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Philip mercer was found Hanging right around Here there was a door And he was hanging in the transom with a Cord around his neck Standing on a chair he hadn’t shown up At his place where he lived And they didn’t know where he had gone Somebody was really concerned and they Came around The church on a tuesday looking for him And found him Hanging here the coroner was called And determined that he died 24 hours Previously So he would have died on november on Monday november the 19th Of 1934 and he was found on the 20th so He was here for a whole day he was here For a whole day hanging Wow What’s up everybody and welcome to the Paranormal files on tonight’s episode we Have a very very frightening location We’re here in the middle of it This is the first unitarian church here In alton illinois and this is not an Ordinary church This church was marked by a very dark Event in its past when one of the church Officials actually hanged himself right

Behind us in this room He lost his life here he was here Hanging for 24 hours before people Discovered his dead body Hanging from a cord right here in this Room people have seen his spirit All throughout the church they’ve seen Him in those doors that i just came Through they’ve heard his voice But nobody knows why he took his own Life that’s what we’re here tonight to Find out we’re going to dig deep into This story And bring you guys the best evidence That we possibly can from here in Illinois Anyways it’s colin here you got papa Spooks behind the camera welcome to the Paranormal finds It’s crazy to see churches just uh Like this yeah wow Look at that national memorial God is still there wow God is still in the church god support Beams Wow yeah you don’t see this In an average city So since we’re going to be investigating A church tonight I figured that it would be interesting To show some of the abandoned churches Here in saint louis first because

In a lot of cities churches don’t go Abandoned but here in st Louis i have a number of beautiful Abandoned churches That have been out of use and disrepair For A very long time including this church This is a heavily photographed place Here in st louis and uh it’s beautiful But i’m sure it still has some energy Look at the vines Yeah wow Hey So we’re in north st louis right now Behind me you can see this is another Famous abandoned church in the city i’m Going to put up some photos of the Inside of the church Right now this is a it’s a historic Building but once again Just like throughout all of st louis There are So many issues and and historical things That happen to cause all these buildings To go abandoned And this church was actually purchased By another group and they’re trying to Restore it now but the inside is still In shambles and uh it’s just crazy to See like even on these churches like Busted out glass and the kind of Disrespect of these houses of worship That happens And then i mean this is we’re in a very

Blighted part of town If you just show behind us look at this I’m assuming this was a school at one Point all down the street Tons of row homes that are abandoned Businesses that have been shuttered But tonight we’re going to be Investigating a notoriously haunted Church in the area That is supposedly haunted by a reverend Who actually took his own life in the Church and this is an actual fact it Happened it’s documented it was in Newspapers we have his name Photo everything but Yeah it’s pretty crazy man so uh There’s any spirits anybody around here That wants to follow us tonight Let’s do it crazy man Crazy Good evening my name is mary johnson and I’m a member of the first unitarian Church In alton illinois i’ve been a member Here since 1979. so i’ve been around a long time But not nearly as long as the church has Been around The congregation was started by dr William Samuel emerson the second cousin of the More famous ralph waldo emerson

Dr emerson came to alton in the early 1830s With his wife and young son and they Were long time unitarians back east And he wanted to start a unitarian Congregation here In this muddy rough river town of alton Soon he gathered a bunch of like-minded People around him And they started meeting in his Physician’s office He was the first physician here in alton And his wife Missed their unitarian church back in Kennebunk maine We have a copy of a letter she wrote to Her brother Saying how she missed the services and Wanted to sing the hymns that they sang Back at her church So this was a second reason dr emerson Wanted to start A congregation here they gathered as i Said people around them And then in 1835 I guess they were able to think about Calling a minister And reverend charles andrew farley Arrived In the fall of 1836 And preached his first sermon in a Rented hall On december 7th of 1836 and this is the Date

That we consider the start of the Unitarian church here in alton It went fine for a few months but then The abolitionist elijah p lovejoy who Was a newspaper man a presbyterian Minister And a strong advocate for abolition Moved his printing press from st louis Which was in missouri a slave state over Here to alton which was a free state But that raised a lot of ire among many Of the altonians And they started attacking the building Where his Printing press was and through one of His presses into the river And mob violence grew more And more and finally in november of 37 less than a year a year than When the first unitarian minister came Here a mob Murdered lovejoy and there he is buried In the alton cemetery A few a mile or so from here and there Is a large statue Commemorating lovejoy in that cemetery You can see it from the highway Anyway the minister reverend farley Decided that he wanted to get out of Town there was too much violence And he was afraid his life was in danger Also and so he left to go back East and so for the next 15 or so years The congregation did not meet publicly

I guess a few people would meet in homes To keep it going and there was a Unitarian Minister in saint louis who started a The unitarian church in st Louis and he would come up by steamboat To preach occasionally to those gathered In various homes Finally the congregation was large Enough to call their own A new minister and so in 1853 They called william darcy haley and he Arrived and the first thing he wanted Was a church building so they started Looking around For places to build and you can’t tell It from here but Alton is a very hilly city and they Found various Spots but it was too hilly to build on But there had been a catholic church Built here Where we were standing on this hill Overlooking the mississippi river And it burned down to the foundation in February Of 1854 and so The unitarians were able to buy the Property and they started To build their own church in 1850 I guess in 18 late 1854 and they Finished it and dedicated it in october Of 1855. That church lasted for 50 years

And it was also the home of the first Public co-ed high school In all there was a special room built in The basement of the church For this high school and they the high School met here for Six years until another it became more Part of the public school system But anyway in 1904 our thereabouts they Decided to demolish that church And build on the same site the church That we’re at today So this church was dedicated in 1905 And it’s been here ever since they’ve Had ministers Come and go but one minister of import That we’re going to be talking about Later today is reverend Philip mercer he arrived in 1929. The congregation really liked him he was A very educated a well-spoken man Originally from england and he had Served various churches Up in minnesota and the dakotas but he Came down Down to alton and stayed here Until his death in november of 1934. Great okay yeah you want to move inside Yeah we can Oh is that okay yeah that was great i Was in i was like Whoa good okay okay time to head in Okay cool let’s see the church this Uh scene you know but was painted by one

Of our Members several quite a few years ago And it’s the west side of the Mississippi Are looking west and then the other Foyer is the east Oh picture Thank you and this is our sanctuary Let me turn this light on okay This is the sanctuary we’re got ribbons On the pews because of social distancing We’re trying to be very Careful we’re asking anybody who comes To a worship service To wear a mask and we have hand Sanitizers available for the for the use And we’re not having coffee hours we Usually do Just to keep people from getting too too Close to each other funny because church Is supposed to bring people together Right But coming come in september i think we Will our policy will be changing but This is our you know our pandemic policy For now So this is the sanctuary The art glass windows are original To the 1905 building the chandelier There’s some story about it that i don’t Quite understand It came from france and i don’t know how It Got here or why it’s here but it was at

One time Solid white it was painted white and Then in the 60s the Women’s group of the church had the White paint taken off and the The bronze shown interesting uh If we want to walk around this way We do have some historical sort of Things here Back here as we walk through Some of the windows have dead are Dedicated to some people But this this is a bible Given by the The husband of anna davenport sparks she Was a very She was an activist in the 1800s and did All sorts of Social justice work and community Support and our women’s group The anna d sparks alliance is named After her And then her husband donated a bible in Her name In uh 1898 as a very Old bible it certainly is it’s a very Cool frame too And it’s a picture of anna d are you Able to open the bible to see what the Page looks like It’s quite interesting Let’s see let’s see let’s find a page That That is a thick bible oh yeah

Now some of them have there’s pictures Somewhere in here Presented by david sparks david sparks Owned Um a flour mill and He was a well to do here’s the names of Order in the old Older new testament history translation Of the bible Looks like greek hebrew revisers preface He will hear some pictures Wow from the song of solomon in the book Of ecclesiastes Print it’s art oh yeah the book of Daniel and the lion’s den Joel what is there not a picture of oh It looks like they’ve got a picture from Every book of the uh oh And now we’re in the new testament Matthew axe John romans so you know this is a pretty Fancy bible i guess it has a map Wow mad maps of you know So well that’s really good it’s very Very cool It looks like a you know look like you’d Have an am On a movie you know like here’s the Bible Do people experience stuff in here yes Frequently yes that’s what i was going To say yeah what are What are the things that people kind of Um report in here

People have reported the apparition of a Tall man with black pants And a white shirt kind of standing back That way In the back of the sanctuary people have Reported feeling A passing breeze at the on their necks Some people have have taken photographs And have shown Me photographs of some sort of Apparition that they’ve seen Here people have heard voices During the day that didn’t come from Anything that they could recognize like Not outside or anything Just people conversing but those are the Sorts of things that You know people who are members and At least two ministers have reported Really even the ministers yes two Ministers reported that What did what did they say specifically Can you think of anything i don’t Remember they just They i think one of them just said i’m Coming here to work Uh just leave me alone Something to that effect but that’s you Know that’s the sort of Things people have uh have mentioned and What do they think Like whose energy would be in here well They think It’s philip mercer’s the the

Reverend philip mercer committed In november in november of 1934 And they don’t really know why Some of the congregation then said well He had been Concerned with his health he had gained A lot of weight And was losing trying to lose it very Quickly And so that was a concern of his and Apparently he had a fiancee up in Minnesota that nobody knew about He hadn’t told the congregation but they Found letters from her And they were planning apparently to be Married in the spring You know apparently his his weight and His health Were causes for his depression can i ask The unitarian View on is there a like what do they Feel about That’s a so person’s choice have your Own belief Of course of course it is not a sin It is not you know anything like that Actually After his death there was a service here For him And his body was taken to a mausoleum Here in alton Where because his family in england Never Asked for the body or anything now i’ve

Not been to that mausoleum i keep Thinking oh i should go try to get into It sometime but i think it’s kept under Lock and key unless you have a special Permit or contact the You know the cemetery owners to get into The mausoleum One last thing did you talk about this Unitarian What exactly is a unitarian Well we are unitarians have no do not Have a creed or a dogma But we have seven principles we try to Follow Having to do with uh the inherent worth And dignity Of every person the use of democracy in Our Church life the belief that uh There are many roads to spirituality We have people in our congregation who Are Atheists agnostics humanists A couple christians we are not Trinitarian In other words our belief that jesus was God Is not part of our tradition we want to Express love to everyone and Embrace whatever their belief system Might be very interesting Yeah i like that yeah this would be me So i guess we can talk about where the Uh actual event happened

Okay okay first let’s i i spoke about The two churches let’s take the picture Here this is what the original church Looked like the one built in 1855 Kind of a spooky looking church this is The parsonage it was torn down in 19 in the 1960s to build the Religious education wing that i pointed Out earlier this is a picture of their Of their tearing down the original Church wow With the horse and buggy and all the Piles of stone there And this is a postcard of the new church Wow part of our tradition is to light a Chalice every sunday It’s sort of iconic symbol of unitarian Universalism And also it means whatever light you can See Whatever transformation happens in fire This chalice Was sculpted by one of our members who Also Sculpted a large statue of robert wadlow He is the tallest man in the world or Was in Guinness book of records and the statue Is up in upper alton near the The dental interesting little school Yeah we could not have expected that Okay um let’s Let’s go up over here a minute this is The floor plan for the church that

We have now the pulpits there and the These Series of rooms are where we’re standing At one time they were divided into Four rooms and they would go back to About that wall Uh and that would have been the back Wall of the church there was a woman’s Parlor And there’s a fireplace there and at one Time there were steps that you will see Later in our tour that go down to the Basement But they’re blocked off now and we call Them the steps to nowhere But anyway there are classrooms And then a kitchen phillip mercer Was found hanging Right around here there was a door And he was hanging in the transom with a Cord around his neck Standing on a chair he hadn’t shown up At his Place where he lived and they didn’t Know where he had gone Somebody was really concerned and they Started they came around The church on a tuesday looking for him And found him Hanging here uh the coroner was called And determined that he died 24 hours Previously So he would have died on november on Monday november the 19th

Of 1934 and he was found on the 20th so He was here for a whole day he was here For a whole day hanging Wow the police department was right it Was right across the street so the Police came And they did an examination and and Whatever police did In 1934. so november 19th November 19th 1934 was when he died he Was found on the On tuesday the 20th november 19th Tuesday the 20th A little alliteration there yeah dying On the 19th well he hang hung himself in The 19th we assume he died when he hung Himself we you know But it was right here that he just Wasn’t attached to the ceiling No no no no no there was a door here oh Hang from the door Yeah see this this has been remodeled Since then there was a door here which Would have led Out to the outside and so like he he Would Of a transom like he would have been Hung from You know something like this but here’s A from the alton evening telegraph Of wednesday the 21st body found hanging From transom Absence since monday relatives in England had word

Needlessly over health but a piece of Sash cord around his neck his body was Found suspended from the transom of a Door leading from the sunday school room At the rear of the church edifice into a Hallway and he had been dead at least 24 Hours Indicated he had stepped from the chair After the sash cord had been affixed Didn’t find a side note or a farewell Note the body will be entombed in the Grandview mausoleum pending receipt of Instructions from his family i don’t Think they ever receive instructions So the church went along ahead and put Him there Wow now we’ve been members here for Quite a while And we we never heard any ghost story Type things at the beginning It was until like the 1990s When we started hearing these stories Um about people sensing things hearing Voices this sort of thing And so i guess the first person who Spoke out about this was a peg flock Who should have been here telling all This but she’s in chicago On vacation but anyway She um she and then she asked about Other people and so that’s where we hear The ministers and then a couple years Later we started doing the Ghost tours well we didn’t do them troy

Taylor who’s written a book called Haunting alton Which you might want to look at but then Troy taylor And a couple other history ghost tour People wanted to start tours I’m amazed at how many people come Through this past year during covet even We had masks We made about thirteen hundred dollars And we cho and we get three dollars for Every Person who comes in i don’t know what They have to have to pay 30 or 40 Dollars to take the tour But it goes to various sites in alton But they They have a tour guide who sometimes Doesn’t get the history quite right I’ve sat in on a couple of them and i Said But anyway uh so they start in the Sanctuary and people gather there and The tour guide talks about His or her experiences and whatever she Knows she or he knows and they bring Come in here And look at the at the place Where he was hung or hung himself And then sometimes they go downstairs Would you like to go downstairs now I would love to okay great practice Right there Then they go downstairs would you like

To well yeah Follow me okay now this is all the new Part right that we’re going through to Get to oh god it’s Wonderful down here oh why is it so cool Wow we’re talking Why is it so cool we don’t have air Conditioning down here why is it so cool I guess one of our social justice Outreach programs Is a personal care distribution so one Saturday a month we give out personal Care products To those people in need they come and Get you know Whatever they want toilet paper shampoo All that kind of stuff that’s so awesome So we do that once a month The fourth saturday okay now these are All classrooms Obviously this is the new building built In 1969 And it’s the problem one we have much More problems with Architecture not architecturally but Things leak Things so this is still part of it Okay in this place we have leakage but Anyway this is the Under the old section now Okay let me turn on my So when i taught sunday school some of The children Loved it when i brought them into this

Section And some of them were scared to death Really yeah okay now back here Is Okay well hey i’m not very handy but i Switch i can handle okay Yeah well see well now i can’t see back There Okay that is the original foundation of The catholic church That burned down all but the all but the Walls all the Concrete the stone walls and it goes Back Of course to the where we were standing On the porch The you know that part of the church so It goes back all that way I have not been back there my grandsons Have been back there doing Wiring for internet things but i’m not Going to crawl back there But if you want to walk up this way you Can kind of aim your light Maybe back back that away i’ll get out Of your way Let’s see wow Now that just kind of looks like Somewhere a ghost would yeah be hiding Out And i don’t know what that thing is Wrapped in looks like tape I don’t know what they did well yeah There was also a

Rumor at one point that i heard that i Don’t Pay any attention to anymore that when The catholic church was here they buried Some priests Back there and they left them there when They when they left And so you know there was some thought That maybe the apparitions were these Priests who were really angry at being Left but at one point somebody said well Maybe it was the priests Maybe the catholics left their priests There interesting uh little Tidbit though yeah i guess if people From that generation died out and no one Knew that Well and i don’t know you know the Church burned yeah Totally and the catholics decided to Build it Elsewhere they didn’t want to stay here And here’s the stairway to nowhere Oh is he hanging well We haven’t got when we have the ghost Tours around here Some people get a kick out of and then a Couple times we were celebrating A day of the dead in november and so They would have things like this Uh usually we try to put things like out To frighten the people who came through The ghost tours but we haven’t Frightened them for a while but anyway

This is the staircase to nowhere That i mentioned earlier that that is Was blocked off from the Uh fireplace What the hell might just die did you see That It did yeah It literally never does that either Yeah i mean i’m going to show this on Camera because it’s actually really Strange yeah that’s just Usually when these lights die this will Flicker With the 99 to show that it’s dead but This just went Completely dead that’s bizarre It was right when i zoomed in on this Staircase it just died a number of Episodes like that over the years yeah They drain the energy That’s that’s the thought process can i Ask you another question down here Certainly So since they come down here for the Ghost tours What do people come down here for are There experiences that people have had Down here I don’t know they don’t bring all the Ghost tours down here anymore It was also a safety issue you notice Climbing up there It’s not a real safe way to get up and Our insurance

You know would be you know it wouldn’t Be nice to have somebody fall It’s interesting with the catholic Foundation That’s over there the base there and Then that history of greece that May be doubtful but you know Yeah but you know i mean i i i would Have thought that somebody Would have gone back there and dug Around back there but Since all this apparition stuff just Started and That we just started talking about it in The 90s I don’t think anybody has you know Except my grandsons who have gone down There to do wiring Have no one else has really gone over There no Nobody what’s interesting is that you Said in 79 you became a member Right and then not till the 90s did Someone start talking about it is there A reason for that you think like was it Taboo kind of thing no i think it’s the Um When we joined in 1979 many of the People were humanists And so they would not have had any Belief In that sort of paranormal experience They didn’t even think about it as the Years progressed

People views changed we have more people Of a Spiritual nature are interested in Spirituality More than humanism as the strict Humanist Uh would say uh and so you know that’s Probably why Changing the demographics change in People’s Belief so where where do people Have the most experiences in the Sanctuary in the sanctuary Is there are there any in the place Where he actually Hanged themselves sometimes people Have said that they have some kind of Sense of that But for the most part it’s when people Are sitting Quietly in the sanctuary waiting for a Tour to begin Or or there’s nothing going on when it’s When it’s noisy for the most part you Know there are no such experiences As in my in my uh what i know of anyway But when it’s quiet when it’s quiet That’s when you can hear Yeah if you were to i personally don’t Like coming here At by myself and i’m i’m not a Paranormal person here But the it’s a bit old building it Creaks

It makes noise the wind blows And so it’s kind of spooky especially at Night i don’t mind coming during the day By myself But you know it’s just a little spooky Place it’s it’s old It has it has memories Yeah so the memories are here To begin tonight’s investigation we’re Going to do this a little bit Differently we just concluded our tour In our interview We’re going to do a sweep we’re alone Here in the building we’re going to do a Emf sweep of the sanctuary and the area Where Reverend mercer took his own life so You can see right now we’re reading a Zero baseline also on the k2 we’ve got Zero and uh just a solid green Basic level of emf which just indicates That there’s none So let’s just walk amongst these cues Real quick Oh mine just hit mine’s hitting what yep Oh here move on It wasn’t it happened without you weird There it goes reverend murphy Mine’s going back on this pew here Reverend phillip mercer If you took your own oh i’ve got a point One right here point three right when i

Started saying his name too oh my my Meter went off too Look at that look at that lick it right There Oh god zero oh look at mine though Reverend mercer all right still okay Phillip oh dude mine’s going off big Time Oh look right there again two i got Point two for me as well right when i Started saying his name again Reverend phillip mercer if you took your Own life In this building two two two two look Look come on look fill mine I was up to a 2.0 right when i said if You took your life in this building And mine’s going off philip mercer If you did end your life in this Building Oh dude mine went way to the top point Three to the top Point three we got some crazy emf in Here the k2 meter hardly ever goes off Yeah and that doesn’t cause the key to Me no No this is this is just like going Look at that look at 2.2 i got a 2.2 Look at me On this device too oh this is active Look at this point three it’s like you Go here and then it just goes away Point four phillip mercer we’re Encouraging you to come out tonight

Did you hear that bang But this thing’s going crazy here colin Look at this no i The k2 meter hardly ever goes off we’re Encouraging you To come up we’re encouraging you to come Out tonight And speak with us we want to figure out Why You ended up taking your own life we’re Here to just talk let’s go over where His body okay this thing’s just Keep 1.6 this is going 1.6 Here’s this one over here gosh i think This is gonna be active here So this is over here once again guys This is exactly where They found his body right in this area I’m reading at 0.4 Right here meters going point three Zero yeah point one Zero i got a little activity here point One look at ours are Like almost correlating Point two mine’s just going up philip is That you right here And again there used to be a doorway Here and The transom as well so look at that when I said that doorway right here and then The transom is where He had a cord right wrapped around his Neck right in this area There is definitely em energy right here

Phillip is that you Is he 82 reverend oh Is it reverend mercer do you go by Reverend Reverend phillip is this where you took Your life I think we’ve already just shown that There’s em energy in here we haven’t Done that in here before that’s kind of Shocking it’s really surprising So we’re gonna set up rem pods and do a Spirit box session Right away in this room so let’s grab That stuff So i’m first going to place this rim pod Right here in the area where Philip mercer’s body was found hanging After he took his own life philip if You’re still Here you can go towards that red light And we can Know that you’re here if you are you can Let us know And then when we place one let’s put one Up here Hold it there you go i’ll put this This guy up here We’re gonna now go ir let’s just sit Right here in these pews Since mary told us that most of the Experiences people have in here is from Just when it’s very quiet and they can Hear things We’re going to start by just asking some

Questions and listening to see if we can Hear Anything to anybody that’s here in the First unitarian church my name’s colin I’m jeff and uh i think you might be Philip philip mercer the reverend Who hanged himself right over there In that room so if you can come through Tonight and talk to us we would love to Hear from you we’re not here to Harm you or scare you and you’re not Going to scare us if you come If there is somebody in here with us can You uh Let us know by making a noise There’s also the history of the man with Dark black pants on a white shirt In the back if you’re here as well Can anybody go up and touch this device And make it go off You can use your energy it’s not going To hurt you it’s actually kind of fun Once again i am dripping this one is 85 degrees in here I think once again the run pod not going Off You know it might but in some places it Just goes crazy Still me i think they’re starting to you Know kind of fill us out again Reverend mercer are you here with us Mercer See it Oh right when you said that too

You can come up and and do a little more It’s fine it’s not going to hurt you Oh i’ve definitely got a my ears are Popping Reverend mercer if that is you which we Think it is Can you make a noise a voice Reverend mercer It’s almost getting kind of cold right Here i feel like Do you feel that kind of it’s like Really hot in here but Yeah right when i oh That’s you starting to come through can You knock on something like Like that Like making a stopping noise or just a Light foot What you call that walking just walk Here Did we turn that one off over there Didn’t we turn that one off because i Just saw okay who are you A light illuminate are you the reverend Tell you as long as i got my headache And my nasal congestion popping in my Ears that’s what i usually get like There’s like a presence here I’m kind of being drawn back there Myself if i could turn that light off Sure Rev mercer if it is you or the man

In the back with black pants and tall Man Could you give us some some noises Sounds Play with that device What Thank you thank you can you do More can you do more Why do i have chills i don’t know i’m Covered in sweat Oh me too What’s that like that just came on Before we start using our Toys and our technology are you over There By those doors Oh it’s such a weird sound Okay let’s do a spear box okay yeah I want to talk to reverend mercer please Oh i heard that online voice did you Take your life right over here I’m coming Here i did yeah i did yeah i did Yeah i did are we talking to reverend Mercer Pretty muggy Can you tell us why you took your own Life Okay that’s a question that maybe he’s Trying to answer Maybe you’re over here maybe he prefers To be back in the sanctuary you know

[Applause] Just Can you tell me why you decided to take Your own life [Applause] Can you give us any sort of an answer People are very curious that love you What was that [Applause] Was that you [Applause] Ain’t nothing yet you seen nothing Nothing yeah Why why did you take your own life [Applause] [Applause] Dude it’s the other it was the other one No okay It’s that one no i couldn’t tell What was going on further oh there’s a Weird heat around this feel this right Here Can you feel that i’m not I might be tripping out but like do you Feel yeah i do It’s like a heat i can’t you know it’s Like a little it’s like a heat ball Yeah you’re right i can’t feel that it Seems like we were going over the door And Called us back okay is there somebody Over here in the door That you know

[Applause] Who do people see in here I think we have to list that voices you Know back on your headphones [Applause] Can you at least tell us where you are In this church right now It’s kind of like you know here and then When we come back it stops Reverend Can you knock on something or bang on Something for us What What there’s Look at this oh weird see that Yeah i’ve never seen that that’s from The Limp man that’s from live mansion last Night weird Like Oh look they’re around the podium oh Shoot you he had two figures right when That started illuminating Can you show again please oh god it just Shows Like they were right there did you get It at all no That was amazing can you come back We’re not going to hurt you look at this Came back again like this going What is happening

Okay that’s better is there anybody here With us You can go back and play with that light Again oh the light’s blinking Yeah go ahead you can play with it Oh my god i’m dripping sweat Me too how about shine behind oh look You got one you got one okay sure Okay can you move Are you are you sitting in the pew We should walk over where he hanged Himself oh you hear that Yeah i did right when i suggested that We go over to where he hanged himself There was like a knock Okay right when we walk near it too Are you here is that you reverend That was that just the floor creaking oh That was a knock Where did that come from over to the Left That was that came from like right here Then Reverend is that you I think it’s him i think he’s here yeah Calvary i’m gonna set it down So The blue Did you hear that yeah Let’s walk over here Watching the sls right where he hanged Himself Can you show show us so we know that You’re in the afterlife

I kind of get the feeling he doesn’t Like to be in this area That’s just my gut feeling yeah i think He likes the sanctuary It’s like a place of comfort for him You’re mapping out good a lot of times Might manifest from you Reverend mercer i know you took your Life right Here will you come speak with me if You’re here What’s weird is that like your put your Legs apart It’s like your legs don’t go down Normally There’s another weird flashing light It’s okay Put your hands out straight helen yep Got that don’t get your legs while they Go all the way up Are you with me reverend mercer colin’s Extending his hands up to you There’s just something odd about it Reverend mercer can you separate Yourself from colin I think i think it’s i think the Activities and like they said You know in the sanctuary Should i quit sure Okay so we’ve got the obvious let’s just Walk through the This area turn all the way what’s going On Okay we’re here you can speak into this

Device any words you want Notice a head river Oh dude notice i had a river mississippi River Right there yeah we see the we saw that We see the river Rain sun hour Rain some hour it was raining Stretch like money out Stretched money out did he maybe end his Life because he was Running out of money Oh my god glass stars castle class look At all the glass Stars are there stars on the glass Stars glass stars casting Or what was his i’m wondering What this thing is going crazy Like mary like Did you want to erase yourself erase Something that you did [Applause] Are you making that box go off who is This Who’s making that light go off hi Hike up there I’m coming up who Is making that light blink Who’s making this light link i’m going To set it on Here Are you happy where you are Together so you’re together who are you Together with

Right when i sat down Okay i’m going to do another spear box This time reverend philip mercer Reverend mercer are you here with us Reverend mercer can you say yes if this Is you that we’re talking to Reverend mercer can you say yes if this Is you that we’re talking to Why did you take your life we really Want to give some answers to people Reverend mercer We really want to give some answers to People reverend mercer Email why Do you believe in god Who are we talking to can you say your Name It’s gone did you get it on video Yeah oh my gosh oh my gosh Are you back there in the doorway There’s something in this left panel and It’s darker too Than the right it keeps shifting Okay if that’s you materializing that Left window pane can you disappear Oh Did somebody hang themselves in here They were laughing who is laughing Do you believe in god Oh do you see that the look look look Look at the god damn

The thing started to hit on blue and [Applause] Green Did you feel like you had to take your Own life Phillip you’re still trapped here That rem pod of course when i was Sitting here went to green now What that hasn’t been going off the Whole time it’s all right when i stopped To talk about it It literally went to green and blue the Actual emf So some signal just walked over there Can you go towards that red light one More time if that was you How was the uh out of the spin It just stuck on slain Slain maximum closet slain We’re getting ready to kind of wrap up Here so Any last I’m gonna go words to the basement Finish it up yeah Okay i think you got some good flour You’re gonna see what i’m talking about That back window Right that’s the only part of the church That’s cold back there That tall man with the black pants and White shirts again It’s like behind the glass and morphs to Different Shapes then then it went away you’ll see

It interesting okay Okay guys this has just been Silent out here so we’re gonna head down To the Basement of the church where the rumor Has it from a long time ago that there Could potentially be Catholic priests buried that they’ve Never found unconfirmed Rumor but we’re gonna go investigate That area because It’s a natural uh ending point for this Video to go down to the basement we Always Have luck in basements wanna grab that Ramp on 10 30. It’s trying to cool off here looks like Really Nice Oh it’s one of those oh that felt really Good Oh here we go [Applause] So let’s put this where you’re going to Put the rim hot water The moment we got down to the basement My camera battery drained so i had to Run upstairs and grab a new one What was happening when i was gone there Was a figure that came appeared right on The floor right here oh the camera there Goes the cabinet And the cat ball went off there it goes

The motion sensing catball That’s what you’re about to see yes that Was the second thing that happened And i’ve been hearing that that that bag Or whatever that is Crinkling crinkling yes are you here With us in the basement right now I feel like we should kill these lights So we’re down here in the basement we Would love to talk to you whoever’s down Here Phillip maybe if you’re hanging out down Here if there are the spirits of priests Who are buried here Or anybody else can you give us a sign That you’re down here with us Maybe use your voice throw a rock move Something Those things never go off Anybody down here can you show yourself Whoever you are it doesn’t matter Are you back there in that crawl space Is your body buried back there and no One’s ever found it Do we want to go back there yeah i mean The grid right there you got to watch The grid off Okay turn that off let’s just take it Low clearance there Are you back there It’s a creepy shot yeah Who would be here with us right now Anybody Yeah it is it’s really weird that

Catball went off twice though i know We got it at the church that’s Interesting We had it happen at the church in san Marcos yeah that’s about The only other place Are you back there right now This reminds me a little bit of lincoln High school Yeah back like there might be a voice From the animal yeah Well that would be sick are you back Here Here we are here we are i look like tiny Compared to you I look very blown out my hair looks So weird today more conjoined Hey let’s go this father Are you out here Can you throw a rock or bang on this Duck worked it’s kind of hard to breathe Down here yeah That’s a different smell You’re just a little bit of a crackling Back there It’s like dead quiet yeah Well you know what you want to wrap up Sure i don’t think we’re going to get Anything down here yeah And it’s really kind of getting in my Lungs there’s a lot of dust if you guys See this is all Dust so we did have several Figures that we didn’t capture in here

One including one here The catwalk went off but then we did Catch the catwalk So that’s good uh anybody here Uh you can’t follow us home this is your Place to stay Unless you’re moving on uh you can’t Follow us though Thank you okay everybody so we were only Given a certain amount of time here and We’re already past The time when we were supposed to leave But we had a great night here at the First unitarian church in alton illinois We’re going to be back in alton The night after next at the mcpike Mansion i don’t know if we connected With the ghost of the reverend who Hanged himself Here or not but we did seem to receive Some intelligent communication we Captured some weird stuff on our devices Tonight And we got to tell the story of this Place which is spooky and uh Tragic what are your thoughts a church Is rare for us to do so i think that is Really good i think unitarian church Especially is kind of interesting Because i don’t really know much about It I love the history and uh yeah it’s it’s A i won’t say a creepy place it’s just It’s got a feel of though there’s

Entities are here for sure There’s something here definitely yeah But uh from alton illinois we’ll be back Next week with another great video guys Filming tomorrow night It’s colin here and jeff aka papa spooks And you guys say it at home with us Let’s go three Two one stay spooky All right catch you guys later bye Hello