We can’t believe that this happened to us…

By | July 1, 2021
We can't believe that this happened to us...

Hey everybody in the future It’s uh colin here you courtney hold up Everybody i’m gonna Jillian i see you how’s it going jillian I’m gonna put this on instagram to see Who we can get on here 10 people hey everybody come join Courtney and i On youtube right now we’re live before The release of today’s new video we have Some Tea to spill about what happened to us There it was insane Scorching hot team okay everybody i’m Gonna do one more on Paranormal files uh instagram as you Guys know Oh what the hell’s that layout never Seen that before Hey everybody here’s courtney there’s me Come join us now On youtube live what’s up chris skyler Dead silence Queen moo alicia if you guys want to Come say hi to us before the release of Today’s new episode Come through we’re on youtube now Okay everybody hey what’s up lindsay Heather Leenda insomniac john May lane sphinx bree julie Jassy chastity hey everyone Thanks for the congratulations talia

Thank you Sarah yolanda christian barry linda What’s up we got a paranormal files fam Member here how’s it going everybody Paulie how’s it going b perry you want To say hi to some people Keep it spooky i love that name my eyes Are so terrible Um let’s see I really have to get this harley andy Terry heather Julie barbara hi everyone what’s up Angie from atlanta Nibby hey colin and courtney what’s up Sarah I didn’t forget you i see that little Sad face how’s it going sarah Teresa how’s it going kathleen Connor howdy baby Um all right so everybody just to remind Everyone here in the chat every donation Gets you Sorry sorry your arm cream uh Every donation from 99 cents to a Million dollars gets you entered to win Free merch we have a winner to announce Tonight from Last month’s live stream that we did so If you want to donate It goes towards production on the show I’m going to be announcing the next Series Right here on this live stream in a

Little bit and Uh yeah so if you want to win free merch And we also send you guys like stickers Magnets we just got custom pins and Stuff That you can’t find yeah they’re super Sick mary uh My mom helped me get those All together but any donation gets you Entered uh Towards that um so everybody it is a Wednesday right now You guys know what day that is tammy Thank you for the two dollar donation Tammy with the little yeah that’s Exactly my life right there Work on the computer sammy that’s Exactly what i do You’re into doing for yourself tammy Thank you tilo Canada thank you so much for the 279 Love your content man Much love from canada hell yeah canada’s Kind of sad nowadays with those uh Those indigenous people’s graves they’ve Been finding across the country That is terrible uh people definitely Need to be more aware that that Happened yeah but uh love canada and Laurie with the fifty dollars of laurie Thank you lori thank you hey guys so Good to see you live paranormal files Fan member what am i missing glory i’m Talking about the little uh

Logo that goes by people’s uh names if You become a member on youtube So you’re no you’re definitely you’re You’re in the videos lori you’ve been Like yeah You’re literally in the videos laurie uh You’re into doing for merch as well And tanya renee tanya how’s it going With the five dollars we a message There But you’re entered to win free merch Tanya thank you uh To everybody that’s in here jeremy says Hump day Yes it is jeremy it is hump day laurel Rollins trying to get over a gnarly Sinus cold oh Man that was honestly me earlier this Week yeah we both have well you’ve had a Cold i’ve been you know i have an Immune system of a god yeah Do you do that jeff says 50 dollars Thank you thanks dad appreciate you man Well you’re i’d say you’re entered to Win free merch but i’m pretty sure jeff Has Every piece of merch that uh you can Possibly purchase I’m not gonna enter you i’ve seen a few People asking how to become A fan like you know guys i actually Don’t have the specifics on that thing I was always wondering that too yeah but There’s a there’s a channel memberships

Uh option on youtube okay if you would Like to be A channel member you can join the actual Club get the little you can see like Paulie lisa All those people have little paranormal Files logos and you guys can spam the Chat with uh The graphics that we’ve put in there i’m Gonna get one of courtney On there because also this episode that We just We’re about to release at 9 15 so what Is that 35 minutes from now yeah Is absolutely just insane it’s Literally the scariest video i think I’ve ever shot ever in the history of Filming paranormal files It is by far this you’re you’re Literally not gonna Yeah you’re not gonna believe what’s Happening yeah when you watch this video Oh my god i’m so excited hey harley Shafer by the way shout out to cameron Texas How’s it going harley yeah uh i was just On the news in waco On monday which is kind of close to Cameron you know exactly Uh also thank you to tony payne my man I love you both so much you give me life Thanks tony thank you tony Appreciate that you’re entered to win Free merch and tony and tanya

Tanya again thank you tanya love your Two colin courtney stay spooky What was the congrats for i just got Here lol we got engaged We did we got engaged last year uh last Well Last april yeah this past this past Evening yeah we’ve had a long couple Thank you so much tony and tommy you’re Both entered to win Free merch we’re gonna get into some Weird things that have been happening to Us Yeah outside of this last video that we Just shot this this video that’s about To be released Um in 35 minutes almost to the to the Dot Yeah is uh is the last video that i’ve Shot and i actually Chose to push it up to release it soon Because what happened in that video is So insane and it’s been affecting Uh me and courtney in a lot of different Ways But we’ll get into that in a second cain Holt by the way thank you for the five Dollar donation big love to you guys and Your beautiful family colin Thank you if i could uh say hi to my Family Thank you for you know what jeff’s in Here but yeah he’s probably with my mom They’re probably watching together like

They always do Creepily from the distance So yeah they got your love too linda Happy belated birthday courtney Thank you so much that is so nice and Thank you linda for the Ten dollars free merch that’s so sweet Cat butte by the way ten dollars thank You congrats on your engagement by the Way it’s still winter and spooky scary In san francisco Really i love to be in san francisco I’ve never been to san francisco But i’ve heard amazing i would i would Love to investigate the golden gate Bridge That would be that would be a pleasure It’s a sad history though for sure Lisa carpenter with the 20 donation too By the way thank you lisa with the Little guy hugging the trophy thank you Wish you had a little message lisa but Thank you so much Appreciate you you’re entered to win Free merch as well thank you And christian barry can we get some Signed merch some they love you guys and Papa spooks Yes christian actually i go through on The patreon and i sign Every photo that we send out and i’ve Signed some shirts for people in the Past and jeff and i I had papa spooks actually signed some

Polaroids and send Out to people recently too so we’re Always doing that on the patreon you can Always just send me a message And i’ll just send you something because You know it’s just my signature I used to practice it when i was a kid In school Yeah i signed like everything so i got Plenty of those To give out to y’all if you want one but Thank you christian you’re into doing Free merch as well Everybody the cecil hotel says david l i Would love to do the cecil one day oh Yeah Um she runs wild and free with the 10 Donation thank you Hey calling in court so excited for Everything coming so happy to see you All so much love spooky fam for life Thank you hope to meet up with y’all Soon of course forever in your area Let us know courtney’s better at Instagram so If we’re if you see us traveling into Your uh interior Space send her a message not me Yeah she’s about to quit her job and do Podcasting full-time In like almost exactly a month yeah Almost a month from today So i’m so excited i’ve had this job for A few years now

And the podcast is doing really well so I’m finally at the place where I’m ready to move on and do this whole Times yeah we’ve got some Really huge stuff going on with the Podcast i mean you guys gotta believe That’s We’re in the top point five percent of All podcasts Right now in the world in the world yeah Across all platforms it’s insane we were Just ranked that yesterday Yeah so if you’re not listening to Murder in america go listen Now everybody because it has something To do with tonight’s episode get you Too and if you like paranormal stuff you Probably will like murder stories as Well Yeah well also in our podcast even on The gitchy episode i went through for The last 25 Minutes of the podcast and went through All the paranormal activity that i’ve Caught at get your manitou this week’s Episode on murder in america is actually About the valiska axe murders that you Guys have followed My investigation there last uh i believe November In the episode we just posted was about Gichi Yeah which is the episode that’s going To be posted at night and you guys all

Know get your manatee So if you want to hear the full entire Detailed story of kitschy go listen to Murder america I learned a lot from just writing the Podcast Or you know reading it with you and Everything she writes Um it’s like i didn’t even know where The people were killed how it exactly Went down it’s it’s pretty shocking Yeah we you really do learn a lot so if You want to know the full story go Listen it’s really interesting yeah so That’s murder in america Chris chris schreiber thank you for the Ten dollars chris Yo guys congratulations such great nudes Dude news Not news sorry Such great news dudes peace and love Thank you chris sorry i tripped up on That one Hopefully there are no great nudes out There Don’t go looking for that But you’re entered doing free merch Chris oh we gotta i got Karen yeah you want to read hers um Congratulations you guys are a beautiful Couple thanks carol thank you karen for The ten dollars yeah thank you for the Ten days you’re entered to win merch as Well karen

Thank you so much that is so sweet Everybody in here is just Dope i love all you guys so much debbie Collins to five dollars hey colin Or hey courtney and colin congrats on The engagement love y’all you two are True authentic good people Thank you debbie that’s such a nice Comment and thank you for the donation You’re entered to win Of course of course debbie i’m sure you Are a very authentic good person Oh she is she is well thank you debbie Uh david l says how about salem i would Love To do salem i mean i have in the past But to do it properly with us would be Great Everyone’s saying they love the podcast They’re listening thanks everybody Thank you so much it’s called murder In america i saw some people commenting Oh we got a lot of comments here Everybody thank you all for tuning in Thank you so much And then down here we got alicia who Just became a member of the spooky Welcome to the family alicia appreciate You Now you got some uh dope little emojis To add on oh yeah And also i see oh my god Teresa donated a hundred dollars on Paypal

Theresa theresa thank you so much Love the scary story saturday you guys Are great oh my god thank you teresa That was So nice thank you that is so generous Literally some of these locations are Like 300 A piece to book so theresa that helps so Much to get these these episodes funded I’m going to film Next wednesday at a very very cool Location so y’all are the ones that are Making the show happen Also 25 on paypal from joshua straight Thank you joshua i wish you had a Message there for us but Thank you my man appreciate that that is So cool and you’re entered to win free Merch as well And lori lori Thank you and lori said a hundred Dollars on paypal And jeff this is for you because i see You commenting She said be sure to brag to papa spooks Lol I love their little competition that They always have Yes with the 100 lori thank you so much We love you so much we can’t wait to see You one day lori obviously you’re Entered to win as well Tanya again enjoy the patreon college so

Fun Thank you so sweet with the five dollars You’re entered to win again that’s three Times I hope i’m saying tonya it’s not tonya i Don’t know i think it’s tiny yeah Let’s hope chronic gamer guy also thank You for everything you do and congrats Come to missouri sometime and Investigate the lent mansion That is so interesting that you say that Thank you for the donation you’re Entered to win by the way With the ten dollars actually the next Series That we are filming is in missouri jeff And i are going to be Traveling to st louis in about two weeks And shooting throughout missouri we’re Planning the trip right now Working with locations and getting that All set up if anybody Maybe you chronic gamer guy if anybody In missouri Or anywhere near st louis owns a private Residence That is haunted i would love to be able To tell a family story And to dig deep into a case so if Anybody from missouri or that kind of Area Has a haunted house or anything like That please email paranormal files crew Gmail.com and papa spooks and i

Will uh come out and and say hi and film An investigation there with all of our Equipment Also uh if you guys ever see that we’re In your area Courtney and i are yeah jeff and i let Us know we will uh We will a hundred percent even just go Get like a beer or something Yeah that would be really tough Jeff just paypaled me and said 101 Laura he said in honor of lori my girl 10 exclamation points oh my god oh thank You dad So funny yeah make me look like a loser My dad’s paying my bills Thanks papa spooks appreciate you Everybody if you see papa speaks in the Chat that’s jeff my dad yep And uh stephanie gregory thank you for The five dollar donation You’re entered doing free merch as well Keep up the amazing work you guys Heart Thank you thank you stephanie um Everybody uh harley wish you meet y’all In real life you ever see we’re in the Area Let us know we’d love to meet you guys Uh When’s the wedding our wedding is February 18th Yep we’re getting married february 18

2022 Yes here in dripping springs which is Right outside of austin And maybe we can give you guys a Little surprise and let you in on it or Something yeah we’re going to live Stream the wedding Oh yeah so you guys can all join us on Wedding day You’ll see the ceremony that’ll be so Exciting y’all get to see Y’all see in our lives since we started Dating and then you all get to see All of it after because you guys are Very close friends of Ours too yeah through a screen love we Would love all the support you’ve given Us over the years we would love to have You i said from the very beginning we Have to live stream She’s like of course Um let’s here we go from nick valdiva Thank you for the donation loving all Your stories and adventures Best channel ever lots of love from the Other side of the earth chile oh my gosh Wow that’s badass that is really cool I’ve never been there but i would love To go Well nick you’re in or uh in i was gonna Say invited You’re entered to win free merch from Tonight’s drawing Thank you nick so much yeah everyone’s

Saying so many nice things honestly all The time Genie as always genie thank you so much Hugs you too here we can hug each other All right well i got her Thank you you’re entered to win free Merch as well Jamie says we need to come to canada Soon i would love to come to canada Never been Lisa you want to read that one it’s love Murder in america you guys are great Well thank you thanks for the ten Dollars you’re entered again to win free Merch lisa So it makes me so happy to hear that Yeah and courtney is a huge Part of uh murder and america’s concept And the idea of it she’s the reason Really why it’s here so Happy to So much to me to hear people say that so 10 foot grizzly welcome to spooky fan by The way yeah i’ve got the uh The logos and all that crap to put on That vomit to throw up on the screen Crappy pictures of me and jeff speaking Of vomit oh yeah We’re gonna okay seven minutes from now 15 minutes before the premiere of the Video we’re gonna get into the About what you’re about to see on the Channel yes yes perfect stranger one by

The way if i win the lotto tonight i’m Gonna bless you guys because i love you So much Oh wow yeah that is so nice court you’re Beautiful as ever That is so sweet thank you say hi to Papa spooks you are Truly a perfect san antonio we’re in Austin right now so we’re only about an Hour apart And jeff you better respond to that and Say hello in the chat you know what i Mean Sorry that’s okay everybody jeez we got So many people commenting here Ghost kitty’s birthday is valentine’s Day wow it’s a great day to be born on Honestly And yes you guys get to live you get to Join in on the live stream of the Wedding we’re gonna we’re gonna show you The venue and and you can watch us take Over also The venue is haunted yeah the the venue Is supposed to be haunted there were Times Possibly built on indigenous burial Grounds they have a barn on the property That nobody who works there will go into At night And i was like i can’t get away from the Ghosts can i no We didn’t even plan it i had that one Picked out forever yeah

It was our top place and we just got the Tour there and the woman was like oh You’re a paranormal youtuber our barn is Haunted Okay um so funny chronic gamer guy by The way welcome to the spooky fan by the Way Queen slash king i’m gonna say gamer guy Must say you’re a king Yeah i’m assuming thank you so much zk Exciting congrats to us both laurel Giving us hugs Everybody is literally so nice on here Heather mcbroom hell yes the wedding Live stream Yeah david jackson welcome to the spooky Family Also i love to see all those little Logos out there guys It’s so it’s like what is it like two Bucks i saw someone say Cover my cousin’s murder on the podcast If anybody has Murder stories you can 100 send them in And we will definitely consider it when We get to y’all state So just dm them to me i would love to Read about that yeah you guys Have dm’d us some really good Suggestions yeah we’ve used Listeners suggestions in our podcast so Feel free to send any in laurie again With the twenty dollars lori You grew pugs

Laurie here get in on a group hug all You guys online hop in here I just took a shower show yeah Proving sharon scott by the way you two Are a beautiful couple Thank you sharon thank you for the Donation and you’re uh you’re entered to Win as well thank you Monica monica courtney’s voice is so Perfect for podcasting that is the Nicest thing i always heard my voice and I was kind of like You know when you hear your own voice And you’re like but i’ve heard People say that and that is so sweet so Thank you monica Also so much thank you to uh teresa Again who donated 25 On paypal teresa we have a good surprise For you though You are an angel and you’re entered to Win Again as well teresa Oh everybody i’ve been saying hi kathy Hey kathy What’s up how are you doing katherine Hey grumpy old witch Victoria hello and howdy so glad to Catch last year how’s it going Hello everyone yeah everybody out let’s Uh Oh here we go Tammy by the way thank you for the seven Dollar donation and the little hippos

Right there Tammy you’re entered to win as well Sweet thank you Crazy christina i like that name that’s A badass name I like that too critical hit boom Crazy cristina I like that thank you christina you’re Entertained as well Thank you to dad thank you And tanya again wow Yes consider the phantom killer oh you Were talking about how you wanted to do Texarkana i want to do An episode of paranormal files there That is an Insane the moonlight murders the phantom Killer Never caught him never caught him oh Before we forget before you start Talking about the episode We made a youtube channel for murder in America Yes it’s it’s in the next video yeah but If you guys can just do A favor for us go um Subscribe to murder in america on Youtube the Link is going to be in the description Of this video that’s about to go live In 17 minutes this tonight’s video is Over an hour long it’s So insane and um yeah we’re posting Crime scene tours we’re posting our

Podcasts On youtube and if you go listen on Youtube it helps us with our metrics With the ad sponsorship that we just Signed for the podcast So just take a second just go click on The videos and just watch them through One so you can help us get suggested Even if it’s not your thing Murder in america the channel also He he’s only started posting our newest Episodes oldest and i mean yeah our Oldest episodes and Um i have improved a lot since Then we both have i did not know what i Was doing when i first started so if you Listen to our newer ones i’ve gotten I’ve gotten better one Um but yes so when we first started the Podcast I had no idea what i was doing and it’s So funny like colin will play the first Ones and i’m like Oh my god turn it off but it’s I’ve always heard that if you don’t Cringe at your first few episodes you Aren’t improving So i’ve i’ve gotten better our episodes Um i’ve kind of gotten used to talking In front of colin’s been natural he’s Really good in front of the camera I’m not so much i’ve gotten better at it As um As we’ve done more so so um yeah i’m

Really excited about it so go subscribe We have some really interesting stories And Like i’ve said from the beginning if you Like paranormal stuff you will Probably like murder stuff but our Episode that we’re about to Or that colin’s about to post is insane I i’ve never dealt with paranormal stuff But i mean and i have When i started dating him obviously but It i’ve never been So scared in my entire Life i was screaming jen like at the top Of my lungs Yeah so this episode by the way Karen martyr thank you karen you guys Are great Thank you so much is that so sweet You’re entered to win The lawson family massacre again based Out of stokes county North carolina we’re actually about to Be in north carolina in Uh in early september september So if you guys have locations in north Carolina feel free to uh send them over To us as well It’s the la yeah the lawsuit is the Christmas murder i actually wanted to do A christmas episode there so when we’re There we should do a christmas episode Here And on christmas this year that’s a

Great idea That’s a good idea also thank you for The donation and you’re entertaining Free merch Sarah martinez thank you for the five Dollars love the podcast it’s great for The youtube channel Did i read that right sorry it’s great And the youtube channel Is great as well i’ve been waiting for This My eyes are so bad i cannot say Thank you sarah you are so sweet i’m so Glad you’re enjoying It thank you sarah you’re entered to win Free merch as well if you missed the Name of the podcast Murder in america type that in on Youtube that’s the channel we’ve got Three videos on there and we’re Uploading two to three I’ve had some people say that when you Type in murder in america it doesn’t Show up So colin’s gonna link it in the video He’s posting tonight if you have a Hard time here look i can i think i can Type a link Let me see hold up guys i’m gonna put a Link in the chat See it shows up like yeah it shows go to Your subscription Oh yeah well here look you just have to Go like this

Sorry guys okay here you go i don’t know If this is going to work as a link But let’s try there you go did it work We’ll see thank you tammy by the way for The five dollar donation to the best Couple and best paranormal channel ever Love you guys We love you too tammy thank you so much You’re entered to win some free merch Everybody jeez thank you all ghost Chaser with the ten dollars hey you guys Wow hey ghost chaser chaser thank you For that Very generous donation and you’re Entered doing merch as well Next live stream we’re going to announce The winners so tune in when we do that One Erica with the ten dollars also keep up The great work you guys thank you erica Very very kind of you and uh you’re Entered to win free merch as well Thank you so much and yeah you guys uh If you want to listen to murder in America You can uh you can listen on spotify you Can listen on apple podcasts anywhere Where you can listen to podcasts just Type in murder in america podcast on Google and you can find us We’ve been doing really well 10 foot Grizzly It’s not just that you are a great

Paranormal channel you have an Upstanding character your recent news Interview makes me proud Thank you chris yeah if anyone doesn’t Know colin just started a pot or a Petition On um tick tock to get a Historical marker up and waco for a boy Or was it it was um he was 17 years old Yeah a boy Who was lynched mentally handicapped and Um And he was on the news for it because it Started getting a lot of signatures Um so and i’m actually doing a uh Spectrum news in austin is on monday Doing a report on me i’m going to do a In-depth interview with them a little Bit of ghost hunting and then i’m Traveling with them to waco On monday this week to uh go to the Court Or the um city hall where they’re Planning on erecting the monument Or the historical marker it’s uh It’s just crazy that it’s not up yet And you guys know that i’m very Passionate about history And uh it just is frankly so infuriating That Some people are determined to not Respect history To the degree that it should be Respected yeah but

That’s just something that’s been a Passion of mine is getting these These crimes recognized and the victims Of these crimes And jeff and i papa spooks and i are Going to cover some Crazy stuff when we go to missouri Something that we just found out about Tonight That i had no idea had even happened in The past but it’s just So sad and that’s what i want to use the Channel for is to bring awareness and Raise that About the stuff that you know goes and I’m glad that link worked everybody i See you guys Murdered america it’s in the dad yes She runs wild and free if you guys are Going to be in north carolina in September Um i want to run up from south carolina And meet up Unless it’s corny on instagram love you Both we would love we would love that Please dude We’ll put out a little reminder and tell You where we are so we can And you’re entered to win merchants of Course thank you for the donation that Is so Sweet um also teresa donated Another 25 on paypal theresa You guys are my favorite channel thank

You teresa incredible Thank you so much thank you so much and You’re entered to win free merch as well Also here guys i’m going to repost the Uh the link again there’s a link to Murder in america the youtube channel Okay let’s see Oh laurie you’re part of a very small Group there [Laughter] I’m just kidding And thank you thank you lori jesus i Cannot even thank you enough And you’re entered to win free merch as Well geez everybody Yeah so uh that that’s the petition if You guys Want to uh look up the news report just Type in colin brown Uh waco lynching something like that it Will pop up it was on fox 44 news in Waco So yes okay guys we got only Uh nine minutes until the premiere of The new episode and this Is literally one of the best episodes in The history of the channel Just to explain for the last it’s been What a week and a half two Weeks since we filmed it yeah Also jeff just donated 40. 39 And 42 cents on paypal and said okay for Lori and teresa did i spell teresa right Yes yes he did and uh yeah so jeff thank

You By the way thank you guys for Subscribing to murder in america and Also Thank you for signing the petition if You did it’s not my story But it is a story that i can help bring To light through my platform Yeah and that’s what i aim to do with This is I just want to help amplify that stuff And get it out to people So yeah thank you guys so much for Helping make that possible Chronic gamer guy at the five dollar Donation keep up the great work i have To head out I’m on spotty cell phone service so i Missed the email you mentioned earlier Take care It’s paranormal files crew at gmail.com Thank you so much if you’re in that area Thank you jill r five dollars thanks for All your hard work thank you jill That is so sweet thank you Um okay so everybody We only got a couple minutes yes so Ever since that investigation i’ve had Nightmares terrible nightmares Waking up in the middle of the night i Just sweated through my shirt through Through everything that i had on um Been terrible woking her up in the Middle of the night just

Something something that night it gets You manatee you guys know get you Manatee you’ve seen My investigations there i have a video There with almost a million views And what happened there that you’re About to see In less than 10 minutes is one of the Most shocking things that i’ve ever Encountered on A paranormal investigation i was Throwing up We were i remember on the way over while We were there i randomly just Fell to she rolled her ankle broke her Phone nowhere Yeah my phone just fell and broke out of Nowhere we heard The branches being thrown we heard Footsteps Running at us from the darkness i’ve Never heard anything Close to that and it’s on camera very Clear if you watch this video and there Was no Insane but something seems to have Almost attached to us from that night i Don’t know if it’s the fact that right When i threw up that night you can see It hit me in the footage If that is something i don’t even know If i believe that that’s possible but The nightmares have just been really Strange you’ve had some really weird

Nightmares too Yes last night yeah just last night and We’ve just It’s it’s a lot so yes You guys just have to watch a video i Don’t even want to explain all of it Until you guys see it But leave a comment on that video please If you’re out there watching you sitting At your computer or on your phone Whatever you’re watching on this is me Colin brown asking you please the moment That this video drops Leave a comment i want this video to be Seen by everybody in the paranormal Files Subscriber base so if you just do one Thing for me today If you love the videos just leave a Comment right when it’s released Because that helps us get ranked and it Helps the people that subscribe to my Channel See the video please when you see that Release in five minutes there’s 450 People on here All you have to do it’s it’s free just Go comment on it it would mean a lot to Me yes Also neen mock by the way with the 20 Donation love you guys love what you Bring this is a thank you Thank you no thank you that is so you’re Into doing free merch

As well And michelle aus either that’s austin or Australia oh it’s australia thank you Michelle love you guys thanks for all Your hard work love from sydney Australia That’s badass michelle thank you so much And yes if you guys wanna uh A uh p.o box for any fan mail or any Gifts you would like to send us i know a Lot of people have asked that in the Past Um just message me on instagram and i Can provide it to you guys Chisholm i hope i said that right just Said johnson Wow thank you so much fan from the Philippines That’s badass that you’re in the Philippines right now watching this Damn man well thank you we appreciate You so much You’re entered to win free merch as well That means so much Um by the way our merch winner for Tonight is theresa Actually which is funny that she has Donated a bunch tonight teresa You donated the last stream quite a bit And The magic of the draw i think probably Because he donated a bunch Yeah helped you win that so theresa if You could please

Send me an email to paranormalfilescrew Gmail.com we’ll get you set up with some Signed stuff i’ll have Um my mom she’ll help me get these uh She sends out these really cute little Packages with me And when i go see them uh later this Month we can sign a bunch of stuff for You and send it out so uh Teresa thank you again so much and thank You to everybody who’s in here Thank you guys but uh yeah everybody we Got uh We’ve got only four minutes until the Video releases like i said Please i want all of you guys watching This right now it’s gonna go live in Four minutes Yes please be there hop on that and just Comment even if you say hi Hello excited to watch the video even an Emoji yeah Just an emoji it just helps so much to Get that engagement and it really does Help And i’m not you can think about it and Think oh i’m just going to ignore what They’re saying but It really really does help so yeah if That’s the one thing you knew for the Paranormal files as part of the family Thank you thank you yeah everybody Um anything else to say we’ll take a Couple comments

Uh and and little messages for the last Couple of minutes Harley sugarloaf mountain really I’m gonna look that up right now i’ve Never heard that Enter he said just donated 10 on paypal Thank you thank you teresa thank you Brandy That is so nice mountain i’m looking That up Sugarloaf okay All right let’s see sugar spring says Paranormal family Yes Galloping secret love y’all have a Spooky night oh we will you guys are About to have a very Very spooky tonight this is Literally the the scariest video i think We’ve ever filmed i’ve never been so Terrified just completely filled with Fear in my entire life i cried Yeah she really broke down crying it was It was a lot We thought we’d go out there for like 30 Minutes ended up being out there for Almost two hours straight Yeah it was it was insane you do not Want to miss it At all but one more time guys there’s a Link to the new channel that we just Launched for murder in america I’m editing all those videos we’re

Narrating them together So and there is still some paranormal Content on there so if you guys want to See some uh Some creepy stuff head on over to murder In america and learn some stories Yeah and if you like the youtube go Check out the podcast we have a ton more Stories there Yeah we’ve got 21 episodes of the Podcast only one is on youtube so far I’m going to post a get you episode yeah Tonight also debbie collins thank you For that The devil’s tramping grounds we’re going To be there in north carolina When we visit there uh in september You’re entered to win free merch in the Next live stream as well But everybody like i said all 467 of you Go Comment something on this video we only Have one minute until it comes out If you ever see a video dropping all you Have to do for me as a person To help me out with my filmmaking career And us with our podcasts Just leave a comment it’s free and it Takes two seconds to say i love this you Know something like that And it motivates us to make more yes and It help it allows that super helpful Guys Super helpful but

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