Disclosure Day?

By | June 25, 2021
Disclosure Day?

Jeremy right listen You you told me you told me you were Going to Drop something i’m looking at this now And there’s nothing out Yeah listen you know you dropped two Videos Right prior which has it’s grown my Channel yeah and i appreciate that But why why are you not why why no drop It just drop it Jeremy drop right i’m good i’ve got to Start the show anyway Yes drop it Good evening folks and welcome to Alien addict in the house tonight When’s it gonna drop i think i see I’m confused something may have dropped But it’s a pretty Somebody help me out with this boys what Is it preliminary report Preliminary i don’t know it’s Preliminary [Laughter] So it’s like he’s prepping us for the Actual report Hmm is he prepping us for the for the Real report No no no no i don’t know hey it’s Today’s the 25th it’s just a deadline People it doesn’t mean they were going To drop anything If they do they’re going to do it while We’re talking because they’re going to

Run out of time they I would say one hour if they don’t do it Within an hour they’re not doing it Wouldn’t it Someone needs to drop a video that’s What that’s that’s what needs to happen Right i need to i need something to talk About Well i mean again this is just a Deadline as we suspected You know there was a very good Possibility we weren’t getting anything In our hands today It was all the process the 180 days was The process it wasn’t Like we were waiting for santa claus and Woke up this morning and saw that he Hadn’t come Although i think some people held that That sort of mentality that we’re Definitely going to get something on This day Well that’s the media was doing that Thank you my friend and because oh we Can have it kick aspirin Cheers mate thanks for all the hard work You cover in the countdown disclosure It’s shame it ended up like i thought it Would maybe next time next time You’re right and it happens every three To five years But is this report actually You know it this could be it it could be But i doubt it it’s a prelim report

That’s before it’s like they’re they’re Giving us uh A timeline of what’s going to be dropped So if you look at that report that Prelim report It goes all the way back to 2005 and it Says who was named the director of what And all this other stuff It doesn’t give us any evidence it Doesn’t show us any documents it doesn’t Show us any videos or any links to go to So It’s a prelim report on what may or may Not be happening dropping today Today’s the deadline so it would have to Be something wouldn’t you agree No i don’t know absolutely Yeah when he said it’s on the back of The covid bill Well not on the back of it but you know It’s going to be on if it’s released It would say this is the because of the It would tell us why it’s being released Where it came from because of the covid Thing That it was thrown into and youtube We’re only saying that because it’s Relevant yeah Don’t get your knickers in a twist But yeah it’s it it’s frustrating the Hell out of me because I expected it to drop about two o’clock My time i thought we’re gonna be your Morning time

I just spoke with osvaldo and he says You know what He says he’s gonna come out um at five O’clock he thinks he’s gonna come after Five o’clock just because of You know you guys you’re having your tea And that and Something to read so he thinks it Should be like i said between now and The next hour six o’clock Yeah we should we shall take it nicely Into your show rich No thank you alien girl Well i would have to start my show when This one ends yeah i would probably do That I don’t even have it set up yet oh you Know it’s You’re good no no no no no no I was just gonna kind of pick me You’re flattering um you know i think I think rich is right if we’re going to See something at all it should come Within In my opinion in the next two hours You’re looking at prime time news Broadcasting this is you know when People are just sitting down to dinner Flipping on cnn Box whatever uh platform you decide And watching this is uh the time so if We don’t see something within the next Two i’ll even give it three hours that’s It folks

That’s it yeah i would have to say Struggle warm milk and go to bed yep How did you practice it yeah yeah I know in a way that’s why i didn’t get Hyped up Well excitation yep god no i’m just Gonna say Everybody in the chat i i do really Appreciate everybody Like waiting to come in tonight and uh You know if you are new to the show hit That subscribe button hit the bell end And uh Thumbs up i love it yeah but Sorry daca what are you going to say my Friend I was going to say something along the Lines of you know make sure that you Know what you’re expecting if you don’t Expect you can’t be disappointed Right so you know everybody had these High high expectations uh And it was supported by the media Narrative so everybody got You know super hyped up about this and For nothing But i think we saw a lot of that as we Went on if you were just paying Attention and looking at not just one Particular outlet You know you could see the Incontinuities between you know what People were saying So we were all confused for most of the

Time as to what Actually might come but again this was a Process Me and lee were just kind of well lee Was reading it And i actually i’ll be honest with you i Got I got bored and lost concentration Because i couldn’t help but look at Robert de niro behind Him um and you know it’s just If this is actually it Then if that’s it then i’m i’m going to Be drinking to the early hours because i I am disappointed Well yeah well i hate to tell you that Might be Sorry go ahead yeah i was just going to Say reading the rim and the re i’m the Same as olly i can’t say either Uh report i i think the most we can hope For by the looks of it is a An extended version of that with at the Bottom A load of could be and like Extraterrestrial craft being i could be At the bottom isn’t it I think that’s the very most we can Expect Yeah i i i mean from watching your last Three or four shows rich and you’ve been Covering this and you have you had All the guys on last night which was Highly entertaining

But if anybody wants to see just So many people that disbelieve That anything is going to happen go Watch richie’s show last night Um but The people in the chat want to see What’s happening so rich can you kind of Like Can you can you dissect this for us In the way that you do you know that That geordano way What would you like me to dissect what Part the problem will be really Oh the prayer you know i hold on because I should it’s an american word It’s an american word yes it is it must Be Hold on let me pull it back up here we Go Oh jesus where Holy crap sorry guys there was a huge Thunder uh that scared the Cell out of me You said florida yeah holy mackerel that Came out nowhere All right so 2005 if this is what you Want me to do they start All it does is go through a timeline of Events from April 21st 2005 all the way to 2021. These are just press releases that’s all That’s all it is speeches and interviews Congressional testimonies News articles and some news clips and

Nothing that is a drop of information It’s just the timeline of the events That’s happened in the last I know since uh 2005. the dni Confirmation announcement that was when John Negroponte if that’s how you say he was The first director of national Intelligence So i don’t know if you remember when That happened i sure don’t Know you know and then you go to 2011 if I just jump around Uh statement by the director of national Intelligence on confirmation of charles Magala Inspector general i mean this really Isn’t about ufos It’s just showing a timeline of events For the people that are involved in what We’re doing here About ufos or to see or it looks like Because i haven’t read it yet but i’m Just jumping through it for the show Here now It’s just press releases The resignation of secretary matisse and Stuff like that So as i’m going through this i don’t see Anything that said ufo Uap or paranormal Or esoteric or anything It’s really it’s really frustrating So this is a preliminary report of

Just what’s been put out to the press Now That’s exactly what it is here so if i Go look at the photos It just shows the people doesn’t show Ufos shows people holding a microphone Giving speeches at the podium at a panel You know panel of people talking this is Nothing I’m pr i promise you you know we should Put the link maybe in the chat or Something people want to look at it Richard did that operating again oh okay So i don’t see anything of importance Here unless somebody else Michael or lee if you see something i’m Not seeing No i mean i i i just did the same thing You did before and just sort of scanned Through it Uh yeah i’m sorry so no no i’ve The um the only thing i took from it was Right at the top Where it talks about the the sensors It only has um natural Natural weather phenomena uh what i take It was there was a Acronym for something i don’t know where It is gu Uh usg is that i don’t know what it Stands for Um which i i take it is uh us Made technology but there was nothing There was nothing in that

That suggested Like exotic origins if you have uaps That’s what Concerned me looking at it You know it’s right at the top i see a Comment and i’m not sure it’s from helen Crystal energy she says Goof on before all that is the prelim The past the press reports come after So this is it I think she’s saying oh i know what She’s no but there’s She’s saying when they when there’s a Ufo report This is what i’m assuming she’s saying Is that they put out The press and they talk about it that’s What we’re seeing is the Aftermath of them dropping anything ufo Related But none of these things have the words Ufo in it it’s just Announcements of people i don’t know Look at it and figure it out i guess i Have to do more searching myself But i don’t see this as anything what we Want this is nothing to do with the The this excitement that’s been rolling Around for a month Six months actually the last month’s Been crazy I mean you’ve been saying on the show Recently rich you kind of changed your Tune a little bit about even lou

Said you know this guy could you know be He could actually be in it for the right Reasons you know and paul who might not Actually know Maybe lose being used yeah you know You’ve changed but i I was surprised when you showed that Clip am i i’m shouting out No you’re not shown what clip the the Clip Where um don’t you see the cockroach on Your microphone you Sob That’s what it looked like to me That’s the size of them yeah that’s the Right size that’s amazing You’re so funny people don’t know Ufo jesus had a bug crawling on his Microphone During one of his uh videos it was Just awful awful Did you actually know it’s my sly Huh no you didn’t see when i actually Put it there you know i was looking down I was reading Stuff in the chat i didn’t see it no Well that was like any anyway cox aside Um [Laughter] I’ve lost my train of thought um yeah Lou I i’d never seen that clip either i’ve Never that was the first time i’ve Actually

Hear him say that it could be ours yeah Yeah he’s changing Ever since uh uh the third phase thing With what’s his name Greer put pressure on him and everybody Started saying hey man You know don’t you think it could be Ours you can’t even say it So i think it sunk in and he finally Said look you know it might be ours we Don’t know i don’t think it is but And then he went off and said but you Know whatever it’s it’s definitely Uh what do they call that when Everything’s paradigm shift this could Be a very big paradigm shift like come On man I like how if you’re looking at this Preliminary report One of the things that jumps out to you On the second or third page there Available reporting largely inconclusive Limited data leaves most uap Unexplained well if that’s not the Summarization for the entire Uh article here i don’t know what is you Know it’s just so again it’s like Listening to some of these guys and i Hate to say it i mean i’m sure that you Know There are people who have access to Certain secrets and what have you But they’re gonna come on the show okay Great we’ll have you on the show you

Have uh Information about us fantastic let me Ask you a question i can’t talk Wait wait hold on you came on the show We’re gonna have energy we gotta talk About something i can’t talk So you just know things but you won’t Tell us that’s correct All right get the hell out of here i Mean what are you doing that’s what this Is too you know what i mean We already know my favorite my favorite My favorite thing that lou says a lot His answer he answers like a police Officer he gives you directives Well look i can’t really speak because I’m still under oath and i have this To my government but you could go in the Streets and march or call your Congressman and Like i tried that and they won’t call me Back So now what lou just keep marching in The streets i guess You gotta On this big press tour and got so Involved in things and Unless it is just for personal gain yeah It is bro Yeah 100 this is strictly for lou to get The rest of his life get paid for doing Interviews and saying the same thing Over and over Seriously it won’t last long though

People are already fed up with what he’s Saying they’ve heard it I mean i don’t want him on my show They’re gonna get numbers for one night And after that’s back to reality so it’s Not worth it to hear the same thing and Not get answers What has he done anybody know any work Or body of evidence that lou has and Show That he actually worked and did research I have never seen A stack of papers all i see is a fake Diploma on the wall But also i’ve i’ve never seen a picture Of jeff bezos as a child Yeah you’re uh one of your uh who the Hell was it i don’t even know who it was Ecology and last night Uh okay so you know who it was but they Even mentioned that but yeah that is Curious man That’s curious doesn’t mean anything Unless we dig deeper but That’s good well we don’t see much of Lou with anybody either the military Pictures we see are just him by himself For all we know he could just be all Made up blue I doubt him but you know because Where are i mean we see one high school Picture Anyway other than that you know you Don’t see anything same with barack

Obama we never saw any of Any pictures of him in school i think There is some I’ve seen an early picture of lou um Suited up in his His gear yeah just by himself but what Doesn’t he have friends and family that They take group photos with then he’ll Say Well i don’t want the world to know my Personal life you know so i understand That part of it Yeah i get that i get i get the but the Thing is When you’ve put i mean i haven’t put my Name out there no People just know me as ollie um But if your name’s actually out there And you’re actually willing to give the Full if that you’re willing to kind of Show Who you are as a person but you’re not Willing to show your life It’s a little bit personal yeah the only Reason yeah So sorry the i was going to say the only Reason why i don’t is because my wife Asked me not to That and that’s the simple reason behind It Sorry what was going to say rich well Now i don’t remember what i was going to Say at That point but i could just add that i

Don’t put anything about me Uh my personal family or anything on the Internet either So and i’ve been doing this for 17 years So You know what i mean it’s like you know I understand why but i’m just saying Usually if we have somebody in the Military and they’re The face of whatever and they’re talking For everybody Yeah you might see him in a group photo Somewhere But nothing anyway i’m just saying i Think his He’s his history is strange why would You take a guy Who claims he didn’t care about ufos Until he was asked to go and Work at a tip in 2008 why Why why would you put a guy with no Experience because he’s really good at Telling people that are liars He can figure it out and maybe see you Know who cares Yeah before you before you gain Experience in something there’s always Got to be that first Job you have before you start gaining Experience so it could just be that In the government the most important Thing in the world you’re going to be In charge of that oh no see that i like Lou

Himself might be in an odd situation but I’m sure there’s plenty of times where Somebody that especially in government To be honest probably government more Than Private sector where someone completely Unqualified has been given a job just Because of Who they are or who their family or Friends are Yeah i know i i see that and his dad You know was part of i think gitmo And uh was one of the few people who Didn’t get arrested for what happened Over there illegally Uh so it is interesting blue’s uh History with his family very Interesting the thing is rich when you Go live That background may actually mean Something Yeah no it’ll say none up here It’ll say non-disclosure no disclosure I’m trying to be optimistic for once to Go back to your show last night and i Honestly did think that you would get a Lot of callers Calling in and they would be giving it The whole I mean there was some strange ones on There don’t get me wrong very nice People Um but i honestly thought that they Would they would say

You know i think we’re going to get it All i mean Somebody somebody mentioned roswell um That i was very surprised you and you Were kind of like trying Come on what we gonna get what are we Gonna get like Nothing i was pulling teeth i’m like so We’re not getting anything i mean Don’t you think they’re going to say Something what do you think’s going to Happen nothing We’re not going to get any information We’re not going to get redacted Information you don’t think we’re going To get any New information that’s redacted which is Still nothing Don’t you think we might get something From roswell or rendell shim or Phoenix lights nothing maybe some radar Data i mean i would like to see radar Data And clear video i don’t know about you Guys but you know I don’t think they can do that right now They can’t but again But again too uh keep in mind that the Majority of whatever evidence is out There i’m sure Is sitting in privatized businesses or At least private hands Uh you know if you you’re taking that Dynamic as we’ve discussed in the past i

Mean listen we’ve been talking about This for the last 180 days With a focus on that we’ve been talking About the subject at large for years Before But you know this is something we have Literally beaten the hell out of In respect to a dead horse i mean trying To find any angle that we hadn’t covered And yet it’s still the cadaver in front Of us it’s it’s the bloated beast That that we have i mean we can’t do Anything with this stuff I was hoping that one of two things Would happen One at least what they gave us would Validate that Uaps and ufos are actually what we think They are they’re They just they’re there in the sky They’re in the environment we are seeing Something we don’t understand or What have you or two that this would Whatever they gave us today preface for The next uh Step in space exploration because that’s Where they’re going This is the next frontier so i thought This was more of a soft or could have Been a softening up For perhaps the technology that they Would have to release In order to get people on board to Release

And start utilizing in way of the public Eye what they actually want to use So they’re probably sitting you know if It is 70 100 years of technology they’re Sitting on You know you can again bet that a good 60 or 70 percent of that Is stuff that they’re just they’ve Already used and they’ll need to divulge That first to the public because Uh they couldn’t do it in i’m sorry they Need to divulge that first in order to Build On whatever they’re going to use next Which is what they’re currently using So i mean us being behind in this Knowledge doesn’t really help Anybody even the governments no But once you crack open You know the door of secrecy everything Should flow right out behind it and That’s What has to happen you can’t just say Hey you know Roswell was legit okay it was an Off-world vehicle we just can’t tell you Anymore wait what Now you’re confirming without a doubt That you have a ufo in captivity oh No now that starts everybody just going Crazy well how many bodies were there Do we still have them are they still Visiting so it would really be A dangerous uh tightrope they’d be

Walking on You know i would like that if they can Give us something but they can’t And i don’t i don’t see why everybody Thinks they’re going to give us Something that’s going to put us to that Next Uh tier of intelligence with technology I think if you look at society the way Things are going now i think it’s That we’re not prepared for society as a Whole we’re not Lose been pitching it’s a threat so Don’t you think that if aliens started Hanging out if they were people would Want to shoot him I don’t know man i’m just out well it’s Like we’ve been saying Uh you know whenever somebody says this Okay the ufos are a threat What are you gonna do about it are we Just gonna talk about it Okay but they’re a threat they could Cause us harm so It’s such an empty statement because There’s No action behind it and there’s there’s No at least in our eyes what we know About There’s no viable way to even approach Something like that in respect to Weaponization what have you Uh we don’t know what they have right You and i we don’t know what they have

Maybe there are other people in the Government and the militaries that do Have some idea but again what what are We going to do about it this If it if it’s a threat it’s not going Away So i guess it leaves us with that Question that people have been asking What’s next are we going up no longer Really make sense or Are we plateauing what if they gave us A little bit of truth in that though When When lou said about him asking and i Can’t remember who he asked But he said the demons what if that is The truth I mean and this is coming from people And I’m not religious at all um any way or Form Um but i kind of find myself the more And more of I’ve been looking into this subject i Always go back to The paranormal um What if there is no flying saucers You know what if what if that little bit Of it that little bit of A crumb that lou said in that sentence About them being demons and i’ve heard It been mentioned before The word demons what if that’s right Maybe it wasn’t a literal thing it was

More figurative But if you if you think the world isn’t Ready for ufo disclosure You’re going to tell the world there’s Actually demons and sees what see what Happens But that that comes from a christian Based Faith uh however you word it in our Government i mean You know they they believe in that Strongly the first you know that the Children God and everything so anything that’s Not normal is demonic almost Yeah i’m just going to say the first Person in the chat rich and That came up yesterday when i put this i Think it was yesterday when i put this This out uh was the fl he just said In the chat well earth is flat [Laughter] That was fun what Seriously what it is it isn’t well even If it is what are you gonna do about it It’s it’s it’s ethereal it’s democratic Overpowering what are you gonna do Hey listen that that to me is just Muddles up anything grounded listen i’m All for talking about the paranormal But that’s what i mentioned here michael Yeah Yes you’re rapping something’s going on Your microphone you’re cutting up

It’s like your internet connection is Intermittent like by tenth of a second It’s the audio equivalent of Little baby You don’t think i sat in front of a Mirror when i was younger doing all These kind of things I used to kiss myself in the mirror you Know Yeah bye Don’t take disclosure with you Sorry you shocked me [Laughter] I missed the joke oh no i missed the Joke the punchline I can’t hear him no we can’t i’m joking I’m joking Did you ever kiss yourself you know when You’re you know In your teens I used to be able to pull my bottom lip Up over my head but i mean i can’t do That anymore yeah You know get my fingers locked All right anyway what i was saying if You guys can hear me now uh What lee was saying you know in respect To you know the demonics and Or paranormal you know you’re sitting at The Very edge of people trying to wrap their Head around you know something Technologically being in the sky that Either

We don’t know about or it’s from a Different place but it’s much more Further advanced you’re going to bring Demonology into this as well i mean That’s just muddles everything up listen I’m all for the paranormal I love that study but in in respect to What we’re talking about here we need to Be grounded And stay grounded keep these belief Systems out of Uh that sort of sphere of perception In this respect be more scientific about It yeah What if you can’t well i mean Give me an example well what if they are Demon-like and they’re reptilian-looking Creatures that have the ability to do Anything they want whenever they want Even read your mind Well then they’re actually a threat rich [Laughter] 10-4. If they are multi-dimensional if they Are multi-dimensional and they just come From some sort of Hell type dimension or like you know In that respect they would be they would Be demons And congratulations to mario ufo I’m very happy for you my friend that is Awesome First baby boy i said baby girl by Accident

Yeah don’t have another though i’ve got Two I’ve got two as well it’s enough believe Me yeah yeah i I spent all of lockdown stopping one From killing the other I’ve got one i spent lockdown trying it To stop Me killing it And i’ve got none which one of those Nine What happened to the nine kids that’s Only on my show Oh i see you have i did i don’t want to Talk about the kids because It well every time i bring him up Something bad happens See i have i have a face ten kids by the Way I have i had 11 ones in college so now It’s 10. He’s in college he’s no longer your kid So now you get that’s elijah Elijah is in college he’s the oldest oh My god congratulations tomorrow ufo Six pounds 11 ounces that’s no pickle Rich i have a feeling that that your Show tonight is gonna be a big one Because something will hit Yeah nothing no Not even the end of your nipple nobody’s Showing up They’re getting everything right here Why bother going to my show now there’s

No reason What am i going to say go watch alien Addict no What i mean is i think something’s gonna Drop I just i think it is no something Just something that’s gonna make people That little bit giddy You got your prelim be happy with that You’re optimistic golly i i appreciate You I i just need to have a little bit of Faith here But why are you we’ve waited 180 days No you didn’t every day from One to now it was an opportunity for Them to drop Something yeah this is just the end of It it doesn’t mean there’s all the whole Truckload of stuff coming Or a piece of paper in the mail it’s not Gonna happen It’s not what you think everybody’s just And i’ll tell you why It is the mainstream media that blew it Up that way And lou going off on everybody’s podcast Telling everybody you know about this Report this report It’s a threat we got to do this then the Other thing and and then rubio kicking In his two cents and chris mullin and Everybody Else you would think something was going

To happen and corbell with his crappy Videos where’s that video we thought was Going to come out today Although today’s not over yet that is a Good question and i’ll kind of jump on That too Because i know corbell is in our chats i Know corbell is listening hey listen We’re listening to you too we’re Watching you as well pal you know if you Promise us something You say you have something give it to us Man like ollie open the show up this way I i know but you know in the way of what You you promised the public You know especially if you’re sitting on Something and we know you’re sitting on Something come on just Drop it man drop it that’s the thing why Are you sitting on it that’s another Thing altogether You know why and i’ll say it right here Because it’s all about clicks And it’s all about me me me And i’ll say it because i know he’s Listening jeremy corbell Is a compulsive liar and i’m saying it Now that guy doesn’t know the truth if It was given to him on a silver spoon When he came out of the womb Sorry the guy lied to me on air I’ll come on your show if you remove the Audio from this conversation i removed The audio

He didn’t even reply he’s a liar why did You Why did you remove the audio out of Courtesy because i called the guy out of The blue it was Uh somebody dared me to call and i Didn’t think it was going to be Corbell’s phone number So i go i’m calling it that was one of The few times i ever went through with That And he picked up and instantly i knew it Was his voice i’m like jeremy And he’s like who’s this i’m like it’s Rich giordano from goof on Hoof on yeah and then he goes I can’t talk right now you know i’m Eating dinner yeah 9 30 at night he’s Eating dinner i’m sure Maybe he was but nonetheless he stayed On the phone for seven minutes i gotta Go i can’t talk you know but then he Says Okay rich giordano goof on my room i’m Going to remember That crystal clear but can you do me a Favor Uh if you remove the audio from the Because he i told him we were live and i Didn’t want him to start saying Something That could uh be personal while we were On the show so out of courtesy And knowing jeremy corbell knows people

And you know It could be a very bad thing for me i’m Thinking so i better tell him You know the truth right away and he Said if you remove the audio rich From this from this show i i promise you He says it this way i Promise you i will come on your show and Answer all your questions I said all right i’ll do that and i did It and he didn’t So now i’m going to post the audio back Up soon Jeremy carbell is in the chat It wasn’t my own fault you lied man Jeremy you’ve got my email by all my own Look i said i didn’t know it was his Phone number It was a dare because my show’s fun it’s Not boring and i tried reaching out and Seeing if I thought it was the guy’s phone number That i was calling And he was going to prank me i didn’t Know it was you Until you answered i knew right then and There And and i did remove the audio you Promised you would come on my show and You didn’t And you ignored my emails so you’re here Jeremy go on richie’s show no i don’t Want him on my show I don’t want to lie on my phone no i’m

Done with corbell I’m done with all of them i’m just going To keep talking about them that’s all Put up another shitty video that’s a Boca or an Airplane yeah good good job you’re Really showing us all what ufos are Great job jeremy listen here’s the thing Too jeremy I mentioned this to you before when uh We were in a chat Uh we’re all in this together right i Didn’t get a reply back from that but if We have a different mentality than that Man i think we’re going the wrong Direction Let’s get together on this man let’s Maybe we have opposing opinions But make yourself available come on one Of our shows talk about it Discuss it give us what we can uh here And you know if you got to hold Something you hold something but That being said get involved with what We’re doing here this isn’t just on the Fringe of Uh these these uh fields here man this Is it can’t handle the heat michael Can’t handle the he can’t tell the truth He’s he has to lie I just wish he was coming so he could You know what i mean why wouldn’t he Come on Why wouldn’t he yeah let me because why

We only got 5 000 subscribers hey we got A lot of listeners and people watch it Whatever he’s here now he knows where to Go to get the truth he knows he’s going To hear it here He knows what he’s doing how could he Not Those videos he posted don’t show us Anything guys Nothing they don’t show us anything It’s it’s an imagination from a guy who Wants so badly to be loved by everybody That’s all it is it’s an ego show i’m Sick of it Everybody’s sick of the ego show and i’m The bad guy and i’m the bad guy while He’s putting up Airplanes and boca [ __ ] and other stuff That Could be a flare dipping into the water Oh it’s a Trans medium it isn’t you show us Absolutely nothing you claim Zero zip zilch nada nothing Your jesus hands and your thumbs upward Like go like please listen to me Everybody i’m jeremy corbell no you’re Not Nobody like speaking you’re you’re George knapp’s little puppet There i’m done i’m i mean i’m done no I’m dying To defend himself no well he could have He had a chance

And now i’m pissed off that he’s sitting Here saying it’s my fault It’s not my fault it’s your fault you Trusted somebody with your phone number Shouldn’t give that out and i called it And out of respect to you Which i gave you one hundred percent Respect and i Immediately told him jeremy i’m sorry i It was a dare i didn’t know You were gonna pick up and then he’s Like oh oh okay yeah yeah well if you Remove that rich i’ll come on your show I removed it you didn’t come on the show You didn’t even answer my emails what Does that make you a liar And i don’t like liars and if you Haven’t figured that out i’m not reading Anything he’s saying So i’m looking right at the camera Because i’m going to get more upset That’s right it’s called passion because I’ve been in it 17 years longer than you Most likely And i know a liar when i see one and i’m Looking right at one I hope you don’t me oh we’ve got there You go Third phase and the way he treated uh From you know i don’t know what happened On the call but i it was What i was told it was similar to the Way he acted to me oh how could you call Me

I don’t take phone calls what he tells Me Uh you email me email me i’m like who Doesn’t take Phone calls that’s what you got the Phone for I called you and you you could have Stood You could have been a man enough to at Least come on the show the reason i’m Acting the way i am now It’s a knee-jerk reaction for you being Here number one And number two it wasn’t my fault It was your fault you lied not me i was 100 Truthful to you out of respect i tried i Put the olive branch out there I was the one who was the olive branch Guy not you You lied you fake branched me you gave Me a false branch And that’s what happened so don’t sit There and tell me it’s my fault I tried to make things right you tried To to be you And that’s what we got a lie end of Story I think well it just got quiet no I i get rich i get your frustrations i Get you i’m sorry i’ll yeah no No no no no i know don’t no don’t be Sorry because i think i I think for like george jeremy whoever’s

Watching This if anybody else is that is in this Field that Has that has an impact in this We we need more transparency we really Do and It’s it is it’s so frustrating when You’ve got this passion for this subject How can you have transparency when They’re lying to you That’s why you don’t have transparency Because they’re lying You can’t extend the lie any further Because it’s hard to remember a lie than It is the truth So you give us a piece of [ __ ] video and A piece of [ __ ] statement with it And that’s that it’s pretty much Scripted So okay i said this on another show to You though rich If you’re given a piece of footage so So jeremy’s given the footage he puts it Out Because he’s told to put that out we Don’t know that Okay we don’t know because he’s not Transparent so You’re given the footage from george Knapp yeah But me outrage yeah would you like given The footage i would come out And say look to me this looks like a Flare

To me this looks like something but i Don’t believe it is what i’m being told It is a trans medium craft Because you don’t see it that way and if You’re going to claim there’s Other video and an extended version with It’s showing going into water and out of Water and all this stuff let’s see it Man We never see what they claim hey there’s A whole fleet of them Show me we’re not seeing that are we We’ve got radar data from two Two radars where’s that i don’t see that Either and then jeremy drops the radar Footage and doesn’t even have somebody To explain what we’re looking at here’s A couple of Dots that’s the ufos yeah okay like i Know You know get somebody to show us no Transparency No ufos you can say whatever you want I mean am i wrong here i mean you guys i Know what you’re thinking i’m not going To speak for you Because it’s corbell No listen listen rich no i mean it’s It’s got it has got a bit heated but you Know i like a bit heat You know i mean i live in the uk i’ll Take it come on he’s going to come on Here and tell me it’s my fault that he Didn’t come on my show

When he promised he would well i’ll i’ll Send him one and It’s just I think it was last year he emailed me So i’ve got the email somewhere else I’ll search thank you area five Thank you sean um This is kind of not me for six i didn’t Expect him to pop into the chat but I wish that these people if they’ve got Nothing to hide You know when the the And like you said on your show rich it’s Kind of building up to that report you Expected jeremy to drop something today I didn’t expect anything i expected to See another video but i didn’t know it Today i didn’t Other people think it’s today no you you Said on the show that you Like i don’t know if it was joking that You thought it was going to drop Something today because that’s what i Heard Yeah because that’s what people were Saying yeah I i think These people need to kind of speak to us Why who are we to them be because We’re the anti them that’s why they Won’t do it They think we wanna they think ali and i Don’t mean to interrupt but they think We’re against them when we’re not we

Want to be with them I want to be on the same team damn it i Don’t want To have an argument i want jeremy to Stand by his His word hey man i was nice When i called him i could have been a Total dick and not removed that audio Because i didn’t have to But i did it because he said he was Going to come on and i thought that was An olive branch And it wasn’t not for him and that’s the Type of guy he is and that’s that I emailed him twice i didn’t just email Him once i emailed it twice Just to make sure i say look before i Put this audio up on My show can you come on the second email Because i’m gonna po i still haven’t Done that now it’s two weeks ago Right i’m i’m much more interested in The series of events That led up to this to be perfectly Honest to like too Um for where we are now sat in front of Like a live stream talking about a a Report that we Hasn’t hasn’t given us what we want or Hasn’t come out yet Uh as far as the cobell think thing goes When you look at it it was like stages Wasn’t you had the Uh to the stars academy that sort of

That came out and then the Tommed along on rogan and then corbell’s Documentary Came out later which got him on rogan Which ended up with lazar there This thing has always has mounted slowly Slowly slowly slowly slowly Is this like a a series of fortunate Events That have given um Given these people a platform To uh to essentially gain personally off It Or is it a series of orchestrated events That have been put there to purposely Push a narrative I think this is definitely someone in The chat that i’d like i’d like their Opinion On that from um mr grier But you know it’s is it our people just It has something spawned organically and People are just grabbing it wherever They can they’re grabbing whatever they Can just to benefit from it Or has this been like a narrative that’s Been set For for all these things to happen and If so And nothing comes of it then that’s a [ __ ] story that’s a [ __ ] end to like a Winding the rate if that’s happened This happens all the time in ufology That’s why i expect

Nothing yeah but but not not so not so Out there not so out there in the Mainstream No but think about it lee We still don’t have anything that Propels us into The next level all we have is more Discussion about it i don’t have time I mean they if they think they’re going To get the the general Public on board they’re wrong because i Talk to the public and they think Are we going to war with aliens you know I mean that’s what people think is going To happen They hear threat don’t know what it is Ufos But if they’re thinking that that means That the situation has been designed To make people think that right which is Shitty Yeah so that’s what i mean i’m more in My opinion than that now But i’m more interested in the like the Conspiracy that’s led to this Than i am actually like what what could Come out of it A lot of people with ego too yeah It has a lot to do with ego let’s say It’s not ego and i’ve Taken that out of the equation so let’s Say jeremy it has nothing to do with ego He’s given this Uh these videos that apparently he’s

Been sitting on And waiting for approval which makes no Sense i mean that’s that’s what we heard I heard knapp say it on on his show we Have to wait till we get authorization Before we I’ve had this video for two years in my Hands and there’s nothing i can do and Why would they give him video evidence And I mean they trust nap that much they’re Going to give him the evidence before he Can show the evidence uh come on It doesn’t work like that i i don’t know What do i know right I’m not i’m not in the military well What i meant in the way of ego is not Necessarily the individual But you know let’s take an organization Like mufon or you know any of these Other that sort of mirror that that same Effort uh what’s more important to these Groups being the first To uh bring out something new to be on Top to be ahead The very first one in the race or to Just get this stuff out here and Allow people to understand what we’re Experiencing I mean one is a much different path than The other and i think unfortunately The former is what a lot of these Organizations follow i mean we see it in The paranormal

World as well they just want to get Those ratings they want to get on top And you’ve mentioned clicks you’ve Mentioned views Yes that’s all part of it but there’s no Reason To sit on anything that was given to you That could benefit the collective at Large There is no reason to do that Right now i’m just saying because that’s Just all rumors that I mean except for the nap one i’m not Sure but i’m assuming if he’s holding What that he’s holding the others If he does have anything else um but if You take the ego out of it Okay and let’s just say they’re putting It out and but they’re putting it out as A threat Why you have to think why because they Won’t get Funding for whatever it is they need Funding for By the government if there’s no reason To give them money if there’s no threat Then What are we gonna get money to study for If it’s no threat you can do fine with Five million dollars over ten years You know so there has to be a threat for Them to get what they want from the Government And unfortunately is there not enough

Threats But is there not enough threats in the World between Um like china and russia or For us to invent enough things to put Into Military spending i don’t i don’t think We have to bring Ufos into it just to get extra well or To convince the us to spend more more on Military Different funding different interests Entirely Uh you know there’s things that are more Topical more superficial right out in The open on the table and there are Things underneath the table That are getting these fundings so you Know while i don’t think that there This is a call for funding in a very General way i think that there’s an Element of that there Yeah not directly saying we need funding You can’t do that you have to prove Something Is a threat and they’re saying that the Videos they’re showing us Show that that’s a threat and i don’t See that at all Absolutely i see less of a threat to be Honest with you um So it’s it’s just a weird narrative It’s very strange to me that if you if You put the videos up with the narrative

They don’t it doesn’t Help each other i don’t see how an Object Around black things that we don’t know What it is could be a flare most likely Is a couple miles away And goes into the water you know and and They’re saying splash down but to me it Looks like Something else i mean who knows nobody Knows It’s it’s all speculation for us i don’t Know Does jeremy know does george knapp does Lou What do they know do they really Absolutely no do they really know Okay so where are we at now We’re waiting for this supposed dump Data dump of ufo Evidence that frankly i don’t think it’s Gonna happen They had 179 days before today And we said it’s not enough time let’s Look at this in a different way too what Is this actually doing for people Okay we’ve been talking about this for 180 days it’s officially on the back of A relief bill The writing’s up there on the wall now For anybody to read and look at So at the very least and we’ve been Talking about this not at length but Definitely mentioning that this at least

Raises people’s awareness About this phenomenon and maybe even Peaks interest you know unfortunately You’re going to get some of that fear Narrative in as well but that’s why We’re talking The way that we’re talking to sort of Even that playing field out and give People the other side if you want to Look at it in a polarized sense Of uh you know this story at large so i Mean i do think that there’s something Good that will come out of this whole Thing even though it’s not Again what people expected yeah Welcome blake and brent hey what’s up Guys hey what’s up what’s up brother i See him back then now what’s going on The big day today right huge day The big shows right here let me tell you This is more exciting than what we saw In the Official report just released this is The most Drama i’ve had since i used to watch Coronation street when i was it When i was a youngster did you pass off The links to dr Corbell let’s get them all in right now I I’ve i emailed carl bell Uh i’ve passed him the link uh i i don’t Have you know i’m gonna email tell him Jump by

Yeah of course he’s welcome That’s good to see dr greer in the house Uh talking obviously he’s calling A corbell a liar i think rich is calling Him a liar You know jeremy the way he just came on The chat and just started poking fun and Calling little names it kind of gives a Little bit of his Character you know what i mean yeah Everybody knows my character yeah You know we don’t hide it what’s crazy Is that Over the past few months everybody’s Been revealing that their true colors And that that’s yes kind of cool we know Where everybody stands in this field And it’s unfortunate that a lot of these People are revealing Their true nature and their you know Their narrative of what they’re trying To Accomplish so it’s kind of cool we’re Able to see Behind the curtain now who’s on what Side of not and now it’s like okay good Now we know where everybody stands so I think this is a good position where Everybody’s in right now And it’s kind of like we don’t have to Have any of these guessing games anymore About Where people’s thought process is i want To give richard like a big thumbs up the

Way he handled corbell the way he jumped On the chat And uh yeah this way you handled Yourself i Totally respect how you approach it it’s Just the only way to do it He said he was gonna call you back and He promised he’s gonna Call you back promise me i have it on i Have proof that he promised Anyway he said the same thing to me he Said he’d get back to me promise he’d Get back to me when we Invited him on to have a discussion with Dr greer along with nick pope Luis elizondo and all these other guys And you know Dr grier asked him to come on the third Phase moon platform we did it and we got These responses and jeremy was real Hostile and he said he would Get back to me if i email them so i did You know the private conversation and But uh It’s kind of the same hostile response Which is Bizarre you know we’re just adults here Trying to have a communication And have a simple discussion a lot of People just don’t want to show up Like it’s they’d rather just like call Out people and Call them names crybabies bullies i Don’t negotiate

With you know terrorists obviously weird Language All it is is just a simple discussion Let’s clear some things up here Yeah boys My question to you and brent Do you think these guys are actually in This Like deep in into this as in They’re being paid to say certain things Or do you think that they are Just on a different side to what we are In the way that we think about ufology Like do you think It’s that we possibly could come Together And and actually work together and Actually Bring something forward as a team or do You think that these guys Are it’s you just can’t touch the you Just can’t touch them If that makes sense well it kind of does Like the big question is what is Their agenda and who’s pain uh you know Luis elizondo he’s Talks to just about anybody all day long And You know it’s just weird like does he Have a job or is he just doing this out Of passion or is he Being paid to talk to everybody instead Of like big channels like third phase The moon

It’s kind of interesting i see corbell’s Here correct corbell let’s just talk a Little bit clear some things up Corbell why are you just trickling down This information in little Breadcrumbs we that’s one of the big pet Peeves for all of Everybody in this field that we get this Is little breadcrumbs why not just Dump all the files that you got these Videos instead of editing them Giving us a little still with fuzzy Wuzzy pictures and then uh Later releasing little clips is there’s Somebody telling you you can’t Release certain parts who’s in control Here and Why this trickle-down video seems like There is some kind of Chess game going on or not even a test Game it seems like there’s a script It’s already been written and these are The tactics for mainstream to get the Major Media involved and give this threat now We’re living little tidbits what I don’t know third phase moon we get Footage and we put it out as fast as Possible That’s our expertise here and i don’t Know why you sit on stuff we don’t sit On anything If we sit on stuff we’d get piled With too much information i don’t know

About you jeremy i just You know when you get this stuff just Put it out contact third phase move We’ll share your Uh videos um you know that’s what the Whole thing is We should all come together and work This out On the exact same brainwave not like This fractured community which it has Become In a way that i’ve never seen anything Like it i think lou Elizondo and tom delong and the ttsa Single-handedly destroyed the whole Community everybody was kind of in this One circle These guys came in and just like you Know put a wrench in the will and Everything just went crazy and there’s a Lot of fractured Go ahead i don’t mean to put you on a Spot blake But can you i want to hear because i Always ask you questions and i i you Know just to see if If i’m happy with the way i’m thinking Of things What was it why has it fractured the Community though what did they do so Wrong Well you know i think we watched Unidentified that was a good start that Tv series was awful

Forgot about it you know it’s a Constant threat it really explains Itself look at what unidentified was all About That was awful stuff and they were just Blaming on on china and russia Hey good to see you jeremy i’m glad You’re in the chat appreciate it Jeremy can you i’ve emailed him i’ve Emailed him brett i’ve sent Him i’ve i i have brent blake i’ve sent Him the link Good okay so he said i can call him now All right No i don’t think it was so fractured Until lou elizondo And tom delon and ttsa came into the Picture Even grier was all associated with Everybody that he just called out Recently They used to go to these you know Contact in the desert they’re doing Documentaries together everybody One big happy family one agenda to get To the truth But over the past year since lou’s been Out and you know the major media is not Talking to anybody Else except you know the major players You got a little frustrated and for some Reason they don’t even want to Communicate with the guy Greer’s statements have been pretty

Solid over the past 20 30 years he he hasn’t changed at all He hasn’t brought up anything New but for some reason all of a sudden You know greer disagrees with what’s Going on in the major media and then They just like jump ship from greer’s Boat doesn’t make any sense And i think for some reason it got Fractured between What how lou’s come out let’s see rich His My number and so does rich how do we Know that’s corbell Is that really him that’s jeremy it’s Jeremy there’s no There’s no doubt about that i would have Said the same thing just so you know in Case he did watch it by all me Rich sending the link it’d be great to Get him in and just have that Conversation an open conversation like Adults ralph you need to Prepare send the link rich send the link You never i i Jeremy i’ve i’ve emailed you i you Emailed me a year ago i’ve emailed you Back I did email him but i emailed him back a Year ago but he never got back to me Um yeah by all my i think we need to Discuss it like adults I mean it yes I don’t know what greer thinks of jeremy

Whether Grier is on the same level as what he Said about tom delong when he was on Security in ten he said tom’s a lot He thought tom delong was being used i Imagine Stephen may say that about jeremy i i I don’t know as steven said Anything about jeremy to you guys Like well yeah you know we speak with Steven gr Quite a bit over the past couple weeks You know things are happening And uh you know i’m not going to get Into personal uh Things that grid tells us and his Opinions of other people that’s not our That’s not our stick here at third phase Move we’re just kind of You know we just gather information from The public and we put it out as fast as Possible And we bring in different viewpoints it From you know all these talking heads we Don’t You know we’ve had jeremy corbell on the Show third phase of the moon i don’t Know 10 years ago we promoted his film The bob lazar Story we crushed it we crushed i think We got like up to a million views now Just helping him out with his Documentary and then we give him a call We need to tax us and start to yell

Obscenities About dr greer and everything else it Just felt Pretty unprofessional on his part when We’re just making a phone call You know we just want to uh talk invite Jeremy corbell on platform have a Discussion like grown men With uh dr graham hey that invitation is Still open You know and we’ve helped jeremy corbell Out so when we called them up and We told them hey it’s third phase moon And the response you know we’re all in This together We thought his documentary with bob Lazar bob lazar is an interesting uh you Know figure In this field so it wasn’t a problem uh Promoting And getting the word out on that so Jeremy if you’re listening hey You know i don’t know you maybe you woke Up on the wrong side of the bed that day You got a lot of stress you’re in the Knees all the time i guess I i don’t know what’s going on but People need to chill Chill out man it’s what’s the deal Jeremy was doing some things a decade Ago trying to kind of set Okay let’s go easy on this stuff all Right all right There’s some certain details that we

Don’t need to spread out in the public You know There’s a lot of stuff going on and i Just You know it could get messy and it Doesn’t need to get messy The drama behind all this stuff is a Waste of time You know there’s other things that we Need to worry about but unfortunately Drama is just like everybody’s tripping Over it and that’s what’s Nobody’s keeping their eye on the ball And that’s what we’re trying to do you Know we’re trying to get people’s Information let’s hear where their heads Are at let’s get this Thing on the road i can say this i’m Disappointed Because just yesterday we found out Richard dolan Is done with the you know we’re gonna Have this debate we’re gonna have this You know Discussion with richard dolan coming up On july 3rd and unfortunately there’s Something that came up We don’t know what came up but dolan Said the event Is off so it’s unfortunate it could have Been a meeting of The minds something was going to happen The third phase moon we’re ready we’re Always ready we’re prepared

We’re ready to talk to anybody it’s no Big deal why are people scared To get on your platform man just to talk I don’t get it I don’t know i don’t know man big Following we got a big phone One mistake you know it could be Interesting it’s you know on a small Channel they can make mistakes all they Want they come on a big channel you got Tens of thousands a hundred thousand People watching this stuff They can’t afford to make any mistakes Here and that’s what i think Their concern is and i was looking Forward to have some uh You know we’re gonna have some Discussions with Dolan who knows what would have happened Maybe we would have agreed on everything I’m not exactly sure but something or Someone in my opinion may have got into His head we don’t know i was just about To ask that Oh i didn’t think i don’t know we’re Speculating all we know is dolan called It off and there’s some kind of uh You know the dates didn’t match up but Hey he put up a video saying that he was Going to come on the show So i don’t know something so isn’t it His idea though Yeah you know uh we’re approached by uh Darcy and dolan to uh come on

This you know this live thing so it Wasn’t our idea to reach out to dolan But dolan agreed From uh somebody that was producing Behind the scenes to come on the show so That was kind of cool Someone reached out to dolan as my Doctor stephen where it says Yeah you know ah that’s my speculation Obviously The debate’s not happening and you know We’re ready Like i said we’re always ready so what Is there you know It’s very weird it’s weird what’s going On here Can’t we just talk guys everybody it’s No big deal Wow lee is is somebody On the kind of outs outskirts like a fly On the wall of Ufology what what do you what do you Make about The different sides going on here like Um it’s strange isn’t it because it’s so It’s so fractured i can understand um I can understand why uh cobalt wouldn’t Want to what wouldn’t want to come on Right now i get why Um but When you’ve got uh when you’ve got People like that which are in such Controlled situations i understand why They don’t want to go on third phase

Because It seems that they have to play a part In this narrative And i don’t think third place are part Of that You know it’s uh the the fact that You’re such a massive channel as well You know that that’s That makes it equally more dangerous to Sort of vary from the path And like i was saying before that even Just reading the chat here Is when you’ve got someone like cobell Which has been such A massive part of this story and then You’ve got What realistically when you when you Look up and down the chat it’s people That are in these boards Which are the bread and butter for what Will be his career these are the people That are watching his documentaries And listening to the podcasts he goes on But there’s such a clear distrust Of that man and i Maybe did maybe discourse with with uh Stephen gray wood Would help some some of that and sort of Put pay to it but I i don’t think it would do i don’t i Don’t think this Whatever this sort of thing is of like Ufos being classified as uaps and then Um it’s all leading up to this this

Report It there’s a clear plan in place And i’m [ __ ] confused if i can Understand what it is Well i can tell you when we have a People invite guests to come out to Third phase moon We kind of just give them a call and we Say this is the time we don’t vent them Out we don’t Tell them these are the questions that We’re going to ask when elizondo goes on Pretty much Any podcast what you’re going to see is We hear through the grapevine Is you’re going to be talking with them For about an hour and a half before The presentation happens or radio show They’re going to brief them On what they can and cannot ask and if If you’re doing that in this field That’s already kind of a red flag in Itself It shouldn’t be prep it should just be a Dialogue and any questions should be Asked Yeah well that’s the problem if i’m Sorry i’m just going to Throw this in real quick and i’ll let You go lee that’s exactly the problem if You know there is a narrative being uh Ushered there and if you want to come on One of our channels we’re looking for The truth we’re not going to ask you

Those questions where you can sit inside A safe margin And know that this is what’s going to be Discussed we’re not going to stray Outside that Box the whole point in understanding and Come back to your original Intention all of you out there who are Doing this at large what is your Intention in being involved in this Field Is it for the betterment of humanity at Large Is it for your own personal vindications Is it somewhere in between I think some of these guys have to go Back to their initial reason For getting into this field and looking At it intellectually the way that we are Uh revisit themselves man because i Think a lot of this division Starts with the individuals and the Narrative that they’re supporting Again if you come on one of our shows You come on third phase of moon Yes you can have an opposing opinion That’s okay We’re not in grade school where you know We’re going to get into a fist fight Over it We’re going to be adults and we’re going To talk about it we’re going to put Things on the table we’re going to say Okay

Maybe i didn’t consider this or maybe You had a different vantage point Let’s have that discussion i don’t see The challenge To run away from that sort of debate it Doesn’t have to be something Verbally uh violent in a sense we can we Can agree to disagree if that’s what it Comes to but we’re still intellectually Moving up that ladder sorry we go ahead It’s okay i can’t was going to say now Anyway I apologize man i’m so happy good The thing is we all interrupt each other On this subject and there’s a reason why Because it is so out there that we all Have different opinions on this but It’s okay to have opinions but when There’s an agenda involved and people Have different Agendas that’s when it’s dangerous I know i would like to hope so I’d like to hope that because you were Saying before doc i would that was It’s an ego thing and that’s kind of the Best That’s the best scenario of it because If If jeremy’s done uh excellent as far as He knows Uh he’s been on joe rogan then that That’s given the step to just do all These like major media platforms like Cnn and stuff like that sorry i’m just

Waiting for joe rogan to pop into the Chat Yeah yeah she’s the only one missing so Hey if it is an eagle if if it is an ego Thing where It’s just like right well i’ve hit that Level now so i’m not i’m i’m not Doing anything that isn’t that i can get That but i just I don’t believe it’s just an ego thing You know it’s There would be it would be too good for An ego wouldn’t it to come on the Smaller shows and have All the like a proper community sort of Lapping up every every word you say So that that’s just why i’ve slowly not Trusting any of it and that makes me Trust joe rogan slightly less i don’t Like not trusting joe rogan i love Roberto Well let me just say jeremy corbell Agreed to come on my show later Well that’s great amazing awesome yeah Yes that’s my morning side if that’s get On there and talk It is him rick you just click on him Click on the I don’t all right if it’s him it’s him I’m not giving him the click okay if He if really if he really is coming on Then uh That’s 7 p.m pacific his time One question my question d i want you to

Ask jeremy And this is what if this would be the Main question if i had him on my show What i would ask him is how does he get His beard To look that good [Laughter] We’re not here for pleasantries we’re Not here in trees this time Maybe we’ll get there next time but no i Never get into Work to do here look up absolutely i Think It would be a nice conversation it would Be a discussion that i i Am willing to have and i don’t want to Be a dick you know i don’t like it i Don’t like being that way But when somebody says something you Know stand up to it and do it So it’ll be interesting and if he does Come on tonight that’ll uh That’ll be a that says a lot to me Anyway not that It should matter to him anyway you know Like he doesn’t you know but I mean i wouldn’t care if somebody liked Me or not or hated me but But it is interesting if he does come on It is going to be interesting Because it would not be nice yeah i mean Interruption No it would be nice because maybe he Would open the door for other people to

Say okay it’s okay to step through this Door Maybe that’s it maybe he’ll come on Third phase of the moon later i mean Yeah again not one guest has ever left My show On unhappy ever I could say this michael we had jeremy Corbell and we would phase the moon We had jeremy corbell on third phase Moon 10 years ago and i think is one of The least watched Episodes on third phase moon ever so you Know jeremy it’s all about your evidence That you’re bringing forward i don’t Really Care about jeremy corbell i just care About like how’s he getting this Evidence Yeah how is he obtaining it where’s the Rest of the footage And what else do you got that’s about it That’s What’s that why don’t you drop it and Why don’t you just drop it all at once You know jeremy whatever he makes these Documentaries Love them or hate them i don’t i don’t Care about any of that stuff It’s this footage that he’s obtaining How is he obtaining it why isn’t it Really Being just released all at once these Are the questions that i have for jeremy

I’ll ask them Very good very very appropriate and Responsible questions That we need answered from this Individual yep What else do you got jeremy what else Are you holding close to the breast here You know what i mean it’s like What’s why why the trickle down why do You show us stills Of a video image and then two weeks Later released the video image Why tease us is it Is it a strategic move to try and get as Many eyeballs on the story as possible And this is The kind of techniques you got to get Through to the major media and you got To play by these little Trickle-down steps well if that’s the Case we’ll just admit it and then maybe We could understand These are techniques and how we get it The big eyes on it look And we stretch it out this is a this is A publication technique in the major Media Well at least admit it if that’s what You’re doing but i’m not sure if that’s What’s really going on And it’s i don’t know i’m just curious On how you receive those videos we Receive videos on a daily basis it’s Pretty cool

We just did a report out of uh shanghai China with the correspondent out there Burbex and you know on the ground we Have correspondents Everywhere everybody’s doing on the Ground reports that work with the third Phase moon panel And uh hey jeremy if you want to you Know participate in something bigger Than all of us Maybe maybe you can share some evidence And we’ll put it out there that’s what Our platform’s for is to get it out as Fast as possible It’s real simple but but isn’t george Knapp doesn’t he have a contact at the Pentagon that’s getting these videos and Evidence for corbell Yeah i heard that that’s what i heard That’s a good question let’s find out And that’s okay i mean specific answer For that That’s a great question as well how’s is George knapp the middle man Between the pentagon and why are they uh Giving it to a journalist A journalist that’s some kind of a you Know news anchor in las vegas Why why give it to even george now what Made you You know what makes him the go-to guy Is there a reason i guess he’s been in It for a while but i don’t think he Shared as much

Evidence from the public as much because We have a third phase of the moon I think what we put out like here’s his Name he’s been there hasn’t it Got his archive beat his his name’s been There for such a long time though isn’t It you know it’s Um people aren’t like totally into the Subject Know who george knapp is And i guess he can keep his mouth you Know Shut he doesn’t talk about his sources So you know he got some sort of trust Maybe with them that way Could it be coming in from bigelow for All we know With and uh well I think there’s definitely a is Definitely a link there blake with Bigelow definitely one hundred percent i Think so There’s something going on you know We’re pretty much we know i think what’s Going on within the circle Involved with the major media there’s a Lot of leaks coming out from On that side i guess people want us to Know the information of what’s really Going on Behind the scenes in regards to this Narrative that’s Being put forth on the major media and Again we’re not going to get into

The details on that i i think that just Muddies the waters But we’re kind of like we realize There’s something going on and uh You know it’s controlled people are in Charge And uh again it’s it seems it’s like There’s a big script going on it’s Already written And uh man what about this nine page Report anybody get to read any of that We just went over it real quick that’s All we did we skimmed through it Yeah yeah not much going on over there Is there isn’t it It’s just the uh press releases and Stuff like that that’s it From 2005 till present uh Press releases of who you know isn’t you Know director of this Or who’s been fired and it’s nothing i Didn’t see anything that said uap in it You know we talked to michael stratt Last night and uh He knows pretty much for a fact we have These videos in clear Broad daylight clothes black and white Glossies And why don’t they we’re not they’re Just not going to give it up they’re not Going to give it up that’s why it’s up To us to get it out there It’s up to us and some you know if They’re extraterrestrial in nature they

Didn’t make an agreement with Anybody they could reveal themselves Anytime they want As far as this what’s that i was going To say let me throw this question out There If we’re not seeing it from the Government We don’t see it from the public either So maybe there isn’t anything to show us Is that possible it is possible Maybe this tic tac doesn’t even exist Right frank yeah we’re kind of talking About that the government doesn’t Investigate faith or religion and this Is kind of You want to get in closer hard to hear Yeah yeah come on can you both get next To each other it’d be nice to have you Both on at the same time Well it’s kind of been like the military Doesn’t investigate faith-based religion That’s pretty much off the top off the Topic you’re not you’re not going to see Declassified papers of What happened with jesus 2000 years ago Now when we’re talking about ufos People do think it could be like a Faith-based religion where you’re Believing In this aspect of the unknown is that We’re not alone And it still has been proven yet but now The government’s researching it and

They’ve been doing it for who knows how Long 70 years So there’s something to it which makes It more tangible Than uh faith-based religion so it’s Pretty cool that It delved that deep into it but the Biggest thing about countdown to Disclosure and what happened today Is probably that they named it 180 days To Count down to disclosure just helping The documentary that we put out Has more information than what just Dropped today in uh on this nine page Report it’s pretty sad Absolutely you think there’s going to be Something to follow this though because Like we said at the beginning of the Show this is kind of like the pre-report Is something going to drop in the next Couple of hours Well jeremy says he has more videos uh If jeremy’s still in the chat when’s That going to drop let’s ask that Question he’s still in the chat Yeah yeah that’s a very good question Uh let’s see it yeah we’re all waiting But he can’t tell Can he tell sir why couldn’t he tell us When he would put it out Give us Unless it interfered with his agenda You know again it comes back to i don’t

Understand why these things can’t be put Out the moment Listen it’s as simple as this and yes This is sort of left field but it does Make sense if you look at it in certain Ways here there’s a universal law That sort of says hey listen if you come Into Information that is will positively Affect People at large it’s your responsibility To disseminate this information Uh you know not looking for anything Coming back to you if Of course energetically things do come Back to you but You know you can’t withhold stuff for a Personal agenda Or monetary gain or anything like this i Mean Again i’m kind of beating a dead horse And saying this but I apparently feel like i have to keep Reiterating This particular concept that this is for The masses this is for All of us you see something in the sky You don’t own it You might have filmed it you own the Footage but you don’t own The event that’s happening here so yeah That’s what i have to say about That well the government does it that Way

Yes they do they certainly do Actually we don’t i personally would we Trust The thing the thing is now though would We actually trust any footage Any footage no matter how good it was no Matter how clear it was No matter how much you looked it in Thought that can’t be fake Would we 100 percent Trust it i honestly don’t think i would Depends on how good it looks I think we could all do the source Assessment yep That’s too good to be true which we Always see all the time and then Obviously it’s 100 cgi but if it’s Coming in From the government you could tell if It’s cgi if it’s done correctly with the Camera movement so this way it moves Special effects can’t reproduce this We’ll be convinced we just need that Smoking gun video or give us some Evidence of some Medals or whatever you guys got brent i Would agree with you there Was a one second daca i would agree with You there But when you look at things like now Like deep Fake when people are actually being Being able to you can start You can yes give it five years

Yeah give it some military funding as Well Right so yeah so when it comes to The military um if there is People i always hear people talking About Uh project bluebeam or the fake alien Invasion And you mentioned last night about That’s already happened rich Or it’s already happened okay what if There’s that Kind of see is that cgi technology that Is being withheld That they can make something Look that good on a Some flare footage or whatever that they Can release something And we we the general public will look At it and go That’s the one that’s the smoking gun But that In reality is just something that’s been Made We as far as we know and and you guys You’ve been in the you know what you’re Doing with cameras this time the other And you know how to spot a fake we all Kind of know how to spot a fake When we see it on youtube but Do we know how to spot a government like Bigger than the government fake you know That kind of fake that technology that That we just don’t see as general public

I don’t think he would because i i i i Would put Money on it that you’ve already seen Fakes on the news and When uh leaders have been put in certain Places where they didn’t Want to go or couldn’t go yeah yeah uh Where they didn’t want to go i couldn’t Go i guarantee You’ve watched stuff on the news that You’ve thought Was there and isn’t there So i think that’s it’s already possible To fool people in that way I’ve said all along that from The if if there was any sort of Government disclosure Everything would turn its head and we Would be doing these live streams Talking about how we don’t believe the Ufo footage And every uh every mainstream guy Out there that’s like doing a normal job That’s usually watching like dancing With the stars on a saturday night They would be believing aliens are Coming to get them And the whole thing would switch on its Head and the conspiracy theorists would Be the guys that didn’t believe it Anymore And this is what’s happening lee the the Conspiracy guys you know The guys that have been doing this it’s

It’s truth seeking isn’t it they’re like It’s it’s questioning things and that’s What anyone that’s interested in any of These Any of these type of subjects that’s all We do is question Things so when something comes along It’s going to promise you the world You’re going to question it If this would have happened five years Ago i had a problem being like Trying to teach my parents about ufology And trying to even though i’m not a Ufologist myself i always say that but I would be trying to say look Something’s gonna hit so then it’s gonna Be big you need to be aware of it you Know but I’m not even bothered because I don’t i don’t trust any of it Yeah i i’d have been rolling my sleeves Up and slamming it directly into my Veins If it had happened five years ago Do you have faith in this brent do you Have to do you think that We’re ever gonna see anything or do you Think he’s just gonna be the public That’ll bring it Oh i think we’re gonna find out in our Lifetime that We’ve been visited let’s just hope come On that’s what we’re here on this planet For

Um i have faith that what we’re Receiving at third phase of moon and how Powerful it is with the information Coming in all the time that We’ve got things on our channel that Nobody could explain what the technology Behind it is the matter propulsion Is it going to be something that we’re Going to be able to Pick up tangibly where we’re going to be Able to get into vehicles such as this Kind of tic tac uh we’ll see but i do Think it probably will be trickle down And i think they are reverse engineering Alien tech and we’re going to be seeing It in our lifetime hopefully sooner Rather than later but i do have a Confidence that um we’re going to get an Answer one way or another in our Lifetime hopefully uh In the next it’s not going to happen Today that’s for sure And that’s a big letdown but would you Guys Trust it would you guys trust it if it Came from a pie if it came out and if we Saw a video that Pretty much can’t explain what we’re Looking at if let’s just say if the Government has its own hollywood tech Company inside its own military service And they have this software that they Could create cgi better than hollywood Can

Then maybe it could convince us and we Could get tricked on it but We haven’t seen that come out from the Government yet where there’s this kind Of high-tech Movie cinema technology that’s better Than what we’re seeing in hollywood i Think hollywood’s Pretty much a their top of their game And if I don’t think our government will be Able to replicate that and convince us That This was actual real video but instead It was some Something that they created i don’t Think so But that’s possibility they could be Making their own movies In-house in the military with technology That uh Could leave hollywood up 100 100 years In the past of what what’s going on One of the smoking guns for me is is the The children the south african children You’ve seen that They were in i mean it’s been out for Years and you’ve seen that But uh in the phenomena i can’t say that Word but They were featured in that um That to me is one of the folk smoking Guns because children Do do not lie they do when they want

Sweets Uh or they want a lollipop or whatever You know and they Say no i’ve not had a lollipop today Well you have because your mum just told Me out But children those children When they were when they were talking About that they didn’t you know they They looked like they were just Telling they were just telling what they Did at school You know it was yeah and and still to This day When you look in them now growing up That to me That’s a smoking gun that really is Because i wish they had a camcorder over There and was filming I think we would have saw something that Would uh kind of maybe uh Answer this question a long time ago Somebody had a good camera started Snapping some pictures That’s unfortunate there’s a lot of These great cases with people And testimony that you truly believe it They just had a camera that day We’re talking to somebody again where They’re just uh they had the oz factor They’re seeing this large craft go over Nevada and he says He did have a camera on him and if he Got it

He would have had the smoking gun but we Hear that story all the time Unfortunately We’re not having that crystal clear Proof that just Just it’s definitive this is it they’re Here Why do you think our god What the hell is that noise It’s one of these you got one Let me see Say hello oh yeah awesome she’s a cutie I can’t believe we’re trying to attempt Jeremy corbell on with puppies now Have we well he got that far did jeremy Ever answer That question in the chat when he’s Going to be dropping the video i didn’t See I can’t read it he didn’t he said he was Checking he said he was checking About 10 minutes ago oh cool Cool hey yeah all right this is good This is a even though it’s Not a direct conversation we’re getting Some communication here Sometimes that’s all it takes you know It’s kind of funny i think about it this Way We’re really in the most archaic of Times when it comes to this field By and large 30 40 50 years from now We might be talking about ufo sightings As something passe in the respect that

It’s now a natural thing that you tell Your children about they tell their Children about You know it’s as is natural as the sun In the sky maybe we don’t still have Answers at that point where they come From or whether we’re involved Technologically but This is where it’s going it’s Progressive so If everyone’s along for the ride which Of course they’re integral to this Process Eventually we’re going to either have to Know what they know or we’re going to be Dropped On a lower tier wherein it’d be very Recognizable the role that we might play At that point whether it be Uh some sort of emotional mental Manipulation Physical manipulation the way of slavery These lines are moving apart and Eventually we’re either gonna have to Gravitate towards one end of the Spectrum or the other Because it’s dividing the duality is Sitting very Very steadily in between those two Outcomes but those are really the two Outcomes that we could look at By and large We join those who have this information And know what’s going on into this new

Paradigm shift Or we’re left behind perhaps Intentionally No it’s it’s kind of refreshing it’s Good that even You know there was some passion going on In this uh you know discussion tonight You know we might have been able to Break some walls down it sounds like you Know jeremy’s already Agreed to come on goof on show that’s Great He’s notifying us that there’s some Videos that He’s looking over it right now so There’s a communication That has happened within the past hour And a half As of right now we’re in we’re we’re Going into the feature possibly here Of breaking down these walls and Barriers that have been built up Because we’re all kind of disappointed What’s coming out Obviously in today’s report there’s Nothing there so now it all falls upon Back to us again which we all knew was Going to happen So you know that’s cool jeremy’s Is good we gotta all communicate our Evidence our Information and try and get it out as Fast as possible and not sit on this And try and wring it out you know

We’re moving fast and uh we got to keep Moving in the right direction and just Pound that information out to the public Let’s not sit on this stuff let’s let’s Work together we got something Let’s all get together and put it out There as fast as possible on all Platforms That this is how it needs to be done Instead of Fractured platforms we need like just a Plot a bunch of platforms In one direction instead of a bunch of Fractured platforms that’s inoperable But blake even if we get them everybody Thinking You know do you actually think that we Can make a difference 100 obviously you know If we didn’t put out countdown to Disclosure if Dr grier didn’t drop what he said about A month and a half ago If we haven’t been talking about this on Our platform on goofon’s platform in Regards to You know this other agenda that’s been Kind of Been put forth on the major media if we Have if we didn’t bring any of this Stuff up Everybody would have been hoodwinked Everybody would have fell for There would have been no opposition

Voice except the opposition voice that We put forward to millions of people Over the past few months and hundreds of Thousands of people whose watch Countdown to disclosure So if we didn’t put this out everybody Like i said would have fell for it there Was no really opposing Side everybody is going for the louis Lozando narrative the nick pope Narrative Whatever jeremy’s narrative is maybe we Could figure this out here in the next Day or so so this is It’s good but like i said it can make a Big difference If we keep putting out this information Especially as a collaborative of power You know imagine all these voices in one Narrative we got greer you got jeremy Corbell You got dolan you got lou all on the Same page Instead of this in-house fighting who Cares about all this drama What’s the real what are we really Trying to do here Attention exactly very well I’ll tell you what we was trying to do Was trying to figure out what i dropped But we’ve just gone out on the tangent But It’s been more fun than the drop because There has been no drop it’s fast enough

I did say to people in the chat i said Everybody spun It spam it’s dropped if anything Actually does drop But it looks like we are rich was right And we are only gonna get the uh The premier pro preliminary preliminary Thank you Report ali the the The abbreviations prelim just go prelim Free limb reporting Good night hey did it like two months Ago the cia dropped everything they had In ufos and Yes the report was this thick and There’s just a plethora of information In there there’s a lot more In those reports than what we got today A thousand percent morse And nobody really cares it seems to me As well nobody Cares about these reports these redacted Documents That’s the frustration give us the clear Evidence let’s get the old You know print the polaroid or whatever Black and white photos we could date it From 1947 we could do Tests on these photos to prove that They’re authentic crystal clear Footage of these things no manipulation Of cgi no hollywood effects Give it to us they got it they’ve been Filming these things for

For decades now and they’re not They’re going to give us nine pages That’s terrible well it’s nine pages but There’s a lot of uh Subtopics in there and different things So it’s a lot It’s not a little there’s a lot of stuff In there actually In the nine pages or is there nine pages But in each page there’s Many different things you can look at Different uh subjects And is there anything that’s that’s Tickling you rich is there anything in There i haven’t had time I haven’t had time photographs or videos There’s yeah i no seen any evidence Either like this We would have got it already it’s just a Timeline of press releases That’s all just a timeline Just realizing chewing a cockroach um If anything is gonna drop Surely it’s gonna drop in the next Couple of hours but it But from what that says It is just going to be more of the same Old [ __ ] that we’ve got And they’re just going to the reiterate We’re not done yet though you’re right It could happen by the end of the day we Still might get get something That’s why we’re talking people are Listening look we had dr

Greer’s on your show ellie and adam you Got jeremy corbell chiming in Even uh the disclosure guy was the jesus Dude or whatever He’s in the house i sent him an invite On twitter And that’s you know it’s interesting He’s defending you rich Jesus he wants yeah You’ve got a friend in jesus It’s about time man i’m a believer he’s Still waiting He’s still watching i can tell he’s he’s Come a long way though man He’s he really really has he’s doing a Pretty good job now You know in my opinion yeah Yeah it takes a while It’s hard to transition somebody’s mind In this thought process and look at the Bigger picture because there’s just so You know they came in with their own Opinions And kind of green in the situation as Well not really Knowing the bigger picture but then once You start getting into it just like Just like ourselves we we’ve had a Different paradigm shift of the way we Thought this 10 years ago the bigger picture and it’s Easy to see And it’s just information that keeps Coming in from behind the scenes

With all these major players then you Start realizing You just realize that this is crazy Above top secret stuff And they’re not gonna they’re gonna hold It they’re not and they’ve done their Job To keep it keep it hidden from us and That Is lost hey that’s funny yeah That’s funny post-disclosure world what That what i mean It says dark sky files don’t let them Know i think they are okay [Laughter] Hey whatever did he ever find he found Walls man breaking down those walls These are people this is this is what Could happen And i we’re seeing it right now in front Of our eyes right right now and uh That’s pretty cool man You just we could all get together and Rock this planet real fast If everybody just got together we come Up with some ideas And we can rip things out so fast who’s In Who’s it dropped in the chat who Richard richard hey richard oh richard Dolan yes because There we go we’re gonna have everybody On board tonight Where brother see what i say the walls

Are breaking down Richard good to see you over here in the Alien addict shot i guess i’m gonna give You win that Your name came up and it did we had to Let everybody know our debate’s off Unfortunately maybe we could do it Another time um Not sure what the reason was i guess you Had a conflict of timing Schedule or whatever but hey maybe we Could do it another time And uh we’ll see there’s a lot of things To discuss And there’s a lot of walls that need to Be broken down there’s a lot of evidence That people are sitting on uh that could Be Put forward to everybody in the field to Have chime in on this stuff we’re Getting information on daily basis There’s a lot of confusion out there There’s a lot of you know drama behind The scenes which Is unnecessary so you know good to see Richard In the house why do you think it’s Unnecessary sometimes Things have to be said sure but i think There’s Confusion that’s the thing oh yeah well There’s people just like We can’t read each other’s minds we’re Not telepathic

So we we just might not understand each Other And once you have a dialogue it could Get squashed like that Right yeah yeah we’ve seen it i’ve seen It with you over the last two years with Ever A lot of people we’ve squashed things in You know alien addict goof on you guys Were attacking third phase of moon For for years but you guys Now that you’ve seen what’s going on all The evidence how It’s just on a daily basis of how this Information comes in Now everybody’s kind of part of this Stuff but hey we reached out to we reach Out to our critics And want to explain our side of our Thought process and once That’s done then you’re able to uh Squash a lot of Myths about what you believe about that Person and i was hoping we could do this With The richard dolan event but uh we’ll We’ll see what happens in the future Um about possibly doing it and maybe in A bigger fashion He’ll be bad absolutely i don’t mean to Uh i don’t mean to jump in here but uh Guys i do have to run i’m on grant Cameron’s show at uh Seven o’clock so i’m going to go and

Prepare for that very quickly but It’s been this has been one hell of an Epic show and You know what blake is talking about What lee’s speaking on what rich is Mentioning we’re breaking down walls Right here right now tonight On the show maybe we were all waiting For something in the way to be given to Us maybe What we just did here is going to be I just gave you a disclosure people There you go beautiful man could go down In history couldn’t go down in history But thank you for everybody uh you know Whole panel here you guys have been Awesome and thank you for uh Everybody who came into the chat of Course dr stephen greer Great to see you man jerry jeremy Corbell good job man stepping up saying That you’re going to make this Communication come on goof on later we Will be all watching and Entertaining that believe me and of Course richard dolan thank you for Popping in and God help me if i’ve missed anybody There’s been so many coming through but I have to run so thank you very much Guys i appreciate it michael You are the most beautiful man in Ufology and that’s coming from a man Who’s a married man

I appreciate you well thank you very Much man I appreciate you bro i very much do i’ll Be watching Take care brother take care thank you Very much guys Talk to you later peace out So there you go gr steven dr greer And uh jeremy there’s room We’ve made room that darko has kindly Moved over so one of you can join in So and that’s wishful thinking um It’s a it’s such an odd one that People this this tonight It’s honestly a little bit overwhelmed But at the same time i’m also asking Myself why Why is everybody chiming in who And my question is they’re all watching Probably You to to to rich and to you do you Blake They’ve been in this field for quite a Long time Out of everybody out without do you Think Any of them actually know the answers No oh well i you know I think dr gruyere’s been embedded for a Long time in this And you know i asked him if he’s seen The spaceship up close has he Been right next to this meta propulsion Craft

He said he has it so in reality He hasn’t seen it either he’s getting Briefed on Apparently what’s going on behind the Scenes but in actuality nobody knows More than the other guy because we don’t Have above top secret clearance um But i do believe that you know the Reason why what happened today and this Phenomenon of everybody jumping in on This show tonight On ellie and attic show is just due to The fact that everybody’s aware Of this little circle of ours that we’ve Been talking we’re the different we’re The different voice of what you hear in The major media And everybody wants to hear everybody Watches Third phase they don’t admit it but They’re closely watching because that’s Where the that’s where the need is That’s where the evidence is coming out As fast faster than anywhere else on the Planet And obviously we’ve been dealing with These guys over the past Few months in a small circle and again It is this community is so small but There’s so much fracture Going on that we’ve seen it’s just uh It’s it’s kind of sad to see because we Kind of stay out of it We’re here in hawaii we’re just doing

Our own thing We’re not into these conventions or Whatever We rarely come on these kind of Platforms that we’re doing right now And uh yeah it’s just it’s sad to see And how um Fractured it’s become over the past Three months where it could absolutely Go the other way just like that just Like how we’re seeing right now We’re making history right now and People wanted to Find out what’s going to happen with This dump today in regards to this Disclosure the pages Nobody has anywhere to go nobody has any Answers so they’re going to come back Straight where Where the information’s at the public Opposing views We put out our information and we invite Our panel members to look at this And come up with their own mind of What’s going on and we invite everybody Else to join In regards to this kind of uh you know Progressive Exploration investigation uh Speculation whatever it is you know This is all we got this is the only path We got And we’re to take it and i’m sure that Uh everybody’s kind of like rethinking

About the big picture today Do you do you and brent ever just kind Of like sit down together Having a having dinner and just say you You know What i just don’t think i i think rich Is right it’s never going to happen Um no i i think there’s do you think You do think we’re going to get a Disclosure yeah either Way we’re going to find out something Within our lifetime i think it’s destiny Uh i don’t know it’s just it’s in my Opinion that’s how i have a Outlook on the future but we don’t know Rich could be right i got a feeling We’re going to find out about some kind Of ancient civilization with advanced Technology that once existed here Something along these lines or we’re Going to get this Meta propulsion craft that seems Otherworldly and we’re going to Be able to utilize it or it’s going to Be used hostile Against us it’s all it’s just like hey Look man we’re living in the future Right now I thought that was tyler then i thought All right here we go I should send him an invite actually no I i know you said i know you’re saying Boys I mean at the at the end of the day it

It could happen It could but i i’m kind of like I’m in rich’s uh side here where i’m Thinking Our documentary when it comes out like Sequel to countdown to disclosure the Objective of that documentary is to make People Mad mad as hell and make them rise to The Make them rise to demand more answers It’s a frustrating Frustrating uh situation that we’re all In but we’re We’re going to be revealing a lot of Things that’s been happening behind the Scenes The major media what they’ve been up to And uh Information that hasn’t been seen or Heard for over 30 years And uh perspectives on things that a lot Of people Aren’t aware of so once you kind of come Out and make these statements It creates a movement and we expect Countdown to disclosure to get a lot of People pissed Off out there pissed off at the You know the suppression of the Information It’s funny not the major media though Damages this subject more than anything The major media damages it yeah yeah the

Major the major media Like in terms of this that’s going on Right now i mean i feel like right now There is a damage control going on in The chat It’s insane this is all this is all Damage control this is why People have come on the show to damage Control Hey we’re not changing iron out of we’re Staying the same but people Are understanding we’re on the forefront The spearhead of all of this so If they want to come along for the ride You know These walls have to be broken down and i Think that’s what’s going on today Looks like uh jeremy says he’s gonna Email you rich so I think he’s gonna go on your show Tonight yep he already said he was Good yeah i already got the show set up Perfect he’s already made the thumbnail We’ll see if he has a time He might be busy today i think he might Say no he just said he’ll he’s coming on Tonight i asked earlier I said does your yes mean that you’re Coming on The show tonight and he said yes Awesome looking forward to that so if it Changes it changes i mean it may you Know it is spur of the moment i get it So but if he doesn’t come on we’ll talk

We’ll we’ll talk about What happened that’s it no i don’t want To You know go after him i’m not up for Doing that i mean i already Said what i had to say and he’s going to Come on and we’re going to talk about it Maybe not tonight if it’s not tonight Maybe another night but I hope it’s sooner than later that’s for Sure it should be today just Get it over with squash this jeremy and Uh You know let’s move along there’s been a Lot of things that have been said behind The scenes I’ve said a lot of things in front of The scenes and you know i’d like to Explain some of those things Oh yeah one hundred percent sorry mean To cut you off but Well yeah it’s just that you know There’s things that we’ve been hearing With all these players that have kind of Like wanted to derail third phase of the Moon for a long time And uh you know this information has Become privy to us And you know it’s just there’s things That you know we could squash i could We you know we don’t have to attach on To these things that happen in the past We’re in the future now so Let’s move along let’s move along

Absolutely i’m i’m open to that guys Team together everybody achieves more i Would love it if we could all Talk together anytime we want that would Be freaking awesome That’s the whole point that’s you know Forget the egos guys let’s drop the egos I’ll drop mine yeah everybody and then Let’s just rock and roll man let’s all Bounce off Off the information we’re receiving in Liquid time and give the world What they deserve you know collaboration Of minds and I think i’m excited i think i’m a little Excited for once I think i’ll weed myself a little bit You know a little bit Bye-bye high-five high fives everybody You guys are the best Oh hello i love americans Oh yeah why why would you say that now Lee what do i call you an isle of manion Of manx banks there you go yeah Because me and lee actually are not in The same Way we’re not in the same country no Even though we We look and sound the same we’re not in The same country And we’re gonna have to get going we Gotta get on some news today but it was Fun chiming in appreciate us Uh yeah the show’s coming to an end

Anyway now man yeah Thank you for coming on boys hey thanks Everybody in the chat Good to see dr grier if you’re still Here appreciate you we i know we spoke Recently we said hey you need to Participate in these chats a little bit More people are talking about you It’s it’s nice to see grier uh approach People and this is a Great this is refreshing and it seems Like jeremy corbell there’s a little Defense And you know offense going on here but Hey look This is this this could happen we could Get Get things done and then richard dolan Came in good to see richard Yeah fortunately we’re gonna make that Thing happen but hey let’s do it some Other time Thanks ollie lee rich we’ll talk to you Soon yeah And uh lee hit some of those drums man We’ve been waiting for that trap All right guys all right we’ll see you Guys you guys have a good day buddy Bye bye What what tonight what has happened Tonight And yeah 207 people i think are more Than that I’m glad to worship i’m glad to put this

On This one’s interesting check out the Merch people Yeah it was oh yeah jeremy’s um jeremy Rocks it What happened jeremy and bob Yeah they wrote the merch jeremy and Jeremy and bob Block the merch there you go people it’s Just nice See i think he jeremy and bob are big Supporters of my channel there you go That’s not photoshopped at all You know that i i just think And again i i hope when jeremy comes on Your show tonight rich I know you will be polite because you’re Always polite of course i am i’m not Gonna I want you to press i want you to find Out as much as you can About the source where it’s coming from And i know you keep Telling me you know the source you know George is getting it from the Say it what’s up where’s george getting It from Where’s george i don’t know i think he’s Got somebody in the pentagon There you go there you go so george is Getting it from the pentagon yeah can i I gotta say one thing real quick just Remember Jeremy dark sky you can

Thank him for putting your number out on The chat he’s the one Who put the phone number up in the chat Room that night i just wanted to let you Know where it came from Case you didn’t yeah that’s right i’m Calling dark sky files right now i’m Calling you out because you created all This by putting Corbell’s phone number in my chat room Is dark sky Files in the chat yeah i uh Why is he not showing on my chat That’s weird well i saw jeremy say Something to him yeah he’s here yeah it Was uh And i don’t mean to be a jerk but uh I think he knows i think jeremy knew Anyway but I just wanted to throw it out there i i You know Your number was i’ve seen it other Places too and That sucks i know what it’s like when You your phone number is out on social Media And people are calling and i just want To say and hopefully you’ll come on Later Another day but you know that was Totally unintentional No it’s except it’s coming on tonight Rich not another day yeah i know that That’s my morning viewing

But anyway that’s where it happened i’m Sorry Ollie i just wanted to say that before i Forget i’m trying to say that No no no lee you look like you’re dying To say something about what’s going on Tonight It’s just been a mental evening hasn’t It wait That’s i’ve either been listening to you Guys Or i’ve been reading the chat it’s uh Yeah it’s been really weird because it’s It’s the type of youtube like live Stream I would watch apart from the fact that i Was in it I was like a little fly on the wall it’s Been lovely I love robert in here on the wall as Well that’s al pacino Al pacino sorry yeah yeah i can’t yeah It keeps like Is that robert de niro incidentally two Other people that haven’t killed Themselves Um that’s not enough The thing is and this this is for Anybody who’s watching this that’s In the field no matter what you think Whether you You go that way you go this way This is no disrespect to anybody this is Frustration

Yes this is this is frustration because We Believe it or not we don’t make well Well i i definitely don’t and uh And i speak to you every day rich and You don’t as yet And maybe one day we will but we don’t Make a living off it you know we we Don’t It’s not the it doesn’t generate Huge amounts of and i thank you for Everybody that’s super chatting by the Way Love you all um but it This is a hobby and this started out as A hobby you’ve been doing this as a Hobby for 15 years rich 17 17 sorry thank you you’re welcome But this is passion that people the Frustration that he’s seen Is passion you know i’ve had many a Night Away from my wife thank god Uh and you know some some nights i’ve Been like My kids have gone upstairs and they’ve Been watching a film with the missus When we could have probably watched it Downstairs but instead i’m doing this Because this is a passion for this Subject and i feel Like we we’re on the tip of something The my frustration is that he’ll never Go anywhere

And i think without the public pushing It and pushing it and pushing it And pushing the people that are saying That yes we’ve got this footage Show us more or give us more information About the footage That you’ve got the drop that you’re Going to give Because we’re frustrated the community Is frustrated The community is totally dividing Completely divided Is the strangest thing i have seen In this subject since i’ve been since I’ve Been watching ufo stuff It yeah it’s insane it it it’s It’s almost like a it’s like a little Battle It’s like a little [ __ ] battle my Frustration comes from hearing That disclosure is gonna happen this Year that year The next year you know and nothing ever Happens it’s like They get up to the door and they can’t Get through this door No matter what no matter who no matter Where when and why You’re never going to get this Information out unless the government Wants it out there And what has been released and given to Corbell or nap or whatever

In my opinion i know mick west’s opinion Are pretty much equal Hasn’t really been much to sneeze at It’s just really poor quality And when you mention that these are uh Medium craft and they’re going thousands Of miles an hour well Where’s the evidence of that you can’t Say it unless we see it And if there’s 14 objects over an hour Period show me 14 not one So it’s you know you’re getting a lot of Stuff That doesn’t match the videos you’re Getting this narrative that just doesn’t Stand up to the video or the video Doesn’t stand up to the narrative That’s what’s frustrating to me and That’s why i say the things i do and i Get very Upset and i keep hearing the same things Over and over being repeated and it Sounds like a script but i understand They’re going on different shows Different this that and the other thing And they’re generally going to say the Same things over and over I get that but i i still don’t See a body of evidence from lou and i Still haven’t seen a video that’s Convinced me That we have anything that’s meta Data whatever the hell it is what am i Trying to say trans medium

I keep thinking meta propulsion yeah you Know why we keep thinking matter because We’ll forget the propulsion but we were The word meta materials was constant a Couple of years ago a year ago whatever Was constantly chucked down a throat And where are we going now we don’t even Hear much about that now but What i want i still want to know what’s In that box I was just going to say that just became The hook line for an um A history channel spoof mockumentary Didn’t it Any any anything that hits history Channel is just there for pure Entertainment value it’s not yeah it’s Not there to do anything Look at skinwalker ranch oh The mermaid one i’m not trusting any of Those television programs anymore Killing those mermaids with global Warming Those poor mermaids well i got to get Going too i hate to Always yeah you you get prepared for Your show rich what time is the show up It’s in three hours it’s at 10 eastern Seven pacific And uh i put it up that jeremy is coming On if if he can’t i understand No no no no you do i don’t understand Jeremy Please go on rachel of course i’m trying

I’m trying to now I’m i’m backpedaling a little bit you Know look i don’t i’m not Do you remember don’t say i’m proud of Being safer Huh don’t forget the beard tips i need To know that How about how about if jeremy comes on On your show you don’t talk about The fact that it hasn’t been on your Show yet and you just talk about ufos For half an hour That seems like the best thing that’s a Good idea yeah Which uh i’ll take into consideration For sure though no that’s what we’re Gonna talk about what else would we talk About Beard we’re not going to talk about his Beard Until the end i’ll do it for ollie Here now he knows so he’s going to be Prepared he’ll probably bring it up Himself No that beard will look beautiful No rich uh thank you so much for coming On tonight it’s been a pleasure And uh i look forward to watching the Show tomorrow Because i’m not gonna watch you in three Hours tanks i’ll be fast asleep Thank you for having me on now you know I had no idea this was going to be like This tonight

It was incredible all the people that Showed up phenomenal support for alien Addict Lee as always pleasure pleasure For you and uh no i was just gonna say It has the room as the report dropped Yeah of course let’s take a look real Quick let’s see What is this hold on Well he’s winding me up He’s getting me back for the cockroach Oh I know that i don’t see anything Keep looking man hey it may come up in The next four hours and 43 minutes They have till midnight so that would be That would be cool to see tonight and Watch You and jeremy talk about that ah that’d Be the greatest thing since sliced bread I would love that Well rich all right joe down there Thanks again My friend thanks Good night uh alien bless you All right bye And then there was two thank god he’s Gone eh Two ginger warriors [Laughter] What a crazy evening what a crazy Evening people it has been It’s been emotional um and to to any of The people in ufology right now they’re

In the chats to jeremy’s the stevens The dr stevens i and because that’s not Weird speaking about those people being The chat at all is it Jesus and uh and um Who else came in tonight did tyler kill Me no it’s hard No talent message jolan dolan yeah We love you all you know but We need to see more i mean well i can’t Say it for dolan because dolan’s always Very vocal And he goes live quite a lot of the Times but jeremy it’d be nice To see jeremy go live and kind of speak A little bit you know Just as a a human being it’d be great to See Jeremy great to see him rich’s show um You know he’s talking about the subjects In general And seeing the person Rather than just having the argument Because i It it seems it seemed like then that It was almost like we was all fighting With each other but i think At the end of the day we’re all after One goal here And that is to find out what the hell These things are doing up in us guys I’m i’m right there lee what the hell Are you typing there You just try to speak to me i know i’m

Speaking to the people He’s speaking to jeremy yeah i i thanked Him for being in the chat Well there you go uh jeremy’s just said He’ll come on your show Well that’d be nice thank you very much Mate i i you’ve got my email And you’ve got my telephone number um But yeah be it it’d be nice to have a Chat For that as well because i didn’t get a Chance I didn’t get a chance to say it before When all the stuff was going on but I’m a bit of a fan of jeremy’s Documentaries and uh i like the stuff he Did with rogan So yes yeah well to be I was going to say that in the chat but In the In the stream there beforehand Rogan we we’ve said this for a lot rogan Terry rogan joe rogan He’s if teddy was still alive he would Bring ufology Tell you he would he would bring the Troop he would Um thank you my friend as well for the Super chat Um Joe rogan i think you’ve said this all Wrongly if anybody’s going to interview An alien it’ll be joe rogan But absolutely yeah he he’s

In terms of this subject if anybody’s Going to talk about this report If it’s exciting it’ll be him if he Doesn’t mention it You know it’s nothing if joe doesn’t Even speak about it You know this report is utter tosh And not nothing to get excited about And if what we’ve just seen that is the Report Then shame on them But yeah jeremy he’s what he’s brought Bob on He’s brought um did you bring favor on Right by saying bro for everyone yeah Yeah yeah Yeah yeah yeah he’s bringing him to the Table And uh thank you and nap And nap yeah better george see i i think The thing is The uh oh Is it if even if and i i don’t i Lots of this stuff i don’t i don’t Particularly trust i don’t i don’t trust Where it’s coming from and that doesn’t Necessarily Mean i don’t trust um corbal Or george knapp because they could be Being fed stuff From other places um But at least what it does is because i i Don’t think um I don’t think even third phase uh sort

Of appreciated that before When they were saying about how me or And and rich was saying about Me also enough it was you that said Mainstream media hurting The subject but what it does do Is bring um eyes to the subject To remain so the as much as Maybe um third phase aren’t particularly Keen On um like bob lazar on the flying Sources Doc documentary uh that being on netflix Meant that when people saw countdown to Disclosure on Uh amazon prime they were more likely to Click it You see i showed that documentary to my Mum and dad Yeah my dad watched it as well and i Said Do you believe him and my mom said my Mom’s not even into the subject she said Yeah i believe bob lazar my dad he was Like I think he might have been he may have He may believe what he see what he saw But he’s kind of like on richard’s side Side with this where he thinks that Bob possibly thinks he was working on Something that Was it was all kind of like planned and They wanted to see Bob out into

Out for us basically you know so this Kind of like It got out and then i’ve never got that Though i’ve never got that so You saying that you say that the Government made that technology and they Wanted bob to actually go out and I don’t get that but when you look at Bob when you look at bob lazar And i think i i remember when jeremy Emailed me says a lot of stuff You say about bob lazar you know you’ve Got spot on but there’s a few things That i’d like to speak to you about That you’re just way off but i can’t Explain it to you I want to explain it to me but People have a big lack of trust In this field and it’s because there is So many different stories Even if you look if you look at the History of ufos lee And you look at the shape of them and The way And then you look at cars yeah you look At You you look at their 1940s 1950s 60s 70s The way the car has changed its shape And then you Why why are we still looking at sources And we’re still looking at sources we’re Still no No i’m not saying that i’m not saying it

Has changed its shape It has if you like yeah if you look at The The the bob lazar stuff you look at that Craft i’m not saying I’m not saying that bob was our story’s True our fault here But you know now we’re looking at a Different model You know we’re looking at it But with the like the the saucer has Always been one The cigar shaped ones have always been One the triangles have always been Around as long as i the food fighters Thing yeah a little bit um so yeah it But it is It’s the outliers the likes of your man Which faked them all in the mountains What’s his name Oh uh you’re on about uh billy yeah Billy meyer Isn’t maya yeah yeah um So yeah there was the outliers that Changed the like I mean his look like [ __ ] cake tins Didn’t they and they probably were cake Tins But well done for the man we weren’t arm Oh well i mean that’s ableist but yeah Um the uh The thing is that i i think the the fact That there’s always been sources and There’s always been

Cigars and triangles um leans more Towards the time travel Aspect than anything else because you Know they could be doing this All at the same period of that period in The future Jeremy so we’re seeing we’re seeing them Over a space of 70 or 100 years something like that but They’re all coming from the same Month yeah in in a future time The the thing the thing what i’m talking About Is i don’t say this but when i’m saying That it’s like cars It’s kind of you look at the The trends you look at the yeah i know You mean Days if it was Just humans faked ufos Or and we’re modeling them on the kind Of like designs of that Era the only thing i’d interject with There is If it was just trends in science fiction And technology Then at some point we would have had Um book rogers style rockets Being ufos yes that is true And the uh and they were they were such A big part of science fiction And we’ve never had aliens landing from A rocket before Or or if there is there’s like the

Amount of cases it would be would be so Small and it’s Clearly [ __ ] lonnie zamora you know That the guy um police officer i think It was 1970s Uh a tic tac like they called it the egg Batman Landed um and he he went out Apparently there was two Small beings wearing uh Like almost like spacesuits Yeah and there was a symbol on the side Of the craft like a some sort of Triangle With uh like red things going through it Red triangle with like lines going Through it and This this craft apparently took off When he saw it and it left a little bit Of its landing gear behind a tiny bit And when they investigated the Footprints this that the other But the weird thing with that is one it Represents like that it was like the Tic-tac-toe Whenever you if you look into that that Thing is It describes the tic tac and a little Yeah an egg an egg like Craft even the down to the size of it The weird thing is Is the the logo on the side of it Because all the media And it was osvaldo franco when i

Interviewed Him we for that i think the second time He was speaking about this and we would I think the tic tac had kind of just Come out And he was talking about the logo the Weird the very strange thing with this Craft was the logo because it got Changed that much in the media And if you look if you look up the Lonnies amara craft Logo uh you can see that on On the internet there’s so many Different shapes But then there’s people saying there was Decoys So it’s kind of making me think that Maybe maybe this Craft the fact that it left some landing Gear behind Maybe was ours and yes the creatures That lonnie Described were tiny in little spacesuits That entered the craft but Why try and disguise the logo on the Side The the symbol on the side of the craft And it It got changed so much it’s almost like Maybe The original logo maybe meant something That People would eventually say well that Actual logo

Isn’t alien or isn’t whatever it’s it Means this that and the other It’s a symbol for i don’t even know what I’m talking about but You know you know do you know what i’m Saying i’d I i would doubt that there would be Anything um But well where is it i don’t know maybe A pocket did it That’s the thing yeah we took it home as A souvenir But because we get the i mean Realistically the is the only stuff We’ve got that The the drops of the there was a there Was a ufo wasn’t that left that drops a Liquid metal it was like a spiky thing Um there’s they never really drop Bits off uh but even the stuff When you look at the uh like roswell Records and things how they’re supposed To be hieroglyphics on different parts And things like that and as you know i’m I’m more than open for these not being Technology and them For the to being some sort of answer That is far more mystical to them Than uh me and nuts and bolts Yeah and it’s that’s what that always Say Always shouts to me you know Well i think i i don’t i don’t imagine

Them to be Nuts and bolts i imagine actually you Know how bubblers are Like it describe it as it as in a Ceramic I can’t imagine something traveling that That far And going that sort of speeds being able To Actually stay together you know without Actually falling to pieces and doing it Roswell I just i just can’t see that happening No yeah i’ve it’s well i think that’s That’s the thing isn’t it you’re talking About Like literal unfathomable distances You know when you but if it is The space in front of it maybe it could Be made out of anything could make that Paper and it won’t make a difference Yeah but i mean that is the that is the Problem isn’t it it’s one of the The issues we have with like space Exploration as far as people Even being interested in it now is well When you look at something like just say The sun for instance just the the sheer Size of the sun and then you’ve got to Try and work Like like work out in your head just how Far away that has to be to be There there in our sky and then you you Think of traversing

Distances like of that times a billion To get here it’s just It’s just unfathomable to think things Are coming that far and then with the Amount of planets and stars and things That are in the Uh that are in the universe and the Galaxies To then think oh well then you’ve got to Find life on one of them Uh you know it’s and it’s if it should Be teeming with life but You know the fairy paradox sort of like Questions that you know as they say Where is it I i don’t know but i i just it there’s a Deep feeling in my gut That believes there’s something else Believe there’s something else here but I just Don’t believe that it’s from anywhere Else but Already here You mean you mean in terms of something From Our planet alone yeah Like a a higher species That we don’t come in contact with An older species that we don’t come in Contact with you know it’s Do um do dogs no Sorry do ants know about chipmunks For instance you know the is the Is there a point where we could we we

Where something could be that Far ahead of us in Technology uh like in spiritual growth They can be that far ahead of us that They’re almost indistinguishable to us If your cat watches you on a computer It’s just watching ollie tap away at Something that glows It doesn’t understand that that computer In front of you Has all of the information of human History on it So at what point does technology goes That Far that it’s completely Indistinguishable to us For magic to quote the adage It doesn’t leak but that’s a story for Another show because we have been going For an hour And nearly 30 sorry 2 hours and 30 Minutes just about And i’m slightly concerned that there’s Other shows Starting and because i’m not so rich Yeah I want to kind of like end this so that You know the the dark hours he’s going On But what did he say was going on Jeremy no no Everybody needs to chill i agree jeremy That’s That that is that’s the comment of the

Night there you go we all need to chill Out Um he’s Who’s he going on now grant cameron’s Show Uh and also rich has got a show in i Believe What time did he say three hours it was So about three hours Yeah uh where hopefully fingers crossed Jeremy will be on the show and I’ll be watching that tomorrow while Having my breakfast But guys i want to thank everybody in The chat tonight Um all the people in ufology All the subscribers all the fans Everybody has put the thumb up if you Haven’t put the film up already Now’s the time you know get that thumb Up And stephen thank you for coming in the Chat as well You can also um put your phone up mr Steven greer because We love you here there you go And i think we had elon musk in at one Point but he dropped out very quickly And thank you the cousins for being in We love you very much and jeremy um next Time bring bob in Uh if that t-shirt doesn’t fit you by The way I will send you another one but i thank

You all You’re all awesome everybody in the Field Whether somebody thinks you’re doing the Wrong thing or not I just thank you anyway because it’s all Entertaining for me and it kind of makes My channel People don’t know this lee about me yeah I i’m i’m in this for the entertainment Loves everybody there you go Awesome awesome i i just honestly When people come together that’s a great Thing lee it is i think this this is What needs to happen Stephen and i think lou they need to Sort their differences Out i don’t know if it will because i Think this There’s a there’s a bit of bitterness There between them both i don’t know Who’s right or wrong I really don’t you know i’m pretty sure Stephen Thinks that lou’s in the in the In on the wrong side um but maybe lose Not Maybe lou thinks he’s on the right side But Maybe he’s not on the right side i don’t Know he’s so hard to work out I need to have a conversation with these People but without further ado I am going to bring the show to an end

Because i know there’s about to be other Shows starting So thank you everybody check out The links in the description lee has a Channel as well He’s a comedian and sometimes he talks About your mythology I’m something i’m definitely going to do A video talking about this tonight Because this was [ __ ] crazy there you go there you go And you’re also he’s also on spotify So if you can’t be bothered to actually Google my He’ll probably bang this out on his Spotify channel tomorrow This this will be out on audio form on Must see audio Next week probably tuesday there you go Beautiful so folks without further ado I’m gonna let you all get off and enjoy The other shows Guys if i don’t have a strap line for Keeping your eyes on the scale or Anything like that But just stay stay vigilant yeah and Don’t believe in [ __ ] And most of all take care of yourself That’s genius um but i do have a patreon Page so if you do want to Like throw a couple of books my way for Being Such a upstanding ufo citizen Then feel free to check it out is in the

Description and if you want to wear some Merch That’s delicious and it is delicious Because they designed it myself Um stephen if if you give me permission To do the homer shirt i’ll do I’d love to do that i’ll give you a cut But yeah There’s three designs there you go we Have the xenomorph Which they tried to copyright strike me For but i said no It’s my design i made that i drew that It is mine on the back of that there is The aa logo on the back of the neck And then we have none other than the Gray that i saw in my dreams I didn’t really but i just made it up And uh the shadow figure And you can if you if you don’t want it On your back you can drink it There you go i’ve just realized steven’s Still on but he’s okay he says love you Everybody i’ll leave it on Uh but yeah check out the merch people Good night god bless I only do that because the wife tells me To she says if you want to do this If you want to stay up making noise Downstairs While the children in bed you best sell Some t-shirts You bastard i thought you gonna say you Best say goodnight to the people

Oh oh she i’m probably going to get Upstairs and she’s going to be like Oh i hope it was worth it because i have Not slept a wink I’ve just remembered i have vodka in the House i don’t drink vodka but i’m Definitely gonna have a glass of it After we’ve finished this I’ve got drunky my good friend tony from Australia sent me some alien vodka Like two years ago and i said i would Open it on a great occasion I’m still waiting for the great occasion Though but late thank you so much my Friend We will do a show for you soon i’m sure Um thank you very much I’ll talk to you in a second uh good Night god bless Folks i’ve got hate cups mind the books Don’t bite Thank you everybody stephen we love you Good night how do i end this show there We go