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I can’t scream and i can’t see who’s Holding me down and they want to do Things to me tonight we have brought a Psychic with us to the vail mansion how Would you describe your gift i’m Clairvoyant clairaudient claire Cognizant clairsentient psychic medium So i have all the claire’s all the above Yes Hi my name is allie westrick i’m with Apex paranormal in kansas city are you Ready i’m ready You’re acting a little freaked out why The basement makes me nervous Um There are masculine energies masculine Shadow figures down here Uh you’ll hear them come through they’re Just scary there’s the shadow figures That are down here have been seen by two Of my teammates i haven’t physically Seen them i have felt them Is there anyone down here with us These would be former mental patients i Think there’s some crossover to some Other inhuman things that have come down Here What are you feeling right now i feel Very uneasy if there are things in the Area i start to get a feeling in my Solar plexus chakra so that’s starting To flutter so there’s something I know you’re down here do you want to

Come out and say hello Oh So Sometimes i physically hear and see Things and sometimes i Third eye see and hear things um So the third eye part of me heard a Growl So anytime i hear growls that makes me Nervous because i just don’t know what I’m dealing with um I also want to state that i heard Did you hear that over there like Wrestling yeah from the trees almost Yeah I heard that too right when we came in That’s why i pointed this is the cat and Mouse thing yeah they want you to follow You’ll get battery drain A lot you’ll get equipment drained down Here yeah absolutely they’re they’re all Still down here this is what i’m hearing And i just got very cold Good thing you’re not sleeping here So the plan for you They want to make you afraid like They’ve made me afraid These energies yes Sometimes there are energies that can Tap into your deepest darkest fears and Then that’s what they kind of mentally Play with they’re making me feel kind of Physically ill but that’s not directed At me that’s directed at you you know i

Was going to say i also just felt like a Cold Did you feel that You’ll feel things pass By mm-hmm Third eye is hearing screaming Can you touch one of us Can we go dark for just a second i want To see if that does anything Like a just Tightness in my chest So i heard a laughter And then i heard it wants to just he Wants to destroy you Yeah there’s something in there watching Us no I was literally about to say i felt While you were telling that story this Creeping cold Come up my back and up to my shoulders Like not like a wind He showed me attacking her off-site so That’s problematic felt like it was Trying to take me over i was shaking so Bad i couldn’t stop and So Tonight we’re here in independence Missouri at the vale mansion this is as You guys are about to see one of these

Spookiest looking places i think i’ve Ever seen in my life looks like a real Life haunted mansion looks like a place Where ghosts would Uh choose to hang out if you ask me But let’s uh let’s head on in guys Well here it is Holy [ __ ] oh my gosh i love this Super cool that is that is even eerier Oh look at the Silhouette Honestly you go through this old creepy Gate To get in here In the history you guys are going to [ __ ] your pants about We have multiple surprises tonight That’s so cool you know in these kind of Buildings Everything’s so nice it’s so ornamental You know it literally looks like a Gingerbread house but a haunted Gingerbread ghost ghoster bread house That’s that’s much better a haunted Gingerbread house Ghoster bread is not very good wow But very cool yeah really nice here too Very well maintained it’s beautiful okay Here we are You guys excited for tonight Let’s do this okay oh it’s fogging over Already might need to it’s too humid Yeah Take a couple minutes all right

Everybody colin here uh tonight on this Video we’re doing something different You know usually we present the history First but Tonight in a first really on the show We’ve worked with the psychic maybe once Or twice before we have brought a Psychic with us to the veil mansion and We’re going to have you come in with us Give us a read on What okay so it’s very foggy outside Well not really foggy but humid it’s Fogged up the lens but i’m gonna let you Introduce yourself to everybody online Hi my name is allie westrick i’m with Apex paranormal in kansas city and How would you describe your gift There’s a lot uh i’m clairvoyant Clairaudient claire cognizant uh Clairsentient um psychic medium so i Have all the claire’s all the above yes Well that’s just the intro i’m gonna Actually take this camera you’re gonna Take the other camera and we’re just Gonna let you kind of walk through feel It out and then tell us some stories of Things you’ve experienced along the way Okay um i’ve had the most experiences on The second floor of the attic in the Basement so if you want to start on the Second floor sure okay second floor it Is okay let’s go upstairs This mirror right here This is a portal mirror what happens

With portal mirrors is we have spirits That jump in and out they’re Interdimensional So it’s interesting in this house to Have such a big one on a staircase Because we will get various spirits in Here and not just the spirits that are In this house so there’s always Something new to experience when we’re Up here investigating this mirror right Here yes and a lot of the uh artifacts Items in this house are from other Museums from across the country other Places i’m not sure where this mirror Came from exactly but there’s something About it i have a hard time looking at It when i come up the stairs because i Feel like there’s something watching me On the other side through the mirror What do you think it is it’s a doorway i Just I don’t know i always feel like i’m Gonna get sucked in if i stare at it for Too long Yeah that would not be good uh for People who do scrying um this would be An interesting mirror to do that So keep that in mind for later on okay Um And if you pick up on anything while We’re here sure are you sure to say it Sure thing Um we haven’t investigated as a team too Much up in here i did get a female

Spirit one time but we primarily um Investigate uh sophie avail and colonel Vales bedrooms which are on this side That i just wanted to show you this area It looks so beautiful but it’s got such An incredibly creepy history and dark History Yeah we really don’t know The full history yet we’re keeping that In the dark okay okay i’ll try not to Say too much then Okay So the interesting thing and i don’t Know if you’ve had this happen at other Locations that you’ve investigated but Anytime we sit in any of these rooms and We’re actually sitting in them we get The activity Out in this hallway so it seems to just Surround the area Not sure why that is but um so Again something to keep in mind but So we get a lot of activity In The avail’s room And The most impressive thing i have seen in Here that i have never in my life seen Anywhere else is we were doing a Paranormal Team tour event and in here what we saw Manifest was a giant mist And it hovered in the air for like five Minutes

And it was the most spectacular thing i Have ever seen because i have never seen A mist before i’ve seen full bodied Apparitions shadow figures A bunch of things but i have never seen A mist before just in one spot just Hover in the middle of the floor it was Incredible Right here yes right right here what do You think that was I believe that was sophia vale She is very Prevalent in this area she does come and Visit this area quite a bit we do notice That colonel vales kind of stays on his Side so we get her a lot in this room And in that room I won’t tell you too much about her History since the historian will go over That with you um but Again if you’re sitting in this room or That room you will get her usually out In the perimeter but we were in that Room so she manifested in here I’m not sure why that was but Yes when i first did a my very first Walk through here at vail um i picked up Most of her energy in this room because I feel like she spent a lot of time in This room Towards the end of her life that was Just my psychic impression i’m not Feeling her in here at the moment when The lights go out and the later it gets

It does the energy does shift in here And you will start to feel things They come out pretty hardcore Sophia does like to talk to men so i Think she would be interested in talking To you colin Okay thank you Then you are good natured and she she Likes to talk to me so hopefully when The lights go out she’ll come out yes As far as activity in these two rooms Also we do get a lot of uh they like to Use the music box so if you have music Boxes they will come down and interact With those especially the spirits on the Third floor that come down to this floor You just have to invite them down i call Them the psychiatric patients but they Do like to interact with the music box And um with the spirit boxes and rem Pods as well Well we got plenty of those Set them up spread them out all over the Place Is this the Extent of your um Experiences on this floor well also on This floor so elijah bucholtz uh has had Many experiences um in this hallway Specifically with the staircase so what He’ll do on investigations is he will Sit in this room and all he does is just Watch He has seen many times a shadow figure

Come just down this hall down the Staircase and then stop and then go back Upstairs And it’s been dark a lot of the times When he’s been looking for it but he can Still see the outline of a shadow and he Can feel something here So One night he they actually caught a Picture of it And it’s over here And it’s fairly large and so Wow here it is here wow that’s crazy They were thrilled to get this because It’s been it’s been hard to capture But they they captured it one night wow That is very clear too there are so many Shadow figures in this house it’s Ridiculous good natured or Both The the downstairs ones you have to be Or the basement ones i should say you Have to be careful of they’re a little Darker Sophia and colonel vale are very nice And sweet and sofia loves to have people In her home so if you compliment her Home She’ll respond positively in that way And then you have the patients from Upstairs and They behave like psychiatric patients so When we go upstairs i’ll explain a Little bit about that just a tad

So you can just kind of get an idea but Those patients do like to come down to This floor if you invite them what do You think’s the most uh Active part of this Floor i would say uh sofia’s room And then just this this hallway out here Because that’s where You get a lot of the activity from so Keep an eye out when you have your Equipment out in this hallway just make Sure you can see it and hear it because That’s where a lot of it will happen When you’re sitting in here Okay Third floor it is third floor let’s do We have not had a lot of activity on This side for for whatever reason i mean Occasionally it is very rare And move the leg So i’m sure when he’s going over the History he’ll explain more of this with You but there were psychiatric patients Housed up here And so that’s who i’m kind of referring To when i talk about the patients They are different than the patients who Are in the basement they to me they feel Very different and the patients that are Up here tend to stay up here unless they Go to the second floor there is Interaction there They feel a little more aggressive I’ve heard you’ve been to some

Other psychiatric places it feels the Same way you’ll know what i’m talking About when you have those experiences Sometimes you’ll get like a sinking Feeling Or you’ll feel dizzy you’ll just get Wiped out energetically So And you kind of feel like something’s Breathing down your neck because that’s What i get done over here So yeah that’s what we have up here Um he’ll he’ll go into the stories with You about what happened so i’ll leave That to him i’m not feeling anything up Here right now but like i said it’ll When the lights go out They’ll come out and play They come out when the lights go out People ask me they’re like what Difference does it make and it does make A difference i feel like they’re more Comfortable with presenting themselves And so there’s just a shift in energy With this house so it’s hard to explain But yeah 100 Yeah Okay All right basement here we go Are you ready i’m ready Before before we go I guess Hey so You’re acting a little freaked out why

The basement makes me nervous um There are masculine energies masculine Shadow figures down here you’ll hear Them come through Um Your ghost boxes They just they’re just scary there’s the Shadow figures that are down here have Been seen by uh two of my teammates i Haven’t physically seen them i have felt Them well i’ll i’ll tell you more about That when we get down there I don’t know if it’s locked it might be Locked Just watch your step The floor down here is uneven It’s a maze down here oh This is just Creepy yeah you can feel it just coming Past the threshold Is there anyone down here with us There definitely is So A whole group of people have seen um A Well first elijah saw it on his own with One of our with a guest investigator That we had A Male shadow figure they could see him From about here up Doing this sort of thing because he felt Threatened

Like flexing he was flexing uh so when Elijah and this uh this other friend of Ours were down here They were standing down here And all of a sudden they got this Feeling that someone else was down here With them And at the same time they saw Right here this male shadow figure he Had short dark hair um he was wearing a Shirt and pants And it was just standing there they both Looked at each other and were like do You see that do you see that and so they They both didn’t see anything and all of A sudden it just started doing this like It just puffed his chest out like And so neither of them said anything and They came upstairs and they pulled me And another member aside and told us Each separately what they had seen so There would not be any overlay and they Had seen the exact same thing This same man has presented himself to We had a group event down here The whole entire room of people Saw a man with short dark hair a shirt And jeans walk from here They thought it was part of their group They thought he was part of their Walk through here and walked straight Into the wall And so The guy that was running this event

Called elijah at like three in the Morning elijah’s like what happened to Something on fire because i know we just All saw this man And just described him exactly how Elijah had seen him He is down here So anytime you feel that menacing Feeling there’s a lot of cat and mouse That goes on down here with the shadow Figures What do you mean you feel like there’s There’s something kind of following you Or watching you and then it disappears And it kind of lures you into the next Room and it lures you around and i’ll Take you around here And you’ll see This goes into the history of why there Were mental patients I’m not a big fan of going back in this Area because i can feel it pretty strong Even right now um but we’ll set Equipment usually in this area and we’ll See the activity What do you mean in this area like this Room right this room That room This is a room Yes well i don’t know if it’s a hallway So This is the christmas tree room And This loops around

So this was a room of some kind there’s A nine right above the door here Um you will see some shackles that are Still in the walls down here Really yes What do you think is the the darkest Part of this whole floor The darkest area I think that if you I think it’s between these two rooms i Feel like you’re going to have more luck In here Really yeah Right here in this area Anything specific That’s happened to you down here To me it’s more of the communication the Last time i was here for an event Uh we had a spirit box set up and it Kept saying my name it probably said my Name like 30 times Kept saying ally Ally over and over and over and i’ve Never had that happen anywhere i have Ever gone in my life It was so intimidating for me and it Didn’t sound like a normal voice It sounded It sounded inhuman and I don’t like that they know my name And so What do you mean inhuman um you know Sometimes they can sound kind of growly

They just don’t Have a normal cadence like a just a Normal Human Sound And to hear that with your you know say Your name over and over it’s just A horrible feeling i was worried Something was gonna follow me home that Night i have had nightmares about this Place Since then What kind of nightmares Um that i’m being held down And I can’t scream and i can’t see who’s Holding me down and they want to do Things to me it’s happened to me a Couple times And you think that that’s from the Basement area yes specifically i think It’s from what’s down here specifically The dreams i’ve had have been in the Kitchen which is just above here And what or who i should say are like The entities the people that they think Would be down here These would be um formal former mental Patients i think there’s some crossover To some other inhuman things that have Come down here And why do you think that just just from The experiences i’ve had and just the Feelings that i have and then the

Nightmares on top of that i mean My nightmares aren’t normal nightmares Um They just feel very Real they usually contain a message of Some kind We have had things happening here too Like You have to go watch out for like the Humidifier and stuff like that because That would pick up noise but i just Heard something in that room yeah me too Uh What are you feeling right now I feel very uneasy Um if there are things in the area i Start to get a feeling in my solar Plexus chakra So that’s starting to flutter so there’s Something Not a good feeling though no it’s never A good feeling down here could you Try to talk to it while we’re with you Sure because i would love to do like an Actual do you want to go in here Yes that would be great or wherever you Think i guess Would be It’s typically I know you’re down here do you want to Come out and say hello Oh So Sometimes i physically hear and see

Things and sometimes i Third eye see and hear things um so the Third eye part of me Heard a growl So anytime i hear growls that makes me Nervous because i just don’t know what I’m dealing with um I also want to state that i heard did You hear that over there like rustling Yeah from the trees almost yeah I heard that too right when we came in That’s why i pointed this is the cat and Mouse thing yeah they want you to follow Oh You’ll get battery drain A lot you’ll get equipment drained down Here yeah absolutely They’re they’re all still down here Is what i’m hearing And i just got very cold Okay we’re gonna stay right here for a Minute No that’s not the air conditioning Okay Good thing you’re not sleeping here So the plan for you They want to make you afraid like They’ve made me afraid These energies yes So when you’re down here investigating And there’s no one upstairs you’ll hear Footsteps just letting you know Sometimes there are energies that can

Tap into your deepest darkest fears and Then that’s what they kind of mentally Play with um So even after you leave here and you go Sleep somewhere that’s when your Nightmares will start Or you’ll feel like something’s off or Something’s wrong i’m sure you’ve had That before Because you have an ability yourself Someone yeah more of a feeling sense Right you’re You’re an open-minded skeptic i think Spot yeah yeah your open mind is Scheduled but you have that ability Which is why you’re open-minded exactly Eventually you won’t be a skeptic Anymore i’m skeptical towards the Hollywood [ __ ] well yes That’s the good thing that’s the good Skeptical yes yes but i have discernment Is important A lot of things i’m sure you have They’re making me feel kind of Physically ill but that’s not directed At me that’s directed at you okay now i Was gonna say i i also just felt like a Cold Did you feel that You’ll feel things pass By Like right when you said that it was Like

Kind of Yeah So you might get some kind of stomach Issues Also What why would Why would they want to do that it’s kind Of like a punishment Um I’ve noticed that the human spirits Aren’t so much into that but the inhuman Spirits are Can you make a noise for us It’s just the three of us down here Can you knock on something or knock Something over Can you try to call out to the whatever The really dark thing is tell him that i Would like to talk to it To the dominant energy that’s down here The man Colin would like to speak with you He wants to interview you He wants to know what happened to you Third eye is hearing screaming Yeah i did too Screaming too Can you touch one of us Can we go dark for just a second i want To see if that does anything Do i put night vision yeah i’m feeling Like a just Tightness in my chest

I feel something standing behind me Oh was that you just now Okay i can feel you behind me can you Make a noise in this room first please So we know that it’s you and not someone Else Weird actually Okay we can’t have you enter colin we Need you to step back That’s not allowed Oh my god You need to step back Holy [ __ ] Sorry it’s all right I’m sorry Oh jesus that felt like my throat just Kind of went You’re right do you feel it john It is it’s a tightness actually i’m like Hot now yeah And do you feel hot i’m i don’t i Feel like Freezing I feel very warm Do you have any protective anything That you wear or keep on you If you want something i can give you Something that would be great you can Just take it with you on on everywhere You go Please okay All right i need you to leave colin

Alone now please We’re just trying to get you to knock on A wall not take one of us over is there A What’s this light right here i swear to God i just would that be our reflection Because i just i swear to god Yeah something black Should dart across this we get that down Here all the time Oh my god They like scurry across Real fast and it can be so dark in here And you still can see them it’s crazy You know i’m not getting the best vibe Down here How do you feel I feel very anxious and nervous down Here I usually do when i come down here I i feel like that They more than anything would want to Play with us but what he just did to you Was their idea of playing Yeah that’s weird too This is it was not my chest it was like Your throat yeah like you’re really Choked Tight like squeeze like like a almost or Like Howard like an allergy but i would Imagine like you needing an epipen if You had like a pain feeling like you’re Being

Yes yeah i can still feel it like my Voice is kind of like It’s just swollen it’s freaky to me but Yeah i’m worried about your physical Physical well-being Have people been hurt down here They’ve had very odd experiences um with Their eyes with their ears and i think About it people have just Broke down and cried down here i’ve seen That a few times I had a spirit box session down here Where i was actually holding it In my lap and I felt like it was trying to take me Over i was shaking so bad i couldn’t Stop and Really yeah With the spirit box Just holding it and using it It just Started to use me So other than This Area what do you think is the other most If we were to sit down here for a while We’ve got this kind of spot What’s another good spot to any any i Mean you could sit in here if you can Find a space we can actually walk back Through here if you want To chase i can just turn the there we go So then we should go lights out and ask Some more questions

Okay you know i feel almost something Like behind me too right right right you Know kind of like on you right and i Really Do not Uh feel that very often Almost never actually i don’t really i Feel like it’s tagging freaked Yeah the longer you do this the more you Just kind of build up You know it just becomes kind of normal But It’s not normal when you’re still Feeling like there’s something standing Right behind you and you can feel Something just on your neck i’m gonna do Lights out again yeah let me ask you too Before we do this little session what do You think was your freakiest Like most powerful Experience as a psychic just as a whole Oh my gosh i’ve never been asked that Like what’s something that kind of like Scared you i’ve always interested in That aspect of it well At the sake of sounding crazy um just Because of the type of work that i do i Have um Been possessed by other spirits and had To have them removed And i think at one time i used to laugh At that with people because you kind of See that on tv you know and it looks Ridiculous but

Until it actually happens to you just Because i’m a psychic medium sometimes i Take these things on um voluntarily and They just They stay with you and that’s their Whole goal is to stay with you so i’ve Gone For months before i would go to bed at Night and i would have the same Nightmare Every night and it was like a gray Everything was gray And There would be terrifying and Sometimes i’d get choked in my sleep by Something Um I get choked in my sleep by something I’ve been pushed out of my bed and onto The floor and almost hit my head on the Nightstand Woken up and seeing these beings With red eyes staring at me Um Didn’t sleep for months and just i could Feel literally feel something Inside of my chest and it would swirl Around And it i couldn’t I couldn’t get rid of it like i i tried Going to different people to try and Have it removed like sometimes you can Go to energy healers and things like That and they can remove those things

Nothing was working and i reached out to The catholic church and they basically Made me feel like i was the most Horrible person on the planet And said you know that there was Something wrong with me and i shouldn’t Be doing any of this and i was evil and Just just a bunch of things so i had a Very I had an experience with divine Intervention and that’s what removed The first time What i had going on but i think the Scariest part about it was Waking up in the middle of the night and All that and feeling and seeing these Things is that it felt familiar Like i had known these things before or I had experienced something like this in Another lifetime like i knew it and i Thought i don’t want to return back to That ever whatever that was whatever Time period whatever plane that was And that’s been my most Profound Experience that sounds crazy it was very Scary Saying the least It was very scary for a long time i Didn’t talk about it after it happened i Had gotten out of the paranormal Completely for a couple years It was that strong yes Where do you think that came from

I was working with a team prior to apex And i was in my apartment And i was waiting for a call from our Team leader to do a remote view yeah There’s something in there watching us No No i was literally about to say I felt while you were telling that story This creeping cold Come up my back and up to my shoulders Like not like a wind Like uh almost like it’s just like Right you know and it’s still on my Shoulders right now Because they’re energy i mean that’s how You feel it on your body like with me Having that Possession you feel something swirling Around inside of you like it’s another Being like it’s something from an alien Movie it’s hard to explain but when they Touch you and you feel that energy That’s what that is they’re made up of Energy that’s why you get your hair Standing up on end and you feel warm one Minute cold the next minute But it’s in here listening to my story So better not Use it against me later But anyway um I was waiting for a call from my team Lee to do a remote view for a location They were doing in iowa For

A home that used to be mortuary And Something inside of me told me not to Take that call And i did it anyway And the minute i got on the phone i felt That thing come through my phone And then it was in my apartment for six Months So you can get spirits and entities come Through electronic devices That does happen that’s how they can Dirt energy that’s how they can travel It’s like what’s the easiest way to Travel to something You know i’ve always wondered this Do you think that Somebody Like a person watching online That an energy could come To them through the medium of film i Believe so i think it can come through Any any number of mediums Because it’s energy because i’ve had People say while they’re watching my Videos They’ve had like stuff fly off their Walls and it’s always interesting yeah And sometimes i think when people watch These things Um or they watch a lot of them it’s Creating it’s manifesting That energy Into where they are they are manifesting

It by watching it that’s what they’re Focusing their attention on therefore They’re bringing it to them So the best cure for that and like any Time you watch a horror movie or Something and you just feel yucky and Your place feels yucky Put on an 80s movie put on something Funny light-hearted a comedy put on like Happy upbeat music and that will shift That energy immediately So it’s just a matter of what you’re Focusing on is what you draw to you With anything I’m once again feeling i’m sorry to keep Getting around no i’m feeling hot now Are you feeling hot i feel warm right Here i’m sweaty but i’m freezing Yeah i’m sweating but i’m freezing Yeah Okay so i’m interested okay i have a Feeling of something in there yes what Are you what are you feeling in there That is that masculine inhuman energy That was trying to choke you earlier I feel like it’s It’s like almost uh I don’t know what that light is flashing In there Do you see it yeah I’m sure that i saw that I’ve been standing here this whole time And i have not seen lights flashing in There

Right in front of me Over here I do not know what that is Um Yeah this and this is just like Very dark Room You know i guess the energy is dark and It’s hanging out in here i guess let’s Have you try to If you can just give me any sort of Insight on What what do you want to know i don’t Know Why how it feels What it looks like Any sort of Info or the feeling that even you’re Getting from this Cue the cricket It’s gonna keep attacking you physically Yeah that’s Um that’s your ears that’s your weakness That’s a weakness It goes after your weaknesses so it i i Feel like It presents as human but it is not human It doesn’t look human It’s super angry If i feel like it’s choosing to be here I think it kind of waits for these Moments Um he’s gonna wait for you to be alone Down here so you’re gonna have to be

Especially careful Is it um Angry that we’re here yes It’s perpetually angry But even More so yes Um unlike sophia veil upstairs The spirits down here don’t like males If you’re a female it might hit on you It’s hit on me before i was wearing um An off-the-shoulder Shirt one time and it kept it kept Coming through with shoulder and things Like that and So Well it might confuse me with my long Hair Or not if you think about the time Period in which you know veil is right Yeah Do you feel a scratch it’s just a Scratchiness in the chest and a headache Right here okay so the thing with the Headaches that is super common in this House i’m shocked i don’t have one yet As a as a team we usually take Headache medicine when we come here The reason for that is because the way The energy travels It’s it will come down through your head I’m sorry that’s all right It’ll come down through the top of your Head in such force like there’s so much Of it i should say

It will give you a headache Way until tomorrow like way through till Tomorrow it’s like a third eye thing in Uh crown chakra thing It’s right Yes right here yes even my sinus just on This side though or sometimes they’re Just letting you know how they died The thing that’s choking you that’s that Inhuman thing that’s here and that is Really i’ve not been coughing All day I i can see it just it’s targeting your Weakness which is your health you have a Strong spirit Are you gonna native american thing with You I’m not sure what that is almost like a Shaman type of thing with you Spiritually so maybe a past life thing But Um what do you mean Like native american how If you were to practice anything a Spiritual practice Native american types of Work or medicine would Fit very well with you i think you’d be Very good at it And it could be because you had a past Life As a shaman Maybe that’s why these things want to

Attack me sometimes yes So I’ll give you something today To help you um but when you’re out on Location if you start to feel attacked Like this or even when you’re here go Outside and hug a tree that is the Fastest way to draw down and ground your Energy Smart yeah it’s fast and yeah i think It’ll work well for you Well speaking of Energies can i have you try to Talk to this thing one more time let’s Go let’s try going back through here I’m gonna sit down I’ll sit yeah So it might be easier if you try and ask Me something directly like you’re Talking to it and then i’ll just relay What i hear back Um Whoever’s in here If you are Trying to choke me Why Do you want to hurt me So i heard a laughter And then i heard it wants to just he Wants to destroy you For what reason any Any reason why you want to Destroy me

He doesn’t understand that question Because That’s just what they do Is they destroy people It’s not really a reason-based thing It’s um It’s their natural How they are naturally So you are an angry spirit Where where are you Right now Where are you in this basement He says he’s everywhere You know i have a headache now on This side of my head right it’s like Completely shifted over to my right side Are you giving me a headache He’s laughing again I really do feel A chill almost Like it’s here now yes i really feel Like that Could you If you’re here and you’re big and scary I’m personally not afraid of whoever Whatever you want Why don’t you do something to try to Scare me like slam a door So he’s saying he’ll get you later Is that a promise He just went quiet Gosh i just feel Super anxious just thinking that Something is actually

Saying that wants to attack my son And just like all of a sudden i have a Headache too and i usually never get a Headache He’s very strong spiritually Calm you are So If this thing really starts to come at You hard you just yell at it until you Get the f away Oh well well that’s man Are you gonna attack my mom too What do you think about her Um He showed me attacking her off-site so That’s problematic You Normally the things here don’t leave This house so that could just be um A threat I see that it’s just a threat I feel weird It’s such a beautiful house too i know It’s really there’s this kind of Maze of Just looks darkness yeah well when you Hear the history uh you’ll be It’ll make more sense but i do feel the Most energy out of the whole home here Yes for sure yes basements are always Like i know it’s always a basement For somebody’s i’m like really chills Right now I feel

Do you feel that oh my i wonder if this Would even show it All my hair Was suddenly on end It just like i just felt a wave of Just yeah it’s like i’m hot then i’m Cold All up and down Can you do something for us Are you just gonna hide in the shadows Why she’s walking this room if you can Hear my voice obviously you can Uh So We’re getting joined by more These are human though You know what’s really freaky about you Just saying that I blinked my eyes And i just saw like I saw um Four yeah one two three four i blinked And there’s like a shadow just standing Here yeah oh my god yeah that’s yeah That’s exactly what i feel That was Very strange that you said that right When i It’s like all black all i see is a black Shadow So they just came in like right at the Same time you saw that Are you guys more friendly Friendly is another word i would use

Not as dangerous They’re kind of observing us They don’t know who we are why we’re Down here They’re confused We don’t mean you any harm And we’re not going to be here very long They’re mad because we stirred up the Other one And what is this other one i guess one Final time what do you feel this humane Entity is I mean what i get from him is that He’s non-human he’s very very old Spiritually old if you know what i mean Um Presents his human even though he’s not Human I’m not really sure what he’s doing here Like if he was Oh So From The grief and sadness that happened down Here You know how that can manifest in energy Like a pk manifestation that’s what he Is But he’s he isn’t he isn’t it’s like his Energy was manifested but he is Something that is like a Dark Tangible Old spirit

He doesn’t like us no well he doesn’t Like anybody he doesn’t like anyone me Specifically the other two of us right You were You’re an easy target for him And why Because he can physically harm you Sure Spiritually though he’s going to have a Much harder time but physically I do get that Kind of like you look around Wasn’t that cricket over there It’s been everywhere Yeah maybe that’s his way of community Camp If someone wants to speak to us can you Make the cricket shirt It’s like nope they don’t want to speak To them Well I guess if it’s Almost 10 well it’s 8 55. we got to get The i guess um What are your final thoughts Advice for tonight just be careful Whenever i investigate it’s like you Want to have like your shields up so Things can’t get to you I mean who knows how they’re going to Decide to communicate with you they Could just keep it physically attacking You honestly If it gets to be too much if your head

Starts hurting too much go outside and Hug that tree to get that energy out of You before you come back downstairs You’ll have luck down here with any Number of devices we’ve used music boxes Rem pods ghost boxes cat toys just Really anything they’ve all gone off Down here is there any Is there anything you wouldn’t do I’m not a fan of the ouija board but i Know a lot of people are just because You’re using your own physical body to Communicate you are like the Communication vessel for those So they’re to me or a little more Controversial but If that’s right the method you use then You know go for it but Just just be careful Make sure when you leave here that you State that nothing is to follow you home The regular stuff that i’m sure you Usually do all right okay well good luck Good luck indeed You’re going to need it So This is for you all right um this is Black tourmaline This will protect you and ground you um With any of the locations that you Decide to go on And that’s the Quality of this specific Uh what would it be crystal crystal

Crystal yeah crystal sure Protection protection Yeah i talked about this it’s Interesting We just kind of recreated that for you Guys but Off camera we were talking and i don’t Know i can’t remember what location it Was at but Someone online might remember i had that Necklace with this on and it fell off my Neck it was a bound necklace it was tied And it fell off my neck what did you Have to say about that So that means something if you have any Kind of spiritual jewelry or anything Like that that won’t stay on you um it Can mean that there is An attachment that you may have that Doesn’t want you to have that protection With you um so that’s to the point where I tell people to probably go get a Cleansing of some kind to kind of remove That energy and then get that necklace Or whatever replaced And i was also telling her that i Haven’t had a cleansing in years Which is probably Something that would be recommended you Should do that after each location you Go to We’ve done what 100 places but that’s What we were talking about because we Even did the sally house and

Didn’t get a cleansing or any protection But we’re going to but we’re going to No sally house is particularly dangerous It’s like the basement intensified um so You should really Do that well we’re going to do the History now and thank you again for Coming out it was a pleasure Are you left to your right Thank you guys cool Welcome to the veil mansion colonel vale Was born in vermont And as a young kid the family moved Across the state line to orange county New york And they were kind of well-off farmers So he got an education became a Schoolteacher and a newspaper man And he was an abolitionist Therefore he was a republican and a Strong supporter of abraham lincoln And he wrote abolitionist articles in The paper well that didn’t make some People happy so he had to leave there And while he was teaching in kentucky he Got his law degree and became an Attorney and being in the politics he Made frequent trips to washington Uh he came to kansas city and went into A partnership over in the city with Another attorney And one of his trips to washington he Found that a senator had contracted with

The federal government to deliver mail All over the west because the postal System ended at the mississippi river And that’s how he made his money so he Uh Started his mail business and he Delivered mail his company did to oregon And california and down in texas into Santa fe and up in the dakotas so he had An organization that delivered mail all Over well once you make money but she Did in that he could invest in cattle he Had cattle ranches in texas in different Places He Married his childhood fiance And they went to Europe and in normandy they saw a Chateau they really liked and that was The inspiration for this house this is French second empire one of the styles Popular during the victorian era And is considered one of the best Examples of victorian architecture in The united states So he in 1871 he hired acv mills to draw Out the plans And then in 1881 they moved in they Baked the bricks right here on the Property the walls are two feet thick And there’s three floors besides the Basement and the attic It cost him 150 thousand dollars to Build it which is almost four million in

Today’s money there’s approximately a Hundred fifteen hundred twenty windows In the house They’re all original Uh the shutters on them are original They’re made of cypress which is Resistant to Insects and rock it was a nursing home For 71 years and during that time they Took the shutters down and put them in The attic they didn’t throw them away so They said he was able to put him back up When they restored the house also they Papered the walls well when they took The wallpaper down they found these are The original colors of the house this is The green room which is his favorite Color over there is the pink room which Is her favorite color and that’s the Ladies parlor and this is a gentleman’s Parlor after ate their dinner the men Could come in here and shut these pocket Doors which weigh several hundred pounds And smoke and talk politics which they Didn’t do in front of the ladies and the Ladies would go over to the pink parlor And carry on their conversations This chandelier here and the one in the Ladies parlor and the one in the music Room are original with the house They were gasoline electricity didn’t Come here until 1925 And so he had a natural gas well on the Property with which he lit all the

Lights in the house and along the Walkways in his garden And the furnishings are not original the Main source of heat was the fireplaces There’s nine fireplaces in the house They’re all original they’re coal Fireplaces not wood fireplaces and a Coal fireplace would have a bigger box And wouldn’t have that metal plate in Front the furnishings are not original Because when he died he left everything To the women’s college And they sold off everything they could Get their hands on So it’s all time period friendship Though from the 1800s these two mares Here And the one in the hall and the one Above the fireplace and the ladies are Made by a process called diamond dust Back diamond dust doesn’t mean it’s made Of diamond dust it’s actually silver Don’t spread evenly so they mixed it With mercury to make it spread and That’s toxic they don’t do that anymore But you can see after all this time They’re still clear they came up they Were made in france the late 1700s and Came up the mississippi missouri river To a mansion in lexington missouri the Picture over here on the wall is called A reverse painting it’s painted on glass And then you reverse it by turning it Over to view it and that is uh was

Popular during the byzantine era and in The middle ages uh The writ church and the rich people Could afford it but of course the Ordinary person couldn’t because the Glass was very expensive back then Painting here above the fireplace is a Picture by william holbrook baird William holbrook baird Was known for painting animals acting Like people And this is supposed to have something To do with walmart wall street Wall street and It’s actually um inspired a song that i Used to teach my kindergartners called If you go down the woods today you Better not go alone i won’t sing it to You but anyway they loved it The next room over here is the music Room Now this was a music room because there Was a piano in here that was listed on The things that are auctioned off we Have here a chickering piano It was made in 1879 It’s a grand square piano they don’t Make square grand pianos anymore because They’re not a very good design As you know on a regular grand piano the Wires run away from you and then you Head Where on this they run sideways Even crossways

Which they don’t do anymore Uh as we go through the house you’ll see These mannequins with these dresses Those are actually wedding dresses from The 1800s they didn’t start wearing White wedding dresses so queen victoria Was married in white And whatever the queen did everybody Else had to do this is the music box From the 18 1880s It’s um Works like the little jewelry boxes that Have the metal prongs on it you can Change the discs the cds The disc and play different tunes Wow That’s a good full cycle [Applause] Wow that is really cool they don’t know Who this girl is Uh she’s um Uh it’s a painting back then they didn’t Wasn’t any roads and it was hard to get Around so the artists would paint Backgrounds and bodies And then uh in the winter weather got Good they could go out and People could choose the background and

Body they’d paint their face in And you can see from the necklace up It’s a slightly different shade Early photo shopping all the woodwork in The house is white pine White pine doesn’t grow here It had to be imported from the south so It was more expensive it’s soft easy to Carve and there’s no knot holes But in that time period what they call Faux bois everything had a french name Back then Fake wood it means and so they painted The wood to look like the different Kinds of wood So this room is painted to look like Walnut so this side of the door Is painted to look like walnut the other Side is maple This is the dining room the uh Artist he brought over from germany and Italy painted the ceilings All these pictures on the ceilings but a Lot of the rooms the paintings have been Lost a few of them we still have this Room we still have the painting Over here you see a greenhouse because He had a greenhouse on the property so He could have fresh fresh flowers and Vegetables year round And over here you have a picture of a Lake with a boathouse and a gazebo Because he had a man-made lake over There with which he had a boathouse and

A gazebo a place for picnicking on an Island in the middle you’re also going To see grape leaves on the ceilings and On the fireplaces because one of his Hobbies was making wine he had a 47 acre Vineyard over behind where the truman Library is now he had a wine cellar that Would hold 30 000 gallon wine When he died there was 10 000 in it And The college bottled up and sold it off Of course All right this is the room back here Okay this room Was not really a room in the time of the Veils The nursing home built in the floor here So they could have a lounge for their Employees and they built that up there So they could have storage up above But the time of the veil there was a Water tower stood here Couldn’t have an ugly water tower next To the house no so he built the house Around it so you couldn’t see it well he Had a wind spring A windmill to pump the water from the Spring up to the tank which was up the Level of the third floor and by doing That they had flush toilets hot and cold Running water Copper bathtubs on the second floor in Not many people had a indoor plumbing in 1881. i always have to say i didn’t live

With it until i went to college Wow do you ever hear of matthew brady Matthew brady was a famous photographer During the civil war he’s known for his Civil war scenes he’s also known for his Photos of abraham lincoln uh he took a Picture of mrs bale About the time they got married this Picture was painted for that and over There years later somebody sent us a Family reunion picture that mr vale went To And uh from that they painted this other Picture he was much older there but then That though at that time though She looks very sad in that picture Over here is a picture of terry marie Carroll Karen marie carroll was the first woman To graduate in the university of Missouri the first female attorney in The state of missouri when he died he Left everything to the women’s college Except to give each nephew in these five Bucks Well he paid for their education and Built them home but that wasn’t they Weren’t satisfied with that so they Hired her to break the will took her ten Years then they didn’t have the money to Pay her so guess what happened They give her the house for a dollar So she turned it into a sanitarium for Wealthy people that had alcohol problems

And over the years it descended down Into just a Crowded nursing home in 1981 the state Of missouri decided they needed to pass Laws regulating the nursing homes and of Course that’s when they got close Because they couldn’t meet the standards Because this is white cadet marble from Italy this fireplace is And that shield in front of it is to Keep the heat from being so hard on you Uh women’s makeup was made of beeswax And it would melt So mind your own beeswax and this corner Is a statue made of alabaster and that’s Called a lady in bathing suit it’s from The world’s fair in 1904 in st louis and This they said that when she had company She would throw a blanket over it Because she thought it was risque People used to Save their hair And make things out of it have artists Make jewelry and stuff out of it and so That wreath there is made out of human Hair Taken away say on the back side where Each hair person’s hair is attached is Their name i’m assuming all those people Have passed on yeah at this point I would think so Okay this is the ladies parlor uh this Over here is we have a couple gaming Tables they open up

And spread out and they can play card Games This is a teta tete which is french from Face to face or head to head And uh we call the courting bench in English Young man and a young woman could not Sit on the same piece of furniture But he could sit here and she could sit There and they got something between Them And the family would be sitting around Keeping an eye on them And they had what they called a cording Candle when the candle went out he had To go home So the father liked him he got a taller Candle if he didn’t he got a shorter one All right All right you’ve already been to the Third floor The third floor as you know was never Finished Uh 18 months after they moved in here She died And he stopped all work on the house he Was going to have a ballroom on one side In the very room on the other side but It never happened because she died and Of course during the nursing home years They locked up the middle yellow on that Side this side they had to severely Handicapped And once they were up there they’re up

There until they died i didn’t try to Get them up and down stairs This is the master bedroom This is the story you were asking about If you look at the ceiling The artist painted this woman naked from The waist up Well a reporter came over from the Kansas city post He went back and put in the paper that Was a picture of mrs vale Naked from the waist up well that was a Scandal so he brought an artist over From italy i guess we didn’t have Artists in this country i don’t know and Had him cover her up paid him fifteen Hundred dollars and and free room and Board and all the wine he could drink Guess how long it took him to cover her Up 15 months Anyway so they had another scandal the Senator whom he had subcontracted from Uh was charged with embezzlement so they Charged everybody that had a route with Embezzlement and so he had to go to dc And stand trial it cost him a hundred Thousand dollars to defend himself and Back then that was a lot of money And while he was gone uh she thinks she Had cancer in the stomach she was taking Loudon And she overdosed and died Sneaky suspicion it was Because he came home he tore up all her

Letters and everything so nobody knows For sure But anyway he went back and was Exonerated and came back and he lived Another nine years Never remarried we have a hair Receptacle they can save the hair for When the artists come around And Maybe jewelry and stuff The next room we’re going into he calls It nature’s bower on the ceiling you’ll See there’s the constellation Orion and a big dipper and the stars on The ceiling and a green carpet but There’s something else special about That room The greeks put gargoyles on their Building but the victorian air they Painted grotesque into their boba that Big wood and so there’s all kinds of Animal and people faces all over the Wood You can see on the door here Oh wow that’s interesting you get your Light real close you can see up here a Guy with a long nose Those faces there and there there’s a Head down here there’s a face face is in The wood And up over here there’s i don’t think You’ve seen enough there’s the dog See the dog up there Oh yeah

There’s a dog and there’s a horse There’s hundreds of faces of animals and People all over something you just never Noticed Yeah there’s all over the woodwork so She died in this room uh-huh so did he He did too They both died And master bedroom So how did he eventually die old age Heart attack or something i don’t Remember really there’s something like The stroke maybe i think Over here We have a board found in the attic Yeah evidently some craving somebody Didn’t know how to spell independence hm Bail in the pm that’s missouri the Observed state railroad Wow That is an old piece of wood And this is the room where they operated On people in the nursing home years it Was the sewing room for mrs vale and There’s material here which they covered The floor with so they could clean the Blood up easier and they did lobotomies In here so can i have you explain kind Of when you say nursing home i know a Lot of people online are going to think Of like a modern nursing home where People are just sitting around really Well they probably was sitting around But this is like lobotomies oh they did

The lobbyists and surgery in this room Yeah so this it was more of like a Mental Home i guess whatever the people needed So i guess Just but they were packed like this next Room had three Had two walls and they had three Bedrooms in there they were really Packed in how many patients were coming Through here i don’t know Never heard anybody say when the Missouri passed the laws regulating in 1981 they couldn’t meet the standard That was the end of it wow and so they Did the lobotomies and that’s what they Tell us that is hard to believe well They did a lot of cool mean things back In the day with People Little patients and things i’m glad i Didn’t Live in those days well some things About those days that were good though Even my own lifetime i can see some Things were better when i was a kid Everybody knew everybody from miles Around everybody was took care of Everybody you know and we didn’t have tv And so everybody sit around and talk to The evening when it cooled off because The air no air conditioning you know it Was nice and that way if there was an Activity in school at church the whole

Community was out you know anyway those Are the good things about it but i can See my great aunt she said you can have The good old race she didn’t like to Going creek to wash her clothes Anyway so so this was just general Operating yeah That’s what i understand but i’ve been Told And that that material like that was Actually installed yeah they covered the Floor with it so they’d be easier to Clean up the blood I’m sure they didn’t have the sanitation Idea like they do now yeah that’s a Gruesome fun yeah And the next room of course was the Headquarters for the head servant and She was a relative so and so the third Floor was really what one and a little More detail up on the third floor on the South side of the hall that was where They had they divided and made some Smaller rooms to lock up patients that Were problems and the other side was Severely handicapped they said like Didn’t take them up and down the stairs They were up there they were up there Where were these were these people Buried in just cemeteries around here Yeah the family people had took care of The burial mm-hmm there’s an old legend That mr bale had had sophia buried out Here in the yard with a glass top so he

Could see her that’s below me She’s there buried over woodlawn Cemetery on the road and i’m much virgin Though I would i don’t know if i’d want to see My rotting i don’t really know much About the basement the basement is a Full basement the whole house has the Basement under it and it’s divided the Room because we got these big thick Walls to hold up the house so it’s all Divided into room down there and their Head i understand a couple rooms where a Servant could stay at they didn’t want To go home but that’s when the main Kitchen was cause they ripped that all Out and uh it was cold then was down There and i don’t know much about it Except the people who told me there’s a Guy named harvey down there did she say Something about that no no there’s Supposed to be a guy named harvey down There they tell me that laments over the Fact that they didn’t do for his son What they said they would do or so i Don’t know that’s the story i’ve heard But i don’t know if there’s any truth to It or not Yeah when he’s supposed to be like an Angry person yeah he’s up unhappy they Say anyway that’s what i’ve heard i Don’t know i’ve never seen or heard Anything but like i say so you’ve never Had an experience here only what i see

On this equipment that people bring in And what’s your personal opinion on all Of it do you think that it is haunted That’s possible because i don’t believe The body the spirit dies when the body Dies i think the spirit is long so why They would hang around i don’t know but I’m not over there so i don’t know i Know i know a number of people had death Experiences and some of them went Solvabilities and you know different Things and one of them said he knew he Was going someplace he didn’t want to go Most of them had a good experience but He didn’t So I know that there’s more to this than The foot we can sense with our five Senses there’s the other a spirit world There’s no doubt about it in my mind if My wife died she sat up and looked Across the room and said oh and she Passed somebody came after i think So any final words before we end the Interview just about the mansion in General Any thoughts It’s a pretty neat house i guess And it’s a lot of fun working here Volunteering and Meet a lot of interesting people But yeah There’s a lot of people come in here They’ll come into the door oh i feel a

Spirit i feel a heaviness i feel not Okay That’s not my experience because i Like i said they never Maybe they don’t like me Although i’d lived out in idaho i lived In houses sometimes it gave me the at Night i wake up and i felt an awful evil Presence now maybe it’s just my head you Know but i’d pray i says in the name of Jesus christ i command you to go to Antarctica and stay for eternity But anyway that’s that’s what i did There but that’s the only place that Happened but i did have an angel speak To me when i was a little kid i was used To we lived in a l-shaped house that had Been a railroad hotel originally and you Could go every room you could go outside Without going to another room my aunts Lived in one in them we lived in the Other end the foot of it at daytime moms Said go get a buck of water i’d go up And get a bucket of water but at night She would go do it herself my siblings Were so much older than i where they Were gone and my dad wasn’t always Around most time he wouldn’t and so i Would always be scared to death i’d back Up against the wall where i could see All six windows in both doors and i’d Freeze like this Until she came back and so i was doing This one time up near the light fixture

Over the table i heard a voice it was a Soft voice but it was distinct it said Art thou there art fell there fear not Fear not and from the top of my head There’s this warm warmth and peace and Love as best if i can describe it came Down and worked my way through my body Relaxing my muscles as it went and so When mom came in i said what does arthel There mean she says are you here i Suppose fear or not says don’t be scared And i told her an angel spoke to me you Know and i never was afraid in that Situation again i know there’s a world Beyond the physical and there’s more Than one place well maybe we’ll find Some evidence that here yeah And you like he said you never Introduced yourself at the beginning of The video or didn’t i no i’m crazy Charlie I’m charles beck born right here in Independence grew up in eastern jackson County Here you are at the vale mansion Okay everybody so We’re here outside of the vail mansion We finished our interviews we’re about To start investigating You can see it’s windy because it’s a Rain storm rolling in a thunderstorm Very creepy night at this haunted Mansion but i really do want to point Out it does seem like here they’re

Trying to downplay a little bit some of The more oh there’s huge lightning Some of the more tragic or sad things oh That’s sick i mean to me part of the Allure of the vail mansion is this this Tragic Story of the veils themselves mr vale Was suspected of committing all these Crimes and that really ruined the veil Name Here in independence And He really didn’t point it out as as as Much as i would have liked him to but Mrs vale she actually was diagnosed with That cancer when she when mr bill was Out of town At his own trial and that’s when she Overdosed people don’t know if it was Her take in her own life or an accident The suspicion is that she took her own Life from the guilt the shame Her ghost is supposed to be up near her Bedroom wanders throughout the gardens And on the property and Not only that but for decades this place Was a sanitarium a place where mentally Ill people came to receive treatment What the hell has been done Right now But There were a lot of people here that you Know were Violently ill a lot of undiagnosed

Mental conditions and people didn’t Really understand mental illness back Then so these patients were treated Barbarically three patients actually Died from lobotomies here while they Were getting lobotomies up in that room And see they don’t want to really talk About that oftentimes on these tours Because it’s more about the architecture The little ornate things which i love But i mean three people dying from Lobotomies should be pointed out you Know and in the basement that’s where They kept some of the more violent Patients here and they shackled them to The walls that’s why we need to go down There and find those shackles because I really feel like that energy has left A dark Dark stain Throughout the whole property really but The basement there’s just something down There that Look at this the rain just picked up too But this place does give a very haunted Vibe shout out to everybody watching Online i hope you’re enjoying these Videos sorry it’s raining and everything If you want to see more bonus content Join the patreon the link is in the Description of the video it’s in the Comment section we’re posting stuff on There all the time you guys can sign up Talk to me way easier than it is on

Social media share ideas for locations We’ve actually taken people’s uh Suggestions before on this trip actually We did one make sure to follow us on Instagram the merch is gonna be changing Soon but either way that’s all just Youtube stuff let’s get back to the the Spookiness of the veil mansion in a Thunderstorm I’m ready what do you think about all That oh my gosh It’s a lot to handle It’s it’s definitely creepy and the walk Through with the psychic kind of got to Me when somebody is saying they want to Hurt you that’s hard for a mom to hear So I think it’s gonna be a little bit Creepy yeah off camera you actually Started crying i know i did Something the psychic was so nice And just hearing that this evil thing Wants to hurt my son and then it Actually wants to follow me home and Hurt me was not good but it’s you that Really gets me so we’re in this together We are we can do it mother and son you Bet I love you i love you And oh god it’s spooky you guys got to Know i’ve said this a million times i’m Trying to get this light on us because It’s terrible lighting it is terrible my Mom is the one who inspired me to be

Spooky so yes It’s an honor to have around here doing This with me oh it’s fun This is like our type of night a rainy Haunted mansion if only we had some Coffee it would be really us And it’s cold out yeah and it’s it’s the Middle of summer look like the cowardly Lion almost Okay i was just getting b-roll but Is that not the Creepiest way to start this ghost it’s So cool but it’s so frightening i wish All these lights would just flicker You know I mean i feel like i’ve been in the Haunted mansion For real this is the haunted mansion Okay everybody so you don’t really come Across opportunities like this very Often mary if you show the window behind Us these are Old victorian shutters So uh Damn that is like it literally looks Like the haunted mansion doesn’t it it Really does like the lightning through Shutters that’s like a typical haunted Mansion thing so we’re actually right Now in sofia’s bedroom in the vale Mansion this is where sophia vale Tragically uh overdosed and died

Assuming in bed and she you know Took her own life or died on valentine’s Day You know i’m a horror movie nerd and the Goth kid a goth nerd so to be in this Old victorian mansion during a Thunderstorm with loud thunder and Lightning in the room where this Ghost supposedly died the person who the Ghost is is a dream come true same for My mom jeff not so much really he’s not As goth I guess not Well i mean you know mom and i are just Nerds sure We are Going to start tonight out we’ve got These fake candles obviously can’t have Real flames but we’re doing Somewhat of a victorian Era seance actually i want to grab the Um Does someone have the voice recorder Over there We’re not going to review this live Because we don’t have an extreme amount Of time here at the veil mansion we’re Going to start up here do this little Seance move on to The other parts of this floor up to the Third floor and then i’m going to go Spend some time alone in the basement to End the night because the psychic said That whatever was down there

Wanted to come at me so i’m going to go Face to face with it whatever it is at The thunder strike let me Hit this I’m reaching out To mrs vale If you’re here We invite you to come in to this circle Use our energy And come speak with us tonight We want to hear your voice That’s good if that’s you Can you leave the circle Thank You mrs vale if that was you Can you Speak to us Why did you take your own life Whoever’s here If you could just try to interact with Us with any of this equipment the lights You can touch these you can make this go Off you can say something into this box Right there It doesn’t have to be mrs veil it can be Anybody any spirit that’s here Would you please do that for us Upstairs Upstairs Oh my god if this isn’t the eerie scene In the history of the show Mary okay you start asking a couple Questions i’m gonna film you for like a

Minute because it’s lightning here Is there anything That we can do for you We are only here to help And we’d like to communicate with you Can you please make some sort of noise Or try to communicate Can you make more of those lights go off Please Please Mrs vale [Applause] Can you tell us Why Did you take your own life Did you feel Like that was your only choice Is there somebody with us from another Realm Can you knock on something Like this Were you a patient Here Did they not treat you well Did you die from a lobotomy What was that noise just now Did you hear that it was like hmm Right when this thing went off Was that you using your voice to Communicate with us So Were you a patient here at the Sanitarium the sanatorium Sophia vale if that’s you can you answer

One question for me Is there something Evil Bad In the basement Of your home Is there something dark In this home Should we be afraid of anybody that’s in This home Sophia are you still in this home Sophia i’m going to ask you one more Time Are you with us Can you show us more than that Please Alright Can you open that door Mary and jeff ran downstairs to grab Some stuff that we needed and uh I just ran down and i forgot something Else So i’m just sitting up here alone and Let me tell you guys It is creepy in here man This is very spooky atmosphere pouring Rain thunderstorms lightning It’s like a real gothic Wow Okay guys if you’ve seen the movie the Conjuring or studied old paranormal

Research You’ll recognize a directional mic a Highly sensitive microphone now this is Kind of our own way of doing this Experiment we’ve never really done this Before but we’re just going to silently Walk our room to room on this floor and Up to the attic everyone is going to Keep quiet we’re going to hold some Meters with us and i’m going to listen On these headphones and record a video Clip so if i hear anything live i’ll Tell you guys and then it’ll be recorded On here using this highly sensitive Microphone So if you hear anything pointed out Though okay You’re allergic yep Okay so i’m gonna roll on this There you go you can hear me really loud And cleo If there’s anybody here in the house Anybody hear your voice So Is that the robot I thought i heard that it was going off When you were downstairs Thank you for coming out Can you speak into this object that i’m Holding I almost feel like whispering If i’m hearing you whisper

Can you speak a little louder Sophia if that’s you Tell me something Sophia did you take did you take these Drugs I think i just heard a yes Like that really Where are you in the house Mr vale are you here Mr vale what do you have to say you can Speak to us Is that thunder Are you at peace in your home Is How about in here Are there any patients here From the sanitarium I’m almost here breathing Think it’s time we went upstairs let’s Do it Oh this is gonna be a weird vibe Okay we’re coming up Can you speak to me are you a patient From the sanitarium You should kill that light going for it Were you sent here by your family What was your name What’s in this room I don’t even know What was that Look at this this is the old asylum Really handicapped or

People that misbehaved And they remember they never brought Them back down Did you die up here Were you the bottomized It almost just sounded like something Tapped on the microphone Like You can see i’m not Touching it or moving Are you still behind this gate I can fit it through Oh did you do that was that three dogs Yes Okay Who someone did that I did not do that are you serious I’m on camera no Oh my god where did that come from That was not you No that He would have picked it up on the mic I can fit it through Oh did you do that Was that three dogs yes I can fit it through Oh did you do that Was that three dogs yes fit it through Oh did you do that Was that three dogs yes What did you do

Yeah i put my microphone into this room Because it’s locked If you were trapped in here at one point Can you tell me your name Heard it I heard like Like alan Oh this is a really creepiest thing in Here I’m sorry about what happened to you Can you say yes if your name was alan It’s cold right here Mary i’m getting that same headache That i had before Why did they put you up here This is your last chance Is there something i can do to help Oh my god What’s in there If somebody’s up here If you’re a patient Can you make a loud sound or use your Voice To let us know that you’re up here Alan can you knock on something Did they keep you up here And you wanted to leave Did they hold you Here forcibly We’re friends and we just want to help You

Okay we’re going to be leaving this Floor permanently we won’t ever be back Here So now is your time to say something to Us We can do for you can we pray for you Can we Say your name out loud what would you Like I just saw an orb with my eyes Did you see that Were you an orb that just flew by can You do it can you do it again fly by I feel like someone’s blowing on my neck Right now It literally just felt like someone was Like Really like Here jeff i’m gonna hand this to you Or do you wanna do it that’s Okay gotta watch Explain Explain the drone Jacket of course Jack Of course Above jacking course above The street jackets in sanatorium yeah Mental patience up there That’s where we just came from too Is it cold where you are now Can you make a noise to let us know Where you are

Mr and mrs vale Are you here Did you Put your meter David Was that your name david Oh yeah we should do it Should we go back in there yeah let’s do Anastas never done that for like a Couple nights okay guys so At this point i’m sure all of you know What an estes method is the estes method Is where you Sensory deprivate yourself Using a blindfold this is a comfortable Blindfold and noise-canceling headphones And you attempt to kind of fade into These spirit box frequencies and listen For voices As i’ve stated now in the last couple Videos when you do the estes method the Theory is that what you’re hearing isn’t Actually radio a lot of times people are Theorizing that the voices you’re Hearing are only to be heard by you they Can’t be captured or quantified so Some people commented that we should try Recording what we’re hearing on the Estes method i mean a that would take a Lot more effort for us just to bring in All that gear to record this and b That’s not even the theory of the estus Method so that’s why we’re doing it like This that’s why you’re not going to hear

It but you can trust us We’re not going to [ __ ] you guys so Or an external speaker yeah and you’re Saying you can’t have an external Speaker either it’s the person with Headphones on that’s Listening hearing things that aren’t Even Audible yeah that’s the whole idea of Depriving yourself of vision And the hearing issue it’s basically Like an old school like medium or a Clairvoyant whatever you want to go with Any sort of channeling spiritual You know practice it’s all about the Person it’s not about the tool it’s About what you are doing to yourself and What you’re hearing so Yep here we go I heard my weakness in a woman’s voice Just while starting this My weakness Okay Okay sophia If you Took your own life let me teach you About fear So if you were fearful What were you fearful of If you want to teach us White dress Okay there is a white dress right over Here I’m serious investigating pink i guess

The white dress was up on the third Floor So where are you at right now Go far Like like where like another planet I couldn’t stand it Was it because of your cancer game over Did you feel like you had another choice I feel a cold breeze i don’t know if you Guys are Coming I actually do too Sophie if it’s you are you with anyone Right i’ll be there Okay Where Where will you be This far away place i’ll help you So are you a spiritual guide If you are Who are you going to help 10 years from now What’s going to happen in 10 years from Now There we were Okay you might be with somebody who are You with i just heard a man scream Like I heard a woman go help me Sophia is it the Evil man give up We’re not going to give up Sophia is it the evil man that you’re Scared of

What does this man do with you Because you had fear is this maybe the Way you’re talking Okay he’s coming Don’t be afraid of him because we’re not Afraid of him first Like a breath like So evidently it’s this man that you’re Fearful of Maybe um A female voice possibly her husband Maybe Voice behind you So are you the evil This person’s horrific The person that’s downstairs Have you wandered up here that was Creepy Look behind you Okay is there a person back here like a Picture I’m there oh i’m there If you’re there go ahead and turn on one Of these lights We have one on both sides Um where do you see me girl Oh Um Maybe sir In a female voice are we still talking To sophia or is it another Patient It’s a patient How many of them are they’re here

Still Prescribed Did you have drugs prescribed to you That hurt you Same voice told me i need it Told me i need it Down Did you want to come down but they were Prescribing you drugs Because they kept coming for him okay i Don’t think that we’re talking to sophie I think it’s Uh-huh Okay good i think we’re talking to the Evil guy You can’t stop me The evil guy that’s downstairs that Roams the house Are you the that guy and overseas up the Stairs Up there too you know i want to say one Thing to you you’re not going to hurt Colin I’m really creepy Yes No i’m going to say you’re not Because We are here to protect colin Send him Oh we’ll send him Why do you why are you so angry The fire is strong She said you had like I just heard seriously

I killed them like that i killed them Like a man this time not a woman must Have been a woman same guy So where do you stay most of the time in What part of the house You’re a liar Yeah well no I’m not asked to say i’m a liar i’m Asking you where do you spend most of Your time in the house I’m working through you no you you can’t The evils You can’t have protected I’ve protected all this where are you Right now Where do you spend most we’re bored I feel cold all of a sudden Like the air just started like cold These cameras did something that’s true So what do you like to do to people What do you want to do to colin i did My worst fear Is this sofia again Can you say your name whoever we’re Talking to You Hello hello Why are you here i’m coming You needed me We don’t need you Why are you here now Dreams You’re not gonna get to us through our

Dreams A prophecy What’s the problem guys leave That was a woman’s voice now most of it Was a man I think this just died Of course I don’t know what i can do there’s a man Oh the man said come here Okay i’m done yeah What That’s like Really crazy oh my god that’s bright Well what did what made sense out of That because i literally should i do one You know what i’m doing right now really Quick I don’t colin we think that it was like Jumping around maybe sofia Okay We’re gonna ask some questions I’m sorry i i am dead Who are you What’s your name Oh that was a creepy wood in ages i have Mallowed A woman’s voice Are you a demon I’m in the sun I mean me He’s possessing me is trying to possess Me i’m in the sun

You live under in the basement no word Would you hurt someone if given the Chance Not with women Well so you really don’t like men the Spirit did you have a broken heart Did a man take away your woman And broke your heart biggest block Is sophia the woman who’d overdosed here Well i had to here Who’s norma He is fake He is like a A guy he is fake Who’s fake It’s it’s truth And hope Why do you like to hurt people if you’re The person from the basement why do you Like 26 what Go Bro a guy’s voice just said go You want me to leave you want us to Leave We’re not afraid of you Because you can’t do us any harm Why are you so angry Oh I just gotta Do you want me to come to the basement And Meet you face to face All you have to do is participate

Participate in what’s wonderful Do you want to hurt me In the mouth and slow Some guy Is it harvey How did you die Innocent Is this harvey Is this the evil spirit i want to talk To the evil spirit A situation you’d want you’d like help With What are you going to do to help us I’ll help you i’ll help you fix it Well-placed orphan You’ll help us fix what Did you put your orphan here In the asylum we’re together Is the evil one here i want to talk to The evil one loser Oh so it is the powerful evil one you Talking [ __ ] to me buddy Dog [ __ ] get hit [ __ ] our way Hell Look at the [ __ ] thing right when he Said hell that thing went off oh my god Are you getting closer to me you’re Getting ready for me to come down to the Basement Trying to intimidate me I saw myself Are you still here because you think you

Sold your soul and you can’t move on Only four questions Okay i’ll ask you four out This guy said out You want me to leave Or do you want me to come downstairs Which one do you Want When i called out for the angry powerful One that got on an experience You’ll find out why It’s a woman’s voice I asked if he wants me to leave or go Downstairs instead in experience you’ll Find out why Die Die okay a guy die Are you gonna try her the moment i give It to him Are you gonna try to hurt me downstairs Is that what you’re saying You’re moving in the hallway Hey if you’re the evil one you are not Going to hurt my son You are a loser You’re just trying to intimidate people And be a big bully Just a waste What’s a waste You’re not going Not going Where controlled her Who did Harvey sweep out the life

Something seems to be talking a lot About Death And Death Controlling people controlling hurting I think it’s the well she said there’s a Lot of the people From the Psych ward I’m not afraid No one can pick up the pieces Those are called like a straight up like I’m afraid Because i was coughing earlier i asked To talk i’ve been drinking too much We hear a cough from the other room it’s Like it’s trying to Yeah Right Scare me right Your cough isn’t gonna scare me buddy You might get to know me how i can’t Ball still Lord Who are you The number one No no no You don’t want me to ask any more Questions i’m about to come downstairs And see you under Look under Under right when i said i’m coming Downstairs i’ll be moving

Oh god are you gonna be moving around in The different rooms I’m uh A little bit more Are you gonna be downstairs when i come Down I don’t see it stop it Are you gonna are you gonna be a wimp Absolutely i asked are you gonna be down There or are you gonna be a wimp said Absolutely from me Whatever you desire from deep voice What should i be afraid of Fearing for your lives Oh my god he’s helping us oh my god This man Oh i got like total body chills You think i should be afraid for my life He’s staying here Me I’m gonna be staying here because You’re gonna kill me is that what you’re Saying Can’t stand you Why can’t you stand colin What about me Do you want to hurt me no he’s not He’s not You’re not gonna hurt me because you Like women right When i come downstairs are you gonna try To kill me I’m not

Okay that was very creepy Listen to me In fact I think i’m gonna be done guys i’m Getting kind of dizzy That was crazy really yeah we think it’s That mean guy seriously I didn’t even there’s so much i was Saying i didn’t remember what i’m saying There i’m sorry There’s multiple times when wow There’s a lot i have voices it’s funny Because Well there was one That was the really creepy one the Thunder Yeah there was something when i asked i Was like are you gonna hurt me and you Were like absolutely and then thunder Was like And we were like Oh my god I thought i saw something Yeah i’m kind of really sweaty Well it seems like all paths always lead Somewhere on a parallel investigation Now it seems like it’s time for me to Fulfill my prophecy as this thing Stated it wants me to do like i said Earlier tonight I’m gonna go downstairs to the basement Alone and try to piss this thing off and Talk to it okay you two i’m headed down But i know you guys do not want me to do

This No Especially you because you started Crying earlier i know i don’t want Anything to happen to you Well nothing’s going to happen to me Can dad go with you nope That’s creepy down there i’m gonna tell You it is creepy down there i just set Up the cameras down there we were here This noise is huge it’s something big Yeah i’m not even gonna go now and take Pictures I’m staying up here All right you two Oh Okay Thanks bye See ya Okay everybody Well This is uh Positively freaky we’ve got a static Camera right there We’ve got another static camera Right there I’m going to set up This infrared camera All right guys so i’m here alone in the Basement Of the The vale mansion this is the area where The mental patients were chained to the Walls there were terrible conditions

Down here a lot of violence The psychic who was with us earlier Tonight said that there are almost only Exclusively bad spirits down here and She was telling me that one of these Spirits was promising to attack me when I came back later tonight so as promised I have returned to suffer the spiritual Attack if this guy is badass enough So But i’ve got this Whatever the hell it’s called We got this camera Right here that i’ve set up I’m gonna put this rim pod over here In this kind of creepy doorway And Holy [ __ ] man That thing has not gone off all night You’ve seen it Hey get out of there Why don’t you step in the room with me Stop trying to freak me out on the Border If that’s you stand in the doorway i Kind of feel you get the [ __ ] over here What’s your deal You’re not as big and bad and scary as They say you are I’m not afraid of you can’t hurt me That’s right stay back there Okay i’m gonna What the [ __ ] man

Okay i’m gonna just ignore you buddy I don’t know if that’s him but Replace this rim pod over here And uh For the time being I’m gonna sit Right here if you’ll remember eerily Enough this is the exact place down here Where A tour group saw a full-bodied Apparition walk right Right in front of where i’m at And uh Walk into this wall right next to me so Hoping i don’t see that right now it Kind of creeped me out Well i just started the obvious that it Said chat closet Now it says jewelry eerie potential Oh there’s a ferry there’s a closet Right here you want to chat with me in There actually there’s a full-on closet Right there Actually i’m going to do an obvious Right now i want to get to the bottom of This so i’m going to do a straight up Evp session I’m just going to kind of walk around The room asking some questions So Here you go buddy But i’m going to start a new clip i’m Going to place it right here on this Chair and keep it there the whole time

So you can see what i’m doing and Everything I’m recording now there you go If you’re down here with me Why did you say you wanted to hurt me Come talk to me man-to-man What’s the deal with that brother It’s just me and you in this basement Seriously man there’s a doorway there Doorway there doorway there doorway There You could uh you can trap me in here You can do [ __ ] but why don’t you Why don’t you do it man You can kill that light at any time It’s my only life You know what though guys i will say This is very creepy you know i don’t Typically like to deal alone [ __ ] that Often This is an eerie vibe from the stories Of the patients being shackled down here To the psychic telling me something Wants to hurt me Not a fun It’s a friday night let’s say i’d rather Right now be out drinking at a bar with My fiance rather than asking a ghost to Assault me in the basement of a haunted Mansion and there’s lightning outside Thunder so it’s still creepy Are you down here You in this room over here

Come on you’re over there come on in Here Or if you over here Stop [ __ ] with that rem pod and come Over to this room Because that [ __ ] doesn’t scare me buddy You know as i was walking I actually started to get a K2 signal Then it went away i guess i’ll ask some More evps Can you tell me why You feel so angry What is making you want to hurt me what Have i done to you Is there something i can do to help to Make you feel better about where you’re At and why you’re here Can you at least let me know where you Are in this basement by knocking on Something or Making a footstep noise come on Come on over man i just want to have a Conversation Nothing too uh nothing too pressing I’ve heard a couple weird noises but Nothing conclusive yet I’m just waiting to see somebody come Walking through that door it’s gonna Scare the hell at me i’m not gonna lie I’m right here You said earlier you wanted to hurt me Tonight You’re in there you’re in here

You’re over there Come on man it’s like a maze it’s a Dungeon you can trap me down here if you Don’t like me Okay Hello You guys that was [ __ ] uh Okay i don’t really know what just Happened to me please bear with me don’t Think i’m insane here when i say this When i was sitting there just now asking Questions When i was sitting there asking Questions a couple minutes ago I uh I just went into like almost a trance Just felt like out of my body a tiny bit And then i just Started walking and i walked into a room Way over there i don’t have a static Camera on and i was just i kind of was Like in a trance for like two minutes And i kind of came to like what the hell Am i in here looking all this [ __ ] for And then i heard like a really loud uh Not like footsteps but just like a bunch Of movement in the room and that’s why i Ran back in here and Just had to get my composure for a Second but that’s really strange Because All i can remember is like standing here Asking those questions and like

Need to walk and i just started walking So Didn’t get hurt but Creepy It’s never happened to me before it’s Like manipulating uh the mind kind of But this thing is not going to scare me Alright Is your last chance If you just made me You slam this door There is my light there goes my [ __ ] Light My phone’s on two percent too i’m gonna Call my parents someone Bring me a light though Yeah can you come down and help me pack This stuff up my light just died and i’m Pitch black Okay All right so you saw that i went over And called that thing out in the other Room Uh And then when i was walking back my Light died so that’s pretty freaky but I think that i’m gonna call my session Down here nothing’s really happening Nothing that i can tell other than that Weird thing where i just kind of walked Into the other room in a couple noises But

Whoever you are that was threatening me And my mom You didn’t do [ __ ] to me buddy And you said you’d do it tonight right Here it’s like a fight I came with my fist ready you didn’t I always respect the paranormal but not When the paranormal doesn’t respect you That’s when you cross the line don’t Threaten my family So you gotta stay here pal You gotta stay here Hello