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Landed We can’t hear you early We can’t hear you oh welcome to the show It’s okay that that was the worst intro I’d ever made but i didn’t realize it Looked good Shall i do it again Yeah why not Good evening folks welcome no no no no No no no Drop you back down i want i want the Noise Which noise this the tranquility base Here You start over yeah Good evening folks This show is called um we are all made Of stars And i was just saying before before my Might decided to be on mute um That My guests have no idea what i’m going to Be talking about tonight because i Didn’t pre-warn them i just put the Show’s name up And uh yeah but without further ado Lee hi How are you doing how you doing mate i’m Good it’s a good job i haven’t done this Before i know it’s like groundhog day I love that film Hey I’m rich

I was able to read your lips when you Were doing that i heard i saw you say Goof on You can you can still hear though he’s You can hear the clap There was a clap Yeah Yeah But it’s good everybody does that i Can’t tell you how many times i’ve done That i had the best intro ever and Nobody heard it it’s the worst I wish i could lip read because There’s not that many times you know Somebody will say something to me as i’m Walking off like And I just have no idea what they’re talking About lee i’m going to shift you i can’t I can’t lipread but uh i could have a Guess what they’re saying to you my Friend susie can lip read it’s great fun In the pub It’s a talent it’s a talent but some People need it because some people Don’t have ears They don’t have ears Well they may be deaf or you know They They may have me they may not have ears You know they may have been involved With no ears i’m going to get in so much Trouble This is if you’ve got no ears i

You know it’s Fine I don’t know anybody with no ears But if you can’t if what if it is like Me and you’re dyslexic And you have no ears So you can’t really read That well Go smell them Makes all your other senses stronger the Smell of communication That’s got a good ring to it sounds like A terrible phone advert doesn’t it It does yeah i don’t know but is there Any good not these days there’s no good Phone adverts But The title uh of tonight’s show Is uh we are all made of stars because i Find that interesting the fact that People have been saying for quite a long Time now and this is factual that we are Literally We are stardust Rogue one Yeah stardust people we’re made from Stars all the same stuff everything’s Made from the same stuff yeah That also means we’re poo people as well And apricot people But Do you think there’s more to it than That because when people Say that

I like your background by the way lee I’m sure Um I’m sure osvaldo would love that Yeah Us i had no idea until lee came on to The show i nearly had a heart attack i Couldn’t speak for about five minutes uh But it looks nice i’m sure he will Appreciate that Um after the last show where Lee and oz Basically became the best of friends Best friends Friends for life i think frank um until The end just like child’s play Do you think That Because i’ve i i’ve done a little bit of I say a little bit because i don’t Usually do a lot of research but i’ve Watched a few videos about people like Ted talks and that and people talking About The fact that we are literally stardust And They make it sound as if Especially like um Professor cox and uh the grass Tyson They make it sound like it is just Literally Chance you know it’s it’s a magical Chance but

From This stardust created literally human Life I i struggled to comprehend that in my Little tiny Warm-up brain That That’s all we are that we have literally We’ve come from the universe But it’s almost like magic though Why do we still have monkeys If we are the dominant species why Didn’t we get rid of them Because we’re we’ve evolved enough to Know that they’re smart too And they kind of look like us in a way And we have 97 of their dna 97 of Chimpanzees That’s close that’s darn close that’s Why we use we used to use them uh to Test uh vaccines and stuff but that [ __ ] three percent appears to be Pretty [ __ ] important Do you have the top So Are you saying why are chimpanzees still Here Yes because we always conquer devour and Destroy anything that’s lesser than what We are but i think we have evolved to a Point that we realize we don’t have to Destroy everything to be the best Why have chimpanzees not evolved to our Standard

Well we’ve only seen them for a little Bit In a blink of not even a blink of an eye Just that Humans and apes we didn’t even know they Were out there until you know just Recently A couple hundred years ago When you look at i mean you see the You’ll see the skulls and the diff like The early man the neanderthals and all These the different Different groups that went different Ways But we are still all made of the same Stuff you know all these creatures on Earth They are everything is the same stuff Little atoms and what have you But It just seems like magic to me it is it Really does no actual magic lee said it On the last show actual magic and Scientists are just trying to Figure it all out but In reality they it is almost like magic I saw brian cox on joey joe rogan and They said joe reagan then and he he said If you think about it he’s almost like Magic I’ve been saying it for years I found out This was crazy The i know i thought this was this was

Interesting and i wanted to look into it More and i didn’t do it but Here it is i’ll say what i think it is And then if i’m wrong i’m [ __ ] wrong And someone correct me in the chat A kilogram In france There is a piece of lead which is Like the first kilogram it’s what we use To base kilograms off yeah That kilogram is now i believe 0.3 of a gram heavier than it was before And we’ve no idea why it’s changed Weight And The one of the theories of it is That we We look at gravity as a constant And gravity isn’t a constant and it’s it Was much we We have A denser gravity now than we had in the Past Um But if you can if you look at something As fundamental as that that we could Have Some basis wrong in You know that it immediately throws so Many things out doesn’t it So a kilogram Is slightly heavier than it used to be But Who makes that rule up a kilogram’s a

Kilogram yeah but there is in france There is what what they use for the Original measurement They’ve got it locked up somewhere like The budweiser uh Write the budweiser Recipe that initial kilogram Is now slightly heavier than a kilogram Or they didn’t have the same measuring Tools like we have now Maybe that’s not what they seem to be Suggesting yeah i know yes Can it just be a conspiracy though Uh no i mean this isn’t coming from like Conspiracy theorists this is coming from The people that have got the thing Saying oh Yeah i don’t know i never heard that Before yeah yeah i only heard it the Other day like literally two days ago And uh because it was a thing i was Watching about dinosaurs and the the Idea that this Um This guy was saying well maybe this was Why we could have Such large prehistoric creatures like Dinosaurs because gravity wasn’t quite As dense as it is now i’m probably using The wrong word density for gravity is Probably the wrong word but it’s For the sake of my [ __ ] monkey brain That’s where we are Um

But then what i was thinking was to Bring it around to this channel If Gravity’s gonna slowly get like heavier And heavier and heavier And Things get smaller and smaller and Smaller as this goes yeah so we’ve had Like the big Dinosaurs and Stories in the past of giants and things Like that Could that be what helps the evolution Of turning human beings into what we see Of grays Time travel Well the moon the moon is constantly Going away from us too So i think maybe it has something to do With the moon’s gravity not having such An impact But wouldn’t that make a wouldn’t that Make less wouldn’t that if that was Going away I don’t i don’t know yeah i don’t know How that yeah i don’t know how that Would have like a positive or it’s a Shift maybe there’s gravity waves That’s interesting But we’re all made of the same dust oh Yeah yeah Originally but well i just saw something Today and it’s not new but how that uh Uh what is the place in star wars star

Uh close encounters are the third kind What was that place they went to oh the Devil’s devil’s tower yeah well they’re Saying that that could have been a tree Because of the hexagonal things on along The side of it trees make that not lava Uh so uh but anyway Trees could have been enormous back then I mean dinosaurs were here so why Couldn’t if we had trees that tall it Makes sense yeah um i know we’re getting Into an offside topic but i no no no no If it was a tree though Surely that they proved that it was a Tree they did but science isn’t Accepting the what people are showing I i have something Into it You don’t have to I think this this all started with a Documentary that came on youtube i think It was german i can’t remember right and I think the documentary called um There are no there there are no forests On flat earth is what it’s called And um that’s about all these Like Supposedly Petrified trees that have turned into Mountains Over the years i’m not [ __ ] sure i Buy that if i’m perfect well flat earth Is in the title i guess Well that’s the other thing it hasn’t

Really got anything to do with flat Earth it’s just to do okay with these Things yeah And the woman that narrator is Absolutely abysmal at her job but It’s it’s If you’re Having a couple of drinks Uh it’s it’s it’s an hour of your life That you could spend Probably getting sucked up in a in a Rabbit hole With the devil’s tower the reason it’s a Tree because there are and some people Are saying it’s uh you know it’s Petrified tree or or what what else what Would they say it was A tree or mountain or rock or I think they were saying it was old lava But lava turns into little crumps clumps I have it right here if you guys want to Take a look at this yeah yeah Yeah let me pull it up Oh yeah let me just get it to the it’s a It’s a one minute thing 57 seconds ollie Should be okay to play Is it is it is it safe to play is it Going to get mia no no i’ve i’ve played This before I wouldn’t do that to you Bang it up Yeah yeah i’ll let send me the link as Well put in the description For anything oh wait you want me to do

That let me get to get the link Five Four all right i’m ready to play it so Let me send it over to you with the Share It Det And i’ll put the link in the Thing here we go mountains look like Giant petrified tree stumps well maybe They are now here’s an example of a Regular petrified tree stump well the Word petrified means fossilized so over The course of many many years a dead Tree will fossilize and turn to stone This mountain right here is known as the Devil’s tower located in wyoming it Oddly looks like a giant tree stump now According to mainstream science the Devil’s tower was formed by magma or Lava however that theory does not make Any sense because lava does not form Perfect hexagonal shapes now according This right here is an image of a Close-up of the devil’s tower this is What lava looks like when it turns to Stone now the one thing we know about Trees is trees create hexagonal cell Walls just like this So maybe this mountain and many others Found are actually not mountains but Giant petrified tree stumps and maybe That’s why creatures on earth used to be So big because of the amount of oxygen

That these ginormous trees gave off it Would also explain why pre-flood people Lived 800 years or more in the bible That’s crazy right people used to live So long It’s pretty wild right doesn’t that tell You that it’s a A tree yeah when you when you look at When you look at that Even though as as crazy as it sounds to Call that a tree It looks like a tree 100 And i think it’s been proven But it’s so big That they want to hide this from us They don’t want us to know what used to Be here same with giants And the nephilim Yeah maybe Well i mean That 12-inch um was a 12-inch mummified Finger that was found Yeah too but i think that was faked was It faked was it yeah i wasn’t sure Whether it would be No oh i know what finger you’re talking About it’s a popular finger yeah that One i don’t know if it’s faked that Looked real to me yeah yeah and that but 12 inches would have come off someone That was about 16 foot tall I watched it Go ahead ally no no no it’s it’s

Actually not that it’s not like i’m just Gonna say i watched indiana jones in the Temple of doing with my uh all this boy Uh yesterday and uh at the beginning There’s a statue it’s got real big Fingers when i was a child i thought There was penises uh that was On a necklace you know like the the The the chain of ears in um What’s that film with the chain of ears With jean-claude van damme and vine did You think the ears were clitorises I don’t know what i thought they were But yeah the the This This giant finger Why why have we not got more because you See that you see these pictures because They get in the way of doing things no But you know when you see these But you see these pictures on the Internet and it’s always got some Some dude that’s digging next to it that Doesn’t quite look part of the picture All of them are terrible photoshops done In like 1996. I’ve never seen one that i’ve been Convinced by and seen a giant skeleton Of a man or woman Um I mean If if i was a conspiracy theorist Um which would i mean realistically Being on a alien

You would be forgiven for thinking this But if i was a conspiracy theorist i Would think that it’s very strange that There’s so many obvious fake Giant photographs on the internet When it’s so easy to make good photoshop Stuff yeah Because they’re probably real Not photoshopped Or they’re totally fake And The any any any real pictures of that Sort of stuff gets snaffled away quickly I think that’s it Well i think They’ve got rid of the evidence yeah Yeah I do believe there were Uh intelligent giants here man There’s a a story back in afghanistan And i think they were fighting a giant Like a 15-foot giant Yeah yeah dude that’s crazy talk and Then uh when mount saint helens erupted I don’t know if you guys were alive in 1980 but They they actually saw a big dead Bigfoot and live bigfoot apparently These stories are being you know hidden Then they started helping the bigfoot Saving them under trees and we were Working together with the bigfoot I i remember i know i know i’ve brought This up on a couple of times on the show

But it’s it’s kind of poignant i suppose Um In the good old days of youtube when it Was all a bit wild west And like people didn’t get in trouble For things i remember watching a video And like a load of times because i was Fascinated by it okay and it was a Little bit like if you can imagine what The video would have been to the Rendelsham forest audio With these people going through the Forest cool and and there was a light in The air at the end of it Which was Um similar to the what it looked like in New york you know in the Um Electric Like was it the the power thing going on In the blue yeah the blue field Yeah very similar to that was in the Middle of a forest and the story that Came out with this video was that there Was a small village that was there then In the middle of the night there was This crazy light going off and the whole Village disappeared Now i’ve never been able to find that Piece of that video ever again and i Know i watched it And it’s you know it’s it’s easy to say Things like that but It i i can even i can see it in my head

Because i remember the guy who was sort Of stat stood like on an embankment Looking down at these blue flashes and Then the video ends But the uh it was it was odd it’s odd That that i just can’t find it anymore This is the technology i’m talking about That needs to come out to convince me We’ve made super advances taking our Thoughts and putting it on a screen Yeah that’s got to happen in my lifetime But in 20 years by the time i’m dead That’s not going to happen It’s almost kind of happening You know the first step the first steps Of oh yeah i guess so and what Well i say it’s kind of happening we’ve Got to type it in At the moment But you know the the algorithm knows What things you’re searching for i don’t Know if you i mean No i’m talking about pictures though Yeah i know i know i know what you’re Saying but but The I think it’s getting it’s getting clever And cleverer but it is gonna when you Mention um Our our friend mr musk with neurolink You know It’s game over then you know No matter what you dream up that you Want to buy you’re going to get

Advertisements for that Right you know if you want to get Any You know Do i i’m thinking about getting an Electric car what should i get It’s going to be a tesla in it It’s going to come up he’s a very clever Man it’s miss mr musk i don’t I mean I knew we were going to go all over here It started off with stardust but this is Stardust because we’re talking about Human beings and we’re all made at Stardust there you go that’s that’s That’s the link there But i mean you’ve seen recently the the Robot that yeah That he’s talking about making is very Serious about making this robot But for years he’s been Warning us about ai But now he’s making a robot and he’s Also doing neurolink It just seems he’s And he i think i actually saw him in in An interview saying Well you know we’ve just got a site We’ve got to side with it we’ve got to Merge with it before it’s too late So we’ve almost like we have to become a Part oh wow Of Ai

Or it will destroy us yep That’s incredible holy crap He said that that is what elon yeah yeah He said that What do you think I think if i was trying to sell Something to somebody you know it’s okay I was just replying to one of the Comments the i think if i was trying to Sell something to somebody that’s a Really good pitch to try and sell it to Them What that it’s dangerous no no they’re The fact they say yeah we’ve got to do This because we’re going to have to do It to keep up with people you can buy One for five hours So he’s planned it all along I mean let’s wait let’s be honest Because i i flip-flop so much on elon Musk and i i want him to be The [ __ ] savior of humanity that he’s Kind of billed as Um But let’s be honest outside of Paypal which he made a lot of money on Uh which has been Allowed him to kickstart all these crazy Things that he’s doing Um What’s actually come to market that you Can do apart from A Car which was already in the planning

Stages because he bought tesla he didn’t Start the car company he bought that Company up So what what else has mr musk Brought forward there’s been loads of Crazy ideas i mean remember the Uh The hyperloop idea i’m not sure when There’s any hyperloop opening up Um The Um The tiles that were supposed to be like We could all just put solar tiles on our Roofs which sounds like a [ __ ] Fantastic idea and very doable but you Can’t go and buy a load of tesla tiles For your roofs So Yeah what apart from being like pushed In the media as Being tony stark what’s what’s he given Spacex Themselves Do you think that would have happened Anyway do you think that would yeah you Know I think google could have cut that i Mean i think he’s got the best software Yeah When it comes to these self-driving cars So it’s not just a part it’s not just These cars self-drive these cars are the

Best electric cars going these cars Actually have the best software In the world yeah but is it is it enough Is is that enough to give him the Reputation of the man that’s going to Change the world nothing’s changed Exactly not any none of this stuff is The only thing that’s changed the world Is the internet that’s the last thing In my opinion I don’t know anything else that changed The world Because that did Yeah Right i mean we’ve already had tv we’ve Had music we had the ipod now they just Put the phone and all the apps with it So we have a computer in our hand but That didn’t change the world It altered it but it i mean i It just made people talk to each other All over the world that’s it it was Detective the the like the smartphone Was a technology laid on top of the Internet yeah yeah well with it yeah That’s that’s the thing it’s the We had instant communication in our Homes with the internet but Phones allow us to have instant Communication everywhere which is kind Of what i think [ __ ] everything if We’re honest Yeah Do you know something i i said this

Today i said I wish i could go back to the 1980s no 1990s you know because then at least i Was old enough to have sex Um And have a good time But just stay in that era You know where things are just kind of You can do a little bit if you want you Can go and you dial up and oh my god That was so frustrating It it was but Life was more fun it really was Because you’d go out you’d see people I think That you’d see kids just messing about And smashing [ __ ] and just Doing just playing football in the Street or creating soccer whatever you Call it yeah just creating stuff you Know i said to a good friend of mine Today’s i’ve i said i’ve lost The ability to Pick up a pen now you know i used to Draw oh my god that’s right And it’s It’s becoming like um I think in the next what 30 years when People say oh what we used to draw Things or write things on a pet with a Pen Like what’s a pen right You know a pen might be a really like Niche thing to get

Or a paint brush Because People are like sorry you know but it Will be a a robot that’s doing the Decorating oh absolutely absolutely We’re always going to need pens You see i do i wonder whether um when i Look at my son i think will he have to Drive Probably not Well those self-driving cars aren’t Perfect yet No no but like he’s full so All right so 14 13 years Yeah it’s on youtube right Your driving lesson will be a an it Course you know can you come can you use A computer yeah right How to safety like the safety checks Yeah you won’t even have to go there you Can do it from home did we talk about Musk’s robots that he’s gonna he’s gonna Debut next year last week yeah that’s How we started the conversation yeah did We start did we talk about them last Week No a little bit we did yeah we did a Little bit yeah it wasn’t yeah it wasn’t Deep dutch But i can’t remember whether whether i Mentioned you see whether that he’s um They’ve baked in a thing where it can Only go like five miles an hour because It’s slightly slower than what the

Average person can run at Yeah also it also can only lift a Certain amount of weight so you can out Power it as well absolutely not have a Look at it absolutely not it can [ __ ] Press like a champ Really yeah but he’s just we’ve just Literally got concept art at the minute There’s no no no no no they’ve they’ve Given figures of what what it should be Able to do And yeah i wouldn’t want it to play You’ve seen boston dynamics robots Though haven’t you yeah they they’re They have [ __ ] they are strong They they do backflips and all sorts of Stuff so you don’t want to mess with one Of those Isn’t it crazy though and i think it Might be just be a like sort of Cognitive cognitive dissonance sort of Thing when you’re watching you go like This can’t be real Isn’t it weird how animated they look When you watch them Yeah Those videos don’t look real i believe They are real you know but there’s Something there’s something in your Brain like when you watch um A film with loads of cgi in it and you Go oh yeah well that looks so real But i know they’re not i know they’re Not ragnarok or something like that and

I get the same feeling when i watch Those boston dynamic robots things where You you think like looks really real but There’s something Something not right about it Thank you area 503 yeah my mom uh love You um go go subscribe to area 503 Awesome channel and he’s going to come On again soon Don’t you think though well you probably Don’t think this but i i i’ve i’ve been Looking at these robots for a while and I’ve been intrigued by them but it’s This is almost like you’re looking at The next evolution of man This this is This is the nick this is the thing That i think the borg Yeah it is the bog This that’s you know that is a show in Itself The reality that these things eventually Will be the bog we’re getting the neuro Link we’re getting the Actual robots we will be able to like Have a wake-up call in our head That that robot Might know From this neuro link that we need a Glass of water in the night and just Come in and bring in this glass of water It might know you’ve got a headache and Bring you a painkiller that’s before you Before you even know it i don’t want

That no i think before that i think your Apple watch your smartwatch will tell You those things you know it’s The or already now they can do like Cardiograms on you can’t they you can Um depending on which watch you’ve got It’ll it’ll check your hydration level To tell you whether you know you’re uh Um Yeah hydrated yeah whether you’re Hydrated or not Um it’s coming it’s all coming can you Imagine you go to the top you have a Smart toilet and you go to the toilet And it just says You need to go to the doctors you have Chlamydia You know it actually tests your urine or Whatever you you’re about yeah yeah You know unfortunately You have cancer right Jesus I woke up today i had cancer well go get That [ __ ] fixed yeah and you can go get It fixed like that But not though if I mean It’s way down the line that a toilet a Smart toilet elon there you go good idea For you a toilet that tests you Um the tesla toilet Um that test your um Feces But

That would be inject that would be Genius and that would find it that would Find out straight that would find the Earliest stages That’s the best place to check too Yeah Because it’s probably it’s probably Coming down the line but i did probably Not though because i don’t think they They they don’t want us to keep living That long that long you know Anything more about that but i i don’t i Think it’s dangerous to make us live Longer Than we should yeah if we go outside who Is That’s that that’s that’s a possible Future i i i’m one of the one of the Things that I’m conflicted with the idea of like Reduction We won’t use the other words Um I don’t think the powers that be would Hate the idea of high-rise buildings With Small apartments with like Maybe A single room that you Sleep and eat And live in Well i went i went to china um Probably about Five years ago and yeah no it was longer

Than that rachel yeah But when i went to china that’s about 18 Months ago when you had that bat soup Yeah They but when i went when i went they Were i said what what are these uh speak To one of one of the guys there and he Says well people live there it’s just a Little room People just live in one room Yeah like a jail cell Yeah And they you could see that that that They were hanging off the buildings with Like a little tiny balcony window that They could open and hang out but you Could see the bed You could see the entire room that they Had the space that they had i see that Yeah they had that there’s a video of Places that chosen How people live in other countries Crazy Crazy but if if we do get if the Population becomes to what it What it may come to You know that that’s this might be the Reality of Intact all the countries not just china Have we all watched ready player one I’ve watched it yeah yeah Is that the the the The Virtual reality

Yeah Yeah i think i i think i watched it and Fell asleep it’s cool no no no i i mean The quality of the film doesn’t really Matter but i can see that as a possible Um possible future Oh yeah uh you know the the idea of us Living in these small places basically Communicating with it with each other in White like a physical 3d realized Internet Uh i can see that being the way humanity Goes especially the I I think the uh what we’re doing as far As making like people stay in and stuff Like that is going to be a tool that’s Now used for many different Like ills Be it climate yeah yeah stuff like that Don’t worry i’m on it the the head the Head knows where to censor Um my last video was d d monetized just From us Telling the world what he didn’t have in His system so just just be careful Really yeah yes oh no No not that i’m bothered about that Because it makes pen space just weird It’s just weird yeah because i’ve talked About it yeah yeah i think you’ve just Got to use certain coding but you know He says It’s okay we’re all on board with

Whatever your plan is it’s not a problem Just just leave us alone Brian thank you thank you so much mate For the super chat and Battlestar galactica is one of Especially the new the new one i loved It Uh have you have you guys seen it I’ve never seen it i’ve watched the Original that’s it It’s the even the new one is really good It’s it well say new it’s it’s quite a Few years old i did like Spoiler alert you know they’re They’re heading out and if you think That earth has actually Uh their planets died earth are dying And being attacked and what have you Bit by because they created these Robots But so they’re going out to look for Um A new planet But the new planet they actually End up landing on is earth And and it was Like Billion millions and millions of years Ago in the world So i don’t know if that’s the story of The original battle battle star because I’ve not watched that in years i used to Watch it i think my dad um so i can’t Really remember it but the i watched the

Recent Uh I binge watched it it’s absolutely Fantastic so go watch my house it’s so Good It’s supposed to be a modern modern Sci-fi classic battle circle actor isn’t It the the tv series So So they’ve they somehow went into a Wormhole No no They created robots like elon’s doing no I know but if they went a million years In the past how’d they get there No they were already in the past rich So they found earth so this is in the Past They’ve They They went out into space to look for a New planet the new planet that they Found Was earth Oh So they started again on earth but they Started with very very lit so they Started from the beginning basically Like i don’t know i like 5 000 people Something like that yeah probably less i Can’t remember how it ended but it’s It’s a great show that’s an interesting Form of panspermia Yeah

But these robots they went crazy you Know they they re they became self self Aware and The cylons Yeah they didn’t They they wanted to wipe the human Species Out i could see that happening If a machine becomes self-aware It now has emotions too that come along With being self-aware i would think If you look at yourself and you Recognize yourself that’s self-awareness That’s not emotion You just but doesn’t that wouldn’t that Spawn off everything else And evolve into well i don’t like the Way i look today or maybe he noticed Maybe the robot goes by a mirror and Sees a Uh you know a scratch mark on its armor And wants to fix it Why You know i mean that’s what i’m i don’t Know if that’s how it’s going to start But I think you’ll probably start with a um With an accident wouldn’t it you know Like a A breaking code or something like that You know Like a shot short circuit or a shot okay Sabotage Or a chappie

Yeah yeah yeah Yeah um I i’ve also wondered how How long it will take and i i don’t Think it will need to be Like a one-to-one machine-to-human Comparison For people to fall in love with them as Well and that’ll be the big That’ll be such a cool yeah well there’s An um There’s an app that’s worth That’s probably worth messing around With for At least a seven day free trial i can’t Remember it’s called it’s like a chatbot App you can get for uh iphones i’ll I’ll i’ll remember I’ll give it i’ll send you the the thing I’ll liam you can stick in the comments Well there’s a film like that called her Yeah yeah in phoenix and his phone he Falls in love with his phone yeah and This thing will give you a pretty uh Like Accurate representation of what you Expect for a friend to message you it’s Strange i um i did it i downloaded it Because i was going to do a show on it Um And i didn’t end up doing it but yes There’s someone just put it up it’s Called replica Um

And um it’s [ __ ] crazy But it really is strange Um One this thing talks to you like a human Being yeah it’ll just message you like The message just say how you doing When you feel You message it back it’ll message To say some pretty filthy stuff back to You Um But uh Yes that i was going to bring that up as Well rich it’s a good point that’s right Because as soon as you get that sort of Thing is are they alive are they are Aren’t they alive And You know it There will be like human rights or Machine rights activists Stupid isn’t it how it’s gonna be it Will be that way but if it becomes Self-aware i should have done the video Totally different title people i’m sorry If you wanted to talk about stars um but This is what we do on this show we just Go out on a tangent Uh If it becomes self Aware Surely that self-awareness is It’s just code that’s making it do that

Or is it what Would it become Somebody would have to implant that code In the software Yeah well what you’re trying to say is Do you believe there’s a soul if there’s A soul and like a genuine spark of Humanity that makes Us different to the other animals Then It then it is different because if if we Have something that’s Like intangible that goes to Off into the greater universe after After we finish like the meat vessel Journey Um then there is a difference if we are Just essentially meat machines With Really really good code And we make a machine facsimile With Like identical code then we’ve just made Ourselves in robot form but if we have Got a soul All we’ve done with the robots Is make a Close comparison to a human soul And that that That’s where That’s where everything gets a little Bit sort of squirrelly isn’t it but at The same time and this is linking with The title that we you know that we are

All made of stardust definitely Thank you dorothy for the 5 super chat i Really appreciate that but you’re right I’m desperately trying to link it to the Title but i i did think this you know i Thought what if Um This bottle of beer yeah this is made From the universe in Really it’s just it’s it’s made out of The same things that i am So who am i to say that this bottle of Beer doesn’t have Something about it that is Linked With The soul or whatever you want to put it Life or anything you mean how how can we What you mean you can’t you can’t prove A soul’s got a hasn’t got an um A a soul but It’s it’s that situation where you it’s Like the Schrodinger’s box isn’t it i left my Cats i left my cats in the living room i Can’t see my cats i can’t see my living Room but i’m pretty [ __ ] sure they’re Still there Unless there’s a simulation in there There’s nothing there In ram but uh as far as things you know If we’ve got inanimate objects like this Table like my bottle of water and stuff Like that

And then we have to We have you you can assume Pretty safely That a [ __ ] a coffee cup Isn’t a living Thinking creature Yeah but what was what was going to link That to Is if you create a robot that becomes Self-aware Then Maybe whatever that’s what because That’s made of everything that you make All the computers that you make Everything’s made from the earth Everything’s made from what we’ve been Given nothing’s just miraculous Miraculously appeared as a synthetic Object that we are set here’s some We’ve Been beamed down some synthetic Materials to make plastic and what have You i don’t know all the science behind It you know it’s silicon sand whatever Um When you create something from that If that became self-aware Maybe that would give it a soul because Essentially it’s It’s come from the earth Just like we have so we’re god And we’ve given it the spark of life That’s not the dog

But i think for something to have a soul I think it has to be from the day the Heart starts beating and the brain Starts Chiming away i don’t think that’s Something you can just inject into a Robot i think you’re giving this given The soul at birth If that if that uh robot Was Evolving it didn’t have a soul when it Started out but we gave it one when it Became self-aware Yeah i see that’s tough man that’s a Tough Tough one to crack right there Essentially It’s Everything’s made from the same stuff so When it dies Does its soul go where because it’s Energy and it goes somewhere so we’re Gonna have interacting ghost spirit Robots Mean really yeah yeah i mean I don’t think of i but i don’t think Of a of a ghost as A physical Uh Something that you can see that looks Like your great great grandma isn’t that The soul The spirit maybe it’s what the soul Wants to

Implement on your brain Whatever that is maybe they Will show themselves as a A person or a memory That doesn’t mean to say that that is What they are So so what that soul might look like is Something that nobody’s ever really seen Yeah you will only see that as Somebody who I i’m not even gonna say dead because I used to be an atheist But Do you know i think that i think it’s Definitely a recycle system here You know We we do it well we’re trying to now It’s a little bit too late but we are Trying to uh Be a little bit more uh gentle on the Planet and what have you But What if there is a A the universe has a recycle system Um dorothy dorothy hawkins in the Comments if you want to pop her up uh Just put what if consciousness uh There we go there it is Um And i think that’s an interesting Subject because If you can if you can copy something see This this is why i don’t think that Works as a as a form of immortality if

You if you will because you could do i Could do that right now if the Technology was there yeah if the Technology was there i could upload my Consciousness to this point into a Machine yeah you could you could stick That um You could stick that machine lee in a Different country and leave us living For 10 years those those two machines Would be the same consciousness that Have lived two vastly different Experiences over the last 10 years so Therefore wouldn’t be the same person Anymore So i i don’t i don’t think that whole Idea of downloading consciousness lit The way would have anything to do with The soul it’s just downloading your Experiences to that point Yeah i don’t think if you die and this They’ve got this technology where you Can put yourself into a usb stick that’s Going to be I think it’d be a lovely thing to do for Your family it’s not gonna be you though No no it wouldn’t be you but if you Could speak to a Um Like a Electronic Like copy of your father or your Grandmother or you know it’s The

The idea of grief would vastly change By losing someone would vastly change Immediately If i’m gonna die And we put my consciousness into a robot There’s two of me now is basically What’s happened right Yeah okay so we gotta keep the other one You can’t leave my other consciousness Contained in a cell until i die So i mean i’d get mad And can we control that other Consciousness and kind of control me That was an um Dark the Black mirror episode Where they i was thinking about the Upload whatever the johnny depp no they They uploaded like consciousness of People oh sorry the super ai Consciousness into uh like alexa’s Didn’t they i’m sorry for anyone that Owns an alexa um Yeah Uh And those they they slowly went crazy Didn’t they inside their little Ai Yeah assistant because they could be There forever yeah they were just stuck In there forever one was inside the Guy’s head and then he shut her up yeah And she sat there for like forever That’s correct years he had a whole new

Family and everything Yeah Yeah because he died And still have the relationship with Everybody but I just think that if if that happens Why can’t My soul my consciousness Be in the robot at that point If my consciousness goes into this robot And it’s me Does not My soul come with me Or is it the soul see self-awareness and The soul aren’t the same thing Exactly so is it see for me it would Just be your memories it would be it’d Be like downloading your all of your All of the information you’ve gathered Flaws and all into something else but Yeah i i like to believe that there is Something special about people You know it’s the uh It’s that age-old question isn’t it if If if we take out and and i know this is Definitely gonna upset like the chat Given the channel but if you take out The like videos of like lights and stuff That we see in the sky and take out the Idea of aliens because there’s no Like cast iron proof that like we’ve Been talking about Um you have to think to yourself well If we haven’t been

Visited in all this all like And and we think not not only that we Haven’t been visited but that humanity Might have gone by for many many Thousands more years just with different Cataclysms in between where we’ve had to Rebuild and rebuild and rebuild And we still haven’t found An extraterrestrial life that are on Other planets Maybe we are special maybe wear it maybe We are life on this planet We’re the center of the universe But we don’t have to be the center we Could be just off to the left but and if But for all intents and purposes of life Forms we could be it that could be why It seems so [ __ ] quiet out there No everything’s just so gosh darn far Apart Nobody can figure out how to go from Point a to point b But for all those millions of years if i Mean that’s the don’t get me wrong the Other thing is we there could be loads Of life all across the the universe and The galaxies but we could be the most Technically advanced of them you know we Could be the apex or the least yeah but If we’re if we’re the least and it’s That old i would think that there would Be something zipping around To get there but then again i suppose You don’t find

Polar bears in africa because the polar Bears can’t get to africa if we’re so Advanced and smart and this is the apex Why can’t we figure out how the pyramids Were made Exactly yeah But going back to that rich that you’ve Just said um When we’re talking about People that Like Take for example the incas the you know That was drawing star charts and what Have you A lot of the evidence Of them doing anything has been Destroyed you know something was covered Up there it i don’t think it was covered It was destroyed in anything natural Somebody didn’t want us to see what they Were doing You know so you when you look at history And you look it There’s things that i think have been Covered up because for I don’t know if it’s for religious Reasons Or what but there are things that we are Not allowed to see that have happened in The past whether you look at the Pyramids whether you look at the i mean The inca ruins you know that’s that’s The pyramid itself You know these

These people I think they were more advanced than That doesn’t mean to say that i think That they were speaking to aliens Because And only this i i i’m not afraid to say This anymore because it probably will Piss people off in the chat You know but i don’t think it was Because i think they all they all love a Little bit of alien addict Like share subscribe Beautiful people but what I was going to say rich though is that I think Sometimes when i’m seeing you talk on Your show I almost see that in you That you You’re finding it hard to believe Almost in The fact that this place is being Visited it’s almost like you’re Struggling to believe in the ufos these Days i’m not saying they’re not there I’m not i definitely think they’re there But i think you’re struggling to To compromi comprehend what they are Actu what they actually are oliver of Alien addict uh ufo shell confirmed It is um what i’m having a problem with Is the failure Of Man him himself

As a as a species Not wanting to Sacrifice their power their greed and Everything for the truth It is it is going to take a herculean Effort to get To the point where we all want to be With technology we want to be advanced Free energy but a lot of people are look At all the people that died trying to Make the water car you know not a lot of People but You know people have been killed just For that because they came up with a way To do without gasoline So until Gas and oil are gone There’s no other option on the table Because it’s too much money and a lot of People who come up with ways To uh Create this technology i guess or have Found ways have been silenced And people just would rather choose Their careers and the wealth and the Power instead of Coming together with a hundred other Billionaires and just Making it real Making our future happen because you got To go up against uh All that is running this planet And it’s going to take a lot of people a Lot of billionaires to do it

And i say that because it’s true you Can’t just do with one family the you Know let’s say the rockefellers or Another family over here can’t do with Three families because you know the Secret Government can take them out That’s too easy but when you have a lot Of people doing a lot of family see That’s what they’re all scared of They’re afraid that they’re gonna lose Their power their seat at the throne And they’d rather just follow along and Live making billions of dollars a year Without helping mankind we have a chance To do it Do you ever think there’s something that It Just touched it it was squeezed in sorry Do you ever think There is something else though rich yeah Yeah yeah yeah I think there is yeah and i think And the channel Your channel my channel We just literally we are winging it and We are talking we are talking we are Talking nonsense Every time To The chat this is why i don’t want to Influence anybody in in terms of Nonsense isn’t a good word though No you are correct there it’s not

Because i don’t think we’re talking Nonsense i think we’re spinning our Wheels we’re not going anywhere And no matter how long i’ve been in this Field now 17 years it’s gotten worse you People may say rich what are you talking About it’s gotten better mainstream Media Yeah but yeah but now it’s quiet and now We’ve got anjali Saying there’s the magical tunnel We’ve heard these stories before so now We have this filling in the void Nonsense do you think it’s because is it To grab You know i don’t know Um Yeah i mean that’s what i want to that’s Where my knee-jerk reaction goes to is That she’s full of it But that is a real big thing she put out There saying that she talked to aliens She had this press conference She wants to get researchers to go back Now if that’s real Don’t you think they’re gonna put a team On her and watch her 24 hours a day They’re gonna there she’s being watched Right now And they’re gonna wait for her to make Her move and they’re gonna figure out Where she’s going and jump in front of It Before it happens and they’re gonna stop

It and they’re gonna destroy that tunnel It’s the same what researchers as well She’ll name them she said she will But it’s the same as the i don’t know Uh Lazar stuff isn’t it because the the one Thing i always get With lazar is You know when you look back at his story How you know he was bugged and he was Found to be um Like talking to people about what he’d Done area 51 supposedly and he took People to watch these things you know he Took john lear didn’t he up to the Desert to sit to see these things Um if that’s real None of those people leave that desert Alive i would think not You know you’re in the middle of the Desert there’s nobody there you’re out Watching ufos you dragged into the Military base You are Gone Bye bob you had a cool last name Unless he was supposed to do that Unless he was supposed to do that and Think about his name his last name lazy Come on bizarre Yes oh my god never thought of that That’s wonderful Yeah how come they’re not dead You just recorded top secret

Alien spacecraft well Technology anyway but They should be gone even in the most um The most grounded sense of it it’s Espionage That’s right you know even at the most It’s human-made it’s a pilot in there It’s espionage You’re right like Edward snowden couldn’t escape with a Few [ __ ] memory sticks That’s a great point by the way It is Leigh’s on fire Yeah totally no that makes sense man bob Lazar should be in prison with lazar or Whatever his leader And the other guy who was over there He doesn’t know What if he doesn’t know Who Bob what if what if he thinks that’s What he saw what if he thinks that’s What well because he he knew wednesday Night 7 30. Yeah because maybe maybe he was He All the all the The jigsaw pieces fell into place on They put all the right pieces in the Right place at the right time you know They knew they what they wanted to Happen Oh right maybe

Maybe they they maybe to go as far As to say that They wanted This to come out at this time That’s what i was thinking they did it On purpose see the how we would react to It But now we’ve got why we wait 35 years Later to do it again With the three videos It seems to me that this there’s so many So many things now that are put into Place To knock us off the scent Of what actually is going on Because Especially with these videos that have Been put out i don’t i don’t actually Blame carbel for putting them out you Know he was giving him he put them out Would i do it someone sent me some Videos i probably would no if you did No No I’m serious dude you would not put that Out there if you were cor if you were Corbiliwood but if you were you and i Worked for the pentagon and said dude i Know you won’t believe the story but There were 14 ufos i could only give you One with one on here [Laughter] I would put it out but i would add Something to it you know i don’t think

You would i think if you’re putting that Situation and the pentagon gave you this Some by the way somebody risked their Lives and their career and for for Corbell with that video and it’s an Airplane it’s bokeh or boca whatever it Is this is how it would go i would put The video out like that There we go The video will go out And there and this is exactly how i Would do it okay You’d see the video yep i would stay Silent through it to let people make Their own mind up Okay And then When that little Blob Decides to Disappear I think this is the slow-motion version Why did it do that i don’t know It feels like we’ve been here for days It’s dead time [Laughter] Anyway let’s just imagine it’s it’s About to end That Simple That’s it sorry rich i’ve covered you up That’s all right i like it Wait no i know what you say no i would

Have to give an explanation i would have To say well i’ve been given but you Can’t dude See this is what happened with corbell He had no choice but to word things the Way that’s why it takes him six to eight Weeks put videos out because he’s got to Learn what to say and not mess up I think he’s being told this is it put It out this way or we won’t give you Anything but he may even be sitting There saying but this isn’t what you Told me i mean this looks like an Airplane he may have said that so what You’re going to be rich because you’ll Be able to make documentaries just based On your name and they’ll sell Oh See so Or it’s all fake Which i kind of think jeremy corbell and His little gang of videos it’s all made Up I don’t think he has anybody in the Pentagon I don’t think anybody’s risking anything There would be some sort of Investigation For leaking that’s illegal You can’t put that stuff on the internet You’re leaking top secret [ __ ] Or Stuff that shouldn’t be out to the Public stolen from this from the uh cic

Somebody videotaped it inside the cic You can’t do that but you be you believe Fravor Yeah you believe fraver as a pilot his Story is real his story seems pretty Real but let’s not forget he is an actor Too They were you know after After he had the nimitz encounter a year Later he made a documentary Six episodes That doesn’t make him enough it makes Him an actor because he knows how to Talk in front of the camera knows how to Walk knows how to act Better Read lines it’s not as easy as you think Yeah but he uh He may be an actor I don’t know But i could tell you this right now i Can tell you a story you write out ten Sentences and i’ll make you think i’ll Make you believe it tomorrow That it happened to me that’s how good An actor i am what would it take you to Sell out 10 mil In 10 10 million 10 million you you would On your channel you just put up Be careful you say here Let me let you finish the question There’s a lot of your subscribers in the

Chat yeah they don’t they know what Ollie whatever you’re gonna say after That i would take 10 million for not Even that right that’s why i said it Because So for 10 million you had to They told you what it was They gave I tell you what i’d feel bad And i i don’t know because look grier Turned down two billion dollars So she did not shut up So for 10 million they they they came to You and said look rich this is what it Is it’s god It’s god right there’s no such thing as Ufos This is this these are pictures they Show they took you into a studio they Took you up into space they showed you Planet earth and they showed you Things around planet earth and you saw That the universe is pretty much empty Basically they said when they went to The moon the reason why the astronauts Were so disappointed when they was being Interviewed is because they realized That is where it ended And they said we’re going to tell you This rich but we need you to sell the Ufo for the ufos We need you to sell the ufos we need you To sell alien life so we’re going to Send you footage we’re going to pay you

5 billion Look just to sell that story 5 billion This is not 10 mil 5 billion we’re going To do an austin powers here Here’s Would you lie to And i’m not that stupid i would yeah and The reason i would do it and i think Everybody here who knows me knows that The only reason i’m doing doing it is For my family’s future and mine But there must be a very important Reason why they have to Do this Create this narrative that aliens are Out there there’s got to be a reason and Is it to give people something to do Why is it to distract the public because To be honest with you public doesn’t Really care 98 of the people on the Planet really don’t think about ufos Probably 99 of them You know There’s not a lot of us I only realized that when the first Footage dropped You know when that first sort of Military footage dropped you thought we Obviously like you know it’s it’s the You don’t you can’t really see what it Is but when you’ve got Like the weight of the media behind it Going oh we think this might be Something from a different planet and

Nobody cared Not really you think everything would Have went multi-viral right the only People that cared what was and we Already cared So it it wasn’t This whole thing of it being a Put out there to to like prep the public Unless it’s gonna be this there’s two Two ways i think it would work Um either it’s not put out for the Public it’s put out It’s put out there for us to to To take our time up it’s our waste thing Whereas you’ve there’s various other Things that go in the world to take Other people up there Um Climate um activists getting Uh whipped up into shape to go and go And do their their activism stuff be it Um Wannabe bankers and investors getting White white uh wound up into bitcoin and Stuff there’s all these like almost mini Games that you can play on the plane of Reality now Um or It if it is for any sort of real Disclosure it’s not for disclosure it’s So that in a few years time like my my Son knows what an alien is now and i Don’t really watch stuff with him and i Found that weird the other day when he

Saw like a picture of a grey and he said Oh that’s an alien he’s full and i Didn’t really understand yeah i didn’t Really understand how he knew that so he Soaked that up From like a couple of youtube videos Maybe what we’re watching on netflix That sort of stuff Um Unless what this is is the real slow Drip So in In 10 years time or 15 years time the Next generation just go yeah well of Course there’s aliens up there Of course there is that always has been But if you look at the time The time span of as talking about aliens And what i mean really in like media Times i’m not talking about like Ancient paint paintings on walls i’m Talking about when we’ve been talking When people have been telling us about People being abducted their visits from Outer space i’m talking the the last 100 Years that sort of spam of where he’s Going out into media that is small But if you if you look at what kings and Queens did they fought ahead they fought Ahead hundreds of years because they Fought about their The next generation of people yeah So What if this

Whatever This is And it is weird because we’ve been given Drips and drops I don’t care what people say You know that it’s all going to happen We’ve been given the best years of his Life when it comes to the past seven Years of ufology We have been given still drips and drops And If you again i’ll go back to what i just Said there When it comes to how kings and queens On royals all Even governments or whatever they think Hundreds of years ahead of how they’re Going to plan Everything and put the different pieces In place What is the bigger picture when it comes To this what is this about Because there’s not enough evidence to Show what this actually is It’s about free energy it’s about Technology it’s what it really comes Down to we want that technology Regardless whether we find and talk and Hang out with aliens That’s what we want yeah but what is it What if it’s not aliens what would the Other reason for it be oh well that’s Why i was bringing up on jolly Now that they’ve brought her into the

Picture You remember how lou said look we don’t Even have the technology to understand What it is In a way he’s saying this is esoteric It’s something that may be from the Earth or created by the earth and he Said a lot of different things And a lot of different interviews Because he gets all different questions But what if that’s what it is and Anjali’s the next piece of the puzzle See i can’t understand and i’ve been Thinking about this for since she came Out with this story Why now Why is she coming out now and the the Biggest lull we’ve had in ufology in two Three years There’s not a lot you don’t see lou Anywhere really anymore no mainstream Play it’s very very very very slow after June 25th Yeah this is the hot potato Yeah it’s very hot it is With a little bit of butter So what if She is going to be the person that will Get us to the next level and believe That These are mind Reading mind-melding aliens that You know they’re just as scared as we Are even though they have the technology

To live in a cave that Somehow seamlessly meshes into rocks and Everything but It’s hard to believe but maybe she’s the The part of the story that lou couldn’t Tell Remember when in in episode four of uh Season one of unidentified at the end The last five minutes of that show Lou asked his higher up Can i get this whatever xyz evidence i Need access to this And His boss tells him lou We can’t give you that And he’s like why not he goes because They’re demons man They’re demons And that’s from somebody in the Government yes our government’s filled With uh you know a lot of christian Views and all that Um But you got those bible thumpers that Are out there still I think we need to move away from The bible stuff And just get to the nuts and bolts and And that’s kind of kind of one of the One of the reasons why lou left atip And then he got stuck with ttsa it Wasn’t what he thought it was and now He’s out on his own But

While he’s slow he’s dropped the demon Thing though hasn’t he after ttsa Wasn’t on cnn or something like that i’m Sure i’m sure he’s dropped something Recently he didn’t say it but He said what his higher up said to him And if that’s the case and we don’t have The technology To study it well maybe that’s why this Story came out from anjali who was uh You know who who worked with the fbi and Counter intelligence just the same as Lou even though she didn’t know who he Was But she’s a counterintelligence agent as Well or she she didn’t know who I was she didn’t know she never even Heard of them she said They don’t know i’m sure they work Different parts of the world he was in Afghanistan or an atip too and No is she is she’s did she say in an Interview when somebody mentioned when She went luhu who’s he yeah she said Well no she knew of him but she didn’t Know who he was when she was in when she Was working right okay in the fbi But she’s another she’s an actress She’s made commercials she’s a pilot she Was trying to be a politician failed at That But what if for some reason they asked Her Look you seem to have a

A gist of things you know that’s going On maybe um You can come to this cave with us And we want to show you something And what if they introduced her and they Made up this whole story we need this to Be the next piece of the i’m just Throwing it out there because i don’t Understand her involvement because her Claims will have to produce the most Incredible evidence to date And she’s not going to get it that’s a Good point like you know that’s i mean That like you you’re not talking like Smoking gun are you talking like smoking Unicorn with [ __ ] sparks oh yeah i am Yeah man But the thing is What if you think back to like a few Years ago like a few few years ago Um and you think you look at like the Sort of the rise of alex jones and stuff Like that and him getting into bohemian Grove Um There is enough out there to suggest That there is some Other belief In amongst like are great and good And um You know if if we’re gonna if if we’re Willing to [ __ ] with those sort of ideas What if that’s the secret what if the Secret is like what whether whether them

Saying they’re demons What if the secret Is that’s what the end goal is is to try And contact these [ __ ] You mean To to to bring them into our reality Yeah And they are demons yeah well look look Like let’s all be [ __ ] honest here We’ve all seen the um Like displays and stuff that These places like cern do when you know When they open a new part of it and they Have like basically [ __ ] Yeah luciferian rituals is what they are It’s [ __ ] Crazy And Uh I don’t i don’t think If you’re looking at that that’s Supposed to be a purely [ __ ] Scientific Like numbers Um Not like [ __ ] intangible magic you Know it’s the fact that the uh They ran that bloody like fake sacrifice Outside in the grounds didn’t they in Front of the like the statue of sheba And then someone turned around and said Oh it was just our crazy interns [ __ ] About your crazy interns doing a fake Human sacrifice what the [ __ ]

I mean like it’s odd I’ve pulled loads of jokes over the Years Never have i done a human sacrifice ever And i’ve wanted to More than once But yeah it’s it’s [ __ ] crackers i’ve Had sacrifices on my show remember When i used to do them i used to we they Were what were they called uh is that is That when you kept getting new Subscribers and it was just like you Sacrificed like no it was one i get like 10 000. I wish it worked that way but uh No what’s that movie where they’re Allowed to kill people Pedge yeah i was purging you Yeah i did the purges yeah I purged a lot of people jaime mossan Tyler Lots of people wait it is it’s all great Points lee I think uh we don’t know But what alex jones did back then was Unreal showing that stuff i mean Everybody heard about it but he actually Showed us He was a different animal back then alex Jones well Everything was different back then The internet was only what Five ten years old really Ten years old maybe

It’s i think it’s the uh The addition to the smartphone people Having such quick access to everything Almost immediately as it happens i think That scares media and anybody else who Has an agenda I think they lost control of it yeah of Course i think this this came out as Like a Um propaganda and all we can we can sway The the public through Like various means if we can contact Them all the time But i think the internet was pandora’s Box i think that’s what they’re trying To do right now you know it’s the was it Obama that sort of launched this thing Of having like internet 2 and stuff Where it’d be maybe more like like cable Subscription than what we look at as the Internet And I think one of the things they’re trying To do right now is trying to get a lid Back on the box hey i tell ya we already Are paying for the internet Yeah We’re not But if let’s just say you had to have a Subscription to the internet like a Legitimate one not just the internet Access I think then Because we’re paying for it

Everything can go again then it opens up Just that’s why we have hbo and serious Satellite because you are not governed By the fcc When you’re when people pay to listen to You that’s different than free uh you Know tv and and free fm what i worry is That the internet will turn into like an Overlay like a smartphone so it’s Instead of you going into your into your Box and being able to go to Uh whichever website you want to it will Be like looking at your iphone where you Have to download selected apps from the Store To access those websites yeah Yeah that’d be that’d be the worry for Me because then then the sites can be Vetted more than than they are now and That’s when you get it Yeah because because you can’t just pop An app up onto our onto the apple not Anymore Yeah you can’t you can’t just fire it Yeah you can’t just fire one up there Though so the minute you have like a Internet regulator you always i’m Realistic we’ve already got covert Regulators we we’re watching what we say Right now on youtube Yeah but if it gets that one step Further where it stops being like this Free and open platform and it is just All right well what can you what can you

Download on the internet well you can Download like cnn bbc and uh you can Download everything you can on your Phone Yeah but what if the access Stuff disappears Yeah and you have to pay for it No no it’s just gone it’s just gone that Layer of the internet where you can go And set up your own site and you can go And put your own content on disappears Well i don’t think that’ll ever go like [ __ ] [ __ ] you you can’t get the [ __ ] you App on the iphone no yeah it’s not even Available and that’s a massive like That’s a massive problem for them Because nobody really sits in front of Their computer and watches like youtube Most people watch youtube through Through an app on an ipad or a phone yep So for any of these um like breakthrough Platforms like a rumble or something Like that to to actually compete with Youtube they have to compete with Youtube on an equal playing field And they won’t have that until they can Have A like for like app with that with that Platform Or they won’t have that until the the Big tech companies will will actually Accept them Or they [ __ ] themselves to the point

Where because i i don’t believe that um Like channels like your guys channels Are going to last forever on youtube No neither do i No you know i think unfortunately we’ve Seen so many channels be purged i i Think there will be a time where you Guys are the next ones there’s always The Yeah it’s it i said this when alex jones Was taking off platforms That he was the beginning and they used Him because the general populace Well they could laugh at him they could Laugh at the the guy that shouted all The time losing his platform and they Didn’t care but then after it was him It was like then you could get Conservative commentators that go like Milo yiannopoulos then you’ve got Um Now you’ve got certain doctors and Scientists because they’re saying the Wrong thing They’re losing their channels and their Twitter access Twitter banned like a sitting president That’s [ __ ] up Yeah Yeah they it’s Because that’s their uh belief system They don’t believe are like trump so That [ __ ] Decided to silence him

And when you become an influencer of Like twitter and facebook i think you Should fall under the guise of the first Amendment of the united states where Freedom of speech should not be You know Put to an end Just because you don’t believe or like What somebody says you’re going to Silence them no it’s ridiculous yeah It’s the worst thing i’ve ever seen and I just can’t believe there aren’t other I can’t believe that people don’t want To go somewhere else they just like Going on twitter because They like saying twitter i think i don’t Know Yeah everybody should just get up and Leave i don’t understand twitter i’ll be Honest with you i try I get messages and i don’t i i kind of Don’t understand what i’ve been messaged In I guess i’m like yeah where’s the Where’s the original thread i don’t Understand it i get like i’ve been Tagged in something i’m like But what where’s the original i don’t Know how to use it It’s a good saying isn’t there were Things like this a good good saying that If you cut a man’s tongue out you can’t Tell if he was lying all you can tell us Is that somebody was scared of what they

Were going to say Yeah i mean to bring it back in with the Channel because We need to do that Well i’m not going to talk about the Status so much But i honestly And it’s been it must i think it’s been More than two years now probably three Years To the point where i’m so frustrated With This subject because i think there’s so Many people that I’m not saying they know it’s something Different to what it actually is to what People are saying it is I think the subject of ufology and Whatever these beings are i think Nobody’s talking about what it actually Is I think you’re right I think that’s that’s one of the things I brought up last week wasn’t it when um I was talking to though the Uh osvaldo Um The These things used to be called like gin Or goblins You know it’s and the but and you jo in Another 50 years in another hundred Years ufos and aliens will be called Something else again we’ve already seen

The shift in modern times by the uh all Of a sudden like the the uap thing Instead of ufo but all you need is then A change in um The like culture and Mythology For them to be something again you know Just some other sort of mythical strange Entity and that’s not me saying that i Don’t think they’re there Um anti-media zombie put tricksters and I I i sometimes i think that’s a better um A better analogy of them is are these The Are they chaos Are they literally like the the Embodiment of chaos that’s Just here To [ __ ] with things If so Why aren’t i one Well here’s the thing if if you look and I’m not talking about the the alien Stuff but you look at Paintings of dragons of Demons you look at gargoyles you look at All these Weird you know Woo things you know the the the the Things that go bump in the night that We’ve been talking about for Thousands and thousands of

Years yeah Who are we that in the last 100 How long is that rich you might know the Date but when did all the ufo stuffs Actually start where we started to Report on it You know believe it was 194 52 1952 so How many years is that it’s what 63 69 years i don’t know what is it 70 That’s when we start to report on it Properly under 100 years like our Generation say Okay so no More than that it’s like three Generations ago oh sorry i met like a Lifetime that’s where i was going So after It’s five generations ago basically I think there was stuff that went that Was reported before the roswell crashes Though there was it was there was there Was the uh 1889 or 98 uh But you’re talking we’re talking big Media here aren’t we yeah yeah yeah i Mean but the one thing that hit that uh The what is it that um Oh my god i can’t think it was in texas Aurora texas And the alien crashed into a wind thing Oh then he buried it in the well That was that was a story that went Pretty much all over in the newspaper But it took a month to get around the World what was the one where they buried

The alien under a tree that’s it is that The one is it yeah it’s aurora texas Yeah yeah um But the real media started with roswell That was like i would have to say the First Actually no it’s not it’s before roswell Because you had the guy who created the Term flying saucer in the same year 1947. Just six months earlier or a few months Would you would a foo fight has been the The first What do you think of this modern day Because there’s um There’s a letter from churchill isn’t That Where Oh it was declassified in in the uk [ __ ] ages ago And in this letter it it brought up like These things that the pilots were seeing In the sky and they decided that they Weren’t ours they were allies they Weren’t axis And um Churchill put like a hold on it was like A 40 year hold because he believed that Looking into this now would hurt the war Effort hmm For anybody watching this now is in the Chat it’s not that we that we don’t know How this has been going on we’re talking About major media reporting on it we’re

Not talking about when it all started And there was a few reports we talked About major Worldwide reports where there’s a Massive awareness So so Back to my Back to my point there Who are we To Discard thousands and thousands of years Of intelligent human beings Just because they didn’t have our Technology At the time they didn’t have our science At the time that they didn’t have the Ways and maybe they didn’t have the ways Of means i don’t know but who are we To discard that To go on a whim For some Phone footage for Some news articles and You know A bit of military footage who are we to Say that that is Aliens Who we to say that that is an Extraterrestrial from a different planet And it’s not what these people have been Talking about for thousands and Thousands of years I think to discard that Is doing this subject disservice i think

You need people These people that are researching this Have these big ufologists That are researching this subject they Need to look Forget the ancient alien theorists Actually look at the history of Demons look at the history of dragons of The the mystical shite look at that well Well this has been my take on this ever Since i’ve started doing these shows With you isn’t it that we We’ve humanized These things we’ve humanized them by Putting nuts and bolts on them and Deciding they’re built in factories And that’s that’s my issue with it as Honest especially the way it’s been Presented to us right now It’s all about tech the technology and It very well could be it could be just Hyper advanced technological crafts that Are built in ways we don’t understand How they’re built But It’s the fact that that sounds like such A human way of doing things And that but that’s the same as when you Look at these things being looked at as Mythical creatures it’s because back Then we we didn’t have the technology to Uh stamp on them so we stamped magic and Folklore on them which is what made them Goblins and vampires and things like

That it’s just this right now is the Best way we can describe what we’re Seeing In a hundred years time what else would It be or it might be something Completely different maybe um when you Look at what we’re doing with how well How much like psychedelics are being Pushed now push forward now maybe the Next phase of wondering what these Things are is to think there’s something On a different astral plane maybe that Maybe it’s going to go back into a more Of a spiritual thing than it is into a Technology thing They are pushing science psychedelics Recently everything that i’m watching on Tv we mean the message to watch the new Show on amazon prime with nicole kidman And she’s drugging everybody with Psychedelics to make them realize Um their real self of who they actually Are yeah uh I i’m just I’m frustrated with More the community And The people that Um Influence the community that don’t They don’t speak about this they don’t Consider anything else other than aliens They don’t consider They don’t consider that this could be

Something that is that’s been here Forever Since we’ve been here Maybe older than what we are But when you’re talking about Ultra-terrestrial rather than Extraterrestrial Well yeah I was just listening to billy carson Talking About hollowed earth And how you know we’ve got people living In the earth and maybe that’s where the Aliens live and And how pilots have actually flown into These openings and out and There’s stories even i think from way Back When richard byrd was all the way out There and yeah So i mean There i don’t i think the aliens if There are aliens here they’re they’re Either in antarctica Somewhere i think it’s easier to build In ice than it would be than rock so Maybe that’s what they’ve done But The moon fascinates me More than anything Now you think about the truman show That’s where they had their whole studio You know looking down on i mean that That could be

What they’re doing to us Do you know what i would like to know is What i’m i’m sure someone will have Calculated this because it must be it Must be crazy But when you look at the moon and the Sun How uh How what are the odds that you have Something that’s exactly the same shape As something else but Billions of miles apart from each other Between this between the moon and the Sun But just far enough apart that they Appear exactly the same size in the sky So when one covers the other it Perfectly covers it That’s [ __ ] nuts They said it’s an astronomer the odds Are astronomical it should it’s our moon Is ridiculously big for the planet earth So the thing is when you look at what The uh they can say like an astronomical Anomaly so what you say what they’re Trying to say is without saying it is Saying it is it’s beyond reasonable Doubt that it was an accident Our moon’s the only moon in our uh System as well That that does that doesn’t spin With that actually stays in in its Static in its orbit no it does it it Turns but we only see one side of it

It’s going with us yeah well that’s Another one of the crazy like intangible Things isn’t is the fact that it turns At the same speed as what we turn so We’re always seeing the same face of it Right a look at pink flight dark side of The moon you know With the triangle You you never see that side um Of the moon And it’s twice as thick And it rang like a bell Apparently for hours Apparently Yeah well Because no gravity no air no atmosphere No water no trees nothing to stop it But i thought in space no one can hear You scream but we can hear a bell The moon I guess yeah that’s it The moon’s got an atmosphere though Isn’t it it’s it’s got a thin atmosphere But the moon has an atmosphere it’s not A vacuum It is a vacuum I’m sure it was a vacuum That’s why you can’t hear anything on The moon I think there’s i think there’s a thin Atmosphere like a bell you’re thinking About mars Maybe the moon has an atmosphere of Course not an atmosphere it’s got

Gravity but it has no atmosphere at all I said i thought it did i know what you Thought i will be wrong Well just ask some just put it in google Doesn’t matter what it No no no now you got me wondering i’ll Check it out i would ask Her but she’ll she’ll rub it on There we go The moon has an atmosphere but it’s very Very tenuous Gases in the lunar atmosphere are easily Lost to space because of the moon’s low Gravity Light atoms such as helium receive Enough energy from solar heating so that They escape in just a few hours it’s so Small yeah that’s for me i i knew it was Small but i thought yeah i can’t add Like a thing yeah everything Everything’s perfect though you know i Know You you’ve got jupiter which is the the Warrior that is defending us from being Wiped out how we have not had another Dinosaur situation 65 million years I thought that has not happened it’s Beyond me It has but a lot a lot smaller Yeah but how it’s not taking his outrage He’s beyond I don’t know i’ve got something i’ve got A moon question for you

If The when you look up at the The moon as we see it yeah And you see the the fact it’s peppered With craters like peppered with impact Craters yeah How does that happen when this when the Earth’s in the way Well the earth was getting peppered at The same time some when in the creation But why why don’t we have that many jojo Sure i mean we would have more more huge Craters well we have plate tectonics There everything’s moving and you know All that the water we do have a lot of Craters but we do with like forests and So there are some big craters i just Don’t think i think Because the moon’s untouched You know that they stay there and that’s On that side and that’s a lot of I i had um The well i called him a flat earther and He he said i’m not a flat earther i’m a Globe denier he corrected me on that i Interviewed Seven he Um and He I asked him a question i said so Explain to me why There are craters on the moon If if the earth’s flat And he’s like he could and i said

Explain meteorites to me explain you Know stuff coming from the atmosphere And that they can’t i also i i’ve said To flat earthers before because i Respect that i have respect for anybody That choose chooses to believe in a Certain subject because the the reason Why they believe in that subject is Because they don’t trust What is in front of their faces so i’m Not going to argue with somebody who Doesn’t trust something because that’s Their belief and i respect but you can’t Turn down real scientific facts and That’s what they’re doing totally i Agree with you rich so i said You know so your model of the flat earth God we’ve gone from everything started i Know it’s been crazy So your model of the flat earth yeah You’ve got this this model here And you’ve got the The sun that that goes round your model Yeah of the flat earth And you’ve got a moon okay So but that sun is so bright so Surely if it’s flat you would always see That sun sun would never disappear ever It would never go completely black if It’s on you’ve seen the model Yeah you must have seen seen the the Plate with the The moon going around the sun going Around

But the sun’s going round but yet a Certain area will go black like it’s Almost like the sun’s turned off you Would always if you can see the stars in The sky At night you would see that big sun Wouldn’t you you know it’s Not not there not their model like i’ve Watched quite a lot of the the flat Earth stuff i’ve i think it’s dead Interesting thought experiment to be Honest oh wait it’s my guilty pleasure i Like to watch a little bit I think that the the the sergeant that They’ve got though i think i think elon Just needs to launch the [ __ ] into Space I’ve said this so many times it was like A broken record but that is what he Needs to do he’s got a sense of humor Launch the biggest flat earther into Space And film him [ __ ] himself Because i guarantee he’ll be [ __ ] Himself on the way up because he thinks This rock is going to explode this [ __ ] It’s going to exist Oh no oh no I think uh i think i’d be very [ __ ] Iffy about getting on any of those Rockets no way I just said that Going range no no god no no no no

The last launch that they they just did Where the rocket went to take off and Instead of going up it went to the side And then went up It went off it went off the uh the thing The launch pad then went off to the side A couple hundred feet and then it slowly Started going up Just a couple days ago So like did this See it went Yeah It looked like it was gonna fall over Right right out the gate and then it Straightened itself up you know how when They come in for a landing that’s what It looked like it looked like it was Gonna land but it then it took off it Just didn’t go straight up it’s so weird It wound up uh Just getting destroyed anyway it Malfunctioned halfway halfway up Anyway that’s i was just adding on to What you thought no no i i i didn’t see That take off and i do like to watch a Lot of them was it is it was it a spacex Or was it a nasa one I think it was nasa you can yeah i’ll Send you the video The thing is and here’s the frustrating Thing with nasa and i like a big i’m a Big fan of rockets i’m a big fan of Anything that’s got that much power in It that can just

I mean i hate fireworks as a kid though But There’s something that has got that much Power behind it and to put a few little Midgets on the end of it and send them Into space It’s insane But my problem is when you look at Some of the stuff they why have they not Given us more You know why why have they not put like A A hd I’ll even take 1080 uh i’ll even take 720p Camera on the moon or you know just Looking back at earth or or anything Just like There’s not They don’t show us enough look at the Look at the the new nasa rover with the Helicopter that just faces down all the Way There’s not enough To consider that we’re going to boldly Go where no man’s gone before and we’re Sending people into space I just I’d expect more i had this argument with My dad And me and my dad we have a few drinks And we always get talking My wife told me off the last time We went to my mom and dad’s we got

Talking about nasa me my dad and my Wife’s face is like this going Oh no Not again My dad Is He absolutely Loves everything to do with the the moon Mission i bought him the h2 he’s got a 4k tv i bought him the 4k Uh Moon mission video and i’m watching it With him saying this is it’s really good This daddy it’s really good quality and He’s like yes So but how come they never Sh I can buzz never kind of i know That there’s a camera on The leg of the Lunar module When they’re going down it and it’s Filming Um Neil But how come Because they had a big camcorder inside For that moment that neil’s going down There how come buzz didn’t decide to you Know Smile neil you this is you know Film him doing that That’s a big it’s a big big moment It’s a big moment in history how come

We never saw that because there was Great footage Of the first moon mission But there’s no great footage of neil Going down that ladder And Surely that is the most They surely nasa would have said Listen Make buzz make sure You’ve got you You you’ve got a steady hand And you you’re going to deliver us some Amazing footage of neil going down Though That ladder you know i think i know why Please don’t hassle black camera was in The middle of the suit Okay so he would have had to have thrown His body halfway out that window and and Bend over in a suit like that I don’t see how he could have done it Well they they they had the camera free No it When they go in there you know because You can see them looking out the window And they’re spinning it around the Camera oh okay i don’t remember yeah i Mean maybe it’s something to do with the The The atmosphere i don’t know pressure or Something maybe maybe destroy the camera I doubt it uh i i just find it a little Bit

That is hard it it’s I’ve always asked myself that question From before i even had this channel And and for anybody I’m not a moon i’m not i think we went To the moon but i just find it odd That they never the most Important Thing that happened Other than the wheel Was not recorded properly It was It was with some grainy footage Well did you know neil armstrong Practiced when he first got out of the Thing he wanted to see how long that Last step was From the last step to the ground and Then he went back up and then went down And what we actually hear is not Actually what he said it’s one small Step for man One giant it’s one small step for a man One giant leap from mankind because It was a small it was whatever not as Big as a step that he thought it was you Know that i just saw it on a documentary It’s that they were Cleaning up the sound to the recording And he says it’s one small step for a Man and he was actually just talking About what he did Because he’s one small step that he just Took yeah it’s just weird how they

Changed it to make it sound that way So that that was my defense for the flat Earth nuts because that’s amazing yeah Because I still don’t think to this day they Show enough I i i think branson going to into space And uh bezos i don’t think they showed Enough They really didn’t go in this i mean Technically they were still in earth’s Atmosphere yeah yeah you’re guessing A little bit more than i am Well according to neil degrasse tyson Nobody’s an astronaut because Everybody’s always staying even if you Go into the moon you’re still in earth’s Atmosphere to an extent And he’s talking out of his ass Well that’s why he’s nailed the Grasshold tyson He’s An Odd man that popped up from nowhere I know I’d prefer to get myself from science From mike to grassy tyson as him I love my tyson Mike tyson Yeah we went to the moon there we went There fairly Fantastic I swear to god i saw vandy’s ear up There

It was awfully boring It was an intense ride And i got all [ __ ] up i was on Medication I never did my tyson When am i ever going to bring mike tyson Up in ufology exactly It was a knockout it was fantastic i was Implausible [Laughter] Do you know what i’m saying though rich If It’s do you there is not If you’re a big company like nasa Spacex whatever Wherever you are Give us a little bit more we always see These weird little camera angles of the The rocket firing and this we don’t see There’s nothing put a [ __ ] camera on The front of the rocket i want to see it Go through the atmosphere you know Give me something exciting for crying Out loud You know asking way too much Get gopro to sponsor it or whatever i Don’t care what you do just give me Something the gopro Is going to shut them up Well they’re doing it now aren’t they They’re going through the atmosphere They got the camera you can see it in Different stages right i mean they’re Going

No it’s not enough it’s not enough I want the flat earthers to shut the Mouth I want them to stop it i want them to i Want them to be proved wrong and i’m Right and there’s little green men and This space And i’m not just floating about in a Little chuffing giant turtle Have you seen the um The the dog leg can the uh I think it’s the highest and independent Rockets being sent into space No wait what Let me talk about yourselves i’ll send You the link ollie all right you know You know i can’t work this [ __ ] Is this one is this the one that hits The what they’ve got Yes i’ve seen it Have you What do you think of that after that Yeah I think it Just I thought I don’t know it would it make that if it Hit if it hit a big glass [ __ ] dome i I don’t think there’d be anything left Of it Is it worth playing do you think it’s Worth playing oh you’re talking about The rocket that hit the firmament yeah Yeah we’ll play yeah i’d love to see

That again i love that yeah let’s get That on Youtube we are not flat earthers do not Demonetize me and do not put one in Wikipedia [ __ ] links below Explaining what flat earth is We love you youtube What is rich northwood saying Anyone want to talk about lu elizondo Saying that they may only need one Sensor placed To collect more evidence of uap what Does that mean what one sensor of what I have listed above this Yeah i haven’t either Unless it was in an interview just Recently by the way Anjali Is going to be on Aliengirl111 did you know that I know good for her she just got the uh Interview i think yesterday set up i Don’t i don’t recall Well fantastic i’m not sure i think it’s Sunday i think that’s a bit of girl Power without rich uh of course it is Because i’ve sent her Messages to get back to me and she did It She’s took one look at your channel and Fought not a cat in hell’s chance he Will destroy my [ __ ] Well she also

Probably I would Um she was pretty attractive woman no i Don’t mean like that don’t mean well That’s what i i just mean you might rip Her a new one yeah i think she’s Probably she thinks what’s he gonna ask Me I think you’d be i think you’d be very Polite and very you know i think you i Think you’d be professional i would be 110 i’d be better than jimmy Uh thursday Sunday the fifth At nine o’clock at night so i will not Be doing my show at that time oh i Cannot wait to watch oh that’s right Saturday and sunday i do uk Shows alien girl 111 i don’t know she’s Here but if you are well she is here That’s why i brought it up and tell it Hey alien girl make the thumbnail work It’s not working for your anjali episode Just want to let her know You know what it’s it’s [ __ ] crazy i Mean yeah how come Lee’s face is strobing Oh it’s the um Psychedelics no it’s it i don’t think My monitor is a massive plasma telly So it’s just the frame The frame rate of that telly like Reflecting by not being right with the Camera oh i hear you yeah um

Right this is what i [ __ ] what [ __ ] Annoys me about this sort of stuff and Why i think it’s it’s a bit weird Uh It’s so hard to find stuff like that Like if if you’re relating it to like Flat earth stuff It’s it’s So censored it’s unbelievable and that’s Not me saying it’s real i’m just saying To find the the stuff that that is used As proofs Without getting such and such debunked Is [ __ ] hard That’s that’s what i’m saying But Here’s the thing and this is the other Conversation that i had with my dad i Just need to bring my dad in the room Why should they Why should elon musk why should Nasa why should any of these big Corporations Prove anything to us why should they you Know It’s all expense to them you know that If they Can give you if they are just operating On science and science alone Okay why should they put that great Camera angle that shows us why should They You know What what interest

If if we believe them or not but i’ll Tell you something they get a hell of a Lot more funding A hell of a lot more yeah well gotta Make it sexy and the thing is in this Day and age Whatever can be filmed in hd is filmed In hd you know it’s it’s a strange Strange thing uh i’ve sent you that link Holly but that that right that goes to Show the issues i just had there because I was i was searching for it on youtube Then i searched for it on google And i couldn’t find it and then I searched on duckduckgo and it was one Of the first Things to come wow That duckduckgo works well doesn’t it Does it does if you know if you’re like If you if you’re actually searching for A thing and you can put the name in for It It’s uh and it’s it it works well if It’s one of the things that google don’t Want you to search for Hey ali After you play this i gotta get going I’ve got the wikipedia message here Did i send you did i take the wikipedia Thing no no no no no no i’m saying i’m Saying they’re giving me that uh you Know the usual wikipedia Anything oh are they they fact checked It

I love that feature well done youtube It’s a great feature I think for us because we can’t think For ourselves I love you Okay All right here we go One more people i don’t think i don’t Think people are going to be interested But it is This Is Cool It’s cool it is a good it’s a good video I enjoy this And i find it weird and i am Okay is it bro has it come up yeah You see the wikipedia i mean Realistically you can pop it in halfway Through the video can’t you because you We only really want the The end bit But um yeah might as well go Two How fast it’s Spinning don’t you think it was just the Um It was hitting a a thunderstorm I don’t know i i’m not i’m joking no Sorry but even like the the idea of it Like hitting a point where the Atmosphere got so thin i i don’t know it Just stops yeah and it makes a thunk

Noise yeah Yeah Look weird stuff has fallen out of the Sky too Many times james corden He wasn’t born naturally What I have an issue with james gordon The uh tv guy yeah i’m glad you didn’t Speak to me That’s So odd Look how it just stopped like it but why Didn’t it crash why didn’t it break up It would have broken up i don’t know I’ll tell you what if i was If it was mushy If i was a flat earther and i was a Christian fighter I’d probably be saying something about Waters above and waters below Yeah What if space is water And that’s why it looks the way it does It would make sense why they train for The iss and water in big fish tanks I I think we need to be Tread tread careful here i’m i’m Youtube’s been liking my channel Recently ish Um I i so that If it was if it was to hit something so

Say for example a Big round dome that protects the earth From whatever is going to come in Surely just Annihilate it That rocket you know if it hits a big Piece of No because that dome has been there And it itself heals itself It fixes itself i bet or it’s just like Plasma like it mushes into it kind of Like jello yeah but that made a Ting Noise i know but was it be I don’t know man i really have no answer For it it’s weird It really is hmm It’s odd it is How come that’s the only one we see Surely the other people could do that Yeah i’ve got that money behind them Better than saw belle’s footage No he’s it’s great footage don’t get me Wrong he’s great Footage but ollie i gotta get going man No where is my mate when you have you Got a show show going tonight yeah in Two hours but i have to edit something For another hour so and i gotta get the Show ready and eat we was only to go Till 12-ish anyway because lee’s working Early in the morning anyway so he’s Gonna have to go yeah so So it’s it’s it’s it’s been emotional so

I uh We started out with uh We’re all made of stars and we’ve ended On The earth is definitely not flat and Somebody’s And that they collided with a satellite I’ve got it One in a million Oh wow no then it would have been in Pieces man that thing’s not made out of But it clunked something closer i know But it also stops spinning so why didn’t It topple over or go out of control and It didn’t What if they made it stop spinning that Fast It was almost instantaneous You sure leave it surely if it hit Something i know you got to go but Surely If it hits at that speed it’s gonna [ __ ] spin hell yeah Well it’s gonna disintegrate into pieces Yeah That thing’s flying i mean it’s a rocket Man even if it ran out of fuel It would still be going at that speed Pretty much for a minute It’s a great video it doesn’t make sense There’s something called a d spin Mechanism i’m looking at here that they Put on these things yeah but it doesn’t Stop that fast that was instant yeah

That’s that’s what i think as well I thought of that but there’s no way man Yeah that’s Unless a ufo grabbed it It just clipped Grabbed it and said nope Why is there that that technology could Stop it it might flow Totally With its tractor beam but would it make A clunk Noise what it sounded like it was in Water but if that if that camera is Even The slightest If it stops even even if that camera’s Like Wedged in really tightly with a sort of Mechanism that keeps it in place And it stops that fast that fast Maybe the camera would have jolted a Tiny bit to make that little clunk you Ever use the gopro and yeah try to Listen back to the audio With without using a separate mic it’s Absolutely terrible Yeah You hear everything you hear everything The fingers on it and all that stuff Yeah You could scratch your bum and you you And hold the camera here and you Probably hear yourself scratching your Butt

But yeah we don’t think the earth is Flat people No we just but we do like to ask that Question A little bit on the the flat side no He’s not No He just likes to smell it now and again Just just like to have a taste You know you never you never want to get Addicted but just rub a little bit of it In the gums now and again Just rub it in yeah just Just on a saturday now and again do you Think flat earth has ever been bought a Flat earth birthday cake Absolutely and if i don’t get one before I die i’ll be very upset I always wanted one of those tables You know like the coffee table made of The flat earth yeah that would have been Yeah and it spins you know at the time Of day and everything that’d be so cool Well rich um I Again i’ve got mo most of your Subscribers are here but if you’re not Subscribed to goof on radio it is in the Just goofer it’s not goof on radio Can’t seem to get that out of my head Rich i don’t know why it’s been over a Year i know it’s been over you beat it It just stays with me it did with me too For a long time

She’s got that ring to it goof on radio That’s why i named it sounded cool man Goof on radio stream The grs Maybe i’ll go back to that No no i don’t think youtube likes when You change it too many times no i’m not Going to change it anymore but yep i’ll Be on in about two hours it’s going to Be a good one tonight what’s what’s it About Oh you’ve got brian farskin on faucet I have uh he’s on next wednesday On Poor guy He’s got the biggest biggest chin I’ve ever seen in my life Wow i want you to tell him Welcome to the show brian can i just add How What’s the maintenance what’s the upkeep On my chin Man do you and jay leno have meetings i Think you should start the show in your Mike tyson voice x explaining exactly How you would go about fighting someone With a chin like that if i hit somebody With a chin like that i would give you The uppercut i went right to his Midsection And then i would have to dance around i Would have toe foot and i wouldn’t jab Him right like that I would i would i would been fear

Fearful of that chin off i would have Seen that chin in there i would have Been like oh god i’m gonna have to die In here for this guy Oh mitch i’ve got a new There’s got to be a new character on Goof on my entire might the mike tyson Of ufology mike tyson has just got into Ufology he did look Is this true He’s I’ve been talking to him He’ll be on tonight i wasn’t going to Say anything but He’ll make an appearance tonight on goof On i’m sure Kind of Thanks for joining us rich and Thank you for putting up with uh just a Show of nonsense That we haven’t enjoyed Yeah It’s always it’s always fun to have a Bit of nonsense and thank you to gavin Last minute Look at that smell it i wish my name was Gavin Such a cool name it’s not in the uk it’s Not It is if you can’t gav Is it why what’s bad about gavin in the Uk Duel in it Pardon no you don’t you’re an island man

It’s like a narcissist you wouldn’t want To be a nigel i’ve got an uncle nigel Nigel’s full name too Nigel ben Yeah Yeah he was good in his day it’s fine There’s alien girl we were mentioning Your interview this sunday with don Jolly Thank you And it’s a good name Uber barbie gavin is like kevin Absolutely alien girl go subscribe she’s Going to be uh Interviewing um Jolly Is that I can’t wait to see that cannot wait Go subscribe so rich what your shows on In two hours and what’s the main theme Of the Show i i hope on that alien girl those Two girls kiss that’s what i want to see I want to see Well that’s what mike tyson would say If they don’t kiss i’m only watching if They’re going to kiss each other mike Tyson female relationships is shaky Right he’s i don’t care i like to Fornicate women that’s what i do That’s great that’s great but just ask Mike you need to ask people that all They do is look at me and i knew there Was a connection already

You can’t just say surprise it’s not how It works but i’m like tython I can’t do it anymore I kind of lose my feel for it after a Minute all right Before you go what would how would mike Tyson um if you asked him if the world Would the mike do you think the world is Is it flat Oh god the world isn’t flat come on i’m Not that stupid and gullible you’d have To be one stupid [ __ ] to believe The world’s flat They’ve got gps and all that stuff you Can’t [ __ ] around with satellites man I don’t know what it sounds like but it Sounds funny to me well i like it it’s Close man some days it’s spot on all Right i’ll uh tonight i’ll be on what am I talking about Uh Does anybody know oh yeah Uh let’s see what am i doing I don’t know Um I really don’t know I am going oh i’m talking about The threat That Doesn’t always come from aliens It’s you’ll see i just can’t explain it Well there was a warning set to me so my I i’m gonna be talking about the threats

I’ve been getting for months and haven’t Told anybody So actual physical Threats against giardano Yeah Yeah Don’t do that people that’s horrible Yeah and i’m not taking it lightly and Also sean cahill You know who that guy is he wrote an Article addressing the youth i have no Idea who that is Um The name doesn’t even ring a belly from His He he is uh i think he was like chief Petty officer for us navy he was part of That he was the gut the radar guy that i Think saw what uh kevin day saw he’s Been sending you death threats no i said He came out with a A message to ufology an open letter to The ufo community Right And it’s what he talks about and you’ll Be talking about that You did already no i said are you gonna Be no because i don’t even know he’s i Didn’t even realize what his name was He’s gonna be talking about that rage Right okay yeah i don’t think he was That guy but he was in the navy and i Can’t remember exactly what he’s done But

Yeah but i’ll be talking about his Letter to To ufology and it’s kind of Everything i’ve been saying for 15 years Now he’s saying it’s oh let’s pay Attention All right Rachel well thank you for joining us all Right guys i’ll see you buddy see you Soon it was a pleasure as always Gentlemen yes good night fantastic i Sweet a guy with like an uppercut to the Rectum I’ll see you guys next time see you next Time thanks ali thanks Take care man And lee and then there were two you’ve Got to get to bed Do you got to get to bed You don’t get this pretty pretty without Sleep What an odd show We i started out with just a title And and then A manipulated Moby ct cover It’s tremendous it’s I mean that’s high up that thank you Mate Hi I needed to put a bit of shadow on the Side of my face i just didn’t think Did you stretch your face a little bit No it was just the iphone that did

That you look it looks very long Do you think my head looks better Rounded or More i no no it’s fine now i’m not Saying i’m not saying there’s anything Wrong with your head i think it’s the Beard because it might if you i think You’d give good head Thank you if you took all this Hair away It’s just a you know just The head’s actually not that big You know You’re a man that lacks a bit of chin no No i’ve got a good well i’ve got a good Job but You know it’s it’s it’s just a round I’ve got a very round head uh okay If you shave my head i’ve got a really Round head my my head’s like a [ __ ] Ball It is Yes All that brain Is it under used have you ever shaved The whole thing Yes i look like a pineapple How could you look like a pile up if you Shaved it surely you’d need like some Sort of spa no no like the shape it’s It’s [ __ ] horrible i look like a [ __ ] gray That could be that well if you look like A grey you need to be i’m a star child

I need to interview one of those If there’s any still about If there’s any star childs Here’s my email You send me i had a really interesting Email of somebody the other day That wants to come on that wants to Remain Anonymous He told me a great story So i emailed him back and said this can Be arranged And nothing Afterwards i think he just wanted to Tell his story Which is fine but You know if The emails there If i have spelled it right because Somebody somebody did point out that my Emails been spelt wrong for the past Six months since it’s like But uh Maybe uh maybe we could we maybe we Could read the story on the next episode We do together Well obviously name not not included I’m just i’m hoping he’ll get back in Touch because i want to get that Interview um this is the hot the the Main point other than talking to you Crazy [ __ ] uh in these um whatever They are I don’t know what it is i don’t even

Know what to call it’s just nonstop Searching for the truth Truth seekers yeah it’s a talking Nonsense Think of us as supercomputers and when We talk nonsense we’re essentially Crunching data So yeah how about i want to get You know people’s experiences I want more of those Sometimes i get people that email me That i i’d say you know Glad you’re a fan of the show But i can’t really Get you on to talk about that you know Because you can just tell That somebody is Pulling the either pulling the wool over Your eyes or going to get your channel Shut down Or Just going to buy his tears for Two hours Because they said they saw a ufo in the Sky and that’s all they want to talk About that one situation oh yeah yeah Yeah everybody’s seen lights in the sky Let’s face it you’ve seen it i’ve seen It yeah thank you I took photographs of one looks like a Squiggly line in the sky that’s a bit Coloured You sent me that It did look like a squiggly line this

Guy but that’s what happens when you When you when you take a picture of a Moving object on your phone yeah yeah i Do i do find the fact that it was Colored as well Odd you know those bits of color in There Yeah is what it is It was probably swamp gas What’s the plan what’s the is there a New video coming out from mustard i have No idea because uh as far as reaction Videos go The uh horrible comments that came on One of the videos we’ve done has made my Co-host not want to do them anymore so Thanks for that you bunch of [ __ ] houses Uh so i don’t know what i’m gonna do We’ll see there’ll be stuff I just couldn’t be asked you know i i i Don’t get it i don’t get You If you’re a subscriber or If you’re watching a video if if i watch A video i don’t know something is it Just like some people it upsets some People negative comments give me Strength you know it just makes me want To do it more to irritate people more And more I like to reply to the [ __ ] not even reply to not even reply To them if if i think something is going To wind somebody up

I [ __ ] do it yeah but i enjoy winding People up it’s really good fun But some people get upset by things No i i get that i just don’t understand That The mentality isn’t doing no idea if i Watch youtube videos sometimes i might Watch one and go well that was a load of [ __ ] but i wouldn’t put that and i Wouldn’t even i wouldn’t even take the Time i wouldn’t fund the video down I don’t i honestly don’t think i’ve ever Formed a video down That’s a hint people turn that frown Upside down No turn it the other way yeah if you’ve Left a dislike there’s two Two Two dislikes dirty bastards Get rid of them now um I don’t get it i i i couldn’t be asked I couldn’t be honest i couldn’t be asked To leave a negative comment Unless some unless it was unless it was Just The most horrendous Uh Video that is possibly going to do Somebody a lot of damage You know I can be bothered It’s just a it’s a strange world when People Need to you know

Put the two pencil in to What especially if somebody’s watched a Video this long i had somebody that left A message saying Do you think i’ve got three hours to Spare yeah i would say mate this isn’t For [ __ ] you you know it’s tick tock Is clearly for you This is not your show this i that it That’s what gets me it’s like some Things for some people some things Aren’t for other people if you don’t Like something that’s not for you it’s For somebody else Or if you’ve made it this far into the Video and then you’re going to film the Video down leave a nasty comment why are You even wasting your time watching it In the first place but you know what i i I admire the dedication for that one if You if you want to boil piss that much You’re going to watch the whole show and Then you’re going to thumb it down [ __ ] blaze on you crazy diamond [ __ ] fair play That’s a pink flight song shine on your Crazy diamond yeah it is i love that Song i don’t like black floyd oh god i Do This is where me and your part wait look That way is my friend anyway we have Highways because you got work in the Morning let’s do it Yes so is it you don’t know what’s going

To happen with mustang uh there’s more I’m gonna put i put the shows up that we Do uh on my podcast If anybody wants to come i should Probably should say this at the Beginning of the show if anybody doesn’t Uh watch the whole thing you can listen To it in audio form which is great in The car because yes spotify art what is It spotify it’s google everything mostly Audio’s on everything amazon alexa you Can actually alexa for it if you want um But i put the mobile weekly i think That’s the best way to do it is so that Will be going up this weekend and then This one will be going up next weekend And then i’ve got my friend rian coming In Who’s a news Writer over here and we’re gonna have a Little chat on sunday i have a few Drinkies And uh we get on really well and we Always have quite a funny Funny but socially prominent poignant Chats Uh so that’s where i am with podcast at The minute if you like formula one i do A weekly formula one show called the hot Lap that’s on its own that’s not almost The audio you just need to look for a Hot lap on um Everything And yeah i do a weekly solo formula one

Show And that and that’s been you’ve been Snapped up by a sponsor for that haven’t You yeah that’s i’m on a sports network In the uk called uh what’s my network Called Sports social um yeah and they do all Sorts of i believe i’m the only Motorsports one although the might i Think i’m the only motor Most car motor racing Uh show on it i think this might be a Couple of like bike ones but that yeah It is they’re good to me they they’re Nice Absolutely awesome well i’ve also if you I’ve also got absolutely kicking music For the my formula one podcast it [ __ ] it’s ace Have you met it No i bought it [Laughter] But you are a music musician I am a musician so that’s why i knew it Was good Music let’s go Guys thank you everybody in the chat That’s been watching this live if you if You’re not watching this live and you’ve Been You’ve stayed through this nonsense for 2 hours and 25 minutes Then i thank you very much Uh sometimes the shows will be

Structured and we’ll have a subject in Mind Tonight i knew they would go all over The place i think after the last the Laughed Uh The last uh Show that we did Um Osvaldo franco’s messaging he’s probably Seen your film nearly You’re Your thing And i think At least just having a little bit of a It’s just lee isn’t it i i told him i Said he’s an [ __ ] i said you can’t You have to get rid of that He just Kept it up that’s exactly what you said It’s a hundred percent that’s exactly What you did that was your reaction But yeah i think after the last show With the debates that we were having um I needed we needed to have a little bit Of a lighter show I i would like to get at some point you And ours in the same room again I’d go on a show with us again obviously I i’d gonna show anybody Good good good He’s now ringing me on skype right I’m gonna have to go people speak to Osvaldo franco good night god bless mind

The bugs don’t bite thank you to Everybody who’s been In the super chats and uh that just the Chats in general the people who put the Thumbs up The people who’ve hit the bell end in The corner the little bell that’s the One that’s the most important one hit That bell and God bless you all good night god bless Find the books don’t bite me bye-bye Bosh