4 People Were Murdered Here. I Won’t Visit This Place Again. | GITCHIE MANITOU | PARANORMAL FILES

By | July 1, 2021
4 People Were Murdered Here. I Won't Visit This Place Again. | GITCHIE MANITOU | PARANORMAL FILES

This is Literally the scariest thing i’ve ever Experienced There’s something here that wants to Hurt us Hold up hold the gun hold the [ __ ] up Courtney Hey everybody colin here so you guys Know this place this is gucci Manitou state preserve in iowa nearby my Hometown sioux falls south dakota This is an infamous location you guys Have been with me here Multiple times in the history of the Channel years ago one of my first videos Was shot right here With the joe and jackson where we heard These screaming i’ve heard a little girl Screaming in this preserve I came here i did a live stream where we Were hearing things being thrown around Animals things in the in the wilderness Screaming i’ve heard gunshots here And one of my biggest videos of all time Actually began right there At that gate when i brought donna my uh My friend she’s about 82 years old donna O’day the psychic medium from sioux Falls And she to this day will not step foot Onto this preserve because she says that That

Tree right there contains a uh an evil Spirit Now you guys know this place is a super Battery for paranormal activity not only Are there native american Burial grounds inside of the park there Are also Encampments all these different relics That the indigenous people left here There’s an old abandoned cabin that was Once a post office deep in the park There are lost graves and in addition to That kitschy manitou is infamous for the Quadruple homicide that occurred here Back in 1973 When the friar brothers ended the lives Of four teenagers who were out here Partying playing guitar And they just happened upon them decided Today’s the day that we take their lives They killed all four of them abducted Somebody And she was the reason why they were Caught because she was able to identify Them courtney and i Came here last summer we did a live Stream But uh this year murder in america is Doing amazingly here’s the murder in America merch i got on right here M.i.a the dead don’t talk or do they You could see that so if you guys want To listen to the episode on get your Manatee we’re going to go in depth

With the history of the crime and what Happened on that fateful night november 1973 that’s going to be on our apple Podcasts Uh spotify all those accounts if you’re Watching this video right now that Podcast is available online so just Search murder in america you can find Our show courtney has been doing amazing Thank you my hair looks very Blown out windswept but as you can see This park is beautiful right now You’ve got these pink skies and yellows But as you guys know when the sun sets Here it gets you manitou things always Take a turn for the worse so we’re gonna Let this sunset real quick get our stuff Packed up and then we’re gonna head into The center of the park To do another investigation at this Place that has yielded so much Paranormal activity In the past for our channel anyways it’s Colin here and courtney And uh you’re watching the paranormal Files time to get spooky baby Hey everybody it’s colin here uh real Quickly i know we’ve gone into the History of get you manitou in the past But I’m actually gonna include you a snippet Or Include here a snippet of the podcast Murder in america that courtney and i

Co-host We have started a youtube channel for The podcast and we’re going to be Uploading all the episodes of the Podcast there On the youtube so i’m going to go ahead And upload the gitchy manitou episode Of the podcast there to our podcast’s Youtube channel i’m sorry that’s a Little confusing the link is in the Description but This is what the podcast sounds like you Can go listen right now on spotify or Apple podcast or anywhere you get Podcasts to this new episode Of murder in america the gitchy manitou Murders episode but This is a rundown of the crime as it Happened that we’re investigating Tonight in this episode and if you want To go listen to that podcast it’s Available now You can look it up on youtube at murder In america once again link is in the Description of the video or on apple Podcast and spotify and wherever you Listen to podcasts but Thank you to all my wonderful patrons Out there i love you guys if you want to Support the show just click that Subscribe button it’s free Leave me a comment below letting me know What you thought of this episode be sure To like the video and as always

Pick up a pizza pick up Pick up a piece of merch or become a Patron to help really Support the show because jeff and i are Coming out to st louis soon and uh And it helps so much when you guys help Support the show like that Anyways hope you guys enjoyed this one And i’ll let you get back to it and Enjoy this little snippet of murder in America It was saturday november 17 1973 And sandra gets a call from her Boyfriend roger he tells her that he Mike stewart and dana really wanted to Head out to geichi manitou that night to Camp And he wants to know if sandra can come With them she agrees and later that Night at around 10 30 pm They all arrive at the preserve in Stewart’s van they brought with them a Guitar Their camping gear and a little bit of Weed the group was in good spirits and They were ready to have a fun night Sandra said that they had started the Campfire They were singing songs passing the Joint around And that she and roger were cozied up Next to each other by the fire All was well in the world the group had

Only been there about 30 minutes At this point but they planned to stay Up well into the night That was until they started to hear Noises Emanating from the dark forest that Surrounded them The sound of the guitar was interrupted By something creeping towards them They all paused listened closely And what they heard shook them to their Core It was the sound of twigs snapping Beneath someone’s Feet inching closer and closer to their Campsite And whoever was out there could see them But all that the group could see was the Darkness of the forest Roger yells out hello who’s there Is there anyone out there but he’s met With Deafening silence he then looks at Sandra gives her a kiss And says i’ll be right back roger starts To walk towards the woods when all of a Sudden A loud shotgun blast rings through the Forest And roger drops to the ground everyone Around the fire gets up Confused and panicked mike pushes sandra Behind a tree

And while sandra is lying on the ground She hears another shotgun blast Followed by stewart screaming i’m shot The next thing she knows three men Appear from out of the forest There was a heavyset man a shorter man And a tall and slender man And all three are holding shotguns the Tall skinny man who the two other men Referred to as The boss yelled out to the teenagers put Your hands up you’re being busted The men told the teens that they were Narcotics officers And that they had seen them smoking a Joint and were there to bust them The teens were confused the men had no Uniforms No badges and they had just shot two of Their friends Is this what narcotics officers do when They see teens smoking weed Regardless of their confusion sandra was Young and truly believed that these men Were police officers Mike on the other hand wasn’t as easily Convinced He stood up and asked the men what the Hell do you think you’re Doing one of the men then points his gun Right at mike mike Extends his arm out in front of his face Trying to protect himself against the Shotgun blast

Mike looks down at his mangled hand that The men had just shot A hole through and he screams out in Pain The men that instructed the teens to Start walking up the trail Roger and stewart were still on the Ground after being shot so they stayed By the campfire while mike dana and Sandra started walking away with the So-called Officers the six of them walk all the Way back to the parking lot And next to stewart’s blue van is an old Pickup truck The man who’s considered the boss turns To sandra and orders her to get inside The truck Once she’s inside he gets into the Driver’s seat and the two of them Drive away the three remaining victims Stand there Unsure of what will happen next when all Of a sudden james and david appear from Out of the van Brandishing their weapons and they shoot Them one by one As you guys can see it is the summer Solstice so it’s the longest day of the Year It’s 10 15 right now And the sun is still shining Sorry it’s very bright we’re gonna go Back now to the uh

The place where the murders happened i’m Ready let’s do it If you guys will remember this is the Tree where donna said An evil spirit a protector spirit Resides he’s on top of the tree If you’re up there come follow us to the Cabin at the end of this trail And uh one time when i was live Streaming here I came across what almost appeared to be A heart Wrapped in paper and black string some Sort of ritual people thought online But yeah that was right here and the Parking lot is right there so We’re heading in now a very eerie vibe Tonight i’m not gonna lie It really is well To get you we go Uh i want to add into people um you know I’ve been here many times i’ve had so Many experiences Right over here there’s a body of water That’s actually a river And i’ve heard from different people Multiple people actually have been here That they’ve seen the spirit of a small Child come out of the water and walk Over to them on this trail which i’ve Always wondered I don’t think anyone’s ever drowned here But just kind of eerie thinking about

Like Oh there’s the river oh [ __ ] there’s a Little kid coming out of the river and He’s walking towards me You know and that’s uh that’s right over There You can see as we walk it’s like a It’s a solid walk back here yeah it Really is But you can see the sun is uh getting Darker and darker And i’m telling you it is eerie out Tonight You can almost feel it in the air it’s Magnetic So in my yeah electric Though one thing also that i was just Telling courtney that i’ve always Thought is just kind of Eerie about investigating it getchy well One Like we were saying uh this is very Isolated Yeah there’s just fields for miles on Every Every side yeah so if someone wanted to Recreate the murders they could easily Just see our car and come Down this path i mean there’s nobody Around here yeah in the parking lots Along a big road yeah so they could Easily just see our car And the second thing is you go through All these open fields

It feels almost safe and then when you Get to the murder location It suddenly becomes forested and dark And even now it’s like it’s pretty light Out You can see uh the area around you But once you get into the cabin area it Is pitch black because the trees And at night it becomes even darker here We are My pants are falling down [Applause] You heard that though yeah it’s like a Meal anyways Hey everybody it’s colin here again i Know you guys know me Uh good to be back If you’re out here come through and uh Chat with us tonight God this place is just so Creepy always do you remember last time We were here and we were sitting like Right here on some rocks and We were just talking and then all of a Sudden rocks just crumbled off Uh-huh oh that was creepy wasn’t it so Scary Well here it is i feel like there are More rocks There were definitely so i’ve been Coming to get you man too since i was in High school And this jesus

And this building was never graffitied There was no graffiti here at all when i First started coming here And now it’s completely covered yeah now It’s like a graffiti temple We’re gonna get our stuff set up guys And uh let’s begin the investigation Let’s get it can you see the bugs in the Shot You can see a little bit of them there Are literally so many little bugs out Here Um so i’ve never actually seen crime Scene photos from gichi manitou if you Google it You’ll notice that there’s a lack of Actual photos online Of the day that this event happened the Murders there’s a show that just Premiered on oxygen I think last uh last year called killer Siblings and they go into death about The guiche manitou murders it’s a very Very interesting Episode of the show but they used real Crime scene photos so follow me So right here i’m going to put this on The screen actually There’s a photo online of where they had Camped out you can see the guitar In the trunk of a tree That had to be one of these trees right Here and i’ve never seen that picture But it’d be interesting to identify

Where these people had been Hanging out It’s a very distinct looking tree too Jesus christ It’s gotta be a thick tree Let’s find this tree Do you think it could have like the tree Could have like Eroded a little like i don’t know Because i don’t really see any trees Around here that look Like that No i think it’s got to be down there Come over here Are you okay what happened babe What happened what happened I rolled my ankle are you okay It’s so bad are you okay No What about this one this one’s kind of No That’s sick Well we tried to find the tree but no uh No exact tree was able to be found but It’s somewhere in this area right here So at least we can identify Jesus christ at least we can identify That Oh jesus oh my god one just flew right In my ear did you see that No Okay okay okay okay we’re gonna go ir Now So we’re gonna start the investigation

Time to go ir Get these bugs out of here That rim pod was just going crazy Damn that’s trippy okay so We just set up the rem pod right there We’re about to start the investigation And i just stubbed my toe really Hard on that rock and i stumbled away And i started going On the green light and we weren’t Filming of course but maybe it’ll Maybe they’ll do it again and i just Cracked my phone Right there yeah this place is cursed we Got a real Injury bugs out the ass bugs cracked Phones Well let’s start this let me turn this Light off Yo that was right when i turned the Light off yeah Is that you Can you step away from the rem pod Please Oh my god Look at it just stepped away thank you You’re welcome to come here and hang out With us in here We just got here we’re setting up all of Our devices and we would love to Communicate with you If you want to step into here

And talk with us oh come on There goes there he goes oh my god Yeah please come through come in here Oh i just got chills dude oh my gosh Yeah we’ve had this on for literally Like 30 seconds and it has been going off Pretty much the entire time it’s been on Yeah and even in our last video at Malvern manor No no ramp on action the entire night No i’m telling you this place is uh this Place is Charged yeah okay we’re gonna officially Begin The investigation now you guys online Know that i value I’m actually i’m actually cold dude i’m I’m not even With you i genuinely feel like Can you see goosebumps on my arm because I i just felt like something Come through me standing here like That’s And that’s that’s crazy i’m not kidding When i say that we’ve had this thing on For like what a minute and the entire Basically the entire time we’ve had it Here it’s been going off And it’s in like the threshold of the of This Building out of every place that i’ve Filmed that

I returned to get you manatee because it Is so active and there is something here That Is not in other places even right now I’m cold All my hair is on end i did not feel This Once at our last location no this is Like Oh see look at that It’s okay come on through we’re just Here to hang out if you’re here It’s not even doing like tiny little Rampart hits it’s like Going off wow Thank you for coming in here i’m talking Like they’re sitting right here Maybe on that stone it’s right there This is Insane that is so long That’s crazy dude okay To anybody here at get you manitou i’m Using a louder voice because this is a Big Preserve and i want you to hear me if You Are an indigenous person that is buried Here If you’re one of the teenagers from Sioux falls Who lost their lives here back in 1973 We’re inviting you to come in and talk To us tonight So if you’re out there in the woods

Staring at us which i feel like you are Why don’t you walk over towards us right Now And step into the cabin so we can have a Conversation We would love to hear your voices we’re Not afraid Oh my god i have chills too we’re not Afraid of you And we don’t want you to be afraid of us That is very intelligent that is crazy Every time we’ve asked them anything It it responds with the rim with the Rimpod Wow it’s all different tones Yeah every single time Oh my god wow If you’re here with us right now could You Step once again Stop stop stop stop stop stop stop stop Oh my god once again If that was you can you Step in in that same area once again Oh my voice just cracked something What the [ __ ] was that i don’t know but It came from right Over here [Applause] That was so scary well there’s clearly Some type of energy or spirit in here With us

Oh my god colin that was Terrifying well what did it sound like To you it sounded like Almost wood it’s i it sounded like It to me it sounded like somebody threw A rock Or something like it sounded like like Parts of this building were moving Around Yeah it was obviously some sort of Movement in here But i mean they’re gonna obviously hear That so clearly that was so And it was it was also right when the Rem pod was going off yeah that’s what Was crazy about that and it was right Behind this place freaks me out It was like in this corner i like i Actually genuinely i even i was I was joking And i was just about to tell you oh my God i’m chills out the ass I was about to tell the camera that Before we came here I was telling courtney that I was about to say it’s like Right when i’m talking i was about to Say um Oh it’s kind of hard to breathe i’m like Really cold too Look at look at look at my goosebumps Babe do you see this All my hair is on end right now it’s Hard to see in this but

Yeah but you can look at my arm right There you can see the goosebumps Um i was about to say that when we were Coming here i was like i’ve been here so Many times I’m it’s hard to freak me out nowadays About this place or with this place And like almost immediately dude It’s like hard to breathe almost that Was one of the scariest Paranormal things that have ever Happened to me for sure I mean that was also loud as [ __ ] it Felt like it was coming from like Feet behind us okay well the only shitty Thing about this place oh jesus Oh you see that Like goofy laugh the only thing that Sucks about this place is that It’s so overgrown that like Um you just cannot even like that Movement Like it could have been it could have Been this It could have been this it could have Been Anything over here it’s like you can’t Isolate what it was You can’t isolate what it was but at the Same time like There’s all of these things are not Living objects and i should not be Moving No we’re the only ones here right when i

Said we’re the only ones here Oh my god i’m actually like creeps dude I’ve never in my entire experience with Being With you have seen a rim pod go off as Much as and it’s not consistent either That’s not an Error with a device that’s just oh wait Wait wait wait wait wait wait wait If that was you if that was you Device that’s just oh wait wait wait Wait device that’s just Oh wait wait wait come forward Into the cabin We’re i know that was a bit shocking to Us Oh my god and the wind picks up right Now do you feel that i got a short oh my God This is very eerie i know everything That Was so insane no that Though that was like right by the rim Pod too Yeah that literally came from right here Dude We’re inviting you with open arms to Come Into this space we’re about to Use a tool that will allow us to hear Your voice i almost heard a whistle Right You hear that yeah will you please Walk in here at this very moment

So we can communicate with you Dude i was about to tell you that i Looked over there and i felt an energy Coming from over there and then Immediately I literally you saw me go yeah i saw you And then that happened right there Look at it right when i pointed at it it Stopped right when i pointed it it Stopped i said right there it stopped This is the most insane thing i’ve ever Seen i feel personally courtney Like they’re over here i feel like Within the corner If you guys are over there could you Make some sort of Uh Could you move something or throw Something to let us know That you’re here in the cabin with us Did you hear that that animal knows an Owl Yes what the hell is going on with this Thing No seriously i’ve never heard a rampart Go off this much okay at this point i Think that whatever Is here is here we’ve identified that it Has walked through The entrance this has always been the Entrance to this cabin and it’s letting Us know that it’s Present and it’s here so we’re going to

Get the spirit box out and begin Doing spirit boxing and the ovulas at The same time So uh jesus it’s creepy in here I’ll film you for a while like even off Camera this is Literally the scariest thing i’ve ever Experienced Yeah and usually i feel like out in like The middle of the woods it’s not It’s hard to be like super scared it’s Easier to be scared in like A house or something but like That’s just insane that in the middle of The woods we’ve gotten this much Activity Yeah this this place is supercharged Yeah we’ve heard literal elements Falling around us and there’s no one Here Ah i’ve never felt this i’ve gone on I haven’t gone on many investigations With you but This is like definitely the most Heavy i’ve ever felt in any location I feel like there’s i mean just Something in this window right here I’m feeling something behind me in this Corner I genuinely feel like there’s some type Of presence behind me and we just heard The that noise oh you want to get the Spirit box out yeah Oh my god do you feel that do you feel

That wind right now And literally that’s straight up just Say you’re going to get the spirit box Oh my god this is i felt i felt a huge Gust of wind Come from the doorway area how does wind Come through a doorway there’s trees Everywhere this is this is insane i did Not expect that Explain this we came here last summer And Nothing oh so we i mean we felt creepy Vibes but this Is like unlike anything i’ve ever Experienced yeah this is this is Evidence I feel like there’s a presence like Ringing on my shoulders And i i don’t know how to explain it but I feel so It’s so heavy i feel like but what i’ll Say is that i feel like Truly shoot me for a sec Oh right when i was about to explain This it’s almost like it knows what i Was talking about It does i was gonna say that I’m like very uncomfortable i was gonna Say that Oh can you can you actually see my Goosebumps this is the middle of the Summer Right now my hair is fully on end i Personally feel like

Maybe one of the victims has come in to Talk to us but i feel like there’s a Darkness That is outside of this cabin something That i can almost feel That is shut the [ __ ] Up going i’m telling you i feel like There’s something out there that does Not want us to be here it’s almost like Donald trump i mean she will not come Here because of that native american Spirit that is Uh attacks people that come in here look At that oh my god It almost just confirmed that it stopped For a second it started when i said It’s me dude do you feel like this Is i felt almost like a raindrop like a Cold Pinch on my hand and also like it’s just Insane because ramparts will go off but It’s usually like Beep beep this has been like a Continuous Beep like it’s almost like someone is Standing over the rim pod telling us Like I’m here like you know what i mean like It’s just Insane i feel like someone’s here but What i’m saying is i feel like there’s There’s some energy in the cabin but i Genuinely feel like I’m not even kidding you courtney i

Cannot even i’m not I’m not with you either i feel like There’s something out there In that you can’t you guys can’t see What we’re seeing but This area is pitch black because of These trees it blocks out the moonlight And i feel like there’s this Very strong energy out there that Doesn’t want us here but i feel like Somebody who is Maybe someone who is killed here i don’t Really know some energy has come into The cabin But there’s somebody You you physically cannot fake that you Cannot fake that How do you fake that is this the most Rimpot activity you’ve ever had because I feel like this is a ridiculous amount It is it is I cannot believe this can you give us a Sign that you’re here Thank you for communicating with us this Entire night we appreciate it could you Step Over that again for us I really feel um just a badness And i don’t say that often you guys know That online too But i i genuinely feel um I think that’s why my hair keeps getting On end because i feel Uh i just keep getting the vibe of

I don’t want you here yeah like even Right now like It’s in summertime and i’m chills My arms my legs i have pants on and it’s June it’s june Yeah it’s the middle of june and Looking out there i just get the vibe of There’s somebody standing out there Six seven foot tall doesn’t want us here Yeah well let’s let’s uh let’s get the Spirit box out okay Okay you want to pause that for a second Yeah I’m about to do the spear box And i’m really creeped out I really hate having like your back to It yeah Like the fact that my i mean i know There’s like a wall behind me but The fact that the rim pods been going Off behind us I really don’t like having my back Okay so we set up the ovulus with the Speaker Right here i got the spirit box in my Hand we’re about to do this But i will say that while we paused for A moment the Brem pod was mostly quiet but i did Mention at one point How it was crazy that it’s going off and It spiked with the actual What the [ __ ] is going on with that what Happened

Is it working yeah something i think our Infrared light just oh do you feel that Cold coming in yeah Whoa all right what happened there Dude it just got cold the infrared light Just died Like a couple degrees yeah but it i just Watched It’s like flickering and dying i see it It’s like going I feel chilly okay well Turn on the obvious actually i’ll just Do it right here What the [ __ ] it’s going off Trust grind hidden lust view And right when i read that the the light Just came back on Weird why would it just Turn on is there something hidden here Average haunted Average haunting density fall This is going crazy we’ve had it on for Literally like 20 seconds there are no Emf values out here because we’re in a Preserve There’s no electrical wiring anywhere What the hell r r3 Appetite three Like the friar brothers there’s three of Them The devices are going insane out here Yeah I mean this thing goes off of emf values And there are

There’s no cell signal out here there’s No emf Also we were just at a location that was Supposedly had like insane [ __ ] happen At it and we Oh i got cold do you feel that yeah Oh my god thank you Bye energy oh my god If you guys online have any idea what This means It’s like so many words that’s hard to Process in the moment Clock tiled tiled field Field their bodies were found in that Field Skip What was that did you hear that yes You heard that little yes Oh Ocean thin ocean we were just at a Location that had Supposedly so many things happening in This house And we didn’t get that much Metaphysics what in the [ __ ] Dude daddy It’s father’s day it is Did you hear something move back i’m not Kidding i feel sick to my stomach Mm-hmm here Film me for a second i’ll start this What is it equal Equal hairy objective Oh my god dude this is like

An insane amount of stuff coming out of This thing Memory storm We were here on a storm last time There’s lightning and thunder above us Tip afraid afraid Were you afraid can you tell us what Happened to you Look at that energy just spiking Oh my god I cannot believe this i feel a little Sick to my stomach Two i feel i Alter is that what it said Okay i’m gonna start the spirit box i’ll Hand it to you in a second Can you tell us your name if you’re here With us What’s your name Who are you What What happened Oh my god babe That is so weird i just threw up and i’m Not i know I got it on camera Crest trimmer revoked over However oh my god what the [ __ ] is that No i got it on camera of you vomiting i Got that yeah i didn’t You saw that dude Is everything okay what Happened Oh my god music

Hey what the [ __ ] is that seriously What just happened Oh my god [Applause] I need to sit down sit down Cut the camera for a second And i was gonna say right before you Threw up Remember how we’ve been saying we have It we felt sick to our stomach No what happened is You said that In christ that is so that that just Happened honestly you Said that and then i looked at you And i was like i don’t feel sick And then literally i was like oh my god I’m sick And then i threw up we had i’m just to Tell everybody too We had a normal dinner about four hours Ago A normal day yeah a normal day fine all Day long i have not felt sick All day we have not done anything that Would cause me to throw up You watch that there’s moving right There i know I just heard that oh i also have a Piercing addict now That was just crazy because i just said I felt sick to my stomach I felt like it was something that isn’t A

Person here tonight like maybe someone’s In here Also i just want people to know i know They’re gonna criticize that Entire thing but if you just watch that Unedited clip I don’t know how to just make myself Throw up no you started gagging like Put my finger in my thing i literally Gagged and then i was like i’m gonna Throw up and then i Continued throwing up this is like one Of the craziest investigations that We’ve done Ever um yeah this is And it’s crazy because i feel like while You were throwing up And all of that everything all of the Devices kind of went Silent All of the devices went silent Oh can you cut one more second yeah Okay so we pause that just now oh wait How do i turn that Uh higher second button So we literally just paused because i Just need i need to sit for a second but The moment we pause literally the moment You hit pause it says Show it show it quick again farmers And the three friar brothers which is What’s crazy the three friar brothers Who committed the murders They were farmers from the area and it

Said Three earlier too right that Rempot has been silent it really has Ever since she threw up it’s been It’s almost like um to me it’s almost Like it came in here and it’s like Around me and right i i genuinely think It did Because it was going off slower And then And i’m Babe i genuinely feel so terrified i’ve Never felt this on Any investigation either we just came Out here to Film this and we were going to do murder In america stuff and do some paranormal Investigating I did not expect this there is there’s Something but i’ve never felt this here At gucci manitou there’s something Bad here tonight no there is a dark Entity i want That [ __ ] is too far for me i don’t want To be throwing up Yeah but i mean i want truth and i want Answers so i’m going to stay here but Like Also that is insane that i just Yeah never mind re-pause it for a second Dude hold up hold the [ __ ] up hold the [ __ ] up courtney That is insane babe there’s no [ __ ]

Way right now there is literally no [ __ ] way courtney Oh my god babe oh my god No honey that is i want to Go soon no this is like very very freaky To Oh my god we were just talking look at That hold up hold up If you’re here i’m not getting afraid of You If you just made me throw up get the out Of here Stop standing right there in the [ __ ] Entrance Get the [ __ ] in here this is Absolutely mental courtney Get inside of here You want me to come in here you want to With me Are you oh what’s up What was that Sacrifice what is here how to get this Sacrifice ever brought brock devil Sacrifice brought devil sacrifice You can’t make the ship look at that Look at that right there Look at that sacrifice brought devil Sacrifice broad i’m losing my voice This is too much no it’s not this is Exactly what we came here for Stop that oh my god Yeah we’ve been there’s i told you Tonight i told you i felt Look at it look at that [ __ ] it has not

It’s been This thing’s been on 45 minutes right Now Oh my god oh my god i’m no i’m Terrified it stopped right here right Now it’s sacrifice brought devil Right when this is doing this right when I threw up There’s look at it it’s not stopping Oh my god colin this is Too much this is too much You’re not welcome here if you’re gonna Scare us Babe i can’t do this i’m serious this is Now this thing knows that this is Scaring us And if you’re standing right here you’re Not gonna scare Not gonna [ __ ] us us If you’re here do something real Hey wait babe i’m sorry i’m sorry i’m Sorry Wait wait wait wait wait wait Stop don’t cry don’t cry babe hold up We’ll pause Okay i gave courtney a second to compose Yourself Oh my god you just squeezed my arms so Hard If you guys did not hear those [ __ ] Footsteps running up here that was so Loud this is That i don’t i literally don’t have

Words You heard those right yes I want to go that okay It’s also stuck on devil or sacrifice Brought devil can you can you believe That Also the do you remember when the rimp Hud started to go off Before we started recording anything do You remember how you were saying No hold on let me explain this to people Also those footsteps i’m Can you let’s just talk about that for a Second oh my god and the light just Flickered on you Oh my god i’m like scared Hold up hold up let me honestly also Just Hello Is there somebody here a person You’re out here and you’re not saying That you’re here you’re gonna be in Trouble Colin i just heard something from over There i really need you to be Over here with me there’s there’s a very There’s a darkness here right now I am i want you to explain to them about How we were just talking about this Entryway okay I i’m full body chills right now are you Um to see this is happening live as We’re Explaining this because i want to

Explain this before we move on to this Stuff Also look at this it’s how many words Has this [ __ ] thing Generated literally sacrifice brought Devil is the last thing that it’s stuck On this whole time After i threw up and i told courtney we Needed to pause for a second I was sitting there telling her off Camera I feel every time like i come to itchy Manitou And especially tonight as i have made Clear in the footage i was literally Telling her and this is We’re sitting right here and i pointed In this direction and i went i think This thing is always over here And the moment that i said that rempod Every single light went queries and we Jumped up and we’re Yeah so i we tried as fast as we could To get the thing Going right when you said that the Rimpod went Crazy and then it said the devil Sacrifices Whatever the [ __ ] those footsteps were We’ll have to rewatch the footage to see What That noise was but that did you see a Red light over there I i wasn’t looking

This is the scariest night of my entire Life It’s like trying to calm down a little Bit When i said when i was out there yelling It’s because those footsteps were they Sounded like someone was running up here It sounded like a human Yeah literally like a person and I mean it’s obvious that there’s nobody Around here The only way you can get to this place Is by coming down that trail and you can See the light right there and then you Can on the camera there’s a Light through the trees where you can See the entrance to the path and then This path So it’s no one no one is out here no one Comes here and there’s a reason why And i’ve done this place so many times This is the Most evidence i’ve ever gotten here and I’m very afraid and uncomfortable And i don’t get like that on Investigations The things that happen here tonight do Not happen This is a a very different episode of The show I’m uncomfortable and i feel angry i Don’t feel good There’s something here that wants to Hurt us

Making me throw up and [ __ ] i can’t i Don’t like that energy And i was just getting aggressive too Like yelling at it and [ __ ] It makes me wonder if people since this Place is so abandoned out here It makes me wonder if somebody has come Out here to do some sort of [ __ ] up Ritual i’ve i’ve found things in here I’ve found I used to come out here all the time i Would find like pentagram stuff like Graffiti We found that tree in one of the videos That was brought in here someone claimed That it was a bigfoot that brought it in Here There’s tons of fire pits i found knives Uh Like all this type of [ __ ] what if Someone’s come out here and done Something Is this the perfect place to commit a Crime or a Do a ritual of any sort there are no Houses There’s no you can’t see this place if You were to come out here with 40 Cult members and sit in a circle with a Bonfire No one would even see it there are no Houses there’s no roads Did you turn the rim pot off yeah turn It back on

Okay well i just needed to calm down a Sec because Whatever is out here was using that to Freak us out Yeah i do not want to sit with my back Against that I i’m sorry but i genuinely cannot say It with my back Against that because there’s something In this entryway right here Genuinely freaking us out and i cannot Say it with my back against it Any longer i don’t feel comfortable with That Okay so also we’re out here visiting my Parents in south dakota And look at this oh what the [ __ ] right When i said that it went through It the call is that’s so weird that that Just went through we’ve been sitting Here for like 10 minutes trying to call my parents i Don’t know Are you guys asleep right now yeah oh Sorry my man we just had the most insane [ __ ] happen to us Out here It’s okay i’ll tell you guys tomorrow Are you okay Yeah well colin just threw up he was Saying Something made me threw up and then it Said sacrifice Brought devil and it’s been sitting

There and then right when i was telling Courtney that something was like i felt Like there was something Right near the ovulus or the rem pod the Rem pod Freaked out on every color spinning Around in circles it had been on for 30 Minutes And then we heard footsteps running at Us from the darkness it is like We’re like freaked out out here Are you on your way home no we’re at the Cabin right now In gichi we just that just happened two Minutes ago okay Yeah we’ll come back soon don’t worry Okay love you guys Happy father’s day thank you So courtney is too afraid to sit with Her back over here I’m going to turn the rem pod back on And i’m going to do the spirit box Are you kidding me all right when you’re Turning no No Oh my god i’m getting look at that look At that it’s going insane Step get step away from us You’re scaring us please can you step Away I feel so i’m like freezing cold babe If you’re here stop that you know this This Whatever the spirit is knows that this

Is going to scare us and interrupt us This okay so we’re not giving this Spirit the opportunity to use this Device because i feel like it’s a bad Spirit And it seems to know that it can use That to scare us because of the way we Reacted that first time So i’m gonna use a spirit box If you’re here with us can you say your Name [Applause] Did you just come running at us Who are you You’re not going to scare us who are you Can you shine a light on my arm right Here I don’t have a light oh wait i don’t Feel good Is there anything on my arm right here There’s I’m not going to count that as anything But it it feels like it’s burning It might have been you grabbing my arm But totally could have been Why are you trying to scare us right now Can you tell us who you are if you’re Trying to scare us Were you summoned here Are you angry I really want to go me too you want to Leave Yeah i feel this burning on my arm I’m just not comfortable let’s sit and

Do a little more spirit boxing Okay it’s like 10 minutes worth is that Okay yeah that’s fine I i also just cannot believe that this Has stopped The obvious sacrifice yeah Sacrifice bruh Oh my god Hello Are you okay So courtney wanted to do the dowsing Rods I still feel ill But why don’t you stand up babe okay So the ovula still has not moved From sacrifice brought devil Makes me think there’s a whole nother Layer to this gichi haunting but i feel Ever since i threw up i’ve just felt Sick i have a headache i really don’t Want to be here but courtney wanted to Do this last experiment so i’ll give it Do you see that flashing right when i Turned the camera on me the Night the the the in the infrared i Could see the infrared light flashing Right there Right when i turned it on me look at That Is that not insane to you I think That was not doing that the whole last Shot Wanted to turn on the rem pod one more

Time Okay all right Look at him it’s pointing right it You’re right it’s pointing Right towards the area look at the Dowsing rods it’s pointing Right towards the roof oh you’re right Oh my god you cannot right when i step Towards it it gets weird Um if there’s a spirit here with us can You cross these Shut the [ __ ] up shut up courtney Look at this thing it was not doing this The entire night Can you point in the direction where you Are located Oh my god stop Can you cross the dowsing rods um If you’re mad that we’re here Can you cross the rods if you’re looking To Possess or hurt somebody Cross the rods if you’re misunderstood Did you make colin throw up earlier Cross the rods if you Made him throw up Is there somebody here that does not Want us here Okay i’m honestly done okay okay put the Rods down hold up Okay put the rods down here i am over This You can zip that up zip that up Okay guys so we okay cord

Um we’ve been here for a while now it’s Like 12 30 at night We’re just going to leave because i have Already thrown up i feel like [ __ ] What what justice so we’re just this is Just too much right now Yeah courtney has felt sick i feel ill Okay we got everything Okay that’s uh i don’t want people to be Out here either that are [ __ ] with us Yeah and we can’t see because we don’t Have the lights on so So Hello