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Good evening folks you cheeky devils you I was i was a few seconds late that’s Per usual but he obviously used that by Now and speaking of being late um No there is no speaking of being late i Was trying to think of something mars Orientated there to To to why we would be late to the table Uh maybe i ate a mars bar rich hater Mars bar there you go um How are we all diddling on this fine Luxurious evening we have in the house Uh we have goof on radio in the house We have must-see audio in the house lee And Shortly we did have him for a split Second we did have michael from dark our Paranormal but his audio Sounded like he was on mars it did So he will be joining us in just a Moment But in the meantime how is everybody Good mate you’re asking me yeah i’m Doing good Sorry what’s today thursday Today is thursday rich day before friday Can’t get any better until tomorrow yeah You’ve always got a thing you always Start the weekend on a thursday on your Show You know you’ve got one more day One more day Yeah because nine to fivers i know what It’s like

The man himself i’m hoping that’s Correct well we’ll get there right Hopefully it doesn’t sound come on Really you sound better than we do You flatter me so rich Ollie lee rich what’s going on guys good To be here Good to see you michael good to see you Good to see you good to see you We’re just doing some pleasantries so You you haven’t missed anything and you Probably You could be here for two hours and Still not miss anything but make sure Make sure if you’re new to the channel You like share subscribe and hit that Little bell end in the corner not like It’s a new word for me it helps if you Hit the bell it really does And i i can see that 99 Of you have not hit the bell So I’m just making the hope 30 percent Is that what yours is rich it seems Everybody’s around 28 29 Of subscribers do not get full Notifications it’s a conspiracy that’s What it is yeah i know Life is a conspiracy it is indeed and Did you see And I put out I put out my thumbnail

And literally and The reason why i wanted to talk about Mars is because on your show on saturday Night where you have that really good Guest alien addict on um I i we we discussed mars for and i just Thought right i need to that’s what That’s what i want to do i want to do a Video about mars i put this out and then Literally a day later the gods Listened the gods listened and they that They and this was this this was in the Papers That nasa have found a piece of volcanic Rock And they’ve not just drilled one hole in It oh no They’ve drilled two holes in it And do we know why people This is a piece of volcanic rock And they found salt In this Sauce Salt Not soul Well that if they found if they found a Soul in a rock then There’s definitely life but they found a Bit of salt So i’m yet to see The um The scientific papers i probably won’t Read them anyway i’ll get somebody else To do it for me and just break it down

Get skip the bar and stuff and just give Me the good stuff you know Have we found anything microbial in There have we found traces of Good old Water in that rock but they have found Salt So it’s a good sign That there was something on mars Does I’m going to start with you michael on This Because you sent me a picture of the the Classic um The pyramid top coming out of uh Uh the the soil Like and A brick that has Squareness to it i i do think it’s on an Angle so don’t if it’s a pyramid but It’s definitely Something that is Um Pyramid shape do you actually think that Mars Had a civilization on of intelligent Beings At some point you know it’s hard to say But you know given some of the research That i’ve done and what we’re seeing Coming in in the way of what nasa Provides us or doesn’t provide us with Uh i’d have to say inconclusively yes There was more than likely a

Civilization or many civilizations that Existed on that planet i think there are A lot of planets within our immediate Solar system that may have harbored Certain life at some time and maybe it’s Not sentient life maybe it’s just you Know what you’d see in the jurassic age Or triassic period here where you have a Lot of different animals and beings that Live there doesn’t necessarily have to Be in the same model as a human being For this to be very significant I mean these planets are millions and Millions of years old and we’re trying To back catalog as much as we can within A linear sense and it’s a very difficult Process we don’t really know or at least I don’t understand That we know whether or not certain Elements break down within the vacuum of Space or within the environments of some Of these different nutrient-rich airs And atmospheres that are around these Planets how things kind of evolve over Millions of years Maybe some of this material like we’re Seeing this odd 90 degree shaped Object here in the picture maybe this Was something that was forged and was Able to sustain in the same way that Some of the monolithic rocks and Formations that we have here knowing That they were sustained because the People understood the um

Archaeological implications of the soil And how that would sit in way of Longevity so that when they made these Constructs they knew it would be around For a long time There are a lot of anomalies to be Observed in the way what comes back from Mars in photographic evidence and so Forth i do have to say that i’d figure About 95 of it percent of it to be Paradolia in one way shape or form they Do look like natural formations in a lot Of ways or shadowing but then you come Across a structure like what you’re Showing here and we have to question Something different sometimes Yeah um i’ve just put caroline up there But i love you too caroline but thank You uh Good carl carl I call it caroline because you call her Caroline on goof on no i haven’t called Her that in a year It’s just stuck with me rich But yeah thank you sleep drone and Welcome to the show for the super chats There i much appreciated um I i do I i know what you’re saying dark area Because uh and i myself have been Deeply Affected by paradoli in the past i was Speaking with rich on his show last week About how that’s how i started and

That i’ve been looking back at my some Of my old stuff from when i came back From work this evening And i’m like i can’t show that that’s Disgusting that’s just It’s just a blob But when you do see something Like this and i’ve i actually have some Images myself that i’ve i’ve put up that Are very much like this There’s definitely that kind of like Cube look to it i don’t know whether It’s a pyramid or whether it’s just like Like a piece of Of Block or maybe it could be just paradoli And that is just how the rock Actually is you know it’s just the a bit Of a jagged rock Rock on the rock Rock On the edge Of an obliques obelisk yeah isn’t it Certainly looks like Capstone to the Pyramid here On earth I’m joking You know i gotta go You know it looks like it’s built into The side of a facade while rich gathers Himself here [Laughter] It may be buried i mean how much of this

Topsoil or whatever you’d like to call Is on the martian surface And how much have we actually gotten Underneath in any sort of public Presence in way of understanding and Knowing that we’ve done that we know That they’ve dug holes that’s about it They’ve taken samples the way they’ve Done on you know the moon and other Places But it’s You know limited in way of what we Understand and what they come out to Tell us about this stuff now one of the Interesting things i’ll point out very Quickly i don’t know the composition of This particular stone that we’re looking At in this pic this picture here but It’s my understanding that within the Molecules themselves the way that those Are actually shaped if you were to break Certain stones they’ll actually Naturally break into those particular Formations That are in the molecular makeup so when You have something like Hematite for example you’re going to Have some of these really sharp flat Edges that maybe look like they have 90 Degree quality to them and they’re very Natural Growing again out of the molecule itself Maybe this stone is something similar And we’re just seeing a very large

Version of it On the martian surface here Yeah The Another problem that i have with images Like these as much as they are They catch it capture the eyes all the Image artifacts when you zoom in So you don’t know If you got actually really close up to That How You know smooth that actually is or if It’s going to be all different shapes You just can’t see Some of the The rock that’s in the shadow you know What i mean From that image there it that’s i don’t Actually think is being played with At all You know i don’t think really think That’s being photoshopped you know to Bring it out at all i think maybe they Might have adjusted the contrast or what Have you but I don’t think that’s had any kind of Enhancement By the looks of it It definitely has symmetry it definitely Looks intelligent But the problem is the image with all The the image artifacts that are in There

To get like like a definitive answer of Whether that is Something that is intelligent or if it’s Just like a fluke of The camera or it’s just You know it’s just the edge of a rock That happens to be Shaped like that you know A coincidence Well not to mention if there are these Archaeological sites that still exist on You know a planet like mars there’s a Very good possibility that whatever Inhabitants had been responsible for Those constructs If they survived in way of species they May have gone within the planet itself We’ve heard lots of reports of that so With that in mind if they did this Millions of years ago and perhaps in Some way shape or form they’re still There as a species uh who knows maybe They would have cleaned up some of these Sites maybe Certain inclement weather you know Completely buried them they still know Where they are but they have no desire To you know excavate any of that to show Sign that they used to be here there There is one And i’m sure i had one ready to put out That is it’s very similar to what What you’ve just put out here it is Actually

I found it So i found something very similar Where this was on my channel um when i First started looking for stuff And that there is from a different angle And a different area And again you’ve got that shape That Looks like something is buried Underneath The martian soil Check out that uh Construct just in the foreground here it Almost looks like there’s this sort of Uh railroad tunnel cave here i’m sure It’s the way that the rocks are laying But nonetheless it looks like somebody Could enter that spot right In the uh the one on the left here you Can see it most prominently in the Close-up picture Oh yeah oh right This is tiny this is i mean i mean what You’re looking at here is it That little thing that does look like a Cave down there i know exactly what you Mean that is probably the size of a a Cup ah okay gotcha yeah okay it’s it’s Not big Uh i’ve zoomed in you can actually see The rover leg at the side but the Picture’s zoomed in that i’ve done and i What i’ll probably do at the end of the Show probably tomorrow or the day after

I’ll try and get some of the links for Some of these actual soul images and I’ll put them down below Um But rich So with yourself i’ve heard you speaking About mars many times Referring it to An ancient civilization and then kind of Going off the subjects a little bit but Where are where are your thoughts with Especially with the recent news that Yes there is definitely water on mars Do you think that was there was an Intelligent civilization there Maybe i really don’t know it seems like It i mean i’m probably gonna echo Everything michael said so i’ll try not To um But uh finding salt is not yeah i don’t Think it’s any surprise Since there was water there Um The way it breaks down of course but Yeah it looks like with all the things We’re finding some are paradolia And some just are unexplainable and they Have hard edges And there are some Places on mars that look like there were Civilizations like Buildings in one area And then you go you know it looked like There was suburbia you know and then you

Go down a little further and it looks Like there may have been a city or Bigger buildings and but we’re talking Possibly one to three billion years ago That is ridiculously long To be without Water uh mars apparently has been Without water for three billion years So to have all this stuff Being windblown You know over three billion years i’m Surprised we still see stuff with hard Edges and i understand that the wind and The sands are shifting and new things May be appearing so that might be what We’re seeing here But i tend to Decide on Yeah i believe there was an ancient Civilization there it just looks like it Willie if you reverse that and you uh Well It’s probably the wrong word to use it And thank you guys for the super chats Again if if i don’t interrupt the the Guest speak and i am sorry but i like to Put a little message in but it’s it’s Hard when you’ve got people on but i Really do appreciate it and i love you All very much uh thank you lynn My friend Awesome and thank you What i’ve forgotten the name five Five johnny five was it

Five strokes wonder scotland i like Scotland Make great pies in scotland What what you’ve got to to imagine there And and i always think about this is if If it happened to earth Same situation happened to earth and all Our buildings now were destroyed and you You go forward billions of years yeah Would anything be left would anything Other than the things we made out of Stone you know because the the built There the glass and things like that Would probably just go down to sand Eventually Um The the metal would corrode You know Not everywhere I’ll leave the golden gate bridge Is it the golden gate bridge that’s Supposed to last the longest of anything We’ve we’ve Made in modern times but it won’t last I mean if you go back 500 million years Ago we just had one continent Okay so imagine we have plate tectonics Here So And they do on mars it’s just a hell of A lot slower But here it’s it’s like a machine a Grinding machine and a lot of that stuff Would be lost to it

And not only that you know we have an Atmosphere here rain you know all the Stuff wind And snow and hail and now we have all This stuff that damages everything but You can’t i don’t think we can get rid Of everything and i think a lot of stuff May be buried On earth but most likely go back A billion years If we go back a billion years now I mean what do we find uh you know one Continent it’s crazy To imagine you take this one measurement That uh archaeology essentially Subscribe to and that is on our planet You can Overall say one inch of soil is equal to 100 years so if you put that in Perspective and you look at a place like Mars And you go down billions and billions And billions of years i mean you’re Stretching all the way down into this Planet now to just uncover you know some Small history that may or may not have Been Should be safe all the way down there Though You would think should be preserved yeah Why are we going there so much if i mean We’re on mars a lot We’ve got a couple of rovers there now Working

Right ollie we talked about it We’ve i i believe this there has been More than the four rovers working rovers Before there has been another rover but Rovers actually go around taking Pictures four of them Um you know you’ve actually got put Your perseverance and curiosity that are Still Working and you had spirit and Opportunity that are dead now yeah but They lasted for a long time they were Almost the last 90 days yeah and they Lasted for a decade More than that i i think curiosity Curiosity is that the longest that’s Last yeah by far Yeah And it’s in the name perseverance i Think that one’s going to last a long Time But how remember A couple of years ago when the dust was Magically removed off the solar panels No there’s the cleaners they have Cleaners on mars i know You’ve seen them in the shadows I don’t know man Maybe the rain You know dust just doesn’t clean that Easily yeah no no Even if a dust devil came by i’ve lived In arizona for 43 years it dust comes by It makes it dustier

Yeah Does it have a self cleaner no That’s what was magical about that thing Should have been dead in the sand and Next thing we know it looked brand new Which will bring us on to lee shortly uh On his uh Little Not just the dust there was a no it’s Not it’s not really a find i think People don’t know about it but no no but It’s yours It’s your most interesting one yeah it’s My way of messing the conversation up i Suppose um but there was an um There was what looked like a screw next To the um Next to the rover And the the photographs were supposed to Be taken within like two or three Minutes of each other and between one to The other this had disappeared oh yeah Like the money rabbit Yeah So I i struggle i struggle like with the Yeah there’s your screw oh wow Wait what So i showed lee this earlier and he Thought that was like huge from is that Being taken from space yeah it’s not That is uh just a sand dune so In the zoomed in picture you can Actually see the rover next to it so

This thing is tiny And this is just like the the side of A uh a cliff edge Um probably like a like a a bit of sand But there’s definitely some i don’t Think that’s an image artifact I think that’s something in the actual Pic it’s something real in the picture I’m not an expert when it comes to image Artifacts but you zoom right in on that You you know there is a bit of shadow There And it looks like it’s going free it Looks like something that’s stuck in There for sure But that’s tiny and if it were moving Don’t you think we’d see a little bit of The contour and way of its wake in the Sand right so maybe this is something Stationary yeah i don’t think it’s Moving i don’t think it’s a life form or Anything like that It’s just something that’s stuck in i Mean maybe came off the rover Well the weird thing is you don’t see Any sand displacement and it it doesn’t Look like it was there because if there Was wind blowing around wouldn’t one Side of that let’s just call it a screw Uh wouldn’t it you know how when you see Wind blown it gathers up on one side More we don’t see that here it looks Like it was just put there I think a point

I got sent One and this is the thumbnail because i Think I don’t want to be clickbaity because i Did put this thumbnail out but this This that’s next to elon Elon Elon Um I actually found that in this image Somebody sent me a gigapan And it’s the most interesting gigapan I’ve actually seen When it comes to mars images I’ll bring it up for you guys um One second but i’m interested Does that To you guys is that is that me just Having paradolia Because if it is it’s absolutely fine i Don’t care about that what is what is This image supposed to look like because Right now my eye is caught on the cut That seems to be in the middle of that Rock there is there something else There is something else So I’m going to bring the gigapan up Oh my goodness Beautiful So somebody sent me this And i They said alien addict you need to check This out

And i i’m i’m looking at and thinking They said they saw something in there And it’s just a rock all i saw when i Looked at that is a rock but i thought This is a really interesting gigapan So started to look round this g this This um Looks like there’s grass too kind of Does it doesn’t let me you see that like You bring it yeah Yeah for you guys So it looks like something Has broken apart in in this If you go back a bit where you just were The rock was circular Yeah yeah Like i keep going i keep going back that Way it was a cylinder Look like they’re from the same thing Don’t they which could mean they were From the same rock for instance on the Same rock yeah of course still It looks cylindrical doesn’t it but it’s This one that i found really interesting I don’t know it’s just like if you look How it’s like stuck on and i imagine Like something’s been carved out of Stone and it’s come away from the wall And it’s got the line across it it just Looks intelligent to me Is that paranoia well there’s also Cuts that are vertical right above it That look like they were bricks laid you See right above

Where the first curve is and it goes Into the rock behind you can see just to The left there’s three Two vertical lines and one underneath it Boring holes No Uh Ollie go up a little bit no the question No not the picture your cursor Oh You mean That line there then then underneath Yeah then there’s another one to the Left of it and then you got a long line Underneath it You’re all yeah i mean far down yeah but I know i know It’s this bit that i find and find Interest the fact that this is almost Like this is stuck on This rock yeah yeah and you’ve got that There and it’s like it looks like it was Like If you imagine a piece of a statue or Something that’s just broken off Totally Joe the other thing that could look like Is um Some sort of mitre you know like Something that fits in something to give It some uh But you also look just Sorry god so no no that was me finished I was just gonna say if you look back at

That structure you were just peeking at The shadow sort of indicates some sort Of concave curvature So the top half of that piece that’s Closest to us might be actually coming Out on a curve Sorry oh you’ve got you’ve got another One oh there you go look at that there You guys it’s a buried alien gray Something that looks cubey above it but If you go back to where you were Back back Um Keep going Right where your cursor is no No down I a lot of peridolia going on yeah There’s loads and loads If you if you go up and to the right There’s another like triangle there Right here just off the screen no it’s Off the screen now down Right right at the bottom of the main Screen yeah Yeah you see you see there is loads of People We have this we have this as human Beings and the whole point of this Is just just to do a video but also to Kind of understand how We we think as human beings so we can Annihilate some paradolia But i do find this one extremely Interesting

There’s something strange about that It’s probably just it is probably just a Rock But nevertheless it’s an interesting Curve doesn’t it so it looks curved so It’s either either it looks weather Damaged or like purposely molded Yeah it’s concave it’s so weird yeah and It looks purposely purposeful yeah those Lines we were just talking about those Are Equidistant Yeah Yeah you’re right about it They do look it it’s very strange ollie Could i Yeah i i came i came across that one by Mistake i i honestly did it was just Somebody somebody somebody sent me a The gigapan instead of you looked at This and i Thought there’s nothing there so but Then i thought i need to have a look Around this gigapad it looks amazing And then i found that and i was like That’s pretty weird Pretty pretty a pretty weird looking Rock But nevertheless probably a Rock well you know we’re looking for These artifacts that possibly maybe Martian in the way that you would Describe it created by some race or Civilization that once lived on the

Planet but You know sort of tie in our immediate History and you know in egypt and other Places we have these hieroglyphic uh Carvings that you know we’ve all seen The astronauts and these figures wearing Spacesuits or spaceships you know Heading out what appears to be into the Ethers It’s possible i mean at least in as far As we know there’s a possibility that Some of our earlier civilizations were Able to make it out possibly to mars or To the moon and maybe they were the ones Who went out there and created the face On mars which is why it resembles what We have here or any of the other Constructs and we have pyramids and Stuff like that So it started here then we went there And then we had to leave there and come Back here maybe it was just an option That one time you could go back and Forth if you wanted to might been have Been a long journey but nonetheless yeah Oh the boys have sent us a An image i think Yeah on facebook thank you thank you Blake and brent i have something i want To play for you too from there oh it’s a Video oh sorry I’ll take it okay Okay let’s play this let’s please let’s Let’s get this video i have

Mike knows what it is [Laughter] Sorry i said mike okay when i played the Video guys we may have to put ourselves When i play the video we may have to put Ourselves on mute because of stream yard Yeah yeah Um But yeah let’s share this Um Screen recording share that I can just see rich waving in the corner Of my eye There we go I think that’s the one nobody’s yep That’s the one Does that come up boys Yes it’s come up Things Third page do we have all of them now Live wow when i first saw this Photograph that we’re going to be going Over with geospatial analyst orlando Smith i thought it’s some kind of Possible ruins Found next to egypt or somewhere in peru You know i didn’t know exactly where but When i found out what you’re looking at Is from mars While i was blown away this is in my Opinion smoking gun evidence of Ancient alien existence That once existed on the planet with the

Red planet we know we just zoomed by Pluto but this is the breaking news Right now is nasa covering up ancient Alien Technology structures civilizations Right there on the red planet this is Absolutely incredible share it with your Friends people share it with the world Break your knees third phase of moon Let’s go to orlando smith i want to get His first impressions on this breaking News story right now I can’t deny the straight lines and what Seems to be a spherical feature in the Middle it definitely suggests some type Of man-made or uh you know not Non-geological structure that’s for Certain And i mean At first glance it looks like a Subterranean base or something it looks Like a tunnel system that’s been Partially exposed maybe the weathering In the area has collected debris on top Of it and has been somehow uh removed or Maybe it’s being excavated who knows but It’s it’s such a precarious structure That it definitely doesn’t look like Natural geologic formations And so i i really i’m just intrigued and I wish i could see a more high Definition image of this and find out What’s really happening there because it It is not a natural structure there it

Can be What you’re looking at right now is a High res photograph from nasa we’re Putting the link below if you want to Take a look for yourself do your own Homework everybody take a look at that But we’re doing our own enhancements We’re going back and forth to show the Original and also put in our own color Enhancements to bring out the structure Orlando smith the big question Right here i know you have years in your Experience of looking at geological Structures via satellite You actually work for an agency for a Government agency hired to do this This is my big question is This smoking gun evidence that there was A structure You know Covered up by nasa right here what is This is this The real deal I mean i’m a skeptical person and when i Look at the photograph i’m definitely Intrigued but i at the same time i Expect that there’s a lot of review of The images before they Come into the public hands and so I mean I’m just I can’t answer that question these Structures are definitely uh not

Characteristic of the normal terrain That That you would see In any landscape straight lines can Happen from sheared rocks and such But there’s a spherical uh formation There as well and there’s several There’s several straight lines at Really interesting angles that that look More like an excavated site than just The normal topography that you would Find from a weathered surface so I would i just want to know more about This this area is there any more data With different sensors that has come in And i just want to go and review the Archive with this location and see what Else we can find regarding this little Structure You muted What do we make to that Makeup that’s the It’s interesting that I’ve seen that before somewhere yeah Well when third phase covered this uh a Little while ago i remember seeing it And being odd and when you said you Wanted to do a show on mars that was Actually one of the first images that i Knew we would get into and had entered My head this is weird i mean you’re Seeing what appears to be some sort of Beaming um it’s not just there’s one you Know 90 degree angle here and there are

Two rock facades that appear to be these Pillars that extend beyond Where i would think they should unless They carved this or somehow it’s been Carved out of one giant piece of stone There’s a continuity here within that Structure it’s just very weird The thing is oh sorry go ahead no you First Ladies first thank you i am welcome If that was small if that was on a Normal if the rover had taken that and That wasn’t from a satellite image i’d Be like well that’s just it could be Just a rock That’s huge So that’s keeping its symmetry for a Long time you know therefore if you for I don’t know how big did they say how Big that was I don’t think so i think we uh had Estimated but we didn’t have a real look Yeah yeah i mean It’s it’s probably bigger than my house Put it that way you know that’s And it definitely had it had angles to It for a long time You know do you know what i mean by that It went on Straight lines Why can’t it be a lost satellite It could be from you know one of the Remember the russians were sending Something over there and

Disappeared maybe it got sucked into the Mars atmosphere In all due respect rich though i think If something a satellite went through Uh the martian atmosphere just get Ripped apart Not really Does anyone think how odd it is when it Comes to images of mars be it from the Surface or satellite images Whenever some there’s something Interesting on it you know like the Where it looked like your man was sat There with his head on his hand where it Looked like an ape or a monkey that was Sat on the surface of mars Do you ever find it weird how it the Resolution is only ever just good enough Yeah to give you something to look at It’s there’s it’s never good enough to Make any decisions about And i can’t help feel that these Pictures especially like what we were Looking at just before like the the Gigapan thing Um it’s almost like that where’s wally Images it’s like they nasa get feed These images out and they go now spot The anomaly You know It just seems weird that the rover is Either is always just too far away To give any sort of real clarification When you look at something

This is the highest resolution photos That i think that they can attain right Now with the technology they have right At least as far as we know Yeah but it’s always like if you take That resolution but the rover is always At that perfect distance as well I see what you’re saying doesn’t give You anything Yeah it’s like when we go To um I don’t know you must remember do you Remember that that that was made its Rounds On social media And And it never went up to that You know if i were nasa i’d be like well It does look interesting Let’s go take a look at what it is Unless the rover couldn’t get he Couldn’t get close enough to what that Was but Maybe they did And we don’t know Why not more than likely More than lightly um But I know what you’re saying lee you see These images In the distance but they’re always too Far away to actually make out Someone can be wrong Yeah

I just find it really strange that Especially that i mean that that diamond Thing i’d never seen that before But you know i mean where’s the there Should be at least some sort of more Outcry from people when these things Turn up say well instead of drilling Holes looking for salt can we just go Over those two hills and look at the Floating diamond So lee remembers this boys and this is Not mars but Do you remember do you remember when This came out In the nasa um new it was in a newspaper Article or well an online article from Nasa and it was an image of Of them working at nasa And there’s a picture of the moon on the Table And you can You can clearly see On it’s almost like nasa’s done that on Purpose Like a little easter egg have that We’ve given you an alien base there Because that definitely does look like Some sort of Base on a piece of paper that’s being Printed off By nasa And then the pointer and if you look at The back computer

With the yellow can you see the back Computer i can’t get a curse on the Screen but you the computer the in the Far background that shows uh i think the Moon and then a zoomed in picture of the Moon with uh Yellow squares around a certain area It looks like it could be possibly this Area that they’ve got the photograph on The table That’s possible i could be just You know That could be just wishful thinking But again You get these little easter eggs Yeah it’s like I mean If you’re going to take a picture inside Nasa of like people working on something You would think at some point would go Someone inside would go are we working On any of the alien bases no we should Probably put those in the drawer yeah And just like get uh Some some pictures of rocks but just That that’s so nicely in frame isn’t it So nicely just under his arm not covered Up It’s like something that you put in a Movie there’s a little or or You get these uh games developers that They’ll like scratch something on the Paintwork of a spaceship to reveal a Future game that they’re making or

Whatever it’s like a little Easter egg in a photograph what’s the Easter egg i don’t see any structures i Don’t see anything I don’t see anything in there well the Square right there The little you see you see the little uh You see the i’ve zoomed in on that so Yeah Yeah But that’s on the moon Talk about paradolia if you look at the Square just to the right of the of the Square is stephen greer’s dancing alien Oh it is There yeah i see it That’s crazy that’s funny it’s the Easter egg Now how do we know that this printout That we’re looking at this wasn’t Something strategic that they had marked Off and then maybe you’re just seeing You know something highlighted in way of A certain construct nothing You know esoteric or artificial maybe They’re just mapping certain things and That’s what we’re seeing there’s no real Explanation with this photo as far as i Know no i know i know i i i don’t think There was anything it was literally a Load of youtubers saw this picture and They were like Holy is it there’s an alien base on The moon

What would you point About that picture is is that square is Slap bang in the center of that page so That that photograph that was the main Focal point of whatever they were trying To take a picture of that’s true true That’s interesting And to be honest with you i don’t even Know if that’s the mars of the moon i Can’t remember but i think that’s i Think that was the moon I think yeah i think it’s because it’s The moon in the background isn’t it on That or the monitor yeah well it’s hard To tell It looks like it though right looks like The moon not the mars You know if we’re going to colonize mars In a handful of years here and this is Something that we can have a household Conversation about You know people have often mentioned and I’m not going to throw out any names at The moment but you guys will probably Know who i’m referring to many people Have said oh we’re fighting wars out on Mars If that were the case why would anybody Be allowed to head out to that planet to Colonize it if there was some sort of Threat um just a thought i had you know In way of sort of grounding some of These claims that people make unless It’s on a different timeline or a

Different dimension i can get away with That too i guess but you know now we’re Really stretching things thin Is that wilcock you’re talking about uh Yeah i don’t want to say two why can’t You say his name the guy’s a loser No no no He is just reveal it Take your pick of any of these guys who Are going off and saying they’re part of The secret space program yeah okay Okay So yeah But do you think do you think they’ve Got that over over time because they’ve Just seen how many people see these Paradolia pictures and thought we can Make some money off this You know People believe they see Ancient structures On mars Since the 70s And i’m not saying they’re not there At all Because some of the images They look bloody well intriguing Cydonia looks intriguing yeah do you Have any photos of that or you can whip Out don’t no rich okay just wondering Yeah I didn’t know if you had them set up it Was easy but uh that’s a really Interesting area and it’s almost aligned

With orion Which is another interesting thing and Also aligned with the pyramid You know and everything designed on in Giza What’s yes go ahead sorry i’m just going To say speaking of pyramids but before You but you you get you go you go ahead Mate I was just gonna ask um A question that i think i just forgot Here come back to me [Laughter] No it’s just when rich said what says Pyramids and um I wish i had the new images of this Because um it doesn’t look like this Anymore whatsoever But you do remember that oh yes Yeah And when you look at that now It just looks it looks it’s just mush It looks like a mountain it just looks Like a mountain because it is yeah Yeah It was curious It if you remember rich though that they They’ve also found Pyramids Shaped things to the side of this yeah That’s cydonia Yes Yeah But this was close to that yeah right it

Was right around the corner yeah It’s in the same region Coincidence Just paradolic coincidence i know it’s Weird i i hear you man that’s what Shatters paradolia when you start having Consistencies That’s when you should actually start Really taking the time and analyzing in A different way i remember what i was Going to say what what’s the biggest Reason that we’re colonizing mars is it Proximity and similar environment I’m just curious Why not a different planet Does anybody know what well in elon’s Uh gunley no i was just gonna say i Think it’s it’s the closest one isn’t we Can get proximity So I mean realistically you you would think Though if we were gonna colonize mars That we’d start colonizing mars from the Point of having like colonies on the Moon Right Yeah on the moon yeah well We’ve but why did we No exactly but you think that would be The starting point wouldn’t you you Think we would have at least settlements Because the idea being that you could Colonize the moon you could build your Rockets on the moon then you don’t need

To use all that solid fuel getting off The planet You have a very good point there lee You really do well that’s that that’s The plan isn’t it they want to get back To the moon That’s the big thing that nasa is saying Back to the moon you know they get back To the moon they build the base From the base because because of the Gravity on the moon they can then then Venture out into space Maybe the reason we’re picking mars Besides the proximity uh is That’s again coming back to that theory This is the planet that we visited most Uh some ancient years ago uh i don’t Know i keep coming back to that for some Reason i feel like there’s a connection There as to why we’re drawn to that Planet and why maybe even sitting here Today we can have such a natural Conversation about living on mars which Will be a reality within the next Handful of years Maybe we’re drawn to it because It it’s home you know Mars has water It’s got you know the the caps have Water we’ve seen water leaking out of The sand dunes barry mckeon with a five Pounder What wasn’t it Thank you

I’m living off memory here so this is Always a dangerous thing but what wasn’t It like even back um What would have been up would have been A hundred years ago uh when um The war of the worlds was originally Written wasn’t that book written because Astrologers were looking at mars through Telescopes and they were seeing Anomalies canals Back then yeah the canalis They thought there were canals on them On mars So they thought there was you know some Sort of alien race or humans maybe Building water canals And the war the world’s 1939 i believe or something like that 32 A long time ago it reminds me do you Guys did you guys think do you guys Think a past a a landing Um do you think we will colonize mars In our lifetime yeah Because i i wonder whether this is just The next thing you know it’s like the You look how long the cans being kicked Down the road to go back to the moon or To do anything on the on the moon it Seems like these things come up Lots of money gets spent And then it just gets knocked back a Decade and knocked back a decade Well lee without the risk of being Demonetized um

According to what you sent me this Evening we already have colonized mars That’s crazy that’s a that’s incredible Isn’t it wait they’re saying the one on The left is mars No the yeah the one on the left is mars But So i i i said to lee i said do we know Enough about the source of this because My sister i don’t know the source of it I’ve seen it a lot absolutely is that Greenland That is actually Well I don’t know if it is or not i think That’s mars and i think somebody’s Photoshopped that to hell and it’s been Done extremely I say it’s been done extremely well it’s Very pixelated but when it’s picks When it’s pixelated like that you know All you need to do is They change the color tones So But a lot of people do say that that Rover is In greenland and nasa have actually said They do training Yeah in greenland so maybe we see that There yeah that makes sense Maybe the the one on the left is you Know it’s i think that might be the Filtered one uh in certain ways i mean It’s hard to tell ali i mean you bring

Up some good points about the pixelation But if you look in the background on the The one on the right here you see this Green patch that appears to be some sort Of grass or foliage as it goes off to The left and sort of hooks around this Other structure you see the color run Out with the shadow but the structure Itself appears now to be rock so to me Something’s been manipulated there and You can certainly observe it Yeah It is easier It’s the pixelation that you just can’t Trust it You know it’s it’s it’s it’s such a when You’ve got a pixelated image like that Anybody can work with that and and Fool any anybody So that i think that’s probably i think That’s probably a picture of mars and They may have photoshopped the rover out And I don’t think it’s special greenland i Think that actually is mars It could be it could be vice versa Though You can’t trust these mother You know you just can’t Yeah I sent you a picture to pop up early Okay while while i’m bringing that up uh What i did discover a hatch once An open hatch and this is paradoli at

His best but i can’t describe this what This watch this rock because it’s at an Angle it looks like somebody’s opened a Hatch on mars there you go while i’m Getting that image This the bearing black my invoices i was Going for a really bad time When i just trolled mars images like This If you didn’t tell me that was a hatch i Would have thought it was just Shadow it probably is just shadow but Since you implanted it in my brain i see A hatch You she’s It’s not just me i even see a handle Yeah the handle looks like yeah I see something in the way of Manipulation of that photo if you look In the center there where it should be The darkest it’s not it seems to be some Sort of circular Area that may have been brushed or Augmented in some fashion you guys see That right in the center of that In the center of the circle yeah yeah in The center of the circle When you’re looking at this in the Circle that little structure that’s in The middle there that i think you guys Are talking about right in the center There underneath the uh bottom side of That facade the rock you can see the Grains stop off something soft has been

You know played with the uh photo there It almost looks like it’s brushed Wow well I enhanced the image in photoshop i Don’t i didn’t um That’s straight off uh i’ve got the Actual soul image somewhere i will link It In the description below so people can Check it out but i’ve not done much with It other than kind of like brightened it And done the contrast and what have you With that one there yeah i don’t think It’s anything that you’ve done with uh You know some light contrast I certainly do Absolutely there’s something there at Least from what i can see Okay lee yeah i’ve got this little limp This little um It’s tiny the image has come up it’s Like a tiny little It the image has come up late it Literally you know like a thumbnail well This is actually the size of my Thumbnail Oh gross So i definitely could not share that Because we won’t be able to see it Actually no you know what it’ll be fun Let’s save it Hang on I like tiny Save there we go

Let me see it may come up big We may be able to see what it is Who knows yeah mr db cooper you know it Was a documentary Well the ideas were heavily Heavily influenced by certain things That i’m sure you would yeah you could Talk about Total recall might be a documentary Oh so in in terms of their that What Which one though because me and rich had An argument about this because rich rich Likes total recall this the the remake Where they go tonight As far as i knew there was only one Total recall So i didn’t know You all Just insult arnold and his beautiful Film with a big giant Red Snooker ball that he pulls out of his Nostrils But no i i i loved the first total Recall i watched it over and over again As a child And i’ve watched it in a long time it Probably looks shite now to watch it Back but i know what mr d b cooper’s Saying Is it the end where arnold goes into That tomb thing To start the uh the terraforming planet

And it’s an alien’s hand On there and he puts his hand on it it’s A hand with three things am i getting That right right yeah it was like like This i think yeah that’s right Let me see if i could bring this he put His paw on there because It it had to to be A human hand or the alien hand To me no it’s it’s come up late it’s Nasa training rover On devon island in greenland oh wow and But when you look at the topography Obviously it’s it’s a bit more pixelated The ones when i downloaded it yeah yeah You can But you can see you can see how that Could be made to look like what we look At as mars in a filter big time I think we’re on mars though You think when you say you think you Think actual human beings are on mars or Do you think the rovers are on mars Rovers The rovers okay Is that But if there is a space force a secret Space for us you know and i’m not Talking about What’s his name the guy with the The hair Will No the other one the one that he Promoted

They’ve both got hair they’ve both got Weird hair Yeah they’ve both got really strange Uh like Um You know somebody you wouldn’t want to Hang around with at a park if you had Like a small member of the family They’ve both got strange hair like that I’m I i love them guys i’m only kidding it’s Just a sick joke um But that that’s the guy that was um in In the secret space force isn’t it curry Good and he was uh apparently on did he Did he go to mars was he fighting the Yeah Yeah he went tomorrow saw the blue Avians he’s been uh His been regressed 20 years i think Three times he should be a hundred years Old 140 Because he goes to mars stays there for 20 years and then they make him back Into the 13 year old kid he was before He left That’s probably why he’s got 13 year old Child’s hairdo Is that the guy that is was supposed to He met himself Here when he came back or something I can’t i think that’s uh More than lightly i think that’s

Somebody else i think that’s is that Stephen embry or amber ebay maybe i Can’t remember every smith is that what You’re saying yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah That guy It doesn’t matter that that guy Yeah that yeah whatever well i mean i Don’t know it’s weird that I think it’s weird That all these guys are standing up and Having a story maybe similar to each Other but at least there’s a core Foundation that runs through it that There’s a secret space force and they’re Using people against their will and so Forth um you know this obviously isn’t Something new that we’ve heard but Why do this to yourself man i mean if You’ve got a family if you’ve got a life If you you know you were in some sort of Prestigious uh position in the military Why would you do this And go out there and continue to spew Out this stuff that everybody thinks is Complete nonsense and you should be Locked up for it i can tell you why Honestly come on this is the honest the Goodness truth i don’t think they Expected it to get that big I think so many people started going on Board with it they’re like what the hell Is going on here people are buying this Let’s try this and then enhance the Story and more people kept absorbing it

And loving it and i think they got stuck Into something they didn’t expect that Would last this long they probably Thought they were going to be one story Hit wonders and now they’ve got a Lifetime making money on it and Everything else that comes with it It’s a whole big lie That’s possible rich but cory good did Plagiarize i can’t remember the guy’s Story almost word for word the same Exact experience from the book and Everything And made it his own It’s pretty amazing Have you read it I did i did read not the whole thing but I read what i needed to to see the Similarities I just can’t remember it was a long time Ago so when you say it’s pretty amazing You talking about the book it’s pretty Amazing i’m just the star is the book Good It’s good uh but what’s amazing is how Accurately he re he uh copied it the Story and that he still gets away with It That’s incredible well yeah i mean it’s 20 years later but nonetheless how did He get away with it because people Didn’t read this book people didn’t know About this obscure story about this guy Going to

Mars with the blue avions and all that Crap If you just said violent violent violet Aliens You know Yeah that would have been From what was From what’s come out recently with uh Anjali i’d have been like You know really Gory good was not full i’ve told you About this rich i’ve told you about this You do this all the time you say stuff And you know that i believe Anjali Yeah you do you don’t You don’t She won’t go on your show she’ll come Online because i believe you anjali i Believe that you went into a cave with Strange wayne And You know Wayne’s gonna call your show No No she will not yes she is Is she didn’t she on twitter say Something about an addict or that she Was an addict i don’t remember how she Said no she’s an addict of the show oh Right that’s right that’s right that’s Right she’s now addicted to your show She’s watched and she really likes you She thinks you’re kind of handsome too

That’s strange considering you’re a Married man Watch out ollie I’m not married even oh names i didn’t Know you felt that oh you’re talking About ollie sorry okay i got confused Apologize You know in all fairness and stick i Thought steven did a great job Stephen Stephen champion He did all right Yeah he didn’t have a different angle Did you see nocturnal news ever have a Little uh Dig at him no Dude you haven’t oh god you’ve not seen It so like I had i had to comment on it and i Normally don’t i normally stay out of People’s You know business i i can’t be bothered But it’s like He he basically said you interviewed a Mad woman and you sh and and you sh for That you should be uh You know You should be ashamed of yourself like She’s crazy i’m like i’m sorry mate She’s the one that’s putting herself out There she’s the one that said you know She’s got a government background that Actually does kind of check out According to steve it does yeah so

What’s wrong with him interviewing her Because she’s the one that’s putting all This out and he and he’s like no you Shouldn’t have done it you shouldn’t Have done it he’s all wrong i’ll tell You why it’s wrong because stephen Cambion was saying how wrong it was to Interview people that are criminals and Liars and trying to make money out of Something that’s not real and then he Goes and has her on his show Now stephen and i are going to talk About this on my show Because he messaged me he’s like are you Still used i’d still want to be friends And i’m like i’m not mad at you At all Um but i understand why he had iran I would have Yeah i understand it but then you can’t Say to other people you cannot have Criminals on your show You know billy carson was in trouble With the law 20-something years ago and Stephen cambion went after him went After jimmy church for having him on his Show and promoting his stuff his Commercials you know on jimmy church’s Show and then but look um jolly hasn’t Made any money yet She hasn’t she is going to write a book But when after all this happens look Down the road six months to a year from Now she’ll be financially okay let’s

Just put it that way so she can easily Say now that i’m not in it for the money It’s easy to say now because you haven’t Done it yet see i knew this would happen We start off with mars and then we go on To the anjali Well you said her name you said it three Times This book is absolutely incredible and Yes it is some sort of channeled reading That the author gets into but i got my Hands on this back in the 90s and i was Blown away by the information and the Claims that it made now it goes full Circle okay you can i’m sure you can Find this book unfortunately author Amore quan yin has passed away so i Couldn’t i couldn’t get her on the show To talk about it but you know just Looking at the contents here the table Of contents you start off with the colon Colonization of venus part part two is Colonization of mars and goes onto Maldek and then the colonization of Earth and then it starts going into more Of a spiritual rendition of these uh Civilizations and how they were founded And what happened to them um she talks About in this book how you know at one Point not necessarily people the way That you know human beings we were in Possibly other bodies that maybe Resembled this and you know indigenous To the planet itself you know planets

Were colliding blowing up i mean maybe We had something to do with it maybe we Didn’t uh but you know we kept having to Take this this life energy and placing It somewhere else in the universe to Continue forward I highly recommend checking it out yes Take it with a grain of salt but see What resonates if you guys decide to Check it out palladium’s perspectives on Human evolution by maura kuan yin very Cool book guys Dark hour i struggle to read but I like your voice so Here’s the deal what about what what About yeah i was I was thinking You know one night before bed if i ring You just put you on the side sure then You can read it to me sure can Gives him that bedroom voice Um Going slightly back to billy carson i i Got offered uh a Uh well i say got offered a deal i uh I i suppose i can speak about because no Money was talked about but i got offered To work On his platform Um Which is i forgot i’ve forgotten it’s Like a youtube netflix Thing Um

But not by billy by people who work for Billy who have actually been on my Channel Um I don’t know if they’re aware because They’re nice people to be fair they’re Really nice people i don’t know if They’re aware how Um What’s gone off in the background um With him in it But it’s interesting The the this field is full of you know People who Have got Strange backgrounds dodgy backgrounds Maybe it’s just humans in general maybe We’re all just bastards We all have dodgy backgrounds Um I’m clean as a whistle i don’t mean even Just the personality and you talk about As a whole here as a collective i mean i Don’t know the man i don’t know billy i I know he always speaks about you know The mind and this that and the other the Body and then he says he’s going to Build the spacecraft He did once he he did mention at one Point that he was on about working with People to build the spacecraft they all Seem to that seems to be the only thing At the moment I just if

If somebody can build me a spacecraft That’s safe i’ll get in it But you’ve got to get in it first 500 times Not a chance It’s not a chance That’s that’s the other risk factor There and going back to what we on I’m just gonna Go watch richie’s show last week on the Saturday rich thought i was falling Asleep i wasn’t falling asleep rich No no But we we mentioned the robots We were speaking about the robots and i Said at some point elon’s robot That’ll probably be the first thing to Land on mars that robot that he’s making Because elon’s the one that’s wanting to Go land on mars it’s a risky job To get human beings there you know what Do they do when they’re there how are They gonna build the thing are they Gonna have enough supplies you know Is the atmosphere going to be a little Bit hard for them to work in Is the best thing to do to get that Robot that is developing for grandma and Grandad Did they do the job Will they make sense yeah it makes sense To send elon’s terminators I like that elon’s terminators It’s my new punk band

E1000s [Laughter] I dig when you guys drop in an album About 15 minutes i think i’m just gonna Open garageband Um Yeah no it makes sense to send robots Doesn’t it and uh You know if you If he can do Like what what he said those things are Going to be when they when they come out Next year Sounds pretty crazy Is it next year is it next year the Prototype next year the prototype’s Coming out they’re gonna they’re gonna Show one next year And when he did the first tesla car how Long I’m not expecting you to know this later Or anybody but It wasn’t long was it before he was Selling them tesla’s different because He bought a company He big tesla was a different company That he acquired so they were already in The business of building electronic cars He was essentially more he bought it and Then invested money into it i i don’t Know if there was any Robot building companies around that he Could have acquired But um

Yeah i know tesla is a like a technology Company i think is going to be quite the Quite important you know over the coming Years or decades Do you boys think the interest there With with mars is is more than just a Second home do you think there’s a Genuine Fro from nasa’s perspective here i’m not Talking about um Like The world or science as a whole i’m Talking about nasa that’s there right Now with these rovers Do you think there’s an interest there Because they found something and they Found something extremely interesting Well this we’ve still got the talk but There’s supposed to be a monolith on Phobos isn’t that Yeah buzz mentioned that as well yeah Buzz mentioned in an interview That we we still we still haven’t been To see the monolith just dropped inside He said who put it there god What the monolith yeah The monolith could just be some sort of Rock we don’t know what it is But you’ve got an astronaut that said It’s a monolith no we got an astronaut Who says it looks like a monolith And he believes it doesn’t mean it’s True No it’s not he’s true he’s he’s a he’s a

Crazy wacky old dude man he’s a little Bit far out He is now he was he wasn’t as wacky then Though he had he it’s the same guy yes He was that way he was just a little More smooth about it but the older he Got the more brazen he got because he Got older and he saw that people were Believing him so he started acting a Different way but his belief system and The way he did things yeah i think he’s The same dude we saw 40 years ago He’s promoting mars though isn’t he you Always see the I remember you see the nasa t-shirts on Him but now you see the nasa t-shirt With mars on it Oh yeah Yeah i don’t know You don’t you want dinner with me i Really don’t like the guy i’ll have Dinner with him just to watch his teeth But uh I don’t know what that means i have Worse situations uh Doubt there’s something about him that’s Putting me off and it always has and i Don’t know what it is I think there’s something odd about most Astronauts to be perfectly honest you Know the You we’ve spoke about before in this Show haven’t we the uh Interview when they came back you know

They’re all sat in a line you know the The fact that They basically like um became recluses Didn’t they most of them But apart apart from buzz which would go To the opening of an envelope But um There’s something strange you know There’s so there’s something Something changes those people with Whatever happened to them and don’t get Me wrong they could it could just be They were the first people to go and Land on a different piece of rock But uh i i feel it’s something more than That When you say you feel it’s something More than that do you Do do you genuinely believe that is it Just a feeling is it just a It well just the way they act the way They react with things Doesn’t make sense to me You know even when you look um At neil armstrong’s last interview you Know when he was when he interviewed a Certain interview he did that Presentation in front of the school kids And i can’t remember for bait and we Said that there’s so much yet to Discover if you can uh pull back truth Protective layers are you just like That’s a weird thing to say to a Lot of school kids all he needed to say

Was i stood on the moon And that would have been Fine you got a point yeah and that’s What that’s what you’d say yeah that’s What i would say if i wasn’t I’d have a t-shirt I landed on it First person to put a foot on Something that wasn’t earth And like you know the biggest flex In human history And you decide that you don’t really Want to talk about it I showed my dad the clip of uh i’ve Forgotten the guy’s name when it says Can you put the hand on the bible i Swear that he went to the moon who’s the Guy Oh she’s forgotten his name somebody in The chat one sergeant No that’s not my sergeant The um No It’s yeah it was the guy um that’s the Guy who told him dude No we get it now Oh you’re right it was the guy dude He he tried to interview neil niels told Him said just Shunned him went no and he tried to Interview buzz Kind he did interview buzz and then he Tried he approached buzz at a hotel and Went swear to swear on the bible that

You went to the moon and then buzz just Just pluck It just gives you a nice boof to the Face you should be in jail Yeah it wasn’t buzz was it wasn’t that Another one No no that was buzzing it But why won’t they put their hand on the Bible they got nothing to hide just say Here you go i went to why should they Because it’s fun they just play the game Why get so angry They all get angry at the guy okay He’s the big thing they’re rich so if he But if he didn’t put his hand on the Bible so if they’re all devil worshipers And that they’d just They’d just put the hand on the bible Wouldn’t they Oh it wouldn’t make a difference to them If they were Luciferian the bible wouldn’t mean Anything to them so why wouldn’t he just Do it So the other thing to say there is If they’ve done something so crazy as to Go out into the stars like the most well One of the most like god-breaking things You could possibly think of you know to Be amongst the stars Like You’re just destroying the idea of like Leave there being any sort of like

Firmament and all that sort of stuff Why would you do that and come back so Religious that you wouldn’t lie when Touching a Bible What’s going on Background Just dying You know richard tells if you did that If you went on rich’s show and did that With some guests richard tell you off Did what [Laughter] Did you do that did you do that rick no Oh Somebody sent it to me Beautifully done i love it In church Everybody’s involved i would buy a Pillow Yeah see there’s nap right there you got John greenwald Behind it looks like george has got in Suggestion he’s like How do you feel about lose book Oh my god well it hasn’t come out yet no No but the the fact that there’s a big Comment this he penned a deal the same Day that we got the announcement there’s Gonna be an office in the sod inside the Dod inside the pentagon Information’s never getting out anywhere What a bunch of crap

Gee I hate this place you’ll read it though Rich You both I’m like you ollie i’ll oh no i can’t Read Well i can’t either I i don’t like to read let’s just put it That way but i’ll i’ll read it because i Have to i’ll get my wife to read it i’ll Read it i’m not buying it though i won’t Buy it should probably divorce me after I’d rather risk trying to steal it Then buy it That would be a great video Oh my goodness Is it best buy that you can get you can Get anything Right under 100 under a thousand dollars You can All right if he’s if he said anything to You you could just turn around i said Look you if you speak to uh All the people that you helped steal Money from from to the stars academy Then then we’ll talk about me stealing Your book Yeah i would love uh yeah i i may ask Him i would like to ask him the real Reason why They split Ways with teachers i know And i would like i’d like to know And lou’s not been on joe rogan yet but

Lou you’re letting me down here because I did predict it i did predict it let me Find the little there we go Will happen as some day boys that will Happen i think it will yeah it should i Know natural yeah yeah but only just Before the book releases yeah yeah yeah Um You’re right Yeah Rogan seems to be quite cold on all that Stuff now though doesn’t he yeah Yeah Yeah yeah there was there was a time There where anyone that was on any of His guests that even had a passing uh Interest in it he would bring up the Lazar interview or he’d uh he’d start Talk about all the like the different Things i mean even to the point where You look at his Like the background logo now he’s got a Big ufo above the joe rogan experience Hasn’t it But he seems to have cooled off all that Sort of stuff when he’d had the show joe Rogan questions everything he said when He was Filming that show he had a hangout with All these people in all these different Fields and he said every one of them Were loopy or Just nutty And he said i just can’t buy into it

These crazy people And then you know called the bigfoot People and ufo people a bunch of uh Single old losers you know that we can Never get laid And this is all we have is each other Um so he said a lot of hateful things That i don’t like but He said it’s because everything he tried To find out about uh was debunked and Non-provable and he says i just don’t Believe in it anymore The thing is though yeah he he didn’t Believe that we went to the moon for a Long time joe rogan did not believe he Thought that he thought the moon Landings were fake But he’s please flip back into that a Bit more there’s been he’s brought that Up a couple of times on his show and he Said he’s 50 50 on it now hmm But what i was going to say is you know He had the melon on and not once Not once did ttsa get brought up i found That i find that odd oh wow Yeah but they i’m sure there’s certain People come on and there’s like clauses In the interview he interviewed macaulay Culkin michael jackson was not mentioned Yeah That’s weird If you interview me mccarly cookie You’re going to bring it michael jackson I’d have slipped it in quicker than

Michael [Laughter] You’re going Yeah Let’s get by without the gasket by the Algorithm talking about your sausage Sausage flavored chewing gum [Laughter] Slowly turn into a different show hey Ollie Can i can i showcase something on your Show for a minute 100 can because we Need it right now oh yes Is this in context because you might not Want to it’s totally out of context of Everything this is actually something That third phase did Beautiful And you will gorgeous You will be a part of uh this eventually Is is this what i think you know you Have no idea When you’re ready no no okay the trailer Yeah it is is it okay yeah Whenever you’re ready let me in And you have to don’t forget we’re gonna Echo but yeah let’s put us on mu three Two one go On the rabbit hole here for a second Let’s just assume this is some sort of Adversarial or foreign technology Most of the more than 120 incidents over The past two decades are not from the us

Military or other advanced u.s Government technology It’s right in front of me just Disappears Disappear Like gone Declare he’s referring to this giant Object as a as a tic tac Like one The situation we’re in that we don’t Know what these things are and they Might even be extraterrestrial that’s Worse Yeah They killed it dude come on oh My god You know what’s funny when i woke up This morning because i fell asleep early Last night but i woke up and i saw that They had you know posted this and i said Okay cool i’ll check it i didn’t really Even know the extent of it i just Thought it was up I had the opening on dude and literally The frison was so intense it woke me up Like you know people drink coffee nope Just watch that trailer you’re fine Paula will do that to you she’ll wake You up I’m a married man she gave me goof oh no No the trailer is great it’s great

It’s the thing is they’ve they’ve They’ve come So far In In The way they make documentaries Now if I’m not If you look back in the day when they First did them they were still they were Still good You know but It’s the professionalism they do now You know the people that got they’ve got On board with you guys i think the Team’s great Um i think they need another woman as Well as po parlov with you boys you know Been just You need to even it out a little bit get Another girl on board oh we can bring Leon I’m just trying to say that He is he is adorable he’s cute look Cutie he thinks we can hear him it’s so Adorable he’s isn’t that He’s least he’s he’s still on um no i’m Not No you’re not you just kill Probably just as well for your channel If i’m honestly It was it was a joke that i had very Much things to do with transitions Uh okay

I i do that trailer was great Really great i’m excited for that So that is that part two to the original Part two To the original what Is is that uh like a leader from the Disc is that the second From the disc is it disclosure project That they did the first one you mean Countdown to disclosure yeah is that Like a building the next is this was Just for them For the two all right so this is not for A new ducky she’s just like a channel Uh Advert Yes and the panel and That we’re all working together and We’re doing that i’m even more excited To Speak about what i don’t shouldn’t know About so i’m just going to shout I’m dropping myself in here The documentary that’s coming out oh is That is that is that is that is that Common knowledge I remember what do you think about it Yeah You just can’t tell what’s in it if You’ve seen anything no i haven’t seen Anything yet well i have and it’s Phenomenal Absolutely it’s really Unbelievable

Gray isn’t it Grier’s in it michael schratz in it Billy carson’s in it Is it noah dares not in it um Who else michael Uh de souza’s in it yup uh let’s see uh Jim goodall’s in it Jim goodall had quite a bit to say in There bob lazar isn’t bob lazar in it i Don’t think no no i don’t think so No but those key players that rich just Mentioned you know they all make more Than a few moments of appearance and They really lend a lot of thought and You guys are going to be absolutely Blown away i know i was when i i watched It i’m sure rich would express the same Sentiment just to be on your toes kind Of thing just watching this i mean i was Feeling that way about countdown to Disclosure but the way that these guys Have put this together the second time Around is just it’s on another level It’s on another level of omf Huh It is really really It’s i’m telling you it’s extremely Important what’s being said in this Documentary And people need to know what greer is Talking about i can’t say it but when You hear what he says It you’re going to be like holy crap It’s going to make you mad it should

Anyway So it was as much as this is starting Off with a i knew this had happened Which is absolutely fine because people That make it this far that it needs to Change up the video you can’t stop you Can’t talk about you know red rocks for That This long into a video but where was the Turning point for you with gria rich Because you I can remember you You were his biggest fan But then something happened and you were Like I was his biggest fan you said no you Wasn’t his biggest fan and i’m not and Then No but then something happened no but Then something happened because it was Almost like when i used to speak to you A few years ago you didn’t have much Respect for the guy But now Something happened i can remember when It happened and you were like Yeah there’s something there and i think That i think the turning point because The turning point for me Was when he did that um The video on his own yeah we did the Video yeah when he did Yes I know you met him before that

Yeah i met him in november of last year But take away the ce5 and i’m okay with What greer’s doing yeah i’m more than Okay with what greer’s doing uh but the Ce5 and I seen the people that go to a ce5 event And they’re just people who want Something to believe in it’s almost like Uh not maybe a religion but maybe it is Cold Could be i i don’t i don’t i know but i Don’t necessarily even think that that a Culture has to be a bad thing you know It’s right like a support network for People that are into the same sort of Thing It’s a bad word but it’s the same thing Um Yeah and i’ve listened intently to what Greer said Throughout all of this time and uh Yeah uh what’s been going on recently Has changed me a little bit towards Greer and i know greer does a lot of Things to be in the limelight and you Know don’t want to be left out i’m greer I need to be in this discussion like he Did this year with the june you know the 180 day thing he But what he did had to happen it changed Everything the narrative was threat Threat threat and greer was on the other Side saying no no no And nobody else was challenging him that

Could be heard We were saying it all of us but nobody Was listening really until greer went on Third phase of moon and they had that Challenge they put out to elizondo and The rest of them to come on and let’s Debate it and everybody chickened out They all chickened out and and corbell Lost his freaking mind was very rude to Them and thought they were scamming him You know into doing something make him Look bad and i mean that’s my fault Because i called him live on air and How’d you get my phone number type of Deal you know Uh So it was a very interesting reaction Which by the way will be in the Documentary things you guys don’t know About The reason why i asked this rich is Because In that He spoke About the uh That we’re wearing that we are already In space And as soon as we get weapons in space We’ll start shooting et crafts down so When i’m talking about you know have we Been to the moon yet have we been to Mars Do you buy that that he’s saying do you Buy

What he’s saying in that do you think That That is That is what they’re wanting to do They’re wanting to Uh Weaponize Not just weaponized space Because that’s quite that that that is Very believable because you know if you Look if you’re orbiting the earth and What faster way to shoot A country from space yeah But do you think because he’s what he Was saying is that these weapons are Going to be used against et craft Do you believe that that What is the information that he has and That he was putting out in that Documentary that he Pulled out within what 40 days what was He A bit more than 40 days maybe um Do you believe That information to be true Not all of it I don’t know what he you know i know What he said Um but it’s very hard for me to believe Without seeing it because he pulled it Away from what lou Yeah he pulled it away from the the fret And said that these are a threat but Then he did another number you know he

He did one up from that he said we’re Gonna start shooting the out of These little gray bastards You know the et’s That’s basically what he said in in in That in that documentary So you’ve got one madman saying that The The aliens are a fret and then you’ve Got one man i’m not great i’m not saying A madman come on the show please You’ve got and then you’ve got one You’ve got another madman saying that That they’re going to shoot these little out of the sky So which one is it You know who’s right lou I’ll greet you guys saying Great we’re going to blow that We’re going to kick ass and chew bubble Gum yeah and Lou is saying that you know we need to Book his ideas up i don’t remember Saying that that is so weird He in so many words in riddles that he Spoke And Him He He was making out that And i’m not he could be right he could Be right i would like i would like i Would like to side more with stephen Than with lou that because if the

Extraterrestrials are a threat Then we’re But we’re not Yeah go ahead i’m sorry we would then no But if we threaten them we’re also Yeah [Laughter] But i don’t think that’s what he was Saying i thought he was saying we’re Making weapons in space to protect Ourselves from china and russia taking Out our satellites No he said they were though they were Going to shoot the et’s Well i’ve got that’s what i got from it Okay well i’ll watch it again parts of It Um i wanted to bring this up with you Guys last week when i couldn’t make it On the show because it’s like technology Based but did you um see this might have Been Not last week the week before Somebody took a picture of what looked Like some sort of unknown stealth Aircraft it was a good pitch you know it Was like a sort of airline sort of uh Altitude Um And it was the People were saying oh it could be a us Um Spy plane that was that was in the air Or it could have been a chinese spy

Plane that was spying on the us that had Been snapped Um And i couldn’t help myself think that With all this stuff going on about all The secret technology we’ve got because This was clearly a um solid fueled Like Stealth jet you know it looked like A evolution of what we already know as Stealth aircrafts do you have this Picture by any chance I’d i’ll have to have it to have a like A young jason on the internet and try And find it what was i Yeah i can’t remember it was just a news Article i read about it Okay but the uh But what i couldn’t uh just decide was If we’re always talking about this sort Of secret technology we’ve gotten how We’ve got all this stuff that’s so far Advanced Why do you all of a sudden do we see A solid fueled Uh spy a spy plane that we’ve never seen Before Well i mean we’re gonna see The evolution of you know our technology Like i’ve said before i think you know Much of what they have in way of Military technology especially you know We’re talking 80 100 years ahead of what You and i have in our pocket but we’re

Getting the back end of what they Can’t use anymore don’t want to use any More you know give it to them make some Money on it so You know this is a whole Scheme here that goes down in way of how That Monetization Trickles within their technology through Time and what they’re actually going to End up giving us and again i think one Of the reasons that if at least if it’s Us we’re so brazen about you know the Stuff we see in the sky and what they May be flying is because it’s so elusive And it’s so far away from something Tangible in the way that the public can Hold they just don’t care Like scrolling you know if um when you Look at like where where we are right Now globally and it’s everything’s Pretty tense You know we we could be looking at Something that’s pretty grim Just on the horizon If it was a foreign country That was using a spy plane to spy on the Us Do you not think they’d use like the Best thing they had to do it If you’re using it for military Maybe they are You know That’s maybe maybe maybe what you saw is

Just the decoy It could be meant to say that maybe yeah No i also think God I was just gonna say or Maybe whatever we’re seeing Like in the sky has absolutely nothing To do with people none of them Like my mate dean that came on and said That they’re flying rocks I don’t know if you remember that My mate came on he came on the show and He and he said the tic tac was a flying Pebble A literal Literal rock with intelligence When you eliminate the impossible Whatever you’re left with no matter how Improbable I also think at a certain point you know With technology you’re understanding all The basics the foundations and you’re Able to manipulate and mold that the way You do clay let’s say i think that at Some point there’s an apex that in way Of complexity with technology starts to Take a downturn so it only gets so Complex and everything is built on these Fundamental and more simple theories That possibly Go right in way of nature or you know Something that can be observed naturally Like ipads when you look at the Interfaces we’ve had for computers for

Years And how it’s been a complicated system Of going through programs and using mice And multiple buttons and keyboards and Then we get to a point where it’s Literally intuitive design It’s it’s essentially what you’re Describing is a very minuscule example Of that absolutely yep and uh you know You look at this on a larger scale i Mean you can throw entire principles out Maybe even in the way of newtonian Physics at certain point and say well we Can just bypass that because of what we Know here and it’s just an easier route You know i think as complex as human Beings are and as much as we can lend in The way of our mind and how we think and How we interpret things we know we have Limitations so You know when we’re looking at some of These uh you know crafts just to say in The sky we realized that somebody either Went outside of that limitation that we Would normally think that we can do or They were able to work within that Paradigm that they had they just maybe Took a different angle either way it’s Pretty impressive It seems there is a limitation though It seems the limitation we have is what We’re fueling everything that’s on our Planet And i as much as we hear the whispers

To apparently please come on um As much as we hear the whispers Of Um anti-gravity Of of whatever it All we ever see Is You know Engines that are Driven by Some sort of fuel And You know you don’t You hear that you hear the The rumors but you never see this Technology ever and like what lee’s just Been saying there you know an aircraft Just has just come out That has jet engines You know And this is a spy i mean it’s probably Been is in existence for a very long Time Sometimes i wonder is it do we have Because we you hear you hear this all The time the tr3b is ours The ones you see Up in the sky they’re ours Maybe they’re not maybe we just don’t Really do not have a clue how to Recreate whatever technology we’re Seeing in the sky or i think what lee’s Saying there is That

What if it’s not technology that we’re Seeing what if you were you were Ufos are not technology What if it is something natural Well then you get into the organic Compound that people talk or the element I should say you know within these Crafts which is hard to go forward with Because it’s really just based on Observation usually by people who aren’t In the microbiology biology field or Anything biological in that respect and Way of study uh And they say that they felt like it had An organic principle i mean i’m not sure How many people have been aboard one of These crafts and said yeah i could see The walls breathing maybe maybe the way That you know organic being would take In you know oxygen and so forth i think There’s something else there That i Really don’t think we can describe or Have anything familiar to uh compared to Just Yet no I just I never see it happening you know We i i hear the rumors I hear the fact that you know people are Saying This is going to happen we’re going to Get this technology You know we are going to mars

It always seems that we’re gonna go He’s broadband cut off he’s coming back On in a moment he’s just messaged me um What do you do boys actually see Any of this technology happening now in Our lifetime I mean it was mentioned earlier rich About mars and you said no it’s not Gonna happen in your lifetime you don’t Think we’re going to actually go to mars In your lifetime nope Nope why not I i think we’re going to attempt it i Just don’t think we’re going to make it Humans yeah yeah yeah do you think the Robots will No i don’t i don’t think the the craft Will survive i have a feeling there’s Going to be some sort of malfunction or Or some sort of uh sabotage i just don’t Think people want us on mars and when i Say people i mean you know people within The secret government Will prevent this from happening it’s Just my opinion But i just have a something inside of me Tells me that We shouldn’t be going there to do what We want to do And i don’t know if it’s because there’s Something already there I mean you look at what’s happened i Mean in the past A lot of these probes were taken out

Before they got to mars especially that Russian one that we saw the shadow of That You know cigar-shaped craft And next thing you know It the the little uh Whatever you call it rover thing was Gone not rover but their little Spaceship Was gone it lost signal Crashed on on mars And then it snapped a photo of what was Near it and it was this huge Cylindrical craft which is weird rich do You think you know in elon starting to Put this idea together maybe behind the Scenes that you know he would send People to mars they would colonize it do You think you know in the way of history People been always muted when they had Ideas like this maybe this the shadow Government or the secret government Would have come in at some point and Said hey listen We really appreciate what you’re doing Here and we need you for a lot of things But you can’t do what you’re proposing Right now before it actually hit the Public and it became something more Knowledgeable and accepted that we might Take this journey So let’s say they make it and they land Right And then they start broadcasting i think

It ends right after that i i just have a Feeling there’s going to be a too much Disaster For them to produce anything or build Any shelters on mars first of all if They’re going to go live on mars We have to send stuff there that can I guess blow up and build itself and Create the environment It’s a very dangerous place i don’t even Know why We would want to go live there that’s How dangerous it is and very very Expensive so for us to do all this There must be something that we don’t Know about That’s uh Making us want to go there other than it Just being You know maybe a second earth or you Know something we could live on but we Can’t you go outside you die You know your suit rips you’re dead you Know you could die within minutes I just don’t understand it really why we Even want to Can we survive here if the population Keeps going as it’s going Well without doing a fifth element and Having all the multi-story Buildings for everybody to live Living by the year 2040 there’s gonna be Nine and a half billion people here That is just ridiculous and i say that

Because i’m only going by what Statistics that the government gives us What do i know can the earth sustain 10 Billion people well apparently not Because we’re running out of fresh water According to people Um that’s going to be hard to come by And we still don’t turn salt water into Fresh water for some reason i don’t know If it’s bad for us to drink it Nonetheless It’s in it’s it’s a necessity to do that At some point Yeah water is the most vital thing and We are apparently running out of fresh Water uh once we get to that level we’ll Be We’ll be uh suffering Well if something does happen on you Know the descent onto mars or shortly Thereafter And the whole project gets kind of Terminated because of something again That happens there I would figure that’d be quite the Deterrent and it would take A handful of years before anybody really Even considered you know maybe it would Be touted as hey look you guys tried it Can’t do it don’t try it again and so it Gets forgotten 50 60 70 80 years i mean I worry about that too at least in way Of Ambition you know for the human race the

Shuttle blew up and then uh what was it 18 months later we were back up in Flying shuttles again Right but this is going to to mars Though wearing i mean again you Mentioned how expensive it is to get There and to live there you know it’s Not like maybe they can build another Shuttle and then you know head back out There with all the equipment that they Had brought that had been blown up at Some point upon impact or whatever else Happens You might be right too though rich they May just get right back on the horse i Could be wrong you might be right yeah You we just don’t know until we’re there I just don’t see The purpose really i really don’t when We have so many problems here on earth Why are we investing all these billions And maybe trillions of dollars to go to A planet that we’re really it’s bad for Us but if we could Migrate the population to mars at some Point surely that would make things Better on this planet if you could if You could 50 just say miraculously you Could 50 50 it You could 50 50 though yeah population Between mars And earth Well they just found out that We should be digging and living in mars

Instead of on top of it they just found Out that those rocks can protect us from With the radiation and You know the harshness of the Environment So maybe that’s the future of mars is Digging Going underground I’d actually say that that’s the most Probable outcome I think in fact yeah yep sorry go ahead Nope nope no i said a lot go go You know i was Only gonna say you know i really do Think that we’ve already established um An underground on mars you know how Often we’re visiting or how many people Actually may be in service there i don’t Know From certain accounts and people who Have done You know remote viewing and of course This ties into some of the black Projects and what have you take it again With a grain of salt they said they Found cavernous areas within mars that Housed all these relics and what might Be considered Tablets that had scripture on it and so Forth and they said some of them looked Familiar to what you’d find here on Earth so again here’s this odd tie-in I think in this day and age we’re just Absolutely intentionally missing

Something that’s incredibly intrinsic to Us as human beings and we are struggling And suffering trying to figure this out Again you know pushing through the dark Knowing that we have eyes and we can see We just need the light to do it And the people who are holding the light Or what little is left of it aren’t Giving any to us it’s so frustrating This time and probably very unique Within history if i were to just take an Educated guess Do you think it’s all going to get Delayed like the i’m not just just the Mars mission but do you think the moon Mission that was i think it was They said 2025 They say 2425 do you think that’s going To be delayed Well definitely definitely I think they’re going to attempt it Probably 2026 will get there but if we Don’t then i i really don’t know i think We’ll go to the moon But now we have a high def 4k They can’t hide anything anymore and i Don’t want to hear excuses They better bring three different Cameras So you mean when when that when they’re Up whoever whoever they’re up with You want to see You don’t want to just see a uh Inside a building with a little window

I want to see the stars i want to see The mountains in the distance I want to see everything in detail You want to look on google earth and see The base live Pretty much We should have that And i want it to be 24 hours I think why not stream it 24 hours just Put a satellite in between earth and Moon do you remember i can still Remember when they took the iss live Stream down And they only do it now and again now Yeah but they had it They had it running 24 7 at one point Well they still do don’t they now it’s Recorded They they put it up and they put it up Live but it’s not it’s not the same as It used to be oh really I think there’s a buffer there too rich Yeah like a 10 minute buffer or Something something like that yeah yep Damn it why would you protect themselves That way you know what i mean Yeah The local news does so why would nasa I tell you what irritates me when you When you will look at uh footage from The iss There’s always A woman with really long hair Like it’s just like waving

Like this and she’s always got like this Huge necklace like medallion that’s Going like this And i’m just Like surely that’s dangerous You know you know with all the Electricity Little cuts all the bits you know in Space you put your hair in a bun or Something and just you don’t need to Wear the necklace You know I i look at that and i’m like I i kind of unders I I It’s definitely real that definitely up There the iss is real I But when i look at that And i was showing my dad this and i said Do you not think that’s ridiculous You know She You’re on an international space station That if this if the slightest If a rock’s a certain thickness hits That thing it’s just going to go Straight through it and probably Straight for the person that’s inside There and this person That Is Talking to us talking to earth on the tv

Has the head just going like this Or waving around with all these little Wires hanging down and all sorts of Things and then she’s got this huge Necklace that’s just Let’s see i see where your the picture You’re painting here you know it just Seems to be Weird irresponsible no just a bit over The top oh maybe so Get rid of the necklace pin your hair Back Then the flat earthers won’t have a Problem that’s why they’ve got problems That’s why they’ve got a problem because It’s ridiculous you shouldn’t be aware You shouldn’t be dressed like that it Can you Totally Short something out or steal I mean you’re in space right you have to Take every precaution don’t have your Hair and your jewels hanging out you Don’t put rapunzel on the chuffing International space station Don’t have your hair and your jewels Okay i like it [Laughter] I just thought of it It is weird From it hair and jewels no no long hair No dangly jewels Also on the international space station Because

Because it makes the flat earthers Go crazy If you want to talk about fake space for A minute you know when they’re floating Around and all this stuff and you see Them hanging on the side and their head Tilts a certain way like because they Want to keep it upright That wouldn’t happen if you were in Space your head wouldn’t need to tilt to Upright it would always stay straight Because your you’re Conditioned that way Because of gravity but when there’s no Gravity there should be no reason for You to tilt yourself straight up Have you ever noticed that when they’re In spit when they’re in fake space There’s no reason to till your head that Way It’s curious no i hadn’t noticed that And they all do it and we also when when They’re sitting there and they’re in it And you ever notice they just interview On the news for two minutes or in a School it’s always with children asking Questions never with adults You can see the veins in their heads Just like and their heads look like they Have pressure that’s because they’re Actually hanging upside down and their Feet are in a harness You’re going to get me demonetised i’m Going to have like

I’m going to have all right not Demonetized i talked about it i’m going To have one of them wikipedia things you Know below my that says flat earth yeah It’s gonna have everything People in the chat i am not a flight Earther but None of us are but one thing i will Stick up for them for them is that nasa Is never never a straight answer and When you watch it it looks sometimes Looks a little bit ridiculous So Whatever’s going on up there Just you know put your jewels away put Your hair in a bun and we’ll be cool As far as i’m concerned that’s the it’s Just the jewels and the hair that’s my Problem But rich going back to what you’re Saying about the suit Do you remember the first and i think it Was it was the first space walk and There was a few debunkers that put that Out and said that that space suit Couldn’t move like that do you know yeah Yeah i do Yeah that was weird and then the guy That he couldn’t do that It can’t Because the debunk has said that that he Can’t do that it can’t say What did the engineers say you know what They said all they did they don’t

They never they never say anything Because they know they were caught I didn’t think I thought that was i thought The head turning was a Cgi thing that somebody put in there Because they can’t turn their they can Turn their head inside the helmet but The helmet stays still Michael you know you had your head in That helmet for the third phase of moon Video sure did it swam right around Inside that space right And ollie you were carrying my head Around on the last time yes i did and i Was only able to turn my head but not The whole suit And that was me turning your head with My hand yeah i know you didn’t have a Neck right [Laughter] People in the chat that didn’t watch That that i’ll see that from they’ll be Like oh what are we talking about But it is weird that that suit did the Head turned and it shouldn’t have so was That our future brothers or I don’t know man this whole thing is Just whack We don’t know anything you and i We know nothing I think there’s a lot of people that Will attack A channel for saying the slightest thing

Against Whatever they witnessed back when they Was youngsters Watching on television you know the Old-timers Um yeah I understand it i completely understa You know i have to speak very calmly With my dad and say you know dad what if There is something a little bit fishy Going on up there pardon the pump I i keep saying to him says dad i Believe we went to the moon but i do but I honestly believe that certain things Nasa are covering up and they’re not Showing us the real Um They’re not showing us what’s really Going on what’s really up there You know And whether it’s because of the aliens i Don’t know I’ll leave that on the table um But When it Going back to what we were saying about It do you do you think we’ll go back we Will go go back we’ll go and land on Mars in your lifetime rich no I’ve only got 20 years left and that’s Probably because you’ve got no trust in The company that’s doing it No because i don’t think we’re gonna Make it and michael it’s true i’ll be

73. i know you’ve well you you i’ll be Dead already five years you have uh your Thoughts about when your last day is i Know yeah is it just before you’re 69 Yeah Like march 7th oh that’s when you die About yeah o’clock in the afternoon we Should do a live show give up today About who We need to take a live show that day Yeah you know like like leading up to it Like a week before rich Rich Yeah rest in peace rest in peace rich Jordan before he’s died You know either that or i can retire on That if i don’t die i’ll i’ll definitely Do it on my show do you do youtubers Retire do they ever retire they just die Who They die or get an std and have to leave Youtubers Oh Well it’s still too new Youtube’s only been around a lot of Youtubers have died Most of them i think most of them Committed suicide Yeah we’re caught in inclement weather Like me right tornadoes and such oh by The way i gotta get giddy up and because I gotta get my show ready don’t worry We’re going to go because lee’s Internet’s gone he’s trying to join

Through he’s trying to Know he’s trying to join through his Through his uh he’s Still here he’s trying to join through His mobile phone but he’s only got 3g on His island So What a loser I i I don’t if you’ve ever tried to use 3g Recently but i can remember thinking it Was the bee’s knees at the time And It’s it’s like dial-up It’s disgusting it is well i was forced To use it because my 5g wasn’t working Where i live it’s very secluded and Sometimes the signal goes out when it’s Storming and i was on 3g and it took Forever for stuff to load up you’re Right it’s how did we deal with that Back then i thought that was the bee’s Knees we didn’t know any better Sorry i’ll edit me to interrupt you look At that no no no man he is i’m i’m not Wow listen to you Is it in my voice oh my god dude It’s in your beard it’s in his beard You’ve got an anger beard do you know i Did find a horror hovercraft on mars Though Say There you go look at that beast where Where

He’s in the distance this was back in The day by his look It’s there Where There’s a zoomed in shot On the left That’s it on the left it seems like it Has legs it could be a snail what that Was a martian snail Oh it does look i see a seat Yeah oh yeah look at that Power yes And the final crash ufo there you go Back in the day yeah look at that That’s that’s a mechanical Yeah i found a tin of beans Oh you did Somebody ate them it looks like It’s like nice it’s a teapot It’s something It’s a helmet It is a helmet it looks like when them Tribal things it does And um Oh my goodness gracious now that looks Like something that fell out of the sky That might have had uh You know some connection to satellite or Whatever something it doesn’t yeah it Does Shut up you’re you shut up you wouldn’t Know Anything it takes one no one what do you Mean what do you mean

Boys before we go look can you can you See what i see there he’s You see the um No You can’t So on the on the left hand side it’s Zoomed in That’s On on the the right hand side underneath My logo got it that’s the image But can you see like it’s like a f He’s I don’t So the flat area like a square imagine a Book and put a load of rubble on top of The book okay You see the square you see the squared Off bits with the shadow underneath Yeah really blends with shadow the uh Whatever texture is there I wish i’d put some lines going through It because But that looks like some sort of Structure it looks like a structure it Doesn’t i was mad at the time though Boys You i can tell But i’m a mother now that you don’t see What i see i see what you see but i Don’t understand what you say you see Because i don’t see it Not paradolia ratio that that was bucky That was like uh you know That was that was that was a real can

You put your cursor on there so i can See what you’re talking about i can’t You don’t have two monitors No oh no wonder why you’re struggling Well what the hell alien addiction I i do one’s an apple mac and one’s a pc That’s your problem that doesn’t work Yeah Just get a monitor for 100 bucks i could Put this underneath it that’s it yeah [Laughter] You just need another monitor there are 80 90 bucks Just so you can have just so you can Have two screens and it’s so much easier I don’t have enough room on this table Get rid of the other one Get a new table Get a new table oh my god do i just show You everything it’s genius Get a new table there we go No I do Tyson furious Well that’s not knife at all you Shouldn’t have to throw punches like That on air what shall we eating tonight Rich Actually i don’t know i was trying to Prepare it while we were doing the show And i have no idea what i’m doing that’s Why i needed to get going But you’re just gonna wing it i’ll let Everybody know on tuesday night i have a

Polisteria joining me on dark hour Paranormal and we’re going to get into The esoterics guys it’s going to be a Fantastic show wait Five days from now Yes I still have to put this i still have to Put it up because she was coming on my Show tuesday oh was she no Okay No you jerk You’re sure listen we should get we Should get her to join the boys Yeah well reach out to her bro yeah yeah She’s interested in that and she’s she’s Good friends with friend she’s Not i’m not surprised Um She is because she knows that you have a Crush on linda I know [Laughter] We talked about that in california Yeah and you know linda molten howdy Duty still has a real hair which is a Turn on for me We spoke about rich we spoke about it So so michael you’re interviewing um Apollo on tuesday and rich you’re doing A show tonight what am i doing I don’t know What are you doing i don’t know let’s Talk about it what can i do you tell me I want to know

Seriously come up with a michael what Can i do All right That’s what i thought it’s not easy i Think you should invite osvaldo franco And i’m not inviting anybody on my show Forget about it I can’t do that tonight Too short notice anyway If you’ve got a guest you don’t have to Do any work I know but he’s got to wash his face and That takes two hours [Laughter] So what are we doing what am i doing Tonight you tell me Okay Seriously i’m not even joking tell me So we’re going to spend oh i’ve just got A super chat Um you could just do that it’s just just Squeeze the chickens all through the Show I do that anyway that’s the backup plan Yeah that’s plan b there Thank you I squeezed the silent chicken What that’s why they’re ladies right Rich what about talking to your viewers About ufo sightings i i There’s nothing to talk about yes There’s no sightings that talk about I don’t This is no disrespect to the viewers but

You are you in the same boat as me boys That it kind of gets boring It gets repetitive i’m doing a show Every single night michael yes it’s Repeated everyone says boring no about The ufo sightings gets boring yeah i Don’t mean your showroom you just you’re Like Ugh is it another one Exactly like the last one we looked at And i mean there’s only so much you can Say unless you have a little more Background on one of these sightings It’s hard to go in depth beyond what you See viscerally viscerally Yes it is Rich why don’t you do a show About Um The community and when i say the Community The subscribers You have a chat with them now About what Let them Just you know you get the interesting Comments up and asking questions about Just and just go from there i don’t want Anybody coming on the show i’m not Saying bring them on just react with the Audience because you’re good at reacting With your audience Yeah So what are you saying just nobody’s

Going to come to that show with the Title you could ask me anything Talk about time travel Talk about time travel in depth bring up Some of the stories wherein i forget the Guy’s name um let’s see was it back in The 60s or 70s he Claimed to travel and had played the Stock market you know you could really Kind of play with time travel as a General topic The guy who built a time machine guy There’s that then there’s always you Know you could talk a little bit about John what was it tutor Teator yeah i mean I’ve actually had somebody Tell me that they can confirm that this Guy is alive and actually yes He What was it rich i’m sure you’re Familiar with the story too somebody Else had stolen Uh his story at one point i don’t Remember but again this guy is Apparently yeah i guess this guy is Somebody who’s out there he lives in Florida i believe if i’m not mistaken But yeah some thoughts there man just to Revisit the whole idea of time travel And if all else fails you just gotta Speak about anjali i know all else fails Anjali jeremy corbell or elizondo [Laughter]

You have something there rich What You know you put them all in the same Room you you send them all to the same Okay okay yeah what okay if anjali is Really No really For real And lose for real for his credibility he Mentioned uh anjali hasn’t he Briefly i think he mentioned her once In an interview Um Because somebody asked about it he said Yeah i know who that is he didn’t really Say much Take lou to the cave Yeah Oh There you go nipples on That’s that’s the show take lou to the Cave I like my idea better what’s your idea Time travel what I forgot Oh good thanks i’m glad that i could uh You know contribute to whatever i had Going on there just you know throw it in The pool i just think to the bottom That’s fine we’ll move on thank you i Can only remember the last thing that Was said But she You know she needs to take some high

High players to that cave So i should have it on jolly take lou to The cave That would be pretty good though i’m not Gonna lie Take rogan to the cave That too actually oh that’d be wild No I was talking about terry logan but he’s Dead Oh he’s a great interview guy Welsh british You don’t know who terry logan is It sounds vaguely familiar probably He interviewed david ike he was one of The first people to interview david He made fun of him and then the second Show he apologized to him um but no yeah She should take joe rogan and lou To the cave And joe should interview lou alexander In the cave So i could finally get my prediction Right But if i did a show like that it’s the Same it always comes back to the same Stupid yeah but you just make it funny You just make it funny People rich people don’t watch our shows For for the absolute knowledge they Watch it because they get a little bit Of fun and they get a little bit of Knowledge as well they don’t get any Knowledge of me

Um but they both the guests polar bear Is that better you got one guy in the Room without a hat One guy and you followed you without a Hat I have hat He’s got here too He’s got some hair underneath that hat We’re looking good man right A little style in here He said uh what was his comment there it Kind of made me chuckle uh he said do You have to wear a baseball cap when you Are a youtube ufo dude I got a kick out of it i gotta kick out You know what i saw that two hours ago Somebody put that comment you know the Reason is When you do your hair When you like style it you don’t need to Dark out because you’ve got it kind of Like down but You know a baseball cap just keeps it You know the headphones It helps with the headphones yeah it Really does help with it and it stops That it you know that You get like um What is it You get like yeah yeah Like it hurts after a bit but the ham Really helps I’ve always that’s the truth worn a hat So this is my signature look everybody’s

Copying me again Well i don’t have the sunglasses I stopped wearing them as soon as i Started sleeping again i got i only wore Them because i had bags under my eyes Right i’m very vain i’m so vain Rachel vane You need to come up with your show i Need to get to bed yeah dark dark hour Needs to go edit my edit for third phase Ufo report yeah Third phase ufo report i want to thank Everybody Up tonight no it’s not going up tonight Rich you know what i’m working on bud Oh that just say yeah the uso thing i Already told everybody Oh okay cool and we’re good that’s one Of the uh all 40 of us know The uso thing Yeah i put together a very large Presentation on usos with preston Dennett rich and third phase of moon all Of them submitted fantastic video and Comments uh very high production quality Here so i’m putting that together as a Pretty Heavy Uh report because everybody was just Really on key and i mean preston dennett Gave me 20 minutes of answers to the the Five or six questions that i asked him So you can imagine how much is there to Go through and and present dude it’s

Gonna be really really awesome oh Fantastic Is that going on third phase ufo report Is that going dark hour no it’ll be Third phase ufo report Right yep it’s a big collaboration it’s Cool man can’t wait to do the next one Rich is still thinking about what is What to do that show well i’m reading That uh greer is having this uh Thing in tucson And i believe it’s seven thirty five Hundred dollars each If you want to participate please sign Up below tuition for new participants is 3 500 Yes and Places for previous attendees are Limited tuition for previous attendees Is 1700. it’s in some place in tucson He’s renting out a house to do a ce5 Thing i believe This is unbelievable that’s a lot of Freaking money Sure You’re expected to sleep from 2 a.m to 10 and then meditate and practice remote Viewing until lunch I won’t read the rest because we gotta Go but i’ll be talking about that hey There we go There you go Yeah the audience delivers steven green

Stephen agreed And that you like him There’s nothing i like augustus gloop And he’s greedy i don’t like this part Of greed Yeah i don’t like this 1700 35 if you want to be good 3 500 Dude that’s rent for one night or one Day one month Insane Absolutely that’s that’s a mortgage Payment all right i gotta get going I love you all and uh good night go Bless mind the bugs don’t bite i’m alien Addict dark our paranormal Goof on radio and we did have lee in the Corner but he’s into the field They’re all in the description go check Them out people Poor tonight god bless Cheers mind the books don’t bite