Our Top Scariest Moments EVER (With Papa Spooks!!) | Ghost Hunting | THE PARANORMAL FILES

By | July 7, 2021
Our Top Scariest Moments EVER (With Papa Spooks!!) | Ghost Hunting | THE PARANORMAL FILES

The abandoned phelps dodge hospital in Ajo arizona is widely considered to be One of the most haunted buildings in the Entire state It is a massive 29 000 square foot Building which saw Thousands of recorded deaths while it Was an active medical building The town of ajo itself was constructed As a company town to serve those who had Worked the massive new cornelia copper Mine which lies right outside of town The new cornelium mine was actually the First copper mine in all of arizona and Over the decades that it was active Thousands of different individuals were Employed to work in and around it to Extract copper as you probably know Mining was a dangerous job while the Mine was active there were explosions Poisonous gas leaks fires floods and Many other types of various workplace Disasters Because of this thousands of miners and Others who lived in the town of ajo were Sent to the phelps dodge hospital atop The hill to seek treatment for their Wounds and ailments Many who entered the doors of the Hospital never left it is believed that The spirits of those who died agonizing Deaths inside of the building still roam Its hallways

People have reported seeing shadow Figures hearing phantom voices Being violently attacked in the building And even being choked out to the point Of passing out we spent a night alone Inside of this abandoned hospital And captured paranormal activity on Camera that would stick with us forever Welcome to the paranormal files To anybody that is here in the phelps Dodge hospital Here in ottawa arizona We are here To help you to contact you And to figure some stuff out So can you come out and talk to us Tonight Okay i hate that bad one right by my Head man dude that was a bad Holy if i slow down the footage Right here you can actually see two bats Fly right by me with one literally Flying only inches from my head It’s suddenly spooky to look back at This and think about what would have Happened if i had moved a bit faster or Had been standing a little further in The wrong direction Okay i can’t do bats dude Over here i’m not kidding i can’t i Can’t take that Oh my god holy dude jesus that one Right by my ears I could feel it on my hair dude i heard

Something coming down Me too wanna go upstairs God damn 7.1 It’s like our energy just feeling the Meter look at point two Zero Where are those I don’t know okay Christ Okay What the hell was that okay Awesome awesome Awesome Is there anybody here in the hospital With us Dude there’s a whole bunch of bats down There dude I’m not going down there Are you okay yeah but i’m not going to Go i’m not going to do it I think we should close those doors I don’t see any oh yeah no no they’re Flying back and forth Oh there’s Where are we going jesus Let’s go into one of these rooms dude Okay Okay close the door As we saw earlier This is the infirmary this would have Been where the babies Right here It just shut off can’t we just shut up

Yes Do you hear those noises yes yeah a Whistle Right when the camera shut off Dude at seven oh my god i went to seven Look at Oh my god i went to seven dude still Going For it four point two oh four look at Hot 10. I was it was back here dude really yes Hold on by the camera here that’s what i Had Oh dude it was this it just hit a 10. 10.27 okay someone’s see if someone’s Here You were playing that song it’s already Dropped from 75. that’s right one You played that song it spiked Okay 3.1 dude one I can’t see all right Huh Is Okay Hold it together point two That was a creepy song man Okay now it’s your turn Yep invite the children to come talk to You Okay children

This is for you General dance with them Can you move that ball You’re outside looking in that come on In Come in and play play with the ball There Me too Okay Oh get back in the infirmary Bastard how do we get out of here I hate that’s on my phone Dude it’s like it’s reading our fear Every time that we freak out about the Bats it Jolts up it’s almost like it’s trying to Keep us In this room i know let’s open this door There’s a door out in the hallway Do you think mr baddie’s out there One g his bet Steps Oh do that again no was that this Oh okay good This is just one little heart in this Place You know it’s like one of us Yeah you’re ready that’s just when we go For it though where do you want

Which room do you want to go we’ve got To make a game plan so the bats killed It Did you hear that what was it If that was you knocking could you knock Again One more knock is all I know dude this is like i just think That’s hilarious it’s like a zombie Apocalypse we’re like Where can we go like looking out the Windows we’re gonna have to make like a Game plan okay but do we even know Miranda i think we just Let’s hide where did he say that back Colony was didn’t Did he say it was at the end of this Hall i want to go all the way to that Room at the end shut the doors Just sort of shut in the back of this Well yeah that’s what i’m saying if There’s a bad Run ready what are we going to do Run to the end of the hard ones as fast As we can move Okay i just got a headache Yeah okay This is by far the creepiest place look At the Size of this thing a little spooked out That’s an understatement What are we actually gonna do

Investigate for paranormal activity Like inside yes inside So we’re gonna investigate the second Floor up here now and we’re to turn off The lights Jeff you ready There you go Okay okay well what do you do then we Gotta go Okay we’re in night shot now once Online again just how creepy this is This is Massive and this is a foreign country And we’re here alone Paige black midnight i just Always go yeah i don’t like being like My back to this thing I’m watching okay So down there like a woman Hear that yeah That just started yeah I’m getting a really uneasy vibe It feels like it feels like to me the Patients are stepping out of their rooms Watching this I got i’m not kenya i have like oh my God my whole body is That’s why i don’t like There’s somebody here with us Did you have tuberculosis Are you down there at the end of this Hallway If there is somebody here with us

Can you use your voice Hello Just sketched My eyes are really burning i don’t know Why It’s a really creepy place I’m just going to do it again Again Hey if that was you knocking those two Pieces of wood or sticks together Would you do it again please We’re not here to harm you actually We’re just here to Make contact with you Please keep doing that Are you at the end of this hall in one Of the rooms If you are knock your sticks together or If it’s a bed frame Like the stick i have in my hand here [Applause] Is Here Do you want to come down here farther I’m going to move this device That device you can come down And make your presence known by setting That device off for us Would you Those voices are kind of weird because Like there was no one here Like why would that woman’s voice come Through once if I they’re have heard them drive up and

Leave We didn’t hear those noises the whole Time we were walking around up here Why would they just keep going Let’s go see if we can deep um Damn Look at this graffiti No they’re just like laughing Let’s see Oh look at this room Wait wait was that noise I think it’s a firework [Applause] Okay well what’s your suggestion we need To go We can dude this is a foreign country We’re waiting in the Middle of nowhere i’m okay i’m actually Afraid Okay there’s only two of us This is the stairs right here I think we should yell out to them so That they don’t just Do something they’re not gonna shoot us Though They probably don’t even know we’re in Here Dear god They’re just teenagers having fun i Guarantee you This big hole Let’s just wait just a little bit okay Thank you Meanwhile i’m here

I’m just kind of again telling you we’re In greece On this high freaking mountain Sanatorium Come on have a laugh i know but i’m not It’s not It’s like i feel sick I was gonna get like So we’re about to head into the mountain Area where estes park is it’s right down This road we’re on the highway And there’s a big storm system it looks Like right above the mountains Very dark clouds something ominous is Hiding in these mountains Could it be ghosts so we’re finally here At the stanley tonight we’re gonna take A ghost tour Investigate the uh cowboy room that We’re staying in gonna eat some dinner And uh get spooky Got anything to say i’m hungry Wise words wise words this is this round Of like a victorian funeral parlor wow So we just got here to the cowboy room With my dad we’re gonna spend the night Here we’re gonna do some investigating Later tonight Once we’re settled in we’re gonna go on The ghost tour first that lighting is Just so creepy right

Is now a middle finger This is a cool room though it is the Shining Here’s johnny oh god yeah that one was Lame that was really bad Sorry We’re in the uh concert hall right now Just looking around at stuff On our tour It’s really creepy in here it’s Beautiful Um Yeah it’s definitely strange The hair is standing up on my legs we’re In paul’s room right now Yeah definitely a weird vibe in here man Oh hey so Beginning of the tour i i have to close Everything down with you Yeah bathroom light up there it’s back On so what do you guys use the bathroom No dang it do you want to go turn it off Oh Yeah yeah yeah it’s just up there the Lights So our ghost tour guide actually Knows that i’m a ghost hunter he just Told me that he’s too afraid to come Back up here because he turned off all These lights And he came back up right now and the Bathroom light is back on you can see

It’s right there It’s on he sent us up here to turn it Back Off because he was too scared to come do It Let’s go back Can you turn that light off if that was You Can you do anything for us if you’re Here man yeah turn the light off Be great it’s just me and you my dad It’s really cold here man turn the light Off for us Is all remove the door Can you close the door i think you Probably could if you wanted to anyways We can just turn this off Okay that’s spooky man Am i like touching anything no no and It’s not all of them that she chose to Watch yeah that worked I did that already there’s no there’s no Breeze And if there was more than just those Two Feels nice even this wallpaper is pretty Creepy Oh jesus that was quick what the hell Uh happy father’s day what are you Calling for staff Yeah oh my god you are a pathetic Human being well the fans really wanted Me to say this yeah i didn’t personally

Want to But uh you’re late you’re late sorry old Man Man alive i tell you what one of these Days you’re gonna get your head out From where it’s been sitting for about Three years hey should we start this Over No yeah i just uh wanted to call There are some fans that wanted to wish You a happy father’s day wanted me to Say that They really old one for them right here Yeah Sparkling water yeah it’s a toppo wow It’s good though beautiful you’re a real Badass I try to be you know you should learn a Little bit from me one of these days What is that in the wood fort behind you What so what is that a wood fort behind You yeah Right there what do you think it is what Do you do climb up there Do you think i climb up on that fort see Him i don’t know why the is it There Well i do climb up actually but i have a Little pea shooter you know Let’s just draw with hard peas yep and I’ve been shooting Oh i try to make it over two fences that People have a pool over there So i i don’t think they they’re on to me

Yet but i hide up in that Fort right there and i can see over over The next neighbor’s full yard Everybody’s got fences right so So that’s been kind of fun wow i think People like i don’t think people like me Already but that’s okay You are really bored aren’t you Yes i am i am well uh guys we love each Other We’re just we uh wanted to have a Comedic little uh little banter most Days yeah Some days occasionally i feel like i Care about you Not very frequently first time we’ve Talked in months it’s been good for me But [Laughter] Just to have the break well i called you So that we could introduce Tonight’s investigation the extremely Spooky foray That we experienced into the haunted Stables at fort abraham lincoln Who’s down here you’re not even Listening to me bentley Belly oh well never wow Thank you thanks for interrupting me no Honestly yes oh and for father’s day We’re gonna try and get jeff a thousand Instagram followers you wanna plug your Instagram My instagram account is

I never i never understood this till This year at Yeah go ahead follow me i’m trying to Beat my 18 year old neighbor down here This little punk Show me his freaking instagram like show Him this Well without further ado yes it was a Spooky night Yes cut i think the stables That’s that was active that was really Fun Actually well all right man let’s get Into it all right Love you love you too buddy What the hell the battery drained on This camera No like hundred percent it had this Camera had Three hours and 52 minutes of battery When i plugged this battery in It’s on one bar now here we we’re Driving over to the do you have more Yeah but isn’t that just weird What’s that like your car Yeah we don’t want the battery to die How come it’s on Is the other doors open that would be Kind of odd because It’s Having battery weird electrical issues What’s going on how would that even be On

Shut off all those cars Okay okay okay guys so now we are at the State Oh can you turn that off Hit the screen okay guys so right now we Are at the stables So right now we are at the fort lincoln Stables it is about 1 15 in the morning We have an hour left in our Investigation we’re going to step inside Into the stables which This is the area with the supposed dark Paranormal activity that’s super intense Including people getting yelled at Lots of really violent kind of stuff That happens here So let’s head inside Spiders Our new connects connect device sos Camera right here Okay Oh my god It’s gone were you just on the cart Where are you Look how it maps out their bodies It’s kind of disturbing we had somebody On the card here If you’re a horse can you fart Come on please show yourself Come on back you were right there there It is colin right there

Right two of them up here Come on back you were right there there It is colin right there Right two of them up here See i’m gonna stand on top of that reel Can you jump off of that can you jump Off of that are you Maybe is he hanging dude oh I i i can’t tell look at that you got it Can you jump off of that or are you Stuck Looks like he’s looking dude he’s Hanging Oh my god what right there Here did you hang yourself right here Can you say who you are In that box colin has Look a dude he’s really hanging on the Ground My god and look at that moth Is attracted to right where he’s hanging From yes The moth is literally on that exact beam Over there It doesn’t go away you come down Oh the thing just died but it’s still There Okay let’s hang out let’s focus on the Spirit box why don’t you ask me Okay he’s he came down look it he came Down Can you tell me your name Let’s walk over here i’m gonna come over Right by you

You’re right above us yep oh Dude this is crazy he’s staying here can You say your name please we just want to Know who you are It’s crazy how long it stays here Oh it’s gone The battery’s dead what No turn you might did you hit the button No What no oh my god it’s almost Dead again Yep the hell yep right when you handed It to me Yeah let’s look at okay let’s do it real Quick before it goes quick Okay if you’re in front of us Please show yourself again Look it died it’s dead it’s fully dead i Didn’t even touch it You know these are fully charged two two I mean that that usually would last Hours just walk down here and do it Again It’s completely dead oh there’s on again One power okay Did you hang yourself in here Dead yeah it’s dead it’s completely dead I mean that’s like that’s like it’s like Unbelievable can you tell me How you died What obvious Yeah okay

I was just standing right here we were All getting this equipment And bentley walked literally right here To these stairs and i’m not Making this up either you guys have to Know that and he stood like this Then he got straight back and kind of Like and i just went And squeaked and just ran away that was Very strange yeah i’m like Pretty sensitive it’s like usually he’d Just run upstairs Let’s go up here i guess Did we what put that chair that way Right okay let’s set this up right here Okay so you want to set this up on the Stairs again dad Have you haven’t seen this oh Jesus what the heck What’s that running up the steps And then what was the deal when they Covered the beer wasn’t the killer Did that yeah the killer covered every Mirror in the house Did you see one of your victims in there My face Let’s have jeff sit on the bed first Then Oh jeez

The dude said we can sit in here on any Ball that thing goes all the way down on The floor almost Just try sit on the corner right here Two people Were killed right here in this bed this Is where the Mother and father and the moore family Died And right here is one of the remaining Hatchet marks and like we were saying Earlier It’s hard to imagine how hard you’d have To be swinging Backwards to make your axe hit that You’d have to literally be Boom just go on animal on somebody So we’re gonna have jeff start this Experiment he’s gonna Not be able to hear what we’re asking Him but Mary and i are gonna be asking questions You just If you whatever you hear any sort of Word Just say it out loud at the same time We’re going to be doing the obvious Just listening and using the k2 meter We’ll put the k2 meter right by you Actually so just don’t move your arm Oh that long yeah you want to Cancel out every noise Okay i don’t like that face he’s like This

Can you hear me still i love that What did he say he turn up a tiny bit no No i can’t I can’t i understand dude What i can’t i can’t understand who you Are what you’re saying What’s so funny That’s what you heard oh okay Okay okay so we’re gonna mary and i are Gonna sit over here Don’t you need something on your eyes Do i need to hold this [Laughter] I got it Just kind of one first then here Yeah first yeah you’re not supposed to Do anything other than just repeat what You hear Okay ready yep okay so we’ve got the k2 Meter Right here by jeff Okay so to anybody that’s up here in the Attic On the second story for once again Inviting you to come out and talk to us If you were a ch if you were a child and You lost your life You can come out and talk to us we’re

Friendly we can just hang out and play Looks like he’s a hostage He looks bad can you give us a sign that You’re here Yeah can you keep doing that if you’re Here with us come on up the stairs or Come out of the attic Can you give us your name How old are you oh god he looks creepy In there What’s your name Do you want to play with the ball I miss you We miss you too did you want to play Doesn’t want to doesn’t want to develop Doesn’t want to also the polaroids don’t Want to develop The polaroids that i was trying to take They don’t want to that very traumatic The way you died it’s too traumatic I’m getting cold i know i’m very cold I’m like Freezing honestly So we just got to guthrie oklahoma This place is known as one of the most Haunted towns in the state Due to a very colorful history Guthrie also is home to a very large Very famous Uh masonic temple of the freemasons So they were doing their ceremonies and Their magic and whatnot there But tonight we have a very very special

Investigation at the most haunted Supposedly location in oklahoma raided By lots of different groups and Paranormal investigators the guthrie House All right Tonight we are going to be at the stone Lion inn I’m not going to give you guys a lot of Context Before we get there but we’re about to Arrive in five minutes we’ve been Driving all day From white rock lake in dallas beard’s Growing out Hair’s kind of hearted on one side today Yeah mine too Get there but welcome to historic Guthrie Welcome to the guthrie house What the hell is that a weed restaurant It is I don’t think that’s meant to look like Weed but it is cactus Yeah but it definitely looks like a red Flag oklahoma Is surprisingly like um A very big cannabis growing state Here’s the dispensary right here funny Enough There it is and as the owner of Stolen anna was telling me just kind of Jokingly she said so jeff let me ask you

Something Do you have any pain and i’m like well i No i just Yes or no do you have any pain well i Guess yes Okay you get your marijuana card it’s Kind of like that Easy so it’s just like any kind of pain You know My back hurts my i got headaches Ah dude i got a really bad headache Right now are you serious Kind of bless there you go Dude this is a cannabis town right here Here we are you know what it kind of Reminds me of One it reminds me of the area of the Melissa axe murder i can see that you See that Down here this is what it kind of Reminds me Now this is creepy there it is It’s much bigger than i thought yeah you Know wow That definitely looks like a haunted House it does If you were to ask me here Oh look you can go way up on top look at That it’s kind of like the old days If you’re by the coast where you have The cap in the sea captain’s house It does it does have a new england yeah It does style look i wonder what the

Background Is there’s the lions oh I wonder where we should go in Should we go in here there we are Strange double shot right there Oh doing sound check check one two Um where’s the drone So we’re going to start tonight’s Investigation here in The parlor room this is obviously a Place where people used to come Gather guests would arrive here at the Home take Seats here in this area there’s a Smoking room out back lots of activity Reported in here And we’re going to start this episode Out because this is a victorian era home With a victorian era haunting With something from the victorian era so Follow me So as you guys online know supposedly if You create your own ouija board It’s supposed to be a lot more effective And it’s supposed to be More i guess dangerous so we said We wanted to buy a ouija board today Because we didn’t bring one with but We couldn’t find one so we went to Walmart got this and we’re going to add Something special to it because back in The victorian era a lot of seances were Done That was the era of the ouija so maybe

The spirits here will recognize this Form of Of communication and even though we’re Not going to do a full-on session We’re going to just use this to open a Portal and i’m going to add Along with jeff using our diabetes kit a Drop of blood to the board before we Open the portal Because a lot of different people Involved with different forms of Witchcraft Stuff like that believe that the human Blood actually contains A lot of energy and is a key uh and is Essential to what ceremonies So uh let’s do this So almost it looks like a stranger Things Piece of art there becomes the real Important part so This is diabetes supplies don’t Don’t try this at home um when i’m Shedding this blood I am giving the power To this board into this portal from Myself My own soul my own energy Blood sure jeff has Changed the needles Okay i’m putting blood on this board i’m Trying to help open a portal use my Blood And

Now that we’ve created the ouija board Sort of summoning ritual We do have a plan chat jeff is going to Light a candle I am going to operate the plan chat say Some words attempt to open the portal And we’re going to screw this cameron Over there uh film on another camera That’s over here And do an estes method as soon as we do This okay guys so we’re gonna Now begin with his biggest blood seance We’re gonna have jeff light the candle First Okay when i light this candle i’m gonna Give you energy okay That’s what we’re all good for here Okay now he’s going to droop the camel x On the ouija board If there is anybody in this house We are politely asking you To come out tonight and speak with us If you’ve seen a ouija board okay once Again ladies Whether you died here or you just Decided to come over here Whether you’re happy here whether you’re Angry It doesn’t matter we’re opening a portal For any and every spirit to come Through tonight and speak with us So we’re just going to leave the portal Open

We’re inviting you to come speak with us And to interact with us tonight follow The sound of our voices The nuns from my great school are Watching this So i’m gonna leave the ouija board so We’re gonna have jeff put the Rem pod right on top of the ouija board So if anything tries to play with the Ouija board we’re gonna pick it up I’m gonna film on this camera okay and Why don’t you start the obvious of this Why don’t you turn that light off and Turn night vision on [Applause] There you go okay wait a second That’s better how come we’ve got a Had some rings of light there did you See that Probably the glass glass okay all right Okay okay so Before we start using our devices if There’s anybody in the house Can you walk over to us or give us some Sort of a sign that you’re here Okay my name is jeff again this is colin We’re here just to try to interact with You We’re friendly all we want to do is try To find out if you’re here why you’re Here So if you would give us any kind of sign That you’re here

Work with our instrument we have over There that’s not going to harm you go Touch it Give us a sound anything It’s too quiet yeah my head is full Can you knock like this for us On something or walk around for us That wasn’t you right yeah Well come on closer than to us if that Was you Can you come over and make that device Go off over by colin On the ouija board Could you just let us know that you are Here In some way why am i imagining something I can’t tell If that was you come over here i’m not Here to harm you we just want to have a Talk We want to play and hang out If that is you like i said We’re not mean we’re just here to hang Out Keep coming follow my voice All we want to do is relax Talk Come on come over here just play we want To play some games All we want to do is talk to you That’s it’s almost literally like Responding To what i’m saying I’m gonna put this okay colin was

Talking to you Behind us come into this room if you Would We’re here just to communicate with you Maybe touch that little box i have Laying on the floor Again keep coming come into the room and Talk to us Again keep coming come into the room and Talk to us Again keep coming come into the room and Talk to us You’re welcome to come in and sit with Us inside here Come on in The whistle Once again you can come back in here Okay can you come back in here It’s like deaths And just to tell everyone online when we Were setting up all of our equipment We didn’t hear one creak Knock walk If you can hear the sound of our voices Can you please just let us know that you Can hear us somehow maybe Move something in the room turn the Lights on and off for us I think we should try it so so the Obvious We’ve never done it before with the Speaker so i’m not sure how long it is Let’s just turn it off okay do you want

To say anything If anybody is here with us once again We’re going to be walking throughout This house But for now come over here and Talk with us we just want to find out Who you Are so we can have more fun together Ready Okay Since wow Shoulder Can you say something to us on this Device Are you talking about my shoulder i feel Like i keep Seeing stuff like little circles Over revoked Over those words are very similar Like revoked you’re done with it and Overvote What do you mean by that What’s over Okay and again once we have a couple em Pumps Uh electromagnet like kind of like a Feeding trough for a spirit And we’re gonna set it on each side of The obvious and see if this Lets him take up some food or energy and Try to talk to us We gotta remember that Fern okay okay we’re gonna give you some Energy here

Oh maybe we’re getting something sing Just keep keep talking if you’re using This energy If anybody online knows what this could Possibly mean for you Too yeah Do you mean the basement presidents Okay so we’re going to Now head down to the basement we just Walked out Got the other camera we’re in ir already This is where it gets really freaky Enough in there Okay this is where they saw them the Mouth is still Top hat okay What do you mean really oh No yeah that can’t be okay There’s no way dude that’s not possible I’m not kidding you this is an issue Because you got to think about this This isn’t here this is an actual this Is a This is just a freaking little light Okay i mean if you just think about it It’s a little light and look a brand new Brand new aaa and look at the type of Battery i’ve got in there These are two look at this too brand new No but but more importantly bud look Okay can you can you see what it is Where’s the name Yeah right there okay what’s it say

Ultimate lithium Ultimate lithium these things two of Them brand new Ultimate lithium batteries i mean think About that I mean think about that i mean think About that Dude dude i am freaking Like there is something down here yo What Can you grab the camera okay just a Second Hello So This is moving dude i know that’s what I’m saying something surplus maybe Boy i don’t feel good down here actually Again Again i don’t think it’s an apple but i Just think there’s something going on My neck hurts okay let’s back up a Little Bit but okay watch out for the camera Okay did the uh that light’s still on Do i have anything nick dude this is Crazy Okay now that’s like you’re serious It’s a scratch dude okay i literally Just Felt my neck hurting what is it It’s a scratch M Wait no there’s no way that that just

Happened Look how thin that is How could how is that so thin Okay it’s like lines i’ve never seen any Have you ever seen anything like that Me either This is crazy that that i mean i was I guess do you think that that could be For me with the estus Have you ever seen something thin like That could that be my Um headphones do you think no dude that Just Appeared let’s look on your other side So thin let’s look on yourself that’s so Thin what the hell dude though you got What scratch here Oh wait what do you mean the exact same Thing Why would you have them on both sides See i can’t i can’t look at it Can you take a picture okay here just One it went off on its own I’m not doing anything okay well just Calm down Dude shine your light shiny light over There Okay we’re i think we’re gonna move out Of here no no No okay but look at this photos first Let me get them on camera Pull your hair back let me see i i don’t Even want to Sleep here tonight man okay on the side

Too well that’s weird What’s what would you describe it as Looking like Okay just let me look at it here can you Take a photo of it and look at it okay Because i’m kind of freaking out because I can’t even see it Here you hold the camera let’s let it Hold the camera And what’s what’s this too what’s On the side of that i’m saying Because that is trippy that’s your right Side I know but look at it Look at i know but Look at it Okay is there somebody down here with us Or what Dude that was a shuffle This is very scary dude this is the most I’m getting cold too and it’s hard to Breathe What the what are those noises dude Okay but oh i’ve gotta my ear is going Completely deaf My arm is still burning too Do you think this has something to do With the ouija all right You know the blood ritual i don’t you Know I think we have to that is because that Is straight up freaky about my neck It is how do you even okay when you go Back and hear that noise though that was

Like a major shuffle like a box movie or Something to me Okay if you’re down here with us I don’t know if you can stretch but if You did This is glorious crap okay if you did Scratch me i need you to get out here Right now That is not okay can you where are you In this room Okay do you want to bank that device Come over by this device Or make one of those balls go off right Here in front of us Dude that’s the only time Oh my god what what was this flashlight Reflection over there It’s like Yeah this is some bad mojo that is very Strange though And okay but remember i was scratched at Ohio state reformatory right Like that that was did you feel like it Was like a burning i I literally just felt like kind of not Not a burning just a tiny amount of like Okay so let’s just let’s just think About it too and we’ll look at that and You put it on film Even if you had fingernails colin Doesn’t you don’t have fingernails dude Do you want to show that truthfully yeah I have a fingernail guy I have really bad anxiety so i pick all

My fingernails off that’s like And i do too like look at here i’ll even Try to Can you i mean i can’t really see with This light But yeah i mean there’s no way there’s No way Here let me go to this real quick there You go that’s trying my i’m honestly Up here buddy let’s look that’s trying My absolute hardest to scratch myself I mean it’s a just a big thick red line But your your your neck let me look at Your neck with this light It might be fading maybe it is it is oh My god i just saw Red hello Oh my head’s really full again Oh i’ve got like total chills again I kind of feel like i don’t want to Leave you know turn my back Oh there was an orb that went through Here are you a bad spirit Okay dude this thing is going around us You know i don’t know that i really Actually want to sleep in here tonight Especially being scratched i like that Idea Being alone in a room tonight After this and this can you turn your Light off though Oh god okay now that it’s completely Pitch black down here Oh my god i am so scared right now

I can’t believe how much movement There’s been down here God i saw something right beside you With my But there’s there’s somebody down here Are you the man in the stove Top hat this is a still pipe where are You Dude if something moves i’m out here Can you throw one of these boxes I just i’m getting disoriented again i i Just really think We should wrap here there there is Something down here Whatever it is yeah stay down here Please yes You know what colin what imagine that Circle of light around you okay Just visualize a circle of light and Protective light and you’re not allowed To come out of the basement You can’t follow us someone just threw a Rocket dude that was a rock that was a Pebble If you can throw a rock you can throw Something bigger at us Dude if something throws the like i’m Gone We should go okay that’s crazy Right we’ve had that that’s the train Right when we were leaving what a rock Gets tossed over here what was that I just think it was over in here over in Here

Let’s go finish on the third floor It’s gonna be interesting on that static Camera I really want to see that footage ready Ready to go Let’s go watch your Second So So So So Down there So you william William It’s very cold right here i’m gonna put This axe back in the case though I need to take a break from this thing I’m feeling major energy again here It’s like the floor illuminated here Look at that oh you should see it’s It went dark and then it’s going bad It’s pulsating here Right here i want to go try the axe Myself I think i think we should go upstairs or Just Honestly i don’t know if you should do The axe you’re you get Way too effective about it i can already

Just you know what i’m just telling you I feel like i want to actually hold the Axe it’s all i’m Actually telling you look at you’re not Getting angry i see it in your eyes i’m Not Yes you are there’s something like right Here if you were just concert on this That’s glowing weird look at the ceiling That’s the heater up there right oh You’re trying to come out manifest Yourself on this Uh-huh yeah i think we should come back And do that okay As we leave here remember you can knock The bobber over when we’re gone Maybe you’re a coward you want us to be Gone before you do it Just for camera there’s a bomber here There’s a bobber here You want to pick up the axe Nice and it smells weird here stinky Yeah it smells I can feel it that’s the first That’s the first time william if you’re Here Is this what you used I don’t have energy yet i feel like i Did before Also this just goes to show people Online The other night when we were showing This On the live stream

The thing was going mental this still Hasn’t This just still has a lot of energy to It I just kind of feel like i don’t know There’s like Colin are you calling me huh you’re Calling me You’re calling me what I am calling you what look at my hands Have been on the camera in the hell dude What what sense does that make All right Wait maybe wait leave a message If you have something to say say it now If you’re satisfied with the message to Send your message with normal delivery Thank you your message has been sent Okay listen to it Listen to it let me set this back If you have something to say say it now If you have something to say say it now [Applause] I’m gonna save that and listen to it Closer So william we think you’re the one That’s been here yeah I saw your reflection again jesus Yeah here i saw this reflection We think you’re here can you tell us if You’re here yes or no Say yes or no yes Yes if you’re here

Did you kill your family Do you feel bad about killing your Family Do you feel bad about killing your Family in a brutal way like you did No no [Laughter] Are you right now trapped in this Building No Do you consider yourself evil Maybe he doesn’t want to answer that do You want us to leave the building Yes so you want us to leave Are you going to hurt us What’s that Are you gonna hurt us Yes [Applause] Right above us I think we should turn Almost felt like something just tugged My this thing my fingers became Unbuttoned My thing I’m the one right by the axe you want us To leave Is this what you want to use william Is this what you want Are you angry You seem angry You’re a coward

You’re a coward Was this what you used to kill your Family Knock off one of these balls Knock a ball off Right when you put the axe back it ends Too That was absolutely insane he’s done my My hands are Just they’re like Dude i’m Head to toe chills you know what William are you gonna do something to us You know i think i get a feeling like It’s something other than William Oh i got a ring in my ears as well Are you back william again are you a Coward I’ve i’ve never every time you say Coward he just Leaves he does he leaves i think it’s What’s a trigger that’s what Just happened too when you had the axe And you called him that and sent it Put it back down yeah pull everything on That yeah I know the ring i know it’s a matter Okay dude i’m also So cold over here there’s Definitely william kleeman are you back Again Are you an angry person a coward Every time i call him out i’m

Being a coward it’s like you’re trying To come back and show who’s boss William i don’t think you’re as powerful As you think you are But i think you can knock over one of These little balls for us Honestly i’m going to tell you i have The vibe We should just get out of here yeah i Think it’s friends This is not good right now no this is we Did Maybe yeah this is bad energy here i Agree Now i think we need to to leave close This up Do you want to close this up mm-hmm William What’s up whoever’s in here Okay what the hell ask him what What they want what do you want us to do What do you want from us you can’t Follow us home you can’t come with us You can’t come with us Sorry if that disappoints you but what Do you want me to do about it What’s that what it’s like It doesn’t it don’t close it he doesn’t Want to close it Wow William is this what you want He might want that again Do you wish you could hold this again Yeah you know what i mean i think it’s

Time to put it Put it back it’s like release something There and we weren’t even trying to make That the No investigation but you know this Has been unbelievably active i don’t Feel well As well so i think look at that look at That the moment i went to close the lid Did you see that yeah let’s leave it Open just a second more You’re never gonna kill anybody again Okay william good night Done you’re done william I think you need to cover it after Cover it up yeah You’re not welcome to follow us That is just mind-blowing what just Happened to us mind-blowing Very very creepy night very creepy I’m going to get out of here let’s go Awesome let’s go Thank you to everyone else who was a Kind spirit in here you know what This is just a little bad there’s some Dark spirits other than him In here as well he’s not the one there’s A shadow figure upstairs That thing was huge Where’s that sls oh damn it It’s upstairs dude you gotta go with me

Man Come on damn it let’s go up and We’re gonna take it right when you talk About a shadow figure I’m like thinking i’m glad i don’t have To come in here again I really don’t want to come in here Actually yeah that shows how real this Is though that we were so freaked out Before that we literally left The sls up here okay god i just feel Terrible up here oh god Oh i saw a figure staring at me and they Were a mannequin oh yeah Okay i really want to get out of here You know a moment we could have been out Of here two minutes faster if you hadn’t Left this whole thing up here okay guys So we’re gonna make this really quick It’s colin here Jeff um we’re both like Let’s go we’re not we’re not being wimps Or anything here but there’s just Something really bad and we feel like There’s something bad that’s going to Happen i don’t want this to affect my Health Just doing this in these investigations Especially for him too Because there’s something bad here but Anyways very interesting night i’m sure You guys are going to love this episode Even though it was

Terrible to film a bad experience it’s Really a bad feeling that’s what i’ve Been saying the whole time Everything about this even on the live Stream that we’re here I don’t feel like it’s not like this It’s not gonna go yeah let’s go Okay anyways love you guys and stay Spooky Bye Okay what just happened i was just Waiting in the car i was in the office Waiting for scott to come And all of a sudden i heard this big I saw i’m like colin colin scott And i come out and the styrofoam top Of the the thing that covers the door It just it i just got into telling you That yeah hey is this supposed to be Outside the door I went away in the office and i just Heard a big It was the styrofoam top being crushed Over It’s it’s it’s still that way But i don’t i don’t want to be in there Alone Nothing what That’s been sitting there all night too It was like tape ripping Like calling Stop and then i saw that thing i’m like That’s exactly what it was right there

It’s like tape ripping it’s been sitting There all night too And i don’t know if it’s supposed to be Out here or not mm-hmm We’re gonna tell we gotta get out of Here man I’m just gonna shut this i really don’t Wanna just sit in here Sit in the comfortable car Oh that was a really weird man that was Scary I’m sure i don’t have anything but i’m Just curious on my neck Just to see i don’t on my neck oh you do You do I don’t know yeah you do you do like i’m Feeling burning yes yes Wait wait don’t touch it don’t touch it Okay did you touch yourself no No i’m feeling the burning actually down My back There and there and on my if you pull my Shirt My back down i can turn the lights on But i want to take a picture Is it really awkward it’s yes we’re Watching it grow There’s no dry skin no it’s just it’s Strictly burning it’s burning Yeah and it’s we’re actually watching it Grow more how about if you pulled on my

Top yeah i can now but like oh it’s For scratches he got scratched he’s Burning i’m burning it It’s burning when i don’t move right When i was walking down in those Like things Coming down the stairs i think it’s Farther down my back guys It might be but it’s because we’re Watching it like grow you know i think It’s It turned in from one scratch to three It’s down into my shoulder See yeah it is it’s going longer oh yeah Wow yeah you got a bunch of them i got Some good pictures holy look you See it getting more Yeah i can feel it can you kill that Light because it’s Yeah you can’t see it can you pull my Down any further Or yeah i have no idea if you can get Any more Yeah domite Oh my gosh like down there it’s getting Up here move your hand i’ll try to get Where Did you get this at just now right it’s Yeah just now Coming down the stairs i don’t see any More back there it’s more so on your Neck It probably feels like it but it’s up

There it feels here I know but it’s burning well there’s Nothing feel it where it’s not Yeah because it’s up here no there’s There’s a definite it’s all i mean let Me get a fully developed close-up This way yeah because i might not send Mine No no i just want to get like a really Um yeah it’s still it still is burning Yeah right there right there it’ll still Burn for a few but it’ll go away Oh you don’t remember when you first Started feeling it no but it was Just coming down the stairs one of the Stairs oh one of the Okay yeah just in the stairs like one i Think you know what yeah I think when i actually wondered out Loud like How many people may have been pushed Down the stairs oh my god when you asked Me you said that That’s i think when i started feel Something and then when i got down to The bottom I thought do you think you said that Because you felt it or You got that because you said it no i Think i I think i got it because i said it okay Was that in the last flight Yeah no it was this one right here no But i mean well yeah

I said that was not the last time yes Yeah that’s when it happened you always Get these weird things that happen to You Okay yeah that was that was that that’s Two Investigations in the world yeah that Way It’s still kind of you know burning yeah That’s how i knew it was scratched as Soon as you said burning i knew it was a Scratch Yeah i’m very disoriented up there Think about it like you said maybe 15 Minutes before that happened oh this is The time when Yeah didn’t say that right yeah that’s Right well at the same time too Yeah almost that’s what i mean different Locations Is it gone It’s fading pretty quickly yeah but what I’m trying to say Is it’s so weird because you can people Online should know You can see there’s no white skin On the side like driving like Yeah yeah how do you feel It’s kind of mixed emotion like being Like i’m a little Don’t feel well i’m really over tired It’s cold

But i just feel like A little disoriented but i i think it’s Like Why did scribe why’d i get scratched i Mean why You know what is the reason for that I don’t know i you know I would like to be still burning That area it’s weird because like it’s Definitely is that what you felt when You got scratched Like a burn it’s just a burn that’s what It is it’s all i could explain to people On camera It’s like it’s a burning sensation Let me see that again Yeah it’s fading really fast yeah it’s Gonna be gone like so quickly that’s Trippy Hello