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I was letting my dogs out to go to the Bathroom Before i left for work it was roughly 3 30 a.m I drive an hour to work and get there by Five So that's why i wake up so early All was quiet and peaceful i heard a Howl Off in the tree line then about five Minutes later I heard off in the distance something i Never heard before i hear coyotes all The time I've heard a bobcat screaming before but This was far different It sounded like it was quite always off Whatever it was But sounded very big and very deep The only way i can think to explain the Noise was like a big burly man Yelling ah for about five to ten seconds Long Then nothing else it caused the neighbor Dog down the road To begin barking but didn't seem to Phase my own dogs The direction that noise came from is About two to three miles of combinations Of timber And farmland then it becomes a big river Bottoms In the grand river i don't think Whatever made the noise

Was two to three miles away maybe a mile At most I have never heard anything like that Before my life And i've been a very outdoorsy guy the Entirety of my life I've watched different bigfoot shows and Have heard vocalizations on them And that's the closest thing i could Think of of what this sounded like However i feel like recorded things on Tv It doesn't give me the same feel or Power this thing seemed to have I mean it sent chills down my spine It would have been closer i definitely Would have gone inside for a gun No joke The sighting was witnessed by my brother And a friend My brother told me of the sighting Shortly after it had happened In the winter of 1992 He has retold it to me a few times over The years Most recently on new year's eve 98 The story is always the same and never Changes My brother was in high school at the Time and had been at a party The party was supervised by parents at a Friend's house So no drinking involved his friend was Driving the family in van

After the party the two boys drove a Girl home That lived west of columbus and the Youth camp road Area again this is in indiana After dropping the girl off the boys Proceeded east on the road Back towards state road 46 My brother states that something crossed The road Roughly 50 to 80 yards in front of the Van He claims it walked out of the woods on The left side of the road Crossed the road and entered the woods Again on the right His claim is that the headlights caught A glimpse of it As this thing was re-entering the woods On the right side of the road He claimed it was completely white and Furry He said that they drove for about five Minutes in silence Without ever stopping after about five Minutes My brother's friend said what was that And my brother said i don't know I was afraid to say anything because i Thought it might have just been my Imagination According to my brother this is the Exact

Dialogue spoken verbatim He said it was big tall and covered in White fur He told me that he didn't see it clear Enough to tell if it was bigfoot like Or humanoid although he said it was Roughly six feet tall And walking upright on two legs I was 18 and a senior at columbus east High school At this time period there's a park Directly across the street from my house It was a warm spring night I was doing a report for school and it Was getting rather late I was the only person still up at the Time I was to my best guess 1 30 am I had just broken my last pencil and i Needed another one To finish my report i had to go outside To get to my car to get one I had just shut the door to my truck to Go back inside When i hear the most god-awful shrill Scream in my life Turning around quickly i can make out This vague outline Of a large man-like creature running Through the park And back into the woods the scream Lasted for roughly six seconds and Needless to say I hightailed it back into the house i

Explained to my parents in the morning They said they had heard nothing and That all i heard was probably a cat Well the next day i pulled up a bigfoot Website And listened to some wave files and the Sounds that i heard were identical To what i had heard the previous night I was walking our puppy at 2 30 a.m Puppy training we live directly across From camp Atterbury which is heavily wooded on our Side We also share it with brown county state Park and yellowwood I was basically stargazing i hear a loud Howl type Sound i've never heard it before i grew Up here So i know what coyotes wolves foxes owls And Even bobcats sound like this was not any Of those I have never heard the sound from here There was one short howl And it sounded like it was right in Front of me i mean No more than 140 feet i moved a few Paces to my right And again i heard the hell in front of Me as if It moved to the right with me this time After the second hal there was about Four or five short hoops

After it by that time i was now really Freaked out And ran back to my house My husband and i rented a cabin in Nashville We had just come down for a year to Indiana Well about 11 pm we went to bed Within minutes our dogs went nuts My husband got up to check opening the Front door of the cabin It is covered by a porch and it was Raining pretty hard The porch light did not work so it was Pretty dark He closed the door and told me to bring A flashlight and a firearm I ran out of bed went to him by the door He said something was breathing heavy on The porch to the left Of the door at this point it occurred to Me that our dogs Were strangely silent being akitas that Have seen bear Wolf coyote and lynx all up close In alaska this was not normal behavior My husband slowly opened the door again And i was sure enough something was Breathing very heavy To just open the side of the door it Also smelt It was really strong musky mixed with Soggy old carpet And wet dog we closed the door again

While we chambered around and i lit the Flashlight We did a tactical to the left when we Heard the sound It was gone but wet footprints that Looked like they were made with soggy Fuzzy bedroom slippers Or across the floor it had come across Her front lawn And up the right side of the porch Across the door to the other side Where we had heard it the prints were Close together While passing the first window and the Door when it fled It did it in one step the footprints Were a lot larger than My foot and slippers which is a woman's 9.5 Wide i wondered if it realized what Chambering around meant Since we had opened the door twice and It stayed Breathing heavy right on the other side Right to the side where we couldn't see It the dogs didn't scare it And us two talking didn't scare it that Would indicate It had human interaction maybe with Hunters before Not uncommon with bears in alaska a lot Of people will chamber around Not wanting to hurt it but ready to if It gets aggressive

They are smart and learn fast what that Sound is Another strange thing is that the dogs Just paced around all night They did not do this after confronting An 800 pound brown bear in alaska Literally they worked together and Chased all the above away from around The home We lived in a cabin off the grid Not sure if we have a stinky homeless Person wearing bedroom slippers Living in the woods but it was very Strange And my husband was a career ranger No one to let his imagination run wild We were stumped The dogs two of them pooped in the cabin Something dogs are known to do when Frightened and these dogs are well Housebroken While backpacking near the horse trails And access point In the county below brown county i Experienced a confrontation With a bipedal primate it was early March of 1998 And i was all alone around seven o'clock In the evening After hiking several miles i set up camp In a wooded area About 100 yards from the horse trail Darkness was descending quickly so I was in a rush to set up camp and

Prepare my supper After gathering firewood and getting my Fire started for light And cooking i suddenly began hearing Leaves and brush rustling below me And to the east along a ravine that i Camped above At that moment i thought to myself that It just was A bit early for mushroom hunters and Probably too dark for them to see any Perhaps it's a deer anyway I grabbed my knife for protection Grabbing the flashlight cautiously And approached the ravine where the Noises were coming from I yelled out in the direction the sounds And aimed my flashlight To my astonishment i viewed a very Tall upright human looking being hiding Behind a clump of trees close to the Stream The creature stood about seven feet tall As I could see his silhouette from the left Side of the trees He was leaning forward and exposing his Head to view me He or it was approximately 40 feet from My position And the light from my flashlight shined Into its eyes I could see that he had dark hair Covering his cone-shaped head

And dark eyes in the front of his skull I knew immediately that this couldn't be A man And now i was very frightened yelling Out again In hopes of scaring it off It ran into the stream and away from me From about six feet before ducking Behind another tree I continued to follow him with my Flashlight Screaming at him with threats now this Went on for two to three minutes Before he took off running down the Creek again out of sight The rest of the night i stayed awake Near my campfire Fearing a return visit waiting for Daylight to return to my truck I would have packed out that night only My truck was in the direction That the hairy biped fled and i was Miles in This entire situation was very Frightening to me I always thought that if bigfoot existed It would be in the cascades or The canadian rockies i never would have Imagined It being here scary