5 Chilling Alien Abductee Drawings and Their Terrifying Backstories

By | September 10, 2021
5 Chilling Alien Abductee Drawings and Their Terrifying Backstories

My name is laura and you are watching The paranormal scholar and today we’re Going to explore art but not just any Art what follows are the paintings and Drawings of self-professed alien Appetites paintings and drawings which Claimed to show the unearthly beings Which took them against their will In 1992 the prestigious ropa center for Public opinion research conducted a poll In order to estimate how many americans Have had an alien abduction experience The resulting study concluded with an Estimate of nearly 4 million people to Put that into perspective that is close To three times the number of active Personnel currently serving in the United states armed forces it is no Surprise then that the number of Testimonies and drawings on the subject Of alien abduction is vast and Terrifying Before we begin i would like to take a Quick moment to thank skillshare for Sponsoring this video skillshare is an Online learning community with thousands Of fascinating classes that combine Video lessons with hands-on projects the Perfect place for curious minds to Explore new interests delve into Existing passions or simply embrace Unhindered creativity whether you are a Master scholar or a dabbler looking to Begin a new creative journey skillshare

Offers classes on all manner of Compelling topics from photography to Film and video to graphic design to Creative writing to suit all skill Levels and schedules discovery is a Lifelong adventure and with a community Of fellow creatives to help encourage You along the way skillshare can help Inspire you to find and develop your Innate creative spark i’ve always wanted To learn how to paint but often find Myself intimidated by failure but with Rosalie hazlett’s class watercolor in The woods a beginner’s guide to painting The natural world i am guided at every Step by a knowledgeable and passionate Master of her craft from how to gather My materials to creating texture in my Paintings with no ads premium classes And top teacher staff picks skillshare Is curated specifically for learning so There’s no excuse and to help make your Creative journey even easier the first 1000 of my subscribers to click my Exclusive link in the description will Get a one month free trial of skillshare So you can start exploring your Creativity today In 2012 the photographer stephen hersk Attended a ufo convention in connecticut There he met several self-proclaimed Alien abductees and asked them to Describe and illustrate their Experiences

One lady called janet presented him with This A hastily drawn sketch of several Bulbous headed beings encircling her Screaming boyfriend As they took both him and her from their Beds in the middle of the night Telling her story janet explained that In december 1995 she landed on johnston Atoll an isolated island in the pacific Ocean which was under the control of the U.s military for almost 70 years Used as a testing site for novel weapons Including nuclear and biological it was An airbase and secret facility that Today although demilitarized still bears The environmental scars of all that took Place there At the time janet was a civilian working For the military and was immediately Knocked off guard when after landing she Was greeted by a man who told her you’ve Landed on a joint u.s military e.t base Describing her experience to the Photographer she explained that a year Later in 1996 she was woken in the Middle of the night suddenly by six Figures with large heads and large eyes They are claimed to have lifted her from Her bed and carried her away surrounded By military personnel on either side Screaming and terrified she noticed that The six beings had three fingers with One opposing finger

They were not human and resembled what She described as traditional ets As she pleaded for someone to come and Rescue her certain that on such a small Island someone could hear her crying one Of the beings on the right-hand side That was carrying her foot turned to her And said go ahead and scream all you Want you’re in an energy field and no One can hear you Janet explained that she was carried Down to the beach her boyfriend was also Taken and she stated that they were both Put into a little beam ship and launched Out past the coral reef and into an Underwater facility There she was made to sit in a chair and Watch as the beings did something to her Boyfriend He screamed for the entirety This is the scene that janet chose to Illustrate the helpless moment she was Unable to stop whatever was happening to Her and her boyfriend Janet does not know how much time went By before they returned her to her bed Equally she does not know what if Anything they did to her her memories Are disjointed She did however describe being sprayed With something It sounded like a hiss and she was Paralyzed After the beings left she was once again

Able to move but not forget Not entirely i was angry she stated i Had to act normal and yet after all that She had seen and experienced that night She could never be so Again whilst most abductees claim to Have encountered grey aliens thin-bodied Humanoid beings with large hairless Heads and dark almond-shaped eyes not All interactions center on these Life-forms Indeed saskia von essen a german woman Who claims to have encountered many Different types of extraterrestrials Throughout her life has shared a sketch Of a goblin-like creature with Round-button eyes an entity that she Says she has observed on at least four Separate occasions One of these experiences took place in The early 1990s It was night and her young son was Sleeping in her bedroom on the floor Beside her bed careful not to wake him Von essen moved to the bed and turned Out the light lying on her left side Soon after she felt something feel its Way under the covers and slowly slide up Her right hip Her hand was close by resting against Her hip and so thinking this something Was her son’s little hand searching for Hers under the covers she reached out to Hold it

It was then that she realized the hand Was not her son’s In fact according to her description it Wasn’t even human With only three or four fingers the hand Was incredibly thin so much so that when She squeezed it the fingers pushed one Over the other When vonassen squeezed the hand it was Immediately and roughly torn out of hers Startled she then threw herself around In the bed and caught sight of a small Figure scurrying away very almost Tripping over her sleeping sun on the Floor as it did Catching itself as it moved it hurried Next to or behind a nearby linen Cupboard There it disappeared In the darkness vonnesson’s vision was Limited the figure was just a kind of Shadow or silhouette around 90 to 100 Centimeters tall To better express what she saw she Produced a sketch of the nighttime Encounter illustrating the linen Cupboard behind which the thing appeared To vanish Curiously the cupboard was no more than Five centimeters away from the wall Ruling out the possibility that the Figure could have found any space there To conceal itself Instead it was as though it had simply

Faded away to nothingness after this Experience vonassen was able to fall Asleep when she awoke the next morning However she realized her encounter was Far from over Looking to the end of her bed she claims That she was surprised to see something She initially thought was a deer it was Then that the supposed deer opened its Eyes and as if she had been the one to Startle it vanished into thin air Only after it was gone did vonessen Realize that what she had seen was not a Dear but some sort of peculiar Inquisitive observer As shown in the sketch which she made After the encounter it had large round Button eyes and a round head rather than Oblong like a deer It has been suggested that the creature Was able to transform its external shape And under the influence of this mirage Von essen at first thought she was Seeing a familiar shape a deer rather Than the extraterrestrial intruder that Was actually in her bedroom A chilling encounter indeed but not the Only one for vonnesson While she cannot say whether or not this Interaction resulted in abduction she is In no doubt that she has been taken by Other worldly entities on other Occasions In addition to this goblin deer-like

Figure she also claims to have Encountered traditional grey aliens and Also a robotic man and blonde man with Large round staring eyes who Communicated with her telepathically What their intentions are von essen does Not know All she knows is that she has been Visited on more than one occasion and That the beings who visited her were not From earth Alien abductions are reported by people From all walks of life even by the Famous the moody blues are a british Rock band that first formed in 1964 and Have since sold over 70 million albums Worldwide with 18 having achieved Platinum and gold certification In 2018 the band was inaugurated into The rock and roll hall of fame and Despite critical disapproval for much of Their career the group is now considered To have had a profound influence on Shaping modern culture and music And if this is true it has peculiar and Perhaps sinister implications for the Moody blues by their own admission were Also influenced after a strange Encounter on the side of a motorway with What they claim were extraterrestrials The co-founder and drummer of the band Graham edge recalled the event in 1991 For the flying saucer review The year was 1966 and the band was

Driving down the m6 motorway from Manchester to london at around 2 am when A bright light suddenly appeared and Went past them Everyone became highly excited as to What the light could be edge recalled He initially thought it was a red light On top of a radio tower and yet as the Light continued to zigzag across the sky It became clear that they were looking At something inexplicable Perplexed the band members pulled over And got out of their car so as to get a Better look It was then that things became even Stranger As soon as they left their car edge Described how an odd stillness descended Over them No road traffic came in either direction And there were none of the usual Nocturnal animal rustlings or bird Noises It was quite uncanny edge explained Stating that he and his bandmates were Mesmerized as if in a dream According to his recollection they then Watched the object land in a field close By It was as edge described like a fat Cigar with a low protrusion on the top With seven dull red lights on top Unsure as to what they were looking at The bands studied the object from afar

Until gripped simultaneously with dread And panic they were treated to their car And fled This experience is said to have left Edge a changed man and indeed a few Years after the incident when someone Jokingly asked him what the aliens Looked like he hurriedly grabbed a pen And paper and drew a sketch of an alien Of which he had supposedly had a mental Impression To him it was by no means a joke What he and the others had seen that Night had been serious And so what had they seen Edge’s sketch although simplistic has The characteristics associated with a Typical grey alien and yet according to Mike pinder the band’s keyboard player At the time edge did not delve into Alien literature and to the best of his Knowledge that type of alien was not Popularly known at the time Alongside edge’s alien sketch he also Produced drawings of the craft and the Place of their sighting although edge Seems profoundly influenced by what he Had seen he was by no means the only Member of the band to have been affected After their experience their music Changed originally a rock pop band they Began to release all kinds of cosmic Albums perception altering psychedelic Rock with titles such as days of future

Past and long distance voyager Pinder also recounted the same story Providing the additional detail that They ended up arriving home three hours Late indicating that the band might have Experienced missing time in the course Of their sighting Time skips combined with the odd Stillness which edge reported as they Witness the ufo are common traits Amongst those who have been abducted When the drawing of the alien from Edge’s mental impression is added to the Equation it may suggest that the band Suffered an abduction experience that Night Indeed one of their songs supposedly Inspired by their extraterrestrial Experience called stepping in a slide Zone written by the band’s bass Guitarist john lodge Could add even more credence to the Suggestion that the band was abducted Certain lyrics such as the air raced by There was no sound we drifted high above The ground and help me please i thought I said then something happened in my Head are all similar to descriptors used By others who claim to have experienced Abductions Whether these lyrics are merely creative License or based upon something real is Of course anyone’s guess However members of the band have always

Recounted their alleged experience Earnestly focusing on their creative Inspiration which it gave them without Delving too much into the experience Itself and yet from an observer’s Perspective It is undeniably haunting Indeed when asked about the event in 2009 mike pinder had this to say neither Of us he or edge remembers anything Except seeing it and then being back in The car and driving away And so what exactly happened to them in The time in between It is always easier to ignore or deny The truth than to deal with it but if You are forced like i was to deal with It because of an experience with an Alien then you come to a point where you Rethink and accept the fact that we are Not alone these are the words of Caroline laxon a physician in her 50s From northern germany who launched a Website dedicated to sharing an Experience which she claims forever Changed her life The year was 1987 and laxon was 21 years Old She and her family had traveled to Sacramento california on vacation one Particular night in the early hours of The 14th of july she retired to bed just After midnight around 12 15 am It had been a long day and she lay in

The dark thinking of all that she had Done and seen the past two weeks sleep Didn’t immediately find her after 10 to 20 minutes she describes being disturbed By a sound a quiet dull humming similar To a transformer Not only that she had the feeling that Something was wrong in her room it was As though someone had entered a Confusing thing for laxan as she had Locked the door before getting into bed Concerned she wanted to look about the Room to see if there was anybody there When she tried to open her eyes however She found that she couldn’t She couldn’t even move her eyelids let Alone open them Her entire body was likewise paralyzed And had been ever since she had first Heard the low humming sound Becoming increasingly panicked she Continued to try to open her eyes When she eventually succeeded she claims To have seen something chilling A human-like figure standing straight in Front of her bed Large headed with two arms and two legs The figure was looking at the center or Abdomen of her body leaning slightly Forward as it did Laxan claimed she was only able to keep Her eyes open for a maximum of 30 Seconds being compelled to close them Not from drowsiness but because of some

Strange and unknown force Paralyzed and still hearing the humming Sound she writes that it was at this Point that she realized she was Completely at the mercy of whatever Being was in her room There wasn’t a way to come out of this Situation but still she struggled Against it In her head she called out for cora the Lady who cared for her grandmother who Was with them on vacation Her grandmother was asleep in the room Next door and lexa knew korra would be Close by ready to help her grandmother In the night on a mattress in the Hallway in front of her door She couldn’t speak but desperate and Scared she hoped cora would somehow Sense there was an emergency and bring Help she didn’t and so laxan remained Frozen on the bed After a couple of minutes she states That she was once again able to open her Eyes The being was still in her room but had Moved turned by about 90 degrees looking At the door Lakson suspects that it had somehow Known what she had been thinking her Internal play to korra as before no more Than 30 seconds later her eyes Involuntarily closed Immediately afterwards the sound stopped

And she was able to move When she opened her eyes the figure was Gone In the years since her experience lacson Has drawn and painted the being that she Saw many many times using different Materials and in her own words Developing the quality of expression in The sense of a realistic representation Of what she saw She even explains that she is doing a Self-taught art course presumably in the Hopes of better capturing the creature That visited her that night in California undoubtedly the figure in her Artwork is haunting Describing it as human-like but not like You and me Strange and with large yellow eyes and a Blue white aura laxen firmly believes it Was extra-terrestrial As shown in a watercolour painting she Completed in 2000 she believes the being Was wearing some sort of breathing Device She also has a sketch of herself in bed Eyes forced shut as the creature watched Over her After normalcy returned to her room Laxam was quick to write down her Experience She also claims to have looked at her Watch The time was 1 30 am suggesting that

Over an hour had passed since she went To bed And yet after lying awake for 10 to 20 Minutes the encounter only lasted a few Minutes She writes that it is hard to imagine That the encounter lasted for an hour Maybe five minutes in total maybe a Little more or less but not an hour And so what had happened during the rest Of the time Lacson cannot say She states that she has no recollection Of being for example pulled into a ufo As some alleged abductees have claimed But that is of course not to say that an Abduction did not take place As other cases suggest details about What happens after an abducting is taken Are not always retained For laxan’s part she says that she did All that she could to figure out what Had happened After checking the time she left her Room and woke cora to see if she had Seen or felt anything she hadn’t Lachsen also searched the house and Garden in an attempt to locate the Figure that she had seen there were no Signs of disturbances in her room either On the floor where the alleged Extraterrestrial had stood or on the Window Unable to sleep she lay in bed with the

Door open until her stepbrother entered The house at around 3 am Talking with him she was shocked to Discover that some two years ago he had Seen a ufo in the sky outside their House It had zigzagged moving quickly Disappearing before he was able to show It to his mother Was this somehow connected to laxon’s Experience Had the being whatever it was been Visiting her more times than that single Night Today laksan has immersed herself in Research to try to explain what she saw She writes that she was not interested In ufos or aliens before that night and Indeed knew nothing about the subject Matter Just as she has never painted or drawn As much as she has in pursuit of Capturing on canvas the strange figure Who stood over her as she slept that Night in sacramento John e mack was a harvard professor and Psychologist who believed that many Abductees were not mentally ill but had Actually experienced a real event In an interview mack explained that when He heard someone who was mentally ill Recount a psychotic episode he would get The sense that what they were saying Never happened

Yet when it came to what he believed to Be genuine experiences of alien Abductions he described them as being of Sound mind individuals who doubt Themselves and recount a seemingly real Intense experience Something happening to their bodies And such a description most certainly Seems to be the case when it comes to The experiences of miriam bell mia a Retired french computer engineer who Claims to have been abducted repeatedly Throughout her life In a testimony written for a 2019 Magazine article she recounted her first Experience as having occurred around the Age of five or six At the time she had no idea what aliens Were and thought they were like pixies With black almond-shaped eyes Mysteriously bellmer described how she Wasn’t scared of them even though she Had no idea why they were there in her Bedroom at night In later life she developed the belief That at this stage the aliens were Merely visiting so as to prepare her for What they were going to do with her when She got older And indeed as she grew up the aliens Continued to visit her balmer she Explained rationalized these experiences Telling herself that she was just Dreaming despite the mysterious marks

And bruises she found on her body For all of her attempts to ignore what Was happening to her she struggled to Shake the feeling of innate trauma and So she received therapy and underwent Hypnotic regression It was then that she remembered several Abduction experiences One abduction is said to have occurred In 1987 When belmir was on holiday in a chalet In the french alps During the night she remembers hearing a Clicking sound which woke her up Then she noticed that the skylight in The roof above her was open and that a Cord had come down from the sky and was Connected to her As she saw this she was completely Paralyzed the only part of her which she Could move being her eyes the next thing She knew she was lying on a table in a Huge transparent dome surrounded by Small aliens and a larger grey alien Which she described as looking like a Praying mantis Years later she sketched a drawing of This experience showing the dome and the Examination room that she was taken to Many times during her life Balmeir described how in the room she Was completely covered in the gelatinous Substance With the cord still inside of her

She stated that the cord went up to her Right kidney and caused her pain Balmer also recounted how she levitated Above the table during the examination By the mysterious aliens Terrifyingly she believes that the Aliens would routinely take her eggs From her body in order to use them for Genetic engineering After learning about her experiences Balmeir decided to start an initiative In france to help others cope with their Experiences She did this with nicolas dumont a Clinical psychologist who also claims to Have been abducted Their group is called cerro france and Has over 50 members all of whom claim to Be abductees including many professional Psychologists who are well qualified to Help others Together they provide a support group For people who claim to have gone Through similar traumatic experiences And focus on helping them function in Society after all generally speaking Society does not want to listen to these People and their experiences often they Are shunned humiliated or forced to Suppress their experiences Many professionals who have come forward In an attempt to speak about abduction Phenomena have had their lives and Careers destroyed

Certainly balmer herself only publicized Her experiences after retiring from her Profession as a computer engineer as she Feared that such admissions would cost Her her job It is thus tragic to consider just how Many people in the world today have Undergone the most horrific experiences One can imagine Non-consensual medical experiments Kidnappings and psychological Manipulations by unknown beings only to Be greeted with antipathy or dismissal By those around them When this happens the reasons for their Experiences are lost with the only Outlets being groups like cerro france Who know that they have no hope in Solving this dilemma only in learning to Cope with it And how to cope indeed As if there is even an inkling of truth In the experiences reported by abductees Then we as humans despite living in a Universe populated by other intelligent Beings are alone Completely at the mercy of creatures That not only come from the shadows but Benefit from our determination to keep Them there Thank you for watching if you enjoyed This video don’t forget to like and Subscribe for more of the paranormal and If you cannot wait until my next video

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