By | August 4, 2021

Driving westbound My brother and i were doing Approximately 60 miles per hour On route 224. three fire trucks From the odessa montour fire department Were coming in the opposite direction Lights and sirens on as they were Responding to a call Suddenly this creature darts across the Road From our left to right it was Illuminated by Fire trucks and our headlights i yelled My brother don't hit that kid That was when we realized that it was Not a human nor animal We thought the lead fire truck was going To hit it We believed it was spooked by the lights And sirens and panicked It ran extremely fast on two legs Leaning slightly forward With what we estimated today to be a Stride of five to six Feet as the road was approximately Thirty feet wide It was completely blackened from head to Toe Approximately six to seven feet tall It swung its arms in an ape-like fashion At its size As if to gain momentum unlike the way a Human pumps their arms and fists For speed when running that's how we

Knew It was not a person the creature did not Look in either direction As it darted across the road it acted Like a scared animal We returned to the site this morning and Did not find any tracks The ground was completely hard and dry At the time No alcohol was involved This sighting has stayed with me for a Very long time I didn't want to submit it at first but Based on the number of sightings Identified i'm now moving forward with What i saw My son and i were driving down county Road 200 In liberty hill texas we came to the end And made a right turn on county road 236 We were heading towards killeen texas at The time It was also in the morning at the time The car i was driving had two little Plastic pieces on the front of it That were designed to create sound to Scare away deer I got them because my car was a small Car I didn't know if they would help but as This is an area with a lot of deer it Was worth a try I'm not sure if this is what scared what I saw

Just after what we made the ride on County road 236 I saw what i thought was a gorilla on The left side of the road It appeared agitated and as we got Closer It ran across the road and climbed into A tree neither side At that point i saw the tree move wildly With the leaves and branches Swaying like it was extremely angry Or like a strong wind had hit it As the day was calm the only thing that Could have caused this Was whatever jumped into the tree I didn't look up i didn't stop due to my Son being with me But that sighting has always remained With me as It was so unusual i've seen gorillas in The zoo And it looked similar i would say that It was relatively tall and Was standing on its hind lengths as i Got closer to it It raced across the street in front of Us It didn't seem as tall as i would have Imagined maybe six feet It was hard to tell height from where i Was in correlation to what i saw After this event though i checked to see If a gorilla had escaped anywhere near Me

And didn't find anything too many This will sound like a tall tale but to Me It was very vivid the only other thing i Noticed Is that i believed the little sound Devices on my car Are what caused it to come out and cross The street I don't remember where i got them now But i honestly believe that whatever Sound came out of them While i was driving was what caused this Creature To be so blatant about running across The road in front Of us otherwise it could have very Easily Stayed where it came from and i would Have completely driven by it Without even ever knowing it was there Through the years i have had several Sightings and interactions with What appears to be a bigfoot and family We own the better part of the mystic Woods here in colombiana Ohio when the gas and oil companies Began installing pipelines years back We started having encounters i'm an Engineer by trade And my wife is a banker tonight Yet another sighting by our pond My wife and i were at dinner and as we Arrived home

About 8 30 pm a very large Fast gray silverlight brown covered in Fur of course Bigfoot darted from the bushes in our Front Into the cattails in our pond on all Fours We both looked at each other and said Did you just see that This subject was down low and bent in The middle As it moved unlike a dog Its undulating movement was not as fluid As a canine It was not a bear it appeared to be from Four to five feet at the back And torso built like a barrel When it went into the cat tails we were No longer able to see it It moved incredibly fast and was very Large This evening i decided to venture out Past the communication building As the foliage was still at ease this Was right around oklahoma city Near a dirt road actually by a dirt Hiking path So i continued another half mile up the Path To where the power lines crossed the River From here the river bank drops 15 feet Giving a nice view of the river below As i approached this area my eyes were

Immediately caught by Someone down below at the river's edge What i saw was an all-black figure Down at the river edge about 250 feet Away I thought it was strange not many people Hike off the trail Into the preserve during the summers nor Late in the evening Or ever even past the communication Building As i watched this man down at the river Bank I began to notice subtle little details Like golden red hair in the sunset i Also didn't notice any distinct clothing But hair alone at this moment I remember being very confused as to What i was saying Whoever was down at the river began to Walk inland Using its arms to move the reed bushes That is what i saw i saw long hair Dangling from its arm shoulder to hand And thought Oh my gosh it's a bigfoot i thought Immediately i began to reach for my Phone without taking my eyes off of this Thing It immediately noticed me what terrified Me the most Was i was not able to make out any Details in the face As we made eye contact that's when i ran

I continued to run until i met a couple With their dog Back at the building i'll never forget The look of confusion on their faces When i came sprinting around the corner I wanted to tell them about my Experience but I continued to run as i thought they Would not believe me The following day i returned to look for Footprints but Wasn't able to venture into the Overgrown foliage The experience was not enough to scare Me away completely Instead i was more cautious of the time Of day And surroundings i continued to exercise Around here Until i moved to arizona in july of 2019 The week prior i saw a homeless woman Making Camp in the woods her hair was messy so I initially thought this was her at First however This was one mile down river from where I saw the creature I've also been told by my co-workers as He knows I frequently walk the trails there are Other rumors of tree structures deep in The reserve But these could have been built by Teenagers who live in the nearby

Neighborhood As i have seen many adolescents with Their friends exploring the woods Who knows really what i saw Earlier this evening june 5th 2021 Four of us were boating at the salt fork In ohio I live less than 10 miles so i Fished and boated out here for years This evening about 8 pm lake is very Busy With several boats in the ski zone we Decided to take a break from the ski Zone And headed back into a cove for a few Moments After going back about halfway into the Cove we all heard a very unusual Sound come from our back left which is a Heavily wooded area It was loud enough to hear over the Motor I shut off the engine so we could figure Out what it was The only way i can describe this sound As like an old Mechanical tornado air raid siren that Began to wind up The sound had a very unusual pronounced Low in frequency Or basey in layman's terms I mean you could literally almost feel The sound There are no sirens located out here

I've never heard a sound like that out Here Or anywhere before we've all heard Stories of sasquatch being out here But i'm very skeptical of this stuff and Joke about it usually On every single outing i thought it was Unusual But bigfoot was definitely not my first Answer As to what we had heard after we had got Back home And kids in bed i googled bigfoot air Raid siren And eventually it came across an audio Clip Called the ohio hal from the bfro Website It's very close to sounding like what we Heard Except ours was much closer to us I want to share an experience my family And i had Near lake city colorado on june 12 2021 we have visited lake city for Several years now well several years in A row i should say Spending a week there each summer one of Our favorite places is deer lakes About 15 miles southeast of lake city Off of highway 149 we Always spend several evenings out there Fishing Cooking out watching wildlife

Also found in that area are two ponds Known as the upper mill pond the nearest Highway 149 And the lower mill pond another mile or Two down the road On our way to deer lakes this visit we Stopped at the upper mill pond to fish But we saw a cow moose and two cavs just Below the pond Eating in the runoff creek we almost Always see moose near deer lakes while We were watching the moose from the cab Of our truck We heard the undisputable sound of a Wood knock At first none of us thought much about It Until we heard another one i was in the Driver's seat Furthest away from the pond and moose my Daughter was in the back seat on the Driver's side While my wife was in the front passenger Seat nearest the pond and moose The girls thought the sound came from The direction of the pond but I thought i came from the other Direction The pond and road to deer lakes sits in A valley Between two ridges the train line on the East or pond side Is only about 100 yards away from the Road while the tree line to the east

Or west or opposite the pond varies In some places a few hundred yards from The road And other places not far off at all My daughter and i got out the cab of the Truck to listen After we all heard the second knock then She and i both believed the sounds were Coming from the west tree line We waited listening and heard yet Another knock This time seemingly from a different Position From the first two in a bit Another vehicle stopped to watch the Moose when they arrived We heard another knock a third vehicle Drove past And we heard still another knock as it Went by In all we heard what i would guess to be Eight to twelve Knocks from at least three different Positions But all on the west side of the road my Family and i talked about it It was possible that there was a few Guys in the woods making the sounds Maybe one guy knocked on a tree then Another And maybe another it's possible However what sealed it as a bigfoot for Me Happened later on that night after we

Heard the knocks by the upper mill pond While watching the moose we went on to Deer lakes Where we planned to fish but our lines Were too tangled We did get to cook out though as the sun Went down We left your lakes but drove further Away from the highway Waiting until it got very dark before we Went back to town So we could see the stars really well Just off of highway 149 on the road to Deer lakes Is a staging area for people to park Trailers to Unload their atvs there's also a forced Apartment bathroom there That is where we parked to stargaze now As soon as we got out of the truck and Shut the doors We heard a knock from the east ridge of The mountains This tree line is several hundred yards From the road It was not yet pitch dark we could still Make up the silhouette of the mountain Against the backdrop of the sky but It was too dark to make out any Individual trees I can't imagine any reason any person Would be up on that ridge At that time of night in the dark in the Cold

Just waiting for the possible chance That somebody would stop at that staging Area Get out of their vehicle so they could Hoax them with a wood knock I believed for sure at the time that Bigfoot was in the area In full disclosure i am a bigfoot Enthusiast I watch all the shows i watch videos on Youtube I have been a member of forms but i live Near amarillo texas It's flat dry farmland there is no Bigfoot hunting around there I do always keep my eyes open when we Visit the mountains Or wooded areas but this is my first Experience of anything That i would contribute in any way to Bigfoot On a related note a few years ago on an Earlier trip to lake city in deer lakes My family and i were getting ready to Leave dear lakes I had to visit the men's room before we Drove back to town So my wife and daughter were walking up To the path from the lakes to the Parking lot They heard what they described as an Incredible crash Very loud and sudden as an adult male Moose

Was in the upper lake eating when the Crash occurred This moose was framed so much that he Raced out of the water Into the woods scaring my family Terribly When i came out of the restroom they Were at the truck And asked me if i had heard the crash i Had not heard anything somehow They told me what had happened and i Instantly thought of bigfoot pushing Over a tree in the woods Up from the lake there was no way for us To know for sure The girls certainly didn't want to go Into the woods to investigate further So we could possibly have had two Bigfoot encounters At or near deer lakes i am almost Positive we heard them knocking on june 12th 2021 thank you for your time And sorry for rambling on so long about Something Probably insignificant but it was my First encounter I was pretty excited