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Oh sorry i gotta plug my phone and i Just realized There we go hey y’all hi Um i guess we’ll just wait for people to Hop in here and happy memorial day to Everybody online courtney and i Here in uh galveston texas Got zero watchers so far zero viewers One viewer What’s up to the known viewer out there What’s up um well i hope people start uh Hopping in here Colby what’s up shapeshifter lori how’s It going Britt frankie from scotland what’s up Chris Tom michaels tarot territory Jesus happy hippie how’s it going Goddamn kitten hey Sophie wilks chris cass adrian what’s up Daniel Nell michael harris hey brian Mysteries mystery school how’s it going Everybody Hey aaron from georgia amar what’s up Taylor how’s it going Uh owen sosa valerie valeria i hope i Said that right Um we would love to come to the uk yes That could have been yeah we were just Discussing that Um sorry she’s like yeah you’re right Uh everyone how’s everybody doing Um just to update murder in america is

Still doing amazingly On uh on Spotify and an apple podcast we just Released a new episode yesterday We’ve been filming the last couple of Days here in texas For new paranormal files videos and uh We’ve been busy we have been really busy Yeah Uh how’s everybody’s uh how’s Everybody’s memorial day And your weekend been up too What’s up bad sam and jama how’s it Going paul you have one more youtuber Baby I will look up that case always if you Have any cases that you want us to cover Always reach out we’d love to hear your Suggestions Yeah um today we have a pretty Interesting Crazy story to tell crazy crazy story We’re sitting here In the car yes we’re in galveston if you Don’t know Um also we’re about to drop new merch Um we have a winner to announce At the end of the live stream anybody Who donates today You get entered to win a free piece of Merchandise It can be from 99 cents to a thousand Dollars So uh if you want to win free merch

Consider sending a super chat in here Um so we’re uh We’re here in galveston texas outside Of the broadway city cemeteries These are very famous old uh Old graves grave sites and burial sites And uh it’s really pretty it’s it’s a Beautiful day We’ve been filming we we just went to i Don’t know if you guys have been seeing In the news robert durst The disgraced millionaire An alleged killer we actually went to His house his former residence in Galveston Where one of the murders happened his Neighbor ended up Dismembered in body in garbage bags Floating in the galveston bay Yeah and he was acquitted for it yeah But they never found the neighbor’s head But was that the case where he like um Like was on Was talking about i can’t i can’t Remember Anyways that story is crazy he’s um Suspected of killing Three people yeah one his first wife in New york And then a friend of his in los angeles Um and his first wife just disappeared She just no one could ever find her And there wasn’t enough evidence to Charge him with anything the second

Person that he killed was his friend in Los angeles she was found killed Execution style Um and that trial is currently going on Right now it was postponed because of um Cobit but Michael boyd thank you for the five Dollar donation michael you’re entered To win free merch wish you had a message There Yes thank you so much um Yeah everyone who donates is entered to Win free merch No he won’t um but we’re not doing a Podcast There but we are gonna be returning to That house later tonight For some investigating yeah it’s a Really creepy house yeah no one lives There right now it’s completely Uh empty and it’s just creepy very Creepy and Um you talk to the neighbors and the Neighbors had a lot to say Yeah i i i was there and i and i Went and spoke with both of the Neighbors the one of the neighbors Actually knew robert And said he was just kind of an eerie Fella and The other neighbor told me that every House on the block is haunted that he Was Attacked by something seen shadow

Figures all different types of stuff I want to show them a picture of him He’s creepy yeah Robert durst definitely is a bit of a Creepy looking uh Guy here he is we’re gonna go Investigate in front of his house later Thank you joy by the way hey joy Joy shive joy shive i hope i saw that Hey colin and courtney love the videos Stay safe Thanks joy you’re the best yeah it’s uh It’s been a long long weekend for us We’ve been doing so many Uh investigations and filming we went to Andrea yates’s house in houston the Woman who uh Theresa thank you so much for the 50 Donation on paypal by the way oh That was really really really sweet of You thank you you’re entered to win Merch and happy memorial day to you as Well Teresa thank you simon everybody My cousin my boy i am king julien I’m assuming that’s a madagascar Reference simon we Already we’ll hook you up with lots of Merch 75 donation on paypal love you guys love To see you live Lori we would love to see you live in Person we love you Thank you so much lori thank you and

Theresa both of you guys damn that was Really sweet of y’all [ __ ] alexis yeah sorry and alexis marvin Thank you thank you for your service Court colin love you guys Alexis thank you so sweet you’re entered To win free merch Pink knees pinkney s i think i said that Right Pinkney i like that name thank you Incredible Thank you thank you for the five dollars And for helping uh Promote the uh promote the show and Helping it uh stay afloat yes You’re entered to win free merch um Adrian we’re not Dropping an investigation tonight we’re Just doing a live stream right now Telling you some history we’re about to Get out of the car and go walk And show you guys some stuff yeah what’s Up to catherine noel Diane commons he has a strange perv but His story is Fascinating and horrific it is indeed Fascinating and horrific Yeah and jeff jeff right there with the Twenty dollars What up homies yeah that’s funny Thank you my man uh you’re into doing Free merch just kidding jeff we were Just talking about how your birthday’s Coming up

Yeah jeff’s birthday is is it Next week actually yeah cause today’s The last day of Of may yes so everybody get ready to Wish jeff a happy birthday maybe we can Do a happy birthday live stream for jeff Get you on zoom robert burke thank you For the five dollars as well you’re Entered to win free merch Wish you had a message man and karen Sinden with the ten dollars Thank you karen You’re trying to replicate that but kind Of failing miserably [Laughter] Um thank you aurora star you both look Amazing happy to see you both are doing Well Thank you we are we’re doing absolutely Positively Amazing Oh man claire claire Claire um Cheryl hey you lovely couple thank you Cheryl Um gloria jessica and lori Thank you lori you don’t have to do that Thank you for the ten dollars Number one fan seriously thank you Lori uh uh what we just did last week Actually Was uh we went and filmed with uh Jeff and i filmed with mr blessed i Don’t know if he’s going to be in here

He’s always in every live stream and he Uh He is a moderator on the channel he was A really cool guy we went out and Investigated A uh a haunted lake in dallas and we Actually one of the craziest spirit box Things I’ve ever recorded in my life happened There it there have been a lot of Drownings there there’s even a plane That uh Crashed into the lake a lot of people Died but on the spirit box Uh courtney wasn’t there was me and jeff And and mr blast Nick and uh we literally heard uh The sound of this Come through the spirit box and we were Like What like it’s not like almost Essentially like choking or drowning Yeah and i’m like what kind of radio Station possibly would be airing a noise Like that right you know It was just it was really it it was a Moment that was creepy and also Sorry let’s get uh i’ll say a couple of These people first there’s another story That happened last night to us that was Creepy as hell yeah Um bwya gaming with the 50 Donation thank you always great content I watch always and hit the like love how

You keep putting history in it not a lot Of channels do that That’s true we we value the history here That’s what we’ve been doing this Almost entire weekend is going to Different locations there’s an Orphan story we’ll get into in a second Too that is so dark from this area But thank you you’re entered to win free Merch as well laurie again With the papa smooch donation thank you Lori Thank you so much yeah lori you’re Definitely going to be I don’t know if we have to fly to you or Whatever the hell we have to do but You’re going to be on an episode But thank you laura it’s so sweet Hold up teresa also before this goes Away on paypal with 25 Again wow thank you teresa theresa your Videos have been so Good thank you theresa that is very very Kind that is so generous and thank you For the love Too yes thank you uncle Uncle butter buns you can talk about Anything calling scary nice love a smile Yeah just a happy person generally you Are Even though we dive into the darkness oh Yeah quite quite frequently Thank you though you’re entered to win Free merch as well

Thank you laurel rollins thank you for The 149 you’re entering Free merch and the little little hot dog Someone has to do a hair flip i don’t Know what kind of hair flipping You’re asking for i can’t even see Myself because of the chat That probably just looks stupid as hell Catherine says drowning is silent that’s That is interesting but what i’m what i Was trying to get at is like it sounded Like someone like Like a loss for air yeah like gasping Almost Just really an unsettling sound from This area And there have been like uh self self uh You know i don’t want to say the word But people have uh killed themselves Yeah there at the lake lots of different Deaths so it was very eerie Rachel miller thank you for the twenty Dollars way too kind Gotta run but have fun you crazy kids Thank you rachel That is so sweet we are gonna have fun We’re about to get out of the car and go Walk over here there We have some crazy we’re parked outside Of a cemetery rachel you’re entered to Win free merch Michelle says it could have been Strangling too I i don’t know if anybody has been

Strangled there they might have But yeah it was definitely a sound of Like that It’s wild jesus christ Jeff jeff just sent me some money on Paypal too and said Have to match laurie well thank you dad Yeah making me feel really great Thoughts well thank you my man jeff Honestly is such a homie And uh if you guys don’t follow him on Instagram and everything go do it I love him to death he’s uh he’s my man One of my best friends in the world Other than my best friend right here Anyways clayton benjamin what’s up Brothers sorry it’s been a while since I’ve been on here’s a little moolah for Your spooky adventure stay safe fam Thank you thank you clayton it will Definitely help so much Yes it will and all of this helps with Uh Filming fees like today just even Renting haunted hotel rooms like we had To do in new orleans Just to get the investigations there Location fees gas travel it’s like It’s crazy guys But yes thank you so deeply taylor Taylor Thank you taylor for the twenty dollars On paypal too You’re killing it taylor you’ve been

Here so all of you guys have been here For the longest time I feel like i know everybody yes right We’re friends patricia taggart hi love You both so much happy memorial day Love stay spooky thank you thanks Patricia and i like the little dog Dog paws down there tiffany halls Just because you guys are adorable that Is so sweet Thank you tiffany you’re the best i Appreciate that and you’re into doing Free merch Um sorry this chat it keeps going away Yeah um Also happy birthday to kimberly i saw That it was your birthday You said that yesterday in the chat Really quick happy birthday to you happy Birthday to you happy birthday dear Kimberly happy birthday to you Thank you sped up but happy Happy late birthday debbie debbie of Course You are my favorite couple wait for your Drops every week thank you debbie you Are always so supportive on parenting And murder seriously thank you guys for The support and love Seriously from the bottom of our hearts Not only financial and everything but Actual support oh my god paul Thank you you get one more youtuber The man paul with 100 on paypal jesus

Man we gotta I’ve been saying this for years that i Have to go to canada to go film with him Because that’s where he lives We’ve talked many many times when we Come to canada we will do Well i don’t know if everybody on here Has uh seen all The news that’s been going on with the Uh the school The yeah the bodies of all those um Indigenous Kids that were found it’s crazy that is Insane the amount of uh Of death that happened with all of that The trail of tears that is something That i’m passionate about that with my Videos i i Have aimed to expose in the past yeah But That is if you haven’t heard of that go Look that news story up i think it’s Kamloops school where that was something It was something with 100 15 Kids all found buried in unmarked graves Insane insanity Renee wilson thank you for the 10 Donation renee Y’all are so cute saying you love laying Positive vibes i think that yep Thank you from kentucky thank you renee Thank you so much And we’re gonna send you positive love And light and vibes too yes

Good vibes emanating from the screen to Everybody online Keith what’s up from illinois Laurie laurie Put fifth laurie just paid filed fifty Dollars and said papa spooks battle All right i would like jeffy I would love to see lori and and jeff go At it i feel like laura could whoop his Ass in like the ring with some gloves And [ __ ] Sorry lori thank you seriously lori Thank you thank you Thank you and you guys are helping make This possible yes We’re also filming next weekend Absolutely insane locations Both next weekend friday and saturday Mind-blowing [ __ ] that you guys are About to see on the channel Yes but uh thanks keith for saying uh Hey from illinois find your podcast on Apple podcast start listening on the Weekdays you’re great my man Thanks kate i’m so glad you found it Yeah that’s it’s It’s been a really crazy journey with uh With Murder in america yeah courtney has been Absolutely killing it with the writing And she’s been working so hard and and Putting so much in i’m so proud of you And i’ve been working really hard too You’ve really put a lot of work into it

And The response has been amazing thank you Guys robert burke with the five dollar Donation thank you robert I don’t know what this means you’re up Hook up these guys with some buddy Passes for flights What is that what does that mean robert Free flight dealer come out Like let’s come on europe i would love For the The continent to fly me out Yeah right that’ll be awesome and rose Rose asked Uh um hold up before this goes away Paypal spring hall Thank you for the five dollar donation And for thanking us for the hard work Spring hall thank you you’re entering Doing free merch As well rose you want to answer that Yeah the name of our podcast is called Murder in america and you can find it Um on spotify apple podcast any Podcasting platform it’s the podcast Where one guy talks loud as [ __ ] And really fast and the girl is very Quiet and really slow As many people have pointed out in some Very very cruel Uh reviews of the show also while you’re Here if you want to leave a nice review For us That’s one free thing that you can do to

Really really help us out Is to just go even away from this live Stream briefly Go on apple podcast and just leave us a Good review on our Podcast because we’re at 4.8 4.9 stars And A lot of them are genuine reviews but Yeah there are some people that just Hate me for some reason and hate Courtney Courtney gets a lot of really abusive People comments i don’t understand why People even on the live streams Yeah even the live stream people are so Just The enemy like but to all the people That Are are nice we appreciate you so much Yeah and that’s what we’re trying to get It it’s just It’s more like i would not personally go Onto somebody’s content and Say something something mean you know oh You the goat colin thank you paul with The 50 Jesus teresa and paul Paul with the 50 donation and teresa With the 25 On paypal asking how anyone could hate Us oh There are plenty out there yeah we’re Glad you guys online right now watching Do not thank you

We’re about to start the cemetery walk By the way we’re about to start i just Want to All of you guys are being so kind so Nice to us I saw 666. ooh the the last number of The donation 666 right now oh that reminds me of the Story i was gonna tell anyways grandma Penny loves you both Thank you grandma thank you so much That 20 is extremely kind it really is You need to do viking braids did i not Just tell you that i wanted to braid Your hair I did i should because it’s getting long Enough it is it’s nice and moisturized Today because i showered oh yeah swoop In seconds Spooky youtube fam thank you for the Two-dollar donation My man you’re entered to win some merch As well that is so Sweet thank you sherry for saying we’re A beautiful couple Thank you watch your stories all the Time keep up the good yes we do hold Hands and take long walks instead We’re going picnics there yeah we’ve Picnicked in cemeteries it’s kind of Getting dark out Yeah right is this smoke looking yeah That’d be cute if it If it hurt cute then we’re not going to

Say Cool if it rains it would be Cute thank you so much thank you for the 25. Yes thank you that is so sweet keith You’re entered to win merchandise as Well my friend Y’all are so nice laurel i saw that you Said you wanted to send more You don’t have to do nobody has to be Pressured to donate No it’s never expected always Appreciated yeah exactly Thank you joy what’s the scariest place You’ve been to Um you know i’m gonna honestly tell Everybody online The episode that jeff and i filmed at The stone lion inn In oklahoma just last week easily the Scariest Location and activity that we’ve Recorded in probably A year to two years on the channel yeah You got scratch Got scratched jeff and all this [ __ ] That happened to us Was being corroborated with other uh Evidence that was happening all at once Like The scratch i felt like it happened on My wrist first and i felt like a Lightning like strike through my wrist And then it started to develop almost

Like a bite mark on my wrist And then it appeared on my neck as well And while that was happening There was like loud like boxes moving in The room with us like Jeff was literally like bro i got to get Out of here dude and i had to like force Him to stay down there we were both like Just shaking full body chills and um Then he later that night the scratch is Already insane enough Jeff later in the room where the little Girl died he got Touched um in his back like back right Side And he freaked out and jumped around and We were using the sls And he comes back and and shows the The place where he just got touched from And there is an Sls figure right there the size of a Child for half a second and it Disappears and there’s Nothing in the area that it would have Mapped on that is so scary So and that’s just uh we had activity During the interviews that caused the Person we were interviewing to literally Run out of the house Literally she refused to come back in it Was insane so stone lying in oklahoma Guthrie oklahoma enjoy it and thank you For the donation thank you joy I appreciate that um stainless steel

Thank you for the 20 donations that is Such a cute call With beautiful children congrats again On the engagement thank you thank you That is so sweet i don’t know why that’s Just that is Really really really nice thank you for The twenty dollars too Yes what’s up nadine say hi to some of These people i can barely read Wendy p how’s it going jacqueline hi i Just want to say you look Beautiful and happy together keith said He found us on apple podcast Thank you keith wow that is so sweet Dungeon gangster what’s up g’s i love That the dungeon gangster I like that dude it’s kind of a Frightening name Um no we’re not expecting any children Anytime soon also just that out We got a wedding to plan first my Birthday was yesterday too 42 years young hell yeah laurel happy Early Birthday her late birthday can’t speak I think it’s gemini season two Thank you raquel you guys are so loved As a channel in his people Paul og fan hi from norway hope you have A nice week We’d love to come to uh canada Amber suggesting millageville was in a Wonderful location very very

Eerie paul if you could take us one of Those schools that would be Awesome yeah to do an investigation the Abuse in those places is just You couldn’t even i i couldn’t imagine What those Poor kids had to endure Yeah we’re really behind on the chat Jesus sorry guys Um mr bless my boy y’all are literally The best Hope y’all are having a good memorial Day and i’ll see y’all soon love you Love you too man that was a great night That we had we were making you hop In here let’s see uh yeah mr blessed You guys we were just talking about it But he is the uh He’s the one that was with us last Monday a week ago tonight actually Yeah in dallas let’s see i Love you courtney you’re absolutely Beautiful that’s so yolanda thank you Um brushy mountain would be i’ve wanted To go there for the longest time Bethany fury love you guys come to Pittsburgh so we can take y’all to Dinner and take you to my husband’s House We have some friends in pittsburgh Actually that that wanted us to come As well remember yeah So so sick yes thank you sarah for Listening to the podcast

So glad you like it thanks for sharing Thanks paul i’m glad you like courtney Yeah That’s so exciting i love courtney Actually Everybody jesus we’re like way behind on These comments Isabelle to rock hey colin good to see You live and courtney is fabulous Don’t worry about the haters much love To you both thank you You’re entered to win free merch as well Everybody’s been extremely generous Jesus we’re really behind here man Christ what the what’s been happening oh My god Sorry for missing all your donations Guys Forever ago simon am i your favorite Cousin It’s simon what do you think the answer To that question is I love that [ __ ] that’s funny um Dungeon gangster for a couple sodas Tonight thank you dungeon I would love to have a couple services This this [ __ ] is almost Out uh-huh let’s see you’re entered on Free merch as well Mike it’s My brain both of our brains are severely Haunted by a number of Demonic entities definitely Also shout out to the moderators for uh

For always Stepping in and silencing the bad stuff Yes Thank you so much to all of you who Always join us on these luckily we’re a Little bit behind So we probably missed a few in the Meantime paul again with the 20 Thank you paul my man i wish he Also had a message wow thank you so much Mr gruesome mad loving respect from Ottawa canada i love the channel keep at It homies Wow thank you mr gruesome yeah that’s Sick Mr gruesome i like how you spelled it Too man yeah Hello everyone thank you all Nexus what’s up mr blessed my boy the Podcast has been killer Thank you literally it has been what’s Up alexandra how’s it going Hi everyone luna uh okay so we’re gonna Get to the stories Let me just get through these donations I’m sorry everybody got a lot of people Watching Bethany pittsburgh loves you guys Thank you for the five dollars and You’re entered to win free merch we’re Going to come to pittsburgh Mama jane starr hey y’all big love from South carolina Hey you’re the best you’re entered to

Win Richard crowd thank you for the 35 years Thank that’s so much that is a lot that Is more than enough Oh jenna said podcast had me driving Down 35 Crying like a baby back [ __ ] Wednesday’s video terrifies me i held my Video Breath the entire time keep it up thank You jenna you’re Welcome you’re entered to win that was So kind of you Thank you cathy much love from australia Been to iowa twice texas next time you Both are beautiful souls Thank you Let us know and we’d love to come see You bulldog mom 35 jesus thank you Seriously thanks for all the spooky fun Thank you for the extremely kind of Generous donations Honestly bulldog mom thank you guys Um i i really would love to meet all of You guys i wish we could have just a big Uh hangout session right But with covid being over well kobe’s Not is not over But once covid is over we’ll be able to Oh [ __ ] i need to find some sugar with my Blood sugar Oh nice would you like some pop rocks

That’s a pretty that’s very sugary this Is about as sugary as it gets Theresa thank you for the 25 again on Paypal too Seriously and she said she’s from Pittsburgh so oh wow if we actually do End up going out there We can theresa yeah you guys want to see Me do some pop rocks Yeah you want to thank some people thank You did you already get that one Debbie collins thank you so much for the Five dollars keep it Up my mouth hurts from smiling yes y’all Are so Sweet i haven’t done pop rocks before Luna thank you Delicious lunalicious you’re entered Doing free merch Yes of course let’s see i’m having a few Homies Thank you for the ten dollars thank you Micah Micah thank you for the 50 Donation you’re entered to win as well i Like that little yeah Whatever the hell that dude is smashing That city oh my goodness thank you So nice yeah diabetes Sucks but dungeon gangsta has it I i understand you dungeon gangster i Understand you yeah Tessa martin theresa martinez thank you Good luck

Thank you thank you teresa you’re right You’re doing that is so generous And then wendy i’m so sorry it’s not Much but i appreciate everything you do Come to northern michigan to do ghost Hunting with me in an old World war in jesus name i found thick One Cemetery that does sound sick we we just Um covered We just covered michigan in our podcast Um But yeah that sounds really sick you Love world war stuff so That sounds amazing all right god You’re a horrible kind of thing to eat Quickly We’re finally caught up on everything We’re gonna um go out to The um cemetery here soon Okay let’s go do it yeah let’s go I’m gonna eat a couple of these Thank you do you remember eating these When you were younger how like How fun they were i love you And thank you again to everybody yes so Much seriously y’all are the best we Couldn’t do it without you luna i’m glad You love The georgia videos yeah debbie again Again you are so generous thank you Debbie We love you thank you debbie Everyone’s saying puff pop rocks make me

Fart Really interesting i wonder what what [ __ ] What in it makes it makes it do that We’re going to tell you an Insane story about someone that um Is buried here and this is dude let’s Get out of the car and go do this Let’s go please here i’ll grab the film Okay You want me to grab some extra sugar Just in case or do you think you’re good I’m good for now okay All right also ignore all of this Yeah okay everybody i’m turning my car Off I’m not gonna let you see the state of My car That is a sad affair Kind of a gloomy-ish day yeah sam I with the eight dollars thank you Been away but back now looking good guys And great to see colin laughing Happiness is key Love sam thank you sam oh She got me laughing all the damn wow Look how beautiful All the flowers are here i think we can Walk in here What the hell i don’t think i don’t know If i should be [ __ ] around with them Oh my god also i don’t can’t see that Whole name

Some brownies is that what it is with The 50 donation You’re amazing thank you some brownies And you’re into doing free merch yeah Courtney just said thank you Heather meyers too jesus you guys with The ten dollars just went to brushy Mountain last month they opened up The distillery where they make their own Moonshine all kinds of flavors Had an awesome tour from a former inmate Oh Okay heather that sounds sick Yeah no this [ __ ] just closes Dusk Broad on the cemeteries on broadway Okay everybody so jesus I was about i’m about to do my intro Look at that live you see that right When i was out to say okay everyone and Explain where we were We had that we had that exact same thing Happen today also When you were trying to do the intro and A motorcycle was like Yeah also these pop rocks i can still Feel in my throat I think this this graves over here by The way This is literally so pretty um Thank you mosey for the congrats on the Engagement thank you We’re very excited will you hold that

Yeah okay Yeah i got it babe um right now we are At the historic Broadway cemeteries On my way to golf be safe you too and Thanks to everyone for being so damn Cool Thanks daddy [Laughter] Okay oh here it is yeah see okay you Guys the story that we’re about to tell You is Insane um do you want to turn it On yeah we’re gonna come back here and And ghost hunt I’m sorry that was just i was Like joking but then like the way that That came across I was like okay okay Should i tell the story right now um yes Okay before we start we got one more Donation if you guys come back to Georgia there’s a massive graveyard in Douglasville where one of my dad’s Friends actually shot himself in the Gazebo I’m sorry to hear that damn wow Um okay so this right here is actually Very rare just say say something and i Want to make sure people can hear it With the With the wind can you guys hear This courtney got 440 people watching Right now

Lots of pressure Just waiting on the comment okay yes They can hear you okay good the Interesting thing about This grave right here is that it’s Actually um A murderer who is buried with her With her victims her four children that She killed Um and back in eight here stand this way Babe And try talk just a little bit louder Okay so she This woman had um four children um i Think she actually had Five but one of them lived but um she Had kind of started showing signs of Psychosis in her early years After um after having birth they think That she had Postpartum depression she also lost her Sister To like a horrible disease and they said That she just kind of started spiraling And one day her husband came home early For work And she had lined her kids up and asked Them to take a sip of This wine and apparently that was not That uncommon Because it was a chilly day which i Don’t think people give Their kids wine these days but Apparently that was that wasn’t weird

That she was giving him wine So she pours the wine out for her four Kids her husband comes home early and he Asks if he can have a glass And she opens another bottle for her Husband And gives the husband a different bottle Of wine And then shortly after that they said Her kid started Convulsing screaming throwing their Bodies around Seizing um and then one by one they all Started to die And they said that while all of her kids Were dying in front of her she just sat With her hands Neatly folded on her lap and then she Was sent to an insane asylum In san antonio after that happened Because she She was um insane she had gone pretty Crazy Yeah she went crazy and then so she was Released from the insane asylum and then Um A little bit after that she committed Suicide and they buried her With her children that she killed which Is really rare It’s supposed to be haunted in this area Obviously Yeah um i don’t know if cemeteries i Don’t know if i mentioned

That she poisoned the line i think i Forgot did you did you yeah all the kids She poisoned and killed all of her Children why she gave her husband a Different bottle she had put Um poison in the wine and gave it to her And she was going to initially She was going to take it herself but her Husband came home from work early So she ended up not killing herself but Yeah this is the This is the the grave where the whole Family You can see 1894’s and actually it’s Five kids Oh yeah it was five kids no lewis is the Husband Wait what how are they Are they all buried right on top of each Other because Can you grab you have your phone no look Somebody put pennies here Yeah a little tribute i wonder if on the Other side Also thank you to kansas wins for the Five dollar donation you’re entered to Win Free merch much love and continued Success thank you And i see the shapes in here what’s up Brother how’s it going man Welcome uh welcome to our cemetery tour And thank you chris cook What’s up everybody i mean chris um

So what a what a terrible terrible story Yeah that was that was insane will you Hold this uh Just my i’m sorry guys my blood sugar is Just a little low And i’m a little shaky of course so We’re gonna come back To the cemetery and investigate this Grave I mean this this this cemetery itself is Already known to be The most haunted cemetery in galveston Yeah if you’ll just show People What yes what a seam it is It is beautiful with all these flowers You really don’t see that Yeah this is really pretty someone said That there are eight Names on the headstone shirt she had Her husband was buried there and she had Other kids that she didn’t poison so They were probably buried there too Yeah but but they just uh it’s insane Yeah it’s crazy that she was buried with The kids that she killed I personally wouldn’t really want that No i would i don’t think i would want to Be Buried with with the person who killed Me it’s kind of windy all of a sudden Yeah i’ve always thought this is an Extremely beautiful Oh [ __ ] look at that grave

This is definitely not his grave but You see what i’m talking about manson Right down the street there’s uh Yeah right So tonight when we come here to Investigate are we just gonna are we Gonna do it in front of Her grave yeah we’ll we’ll walk through And uh And try the whole property because i’ve Always just been What the hell i think this might just be A Um you know a shed for a storage of Of cleaning materials and stuff what am I trying to say Like lawn stuff yeah but the Everything is just so ornate memorial Day Oh yeah Also thank you to all the men and women That have died for Our freedom yes that’s what today is all About Glad we came to see this yeah big thank You to everybody who uh who served Everybody who has uh put their life down On the line That’s very true i’m glad that you uh Said that And yes laurel storage i’m my blood Sugar’s low so i’m just You want me to hold it babe i can stand Behind you and you can

Look at this one over here also that is So cute Uh that’ll be us one day yeah it will Two hearts that’s precious you know it’s Sad That’s gonna be every single one of you Online oh Jesus gotta bring it to that Oh that’s what’s comforting and Frightening about cemeteries Yeah i don’t really get comfort in Knowing that Comforting i don’t know why i said that Comforting knowing that we will all Die like Not very comforting to me this is a very This is beautiful Yes there’s colin does have some glucose Tabs he just had some sugar He’s just missing he’s got it he’s got To let it like Kind of set in That’s so lame if someone’s driving by Playing music Yeah they will literally copyright you For something that you did not Do and then yeah I had that happen recently on one of the Videos on the channel Where somebody copied somebody uploaded Their music to a Free music website and said that it’s Free to use

Uh i was i guess just kind of uh i Didn’t understand What the rights were to use the music And it was in a Some sort of different uh public domain And so it was in the the gallows video In lano and i got copyright striked But all the all the the revenue from That video I guess went to the hosting company of Theirs so I don’t even think they made the money On it it was just very strange yeah That was weird Let’s walk in this direction all right And This is beautiful i can’t wait to come Here later And investigate we’re gonna have to do Lights out completely Because obviously you don’t want to have Lights All in the cemetery late at night Let’s uh Um what other story were we gonna tell Them Yeah uh the orphanage yes Okay so everybody do you want to take a Seat Yeah okay sorry This is weird when your blood sugar goes Like start to get a little uh A little loopy Um so

Something interesting that we discovered About this cemetery Is that um the the Burials here did not start off as Official burials And in galveston because obviously we’re Right here by the beach Um the graves of the people that lived Here They the people were buried in the sand In the dunes Near the water which is just a thing That you see Especially with indigenous people um you Will see That a lot of burials are take place Right by the water It’s okay but um a lot of those people Who were buried on the beaches in Galveston They uh they they Once they’re buried oftentimes are lost Yeah jesus okay that is so trippy how You can literally see A health condition happening right My ability to speak yeah and yes i Already ate a bunch of sugar Yes so he’s just waiting for it to kick In but i’ll tell the story So um they used to bury people on this In the sand dunes just because it was Convenient and they didn’t have proper Cemeteries here so they would just bury Them in the sand

But that obviously isn’t ideal for your Burial um Weather conditions well it said that When they dug them up To put them in in this cemetery to give Them a proper burial They said that most of them were like Mangled their bodies had been mangled Because Just the weather had weathered their Bodies down Over time so they went and they took all Of the body well not all of the bodies They took a bunch of the bodies from the Sand dunes To give them a proper burial here um in This cemetery and they They said that they obviously couldn’t Recover all of them some of them were Lost um but yeah they buried them here Crazy to think of uh the fact That people were buried in the sand First of all and then transferred over To this cemetery yeah and Laurie um laurie just said that they Buried people Three people deep in the cemetery too Which is true we read that that’s That’s crazy that three people On top of each other yeah but That brings up an important uh point of Why the cemetery If you do believe in if you do believe In

Cemeteries potentially being haunted This cemetery People are stacked in in the graves And those people who were buried on the Beaches They were just transferred over here and I Do not quote me on this we will Obviously research deeper Before our investigation but i believe a Number of those people who were buried Here from the beaches Uh they were not given memorials Or headstones and stuff yeah because They weren’t able to identify them Very well because their bodies were Mangled and there were so many of them Out there too like After a while it’s hard to tell what Bought who Who is who um and then also i heard some People talking about the Oh wait yeah let’s first yes It’s really bright out here guys thank You christian barry for the five dollars As well you’re entered to win free merch You and courtney should go to the Pikeville cemetery in pikeville kentucky Octavia hatcher was buried they’re Supposedly buried alone Oh wow that’s very interesting that Would be absolutely Horrible to be buried alone um the Second story we wanted to talk about

Was um the hurricane in the night the 1900 hurricane Um that story i grew up hearing that Story because My mom was actually born in galveston so I spent A lot of my childhood here and i was I’ve always been pretty morbid So that was the story though yes you Have that i love to talk not I mean i obviously hate the story it’s Terrif it’s terrible but It’s always been super interesting um There was saint Mary’s orphan asylum and it was along The um along the sea wall and When the hurric it was a uh what is it Called a Type not type 4 hurricane what is it Called do you know what i’m talking About Category 4 category 4. yeah a bit a Giant huge hurricane especially back Then they didn’t have The infrastructure to um To handle that and um oh first Let me thank you ashton love y’all Thanks for the quality episodes congrats On your engagement Thank you thank you so much that is so Sweet I kind of can i tell it for a second Yeah i want to i want to hop In here because i i’m feeling better now

I love this i love this story it’s just It’s crazy because um I’ve i’ve wanted to cover this story for A long time and it is just absolutely Insane that this happened and a lot of People don’t really Know that this happened in america this Hurricane Oh there’s other people over there yeah I did not maybe they’re ghosts Um pretty opaque to me so those people Uh who managed the orphanage were nuns Religious and it was actually called an Orphan asylum which is just Even creepier than just a regular Orphanage and When this hurricane entered the Galveston area All of these nuns tied the children in The orphanage Together what was it using uh like Clothesline Yeah clothesline so essentially All of them were tied together in a big String In the um the nuns tied the children’s Wrist To their waists which ended up being Very counterproductive During the storm and actually is what Made them all drowned Yeah so when the storm hit galveston Those orphans and the nuns almost All of them 90 yeah 90 were

Were drowned and uh the nuns died with The orphans They found them floating i think in that Area yeah And three uh children survived But they were the ones that were they Were able to actually Tell people the story later on but if You can just Imagine finding a Essentially a chain of 90 Young kids and nuns tied together Floating dead In in the waters after the hurricane That story is Insane the three children who survived They Somehow um got untied from the big long Clothesline that they made and they the Only way that the only reason they Survived was because they just held onto Trees Got above the water yes and those kids The creepiest part about it all you can Tell this part but the kids that lived They were able to tell everyone what Happened tell me how Moments about earlier today moments Before They um the storm got really bad they Said that Everyone in the orphanage including the Nuns started singing this Chant like chanting this or singing this

Song About the lady queen of the waves and Apparently the song Is popular for like soldiers or soldiers Sailors like apparently sailors whenever The Weather would get really bad they would Sing this song when the weather was Really bad So the the fact that this whole Orphanage is just singing this song About The queen of the waves like have mercy On them Porch children it’s uh Yeah that i can only imagine that Singing that song may have left some Sort of a Energy imprint or stain on On the orphanage area because we would Say orphanage but The orphanage yeah but the orphanage was Destroyed it’s been gone yeah in the Hurricane Gary by the way thank you gary thank you For the 50 Out of nowhere donation you’re entered Doing uh You’re entered to win merch gary i wish You had a message there my man thank you So much Wow that’s so sweet oh sorry i was just But that orphanage in that whole area is Rumored to be extremely haunted

Oh my god Daniella thank i don’t know what Currency To what hrk is but thank you For that thank you so Much thank you that is so sweet daniela Love you guys There’s the we love you that is Absolutely Extremely kind and sweet of you and You’re entered to win free merch 10 Yellow Wow that’s so sweet babe can you hold The Phone yeah yeah by the way for anybody That’s hopped in here Uh i’m type 1 diabetic just Feel a little low yeah actually the Proof is in the pudding Let’s see currently low Very low yeah that’s why we’re taking a Seat Well that orphanage what’s interesting Is no longer standing but the area Because they Were found tied together near the Orphanage In that big chain is now a walmart And so we went into the walmart earlier Went to the kids section to try and tell The story Oh wow oh my goodness Thank you that’s 50. That is so generous literally thank you

So much wow that is insanely generous Wow We love you and you’re entered to uh Enter to win The uh the merchandise oh someone just Lala lauren said that’s my favorite Cemetery Yeah this is a really beautiful cemetery It is a beautiful cemetery you know Everybody This cemetery is one of those places Where Let’s just show them like this You just there are no words because It looks beautiful it is beautiful but The history like we we already told you Of the murders of the Of the re-burials There’s always something darker About having to be like excavated Something yeah about Having to be dug up and re-interred here Yeah and yes dead is better we are in Galveston we are in galveston texas the Old city cemetery It’s really pretty but we’re going to be Investigating this place Later tonight we wanted to thank you Guys For being such kind Patrons and supporters of the show There’s More history than meets the eye Obviously in every cemetery

And i want to start doing this uh more Often where we go through cemeteries and Kind of Tell their stories yeah i feel like it When you just kind of look into the People that are buried here You can have years of stories to tell Right and i i’ve heard i don’t remember Where we heard this recently but People say like you have two deaths one Where you Physically die and then another death is When no one talks about you anymore No one remembers you so i think it’s Beautiful that we can come here and Keep telling their stories even hundreds Of years later you know Thank you cynthia wow thank you for the 20 Donation thank you so much you’re Entered to win merch That is so sweet um anybody have any Final questions for us before we head Out of here Because the sun is gonna set right now So we’re gonna go Check into our hotel and i’m gonna grab A little more sugar We’re gonna eat some dinner and then Come back and investigate yeah I’m excited to come here mm-hmm it’s Gonna be a great investigation social Death Social death that makes sense what a

Horrible concept yeah Special desk Um let’s see um and this place also i Want to add in here Is not very big if you imagine the Amount of people that are buried in the Cemetery And the size of it that’s why they as We had talked about earlier they uh they Had to Bury people oftentimes uh with Multiple in one plot three in one plot Is the maximum that That’s so sad yeah that’s buried here Yeah That’s crazy um clayton clayton Here’s a little more move in california Come up to big sur lots of paranormal Activity Where are you going next clayton thank You so much That is so nice you’re entered doing Free merch we’re going to be posting the Uh The winner of the free merch on the Instagram at the paranormal files Right after this live stream ends yes But The uh the next location is Actually going to be here in texas then I mean the actual media next location is Going to be Right here in the cemetery Yes but the next one you’re posting yeah

The next one that uh I’m posting is corpsewood manor in Georgia Yes grizzly double homicide that jeff And i Had to uh or not head to jeff and i Went to visit back to end the georgia Series and i can’t even tell you It is absolutely this is crazy Weird um yeah and then we’re also going To cover that Murder story on murder america so you All will get an investigation there And also an in-depth story of what Happened And that when jeff and i were there at The uh At the corpsewood manor it was Unbelievably scary yeah you guys have no Idea yeah you were working so I wanted to go um thank you prince angel For the twenty dollars love your videos Keep it up you two Thank you friends i’m generous thank you And i saw if someone asked if you wanted To donate the paypal link is in the Description Um and that’s the easiest way to do it Quickly yes Um but yeah we’re gonna be traveling Somewhere In texas next weekend on friday then to Somewhere else On texas in texas on saturday yes

Where a number of bodies are buried but Have never been found from an Infamous killer All right everybody well Guys uh we’ve basically run Through the history that we’re going to Share here from this cemetery today it’s Been almost an hour It well it has been an hour um happy Memorial day to everybody Thank you from the bottom of my heart From both of us Just so much for the the love and Support of the show and the podcast And over the years it doesn’t matter Also if you didn’t Donate tonight but just thank you for uh For helping keep this show alive yeah it Really matters and it really Everything helps even a comment or a Like it’s uh I’m an emotional guy and i have uh Yeah just uh it’s been a journey guys Yes We love you guys thank you for being so Sweet And supportive of it and generous yes Head on over to instagram to see who the Winner is gonna be for tonight’s merch Giveaway Oh yeah we’re we’re releasing brand new Merch this week it is going to be Absolutely uh insanely [Laughter]

It’s um it’s cool merch that’s awesome That’s trying to um how to get What the what Okay everybody let’s uh we’re going to Cut this off Thank you guys we love you can we get a Group stay spooky Before we uh before we leave the the Live stream I want to i want a big stay spooky from Everybody In the chat and i’m going gonna go get Some more uh sugar for my blood sugar That’s why i’m It’s hard for me to talk it always Happens to me Yeah yes let’s get to stay spooky baby Thanks allison thank you thanks ashton Theresa Again thank you so much lori Debbie b-w-i-a gaming michelle Lenora edith you want to say some people Clayton chris oh evan anita luna Jeff daniel lydia adrian Daley sorry All right michelle patricia phantom Titan All right michelle heather yeah Wow these are coming in it’s way too Fast to read All right um but yeah everybody from Here In the old city cemetery

Old city cemetery in galveston texas Enjoy Sorry enjoy your memorial day we’re Going to return and do an investigation Proper uh later tonight yes But from courtney and i we love you guys I love you Thanks for tuning in to hear this History and everything yes Thank you as always everybody stay Spooky Okay i love you guys bye guys spooky And have a safe blessed and happy rest Of your night yes bye All right