5 Horrifying Hellhound Encounters in History

By | June 26, 2021
5 Horrifying Hellhound Encounters in History

Throughout History there have been reports of Chilling encounters with black dogs Monstrous bright-eyed and skulking These paranormal dogs have long been Associated with evil Often sighted haunting lonely byways And moonlit graveyards in pre-christian Times there was cerberus the hound of Hades Who guarded the gateway to the greek Underworld in more modern times they are Thought of As hell hounds the devils beasts As such in their darkest incarnations These creatures are considered to be Omens of ill-fortune And in the worst case death The year was 1577 and the residents of Bungie A market town located in the english County of suffolk were making their way To church It should have been a sunday morning Like any other However the events that unfolded that Day were so Great and terrible that they left a Black stain on the history of the town And indeed much of the surrounding area 4 on sunday the 4th of august 1577 It is said that a hellhound manifested In the midst of an unusually violent Storm according to a pamphlet published

That same Year between nine and ten o’clock that Morning a Terrible rain began to fall on the town The water fell with a wonderful force And was followed by fearful flashes of Lightning and thunder the like whereof Hath been Seldom seen huddled together in the Church parishioners struggled to remain Calm all around them the building quaked Then in the middle of it all flashes of Fire And a dog of a black color appeared Detailing the incident in the pamphlet Published shortly afterwards The clergyman abraham fleming described How the creature may have been the devil In such a likeness for the dog raced Through the church in amongst the town People With great swiftness and incredible Haste passing between two people who are Kneeling in prayer The black hound is said to have rung the Necks of them both Tearing their heads clean backward in so Much that even at a moment where they Kneeled They strangely died in the violence of The storm the creature continued to Wreak havoc Attacking others and even leaving Physical marks upon the building with

Claw marks being left on both the stones Of the church And its door fleming also described how Many objects and furniture inside the Church were destroyed As the black dog rushed about the Building As strange as this incident may have Been by itself The hellish events of that day were far From concluded In his pamphlet fleming also included Reports from bleithberg a village only a Few miles from bungie It is said that they too suffered a Visit from the same black dog With a clap of thunder the doors to the Church crashed open And the beast rushed inside there it Slew two men And a lad and burned the hand of another Person In concluding his pamphlet fleming wrote That despite the absurdity of the tale These things are reported to be true by The mouths of them that were Eyewitnesses And certainly stories of the black dog Did not disappear Across the centuries the legend of the Hellhound continued with the horrifying Creature coming to be known as black Shook Or old shook shook coming from the

Anglo-saxon word for devil or fiend Writing in 1850 some 300 years after the Original Incident reverend e s taylor described How many people Not just in suffolk but in neighboring East norfolk and even cambridgeshire Described having seen a black shaggy dog With Fiery eyes and of immense size spotted Roaming the roads countryside and Coastline Black shook was also said to visit Churchyards at midnight Later in 1961 when the bbc did a report On the phenomenon A local man called tom starling Described how some 30 years earlier He had an encounter with old shook the Moon was at its fullest And he was pushing his bike along a road When he heard the rattling of chains Stalling at first thought the sound was Merely a horse Coming off the marshes when it came Nearer and nearer he decided to stop and Allow it to pass However it was no horse in the light of The moon Starling observed a great big black Shaggy dog Pass in front of him not only did it Walk by him It continued to move towards a gate

Opposite The gate was closed but the creature Still somehow Walked through it when he relayed his Experience to others in the Area they were not surprised old shook Had been seen many a time and If reports are to be believed would Continue to be seen Right up until the present day today Encounters with a large Seemingly supernatural black dog are Reported regularly all across east Anglia One can even visit the church in Blitheba and see the scorch-like claw Marks Supposedly left on the door by the Hellhound in 1577. Perhaps most surprising however is a Story from 2014 And the discovery of a huge skeleton at Least an Abbey in suffolk the bones belonged to a Hound weighing some 200 pounds On its hind legs the massive creature Would have stood Seven feet tall the abbey where the Bones were uncovered Lies a mere 10 miles from bolithba and Might just suggest The reports from that terrible sunday All those years ago Were indeed rooted in reality black

Shook May very well have existed and indeed May not roam the countryside Alone with his hellish descendants still Seen on dark nights by those brave Enough To go out and look for them During the late 19th century the sugar Business in Argentina was flourishing sugar Refineries became a highly lucrative Trade And spread most especially in the Northernmost parts of the country However to those who worked in the mills It was believed there was something more Sinister at work Than capitalism underneath the gilded Success Of the mills they believed that the Devil himself Was at work at night all the mills were Said to be patrolled by Large black hellhounds known as Familiars They were believed to be sent by the Devil himself So as to enforce a contract made by the Owners of the mills The contract was simple the owner would Thrive At the expense of his workers a given Number of workers each year needed to be Delivered to the king of hell

As the refinery owner’s jew for his Continued success Then at the end of the owner’s life the Black dog of satan would come for him And tear him to shreds thus the final Payment Would be met afterwards the dog would Disappear Into the night one of the most Prominently attested places to have had A familiar in residence Was the refinery in santa anna it was Said that the familiar would accompany The male Owner along with a pack of 40 to 50 Normal dogs According to reports from the time he Seemed unashamed of his devilish Association And indeed seemed to have used his Reputation to instill Fear into his workers on the 26th and 27th of december Employees were terrified to come and Collect their paycheck For it was said that that was the Owner’s payday The day when a soul needed to be Delivered by the hellhound To his diabolical master indeed this Pact seemed to have paid such good Dividend To the owner that the santa ana sugar Refinery was considered to be the most

Productive In the country in its success was so Great That a railway line was built to the Mill so as to more efficiently transport Its goods On the day the railway line was Inaugurated several people are said to Have witnessed the owner’s familiar Block the train In its path in an act that seemed to Demonstrate the creature’s supernatural Authority The santa anna refinery was far from Alone in being home to tales of the Familiar Another infamous residence of the Hellhound was claimed to be the bayer Vista refinery One night in the 1930s a worker at the Mill Is said to have witnessed the hound and Described it as a black mass As big as a calf with burning eyes Ever since from generation to generation In the northern regions of argentina Tales of the familiar have been passed On and still persist Even until this day In welsh mythology stories of hellhounds Stretch Far back to antiquity celtic traditions Swarms with innumerable tales Of a dog of darkness a canine creature

With Fiery eyes that howls at night known As the gwythky according to myth aaron King of anun an otherworldly realm is Said to keep a pack of these black Hellhounds At his disposal his hounds are said to Come In the colder months of the year so as To hunt down wrongdoers And drag them to his realm some Associations have been made between this Legend and historic sightings of the Wild hunt whereby people attest to Witnessing Phantom armies complete with spectral Hounds Appearing in the sky yet not All guilty belong to aaron there are Many more that are said to exist Outside of his control often eyewitness Testimonies connect These otherworldly animals to lonely Roads at night It is said that the dog’s fiery gaze has The power To paralyze its victims in the veil of Glamorgan There are several tales of encounters With such hounds In the 19th century an english visitor To the area alleged to have become Paralysed upon hearing its howl from a Distance

So much so that his legs did not work And he had to be assisted home In another report a farmer named jenkin Claimed to have seen a gwythky at night When he was returning home On a mare his horse was so frightened by The hellish dog that it threw him Off into the mud due to the welsh Hellhound’s vicious reputation It is speculated that there have been Many more unknown Stories with less fortunate endings a Supernatural Stalker many fear the guilty as an Unstoppable hunter Which trails its victims until it is Close enough to attack And tear them to shreds to this very day Sightings of the hellhound persist Across wales Mark reese a prominent welsh author and Folklorist Has documented a more recent encounter Which is said to have occurred to a Night security guard At the current resort located on the South coast of kamathanshir According to the security guard the Hotel always Turns unnaturally cold between 3 and 4 In the morning regardless of the time of Year During one of the nights he worked at The resort he was taking

A break around this time in room 5 of The hotel He was watching a film and he started to Doze off When all of a sudden he became Completely Paralyzed according to his testimony Nothing he did could make him move He was trapped within his body it was Then that he saw a black Thing in the room it looked like a huge Black alsatian dog the security guard Was completely terrified But still was unable to move the only Thing he could do Was stare at the black dog as it beared Its teeth at him Before disappearing other employees of The resort have also reported Encountering the hellhound one woman Even alleged to have run away from the Hotel as fast as she was able After seeing the beast run across the Bar one night Curiously the security guard whom reese Interviewed to document this encounter Had never heard of the guitar before and Was shocked to find Out that there were other cases like his In history For him there was no doubt as to what he Had seen And so in this case there may be more Truth in the legends of the hellhounds

Of wales than it first Seems The hellhound is a creature that has a Strong presence In latin american culture around the Hound’s neck It is said to wear a large chain Something which ominously announces its Presence To its soon-to-be victims thus the hound Is called the catego An evolution of the spanish word for Chain That said in central and south america The association between dogs and death Has pre-columbian roots it was believed By mesoamerican cultures That a great big black dog was Responsible for ferrying people To the afterlife which is why many tombs Of these cultures Are inscribed with pictures of dogs it Was thought to be impossible To pass to the next world without canine Assistance Even to this day the modern maya of Guatemala Believe that if one treats dogs badly in Life Then the black dog will not assist them When they die Even though the black dog traditionally Appears as a benevolent psychopomp Responsible for guiding the dead the

Canine’s reputation has been transformed Throughout the centuries after Interactions with western belief Drawing on the hellish nature of Mythical dogs like cerberus And those associated with satan himself The black dog Gained a devilish persona as such The black cadejo is a creature that Inspires Terror one such terror-inducing Encounter Occurred in the mexican village of Abediano in 1949 The story was retold in 2006 In la estrella a spanish language texan Newspaper By the journalist margarita hernandez The article detailed the story of Hernandez’s father Who was walking home one night after Having attended a vigil He had taken that same path many times Before And knew the area well as he walked he Noticed a vehicle coming his way And worried that it might be soldiers And that they might confiscate his gun He jumped over a fence to hide from them Once the vehicle had passed he went back Onto the road Yet there he noticed a small black dog Expecting to see its owner nearby he Looked around to see if he could spot

Them He could not once his attention returned To the dog he is said to have had the Fright Of his life the creature was growing Right before his eyes Horrified he pulled out his pistol and Pointed At the ever larger beast he fired his Weapon It is said that nothing happened the Bullet Merely fell to the floor before him by This time The black cadejo had grown to the size Of a small horse and seemed ready to Strike The man fired again with the same result The hellish canine so it seemed was Bulletproof Fearing for his life he has claimed to Have instinctively called out Hail mary most pure at which the dog Disappeared After this he ran as fast as he could All the dogs in the village began to Howl as he did Terrifying him to go faster once he got Through the door of his house He reportedly fainted and so that night At least the cadejo was unable to claim His victim The hanging hills of south central Connecticut

Are a range of mountainous cliffs and Ridges Overlooking the city of meridian the Hills are popular amongst hikers Cyclists and rock climbers they are also If local folklore is to be believed Home to a rare creature a supernatural Hound Known as the black dog of the hanging Hills Stories proclaiming the beast’s Existence have circulated in oral Tradition For decades it is said that the Otherworldly creature Is a herald of fortune if you meet the Black dog once It shall be for joy if twice it shall be For sorrow And the third time shall bring death One of the earliest written accounts of The black dog can be found in the Connecticut quarterly An illustrated magazine that was active From 1895 To 1908. in the magazine’s second volume Of 1898 An article by the geologist w hc Pinchen described an encounter that had Taken place some seven years earlier on The 6th of february 1891 according to pinchen the encounter Was deadly Resulting in the death of his friend

Herbert marshall Another geologist with whom pension was Working The men were conducting geological Research in the hanging hills When they saw a black dog this was not However a novel sight for either man Years before when pinchen had been a Student studying rocks in a valley close To west peak in the hills what he Described as the same Dog had trotted along the road watching Him As he worked pinchen wrote that he Seemed friendly And kept in company even following him In his wagon all the way up to west peak And later down into southington where Pinchen stopped for dinner Certainly the geologist wrote that dog Was a philosopher for he was inquisitive Watchful and determined to follow him Everywhere the creature was light at Foot And not once did pinch and hear him bark As the day drew to an End they the dog pinchen and his horse Passed along the same route they had Taken earlier towards the spot where the Geologist had first encountered the Canine As the last light of the setting sun was Just touching the highest rocks The dog stopped looked back at pinchhen

For a moment And then vanished into the woods sad to Have lost his companion the geologist Whistled and called for the black dog But it seemed as though it had Disappeared Entirely as for marshall he had seen the Dog twice Before 1891 was therefore His third encounter it was also his last That day the weather had been terrible And the man battled to trudge Through the snow near west peak marshall Was in the lead And pinchen recalled how he had stopped And wordlessly Pointed to the top of the cliff there High on the rocks above the geologists Stood a black dog It was like the one pinchen had Encountered previously By this time however pinchen through his Discussion with marshall the previous Evening Had learned of the legend of the black Dog and was therefore Unsettled to see him according to his Article The hound looked jet black against the Snow As he and marshall watched the creature Raised his head And the men saw his breath rise steaming From his jaws

But no sound came through the biting air The black dog looked back at the Geologists then bound it away Marshall was terrified although he had Said he did not believe in the stories In that moment he was converted turning To pension He supposedly said i did not believe it Before I believe it now and it is the third Time At that very moment even as he spoke The fragment of rock on which he stood Slipped There was a cry and pinchen found Himself alone Marshall had plunged to his death Later when marshall’s body was recovered Those who found him claimed that a black Dog Had been watching over him as they Approached The creature is said to have fled back Into the snowy shadows From which it had come as friendly as The hound may have first appeared It so it turned out was a terrible omen Of death far from being a 19th century Quirk The legend of the black dog of the Hanging hills has persisted Indeed it is still regularly reported by Visitors to the hills With at least six deaths having been

Blamed On third meetings with the black dog Only last year A visitor to the hanging hills shared an Encounter they had In the spring of 2014 writing on reddit They explained how they and their wife Regularly hike The range taking a trail up to castle Craig A stone tower that overlooks the cliffs And the city below On that particular trip they claim to Have seen something peculiar A small figure on the side of the road Leading up to castle craig between some Shrubbery Blurry but most certainly there the Figure resembled a black dog With floppy ears and a hot dog tail According to the hiker It was much like the one illustrated in Pension’s 1898 article The ethereal dog-like figure so the Poster writes Crossed the road dawdling with its nose To the ground It did not stop to look at the couple And they Having heard the local legend were too Shocked to move Similar is an encounter reported by Michael anastasio A meridian native and former us marine

In 2004 he was taking photographs at Castle Craig when he noticed a dog standing by The tower There were no other people around Besides anastasio and his brother No obvious owner for the dog it also Supposedly had no collar or tags In short it had seemingly appeared from Nowhere Strangest of all however was the uncanny Resemblance that the creature bore to The black dog in pinchen’s article Anastasia was able to photograph the dog And Whilst it appears to resemble an earthly Animal the prevalence of the legend is Difficult to ignore Fortunately for anastasio and his Brother this was their first And hopefully last encounter with the Black dog Of the hanging hills thank you so much For watching If you enjoyed this video please like And subscribe for more of the paranormal Equally you can sign up to my email Newsletter on paranormalscholar.com to Ensure you never miss an Upload and if you cannot wait until my Next video Why not watch the one suggested on Screen now Until next time