A Family Killed Themselves In This House. (LEMP MANSION) | Ghost Adventure | THE PARANORMAL FILES

By | July 22, 2021
A Family Killed Themselves In This House. (LEMP MANSION) | Ghost Adventure | THE PARANORMAL FILES

Hello Hello That is there’s no way dude what in the Hell Man because that was straight up like i Thought there was a kid running around Down here there was Kids right like Okay we need to actually ask them Because the doors this door is locked Yeah show that that door is locked this Is this is locked Right this is locked You can’t get in here Okay so i heard like literally A girl a little girl yeah loud i heard Them running around Two three like laughing and Literally loud playing Film me for a sec okay sorry to drop you Guys in here we just got The lem mansion and we were literally Just talking Upstairs and heard a sound of a child Like Giggling and running like loud like it Was a human in here And that’s why i was like oh someone has To have a kid here Nope i started rolling right when we Came downstairs hello Hello this is like Again one of those things where you have

To be here it’s like This is daytime yeah and i just Literally thought like It’s like that guy’s kids i thought it Was too so i thought he hadn’t left yet He’s got his kids down here He’s gone there’s nobody here Hello If you’re looking for a good scare this Halloween the lent mansion May be the perfect place for you the Lent mansion is one of the most haunted Places in america A lot of things that happen frighten People other things or People are kind of exhilarated by it Sometimes they’ll cause you a Sense of sadness or there’s been a lot Of tragedy Here in this family it’s been said that There are some restless spirits in the Lymph mansion At one point i had brought a little Teddy bear from home i was doing a Film with a group called the booth Brothers and i set the teddy bear down On the stairs And we went about and they were Interviewing me and we they were talking And i looked up on those stairs And the teddy bear was up in the air Swaying back and forth

As if a little boy had was playing there Are nine identifiable spirits here in This house And one of them is a spirit that i used To call the stinky man The first time i encountered him though He told me to get out My house get out and stuff like that so And i didn’t go So he wasn’t too pleased with me there Are also wandering spirits that Are drawn to the lint mansion because of All the spirit energy the paranormal Energy that is in this house And we do have uh we do have Communications with them as well The person that communicates with us the Most so is billy lamp but actually betsy Claims there are several spirits here in This historic Home the limp mansion is rated one of The Top nine haunted places in america Okay guys so i’m gonna do a full-length Video about the history of the lemp Family and the limp mansion and the Hauntings for this week’s scary story Saturday it’ll be posted on saturday Here on the channel but for now since This video is already super long i’m Going to give you an abbreviated version

Of the history of the lemp mansion John adam lemp arrived in st louis Missouri in 1838 immigrating from Germany With him he brought a skill that no one In america really possessed at the time The ability to brew lagered beer after Arriving in saint louis john started a Grocery store but abandoned it in 1840 After seeing that lager beer was the Golden future of american alcohol In 1840 he built the first lent brewery Which was a massive success and he Effectively brought lager beer to st Louis the lent brewery was so successful That in 1864 they built a massive Facility that would go on to turn out Millions of gallons of beer In fact the lamps were so successful That they were millionaires the lent Mansion itself was constructed in the 1860s and soon became the home of the Family and used as an auxiliary brewery Office William lemp john adam lemp’s son Succeeded his father in running the Business and he built it into an Empire in the year 1870 the lent brewery Was the largest in st louis but it would Soon be dwarfed in size and business Success by the anheuser-busch brewery Which was built extremely close by The anheuser-busch brewery would go on To create american beer staples like

Budweiser Bud light and many other drafts and Pours that america loves After anheuser-busch found their success The lemp family found their untimely Demise And the fall of the lemp family is Extremely tragic like i said i’m going To go into more detail about the haunted Cave system where the beer was stored And other macabre and strange facts About the lemps on saturday but for now Here’s what happened in 1901 frederick Lemp william lamp’s favorite son Died at a young age under mysterious Circumstances three years later A distraught william lemp took his own Life with a pistol on the second floor Of the lent mansion William billy lemp jr succeeded his Father and then took control of the Brewery business But tragedy seemed to love the limps in 1919 when prohibition was enacted in the United states the lent brewery was Forced to close its doors forever And soon after billy lemp’s sister elsa Who was considered to be the wealthiest Heiress in st Louis at the time took her own life in 1920. some people consider her death to Be a murder but we’ll talk more about That on saturday William billy lemp jr supposedly had a

Son born out of wedlock which he kept Locked up in the upstairs in the mansion Whom he named ezekiel Or zeke zeke was born with mental Disabilities and tragically he was Allegedly referred to by members of the Family and visitors as Monkey boy absolutely horrible Apparently zeke was buried in an Unmarked grave in the family’s burial Plot after he died in the mansion in his 30s But throughout his whole life he was Kept in the shadows and labeled an Embarrassment to the lemp family In 1922 the lent brewery complex which At one point was valued at over seven Million dollars was auctioned off for a Measly 588 thousand dollars It was soon after the sale and william Billy lemp jr took the same grim way out Of life that his father did and ended His life With a pistol once again inside of the Lem mansion William billy lemp jr’s brother charles Had an almost morbid attachment to the Family home and he continued to live There even after his brother and his Father took their own lives in the house And in effect he became a grumpy recluse He was an extremely bitter man and Charles lived in the limp mansion until The year 1949

When he once again took a pistol shot His dog in the head And then just like his brother and Father took his own life in the limp Mansion with a self-inflicted gunshot Wound to the head Just like his father people have Experienced all sorts of crazy activity In the mansion they’ve seen apparitions They’ve seen objects move by themselves And even float they’ve heard voices Felt cold chills heard pianos playing And watched doors lock and unlocked by Themselves the mansion has been featured In all sorts of publications and on all Sorts of tv shows and is constantly Referred to as one of the most haunted Places in all of america And that’s exactly why jeff and i Decided that we needed to paint the House a visit To stay the night all right My name’s heather i’ve worked here about A year and a half now And i i always work with one headphone In In general i’m here by myself most of The time the majority of things that Have like Happened have been i hear children’s Laughter And also think i hear someone saying Like hello or Heather from time to time that doesn’t

Happen often And then most recently though i’ve been Having a battle with a Stuffed pig that keeps showing up in Uh different locked rooms and it’s Pretty creepy If people had to leave in the middle of The night we’ve had that happen a few Times Yeah they leave in the middle of the Night so we usually don’t hear from them Again So we have a lot of people that will Show up with a lot of ghost hunting Equipment and then they’ll show me um Like all of the Orbs that they captured and people will Come and bring ouija boards i have a Like Six ouija boards locked away in the Laundry room that people have just Brought And left here do you ever get freaked Out Working here not really no I love like being surrounded in this Building it’s awesome what made you want To work here I had a secret mission to find the caves Really yeah but the The limp mansion and the the history in St louis i mean it’s Uh i’m from this area i always thought The limp brewery and what mansion were

Really Really cool so when they had an opening For a housekeeper i was like yes That’s sick so i just get to work work By myself usually and it’s awesome And the entrance of the caves is Supposed to be in the basement Um so they i there used to be One apparently in the basement that’s Welled up and there was one over on Cherokee street And so in the caves they used to throw All of these like big Um parties they had a an olympic-sized Swimming pool um Like a ballroom sort of space and Yeah so they would just throw these like Alcohol and drug parties And that was actually how ezekiel was Born was he was born from A union between a prostitute and billy Limp jr Wow and he’s the child he’s the child in The attic yes Um the one that they call monkey face Boy which is really rude and you Shouldn’t say that Have you felt like you’ve talked to him Uh I’ve been i’ve definitely heard his Laughter and Uh people will bring toys for zeke all The time Um anything from like little matchbox

Cars to Like giant like bouncy balls um And one of the things that guests will Often do when they bring balls is They’ll They’ll roll the ball and they say that He’s rolling it back but this is also an Old house so the floors are probably a Little So i think that one’s explainable Definitely final question what’s the Most powerful thing that’s happened to You i like the most Um experience i So there were there were two times where Like i Um felt very uncomfortable almost so one I was Um right outside the women’s restroom on The main floor And it felt like someone whispered Heather Right behind me and it was i knew that i Was absolutely alone in the mansion But it felt like it was right behind me And um yeah and it was in my ear without A headphone in So uh like got goose pimples and all of That fun stuff and i Just like just stood there for a few Minutes and had to talk myself down And then the other time i was in the Basement and i was vacuuming And there was this like overwhelming

Odor Um it smelled bad bo And a lot of like old musky men’s Cologne And uh i actually like left the Mansion temporarily to get some fresh Air because it was so overpowering i Felt nauseous Wow yeah but other than that it’s been Pretty hunky-dory Okay you guys just heard that Hello Okay you guys i was just getting some B-roll down here You guys heard that this has been a Continuous shot There’s nobody down here Hello Okay well that was creepy back to the Episode i guess After conducting our first interview we Decided that we needed to go pay the Lemps a visit in person so we drove all The way across st Louis to a cemetery where the lamp Family plot is located St louis is a beautiful city but it’s Plagued with blight Part of the lent brewery actually Collapsed just a couple months ago it’s Tragic but we got to the cemetery there Was a thunderstorm brewing above And we decided that now it was time to

Visit the limps So before our investigation at the lemp Brewery tonight We have come to visit the lemps in their Final resting place This is where william senior and william Billy They’re all buried the lemp family Members who ended their own lives in the Mansion So we’ve come here to the belafontaine Cemetery And we’re gonna go ask There’s frederick oh there’s william There’s bill 1904 elsa too The elsa room there’s a lot of vaults in Here You know it’s very eerie to any of the Lemp family members We’re coming out tonight and we want to Talk to you I know some of you ended your own lives Very tragic Some of you may have been killed but We want you to come out tonight and talk To us when we’re there At your old house my name is colin Here with my dad jeff And we come with the utmost respect but If y’all could just follow us To the mansion we would love to talk to You tonight And it’s sunny out but there’s a storm

Rolling in right now so it’s kind of Creepy out here but Thank you guys william Frederick elsa we’re here tonight so Let’s talk So here’s the lent brewery to the right Or to our left if you see It’s a very ominous empty almost Shell of a building over there it’s Gigantic yeah they got a ghost tour Business in there too we’re uh we’re About to pull up to the lent mansion It’s nine o’clock at night um we’ve been Out we visited the cemetery earlier Today We stopped by starbucks for a while i Had to edit an episode But we just found out that we’re going To be the only people In the mansion tonight like There was another group of guests that Was supposed to be staying there in a Room below us But we have the entire mansion every Door unlocked Full access to the lemp mansion one of The most haunted places In the united states and we’re sleeping There along with a lamp Up there i just pointed that out Listening why it is yeah i zoomed in on It on the word lamp

Yes okay well i didn’t hear that Chill your bones out buddy so yeah we’re About to arrive right now And the fact that we’re gonna be there Completely alone the full night Is uh just a little creepy Yeah i don’t think so because even just Being in there earlier doing the Interview and just setting our stuff Inside Oh yeah it’s definitely creepy we have The damn Little girls yeah we heard our kids yes We’re right we’re gonna go in here left Left Bush yeah literally kids Laughing like they’re running around Mm-hmm No one was there that was freaky I was like four of these kids in this House you know Okay is this here we go we’re coming up On right now Yep okay oh there should be jesus Oh my god that Is one creepy ass house I think maybe Maybe the creepiest i know like for me One of the scariest for sure was Pulling up to the sanatorium on the top Of that mountain in greece Yeah but even this like you know looking At a different fear uh-huh I mean it’s like a house an old house

Full of suit Well people taking their lives the Mansion yeah yeah that’s gigantic Where should we park sure down here yeah I guess anywhere really Let’s go down here well we’re gonna go Inside now guys And uh let’s begin our night at the lemp Mansion This is for y’all For you guys Oh the moon right behind it Definitely creepy jesus it’s so dark out I can barely see the beauty About being retired and not having to See patients anymore and being Professional because i can say stuff Like Screw you your mother Not worry about it where did that come From i have no idea it’s like I just thought about i’m like here about Left mansion St louis i don’t have to act a certain Way anymore i can be just a [ __ ] yeah you can do that you can be The douche that you really are Exactly i don’t have to cover it up Anymore no Douche bag yeah cheers cheers man you Are A spinning chip off the old block yep Douche junior

Little douche little dude well actually Hello Okay i’ll take that okay where are we Going we’re gonna We’ll go back to the back entrance man I’m gonna film as we go in Can i clarify a few things yes okay it Would bother me So this deal on bats right yeah this Troll that troll I don’t care about them anyway but even People with Questions that are actually about bats That they think it’s funny So get this there’s 60 000 cases of Rabies treated a year Right in the u.s right 70 of them are From bad bites Rabid bats 70 60 000 people died Worldwide last year 70 or from bats i don’t want to be one Of those 60 000 In the us getting bit by a damn rabid Bat and then go through the freaking Treatment That you go through right the shots yeah So It’s legit that i’m afraid of bats in a Closed setting where they’re Gonna get my hair [ __ ] and bite me yeah Are Outside at our house in sioux falls There’s bats every night eating Mosquitoes i love bats all right

I hear it i hear you guys saying that Stuff i just don’t like them in a close Setting like five Who who likes about flying and they can Get in your hair They can but not even get i mean if they Actually would bite you You can’t capture the bat and go get Them test right you just have to go Through the Rabies vac the shot therapy no one likes To Have bats around their head in the dark So i mean that’s the point i like bats I’m not a bad hater so you trolls you Know what Say that just get a life Yeah leave the douche alone yeah leave The douche along you guys want another Rant Let the man be afraid of bats yes you go First Okay kind of some mosquitoes out here i Hope there’s bats around Yeah right where’s the damn patch when You need them Hear that what it’s not Bats is that no it’s definitely not bad There’s a lightning bug up there there We go we got jimmy john’s too There we go in case you’re wondering We’re home No okay

Dinner first where should we eat Look at i mean What do you think i don’t know We got this whole place it’s insane Really That is creepy up there you know i kind Of got Unbelievable i i just got like total Energy chills again This place has got some vibes i’m Telling you yeah i kind of wish we Didn’t have to sleep here tonight What are we going to do should we go eat Them yeah Jesus wait a second Didn’t really sound like fireworks Though it was kind of weird the way that It was like Yeah i’m not sure yeah we’ve been Sitting here eating our Jimmy john’s and uh it’s very creepy in Here This is uh i think it’ll be an Interesting Yeah you know how there’s a picture Where you Go anywhere in the room and like they Follow you That’s that one hey everybody it’s colin Here Tonight we have a very very special Episode for you guys we’re here in the

Lemp mansion you guys probably know this Place this is Literally listed on almost every list of The most haunted places in america this Mansion is always always on that list Um as we already covered three different Members of the same family ended their Lives and this mansion another member Ended her life in a separate location in Her private residence So many different spirits here 13 Different ghosts according to Psychic mediums if you believe in that And uh Yeah we uh we thought we were going to Be here with another uh i think it was a Couple that was supposed to be spending The night somewhere in this mansion But um we’re here alone there’s nobody In here and Let me tell you guys this place is Gigantic like you can’t it’s huge and It’s tall And it’s just really um heavy Feeling we haven’t started investigating Yet it’s 10 o’clock almost on the dot We’re going to start right now we’ve got All the lights out By the way if you guys enjoy what we do Please follow me on instagram at colin Brown you can follow my dad jeff At papa.spooks you can follow the show At the paranormal files Go listen to my podcast murder in

America and also if you enjoy what You’re seeing once again Consider becoming a patron on patreon Just type in the paranormal files on Patreon Or consider p or consider picking Jesus or consider picking up a piece of Our merch we’re dropping new stuff Soon and we’re working our butts off to Bring this stuff to you guys And this honestly is very creepy because We’re spending the night here tonight And we’re the only ones in the house There’s not even any staff it’s just Us we’re just gonna drop into the Investigation right away I’m gonna click record on this voice Recorder Okay guys colin here i have to pop in Here and just tell you guys I usually am pretty skeptical about Voice recorders and stuff like that That’s why I don’t use them very often in our Investigations i feel like when You’re moving the voice recorder around They’re usually so Sensitive that even a footstep can sound Like a whisper and a lot of people Experience These noises and they immediately think That their spirits and stuff like that So we don’t really use them that often Because i don’t

You know necessarily believe a hundred Percent in them But i’m gonna play this clip for you Completely uncut Jeff and i just walked through the lent Mansion right here in this clip Hit record on the voice recorder and i Bring them home Uh to my house or my apartment to Listen to the actual voices after the Fact instead of doing it there in person Because that just wastes investigation Time And i really wish we would have listened To them that night because the Things that the voices and noises that We captured on that Recording are the craziest i feel like I’ve ever caught In the history of the channel ever i’m Like sitting here i have full body Chills if you can see them i have Goosebumps Across my body from listening to this so I’m going to actually play the full clip Of us Walking through look at the clip you can See jeff and i keep our mouths shut I’ll even replay the clip when i hear These voices With the camera audio so you can see That there’s none of these voices Appearing in the camera audio it’s just Captured on this

Highly sensitive voice recorder right Here and Yeah oh my god i just i cannot believe This you guys are gonna [ __ ] your pants i think when i show this To you so here we go There you go test test did you hear the Audio And for you guys we’re gonna silently Just walk through this floor of the House If there’s anybody here in the left Mansion Feel free to come out and talk to us Tonight Should be added to that two different Members of the family ended their lives On this floor Specifically over there over here Was charles part of the family yeah Charles we know you live down here Are you with us tonight Did you end your life in this room right Here Weird coldness Is that you charles are you coming Through What was it Disappeared like a little wasp or Something Are you over here I heard that somebody likes to hang out In this ladies restroom

Can you open this door for us so we can Come in It’s kind of interesting so finally Check out a little mini shade Do you want a drink do you want us to Pour you a drink Yes Remember let’s show these guys in here This bathroom is supposed to be haunted We’re not just there’s nobody But apparently people have seen the Spirit of A man peeking over here when they’re Using the restroom And this was the first freestanding Shower in st louis Is there somebody in here with us right Now It’s very creepy Day Walk back to the main area and go over The stairs Around every corner it’s just dark Let’s just give you a moment i mean There’s supposedly 13 spirits here Uh So anybody that’s here can you talk into This little box You can shout out anything you want in Your response

A lot of you gathered in here so again Let’s just stay here Foreign Walk over by the stairs again you can Feel free to say anything you want That will be picked up by this little Box anything you want Is there somebody upstairs Anybody from the lamp family Anybody from the lent family can you say Something In this box your name would be great A year Maybe where are you at in st Louis Walk Like holy [ __ ] isn’t that crazy Oh my god i just sat here and recorded That clip of that recording and i was Listening to all of that That is mental that is insane guys i Don’t I don’t think you understand how excited That makes me that that is That’s the actual clip that we recorded That’s Insane anyways i know that’s supposed to Be creepy and stuff but that’s really Exciting for me as a researcher because Like I have no explanation for any of that The whistle what the [ __ ] It’s a whistle like it’s very obvious

That neither of us Whistled so yeah anyways guys let’s go Back to the investigation I’m gonna post that full clip of that Audio recording on uh on patreon so if You guys Who are on patreon hear anything else Please point it out to me because i want To make a video soon about stuff that i Missed in videos but Wow is that just insane okay now that we Did the first walkthrough we’re going to Really start Using some tools and devices when i show The batteries i’ll turn this on A little bit okay so we did listen to A lot of your comments one particular Comment uh that i Appreciated was someone who said there Was a fire That was started that i think and Tragically killed A few children and they traced it to Batteries being together And starting the fire so wow that really Sunk home so i ended up getting this Case this battery case right and um So we kind of listened to what you guys Say uh when you got constructive Criticism Um actually i just turned this over And uh they fell out well They just i just shook it around it Looks like

Bullets a lot of batteries yeah so There’s The nine volts in here that we need nine Volt yeah So so basically you know we’ll take a Nine volt battery out like so It has a charger so you just you take The plus end And you you push it on see and so we Make sure the batteries all the way up Good see that Okay so goes back in then we know we’ve Got A a good battery For the round pod okay Okay Okay so this is the room right Yeah this was the room where junior Right lemp jr shot himself i just want To warn you guys This scene in this experiment contains Some potentially Triggering imagery and situations so if You are Easily triggered or offended by Depictions of Self-harm and stuff like that skip this Part of the video please because this is An intense experiment we’re about to do And also if you guys are ever in need if You ever have A mental health crisis please consider Calling the prevention hotline we put The number let’s put the number on the

Screen again right now And jeff and i are always here according To everybody online If you really are struggling you’re Going through something always feel free To reach out to us But we’re going to move on with the Experiment since we like to push the Limits of paranormal investigating here We’re going to actually try a what would You call it a trigger Event we have a trigger object but since Three members of the lem family ended Their lives here we’re not trying to Trivialize I’m just wondering if emulating that Action Will bring out a spiritual reaction so We bought a Cap gun today at the dollar store this Thing you know has caps in it And we’re going to actually perform the Actions that Each of the lemp family members did to Take their own life in these rooms to See if That would potentially get them to come Out or stir up some sort of residual Energy But we’ve got over here the rem pod Interestingly enough it just went off Right before we started rolling And now it hasn’t hit again we’ve got The ovulas which we’re going to run

While we do this And then we’re going to kill the lights And go ir and then do a spirit box so Let’s do it Billy is that you Are you here did you show up already Okay so once again Triggering imagery coming up i’m gonna Start the obvious Billy If william lemp jr is here I believe you took your own life in this Room Did he go something like this I keep seeing something out of the Corner of my eye up here dude It’s kind of freaking me out yeah i’ve Got a uh Full body tools also look at how that Strong signal right after i Banged myself what did that say again Right after you did that Baby ever stare stairs are right there And i was also earlier talking about That picture behind you That’s like staring at me well that’s Like stairs Oh okay gotcha Billy is that what you did to yourself In this room can you talk to us This is such a creepy house i’m gonna Grab the i’m gonna set this down right

There I think if you sit right here this is Perfect oh okay are you filming yes Were you filming that it’s filming right Holy [ __ ] okay Man you want him to sit right there Okay i’m gonna come okay If there are any members of the lemp Family In this house can you come sit at this Table with us Oh condition i just was saying myself i Feel like this Is heavy conditions Bishop if you are here could you give us A sign Any spirits at all can you come in here And Talk in this device make this device go Off Can you make more of the lights go off For us As i keep like seeing things It’s really odd i know this sounds Strange but i’ve got Like a like right here Okay guys i’m interrupting the video Again because i’m editing this i just Noticed this i can’t believe we didn’t Connect these dots At the time but billy lamp jr actually Took his own life By putting a pistol to his heart he shot Himself in his heart the guy who

Took his own life right there in that Room that we were sitting in And jeff at the time started saying even Says right there in that clip I’m starting to feel something right Here almost like my heart i know this Sounds strange but i’ve got Like a like right here it’s almost like Where my heart is but it’s just And just a couple minutes before that Was when i took that cap gun and did That little experiment So that’s just some strange i don’t know If that’s evidence or what but i’m Pointing that out to you guys because Yeah that’s just weird that he mentioned His heart and that’s the whole The the event that happened in that room Not a good feeling Yeah it kind of looks simple Kind of a bad taste in my mouth did you Shoot yourself here That’s interesting that said carpet Though because if he Shot himself in here and this is Carpeted he would have died on the Carpet Jewelry him Him are we talking to him Any spirit at all there’s supposed to be 13 in here how do you think that Includes them I suppose any spirit at all can you come In and again

Talk in this box or make this light go Off here Show us you’re here billy limp You can come in we’re not here to hurt You or harm you or friendly Come and sit down with us glass Messenger who’s the messenger Say weird messenger Say do you have a message for us Move backwards i keep seeing something Plan nighttime chat Plan nighttime chart wise No maze Wife no why do you make this light go Off just Like that why don’t you play with it a Little bit more Show us that you’re really here anybody So we paused for one second got dan on The spirit box Damn Okay you’ve done that already do a Little bit more That’s kind of weird Always prop one weird frequency in my Ears right yeah That’s what i was saying like it’s Straight weird A weird sound like you know This house is just weird a totally Different sound Of that i would have you Oh jeez You don’t want me to have him do that ah

It kind of Hurts my ears 50. Okay so is 50 does that mean That somebody died at 50 50 pace Guys 50 peso like you know i mean like 50 bases you know yeah like pacing Around in here maybe before he Took his own life following his Like a group father’s footsteps the 13 Spirits Stairs maybe yes maybe the stairs or Went to heaven And i mean we’re not trying okay mike I gotta write that down Joe oh my gosh we got some names here Why don’t we have you do a spirit box Okay so any of the spirits that are here Can you tell us your name Can you give us one of your names Can you give us one of your names Once again can you tell us your name Who’s in here with us Billy if this is you can you say your Name to us Now someone said billy people have Wanted us to not Put our hand on the speakers right a lot Of people have said that Okay

Okay when how did you guys somebody how Did you die Who’s setting this light off what’s your Name Say your name in here Okay is there anybody Here with us can you tell us where you Are in the house Who are you can you tell me your name Can you tell me your name Where are you in here [Applause] What’s what is it causing this shadow Right here look at that You see that where there’s just a shadow Right Oh my god it looked like somebody walked In front of that door That one no the front door Like in the house Charles is that you hear that yeah Oh i got like total vibes again here Like Chills my all my hairs are standing up Charles is that you Charles lamp This was what they thought was his room Right here where He ended his life charles Can you tell me your name if someone is Here

What’s your name Freaking maroon [Applause] Let us know where you are in the house Yeah what was that That was you can you do that again Me oh there’s johnny there’s an Orb in the Well cat you’ll see that on camera Straight there’s something in here Extreme Can you knock like this To let us know where you are in this House we don’t want to hurt you we just Want to talk I go down to the basement sure Okay we gotta bring some Tools here should i turn this off yeah The moment that we watch and then It’s hitting more than it ever has let Me turn around and it stops It’s like they don’t want us to leave You know are you okay is there some Reason why we shouldn’t go to the Basement I think it’s time to go yeah which way You grab it Did you hear that almost like a footstep Upstairs Like are you upstairs I usually get how creepy would it be if We just asked that question sometime you Just heard a voice go

Yes i am right Be too much for me you okay And then i can feel something here How he shot himself in the heart oh In this room Yeah i mean it’s hard to Explain i guess what i’m feeling Wish you the fleur downstairs We’re gonna go downstairs to the Basement we’ve done This area up here for an hour and a half Nothing too Crazy yet just spooky but definitely I think also the basement has some Really eerie vibes And the upstairs where we’re to end has Probably the creepiest We go down here yeah Yeah i turned that on just now we did Yeah so all the way down Let’s do it so leave this on yeah this Is only for this room Okay so we’re in the basement right now Jeff’s got the sls Camera and the fleur camera we’re gonna Look for some Heat signals and for wow Really cold cold or hot but down here Is where they suggested that we bring Dog toys For serva the dog who charles Killed before he took his own life so we

Bought Some balls and A squeaky toy You down here with us sirva Do you want to come play fetch We brought you some toys serva You here with us Come out and play Honestly oh look at look at that what’s From the ceiling What is that okay there’s nothing that Should be mapping Out look at that if that’s free free Can you if we’re looking at you right Now can you put your arm down Dude it’s like a monkey look at that Is that you that we’re looking at right There It’s right here yeah right here yeah It’s right in front of us Oh look at this is like kind of i don’t Know Let’s see this Can you move something in here to let us Know that’s you Can you show up on this heat signature Right here this Make this show something Am i right on him maybe roll one of the Balls Oh look at that look at the change for The color

You see that yeah it’s changing And this thing is still right there what Happened oh there’s another one What what okay Oh my god dude i’m totally changing it’s Like really Look at this two in here dude look There’s three Oh what the hell oh my god Wow dude i’m feeling like hot and sweet Oh i’m hot There’s three how many of spirits are You all going to come and show up Connor are you getting three sls figures Okay now that’s well i have channels Look at mine Energy down here it’s but it’s like a Different type of hawk that just came in Here Okay wow oh oh i have Chills okay all my hair is on end Oh whoa they’re gone what The hell what the Hell that was amazing actually how did They just you didn’t even Do anything they just all hairs back Behind us dude what should we do should We go off of here And come behind or what yeah i guess Let’s step into that I think um the basement Why are basements always the creepiest Is there another noise here I wish i put this over here

Okay i’m coming in you guys are all seem To be hanging Literally right here Will you hold this for a second let’s go Over here yeah there’s some down here That’s just making me okay Well i think maybe take it easy for just A little bit it’s weird though it’s like So i thought that was my blood sugar Making me feel weird but then i like sat Down And i felt fine and then all of a sudden I stood up and it’s like It’s like there’s like a heat yeah like Right here it’s really Hot right here actually Are you down here with us Okay let’s go sit over here Say something I need to grab this can you use your Voice and say hello Or play with one of the toys we brought You I mean now for me like when you talk About mapping out How do they just all of a sudden map i Don’t know right i mean that’s for me It’s like I mean if they’re there they’ll come Back too yeah that’s what i’m saying if It’s tracking Something this is There’s somebody over here Oh my god something down here just makes

Me so Dizzy I feel very uncomfortable right here Just stay there tom i heard a door creek Did you hear that Stay stay there sit down in this area Sit down This is like too strong over here Ah something’s not writing this Over here man hello Are you down here with us I’m trying to see if there’s any Temperature change Is that you can you roll this ball back To me Yeah honestly how did those three Figures map out That was crazy actually three at the Same time and then now we don’t even Have One It is so strange too this is like a Vortex down here like when i stand up I literally can’t i cannot stand up down Here When i’m sitting i’m fine Oh jesus every Time we film at a police they always Have some sort of Yeah ac okay Is that you okay you gotta do something More Can you roll one of these balls Don’t sit and do a spirit box down here

Sure You should pull that chair up this just Keeps fluctuating here In this area it’s just Okay Let’s keep trying to pick up some energy Change there I wonder sometimes you know if you hold Like if i hold this You know i believe like you know right Like maybe your energy is different than Mine I’d like to try the sls again Sure okay i just sometimes feel like i Feel like it’s almost i’m gonna run a Spear box right now okay If you’re down here with us we want to Hear your voice so just Feel free to just talk to us Who’s who’s here can you tell us your Name Country boy let’s get out of here Yeah yeah What You didn’t hear that i didn’t know Can you reappear again since i’m holding This device in my hand here Kind of reappear i do not feel good down Here How can you just like be Here huh i said i do not feel Good down here this is Like physically i feel like sick down Here

Okay A woman because the other voice is a Woman’s voice Can you tell us your name That’s creepy Do you not like it when people come down Here Are you waiting for your husband Is there a dog with you down here Okay i don’t see how we got three Figures And then it’s like they’re almost are They moved on I i don’t Where are you guys I swear to god it sounded like a dog All right kind of heard that did you mhm Whoa whoa whoa whoa Oh Do we have to sit somewhere else We might have just need a different vibe Or in the other room is it time to party We’re here to party so my gosh [Applause] Well yeah if i go Are you back here should really have the Floor on there so you can see if there’s A color or a temperature change I like dark spots Oh look at this in the camera huh you See this Like am i ever feeling right there right Just a second i can’t quite see it and Stay there

It’s creepy See that A big color shift on the temperature Did you die here [Applause] Oh you got a figure right behind you Don’t move Right behind on your head a hand is on Top of your head How are you All right freaking get out i heard that Are you were you behind colin Stay there stay there Are you trying to manifest yourself Through oh colin it’s right behind you Don’t move Colin you quit mapping now this thing’s Mapped Dude it’s on your head again like one Hand is on your head Why are you doing that Are you right behind me Oh disappeared what the hell And the lights going off on the meter Oh this is creepy right here see there’s There’s definitely Activity down here oh dude look at this Show this in the mirror look at this When you stare at yourself right here Yeah zoom in on me Look how behind you you can see like a Bunch of yourself Oh yeah it’s almost like one of them You’re expecting to like look the other

Way Yeah like the head turns and you don’t Move yeah and you’re like Yeah or it doesn’t move because they say Spirits live in mirrors Right are you hearing this mirror Damn it is hotter than hell right now Down here for me Yeah oh yeah do you appear through this Mirror I just kind of get the feeling that they Want to like interact with you You know Here buddy Can you make those lights go more come On Go a little more or not at all oh Dude there’s a figure where Um it’s over here can you walk over on This pan It’s right on top of the pan You want to go up to the second floor Sure it’s kind of hot here okay this Place is Active though oh there’s a figure again Over here On the pan well this pan yes Richard just oh there’s two where On the pan dude on the pan right on the Pan There’s both of them directly in front Of me Colin do you see that pan right there Yes on the pan

This okay there’s two of you okay you Just disappeared Oh the other one did you just knock Behind me The pan is the pan bud right there’s no Other thing that it’s right there So you walk over and you put your hand On the pan it’s not that difficult Can you guys come back and call didn’t Understand what to do Can you come back on the pan It’s the same figures that are here I think they’re they’re hanging on Hanging down here Well when that was happening i heard Knocks over here Same over this way are you guys back Here Can you throw one of those glasses like The stories say you like to do Can someone give me a glass of water Can anybody show up and And make yourself change the temperature And like Materialize yourself you understand all This stuff that’s easy language Make yourself like show cold Come and sit in the chair Look at that coldness surrounding the Chair yeah It’s interesting it’s like colder isn’t It kind of Chairs are warm no but look at the other One yeah definitely you’re trying that

Is really Yeah all through here excessive shannon Actually that’s all around it Oh i’m smelling Yeah what is that like papery Yeah are you catching that mm-hmm oh i’m Really hot Yeah let’s go up to the second floor i’m Smart I’m smelling like like sausage That’s really weird okay so my blood Sugar is a little low right now Randomly just dropped so we’re gonna go Sit upstairs for a few minutes take a Break and then head to the second story And then end on the third story which is Supposedly where the most haunted room Is and where we’re sleeping tonight Ready to get out of the basement yeah Let’s it’s kind of super hot down here Okay well it’s just sitting for my blood Sugar but I’m sorry in the case is that little Figure It’s coming it’s not super creepy I’m hearing this kind of noise too They got some artifacts in that case now It’s starting to calibrate On the case watch it It’s like rhyming it’s like picking Something up It’s like it’s trying to yeah it’s like It’s trying to come out of the case

It’s gone Can you knock Okay guys once again adding something in Here this Is weird that we captured this whistle Right here because This was the same area where on the Voice recorder a whistle was picked up But this time this is way later in the Night And there’s an actual whistle on the Camera audio that jeff and i heard in Person so They correlated Could you make a noise let us know where You are That sounds like somebody’s upstairs It’s like i don’t know if i want to go Up here Okay everybody so we’ve been sitting Here my blood sugar is Fine again we’re going to now go up to The second story to the room where Another one of the limps Ended their life with a gunshot wound to The temple this time We’re going to try the experiment once Again so i’m warning you guys some Triggering scenes coming up in the next Five minutes And uh we’re gonna keep investigating

Then head to the top Of the building where we’re sleeping Tonight and where the supposedly most Active room in the house is So you ready let’s go lead the way okay I’ll flip the camera around we’re gonna Go down here Let’s just walk up these stairs right Here We’re coming up come out Enjoy yourself cooler up here I have ghost cam in youth someone’s Watching us Oh this is creepy up here Okay trigger warning we’re going to try The same experiment with the cap gun There’s rem pod right there So isn’t it in this room the next we’re In the lavender Room and it was The first time first really hit William lamp senior is this the room Where you chose to end your life Okay you ready for this If this reminds you of anything can you Come out and give us a It’s not sign in your ear Pitch black it is over here you see this Well yeah if we turn the light off you Won’t see anything I can’t see you Is this yeah possibly can we do that Because you can just tie it You like it when i do that

That was a weird timing it was Okay okay and you’re on camera Yep okay we’re going to try the estes Method now Um so with the estes method you Blind yourself and sound deprivate Yourself So that all you can hear is the spirit Box i can’t even see where the camera is I’m assuming over there um so i’m Doing that already i’m blind will you Plug this into the sphere box for me Yes i can’t see actually okay Let’s see i think i can Okay so you start asking questions Okay did you die in here A temporary stop Okay so you mean as far as One of your this is one of your past Buys or lives It was a temporary stop is that right Join us Join you where Grandparents who’s grandparents third Floor Third floor What’s your name forgot it Really you don’t know your name how old Are you shouldn’t have I know that’s okay but how old are you How many spirits are in this room right Now we are Large or something so There’s a large group of you how about

One of your names yes Okay a loud yes okay so It all seems to be a man i keep hearing So can you give me a name paid too much I’m still armed okay So you if you’re still armed are you William who shot himself oh That might be a yes glad to go Where are you I’m coming okay I see i see you oh Oh that was creepy that was very creepy It was like I see you i feel Cold over here october the 6th Was that a birthday anniversary Someone died at funeral that was just It where are you right now Up here up Ceiling like yells Ceiling You said he’s up And you’re in the ceiling Years of abuse and a gun It’s a cold spot wow It’s hard doctor i know i’m the doctor Oh look at mrs collin You said you’re where are you and you Said you’re up in the ceiling And right above you is this Cold spot in the ceiling shut up Is that you That’s you right above column wow it’s Right above comments swell

Look at that i feel cold my gosh That is creepy man i feel very Cold around there’s a cold spot you are It is There oh look at this 22.7 You go to collin he doesn’t know 29. Everything around you is colder i feel Like a god Oh you are things are everything around You is cold And even around your body nine zero Jesus who can i say who are you with Okay Still this cold spot remains there Just couldn’t do it Oh i just heard something go like You’re looking like cold is closing Wrinkles and stuff have gotten Cold what’s your name who are you that’s Here Darkness Okay when you say darkness does that Mean evil yes or no Where are you again tell me where you’re At Not gonna say No i’ll come just tell me where you’re At They won’t let me leave That was creepy it was like don’t let me Leave okay are you talking about are you Up in the ceiling right here above cowl

Like you said It is then okay oh look you’re even more Cold you can’t leave damn oh my god Jesus sorry family cut out that Jesus wow colin’s clothes are getting Cold we’ve got some reptiles i’m feeling Like hot now The ramp pods stay please Okay who wants me to stay Deep into something i have a Headache now too okay are you still Right here Are you still up here right am i still There forehead Oh [ __ ] that’s where he shot himself too Was in his head his temple that’s where My i have a pain Right here in my head now So who’s here with us would you say tell Us who you are Now Old good to have you oh there’s coal all Around us There it is i am smelling Something what am i smelling i feel the Floor Like kind of shaking i hope you’re Walking around cold around Deeply disturbing Okay are you messing with colin yes Okay like i’m saying that because i Heard like a laugh and then Yes like still are you still up in the

Ceiling oh my head Hurts right here That’s trippy it’s almost like i’m Connecting Right on my temple literally Glad to gosh glad i’m gone coming back Here Oh Look how dark that’s gotten over here Right here Stop hoping We’re home we’re home Right on top of this Make that goal make that light go more And more Use your energy my headache is growing I feel cold like here i don’t know if You’re picking that up It’s like the air is cold this is cold Right here The darker is all the colder This is just really reacting with colin Not leaving Colin do you feel okay how do you feel Glad I think we have a do not try connection To this Cold spot right above column it’s just Like my partner Right down on top of it Is that is that you that’s Manipulating my son up in the ceiling And then you’re you’re manipulating this Device right here

Laces is your energy around this rem pod Right here in front of me Colin who’s who’s on the rim pod Dark dark yes Is it a dark energy Charles i heard charles charles That’s you are you stuck up here like You said you’re In the ceiling up in the ceiling is that You Said morning um I feel very strange here yeah i’m kind Of like feeling like it’s heavy time Colin do you think we should quit Two is to his charles is that you Charles i know that you’re happy we’re Here Your soul but you can actually try Is that what you were doing i’m sorry Colin do you want to quit i’m done Okay dude So oh my god that was a Headache up here you said up in the Ceiling And right above you there’s like one Cold spot Really stuck in the ceiling really Really really And then the ramp has been going crazy Like crazy And look at this oh okay Yeah and Dude right above you this is the cold Spot on the ceiling

Where charles says he’s trapped what Yeah above you right above you like it’s Directly above your head Right above your head it’s right above You And you’d said it’s up in the ceiling That’s crazy i said are you stuck there And you said yep That’s crazy that was a good session Good for us okay why don’t you just sit There and ask for them to make a noise Real quick before we go back You’re gonna love this no stand up there And ask a couple questions Oh and then you can touch see i wanted You to Ask you to like slam a door or something You’ve got to be here Can you like slam a door jiggle a handle Do something like really loud please Make it go crazy Use your energy okay make a loud bang Something let’s step out in the hall and Ask these questions in the dark Wow with me creepy okay We’re kind of getting to the end that We’re going to be trying to communicate With you down On the second floor can you give us some Kind of a sign that you’re here anything Make a noise of any sort your voice hit The wall Jiggle on a door handle Can you move anything in here

I think they’re i think they’re back in Here I don’t know i i step into this room Once It’s like hey i’m the owner i’m the Actual boss God this is so [ __ ] dark you know It’s like you need to come back in here Do you like beer What is that sound The other sounds like a static What is this Crazy i think we should just try This really quick yeah william Billy lemp senior i Know that you took your own life in here We would love to talk to you If you’ve been communicating with us all Night or charles I i kind of feel like we’ve we’ve dealt With charles Like or william i mean i’m sorry Charles could be charles charles Actually Since i came out my mom Are we what happened Okay so either Charles or william can you show yourself On this device in front of us on the bed Like come on the bed or sit in that Chair over there Um oh i just got Like these dark black

On the floor yeah Are you in this room with us still Can you give us just a sign that you’re Here in this room with us Can you can you show yourself move Across the screen it’s all you got to do Is walk Float crawl anything Float i’m not screaming He said that was just funny float Oh here we go once again on an Investigation Where we’ve been up for hours and it’s Like You hang in there [ __ ] happens Yeah we’re exhausted right now it’s like 2 30 a.m please just Appear in front of this camera and show Us your shadow Turn the wall dark black give me a sign We’re not going to hurt you i just want To make sure you’re here Are you ready to move up to the third Floor I guess i was hoping i’d see a shadow Here Shadow move i kind of feel like it’s A little a little lighter you know It feels like it left all right yeah Yeah i feel like a little empty Okay so we’re heading upstairs Now to the third story of the home to The most haunted room

We haven’t really been up there yet but It’s getting pretty late and we’re Pretty tired It’s hot in here too let’s make the Final trek also that haunted pig is up There i know already Yeah thank you william thank you Yes this painting is just creepy isn’t It Her eyes do follow you it’s crazy that We have this whole place to ourselves It really is it’s huge in here Or something nope I swear i just heard something me too You hear like Behind me dude what i would have swore i Had somebody behind me right here Holy [ __ ] so yeah you use this Did you just did you just come up right Behind us You should feel my heart race me too Oh my god i heard like ah Yeah yeah This room confused here this is the elsa Oh my god Dude that was freaky see right here it Has been concluded to be the most Haunted Of the rooms gosh That’s like one of my wow it’s part of The heart It’s interesting that this is the most Haunted room Oh you know i might have an interview

Bar Have one ah Oh look at oh my god This is what she was talking about it’s A little Crawl space filled with notes oh my gosh That’s right strange I see what creepy is that Like tonight when we’re done with all This we have to just turn the camera off And sleep Yeah you know turn that light off Also sorry guys that we’re sitting so Much We’re just exhausted wow i’m so tired We’ve been at this for hours now You know how you get like a really Stressful situation like like i thought Right there where i was like uh I’m chewing i literally thought there Was like a person Right behind me yeah like i was in Danger And my heart rate you know when you have Adrenaline rush you just started what Just Like it was like i bet it was probably Like close to 200 beats a minute Like that and then i’m like tired Like just like that’s what i feel like That happened when i was on the plane Yesterday And there’s a giant turbulence and i was

Sleeping and i was like Yeah and i woke up and then i was like Can you come into this room can you open That door Zeke ezekiel That’s you can you come in here Can you open the door jiggle the handle I’m honestly kind of glad that they Didn’t jiggle the handle or Open the door because that would make it Very hard So this is elsa’s room And or it’s called elsa Young kid who died zeke ezekiel when he Lived up here Oh yeah is there anybody up here on the Third floor with us Do you want to try that bear at all or No That was all that was weird too when i Was doing the assist method because i Got a Theme right here i wonder what side of The head he Shot himself on Zeke are you here with us I’ll get something to grab me it’s i Can’t i can’t Tell this is someone’s grabbing it’s do You see that there’s just a word On the arm Is there anybody up here with us can you Go play with that teddy bear

We brought him for you You should turn the sls camera off Turn off yeah cause it’s giving us some Weird lighting Anybody who’s up here feel free to come In and play with this toy that we have It’s a teddy bear right there on the bed Come play with the teddy bear No what was that That’s not chill Can you touch my tummy That pig oh yeah dude what is this That pig is like staring a hole through My soul That was a really loud noise whatever That was why are You fired you think Is there anybody downstairs It’s a long drop it is look at it Is there anybody down there it looked Like this Light was swinging Walk down here and see this creepy back Here Yeah like a face came in the window Yeah i’m good well Here’s where we’re sleeping tonight This creepy ass pig I don’t know what the deal is with this Pig Yeah here are Our rooms

Yeah this is very very creepy Thank you What do you think we can wrap it here One second Get that pig out of here Bring that pig into elsa’s room what You should bring that pig into elsa’s Room i don’t want that thing near our Room That’s way down there dude yeah like 10 Feet So because of what happened tonight and The vibes that we get from this Mansion and the fact that we’re Literally the only two people in here And it’s a gigantic house Behind my back Uh jeff and i are gonna sleep in these Two rooms that we rented I’m gonna keep my light on and we’re Both gonna lock Doors to keep this open and i’m gonna Keep my bathroom light on Because uh yeah like i said usually in Like a haunted hotel or a place there’s Like an employee or somebody there but We’re literally the only people here And it’s late we’ve been doing this for Hours and it got really creepy at the End Can’t wait to close yeah we have uh I’ve got my stuff in there god damn dude

What if something’s actually starting to Rattle our door Oh i would [ __ ] my pants are you waking Up the middle of night all three of the Lamps are standing around your bed Or you wake up and that pig is right Next to you in bed Oh my god the crap Out of me i think i’m just going to Leave the lights on Yeah i’m definitely leaving these i’m Just going to close my eyes Like i’m just going to deal with it It got like really creepy in here at the End why don’t i have like a Like a lamp you know i wonder I could probably sleep like that with You you leave your light on Yeah damn you know i just I kind of wish there was like that like Uh people here All right oh i mean it’s like this is Like Freaky since we’re the only people in Here yeah Well this isn’t just any any house all Right Mansion this is like the lent mansion You know this is a very famous honda Place There ghost adventures multiple people It’s here i mean it’s like

A child spirit on this floor that plays With people You hear that It’s a truck Motorcycle creepy though Yeah so if you guys couldn’t tell We’re uh we’re creeped out here what That’s funny as hell Smart though how freaky would it be if All the power in this house just went Out are you just here Outside the door jeffrey ah don’t let’s Let’s talk I might sleep with the light on Do it i’m keeping mine on Oh i can dim it oh it’s almost creepier It’s just a very creepy vibe again Like if you guys online want a creepy Place to come stay Lent mansion 10 out of 10. this is Spooky as hell Just having to sleep here i mean You know on that note it’s like i’m sick Of our buddy mr bless nick Like just doing what we did and you know He felt that creepiness in person That you can’t convey over over the Camera This is like at the top yeah this is Like Like pinnacle of creepy i really don’t Want to be here You know i would go to a hotel instantly

And i’ve still been thinking of that Going to the hotel as i’m sitting here Talking But it’s like so hard I think we just have to try to like go To sleep yeah we can make it a couple Hours Yeah i’ve got chairs under the doors the Doors have Bolts and if i wake up Facing that damn window i’m jumping off That window I don’t even see a window for me to jump Out of well i’d kick the air conditioner Out and jump On the third floor as well yeah we can’t Get out Easily at all oh my god there’s a fire Here Oh my god it sounds pretty Scary now think about that I do have this oh give me that [ __ ] Stay away pitch And just walks to the door i was gonna Say that doesn’t really do Good against a ghost especially a cap Gun Here you keep that no no like you got Them Bring the spirits to you Nice try nice try well are we gonna get Some sleep Yeah okay everybody we’ll see in the

Morning It’s not over yet peace but just know That we’re doing this for you guys and This is creepy I don’t want to be here yeah i make Another part of this whole thing and Then I make zero dollars So i get like no money and i’m like Freaked you’re here for the experiences Yeah but it is an experience it’s Something i’ve done Myself a path but yeah i know If you want to get creeped come here we Made it a night in the london mansion Not mansion man Not many people could say that and we’re The only people here How often does that happen to people Yeah Not a lot yeah i would say not often Okay are we gonna sign off yep okay okay Good night everybody I’m gonna keep my camera right here in Bed In case something happens hopefully it Doesn’t Jesus Protection good night I don’t i think yours What are all those doors don’t ask me That I don’t even want to think about that Yeah what if i said

Shut the [ __ ] up you little bastard Okay guys so it’s the uh jesus Okay guys so it’s the morning after the Lent mansion investigation Called the hold on a second okay Everybody so it’s the morning After the limp mansion investigation We’re here we’re still the only ones Here That’s where we slept last night pretty Comfortable sleep Very creepy getting to sleep but we have To get out of here and go to our next Investigation but A lot of times we like to go leave Flowers on graves But since we’re already at the lem Family grave We’re going to leave ezekiel the kid Who was basically trapped up here A little toy car to play with so Zeke ezekiel You are here buddy This car is for you Put it right next to his ambulance right There Thanks zeke thanks for not bothering us Well jeff just now while he was packing Stuff up captured um what Well this is the light downstairs and i Went to get up Get my equipment oh hey Morning and this light went on and off About

Five times i turned my camera on at the End To try to capture it and now i don’t Think it’s going to be on here i don’t Know But i waited at the very end to have him Do it one more time i’m going to look Through this a little bit more That’s all that’s in the actual basement We kept all those we captured those Stick figures And as i’m packing up i just noticed a Flat flicker and that light was on And then i just started one off and it Did that like three three four times i Went and grabbed my phone actually my Left pocket Turn it on and i did come on long story Short Came on and off i don’t know if i Captured it but we’re going to look back It’s about five minutes Yeah don’t sit by the z over here okay We’ll see rest in peace Rip man okay Well we’re gonna head out here but we’re Not done yet at the end of the day i Really do think that jeff and i Contacted somebody or something inside The limp mansion that night it was a Terrifying night and you can see in the Footage that jeff and i were genuinely Scared But regardless it’s an experience that

I’ll have with my dad until the end of Time And i’m so glad that we were able to Share that with you guys online But what do you think would you spend The night alone in the lent mansion I definitely would not it was way too Eerie in there To even be in there alone let alone Sleep there alone at night Well you know maybe someone has a Million dollars to offer me and as Always Stay spooky Hello