DEMON Caught On CAMERA @ THE SALLIE HOUSE (America’s Most Haunted) | Movie | The Paranormal Files

By | September 23, 2021
DEMON Caught On CAMERA @ THE SALLIE HOUSE (America's Most Haunted) | Movie | The Paranormal Files

This is the only place i’ve ever been In You know 2 300 investigations i feel Confident saying this this evil there’s Evil in this house what’s up everybody It’s colin here and now On the paranormal files Oftentimes we cover dark subjects dark Investigations dark entities Tonight’s video is a bit different and This is a warning to all of you who are About to watch this video This entity that we’re dealing with at The sally house it’s not A little girl apparently This entity is evil it’s dark it has Driven people to Consider Murder to think of killing their partner Investigators have told us many things About this entity one thing being that It likes to travel so if you’re afraid Of being haunted if you’re really Genuinely afraid that this Video might be able to affect you in That way which i think it might be able To since we’re here asking for it too I advise you to turn it off now If you want to open yourself to this Continue with caution but tonight we are Here in atchison kansas at the notorious Sally house And welcome to the paranormal files Please proceed with caution because

Viewer discretion is advised Hey everybody My name is colin brown i’m a paranormal Investigator a documentary filmmaker I like to cover stories that Bring light to injustices i like telling History I love the paranormal One big thing about my channel Has always been that i don’t believe in Demons I’m not trying to offend anybody i just Personally am not religious Lots of people are that’s totally okay That’s your choice that’s just It’s been something that i’ve been Trying to disprove in the paranormal Field because what i See when it comes to paranormal Investigating Is that when people hear this word demon They are scared they instantly don’t Want to open themselves up to the Paranormal they never want to give it a Chance And hollywood big tv shows big movies Use the word demon To Sell they get more viewers more clicks By saying everything’s a demon obviously And i don’t believe that that’s true i Believe that most of the time This energy is just energy you know Whether it’s good or bad residual

Active intelligent it’s all Energy everything is energy in this World but for the first time ever After filming This video My mind has uh Has changed a little bit about My belief What you’re about to see in this video Is Not only shocking but it’s scary i’m Getting chills right now just thinking About it And it’s 100 real For the past Month ever since our investigation At the sally house Sally or whatever the entity is Has come through On different investigations it’s almost Followed us We’ve all had nightmares My parents have seen something in their House I personally have had a very Very hard time with my mental health So that’s something that i feel like Everybody should be okay with talking About mental health it’s something that Affects so many people i’ve been in a Somewhat rough place and it all really Started after this investigation my Nightmares my The thoughts in my head the things that

I’ve been thinking about This is real this channel is real What we do here on the paranormal files Is real investigations It’s not to sell or Tickets to events and stuff this is uh This is a basically a video diary Of my experiences on my journey with my Family the people i love my friends This is going to go down in history as I think one of the most disturbing Videos i’ve ever Released i’m almost afraid to look back And edit the footage because of how it Made me feel at the time The activity that we captured in this Video is unlike Any activity that We’ve ever captured in the history of The show So once again this is a warning to those Of you watching at home If you’re susceptible to these types of Energies it’s not worth it to watch this Video man What you’re about to see is is extremely Dark Shocking I literally have goosebumps right now When i’m just talking to you guys I present to you the most haunted house In america The true demon house Our investigation

At the sally house Welcome to the paranormal files So i’m going to start this video off Um by featuring some fans of the show People that love the content i’m sure You guys that i i’m about to talk to are Watching the video right now i wanted to Chronicle some other people’s Experiences with demons to give them a Platform to allow them to explain What they experienced that made them Feel like they weren’t just talking to a Spirit or an entity but they were Talking to something quote-unquote Demonic or What you would call demonic something Evil So uh Yeah let’s uh Let’s take a listen to what you guys Have to say about this Okay well my name is frannie becerra and I’m a big fan of yours i’m super excited To be on this and i’m also wearing your Merch you guys have to buy you got to go Buy it oh yeah thank you and then i’m Also here to share my spooky story i Experienced as a kid so i also do have Um twitter friendy versera so there’s That and then i also want to give a Shout out to my family in mission texas I miss you guys and love you guys so

Much oh that’s cute i love fishing cool Place all right so this uh This demon story let’s uh let’s hear it All right so i am from modesto California i was around five to six Years old me and my mom were living with A family friend and just like you know Years went by we stayed there until like I was in junior high and then this one Day i remember it’s like very hard to Forget i was going to sleep and then It’s like this hallway was like insane That he had it was like so long and just Like terrifying like it’s like see Things sometimes and this night i Actually saw something i saw like a dark Figure walking towards me And like as little kid you know just Like this isn’t real i’m just scared so I like you know i wipe my eyes i like Blink i was like this isn’t happening so I want to go lay down as i was laying Down i was just like hearing things a Lot closer to me so i just covered up And then from that i just felt like Something like right by me like you just Feel that presence and like something Touched me and i was like still unreal And then the and then on my door there Was three o’clock marks and i was like So terrified it’s like it actually Happened you thought it was just in your Head and just seeing that was just proof So you actually heard the thing coming

Down the hall Felt the presence felt the touch and Then there were claw marks Physical claw marks on your door Yes and i was like so shocked you know Being as a kid as a kid you’re just like This wasn’t real it’s all in my head and Seeing that it’s like it really did Happen it’s not a lie a sign in my head It’s not a joke it really did happen And that you believe was a demonic Experience because of the The claw marks Yes and also just like i was saying and Like i was telling you in the email that Um it was like a dark figure i’ve seen Horns and just like not look friendly or Anything you know it was scaring me so You get that vibe already scaring you It’s like that’s that’s not good You saw horns on this figure yes i did It was very it’s like it was seriously Just like right there it’s like but what Am i seeing that experience when you Were younger So shocking so Real to you that still to this day you Believe that yes it was a demon Yeah just like i was thinking earlier It’s like you don’t think these things Are real until they actually happen to You or you have your personal experience Like that granny and you stay safe Yes stay spooky to you yeah thank you

You too Have a good day yeah you too thank you Bye Hi my name is valentina so Back when i was in middle school there Was this game going around called hotel 626 it was a scary game I was at a friend’s house one night Playing it with them before dinner And we went to bed or downstairs Not thinking anything of it any longer Important their dad was a Life sleeper so he could hear us we had To be quiet and they had a dog sleeping Upstairs in a kennel by the stairs Um While the night progressed at 2 am we Started to hear somebody coming down the Stairs at first we thought it was just Their parents telling us to be quiet We peaked there was nothing there And then progressively throughout the Night it got louder and it almost seemed Like somebody was falling down the Stairs And At that point we were freaked out we Were huddling in a group together under A blanket And then we started hearing scratching At the door and like the doorknob was Trying to open even though we had it Locked Uh we waited until morning suddenly

Noises stopped as soon as the sun came Out We went upstairs asked their parents if They heard anything or what was going on Because we heard these scary noises and They said they heard nothing And from that point on the noises did Continue for these girls at their house And i i feel terrible i don’t know i Think that game opened a portal And since we were young we did not know How to close it Did the activity end for them or did it Just kind of continue for a while It continued for years i believe is what They said Really Yeah one of the twins she lived Downstairs alone and it continued And so she moved upstairs with her Sister And then it followed and was annoying Them at their door So Wow Well yeah i don’t know what it was we Never Do saw Think it was something demonic I do i think it was very dark because The game we played you Try to escape this hotel and there’s Like creepy entities in the game like Ghosts or

Demonic figures so i think we must have Invited something in and once you invite It in it’s it Yeah okay everybody so I’m here with rick sarah you guys if you Watch another dirty room you’ve seen dan Bell’s videos friend of mine uh rick and I have seen some creepy [ __ ] when we Were filming in baltimore Yes Together Especially the mansion oh uplands Mansion camp for yeah But all that footage is gone sadly you Want to talk about Experiences people might have had Involving Demons Yes you have a story i’m going to let You just try I don’t like demons i don’t even want to Be near anything that has Ill intent for me but i’m a an avid uh Paranormal investigator and anything i’m Up for Going and checking it out so i was asked By a friend to join her group she had All women’s Uh para group to check a friend’s house Out because The uh one girl Who had unfortunately Uh intellectual disabilities Was being attacked and it would uh

Basically get her up into a frenzy and It didn’t take a lot because she had Unfortunately that kind of a Potential and uh it exacerbated to a Point where this common friend who Actually i met one night i went and Investigated to try to help her out in Terms of the night itself There was a couple of things we saw in a Photograph an image which if you looked At it cross-eyed you might be thinking It’s a skull with horns coming out of it But it was something that we saw where There was noise noted and it was in Front of a door a partially open closet And you know closets are a space that Happens to be One of the places to think of activity Or the opening to anything so that’s Where maybe we got something and then There were noises and even growling Sounds when you hear growls that’s never A good thing i like when i hear uh some Kind of a demented laugh or something Like that that’s better it’s just Another Casper but This was no casper beyond the night that I was there i was a part of conversation With my friend nez She was trying to think of what else she Could do to help as this just continued To Get worse and worse eventually

It drove them out of the home and then My friend who was the leader of this Group of women she found Suddenly Something strange happening in her own Home of course uh it was when she’s Alone Her husband was in bed for the night it Started with just like a dark something Went across the doorway when she looked From where she was sitting into her Kitchen and it ramped up to Deliberately just trying to Always have her abilities it affected Her ability to sleep which then made her Tired which you know becomes cyclical So that we do Have that around anywhere i guess but We’ve had it in baltimore and that was My experience and i i can tell you it Really was Horrible to watch how it affected my Friends and to how i heard about how it Kept affecting the daughter who to this Day is still institutionalized Because of her problems Which might have been accelerated or Exacerbated by the Entity or whatever it was And you were there At that On that night And i was on the one night where we all Came to a head it was like six of us all

Working through the house together or Separately Just seeing what we could sense And um I don’t know if you ever heard of the Name bill bean He’s a marylander who Became renowned in terms of dealing with Demons specifically he was consulted he Wasn’t willing to go to this home it was After the point that he got to No longer feel he could really do Like cleansings and such but That’s what he had done and You’ve done obviously you and i have Done Ghost hunts and investigations together But this At the house when you were there seemed Different i’m looking You could see how the people were Affected you could look at their face This was nobody bsing anyone you know This was Really pain to them Well rick that is You need to Pray some more than you do before you go In and after you’re done before you go Out money because You happen to have gone to some Pretty rough places All right so my name is emily um we’re

From syracuse new york Um and we had an absolutely terrifying Experience at a local spot called split Rock quarry So this event took place back in November of 2019 when me and my now Fiance Decided to just go kind of for a walk in The trails with another friend of ours And um as soon as we got there you know I was a little apprehensive but i was Like you know i’ve been in to this place Before So We get into the trail and i immediately Had this Gut wrenching feeling And i decided to continue on and we all Did and we got to this one spot and my Fiance is smelling the air and i’m like Hey like what’s wrong he’s like do you Smell that And i’m like yeah And it was just us musty earthy But non like it’s not natural Smell i thought it was coyotes yeah and It smelled like wet dog And then the trees started creaking and It was a very Quiet night and we immediately just Rushed back down the trail we felt like We were being followed in my mind’s eyes Like in my mind’s eye i literally felt Like people were trying like putting

Their hands up through the soil trying To grab me And my fiance started acting really out Of it he started kind of swaying and Acting like he was drunk and i kept Having to pull him back onto the trail He kept trying to go Off of the trail And my other friend was trying to go off The trail as well claiming that she saw An apparition trying to guide her to Another part of the trail into the woods And i was like no you have to stay And we kept going And My fiance said he when we got back to my Car he said he didn’t recollect any of The events that just had happened and we Were all really shaken up so we went Home he actually ended up throwing up When we got back to his house And that night i had a really alarming Nightmare That He had like i heard wolves And he had just left and he vanished Into the woods And we just didn’t feel Normal a few days after and then um a Couple months later i was doing a Meditation to kind of help myself go to Sleep and all of a sudden an image of The split rock quarry crusher just came Up into my mind and i immediately darted

Off and i woke him up and i told him That that place had a hold on me like i Felt like i had like that place took a Part of me all right so Um yeah so just a real quick uh Background really like lifelong pagans Really were raised that way And um seeing you know Scary [ __ ] in layman’s terms is pretty Standard you know we’re not one of those People that like glamorizes or Embellishes talking about these things Um we’ve done exorcisms we’ve done Seances lots of experience to me i’m Getting chills talking about it right Now And um It felt so overwhelmingly Strong uh i would you believe that it Was something that my grandparents used To talk about of elementals we went There to celebrate sewing and pale Homage to the people that were lost and We went there with good intentions And um emily’s right it was like this Thin trail And It sounded like Animals were running real fast on either Side it smelled like wet dog And it just felt This intense paralyzing fear I don’t know if it was demonic we’ve had Encounters like that it’s just

It it wasn’t like we were being watched It was like being chased Um we’ve dealt with demonic presences Where it feels like something’s staring At you and kind of like draining you This just literally we were the cars and It took the keys it was It completely took him over it affected Him 100 And he’s strong he is strong i can’t Even begin to describe to you like There’s no way for me to make anybody Understand That feeling that we had that night we Were there for probably an hour and a Half maybe two hours and it felt like we Were There and back to the house in 10-15 Minutes i felt like time was taken from Us yeah something definitely happened That night and again we went out because The veil was the thinnest paid homage to The lost souls and Uh took another like-minded photo with Us It was absolutely unreal i got back i Was in a daze i slept for like 12-13 Hours the next day after throwing up Just horrible horrible dreams and Something it i guess if you had to call It anything Demonic wouldn’t be too far off Uh so hello my name is madison i Actually live here in texas and i had a

Paranormal experience happened to me When i was 15 years old uh as a kid i Grew up like i had a lot of paranormal Experiences myself i have an older Sister and At this time she was watching my baby Sister from my mom’s side she would go And stay at her house frequently this House she Moved into after my great uncle had to Be checked into a retirement center for War veterans the reason behind him being Checked in is unfortunately because my Grandmother said that he was Experiencing Hallucinations and Um having a lot of mental problems he Was probably in his early 90s so that Was the reason why she checked him in Because he was living on his own at the Time so my sister moves in with her Boyfriend and his daughter she Would in passing tell me about Experiences that she was having in the House like people Were in the window Outside of her house and she thought That was strange she would go outside And there wouldn’t be anybody there Strange sounds things like her bed being Pushed from underneath you just all Kinds of random paranormal experiences So i didn’t look i didn’t think too much Of it and i went to go visit one time

Her boyfriend’s daughter and i were There alone with my little sister and my Sister and her boyfriend went off to go Do something She starts to come to me and say are you Calling my name are you calling my name I said no i’m not i’m just in here like Finding my own business so that was kind Of freaky i would smell rotten egg Smells throughout the day and we Couldn’t figure out where it was coming From but the main issue that happened Was when my Sister went to go get holy water because She was telling me about all these Experiences and i was telling her like Oh well i’m smelling rotten eggs um There’s lights that are dancing all over The ceiling the fan like unplugged by Itself and stopped moving like like a Floor fan and she’s like okay Experiences are getting too weird i’m Gonna go get some holy water and just Splash it around the house so she did That when she did that we left my baby Sister in the back room it was a One-bedroom house we left her in the Room and she was doing this in the Living room in the kitchen all of a Sudden my sister just like had the color Drain from her face and she’s like you Need to grab your sister and i was like Okay why and she’s like because she Thought it was a demon that was in the

House she said demons like to attach to Children or like to affect children and She was Very little i tried to open the door to Go grab her and the door was locked and I said can you lock the door from the Inside and she said yes but i didn’t Lock it so we’re trying to open it Trying to open it trying to open it and It won’t open and i Reach again for the door handle and it There’s a growl that comes from the door Handle and i’m like what the hell is Going on so finally i get the door open No tools were used it just opens by Itself and my older sister runs in and Grabs my baby sister and as i’m holding The door open there is something that is Pushing against the door and it wasn’t Just like i hit the wall and it bounced Back it was pushing against me and i was Yelling at her like grab her grab her so She grabs her and then we shut the door Back and then my sister’s like oh i left My keys and my other stuff my phone or Whatever in the bathroom so the open the Door opens again and she goes into the Bathroom to grab her stuff and she said She walked into a portal to me that’s Crazy because i feel like i’m even Though i do believe in the paranormal i Feel like i’m a realist and when she Said she felt like she walked into a Portal i just can’t wrap my head around

It but i guess people who have Experienced it know what that feels like She freaked out we all ran outside and We go to a church and i honestly don’t Remember a lot that happened after that Experience i think i kind of blocked it Out and i told my grandmother about it And my mother is mexican and so she did Like the host ritual on me or whatever Like crack the egg in the cup to make Sure i didn’t have any bad spirits or Like anything attached to me and then After that i just i stopped experiencing Paranormal primal things what’s crazy is That the reason my great uncle got put Into this the retirement center is Because he was telling my grandmother His sister of all these things that were Happening to him and she thought he was Crazy and so When my grandmother told me about him Seeing people in the windows she thought That was him hallucinating we didn’t Tell anybody this my grandmother only Told me she said don’t tell anybody else About this and then after my sister Moves in she tells me that she’s seeing People in the window and i immediately Was like oh my god that’s what my that’s What happened to my uncle so we went to The retirement center to talk to him About it and he would not talk to us About it at all there was something in That house you would consider that to be

A demonic encounter i’ve heard of the Rotten egg smell as being demonic Related another thing she told me is That and this i didn’t experience this But uh the radio would come on at three O’clock in the morning every night which Three o’clock is like the witching hour Right Um I don’t know that that was yeah the Whole experience basically but It sounds scary though It was it was many many times when People think That there is a spirit or something that They are Mistaken But we do believe that they do exist And i have Done blessings for people they all get Totally approved by the catholic church Would you consider That to be something that would be Dangerous doing the ouija board or i Mean we just try to talk to you never Ever do it again and throw it out Okay because Yes Okay because These things often do Happen after that The first case i ever dealt with was Somebody who really got into Egyptology but these things often are

Associated with these things it’s not That every time somebody uses one of These somethings happens but you you Should never use it again i think you Shouldn’t throw it out give it to Somebody just get rid of it i i wouldn’t Use the word demon I would say It’s something supernatural that we Don’t understand there are Spirits sometimes These things are not malevolent they are Just there you know that i’ve run into a Case or two where it seems like it is Somebody who died who is somehow stuck And their spirit has not been able to Move on And you know maybe we can release them From that But what we tell people is You know if it’s Sometimes these things are attached to Things they’re attached to places They’re attached to people and you know If it’s if you think it’s attached to Something you should throw that thing Out There is a reason why the form includes Among many other things Have you ever used a ouija board because We have experiences that sometimes Something like this happens it doesn’t Happen every time but you know there’s Things that happen are sometimes

People have traumatic injuries or are Victims of certain kinds of abuse or You know medical conditions there’s a Number of things that make us vulnerable Sometimes these things are attached to Things they’re attached to places and Now we get to August 2021 Right there in atchison kansas at the Sally house What you’re about to see is actually the Second interview that we shot Elijah he is a member of apex paranormal In kansas city i always love working With different paranormal investigators Wherever we travel to elijah’s a great Guy and from the very beginning that we Arrived the moment we arrived at the Sally house the weirdness began never Had this happen before ever in the History of the show we filmed 15 minutes Of an interview with elijah outside of The sally house he didn’t even want to Go inside the house because of his Experiences in the middle of his Interview as he was talking about sally The demon the entity My camera malfunctioned it glitched Right there in my hands and it deleted The entire interview that we had just Shot with elijah So That footage is unrecoverable what You’re about to see right now is

Actually the second interview we did With elijah and you can see in the Footage how obviously unsettled all of Us are and this is in the broad daylight Outside of the house not even inside so Let’s uh Let’s begin the investigation So So we just got here And then noticed right outside the sally House there’s a Bird that looked like it just dropped Dead Perfectly preserved looks like it just Died like a couple minutes ago And it just there’s nothing for it to Run into around here it just looks like It dropped dead And there’s the house right there Don’t see any other dead birds on the Street Anywhere Just uh Right here in front of the sally house Weird First time in the sally house we’re just Here doing drone shots but Guess we’ll uh i wanted to film this Because the first time we’re going in Right yeah

Is Oh that was creepy down there Isn’t that creepy down there yes Hey that’s where courtney and i are Going to go Let’s send this down Play her some music Down on the ranch and strawberry Shortcake Song she likes Several investigative teams agree the Fixing entity may not be sally but an Old woman who felt her death on the Basement stairs With the mind of an eight-year-old Yeah just to explain to people when we Came in the stereo was playing it’s like A typical like haunted house imagine if It started right now again did y’all Stop it yeah i stopped it But like weird was it just playing all Night i don’t know that was really i Don’t know why you would if you’re Leaving leave a stereo Sally’s kind of creepy is this the stuff The actual stuff that was used for the Appendectomy I don’t know well what must have been Elijah That’s the head of apex paranormal for All of kansas This is the one place that he said he Doesn’t want to ever come back to

He’s gone all over the country He’s coming and he said man My stomach is in knots just driving up Here really yeah he’s like freaked to Come back here wow Yeah He says like you’re it’s like evil they All when they were here because it was Like sharing Evil She’s creepy You were feeling chills in here just a Second ago yeah i still am i’m feeling a Little bit like Again a little bit dizzy almost or Something like that Isn’t it kind of a little bit If you look at this place though if you Start looking at It’s kind of like not Yeah straight You know what i mean yeah there’s Something about It’s really off nice The floor and everything it makes you Feel well this table is tilted if you Can see that you know I mean it’s like i think one this way Yeah this is gonna be interesting seeing This guy Did you guys charge this battery all Night that’s in here i did it’s on fifty

Percent already This is a big battery i did charge that One And i was full was it actually on the Screen have half battery yeah oh my gosh Very straight Yeah That’s 100 Yeah it’s interesting because this was Charging all night and then You can see right there Yeah the battery is already halfway Depleted and it was full when i turned It on 100 Charged Weird Yeah Huh oh It’s like a clicking Dude i’m actually Kidding Some weird vibes here it’s freaky i mean Really it is I i don’t think you can see this oh There’s something here My hairs look at this can you see it Yeah you got a hell of goosebumps There’s like Totally a lot of stuff going on here oh My gosh This is what four in the afternoon I’m actually a little bit sick to my Stomach let’s go out and meet him

Everyone’s having all these experiences What My The camera card just reformatted in the Camera are you filming that yeah look at This Well i was shooting the interview The camera car you may have just lost Now [Applause] Yeah Even the camera battery we charged it All night long and it had full battery And then right when we stepped inside it Went down to half about like 50 Weird that’s very strange that that just Can you see if it’s saved No She might be pissed off here too really What the [ __ ] yeah she’s like i haven’t Seen you in a while she’s following her She’s showing up Four five Okay so That’s never happened to me Ever filming the show To let you guys know what happened we Were filming we’re talking for like 10 Minutes we just got through all the History of the house And then my camera

Glitched out and we just all the other Data look it All the other data on here is still here From Us filming new orleans and everything But the the clip that we just shot is Gone It’s it’s not there All That’s crazy i’ve nev and i’ve never Seen that no Okay okay That’s kind of messed up man right Um why don’t you introduce yourself My name is elijah bucholtz i’m with apex Paranormal i have kansas city paranormal Investigator And you’ve done hundreds of Investigations done hundreds of Investigations we’ve been all over the Country some of the scariest places in The world and We’ve been investigating sally house for The last Seven years or so seven plus years and This is the only place we will never Return to Like you’re done forever we’re done our Last investigation here was two years Ago Um through the years every time we Investigate it’s gotten more and more Intense and the last one got so bad that We just decided that’s it we just can’t

Go back there again Really and why what was the breaking Point So the the breaking point for us was When it became very personal And started making direct threats at us Started making direct threats at our Family Talking about We call her sally but talking about I’m riding home with you We’re gonna be together i’m gonna be in The backseat of your car I’m going to and we kept saying no no no No no you’re not no you’re not that’s Not okay no you’re not Then it was i’m going after your family I’m going to live in your home i mean it Was just It was too much it was just too much wow Yeah So i guess let’s go through the history Of the house again with the Stuff in the basement people doing Rituals and everything Okay So so sally house started off as a Personal residence for a local doctor in Town um the sally story actually is Related you let me do that all together Yeah the sally’s story actually is Related to That doctor the story goes that Sally was a little girl in town her mom

Brought her here to the doctor when she Was having severe stomach pains Doctor determined she was having Appendicitis And did an emergency surgery on his Kitchen table and she bled out and died On the table and that it’s sally’s Ghosts who haunts this place Through the years after the doctor Passed away his family passed The House went through several different Families was always a private residence Up into the 1990s when deb and tony Pickman Lived here and they really made the Sally house famous because of all the Experiences they had lots of personal Attacks scratches so bad that they were Bleeding from them things being moved Voices Tony at one point saw a little girl he Came home from work Opened the fridge got something out Closed the fridge and there was a little Girl standing there And he has a well-known drawing that he Drew in detail of what sally looks like And it got to the point through the Years again when they lived here that it Was more and more oppressive To where tony was Seriously considering Killing his wife

And it got so bad that he was planning It out plotting it and was planning to Do it and that’s when they decided we Got to get the hell out of here um and They moved they actually still live in Town Probably just a few blocks over i think Two three blocks over from here Wow yeah yeah that’s crazy if they’re so Close yeah And they will tell you Um if you talk to them they’ll tell you They they can tell when people are here Because they have stuff continuing to Happen to them at their house also Really um so once the pikmin’s left the Current owner opened it up to paranormal Investigations they’ve got You know ghost hunting groups that Aren’t in here every weekend and have Been for 30 40 years so in between when The doctor lived here and when the Pikmins lived here the the house changed Hands several times there’s a bunch of Urban legends about it an old lady who Was into satanic magic was doing rituals In the basement there was a rumor that Two teenagers that lived here were doing Rituals down in the basement um I mean who who knows if either of those Stories are true or what what the truth Is but um either way there’s some There’s something there’s soft and dark In this house yeah and

So if it’s not oh yeah let’s talk about Sally not happening too yeah So what we found out through our Research over the years is that this Little girl named sally the story about Her dying in the house doctor doing the Surgery was made up and it was made up By a former mayor Trying to boost tourism in the town City of atchison loves being known as The most haunted town in america and so They’re very much supportive of that and They have been for a long time What we believe Happened in this house I don’t think there’s a little girl here What i think happened is Either those rituals in the past those Stories are true and it brought Something in or through the years as People have come in and done Investigations and Have done weird things in here that that Has brought something evil into the House Because yeah if it’s not a little girl But people are seeing a little girl Yeah So what we found is uh We we’ve had experiences with a little Girl we’ve had toys move Um we’ve heard a little girl voice they Come and play with me Lots of things around a child

But there’s no child in this house what It is is this dark entity trying to Portray itself as a child so that it Brings you in brings you closer makes You comfortable and then it can attack You And we were talking Right before we started this interview We were talking about how we wanted to Get a psychic or a medium out tonight And you said that nobody in the state Will even Come yeah we’ve got A fairly well-known psychic that works With our team and She refuses to come here Sometimes we’ll have her just do remote Viewings from from home and she refuses To do that here for sally house either Because she just doesn’t she doesn’t Even want to tap into that energy There are no psychics in the state Really there are No psychics anywhere in this area that i Know of that would be willing to Come and be at the sally house That’s Yeah spooky old man yeah wow if the Psychics won’t come you know something’s Not right yeah right would you walk in There with us And show us uh like a couple places Where stuff happened to you

Uh If we’re quick Yeah i think she’s already pissed i Think that’s what happened yeah true we We can go real fast i just want to hear From you like where stuff happened Yeah yeah We’ll all be you don’t have to if you Don’t no because you really don’t want That’s quick I haven’t been in here in a year Wow So like i guess just the main things That have happened to you in here Um there there’s really not A Space in this house where you haven’t Had Stuff happen Um the basement’s kind of one of those Spots that’s well known there’s a black Circle And that’s where they claim that the Rituals happen One of the urban legends is somebody Drew a pentagram on there And they keep trying to cover it up they Try to paint over it turpentine all that Stuff and it just keeps showing back up Again i think it’s just an urban legend I don’t think it’s true um Never had anything happen in the Basement

Other than one time i was down there and I heard footsteps up here and we caught On camera so as soon as i got this Really eerie creepy feeling and i was Coming out i was down there probably 45 Minutes by myself nothing happened I step on the stairs i get maybe one or Two steps up and then i hear something Step on the stairs behind me And then i hear it following me up and So i started running if i started Running and i hear it running up behind Me and i came running out through here Into the living room yelling for my Buddies who are all upstairs and when You go back and listen to the recording You can hear the when i’m on the carpet You can hear the footsteps on the Linoleum in the kitchen following right Behind me Um Yeah so other than that nothing’s really Happened in the basement One morning we were here and we’re Actually doing a facebook live so you Can pull that out and see it and just Kind of talking about how the night Before went And you hear something jump off of the Counter Boom onto the floor in the kitchen like Super loud man um almost like somebody Had been standing on it and then jumped Off

Yeah we heard some movement in the Kitchen Outside we’re like twice And then that’s where i didn’t feel well Right away yeah you know You’ll get lots of I just got Yeah look i see my hair standing up Right She really doesn’t like that i’m here Um Down here you’ll get footsteps You’ll hear lots of voices there’s times When we’ve heard somebody yelling from Upstairs Like yelling to us telling us to come up You’ll have your equipment going off Down here You’ll see shadow figures if you’re Outside the house we’ve seen people Standing in the window you’ll see them Walking back and forth we’ve had this Radio in here turn on by itself Um What when we walked in that room It was on when we were here when we got Here Um so i’ll tell you no so i well i told Uh i think i told jeff outside The very first time we came here to Investigate we were brand new it was Just some buddies having a good time you Know we go places we cut up crack jokes

And have fun um the minute we came into This house we were fighting arguing Just Just nitpicking on each other angry And the minute we’d leave the house you Just Felt like this Just this huge weight off your shoulders You almost like this happy high And as soon as you come back in it’s the Same thing angry and you’re angry we Ended up lee i don’t even know why we Left go get snacks or drinks or Something And Uh We started driving around We’re like hey we’re in atchison there’s This cool cemetery let’s go i heard that I heard that Yeah oh my gosh serve a knock Yeah over there We’re like hey this is there’s this cool Set let’s go check the center so we Drive this and then we’re like hey now Let’s go check this out so we drive There let’s go check this out so we Drive we spent two hours driving around Until we finally whoa We paid money we’re here to investigate Sally house And like unconsciously we’re trying to Find other things to do So we didn’t have to come back here

Because it’s just It’s just it’s it’s a lot what’s the Most active part of the house in your Opinion okay so so um This place is different this is gonna be Different than anywhere else you go you Are not going to get A ton of ghost activity Right you’re going to mac interior Tomorrow you’re going to matt you’re Going to get ghost stuff voices Footsteps thing with moves You get a lot of that ghost out you Don’t have that here what you have here Is more Psychological emotional I’ve seen people are in a great mood all Of a sudden just Tears Streaming balling crying because it Attacks you and it always attacks who it Thinks is the weakest member in the Group That being said i will tell you how you Can get some of that stuff but You’ll probably have better luck If you don’t do regular ghost hunting But you call this thing out Okay i know you’re not a ghost i know What you are i know just i know i know i Know and call it out and Call it what it is and it pisses it off And then okay i shouldn’t have said that And then it pisses you off

It pisses it off and it will It’ll be more outward um One night we’re investigating and Same thing i had my daughter my oldest Daughter investigates with this and she Was here and she we usually set up Cameras and we have kind of a nerve Center on this table and run cameras Through the house and She was sitting here she was totally Fine all of a sudden she started bawling That’s happened Dozens of times that we’ve investigated And i came down you know i checked on Her i made her leave minutes she stepped Out of the house she’s feeling totally Fine and back to normal Later that night we’re trying to decide You know do we sleep here do we leave And i made the comment you know this We’re not getting ghost stuff it’s Playing these games these emotional Psychological games with us again And as a parent i i don’t feel like it Would be responsible me to allow my Daughter To sleep here and stay the night here so We need to go immediately after that Happened we started having ghost stuff We hear somebody walk upstairs we hear Somebody talking in the hall we hear Knocking on the wall we hear it was Trying to Perform so that we would stay here that

Night and that it could continue to you Know pick on us wow yeah so it’s Everywhere in the house really it’s Everywhere it’s everywhere biggest hot Spots are upstairs Um If you’re down here you’ll get stuff From upstairs but upstairs where you Really get Good stuff Everything from all right people have Been pushed down the stairs people have Been picked up and slammed against the Wall to Um have you guys been up there yet Mm-hmm Oh [ __ ] okay The the kids room toys will move around Voices shadows um Doors will slam shut Um We we had one of my Investigators was sitting on the kid’s Bed and you could physically see him Sitting straight Totally fine and over the course about 30 minutes You can see him kind of start to slump Over and slump over and then all of a Sudden he’s laying down and he says Man i really don’t feel good well what’s Wrong with you i don’t know i don’t know I’m told i just oh i feel like i’m gonna

Puke i just feel terrible i feel awful And then we had some stuff happen we Made him leave the house and again the Minute he left the house he felt totally Fine And Uh we got stuff we got a ball to move in The kid’s room we caught that little Girl’s voice saying come and play with Me Um It was like draining his energy so it Could Do things what do you think’s the Scariest thing that’s ever happened to You or anybody even you know in here Obscure um The two scariest thing was that you What did you not hear that voice I was like um I was just concerned with something You might want to go back and listen did You hear that Because it came right by you you heard It I’ve actually i mean is there anything Like touching your leg yeah she had Something like she’s had touched her leg You yet touched i’ve been scratched i’ve Had a Little like a like a backwards seven Scratched on my back Sitting in the chair up in the master Bedroom you’ll get scratched you’ll get

You’ve touched Doing i keep looking at my leg because I’m like what am i i thought maybe i was Like there was a string on the couch or Really You moved or adjusted or something or Kind of leaned and then i heard Um okay so scariest scariest things I’ll give you two examples they’re kind Of the same but We’re doing what’s called an estus Session We’re gonna do that tonight oh jesus Okay Maybe i’ll leave you my holy water Um so we’re doing a nesta session we Were doing a double so we had one person In the kid’s room one person in the Master bedroom and then we were down Here asking questions so ed one of the Guys i investigate with is started Calling to ed ed where’s ed bring it up Ed started going upstairs they had no Clue these two people you’re blindfolded And you can’t hear anything but the Spirit box as soon as the heads start Counting up the stairs they go oh here He’s coming Like ed’s coming up it’s coming up later In that night is when we started getting Responses through the estus um About we’re family We’re coming home with you i’m gonna

Ride the back of your car I’m out front waiting for you Let’s go we’re going to be together Um and and i can i can tell you this Story but to experience it was something Different because it wasn’t just the Words It was the feeling it felt It felt scary it felt intense it felt Threatening We repeatedly said no you’re not That’s not okay you’re not coming with Us And then it started getting threatening Yes i am i’ll go after your family Um something about Replacing your family i can’t remember What the wording was but it was alluding To like i’m going to replace your family We’re going to be together And and this wasn’t coming from one Person this was coming from both And you’re getting different You know sentences out of both of the People we always talk about how you Can’t convey that That feel yeah over to the camera no That’s what people don’t get until You’re in it and that’s the worst part Yeah that’s it’s I can tell you ghost stories until i’m Blue in the face but to be there to Experience it too I don’t know

When you do your thing i just felt Something like go through here Just eerie feelings that was probably That was probably the scariest because It was personal was directed straight at Us it was very intelligent it wasn’t Like I asked a question well i think it said This it was direct immediate like Real time conversation that we had with This thing wow i’ll tell you this too Since then that was the last time we Ever came after that we said that’s got To be it That was around September october two years ago that Following january we’re at mcintyre Doing estes and sally showed up Started to say where have you guys been I miss you we need to be together We’re family why don’t you love me And we went through 20 30 minutes of Like what is happening who is this Person Until we finally got it to say It’s sally and it flat out told us it’s Sally and we had to my partner ended up In tears again it’s the feelings Associated with it my partner ended up In tears and we had to shut that down And that wasn’t the only time she has Shown up four or five times different Places she showed up nebraska she showed Up in rhode island at the conjuring

House Sally showed up we did it with um My partner cnn was doing asked this Sally showed up through estes and we Thought okay maybe that’s just shannon It’s really sally’s coming all the way To conjuring So we had a local guy that was with us Paranormal investigator we stuck him Under doing estes And sally came through again or still So she has followed us Everywhere i mean i’d say probably every Three four months she shows up at an Investigation now and to clarify sally Is not the little girl sally’s not the Little girl we refer to the Demon if you will we refer to it as Sally just as a Reference a name reference I’ve been everywhere yeah this is the Only place Um this is the only place i’ve ever been In You know 2 300 investigations i feel Confident saying this this evil there’s An evil in this house Oh [ __ ] Yeah i think we’re good man that was you Want to get out of here yes So so one time we’re here we’re filming A documentary about sally house And we left one investigator and the Director upstairs in the kids room while

He investigated she was filming the rest Of us laughed and we went to go get food Or something to leave them alone they Were using a spirit box an sp7 which Shuffles through the radio stations and Kind of makes that Sound and through the spirit box a Little child said mommy And the director immediately started Bawling going i’m here baby i’m here i’m Here and the investigator was like what The hell is going on so he just kept Going he didn’t know what to do he asked Questions Yeah how old are you the kids said aids You know a couple others and she just Got progressively more emotional and Losing it so he made her leave the house About that time we pull back up and see Her ball and i walk up to her i’m like What What is going on what’s wrong she said i Have never Told anybody this But i had a Son who was kidnapped and murdered when He was eight years old and that was his Voice It took probably a solid 45 minutes for Us to convince her your your son’s not Here hanging out the sally house that’s This evil entity Trying to bait you and lure you in and Get you going

A demon a demon or is That is this crazy man that it’s willing To it’s very manipulative energy super Manipulative Yep I’m excited though Yeah be careful if you’re feeling off Just come out take it just take it don’t Be afraid take a break yeah just call it Come out sit outside five ten minutes That’s right you know that it would show Up at Mcintyre and then also we’re at way i Mean out of state conjuring house clear On That’s a good question i don’t know When we first started i i think i think Spirits can come and go i don’t think They’re stuck When we first started us we had a female An older female that followed us around And we caught her voice same voice on Evps several bunch of different places We went but it wasn’t Malevolent it wasn’t evil it was just She’d pop in and say hi you know we had We had this dude named steven it was a Big joke because he’d go We the first first time we met him we Were at an old um It’s a winery now in liberty missouri And used to be There’s four buildings one was an Orphanage one was a hospital is that the

Bellevoir Told him i wanted belvoir Film there yeah yeah Um yeah we’re at belvoir and we’re we’re Sitting in the old The uh old hospital building You can go up now i don’t know if they Still allow you but They would turn the other eye like you Go we’d go in the afternoon and we’d go Explore the abandoned buildings you’re Not supposed to but they If you weren’t causing trouble they Didn’t really care Um And we’re using a spirit box at sb7 Again And we got something talking we’re like What is your name and he goes I’m steven [ __ ] So so was this joke well stephen showed Up three or four more times at different Places and he would always say i’m Steven [ __ ] every single time Interesting so he was he was a fun one This is not this is nine this is not This always ends badly when she shows up She she showed up in nebraska We took shannon we’re at this old um It’s an occult museum now but they had An old ice box down on the far side of The building and they had red lights They hung up in there and we stuck Shannon in there to do estes and shut

The door and she said well you guys can Be right outside right Sure yeah of course we left went to the Other side of the building we used Walkies To we’d ask our questions and then she Heard something she’d use a walking sail And sally showed up and it got intense It got super intense so we were like we Got to stop i don’t even know if now she Knows we’re here she showed up we packed Everything up we were planning to drive Home three four hour drive home um until We realized Our route home Drove straight through atchison So we were like nope Nope i’d rather just stay here let’s Take our chances That’s creepy yeah it was super creepy It was super creepy Okay everybody so now that you know the History of the house you know everything About this haunting how bad it is how Evil it is today even during the Interviews we’ve had technological Difficulties we’ve been setting stuff up In here for a while we’ve heard noises We felt Very eerie vibes jeff has been covered In goosebumps multiple times you guys Know he’s got empathetic or empathic Qualities to him

But this is the sally house this is one Of the most infamous haunted locations In the u.s supposedly haunted by this Very very powerful darkness Now tonight we’re going to start the Investigation with a seance of sorts so Let’s head on in It’s very creepy in here we’ve got it All set up inside we’re going to open Ourselves to the spirit and see if we Can get it to come communicate with us By doing an old school almost victorian Seance So yeah we’re about to just Hit it and start All rolling Here we are Here’s courtney This is the seance room Okay before we begin Mary what are you feeling tonight before We start all this what are your hopes For the evening i hope we catch some Evidence i know even when he was going Through and telling the stories i felt Something touching my legs and i kept Turning around thinking maybe it was Just like a thread coming off the couch But Definitely i haven’t felt it now since We’ve been back tonight but this Afternoon i felt something touching my Legs so It’s definitely creepy in here

Yeah Papa spooks what do you think um Well i saw you touch your legs Earlier and i had a lot of again energy Through my body and my hairs were Standing on end and you know we were Talking about that before I think i feel it at the stair way Actually uh when i went over there and That’s when i’m feeling like we need to Go eventually up there but i did have Some noises out in the kitchen earlier And there was something else out there Too i can’t remember i just felt Like charged energy again so This is supposed to be the place Let’s see Courtney You all haven’t gone upstairs right i Haven’t been here okay me and mary went Upstairs and it was Very creepy so i’m excited to go into The children’s room and see if Anything moves or if we hear anything And the master bedroom I’m really excited personally I’m excited To contact something dark you guys know That i love dark Energies And just like Elijah Told us earlier We should call it out so

Just a warning to you guys we are going To be calling this thing out tonight i Know some people disagree with that Method of investigation we don’t ever do That but if this thing is hurting people Attacking people Driving people to almost commit murder It’s time to call this thing out and see If it’s really as powerful as it claims It is but i’m freaked out i’m definitely It’s creepy in here Yeah and elijah recommended that we do That He told us he’s just in this place a lot They won’t ever come back well Let’s uh Let’s start the seance okay everybody So i’m gonna add in here as well we have Two static cameras set up while we do This experiment one facing the basement Where some of the activity has happened One facing the upstairs on the stairway So if we hear anything from other parts Of the house that aren’t this room it’ll Be captured on those cameras Courtney i’m gonna have you turn on The rim pond So to start the seance i’m going to turn On these emf pumps em pumps They provide spirits with energy they Can draw from To uh Manifest Oh this one got a battery out of that oh

Okay so we’ve got Yeah we’ve got these two em pumps Turned on To anybody Or anything in this house Sally if that’s you If you’re evil if you’re a demon if you Want to hurt people you like Making them sad cry Come through tonight You can’t use any of these other people As Conduits but if you want to hop into Someone’s body i’m open for it so come On Do it tonight We’re going to leave this plank chat Right here Symbolizing the portal is open Now that we’ve turned these on It’s all holding hands for a second I want everybody Close your eyes Listen if you hear anything pointed out And i want everybody to Stare into the black of your eyes See if an image comes through because i Had to happen to be okay And if you see anything or feel anything Just say it If you’re here in the sally house We’re here to talk to you Are you here with us That’s creepy

It’s getting bigger I see a smiling Person Like Really Wide smile like Cross Big Teeth out smiling or looking at me Are you trying to show us Something satanic For me the two are colliding With the cross Really yeah It’s like The process I’m kind of seeing like some dark Clouds Like almost like thunder clouds I see like Like This Sally We’re not here to mess around tonight We’re not even moving our hands That’s so weird that i invited it over To come to me And it’s right by me It’s not your guys’s rim pod Sally can you use your voice and talk to Us You’re seeing a cross with a hole in the Middle with the edges burning

The inside hole is burning Like where the cross means Really Do you hate religion Why are you showing me this cross I’m seeing two eyes Almost like a cat’s eyes What do you mean like i Had are you trying to scare us with that Animal Because I’m like just seeing like An eyeball like a cat’s eye like yellow With a lime up and down Are you trying to show me a cat It’s a spider You’re seeing a spider okay And you’re not religious Yeah I feel almost like a little colder Do you feel that over here It’s almost like i’m feeling like Something’s standing right here Are you to my left Come up from the basement Are you the evil old woman Are you evil Are you trying to scare us If that’s where it’s at Are you in the staircase Upstairs Is there a cross upstairs

There’s a cross right here momentum Across here You give us some sort of sign that You’re here with us in our presence Can you give us a sign that you’re here Knock on something walk over here slam a Door Turn off the lights Oh Okay well Okay I’m going to kill the lights now and sit Here in the dark for a second do some Evps sure With the candles on Yeah Okay the moment that we paused Pictures during this investigation to See if i can capture anything There it is can you see my arm did you Turn night vision What We just take one picture that was creepy How the red pond went on Oh my god there’s three of them That’s creepy

Surrounding courtney right there oh god I had that well i heard like you know What’s eerie three that’s the holy Trinity demons supposedly Mock people in Threes yeah and that wouldn’t make sense It’s coming from the candles because you Can clearly see there are five candles There in the in the frame They’re coming around courtney though That’s really weird I’m gonna turn on also The Obvious right here About the k2 yeah you can turn that off Dad like the dead are calling to us now I’ve just got like chills If there’s anybody here with us Where are you in the house Okay Can you Make a noise wherever you are To let us know where you’re at Are you here with us right now Are you upstairs Are you right here No problem Is this a prop Can you make these lights go off Can you do more We We

Like who’s we Are there multiple spirits here with us Is this Sally Oh my god this is creepy Are you a human Are you evil What the hell Do you want to hurt one of us Oh man you really want to hurt us Do you want to hurt mary Do you want to hurt jeff That’s not good Why do you want to hurt me i mean Are you are you a demon You’re not invited into me Law The law of god I’ve never seen it just do three like That Or is it four It’s three that’s four it keeps doing Four one two what would four means There’s four of us Lights no Every time it’s done that’s been doing Hunt Do you want to hurt courtney Appetite Right when your stomach’s growling so Explain My stomach keeps growing

I’m sorry I don’t know why my stomach keeps Growing but then Yeah i’m hungry and it just said Appetite this appetite Hunt appetite this this view site This view this view Space Place site place view site place Where do you want us to look Notice this hasn’t gone off All right Where do you want us to look Are you out there in the stairs You can come up That’s where i keep hearing Apocalypse too Are you coming up to talk to us It is a house are you coming up to talk To us This just went off again Are you here Are you here with us Jesus that is insane why is it doing That can you make one of these lights Flicker or go off Show us that you’re here Don’t hear like a human Well just know what it was outside Okay once again are you here Can you make this device in my hand go Off

Again we didn’t finish asking are you Here to hurt colin Do you want to hurt colin So you want to hurt me Do you still want to hurt me That is so weird Do you want us to Come upstairs later tonight See what’s up there Are you waiting for us up there Grind Brave Can you do something for us Once again where are you in the house Here let’s do an evp session Okay i’m gonna run oh there’s a voice Recorder It’s hard to see Okay Got the voice recorder set up in the Middle of the Circle of candles the ouija board Um While we take turns asking questions Mary Do you like it that we’re here Funeral Casket history funeral Was your funeral here were you in a Casket Is that what you’re trying to tell us If you are a demon Why don’t you tell us where you live

Right now Why do you like to present yourself as The spirit of a little girl when that’s Not What you are Were you murdered What’s your favorite part of the house Upstairs basement Basement Oh my god Do you want us to come To the basement Intent Intent what’s your intent Sure What’s your intent once we come You want us to bring you cake What are you going to do to us if we Come down to the basement Why do you like the basement why is that The favorite part of the house for you Did someone fall down the stage oh yes Yes the woman the woman Aqua The woman that once died Right Now Crash Do you stay down in the basement because That’s where you died

Was it an accident or did somebody push You down the stairs Bacon Are you hungry I feel something in Your here Just Completely blurry This side of my throat is so sore really Look at this thing Okay What’s gonna happen if we come down to The basement because we’re gonna come See you What’s gonna happen Is sally down in the basement Things just getting different I was Thinking it’s almost like you know your Eyes should adjust and get if you get Brighter in here but it’s like it’s Dimmer Darker Violent Soon violence Remember i asked what’s gonna happen if We come down to the basement violent Soon How are you going to hurt us How is it going to get violent

And i feel really uncomfortable here Guy Guy Solid Said i wanted to hurt you I wonder if it’s the wrench Oh my god how are you gonna hurt us like A bigger guy Guy solid wrench is the ghost of a man In here with a wrench gonna Appear I was gonna say it said it wanted to Hurt jeff Guy solid Are you a solid guy He didn’t hurt him with a wrench down There Are you over here But Are you saying you’re not i asked you to Come and touch this light Can you come and touch this light That’s interesting because remember he Said this thing’s psychological torment Right you ask for this light to go off It says no and this light goes off the Completely different one Upstairs it’s definitely Okay we’re gonna go somewhere in the House can you tell us where we should go Triangle Where’s the triangle

This might be like a reach but the Upstairs is kind of shaped like a Triangle i think there’s rooms like Three rooms and then there’s two rooms Like this and it’s Shaped kind of like a triangle not Interesting that might be a reach but Like that’s interesting it was Okay yeah we haven’t even been up there Yet um I keep I keep looking over here and seeing like A light Head Triangle head Sure you want us to head there Oh i was just gonna say it does seem Like there’s something over in that Doorway You know upstairs Oh yeah i just keep thinking that i see Something right and then you think You’re talking about seeing something And i was too i was talking about seeing Stuff and shown like it’s shown us What have you shown us To me the basement’s creepier man i Didn’t feel very bad No not yet remember he said that there’s Barely any activity i know but i’m just Talking about a vibe The basement Creeps

We have to You want to go there first yeah i think We should go downstairs listen to the Evp Very what Gag That’s kind of a violent thing Yeah you’re gonna make us throw up You’re gonna choke us what are you gonna Do to us Ring How are you going to ring us Do you want us to come down to the Basement Are you right here Are you gonna meet us in the basement Is there somebody waiting for us In the basement I think they’re waiting for me Are you gonna hurt us when we get down There Okay we’re going to come down to the Basement I should do the sls down there All right we’re gonna end the voice Recorder session review this later Because yeah it’s like a 30 minute thing We’ll use that more though yeah We’ll use it more tonight though but That’s too long of a session You’re saying you see lights okay I have been seeing that exactly right There you’ve been looking at something

I just saw something there i’ve seen a Little Pointed light like five times there on The wall not the window Like on that center part between the two Do you have any last words while we’re Here sally What do you think about us being here in Your house Animal The cat we were seeing What’s your favorite thing to do Noise Can you turn on the stereo for us The music the tv the lights Mine Mike Okay yeah Before we leave this table could you Come and Come near to one of our devices that we Have here one more time Wow The howl It’s not making any sense anymore vowel E A O U I I Your eye Does your name start with an eye That is insane

It’s kind of close to i oh the Planchette is pointed at the eye and Ouija Really kind of weird mm-hmm where’s the Eye at And it’s pointed directly oh my gosh it Is Do you like when we use the ouija board Oh whoa whoa whoa mary went all the way To red Do you like when we use the ouija board Oh my god Oh my god what is that Should we do the ouija session again You want us to use the ouija board Do you like the eye On the ouija Do you want to put the Planchette right up there okay all the Way red Sorry i just heard something oh oh and The in the rem pod Okay here okay There’s something in there yeah and There was Oh oh look at both at the same time both Both at the same time Look at this mary look at this look at The k2 as well oh my gosh i’m like total My hair all happened when we moved it on The eye Oh my god Why do you like the letter i why did you

Want us to move it to that What would be the reason You know what’s the reason why I Do you like it there I Why Can you tell us Tell us in a word why you like the Letter i It’s is it mean that it’s i You know Like i I it is i It is i Oh my gosh my contact is starting to Come out of my eye Are you serious That was so weird right when y’all were Saying that my contact just started to Like pull out oh my gosh Oh my god i don’t know Okay it’s better now That was so weird were you trying to Pull that out of courtney’s eye That was so creepy It is strange that all that started from Just the vowel one yeah You keep you gotta keep going with it Was that you pulling on the Contact From courtney’s eye Is that what you’re saying Did you just touch her eyeball

Okay we’re gonna go down to the basement Now Can you Give us one more message before we go You can’t scare us Yeah Do you want to hurt us Is that what you’re saying Healer Healer Do you want us to bring a psychic in is That what you’re saying i wanted to Details Give them details Like we’d hire Call them like through elijah three Three Why three Psychic details three because the soul Console Consume three details how many spirits Are here Number three console party There’s lots of different things I have three tattooed on my arm too Okay so are you here Are you still here If you are You like the letter i On the ouija board should i leave it Back here Or should i put it back on the eye Or maybe it was Or was it more courtney’s eye

I mean this looks like it wants to say Something do you see it Say something What’s on your mind Are What are you thinking of Doesn’t it feel a little bit more Quiet here yeah i mean just A little lighter yeah i think it’s like It’s tired of communicating with us Right here Should we come down to the basement Is that what you’re saying Are you waiting for us in the basement I’ve never seen that thing do that have You Oh Again Oh Oh my gosh Ironic that we’re in a hospital and we Just got All right we’re coming Like an downstairs One more time Do you want us to come to the basement Is that what you’re saying to me I think it’s made itself clear For that You want us to come to the basement You want us to come to the basement

I think yes I think we can’t keep asking you Yeah it’s like It’s like 30 times Okay Well we’re going to leave this luigi Session here on the table let’s move This back to i Um Let’s go down to the basement i guess None of us have been down there yet Creepiest part of the house to me for Sure okay what do you want to do the sls Yes down there is what you’re thinking Stand Stand Right when we all stood up Soup Stand once Once Stand once That’s bizarre the moment we stand up Do you want to turn this Even while we’re just going down to the Basement all the way These things keep They’re both just going home Okay let’s go Okay so jeff’s got the sls right here Well let’s just turn it on Courtney’s over here The rim punch she’s got the ramp on the Spirit box

Mary you’ve just got a measly little rim Time Okay you Ready look at me He’s still candy little pups that’s fine Okay so none of us have been in the Basement yet it is very very creepy down Here I don’t know probably just Here’s our Static camera that we just set up I’m gonna walk down first Oh this is creepy Oh Look at this What is that stuff down there Seriously This is super creepy what is like some Of the [ __ ] that’s back here it’s like It’s like old cans that are like Well remember in the interview He was saying that this is the burned Pentagram that they think Where Right here you’re standing He said somebody burned this like Pentagram Into the floor look it definitely smells Like mold yeah You can like see it Are you down here Anybody let’s set the rem pods up

Everybody oh god look at this So this is where they think This is where the old woman died The evil one He’s ready to go lights out Oh what jesus oh god So we’re in the basement now we’re going To turn the lights off Oh right behind you the moment we turn The lights off Is there somebody down here with us I’m hearing something coming from In there Where are you down here You wanted us to come down here we’re Here can you do something Okay well we’re standing On the pentagram if the old woman is Here Or sally Get out here because we’re not afraid of You and you can’t scare us What’s your name [Applause] Why are you still in this house You get mad when people come here Is there a demon here You guys stay still can Whoever’s here can you either hold Colin’s hand or mary’s shoulder Show yourself here on this device What kind of a spirit is here

Sally are you evil What am i standing on Shadow Why don’t we do the sls upstairs where We have more room because it’s kind of Really tight down here yeah You can just do that go upstairs just Like this yeah you guys want to just go Upstairs It’s kind of hard to breathe Come down Are you making noises Can you get on the floor Oh it’s trying Oh look at that Yeah get down Come down on the floor Where is this oh it’s right here okay Oh it’s on the couch It got on the couch Okay Can you Make a noise over in that area Okay it’s coming closer to us here Um Colin Can you try and interact and go grab a K2 meter or something and go over by That

It’s staying a long time It’s getting down on the couch Okay colin’s coming over sit down Can you go over and sit on colin oh Okay Oh well come on there’s colin okay see Colin Is your right hand hold your right hand Up In the air there you go can you grab Colin’s hand And gorb just went by me Okay can you go get over on colin cohen Do you feel anything yeah it’s touching You we’re on my right arm yeah um Almost like your right arm and leg yeah Down below on your right leg it’s like It’s kicking your right leg almost isn’t It look at that like that see that God stand there a long time How about a how about making that meter Call hold your right hand up with the Meter Can you touch that meter Make the light go off I’d put your right out arm straight out The rim pod You get set over there Okay can you make any of those lights go Off over there colin you don’t need to Ask because It’s gone are you right here it’s gone Now

That’s gone i feel like there’s Something upstairs Oh it’s gone here now Do you want to go up Yeah let’s go upstairs we haven’t even Been up there yet It’s kind of like that dm This says stab something Snaps a pencil stab something that says Okay you guys want to go upstairs Yes Okay everybody so we’re gonna head Upstairs to the um upstairs we’re gonna Head up the stairs to the upstairs now I haven’t been up there jeff hasn’t been Up there but you said it’s shaped kind Of like a triangle yeah It’s really creepy and this is where the Thing has been kind of telling us all Night that it is so you’re ready i’m Ready You ready mary oh i’m ready It’s gonna be fun freddy you ready ready Pretty thank you are you ready i’m ready Let’s go let’s do this thing let’s go Come on team Team Squeeze Team scooby Just to grab it later Well there’s straight up a triangle Right here in this room

Look at you see that There’s actually a triangle here that’s Weird upstairs how often do you see a Triangle in a house no that’s right There yeah yeah look at that it’s a Literal triangle what is this the guest Room no this is this is the master this Is the master So this is in the corner right here This is the guest room Which they said That’s creepy what is that Do you just want to go to the kid’s room Yeah It was just a vacuum but Just No that We were talking about look at how Terrified this little baby doll looks Life so shoes Oh and here’s the raggedy hands that Also take a look at this one Creepy looking What the hell is up with its forehead This one also looks in a gaze almost Like they’re comatose Play it again Oh it hit the exact same time Do that do that one more time

What the hell Did you like that Try again from the top From the top yeah go down That is very very bizarre Isn’t that That’s so strange So what’s our goal here Let’s do the estes method Okay party’s grabbing the raggedy and Dolls Like the Spirits said The um They said that if you set them up Look at that Right when you set it down [Applause] For this experiment i’m going to do the Estes method you guys are going to ask Questions i’m going to turn this rim pot On as well Like in greece Was that slumped over like that no Hold Okay so just so you have some context This raggedy ann was slumped over like This just now And courtney had set it up right and Then it said poltergeist right when i

Mentioned that so We’re gonna do an estes method now As you guys know the estus method Is when you Sensory deprivate yourself i’m going to Close my eyes can’t see anything anyways Because we’re in the dark But that i’m putting on these noise Cancelling headphones so i can’t hear The questions that are being asked To anybody here In the sally house Okay I’m gonna start guys so start whenever Anybody who’s in here you’re welcome to Speak to me speak to us Were you in the basement with us Previous All the way I Would mama It’s that lady said she heard mama right Are you pretending to be a child to get Us to talk to you Two If you are a demon Where are you right now Sacrifice You know i have that blindfold too Downstairs Do you think we need that it’s pretty

Dark in here i mean for him What’s your name he could really help us Maybe i should go could really help us Right when you said that maybe i should Go get that Yeah Dad said that he had that blindfold that He was Wondering if he should get it and then You said it would really help us really Yeah Okay That was and that was the clearest one Too wow that’s weird we’re recording Just then but it just said hell It literally Yeah Okay so the obvious we just missed it But it said hell Randomly when no one was saying anything But We’ve got this Nice fitted blindfold now that i’m about To wear It looks like a bra Yeah what the hell Who’s the most intense blindfold that Ever something nice like a fly but it’s Good I know that wasn’t very funny Okay i’m gonna put these back on okay I’m going in I heard pizza

We are What’s your name Sally i heard sally i just heard sally On this thing it was literally like Sally Was in a woman’s voice but it was Literally sally That’s weird here How old are you Great Been here a while almost like been here A while Did someone just a loud voice Did something just No no You didn’t no i’m hearing some Whispering out here something just in my Outside of the headphones just was like I thought this thing did another like oh You guys didn’t hear anything it was Like literally only on this side over The frequencies was like Okay anyways That was creepy that i heard sally too Like very Okay So again if you’re a demon where do you Live right now I feel something over here to my this This left Does that mean that you’re living right There right now if you’re the demon is That you’re living on colin’s shoulder Dead things

I’m gonna take that as an answer yeah Okay Who are you Okay we are Here to talk with you My name is cory somebody Somebody wants What do you want He’s here i heard he’s here In a woman’s voice he’s here God died god died Oh i have chills over here Cry Oh You said you wanted to hurt us Downstairs What do you want to do to us This is weird My dolls my dolls Problem mean The dolls the dolls another man the Dolls and i’m not even with you the Dolls oh my god Did you just knock your dolls over try To upgrade them again And get them nicely Can try Can try to make them follow uh-huh Did you just make these dolls fall over Could you do it again Lean down get leaned down oh my gosh Stained

Okay contact i’m gonna go back again if You’re actually but demon Let me speak if you’re a demon Where Are you right now Okay again he got you Okay let me speak you’re being rude Where are you right now in this room Leave Okay but where are you in this room Where are you In this room Help my son He’s been have you been on his shoulder Priest Okay i’m gonna move on We know that you aren’t a child Why do you like to pretend that you are Who are you help me Cheney i heard janey really Two and a half that’s creepy Round Or ground ground round I’ll tell you Do you battle Janie i miss you i miss because janie is My guardian angel that’s my sister who’s Passed away are you mocking her Do you see her in the same place i’m Stuck Okay if you’re stuck Is janie in that same place as you What is that place Miss

Christmas soup Almost miss christmas soup Isn’t that weird when harry and jeannie They made that big That’s kind of interesting and remember How he said that oh three the ghost will Like Connect to use that please knock exactly They’ve got Her Okay are you talking yet about janie I don’t believe you because i’m in hell No in hell she’s not I know she’s not Oh over three frequencies You’re masquerading Give up 2 000. You’re trying 2003 2003 or 4 almost We know that you’re trying to mess with Us so then i heard a laugh Like I had cancer it was a girl’s laugh 3 2004. she had cancer then I’m laughing oh that’s kind Now what Yo he’s dead Toss Who is dead Who is dead Stake Takes him Detected

Why don’t you just leave Leave this house The doll Was the doll yours Mom Mother’s going Die soon that’s what i heard die soon Another laughs too Who’s going to die soon What do you mean again i think your mom Again mom I think you’re just trying to scare us And you just need to move on because That’s not even funny Definitely he’s playing with us this is Weird dumb thing Psychologically Don’t play music It’s like the worst way that you Yeah we know you’re not leaving you’re Stuck here Ever What happened to you that made you such A bitter entity Answer her Are you scared to answer me Grandpa’s Great grandpa’s bringing up all these Cheers My grandpa had a heart attack oh my gosh They’re below

Occupied This is tough because He’s literally said something about all Of us yeah He said something that really like Affects and then another Like that it’s like i keep getting that Out of you you said something about me And you you said something about all of Us that really like Bothered yet oh [Applause] I have Full body chills oh you are coming soon You are mean-spirited You can’t hurt us sad you can say Whatever you want to but you can’t get To us kill them Yeah no You can’t You’re not in our world Cemetery cemetery You don’t have power over us Born You are you are an evil entity for sure So again Why Are you such an evil entity what Happened to You continue No we’re going to ask you that question What happened to you

Smoking What did you smoke I’ll play your game Plan your funeral I just don’t feel very comfortable It’s trying his hardest to make us the Most mad yes a long time change Plan your funerals Your mom’s Sandy Females My aunt sandy was just diagnosed with Breast cancer very [Applause] Yeah if it’s just gonna bully us like i Was born there Where try to just answer one question Straight where were you born Joking You don’t scare me We actually are trying to help you 63. Were you 63 Mommy hurt me Is that why you’re so hungry hurt me Yeah but what do you believe i don’t Care Yeah cause it’s like it says one thing And then Is is that why you’re so Bitter towards everyone that comes here Seven an army What about the stairs Broke them

You broke the stairs what do you mean Yes Maybe broke a person Oh The stairs Clock Did they run out of time You’re it Tag I don’t know why i heard Where where in this room are you It’s not for me in vulgar but i Literally thought i’d just heard that He’s like and then Do you think I heard rape too oh my god Starve yourself You are I keep hearing that too You know i know Who are you what is your name you’re not Going Can you tell us who you are why are you Afraid to reveal your true identity why Do you like to Present i heard it Like that like Yeah you remember presents maybe he said We had to call calling his peasants Let’s We know who you are no you’re not Draining me I mean we know that you’re here my house Yeah

Yeah but we can be here We’re human and you’re not Tomorrow Get This is not your house You may live here you may be trapped Here but this is And i feel like there’s something It’s trying to like bring out Emotions in us I’m kind of Closing my eyes this whole time I almost feel like a Somebody standing in the doorway I don’t know if that’s relevant but i Feel like there’s somebody There like just sitting there watching Us I don’t know what that has to do with Anything Pass Trouble It’s a mess It’s weird how none of the devices have Gone off at all true right you are loved Oh no you’re being nice Come here Are you talking to someone else in the Other realm maybe huh Are you talking to somebody boys Who are the boys i can make it better Okay You’re i think he’s talking to someone Besides us

He’s trying to pretend Like he can make it something right here Christ I heard palm and christ Someone took Almost like i don’t even know what to do Nice That’s what i’m trying to think myself What can we do i’ll be there we want to Help you in any way but we don’t know You’re not making this very easy for us I hate I hate yeah You’re full of hate you know demon is a Lost soul it’s just like lost according To go early my studies you know with the Hindu yeah And they’re just like not recoverable Yeah So it’s not like we can help exactly die No and they’re trapped here Did you die too soon and you’re trapped Your family Got everything Is threatening yes You know you don’t really have any power There’s higher spirits that protect us Including janie And courtney’s grandpas Harris county Not texas That’s uh I see spirits Yeah

Hey there Oh The train i had you know they live in The same room Again you know Lives with him in that scene exactly Stick with it you wouldn’t do that It’s like he’s talking to somebody else Yeah that’s protecting us exactly Like your grandpa might Who are you talking to A girl What’s her name then Houston i just heard houston A girl in houston Bismarck what the [ __ ] bismarck houston Basemark north It’s almost like it’s almost like it’s Dorks It’s like an Entity that is like switching between Good and bad like it is it’s like it Can’t help you piss off and then it’ll Be like that’s your love that’s the way Yeah that’s the way i’m getting to you Oh god It’s in that psychological tournament Yeah like nice and then again right oh What do you want from me We want to help how do Other room Other room Well 60 years You’ve been here 60 years i don’t think

You can be too long You can’t be helped and that’s why You’re angry But you did you must have done a lot of Bad things To get to become a demon 12 Did you have pink I have a baby You’re just ready to get mad again You’re just we know you’re masquerading You might as well just tell us what’s on Your mind 33 Yeah What does that mean Stupid Just Rude terrible You couldn’t What do you mean Yeah you’re frustrated something’s wrong Could you come and touch any of these Devices Not right to let us know you’re really Here with us You know dress at least if you go According to those Rules You say they’re very unique Entities They they really are but they can’t Attach to someone But

Workers Families Chicago But what are you talking about What does that mean i’m old Yeah Have you traveled around a lot racism What you’re up against literally what’s Up against We do and you’re just a weak A soldier you don’t oh we do Yeah we’re stronger than you yeah for Sure you don’t scare any of us Crown the liar Oh My god Where’s all this stuff coming they’re Hurting Oh Them Oh Oh All of them oh What’s your purpose And your were you i’ll be with you No you’re not invited to come with us You can’t drunk guy Pick up What is your purpose In the realm that you’re in right now Do you just want to torment people to Consume Oh my god Lots of things

All Ears Cut Again And then nothing You will not So much And then ha ha the same will laugh again How many beeps you When i want Him to touch the uh-huh oh Extra Yeah go ahead then go ahead give us Three beeps if you think you can Where’s the beeps If you’re so powerful where are the Beeps Cousin is gay My cousin is gay he just came out as gay Really no Angel Oh my god it’s like that’s it knows Times All in Yeah you’re stuck You’re done You can’t Magma We say that it doesn’t Downstairs Or stairs Something And uh

Touch I don’t know Yeah you’re just You are lost soul completely you can’t Ever recover i’m enthralled Yeah we know that He has it You’re in it Oh we’re gonna get out of it And you’re gonna we’re Okay we’re gonna we’re gonna be wrapping This up is there anything else you want To try to tell us because we’re not Gonna see you anymore It’s all around What Grab my doll No We’re not listening to you no We are leaving Please don’t Bravo Why do you want us here if you’re just Gonna be mean to us Need You oh my god what do you need us for Enjoy You enjoy tormenting us he does But he does We don’t want to play In your game Even though you’re mean to us we still Want to help you so this is making me

Yeah yeah colin be done Be done Yeah You can be done jesus yeah i think that Was one of the darkest drawers i’ve ever Experienced i was literally hearing Like Oh my god he was bringing up stuff about Our families like what i mean Yeah i remember hearing janie but i Didn’t know he said he was relevant And i was and then he said about like You said heart probably died of a heart Attack oh my god he said that their moms Are gonna die But yeah Yes cancer Like they were literally he was saying Things that like And About our lives and like every time like We’d say something like he thought it Was he was an insult then you had a Laugh like a huh yeah It was the same voice When you look at that footage you’re Going to be like Yeah That was the start when i was sitting There i was like going into a like Trance of like you really do put that Blindfold on and you just can’t see Anything and that’s all you’re hearing You’re just like listening really deep

Into the frequency wow None of the devices went off one time We asked like can you touch one of these Devices and i heard doll too Yeah something about Um It was like getting the points that all Of us really like they knew it would Affect us by saying that i can’t wait to Watch that because i didn’t connect like Anything oh man you’re gonna be blown Away well dude this was like a total Mean-spirited this is a demon i think This your idea about a demon i think you Know i think there are demons you’re Gonna watch this and believe in demons i Promise you There’s a demon in here where the [ __ ] Are you Well he’s been here Should we go to the master bedroom um Sure that’s really good i can’t believe All this is silent too the whole time You know Let’s do another evp [Applause] Just randomly out of nowhere Branch is not news it did not go off That entire time and as soon as we go to Leave That’s the first time anything went off That’s crazy too that downstairs was Going so nuts

Yeah i mean we didn’t have one Oh i’m just grabbing on let’s keep this Run in here okay We just have to make there’s our device Too we got to come back Watch the steps so you don’t if you’re Rolling on that camera i am yeah okay I’m going to roll on the flirt now Rapture Rapture Leather Suit There’s nothing you know it’s kind of Like that If it’s a demon in there it’s like he Had control right in the sense of like Nothing’s gonna take over yeah i promise Look at this a four-year-old girl went Missing on a tour and she was found in This closet with the door closed she Later said i was playing with that Little girl Should we Let’s sit here for a second Oh my gosh oh my god Oh man What you’ve oversized Me please Okay Sally we’re gonna leave soon If you do something we’ll stay with you

A little longer I’ve heard you’re this big scary demon Can you slam one of these doors or Scratch me What the [ __ ] you’ve been kind of lame What the hell why do you keep hurting People and doing stupid [ __ ] And you act like a little girl Scratch oh i just asked it to scratch me And look at this thing it says Because you’re asking your questions and Then it was like It was like You said to scratch me and it said deal Scratch Look at yeah and look at that I mean why is that stuck on that Put some light on They get it Here okay Okay it’s just gonna have to do this Let it play out Oh What the hell Okay It’s like a hellish noise Oh and the air just started Is that you showing your power is that What you’re trying to do The moment i stepped away it stopped Oh

It was showing you like here you go Again Okay But it’s only one light Were you trying to make a deal with me Look at all the lights Look at all the lights dudes you want to Make a you want to make a deal with me Stop that obvious look at the pink and The green everything Move away from that if you want to make A deal with me What do you want You want my soul What do you want from me Do you want something from me My life force is that what you’re trying To take from us When we asked that in there it said to Consume You said that on this creepy the only Way But again With the Way that i look at things and i’ve Learned is that The only way a demon could ever get back Is by Taking over a body Because you have to die As a human To come back Unless you get a really weak person

So you’re saying you want somebody’s Body Why don’t you step closer I thought that was You want somebody’s body Yeah that’s the only way i can I know that’s the only way you can get Back You can’t have any of us No We’re untouchable i think you’re just a Big wimp You’re weak Whoever you are You’re a piece of [ __ ] Okay well i know that you’re actually Weak And that you just insulted all of us Mary and courtney and colin and me Yeah but that’s We know that’s what you do So you’re not coming with us You’re stuck here I am I know you can get mad about it but it’s Not going to make any difference The last thing you said on the ovules Was scratch Could you do that to any of us if you Actually Are powerful like you think you are I think scratch somebody for god’s sake Stop acting like a little [ __ ]

Oh the scariest thing you can do is Touch a little light bulb cool buddy Why don’t you come running up the stairs Or slam this door When you feel the evil old woman you’re An old hag So courtney what do you think about this That’s happened I just It’s weird because i came into it Knowing that Yeah we’re not going to listen to you Anymore right now We came into it knowing that it was Psychological and i feel like that was Just confirmed with Everything we experienced but It seems intimidating that it would know All these facts about us but It’s kind of pathetic honestly like It’s like it’s that’s the only way it Can affect us by bringing up like Emotional things for our lives but Yeah i mean i just totally agree that It’s just a bully that knows that He Is weak and he’s just Maybe he was bullied his life or maybe You know you you feel like okay we we Are nice we’re trying we’re Compassionate we’re trying to help you And still you bully us But you know what you’re not going to Get the better of us because we’re

Strong positive Lights in the world So it you know it’s definitely trying to Be mean and i i know it’s trying to get To me through my mom yeah and you know But it’s just like i mean It’s just it is a bully it is actually Yeah and it’s trying to get to me yeah My grandpa’s yeah It’s just interesting too because It’s almost like it’s like a cocky Spirit like everyone that’s been here Won’t step foot in here again and it’s Almost like it likes that It terrifies people yeah Yeah it’s always interrupting courtney Yeah yeah yeah who’s the least Experienced ghost hunter And remember what elijah said It picks on the weakest mm-hmm right Just Also i’ve had a spiritual background My life too right oh look at that Right when you’re talking about your Spiritual background yeah like i grew up Around church and Learning about spirits and angels and All of that and I feel like you can tell And it might be a challenge you know for You yeah for him exactly yeah And colin you know a lot of people Always ask you know Or have you shifted towards believing

More demons i mean there’s quite a bit Of Evidence that we’ve come across on these Things Um no i still don’t believe in demons i Think it’s a dark human spirit of Anything just a angry angry person in Life and in death it translates everyone Has their own opinion um Asked this session my throat [Applause] So we’re stressed out because Randomly the entire video clip that we Just shot Disappeared off the camera And look it i just walked by the rem pod And this and it started going off like It’s trying to piss me off And this just said king Scratch pre present No King devil and it knows it’s pissing us Off because of that clip that was gone And look at this thing This is insane actually king devil Scratch Present present king devil Look at that I think I gotta get the key or get the laptop Because i’m kind of freaking out having It like a panic attack that we just lost All that And and it just said

Devil voice Religion We were just talking about like Spirituality and stuff and how i grew up And i religious If it’s if we can’t recover that that Was some of the most insane i was like On the verge of tears at points in there Like it was insane at least you were Filming on the other camera not the Intense parts And i was barely filming you it was Pointed at the dolls oh my god I’m pretty sure i stopped recording like Right before it got really intense Are you doing it now okay yeah so I’m currently Trying to recover that video Um So in that last clip if we can get it Back I was sitting there Um talking [ __ ] to the demon thing Saying i don’t believe in you you’re a Wimp then the camera randomly dropped to Zero corrupted the entire estus method Clip corrupted all of our investigation All the rempot stuff that was just Happening And then immediately after we found that Out The thing said religion King devil Like

It was waving in our face and i i’m Truly thinking about that’s the only Thing that Could piss me off to that degree or make Me depressed is that happening And it did so now we’re here and if you Can’t tell Everybody’s a bit gloomy And you know Yeah but just thinking about how Like he would say you feel so mad and Angry from this house does it to you too Not only the Entity that did it to us But It’s weird if he even told us it’s Psychological it is And i mean that that’s this method you’d Have to Get that i mean for what he was Constantly insulting us Constantly trying to get mad as mad and Worried yeah sad exactly every emotion You know that could be like a mean Way of treating somebody right and That’s all for nothing yeah letting them Know like you don’t have any power You know like you can’t even light up a Light And at the very end he comes in like Column And then he just goes berserk on the rem Pod right and then he freaking drops the Damn camera card like i’m gonna show you

At the end It’s like i can i do have power Even if you get this back i mean yeah Okay i can’t tell this beast to stay Here Other than astral traveling yeah you Know Because i mean it still can Yeah you know the idea of astral trap Like Look at this while i’m doing the data Recovery right now we’ve been talking About it it’s just for the first time Since we stopped recording there was a Noise too yeah we heard like a mirror oh Look at that Yeah so you think He’s trying to battle Still I mean Honestly and that just proves mary right There though it’s not the phone setting It off yeah these are holding it right Yeah look at that That’s crazy Torture us seriously 84.9 so is it stuck there or just no It’s just going slow i think it’s Reaching the part where it needs to Recover damn it Yeah even if it like Even if we lost all of the end like that Would be fine just give us something Yeah

It’s weird like that just goes off you Know right Yeah yeah So what are you trying to do Are you trying to just piss us off yeah It is Just it’s just like mocking All it does Screw you man it’s kind of like this Yeah Yeah exactly That’s creepy does that mean there’s Something standing right here or like What Uh you know what i had when we were all Like right when we figured out that it Was corrupted and I literally have like just a thought of Like just a dark Present standing by the door kind of Like just laughing in our paintings That’s very weird That’s so creepy how it does that he’s Really elijah was right on the money Though like he’s been all hundreds he Said There’s nowhere like this place It’s psychologically it is it’s This thing has actually freaking Insulted us over and over and over and Gotten our head like on our families It’s destroyed our camera clips multiple Clips too it’s amazing really think

About And look at that look at the rem pod and The k2 going off at the same time very Consistent also another creepy thing in That during the estes method you said Something about my grandpa’s And then You said like they’re in hell or Something like it was trying to like Get under my skin Actually Um Seriously Yeah you mad that we’re laughing Yeah What’s the percentage Oh my god All the way to red Oh my god it Is like you give it attention and it Starts Really trying crazy too because whenever We first found out the card was Corrupted all of the devices were pretty Quiet yeah exactly like huh and now that We’re like getting like he’s listening Hey maybe we should do laugh yoga Everybody just laughs If anyone ever heard us they’d be like Yeah Seriously you wouldn’t wear it Do we like when we pay attention or do You likely pay attention to you

Demon man Have you left Are you finally gone Are you just sitting there Waiting on to see if we got recovery The final insult Yeah You got a percentage oh yeah So you’re still here okay yeah what’s The percentage 92.4 I like it Are you mad that i’m saving that file Going on don’t don’t yeah Yeah go Give me an example of that Yeah you You’re right you’re right buddy elder I’m the oldest At least you know her age Yeah it is coming to the end Wow i mean the k2 meter Never goes how many times have we used That I mean come on all those times It just never goes off hardly This thing’s going crazy The k2 is going off i mean it’s 99.99 done repairing and you know if There were a steady stream of emf Here They just keep going on yeah but it goes And spurs look at that Like when it wants to

I know one thing i Shot Okay everybody so after a lot of despair We thought we lost that clip we actually Came down weirdly enough Downstairs like i was suggesting to them From that room where all that negative Energy was And we have the clip So I don’t know if we’re gonna play this at The end of the investigation Or Go back in time but right now it’s the End of the night but this isn’t the end Of the episode we’re gonna just get the Hell out of here And uh We’ll come back Tomorrow or the next day in the footage When we’re doing our cleansing stuff so Let’s cut to that Goodbye sally house You stay here And also We missed that moment When the footage came through every Single one of us was like [ __ ] you demon All of us Yeah let’s cut to that now So Yeah now we’re uh we’re at the end You saw all of that my camera

Glitching out again the same thing that Happened at the very beginning And i’ve been sitting thinking for so Long that really is the only thing that An entity and energy could do to me Personally To frighten me to scare me Um Because you know i obviously don’t Really believe in it But It wanted to bring out this negativity Inside of us it wanted us to feel Terrible it targeted courtney my mom my Dad But i was the one relaying the messages I wasn’t understanding them so it didn’t Have a chance at that point to target me Then when we moved to the other room It targeted me and it did the one thing That could upset me the absolute most Delete the footage from my camera And That spiraled the night into a Vortex of negativity sadness anger Until we got the uh the footage back we Were able to undo what this thing had Done to us and Yeah that’s really A shocking thing that happened to me Because What the hell man how do you How does a camera Just randomly delete a clip that you’ve

Been filming how does it how does it do That i’ve been filming videos since i Was five years old i’ve never had that Happen to me One time in the history of my filmmaking Career i’ve filmed hundreds of these Videos this is the first time that Happened so that was uh That was shocking but the story doesn’t End there it was after the sally house When The nightmares began i’m gonna play you Clip now from the end of our trip where I actually drew out some of what i was Seeing in my nightmares Okay everybody so Just doing a little informal thing Before we leave our rental house i Wanted to explain a couple things that Um ever since the sally house i didn’t Want to get into before We did the cleansing here’s the palo Santo Um here’s the sage we just did it oh Tonight But Since the sally house it’s been about a Week just last night courtney actually Like i was saying woke up screaming in The middle of the night um i was awake And i was sitting right next to her and She literally was like Ah then i had to shake you awake i mean It sounds like [ __ ] but that like

Actually happened scared the hell out of Me because it was just really loud in The middle of the night but anyways the Last week i’ve been having some weird Dreams one of them was really creepy But i decided that if i Had any strange dreams i oftentimes have Nightmares but i wrote them down so i Kept a notepad by the side of my bed With some pens and Sharpies so if you guys have any idea What any of this might mean let me know I’m just going to explain them real Quick before we go home since we did the Cleansing already and i feel like it’s Safe to talk about This stuff now First of all Is This i’ll get a shot of it afterwards Um This would have been last i think Wednesday Um and what i did is you’ll notice There’s Uh drawings in all these with sharpie i When i woke up in the middle of the Night i usually Started time stamping when i wrote them Down so you see 5 53 a.m And i would just draw kind of what i saw And then write any details and i woke up So let’s read to you It is now morning hard to recall

Specifics of dream but it was an overall Good dream enjoying a day at disney World with the family but Off behind crowds i would on occasion Catch a glimpse of a tall shadowy figure Didn’t seem to want to interact but it Felt like he was watching us from a Distance And then i said update later on uh Later on through the Later later on through the day seems Like i can remember it saying where are We going at one point So Whatever if you can see Um Here’s what i drew out here’s Mary jeff calling courtney tessa my Sister was there too Five of us And others here’s like a crowd of people And i do remember this Then a shadowy person up here Who was it was like every time you’d be In our dream we were like getting food You’d kind of glance and occasionally See like a Shadowy thing just kind of staring Looking at us Um or if you’re on a ride if you’re in Line in the dream they were behind us or Something like that it was just Something that was Strange and i drew this

Very shitty mickey mouse in case you Didn’t get the disney world memo Then Um Here’s this one this is the second one Um Once again i’ll put a shot of it over This but it says right here dream Recorded Dream recorded at 7 00 6 a.m because i Woke up and wrote it down once again Tried to draw this thing i filled in With some colors and stuff later Um dream began with me sleeping in bed So i think this was thursday or friday That one was definitely wednesday the Disney world one But Dream began with me sleeping in bed so In my dream i was in bed i heard a noise And was awakened suddenly from sleep in Dream so in my dream i was i woke up and But i was still in the dream but i was In the bedroom that i was in if that Makes sense Suddenly the alarm clock buzzed i Noticed the clock was stuck at 2 22 Don’t know significance of time then i Was thinking because i wrote this later On the day maybe 222 is a variant of 666 Or a bible verse I haven’t really looked into it yet Don’t know and can’t tell but when i Silenced the alarm i heard laughter

Almost a crowd sound definitely a bad Dream So If you understood that all the dream was Was me waking up in my dream hearing the Alarm clock buzzing I did it Turn it off you know the old click and Then i just heard a bunch of laughter And then i woke up But yeah that’s this you can see it’s Kind of what the there isn’t even an Alarm clock in the bedroom that we’re in So that’s weird and i don’t have one at Home but zero two two two was the alarm And then i just drew some laughter i Guess that day to symbolize that it was Different voices Then this one is the one that Was definitely the creepy dream Out of all these Um Like i’m saying i don’t think that There’s anything to this but i have a Lot of nightmares probably because of The job but this one is definitely the Creepiest looking and i’ve had dreams Like this before with you know Creepy faces and [ __ ] but it’s the Timing of it when uh When we’ve just done you know silent House and stuff everybody mary’s had bad Dreams here filming Very bad dreams this week courtney’s had

Bad dreams i just started actually Writing him down Um so here’s what i wrote 106 a.m I am wide awake i saw this face in my Dream i was standing somewhere looking At a window as i stared through the Window out into the dark this fish Slowly came into view It did not move it was completely still When the face got about 10 feet from Window i woke up strong feeling of fear And then I wrote later Update i remembered more sentence was Heard he was hungry don’t know So i don’t know who he is why he was Hungry i don’t know if he ate i don’t Know if that’s got anything to So Anything to do with that But Kind of i tried to like just i’m not the Talented drawer and i didn’t want to Make this drawing super detailed but i Added like some of this red stuff when i Woke up and did the update and Everything Um but i remember there was no hair not Even any follicles it was smooth like a Completely smooth almost alien-like head Feminine features and masculine features Um it almost it had like both almost Genders Masculine and feminine together on the

Same face Um Note there was no nose just a hole i’ve Never seen that in a movie or anything Before just a small pinhole There’s red i can’t read that Red on borders of eyes veins maybe but No pupils or eyelids so yeah White eyes some veins No pupils no eyelids just eyeballs Almost a triangular lips dry looking Cracked so this is this strange mouth And then sunken face So Yeah if you can imagine it was almost Like It was far outside the window and i was Standing there just looking out the Window almost like a scene from uh alien Versus predator requiem if you’ve seen That movie totally obscure reference but It was like the face was just slowly Like inch by inch coming closer to the Window then but the face wasn’t moving It was just like this Like just like gliding almost like Spirited away that movie just getting Closer and then i just woke up So that’s obviously creepy but like i Said i’ve had a lot of nightmares before Then this is the one that really Disturbed me Here you go Don’t want to get demonetized for this

I don’t think it will Um But this was a dream i had two nights Ago i didn’t have a dream last night but That’s weird that courtney woke up last Night and screamed Don’t know what that meant but i didn’t Have any dreams last night Um So it says three images bloody razor Bottle of alcohol which i drink then Become ill from third images of a pill Bottle and for some damn reason i take I I Pop a handful of the pills and once Again fall very ill I did not enjoy this dream especially Or i did not enjoy the stream it was not Scary but More depressing and realistic Um Almost being forced to take my own life So In the dream it was kind of like Um You i didn’t like want to drink the Alcohol or take the pills but it was Like I just did and then in the dream i got Like sick to my stomach and Uh just not feeling very well and then i Just saw a razor blade i don’t know if That has to do with my tattoo

But it was the same kind of razor blade But it was not broken Um Then i wrote down here heard another Voice need a friend question mark Sounded like a friendly woman’s voice At one point it’s like i’m hearing just One or two words in these dreams And then need to add here not a very not Very positive thoughts didn’t seem like It was trying to hurt me more like my Dream was forcing me to hurt myself if That makes any sense The stream was very realistic and seemed To want to scare me i don’t understand So There’s all Four of the dreams I went Disney world Alarm clock on 222 Creepy face Uh Death What do you think about that It’s interesting Can you remember any of the dreams you Had um i had a dream last night where Somebody it was me colin and my brother And somebody was trying to get into our House They had a big knife and they were Dressed like a clown And

I woke up or he woke me up when i Started screaming at the top of my lungs So Did the clown have a face Did he have a clown face It’s kind of creepy honestly if you Think about it i mean i’m assuming it Wasn’t exactly like this but yeah This could be a clownish face I don’t even i don’t even heard you say The clown thing until right now on Camera Really scary Yeah so i guess we’ll tune back into you Guys But uh This is our last night here in kansas We’re flying out tomorrow morning Made it through the trip And we’re cleansed but we’re definitely Bringing this back with us tossed So uh yeah we’re gonna hit the hey guys Thanks for uh listening to my little Rant yep Good night Stay spooky I need you to stop hey everybody so it’s Been a week a full week since we were at The sally house we’ve had a lot of weird Things happening to us courtney’s been Having nightmares we went to a Witchcraft energy shop today and picked Up some sage some palo santo and some Other things and we’re going to cleanse

Ourselves because we couldn’t get in for A cleansing ritual but it’s a full moon Tonight so hopefully all that energy Will help us actually get rid of this Negativity that surrounded us At the sally house i will point out that I just used the restroom and right when I you can see that light is on And this light right here was on then Right when i walked out of the bathroom Right now the light burned out right When i walked by Easy on the wires No No i did not Okay you guys want to light it sure And it’s sage White sage I can’t see with my finger So And she say we had to have set out the Intent that we want to get rid of the Negative energy yes By burning this white sage we want to Cleanse the negative energy from our Beings and our souls So please allow this sage to cleanse us From any negative attachments or energy Just go first Bad energy Please leave us Don’t act like goofy I do

Get a goofy little smile All the way up oh We want to get rid of the bad energy Attached to Jeff courtney And this way We want to get rid of this bad energy This energy is not welcome here Put your arms up all the way and turn to The side You want this energy to leave you Other side All right Sure All right energy Bad energy I bet those Families thought we were doing some Witchcraft Want this energy to leave you You turn around The bad energy From the sally house leave you Turn to the side Our intentions are pure and they’re set Other side We want this energy to lead Okay now let me get all three of you Guys Stand All three of you We are getting rid of the bad ender what The hell are you doing with those hands

Yes really bring it in bring it into you It looks so strange we’re like We want the bad energy to leave Same for me I think i got it Well You guys feel cleansed and then you’re Supposed to take this too We have the problem Next she said so we have these selenite Crystals that we bought as well That are supposed to protect from bad Energy and cleanse the soul and then to End this we’re gonna light this palo Santo i’m gonna bring one of those home With me actually into our apartment okay Here you go i’m going to light it i was Going to light it okay There’s a lot of bugs out tonight And it’s 90. Yeah It’s caught up I’m letting go of this negative energy Perfect Jeff There’s not even any smoke coming out of This damn thing Maybe just waving I wasn’t doing too much courtney took All the smoke I’m letting go of all the negative Energy

I also am letting go of All the negative energy Inviting good energy in Okay all right so that completes our Our cleanse hopefully it works thank you Guys for watching our investigation of The sally house a lot of weird stuff i Know we’re gonna have more in the Documentary but if this is the end Thank you guys for watching and uh we’ll See on the next episode it’s calling Here mary Courtney And jeff And as always everybody stay spooky All right and Even after that once we got home my uh My mental health has has not been very Good the last couple of weeks i want to Be honest with everybody Online i’ve always struggled with uh All sorts of just uh just dark things um Depression anxiety Just it’s it’s okay to be open about Those things because it happens to a lot Of people For me it happens more frequently than I’d like to But i have recently been in a very uh Just dark place not a good Mental head space it all really started After the sally house it’s gotten Worse had to see a counselor

And uh Because yeah it’s been it’s been real Rough on me lately something is Something happened And i’m not gonna lie to myself and say That it didn’t Hello Um colin wanted me to tell you what my Experience has Been since we were at the sally house And i haven’t had as many as everybody Else But right away i had a lot of nightmares And i usually don’t ever have nightmares But Whatever it was in the sally house was Threatening Our family and My mom specifically Who is nona and you’ve seen her in an Episode back at the farm but she had a Stroke about a year and a half ago And We have all been very worried about her She’s doing really well But It’s still a big worry and I’ve just had a feeling of dread and Just kind of my heart pounding A lot lately where all of a sudden i Just get anxiety over it which i haven’t Ever had before And so

Nightmares Just things threatening my family and The nightmares and then just this For some reason kind of a pounding hard Middle of the night i wake up just with Kind of a little bit of a feeling of Doom And worry so It was a crazy experience and It’s gotten better Since we’ve gotten away from the sally House a little bit but i do agree with Jeff and i would like to have a Cleansing Back home And just make sure that there’s nothing Attached to us So that’s my story Okay colin wanted me to tell you some Stories about um how i’ve been feeling Since uh the sally house and Kind of a lot of weird things that have Happened I’d say even up to this point i’d have More anxiety for some reason sounds odd But Probably the biggest thing for me when i Got back i got back to home in south Dakota and then mary left for north Dakota to stay with her family for a While and I had uh Immediately a lot of nightmares And specifically

Kind of I would say Nightmares one that really really stands Out is one with a Being pursued by a guy on a pizza cutter It sounds really strange but like a Pizza cutter device that’s spinning like A A blade And Would be chasing me with this it’s Almost like a halloween type thing the Movie halloween And then i remember it kind of like it Sounds bad but at the end kind of going Into my chest like burrowing into my Chest and i wake up and i’d be like Hearts racing and i had That repeated maybe You know two or three nights And other kind of nightmares that i had Really where i just didn’t feel well When i woke up it was Ones i can’t quite remember but they Were not Good dreams That was kind of followed by Kind of three nights in a row for me That really stood out when mary was gone I had a loud crash in the middle of the Night It’s kind of like i thought like a pan Would fall off in the kitchen counter Land on the floor

And that really startled me i got up and Turned the lights on and went out there Was just literally nothing at all in the House or anywhere that i could find Something like that So i kind of chalked that up to just uh You know whatever and went back to sleep The next night Um Again i had a bunch of noises uh out and Down the hallway from our main bedroom Into like the kitchen area and Downstairs Uh and that actually made me go you know We do i do have a few guns for personal Protection And i literally went to my Safe In one of my bedrooms and got out my Handgun And because i thought there was maybe Somebody in the house and i I literally went through every room Downstairs i went through every bathroom Closet and of course there was no one There And I ended up putting the gun on my Nightstand Which i oh i think i’ve done that maybe Twice Ever Just because i thought there was Somebody actually around there

And then The next day Um was the weirdest thing for me at the Middle of night and again it was about Like I don’t know two three in the morning And I woke up i heard some noise and as i Told colin i called him the next morning When you look out our bedroom our Bedroom door is usually open about so Far looking out into the hallway And i can see some light from one of our Windows And ultimately what happened was Everything really closed in On my vision it got really dark And almost like tunnel vision and Focused on that crevice in the door And then all i could see in Gosh I’m getting kind of like feel weird Right now but all i could see is like a Blob Or a huge shadow And uh that just scared the crap out of Me and i i turned on my light on my Nightstand right away and got up and Obviously Again nothing was there but As i tell you this i’m actually feeling Like Uh all the hair stand up on me again Here it’s kind of been kind of weird so

Um And to this time even now I i feel like I’ve had some More nightmares If you will i don’t know if this is Residual But it is kind of getting to the point Where Probably for the first time i’m kind of Thinking like maybe i need to go see A psychic medium back at home and just Kind of Understand if there is anything Attached you know to me and so that’s That’s kind of my story And you know it’s really been just kind Of like a state of anxiety i think is Kind of the best way to explain it and All those episodes happening afterwards Has just been very very weird to think About so that’s kind of going to be my Plan We were cleansed with ourselves but i Think i want to see a psychic medium That we know back home when i get back I just decided that that’s going to be Kind of the best route for me To try to understand it a little bit More but i do think that It started after the sally house you Know for me so so yeah that’s my story So i’m gonna put a A crisis line a hotline number in case

Any of you guys after even watching this Video experience some of the things that I’ve experienced Always feel free to reach out to myself On social media i try to be As open and communicable as i can be But that’s really the end of the video We’re just waiting now to see uh To see what happens next You just got to be careful when you do This stuff Um You know You never know uh never know what you’re Gonna get what you’re talking to so Colin brown Um i’m okay everybody i want to tell you All that i’m okay it’s just been It’s been a lot lately so um I love you guys so much online thank you All Um We’re actually a cool little Announcement we’re going to invite A select few of you fans out there to Courtney and his wedding we’re actually Going to send you wedding invites Have you physically come give you guys a Table at the wedding and Allow you all to enjoy The uh the day with us because i feel Like we all are a big family i wish Everybody could come but unfortunately That would be extremely expensive

So uh Yeah i hope this video was as uh Shocking and uh And um And just what i’ve been talking about i Think now you can see That uh It’s real what we experienced that night Is real Anyways yeah it’s calling here guys Signing off we’ll see you next week Thanks for watching the paranormal files Always be careful always reach out to Those you love if you need help And Stay spooky So Hello