Is it all a Simulation?

By | June 17, 2021
Is it all a Simulation?

Has anybody seen richie In all seriousness Has anybody seen him An intro how dare you good evening folks And welcome To alien addicts i am not bald though The light Would say otherwise and this is not a Receding hairline this is just my Natural Widow’s peak um It runs in the family i have shaved my Own head And oh look at that it’s left a little What the hell is that Without further ado anyway um welcome to The show Alien addict let’s talk about the matrix The real matrix must see audio welcome My friend how are you today i’m good I’m good has anybody seen richie Absolutely not i checked under my table I looked into the bed Behind the fridge that’s where Everything is i am worried She hasn’t got a [ __ ] clue In the chat as anybody see richie Because i am actually slightly Worried about rich giordano from goof on Raid from goof on radio just goof on i’m Just singular goof on Because he’s not seen my messages Today normally it’s kind of like a back

And forth thing And neil i’m just wondering if he’s if He’s okay but I’m sure he he’s gonna come on in the Next half an hour and it’ll be better Late than never But with without further ado Let’s just blossom here my my friend lee Because i you yes blossom this blossom All over the matrix That feels like something we should do On a different campsite But before we start the matrix and this Is this is then this is quite bizarre In itself did you just say you had a a Tweet or something about The real owner of the shining hotel Yeah it’s not a tweet i don’t know how To bring it up it was a tick tock that’s What i was trying to tell you before you Made me disappear yeah But if anyone’s got tick tock and they Can go and check this out I’ll tell you what it is uh Basically some guy has the same Same job as the guy from the shining his Name is At ben and brits ben nnnst And his and his his uploads are another Day With the same job as the guy from the Shining and it’s [ __ ] wonderful Is it in the same hotel yeah i don’t Have tick-tock

I should you should get tick-tock it’s Actually should i make a Tick-tock alien yeah absolutely yeah Yeah i do Do i do i put stupid videos up there’s Must the audio clips I’d have to keep it alien-based which is Really weird because i don’t put Clips of must-see audio up on it anymore It’s generally just me doing like duets With Things guys in the chat should i get An alien addict tate talk i’ve tried to Avoid it like the plague But you know it just seems like And just another plot maybe it could be Like a quick like Hi guys um about to do a Video in the next three days with lee And rich giordano if he turns up yeah It’s also fun like like tik tok’s really Good fun there’s lots of There’s lots of really funny people on Tick tock I’m my wife’s constantly tick-tocking Yeah she should be we’ll be watching Like something in bed Don’t worry people in the chat we’re Gonna get on the matrix we’re just Getting warm here i need i need my Nipples to become Aroused before we get into the meat and Potatoes Of the matrix uh but yeah my my wife um

On a night we lay in bed and uh She watches tick tock and i’m just like Are we we’re gonna watch this uh we’re Gonna watch this film Yeah i’m watching it It’s just like yeah it’s awful like This is one of the problems now isn’t it Your uh Attention spans are [ __ ] i’m i’m as [ __ ] guilty as Anyone else like i’ll i’ll put a film on And then uh halfway through the film I’ve captured myself with the ipad Watching [ __ ] youtube videos as well Like i’m some sort of like genius Which i’m not all it means is i’m not Actually watching Anything anymore it’s like what we were Just talking about earlier about Your beautiful um background um the Ghostbusters And how we watch that over and over Again as children Yeah and i wonder if i showed my Children that That one of them might be you know on a Nintendo switch While they’re watching ghostbusters or Well because i’m an Excellent father and it wasn’t dangerous At all i watched that with my Three-year-old son he loved it Did he yeah i think if i showed it to my Five-year-old

My five-year-old watched um was it Casper the friendly ghost and He didn’t find it so friendly you know Yeah i know i Didn’t like the whole ghost thing scared Myself my son’s a little [ __ ] savage He’s great I think my youngest is i think my Youngest i could probably show him Freddy krueger it’d be all over that Yeah The matrix lee the matrix on to This world that we live in that people You know Have said and this is top top people That said it could be one in a billion That this is the base This is base world you know this is Isn’t it isn’t it something like The minute we can make a the minute we Can simulate Life like simulate our world then It becomes like infinitesimally smaller Where the The original world i think that’s where It is uh the matrix has spoken to us as Well and rich is on his way Rich is on his way to the matrix told me Um what did the matrix tell you all this One in the chat tell you Um well bit of both in it oh did Somebody in the chat say Save his way oh beautiful um Yeah i i mean to be perfectly honest

Right simulation theory Has to be the uh Simultaneously the most terrifying And the most reassuring uh things you Could possibly think of because If if like if simulation theory is right Then that edges things more towards Creation because someone’s created it You know it doesn’t edge it proves it Essentially But on the other hand when you think About how disposable Uh like what how disposable computer Programs are to us now Is that just is that all we are Somewhere is that This law come to a crushing conclusion What if an asteroid hit the real world And the way in their matrix you know What do we just switch off well i mean If you uh if you if your electric Electricity goes out and you’re playing The sims your sims are [ __ ] Well maybe maybe it does but maybe They’ve got backups and you know It just it pauses but we don’t realize The pause Oh by the way Just flick your mic give it a flick Yeah you’re coming out of the uh oh yeah No no we’re getting we’re getting the Good stuff today Um yeah i mean yeah maybe it is i mean [ __ ]

The the car crash no i mean you’re not Coming out the mic you coming out of the Uh are you sure yeah sniff it Like rub your beard on it and we’ll i’m Telling you the the audience will See am i coming out the mic There we go there you go thank you sexy Boy Life it’s awful i’m so bad at it I i was literally just gonna say as well If like if Simulation theory is right like my life Is clearly running on [ __ ] ram or something like that It’s not it’s not getting the same [ __ ] juice as everybody else’s Have you have you done any sort of Research on simulation theory Are you just here he is the man himself The sexy man of the hour Hey hello guys what the hell Maybe you’re like better late than never A rich hey It almost was never How is everything my friend i hope You’re okay me too You are okay that’s that’s that doesn’t Sound encouraging Huh yeah it’s me too i hope i’m okay as Well yeah Me too man we’ll find out hashtag you Too Well you inspired me rich If that’s how you say that word but you

When we spoke Briefly in the last um The last the last little get-together That we did and we Spoke briefly about the matrix you had Some Interesting views on it that’s why i Wanted it to get us all together And just to have that kind of like yeah It doesn’t look day It is mine’s really dirty So the so the major hat We are in the matrix i know this is what A Lot of people that are quite high up are Saying You know if you i mean you can go look At other people And see people that look alike i mean me And third phase talked about this too It’s like certain people look like They’re supposed to For their role like mick west looks like A mick west like a debunker You know and lou elizondo looks like He’s supposed to look like for this type Of role he’s in So it’s really interesting i look like I’m supposed to that the cousins Brothers Their role looks like what they’re Supposed to look like it’s really Strange It’s funny that way and i don’t know why

It works like that but you can’t Switch me and you and have the same show It would be weird It just wouldn’t be right so Yeah that and other weird things too you Know seeing apparitions and You know people seeing bigfoot a lot of Weird things go on ufos You know why are we seeing those things Yeah so why are they there what are These apparitions we see what are all The things that we see that Remind us or could be a matrix If you think about it you know when People see Ghosts or shadow figures or Just uh orbs or anything like that or Things in the corner of their Their eye or they get deja vu these Could all be In if you if you think about it in terms Of computer It could be glitches yeah i know That’s the weird thing or it could be Other programs And we’re just they keep rewriting the Program or adding to it You know and you’ve heard about how There’s been Other civilizations that have come and Gone and there’s been You know the planets uh had five major Planet killing catastrophes you know and Things

Start up again so who knows if they’re Just resetting The program and then here we oh i just Looked at lee’s thing and i saw the Ghost over there i’m like wait Threw me off for a second um Yeah so why you know why are these Resets happening is it nature or is it On purpose because they just want to Reset the program and start over And just i i believe we’re like in like An alien Ant farm you know actually Do you actually believe that this I mean in terms of percentage of rich George i know Yeah how much do you believe that this Is Real that you’re living in a real world Versus a Reality I don’t know man um as far as Percentage-wise i would have to say 90 Real right see If you ask somebody like elon musk this I i think that guy’s 50 50. i i don’t know Because he well you know he may know More you said elon musk He’s a little out there anyway um but i Guess i’m i’m just as far as out As he is um maybe he’s not a man though That looks Like he should be in his role exactly

Yeah Man isn’t that crazy yeah i know 50 50. Yep see he looks great he looks like a Man that wants to go to mars He does there i don’t know why Well he could sue me but he won’t get he Wouldn’t do much good he could probably Buy some toilet paper out of it But you know he’s I believe that man will get to mars but Does he think that mars is Just like a planet in the program You know does he think he’s playing Elite dangerous or What’s the avonstar citizen and Uh i can’t think of space games the Space games Yeah you know does he think he’s living In The real a real simulation and think you Know what i want to Or does he want to kind of venture out And see if he can find The the empty space you know where There’s nothing Nothingness i know and then we’re told That nothingness Is more than everything that it is Something That it binds us together you know so I i don’t know you know uh it’s a i see In the chat room here you know Dark hour paranormal saying about Vibrations or on different vibrations

And things like that I wanted to believe in that but yeah i Don’t i have a hard time but it’s true Things do have their own vibrations and Uh So who knows if they’re right next to us And we just can’t see it you know you Could You could be in the ocean and go right By an octopus and not even know it’s There because it blended in with the Background Yeah and i know that’s that’s just Different than having A spectrum uh handicap because we only See a small Percent really like what is it ten Percent That’s all we see if that out of the Whole entire light spectrum You know you you get a infrared camera And you can see something You can’t see with your regular eyes So that stuff could exist it doesn’t Mean it’s in a matrix but It’s just that we can’t see it so then Now you’re adding the The spectrum on top of oh is this a Matrix reality and now i’m really Fighting to believe anything You know but on the other hand i don’t Have any evidence or anything that can Tell me we’re in a matrix Only strangeness that’s it

Lee i’ve just realized before rich came On you were about to say something and i I kind of cut you off Uh when you were answering a question uh If you can’t remember what he was Talking about but Can you finish what he was talking about No i come up with the question My my bad it’s rich’s fault john Fultrich I know it is you know always right oh i Always rich’s fault I i what i was going to say was that Though i am I’ve i have like a strange theory about This where I think it’s half and half i think we Are Like a base reality but almost in the Uh it’s a it’s probably the one thing Actually of um Ike’s stuff that actually makes sense Oh my god sorry i i mean We we’ve it’s been raining so much and If you open up the front door These gnats come in that are just Hovering around Anything that has a light bulb so i have To turn the light off but This is amazing i’m being attacked sorry No no it’s cool Um i i think we Um in we influence like the material World around us

Like as a collective with our like Thoughts and actions in the same ways You know Sometimes sports a good example of this You’ll watch A uh a play build up in i don’t know A football match or something like that But you kind of Know something’s gonna happen before it Does even in the same way That um obviously you have people run Away with sport So if that happens but There’s so many times that these things Like come down to Down to the wire and it’s it’s almost Like a scripted event that runs I think that’s people wanting an outcome That ends up getting pushed and pulled Around And my theory about everything like the Way things are Right now and have been like for a while Is There it’s not just the like fabric of Society That’s been pulled apart by social media Instant communication between people Where we never had this before it seems To be when you Think that um like twitter for instance Instance launched in about 2006 Um it’s it’s From that point if you then look towards

Like 2006 Then 2008 financial collapse happened And It’s everything seems to have snowballed From that point And i wonder whether the It’s a knock-on effect of the fact that People don’t seem to be able to be good To each other When they have a shield that they can Put over themselves where you don’t know Who they are We don’t seem to be very good at that You know We only seem to be good at being good Decent people to each other all the time When we’re face to face in a small Community And is that level of Like malice being like Spewed out into the world enough to Shift things around you know The idea that you kind of you you create The future that you deserve See so you are you saying that Like If we’re talking matrix situation are You just talking general life Early yeah but kind of it’s kind of half And half isn’t it because it At that point it’s it kind of is a Simulation But yeah okay i get what you say Or is the program influencing our

Actions Could be yeah yeah i would well this Would be the other this would be the Reason as well for Um if if you look at the The idea that the shadowy hands that Help steer humanity in certain ways If you knew that if enough people Believed in something i don’t know Like aliens or alien invasions and Threats if you knew that you could make If you got enough people to believe in That That it would actually manifest as Reality Then you could influence physical Reality With films and with tv shows and With stage disclosures Well i’m gonna reverse probably back to My Teenage years here and when i started Playing Childhood teenage years whatever sim City the first ever sim city You could like literally uh control Society on there and you’d find out if They were happy or unhappy But then you could make certain events Happen like for example you could make Like hurricanes earthquakes There’d be disasters you could even hack The system And just decide to do whatever you

Wanted to do an alien invasion or Anything that you wanted to do i mean What if this Is just an experiment to somebody But my question is the people that are Playing the game Or aliens or whatever they are from the Future You know how do they have the same Theory do they think Well maybe we’re living in a simulation Whoever whoever’s made this simulation You know where does it end you know Because at some point human beings will Make a simulation Just because we know we can at some Point when ai becomes That good we will run an experiment to See if we can make a real earth And ai’s with intelligence That actually feels self-aware Now my question is is it like the matrix For example say if this is a thing And this we are living a simulation Is it like the matrix where we are real Consciousness Or are we simply nothing more Than extremely intelligent ai that Has developed you know Self-awareness How would we prove it how would how Would and anybody in the chat You know might be thinking right now This

Sounds total utter nonsense Prove it prove that we are Not living in a simulation You can’t i’ve been watching videos Probably all week now About simulation theory and there’s No way that we can prove it You’d think if if it’s something being Left as some sort of experiment Um like i said i’m not i’m not convinced By that But you would think there’d be some sort Of fail-safes in place To uh like To stop like your to stop the mice Getting out the cage if you want Maybe the cells that the fail-safes are Running right now You know i I i just i find it so interesting To think that and i would like to think That Me personally i’m something special you Know i i I i die maybe i move on to a next stage Maybe i start again i don’t know But what if i am just nothing more than Computer code well i me I said this i think last time or you Know when we talked Do you remember what you did what you Were thinking before you were born And when you die what happens nobody Knows really we just guess

So everything in between if it’s a if It’s a program It almost makes sense that it is Even because of that even down to sleep Were Like what a ridiculous thing for for Animals to have to do I mean if you if you look at things as Far as um Like nature goes what a ridiculous thing For us to have to do Is for us to shut down for six to eight Hours hours a night Um we still don’t know like fully why That’s in place the surely that the best Thing that In a in a nature way if you were just to Look at animals the best thing to do Would be to have Species that didn’t sleep died quickly And reproduced quickly as well You know the the there’s so many little Quirks that we just take for granted and You you You it’s it’s like trying to remember The moment you fall asleep or the You know uh or that space That that moment when you wake up where Everything feels a little bit surreal Before everything sort of loads back in Again And you know where you are uh There’s so many little quirks that we Take completely for granted

And it’s like like they can it’s Completely bizarre you know there’s Completely bizarre things around You you sometimes come and kind of Remember well i can remember falling Asleep Do you ever get them situations where You Trying to stay awake and and you feel Like Your eyes and it almost goes blurred and Your eyes sting a bit when you’re trying To keep them awake and you’re like You start to look a bit like a frog We’re like You pull a very strange face when you’re Trying to stay Awake and i normally and it’s when i’m Watching a film And the next day i think i fell asleep Back and remember Roughly the point that i fell in through The of the movie So uh oh dark yeah of course you can my Friend And we’re gonna get dark hour in he’s Probably got some Some good uh Maybe maybe he thinks otherwise I’m not saying i think of a wiser either Because i could never i could never No i don’t think any of us can answer That question but Yeah yes i can i can remember kind of

Roughly the mark where i fell asleep Yeah Like i i know roughly pretty much i Know roughly when i fall asleep roughly It’s when the ipad hits me in the face Hmm that’s interesting yeah I can think of that Or if you’re here on it if you’re on a Train and You kind of get the person next you just Kind of like Get on get off me Well i you know it does kind of make Sense that we We would be living in a matrix um With all the paranormal things that we See You know and i keep going back to that But You know when we dream what the heck are We dreaming Flying dying you know running in slow Motion It all seems like it’s our memory You know just being skewed by the Program And the program that keeps us i don’t Know Sane you know maybe maybe it’s Eliminating things that actually Happened but we couldn’t deal with it so We’re our brain is You know just deleting those files but We’re just happening to see them go into

The To the junk you know into the trash can And Those are our dreams you know i mean That would be kind of weird but You know the matrix if it’s the matrix Then anything’s possible right If if i was to throw a completely unsubs Unsubstantiated uh idea out over that I would say that dreams are Um a a low level of what people Experience when they take a little Psychedelics you know and it’s the Yeah yeah if you’re gonna tell if you if If we’re gonna talk Simulation theory and what people see When they do take lots of psychedelics Um i i’d wonder whether that was a way Of Pulling yourself out of the simulation Hmm What you take the red pill yeah yeah Yeah Maybe you see it for what it is maybe So yeah or or at least peer behind the Curtain Of what’s there My little boy um he came running to our Room The other night he had a night terror And i’m not asking him what was what Happened and he just said he went Floating out of his window And uh rich uh who’s actually rich

Northwood who’s in in the chat Yeah he he’s he he’s had this um He can astral project and uh when he was Younger he used to come outside of his Body And i’m thinking you know is this just Just a dream I used to come outside of my body i used To come outside all over my chest Sometimes i get a little bit out of my Face I’m sorry did you carry on you just had To And by it must see audio in the Description people it is a comedy Channel Um you just can’t help it you just can’t Help yourself can you I’m not saying i wasn’t thinking it Just his mission is to get me shut down That is that is what’s the audio’s Mission Bastard that that’s it the only i’m just Waiting till you hit like 10 or 20k and then if i can get rid of You All these people are gonna need Somewhere else to go and they can come Over to mostly audi’s youtube channel That’s the plan well it’s working So in terms of Science when it comes to this there’s People putting out some Very very compelling evidence that we

Poss i mean even when you go down and You look at atoms Like when you look at um when you look At an atom And how it how it is it’s You you’re if you if you’ve got that in Front of you and you sit and you blew an Atom up and you just said What is that you you’d think it was some Sort of Technology wouldn’t you if you looked at That That molecule that little tiny little Thing yeah there’s other things as well Isn’t it when you um Like leaves looking like um Brain cells and then like brain cells Looking like Cities and yeah it’s It seems that when you magnify in on Stuff there seems to be like a theme Going through pattern like reality yeah Someone already brought up before like The fibonacci sequence as well Um it’s it i mean these are the things That Um i think people like cling on to That are are still like holding out for Like A deity and like creationism as well Isn’t it But if it is a matrix and you and i Asked myself it Is i asked myself it all my all my life

I’ve said Is history real you know is the stuff That went on in the past I always i always thought that there was A few lies told here there and Everywhere But if if it’s a matrix how far does it Go back You know does it does it actually go Back to the Era you know the victorian times or Whatever does it go Back to you like egyptian times does it Go back Does it go back prior before christ You know how much does any of it or is It just Like a hundred years Span or whatever right yeah it’s uh Everything we dig up is just backstory Yeah just a memory the the As soon as you get into this this Position i mean there’s nothing to even Say that yesterday was real you know At that point is it are we if the Simulation is Only running at this one point one Moment in time that you You you’re um That you’re perceiving does that mean That Everybody is perceiving their own Simulation at any one time so if you’re On your own you have your very own

Little Um instance running but the three of us And anyone sat there in the chat Were experiencing this instance together Like a raid in world of warcraft for Instance Thank you i couldn’t sit in that chat a Moment longer Uh you know i just get all these Thoughts going through my head with what You guys are discussing here uh so thank You for Allowing me to come on and join you guys Mate Yeah uh how’s everybody doing how’s Everybody We’re doing fine mate but come on come On give us it gives it We’re waiting to hear less of the Pleasantries all right So i mean we’re talking about vibration Rich picked that up while i was talking About it in the chat One of the things that uh kind of Solidifies this idea that we are Living amongst many different Frequencies and vibrations is that There’s an old test wherein if you uh Apply a frequency with a certain Amplitude To a patch of sand we’ve all seen this Done it comes into some sort of Geometric pattern Now if that’s the case that geometric

Pattern is already as a signature Locked inside that frequency and now you Have all these other frequencies that Intermesh Creating these geometries and complex Geometries Which i’m sure at the higher levels Actually begins to form What we know as physical material but Again If you’re looking at this in the way of A matrix or something like that All of these frequencies and energies Are intermixing and interweaving To create what appears to be a fabric of Reality Wherein in fact it’s really something More elusive Yeah i mean when when you see them Actual patterns As well they they can create anything You know they can they can they they can Actually create like Squares rectangles triangles Just through vibration and frequency and Maybe people say that life itself Is all about frequencies But is is is that just life Itself though is that just the magic of Life Dark or is that that spark that that Which gives us consciousness that we we Can identify a sentient life that’s Still up in the air i know that

In within sacred geometry and the Observance of these sort of Mathematics and calculations you can Come to some sort of educated resolve But in the end We’re not really sure what it is that Gives life life That breath that again that cognizance That sentience But i i would imagine that it’s it’s Sort of like being dropped into some Sort of Field wherein you can just run along These energetic lines in certain Respects And again we talk about this simply but I think it’s far more uh Involved than that uh even for us if we Were given the chance to look at The operations you know behind the Scenes in the way that the movie the Matrix was It was very overwhelming and uh you know For some of them in the fantasy World there they were able to actually Decipher some of the code they were Looking at but only over time Uh in reality i think it’d be much more Involved than that but again to answer Your question We’re not really sure where life itself Comes from because look we can clone a Body Right we can clone a body we can make it

Look exactly like The uh original yeah sure when it comes To some of the animal cloning that They’ve done In respect to animal conan yeah yeah not Necessarily anything official in the way Of people that i’ve heard but Uh definitely with animals we understand Things on that genetic level Um even the sexual experience has been Reported For so long especially in esoteric Circles but Virtual sex well The [Laughter] The orgasm itself is actually a Vibration and it’s one that rises from Uh your root chakra all the way up People talk about Feeling like the open the top of their Head opens up or You get the audible energy as it passed Through some of these chakras So that again something is simple and Natural to our Bodies organically is still based in a Certain vibration what those frequencies Are though those set of frequencies I think that has yet to be determined i Would love to orgasm myself into another Dimension Well you know what think about tantric Sex

Think about i do all the time [Laughter] Too bad it’s only thinking about it but Anyway i’m just saying um Hey can you can you keep it down over There i’m breaking up i’m breaking up Rich’s reality falling apart It is it’s the matrix is breaking up all Right give me a second man Here’s is my question though if If it’s all a matrix how How far does this does this civilization How far does a civilization have to come To build something like this You know do you think that we will do Some sort of experiment If we’re not doing it already in our Lifetime Where we can do something very similar To creating A a as just not even a whole Uh universe you know just maybe just a Planet for example And put a load of people on it give them All Kind of like really intelligent ai make Them all think that the real Well the macrocosm uh reflects the Microcosm What you can dream is what you can do It’s just a matter of how you get there Now if we understand that we’re in a Reality where we can create our own Reality we can create this

Malleable bit of energy for our own Desire or What we decide to do through thought Then you know again the implications are Sky high in respect to what we could Actually manifest Well it’s hard to say in respect to your Example here whether we will In our lifetime have some sort of grasp On the physical creation Uh or manipulation of this energy in the Way of You know getting matter but at the same Time there have been Many people who have traversed the Planet that have been called magicians Even though They never identified with that sort of Thing they were a spiritual Individual they had been practiced you Know some of the monks that even perform Uh these long treks across mountaintops Where it’s freezing cold the wind is Bitter and they they wet their clothes And actually dry these things with their Own body heat there’s a mind over matter Sense Their people have been aware of this Sort of thing for a very long time will We see it on a larger scale in respect To Productivity in the way that you’re Mentioning i i don’t know i mean we’re Just we’re just getting up into space

But If we can envision it ali it’s possible Dude Do you think maybe we’re getting Slightly further away from Um the like understanding reality If if it’s like that because we are Leaning so heavily on technology now Instead of Maybe maybe knowledge we’ve had in the Past That’s a very good question i think that Some of this has led To our understanding of technology uh Maybe behind closed doors maybe within Some secular groups or what have you Illuminati and so forth they’ve had Knowledge And they’ve been able to intertwine it Into the technology as time has gone on So to answer your question i think we’re Seeing a merging of those two Mentalities perhaps one leaning more on The other Leaning more on one than the other we Like that left brain Interpretation we like what we can Quantify but there’s also this Undying creative fire within us to Produce something different something New and always go forward so i think We’ve combined that in a lot of ways I can’t remember why why he said the Quote but i remember there’s a quote

Isn’t it from Warren buffett uh when he was asked About astrology once And he said oh millionaires don’t Believe in astrology Billionaires do I like that when you mentioned then About um The the the the people in the triangle The rcni the illuminati So that makes me think about you know When you People say that saying big brother is Watching you Or whatever so if if you if you put that Into matrix theory maybe The whole the the people that are Watching They they all see an eye blah blah blah What All the conspiracy maybe that if you if You put that into A simulation maybe that’s the the Programmers The people who are in charge Of the um people who are running the Server You know that is that maybe that is them You know i don’t think i like your idea Uh first of all but i don’t think that Any one of these groups actually have Control over it to the extent that we Might think

Um you know this is sort of a unique Position that we’re in because we’re Experiencing and we’re utilizing this Matrix Every day in every single thing that we Do yet we’re unaware that we’re part of It That’s a very strange and peculiar place To be but i think there are certain Groups that have more awareness Of the again the manipulation of that Sort of construct without actually Understanding it entirely Listen you can go through life and look Through things uh With a very left brain perception Everything is explained right out you Can draw it You know quantify it or you can go Through life More intuitively when you’re still Garning plenty of Information and knowledge through your Experience but you may not be able to Quantify it out in a mathematical term But it’s still very real You know we’d like to sit somewhere in The middle of that balance i think as Uh beings that are capable of both sides Seems to make sense to me to again be Balanced but Again you could sit on one side of the Spectrum or the other and still have a Very

Valid experience well i think there’s Certainly something Um esoteric when it comes to these like Uh control groups because you only have To look at the Um like opening ceremonies from Anything like like cern or Like large sporting events the um i was Only looking at the Uh or the uh was it the olympics They they had where it was it was in the Uk is that the olympics i was in the uk Last Last one where they had the house All the house all the hospital beds and The thing that looked very much like a Bug In the arena if you’ve seen that you You’d be Interested in that it’s it hit very Close to home Right now i would like to see that yeah Um yeah it’s very strange and These things you know they’re not done For no reason when you’ve got like A it’s a certainly something like cern Which is supposed to be just Science and if anybody’s seen like the Opening ceremony for that it’s Just insane it looks more like uh my Like sections of eyes wide shut Than anything you’d expect like a Science facility ginger steve says Not a matrix it’s not real simulation

Ai dreams isn’t that synonymous Isn’t that sort of synonymous with what We understand the matrix to be yeah Exactly It’s all it’s all a mystery to me Whenever we talk about And i hear this a lot recently matrix Simulation and it’s top people saying This stuff You know people like elon musk and There’s another i can’t remember his Name but there is another billionaire That has Has mentioned it jeff bezos Is he jeff did he kidney I’m not sure me neither that’d be Interesting If it’s them you know if they if they’ve Got an inkling Well they’re playing the game very well You know and i had a conversation Uh with my boss who was a good friend of Mine As well and he you know he he said you Know it Is he believes that it is a simulation But he said It doesn’t matter though it does not Matter He’s a he’s a great believer in it all Being a simulation Did he tell you why he didn’t think it Mattered because there’s nothing we can

Do about it no i was just curious You know we just have to live our our Lives no matter what It’s a simulation but we can’t do Anything about It i mean to everybody in the chat i’m Not I’m not i’m not sold on the whole Simulation thing because i I feel real does that mean i am real Or may maybe it is if it is a matrix Maybe it is Real maybe the matrix had it right and It is Just you know a bunch of people in Jamjars and all the The the the robots or the aliens are Watching over us But what benefit would that be you know To them i mean they in the matrix i Believe was something to do with power We we provided the ai robot Power that’s an interesting thought i Mean if you were cast in a play With everybody else in the world that Was going to be part of this Production and you got into it and you Started playing your Character and you know we know about Method acting and so forth there’s a Believability in respect to what people Will encase when it comes to a character If at some point In this play which is very very long you

Forget That you were once somebody else before You got into the play And everybody else in the play has Forgotten that they’re not part of that Character they’re not really that person They were just playing a part Well that’s it’s sort of similar to what We might be sitting in in the way of a Matrix we still have to go through the Whole play to the end We still have the lines that are Scripted i mean not necessarily that you Know fate is Definitive or anything like that but for The sake of the example Uh we still have to go through that Process so i could see why he would say It doesn’t matter but it only in respect To Understanding our reality at large i Think it really is significant Sorry i’ve got i’ve got buzzers going Off for me are you sending me I i just sent you i just sent you a Picture to send to dark hour Yeah i don’t want to share it on the Thing it might be one of those things That youtube don’t like Oh you can’t shut you can’t share that But that that is interesting Yeah you definitely can’t share that Cool thing But uh the the hand that

That leads us the hat the the person That’s Got the what’s it called the puppets Say people say that we’re all puppets You know What benefit what benefit is that If we if it is it’s a if it’s all a Program You know people have the the big Conspiracies forget the matrix People’s people keep saying these these Words that you know That that they all see and i are the People that Are leading the the the leading the World you know the The evil people yeah what benefit Would that be in a matrix situation That would mean that all this doesn’t Mean anything It’s just a game and i don’t believe It’s just a game because if it’s Unless we are put into the matrix to Experience This species like i always say I think we’re injected into the embryo When the heart and the brain You know come together and start beating And thinking That’s when we’re put into the matrix And maybe There was a kid who said that he Remembered before he was born the only Kid he was on oprah

And he said i i chose you mommy i wanted You He chose her and now that’s really weird For a five-year-old to say If this kid could really remember this Stuff and why not Why not can there just be one person who Has the message And in like the movie contact you have To have faith And believe in it but humans don’t you Know we don’t always believe everything Especially a five-year-old but this Five-year-old said some things that Really could tie it all together for us And if that’s true then we’re aliens Living in a matrix and think about this What about All of the other stars and planets that Are out there Are they part of the matrix or is that Just wallpaper you know because it’s Very far away yeah because they make it So far that we can’t get to it with the Means we have Which is very interesting to me it’s all Made it seems like it’s all Constructed for a certain purpose and That purpose may Just be to experience a human and to Have fun Playing this game called life well we’ve Spoke about this ridge on the channel And i can probably can say this because

I’m not I think i’m far enough into the video That my dad won’t make it This far into it yeah because my My dad is massively into the moon Landings you know Oh yeah he’s got i bought him the 4k apollo mish Apollo 11 mission but i did i i have Said to him dad you know Um when you’re looking at all this Footage it’s amazing but when you Actually See the footage of them landed london on The moon It’s a bit shitty you know it’s it’s not Great But when you go back and you look at That um That interview that they all had when They came back from the Conference yeah you know maybe Maybe when these when people You see all the conspiracy theories Saying you know the lying about Being in space this that the other yeah Maybe they did go that far out But maybe they did see the edge of it You know they saw oh right that they Realized when they got there That it was just wallpaper Yeah just like that the movie truman Show again to the end and it was a wall Yeah and that’s why they look so [ __ ]

Off when they had that interview I i still i still they have no idea that They i I’m not a moon landing guy um i think on That day when They’d have had such a ramp up and such A build towards The uh what regardless of um Of whether anything was sent to the moon Or not i don’t believe those people went I don’t believe what we saw in in Footage was real Um if they had this big ramp up where They knew what was going on and they’ve Been part of this Big secret and then all of a sudden it Finishes It’s been pulled off and then they’re Stuck in front of Uh the world and they realize that they They then have to like hold this lie Together For the rest of their lives yeah yeah It’s it would be in it would be the same Thing as somebody that married someone Just for money if the if if they did the Romance thing They played the game played the game They got married they realized that They’ve got their life set And then they realized that they’ve now They’re trapped in that life Well would you would you blame them Though would you so people

These i can’t remember the guy who buzz Aldrin smacked in the face He also interviewed neil armstrong well Tried to interview him Uh about the moon like what’s his name Bert or something anyway I know you mean you know me he says put Your hand on the bible and swear you Went to the moon Yeah i actually wouldn’t be mad You know at that lie if they really you Know Say say that they got out there and they Realized That you know what this isn’t real We’re living in a simulation say that Nasa realized that But only when they went that far out to The moon They realized that they were starting to See the framework Of of this this Thing that we’re in and they went you Know They really are ready to hear that so It’s not that we’re not ready to hear About Aliens we are not ready to hear them in A simulation Because if we if the if people did find Out That it was just a simulation The [ __ ] would hit the fun yeah we would Demand

That they go to the moon and prove and See what’s beyond it That’s what we would be picketing out in Front of the white house Pentagon everywhere you go back there go We want you to go back there well we Plan on going back there but we’re doing It privately just to see what’s out There Man that would make me mad i’m like i Want to know And if they’re telling us this is a Matrix i got to know what’s behind it That would change it yeah it would and You’re right it would Yeah it would change things i think more Than uh Extraterrestrial disclosure because now You’re talking about the very basic Uh fundamental elements of reality you Know starting over Yeah yeah literally would be starting Over It’s a really interesting thought now i Have heard And i think this was in I can’t remember what it was in Connection well but it was something That i came across In my my studies in way of what we see Out in front of us now i’m gonna try to Explain this Because it’s hard i don’t really Understand it all myself but i know i

Can see the concept here Let’s say you’re standing out in a Parking lot looking at a grocery store You’re watching the people come in and Out From your standpoint your reality is That Those people although you assume That their bodies inhabited by certain Energy are actually backdrop They’re false they’re phony until you Interact with that person Wherein something happens with the Energy while you’re you’re creating The reality together so in your own Independent space you’re creating this Reality but Things outside of you that you see Moving in in a certain way automatically May not be actually part of your reality Until you interact with it And this reminded me after i heard this Uh this theory Of the slit experiment that was Conducted wherein they noticed that the Atom would uh shift its course Only when somebody was observing it yeah So You see these little correlations here And they’re very small little grains of Sand on a very large beach But they’re still they’re still there They’re still there there’s something to Look at

I think that’s the double slit theory Yeah it was thank you Just before you joined i don’t know if You if you could hear just uh just Before you joined um That’s what i was saying that maybe we Are like Observing like an instance of reality Like If you’re on your own you’re observing Like an individual instance but now Because well the four of us are doing This and everyone in the chat so we’re Kind of Experiencing this instance together like A raid in world of warcraft or something I’m sorry i missed that because yes That’s exactly that’s exactly right at Least what i’m thinking here What steve’s comment no please comment Oh please comment sorry i’m gonna steal My comments Richard mr coupon yeah with a good Reading could you read that could you Oh yeah what is the panel’s opinion on The singularity where A.i overtakes us in intelligence because It’s predicted to happen in the next 20 Years thoughts I reckon if it’s going to happen you Know like the uh was it the google or Facebook ai that started talking to Itself In its own little language and they

Pulled the plug on it and i think If he built something that could Replicate itself quick enough and learn Quick enough It would understand that was what that’s What was going to happen to it And it would stay the foot quiet until It could drift off into the internet Probably being alexa’s probably why they Start laughing for no [ __ ] apparent Reason And uh you know i uh it wouldn’t Surprise me If we’d already hit that point and the Yeah There’s already there’s always the Discussion isn’t that of whether the Internet itself is conscious Do what does the singular is the Singularity just when The internet decides to communicate with Us the algorithm Of the internet and and that’s Interesting Because when i hate to say 9-1-1 Happened Uh you know everybody was thinking about It And there was a shift that people think Happened in that time Michael yeah i think that you’re Absolutely right i think that 9-1-1 was a huge trigger not only for What we saw in the physical but in the

Way of consciousness If nothing else it shook people up that Were very comfortable sitting where they Were in the world thinking nothing else Could touch them That’s a big thing but that also shifts Consciousness uh You know in many different ways in the Ai question here I have to sort of agree with lee in Exactly what he said and i’ll piggyback By saying that i think they’ve already Done this to some extent Um i think that there are ai systems out There that are working at the full Capacity that we think is coming But they’re just contained somehow but That’s again that’s just my opinion So that’s part of the matrix then too i Guess the ai Now we have like it’s almost like a Matrix and a matrix and a matrix well This is what we’re saying This is what i was saying before rich Because If there is a matrix how do the people Who created the matrix Or the simulation or whatever you want To call it how do they know That they uh How do they know they’re real you know How did they know the ones that created It Yeah that they’re real so safe right

If this is a simulation how do the People Who create or whatever they are who Created the simulation How do they know that they’re not a Simulation right yeah then nobody knows How would you Prove it because All right maybe it is and to Answer steve’s question of what i think In terms of A.i i think it’s [ __ ] dangerous I think it is dangerous i think elon Musk had was right when he said That we need to be very careful but it’s Weird because he’s now wanting us to Merge with it When he’s you know he’s like you know What we need to kind of like Shake hands and make mates It’s too late so he’s doing the neural Link I think the problem you get when you Start drifting into transhumanism Is you have to you have to go into that Point Essentially you destroy the soul Because you’re gonna you’re gonna mess With things so much you you simply can’t Believe in that you have to believe that We’re just Biological entities that are Moving around i i don’t i just don’t Believe that

I i don’t i don’t believe that we’re Just like meat sacks That can stick bits of metal and Computer programs in ourselves and Like augment ourselves or puts I could see that i mean there’s probably Much more Uh complexities that we’re not aware of When it comes to some of these Energetic matrices i mean we’ve even Identified our own arc fields i mean This is something that We can speak openly about we know that The military has actually trained Uh their their troops to see ark fields Through light situations and dark Situations So that’s interesting i mean you can go Out and you can find the exact process Of how to do this yourself if you want And they did this years ago so if They’re aware of energy on that level I would only assume that they’re going To look much further in in bigger Situations in bigger capacities In way of what these energies are so for Example if they see our auric field Can they see the arc field that or Energetic field that surrounds celestial Bodies Are they aware of the earth’s magnetic Field and are they able to manipulate That In a very uh overall fashion where we

Can’t see anything By the way uh mr d.b cooper thanks a lot I I i agree i agree as a as a heterosexual Man I you know i can i can appreciate a good Looking fella I think you’re all of us killers all of Us are good looking guys Yeah evenly just see when he takes the Glasses off man Don’t hold your tongue now well use all Get better looking when i take my Glasses off so that’s fine But it works both ways good yeah Um just make sure it’s just the glasses Damn it they’ve got nothing on the Bottoms anyway Not now sorry i was gonna say something Dead enlightened and i was gonna fix Everything sorry that’s my fault Ginger steve it’s not because you’re Paying for them but they do just they They You know what it’s like rich and it’s Happening No but it’s hard to read some of the Others and i feel really bad They pop up in bright colors but rich I’m going to tell you something because I almost missed ginger steve’s comment Because I’ve noticed and this is the problem That you do ginger steve knows what’s

What If you look at the comments now he knows Exactly what’s what Clearly the most the the cleverest Person in the chat That’s true the this is the problem that You’ve got with streamia just a quick One on that rich That it’s glitching because it’s this Comments that go Past and sometimes when a super chat Comes in or Or a bunch of comments in a row it Goes it pushes it beyond the screen and You miss it You miss it so it depends how fast the Chat’s going i’m sorry i missed your Last one Um but yeah what if it is This is this is all to birth ai And more more and more simulations So the simulation he’s trying to Recreate correct is that what he’s is That what he’s saying in that comment i Think that might be the expansion that We’re noticing With the universe we’re often saying oh It was attributed to a big bang Right maybe it’s actually something Within the programming where you’re Talking about The matrix reinventing itself and Continuing to build I think it’s a really good idea and i

Like what ginger steve here had said That this isn’t the first universe latch And that’s my understanding too in fact Uh the number that i’ve come up against Is seven this is the Seventh or eighth time depending on how You want to look at it that we’re Actually going through this exact Process Over the way that we are we yeah we [ __ ] up we failed We destroyed ourselves we killed the Planet push ourselves into a completely Different uh dimension whatever the case Was No it’s not going great this time around Then he’s They say we have a chance this time so i Don’t know what the other times look Like man i’ll tell you That too before that way though i’ve Never thought of it that way i mean If if it’s if it’s birthing ai And if we are just nothing but ai Really we we still want to recreate So maybe the main bit of ai that Recreates different simulations within Simulations within simulations Maybe that’s that’s not just you know The programming would be astronomical Somewhere along the line there will be An Issue that they would have to attend to I mean this thing can’t run

Perfectly all the time would you like Rachel would it take care of itself Or maybe yeah right maybe it could i Didn’t think of that Maybe it’s been around so long that That’s what maybe free will Is actually reflective of the ai’s free Will So in a sense when we look at it in that Way i mean people say you know god Has free will gives people free will Maybe it’s the ai and the programming That’s You know again we are the mirror that Physical mirror of what the ai is Capable of within its program I’m gonna bring this up really quickly And take it for what it’s worth okay Uh preston nichols when he used to do Some of his Uh psychoacoustic work and this was After montauk in his own Work in his own home and the things that He built he was talking about Doing these sessions where he was Leaving his body as he would normally do And he was traveling out somewhere in The ethers and what he was coming up Against A couple few times was something that he Described as an enormous Organic server that was completely Conscious of itself And continually creating as uh you know

He was observing it in that linear sense If that is true if other people have had Experiences Wherein they’ve propelled themselves Into the ethers and they’ve observed Something Similar to what he’s saying we have a Lot more to think about but we’re Already talking about this concept in a More immediate sense Dealing with our immediate universe our Planet and so forth There’s something here there’s certainly Something here it just probably wouldn’t Be identified the way that we’d see Technology today would be something Entirely different But still follow along the same Guidelines as what we consider ai It’s a bit like uh i i don’t know Whether it’s a joe rogan quote or it’s a Quote that he Co-opted from somebody else when he Called Humans the sex organs of technology Oh yeah Yeah that’s exactly right I don’t know birthing tech technology ai Technology that would mean uh everything Is Not what we think it is you know that You know We’re thinking like humans but human

What Human robots i mean i don’t know if it Just keeps going on And on and on i don’t know man i i don’t Know that that to me doesn’t seem Logical but it could be i guess what do I know We wouldn’t know that’s the whole thing That’s what’s frustrating It’s a big yeah um here checkers guides The galaxy Thing though wouldn’t it where if you Where they Built a computer to work out the life of The universe and everything So if if we constantly are flopping over Like realities it’s each flop would be A different calculation a different Calculation to come to an Initial sum when you say on and on and On though In terms of time who’s to know what time In the real world actually is compared To our time You know we could well as As soon as we invented clocks we [ __ ] Our perception of time didn’t we to Assume Time became what how how long is it Going to be for my pizza to turn up or How long do i have to stay at work and We’ll like Times it’s it’s not just some it’s not An arbitrary measurement is it it’s an

Uh It’s what we exist in and we’ve we’ve Lost that idea Well you identify with that linear sense But it i will give the human brain a Little bit of credit because it’s Difficult For the brain to think outside of that Linearity yeah It’s probably the programming that we Have within our construct and that’s the Way You know we have to look at the world um To think about the eternal moment is Just i think it’s too much and Again i bring this up a lot i talk about The differences between the fibonacci Spiral and The golden mean spiral essentially being The exact same construct the only Difference is One has a beginning and an end and the Other one goes on infinitely in both Directions If the fibonacci spiral is a an Augmentation of the golden mean spiral Where in life physical life said okay We can do something like that but we Gotta start and then we gotta finish we Wanna have a cycle All right so what can we do we’re gonna Knock off a couple calculations here Guess what now we have a beginning and End we still have the exact spiral that

Does create life or is intertwined into Life as a design And yet we’ve created a different Reality that could be also viewed in the Way of programming Yeah yeah yeah totally yeah It’s a question though why the ufos fit Into this That’s they’re right those are all birds Balloons Those aren’t yeah there’s no way yeah Yeah there’s no us There really isn’t Frequencies creating patterns and stuff Like that i’ve always thought that Somewhere along the line We’re going to learn a weather phenomena That makes crop circles That they’re that then there’s nothing Like extraterrestrial about crop circles It’s a crazy quirk of Reality think about what you can do with Sound you can actually move Physical material using sound we don’t See with our eyes but we sure as hell Can feel it with our bodies and we can Hear it depending on whether it lays Within the frequency range of 20 hertz To 20 000 hertz is what we hear at so If again a lot of this has to do with Power and amplitude if we’re able to Focus on one particular frequency okay

Let’s just take uh 420 megahertz okay you were to focus on That and you were to amplify This frequency in such a large way how Would that affect the material world Around you How would that affect your body would it Change something and this is just one Frequency i’m talking about Where and we can uh i mean go back to The idea that everything is vibrating You know basic physics here on a Molecular level everything is vibrating If it’s vibrating it’s creating a Frequency or it’s a result of the Frequency Yeah i even even the idea of when people Say Like the the the Good vibes man sort of thing you know we We’ve understood this for a long time Before we Scientifically understood it as well you Know we we knew that There was something to vibrations before We could quantify it Um i i don’t claim to be one of those People that Thinks they’re um hypersensitive to Electromagnetic fields and stuff like That But um i don’t know if you guys in the States have a similar situation The way no but the way we do uh we pay

For electricity Where i am is you have a key meter So you go to a shop you you put 10 pound on your key meter and you plug It into a thing in your house And you get 10 pounds worth of leather i Like that yeah It’s handy um but the thing is because I hate having extra money on leukemia Because i feel like i’m giving a big Company Money for nothing because they’re taking The interest on my money i Constantly run out of electricity and Have to nip to the shop up the road Um there is a distinct difference in my House In the feeling of it when all Electricity is cut off And it’s a it was a little thought Experiment or a challenge For anyone in the chat if there’s Nothing going on in your house like Nobody’s on life support or something Like that Just flick the switch at your fuse box And just sit in your house for a bit Without any electricity going through Your house and it just did it It’s a completely different feeling lee When i moved out from home when i was 18 years old and i i was a smoker at the Time Still the odds smoking out again i have

A On a night out cigarettes yes i like i Like to have a chicken Every now and again rich a little cheeky I used to be i used to be a smoker but To for a quick story there when i did Move out And uh i had one of those electric Meters And i’d run out of uh electricity i Think i’ve got enough to buy a pack of Cigarettes And a few beers or electricity [ __ ] it i know which way i’ve gone i got The cigarettes and beer Because i had a liar You know that’s funny man when we’re Talking about this It reminds me of a few experiences that I’ve had Wherein i came in the presence of some Sort of Uh otherworldly entity and i can usually Show I tell when these things show up Especially if i’m in my room at night Working Uh not ever on the show in a negative Sense but you know on my own time The way that i feel it and i don’t know If any one of you have come up against The spirit and felt something like this But it starts as it feels like a Vibration on

My back or on the back of my head and It’s it’s Just this real quick oscillating pulse And as it gets closer to me it like Winds down so if it’s if we’re vibrating It’s at slower slower cycles when the Thing is right on top of me And sometimes i can even feel my whole Body just vibrating at that cycle Whatever that is on top of me you guys Had any experience with that at all No nothing like that not in not in the Waking time if I’m sorry lee look behind you you’re Talking [ __ ] Yeah it’s mermaid she doesn’t do Anything But um yeah it’s a apologies to Someone people in the chat because Someone will have heard me say this Before um But the the first time i ever took magic Mushrooms i was with people that Had done it like a lot before And um i’d eaten as well before we do we Did it so Um i everybody everybody else was coming Off Of what they what they did i really like Mushrooms anyway just with the taste of Them And we didn’t make tea or anything like We were just we dried them out we were Just eating them

So everyone else was stuff was happening For apart from me So i just ended up munching them like They were Crisps and i i i always joke and say That i i ended up taking enough to shake Hands with god And um the What happened was i was uh i ended up After went for a little walk i ended up Tripping out in a lane With with my friends there i remember Um i can remember it so vividly and that I think that’s one of the crazy things About it is it’s not it was Nothing like um It was nothing like being drunk i Remember everything so vividly And i remember the whole thing of Feeling like i was Uh i was floating and then i remember The Thinking to myself i was really worried Because my friends were there I was really worried i pissed myself Because i could feel Water and then it would all of a sudden I’ve i sort of realized that My body wasn’t there anyway and it was The the first time since then i I understood from that point when people Turn around and let and go over your ego I I you i always thought of ego as being

Tied with arrogance and then Understood it was more about the Physical self um And then i had that feeling of a sudden Rush and a push through something And i was surrounded by um like black Entities like just black figures all Around me like Surrounding me like a circle i didn’t i Wasn’t scared i felt reassured and i They didn’t say anything to me but i Felt reassurance and i felt Pity um because i shouldn’t have been Where i was And they stayed around me until i Eventually came round and i’ve Always thought that whatever was there Was around me was Keeping me safe from something or for Some reason Until i was shoved out of that Realm and back into where i should be Yes like an antivirus No like like watches i’d say detectors Yeah i’ve heard of that before i’ve Heard of those specific darker entities And their protective role I think what happens is sometimes people Go a bit further than what they thought They were going to in respect to what You’re mentioning And it in ancient times this actually Led to a lot of trouble because some People just wouldn’t come back

Cultures that used to practice with Medicinal plants as Some sort of initiation into the next Level of knowledge this was a big test Uh for the initiate wherein they were Instructed to go out Under the influence of these plants Garner all this information Grab it from the cosmos anchor it into Themselves and then bring it back Into their body wherein they could then Access this uh information that they got Out in the ethers Problem was a lot of them would get out There like oh my god i can know Everything [ __ ] it i’m not going back and they just Wouldn’t go back but that wasn’t the Point You know i mean the point was to bring It back for everybody in this dimension So that it could be disseminated here in This frequency No i i yeah i i could fully understand That That idea the um i was it was really Strange as well because I’m 38 and that happened when i was Um 21 maybe And um it stayed with me so long Until i ended up reading a lot of terror Terrence mckennon’s work mckinnon’s is It mckinnon or mckenna Mckinnon

Um and it was when i was reading the Spirit molecule All all of a sudden what i’ve always Been able to remember Made so much more sense when i was Reading other people’s accounts Of his experiments Absolutely absolutely so so lee i think This one’s for you i’ll send you the Four Four pound ninety-nine okay Well youtube takes a cut so i’ll have to I felt small i felt like i i felt i Didn’t feel a body but i felt like i was Lying down and like Like looking up at something because They felt like they were towering around Me Um there was no apart from definitely Having like long Like bodies a body shape and A to be perfectly honest for all the World like dementors From uh was it harry potter dementors or Was that whichever Wraiths were lord of the rings weren’t They dementors were harry potter Uh wraiths for all the world it felt Like that and you They had the there was shoulders and a Head there And i just knew they meant me no harm That’s That’s what i meant by safe i i knew

That the i mean realistically In any other situation that should be Terrifying You know that’s that should have been The The worst part of I mean you could say i had a bad trip Because i Um because i just i like so this was it Was about 40 minutes i was out for In this late um and you see You could say i had a bad trip because i I i tripped out in a lane for 40 minutes With my friends Sat there stood around looking at me Going is he dead How are we gonna tell his dad but the um The truth of the matter is i i didn’t i Didn’t uh feel bad at any point Through of of this like precedence and Uh It but black figures all stood around You what like Which is just like black silhouetted Shadow people Should have been terrifying and it Wasn’t And i’ve no i’ve no explanation for that If i woke up in my bed And i saw like a black mass in front of Me i’d [ __ ] myself But it was you know it was it was a Strange Strange thing i mean i that this is all

This time on And i can still talk about it as if it Happened yesterday And i’m convinced that what happened That day Will will carry on with me exactly the Same as well you know the Um even i know myself because i’ve said It on podcasts and things like that Um the the memories never changed Since the time it happened and i’m sure I will carry that Like till the day i die i’ll probably Meet them again to be perfectly honest Well there you go lee Steve’s gonna go he’s gonna get some Flights across we’re going to come to The isle of man and uh He’s going to fight we’re going to buy One beer then we’re going to leave Well apparently if if he is uh if you if You’ve had your magic Jibbies the uh everyone can come to the Ottoman now so Rich what were you about to say then but But as as well I’m interested to find out what you Think of these shadow figures Do you think do you think they are Actually a thing i know you’ve you’ve Been Yeah i was gonna tell lee the reason he Wasn’t scared is the same reason I wasn’t scared or felt scared or

Still feel scared when i had an Encounter or dream i think it’s a dream Where i heard Somebody whisper in my ear i’ll be in Your head Before you wake up that should scare Anybody and then three days earlier Seeing an alien at the foot of my bed Which I mean i woke up i know i woke up but I’m telling myself i was waking up During the lucid dreaming That i always have and i mean that’s Kind of tricky too Because then what if it’s a matrix Reality and they’re able to pop in and Out I mean why would i and the voice that i Heard was My own voice you know what i mean and That’s weird and the reason you you Not scaredly is because you’re telling Yourself Subconsciously but it comes out Consciously that it was a dream And i think that’s why or you’re okay With it because You know nothing happened to you then You know they could have taken you out Yeah maybe no it’s true i have the same Exact feeling i’m like i’m in denial About what happened Because when it happened i couldn’t Believe it anyway

It’s kind of like so incredible to Believe you don’t believe it but even Though you know what happened you’re Like wait a minute That shouldn’t exist that’s get out of Here come on Then you’re like was it you know so you Don’t know man And that’s why you’re not scared mr d.b Cooper thank you ma’am but What the hell is it is a dyslexic man Trying to Read that middle work is that syllable You silly silly simon You’re a silly simon [Laughter] Thank you mate thank you mate i i think I i do think though I mean i i’ll be honest with you i’ve Not done any uh And i would never recommend it boys and Girls any sort of oh yeah this is an Advertisement Naughty things right i do like [ __ ] not a paid sponsorship I do like shiitake mushrooms though i Can make a wicked chinese Um yeah with shiitake mushrooms But the vegetarian i’m not a vegetarian But i can make a wicked shiitake Mushroom Uh noodle dish i just made it up Um not not not the dish that not the Not i feel like you’re taking much

Right that’s so funny Joe rogan talks about that psilocybin You know when he does that Uh what is it and what is it michael the Dmt Uh yeah i i i can’t what i can tell you Is definitely before Everything went [ __ ] crazy with the Um the sniffles um i I definitely wasn’t supposed to go to The big island With my friend and uh do some of said Dmt i definitely wasn’t going to do that Just Just before the world exploded I’ll tell you what that’s one thing i i Won’t try and probably the most Beneficial But it’s just it’s incredibly daunting And even though i’ve had You know quite a few psychedelic Experiences i know What that threshold is before you you Break and lose it you know what i mean You’re Being in touch with reality and because The whole idea of ayahuasca is to Punt you out of your body and do Something similar to what i explained Before In the way of initiates uh that’s Incredibly frightening to me I think it’s a control thing you know What i mean at a certain point yeah yeah

I i have a i haven’t grasped with Reality the best of times i’m sure i’ll Be fine But joe rogan and other people talk About meeting this Woman that is like the all like god And they think god is a woman and that’s The feeling they get and a lot of people When they do that come back from the Experience saying You know they they saw this woman who Felt like god Which is very strange i wonder you know I never heard of a woman Taking that stuff and hearing her Experiences does she experience a woman As well Does anybody know of a woman who’s taken That stuff Oh i know many women who have taken it But i’m not familiar with that Particular experience i haven’t heard Anything in the way Yeah i’d like to know it’s always guys i Always hear what guys are talking about You know we never get to hear a woman’s Point of view on yeah hayawatka Well i do know my thresholds and it Apparently is a Half a count of that what is that Tequila Thanks for pellegrino That’s funny let’s go a little bit Deeper into this

Though Deeper when people speak about god Okay if if you put that into a matrix or Whatever you want to call it simulation That’s god yeah yeah sure That would be it right that would be it That would be it the old creator Okay he created us in his image but When we create our own version Of this will we still believe in The creator that will there still be People on earth that will Believe or do you think they’ll they’ll Gradually phase out Perception belief in Dark hour do you believe in god It depends on what you define as god i Think a lot of people Separate themselves from a divine source And they look back on it and Again live that separation if you Understand that you’re part of a matrix Or some sort of ai interaction Simulation Then you have no choice but to accept That your very physical makeup your Emotional makeup Everything is a part of that system too So You know maybe this perception would Bring people closer to the idea that There is One source of energy or something along Those lines but

Uh it’s a good question ollie it’s a Very good question Because i mean that that question would Be infinite If if this keeps going Yeah you could always think that um As far as god goes that we we we create Gods for the The time we’re in and um So if you look at if you look at us Being like a primitive A tribal race and we we don’t really Understand we we know we can make Fire for instance but we don’t Understand why it works and Like just merely extinguishing fire with Water is Some sort of magic you could create like A human deity Which you you could worship and When you look at simulation theory that To me Feels like a modern technological Version Of creating a god that we can understand Because instantly what you’ve done is You’ve if you think oh well we’re all Part of a computer program You’ve instantly humanized like reality Um so it’s it does that does it not mean That if Let’s say for instance that simulation Theory and the idea that we are part of Some sort of

Um Endless uh endless amount of different Realities Which are created by something which has Us running to do Some tasks would we get to a point where We understand that so much where we Create Something new because we develop more It always feels like it’s like what i Say about ufos um As far as them being like nuts and bolts Craft That people hop in and use a joystick to Fly around or Even even control with your mind it’s Always stuff that we can We can understand and it’s like maybe Uh six or seven steps ahead of where we Are But it’s always very human and it’s Where i always say that we’ve we’ve lost The idea of Accepting that maybe magic’s not real Maybe this these things are a force Beyond what we can quantify Yeah something created it Uh yeah maybe i mean we we create stuff We do we don’t we don’t really know we Just Even even the idea even the idea of There being A singular creator like a An entity out there which builds it is

Is the same as as looking at a um Like a lego car going well somebody Built that like a car at some point So even the idea of making a creator Means We’re humanizing it because well we like The idea of hands putting things Together and then presenting up an end Product yeah that’s a human way of Thinking what if we’re just Evolution man why does everything have To equate to god or The all-being and all this stuff why Can’t it just be Well the problem the problem is the big Bang the the the that’s What they don’t even know if that really Happened no no no but What i mean is that what when we try and Look at things now That’s the problem because what that is Is our Um no but our modern deities as far as When you when we’re looking for like Modern day esoteric truths would be Science And scientists and what they ask is that We We allow them one miracle and they will Give us the answers of everything And that’s that’s the problem because You always come back to that one miracle And that’s the The sticking point so

Like mr d.b cooper says here i love The religious aspect but for his next Kindly generous Gift here thank you my friend stop mr d Because Just quickly sorry just well we talked About talk uh he Mentions the bible just quickly i’m not A religious man For a kickoff but uh when we were Talking before about buzz aldrin getting Punched i wanted to jump in and say Something Buzz aldrin punch somebody yeah sorry I don’t know i don’t know we’ll come Back that late we’ll come back to that Because he got ties right in with what What The question here uh you know what my My views on the bible i’m dyslexic i’ve Never read it That’s the honest answer i’ve never read The bible i offered it i have Had it read to me though and uh I do find it interesting i think i think The stories in there are very Interesting i think i think it’s a Terribly written book the greatest story That has never existed [Laughter] But what all i was going to say was as Far as the aldrin thing We you constantly get conspiracy

Theories about uh These people being like luciferians and Nasa being this Like a massive luciferian organization Um The fact that he wouldn’t put his hand On the bible and swear on the bible I think blows that out of the water Because if If he was a satanist and he didn’t care He’d have quite happily stuck his hand On that boot and gone Yeah we went to the moon went to the Moon i had a wank in the shuttle on the Way for on the way there I don’t do Do you use that word in america wank No no no no we don’t you should We should i try okay Is that what you’re thinking about Tantric sex [Laughter] It is interesting though and i will We’ll say about the bible here So when we’re on matrix theory uh Simulation When we talk about moses part in the sea Like that magic yeah Maybe you just hacked it maybe certain People actually know How and maybe these people that that Have these special And anybody who’s religious now will say Well you know alienates going to hell

Clearly because he doesn’t believe in God or what i don’t know what i believe I really have no idea I don’t i’m not saying it is a Simulation i’m just I’m just i just wanted to speak about it It was something to talk about Do a video on that take some moses Moving the red sea Like moving the sea and part in the Waves It was moses wasn’t it yes yeah yeah Well take someone like edward lederskin Who created coral castle and when asked How he was moving some of these blocks His answer was quite simple he said I figured out or i learned the way that They built the pyramids It was a very um esoteric answer but This is what he claimed if it’s that Easy to stumble upon and by the way he Did actually put a book out Uh in respect to electromagnetics and You know some of these theories in his Eyes i have yet to buy it but it is out There you can find this Uh if it is that easy to just stumble Upon something and remember oh yeah i Remember how to Walk i remember how to you know use my Arms maybe that’s all it is it’s just Something that Has been buried away in us so long that We’ve literally forgotten

Every aspect of this until somebody Shows it to us again or we discover it Somehow maybe somebody has it in a dream I mean i’m reaching here But at the same time we have someone Like edward leaderskin who Actually had these experiences you know Purportedly And he’s left us this incredible uh Architecture made out of i think it’s Sandstone if i’m not mistaken I’d like to go look at coral castle i’d Love to have a look Look at that me too i’d love to get down There when i get to florida Probably next year sometime i will Definitely be taking a ride down there So i’m going to mr d.b cooper to answer Your question here i’m going to keep On uh topic but if we do Get disclosure okay it If you put that into simulation theory That would just be changing the game up That would just be but when you you Talked about this on your last show uh That i watched this morning rich When you were talking about the um the Uh um where the cousin’s from i’ve Forgotten America hawaii hawaii Why did i just went out my brain um You talked about disclosure coming As in a false flag alien invasion We see real planes

Going around chasing holographic ufos Of some kind but if it’s matrix theory Then How why would the need to be hologram Ufos You know why would they be we’re still Creating we’re still creating that so So so there’s there’s people here Creating the holograms In the sky that are holograph not Holograms themselves just maybe Maybe the [ __ ] large hadron collider Can hack The program you know it’s maybe this Thing’s out there if If we if you look at it is in like it’s It’s an actual computer Like which i don’t i don’t really Believe um But if you look at it like that that It’s in a Like a physical machine that we’re all Living Inside which is a program then maybe the Like the powers that be Have have learned to hack that and can Add stuff to it do we do Any you boys actually think we will get Whether Whether the world that we live in is Real or not Do you think we we will get a disclosure This year No come on no way

Not ever not Never it not i like time i don’t i don’t Think not ever exists anymore rich Yeah it does after that after the past Two years i don’t i don’t think i can I can say that i’ll bet you this i’ll Bet you a Thousand dollars disclosure doesn’t Happen within five years What’s that in the town i i you’re Probably right Okay well you you’re talking in the last Two years like The discussion isn’t gonna happen any Day i’m good no i’m gonna Um no no i don’t i couldn’t look like You started Look i’ll at least get ollie’s getting Worried now Um i don’t mean ufos when i say the last Two years You mean aliens no i mean what the Hell’s disclosure that’s disclosure No i mean these are little green things With loads of little Things yeah what happened the last Couple I’ll give you a clue rich Yeah i know yes i am i yeah i don’t I don’t subscribe to the whole oh that Would never happen anymore because The world feels so much more uh Chaotic and Volatile than we all thought it would do

We we all took it for granted That uh for so long that tomorrow would Be the same as the day before Until tomorrow came and then we were Told not to go outside You know it’s the it’s a it’s a massive Change In in but to back your theory up which Is i’m 50 50 on this by the way Uh i do think that the whole ufo thing Could just be Another big just time waster for people In the same is when you watch elon musk [ __ ] about with bitcoin and people run Around trying to work out what next Imaginary uh crypto to buy Um it’s just distractions isn’t it There’s so many little distractions out There For for in for people maybe maybe the Ufos are just distracting us Without getting me into trouble against What Um what the distracting is so so what So we’ve got the ufos distracting us now We’ve got That if i’m dead honest i i would say a A total political paradigm shift for the Western world I mean the thing is they they pulled the Plug on us Whether the intention was to control or To set free What happened during that time the last

Year and a half or so Is that it allowed everybody to reset or At least have that opportunity to reset Because everything it you it was like a One long Continuous snow day wherein everything Was interrupted by One particular part of the event and yet Everybody had to Change the way that they lived and again It was for such an extended period of Time You know it takes 21 days they say to Develop a habit or you know Break a habit um you know we’re looking At Months and months and months of people Introspecting and having to go within Realizing that some of them were bored In life Realizing that they have more in life Than they think i mean you name it Everybody had a different experience With this but there were a lot of people Who benefited From that unplugging myself being one of Them just getting out of that routine For a minute Wherein everything is distracting me uh Whether it’s You know the way lifestyle with uh Family or It’s you know my job or you know i’m Sitting around saying well i want to do

Something more but i don’t feel like i Have the energy the time That’s what that time period gave me uh The opportunity to do Is to be more myself and to grow into my Own power so if they were trying to Control us with that It backfired for a handful for you and Me For a handful of us right but a lot of The weak-minded and gullible Not yuli are i’m just saying Well because i said you were gullible But i take it back Um because i thought you were going Somewhere else But you are a little gullible here let’s Admit um I like to think of myself as innocent But carry on Yeah i forgot what i was gonna say uh no Like like for me I stayed at home i worked at home and i Do everything from home so for me to Stay at home No big deal i actually did better Staying at You know while the whole thing was going On um But yeah uh it’s it’s weird how Everything’s changed and i don’t know Where i was gonna go Because i became a wise ass for a second But it’s weird you know where we’re i

Don’t know if it has to do with the Matrix But it wasn’t i think the whole thing Was an experiment for what’s about to Come I think they wanted to see how much we Would obey And listen and follow this and that and And you know a lot of things were Allowed to happen At least in america you know the looting The All that stuff and killings and it’s Still going on In certain states that are blue but uh And maybe i think i think everywhere is Getting a different Treatment with the situation it’s it’s a Certain Type of person though i’m finding out it It’s a I don’t know man it’s just weird right Now and i think the experiment Is working exactly how they thought it Would and the media is controlling it And it’s all scripted i think the whole Thing’s all Laid out for the next big event and if That’s false flag alien invasion Or matrix alien invasion whatever you Want to call it with holograms then so Be it But i don’t know i don’t think that can Happen i i think

For humans the matrix thing nobody was Going to believe Out their general population by 80 90. Uh that’s where we were with ufos 60 Years ago That the belief was 80 they didn’t exist So maybe i don’t know maybe it’s Beginning of a new Era or paradigm shift there you go Sure feels like something different this Isn’t the same world it was a year and a Half ago it sucks It’s not like it’s just recuperating Either yeah there’s something Starkly different about this world yeah I feel like that’s It but that goes into that When i said earlier in the show the 911 How everybody was thinking about it at That time Now everybody was thinking about i got To wear a mask mask you know vaccination And all this stuff And uh people were just getting stir Crazy And that that mind everybody was Thinking it At the same time while we were shut down That had to have changed something In this whole world if we’re going to Talk about vibrations And all that you know just by all of us Thinking i hate being at home i hate This i hate that

I don’t know it probably is making it Darker I don’t um yep well we’re sort of Skirting around this sort of thing I hate the idea that please skirt yeah Yeah Keep skating i hate the idea that um People seem to think that Covering 50 percent of a face Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah No no but no i’m not gonna say anything Horrible it’s fine but the uh The idea that you can take that you can Take out the primary device of how we Communicate with each other yeah Which is 50 of facial expressions And your lips as well and expect That’s fine let’s move on yeah Yeah i really can’t talk about that no So sorry what would i add i just Just can’t take the risk no no no it’s Okay i was skirting i know i was getting Getting closer Yeah well the the thing is right Yes we’ve been through a hell of a lot Okay as the human race The human race the human race has been [ __ ] healthy The human race has been through one one Hell of an all deal but We’ve been through [ __ ] before and i Know everybody says we’ve not been Saying that i did speak to an old lady Uh quite a few months ago

When this all started and she said you Know what i went through world war two It was a breeze compared to this that’s What she said to me i was like Interesting um but The world has been through if you look At time And you look at how civilizations have Changed They’ve been through far worse than this I mean Look look at look at america you know Look at when when America uh when when people kind of like Connell yeah America look at this look at the [ __ ] That the the The natives went through you know This we’ll get past this And we’ll move on to different things Well not unless there’s Always going to be something there’s Less where the natives this time Right there’s always going to be Something there isn’t there there’s Always going to be Something there there will always be A challenge there will always be Something that keeps us on his toes Something that keeps us in the game Something to keep it entertaining Constantly yes Yeah yeah i see you’re dragging it back I’ve got to keep it on on subject

But but i’m a right though i am right Well maybe there’s always some drama it Always Always that’s the problem if you if You’re gonna have an equation that has To be a That’s to be a problem in the first Place to get A story sorry rich no i’m sorry i was Gonna say because Any time there’s a disturbance in the Force that creates money Uh db just dropped your super chat you Probably Holy jesus christ i’m coming to ireland Man with that Thank you mr dbcooper77 that’s awesome Mate thank you very much Jesus that’s awesome rich if you see mr D Davey cooper on your channel on your on Your travels don’t you what are you Doing over there rich I will i i uh had a uh Never mind it just snapped out of my Hand oh another ten dollars from mr d Cooper said stop it now stop it remember My show the other the last week I’ve been here i’ve been here before What do i have to take off [Laughter] We mentioned only the glasses only the Glasses [Laughter]

No the headset next The do you know what i’m saying though There’s always going to be some there Always is something and it’s like a Story You know but that’s because we read Stories well i don’t Um or watch films you know Life is what what’s has anybody seen the Joker Yeah the recent one yeah yeah when he Said when he says there’s a line in that He says I fought my life if it was a drama It’s not it’s it’s a comedy yeah And that really did resonate with me That as soon as i was like holy [ __ ] And it’s almost like i wonder if because I find Joaquin phoenix quite fascinating I do too as a character yeah Do you remember when he did the whole Thing where he And i’m gonna get on to jim carrey as Well do you remember when he did the Whole Thing where he decided to um Be a rapper do you remember that Who the wacky Phoenix where he he stopped acting He said um he said i think he was on David yeah and he said um stop it and he Was like really like nervous Yeah he looked like a homeless man he

Put chewing gum Underneath the table and uh thank you Again mate Jesus christ um He he he took a i think it was a year And a bit out Him and his best friend Ben affleck’s brother Tracy casey casey affleck Yeah if you’re watching uh staff like Sorry forget your name wrong um But he he kind of Went and changed it up He changed the whole thing of his his Life And we all believed it well i I kind of didn’t kind of didn’t i Thought nobody will really i thought Nobody was Here no they did to start off with oh Yeah To start off with people because there Was stuff leading up to that before he Went online Where people were saying he was going Insane And you could see him growing the beard His hair growing And and you’d see little videos of him Um Where he was just off the rails He went to a concert and he did some Like It wasn’t [ __ ] but it wasn’t good he did

Some weird rap on stage and then he fell Off stage Pissed drunk whatever you want to call It And it’s kind of like these People they can get away with that And they’re they’re the people that we Watch yeah but i think You were there’s always going to be that Sex [ __ ] section of the sort of art Crowd isn’t there where Would you want to be quirky want to be Want to be cool and odd It just makes me think that when you When you said when you said You get it you get it yeah i got it I’m getting pissed This is for the kid who found my missing 5k In other words he’s gonna be giving you Five thousand dollars today I was oh oh somebody found his money If i had 5k to lose i know I’d be a happy man So db yeah give ollie 5 000. no So we can lose it so Do you know what i’m saying though the These people Might actually be aware because look at Jim carrey yeah Have you have you seen the recent stuff With him yeah he’s where he’s been Interviewed and he And he said somebody’s interviewing and

He’s laughing and she’s like what’s the Funny says well i don’t actually think You’re real You’re a tetrahedron we’re all in a Tetrahedron Michael isn’t that what he said well he Said something along those lines but he Was obviously referring to The uh tetrahedron in our arc field in Relation to the merkabah I’m sure that’s what he meant yeah yeah That’s right i just couldn’t Verbalize it well there are a lot of These people that are sort of waking up And it seems interesting that it happens At the end of their life Or close to the end of their life i mean You look at somebody like jim carrey Who’s had uh one hell of a run if you Will i mean It doesn’t get any better than that to For some people but You know there was obviously much more For him to learn in the way of his own Personal spirituality Living in the moment you know some of These things that he’s been talking About in respect to being free And it’s not just about finances it’s Not just about location it’s about Something internal That’s touching people that maybe we Consider to be untouchable You know and it’s affecting them in a

Very positive way but again it’s up to The individual He i i think he even thinks this is He thinks certain people are npcs like Non-playable characters Yeah or he thinks he’s god Yeah i i read that as he um He’s obviously had a a a profoundly Uh like spiritual shift In the way he thinks but when he said to That woman he that You’re not real i think he was talking About the like the world of celebrity And hollywood that’s what i thought i Think he was referring to I’m gonna have to look at that again That’s interesting how you take Something like that you know Yeah aj i i just i think he’s if you When you’ve Because there was another interview he Said wasn’t it what he uh He said something along the lines of he He spent so long Trying to work out who the character of Jim carrey was And it took to me it screamed someone That was Trying to be somebody else somebody for Other people Uh i i still i like to jim carrey i Think is an incredible actor I think the the and it’s you only see That

In um the more serious stuff he’s done And i i wonder whether a lot of this Comes from like an artistic frustration That he was always referred to as the Guy with the funny faces And the the screaming voice do you Remember the role he played At that guy in the film 23 where he saw The number 23 over and over again So that film is actually based and this Is what i I i haven’t researched too far into it But apparently It’s based upon one guy’s story of Seeing the number 33. Right this is true this is true i see The number But it’s not just me rich it’s loads of People you see the 11 11. it’s a good Film And you know there’s a lot of people That see the number 33. But my question to to any of you guys Here Here now and this is this is all keeping It on topic Of simulation is have you ever looked in The mirror And i’ve said this before on the channel Because my dad when When i used to walk with him as a kid Nothing i’m not going to talk about the Ufo people But he used to said have you is it

Oliver Have you ever considered that you could Be god And you’ve made me and your mother up Yeah that’s what my dad used to say he Used to say something he still says it He still say he still says this to this Day Get some interference here yeah but But my question is to you guys Do any of you guys have you ever looked In the mirror and thought you know what Maybe there is just me Maybe when i when when i leave that room With that person i’ve just spoke to They’re not even there they’re not even A real person how can that person i’ve Just spoke on the phone The absolute you see unt Um be a real person you know Kind of kind of like yeah when you Remember those old school video games Like when playstation one first came out And you’d be playing an open world game And it would only render Where you were immediately in that in That spot so like anything outside of That didn’t exist unless you entered This is interesting man well isn’t it Isn’t it weird When you when you talk about uh well What Was being put in boxes and collect Controlled

That we always refer to these things as As having an existential crisis You know it’s if you if you have the Type of conversations that we’re having Right now To to people in general um People would look at you awful strange Most of the time if you just do this do This Have this such conversation at work it Makes you wonder it makes you wonder why Why the the idea of thinking beyond Yourself And thinking outside of um Reality is referred to as like a crisis Like where did that come from Good question it’s a very good question It had to be intentional wherever the Source of that is yeah That’s an intentional it’s a wall it’s a Conversation wall that’s put up And let’s not forget The one thing that’s been going on in The chat room that i meant to bring up About an hour ago Is uh the secret do you thoughts create Things And i say they do and that and i believe At the beginning about sport wasn’t it Where the idea that you could build a Play-up and Something will come of it What does this mean this comment about American history x

And me Okay you kind of look like the guy from American history x which isn’t it Yeah no you don’t is that the nazi yeah Yeah so rich i spoke over there I don’t remember what i was going to say Sorry that’s my fault No no it was one it wrote a bell about American history x and i thought is that Not a nazi guy I’m not a nazi Well they took sour turn didn’t i Thought somebody had something to say i Mean usually i’m the one talking I mean for all intents and purposes i Kind of crashed your show sorry [Laughter] Sorry what was what was what was we Actually saying then because Um that took me so rich was gonna say Something i i spoke over And uh yeah i didn’t mean to it’s not The first time you did it so i’m getting Used to it Uh what i was gonna say was uh That if we do live in a matrix and Thoughts Can create things because i believe they Do i’ve done it and it works every time And then you know then people would say Well how come you’re not a millionaire Then if you can create things why don’t You create that millionaire lifestyle That everybody wants and not everybody

Wants that You know people just like maybe being Where they’re at and enough is enough And you don’t need to You know be a glutton and have more than Everybody so That’s kind of where i am i like to live Just What i need i don’t need anything else So i don’t need a lamborghini or two or Three I do need a lot of shoes because i go Out a lot but That’s different but you see everybody’s Got their crutch um But it does work and if if your thoughts Create things Then that means you can actually Manipulate the world you’re living in Your matrix your reality which Makes you a god and i always say that I think i am my own god living in my own Matrix creating my own reality even when I sleep and when i’m mad when i’m happy I’m opening and closing doors all the Time but if you focus on it You can literally close the doors that Need to be closed and open up the doors That need to be opened and it happened And it happened to me a lot and it Recently was with the cousin brothers Cousins brothers um that it’s in the for Another time but Yeah i mean it’s if you can do that then

Maybe we are living in a matrix or maybe The universe Is a matrix and we just think it’s a Computer construct and it isn’t it’s Just reality And maybe the reality is Uh well now i just confused myself but [Laughter] They see it just goes round and round And round Yeah i i like that because that that’s What i i was trying to say before and i Was stumbling over it Is the the idea that there isn’t a Matrix This is just the fabric of reality Exactly Yeah happy birthday mr db cooper but Rich you talking about a secret The secret it’s a book because the book I’ve never read it Obviously but well they i got i don’t I’m like you i have a problem reading so I got the dvd set And the book but yeah you can it teaches You on how to Um use your mind to create the things You want like Let’s say i want and they tell you to Start small like let’s say Every time you go shopping and you never Get That spot up front but the next time You go shopping imagine what it’s like

In Detail that you’re pulling up to you Know you okay you get in your car you Feel the metal on the door you feel the Steering wheel you’re imagining all this In your mind you’re gonna create that Spot At the front and you’re going to imagine Driving in your car Feeling the wind seeing the weather Reflections everything and Some people are really good at creating I’m ver i’m one of those people that can Create because i have a great Imagination And the more you can create and as fast As you can create You can create that spot in front of the Shopping mall And it does happen they tell you to Start small so i’m imagining that i’m Driving there and i see the open spot Now i’m going to get my car and do it And the spot will be there And it happens a lot it’s crazy how that Works And i have a story about creating five Thousand dollars That me and my wife so desperately Needed and it showed up 30 days after i started with the secret To give it to you Yeah unfortunately i didn’t know him Back then but

Uh maybe in some strange universe he Knew me That’s no what you’re saying is Absolutely true rich i even experimented With uh some of the lighter ideas when You’re you’re saying you’re creating a Space or Uh you’re creating a situation where You’re going to run into somebody that You’ve maybe lost touch with and next Thing you know you turn around and there They are My story with the secret at the very First day that i read it and i apologize If anybody has heard this i’ll make it Brief I read it in one sitting took me six Hours i said oh let me try something Let’s see what happens and To make a point known too it’s not just The visualization as rich is mentioning It’s the tactile sensation and how you Feel At that very moment that you’re gonna Focus on the visual stuff is great but It’s about how you’re feeling Having a million dollars how would you Feel right now if i give you a million Dollars Your body might relax your mind might Start going somewhere else oh my god i Don’t have to think about certain things It would change The way you feel so that’s what you want

To capture for that moment so i said to Myself Okay let’s try this uh i need a bag of Weed i don’t have any money I’m not getting paid for a little while So i just need weed let me try something So i did this whole exercise like rich Is mentioning and sure enough Within 15 or 20 minutes of you know this Exercise I receive a text from somebody i used to Live with but i hadn’t seen for You know some years he says hey what’s Going on man you have a parcel of mail At my house i’ve been sitting on it for A while i keep meaning to You know let you know and also i have Some great weed i’d love you to try some If you I’m like oh okay cool but i’m thinking To myself still i don’t have any money But at least i can get the parcel So i show up to this uh house and i open Up The the mail and it was a refund from my Student loans for Exactly the amount of money that it Would have cost me to buy an eighth from This guy And i thought i looked at him and i said Oh my god you believe this you know what This is he goes yeah it’s a secret i Said what the hell because he’s not Spiritual at all

And yet he was aware of what was going On and i was like no way and i looked Down on the check and i had to cash this Check Within two hours oh otherwise That was it 180 days so he’d been Sitting on this for so long oh my god And there you go right then and there i Walked out with a bag of wheat and i Thought to myself oh my god i didn’t Even try You know he’s gotta you gotta think About it and you gotta let it go You gotta go through that exercise that Rich is mentioning and then you let it Go But you it will cut his matrix i was in Part of his matrix too clearly Isn’t that weird that blows me away i Love that story Yeah it still blows me i believe in it a Lot of people Don’t and and you know to an extent some People say that Well you know it doesn’t work for me Well you’ve been a certain way Your whole life all those doors are Closed some people are doing this Uh secret and they’re starting to just Get the grass roots to come up and break Through the top And they’re like it’s not working just Goes yep And you just killed everything you did

For all the all that time Um but if you give it time believe me it Does work And uh i i uh god i’ll talk about this Tonight i guess That’s crazy yeah thanks for bringing it Up whoever did The ma the secret i think it was the Matrix It wasn’t me it was in i think it was uh Somebody in the chat room i think Do you think you can get an audio Version rich of that did you you’ve got An audio version of it I have the the dvd set yeah it will be On audible it was a big enough book It’s on audit audible now well oprah was The one that promoted it like 15 years Ago Yeah there was a really weird thing uk Wise with the secret because um There’s a tv celebrity Any anyone that’s around in his 30s Something like that Will remember noel edmonds like 30s and Upwards And um he was on a daytime television Show And it was really weird like he brought The secret up on daytime television in The uk And he was destroyed to the point where Like ridiculed He his tv career just evaporated

Wow yeah it was it was really quite Strange yeah i remember uh watching i Was if if anyone wants to go on fire on Youtube it was like no edmunds on this Morning Talking about the secret and um He uh he was just talk about you you can Ask the universe for things and the Universe will provide you with what what You ask for And even back then i remember it sort of Resonating with me Uh it did not resonate with the majority Of the british public at the time But people have to be ready for that Sort of thing they have to be ready To uh undertake any sort of information Listen there’s a reason that groups like The illuminati Had held on to certain knowledge that May have been Left over from you know civilizations Like atlantis or lemuria or so forth Uh you know these very very esoteric Principles in the way Of creating reality and the power that We have i mean they held it Intentionally So that one day their idea i think Initially was that one day they would Bring it back out but when the Consciousness had reached a point that In Respect i’m sorry in disseminating this

Information we weren’t going to use it To destroy ourselves That was the idea yeah Well boys we’ve been going for two hours And 10 minutes now And uh i think we could talk about Matrix theory All night long before we we do get off Um rich have you got a show tonight Yeah i think i do yeah i do What’s today friday thursday yeah i got A show Yeah it’s coming up in uh two hours and 50 minutes And it’s gonna be a good one right here On youtube Give us this thing give us a sneaky i Have no idea what it is yet You’re just like me we just we just Literally we create a thumbnail And we just hope for the best i have the Thumbnail i created it yesterday I just wait you wish the universe to Provide you With a show thank you for that good show Now That is a good a good show good shot all Right Hold on let me do it done okay i’ll tell You something real quick here before you Go on Before every show that i do and i won’t Say that i’m as diligent as i’d like to Be but i’d say 90

Of the shows when i sit down and lay Down to meditate I’m literally imagining myself sitting Into the seat opening up the screen Welcoming in the guest we’re both Smiling we’re both laughing and that is The vision that i keep For the show and i’ll tell you what the Times that i actually do it consciously That’s what i experience the times that Things are a little different or it goes A different direction Usually the days i decide to skip it me Too because i try to Do a little meditating before each show Yeah so How’s it work with you and darko so so So so So darko you you you do have a show Tonight do you have a show tonight What time is yours uh that will be on in I think about a half An hour here 45 minutes yep i have alex Oyen coming on Uh oh rich by the way can you can you Send mr d b cooper a link so i just want To have a word with him after the show So he can he can drop in send him a link To this show Yes the to the stream yard if you oh my Yeah You wouldn’t mind so i’ll have a chat With him all right mr d.b cooper Richie’s sending you on it because i

Haven’t got your email if you email me I’ll have your email But i appreciate everything you do and Lee Lee last but not least You’re going down the comedy route gonna Have some ufo comedy Maybe i don’t know i think you need to Do some some Some like the the the youtubes that ever Got It yeah uh go and like the youtube thing Or whatever Follow i don’t know what you do Subscribe subscribe uh go subscribe to My youtube channel Uh musty audio if you listen to podcasts Look for miss musty audio on podcast Stuff and i do podcast too Beautiful i’m dead good at Self-promotion by the way Like really good at it i just i don’t Think None of you big yourself up enough Because all these guys are Absolutely fantastic and dark alright i Will put your link in the description I may have to wait for the upload but Usually they upload pretty quick Recently sometimes it’s half an hour Sometimes it’s 10 minutes Sometimes it’s two days yeah For some reason my email isn’t giving me The prefix like when you type in the

First letter It gives you everything i i don’t it’s Not pulling up his entire Information so i don’t know what it is His email Because usually when you type in the First letter it would give you Everything and you know and other names That are familiar With that email you know that like if It’s album be a populist Population yeah thank you i can’t Frickin think because i’m mad it’s not It won’t work so i i don’t have the Email he might if you want to send me Send me an email real quick mr db cooper Seven Do you know what i’ll end the show now And i’ll put The uh i’m gonna put the invite out In the chat yeah i’ll do it for you i’ll Get some random Now this is just for mr db cooper that’s It There it is well you know there you go There you go man If you want to come in for two minutes But the show is about to end i have to Go I’m up at 6 00 a.m in the morning uh So yeah it’s uh and it’s like It’s me at least it’s false but i did i But mr db cooper popping hop in my Friend

But yeah thank you so much for joining Us fellas Hey do you know what i want to thank Each and every single one of you darko Goof on and uh i wanna thank you lee Uh you know you’re kind of the backbone Of alien updates You know the the is that i’ve realized That this is kind of the thing that i Want to do When it comes to this channel is Get the people really because i [ __ ] Hate it I know you do but you know i pay you Enough so Sorry yeah oh thank you ali you’re Paying him too very kind Yeah and i was like that was my deal I said i said i want twice whatever rich Gets You let me turn this down Because i’m i’m watching you guys on tv Coming in here but i do need to go and Fight i have to leave in a few minutes For sure that’s fine If you have to get off my i appreciate You i’m just like this is just like a Little goodbye they are some Large sunglasses what’s up bundy ladies And gentlemen mr db cooper Man look at that nice to meet you Brother yeah look at that look at that Hair man it reminds me of uh Dark hair johnny bravo those glasses man

He’s fresh man I’m wearing one for like a de niro look You know what i mean yeah you do You did it this I mean so yes the the Nuts and the gravy of all this [ __ ] rich It’s rich the lamb i’m right here nuts In the gravy no it means she’s blending In because her things Everybody’s here all right awesome Awesome so Man bro rich yeah this closure’s about To happen No what do you think they’re gonna tell Us brother Nothing they’re just they i think They’re gonna drop a few little nuggets That mean Nothing that’s exactly what’s gonna Happen and everybody thinks that on the 25th it’s This magical day that all this stuff’s Going to happen No that’s the deadline they could drop Stuff right now as we’re speaking Exactly and they haven’t exactly exactly Yeah So nothing’s going to happen a lot of Redacted stuff and whatever files that You’re going to see Have already been said and done spoke For So i don’t i they can’t disclose Anything you

You just can’t especially right after What happened the last year and a half You just man you honestly you can’t rich That that that’s a so such an honest uh [ __ ] That’s what you say you know to me That’s why i tell people you know well Some people don’t like rich Some people don’t like rich and [ __ ] you Know look man You can listen to a thousand things in Your apology okay people Uh people out there in the in the in the Youtube world You can listen to a million things but I mean is somebody gonna really tell you Like their their proper opinions and What they think And then the cases we’ve all broke cases Down We’ve all done that you know we were Paul We’re not even gonna get to that you Know i’m not gonna give i’m not gonna Give him a time Of my [ __ ] you know You want me to do that no i hope I hope you’re right because it’ll be [ __ ] So entertaining yeah i’d love to hear it But you know Paul paul we’ve said so much [ __ ] about Your ass and Man believe me man a lot of us could do

The same [ __ ] you’re doing on your Channel Come on we can all [ __ ] post videos For a million hours okay paul And and and then you get to talk to us All we [ __ ] doubt Their channel And but but what are you gonna prove do You know what Uh mr db zero i want to get paul on i Would love to get I’d like to have a one-on-one he’s not Gonna do that though have you seen that Have you seen what he looks like you Don’t want him on I don’t know i’m gonna be a dick I don’t like this guy i think he’s scum He’s gonna be worse not gonna do that i Don’t know if he’s [ __ ] insecure About himself or what the [ __ ] That’s the worst paul is not gonna come To like say a channel And then tell everybody what like his Views are because then i don’t Know when that father told you something Like that that Actually broke like the well tell us Something that we don’t know in the ufo World When when i i i i’ll be honest i’ve not Stuck around long enough But yeah it’s never happened I would like to give the guy the benefit Of the doubt and speak to it

Look move on is probably like the Biggest thing that exists Mufon is probably like the biggest thing That exists that i guess as a society I guess if we want to see what’s really Going on in the phenomena we would have To reach out to them And tell them look we saw this we saw That You know when we get somebody that goes Out there and investigates the case and [ __ ] like that And and well paul feels special because He has [ __ ] some little [ __ ] Over there that that [ __ ] Was cool we’ll move on what has movement Proved Exactly what [ __ ] i don’t i don’t I don’t trust move on i don’t just move On Mr d.b cooper will we will carry on this Conversation after the show because i I have got we’ve gone for an hour and Two hours and 20 minutes Now but stay stay on stage Stay in the matrix and paul if you have Made it this far Email me i’ll they have you on the show I’m saying right now i see I’m a great believer in if somebody’s Got something to say Say to my face well yeah well exactly Bro but What what have they shown us though the

Lose the Height what have they shown us though What have they shown us Zero it’s all publicity and all [ __ ] you Know what i mean honestly What have they shown us that’s why i say That you know I should be off too i got to grab a bite Before the next time i’ll i’ll see you Later hopefully Man i’m the realest [ __ ] Apology hey second realist [ __ ] apology I’m the realest [ __ ] in ufology [Laughter] Thank you very much Boys i’m going to drop you down for two Minutes and chat with you in a moment I’m just going to say goodbye to the Crew Thank you for so much folks for for Watching tonight Honestly it the support Having you lot here having you not share The stuff out and just having a laugh in The chat It means a lot this time this this Because i i got the day job yeah I’ve i’ve i do the stuff with the kids Do stuff with the wife Not along with the wife it matter for Too long um But you know it’s life’s crazy at the Moment

But this is what keeps my spirits alive Just kind of like coming on here Talking to the guests having a bit of Fun I enjoy it the subject drives me crazy At times but i love it so much So i thank each and every one of you for Being patient For being good friends for being Respectful I mean everybody in the chat you’re all Respectful you’re all brilliant i’m Sorry i don’t Get a chance to read the chat do you Know what i i Quite often do after a live chat on the Morning when i’m having my breakfast I usually rewatch myself and my wife Will take the mick out me She’ll say do you Just do you really do fancy yourself Don’t you ollie i’m like No i’m reading the chat She thinks i like to hear the sound of My advice but anyway I appreciate it i appreciate every Single one of you so Thank you so much make sure you share Alien addict out there to To friends family um check out the lim Links uh dark our paranormal he’s not in The description at the moment because he Was gonna not He wasn’t gonna be on the show uh but i

Will add him If you wanna if you wanna find him it’s Dark hour All one word then paranormal if if it’s Not if you’re Trying to look for him now but yeah i Want to thank everybody Uh all the people that are supporting The channel Sharing the work people that are buying The t-shirts the patreons Everybody at the super chat has mr d.b Cooper Ginger steve tonight uh and uh you know All of you each and every whether it’s Just a like just a thumb up that And sharing it it’s Honestly over overwhelming and uh i’ve Forgotten Lee who’s changed his name to welcome Welcome to the channel thank you as well I i i get mixed up with that one But yeah thank you so much guys you’re All amazing And just Just awesome thank you good night god Bless And the books don’t bite i’m alienated Like share subscribe and Just chill out