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I arrived on 420 At a rental cabin two miles from Downtown leavenworth In washington state first night I heard a wood knock as we're going to Be about 10 pm Did not think much of it rather than it Being odd and startling me Next evening we were in the hot tub About 8 pm Still light outside my husband heard two Wood knocks I discounted it stating likely dear About an hour later he went out to our Car And heard another knock at this point I started to think maybe it was a Bigfoot but Actually hoping not i went to bed around 10 p.m and Shortly after i got into bed still wide Awake and I heard a loud rock hitting the side of The wall behind my head Then heard another less loud rock sound Hitting the wall of the bedroom next to Me on the same wall In the morning i went out to see if i Could find the rocks And believe i did there are not that Many rocks on the ground And the ones that were embedded into the Ground Two rocks were lying on top of the

Ground and did not appear That they had been there long in the Weather there was a bigger rock on my Bedroom's side And a smaller one on the other side A follow-up investigation report was Done by bfr investigator Jeff sidebottom spoke with the witness And she seems very credible her husband Was also a witness April 20th they arrived at the bear paul Rental cabin Near leavenworth washington on april 20th The weather was hot and clear the cabin Sits higher up on a hill Than the ones around it there are two Hills in the back That form a v shape down to the bottom Behind the cabin They went to bed around 10 30 pm The witness described hearing one loud Distinct wood knock April 21st weather was 70 degrees or so Sunny and they were sitting in the hot Tub and playing some jazz music a bit Loud And she heard two loud distinct wood Knocks she believes these were within 50 Feet or so Of the hills behind the cabin they go to Bed around 10 pm And around 10 30 pm a large rock hits The side of the bedroom wall

They were sleeping in separate rooms due To bad mattresses And a large rock hit the side of the Cabin on her husband's bedroom wall The husband claimed he could hear Something rustling loudly in the woods Behind the cabin he looked and saw two Deer come to the base Of the v and made by the hills and then Bolt Back the way they came as if spooked by Something That morning the witness found a few Rocks on top of the soil All the others were embedded from Sitting so long Around 8 30 pm they were sitting inside And she had her back to the wall When a large rock hit the living room Wall of the cabin April 23rd the weather was cloudy and a Bit cooler now The husband put apples out in different Areas and did some wood knocks And tried some calls they said no Activity at all That day or night other than seeing some Wild turkey April 24th weather was rainy and cloudy Virtually no activity april 25th The deck was scuffed up near the hot tub Which sits next to a game trail Part of the deck is wood in part is Tracks

She said it looked similar to deer hose But deeper And the ground was dry there was a fresh Gouge Out the back deck and they were claw Marks everywhere Some were thin and long and she Described them As four per print the husband Had heard some scuffling or something on The deck that night But never look to see what it might be When you enter kingman county from east On 60th street Our encounter was on the first bridge You come to This creature was on the west bank just North of the bridge By the way this happened may 17th of 2021 Not even a month ago from this reporting It was also pretty thickly wooded right There But surrounded by farmland i'm Handicapped so I can't walk to where he was but my son Could But i didn't even think of it it just Happened a day before yesterday And it's been raining at the time of Readiness A follow-up was done by bfro Investigator Matthew moneymaker i spoke with the

Witness Patricia parcell and her son adrian She is 65 and lives in belmont kansas With her son They have lived in belmont for two years Or so and lived in kingsman Before that this brief setting occurred Two days ago 5 17 21 right around 6 pm Her son was driving her back home from a Doctor's appointment in wichita She spotted the figure as they were Crossing the bridge Over the south fork of a river They both saw the figure briefly but she Got a better look At it she estimates it was 150 feet away From the bridge He estimates 200. it was on the north Side of the bridge And west of the river it was across from The small island Visible the location of the intersection Signs Is half a mile west of the bridge she And her son both say the water level is Higher today Than it was two days ago more of the Sandy creek bank was visible then The figure was standing on the riverbank Out from the tree line It was only a few feet from the water Right now The spot where was standing is

Completely underwater She cannot guess the height of the Figure but both witnesses say It was a reddish brown and distinct from The green tree line behind it She is certain it was covered with fur And she says She could definitely see its arms and Hands The hands were darker in color than the Body fur She had heard about two other bfro Reports on or near the same area river Over the past 20 years so she would look For sasquatches whenever driving through Here She thought she had seen a similar Figure in roughly the same spot Previously But did not get a good look at it while Passing the bridge This time she got a better look at it There was nothing like a stump or debris In the area the county road crossing This river Is the type of back road in kansas which May only see a few vehicles each day Her son says that locals driving these Roads do not drive faster than 50 Because there are so many deer it's Unsafe to go any faster This location seems like a prime spot to Look for tracks Etc

It was dark at the time and i was living On a road Surrounded by woods this was back in 2000 In the fall in new hampshire I went out to take my dog for a walk at The time Our driveway connected to a dirt road That ran up the side from the main road We walked to the end of the dirt road And along that road Is a tree lining of woods as we began Heading back I looked over and noticed a tall figure Staring at me just at the edge of the Woods I couldn't make out what it was but It was definitely taller than seven feet Standing erect On two legs i also noted that it had Orange eyes I started walking back down the road Towards my house And when i would stop it would stop and Look at me I would walk some more so would the Thing And then once i stopped it would stop Now i was really freaked out so i yelled For my dog to run And we sprinted towards the house that's When i finally got inside I looked down our driveway and across The road at the tree line

The figure was still there staring at me I told my father but when he looked he Saw nothing It must have left by then A follow-up investigation report was Done by bfro investigator Matthew moneymaker i spoke with the Witness Michelle goodwin by phone she was a Teenager at the time of this incident She no longer lives in the house Mentioned in the report She says the area now has many more Houses than back in 2000 Tanglewood road has been extended as Well She said the figure was a silhouette but Definitely not a bear It was simply too tall and walked on two Lakes the entire time That it paralleled her it was not more Than five to six feet into the woods From side of the road i asked about the Eyes and Whether they appear to be glowing or Just reflecting light She said the eyes seem to be glowing Dimly which is a common feature of many Nighttime encounters The color was somewhere between orange And yellow Although she became more frightened as The stalking continued She said the figure was not otherwise

Aggressive or hostile She knew very little about the sasquatch Bigfoot's subject At the time it was only many years later That she learned more and realized the Figure that paralleled her in the night Was likely one of these creatures by Process Of elimination All right here we go i've had several Encounters So here's the first one i was walking With two friends Looking for one of the friend's brother Walking down the abandoned lake Champlain And more a railroad track bed it was Approximately 1 30 a.m june 25th 1989 that's when we heard a god awful Screaming noise Coming from over the bank on the south Side of the old rail bed Metal was being ripped and thrown over The bank There were a series of junked out cars Some subarus and an early 60s chevy Station wagon One of my friends uttered the obligatory What was that And the noises ceased almost like it Hurt us The next thing we heard was the sound of Something very large Breaking through the heavy brush of the

Woods right below us Before we knew it it was up the bank And standing in front of us in the dark I could not see it but i could tell that It was huge There was a smell as well almost like Crossing a dead skunk and a deep bog Nasty my buddies took off leaving me Because i was slow to react I mean i was scared but sort of curious The thing whatever it was was right in Front of me I could feel its breath hear it Breathing I was only there for a second or two and Then started running The thing took off after us i could hear Its feet on the gravel behind me It stopped chasing us just as we broke Out on the road and headed up the main Street I chanced to look back and i could see Its shadow Just inside the brush i'll tell you this Whatever it was it was big A lot bigger than a man and i have never Seen a bear Move like that the bank it climbed was Over a 45 degree angle Loose gravel and stone covered with Vines and heavy brush We tried climbing it the next weekend And it took the best of us Over five minutes to climb at the time

We never bothered to look for tracks but One interesting note That i stated above is that there were Junk cars On the south side of the rail bed one of These being an early 60s station wagon A big heavy car My friends and i had been in that area The week or so before and The car had been on its wheels the Weekend after the occurrence The car was on its roof pieces ripped From it And scattered around that really scared Me And i haven't been back since the second Encounter i had That was just as strange as the first me And a buddy of mine were cruising in his 85 Ltd station wagon as the ultimate Touring vessel As it were just out of enjoying the late Summer september weather It was a beautiful september night the 23rd 1993 we drove up this four-wheel drive Tail to the point where Everybody parties every hick town is one And the trail heads for westport new York He wheeled the car around and parked With the rear facing the woods The nose facing down the road that we

Just came in on We were just talking about the town Friends plants Just stuff i happened to look out the Back And i could see something coming up Behind the car The ltd wagon had huge taillights and There was no guard over the license Plate light So the back of the car lit the area up Pretty nicely This thing was big black and had its arm Out like it was going to open the door In the driver's side the part that Scared me the most Was the fact that the rear hatched the Wagon did not latch It kind of just moved around something When you hit a bump That sort of thing it was one of those Things Matt was always going to fix but you Know how us men are Never did anyway i looked at matt And asked did you lock the doors calmly Almost deadpan something's about to open The door Matt slammed that gear shipped into Drive and we took off out of there I looked back and the thing stood up It easily had to be over seven feet tall I mean We're talking huge its eyes must have

Caught the taillights glow Because there was a red flicker in them We never stopped until we got down to Port henry which is about six or seven Miles away I live in a rural part of new york just Outside the blue line I know what bears look like i know how They behave Each one of these encounters was no bear I still don't know what to call each of Them it seems to fit the sasquatch Theory But why in the middle of nowhere where i Live They already had the tourist hook lake Champlain Each year people with out-of-state Plates flood the little town Looking for the elusive critter it's Been almost 10 years since my first Encounter and A scant five since my last i'll tell you What though I still have no idea what exactly chased Out of the woods we played in The first encounter though we just had Left richie's house Went out looking for his brother we were Looking for his brother because He had gotten in a fight he had arrived Home Just after we went out looking for him Though we were also all very sober

For the second encounter matt and i were Driving around Just cruising looking for something Anything to do So breaking at that point as i want to Make mention I don't drink or do drugs In august of 1996 myself and six friends Were camping at pine pond in the lower Saranac lake region It was around dusk and my friend and i Were fishing in our canoe The other members of our party were at Camp preparing supper About a quarter mile away to the forest From our location on the canoe In the middle of the lake my friend and I were speaking openly Not attempting to be quiet in any way I was skinning the northern bank of the Lake which i knew quite well That's when i noticed a strange shape on The edge of the wood line It was about 50 yards away immediately I pointed it out to my friend and he Spotted it instantly The shape was three and a half feet off The ground at its highest Point at first we both thought it was a Black bear Standing broadside but after a few Seconds I realized that was not the case we Started to road towards it

Somewhat cautiously just as my friend Whispered It's a bear the thing stood up It had been crouching there on its feet Like a catcher from a baseball team This thing what we thought was a bear Had to have easily been seven feet tall And was very dark brown in color Its face was hairy yet fleshy around the Upper cheeks Its eyes were both dark in color but Clearly visible And had a brightness about them upon Talking afterwards We both agreed that what we saw the Movements of its head and hands It stood there for what seemed like 10 Seconds looking At us it tilted its head slightly As if it were sniffing the air as if the Saw wasn't strange enough We then heard the snapping twigs about 50 feet behind it The creature turned its torso to the Left looked to its side Then it immediately turned back towards Us Then spun 180 degrees around darting Into the woods Like a cat we heard the sound of Movement For about 10 more seconds lastly Nothing to this day i'm unsure what made Those noises

After staying put in the canoe for about 10 minutes My friend decided against my wishes to Paddle to the spot on shore And investigate for tracks there were Only two discernible markings in the Sand Which were obscured from pivoting its Feet when it turned around The whole experience was very very Upsetting Although i can honestly say it did not Attempt to threaten us in any way It was scary that night I did not sleep one week i was so Focused on every little noise that i Heard And the next day we left the other People in our party are convinced we saw Bear But i'm telling you it was no bear A follow-up investigation report was Done by bfro investigator Paul mateja the witness and a friend Were in a canoe fishing When they saw a dark object Approximately 50 yards away Along the north northwest shoreline of Pine pond They thought it was a bear and began to Row towards it When they had closed the distance to About 40 feet This creature stood up immediately

Realizing this was not a bear They stopped rowing and paddled Backwards They observed it for about 25 more Seconds however The details of the creature's appearance Were rather vague Because it was standing in the shadows And light levels were low At that point in the day the report States it was about seven feet tall But in retrospect the witness believes It was a little less than that It was very similar in size and moved in A fashion Similar to the creatures seen in the Patterson film The witness is not sure what was making The noise behind the creature It did not seem alarmed at all by the Noise but Rather seem to know what it was and it Was at this point It turned and left pine pond is about 10 Miles from lake placid Host of 1932 and 1980 winter olympic Games I didn't have an encounter exactly but We are the owners of a camp in a remote Region Of the adirondack mountains the camp is Only accessible by hiking to it There rarely is ever anybody around our Camp

We have found strange things that have Occurred The first in fall of 2002 We went hiking for the day when we get Back And we found a small pile of rocks at The back door They were neatly stacked with a stick Coming out of them these rocks were not There when we left They appeared to be deliberately stacked We understand that these could not have Been easily made by a human But there's never anybody around up There The fall of 2003 one night Around 7 30 p.m dark my wife and i went Outside with two dogs We smelled something very strong and Musty Like nothing we smelled before it wasn't The dogs or anything we could remotely Identify The two dogs got very antsy and begged To go inside right away This was very strange and freaky now These dogs are generally not scared dogs They also are large dogs about 80 pounds Each We had never seen them act this way ever When we bring them out at night or day They run all over the woods And this night they wanted nothing to do With that

Almost like they smelled something that Scared them Number three the same exact thing Happened I went outside around 9 30 p.m to Relieve myself While i was doing that i hear a large Heavy stomping Behind me the stomping was loud and Heavy As if something was fleeing but the Strange part is it sounded like it made Four to five bounds Then stopping i heard nothing else after That I looked around a little bit but the Happenings of this night Made me uneasy so i went inside and Locked up the cabin I don't know what did all this and maybe It's easily explained away but These things all together make me think It might have been a bigfoot A follow-up investigation report was Done I spoke with the witness by phone on 12 22 05 the witness recounted the set of Unusual occurrences In amazing detail the remote cabin where The events took place Has been in the family for over 70 years And the witness's family Typically stays there for a weekend or

Two at least once every fall The cabin has no running water or Electricity And requires a half mile hike from the Nearest road Now the first event took place in the Late afternoon When the witness his wife and two young Children And three adult relatives returned to The cabin after a day-long hike In the adjacent area nothing unusual Took place during the hike But upon returning to the cabin The group observed a small rock pile in Stick formation On the back porch steps and there were a Total of three rocks Which the witness described as being Relatively flat and smooth And about the size of an adult hand He reported that similar stones are Found in abundance And scattered all throughout the Immediate cabin area No other events took place the remainder Of the weekend Approximately one year later the family Of four and two adult relatives Was at the cabin for yet another october Weekend retreat In the early evening the witness and his Wife Went out to the back porch of the cabin

With their two family dogs They both immediately smelt an unusual Strong musky odor That the very witness described as a wet Dog smell They smelt their dogs and ruled out the Odor as coming from them Nothing further happened and the couple Decided to play it Safe by going back inside after a few Moments Now approximately two hours go by And the witness went out the front door Of the cabin walked about 25 feet to the Edge of the tree line While standing there the witness heard a Very loud stomping sound But it only lasted for a few seconds but It shook the ground around him the Witness turned toward the sound which He estimated to be coming from the base Of a hillside About 25 yards away as soon as the Witness turned The sound ceased the witness mentioned That although it was a windy night The sound did not seem to be a falling Tree branch No vocalizations or strange smells were Observed in that moment No further events have taken place for The remainder of the family's stay The witness mentioned seeing tree Scrappings in an area

About six feet off the ground and that Bar and deer Are known to inhabit the area the Witness also mentioned an abundance of Wild blueberry and blackberry bushes in The area That bear fruit in august and september The witness and his immediate family Have not been back to the cabin Since 2003. these occurrences took place Near Keene valley new york within the Adirondack park reserve The cabin is actually located near the Phelpsbrook high wilderness area A recognized ancient forest area with a Top elevation Of 3 700 feet comprised of basalm fur Red spruce and mountain paper birch Also nearby is the marcy swamp also An ancient forest area vocalizations and Sightings have been previously reported In the entire general area central essex County On june 10th 2006 I was driving with my brother on a back Road Unpaved in the adirondack park We were heading for a trailhead that led Into the hudson river gorge This area is almost dead center in the Park And surrounded by many miles of Uninhabited

And very rugged terrain it was late Morning on a clear day I was driving as fast as i could on this Road because We had to get back to town by a certain Time As we turn to bend i see a very large Brown Free object lunging into the dense woods Up the road At the next curve maybe 50 yards ahead It was obvious that the creature was in The road and was startled By my speeding suv i told my brother Hey there goes a moose we reached the Spot In about three seconds and i slam on my Brakes Expecting to see the moose right there In the bushes At that spot though through the bushes Was a decent sized clearing And then more dark woods that went down A hill As we looked there was nothing at all Everything was still we started off Again and took our hike The more i thought about it though the More i thought It couldn't have just been a moose first Of all It was the wrong color a light chestnut Brown The color was very visible because the

Sun was shining in the area It was a striking shade against the Light green of the brush And mousse are never that shade they are Always a dark brown Second the size and shape are wrong This thing was huge at least seven feet Tall And the shape was not like a moose rump The more i thought about it The more it seemed like it was the upper Back and head of something Finally if it was a moose it would have Not utterly vanished So quickly my vehicle got to that spot In just seconds Moose at least the ones that i have seen Don't tear off into the woods We should have seen it in the clearing It wasn't a bear either Not even close i wished i had stopped to Investigate further Unfortunately we were in a hurry And did i mention this location is in The middle of a large wilderness There are practically no roads or trails At all in the entire area In fact some sections of the forest here Are completely Impassable due to very steep overgrown Terrain A follow-up investigation report was Done by bfro investigator Paul conroy after an extensive phone

Interview The witness provided the following Details The sighting lasted approximately three Seconds Using the trees at the location that the Creature stood as base The witness estimated the animal at Seven and a half feet tall And having a color described as chestnut Or light brown As this thing moved away the witness Observed the shoulders and head of the Animal The witness owns a house in the area and Is very familiar with native wildlife The color description and details Provided by the witness Regarding how the creature moved seems To rule out a bear while there are moose In the area They generally do not move in the smooth And quick manner that was described When they are disturbed by human Activity they commonly walk away Slowly this area is also in the vicinity Of the hudson river gorge a part of the Adirondack mountains Known for clean fast-moving water Sources Abundant wildlife and dense forest and Vegetation With a lot of small cliffs and peaks This is my bigfoot sighting this was in

Early august of 2010 Approximately around 8 to 8 30 am Right on the cascade lakes new york near Keene And the weather was clear with only a Few clouds I spend most of the summers camping in And around the adirondacks in my dodge Caravan In this particular summer i had stopped At cascade lake To spend a few days camping i had slept Sound the previous night And had woken up around 7 am I decided to get up and start making my Breakfast I had just started the kettle on the cam Stove When i looked over at the upper cascade Lake and i could see the mist Rising off the surface of the lake i Grabbed my iphone And walked about 50 yards to the edge of The lake to get a picture As i approached the break wall that's When i noticed a dark brown object On the opposite side of the lake at the Shoreline At first i couldn't make out what it was But it seemed to be sitting at the Water's edge i then quickly realized It must have been a bear the animal Looked like it was doing something in The water with its paws

As i could hear a faint splashing sound I thought it would be a good idea to get A picture So i brought my iphone up to my face Level Tried to focus in on the animal as i was Focusing in The animals stood up on two legs i was Startled and pulled down my phone to see This with my own eyes It took a step towards the tree line and Stopped Almost methodically as it stopped It turned its entire upper body to the Left staring at me for a couple of Seconds It turned back and in one step Disappeared into the tree line I immediately went cold and got scared As i ran back to my campsite my only Thought Was that it was going to go left or Right if it went right It would have to go into the water and If it went left It was headed directly from my campsite I decided that it was best to get the Hell out of dodge I arrived back at my campsite in just Under a minute My dog was still asleep on the front Seat and did not even stir I'd open the passenger side door of my Van and begin to throw

All my camping gear into the back of the Van making quite a mess I closed the door jump into the driver's Side And for the gas to leave as i'm driving Out I kept looking at my left driver's side Window to see if i can observe any Possibility Of seeing it but i saw nothing I drove all the way into lake placid Parked at a mall parking lot To try and gather my thoughts and think About what had taken place It's easy to say that i was shaken up And i kept replaying that experience Over And over in my head just trying to Understand and make Sense of what i had seen here are my Observations I could not ascertain its height exactly Due to the distance But i would guess that it was Approximately seven to eight feet tall Covered head to toe and shaggy dark Brown hair or fur I could see the sunlight shining off its Back as it turned to go into the tree Line And could see the brown coloration as it Turned away from me When it turned to stare at me i could Not make out any facial features

But i knew that it saw me the upper body Was massive and stocky like a football Player's build was It had very long arms and went well Below its waist I could also make out what i assume were The shape of hands It walked upright and paused before Slowly turning its upper body To look directly at me It stared at me for approximately five To ten seconds And turned back to face the tree line it Took about one to two more steps Then finally disappearing into the Forest I could see a couple of branches move After it went into the trees It was then i decided to leave i did not Hear anything Other than the initial splashing it made In the water with his hands When i first thought it was a bear i did Not return to the area Until three years later with a friend to Camp Nothing has happened on subsequent trips To the area of cascade lake I have had two other odd experiences in Other areas Of the adks on other trips though in may Of 1985 on a sunny afternoon A realtor in ormond beach took me north On beach street

We turned left and entered the village Of pine run Before reaching the area of houses i Spotted what looked like a young Pre-teen holding a tall stick vertically Suddenly the other then human Walked on hands and feet to the middle Of the road and then Stood erect my realtor slammed on the Brakes and cried What is that i suggested a bear but The shape and the head was not that of a Bear We agreed it was a monkey due to no long Tail and It appeared to be at least four and a Half to five feet tall Then it disappeared into the woods There was a small follow-up Investigation report The witness was looking to buy property In ormond beach Back in the spring of 1985 with a Realtor Both ladies were driving a car west on Addison drive Right around 1 pm that road Borders a green area and connects with Several other state parks As they drove they noticed a quote Unquote Teenager standing on the roadside Holding a stick As they neared it drops down on all

Fours And they thought out loud that it was a Bear it began across the road From left to right in front of them Acting Totally unafraid they had to slam on Their brakes not to hit it One commented that it was the strangest Looking bear they had ever seen And then the bear stood up and became Clearly bipedal very comfortably It looked at them as it crossed about 10 Feet in front of the car In a slow easy gate once it passed the Car It dropped back down to quadrupedal and Briefly paused to look back at them Before going back into the woods it was Roughly four and a half to five feet Tall Wooly dark brown and looked more ape Than human it had long limbs and looked Taller because of the lankiness One lady compared it to the size and Weight of an average 12 year old boy Although its head seemed smaller The head didn't have as much hair on it As the body did The women were amazed at what they were Seeing and the realtor commented That she was worried about what her Client was thinking as to what wild Creatures Lived in the area they realized it was

Not a bear But could not figure out what it could Have been it did not have the bare ears Or Tail and it was too big to be a monkey And clearly was not a gorilla they had Heard that bigfoots were much bigger So didn't think of that either they Never considered That it could have been a juvenile Sasquatch or a juvenile Skunk ape juvenile sasquatch or skunky Behavior Has been reported many times to go from Quadrupedal To bipedal and back they have also been Described as looking more Ape-like than full-grown sasquatch This location actually borders tomica State park Addison state park and bolo creek state Park In fact bolo creek park has had several Reports over the years This first incident occurred in the fall Of 1998 The witnesses were sleeping around 10 pm When they were awakened by two loud Vocalizations The first was more of a loud growl the Second began Low and progressed to a higher pitch it Sounded like a scream the witnesses Related that it sounded as if

Whatever made the sounds was standing in The room with them It was so loud they said you could feel It The husband got up to investigate but Found nothing He said that his two dogs were very Scared and they would not move from Where they were laying in the house The husband stated that i couldn't have Pry them off the floor with a spatula The second incident occurred in october Of 1999 Roughly 13 months later the wife Let their dogs out in that morning the Dog involved Did not return as she usually does so The wife went out to look for her at the Bottom of the front steps She found the dog bleeding from the Stomach area The wife took the mixed breed dog to the Vet The vet stated that the dog had been hit By something big Such as a car or something the witness Said that this dog had never went to the Street Which at the time was approximately 200 Yards away from the house The dog weighed 25 pounds the injuries Included massive internal injuries And a one and a half inch cut on her Stomach

The vet said that it was a puncture Wound of some sort And also the dog's rib was broken Unfortunately the dog died The witness believes that the dog walked Up on a bigfoot And was kicked by the creature the cut On her stomach Could have been where its toenail had Cut her a follow-up investigation report Provided even more horrifying Information On friday march 17 2000 The witness called with an incident that Had just occurred during bike week On wednesday march 8 2000 with some Friends And himself the group was sitting around The fire pit On the northeastern corner of the Property when they heard Something large moving through the woods Nearby The fire was large and bright and they Saw the reflection Of one eye the reflection was red And the eye was approximately an inch And a half around The creature from position of the eye Was On their side of the creek which runs Along the north side of the property Then crossed over the creek and walked Around

East of them it then came back towards Them It even made loud noises moving to the Woods Snapping branches etc the eye was easily Seven plus feet off the ground the Witness stated That the eye was too big in diameter to Belong to an owl No footprints were ever found First of all i am a 57 year old high School and college Psychology and humanities teacher with a Background In phenomenon research i hold two Master's degrees And i have often been nicknamed the Resident skeptic Because i simply demand scientific Principles In real time for all observable data I despise hoaxes my wife and i Were standing on a boardwalk on a bright Moonlit night Around 11 30 pm back in june Of 2001 i was looking north When i first saw it about a hundred Yards away At first i thought it was just a late Night jogger After it got about 50 yards closer to me I alert my wife to turn around because i Realized That this was not your average jogger

It walked with a very smooth long stride Arms swinging about two feet in front And back It was a uniform solid black or brown in Color No light face hands or shoes We watched it walk south right at the Edge Or the surf southward until it Disappeared down the beach And i am quite sure that it saw us I thought about yelling or encountering It But the thought lasted for just two Seconds This thing was walking fast with a Deliberate stride and a slight Forward stance it was on a mission As it were there were no footprints Because It was walking slightly into the water I know what i saw and my wife and i are In complete agreement On all details i guess this is another Incident Where i can only report the data there Seems to be no way to research it Unless someone else happened to see it Or confront it I also noticed that in the local paper An Article about a lady who discovered a Black bear on her patio A few days before we arrived i at first

Wondered if it was the same bear but Quickly eliminated this possibility Because of its quick Upright posture look i'm an avid hunter And fisherman from kentucky I have seen two black bears in the wild At least This was no comparison My friend and i were spotting gators one Night In ormond beach florida when we had an Encounter with something Well unknown we were near a lake When we heard something large in the Woods right behind us When we shine our lights into the woods To see what was making the noises We heard a series of blunt beating Noises About a second or two apart the sound Was like that of a wooden baseball bat Hitting a tree over and over this went On From about 30 seconds to a minute before The tree fell As we heard the crackling of the falling Tree We ran back towards the nearest safe Place to us At the same time we heard in the woods To our left Something almost stalking and following Our every move once we got to Civilization

And realized we were now out of danger We then decided to go back to find out The source Of what had happened when we returned Nearly an hour later we found a tree Freshly broken in half the break Being about eight feet from the ground The break was also not a clean cut Like that of a saw an axe or a hatchet Rather like the tree had been bent to Its breaking point We knew this was a fresh break from the Dripping sap Which next day was so dry it was Definitely the source of the noise of a Falling tree On a branch about seven feet from the Ground we found a hair sample The hair is still yet to be identified The best description we can give it is a Two to two and a half inch light brown Hair Which is wavy with a kink close to the Middle of it The tree was about 25 to 30 feet tall And the break was about seven to eight Feet in the air At waist the diameter is about ten Inches And the break being between six and Eight inches Please help us to determine if this was From a known and indigenous species Or if it was our distant friend as of

November 25th 2012 a new report was now added to this While walking down the dock the woods Next to the dog began moving And shaking violently we were scared but Assuming it could be a bum we shouted Off into the woods Eventually the shaking stopped and a few Moments goodbye We heard a knocking sound it sounded Like a 4×4 sized piece of wood Hitting a tree the knocking went on for Several minutes And we continued to yell trying to Figure out what it was Next the scariest part a tree About 25 to 30 feet from the dock began Rocking violently Still screaming the tree fell toward the Dock And we began running the whole time we Heard something keeping pace parallel to Us on the dock And grunting we later went back and Found a brown red hair Hanging from the bottom of a branch the Hair Obviously later in the week we returned With another person and to plant a Cantaloupe on the tree in question We then heard a loud wheezing noise Which sounded close to a boar being Startled In its sleep the cantaloupe was later

Found completely dug out With the shell still perfectly intact The hole was made was only about six Inches in diameter No other damage was done to the shell i Do know of a lady who had moved to the Area She and a realtor were looking for Properties when a large ape-looking man Ran out in front of the road when the Realtor honked the horn It stands up on its hind legs looked at The two women And ran off into the woods this was About 20 years ago I've heard of this locally Back in january of 2001 I went down to florida with my family While my father Was working there we didn't want to stay In a hotel because We had just bought a camper so we Decided to go camping We stayed at the hillsborough river State park one day I took my bike out around 2 pm The camp had a few trails to ride on so I decided to take one as i was riding my Bike I stopped looked over the ledge at a few Alligators that i had spotted I heard a rustling in the trees and Thought maybe it was a gator So i got steady on my bike and got ready

To take off As i was looking around though i noticed A tall Dark brown hairy figure just standing There Looking at me i thought my eyes were Playing tricks on me So i looked harder at it and it Took off running i would also like to Take a note that It was running on two feet not four I rode my bike back to my camper as fast As i could And elaborately told my mother and my Sister That i had just seen a bigfoot they both Claimed i was crazy Told me it was a black bear because the Camp guide Told us not to leave food out they had Some of them in the area And so black bear were very common but I'm telling you I am most certain that this was not a Bear because This thing stood up at least seven and a Half feet tall And ran upwards on two feet bears can't Do that I know what i saw and ever since then I've been fascinated with this creature I know for sure that it's out there a Follow-up investigation report Was done by kathy betts i had the chance

To speak to Js on the phone and he had these details To add In january 2001 16 year old js was Visiting florida with his family They were camped at the hillsborough River state park between 2 pm and 4 pm On a sunny day with a temperature at About 65 degrees Jays decides to ride his bike up a trail That parallels the hillsborough river About a mile or so up the trail Jayas noticed a place that he recognized From a previous canoe trip So he stopped to see if there were still Some alligators there That he had spotted earlier he says this I was looking down a steep embankment Towards the river When i heard something rustling some Bushes to my right I thought it might be an alligator but When i looked I saw this big thing standing there in The bushes Just five feet away from me it was Frozen Just looking at me while i looked at it Then it took off into the bushes it Was big js stated that he had about 10 Seconds to observe it Before it ran away i think it freaked Out And that's why it ran when i spotted it

It was sort of standing there in the Bushes frozen Like it was wondering if i would notice It it didn't seem like it wanted to hurt Me I think i scared it as much as it scared Me After the creature ran off jaya stated That he got back onto his bike And pedaled faster than i've ever Pedaled before It took me until halfway back to camp to Really realize that I just seen a bigfoot then I began thinking what if it's chasing me And steps out of the woods to Clothesline me But it never did deep down inside I knew that it did not want to hurt me But i was pretty scared by then When i got back i told my mom and sister That i had seen a bigfoot They explained to me that i probably saw A bear actually But it wasn't a bear because bears don't Run on two feet I know it was a bigfoot js stated that He saw the upper half of the creature From the chest Up it was about six feet tall And this thing stood about a foot and a Half taller than i was So about seven and a half feet Its shoulders were incredibly broad

About three feet across i didn't notice Any muscle definition Because the hair was so matted but it Must have been pretty muscular I mean those shoulders were huge Just didn't notice any hands and the Arms were kept at its sides It didn't pump its arms like we run they Sort of just swung It was covered with dark dark brown hair That appeared very dirty and matted and When it ran Js did not observe any movement of its Hair It was definitely hair not fur But it was all matted and dirty and Didn't move much While it was running maybe it had been Swimming in the river Maybe that's why it looked so matted and Dirty Even the face was really dark i couldn't Tell what was hair Or what was skin because the color of Its whole face was so dark The eyes were also very dark Js compared them to a dog's eyes when There are no whites showing It had a smashed in looking nose Compared it to being half human Half ape the mouth and lips were wide And dark There were no teeth seen no ears were Also seen

The head was elongated and oval-shaped It was sort of pointed at the top But not a sharp point js could also not Determine a gender And there was no odor present it didn't Make any sounds when it ran away Except for the breaking of limbs js Also told me that he wished there was Somebody else there with him When he had a sighting then they would Have believed me I found his story to be very credible And believable He was sincere forthright and did not Attempt to embellish Any details through expression or story The sighting took place in the Hillsborough state park which Is a 16 000 acre watershed that borders About another ten thousand acres of Other wilderness and protected areas It is part of an established wildlife Corridor That extends from south florida all the Way to north florida Rich in wildlife the terrain topography Consists of swamps Pinelands hardwood forests prairies And grasslands as well as the Hillsborough river And its many tributaries it's an ideal Bigfoot sanctuary I a female lady was driving on a clear Day

On i-75 in the afternoon On a spring day from sarasota to tampa Going north 65 to 70 miles an hour On the far right lane this was also back In 2012. This would also be on the east side of I-75 I had to take an exam in tampa the next Day so I can tell you the exact date that i was Traveling My window was slightly open on the Passenger side Just to let in fresh air i was driving On the far right side of the highway In a very heavily tropical wooded area When I saw what i first thought was a man Walking fast About 50 feet away from the highway in Like a grassy meadow With thick brush or tropical woods Behind him As i got closer i saw that it was not a Man But a creature that looked like a man But with approximately three inch long Brown hair Covering its or his entire body From head to toe when i was about Parallel to this Thing it quickly went into the brush and Wooded area Then vanished it looked like tall thick

Brush or woods The creature appeared to be a male Around I'm guessing six to seven feet tall His for its body was very very thick Thick chest thick legs and very Wide thick shoulders i could see the Brown body hair As it turned its whole body all at once Bent its head down And went into the brush it was going North The same direction as i and walked Quickly With wide steps with knees bent before It turned into the brush As i drove off i couldn't get over what I'd saw It happened in about 30 seconds time my Car Smelled like rotten eggs sulfur or Just a strange awful odor for about 10 Minutes after I was not afraid it did not look scary At all just Very strange it happened so fast and Without warning my car window was Slightly open on the passenger's side To let aaron because well it was a nice Day out But like i said after the sighting that Terrible odor lingered It was something bad and it took a Little bit of time for it to go away i

Have not heard any of their incidents Except the woman who sent in photos of An ape-like creature Known as the mayaka ape the creature i Saw that day Did not look anything like those photos What i saw Looked more human-like with a thick body Covered in brown hair it did not look Like an ape But it did have a very terrible smell Also this was between 2 p.m and 4 p.m Clear beautiful sunny day about 75 Degrees There was a follow-up investigation Report by bfro investigator David bakara i spoke with the witness by Phone And she seemed credible and sincere Her sighting happened on her way to Tampa on a clear spring day Just back in 2012. it was a nice cool Day By florida standards so she had her Passenger side window cracked To let in fresh air in an area Near little manatee river state park she Can't be sure as it was a long stretch Of road She noticed what she first thought was a Man walking quickly Just 30 to 50 feet from the shoulder Heading north away from her It was just a few feet from the wood

Line as she neared the figure She also noticed that it was covered in Brown hair from head to toe It was walking with long purposeful Strides Head and knees bent the hair was three Inches long And definitely brown she continued to Describe it As much more man-like than ape-like It had a round head like a man and the Arm length was normal Not long and down to the knees but it Was definitely covered in hair As she came up next to it it veered off Towards the woodline Walked into the thickets and disappeared Heading northbound The witness never saw its face she said That the thickets Looked too dense for any man to just Walk into Even for this large animal she then Noticed a very strong odor Of rotten eggs slash sulfur in the car And had to roll the windows down for at Least 10 minutes before it finally Dissipated she never felt any fear as She was in the car And it never gave a reason to fear it I was leaving st petersburg with the Intentions of hitchhiking to asheville North carolina I had a friend drop me off at the i-75

North exit Around 11 pm there was a lot of Construction going on Since it was getting late i decided to Camp for the night I walked to the bridge that crosses the Nearby river I was planning on sleeping under the Bridge so I walked down underneath i got myself Somewhat comfortable then i heard a Couple of noises to the left of me Coming from the southbound bridge i just Played it off as a possum Or maybe a raccoon then i heard it again So i decided to move closer to the river And hang my hammock in between two trees I was texting people then called my Friend And talked to her until about 2 30. Then we got off the phone since it was About to die I went to sleep pretty quickly Afterwards but not for long I wake up to a noise down by the river To my left it was this weird cough Grunt i can't really explain it I can't even mimic the sound but i only Heard it once 10 to 15 minutes goes by and i hear Another sound This time it's a low whistle for my Right Next to the tree line it lasts for

Five or six seconds so i continue to lay There in silence Another 10 to 15 minutes goes by and i Start hearing rocks Being thrown at me this happened five or Six times Every couple of minutes or so followed By more silence Not sure how long it lasted but it was Followed By the loudest crash i have ever heard In my life I thought the tree i had tied my hammock To cracked I nearly fell out it sounded like Thunder gunshot dynamite going off in my Face After that i made up my mind to leave I quickly packed up my hammock headed Back up the hill Crossing the bridge and i caught a quick Whiff of a skunk Well a skunk-like smell i should say and I could even feel a set of eyes on me After that i just decided that i would Catch a bus Back to north carolina there was a Follow-up investigation done By our monteith this witness Originally called in his report and left A voicemail message I was able to call him back interview Him and had him report his encounter Via the website the witness was

Hitchhiking from st Petersburg florida to north carolina A friend had given him a ride to a Location And dropped him off at approximately 11 Pm Having nothing but a backpack and Hammock he walks further up i-75 And finds a location under a bridge Thinking he would just stay there for The night it was now after 2 am And while speaking on his phone he heard A very low whistle He thought it unusual to hear a bird at That time of night He even attempted to recreate the sound To me But concluded it was much lower in tone Than he could Possibly imitate he did hear other Noises Thinking they were raccoons moved to the Other side of the bridge Set up his hammock and went to sleep he Awoke to a sound that He described to me as sounding like the Raptor coughing In the kitchen from jurassic park gary Rydstrom The man who created the raptors sound From the movie got the sound from his Neighbor's dog That had been surgically debarked The witness was concerned as he had

Never heard that sound in the wild Before Shortly after that there was another Whistle More silence then he realized something Was throwing Would seem to be a golf ball-sized rock Towards him Suddenly he hears a very loud tree knock It was so close and loud that the Witness thought one of the trees in his Hammock was attached to Had broken he compares the sound as loud As a gunshot At the time he felt incredibly Threatened Packed up and left the area while Leaving He smelt a skunky odor and like so many Other witnesses Describes or felt as if he was being Watched as he left The witness was so intimidated by the Encounter He decided to travel by bus for the Remainder of his journey He wanted me to know that he was Backpacked many times throughout his Life And never experienced a night such as This Investigator marion gant and i actually Inspected the area Two days after the encounter took place

We did find Evidence of two sasquatches however Not all found evidence discovered will Be shared The area is surrounded by miles of Forest a power line easement is very Close It is thought that the sasquatches might Make use of the clearing of the Easements to travel along Several prints and two sizes were found There were also several tracks of prints Morning or evening We saw huge supplies of other food Sources for sasquatch too We did not find any rocks in the area That could have been thrown But found several large apple snail Shells That were possibly thrown at the witness Behind where the witness's hammock was Is a huge big boy trail this is a game Trail That is much taller than what a normal Game trail is When something as tall as a squatch Walks through the woods The branches and trees are bare and Broken up high To accommodate them marion and i agree That the witness was preventing one or Both of these sasquatches from Traversing to the other side of the Bridge

Thus leading to the acts of aggression He My husband and i live in florida in Harrisburg county Next to the wildlife preserve one day About two weeks ago we were traveling on Highway 301 And i saw a sign that said dead river I glanced the look of the river as this Was in broad daylight What i saw i'll never forget i didn't Even believe in bigfoot before this And i saw a big white furry animal Standing straight up Like a human crossing over the stream We were traveling fast on the road so we Couldn't just stop I tell my husband i just saw an animal As i was in shock about What i had seen he didn't see it Because he was driving it took me two Days to realize I had just seen a bigfoot i think i was In shock about what i'd seen Also where i saw it it was very close to Our rv park river palm when we entered The park There was this horrific smell did not Connect to two things at the time but Some say they smell rotten don't know if It was connected to the incident Or not no witnesses just me getting a Quick glance It was around 2 pm as well

There was also a follow-up investigation Report By a person by the name of r monteith The witness and her husband had recently Just moved to florida On tuesday november 20 2018 They were returning from the store at Approximately 2 p.m Heading north on highway 301 a two-lane Road In thano-tosasa it was a sunny day with A high of 77. Now the speed limit on 301 is 60 But they were slowing down as their turn Was less than a quarter mile away She was the passenger and as they passed Over two whole branch creek She noticed this large bipedal figure That was white Off to the right and it appeared to be Stepping over the creek Heading southbound it was standing Upright And she saw a leg in mid-step her Sighting was a second or two but she Realized it wasn't a man It didn't have clothes or shoes on and It appeared to have white Hair all over its body the height of the Figure was hard for her to judge As the road is higher than the creek and She was looking down On it but it seemed to be similar to a Large human

The head appeared rounded its hands were At its side She estimated the figure to be about 20 Yards from the car It never looked at the car it appeared To be walking confidently With purpose she claimed she had never Thought these creatures existed When her husband mentioned to his Brother that his wife may have seen one The brother told them of a sighting that He and his mother had at their childhood Home Many years ago back in iowa his mother Confirmed the sighting They had seen a bigfoot eating Mulberries in the yard The witness her husband and i went to The location At about the same time of her sighting The sign she speaks of in her report Of saying dead river is just before the Small bridge But refers to the next road dead river Road Not the name of the creek the creek is Called two branches creek And it is one of the creeks that flows Off the hillsborough river This section of highway 301 runs right Along hillsborough state park And the lower hillsborough wilderness Preserve there's a small bridge Over the creek the witness claims there

Was more water in the creek in november Than the day we were there in march this Is most likely correct As this is florida's dry season and the Rains really don't begin Until about may this area is heavily Treed The old atlantic coastline railroad used To run right along this road In fact the remnants of it are still Visible It's about 50 yards away from the Highway where the railroad was As much higher than the surrounding Forest this Bigfoot was walking in between the old Railroad And the highway footprints around the Creek bed were deer Pig and alligator it is evident that Many smaller animals Also walk the area too actually Just east of this area are many Strawberry fruit farms North is a dairy farm following the Hillsborough river Going north leads to the green swamp Heading south Leads to cypress creek area of which Both have had Many numerous bigfoot reports First i'll start with the fact that i Have never put much stock into the Bigfoot phenomenon

I have degrees in wildlife management And wildlife biology I have been working as a biologist for The last 17 years I have never believed that something Could exist that has never left any Concrete evidence Furthermore nothing similar has ever Been found in the fossil record That i know of so this has led me to Believe that it was all False until the weekend of november 24th 2013. i'm an avid bird watcher And wildlife photographer i take very Long hikes in various wild areas around Tampa About this time of year to photograph Whatever i find I was hiking at cypress creek preserve Which is in between interstate 275 And 75 near the apex where they meet I was walking on one of the rather wide Trails and I came to a stop due to hearing a noise I had seen quite a few wild pigs that Morning And i thought i could photograph one Crossing the trail in front of me so I was looking down at my camera Adjusting the iso Settings and i saw something large Moving out of the corner of my eye To my left approximately 200 feet away As soon as i saw the movement i looked

Directly at it And it was already halfway across the Trail at this point My eyes were directly on the animal as It walked Upright across the rest of the trail Into the palmettos It was incredibly large i mean at least Six feet Tall or more completely black in color With a very wide chest from front to Back It was walking completely upright with a Very fast Purposeful pace the animal was leaning Forward slightly But did not seem awkward with its steps Like a bear would be walking upright i Slowly walked over to the spot where i Saw it cross And i could still hear it moving through The woods in the distance I then immediately noticed that all the Birds around me Had stopped chirping and even the Insects had stopped making noise as well I looked for tracks or hair left on the Plants in the area But came up with nothing i was Able to get a picture of the palmetto on The trail though where it had crossed And i put my tripod near it for height Comparison And just so you know i am extremely

Knowledgeable About the wildlife in florida but i Cannot explain What type of animal that i saw this time Also it was around nine in the morning Overcast About 60 degrees there was a follow-up Investigation done By our monty the witness is a biologist At a local area animal park he has even Taught college level courses on bear And knows that what he witnessed that Morning was neither bear Or man the gentleman's professional Standing And occupation lead this report to be Credible And very sound the biologist Went to cypress creek nature preserve in The morning to photograph birds He saw much wildlife while hiking to a Spot to set up his camera About one mile into the trail at exactly 904 am He set up his camera tripod while doing So Heard a noise turned to his left and Looked About 50 to 60 yards away from him was a Sasquatch Crossing the trail unfortunately The camera was pointed in the opposite Direction and he was unable to take a Photo

He described a sasquatch at more than Six feet tall Black in color and having a very wide Torso It was muscular in its profile and it Walked briskly across the trail Left to right never looking in his Direction Its gate had a forward lean to it and he Described the walk as Very smooth the facial features blended Into the dark face And he was not able to see them there Were no apparent breasts Or tail that he could see the head was Round but Larger than a human he walk up to where It had been On the trail and can only hear it Walking away He noticed that the woods became quiet After the sighting The area of the sighting is very close To my own home As the preserve borders my property it Is a state-recognized wildlife corridor That connects the hillsborough river and The green swamp in pasco In pole counties we receive numerous Reports from both of these areas By the way i was able to get to the Location Two days after the event when i get to The location

Of the trail crossing i noticed several Tree breaks In both directions indicating something Large had walked through Interestingly while i was photographing The broken branches A tree about 25 yards away from me Crashed to the ground i ventured in that Direction Singing softly but wasn't able to detect Any Other movement I got off work right around 2 am Back in may of 1996 and it was two in The morning And i was going home i took a left on Hopewell road Off of highway 39 made the left turn on The road As i was driving less than a minute a Car heading to me was speeding And flashing their headlight high beams I didn't know if it was teens playing Around or maybe Somebody that just had a little too much To drink So i blew it off as i was coming to the Curve And there was a fence maybe four to five Feet tall As i was going around the curve my Headlights caught Something that looked to be three to Four feet taller than the fence

It looked at me with these red eyes I felt numb frightened I always think about the other person That was driving that night What did they see the site has now been Developed Since then all the trees are almost gone And a follow-up investigation report by Caroline curtis was done I spoke to the witness driving back to The location at hand There is a creek several mining pits or Ponds Railroad tracks orange groves and only One house Nearby the area has not really changed Dramatically In the past 10 years though there are Fewer orange trees now The old barbed wire fence is roughly 4 Feet high What she saw possibly came from a nearby Orange grove And then crossed the road she had slowed Down Just before she saw the human-like Figure clearing the fence To her right it was about twice the Height Of the fence and uniformly all Dark in color when i asked about the Eyes She said this they reminded her of a Deer in the headlights

Except it wasn't a deer the color was Break Light red and seem to be reflecting off Her headlights As it looked her way she describes the Fear that came over her As a white feeling comparing it to the Sensation One has before passing out or when you Sense something really bad is about to Happen This possible sighting occurred on the Edge of four corners The world's largest phosphate mine which Spans 58 000 plus acres the mining company has Restored much of the stripped land To provide habitat for wildlife Approximately 350 species of animals Inhabit The restored areas including several Threatened species What's to say a sasquatch or bigfoot Could not be a part of those species