Let’s discuss The Cosmic Hoax: An Exposé

By | July 8, 2021
Let's discuss The Cosmic Hoax: An Exposé

And there he is Alien addict in the house tonight It’s good when you can pick up yourself Good evening folks and welcome To the show i have yes it’s live Good good we’re going to talk about uh Stephen greer’s new documentary The uh forgot the name of it the um Rich rich i won’t bring rich under Shades He’s occupied and welcome to the show Lee Audio my friend it’s called the cosmic Hoax I was about to bring rich on b it looked Like well no he actually probably was Ready the cosmics hope And what is it and and what or what rich I was ready i was enjoying a cigar Before the show Oh you’ve got a cigar that’s right kids If i smoked cigar in the house my wife i Shouldn’t be doing this She’d destroy me oh i’m gonna i’m not Myself no you like arnold schwarzenegger Because he My place my house i pay the bills And also i’m thinking about the final Guest the most sexiest man in ufology Without a doubt There he is yes he is you guys are far Too kind Yeah it’s interesting from faces with Beards but uh

He knows it and he won’t put himself in High def Right yeah at 7 20 so we can’t see the Perfectness Of this man why are you giving away my Secret rich I mean we’re like because i used to do It I mean you still do it except you look Good in a high def we can see every uh Little detail yeah that’s why i got the Glasses on pretty Much wrinkles i don’t have any wrinkles Just some crow’s feet right yeah so we Are here to Speak about the most buff man in ufology This guy he used to be you rich but you You’ve stopped going and he started up Again he started back at the gym Really yeah he’s standing back come on i Almost died No i can’t i’m working out at home Well lee almost died the other day but Then i realized he’d had a shave Yeah i’m not i’m not digging it i only Do it But you look like a boiled prawn when You first did it yeah and I find it it gives me the illusion of Chin as well I mean illusion At least you at least i look like i’ve Got that like And i always say it on the show but it

Does it’s quite embarrassing when you Look at this light it’s like a Patchiness There is full hair there anyway enough Of the beards People are sick of hearing the beards Steven grier’s Highly anticipated documentary I’ve watched it now i think four times Well you’re in And uh i’m good for it i watched i Watched you Rich uh showing it did you get a Claim for that did you get that sorted Out Well no i i mean we all know we couldn’t Monetize it Anyway right but i got a claim from A e because i think it’s going to be Used in a documentary that’s going to be On A e but he should have said you’re still You’re going to get a claim but don’t Worry he should have said that but he Rushed it out i think And didn’t test it to see what was Happening Maybe you didn’t know right yeah yeah Yeah i’m like i’m upset but um Just made me a little edgy i got a claim A few years ago when i was sticking up For him Over the um this thing the little dude No really yeah

So it was back when uh uh Gary nolan that was working with stephen Greer on the serious Uh documentary right and he took that Um the evidence to ttsa then all of a Sudden Ttsa released the fact that it was in Fact A fetus when and When i did this uh i got a copyright Claim But not a strike it was just like kind Of like you can’t earn any revenue off This Uh not i don’t even think i ain’t Revenue back then either Um but it was like um they said you can This is fine to use but you can’t have Any adverts and it was from stephen Greer I don’t think he’s aware of this i think He’s got some sort of Course yeah that does it for him so yeah You’re right You could do with that rich you’d make a Fortune off uh Certain people what do you mean You know if people that play your your Videos and Calling you uh all sorts of horrible Names You mean like a guy whose name ends in l Is that what you’re talking about i have

No idea okay me too There’s loads of people’s names that end With hell yep there’s only one who talks About me He’s such a beautiful man i wish i could See his face just once Oh i have pictures send me send me i Need to i forgot to tell you yeah Some of his friends they hate him so They’re sending me all this stuff I never talk about him i don’t want to Give him the glory I’d like to have a conversation with the Man but anyway without further ado We’re just rambling here and it’s my Fault So come on ramblers let’s get stephen Gray’s new documentary Who should we go to first i think i Think i’m going to go to yes i want to Go to you Um richard means No when you did the kind of when you Replayed it On your show yeah is the crisis the Quietest I’ve ever seen you be you got you just Played it You well i wanted to play it 10 minutes At a time That was the goal yeah You know i wanted people to get involved In it watch it and i didn’t want to talk Too much

No the documentary was supposed to be Played in its entirety which i did But uh yeah and you can’t edit it which I didn’t i just paused it and we Talked for two minutes yeah i played the Whole thing pretty quickly So are you still um team gray What oh look at him you let himself go A little bit his thumb is fatter Are you are you still teaming team grier Uh i’m team greer yeah I mean i’m not on anybody’s team let’s Say that Because uh as much as i believe and Don’t believe a lot of things he says i Feel the same way with the other Side i don’t believe anybody But you know i listen to everybody There’s some things i like on this side Some things i like on that side And both things there’s things i hate so I don’t know where to go what to do Ufology is very confusing for me i don’t Know if anybody else feels that way but No i definitely i’m confused that just Life in general just Just getting up in the morning confuses Me right But seriously the the whole field is uh It’s really weird and people are hating It they’re loving it they’re People just don’t like grier so they Won’t even watch it it’s like you’re not Even going to listen to what the other

Side is offering you don’t even want to Hear it And that’s it that’s just it you’ve got To kind of you can’t accuse people of This that the other without hearing them Out and you’ve recently kind of changed Your tune A little bit on on lou a little bit Yeah well i’m only giving him credit Because he said that it’s possibly Uh maybe one of ours he actually had to After greer Uh made that statement about you know Everybody on third phase of moon And then lou came back and said oh yeah I don’t deal with terrorists and this And that That’s when lou changed his tune that’s When he started saying Yeah it could be but he goes by it real Fast it’s not china It’s not russia it’s not ours yeah you Know and then he just skims over us real Quick Could be one of our but uh yeah he’s Changed it a little bit because we’re Calling him out But does that mean there isn’t the Script And if he went off script would what he Did does that really change anything Anyway No so let lou say it let him say it Can’t be ours now

Once he said that then it’s aliens i Think That’s what i like about it it’s Something we don’t know we can’t uh Measure it because we don’t know how to Bull crap they know what they’re doing They know They know everything you don’t think you Think they really don’t know i mean Osvaldo has been He’s been sending me a lot of videos That Uh have kind of saying that grier is Basically just he’s just trying to make Himself relevant Here and there’s people dis disproving Him um That’s what we say about their people Yeah they’re just trying to grab Be at the top sorry i have to say In that in that documentary again i’m Seeing emotion from stephen graham And leo come to you in a bit with that One uh But that at the end for me when when When He he he falls apart a little bit I it didn’t look fake to me it looked Like that was a j That was a like a you know like he’d had Someone was acknowledging the weight That’s on his shoulders Yeah yeah paula harris did no not paula Harris yeah that was paula harris right

Right Or was it the lady with the white hair i Can’t remember it was paula harris It was right i remember now to me that Struck me is that as soon as she walked Away somebody shout Cut hit clappers and then the rest of The crew applauded What did i heard that No no i’m just that’s that’s what i Imagined happened i didn’t i didn’t See any sincerity no you know It’s weird because i did meet dr grier And talk to him for a few minutes You know i looked into his eyes i didn’t See satan I don’t know i don’t know satan i’m Saying no but you’re saying he’s Basically faking what he’s doing yeah is That it But basically well what i thought they Were happy with the way it went I enjoyed watching the documentary i Don’t think he said anything I think he did uh for the first half of It or at least the first quarter was Like a Um a best of like that now that’s what i Call conspiracies Or something like that trying to to rope Everything into like a unified To get a better score yeah you were a us Um conspiracy theory um And then we watched we watched an

Hour and ten minutes of stuff which was Kind of Kind of the same things that people have Been saying for a while And then at the end of the day at the End of it you realize you watched an Hour and a half Uh advertisement for a 10 pound phone App I don’t i don’t think so uh you know What The entire documentary was presented Very well yes that They’re going over certain things that We’ve heard before but he did it in a Way that Was very direct especially uh alluding To some of the other sightings and cases That Came before roswell i think it’s Something that we all supposed maybe saw Something in passing at one point but Never had it really included in a Compartmentalized sort of way the way That greer presented it in this movie Um i think you know that is probably the Point of this presentation It’s about awareness and of course just To kind of mention what you guys are Talking about in the way of him becoming Emotional If you’re passionate about something if You care so deeply and you understand The impact

That this sort of information has for People collectively You’re gonna get emotional in some way Too i believe you know i mean there’s a Lot of energy that’s put into this and Again He’s branching out and putting himself On the line in so many ways With what he knows because it’s going to Help the collective There’s a lot there in the way of energy And unless one of us are sitting in his Seat in his body we don’t know exactly How overwhelmed he’s feeling but i think It’s genuine I don’t think greer really has much to Gain You know weeping into a camera he’s done It before so You know why continue the same old trick If that’s what He’s using uh i think it’s genuine it’s Genuine and and to go off what both of You said Especially lee is that it’s the same old Story well because we’re hearing the Same old lies from those same stories So he’s trying to you know show another Side to the Those stories and things that the these People have been talking about for so Long So i i you know i was a little Frustrated with it too because i felt

Like i was watching in No offense but it was like watching Countdown to disclosure again For the tenth time you know it that’s How the first part felt like first 30 Minutes Which is isn’t bad but it was like uh Like he he just watched countdown to Disclosure remember What he said and then said it all in the First 10 15 minutes Um but yeah i mean i thought it was Pretty Decent but i’m in i’m in the same boat As you guys i wanted Dirt like i thought we were going to get Dirt You know like somebody right point at One point he says When people see this documentary and They see the evidence that we’ve put Forward There was no evidence of anything put Forward I’ve never seen the word evidence used So haphazardly Circumstantial evidence a lot of it Event evidence In the way of implication wherein public Speakers Are or uh faces are not Giving us a direct answer but they’re Alluding to something Yeah he’s using the word evidence a

Little loosely but i mean there is Something there in the way of certain Discovery Did it did not make you guys feel not Uncomfortable uncomfortable is the wrong Word but it’s the only word i’ve got for It When like the last 20 minutes of the doc If the documentary became a sales pitch For Um like a massively expensive Meditation app no not really He just threw it in at the end i i think In the middle i think that’s What the documentary was for no it Wasn’t It really was otherwise you’d have sold The documentary like he sold the rest of The documentary but you don’t understand It was funded he made his money that’s Why he gave it out for free Somebody some a lot of people donated a Lot of money and i guess he kept his Part And gave it gave it to us for free i ca I tell you what it cost us Fortune in stock footage i see you late No yeah like those but there’s the bits Of stock footage that he used in there Because I actually a couple of the um There was there was like one scene with The guy being abducted And i wanted to buy that very same piece

Of stock footage for A music video for my band and it was Like a couple of hundred dollars So that and that was like one small clip Well it depends Depends on what service he’s using yeah It depends on how long you use it for No no the stock footage you buy them in Chunks don’t you you don’t buy them for The time you use them for But yeah i i i just maybe i just wanted More maybe that was it or maybe i just Wanted one more I think do you think i think we will Probably get more i don’t know if he’s Gonna stop there now Because he’s he’s obviously he’s on Something but i’m With what you’re saying there with lee With with with the app i completely get Where you’re coming from but At the same time At the end of my videos you know i’m i Might mention something i’ll never try To sell something halfway through A video no at all right you know You know i i i wouldn’t dream of it yeah He doesn’t do that you know it At the end if you save it to the end There’s no issue if you start Putting things down people’s neck from The get-go You know then In my eyes you just didn’t care

I agree 100 alien addict 100 why Wouldn’t he just drop this Initially i mean if you’re advertising Something throughout production You want to have something that’s uh Referred to as a callback so you’re Going to introduce this product Initially fly through it and then maybe Remind them halfway through the show and Then Bring bring the big finale at the end Where you really get in-depth about the Product so you’re reminding people along The way I mean and again if he’s giving this to Us for free he’s really not making Money off the production itself it’s Maybe what he has at the end there but Uh again i can’t i can’t fault the guy For you know putting something that he May have developed Uh in way of product i just don’t think There’s a whole thing I know what lee’s getting it though i Get well yeah he’s You know i mean he’s he’s 9.99 It’s uh it’s an expensive but you know I’m gonna buy it I’m gonna buy it i’m gonna try it out i Need to You know it’s a is i’m not i’m not a Researcher but It’s just for a laugh i need to try out I need to i need to i need to get that

Up I mean i need to get myself in a wood on My own On a night and get that app up and go Live And hopefully i don’t get killed I don’t see how people are saying it Wasn’t free Because he put his ad in there to make Money No personally for me it’s the way it was It was implemented Like the it just seems to slide in And then the like the last 20 minutes is Just about the Like the various like meditation methods Within the app And that that struck me as odd i get it He’s already made his money and i know And i think i know how much he made Right it’s a lot of money and Whether he and he’s okay i didn’t have a Problem with him putting an ad out there For him He gave us something that was Interesting i’ve no Uh anybody have a problem with somebody Trying to market You know trying to make money in this Life look he did something he didn’t put In there first he didn’t talk about it In the thing he just put it in there as Like hey While you’re watching this maybe help me

Out a little bit help yourself out maybe You can talk to an alien Right Rich if you bought the app no no are you Gonna Are you gonna buy that no i have the uh The handbook I spent 13 bucks on that handbook the Ce5 handbook For research and i was going to have Those we were all going to do it on my Show you know we’re all going to Read have the book and try to make Contact but then i read somewhere it Says well If it doesn’t work the first time just Keep trying around the sixth time You should start making connection yeah By then i don’t want to do it anymore Either So i mean come on i made me so mad Buying that thing You should be ashamed of yourself grier Well there’s not anything you can do Overnight You know no but six times yeah i know At least on the fourth god no never work On the fourth or the fifth But the sixth it’s gotta work come on The secret should have come with a Number two Yes Maybe it just works better if you go out And sit in a desert with them for a few

Days I wouldn’t mind that maybe you know i Think i think that’d be good fun I’d go i’d go and stand on a log with Gria Stephen if i live in the uk if you want To if you’re in the chat Say hello uh but if you pay me to i’ll I’ll come and stay in your house You can cook a barbecue and we we can go We can go outside Well he had tom delonge stay over you Know Well that’s interesting now isn’t it he Had to stay over a couple of times Oh i i think this is when Tom was doing his research in the it Kind of Leading up to ttsi oh okay yeah So but so that’s interesting he threw He threw a few punches lose weight at Corbell’s way And he kind of he showed Tom de long as being the puppet Yeah yeah he did didn’t he that was Pretty right on point That’s what it looks like we don’t know For sure But it looks that way and if it looks That way it must be Um i wanted to ask you guys and anybody Listening watching because i’ve seen the Comments in there and a lot of people Are greer haters i want to know

I know he hasn’t said much lately or Anything new but Why do we hate this guy i don’t hate him But i i used to Just have a i don’t know is it disdain Michael is that the word i’m looking for That’s it i didn’t really trust Everything he said but then i said Later on as i matured i said well he’s Not really hurting anybody This is adults these are people in their 30s and 40s who You know will give him money and go Watch him uh You know that’s up to them they’re Adults and it i Is are you know i know it sucks if They’re not talking to aliens but some Of these people think they are And i i i don’t see anything wrong with That for some reason it feels a bit Culty though doesn’t it a little bit but Damn it what if they can that’s the Whole thing wouldn’t you want to have The edge on everybody else Yeah yeah that’s fair do you not believe In aliens then Lee hmm yeah yeah um I’ve always found uh i’ve Agreed since like the like the early Days of disclosure project I like greer early early days that’s the Career i like Yeah and then i think slowly realized

That after His big moves didn’t really gain any Traction He found himself with a load of Notoriety and a way to make a load of Money And i don’t damn it i don’t hate that Jeremy i don’t i don’t know but I don’t know if it’s legit yeah yeah but Like when i when i sit in what that Documentary I see a really really well edited Uh oh yeah it’s beautifully youtube Video but i tell you what i don’t see so I saw someone in the chat saying That he cried for like 380k for it i Don’t see 380k in it Well if people donated him that much Money you know he kept Whatever it didn’t cost to make the Movie for himself Oh yeah i know you’ve had to pay people I’m sure yeah But it just i i i found myself sat there At the end Going oh well stephen greer doesn’t Trust lou elizondo And the sort of modern narrative like You guys know i don’t particularly trust Like this Sort of modern disclosure thing yeah we Thought we were going through Right um i see i i agree i don’t trust It but

I knew i knew that going into that Documentary that gree didn’t Didn’t trust it but i didn’t get Anything new out of it I i left that feeling exactly the same Way as i went into it I did too i really did Sadly do you think we’re putting it i Don’t think it’s made for us i don’t Think it’s made i don’t think it’s made For us I think it’s only those that watch it Though It’s nothing we went in with an Expectation that they were not That may be what’s overshadowing what The uh The movie is always all about really uh Maybe He must have something big well see There’s two things that struck me that Was that that was odd that he used Of all the stuff that you could use to Put to make a ufo Documentary with um the Alien which like is doing some sort of Photo bomb Like past the camera they’re opened with I mean what the [ __ ] is that i don’t Know what that is but i do not believe That’s an extraterrestrial Um and then we which bit don’t you Believe is an extraterrestrial like The highlighted blurry pixelated image

Of like the little guy that almost looks Like he’s doing a peace sign passed Against From one of his seats yeah that’s it Yeah that’s the guy Um it’s pretty cool man oh it looks Pretty cool Do you know what it reminds me of has Anybody seen um Oh god what film is it now we’re jack Nicholson Jack nicholson witches of eastwick ah Now are you rich you need to watch that It doesn’t remind me of it no no no at The end When jack nicholson gets shrunk and he Turns into this little thing And he any and then he just pops Oh my god yes it looks just like it What if it’s it what are you imagining Stephen griez just basically showing us A shrunk down version of Jack nicholson well It also looks like um it also looks like The guy Who was the one in the flintstones the Little martian that came around Before this time there was there was an Alien yes I can’t believe they’ve been prepping Since the stone age for this Yeah i know right I know and you wonder why i’m in aliens They had it

All the way back then the flintstones 60s what did what did That was his name gazoo i can’t remember The alien oh Yeah he floated He would just appear out of nowhere had The hat on with the antennas Oh he’s in the jetsons as well wasn’t he I think he did Double did do double time yeah that’s Interesting Yeah gazoo that’s unbelievable maybe the Ancient alien theories have it right What did any of you guys think of the 1920s photo Yeah okay this whole scenario Is suspect because that is a college and I i Can’t remember the name it’s a very Popular one and they document straight You know they they get the uh the Cadavers Like burn victims like i think this one Is and They look at strange anomalies and they Study these cadavers and they document Them all They all take pictures when they’re in The middle of it it there’s this whole This school i can’t remember the name Stanford i think Or sanford is it sanford or stanford Stanford yeah that’s the college Um i would put gun to head and with

Having no No knowledge about this um that that is An Unwrapped mummy Okay it looks like a burn victim like Rich was saying But if you look down by the legs it Looks like uh on the foot starting at The toes they’ve already cut up Or you know there’s obviously some sort Of lesion that’s there what about this Particular cadaver Makes us think that this is Extraterrestrial i mean that Proportionately It looks the way a human would be Possibly the belly’s a little distended But again if it’s a cadaver you have Gases that will build up and cause that Sort of reaction Um you can’t really see much in the way Of a face or a head in fact At first glance it almost looks like There’s some sort of Towel or something wrapped around it It’s hard to tell From this photo i mean it’s It’s not enough and he’s got a dangler i Think No really you can see his dangler but The feet look like Just feet you know like something like i Don’t know maybe they got stumped up or Burnt up i don’t know what it looks like

Hands But look at huh the hands look like Hands they look like it was just gonna Now it was one i think he did like a Deathbed confession Of um yeah like of aliens and he had a Picture Didn’t he have like this little great That was boyd uh Yes yeah yeah and it turned out that you Could buy that In walmart yeah same alien and walmart Now i don’t understand why somebody like Grier Would still use that would still use That guy That’s done that There’s so many pictures in this book And i could swear there’s a couple of Them where you see the same people Behind You know working like months earlier on A body because it’s different classes And different teachers with their Students and they’re just documenting Strange cadavers they’re learning how to Be doctors no i meant the guy which Had the like the the alien thing like The ex-army guy I don’t understand why you’d why you’d Keep him in I don’t know it’s already been proven That like he hopes Ever why would you keep doing it oddly

Enough i thought dodie was The most honest guy in it there was Something in his eyes that made you feel That he was That he he was carrying a weight there Maybe it was just the weight of a liar i Don’t know but He seemed like he was carrying something On his shoulders He was the most believable Well this is the problem because if if For some reason because Griez says that daniel sheen Is only working with lou alexander Because He wants to bring the truth out of him And chris mellon he wants them to come Clean About what has happened and the fact That They have been um told He thinks they basically agree is saying That daniel says And daniel said this that they have a Big Weight on their shoulders uh and that They’re basically They’ve got to tell this story but If if if lou did come out And basically whistle blow How would we trust him you know if he If if he if blue went to team grier yeah Or even yeah how would Then we trust that man

It depends on what he says man look in His eyes Everything we’d have to just hear what He has to say and See if it makes sense but do you Ever really trust a guy who was trained To lie Very he’s not a good liar you see rich i I’m i’m on neither side Um but I see i see honesty and stephen At the same time there’s been such a Dodgy background You know for so long everybody’s been Kind of Throwing spears his way and saying you Know There’s been players put out i put a Ice i saw a ufo in one of his videos on Um what’s it called the last ship the Last one Uh the closing accounts of the fifth Kinda and Osvaldo sent me and said let’s check This out and i And i put one of the ufos out straight Away because i thought wow that’s Amazing And then then osvaldo Messaged me and showed me a full video Of it And it was actually skydivers but that’s In the documentary right As skydivers so that i i don’t know if

This is the The part of the team that edits some of The stuff for him And it goes into the final edit you know He’s a But for me i’d be saying you can’t put That in my in you’re going to ruin my Reputation unless he’s not bothered Well you know like with the league but You know unless he goes in He does his bits he gives all the all The footage of him sat there Talking like that odd side shot which Showed his really big vein in his head Um he gives them all this footage Then they go off as i said before Hit up uh pixlr or Adobe stock lash a load of like Sci-fi looking footage in the middle of It of people in an air Like um in a command center Staple it together and out it goes That’s why you’d have the Um like the copyright strike and stuff Like that Because it’s probably not been anything To do with him he’s probably gone in Said his bits for the way that the like Storyboard of the documentary is Going to be written down and then it’s Just pinned together Well yeah the company that are behind it Might be like no This needs to go out you know we that

We’ve put so much money into this so Much Support into this and he may not have a Control in some of the footage that Actually does go into some of these Documentaries Guarantee he doesn’t i’d have thought He’d have employed them to be honest If he’s doing the crowd fund i’d have Thought the producers Of the documentary would be employed About this one but the The previous ones maybe but you know Like countdown to not count them Like that’s um third phases um The closing counts of the fifth kind um Serious disclosure and um what’s the one That i really liked My favorite in fact unacknowledged Yeah yeah i i i think You know that you can see the companies That are there The name you know the names yeah so i Think they have a big sayings In a lot of this i don’t know how the Whole thing works but I’ve i don’t know in regards to that Back to that alien i have i Or whatever it is burns victim It’s there was nothing there that backed It up it was like oh here’s an Alien yeah yeah yeah It’s i just have such a problem with Some of these older videos and photos

Because we Very often more than not cannot trace The source we cannot find details Of the people that are recorded in the Photographs and if we do find those People By chance they don’t talk so i have a Very difficult Time again leaning on some of these More retro bits of evidence because Again there’s no clarity in the way of Where they came from or what they might Actually be doing Uh it’s it’s something as simple as Looking at some of the The video evidence that we have today Wherein we may see et’s exit a craft we See A craft landing right in front of us and Then we come to realize that this was a Movie set All right but we didn’t know maybe they Were working with something maybe they Were doing a demonstration And you know there is some sort of Cadaver in front of them but again as We’re talking about maybe deformed Uh maybe through trauma or otherwise It’s just a human being We just we just don’t know we don’t have Enough to sit on in the way of some of These older Bits of evidence but for greer to you Know take that he had some conviction

So i’ll give him that as much but i may Not have done the same thing But it looks like all the other photos In that booklet that i was talking about For the from the school That’s why i don’t buy it because it Looks exactly like it the lighting the Color Everything forget about it But i mean going back to my uh the title Of the actual video The the the real threat great what it What Thank you rich that’s that’s the reason Why i brought it Said the same thing they really thought It was a great thumbnail i want to know You know what is the actual real threat You know what so he’s saying that the Weapons in space If this happens you know They’re gonna shoot a bunch of et’s down How the hell would we even have the Technology to do that If if they’ve got the technologies i Mean i don’t know how far they’re coming I i want to know how gria knows this Information i want to know How he knows that these creatures have Turned around because In in that documentary he He basically said that they they was Pissed off That we’d we we’d put a few nukes around

And it was it was affecting their world In a different dimension Yeah yeah i want to know how he knows This Wow does he know this how is he and how Does he know That we have the technology to take These et’s down Because he tells us this but there’s Never any evidence to back it up So stephen again if you get to see This right now you need to tell us You need we need to know the actual Evidence He always same with insiders they all Have Insiders that tell them stuff i have an Insider i have a whistleblower They always get somebody at the pentagon It’s always somebody somewhere doing Stuff for them Come on physical evidence yeah Right same with the uh like hinting Towards the Uh fake alien invasion as well wasn’t it I I either the but the person i was Watching the documentary with I had to pause the door it’s a great cup In it I don’t know why i just started laughing [Applause] I didn’t really absolutely It’s all right um i thought it was a cup

Of my grandma before Oh do you say do you call those toby Jokes In america because we’d call that a toby Jug in the uk my dad collects them he’d Love one of those But anyway sorry he um i’m sorry When he was talking about the uh like Fake alien invasion It seemed like such an open goal to not Then bring up like project blue book Not blue book project bluebeam and I you know i had to pause the video with The person i was talking to And explain project project blue beam to Them Um because you know you know it’s i mean If there was going to be a fake alien Invasion I think that might be a big part of it Well that’s not project blue bean He’s talking about the fake project Right by saying project Brew blue beam is where they actually Project it yeah yeah yeah yeah he’s Talking about the fake He’s talking about uh what von braun was Talking about With the the the lady carol Yeah but that would lead to the same Thing if you would if you were going to Talk about that You might bring blue beam up as a method Of how it would

Be even feasible Yeah but he agree is saying in that Documentary that it’s already happened Not project Bluebeam but the the final card the Alien fake invasion I think pr i’m alright by saying that Rich you’ll know this Blue beam is the actual technology of Putting a hologram in the sky And and showing it as alien aliens Coming but grey’s not Really in that documentary saying that’s Going to happen he’s saying that Already the card is being played Am i right by saying that yeah yeah yeah I think i think you’d have to back it up With more you can’t just say it And expect unexpected i i think rich is Right i think you were right ages and Ages and ages ago when you said it was All about money for Military projects for funding yeah It might be i mean it is b because why Would elizondo say it’s a threat Because he’s in the military that’s how They think that’s all that’s about That’s it something in the airspace we Don’t know what it is That’s a threat because we don’t know What it is it can take us out if it Could do these things that we can’t do Yeah so that i understand all right but What the problem was he wasn’t telling

Us that it could be a private Organization You know funded by whatever whatever Whoever like bigelow That’s where that threat comes from but Greer’s talking about an actual Threat that’s already happening that’s Two different things So it’s pretty interesting that he would Say that there is An apparent threat i think it’s weird as Well that career always goes back To the sort of immediate space brother Sort of thing doesn’t it yeah you know He It’s like you say there about is Something in your airspace that you Don’t know what it is Of course you’re going to think of it as A threat in the same way as if i found Out Somebody was in my house i didn’t know Who they were I would look at them as a threat before I tried to give them a hug yeah Yeah but i don’t think majority of the Time that’s actually what they’re Referencing i mean yes it’s built upon That logic There’s something that we could follow In the way of reason but when they Continue to talk about a threat a threat They’re talking more in a global sense But again they’re disguising it under

This guise of We already mentioned the airspace threat But we’re going to continue to use this Word As a blanket word for the concepts that We’re trying to really put forward here It’s it’s so it’s a psycho it’s a a bit Of Psychology that they’re employing in Doing this and i mean you can see it Reflect in advertising markets and so Forth but they’re doing on a Mass scale where they know exactly What the outcome will be if they succeed By the way so why is this narrative Being pushed then Right now i mean to get away from the Movie for a second but It will circle back to it circle back Saki um You know why now what’s changed That we are actually seeing this much Air time on mainstream media and so much Conversation about it Why what’s the rush rich with that so Thank you elena i used to go out with Somebody called elena If it’s my ex no it’s not well she’s Married no thank you elena i appreciate It Uh no that elena would not give me ten Dollars No she gives you a hundred she won’t Piss on me

If i’m on fire um but The weirdest thing was that i saw in Your show the other day rich is When you were showing my government in The houses of parliament Talking about the um The aerial threat oh yeah i’ve never Seen that Not in the house i lead correct me if I’m wrong here i know you’ve got I i haven’t seen it i haven’t seen that What you talking about have you ever Seen it Have you ever seen it i don’t know i Don’t know i don’t even know if i’d Remember to be honest You know we’ve had these things pop up Now and again before haven’t we so maybe There has been something i But it’s never been as prevalent as like In in the mainstream as it is right now It just felt so pardon the pumbaa alien To me Looking at people in the house’s commons The and these are very you saw how they Are uh Mom and the the the with the honorable Gentleman just Stages blah blah blah that’s what we do In the uk yeah um But it’s it was just weird it It didn’t it didn’t look right it was And i know i know like you guys in in The states

You’re kind of used to this but we’re Not used to that And it feels weird right now when this Is happening Do you get where i’m coming from that’s Why i Think it’s definitely something to not Worry about But something to Something’s happening something’s Definitely happening when my when i’m Seeing this in something that goes on National tv in the uk It I was gonna say that there are two Pretty distinct things happening here Number one if one country comes out with Some knowledge Of ufos uaps in a public way and the Technology That again they’re going to purport that They have Then they’ll be the first so there’s a Sense of ego In here in this whole world archaic Paradigm Of might is right okay so the stacking Effect of people climbing on each other To get to the top that’s still a very Large element in the way that they are Presenting this information And of course you’re going to see Echoing of other countries turning their Heads

Saying uh-oh they’re talking about this Oh boy they’re doing it that much They’re talking they said that [ __ ] all right now we have to talk about A few things we gotta address it because Now people are trying to catch up The door has been open and the Floodgates are starting to allow that Water to push through The second thing that’s happening and Again this is more wuish but it’s Something that has been talked about Is this whole shift that we went into The fourth dimension and If we just crossed over that threshold As i’ve mentioned many times before Wherein this is now accessible to live This reality Through the body that you’re in now it’s Not just third dimensional can be fourth Dimensional experience as well There are other implications in the way Of physicality and nature that will Naturally follow that course of Vibration we’re just sort of the Byproduct In a sense in way of catching that Because we’re on the planet If the planet raises its vibration Whether it’s due to us or not We’re here we’re going along with it or We’re not and there Again is a very polarized view of what Could happen or at least this is what

They were talking about whether it’s Something disastrous Or we very gently move into the next Overtone i’m in the belief that that’s What we did we gently moved in Let’s put gently in quotations we had a Lot of upheaval uh throughout the planet Energetically as well as physically over The last Let’s say 10 years even uh but this Is something that you know the world Leaders had been debriefed on back In the late 80s and early 90s there were Figures talking about this and Seriously addressing this sort of shift That was coming and saying There are going to be secrets that you Cannot keep anymore it’s just the nature Of where we’re going You simply will not be able to hold on To them they’ll disintegrate in the way Of something tangible and they will be Disseminated People will know these certain things Just the way it’s going to be so my Opinion again those are Two very stark things that are on the Table in the way of your question rich As to why right now with the sort of Conversation that makes ollie really Really nervous It would um it would explain if If you talk about secrets that um

Like can’t be kept anymore it would Explain why the sort of powers that be Are launching like such crazy Tactics to keep control of people There are a few who are still grasping At those straws because they haven’t Moved forward or they will not move Forward in that vibration Um they’ll continue to experience the Reality the way they create it But there again is a collective Experience that we all have whether it’s We’re in the same space or there’s Something deeper Uh that is being addressed and yes again There are people who are very resistant To this type of change because You will relinquish control you will Change in A way that you perhaps couldn’t imagine And become something again it’s about Control Really it’s it’s about letting go of That control letting go of control of Money of people Of power that’s that’s not going to be An Option in the way of where we’re moving Or potentially could be moving Well you said that it’s all about power You know trying to be the first Are you saying to be like america wants To be the first to bring out this threat Narrative i mean it’s been brought up

Since the 50s but Now is that why you’re saying it so we Can again reclaim our top Our status in ufology the more Information that is disseminated by a Particular country in the way of high Technology or knowledge about Extraterrestrials or crafts The more power that country gains Because they’re If they can prove that well yes of Course let’s just assume that what They’re presenting Uh moving forward they can prove okay we Have this we go back to the Militarization problem here Because we’re still very much conflicted Amongst each other so there’s this Competition it’s not necessarily about Being on top in the way that perhaps you Mentioned you know economically for many Years we were at that stage I don’t think it’s necessarily reflected In that sense it’s more of Um an anxiety or a fear of what the next Country might do Now knowing they have this technology we Have technology too so we’re going to Show it to you It’s a big waving of tail feathers in a Sense you know what i mean just kind of Taunting I think so we’re saying that We know about this technology

And saying we know russia doesn’t have It China and if they say we don’t have it But our navies are recording it and Chasing these things So how does that tell them that we have This extraordinary technology Are you saying that’s because we’re so They We want to give the illusion that we are Saying it’s aliens but it’s really us Um i think in respect to the overall Narrative that sort of fits in In the way that I see how if i say this correctly So militarily in the way of weapo Weaponization if you come out and again They haven’t given us Anything but you know just the Acknowledgement of the uaps and ufos and So forth that we’re seeing sort of Trickle through the different countries Is a very Preliminary action to where we may be Headed may be headed In the way of divulging some of this Stuff uh if they’re all sitting on this Technology and i do believe that I mean it’s not necessarily the country Too it’s the military of that country It’s the privatized businesses of Certain countries that have that Information So it all ties back into the

Weaponization The uh distrust that we have with each Other And yet again there’s that sense of ego That if i have it first you know what i Mean You better come up with something better Out of your arsenal or i’m The one who has the power so if i come Out and say i i am i have the tic tac Uh technology and we strap rockets to This damn thing Then russia looks over and goes oh well We we have something that’s sort of like That it’s not as powerful but you know And then you start seeing this Technology Race that might mirror what we saw in The cold war era But we didn’t but we don’t have it We never said we did have it though so I’m confused as to what No this is more um hypothetical in Respect to where we may be going Oh okay maybe where we’re stepping into Yes I hear you that’s that’s true yeah Because if we can give the illusion that We may be on the cusp of having this Technology that would make us all Powerful all-knowing and Well don’t [ __ ] with us do you know what Actually Sorry speaking of speaking speaking of

Power and you know The the technology that gets into the in Space the training involved whatever I’m i i mean i know it’s breaking the Subject a little bit but Jeff jeff bezos going with his brother And that grandma Into space you know as far as i’m Concerned Nasa has been saying for years that to Go into space you need to be Fit as a fiddle uh you know you know i Mean Have you seen any of the people on the International space station I mean come on like they went golfing And then they went on the space station Space is real people don’t worry his Face is real The earth is flat right It’s that Michael you can’t laugh like that when You say earth is flat because then They’ll they’ll be on to us You know they’ll know who will [Laughter] Get them too worried the whole thing With With this subject though let’s not Forget He’s now as much as people hate him or Love him Stephen greer has never changed his tune On what these

Always called them extraterrestrials he Said in that Doc that they are not demons which right He’s been dr that the the demon work He’s been dropped It almost turned me to religion oh he Said That the abductions weren’t by aliens Yeah The human beings yeah again another Completely unsubstantiated claim He did say he did say if you’re ever Close enough to a tr3b Look very carefully underneath it if He’s got scaffolding I almost died laughing dude i’m like you Got to be serious Ah so for that scaffolding it’s made by Humans Yeah but the thing is Maybe he knows this knowledge but gives Us showers That don’t show us he did show us Yeah at least six well they weren’t even Covered i think they were paper And one the last one the last one was Squashed Just make another one But i like that at least he gave it that Effort you know i appreciate that Because We all we all have to listen to these People talk And say what if okay because nobody

Really knows and i don’t think he knows He’s just going by what somebody else Saw You know so it’s always about well what If it’s possible That’s all we live on here this is what Works The perfect documentary the perfect ufo Documentary to have come out 15 years ago sunday afternoon hangover Documentary where you can just You you even before you sort of You’ve got really into this stuff you Know and before you’ve learned loads of Things and you just finding videos on Youtube for the first time It was the perfect documentary to turn Like Any sense of reality off in your head And just Buy in for an hour and a half that’s That’s okay man Yeah i don’t know against her i’m not Knocking it i know i know Yeah yeah because i like i said i did Enjoy watching it you know i wasn’t Bored watching the film I didn’t dislike it i thought it was Great i just wanted to bring an alien Out and go this is gary that’s all He brought gary out unfortunately he’d Been burnt to death Why why is he what is with the head What is with the head yeah it looks like

It’s a mask Turned sideways yes it does rich it Looks like One of those masks japanese that you Would go To some sort of weird big mansion Uh where a lot of people are naked and You go into a room With different people sure i think it Looks like eyes wide shut Yeah i think that’s great I think it looks like a man um yeah Alien autopsy where they peel the head Back That’s what it looks like that guy’s Doing right oh Okay he’s like he’s looking like he’s Neat but he’s not underneath The back of the head it looks like Either they got in there already or There’s some sort of hollow space Underneath uh Again giving us a healthy mission like a Helmet or some sort of cloth that’s Draped over or a mask like you guys are Mentioning It’s very strange very interesting right Now I’m so suspicious of dark hour and goof On I think they’re in the same room Cuddling [Laughter] I don’t want to vape on camera

Out of respect for everybody who lives Yeah you didn’t You didn’t say you wanted to come along Ollie i mean we would have invited you We all had we asked lee but he said he’d Come later so i don’t know what you’re Doing so Are you using third phase of moon’s Portal Yeah but i mean i i give i put the 25 Cents in every time so it’s not like i’m Using it for free No it’s 50 now what are you serious That’s why it didn’t work put another One insulation disappear that would Explain where my left foot is And our drum tracks lee I’m just kidding brother i’m just oh That’s gotta hurt Come on i’m an opportunist here that’s It okay So sorry let’s not forget this Let’s not forget the fact that he’s Never changed his tune I know it never has never so Who does as much as we’re having to Laugh at a joke here neither did stan Romantic That government they always go after People who see fake He’s gays stupid as he was getting Arrested it wasn’t a child it was an Alien ride That’s the best and i can’t fiddle with

It because they don’t have any genitals Right oh my goodness I need to stop because that’s definitely Going to be demonetised no no Even though it only makes 50 cents People 50 cents it makes me laugh when people Go oh you’re just doing it for the for The money Yeah yeah for the fortune You’re just here to hook up with Ex-girlfriends for the looks of it yeah No Um Here’s the thing we give everybody [ __ ] So as soon as greer put that That thing out that he did i can’t Remember what he called it but when he Was making this document yes When he was before he did before he put The doc out And he and he made that speech we were Kind of like Oh yes But he’s done it now and i’m not saying I’ve gone away From stephen But he needed to back it up a little bit More i think Yeah you’re reading my mind everybody is Tonight i wanted to see Dirt i thought he was going to prove Something about elizondo being a fraud Not just saying it and see that’s the

Other thing as well if he’s going to go Go essentially to put something out Which is going against Alexander and melon and like like we say Like the general narrative of things Yeah we cannot believe that as much as We want But at least when corvallis drops a Video He is he’s giving it a narrative as far As This was from from a uh declassified Military vessel Blah blah blah you know he’s explaining Something about it Gria just said it was all [ __ ] but Didn’t give any reason He didn’t he didn’t he did not say mick West debunk was not a debunk in greer’s Eyes This was man-made this is not Bokeh whatever it’s called it is bokeh No but it is it is an airplane in Greer’s documentary It’s it this is uh not extraterrestrial But this is A point well How he described that and also That in in that dock He was basically saying that they are Ours Yeah but nobody nobody he didn’t say That mick west debunk was right He he was on basically saying that these

When he was holding up the the paper Mache He was saying it’s that greer is not A camera guy he doesn’t know anything About cameras He doesn’t know but he’s wrong on that I believe it is what mick west said it Was don’t you i mean I mean other military people came out And showed us This one definitely that one i Definitely believe that Without a doubt i think mick west had it Spawn I think it’s just just when you stop That footage then just passed it because You can see the other two images that Are Uh as well yeah Yeah and mick west proved what stars They were with the star map At the time that was supposedly shot and Uh like the recreation footage he did Was pretty Bang on wasn’t it nobody did his own John p adventures i i can’t use that Footage Or jaime’s show if it’s on gaia i think That was on gaia Just to answer that question in the chat Room he’s asked twice Or anyway i saw a lead What are you doing not leave uh ollie What happened what’d i miss hello i felt

The cat Brush against me but there’s no cat in The room there you go That’s my left foot oh my goodness Yeah you kick me kick your knees That’s so awesome that’s really freaked Me out Thank you is there a fan on No i felt something just go like that on The back of the chair You probably did yeah who are you uh What are you Acknowledging right now yeah what do you Want to sip yourself [Laughter] I think the people that really had High hopes for this are stephen a little Bit Frustrated they needed to be a little Bit more To back it up yep that’s a lot more I agree do you think that this Sorry i didn’t mean interruption no no No i was just going to ask do you think Maybe this is Something preliminary not to kind of Recycle the word in respect to The documentation we got here but yeah For steven greer do you think He’s sitting on more information that He’s not telling us he doesn’t strike me As the kind of guy that would withhold But what do you guys think about that he

Had that photograph For a very long time before he dropped It in that movie Um of the year maybe i stand corrected Possibly He does sit on stuff just like corbell Sits on stuff and they wait for the Right time Okay everything’s slowed down in ufology If i put this Out now thousands of people will be Hungry for it That’s what they do if he that’s the Thing if corbell has all this stuff just Show us all of it Well that’s why drip drip i hear it you Know what i mean every three four weeks If if corbell is wwf Uh he’s wcw they’re in the same game They’re just doing Things differently you’re 100 right Million percent right no 100 that’s it But i really want to emphasize that rich You need to do what you said you were Gonna do On the show what You said that you was going to stretch Stand up for this subject and be the Spokesperson I did how yes You said that you could do it better Than Anybody to promote this Cosmic hoax no use no

Just to to be he said you know foot move On [ __ ] steven not literally Um all of them You said that you could be the one To bring this home Disclosure not disclosure no you didn’t Say no i’m not going to put it Into your mouth i can’t remember you Might have been high I was driving while you were saying it But you did basically say yeah You say no this was like the other day i Was listening I don’t remember this morning What did i say i remember something About somebody needs to Because there’s so much [ __ ] out There you don’t we don’t know who to Trust Right you’re like well trust in me and You know i could you know i could Bring this i could i could i could do This and be There the person that is the public Speaker You know you were talking about that’s It you were talking about like the fox News and this that and the other And you were saying that you know they Need to speak To to one of us and that you can be that Um they’re not going to do that because They’re going to try to You know peg hole you into some sort of

Narrative they’re gonna tell you you can Talk about this you can’t talk about This so not One of us would be a good representative For ufology in the way that the uh Higher ups or the Uh fear narrative folks would you know And Enable us or utilize us for that purpose Which is why tucker carlson never had me On Because they they have a narrative that They want to push and that’s this threat Narrative and government only because If it comes from the government it’s More credible than from the public Which has been a goof for the last 74 Years that’s why it’s This way right now i think that’s why They didn’t want us on But i told them you you’re only talking To half Do you think i can go there on fox And actually say look people are being Abducted they’re going to oh Wait wait wait wait what and you know Tucker’s going to say Abducted who’s abducting who aliens now We’re on a whole different tangent That tucker knows nothing about it would Be an impossible thing to They would have to tell me what we’re Going to talk about they would have to They have to control it yes what am i

Going to do break out i mean i could at The end of that and said Hey let’s talk about abductions like Alex jones just starts yelling [ __ ] Because You know they told him he can’t i would Do that if i got Silenced that way yeah but in in the Even in a live Production a live show on the news There’s a specific buffer of lag That covers if something like that Happens they edit it just before It hits the air so even if you were to Get it on the air in some way slip it on It’d be the last public uh Uh performance that you put on let’s put It that way but i could tell you my Channel would blow up Yeah well just think about your man was It was it the police dog I was thinking about that was it was it The police dog trainer that was talking About training Uh training police dogs oddly enough and At the very end and he said oh and by The way jeffrey epstein didn’t kill Himself And that was the end of this thing hero That was awesome you just snuck it in There I love that guy What is wait what and you go next what Are you gonna say

No no nothing really are you sure Yeah i i don’t like to be that guy i Forgot Go okay when you were talking about that Horrible man But what is interesting with these with These Both groups of people you know like the The the griers Uh the the melons you know these these People That they they work with people that are You know In high places and some of them are Related to people That you know that have a lot of rumors Yeah they go to islands and That that for me is a little bit scary You know How do you trust these people but well Then there’s always one isn’t There’s always one on the street that Dirty uh Little mother you know that you Just wouldn’t want to let your children Go out and play yeah Always trying to get things on aliens It’s just this so i mean steven’s saying That all these people are corrupt And that they all you know that they They’re in with these families and This time It’s just a lot of it’s a lot of name

Calling let’s be honest here yeah Stephen greer is massive in the He’s massive nobody but in our way He’s not as big as he used to be i think He needs to sort of cycle out if i’m Perfectly honest Because he was jacked and he needs to Grow a beard Yeah he’s he’s he’s jackie he’s gone Back on where Whatever supplements he was on but Anyway Um kind of derailed myself now um If you when you get somebody like A nasty island man that can have that Happen to him In a prison under 24-hour surveillance If there’s people out there that can get Rid of people that easily If gria if there was anything gria could Say that was of any danger Or to anybody greater wouldn’t korea Would be a smear There would be a he wouldn’t be here Anymore that was almost a wrap That’s a very good point that’s a very Good point a lot of What greer’s saying must be and i’ve Thought about this too a lot of the Whistleblowers that are out there Today that are talking at the depth that Perhaps greer is talking Uh to me again some of these things that Are being put out must

Be sort of passe to those who would try To quell Something like that there must be higher Information that they’re now focused on Wherein that we’re getting The crumbs essentially and it goes back To the way of technology and i’ve Discussed this before we’ve had these Conversations but um You know i think that there is certainly That element very quickly i’m just gonna Address Somebody in the chat i think you know i Always thought william carr was a really Nice guy but uh He seems to have something out for me he Says if anything happened to rich Who would take his kids i vote dark hour Listen man i’ve got two of my own you’re Gonna put me with nine more kids man You must hate me brother no i’m kidding That was funny i had to point it out i Was a good chuckle man thank you Well you know little lou talks about you All the time I i keep using every time i come over i Always have candy in my pocket but he Always knows before i even get in the Door he’s like candy i’m like yes i have It They’re air heads i mean skittles we’re Talking about the good ones not tootsie Rolls or anything like that that’s why It likes me man come on

Uncle michael all about candy what are You doing to my kid Rotting his teeth yeah [Laughter] What can he do to actually Do it can he do anything though do you Think that Something that maybe that gria do you Think do you think He he was told maybe you cannot Say certain things that he wanted to say In that documentary or do you think He’s just he just has the rumors and he Just has Little chinese whispers and he was Pointing that out in the dark in the Documentary Or do you think he has any hard evidence That he just for legal reasons Can’t put forward but he it was almost Like he was Hinting at it in the that documentary I love that what What happened hey i’m jealous the thing Is he had sheehan To help him out to let him know what he Could legally say or not say i think I’m not sure about that Somebody greer also doesn’t seem like The kind of guy That again i could be wrong uh that Could stay quiet In a way of what he really has to say i Don’t yeah so

I don’t think there’s anybody behind the Scenes kind of strong arming him maybe In the past yes you know but today i Don’t think that’s That’s there well he mentions that three Of his friends Uh died you know weird Untimely deaths you know it wasn’t one Of those Uh what was one of the deaths cancer Cancer and i think a car accident yeah Yeah but That’s true it was like you know my Friend died really strangely how He died in a car crash that’s not Strange he had a car crash Yeah yeah a lot of people every year die From them yeah I don’t know if i’m right about the car Crash but it was something like that Yeah it was something Something that happens to everybody not Everybody but it happens so yeah but So so his last documentary he broke down In tears this one at the end he broke Down in tears Sounds like a pattern somebody’s seen it I’ve only seen that everything the man Cries twice Yeah i’m pretty sure he did in serious And the last one he just did fifth Encounter whatever it is Yeah that was about the friends that Have died during this and i mean if that

Is yeah i think he also cried and Serious Okay well three movies The tears to me look genuine i’m sure The real tears But the The bit of me which doubts all this Stuff especially What i would think if he was putting the The type of person he Appears to be if he was putting a Documentary together Especially like with him being quite a Big like sturdy guy There’s nothing more impactful than Being seeing big sturdy guys Be could be emotional that’s why the Rock is always taking pictures with his Daughters on instagram because it’s You know it’s i’m sure he’s a great Person a great dad but it’s [ __ ] good For the brand as well And um i think that’s might be why He he has those moments just to show how Passionate he is for Standing on logs with people that want To give them thousands of pounds for it Kind of well said there lee gotta give You that yeah i’m [Laughter] No i’m joking but that was that was good No i’m serious it was i’m just saying That was good Do you think that joe rogan will have

Because you’re a big big joe rogan i Know we always talk about jeremy lee You’re a big juror Fan do you think that grier will be back On that show and basically calling You because that’s that’s that is the Biggest Platform that he could go on he went up To To to name these people yeah he went on Did his It did his stuff I know he’s even i’m gonna get him back On but regret what i paid for it That’s why he’s never been back on jra Is because he knows How do we know he wanted pain because Joe rogan said on one of the shows He said that’s why he’s never been back On the podcast because he doesn’t pay His guests Emotionally now grier you’re saying Grier wants to be paid to go What great wanted to be paid to go on Rogan Oh i see i don’t know i think it must be True because if joe rogan’s going to Come out and say that about you and his Show You would come back at that if it was a Lie just for the explosion That’s unfortunate it is So i guess he’s not ever but he’s going On dr j tomorrow

For free so he’s trying to embezzle Money out of uh Oh no that’s not him i’m sorry that’s uh Nope Oh god I found a great picture of lou the other Day I’m getting everybody confused Oh my god that is unreal Where’s that from i don’t know if Somebody’s drawing it on the internet Whoever’s drawn that please get in touch With me me That is the best you got to send me that I need that as my background or even a Thumbnail it’s great in it that’s really Good that’s on the internet That was uh when we were watching these Documentaries No you don’t have to keep that as no That’s your own uh When we were doing it last night And lou was on fox fox news Just the way he was sat in it everything Just sat bolts upright It looked like next to next drive and They should have been another four Fingers Because he just he just looked like a Little thumb with a little beard Oh my god that’s hilarious Yeah he does yeah he’s just All neck that’s because he used to work Out he was pretty buff guy for a guy

Who’s five six So a barrel you would be yeah Like a like a british bulldog yeah But it’s at the same time that people Are saying that steven’s making all These claims Our issue why we we kind of well i Didn’t But because i’m just that i’m just that Little [ __ ] that’ll go any anywhere But um any anyone who pays me i’ll go That way All right if anyone needs anyone needs To use me i will like To my own [ __ ] mother if you want me To Wow steve lou if you’re listening now You know just just just I don’t have paypal but just message me If you get me on diary i don’t whoever Pays me the most Get so jerry i’ll be the alien The thing is here and this is we we we Kind of like what’s going on when grier Said those those words about this Documentary we was like oh this is Interesting And we already was a bit suspicious About what was going on with the aerial Threat But both of them one is completely on The side of these aliens whatever they Are they are peaceful And it’s everybody else is throwing this

Threat down your neck Whereas lou yes he has said the word Fret a few times but what got you on Board rich Is that you know he has said that he Doesn’t know You know if they could be china it could Be It could be aliens you know he this This guy he’s sticking to his story too We’re only going off our own good Instinct And we’re also going off what somebody Else is saying About he altered his story a little bit Okay Go on that’s interesting you you yeah You almost had it right it’s Not easy to remember what i say because I talk in circles sometimes but He was never saying that it could Possibly be one of ours It’s not china it’s not russia it’s Definitely not Us when in fact it is probably most Likely Probably some private corporation that We can’t get A foia request for freedom of Information act because it’s a Private company and it’s probably one of Ours he never ever would say that But he was now he’s saying it’s possibly It could possibly be

A private organization a private company He actually said that i couldn’t believe It So that’s interesting so if it’s not China it’s not russia It could possibly be one of ours That was weird but that’s that that Honestly scares me more than anything if That is i know The truth because and i hate to say Those The word the the two words are three Words But it ends with the number three Oh yeah with a ww yeah That scares the living [ __ ] out of me And it makes a lot of money A lot of money And i ain’t gonna go any further with That because i probably get shut down But The the whole threat thing And i’m wondering why grier is Being tiptoeing around it in that Documentary because Grier he didn’t give us enough at all It was a great documentary it was Interesting to watch It kept my attention it made me smile it Made me cry Did you cry i did a little bit i seen a Growing man cry It makes me weep um I i just it wasn’t enough

You know i wanted to show somebody that And say look at this somebody’s not into The subject Look what’s going on because i’ve Actually said to my family And it sounds crazy this i said look if Something comes out in the next Few months and it’s all over the news And the saying that there’s uh there is Aliens or this this Threat whatever happens do Not believe it whatsoever I said because it is false it’s All [ __ ] how do you know be Because that’s the feeling that i was Getting from it That rich that is the feeling that was i Honestly had that feeling When i could see it ramping up when i Could see the stuff that’s gone on in In in the it was the final straw Was the uk when the uk put it into Parliament That was like oh i was like holy [ __ ] And i wrote my mum I said mom if something comes out would They put in the parliament you played They were saying that our our uh close Um colleagues or whatever they said in In the uh you know have The intelligence in the us knows this That the other and it was kind of like I’m like This is weird this is strange something

Is definitely going on and i still Believe 100 yeah um This doesn’t tie like directly into this But we’re going through a stage i think Where Um like social manipulation Or uh through social media and media I don’t think it’s ever been as big as It is now You know there’s um like there’s there’s Things happening in the uk i don’t know If you guys know about it like Restrictions Being lifted the don’t worry ollie we’ll I I’ll i’ll tread carefully um it Towards the end of this month um Yesterday I counted 16 tweets From 16 different accounts saying Exactly the same thing to say that it Was just In complete um plain sight of Just bots that were there to steer a Narrative In a certain direction and it’s just Crazy and i don’t Believe that it’s it just goes on on Social media And like there’s a there’s a bit of me Thinks that all this ufo stuff Is just another big distraction from Other things that are going on

What could be bigger than the ufo uh Revelation or you know behind that I can’t say on youtube Gotcha well lose higher-ups told them it Was demons But grace said it’s not demons right and To be fair There it off the coast of florida there Does appear to be a portal to hell Opened up Yeah but even if they’re saying it’s Demons what does that again imply i mean That Demon is a religious term yeah yeah You know maybe they’re just saying They’re nefarious uh they’re they’re You know bad beings or evil or you know They have no respect for life maybe But there could be a different word that You could use instead of demon But who said demon his dire ups when lou Said i need to get some access to Something and his Higher-up boss said this is when he was With atip and he says no i can’t do that Why And the guy said lou close the door Behind you And sit down and so lou sits down and he Goes Have a drink with me so they’re drinking And the guy goes They’re [ __ ] demons [Laughter]

That’s what happened that was the story He told They’re demons and and lou Sitting there this is what he said on Unidentified the tv show Season one episode four last five Minutes and he said I can’t work in this place anymore and That was when he decided he had to go he Knows That he’s up against something that is Way beyond access that he could get he Can’t get He when you’re talking about the Religious fanatics telling you they’re Demons and they’re in the organization You’re trying to work for man that’s Like Trying to you know kill two birds with One stone that you have been using your Wrong arm You’re just not going to get anywhere Have any of you ever looked into crowley Oh yeah aleister crowley yeah why Because he he i mean as other than the Actual pictures Of grays that we see on my cave Paintings You know he drew the most If i look at that over there is that wow Is that one Is that mao was that what it’s called Thank you absolutely yeah i think you’re Right i think it is with the pointed

Chin Yeah but but This this guy you know I’ve watched a few little documentaries About him i’m not I’m not a reader so i wish i could pick Up a book and but He’s so happy He was a terrible writer was he okay Well it’s like i’m a terrible reader so We might get Nearly impossible People said that this guy was evil um That he was an evil man and he he his Parents were extremely religious And he literally went to live with his Um i think it was his uncle and his Uncle Showed him how to because he was dying i Can’t remember he had some He had something wrong with him and he Went to live with his Uncle i think it was something with his Lungs or Whatever yeah and his uncle introduced Him to Uh ladies of the night uh And he he started drinking And uh partying And then when he went back home all the Religious stuff He just completely forgot and started to Follow uh a The cult and he searched for his entire

Life he even went to egypt But he he took all sorts of and i know Dark hour and and you lived and probably You rich as well He took all sorts of uh i think he took Dmt or whatever And it he said it opened doorways But he was it was he did never saw Anything until i think he married his Second wife And he took her to egypt and he took her To a cave And i think they was He was doing some sort of uh what do They call it Back out they call it what look at Ritual I was i was looking at the chat sorry i Didn’t hear what you said humming or Something i don’t know he was He was people just go watch the Documentary on it But he was he was doing some sort of Trying to worship something Nothing had ever happened but his wife Saw an image and she went She described the image of what she saw And She pointed out one of the pharaohs and Underneath the description uh the the Number That it related to was 666. And this this guy drew some interesting Images

But that image there for me When they’re saying they’re demons i Look at that and i See i see a gray i really do see a grey Alien We i mean you gotta remember like Crowley we we think about this sort of Stuff now as being Um like stuff that isn’t talked about But You know crowley was pop culture back in The sixties You know the beatles um who Partied with with crowley yeah um i Think there’s even a story isn’t there About um Crowley and david bowie um They’re doing some sort of rich ritual Where they where polio always said they Summoned a demon in a swimming pool or Something like that I don’t know about that i thought and i Know he talks about in one of his songs Wouldn’t surprise me so yeah It was just a turtle raft That was just the kind of guy that uh Crowley was though i mean he was Somebody who Began following a very physical path in Certain respects when he was younger but It was intertwined with that Spirituality That he eventually cultivated in what we Know to be his particular modalities

Um today if he was out i think that he Would be more in line with Perhaps a satanic way of thinking Wherein you know you are your own Individual and you know you have the Right to x y and z In a physical sense explore earthly Pleasures but he was a magician too so He did understand A lot in the way not necessarily just About energy but the manipulation Of that energy and even putting people In different vibrational overtones the Way that Perhaps men of knowledge of ancient Indigenous cultures were able to do but Crowley was a little bit more on the Looser end Uh in respect to certain cannons um You know with his work he was he was Very much a rebel even In his own field which is sort of a Rarity but he also had again as we’re Saying it here he had these tie-ins with Extraterrestrials Um he had claimed that he had made Contact through his meditations or what Have you And he was kind of painting a picture That was more neutral in respect to Belief and good and bad and just working With what was He was probably closer in that mentality To our ancient ancestors and

He was also a spy he was also a spy Yeah a [ __ ] one apparently but he was a Spy He was also a person you know as he was You know what he was known for today He also had a personality and he had Plenty of flaws within that so Yeah it was an interesting character to Say the least very influential And without him i wonder what we would Or wouldn’t have Reason why i’m bringing bring that up And it sounds a bit out of place it’s Because Gria always talks about the occult he Talks about These people that are controlling the World Uh but he’s the one that’s saying They’re not demons but Yeah the people that we that a lot that We don’t trust They’re the ones that are dropping the Word demon into it But what is it you know which one yeah It’s breaking is breaking subjects a bit Bit rich but Have you you look like you’re almost on The on the fence with that With the whole alien thing What do you mean like demons yeah Because we don’t know we don’t know man That’s all i’m saying well what i think A demon is is what michael said when we

First started talking about it says It’s like religion you know so i’m not Sure where that fits in in ufology but It sure Can very easily fit into ufology And that’s why i don’t spit it away i i Listen to it intently and i try to learn More from i mean it’s not something i’m Into but You know i i can’t dismiss it anymore Because a lot of people have had bad Experiences with aliens A lot of people don’t like to mix that a Lot of people do not like to mix the Word You know the whole magical stuff in with Ufology because it’s too much but to me It’s magic If you look at what these things do You know that taking you from your Bedroom Or you know levitating reading minds That is magic I’ve i’ve always thought that breaking Them down into nuts and bolts crafts That we can break apart and build into Our own has been humanizing Something that’s probably much more Fantastical than You know the the next step in stealth Rocketry Oh yeah man we’re talking dimensional I mean sorry good go ahead no no you I was just going to say and if you have

Uh let’s say a being in front of you That has the capability of cloaking Itself With some sort of technology or Otherwise uh and let’s say it has Negative intentions wherein it’s hostile In certain ways This could be looked at and called what We understand to be a demon i mean it’s Etheric it’s physical and it’s Bad so we put those three things Together even people who Didn’t know what they were looking at Maybe they don’t know what they’re Looking at now if they’re actually Interacting with some of these negative Beings or beings that have different Intentions Than what we would prefer to see so it Might just be a misnomer In respect to that word Do you think people who get possessed Could be possessed by aliens I don’t even think that people can Actually be possessed the way that it’s Described And believe me i’ve transversed this Particular topic through and through Uh i think that there’s an influence and Certainly if something in the way of uh An um excuse me a ghost or anything Paranormal could influence somebody’s Energetic field You’re damn right an alien or even a

Person with a certain knowledge Can influence your field i mean it’s Something on a larger scale Wherein you know i could come into your House i shake your hand and i just you Know Say something that makes you feel really Bad i’ve already manipulated your field And Again this can be found in all sorts of Different projects that you know people Were broken down it starts With psychology and then it goes into The physical end and goes back to Psychology So yeah with that being said you know There’s a lot to consider here in Respect to that word And you know what that might imply for The particular being that we’re seeing Yeah if anything you would think that um Maybe like the word alien and thinking Of things have come from a different Planet Are just a modern way of interpreting What we used to call demons So maybe demon is the right terminology For them because it was What it’s what came before Yeah it’s what we know it’s what’s Familiar yeah that’s a good point too But i don’t even think that i mean we We’re very um Stonewalled in our thinking in respect

To religion and so forth a lot A lot of people look back at some of These uh older world religions and say Okay this is sort of where things Started this is where cognizance Consciousness awareness of certain Things started because They became uh engulfed or aware of some Sort of higher power within them You know we had to go all the way back We got to look into the point of our History where we didn’t have religion The way that we know it today it wasn’t Anything organized if Somebody had a set of beliefs it was Based on tribalism Essentially it was something within the Tribe and it was compartmentalized Within that particular uh demography or What have you so You know again we got to look back Further than some of what religion has Offered us because we’re very Very confused when it comes to certain Terminology and expressions in the way Of the etheric Ufology and so forth because this Religious aspect just kind of creeps its Way in there it’s almost Built into the design when you say look Back further What do you mean years decades 100 years What do you mean Hundreds of thousands of years what we

Understand as our Evolution now we could even just take it As maybe incorrect as it it may be Uh go back to the time of krog magnum Men see how that Worked in respect to social constructs Tribalism and Did they have a belief system was there Something rooted in nature In the way that they worshipped the sun Because it came up and And uh came down at night it was Something consistent so it you know Again it’s not about a central god it’s Not about necessarily A multitude of gods the way that romans Maybe saw things but it’s going back to The core Of the individual when they were Connected with nature when we were Connected with nature How did that look how did we work how do We describe certain things to each other It’s a social study of course and would Take years but I understand that but that i don’t know If that’s something that can be Done because we don’t have a working Image of pro-magnum Chromatin but no but they did they Buried their Their family i guess important people to Them so there was some sort of Ritualistic

Thing that they did you know for maybe Spiritual But are you saying where does that come From how do we know and all that stuff I mean it would be a great study but Hasn’t somebody done this already I’m sure that there have been i’m sure That there have been uh Micro studies or you know people of Interest that have worked into this Subject But you know by and large again going Back further than when some of these Constructs that we know in the way Belief systems became something more Accepted as Uh throughout the populace of a Particular culture let’s say rather than An individual And the way that we can find these out Again study and time is what’s needed Is through archaeology when we’re going Into these petroglyphs and we’re going Into these interpretations of old world Languages where they’re using Uh you know glyphs and other forms of Pictures to communicate It’s telling a story and yes there again Is this idea of belief but a lot of it Back in those times even Egyptians uh with some of their Philosophy and their religions They were rooted in some sort of Collective reality

That everybody agreed on you know what i Mean not necessarily uh In the fantastic sense but this person Existed this person had an influence we Now call him divine But there are all these things that were Recorded and documented so therefore We’re basing our belief system on Something experiential Rather than being told this is what it Is but my whole point in all this was to Say Looking at these different points in Time with different cultures that had Different expressions of religion I’m sure they’re still seeing the same Thing we’re seeing in our skies today But how are they defining it today we’re Saying aliens might be demons Maybe 2000 years ago people were saying Something different I think you’re 100 wrong we’re seeing Different things than they saw back Then they actually saw ufos yeah they Didn’t have any flying craft around There They had nothing to compare it to other Than what was in the sky exactly So how did they not open it oh so you Think maybe we’re seeing the same things Now but we’re dismissing them maybe as Drones airplanes balloons There’s something entirely different Because our oh yeah yeah yeah yeah

Yeah that’s cool yeah do you think That’s good do you think we won’t we Wouldn’t be able to Really do that like the track back until We start listening to people like graham Hancock and stuff More just being like kooks But taking those missing fragments Of that we seem to have in the past and Piecing them together And trying to work out whether like Human civilization has been Through cycles before because that would Lend itself to Us not really understanding what we’re Talking about If if you’ve had if if like the building Blocks of religion or spirituality were Put in place Like many years ago and then that Civilization collapsed And so all we’ve got is the fragments of Of knowledge that were that was around Then so That that might be why it confuses us so Much No that that’s a good point it’s a very Good point lee To do this sort of thing would take Years of study i mean let’s put it this Way even in the way of archaeology if You’re to select a site that you want to Excavate and start really researching You could spend your entire life

On that one location and still not make Even a dent Look at america’s stonehenge for example Yes there are 1.5 acres excavated out of The 110 acres that property Encompasses but these are like staggered Spots so it adds up to 1.5 acres there’s All this room in between that You know who knows so it’s it’s tough It’s a collective Effort it’s not going to come from one Person or even some of these people that You’re mentioning May contribute to the overall uh Conclusion that we we come to or resolve If you want to look at it that way but It it has to be a collective effort Because we simply as one person don’t Have enough time physically here On earth to come to that our own Conclusion on our own How long does gria say they’ve been here For I don’t know eons i think he says eons It’s one of his words so if they’ve been Visited they’re not extraterrestrials Then are they for honest If they’ve been here that long Has created it well because it because If they’ve been here for eons i How long do you have to inhabit Somewhere before you Decide that you’re from that place and Not the place you came from

Yeah but like i i haven’t i haven’t Lived in new york in 40 years but that’s Where i’m from It’s not eon though Do you think they used to get closer Than what they’re getting now So yeah hey do you do you think they Used to get a hell of a lot closer and Be a hell of a you know Because there was it wasn’t jack [ __ ] That we could do and they knew that They would we wouldn’t know what it was You think no atomic Bombs no missiles if we went back 300 years or 400 whatever even 200 Yeah and somebody would see Something in the sky they made I mean there’s that um i think it was Over france or germany where they’re all In the sky There’s a painting Yeah do you think they made it that Obvious then they Just i do there were no cameras There was no way they could keep that Evidence other than drawing it You know what i mean there’s nothing to Document them i think they know what They’re doing these little aliens Because i know what technology we have Too that’s close When we started when we started to to Get better quality camera

There is there is some older pieces of Footage A lot of the older pieces of footage you Can see What does look like quite good ufos in Them but you think Now that they they kind of realized and Thought They’ve got good cameras now we need to Back off We need to get i don’t think so honestly I don’t think so because i think they’ve Been following our technological Progression in fact If you were to ask me i’ll straight up Tell you i think they influenced it I think a lot of us here can agree to Some degree that There has been that element at least to Be looked at and considered I think they’ve always been brazen but Again i think a lot of what we’re seeing In our skies today Is back engineered crafts again i’ve Said it before 80 Of what we see is us the other 20 let’s Say maybe it’s even smaller of a Percentage Is extraterrestrials either consciously Allowing us to see the craft whether They’re interacting with people Uh you know a lot of people have Explained that there has been Interactions from the ground to the sky

Uh not necessarily direct but they’re There or You know it’s something else in the way Of A mistake so somebody didn’t cloak Something right or You know um one of the operators you Know we think about these particular Species as being infallible Perhaps omnipotent in certain respects Respecting us As especially omniscient and they very Well may be None of these things the way that you Grow up and you look at your parents you Think They’re omnipotent they’re omniscient They know everything they’re you know It’s You get older you realize no they’re Actually just another person like me and I’m a person like them We might get to that point with some of These extraterrestrials where again They’re following us they’re very Closely watching every step we make And are very calculated in their Interaction with us even You know many years ago i think where Some of these Interactions were recorded or brought Into folklore Verbal or otherwise you know they have a Very

Designed interaction when it comes to us And again it’s really in the way that a Parent looks down and says okay They’re going to make certain mistakes They have to learn what hot is so i’m Going to let him touch the burner once Now if you take that burner and you Start burning the you know the shades in The house and you Make a hole in the floor the house Starts on fire that’s like us playing With nukes And the way that perhaps it affects uh You know these extraterrestrials are Okay to a point we’ll let you play in The sandbox But you know you want to hurt yourself a Little bit that’s fine you can do that But if you try to take out the whole Town The whole house whatever it may be then We have to step in and intervene a Little bit we’re still not going to Guide you we’re just going to truncate That action we’re going to take that Missile out of the sky Now we’re going to leave it up to you What do you do next like they said like Your Career said a warning yes so Dark hour do you think gray is right by What he said in that documentary that He said it in another documentary as Well that

When when we fired that first nuclear Missile It it um it triggered something Absolutely i think yeah it went into Their dimension he said Okay but they’ve been visiting us for Eons so they’ve been here a long time But not paying any interest it’s just Almost like they would they They’d just come and have a little look Every now and again but then they Thought Holy [ __ ] they’ve lit a fire I agree with that statement i mean Simplified but i agree i mean It does um like but before when i said i Find his whole Uh c5 thing a bit culty it does make Them that sort of like the deity Doesn’t it if they if they swoop in and Save us from nuclear war It it fits the cult mentality It does lee i just don’t get What stephen’s saying when he says That they they’re gonna get weapons in Space and they’re gonna start Shooting these et’s i don’t know how We’d How we how we would remotely Even dare to do that you you know How did he say i don’t remember the Context i don’t So he that’s what he said when he first That was his reason for putting this

Documentary out i can’t remember To stop to start weapons in space I mean there is that really cool uh Video isn’t there of That came out years ago of the like what Looks like the little ufo and then Something shoots after in it yeah It dodges it yeah and that did that i Think that looks like something was Trying someone was trying to shoot Something down Rich isn’t buying it there’s no way that That’s ice crystals And nobody ever talks about the other Five objects in the background that Drifted that way when that Supposed weapon went off it was firing Of the rocket just to keep it in orbit Orbit that’s all it was it was just So you go what you saw I mean people want to believe it because They said oh it went right in the path I’m like Yeah but other objects move too if there Was this one ufo that dodged that thing That came up from the bottom Why aren’t they talking about the other Five objects nobody ever talks about Them look at all these other ufos around Here nobody says that they’re only Focusing on the one If it was really ufos really a big ufo Then what were the other ones over there Invisible why

Is everybody who’s ever talked about That video never mention the other Objects that moved Because it doesn’t fit their belief System they want to believe so badly They’ll make ice crystals be Ufos sorry If we if we have yeah if we’ve got that Technology Somebody’s got got the technology to Shoot down A ice cream an alien craft yeah I’m going to say ufo a bit and it annoys Me when people say shoot down the ufo Because Someone identifies yeah that’s uap Yes thank you If you’re talking about military and Nasa True please right if someone has the Technology to Do that at what point did they get the Technology and Why do we not see evidence of them using That sort of technology in wars Because it’s not real it was a rocket Being dispersed So nobody’s got that weapon that’s why Nobody has a giant laser weapon Nobody knows so you think greer is wrong With this We okay Just because they have the technology Doesn’t mean that they’re going to use

It in every battle Maybe they’re waiting for a specific Purpose or time that they would employ That because Not only divulging it but pulling the Trigger is going to have such an Incredible impact That you know they’re not going to be Able to cover [ __ ] up anymore yeah We only work in space yeah If if if a country I think if a country’s got these Things that are like tic tacs i would Say that you you’ve got you would have Russia which would have something Similar China which have something similar um Possibly india as well But it’s that means they’re using them Anyway You know it’s it doesn’t mean we’ll see Them by zipping around everywhere Wasn’t the uh the stealth Fighter mothballed when it was rolled Out and shown to people You know when that was unveiled as an Aircraft it was decommissioned so there Was obviously something better And basically the same thing happened With that um stratospheric Uh spy plane you know the big thing it Looks a bit like thunderbird too Yeah yeah the that you know that’s the Same thing we found out i love that

Is that even yeah apparently no no i Don’t know it’s just it’s a just drone Isn’t it we found out about that and That had been doing its thing for like Five six years That’s the thing that looks like it’s Being sellotaped together doesn’t it I think it looks like a white Thunderbird too with sellotape on it Just the sellotape didn’t jump out at me It looks like it’s got gaffer tape in it You know You know oh it’s all strips it’s like Straight yeah yeah yeah Yeah yeah The only one thing with with the tic tac Ufo that that And they got mentioned in that Documentary Where they were showing the two little Boys That spotted this egg like craft And that kind of related to me with the Tic tac but that The they showed the same image or same Artist impression of the the Lonnies the morrowcraft That’s the tic-tac yeah i i still I mean i i know i know you’re going to Say well what else could you use But if you’ve got a vehicle that Can transition between air and water Can go from sea level to space within a Second

I do not believe it has a ladder on it Yeah yeah it is if you if you’re back Engineering it Maybe but i mean i just i don’t believe You’ve got all that That technology and then before you get Out of it you hoof the ladder out the Side of it And they were wearing overalls yeah Overall That’s just that that that’s just like Common sense you don’t want to get oil On you Clearly it uses oil my bad That’s so funny and they’re also little People like not aliens i think they use Actual little people scientists to fit Into the alien crafts Do you think do you guys think that grey Does speak to All these presidents like he says that He does And he brings no he he says he’s briefed President But it’s somebody else that’s delivering The message it’s His briefing uh By the way all those who may wonder Whether or not we have some sort of Laser technology To you know influence certain things in The sky let’s talk about Tesla’s death ray for a moment no it’s Never been found it’s never been proven

To exist but he had the schematics for It he had the idea he was talking about It So there had to be something there in The way of reality so that was a long Time ago And we all understand that his papers Were dispersed in many different ways After his death in very mysterious ways We’ve talked about it many times So possibly the hands that had that Particular schematic said okay we can do Something more with this and they began Developing it To what we’re seeing today with the ease Of perhaps a laser pointer Has enough power to shoot something out Of the sky like that we don’t know but Again we see in our history Some of this technology being mentioned In the past so It’s possible wasn’t it donald trump’s Fine john trump’s Grandfather donald trump’s grandfather That’s it that was part of that Yeah he bought all the documents John trump interesting Yeah yep there were 40 i think 40 Suitcases worth of stuff 40 you know cases of stuff all Disappeared after he died the death ray If real Didn’t they he was creating wi-fi Basically

As well and they dismantled it And i think it was working at one point That big tall thing That he had he had the ball at the top Typical Tesla looking object what was that thing Called that big tower That’s the coil yeah yeah no no no i Mean it was how it was Something else i think it was a picture Of it in front of a building looked like It was 10 stories tall I forgot what it’s called as well i Don’t know if it was a depiction or a Real picture but Apparently it was dismantled And uh yeah never mind didn’t he also Uh have something to like speak to the Dead or the Astral realm he thought he was speaking Aliens yeah Yes he thought he started getting Messages out off world But nobody knows what it was where did This ventsuvian Uh connection come from that’s what i’d Like to know more about Where did this connection with venus and Tesla come from but it’s been mentioned Oh right yeah we did a report on that For third phase Well we did we did is it worth bezos Wants to go with venus Yeah was he a venusian

That’s that’s amazing because yeah we i Just wasn’t that just On on third phase didn’t they just do a Rehash of that yeah where he was Apparently some adopted child That was given to them by venusians People from venus And nobody’s living on venus on the Surface at 9000 degrees whatever it is But 900 but who knows Was interesting it was interesting when He said About the the the race card with uh The aliens so that people Are racist So so so the depending what the alien Looks like I what i want to know and i don’t know If anybody Even knows the answer to this what Actual species Of aliens does gria say actually exist To his knowledge I don’t know see i mean Stephen nobody knows these are the Honest impression Of that craft had like what you think of His little greys didn’t it but That i i thought that the minute the Race thing came up I thought wow what a what a way to try And tie your documentary into like Current public consciousness as to is to

Racialize Aliens coming down speciesism I think is like uh you mentioned Racism i think i genuinely think if Aliens landed in spaceships It would be the the first time in Probably the last 20 years where we Looked at something And didn’t [ __ ] think about where its Pronouns were We’d have more things to worry about [Laughter] I’d be interested in trying out some Alien cuisine Yeah i mean what yeah well i I’ve watched you i’d watch you first Yeah I might sit with me on that one Depending on what it was Smell good maybe you know depending on How hungry i was I guess tastes like chicken i heard You know what i’m saying though they all Speak about these Different species but None of them the greek i know dave Ikey does i i speaks about the Reptilians but You know grey doesn’t he speaks about Different species but he doesn’t tell us What they are For some reason i think he does mention It but i can’t Remember i can’t remember ever hearing

Him yeah i don’t even think i’ve ever Hear him say the greys I don’t know i think i think i maybe Heard him say the typical grace but i’ve Never heard him Like say that this is this is a species I thought he mentioned the tall whites One time i’m not sure is anybody in the Audience know I mean the only thing that he’s shown us Is This burns victim again and And and these and peter pan I mean peter pan i can fly the one on The kind of like uh The golf tee is the best one for me What’s the one on the left though it Looks like it’s a picture of some tissue In somebody’s pocket like someone’s just Taking a picture inside there A drunken pocket photograph or like An interesting sti Yes The one on the right is very interesting To me because it’s actually reminiscent Of what People have expressed in the way of what Spirit actually Looks like so you know while we’re Sitting here in these physical bodies When we pop Out of them supposedly we’re sort of a Ball of energy of sort But there are these concentrated points

Of light again this is in the way of Observance That sort of make up this formless Figure that is the spirit So that’s interesting to me maybe There’s a continuity there maybe There isn’t but it’s definitely Something to mention It’s also reminiscent of a phoenix as Well isn’t it which is Yeah i’ve thought about when you see Auras too a little bit Luckily yes He’s not having the dancing one What jack nicholson no if you take if You take the head off it looks like a Frog if you’ve covered the head with Your phone it looks like a frog In mid-air i’d love to have been there Like i’d have loved to have seen the Photoshop session When they pulled that image out of the Noise I bet there was some awful creative Editing went on there But look at the forehead oops it’s gone There it is He’s got a third eye i know i was just Gonna say he’s even got like a little Diamond on his third eye He’s actually got a fourth one or a Blowhole It’s a little guy into it yeah why isn’t Anybody screaming paradolia

Looking at this why isn’t anybody saying That when you look at the whole picture It stands out What if he was right what if he was Right about this little anaconda Yeah and that’s it Yeah i doubt it but that’s why he uses Them i doubt it too but i’m just Graceful nobody knows Except they did look at the body right That little thing and said it’s a human No was it a monkey was it a monkey yeah They did but like i said I i didn’t i i did a video about this Yeah i thought so Like steve stephen was really pissed off With the paper in his hand and he was Reading the report And he said that tts that gary nolan had Literally Left stephen with The specimen taking it to ttsa And then ttsa put it out as being a Fetus is that how it happened That is exactly what happened rich Wow when was this 2017 2017 i can’t remember At them probably around 16 20. Yeah i can’t help but feel though if That was a fetus Somebody could have just gone and like To a grim laboratory somewhere and gone Well he is Exactly the same thing in a jar

So the actual report from gary nolan was That yes it is a fetus however it had So many different abnormalities at birth That was so unique that we could The the chances of it happening were Like one in a million or One in a 300 million or whatever it was A lot Yeah so what so what’s the chances of All those things happening And it being preserved exactly yeah What’s the chances that gree is right And that is an alien Do you remember that show in the 70s the Little people Was the little people oh no land of the Giants See i don’t i don’t i don’t know enough About biology but It that just does not look like a fetus Does it No no It doesn’t but and until we get it see The problem here is you know You have academia that’s supposed to be Supporting but actually gets in the way And falls underneath the certain Narrative so it’s almost pointless to Give it to some of these people because We’re looking to them For credibility but what they find They’re not going to tell us if it’s Outside of The realm of what’s accepted that’s it’s

Unfortunate and uh Really again we get into that word again Stonewalled I think i’ve worked out what it is It’s prince it’s got ribs removed Or shared ah Poor prince Isn’t it only a foot tall how tall was That thing Yes right have you ever met prince in Real life you’ve only ever seen him on You know maybe princesses Maybe princess is a tiny alien what was He could he could have been an alien Well he could have been from space jam The way that dave chappelle talked about His basketball skills Funniest episodes i think with this We’ll keep we would keep going around in Circles with this question Yeah it is one of them is Was it enough what greer did no it Wasn’t It was a great documentary um It was entertaining and it was a nice Bit of drama for the ufo community Because we like the drama here on right Alien on it but it was good Entertainment Yeah absolutely and i didn’t walk away Disappointed a little bit Yeah and because i wanted more i wanted Dirt i thought we were gonna get and i Keep getting animated but that’s what i

Was told we were gonna get Oh some of these people are gonna be Pissed Nothing and it’s it’s not necessarily That we want one to be Right and want to be wrong it’s that we Want to know who to actually trust And at the minute i can’t trust anybody Who can you trust Will you rich because you’re gonna be The man to stand up for everybody Apparently I’m gonna i’m gonna i’m gonna find that Clip and i’m just going to Play it and then play motion stick over Some music like the Inspirational rogan quotes I said i won’t do it i said i won’t do It rich but i’m going to do it Do whatever you want so before we go Well you don’t have to say anything if You just say no you know what i’m not I’m not ready to say anything i’m ready I’m ready whenever So certain people have paid interest Interest to me in the past And uh i i get a message today And uh a certain person is paying an Interest in what you’re doing Oh yeah who’s that Mr tyler tyler gagner Yes are you serious i am Not he hates that’s not cool of course

He does actually Uh it is true tyler messaged me Three in the morning and uh Wants to talk privately Yep huh this card is that right I didn’t hear you you cut out discard This card He wants to do a discord privately and Uh I messaged him again explaining Why i would agree to that and i really Sent him a pretty good message but he Was like I see you posted another video featuring My name To get views yeah that’s why i do it As a matter of fact secure team 10 does Not have the pull It once did when you put his name into The title it just doesn’t work like it Used to believe me i’ve tried It’s only been eight times over two Years that’s not a lot of Times i’ve done that well then he says Uh and Then made fun of my voice once again and Then Attempted sadly to convince your Audience how jealous you Weren’t he says how about this how about You and me Jump on a private discord chat on my Server and have a real talk man a man No screen recording no posting to

Youtube Channel to exploit my name for more Views he’s trying to jab me every three Sentences you know Just you and me having a little chat Knowing you you’ll probably just take This screenshot here and Make another two hour video complaining About me And how not jealous you are you know What the crazy Thing is he posts a couple hours like Four hours later Is that i agree with you on many things And yet you chose to dog me in public Bad move bro i don’t do that to people Publicly But you have a nice day and do your Thing Oh so this is the actual message you’ve Read out there okay So so is this gonna happen do you think He hasn’t gotten back um i Wrote a message explaining him i told Him uh you know i beg on everyone who Makes stupid moves and I posted on the internet that’s what i Do bro this is the first time you Reached out to me i sent you messages Long ago and you didn’t reply A lot of people agree with me until i Talk about them And then all of a sudden i’m a piece of [ __ ]

Anyway you went public with your life’s Problems You remember and then i told him how i Stuck Up for him how you can’t blink call Somebody a hoaxer with Five bad videos out of 2500 I said i talk about the good and the bad With everything I said you have the largest ufo youtube Channel why wouldn’t i talk to you about You why wouldn’t i talk about you and Your channel So basically what i’m saying is you know You You’re the number one guy and anytime Something the number one does something People want to talk about it anyway I said what do you want me to do stop Talking about you you’re number one Elizondo corvell and others and the Limelight You know we i talk about everybody That’s the thing with fame isn’t it you Know Yeah if you’ve got that We that’s what we do yeah and i said i’m Down With talking on discord he doesn’t want It recorded or anything yet i know he’ll Probably Record it anyway um But he hasn’t replied Well he definitely seen his message to

Me a couple of times With your name and then today it was Today you got that message wasn’t it Because he messed up at three in the Morning Yes he messaged me saying about Getting in touch with you and then he Went and then i went i’ll pass on the Message to rich he says And then he said it’s okay i messaged Him so hmm Yeah it interested i think he definitely Does want that conversation I don’t understand i’d love to be a fly On the wall why would i do that why Would i want to have a private Conversation with him So he knows I think it’s him trying to save face if Anything i mean you’ve been out there Talking about him And he’s i don’t know why it’s taken him This long to come around and confront The issue if you will but to me it Sounds like uh He’s trying to save some sort of face Maybe not just with you but with the People that listen to you It’s not gonna do anything for you to Have the talk i mean you’re not asking Him For a sit down doesn’t benefit you in Any way it would only You know do something for him on his end

Which sounds like arrogance to me I’m a bystander i don’t know you know it Just sounds like arrogance Whatever you do rich don’t start the Conversation by saying spit it out tyler On that now i think we spat it all out Tonight so Uh who’s got a show tonight anybody Where’s your video oh you go show rich What time is it on Oh god i’m so jealous 44 minutes from Now And what is he gonna be about don’t know Tyler for Two hours that’s it That needs to be the title of the video Tyler for two hours Oh that’s a good idea And then don’t talk about him at all That’s a genius the thing is i i Honestly Think because i i haven’t I think it’s been ongoing for two years Now i mean i’ve never Spoke to the guy face to face tyler how Come you’re offering rich A discord chat but you’ve never said to Me let’s have a private chat That doesn’t make any sense why he would Even reach out to me And here’s the thing though rich i i Honestly think I think he likes the channel i think you Probably make him laugh

I think so yeah I think it and he said uh do what you do Bro have a nice day because he’s like ah Forget it what do i care Everybody’s gone everybody’s got an Uncle [ __ ] maybe you’re that uncle You know Uncle dick i’m a ud And doc darko have you got a show Tonight No shows tonight just working on some Things behind the scenes That will be uh for things coming we’ll Say that you can You can press play on my show when it Finishes darker and watch it again For another view oh because it’s Archived and anybody who comes to the Channel And misses the live show can go back Into alien archives uh alien addicts Archives and check out any show Just so you guys know really nice you Like that Alien archives you mean when this show Ends i can go back And listen to it again yeah you believe It So guys now wait we’re live now though I know [ __ ] but i can’t listen to it Youtube recently and it does upload Almost instantly so guys in the chat if You’ve just joined this and saying Oh i cannot believe i’ve missed an

Entire live show It says live yeah it is live right now But Rich any advanced technology can be Indistinguishable from magic You know that i forgot good Thank you and lee is your um Is your stephen greer um uh Is it still uploaded no it’s it’s 12 Yeah it will i’m going to start Uploading it as soon as i’ve finished This for bandwidth Purposes so yes full reaction video Yeah so tomorrow morning i did like a Watch along with of Stephen grier’s documentary with my Friend susie And it was really funny and she doesn’t She hates ufos To be perfectly honest she was more she Was more in than i thought She’d be but like basically i’d have i Thought going into it she was the sort Of person that doesn’t even believe in Her own shoes Let alone aliens but uh no it was good It was a good time I enjoyed it so all the links These guys are below people i thank you All For watching alien addict um Some might say that i provide i provide Warmth Uh in terms of in times of need

I i provide uh Moisture and uh liquid refreshment Wait i have a question for you go back One One picture the phone one does that come On An actual or is it just a sticker you Put on your phone or your case No no it’s is it a case What’s jeff So no i it is no i would I would buy one for my phone but they i Don’t think they make it for the iphone Mini yet i’m not sure I’ve got the minute is it a case or is It a sticker It’s an iphone rubber case oh it’s an Iphone oh no No or samsung i think they do something I don’t know what they do So but it’s a case it’s um it’s Um oh they’re called teespring teespring So basically All right i’ll go check it out i upload The image Yeah and they they put it out i like That Uh yeah carl bell and bob they love them No There you go which are the aliens it’s Wearing fin that now isn’t it It’s wearing fin We love you but to use another props i

Feel like it Guys if you’ve liked the video put the Thumbs up And uh go check out the guys below I’m alien addict good night god bless Normally It’s a bit awkward at the end because i Look how to end the show And mind the books don’t by good night