problem is there though lee Is what if it crashed The risk the risk factor nobody i know i Know what you’re saying and yeah but if You had to you absolutely had to do it Because down there they have these Facilities we don’t have those Facilities here and we absolutely need These facilities to make this thing work Um you would have to do it you’d have to Stick it on the back of a lorry and move It because it’s You wouldn’t you probably wouldn’t be Lucky enough to be able to stick on the Back of a train and do it Um you couldn’t there’s no other way Apart from Taking it by road So you would have to do the whole Back of a lorry tarpaulin over the top Of a job are you oh you build a base Where it crashed Yeah Yeah There has to be certain restrictions too I mean people are people right so if i Go out and i buy one of these flying

Cars or a hover car tomorrow i just Proposed and you know i start taking up Air space i’m flying in and out maybe i Have a few drinks i’m being Irresponsible i go and look in you know The window of some girl i like in her House i mean i’m abusing privacy issues Here now i don’t know how they’re going To regulate something like that and of Course you bring up a great point what Happens if it crashes number one it’s Incredibly expensive right so who’s Going to foot that bill is it going to Be an insurance company that puts forth You know 100 000 for a flying car that Crashes and two if you’re high enough up In the air Which is pretty much 99 of the time You’re in one of these things what’s the Safety precaution if something happens In way of accident that high above the Ground are you going to be ejected out Like a pilot are you going to have some Sort of you know automatic parachute What the [ __ ] is going to happen when You have two kids in the back seat and You get into an accident 200 miles above The earth or 200 feet above the earth Yeah it’s all of a sudden you go from Having Um like normal car prangs where you’ll Have like a normal car accident to Having However many bloody hundreds of

Thousands cars there are traveling Around a city at one po Any one time But those cars are now planes You know it’s it it’s crazy I think actually Going back to what he said there late i Think probably A truck would be the The only way To transport that thing that would be The because If we go back to the sky if you have an Accident in the sky it’s gonna One day one you may lose what you had You’re not going to fly it over Residential air you’re going to fight Over your own Special air space that you fly over Where nobody else flies lives or travels I agree but but i think we’re just Talking about it if if you’re gonna move It you if you have to move it Gotta move it gotta move it would you Fly it or would you take it back It depends Depends if it works It depends on what technology is there What if it’s just a wing and there’s no Technology or it’s just a connection i Mean we don’t know what that thing was It could just be the uh The exoskeleton But nonetheless that is incredible

Technology on its own because it’s Supposed to repel saddle you know uh Tracking and all that stuff I don’t know man i don’t know what it Was so i’m gonna go by what it usually Is and what it was in the past when We’ve seen these things and that’s movie Parts Dropshipping maybe It is you don’t know lee it just has Been around for a few days it luked uh It didn’t look sensational enough no i Know it was regular yes that’s the the Light but i mean you look at the You know When they did the thing to get uh osama Bin laden and they crashed a helicopter Didn’t they doing it Yeah one of the other yeah and we’ve We’ve seen pictures of the back end of That helicopter and that looks like Something a bit special doesn’t it I don’t remember yeah if you look at That it’s it like the back of the Helicopter when you see it doesn’t look Like it’s not something that’s It’s not a helicopter that’s known yet To be used It looks like a Secret helicopter yeah yeah We still don’t know what the [ __ ] that Thing was I reckon there’s probably A lot of aircraft

That that Either we have or you guys have in the States We have no idea what they are i know the Countries don’t forget you know You look at um like countries like France and stuff like that they’re all Going to be trying to develop their own Thing you know it’s Fair enough like countries buy Things off other countries but they’ve Still got their own military they’re Still going to be testing their own Things out Of course yeah here’s what scares me So you know these About wilcox so it’s going to be Musk Branson bezos wilcock God man it’s not gonna be like that you Think he’s gonna be one of the richest Guy he’ll be the one the richest guys on The planet There’s only one person i trust in this Rich who’s trained who may eventually He’s not said he’s gonna try and build Something but he’s he’s trying to make The technology that can do that with a Small team and he was in the chat Tonight and that’s alien scientist Oh right yeah that’s interesting i Forgot about that When you watch him In in his um in his laboratory with his

Guys you know he’s just talk he’s just Testing different bits of machinery you Actually see The work going into it you don’t see any Of these other guys work The only scientist i trust is tom delong That’s a good gutter It’s though going back to that truck you Do you do know that disney’s uh remaking Flight of the navigator No Yes they are Good because uh first one was a little Weird um Yeah you loved it you haven’t watched it Recently yes Yes i do i watched it with my little boy It’s got her from sex in the city city In it um what’s her name i remember The 80s are [ __ ] for me when it comes To films because i went too deep down The um Old pizza fence Yeah You you look at the you just look at the Logo on the steps I need to watch it again yeah look at The logo on the steps and look at the Fbi logos it’s [ __ ] everywhere the 80s is destroyed And now i watch loads of kids stuff Because i’ve got a kid’s cartoon It’s [ __ ] weird Yeah my little my little boy uh see

When i I always want to show him the older Stuff because i thought it was better i Remember teen wolf michael j fox oh yeah That was great god i loved that the First i absolutely loved that Yeah that was good actually Well before we run out of time here let Me let me put forward one more thing About david wilcock and that is in his Proposal of this technology he’s not Only telling us that we can buy it but He’s telling us that we’ll have access To how this actually works he’s going to Tell us in one way shape or form for the Consumers To know what this technology is and Possibly know the foundation of it that In itself Is even more significant than him coming Out with some flying car Hmm What are the i wonder what the legal Ramifications are for backing something If it doesn’t come to fruition like that Yeah did he get your money back Yeah because it doesn’t seem to happen With like kickstarter and stuff like That okay yeah there’s so many Kickstarters happen that that don’t come To anything Rich and michael i i mean you guys i’ve Not actually clicked on how how the

Funding of this i’ve just seen the third Phase and i’ve seen you speak about it Rich Um How is he funding this is he got some Sort of goat from me has he got like Some sort of What’s he doing He’s doesn’t he need investors michael Doesn’t he trying to get one he needs Investors he needs people to uh Donate he’s actually almost on his hands And knees in this this broadcast Begging people to support him and yet He’s still saying i have something Behind me it’s His proposal is really nebulous in the End in way of the financial end But again we can see him full out Pretty much For donations Do you know what the problem was michael With with that And third phase the moon said some People say He’s def he’s definitely in a hangar It’s not it’s not a green screen For one you can see yeah particles of His hair But It’s how much Effort he makes to say he’s in a hangar You know when he’s doing the echo and He’s he’s

He’s Showing people and he’s He’s almost like yes i’ve talked shite Before but i am actually in a hangar Here i’m in a hangar listen Yeah i was excited you know of course But you know to walk into the hangar and And use this as your proof of concept That this is what you’re going to do Next it’s I mean as uh i think blake or rich you Might have mentioned it you know when we Were talking about this It’d be easy enough for him to walk into Any empty hanger maybe it was abandoned You know but if that’s if he really Wants to try to pull the wool over People’s eyes he’s excited he thinks he Has something Revolutionary coming But god we need more than you know him Just standing in a hangar saying i own This i mean anybody can [ __ ] do that I remember um what you call it uh billy Uh Carlson uh carlson Was doing something about a year or so Ago where he and he’s just he’s gone now Where he was on about Developing a spacecraft or something Like that And now he’s making his own netflix Uh joe i find really weird about the Wilcock thing because like the first

Thing i’ve done here has gone to his Twitter because i obviously haven’t seen It so i thought i could i could stick on What i was taught to use Is his his video of I’m gonna make a flying car Isn’t even on his own twitter page That feels weird yeah because you would You want to you you’d think that you Would if you’re going to make a flying Kite you want to tell the world about it And if you want funding for it as well And considering he’s got 143 000 followers you think that maybe Out of those hundred and forty three Thousand followers maybe a couple of Them would wanna uh Chip in If they’re really following him and they Have the passion and conviction the way That some of those people who supported To the stars academy i’m not going to Mention any names there will be fun you Know If you talk about the same person i’m Looking at the name of he’s definitely Following him Yeah well it makes sense to me doesn’t It Can you imagine if he pulls it off we’re Just talking a lot like [ __ ] Do you know what i feel pretty confident On this one David wilcock never pulled [ __ ] off

He’s a scammer a liar the guy’s a total Freaking What do you call those people snake oil Salesmen hmm He’s not even a good one though At least gria sometimes like as far as The Um like worry pedals as far as the Experience thing you know the what’s it Called the The meditation process Yeah Um You know at least he he at least sells That in a reasonable way wilco doesn’t Even sell anything well He’s a fan He says thank you lee He’s He’s happy The last smite look at that smile and That jaundice face Um John does So we are running out of time because i Said i’d only go two hours tonight um One i’ve got i’m up extremely early in The morning and and two rich you you You’re going to prepare a show yeah What’s the show on Um i don’t know The loch ness monster Yeah [ __ ] wilco wilcock you railed us

Didn’t we we were talking mythical Creatures then we started what happens All the time then we start to talk about His mythical business Exactly it goes so it’s so fitting it’s So fitting Listen if you if you come to alien Addicts because you want us to stick to The subject you’re in the wrong place We spoke for an hour and 40 minutes About the cryptids and all that stuff Exactly right the last 20 minutes Anybody complained something wrong See rich You’re a bit like me but you do a show Nearly every night uh and you could just Pull it out the park i have a whole week To prepare and even with a whole week to Prepare i’d just bang a thumbnail out And Hope for the best That is the most beautiful thing That is so cool Well that’s the real you i know it is Tonight i’ll be talking about the uh Jim is it jim james goodall jim Goodall’s photos those ufo photos he Found and cleaned up So i’m gonna i never talked about them So we’ll be talking about that and a Little more a little post Meijer For a few minutes but nothing and Definitely need to go revisit that but

I’ve got a lot of stuff to go over lots Of videos lots of things to talk about So just a whole hodgepodge tonight it’s Thursday it’s hodgepodge thursday will You be will you be asking Inviting michael horn back onto the show Uh No no no he’s dead to me After tonight Well The thing is rich you were very polite To him when you had him on the show yeah Because i didn’t expect it i had him on A couple of times before and he acted Like a gentleman And then when he came on i’m like What is he doing i was kind of more Interested to see where this was going To go so i really didn’t I wasn’t in the mood to get angry you Know some nights i would say dude shut Your freaking mouth But that night i was in a i don’t know Interesting mood I i think because is it cat what’s his Name carl carl car Calcorp cow yeah i think because because You i mean He’s a clever guy And i think You uh having him on just really made Um what’s his name mike michael’s nappy Get very soggy It made him get yeah his new name is dr

Evil if you ever talk about him because That’s what he looks like dalton evil Can i paint the shoe gold how about now You crazy dutch bastard Who was the first person that you did Who was that i don’t do impressions just Doctored it just just gold gold member Gold oh gold member That was pretty good And and and dark how are you doing Tonight are you got a show Uh yeah i’m i’m zipping home uh i hope To christ i can make it on time i’m Probably gonna be about 5-10 minutes Over but i have jared murphy on this Evening and he’s going to be discussing His recent expedition out to the grand Canyon where he’s plotting out his Course to visit you know and scale Certain rock facades visit caves and Areas that haven’t been traversed by People before or if they have it’s been Very few and far between that have Gotten down into these nooks and Crannies within the canyon now what he Did is he went out with this expedition Again to map out the course that he Would take uh he is in Line with some of the indigenous people That are there and they’re actually Guiding him through this um and he’ll be Returning i believe in october for a Longer stint to actually undertake what The um exploration is going to be all

About that’ll be on at 7 30 Uh eastern time here within 25 minutes Oh wow What can you ask him um what he makes of Um And i need to add you darko right now to The description because Because you let me know today Okay i will put that in right now can You ask him What he makes of on angeli’s Mountain Oh sure i certainly will and you know What he’s going to come back with a very Pragmatic and rational answer for that So i’d be happy to Has no idea that’s what he’s going to do Have any of you boys reached out have You reached out to anjali rich No interest No what about you darko i haven’t Reached out to her you know what i’d Love to put her up against a wall Um countdown Well What let’s uh you know what But there are some questions people like That that are so convicted in what They’re saying and you know maybe There’s no parallel here but kenneth Pass all right you if you’re gonna say What you’re gonna say about what you’re Saying You gotta have a foundation

For what you’re saying and i don’t mean Just give me a story i wanna hear that You understand the basic principles of Spirituality esoterism uh you know Things along those lines when you talk About thoughts manifesting when you talk About meditation you talk about Out-of-body experiences whatever the Case is you need to have a foundation if You talk to me or anybody else who’s Going to ask these very difficult Questions that that really get down to The core of maybe who you are or your Narrative You ought not to stumble if you stand Strong then we have a conversation and Something more to go into if you stammer Or if you fumble Right there the entire world’s going to See that and again we’ve had other People on the shows that have done just That in lieu of certain questions and of Course i’m not going to do it outright Like you know but you’re not going to do It in an accusing sense i’m going to Give them the questions the way that i Do to see where they want to take that And it’s going to be totally up to them With the picture that they you know Paint of themselves being on the show So maybe i will reach out to her Do it And if you if you do you just ask us to Re reply to me rich chardonnay god bless

You my my friend It was a blessing yeah yeah yeah bye bye Bye Uh well i’ve now Say the broker must be scared oh god I i will literally put your It’s not let me add the description go Check out dark hour paranormal i will Add the description right after the show Um better lee Hi what’s happening What are we doing I’ve got a new podcast I know oh Yeah I’ve got a new podcast called Um this this is cheaper than therapy You can Um you can find it on i think now apart From spotify because that hasn’t cleared Yet you should be able to find this is Cheaper than therapy on all the other Things or if you already follow us the Audio and post it on must see audio But that will stop and it will just be Its own thing eventually And without getting me shut down lee What’s it gonna be about It’s it’s just whatever i want to talk About like the it’s a short-form one Half an hour to 45 minutes um world Events and all sorts of craziness world Events all sorts craziness anything i Find funny as well um

Yeah it’s if you i i mean i’m not Comparing it to him because i think the Guy’s a god but if you like bill burr’s Monday morning podcast you’ll probably Like my podcast as well well i watched The first episode and also Uh One of the subscribers tonight um Who is i think it’s one of your patreons Now as well lee As well as mine uh Messaged me the other day and said have You seen lee’s new show uh that the demo Of it and he loved it i’m pretty proud Of it Are they gonna be that long are they Gonna be about 30 minutes I think so yeah I think that’s a really good little Yeah you get the washing up done and You’re listening to in the background Yeah yeah well i think the I think that’ll eventually take over From us see audio because after having The um Um Like The virus Guy Guy on The uh My my podcast has lost Thousands of listeners i don’t see it After you got the warnings from you yeah

I don’t i don’t think i don’t think that Those people have disappeared I just don’t think they’re getting Served the podcast anymore it’s very Very very very strange you have to be Careful in this field who you yeah The thing this is the thing with Interviews though you I mean you could for all i know i i make Every now and again i interview somebody Who i’ve not met before they may say Something that gets me into a lot of [ __ ] would you like do you like to know Something like obviously without saying Names or or subjects or anything like That uh the interesting thing about the Guy interviewed Is uh we have a bank over here on the Isle of man we have the alimon bank um And He’s sweating a bit no no no it’s fine But because of his beliefs and what he’s Uh he’s essentially taking our Government to court right now but he’s Put he’s filed to take our own Government to court over Things that have gone on Um He’s lost his bank account Because of his beliefs Jesus man really yeah it’s real And i i don’t agree with a lot of the Stuff he says i agree with a good Good 55 maybe even a little bit more

Um but yeah he’s he’s lost access to his Bank account now and it’s very Very odd That’s ridiculous yeah It is a strange world but guys We have run out of time i want to thank You all for coming on Good night god bless mind the bugs don’t Bite i’m alien addict this is lee from Must-see audio and now This is cheaper than therapy this is Cheaper in therapy yeah and dark out Paranormal Good night god bless folks mind the Books Thanks