Dark Skies are coming? (GUFON LIVE on ALIEN ADDICT)

By | June 13, 2021
Dark Skies are coming? (GUFON LIVE on ALIEN ADDICT)

Open Uh I think the show started Yes good evening folks welcome to alien Updates How are we all diddling on this fine Luxuriant Luxurian luxurious evening god i am Going gray Look i need to turn this light down Because this Believe it or not this is this is like a Perfectly fine beard You know that there is hair here so here This is hair this is hair here you know You said There is hair there it’s just it looks Non-existent In this light because the gray because It grows in patches i need i need the The just for men on there uh guys i’ve Tried to say hello In the chat with everybody with that you Know with the you put the little at in Front of the Key yeah i’m just i’m dyslexic and i’m Slow at typing but Hello to everybody i love you all very Much you’re all very sexy people Uh speaking of sexy people um Unfortunately goof on radio ridge Can’t be here but his brother mitch has Agreed to come on because rich Has had to nip out and do some errands

Uh either I think he might be getting sick of Coming on but it’s time to give mitch a Chance To you know run the show because i i’ve Seen him He’s he’s been on it he’s been on alien Addict in the background But i’ve never actually had him on i’ve Met i’ve met the guy He’s a very handsome man and without Further ado Mitch welcome to the show my friend Hey how you guys doing yep uh rich Couldn’t make it he had to go out with The folks so uh I’m sitting in tonight we have like mine So it’s The same thing really how you been Mitch i’ve been good man it’s nice to Meet you And uh i’ve always seen you you know Through rich so it’s kind of weird Uh doing this now with you i’m doing Fine i’m glad i moved away from phoenix With rich because It’s going to be 117 and 118 degrees for The next six days in phoenix Well i would i would speak about the Weather in the uk but it’s so Unpredictable And you know our version of hot is Probably just like uh And a bit of nipple sweat compared to

What you get Well now in florida here uh i haven’t Seen the heat yet Everybody’s talking about this heat There’s videos about this florida heat 90 shoe big deal nothing’s happening i’m Okay On the show last night i saw rich Speaking about that he said that people Are saying that it’s gonna come And you won’t know what’s hit you yeah So Yeah and the end of july august I just can’t wait for the hurricane Season well it officially started but it Really doesn’t get busy until the end of July August so i’m very excited about that Well rather you than me mate i Literally i go on holiday and i come Back and i look like a lobster Literally i do i do i i look like i’ve Been microwaved Uh but anyway without further ado it is Quite a strange thing That i’m doing this show we’ve just been Speaking about this Uh so the the the kind of like What i wanted to speak about with this Show is the whole alien demon thing that People talk about and eve even Lou has mentioned the demons But you did the show last night and you Were kind of speaking about

What if well let’s say you Rich did a show but what if Or was it you i i can’t you look like It’s it’s hard I have more gray over here than he does Right um yeah i was doing the show last Night and uh Yeah it was weird telling those stories And Reliving those accounts of near what i Considered a near-death Experience but in a dream state because I was into death for so long like Even now i still fascinate wha what is It like In the after in the afterlife you know Is it Because i posed the question i said Everybody Tell me what you were thinking before You were born I was gonna be like thank you thank you Wreaking havoc thank you Steven steven greer give you the film up There i ain’t got the bell light rich But You know i am a bell end i know What we get what was it like before you Were born I can answer that question i was a Princess Uh and i was riding around on a Uh are you Prick i no

Man it’s true why do they have those Past life regressions And they’re all princesses and princes So i gotta take this thing off It’s really his his legs his knees i Think he peed his pants We may want to change the hat then um oh Oh it didn’t soak through no i have a Nice diaper under there And she’s she’s quite comfortable she Loves hanging around my ears She’s a doll yeah she is um It’s funny you should mention that as Soon as you spoke About um you know Do you remember what you were before What were you thinking where you were Born yeah yeah my dad Says he can remember being born what I know some people are like that dude He said this all since i can remember He used to my dad repeats himself a lot You know he used to Used to go on walks with the dog all the Time they told me about the ufo out at Sea He told me about that umpteen times over And over again he told me about his Experience with Uh this this lady called ampuchef at School That was going round and round this in a Circle like Uh running around in a circle and my dad

Turned round to his friend And said when she runs around nick she’s Going to fall over And she’s going to smash her face on the Floor and i’ll I can’t remember something she should be Getting her face and bleed something She did and she did Crazy he tripped her up no No he didn’t it’s she actually fell over And he calls it the He calls it the and poker chef theory Like with we’re reliving Everything over and over again he Believes that when you die you come back As you Again but sometimes things change But he says he remembers being born He thinks the reason why he remembers it Is because it’s happened So many times so i mean That must be a horrific memory being Born you know Remembering that image How does he explain it does he go into Detail i i it looks like i’m coming Through a forest next thing i know a Bright light He did my grandma’s passed away now but You know he didn’t explain the exact uh Feeling or anything like that he just Said he remembered being born Hey man what else would it be [ __ ] but i wonder if anybody else

Remembers being born Yeah i’ve heard of people saying that They remember being born and then you Ask for details and they don’t give you Any They remember the essence of it or Something you know Come on man give me some details Just like my dad full of [ __ ] you know Maybe he remembers some what is did he Tell you what he remembered He said i said something about like the Nurse that them weighing him and Whatever he kind of remembers really Being picked up that’s cool The guy doesn’t lie i have to say why Would anybody lie about it he’s not He’s not one of these people you know Billy bullshire Um but i will say that because he’s my Dad but He’s the one that got me into ufos Because it’s a very believable story That he told when he was out at sea I’ve told you about that before haven’t I rich the ufo in the 80s yeah Yeah show of the ship but yeah The onto the subject matter Which it kind of follows on from what You were talking about last night Because you were saying On your show that maybe we’re the aliens Yeah we may be the aliens we may be The soul or what we think is the soul

Like Well how does the heart start and the Brain You know and they it’s amazing to me Like The all spark like what what creates it It’s just I guess our genetic makeup but it is odd That you could start our heart back up With caber Jumper cables really you know it’s weird It doesn’t make sense it’s it’s Energized Somehow i think that’s weird and i know There’s There’s fish in the ocean that have Electricity electric Eels and you know other luminescent well You know those fish that light up you’ve Seen them we all seen them Oh yeah that is mixed in with us Probably somewhere i don’t know man i Just Had this crazy thought that because we See Ghosts and weird things move That uh this is a running program It’s like it’s been done so many times i Talked about that experiment i did where Your Thoughts can be imprinted on a high Eight film Or any film and it worked and uh Other people have tried that since and

It’s worked There’s actually a study out there of Some guy i was supposed somebody was Supposed to send me the Documentation that this guy actually Recorded What he sees onto you know Onto video so if that’s the case then Maybe everything that’s happening Poltergeist activity Seeing spirits our creation it’s all Because of The earth and it’s special and it has a Magnetic field an electromag Magnetic uh layer and all this other Stuff So i went into that you know i don’t Know man i’m trying to fill in the Blanks you know It’s funny you should mention the ghosts Because I did i ever tell you about the story About my ex-girlfriend’s mother I don’t think so well i slept with her Your ex-girlfriend’s mother So my ex-girlfriend’s mother i i got Along with really well Yeah we we we she used to tell me Stories this that the other And she told me this story about uh she Woke up one night in bed And there was a young girl in the Bedroom And she was staring at the alarm clock

But she was wearing what she described As old Looking clothing you know like and she Was literally just Staring at the digital alarm ah there it Is There it is yeah well that that’s yeah It wasn’t 333 but right But you’re sure yeah but that i just Haven’t i happen to have an alarm clock There this is My favorite number um but yeah She was staring at it and she’s She said at the time i never i never had Any sort of thinking like this She said i wonder if ghosts are riffs in Time it’s something to do with time And because she didn’t know she was a Ghost and she was Like obsessed by this Because she was in her mind in her Reality she was maybe seeing something From the future Oh wow so if if you imagine from the Victorian times and you see digital Digital clock you’re going to be blown Away by that I’d be like looking at my magic how come We never see anything in the future Though We always see stuff that looks older Don’t you notice Yeah i don’t know yeah i know i know What you’re saying

Yeah we never see a person standing There with uh An ipad you know that you can’t see them Holding anything Well there was that picture wasn’t that There was a picture that of the girl Uh that had i think it may have been Debunked but it had like the space man Guy looking behind her in the oh yeah That was the guy’s wife they think Oh right she just happened to dress as a Spaceman No no if you have if you ever seen the The real debunking on it it’s actually Her hair and it’s the the outfit that Of that time that she was wearing was a Very common Gown and it just looked like a spaceman You can explain anything these days Which As you were going through your emails in That midwest email yeah Back no that always i thought it was it Wasn’t It was an email about mick west Right yeah so i thought it i thought it Was him but it wasn’t Do you do you ever think when they’re Speaking about These things being demons do you think What if they’re right Yeah of course man But the evidence is very weak or is it I mean they’re abducting people

If that if you take the millions of People who get abducted Uh and you can’t just discount their Stories that that could be Diminish demon-esque but i think What they mean when they’re saying Demons is that they know something About these things that we don’t know And if you i think it’s It goes into christianity with our Government anyway people are really Into christianity so much that i think They You know have like meetings and stuff And well what what is that one place With the owl they go To they oh satan I know what you mean i know what you Mean by bilderberg or something Is that is it somebody in the chat will Know yeah So um well i forgot what i was going to Say You say saying about christianity and oh Right and their belief Is is so you know entrenched in Christianity Christianity that when these aliens can Do things that are unexplainable like Hover Maybe disappear they take that as like Witchcraft or Demonesque type of [ __ ] you know it’s Not really a demon

You know but maybe they kind of look Weird and evil like that and maybe That’s why we don’t see them or They won’t show them or we won’t be able To handle it And we’ve heard that before right uh in A lot of movies that you wouldn’t be Able to handle it If you knew what they were how i’ve got To know now why’d you say that I want to know more yeah well we were Talking about and it was a few shows ago When we had Leon we were talking about aleister Crowley right and And the alien grey uh and You know he was massively into the The the um Dara saber the it was a bit satanic Satanist do you call does it yeah that Could you call this guy was Mental well maybe I don’t know but some people say that he Was um He was a very bad person It’s some of the stuff that he did um But he definitely drew a picture of what Looks to be Oh yeah an alien grey and that’s what Like us over 100 years ago i think it’s Over 100 years ago anyway That drawing It fascinates me it fascinates me that These

The older stuff fascinates me a lot more Than the newer stuff like You get the skinny barbie you get the um All the people do That’s that’s for another video that Rich because i would like to pick your Brains on that Um There you go there you go that’s what That’s all you gotta do i just think There’s so much and this sounds silly Because There’s so much we don’t know but i Think the actual People that are involved in this like The lose the griers All of us whether they’re in it for the Right reasons I don’t think they know the answers i Don’t think any of them know the actual Answers Yeah i’m with you on that i don’t think Lou knows i think he’s seen better Videos but i don’t think he knows what They Really really are unless somebody Told him and you know in And he’ll never spill the beans But uh who knows man yeah grier i don’t Think he knows anything either He says he talks to them man so I figured if i tried it for five years Almost daily and didn’t get a Whisper i doubt anybody’s talking aliens

With their minds Especially billions and trillions of Miles away Do you think that it is possible I know you’ve got a bit of a problem With it but do you think that it and you You did that yeah I don’t know what that guy’s called i Would love to get that guy on Um yeah do you do you think that people It is possible for people to contact Like because grier claims he can do it Yeah he can’t do it No way but you also say that gray is in It You think raising it for the right Reasons right now i do i always think He’s in it for the right reasons and Even though He says he can make contact with aliens It’s not hurting anybody really unless They’re supporting him financially which Is one thing that bothers me But he does have a lot of positiveness With the message and And i don’t think there’s anything wrong With that because in this world If you’re an adult it’s buyer beware and You should know what you’re getting into Before you get into it and if you feel Like donating To to stephen greer and his cause Because you feel it’s something that You believe in nothing wrong with that i

Don’t think I used to hate it like beyond him like He shouldn’t be allowed to do that but You know he’s not hurting anybody it’s Not like anybody he’s ripping anybody Off So hey and you never know there may be That one person who can make contact Someday It’s just not happening though mr d.b Cooper My friend uh he’s going to be joining us Tonight but oh yes Yes if you if you wouldn’t mind Uh emailing me and i’ll send you the Link there It’s just so i may do an open forum at Some point where you get quite a lot of People I find sometimes when there’s so many People in On the actual uh screen It’s it’s hard but mr d.b cooper i’m Going to eat Send the email now send me your email Um And i will send you the link Sorry rich what were you what What where was i watch me it doesn’t Really matter No i’m just kidding uh we were talking About what uh What greer knows does he really talk to Aliens that kind of stuff

And then we kind of stopped it there um Yeah i i the reason i find it difficult Is because i can’t do it And then i’m gonna contradict it by Saying However there were a couple of times Where i had those Lucid dreams and They were so real it’s like i know they Were real it’s like The i have dreams that i that are i Dream i think Lucidly all the time because they’re so Incredibly Dynamic in every way reality is But these dreams stick out And not because they were aliens because I thought they were real i was awake I mean i don’t think i was sleeping and I don’t have dreams where i wake up and Then wake up again you know like in Those movies but yeah i’m up and i don’t Go back to sleep And yeah so i don’t know what happened Maybe i did You mentioned when you did that that you Were looking down And you felt like zero Well you didn’t say zero love but you Said yeah i did Nothing when i was halfway up in the in My Arms were through the ceiling and i was Like this close to the

To the you know the ceiling my arms were Through I i turned around as i was on my way up And i said why don’t i love them anymore I feel nothing for them and i should Love them but i don’t care And i actually said i i don’t care why Don’t i care Then i had this rush of love come Through my arms into my body and i Really i started bawling and then i Started going back down It was really amazing that experience It’s because the Previous three nights i was saying i Just don’t want to live really i mean What’s there to live for i mean what Else am i gonna do i’ve done a lot of Stuff i’m quite happy with what i’ve Done and achieved and Relationships and family and all that So what else is there for me you know i Kept having these thoughts and Imagining what it would be like and i Don’t know why that happens but it does Happen to me Not and it’s not out of depression i’m Not depressed or anything so i don’t you Know don’t worry about me Um but i think that experience was given To me And those things are life changers that Changed me After that it really did change me it

Made me feel like I could die and it does go on And i i really there’s a lot of love and Whatever it is it’s great Why why didn’t i see hell or you know Monsters Why do i i mean this has happened to me Twice i’ve seen And felt love and if that’s what it is And if that’s And that’s why i kind of feel like Maybe we are aliens because uh if we die And that’s an half near-death experience Or a dream of it or i was shown Something Um that’s pretty powerful especially for Somebody like me who Doesn’t believe in crap to have this Experience It really put me in a different position Made me think a lot harder About what’s in front of me and what I’ve done and where i’m going And life in general it was really a Life-changing experience for the Positive I needed that tweet Do you find it hard to kind of i mean It was almost like you wanted to tell The story but You didn’t want to tell the story at the Same time i’ve only ever seen you cry I think once before and that was when Angus passed away

But but it when he was explaining that Story it almost looked like you were You it was taking you back to that Situation that happened in 2007 and it felt like yesterday When i told the story it had that much Of an emotional Impact on me um i could talk about it Now and get that same reaction it’s Weird I don’t know why i don’t know why Um i’m trying to I’m trying to copy and paste uh trying To copy uh Db cooper’s email sorry richard oh That’s all right man You don’t know you don’t know why it um I don’t know why it hits me so Emotionally like i said I felt every emotion of love that Anybody could feel i didn’t see anyone It was just this dark hallway uh like a Corridor And it looked like it was um Medieval like rocks You know like it was a tunnel of rocks But it was like In a on a plane in the stars it was like I was in a hologram almost you know like It was bizarre and uh i don’t know why i Went up to my arms i don’t know why it Went that far But when my arms were through the Through the ceiling

I was in this mist and i could feel it And then my hands started disappearing And it’s just like it was tingling like When your hand starts to fall asleep That kind of thing And it just went throughout my whole Body i can’t explain it it’s just Something it was a dream that’s all and It seemed real and And that and man i don’t know i mean It’s just Freaking weird i mean why did i have That do you ever have any dreams like That So i’ve had our body kind of exp I felt like i have like in those lucid Dreams many as a kid And it usually involved me like trying To get away from something going down The stairs And then it had go in slow motion always In slow motion when i was trying to get Away I i i didn’t even know what i was trying To get away from but I don’t think i i come to think of it I don’t think i’ve ever had one that I’ve enjoyed There was only one and that’s when i Went to sleep With my little boy when i fell asleep Next to him trying to get into sleep And this was not long ago this was a few Months ago

And i fell asleep and I remember like i was outside my house And all of a sudden i’m floating off the Ground And then i jolted but as i woke up it Was dylan My little boy waking up And it was really really quite bizarre That he Jolted at the same time as i did And then there’s not much So dreams with me i have the most Amazing dreams But they don’t stay in my memory does That make sense Of course only very few stay in my Memory nowadays I remember him in the morning but then Do you know what i mean when It’s of course apart from that one which Was recent There was loads of stuff that happened When i was a kid It was a dream when i was um I was in a house so i can remember this Constantly have the same dream over and Over again From i’m gonna say from being the age of Eight years old to maybe 13 years old Because that’s That’s just a guess because it was kind Of like that Age of getting into other stuff And i was in this house it was really

Old looking with a balcony and i always Used to go out on this balcony And at the end of the dream i fall off The balcony and wake up Yes but i knew the house It’s almost like a new the house it’s Like you’re You’re feeling someone’s fall Basically you’re capturing that for some Reason Or it just happens to be resonating in That area That’s unreal rich i’m just going to Send you Uh it will You’ll think why is he send me this i’m Sending you a db cooper’s email because I’m trying to copy and paste it into Here so i can send in the link I have it all right i’ll have you can Can you Can you paste it to me can you i Actually can can you Cop send in the link yeah beautiful There we go jobs are good Because i know what you’re saying last Night when you said when you was trying To find That um that bird thing when you’re Trying to find something you’ve got that Dead time i hate that I’m trying and i’m trying to do an email Here i’m not the most technical person I’m trying

I can’t copy the email on this computer On streaming for some reason so i have To Go onto this computer and copy it Let’s uh there you go uh yeah the The the aliens and demons though that Keeps Being brought up it does keep being Brought by many other channels that Especially some religious channels that Say this is That really believe that this is going To be a false flag Alien invasion you know they they They’re convinced that something is Going to happen there’s a channel called A call for an uprising i don’t know if You’ve ever seen him um No but he he’s got like quite a few Channels because they keep being taken Down by youtube He speaks about a lot of things that You’re not really supposed to say on Youtube Right but he is convinced that there Is going to be some sort of alien Invasion Of some of some kind is that a cockroach Flying one No you know yesterday my parents came Over And my uncle did too and they leave the Front door open and Talk i’m like can you close the door so

Lizards and cockroaches and And now i’ve got these little gnats that Came in yesterday because i’ll show you Out at that door Not a flying lizard though not yet i had One though Tried to get jumped off your mother’s Ass Tried to jump up my mother’s ass The thing almost they go right from my Nose for some reason it’s like what are They doing It’s the nasal hair they like it i know And i shaved it all out they’re looking For it I it will be interesting to get mr d b Coupon because he’s had I know he’s he’s had some some things Going on with ufos He’s i used to see him a lot on ufo Proofs channel Back in the day he used to be in a lot Of live discussions What’s his first name i can’t remember It starts with an a Doesn’t it it no it starts with an m It’s mister No i’m talking his e his real name Because that’s his email and i and i Can’t find it I have to go to facebook hold on i mean Uh what do you call it paypal hold on I’ve copied the email no no no i got it Don’t worry it’s my fault i shouldn’t

Even brought it up I got it right here you got it Yeah i will guys in the chat you’re Gonna get A great guy on here mr db cooper no No no not only is it he’s an awesome Founder of ufology thank you mr d By the way um but he is a cool guy And he knows his stuff when he comes to This subject This stuff oh here it is Thank you mate yeah No problem have you sent it have you Sent me the email i’ll be sent Him the link stream Uh this is weird i don’t know why it’s Not popping up His um his email should pop up when i Type The first letter of his name in here and It doesn’t Don’t worry rich no no no i got it I i got it hold on i know i made a Mistake here it is Oh now i see it you got it it starts With a p That’s the one yeah i’m so silly There it is subject Uh show link link have you sent me Have you sent in the link i just sent The link this is Richard sent you the link oh mitch mitch Just sent you a link sorry It happens all the time bro

So db cooper has had experiences with Um i believe i think that i’m the word I don’t know about death but definitely Ufos the demon Part of this is what we we’re gonna nail Right we’re gonna talk about that Well you you see i i think it would have Been interesting to get Some somebody who’s quite religious when It comes to this i know I i am not but i do have an open mind When it comes to Any of this and i think if you don’t Know that old say if you don’t know what You don’t know i don’t even know what That means anymore In fact nobody knows what it means and i Don’t know Much but i love you but i’m gonna go Back to what i just said So the the ufo g’s this world the The lose there’s steven griez you know The these people who kind of they very Well spoke and they They speak out and they act like they Know absolutely everything about the Subject Well lou doesn’t who doesn’t but he but He’s kind of like I can’t imagine him ever saying anything To do with Jesus no He has said paradigm though now then mr Dv cooper how you doing mate

Look at that good looking guy nice hair Huh hey look at that nice hair oh thank You so much I did it especially for you i know I can tell that’s that’s a goof on uh Shine right there man i’m envious of That Let me get the camera angle straight so We get this whole conversation you guys Hear me okay yeah we can eat your yeah Great man okay i’m sorry ollie i jumped In i Don’t know i forget i’m not on my show Rich thank you so much for uh everything Too like that You’ve done this probably maybe the First time uh besides maybe the the time That i called you on Your show that you probably even see me Like face to face yeah And we’ve exchanged those stuff the Camera and everything and and you know i Mean thank you to For everything that you’ve done believe Me you when all this [ __ ] with kobe was Going down you put so many Uh smiles and and stuff and a lot of People that uh I really do appreciate that let me just Put that out there Wow um alien addict ali i mean we’ve Been around for um for a very long time My friend Not with ufo proof ufo proof um kyle

If you’re watching this [ __ ] um i hope You’re doing good you know i hope you’re Uh Your daughter and everything that’s Going on you’re good He’s coming on soon not on this show but He will be coming on No so yeah i mean uh hi to the world um Grouponians all the defonians there and Stuff i Love all you guys a couple of couple Extra people in there you know like the Quarrels the Listeners and stuff i love all of y’all And uh really i do appreciate this uh You guys giving me a second to just uh Listen to my opinions you know well you Know right back at you man I mean seriously you’ve been a huge Supporter for goof on and like You know gave me that camera that nikon P900 Beautiful don’t make me pull out the the P1000 That was just like you know because Don’t you yeah that’s Yeah yeah that’s those are nice don’t Make me do that But no um but i was like no person right Now that i was like you know what um you Go Out there you took so many videos and Pictures even the the Before you moved to florida you know you

Were you would take videos and stuff and I was like you know what this If anybody deserves this damn camera it Is rich you know So um well you should see all the the Videos i have i just haven’t put them up Yet From that camera it’s awesome it’s so Much different than a cell phone camera It’s Crisp and clear and yeah yeah can’t Thank you enough of that And you can zoom in so well no problem And the cousins If y’all finally seen me hey i’ll tell You what the first place that uh that Breaking video of the cousins uh Breakdancing was probably Put on um on kyle’s uh ufo proof channel Okay And when i saw that i mean i myself you Know i mean growing up as a kid Um out here i was in music and a bunch Of stuff So seeing those guys doing stuff like That i think to me humanized those guys I know a lot of people out there have so Many opinions and so much stuff when it Comes down to say like a third phase Believe me that i have i’ve had the same Thoughts and stuff that a lot of you Guys in the chat room probably have About them And stuff but um those guys are really

Nice dudes At the time that and i haven’t talked to Them as much as y’all think but they’re Nice guys man and they got the channel That’s grown on On youtube it’s not easy to do what They’ve done You know uh to to be in this field and And you’ll follow you people still laugh At me when i when i have dinner or Circumstances when i’m around people and I actually get to talk them about ufos And cases that have happened that we all Know People still laugh at that [ __ ] you know And it’s just like um Sometimes you know when people actually Have like like-minded about you know the The phenomena what’s happening and we Can actually just talk about cases All jokes aside have a beer and laugh And [ __ ] But there’s obviously something going on Um You know we we know there’s a lot of big People out there i mean we know the lose You know the The dolans and all that my respects to Them too i Mean i i actually like donald luck um But it’s just like we’ve got to come to A point we know that a lot of this [ __ ] Is kind of just like um there is Marketing that exists

In in the field and stuff and we get That i mean i get that Um i hope people out there understand That you know if you have a Love for this subject and you’re kind of Trying to even make a living or do Something about that i mean Marketing and all that [ __ ] is going to Come into play when it comes to this But you still have to have a passion and A love for it Which this is this is what i look at for Certain people In the field you know smaller channels Bigger channels You know lou people have opinions about Lou and thank you for your service lou i Mean all [ __ ] aside Right my my dad um served in in the In the u.s air force so thank you for Your service honestly i will not take Ever that [ __ ] away from you You know what we’re going to have our Opinions about like the field i mean as Far as What what concerns uh ufos and the [ __ ] That’s in In the skies that we don’t know what it What they are Um you know can i point out like Five or ten people that i kind of look At myself yeah yeah by all means Yeah yes yes we all we could talk about The careers that don’t

Everybody that you guys have mentioned You know we could all have those Conversations about All of them but um can Any of us actually say what the [ __ ] Those little dots are No no no absolutely no And then at the end of the day there’s Still like dots up there but it’s like What the [ __ ] are they You know and and like i said it’s all It comes down to like marketing and a Big thing but at the same time It takes time like you say rich man you Know [ __ ] you want to do this for a Living Man it takes time and and energy and Part of you to do what you’re doing and That’s why i can’t respect Greer everybody has their opinions about Grier but i can respect all the energy That he puts into it Um same for dolan you know same for all The people that i really You know even people that a lot of you Guys might like D.b what what got you into the subject In the first place how long have you Been actually been into it because i Know If when i look at this right well how Old do you think i am I don’t know about 28. [ __ ] no No i’m wait i’m older i’m probably older

Than rich No you don’t think so i think you’re i Know you’re close Because of conversations but i would say You’re 53. No i’m about 50 rich Well when you said you’re older than me I’m 53 so i didn’t think you were older Well no i’ll tell you my age i mean i Don’t i don’t give a no i’m 43 I’m 43 yeah you look it you you don’t Look 43 you look 35 33-ish well i i hope this but i knew you Were looking at that like the next 10 Years or something you know but It must be that clean living mate was That it must be like clean living You know oh so look honestly for 10 Minutes you know like i don’t want to Take a lot of your you know because i Really Know you i love listening to you guys Talk all the time but if you guys have Any questions anything you guys want to Ask Yeah i’m interested to find out what got You into the subject because you’ve You’ve been on the scene now probably Since i started Youtube with a tiny little channel that I taught to load a nonsense song Which was obvious 51 but i used to come Onto ufo proof Channel and i’d seen you on there a few

Times Well more than a few times but um How long you actually been into ufology And what got you into it okay i’ll give You like a little quick synopsis of it You know i mean honestly um like i said My dad is a military guy He’s actually you know i mean you know i Didn’t grow up with my father But um he’s a serious dude you know he After he left the military and served in Vietnam he Went to mexico and he opened the Hospital he was like the The main surgeon and the main guy there So He’s not the type of dude that’s gonna [ __ ] or tell you some fake stuff you Know i mean he’s just not that type of Person Um what in what got me into i i was like Four years old My dad was having a fishing trip out in Lake chapala in jalisco mexico And uh they took cameras to take you Know pictures of their fishes that they Caught there in the morning whatever But um you know they were sitting there Like probably four in the morning in a Lake In jalisco mexico and a disc just showed Up and it was floating in front of them Nobody there nobody there so there was Probably a disc maybe about

40 feet that’s what my dad told me but i Saw a picture so he took about three Pictures of it And i remember seeing it to this day and I asked him What is that and he said son I i don’t know and it just like You know like blew my mind i was like What do you mean you don’t know what That is and What do you mean it’s from another Planet maybe and from there it just kind Of intrigued my mind And uh from that was probably like in 1985 For so imagine that so since then i’ve Still been looking for the answers Haven’t found them yet Do you do you still have have any of These pictures No oh man let me tell you a little Stupid little thing about those And which will become so like cliche With A lot of stories and [ __ ] you know yeah So we had military friends that when he Showed them and said look i went on a Fishing trip and he showed them after i Saw them as a kid No he led them out to a couple military Buddies I actually got in contact with him i was Like do you have those pictures can i Have them

And he was like dude you know i never Got him back so i was like Cliche story right But it’s understandable though you know If if you know if it sound Can you remember what is what you saw What the picture looked like was it Blurred or was it It looked like a amount of silver Metallic just Literally just sitting over the water so Like you’re saying maybe like a Not exactly like like billy myers um you Know like the The famous like i guess sports model has Become so famous and i would like to say Like lazar Like your classic ufo like silver disc Oh Shiny um and it was just sitting Above the water yeah it was just like Sitting there yeah It was almost beautiful you know i was Like what is it You know have you seen them yourself Have you seen anything in the sky I mean i know we probably most most People yeah Yeah let’s get to that okay boots in the Field In the field let’s talk about that Boots in the tv yes sir Rich that’s going to be my wedding song I’m telling you

I don’t know because of you that’s Their your crop circle song yes Yes yes that might be my wedding song Just that’d be great Is he still alive the guy that sings Yeah he was on my show Yeah he was actually on ricky yeah and He played a couple new songs and Everything he was actually juiced Yeah yeah actually happy about it he was Awesome he’s a cool guy yeah Exactly i need to see that oh yeah Yeah if he’s watching this awesome guy Man hey and believe me that i played That song for so many people that you Have no idea have you really It’s a classic man it’s gotten a lot of Views since i’ve been Using that thing like 10 000. i can Imagine Like i thought i was like you know what Maybe uh he must have seen a little Uprising in the view of course After we started like playing oh you Started playing you know On your show he’s remember what he said I couldn’t believe that People were telling me you were playing This song and Yeah and no we’re actually doing it no I’m telling you i’ve actually played it For people and stuff i was like I know you guys are going to trip off This but listen to this guy what are

They You know oh man i’ll get into it now So you see so you’ve seen stuff yourself Then Db okay so let’s get to that I i guess a lot of people might make up Some yeah And say that what have i seen Yes i take cameras out you know i go out I love to skywatch You know i love to go have me a nice you Know drink and a cigarette at night and Just Watch the sky you know i do that a lot Um Have i seen some crazy [ __ ] i’ve seen Stuff that i think well What yes i have if i see some crazy Stuff yes the only thing Which is my sighting it’s a huge Triangle that i saw in 1998 I i was about to be I was gonna be 21 years old i just got Off of work Um we went to Uh a little um a place a little Uh you know like a little you know shop You know [ __ ] Liquor store um it was probably Here at the west coast it was probably Like a seven In the afternoon so there was still Light out here you can see it You can probably google it everybody

Wants to see where contra costa college Colleges Um just google contra costa college uh California and i’m sure it will pop up But that’s where i was at um and i was Just sitting out there you know came out The liquor store i was the first person But three of us went Two of my friends were still in the Store um i came out of my Car i mean other store and i leaned up Against the car And i was just waiting for my friends i Didn’t even There was no reason for me to look up it Was just a nice day and i happened to Lean up against the car and i just Pushed up so this was day day time Um it was something yeah so it was like Evening so it wasn’t necessarily like Dark dark it was like six o’clock in the Afternoon when it’s kind of getting Between dark and night so Yeah you can still see you know So when i leaned up against the car and I happened to Kind of just look up i happened to just Look up By by chance and um i saw something that Started like Blocking the stars that’s what caught my Attention And then i couldn’t stop looking at it And this is 98 so i had a cell phone on

Me But i didn’t you know it’s not like Nothing like today you’re not gonna have Like the best [ __ ] [ __ ] you know It’s not a [ __ ] s20 or the newest Iphone So i had what was probably the newest Thing in 98 but i didn’t i never even Thought about Pulling my phone out i was just looking At it and i was like what The [ __ ] is that and then i saw it Started blocking out stars and then i Saw what Appeared to be like in the shape of a Triangle it was huge I tell people the size that it was in The sky that i think that maybe planes Could have landed on it That’s how big it was and they were the If you pull up contra cost of college I’m telling you there’s a mcdonald’s Across the street They were they were practicing football I like i literally almost like when i Saw that and for a second i was kind of Sitting trapped by it so i was just like What the hell is that And i was just looking at it looking at It looking at it and I saw it was a triangle and now it’s Going over my head so i see it directly Over my head And it’s huge and i’m like

What the [ __ ] is that no sound No sound no lights on it so i know some People report like lights on triangles And [ __ ] There was no lights on it it wasn’t a Pointy triangle it was kind of like a Circular like a rounded triangle But yeah it was just like floating like You know like almost like it should be a Blimp but it was So huge it was it wasn’t To me the only thing in my mind that i Thought of was like a b Bomber but it was just super huger than That i mean you know Like 20 of them but you know that’s how Big it was That’s that’s the thing that was kind of Stood out in my mind during that That the 40 seconds maybe that i saw This Object it was just that it was huge Um it didn’t make no sound and then Right Afterwards after i saw it i actually Like my friends came out the store That’s what kind of brought me out of my [ __ ] When i was like and then i heard my Friends talking So i kind of looked at my friends and And i was like hey hey hey Hey like i started yelling at folks i Was like hey

I was like look up i was like look out Bro i was like look up And my friend actually like i have a Friend that actually saw the back of it He said what the [ __ ] is that too and i Said i don’t know So we were looking at this [ __ ] yeah and It just flies off And then and now we’re sitting there for A minute and My friend’s like happy birthday and i Was like man That was it was it moving slowly was he Was he Yeah yeah yeah um i thought myself i Probably saw it For about [ __ ] but i’m telling you time stopped For me for a second when i was looking At it i didn’t take my hands off of it But say about 40 seconds to a minute That i actually saw it i’m bro when Actually when it When i actually got my whole eyes on it It was right above me no it like flew Over me like i saw it that’s what i’m Saying i was there like this bro Pretty much and then i forgot about my Phone i forgot about my friends Until i heard my friends coming out the Store and talking that’s kind of what Drove me out of it and And that is the only time but look and I’ve been into this phenomenon for

Man since i was a kid and that’s Probably the only time that i’ve seen Lights and [ __ ] in the sky don’t get me Wrong we’ve all seen dots But to say something solid or something That i could tell somebody you know what No no i don’t know what the [ __ ] that I don’t know we have something that’s Like way advanced that they’re not Telling us Or i don’t know where the [ __ ] that [ __ ] Was from bro You know i mean and that’s my story and That’s what i saw You know and i don’t know what it was Bro i would i Wish i could tell you i wish i could Tell I mean for the goofonians out there at Db I i would like to know what your take Because Obviously rich speaks quite a lot About not mitch mitch is quite cool with Lou um it’s just rich that’s not Um so alexander Do you do do you what do you actually i Know you said You kind of been a bit um playing Devil’s advocate there like i do With that but do you have any suspicions About that guy My opinions on louise um That’s why i almost bring up like

[ __ ] like the marketing [ __ ] because I’m like okay Um i mean that dude obviously did some Service You know and and saw some [ __ ] so i’m Like God you know would this be the guy you Know how we always talk about the Dotties You know people that something is this The person that they would plant For all of us to tell us some [ __ ] That that’s crossed my mind you know for Sure you know I want to say that what i’ve heard from Him to the You know he seems like a legit dude but He seems like he is like right now like The star of the show When it comes to like say in the world Of ufology you know if you want to Talk about people that are [ __ ] going To be on travel channel and people are Going to be getting calls It’s probably him jeremy uh you know Corbell i mean That rich where’s his body of work Give me one give me one piece of paper That He’s he’s worked on that has notes on it Corbell or uh both of them corbell and Elizondo What kind of work have they done blue Hasn’t no

That’s a good question no that’s an Excellent question um No really no i think that’s an excellent Question but you know but At the same time i feel like some you Know i am not nowhere near where they’re At but I feel like somebody could you know like When i talk to the folks that i talk to I feel like they can say the same [ __ ] About me so I i try to put myself in like their Shoes when i guess when i’m trying to Like i say like judge them but like i’m Trying to see In my head i’m like okay you know dad You know is this Part of just the [ __ ] or is this are They being legit about what they’re Seeing you know yeah but lose on tv On all the mainstream media you’re not Neither am i So it doesn’t matter what we say really Yeah It’s what he’s saying now i was going to Bring this up anyway Is he really doing anything wrong i was Thinking about this today Why why am i upset with lou what did lou Do that is so Bad to be honest i’m trying to think About it um That’s a good question too other than Not having any body of work

Yeah well some of us that have actually Like followed and really trying to Look for stuff yeah like i said when i See lou I see okay is this the face that they’re Gonna put in front of us now and i was Like okay Is he opening the phenomena when the Like the ttsa first Started out with you know and the long And everything i said okay look at Everything in the long To be like the the marketing place to Bring it to the people They’re going to need somebody like lou To be like the logistics guy that’s Going to be like the guy that was almost Like the boots on field And then they’re going to need Everything else that came along with it Um man you know what i think lou is Stuck almost in a In a nuts he’s stuck in a between a rock And a hard place Honestly right now because he is the Face almost of what like you know like With Lou i mean lou right now is like what um Say grier was to us for a long time uh Will you see the dolan’s and The certain people that would you know We would look at documentaries and see What the [ __ ] they’re talking about Um i think he’s kind of like the new

Face i don’t know if grier like really Appreciates us because korea’s been Putting in a lot of work and i I get that i really get that too you Know Do i believe that um Do i believe that the government Actually offered career 2 billion Dollars And he said no oh man Look as a man i try to put myself in Those shoes And um i’m sorry i love you all and as Much as [ __ ] That i want to say that i represent [ __ ] But if somebody put two billion dollars In front of my face i’m kind of going to Be saying [ __ ] you to everybody that’s kind of Your own jet That’s the rule because you can do Everything else you want with that you Know with two billion dollars not now You can You can make ufology what it’s supposed To be so for him to say that he actually Turned that deal down I i don’t know if i believe that But i do appreciate a lot of work don’t Get me wrong i think people People get on greer because of uh him Charging people to go see his seminars And [ __ ] you know and Let’s bring that up you know and people

Talking about him Maybe possibly dropping flares and Planes and [ __ ] Would i put that past him doing it No um do i think he did i don’t have any Proof of that you know He didn’t drop players he knew they were Going to be there exactly Because you can get those you can get The dates of when they’re dropping Flares on Military yeah and no could he have Possibly you know i just had a little Part of it I look at all those possibilities rich Really you know i try to put myself like Okay Let me say that i’m richard gere and i’m There Okay all these people paid me [ __ ] 2 000 bucks to come out there And [ __ ] watch the sky and i’m not Gonna show them nothing Maybe i’ll pay somebody two thousand Bucks to come drive some players That [ __ ] passed in my mind i mean it’s So hard to say it doesn’t You know i appreciate this and the work And everything that the dudes brought in But are those questions out there I mean yes well maybe maybe the flares Were a backup You know if if the aliens don’t turn up Like i said you know i don’t if they’re

Busy It could be busy it could be on mars Let’s just send some fliers up because These people need a show They’ve paid for a show yeah yeah Definitely you know that’s what i’m Saying You know it’s the ones i feel bad i’m Like okay say those people actually did Pay that [ __ ] and they actually did go Out there and then next thing you know He’s like showing them players Like later on if i saw some [ __ ] and it Was like life-changing to me and then Later on i found out he showed me flares I’d be pissed Can you can you imagine if the next time Stephen greer does like one of these Things Uh mick west is out at sea on the yachts Filming players going up that’s so funny I mean anybody could do that i do Appreciate the man i do You know and i know what it takes to Like try to put something together that Big and make money And have love for the subject i get that You know that’s what girl i mean I do got lefty but i mean we if we want To have conversations and talk about Really what’s going on And i guess new apology These are the questions that like i want To know and

Have let’s let’s get real come on what’s The next one come on Db though i i know you i know you you You’re kind of just dropping in for a Little bit but be before before you do Go anywhere what’s What do you what do you make to because The people that we spoke to In this community for a long time now Have uh Always talked about the paranormal and There is a lot of people out there Saying that these you must have heard This saying Fallen angels these things uh demons What what is your take on on that So so so you know i have the virgin mary Tattooed on my arm But look i’m gonna tell you one thing Yeah that’s also a Super great question that i think no if You’re in the field i mean honestly Between even in closed doors we have to Talk about this right i mean where does Religion fall into um Into the world of ufology that’s a great Question yeah Um to me look me personally As a as as me as a man like i i get down I know And at night i pray to like say jesus Christ but it doesn’t mean that you have To Doesn’t mean that somebody else has to

It could be buddha It could be allah it could be there it Could be a lot of other gods out there That you know honestly I am not a god so i kind of tell you What those uh Things are you know i i try to get down And say i’m not the center of the Universe and that and i pray to jesus But doesn’t mean that you have to and If you don’t believe in that it’s okay It’s okay we don’t know honestly none of Us know Honestly none of us know and then in the Day None of us know i mean faith is is a Crazy thing The word faith is a crazy thing because It’s almost like you have to believe in Something without you knowing that it’s In front of your face That’s what faith is do you think if Anything Does come out with this um this After the 25th and say for example they Do release a full disclosure Oh yeah i don’t think they are do you Think it would I think say they do let’s just say they Do It’s just hypothetical like they told us That aliens okay hey Yeah aliens are here like that let’s Just say that there is a smoke

It more than what we Believe is gonna be actually released Actually gets released and it’s World news it’s big the biggest thing Ever do you think it will affect Religion Um you know what oh god you know you’re Guessing some good ones Um i think it could for certain people Really like if your hearts are kind of Dedicated to that what’s crazy is like a Lot of well i’m saying me that i’m into Like you know i i study ufos Um paranormal all kinds of stuff i’ve Been I’ve probably been investigating a lot Of like shout out to dhp If you’re out there but i’ve Investigated a lot of like places that Probably been on like uh Ghost hunters and and all the biggest Shows that you’ve probably seen on tv I probably went and investigated those Places with friends and People that i know just on my own just To me too i mean I think those things are some of the Most important questions that should Exist in humanity Honestly you know don’t get me wrong I’ve always been the sports guy i love Baseball since i was a kid and Everything But those things to me at the end of the

Day don’t mean nothing you know and i’m Like What’s more important if somebody hits a Million home runs or if there’s Something Else out there besides us i mean You know a lot of people probably don’t Think like that is it a playoff game If it’s a playoff game definitely no no Aliens Home runs matter man No it’s true it’s a it’s a very big Thing we’re trying to solve here it’s The second biggest question we need Answered What’s the first one too what happens After we die Yeah okay yeah for sure then it’s aliens And then My question my new question is what Happened before you were born Oh oh you’re trying to blow mines here Huh Well can you remember anything that Happened before you were born Other than ollie being a prince princess No no i can’t say yes do you believe in Reincarnation Man that’s a good one um honestly To me if you’re asking me right now yeah I don’t think that you die and it’s over Some people think that you die and and That’s it I i have felt so much [ __ ] good

Bad and everything that i’m like this Energy cannot just go the [ __ ] away when You [ __ ] close your eyes Why not it does for cows and other Things How do you know cows don’t have uh Because we never Because you know we because they taste Good I’m just i just i’m not a believer uh Yet But just because we think that we can Think More than a cow doesn’t mean we can go To heaven I mean we’re just uh we’re just a Carbon-based life form that’s all we are Okay oh so okay look all religion stuff So you think uh When we die that it’s just the lights Are just It’s because of the same question i have What did you what happened before you Were born What were you why don’t we remember that Stuff If we come from somewhere Right i mean don’t we come from Somewhere aren’t we being Reincarnated as something or no well What are different defeat the purpose of You actually remembered Were you supposed to learn here right And that there’s a lot of people who

Believe in reincarnation which i think It’s impossible um but Nobody comes back nobody tells us Anything other than people having these You know stories of going to hell or Seeing jesus i mean why would you see Jesus jesus doesn’t even look like what We think he looks like Are you searching for this yeah oh man That’s a great one too i tell people That too all right look the pictures That we have jesus oh and he’s beautiful They’ll give you wrong but um All you bible followers and stuff look Nobody knows what he looks like I’m gonna tell you one thing nobody Knows what it looks like so when you say That uh We’re made in his figure or in his image It could mean that we have two arms two Legs two eyes How do you know that those aliens are Not more in his image than we are I mean there’s no way to answer that Maybe they uh The supposed um aliens look more like um Jesus than we do who wrote the bible You know i’m we don’t know we don’t know What he looks like i think we’re Made in the image i say hey we’ve got Two arms two legs two We’re all the same who wrote the bible Though where did it come from oh no That’s the

That’s the golden question no isn’t it The gideons or something like that Isn’t there some religious uh cult from Like a long 2 000 years ago or something that wrote The bible like what do you think do you Think it was all made Just for uh to control humanity or do You think there was kind of some divine Stuff to it Yeah no i i think it’s both Well if you look at the acronym bible Basic instructions before leaving earth So may those are everything we need to Follow To be a good human on this planet that’s Why i think we’re We’re an alien because i think that Bible has given us instructions on how To act like a human And pass as a human and stay out of Trouble And and and when you have sin You pay for those sins when you die you Get you get the crap beat out of you When you go back home in your alien Spaceship you’re not supposed to do not Supposed to murder No you can’t murder other avatars that Are human that you took an alien soul Away You know now that alien has to roam the Earth until there’s room to bring him Back

Karma baby [ __ ] that’s why there’s Ghosts All jokes aside rich you keep Challenging no but you key i’m gonna say You keep mentioning that you keep saying Talking about this matrix do you think It is I don’t mean matrix just now no i know You didn’t but you keep complaining About You know that this is a simulation No not that it’s a simulation that i Think I think we are on a real place That is made for us for aliens maybe They go on vacation and maybe this 80-year life is a vacation Away from their body and mind and soul Oh i know everybody thought that when The matrix came out it was just a [ __ ] movie all right everybody But i was just like oh is this a [ __ ] Video game are we in the [ __ ] video Game oh y’all gonna throw this on Look from nuts and bolts for all of us That love ufos To um to inter-dimensional To now it was like is this [ __ ] even Real What if it’s like westworld hey Why not if anybody here has watched Westworld we could be living in Westworld we could be those robots and Don’t know it

You’re opening more questions than Nothing and that’s honestly The you know what that’s what something You follow if you got into this And you think that you’re going to Answer these questions no i was like you Know what Man the the farther you delve into this And the field and if you really man does Some stuff or you honestly was like you Don’t care what nobody thinks i’m gonna Go And investigate i’m gonna go interview People man what did you see The more you investigate it’s like the More the least you know Honestly in this field i’m like you know I thought i was gonna find answers And honestly the more i delve into it I’m like What the [ __ ] is all this [ __ ] man i Don’t know anything Other than more history about ufology Than Anything new oh and i love history too Don’t get me wrong i love that [ __ ] That’s all you learn when you get in This field You just learn of all the things that Happen you don’t learn anything new That’s a good part of it though i love History i’m i know i’m a nerd Dude i love it too you know What what do you make of the threat

Though Baby do you think do you think Do you think it’s a friend what do you Make it it’s like a new term doesn’t it It seems like they’ve been thrown this Right now like recently now like You know i mean come on the we’ve been Seeing these things since the 40s and Now all of a sudden they’re like a Threat now i’m like dude you guys have Seen all these things for like The longest time are they are they Suddenly a threat now Now they’re a threat like no no i mean If they were a threat i think they would Have considered them a threat maybe back Then or something so For them to put this new label on that’s What makes me question like you know Excuse me all the things would like say Uh lulu and The things that are coming up with ttsa I’m like is this like the new little Like thing that they’re going to show Like you know all Of the public they’re going to tell us They’re going to present something uh Like Shock shocking and mind-blowing and at The end they’re going to tell us a swamp Guess You know unless i’m like i hate y’all Sometimes me personally i’m like god i Hate y’all you know

This might sound a bit of a weird Question But did you support did you support ttsa Did you invest oh what’s up me Uh i’m not gonna lie to you i i i Thought about it I was really close to me putting yeah Like no and i don’t know them and they Don’t know me But was that close to maybe throwing Some money in that i was Did i no oh and for Everybody look d.b cooper um When i came on youtube the first thing i I studied in the First thing i ever researched on youtube When actually youtube [ __ ] turned on Was ufos me too that’s the first thing When i was like what is this oh we could Play videos Holy [ __ ] the first because i didn’t Have to go to the library anymore Before that i was [ __ ] going to the Library and getting books and having Having to go [ __ ] try to get in touch With people and be like hey man Are you guys from this place did you Guys really see some [ __ ] in the sky No it went from that to me just being Able to watch Videos on youtube and i was like this is The best thing [ __ ] Ever and now there’s just so much [ __ ] Where kids can put [ __ ] on youtube

They’re like 10 years old and they’re so Super talented So now i’m like oh this is a Double-edged sword now You know what i thought was going to be The best thing new apology now we’re Going gonna get to see all the videos All the cases that we were always Interested in yes And now we [ __ ] start seeing all this [ __ ] well we can’t even distinguish What’s real and what’s fake It’s like good god i thought i was gonna Love this and it’s just it’s become much More of a task It really has even to to me and myself I mean maybe they’ll be in a new Platform at some point Oh man it’s gonna continue to be the Same thing they do man they’re gonna There’s gonna be Tv shows and stuff like they do on Travel channel and discover And uh and now so let’s wait to see what They tell us but i don’t think like uh As far as like you know anything special Besides the The the ufo videos that we’ve seen Recently i don’t think there’s going to Be any Super new developments that’s going to Blow your mind it’s going to be kind of Like that To me the thing i was afraid i was like

You know what they’re going to show us i Was like they’re going to show us [ __ ] the radar videos I was like okay they showed us the [ __ ] tic-tac which oh god I was like how many more times can you Say tic tac tic tac But i was like they’re going to show us This tic tac and now you know what They’re going to show us I was like they’re going to [ __ ] show Us the radar videos and i was like what The [ __ ] is that going to prove okay There was [ __ ] something there but The question that we’re asking is like What are they what are they Are you gonna tell us no i don’t think They are bro so disclosure Sorry for everybody that’s listening to This i think gonna be super disappointed When they tell us that um it’s probably Swamp gas again I swear you know that’s what they tell Us we don’t know they’re gonna tell us That they don’t know what they are Basically to me i think they’re gonna Tell us Look guys we don’t know what the [ __ ] They are hopefully they’re not [ __ ] Rushing in chinese But um we don’t know what they are That’s what we’re gonna get and i just [ __ ] hate that [ __ ] you know and We’re gonna have to [ __ ] listen to

[ __ ] dolan and all you know greg and I love you greer but we’re gonna have to Keep listening to this [ __ ] over and Over and over again Rich when’s when’s it when’s greer Putting that video out The uh that he’s that he’s doing the Sponsor for I don’t know i thought it was going to Be Around uh july oh day after The videos were great did you see i mean You know what the video that you know And the cousins you know what shout out To the cousins Let me let me take 60 seconds to talk About the cousins I know a lot of you guys out there and Unless you’ve been like we say Boots on the ground in this in these Conversations unless you really know I mean these guys have been around and Done A lot of things on youtube i know you Guys some a lot of people just have the Worst Uh criticism about people just because They post videos but the cousins are Nice nice people man if you if you know Them like as people That they seem like somebody that you Would have over beautiful boys beautiful Boys i agree totally yeah yeah me too me Too you know what i mean and i don’t

Know Personally more than a lot of you guys In the chat I know so i don’t think there’s a lot of Super hidden [ __ ] too going on behind The scenes like sometimes I’m a regular person like yo but The cousins are good man i like the Cousins i think they they’ve uh i give Them props for growing their channel And doing all the [ __ ] that they’ve Actually done um And and i’m gonna support i’ma support That Straight up good mr mr d b cooper Thank you so much i really appreciate You coming in tonight and You know you know and i hope you’ll join Us again sometime Um but it it’s nice to see the legend You need to come on channels more often And you know oh yeah you’ve got some Hell of a good views on it Love it well you know i wouldn’t mind Coming over and talking this is Something You know i mean uh another kept it to us But you know even people like you know i Appreciate a lot of you dhp You’re out there i love your your Thoughts and stuff on On the paranormal i’m looking for Answers myself Um cousins keep doing what you guys are

Doing Don’t listen to like all the criticism You guys are doing an excellent job Rich um keep doing what you’re doing Just be you you know and uh holly Olly man we know each other for a long Time man i got respect and uh you’ve Grown a lot too And uh man i respect you and i like to Listen to your shows Bro thank you mate thank you promise you Yeah mr d.b cooper come on again my Friend and uh Hey we’ll get the old band together Sometimes Hopefully i know these guys are about to Do a little trip i’m gonna try to catch Them i know they’re gonna be traveling Around the united states for a minute I’m gonna try to find them In one where they’re at and hopefully You see us again you know maybe having a A drink or maybe just a nose you know They have a little nose Oh hell yeah oh yeah all right look yeah Let me show you I got to know don’t do it don’t you i Hear that let me let me crack one just For you because i have it in the fridge Just for you Just for you and i will say goodbye on That note This nose is For rich poor moa

Oh he’s gonna you’re gonna get opened The up popping can that exists in the Universe It is it makes the best canned opening Noise of all time I love all you guys grifonians um ali To everybody that wants to listen to This uh theme uh thank you for listening Um this one’s for rich Beautiful it’s pretty good it’s good can Open Mr d.b cooper thank you very much my Friend for coming on the show We did a little too fast though he Opened it too fast it takes a lot of Practice Mr db cooper ladies and gents i’ve been Wanting to get him on for up for a while Just To talk about it saying why are you Flashing rich why You know i always want you to flash me But you didn’t need to flash me like I was uh just excited that’s how i was Turning the lights on and off for db Cooper you know what the best Sounding can is i know you and you don’t Drink beer but A beer opening a beer i think is is a Different sound it’s got a more bit of a Base to it To i mean i mean don’t only thing That was all right it’s like a little Bit of a pump first

Yeah it wasn’t bad actually it was Different i like it but it’s a different Sound it’s a bit more It was good though it had a nice pop to It and that’s what matters most I think from speaking to somebody like Like bb there Though it’s plain to see That like the general public the people The the guys that watch the videos The guys that are in the community That have got the head screwed on you Know That have been looking at this for a While like he just said then You go back to square one you know you You you’ll think you’re doing a lot of Research on that and then you’re like You’ll just get so frustrated because You’re like i know nothing This happens with me all the time with This subject when i look at it And this is why i’m i’m delving recently Into the whole the paranormal aspect of It But the more and more i hear this demon Thing The more and more i kind of I i’m wondering if there is more to this Than meets the Eye what are you thinking like when you Think of the the The demon alien what is what are you Envisioning

Well when i put so when i put this this Thumbnail up So that if you look at a grey alien I mean i have no idea where an alien Looks like you know Other than what they depict an alien for Us But going back to um This guy This this guy was like these were like Dimensional beings they that you see People are calling that he was seeing Demons that he was painting demons But he was seeing them right yes yes i Thought he was Just playing that he was seeing it was He playing Was he playing that’s what i thought I don’t know much about aleister crowley I i no i don’t i don’t i think i need to Do a bit of research on him and maybe Get somebody on who knows a hell of a Lot about this guy I know he wasn’t a nice man and he did Some Terrible uh i’ve heard it well because The rumors go he did some Horrible things um but it’s It’s the painting that intrigues me it’s An interesting painting Because it’s the only thing that i that I kind of i I go back to and think well this is Before any of the kind of

The the whole reason why i wanted to do This video tonight is because The movies and i think that kind of what What spurred you On with this because we’re seeing this Right now We’re seeing we we saw that i showed you That invasion trailer Uh did your did your channel get uh get Did you have to remove a clip by the way On last night’s video yeah i thought you Did because three clubs Did you get a strike no no i got a Copyright claim Yeah yeah why can’t we surely if you’re Showing a trailer You’re doing them a favor i know i don’t Know and i knew that i shouldn’t have Shown that because i’ve heard people say You can show a trailer And i’m like no i don’t think you can Yeah So you can’t i also got hit with the Music on it too Yeah so so so we i think with With the trailers is that they got the Licensing to play the music So but unfortunately you can’t play a Trailer even though they they need to Change that rule because If you if if you’re showing the trailer You’re promoting the It doesn’t make sense i know It’s not right yeah this is the thing

There’s a hell of a lot of Alien films coming out now a hell of a Lot i know And this is this goes back to where They’re saying Well i’m seeing other channels there’s Certain channels saying this is what the Prepping is for yeah this is this is Gonna this is the false flag That they are prepping the the the The people who are not not us the people Who are not into ufology The people who do not really give a [ __ ] About ufology But when you when you when you see this Stuff Constantly then you ca and it happens You’re like holy [ __ ] You know because they make these films They make these stories very Believable but then there’s the other Aspects of it Is this just kind of hollywood of Whoever’s do Apple that show that showed you that Invasion that’s apple’s new ones comes Out in october Looks really good um but is this not Just maybe them Seeing the opportunity with what’s going On right now and just You know putting that out there well you Know hollywood is in bed You know with mainstream media and all

And government and all that stuff What what happened in 1997 the phoenix Lights That was in march what came out july 4th 1997 Independence day yes What else came out that year Apollo 13 travis walton Fire in the sky i don’t think that came Out the same year Yeah i think i think you’re right i was At 1996 that came out i don’t know But it’s close enough you said it made Me remember something about that yeah And i think that’s weird because life And art imitate each other You know and i think they’re trying to Push that narrative That there could be an alien invasion on The way it’s really strange the scripts That are being approved right now And it’s not just about alien invasion There’s also You know last people on earth again and An apocalypse You know a bunch of other things that Have to do with end of days It’s popular right now if you go back to The Um the first War of the worlds uh story that was told Over the radio you know people actually Thought that was real Yeah well they didn’t have means they

Didn’t have anything back then they Didn’t have tv You know what i mean so they didn’t know And you could scare those people back Then into anything they’d believe it Do you actually think they could pull it Off no I don’t think they can because if you’re Using hologram Holographic technology there’s going to Be people Yeah you know people will see it and Debunk it and we’ll know right then and There it’s fake but you’re Like that but you’re talking about the Hologram technology that we know of With the flicker you’re talking about You know you slow a camera down enough What if Whatever they use has the ability to Not be i don’t know then we’re screwed Because then we really won’t know the Difference the only people If that did say for example it did Happen the only people that would be That this is considering that the Platform still exists because they may Take it down If if because this would be bigger than The social platforms If this is what they wanted then they Could control the whole thing What do you mean we we’re talking Conspiracy here

Yeah i know you you you youtube calm Down Don’t don’t get mad at the child at the Channel We’re just we’re just speaking we’re Just having a bit of fun I’m just saying if if they wanted to Control it You know people some people saying well The reason why the word ufo has been Removed is because They want to control what we’re seeing On youtube I don’t think it’s been removed yet but I yeah I still use it third phase still uses it Has no effect See i’ve stopped using it i started Using it again because it didn’t matter I i don’t know what’s going on maybe you Know if you want to not use it maybe They’re eventually going to stop using It but you can use uap right isn’t that What the one they want us to use Nonetheless they they are shadow banning Us youtube is as A matter of fact do you ever take those 15 20 minute surveys Um i can’t be asked Anyway i i take them and they send them Like every three to six months And i and i don’t think i should be Saying being

Totally truthful but they ask you Questions do you think youtube Is really helping you you know progress Forward you know Putting your channel out there Recommending and i said no and why is it Some people can get away with stuff when Other people can’t You know it’s really mind-boggling like The rules are there but Only they only apply to certain people And ufology the paranormal is Definitely being kept down and not Recommended as much as uh Other platforms other shows other Channels like Makeup and video games and you know all Sorts of weird stuff That i’m not into thank you mr davey Cooper again my friend you’re too Generous Very cool Yeah he is i’d like to have a pipe with Him but he’s so far away Do you do you think do you believe that This could happen Do you do in your do you actually see This happening Is there any percentage of rich that Sees This false flag ever happening or do you Really don’t You just think it’s conspiracy yeah i Really don’t see it happening

I really don’t not because of the Flicker it’s just It would have to be done in such a way That you can’t have the same mistakes You did with 911. Sorry i said the three words but or 9-1-1 There’s a lot of flaws in that they Can’t have those flaws this time Do you not do you not think though Because the way you’ve The way you’ve just said that you’ve Said it as if almost that That’s what you believe they want to do Yeah i believe they’d like to maybe they Maybe they will in the future but i just Don’t see it As a logical thing to do i understand Well the benefit is that we would All of us would you okay here’s what i Think what would happen It would be such a tragedy that if these Ufos Attacked russia china and the united States That we would want to get their Technology and all their secrets and Combine them with Our secrets just so we can get their Secrets I mean we desperately want to know What’s going on i think we probably do With spies and everything I don’t know but the way it sounds like

They’re saying they don’t think it’s China or russia And russia and they say it’s definitely Not Us so it must be aliens and maybe they Want to unite us all And we get to know what their technology Everything they have and we share all of Our technology and we become One new world order i don’t buy that But i don’t know if that’s that if that Makes any sense see i think they need to Reset The economy i think they need to resign Yeah because okay To make a movie now it’s 500 million Dollars to make a movie maybe it’s going To be a billion dollars in three years To make a movie what used to cost 10 Million dollars A million dollars really oh my god it Didn’t cost them anything to make jaws Back then i know the technology but they Were using Like you know a dead shock They were using you know puppets and Stuff like that I can’t remember what the tech what the Name is but Anyway yeah And you look at this oh and the film’s Fought lioness by the way Yeah that’s the name of it yeah Flatliners i couldn’t remember thank you

That’s from rich’s show last night which Was an awesome show people you should Check out his His link is in the description but we’ve All we’ve got all the good phonings Internet anyway But the goofonians are liking that ring Nice work It’s funny when you when you actually Mention flatliners And uh and being being out Experiencing death because i i’m Wondering If there is these aliens okay Do you think they would know what is After death You know how advanced would you have to Be To know you know he is wow Say give give the human race another Thousand years Would we would we still in a thousand Years understand Death what happens after death Probably not unless we can tap into the Brain And forward the information to a monitor And see it Or connect it to our brain and transfer The memory of someone dying And seeing what they see but the brain Wouldn’t be anything to do with it would It If there’s something after death that

Would be the soul well i know but you Would want to use the brain waves To see you know what you can see you Know if anything at all But if the soul is what i think it is And it’s just a ball of energy that is In our heart Somehow the heart is what it is for some Reason and there’s this essence or the All-spark as if you want to Talk about transformers i I just i don’t know man i think It i don’t know i don’t know Like when you look at a salamander you Can see it’s heartbeating You know what i mean when it’s not even Born yet yep You can see that in frogs it’s really Weird and They’re already thinking and you know Babies too You know they’re dreaming before they’re Born how can they be dreaming How could they have brain activity when They haven’t even lived yet well Because they hear things through the Stomach they feel the emotions from the Mother uh You know they get the adrenaline from The mother they get all depression they Everything the mother eats so there’s a Lot of things going on but It really it sets up for us to be born With

Some built-in knowledge already and Where does that knowledge come from And our instincts and to know certain Things You know without even learning it it’s Weird It’s like how do we have these things Just like dogs dogs know when You know they can smell things you know I know we can’t but they could also I think feel things and sense things That are around animals can I don’t know man i don’t know what i’m Saying but We don’t know what we’re saying this is This is the this This this this show that’s up tonight It it it’s a nonsense show You know what i mean and i mean that in The nicest possible way because Yeah what we’re talking about is here is Something that nobody On the planet has any idea about And if somebody does know this And they’re the people that you know Will will bring They’re the people with the agenda if They know it you know they’re They’re the people that push it one way Or the other how did they come to know It You know But if these beings Are thousands and thousands of years

Ahead of us That put maybe put us on this earth or Or maybe We are in a simulation You know what it What is this being and is this Being the The picture of this being my logo is That what it looks Like do you believe that that creature There as in the gray is exactly what These things are because i’ll tell you Something about this This creature and the drawing the Drawing that i did for this logo Of mine when it came to my head to To do this uh This logo for the channel I couldn’t make it look cute no matter What i did I couldn’t make this creature look cute You know i didn’t My my my pen i did i did it with this Little apple pencil and it you welcome Apple Pay me later um And this creature i couldn’t make this Thing look nice Now i couldn’t make it look like the the What the pole is it paul With the round eyes e.t or anything like That This thing looks Sinister is what i’m gonna call it

It looks and i I think I don’t know if i don’t know if these Things are nice I’m gonna put it out there i really Don’t and then When we’re talking about the threat That’s not me backing the threat up when It comes to these Ufos because i i think i i actually Think that this creature Doesn’t drive those things i think that The two completely separate things i Don’t think that’s anything to do with The tic tac Whatsoever i’m gonna put that out out There I really don’t the tic tac ufos the Stuff that we’ve seen and go for All that stuff i i do not think That the grey alien is piloting them at All I have no idea that but the grey alien Is what everybody reports he’s taking Them Taking children talking about them as Well I don’t know if you trust it i think They Are suits i don’t think they look like That I think uh it’s just like the movie Communion or Travis walton you know fire in the sky

He saw the alien suits floating around When he woke up and started walk trying To get away And he saw the suits that were just Hanging on with the alien face and Everything I don’t know man i don’t see how they Wouldn’t have a suit on how could they Be acclimated to our planet If their eyes are that big and they’re Short and Grayish like you know Weird color weird skin i don’t know i Just think they’re Wearing a spacesuit and i think they’re Scarier than Anything we could ever imagine they’re Pro i think they look like Ants or lizards i’m gonna be honest About that i think they do But then you have to think well their Hands would have to be able to Use all of that stuff that we see all That tech But we don’t really know what their tech Is do we we only heard what bob lazar Said it was made out of a jello mold You know it was all constructed out of One thing Which is weird and it was all supposedly According to betty and barney hill betty That it was all done in the mind like They controlled it with the mind Which is bizarre and that’s something

That we’re just now tapping into That we could you know people who can’t Use a typewriter because their hands Don’t work or don’t have hands they can Just Look or think about it and it appears It’s unbelievable So imagine ten thousand years in the Future Or in the p or ten thousand years older I mean And where we’re gonna be i think It’s gonna be scary not artificial Intelligence Artificial consciousness that’s the Ticket So when people yeah sorry i would say When people call these things demons or Whatever I i honestly don’t imagine demons or Angels Kind of having that physical Aspect with a body that has eye sockets That has An actual brain inside there that has A liver that has lungs that can breathe When you see when you see an angel you See People that have drawn pictures of human Beings Your volume went away can you hear me Now Oh yeah my god yeah it’s just every time You back up it it goes

It’s absolutely i mean it’s this new pro Mic It’s pro my ass it’s not pro at all it’s Not My over yeti was loads better than it And this is meant to be the best Yeah it’s it it’s it’s just too much Technology for me But when you look at these creatures When you look at pictures of angels when You There’s something that’s very Human about them okay this when you look At Any alien creature it’s a physical Being it is a creature that has Arms legs when you open it up it has a Heart it has lungs it has Brain it’s in a different place maybe i Don’t know in its ass Um but when you look at alien angels Same thing you you they’ve got legs They’ve got arms They’ve got eyes you you open one of Them up they’ve probably got Insides yeah only what you see in the Picture I can’t imagine a godly being Only because i’m not religious and i Have no idea about anything to this but When you think about the soul you don’t Why would if if if we do have souls And these souls can move on to a Different place

Right why would the the creatures Whether the fallen angels the demons or Whatever they are arms legs And organs and stuff like that why would They What should they have Nothing they should be just energy Surely hmm Or maybe or maybe maybe gods have Maybe gods have lungs maybe they need Lungs How would they you know what i’m saying Is it’s kind of like We’re a machine you know we’ve we Are we’ve got the bits to run To run this this meat sack yeah And when you see an alien an alien gray It’s just a weird version of us It’s a different color it’s got less Features That we think maybe they think we’re Featureless Yeah but at the end of the day it’s Still got bits inside it You know when you you would think If that’s a body it would have something Inside it If it was a creature of of magic If angels the depiction of angels were Magic why would we see them with wings So I know it sound i sound like i’m talking Riddles there i I i i know what but what i’m trying to

Say is Maybe maybe the ancient alien theorists Are right and it is aliens Because these things have physical Bodies they have things that are inside Them You know they have arms legs they have Eyes you know what’s inside The pictures of these creatures that They’ve been drawing for centuries Anything that that’s been drawn when It’s got arms legs whether it be Creatures shadow figures all of these Have um All of these have the mechanisms of a Body I’m a little confused i don’t remember Seeing any aliens Pictures of aliens with their intestines Or heart or anything like that No what i’m saying to you is these Things Have they have limbs they have a yeah We are drawing pictures okay To go back to it to go back to our Uh friend here miss mr crowley oh yeah He’s drawing a creech he’s drawing a Creature that’s got eyes He’s got a nose it’s got a mouth people Say loads of people saying that this Thing That he’s drawn is a demon And but i just can’t I can’t imagine a demon having

I just i can’t see having A physical appearance Underneath that has a brain that has eye Sockets Sorry go on no no i’m just thinking on a Way to To express it i think when they show Themselves to us Either one of two things happens either We’re not seeing what they really look Like because they’re projecting In our brain what they want us to see Them as or they’re wearing Something that covers their real being So they can be on this planet and Breathe And move and whatever and the reason They have Wings is because they floated down and And to them that was magical and they Couldn’t figure out any other way to Draw it Because they didn’t understand Technology so they gave them Wings and they came they fell out of the Sky you know the fallen angels whatever That’s why they had no other unless they Had Wings and they were Creatures like that but i don’t think It’s that i think they were just Drawing what they thought they would Look like because they couldn’t Figure out what the technology was they

Didn’t know how to draw An engine or a disc they did they don’t Know what that is So but like ezekiel the wheel inside the Wheel and all that stuff You know the fire and all that i’m sure He didn’t come down in a contraption Like that I’m sure he came down in some sort of Craft That created flames and probably had Spinning things on it but They drew it the best with what they had I don’t know man it’s we don’t know But maybe we do and and those pictures Are Literal and that’s exactly what they Look like The reason why why i’m bubbling with This kind of conversation here is be Because i can’t get the words out for it I honestly Um i’m overwhelmed with it rich I’m overwhelmed with it all but when You’ve got lou recently Saying that these mention the word Demons You know it’s but then there’s people Saying this guy is just pushing the He’s going to push this thing and He’s going to push it in a certain Direction he’s a p he’s paid he’s paid To do this Why would he say the word demons i don’t

Know That’s true when did he say it other Than Unidentified he said it again yes he Said it on a few show he said in a Couple of shows I know i just can’t remember i can’t Remember the last one he said i watched It the other day And he said demons man that’s Interesting it it’s almost Why did why does somebody who’s Whatever ate it i know you’ve got you Well he might have why would he say Demons I don’t know i’m why bring it you know You don’t You just wouldn’t bring that into the Subject If you want us if you want to like Talk about this subject in a scientific Way Why would you bring something in to this That is Very much in the scientific world World considered fantasy i’d have to Hear the context of that Conversation to understand why the word Demon was used Okay okay he’s been doing that he’s been In that many interviews i He’s doing one or two a day for real Yeah oh look it up huh before by asking Him on the show

No do you think he’d turn you down Yeah yeah i got because what they do They look at the shows before they come On them somebody looks for them and says You can’t go on this show they don’t Believe a word you’re saying And blue could say i don’t care i mean Let’s do it you know he could say that No but this guy really doesn’t like you He calls you lion loo big fat lou Little lou every lou in the book boohoo Uh i don’t think you should go on this Show well let me put the guy in place We could always hang up or leave that’s True lou All right i’ll let rich know maybe that Would maybe that conversation could Happen The reason he won’t talk to greer is Because i think Greer knows things about him that he Doesn’t want To confront even though greer is going To say it anyway when he talks the third Phase And that’s going to be uh in about a Week or so I think greer’s going to be on third Phase of moon Without the guys coming on you know Sheehan and all even though sheehan did Yeah ask answer questions but there Green needs to say More than he’s a dif this info agent he

Needs to say a bit more Oh yeah there’s some things that he’s Going to say that are Really going to you know do you know Anything nope I don’t and if third phase knew Uh i don’t know if they would tell me i Usually get Information before you everybody else um But this might be one of those times Where I don’t even want to know you know i’d Because i’d like to be shocked too and Find out for the first time Um no i i have an idea but I i don’t know any specifics if i did I’d say yeah i know what’s going to Happen i just can’t tell you i would say That But i really don’t know i didn’t ask to Be honest with you But usually they would say i don’t think That’s going to happen though I don’t think they know actually they Haven’t talked to greer for almost uh Since he was on the show until just last Night Or got messaged him so they didn’t they Haven’t spoken with him since So i don’t know what’s going to be said When greer goes on but It’s me i think greer has stuff because He said it Lewis actually said to sheehan admitted

To sheehan that The ufos aren’t a threat And then he goes on tv talking about how They’re a threat Even though he knows they’re not because It’s all about getting that funding That they want to uh investigate And whatever you never have enough money Am i right am i saying i could be wrong With this and i probably am Is is she and not stephen’s lawyer and Lose I think he is is that not a conflict of Interest No because it’s for two different things Lou hired sheehan to help him with the Pentagon going after him Not and and and i don’t know why he’s Helping greer but it has nothing to do With that It’s only a conflict of interest if They’re talking about You know their personal stuff on on a on A forum But i could see why it could be a Conflict of interest but The reality is lou and and greer want The same thing It’s just they’re doing it different Ways i just find it odd that they’ve got The same Same layer i know i do too don’t you Think that’s weird Well yeah i just said it’s hard yeah i

Mean in a weird like Really strange like sheehan is talking About a lot of weird stuff that you Don’t think anybody would know like but The lawyers do get privy information Because they need that information to Know how to You know do their case so he may know a Lot of stuff that He can’t talk about more than we’ll ever Know I don’t think we’ll ever know anything Rich yeah we will i i think i’ve come to The The agreement that old old um Goof on radio rich was right And you know you’ve changed the name Marriage you just Sing singular goof on mitch ricardo um When you said never well never they get Never get disclosure i don’t Think in my lifetime we’ll ever get a Full Disclosure i really don’t know And our lifetime is ever forever because That’s all it is for me Not in my lifetime not ever Because after i’m dead what do i care I’m not coming back Or am i i i would like to see you get Jesus on the channel i know that would Be fun That’d be a good conversation that’s for Damn sure i i

I think he he may be scared that you Might be rude to him but i don’t think He will be i Think i never rude to my guests you rude To me sometimes I know but that’s just You know when you’re on my show yeah no When i’m on yours I’ve only been on yours once you never Invite me nope I’m not normally asleep though by that Sort of time but yeah If you got him on if you’ve got say you Got g If you get jesus on the show What would you what would you ask him What’s the biggest question you will ask That man The biggest question i want to know is Um Where did where did you come from Well you showed his first video the Other day i think that was his first one Yeah My god he’s the greatest music in the Background of that video I don’t think he’s okay i do not think He’s a paid chill Video he’s definitely not a paid chill He is that guy he is what he is what you See He’s i don’t know what do you call that Uh not eclectic Um kind of like um

Who is that liberace type of he’s got That Uh what do you call it when people are Real eccentric He’s an eccentric guy yeah i think more In a tree hugger eccentric kind of way He’s what i can see with with with jesus He’s been ufo jesus Disclosure pro what’s he called post Disclosure world post Post closure he’s he’s been Noticed by certain people In the community that unbelievable And it’s almost like I don’t think he knows it i really Don’t think he has he he realizes how Because he’s not a ma he doesn’t upload Constantly No but it’s almost like and i’m not i’m Not Bad-mouthing the guy or anything like That i can’t i like he’s got a quirky Style to him He does he does his wavy thing and you Know he I’ve watched a few of his videos Sometimes i’ve taken something from his Videos thought oh that’s some good Information that i’ll use that You know so he gives the information out But it’s almost like he’s Being seen by these people and that They’re Let’s this but somebody is hitting a

Button And going yep yep You can have that let’s get this guy out There this guy’s pushing It this way i find it interesting The way the background works Of whether it be youtube twitter Whatever whoever’s working behind it i Think Something is going on behind the scenes That controls this And i don’t just think it’s it it’s it’s It’s for Advertisement i think it’s more than That With ufo jesus like why would he be Chosen no no no no talking about i’m Talking about the whole When you type in ufo into actual The internet here and what comes up But when he does a video He grew quite fast oh yeah And he was very much promoting Everything to do with the Well and yeah everybody who’s on that Side that Left this side yep which makes me wonder If me and you had a out of Whenever i did a ttsa video back in the Day when i went out when i used to do Quite A lot of stuff that very much was Speaking quite well about and excited About it those videos did well

Those did it videos did really well on The channel gain subscribers on it got Good views on it That’s what i did i didn’t go live back Then But it’s almost like this is what they Want us to push Push it this way of course because Two weeks before my like two weeks Like if we go back to monday this week Covet if you take the two weeks before That monday I had record days record Like 215 20 people live on my show when I was I’m only averaging like 150 165 right And that was because 60 minutes did that Piece And i think youtube wanted to promote it And my largest video over 7000 views Which is rare for me Uh was that 60 minutes piece Coco cacovid and After that every video after that i was Getting 200 a night until Monday it stopped because what else has Stopped the momentum stopped Nothing new came out yet when corbell Drops his next video Or when they do another big piece on Another major network or Show we will be spreading the word again Like that whatever you know it’s weird You you can see it you can see the

Pattern It’s like they were recommending my show For the first time in a year it seemed Like Do you think you could get ufo jesus Think coming around to your thinking Do you think he’s well and truly i think He’s already I think and i think he’s already Thinking that Lou lou even though they believe it’s a Threat because i believe it’s a threat You want to know why because if i think Like the military Then ufos are a threat yeah because at The end of the day it’s in your airspace And if you’re If you’re on a a Carrier on the yeah the what the what’s It called The carrier no the the monitoring it on The screen The radar yeah the radar thank you such Such technical stuff these days rich i Know um Or you’re in the sky and you’re david Flake airplane Raver yeah airplane yeah you’re in the Sky And there’s there’s there’s a massive Uh tic tac Apple mouse flying next That thing’s a threat you know you don’t Know what that is

So forget that thing big time threat Thank you vpxm Thanks for sh thank you for showing down Slowing down your thoughts jesus christ My dyslexia Is really bad i need to go see a doctor For that Just yeah read it backwards I’ll try that next time rich it does Work but yeah i really Thank you mate i really appreciate that Um I think we need to slow his farts down i Think everybody needs to fl Ufo jesus if you’re watching this slow Your thoughts down Because he speaks too fast for me Sometimes he goes straight over my head And also weaponize your curiosity No you’re jealous you are jealous that You didn’t think of that first Am i i think it’s a i think it’s great It makes no sense To me but you know i Get you get a weapon you get your Curiosity You’ve shoved that weapon and you Accuracy Hmm maybe i am jealous of corbell after All You are you are i’m glad you’ve come out About that rich Glad you have it’s good it’s good to To admit things you know

I’m expanding my horizons I am now seeing like crazy crazy Core bell um carbel if you are watching This this is what makes us suspicious You emailed me you asked for my whatsapp Number You you then you know said That what i’m talking about bob lazar Is really interesting i’m a very Entertaining channel However there’s a lot that you don’t Know what’s going on You never got back to me what’s going on Carl bell You know the the these p these people Rich this is what makes me not trust it Dude he broke a promise to me live on Air If you remove the audio rich i’ll Come on your show and we could talk About anything i promise you If you remove this phone call from the Live show i removed it I emailed him twice hey you want to come On the show sorry about what happened No reply so that audio is going up I’m saying that tyler did say to me if i Never have you on the show again he Would come on the channel but [ __ ] him he said that about me No i’m joking he did say i because i did Ask him to come on and join the join Joint joining the fun And his exact words were

You got that guy on rich um he makes fun Of my voice Did he really I’ll i’ll um i’ll screenshot it for you Instead i believe you did he did um But it’s nice that these people watch You know because you can almost imagine You can almost imagine them go What a dick what a dick and then they’re Just you you might say Something about them and then they’ll Just Feel like yep he’s got that right that’s Exactly me It you know i it’s weird because you Know It’s just hit the wrong button what a Bell end He’s left me on my own but no it is Weird I’ll i’ll finish that for him there he Is he’s back he’s back Thank god for that thought was on my own That was weird huh No it wasn’t you yeah i heard you went Like that on the key and hit exit How the only thing i would have hit was F5 f4 or f6 One of those all right Okay um if they are Listening you know why they’re listening Love you rich Different richard oh look at that body

Look at that man’s body can you see that Man’s body Yeah i see his tits okay i used to have Tits when i was at age two Now i’ve got to say you used to used to Be a bodybuilder i forgot I know i’m a shell of myself hey Whatever you do rich Don’t do it you know what i mean it Looks like he’s already done it Good for him and i’m gonna do it again Very soon i can’t wait he’s a good man Mine That’s awesome man i think he has got a Beautiful body He does and it’s a lot of hard work to Get to look like that People think you can just you know go to The gym and take vitamins and No freaking way to get like that that’s That’s five minimum five thousand ten Thousand calories a day To get that big bulk and then to cut Down That’s even harder for me it was easy Though it was easy for me to cut down Was hard yeah yeah i’ve seen you on the On the tv on some of the documentaries When you’re a bigger man and you you’re Massive like in a good way though you Were like yeah I was i i was always around 225 235 Yeah but you’re 50 you’re 50 now rich You know

At some point in your life you know it I’m 40 now and i can remember when i hit 30 i used to work out a lot And when after 30 years old it got Harder and harder and harder I’ve recently gone back to the gym again And it’s impossible It’s you know after after the lockdowns In the uk I’ve just gone back trying to get back Into it And it’s it’s tiring it’s almost like It’s almost like what torture It’s almost like torture it is but i Love it I started doing the insanity workout Again it’s like uh What boxers would use to get into shape It’s very very very hard but you don’t Have to push yourself Till you’re dead but you push yourself To failure No weights nothing and i already seen Results after two weeks of using this Thing I’m like totally different person you’ve Definitely lost weight No not lost weight i haven’t i lost Weight No you look like it it could be the Camera But they say the camera puts on pounds How many cameras are on me I don’t know i i haven’t lost any weight

For a while But uh i think it’s the beard i gotta Once i shave this off uh i’ll look Different osvaldo franco says yo Yeah well awesome um so post cisco Uh poster scroll post disclosure world Ufo jesus Um have you actually sent him an invite To come you need to do that i need we Need to see i don’t think he’ll come on I think he will i think if you dare him To he will That’d be what’s the what’s the worst That could happen you need to tweet the Guy I don’t like rejection to be honest with You well neither do i that’s why i got Married Because of all the others that rejected Me oh okay But when you get married it’s worse Well yeah it is but that’s why that’s Why i do youtube because I i i stay open to youtube so i don’t Get rejected when i go into the bedroom But not only is it right i understand it But not only can you now get rejected in Your own home you can’t go outside of The home Without breaking you know that bond And uh you know if she is yeah i’m Getting Um i’m sleeping on the couch tonight she Heard that

[ __ ] i look she if you if you’re Watching the show twitter i love you Very much He does he talks about me all the time That is a joke That is a joke but yeah i want to say i Want to see ufo jesus On the show i want to see that That healthy comfort healthy Confrontation it would be interesting And then i’ll call richie from boston to Come on Remember i used to talk about that guy All the time is that guy still doing Youtube was he even kicked off i’ve not Seen a video He did get kicked off again and he has His third channel up but i haven’t Checked in Four to six months i’ll check right now As a matter of fact just for the halibut Yeah get him get him checked out but Yeah i mean i know we’ve gone a bit Back and forth and all that all over the Place in with this video Video this this stream But it’s it’s it wasn’t a prepared Stream Like i said i just wanted to do a show Today and i and For some reason i wanted to talk about The aliens and the people some people Say that these things are demons And if you do speak to

Um ryan from Disclosure world right post-disclosure World Sorry i need to put the post in there i Want you to ask him that I want you to ask him what his actual Thoughts are on what these things are And What does lou mean by demons Because he he’s a guy who kind of He shows himself as being in the know When he’s shaking his hands about You know Do you think uh you’re the lord jesus Absolutely absolutely not He’s not in the know do i like the guy i Think he’s a very sweet man in a Dressing gown I think he’s great i think he’s i think He’s entertaining Um i think he’s He’s basically a very enthusiastic News reader when it comes to ufology and Do i get stuff from his channel yes I get knowledge from his channel he Gives me He presents himself and i’d like him to Slow down a little bit and calm down a Bit But he’s a nice guy i just don’t Think i don’t think he’s thinking Outside the box i would like to see Him being interviewed and actually speak About what he really thinks because

I don’t think he’s saying what he really Thinks I think he’s saying i think he’s saying What he thinks he needs to say right For his channel and it’s nothing yeah And it’s nothing to do with him being a Shill nothing to do with him being paid Off I think he’s saying what he thinks he Needs to say For his channel which if anybody’s stuck With me over the years they know i don’t Give a monkey’s toss About what i say on this channel Because this is my channel has gone from Being a mars channel To being an idiot channel to being a Uh somebody who’s reporting on ttsa Channel To be now to being a paranormal channel To be now a live streaming channel that Just talks about absolutely anything And will speak to anybody when it comes To the paranormal subject So i would like to know what makes this Guy tick What is this guy’s passion when he Outside ufology And you know does he actually believe All the bollocks that he talks In the nicest possible way he What he does is he listens to Dolan and all these guys talking And then he just repeats what they say

And make it his own reaction or answer And it’s very in my opinion either he if He i don’t know if he does it anymore But He he’s uh i don’t know i never hear him Saying anything original It’s like he’s always parroting what the Other people say And by the way richie from boston it Says richie from boston found Dead Three months ago and i clicked on the Video and it’s it doesn’t it’s not there Anymore His channel’s there but no video for the Last nine months So i don’t know if he really is dead but That’s a weird title i i think you need To look into that rich because you Because I i know you’ve had well like not beef With him but you’ve No he doesn’t even know me yeah you but You’ve you’ve You’ve you’ve you’ve spoke about him a Few times but i think All your all your viewers will know that Guys so i think you Need to kind of do a bit and i hope i Hope to god nothing’s happened to the Guy you know the last video he put up Was four months ago on richie from Boston Three he’s he’s been demonetized two

Times and he’s got his third channel Here So he went from 470 000 subscribers and Wouldn’t listen to youtube You know he just kept saying what he Wanted now he’s only got 44 000. but he hasn’t done anything in four Months he’s probably demonetized again Or he’s dead i hope he’s not dead I hope he’s not because it’s funny to Watch him I will look it up and find out if he’s Really dead It’s weird i’m not laughing and being Dead i’m laughing at what you just said What’d i say what’d i say Was that wrong wow you’re getting some Super chats bro Oh my friend ginger steve i love the Interview if if we come back off please Read this struggle i love this interview If we combined your facial hair we might Have enough for magnum pi Only joking love you both good lads it’s A simulation Yo yes my mate ginger steve believes That this Is a simulation we live in this Is a simulation what we’re doing right Now Mr t.b cooper again thank you um well Yeah This right now the stream yeah No but what about life because what you

Were talking about last night on your Show You were saying that this is you It almost like he was on the tip of your Tongue rich that this is a matrix Because you can’t leave because there’s A lot of stuff i said that led up to That ollie i just can’t just say it Without explaining it It’s because i was trying to explain Like why do we see ghosts Why do we why do things move And i think it has to do with these Alien beings or these entities that May or may not leave this earth when we Die or can’t leave the earth And then i was thinking well would there If we are put into an embryo As the alien and then we grow into this Human body Uh we’re living in a place that is made For us And maybe the place that’s made for us Um It’s got a lot of working parts like the Earth has a magnetic Uh field right there’s also gravity you Have to worry about and there’s ley Lines and then you have certain rocks That give off energy You know um all different types of rocks I can’t think Um you know what i mean limestone and Then you got quartz and

And all that stuff and and when you mix It all together and you have plate Tectonics and And continents rocks rubbing up against Each other it’s swirling energy around It’s creating these vortexes of energy That just Constantly go randomly around the planet And there’s you know maybe they they do But they follow ley lines or energetic Areas And sometimes you can maybe step into One And you may be transported somewhere Else Or it makes you just disappear or it Disintegrates you Or who knows what or it does nothing But i think those swirling energies Go around certain areas in the same Areas And that’s why we see things maybe Moving Maybe we see impressions of of people Their energy from when they used to live Or in that area Um that’s what i was kind of saying it’s It’s maybe it’s imprinted on this Humongous computer or It’s a real world mixed in with the Simulation That’s what i really think i never got To that last night but i think We live on a real place a real part of

The universe A living rock um but it’s also Put in with a uh a matrix reality So you so you think that certain parts Of this earth that we go into Maybe not be even real No i think they’re real i just think That Um it’s hard to explain because i was Talking about in such a way that it made Sense Now i’m just jumping into it without Leading up to it so i can’t remember how I put it Um but i think it has to do with Our energy and when we die Where does your energy go that’s what i Was trying to figure out Now there may be a reason why when People die they only hang around in that House You don’t see that person in a train or At walmart As a ghost because the energy is Contained In that area maybe it disperses but Maybe it also comes back and disperses Or Has some sort of flux to it And it just can’t it just doesn’t leave A certain area in the matrix Maybe maybe it’s confined to a certain Area I think if there is a matrix and like

Ginger steve said here just a simulation I think it’s either One or the other i think it’s either Um what’s his name keanu reeves Or it’s the real deal You know well let’s not forget Keanu reeves was also able to go into The real world And use his matrix powers Which is what i think happens when we Die we’re able to use that Like a matrix and we’re able to show Ourselves or Maybe accidentally show ourselves or Maybe there’s an imprint of our energy And you hear that a lot like somebody Dies and It’s a catastrophe and that energy just It’s there it’s imprinted going back to What you’re saying And i’m not gonna the show’s been good For quite a while now but That’s what you were saying last night Your show when you got quite emotional And you were talking about when you went Up to the ceiling and you felt like your Hands went through the ceiling But something you’re saying that the Rest of you You you you kind of look you looked back And you looked at your wife You looked at your dog and you thought i Don’t love them I i i should but i don’t i

Want to go i want to go there yeah And he was almost speaking you spoke About that like it was Almost heaven yeah yeah are you thinking That major Maybe whatever you did then you kind of Maybe went To what is considered the Maybe the real world yeah exactly that’s Exactly what it is i saw the doorway to Reality To my world where we’re supposed to go Yeah that’s cool Ginger steve too there’s nothing more Than a simulation for the a.i to be Birthed from Kind of what i said earlier those are Glitches nothing More nothing less it ain’t the matrix You’re not real Right we’re not this is what elon’s the Elon has touched on this Elon has said that it’s quite Possible that this that we’re in right Now Is a simulation there’s so many Scientists talking about this Why is it so hard to believe wait Right i mean it’s been a long time since You played a computer game i know you Played a computer game with my friend A bit back but it’s games Games are very realistic now i know If you put a game in the next 10 years i

I i think we’ll be practicing In holder holodeck territory yeah you Know So this that we’re looking at now the Only the only thing that makes this feel Real is you can physically feel things You know you can feel the warmth of your Hands You can feel i’ve still got some beer in That thank god for that You can feel the coldness of the can you Can feel You can taste the taste you could smell The smell You know that’s what makes this real That’s What’s dis distinguishes this from a Simulation because Our knowledge of a simulation when we Look at when we think of a computer game You imagine Just a visual representation Or maybe a little bit of a physical Feeling but not This that we feel now this this feeling Of being Real this this reality that we But who’s to say can you imagine if If this isn’t real and there is Something that Is real and the senses are literally Ten times more than what we what we Taste sometimes what we feel now what we Smell maybe we see different colors

Maybe we don’t even see every single Color We don’t right now We don’t see crap we see Ten percent of Light of the spectrum we see less than That probably two percent Isn’t that amazing they could be Standing right next to us And we wouldn’t even know it but look at Dogs i mean Don’t they say dogs seeing black and White Uh sort of nearing off near enough they See very little Very little color yeah So what other colors are out i i mean i Know we’ve got a little bit out there in This video but what other colors Are out there i don’t know well you know The infrared the thermal all that stuff We can’t see if you think of the Predator You know and he keeps and he’s going Through all the different things Those are the things we can’t see Rich we’ve been going for have you guys Have you got a show to go are you doing A show tonight You know i don’t know i’m not supposed To but i might I don’t know yet you got a taste for it I don’t know what i want to talk about i Need a night off

I think you should just do one show and Name the show ufo jesus That’s the entire for the entire show Just go on his twitter and keep sending The link to get him in Saying i’ll i’m gonna do this all night Until you actually join me That’s so funny i do I haven’t slept so now you need to get Some sleep i want you i want And i want you to get him on the show Yeah You need to contact this man to get him On the show All right i think you should wait could It come on last night you might be Surprised He said what do you say a gush yeah That’s what i go it goes all over your Popcorn you freak yeah Yeah so he’s a fan I don’t know i think he’s just fishing Around seeing what’s going on And he can do that on his own time too He doesn’t have to come there Live i think that’s interesting he Showed up live instead of just watching The archives And i knew he was watching not only Other people were telling me but He uses the word capisce In his show as a like a call out to me Because i’ve been saying it after i Would do something about him

He said other things that i would say It’s funny That he would give a sign like that I don’t know where i’ve heard this from My but didn’t didn’t you Actually name him yeah i think i Did and there’s somebody else who said i Didn’t but one day I i found him when he didn’t have a lot Of people watching him And i think it was the first night he Put on the kimono And i said my god who do you think you Are Jesus because he looked like jesus and Then i said Oh yeah you’re you should call yourself Ufo Jesus and then everybody started saying That’s great Ufo jesus yeah jesus you do look like Him And then after that he was ufo jesus and I don’t know any other time Where he was ufo jesus before that night So then his channel briefly changed the Ufo jesus for about a year No it did i’m sorry i’m sure the channel Was called ufo jesus I don’t think it was it was always Post-disclosure world was it Yeah i if i’m wrong i’d be shocked but Um how do we we can’t fight and now it Was it was called ufo jesus

Wow really yeah i’m sure I’m sure if you look through your Archives when you put when you put Because you Played a lot of videos of his yeah I think he was called ufo jesus i think He changed it I could be wrong Do you want to show the people what i Was showing last night real quick the Video of him with the popcorn Oh yeah go and show it yeah this is the Very first Video he did when he was just using his Name ryan robbins Jesus ginger steve all right i got it Ready so let me pull it over To the right screen if you were nothing But a Construct of an air oh sorry God no no no you’re better than me you Read it If you were nothing but a construct of An ai’s birthing dream Does it make your reality less real Are you the same person if you realize This isn’t the real universe Even if it is the only reality you will Ever know That’s true how would we even How would we even find out we can’t do a Kiana raise and unplug ourselves If we found out this universe is is a Isn’t really what it is what does it

Matter It doesn’t matter because i can’t change It i’m me and no matter what What i do where i go What would if if if it came Just common knowledge and it was proof That we were in some sort of simulation Would people would people just stop Doing the day job That’s interesting yeah with this Stopping Exploring space with this you know right What would be the reason for us to go Any further if if we knew That it it’s just fake Why would i go work for my [ __ ] boss Every day you know Because you have to because you you’re Still in the matrix you you need to To be a part of society and contribute i Love my wash really School dude yeah but Why why would we do anything why would We actually Get out of bed and go you know i think If anything came out and it said oh You’re in a matrix people think let’s Reset There’d be so there’d be so many Suicides People would think well if if this day I’m just i’m i’m gonna I’m gonna reset but if you kill yourself The game’s over the game’s over

Yeah it’s the immoral sin is it what’s It called the what they call it Religion when you kill yourself the sin Sacrilege Yeah yeah you’re not supposed to It it defies everything that they don’t Want you to kill yourself And hear me out on this one because You’re given a certain amount of years To be on earth And if you do kill yourself let’s say at 20 years old And you’re supposed to live to 85 your Contract You have to spend the next 65 years as a Ghost On earth because they can’t take you Back Okay so so your theory on that is that If you die early like say there’s Some axe freak accident or yeah It’s not your time and it wasn’t meant To happen Yeah you got a slot you’ve got an actual Slot that Is your actual ticket that you see You’ve got a certain time that you’re Meant to move to whatever Right you’re you’re given a so you’re You’re given a body that has a certain Amount of years with it Depending on how you treat the body too You can maybe squeak out a few more Years but

Uh the reality is your heart will give Out at a certain time And no matter what so you don’t know it No you don’t know what it is that’s the Beauty of taking this Uh position inside of a human you’re Gonna Live it and not know when you’re Supposed to die When you die but if you kill yourself Before you’re supposed To then your heart gives up they can’t Take you back For whatever reason because it’s Contract you’re contracted out you have To live On earth you can still be a human you’ll Just be You know a ghost you just won’t be able To interact with anybody because you you Broke the contract You committed the biggest sin of all Thou shall not kill And if you kill yourself that’s really The worst one You may stay in purgatory they might not Even take you back You said well that’s not on the on your Show though there was no such thing as i Mean you know you Pay yourself no such thing as hell so Yeah So does that mean for the the people That have done the most disgusting

Horrible things in this world You know they say they still get the Same treatment you’re saying No they stay on earth um but that’s the Thing about being a human see what they Want you to do When you take over a human body in the Embryo They want you to follow everything that Is In that area the rules and regulations Of society And if you follow society by law the Laws that are put on that Wherever you’re living even if it’s ten Commandments or whatever And the law is like we have to follow a Constitution here You know but is that the ultimate Constitution like You know if we don’t pay our taxes you Know And all [ __ ] like that like freedom and Free speech i mean that really doesn’t Play into it I’m talking like the ten commandments And the bible The stuff that’s really religious that May actually mean something So if you go and kill somebody if you if You have a contract with another human And you’re supposed to get married and You cheat on her and you create all this Havoc

Well that’s very bad i mean you have to There’s You have to pay for that and i think What happens is if you die on earth even You fulfill your contract in a human Body i think you stay in what’s called a Purgatory And though if you stay too long You start to deform and turn into a Demon end the story Let’s watch that ufo jesus thing yeah I’m just gonna say maybe the ba The bible’s the the basic code yeah It’s basic instructions before leaving Earth Uh thank you mr b d.b cooper the answer To the question there is baby jesus Better than Teenage jesus i would say no because The the teenagers only throw up on you When they come out and from a night out And the babies throw up on you all the Time and [ __ ] themselves Ufo jesus video ready I’ll just start it from here This is he says uh ufo disclosure is Here Is this on twitter or is it on youtube It’s youtube his youtube channel This is what started him out yeah He likes his popcorn he does enjoy it With hair He actually ate his hair there That’s it he doesn’t talk or anything

The whole video i think Oh wait watch this part [Laughter] That’s like when i took all the pills as Tyler you know it reminds me of What who’s who’s the guy from the hello My friend Who’s what the guy from the hangover But skinnier Forgot in the Like that’s that like like that little Rough laugh i’ve got the name of him He’s got a beard he’s a bit chubby I can’t think of him i want to share an Excerpt from the december 16 2017 new York times bombshell article With you under mr bigelow’s direction The company modified Buildings in las vegas for the storage Of metal alloys and other materials That mr elizondo and program con all Right We can’t play any more than that i don’t Want to get you in trouble I i cannot believe that that’s his first Video I don’t i don’t know if it’s his first It’s from december 18 2017 though it probably is me Probably yeah i think it’s one of the First yeah i mean i mean we’ve We’ve all got to start somewhere though Oh yeah but you can see You can see this you can see that that’s

A guy who’s been Into who’s really into the subject Though so that No matter what people might think of him I know You you’ve made a bit of fun of him Sometimes i’ve made a bit of fun of him His passions there you know Maybe maybe this this guy You know he comes onto a show like yours Or oh are we we do it Maybe maybe we do a threesome with ufo Jesus You know and just questioned the hell Out of him I i don’t think he’s gonna stick i don’t Think he’s gonna stick with With the the same thing he’s saying over And over again He must have his doubts i want to hear His doubts I know but i don’t think he’ll come on Thank you mr d.b cooper again yes that Is bringing the show to an end Uh but mr d.b cooper seriously man We really appreciate you but you know I i i rich you you If i was in the states i’d drive past me And i was on On the road trip and i see mr d.b cooper You know Shake that man’s hand for me because He’s a he’s a he’s a he’s a sound guy He’s been he’s been in the field for a

Long time he’s one of the good guys man He Yeah yeah he’s he’s uh the cool guy and If anybody’s just joined the The live stream right now mr db cooper Was on briefly for about half an hour Halfway through the show but this is Probably one of the longest shows i’ve Done Uh but rich giordano goof on mr goofon If you do a show tonight the the link is In the description below people make Sure If you’re not already subscribed to goof On radio go Check it out subscribe to mr goof on Here Uh or should i say mitch And uh it was great it was a good time Mate you went back it’s so fast Yeah you stream every night just about Yeah six nights a week and then i Usually do someone else’s show on Saturdays I’ll be honest i miss shows i’ll watch Probably two show Two shows a week when i’m driving to Work but they take me Like a few parts to watch but anything Else like this When you’ve got to do stuff you know and It’s fine But my message to anybody that does that With this channel or with rich’s channel

Is just leave it leave leave a like and Maybe Come back to it or whatever just leave a Comment below it Even if you can’t watch the full video It always helps out just to leave a like A thumb up whether you can watch it or All or not but no mate i uh Rich i appreciate everything you do And i look forward to doing more videos With you All the time i’m surprised to hear that Considering i I don’t treat you well on your own show Well you do you Sometimes you you look at me strange and He’s i see that he’s like It’s a sinister look I’m jealous and that’s that that’s what Bothers me If we’re going to be honest with each of Us the sinister look not you mitch Just rich right sometimes looks at me a Little bit strangely He does say well do you want to know why He’s jealous of my ginger beard no It’s because you live in the uk and he Doesn’t He wants to cool down like it’s He’s okay with it i mean we’re gonna Have storms again tonight Pretty heavy so they’re almost here but Um Now he just wants to get out of the

Country for a while and taste taste Other food Well he’s welcome here anytime Not you mitch but riches definitely i i Can’t leave the country The fbi won’t let me but that’s another Story for another show Thank you elena uh but mate yes rich uh Mitch whatever uh Just i look i look forward this is it’s Been fun i think the last This year and last year definitely i Mean as much as The the whole world has gone through Hell i think for this subject it’s been A bit exciting And um i i think It’s right what mr did not to blow smoke Up your ass but it’s right what he said You know Channels like yourself that does it Constantly every single night it’s great That That you’re there for people that can The community when people are just Pulling their hairs out and just they Look forward to the [ __ ] i need to be More Spontaneous and not spontaneous Spontaneous is the wrong word i need to Be more What’s the word i’m looking for rich Were you Regular need to be more regular

Regular yeah i wish you were i wish you Would do more shows you’re one of the Few people i would actually Enjoy seeing more than just when i’m On or you know a couple times a month I wish you can do 10 shows a month That’s it Cooper again my god i know i’m a Beautiful man Um guys It’s been beautiful having everybody in The chat all the The the community the community is such A great I don’t it’s i think it’s saying we get With the goof onions as well Everybody’s so respectful the decent Community And people just don’t really get out of Line on these channels You know it’s weird like it’s never been That way on my channel well they don’t Know how to behave in youtube they do Know how to behave yeah 99 Of the time it’s very rare we have any Jerk-offs that constantly post Well people i’m going so insane rich No i i think that’s rare and and i see a Lot of channels where people are mean to Each other and constantly getting booted And We don’t have that problem everybody’s Very respectable we have a smart crowd I think the audience is very well

Educated in the field for the most part I just think they need to sharpen up on Their cgi Videos the emails No dots the dots have stopped i have to Admit i haven’t had A cup i hadn’t had dots in a while i get A lot of great videos But i i you know i don’t know why i Don’t post them more But sometimes i i don’t know if you have The same thing i’d Where it’s just where i have to say look Listen i’ll be honest with you I really appreciate the email but what You’ve just Sent me is a balloon or i can’t I can’t work with that it’s i can’t see What you’re seeing you know you’ve got To be honest Yeah it doesn’t matter people are Waiting for me to be mean to them that’s What it is they’re on the defense before I even start saying anything And i can tell by the answer i give them I say you know I don’t i don’t see what you see exactly What you said there And i can’t put this on the channel plus I think it’s an iridium flare satellite I knew you were going to say that anyway I guess it’s all crap then you know i Get those Yeah well so far what you sent me it’s

Pretty much all crap Uh i don’t say that but Um but people are getting smarter Because i don’t get those as much Anymore That’s that i i love what people send me It’s been good but Some of those things i can’t post They don’t understand why i think The message is to to to anybody who’s Out there That wants to send something to the Channels I by all means send it across my email Is there send it to goof on radio but Just when you when you send something If the clip is like literally 30 seconds and there’s a ufo still then The camera comes off the ufo It’s generally not a ufo because They would still film it they would wait To see where that little [ __ ] pissed Off for So you know you would stick about so Yeah by all means email me but i don’t Want cgi You know what i’m after more than Anything with this channel Is if you have a great story if you’ve Been abducted If you’ve uh if you happen to give birth To an alien Or anything like that i’m interested in That story

Um i’m sure a lot of other people will Be as well That sort of stuff will make me a Millionaire but speaking of millionaires I do have a patreon channel check it out If you Just it’s not in the description i Forgot to put it in the description i Just I put newfound radio in the description He’s got a patreon channel as well Uh but yeah i will put my stuff in the Description at some point If not go to the video it’s in the Description but people i have Uh merchandise uh carbel and Uh um what’s his name bob lazar have uh Purchased well i think i think carbel Actually bought the t-shirt for bob Um but yeah they’ve got a couple of T-shirts Uh and yeah the the designs are there You know you can have yourself a little Alien a little Weird looking thing with red eyes or an Alien that i That they tried to take that alien from Made it the T-shirt channel they did say to me this Is copyright and i said no it’s not i Drew it myself And then they said she said turn around I said fair enough There you go there’s the design

Beautiful if you draw it yourself they Can’t copyright it right That’s amazing what if you traced it I didn’t trace it no i know but what if You traced it You still drew it yourself no i think if You Well no you’re probably right there but I didn’t trace it i i drew it With my uh sponsored by apple pencil And your apple mouse you have that’s Beautiful stuff Man i really like the designs a lot it’s Multiple green Very very clean i see i don’t I don’t know about you rich i hate Selling my [ __ ] but my wife says You know if you want to do it for a Living at some point And get the garage you need you need to Make it work People keep asking me when are you Coming out with your merchandise and It’s supposed to be in july So just hang tight because it’ll go Through teespring The same company that uh third phase of Moon uses You do too yes boy did they have great Quality i was so impressed with the Quality Um so i’ll be doing that and lisa marie And i think coral anne are Coming up with designs or trying to i’m

Not sure but Either way the merch will be out in January uh july sorry January Do you have jammie dodges in the stage Never heard of it oh my god i’m going to Send you some rich you would absolutely You would be all over them it’s a Biscuit With uh like a A piece of like sticky jam in the middle But it’s like Really it’s almost like a jelly chewy Sticky jam It’s quite a good biscuit um But yeah all right it sounds good I’ll take that for the day steve you Know i’m gonna eat some jammy dodges Before i go to the ain’t garney Kid’s my alvin i’ll nick them but no um Thank you rich i’m going to say good Night god bless to the folks And i’ll speak to you for five minutes If you don’t mind before you Get off to do your stuff i’ll wait Yep well i i’m at work in the morning as Well so Bright and early bright and breezy on a Sunday i know that’s right it’s midnight For you right now Or almost 1am it’s it’s Nine minutes to one but man i’m a grown Boy i’m a girl All right thank you everybody

Good night god bless mind the most dope Bye i’m alien audit This is rich giordano from goof on no Mitch jordano From goof on radio go check him out And uh yeah i i’ve got no kind of strap Line to end it with other than mine The bugs don’t buy but i should i should Maybe think of something Along the side like weaponize your Ufology good night