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There it is 666 666 In the church is that why you were sent To the asylum because you wanted to kill A boy This thing is like right behind us Hey everybody my name is colin brown you May know me as the host of the Paranormal files on youtube the channel That you’re watching this video on right Now I’ve been doing this for years literally Since uh i was a kid there’s a video of Me running through A cemetery as a child wearing a gap Hoodie And some denim jeans but this video is Different On the night that we’re filming this Interview We are at central state hospital in Georgia A massive complex of asylum buildings That was once the largest asylum on the Planet There are over 200 buildings 200 in this complex and Obviously as you know with asylums there Were years Decades of suffering that took place Here In a lot of these buildings there were Suicides Violent incidents abuse

Rampant abuse which is why most asylums In america were shuttered And this almost entire complex is Abandoned but It’s truly a once-in-a-lifetime Opportunity to be able to investigate Central state And we were there all night tonight That’s uh we’ve got some pretty scary Stories to share from What happened tonight hey everybody uh Jeff Aka papa spooks uh colin’s dad Uh yeah just i do these trips with colin For Fun and to support him and this happens To be The first asylum really that i’ve done With them so far And right when we got here i had i mean It was really creepy for me I felt like man it’s massive first of All Decrepit vines growing on the buildings And Just a creepy feel all over the place Everywhere we went For me we came to the central state Complex It was about 7 30 8 o’clock at night and We Instantly set out to set up our static Cameras That we were going to leave inside some

Of the buildings that We were just not allowed to get into and I want you to remember that We weren’t allowed to go into one Building Inside of central state not one of them Was opened up to us Wow yeah this building is Insanely large This is [ __ ] creepy too this is Whatever this is is huge Wasn’t that the prison or i don’t know I think there’s something there’s like Too many buildings here literally I think this was the Oh i mean this is the wing Don’t you think i mean no i don’t think So i mean there’s nothing here That’s kind of gonna be a good place Actually i gotta agree Yeah let’s just look Might be some work pick up Man oh what the hell your car lies just Turned off Oh would you turn the car off no what Well why’d it do that what do you mean Your lights just turned off they’ve been On every time we got out of the car to Do this Think about it what would that be Admissions Wow that’s a really cool thing This is such a spooky place

Yeah i think we’re going to be good on The other two locations Look at the drapes Just like abandoned you know what i mean Weird let’s go back and place the Cameras with other places Okay You see though the lights turned off Yeah Yep This is our building right here Are we gonna investigate now okay so We we’re setting up the static cameras Over here Security came and we met you and uh You had a story to share about um Paranormal Activity that had happened to you or What you said you Had experienced here at this building Can you kind of just introduce yourself And Tell the story my name is brandi and i Work for dynamic security and One day i come back here and i kept Finding the window open and i was Still in their steps and i decided to Climb the steps and take a picture to Show how they were getting out of the Window That night i went home didn’t think Nothing of it it’s babysitting my Grandson

And we were taking pictures after my Daughter come home We were looking through the pictures and This was in one of the pictures you can See the hands around me And just so happened that was on my Father’s birthday And he’s been dead about almost four Years Wow so you think that that’s possibly Related to You going to the window taking the photo I do it was one of the only times i had Ever Messed with the jones building at all I’ve never been Over in the windows or stuck my head in That was the only time How’d that make you feel a little eerie Yeah I just hope i left it at her house You know when i went home i just hope it Stayed there right and so Yeah well i’m glad that you’re watching Our back when we’re here Good to have you thank you Can you show me the window where that Where you took the photo It seemed like every day i was coming Over here stealing steps And if you can see i’ve broke boards To keep on from going in but this is the Window And i just kind of climbed up to take a

Picture to show my boss how they were Getting in and out And that’s what happened wow so So you think something followed you home From this specific place right here It’s never happened to me before ever in My life so But it did right here it did mm-hmm it Did Wow yeah see what this looks like In here can you see the um Steps you look straight down Oh yeah there’s the steps right there They’re still there yeah yeah And there they were on the outside too And so that’s what i was feeling So that people couldn’t get back in Because this building is really Dangerous Yeah i understand that um all right Okay okay we all have fun Okay everybody so we have got Our static camera we’re gonna go set This up so we can start filming right Away You can get a good reach so we’re gonna Leave that static camera Rolling right there all night inside of This building and then begin Investigating the exteriors because That’s all we got So let’s do it so after colin and i set Up the static cameras we decided to Really explore the exterior of the

Buildings you know it’s it’s really Creepy actually Obviously as you’re going to see on film And Looking in the windows the broken Windows especially the open doors that Were broken down It i wish we could go in because it Looks really creepy And uh overall it’s just if you were Here Especially at the uh in darkness It’s it’s really creepy oh listen [Applause] What the [ __ ] it’s like right over Listen it’s like dogs Okay so we’re at the second building of The night We just investigated the other building For about an hour nothing happened on The exterior really But we’re over here at building number Two with the static camera It’s kind of weird Anyway is there anybody in this building In jones Is that coming from in the building Is there anybody in here in the jones Building Very cold in here Hello Who’s in here Is there anybody in any of these Buildings why are those dogs going

Berserk call us i mean Probably the police yeah i suppose yeah Is there anybody in this building Is there anybody inside of this asylum Doesn’t sound like a person You know yeah Hello I have a camera right here and a Microphone if you make a noise or Anything or appear It will show up please do I guess that’s really dirty I don’t get it This place is so massive It’s like i’m hearing movement inside This building i just thought i heard Something there but could we ever try An ir light okay so we’ve got infrared Now Jeff why don’t you just ask some Questions into this hallway Boyd yeah hey it’s Jeff and colin here we’ve come to say Hello Can you we’re not here to harm you we’re Here out of respect We know this is your place but can you Make a noise or say a name or anything That would show up on this device Which is you guys i’m sure know what They are camera Hello Is there anybody in this building at all

On any of the floors So we’ve been doing the exteriors of These two buildings for Hours now I’m just telling you Well we just had something weird where The camera just stopped recording and Shut off by itself in the middle of me Talking But we’ve been here for a couple hours Doing the exteriors and i think we’re Just gonna call it Right now so um Yeah we’re gonna head back to our hotel Room now So at the end of the day as you can see In that footage That that’s it we didn’t really capture Anything That night at central state we didn’t Really Manage to get what we wanted we didn’t Feel that energy coming from these Buildings because we couldn’t get inside Any of them They didn’t let us into a single one of The buildings And so after that last clip we really Thought that That was going to be the end of the Night and it really essentially was You know we thought that was the end Or at least we thought that that was the Ending

But in reality that was just the very Beginning So Okay guys so we actually just shot those Interviews we didn’t think that we were Going to have access All day to a building we didn’t think We’d be able to get inside And we tried to frame that to look like A building that wasn’t on campus but We’re actually Inside of the chapel right now this is In the historic quad right next to a Bunch of asylum buildings And this is a very very important Building on the campus built in the 60s There were tons of funerals that took Place in here weddings Lots of energy that flowed through the Walls of this Of this building and churches often have Hauntings of their own because they’re So spiritual people come here to connect To the other side To talk to loved ones who may have Passed on and that energy Oftentimes sticks around but we’re gonna Get right to it we haven’t even been Inside the building other than this Hallway Let’s let’s find the upstairs and start The ghost hunt man

Yeah remember it’s a three-part system Okay To the to your right would be where They’d have the jewish Muslim And this would be the central chapel Oh oh my gosh here we are Wow look at this colin This is beautiful oh i do too I can feel vibration Wow and you got to remember too A lot of the people who would have been Attending services here were patients Themselves And their energy a lot of them probably Died maybe even had their funerals in Here and they’re buried on campus Oh nevermind i’m sorry i thought i heard Someone Behind me can i put this bag down Look at this this is like a pulpit like Out you know old time Wow and no disrespect here i mean we’re We’re Allowed in here yeah You know we usually get given access to These buildings let me just be really Careful I’m gonna keep rolling we’ve set up Motion sensing lights Through this main aisle through the pews And then a couple of motion sensing Little balls and we’re going to use this Rem pot right here

And let’s kill ir i’m going to turn that Off yep second It’s here in here Okay no pun intended It’s almost like i feel like there are People safe We’re getting some like feedback light Here what oh it’s your reflector But yeah i would take it off yeah here I’m gonna take can you hold this for a Second Okay Somebody here If there’s anybody here in the chapel Can you come walk towards The sound of my voice dude Again vibration i haven’t had it all day All my Ears are ringing if you’re here can you Light up something one of these balls Or the lights to come down the aisle Towards us I feel like you’re here we’re not Here out of disrespect I just saw a little light and a pew Do you believe in god Man i’m dizzy i don’t know what the heck Is going on here Hello Follow this out of my voice That’s very eerie yeah i definitely i

Mean This is not a spot for me that i i Definitely have Feeling again like it’s thick again for Me like Energy-wise i’m not sure what it is it’s Hard to tell if it’s happy or sad or Did you have your funeral here like They’d be sitting right here calling Can you walk down the aisle here Come on down Let’s go over here man you know [Applause] This this is eerie yeah Oh wow that’s the chaplain’s office down There really Why don’t you step down a little bit and Ask a question a second I feel cold right behind me Okay so about 0.8 really Is anybody here you know we’re friendly 30 30 no way wait a second I want to go buy this just I thought it said 34. Three plus four equals seven the angel Number seven is the angel number Three and four i know okay wow that said 34 like Like that oh my god this is like really Creepy back here i know How far does this go back Oh my gosh this is crazy this hallway is Eerie right here man

Hello Oh I feel so much energy It’s kind of that you weren’t like why Do you feel i feel kind of like more I will fear but anxiety Yeah yeah i mean i would think like more Relaxed No i feel like a heat on the side of my Face Facing this hallway this is where you’d Have to you know Just think if you were back here and you Were a minister Or you know had to speak and you had a Church full Of people who were suffering in a Funeral they were crying how much Maybe anxiety that you would have as a Minister you know or pastor Before you go up these stairs that’s Kind of the feeling that maybe have Of dread or just like and i’m getting Really creeped out from this corner for Some reason can we get out of this area Let’s go this way this is where i came Out before i didn’t know Okay this room has loaded energy It’s creepy behind me look at 666. No oh it just said it was just six six Six right there The temperature hold on let me get it Here well no So there it is six six six see it go

Lower There it is got it wow Six six six in the church it’s strange It’s right around here it’s also crazy That Right here everywhere right here it’s Almost What a weird number to be reading out of Every temperature 66.6 in this church Well it goes it flips but it hits it you Know what i’m saying Okay what are you doing oh finally A boy finally killed i can’t i can’t Finally Boy kill finally kill boy okay Did you want to kill somebody is that Why you were sent to the asylum because You wanted to kill a boy there’s where The rainbow Can you turn these lights on for us Spirit really kill movie There it spirit Spirit truth maybe they’re saying that God is What they found here remember how he was Saying Earlier that patients were forced To do religious classes here yeah that’s Rehabilitation Do you want to move that up What do you believe in this would be the Protestant

Part of the chapel and um Let me go straight out these doors and To the right You believe in the catholic faith eleven Robert robert Look at robert eleven sean on camera Maybe it’s saying he was an Eleven-year-old Are we talking to someone named robert Did a robert pass away at age 11 and Have a funeral here Let’s go stairs into a spirit box Upstairs Oh it’s very that was working You know what i’m saying well there it Just went off Right after we passed yeah you’ll show It You’ll be on camera look at this it came Out This is creepy [Applause] Eggs Oh look at that like from here that’s so Weird And i was just talking about how it Wasn’t working We definitely wouldn’t have set that off You saw me walk well I would walk by and i was filming to see If anything happened the light came on So that will be on the camera

Are you in the back there I’m oh please Let’s just see if it’s just a light this Goes off see now why doesn’t that go off And that goes up yeah that goes off look At column This one gonna walk in front of it Okay okay maybe it’s gonna Go off it went off come on Look at it again like one more pass We’re just falling off yeah I feel a lot of energy to be honest i Gotta do this I’m gonna run a spirit box well he runs The sls Let’s do this okay it’s not connected To everybody that has been in here Can you tell us your name whoever’s in Here with us To everybody that has been in here Can you tell us your name whoever’s in Here with us [Applause] Did you die here Can you tell me the name of the building That we’re in [Applause] Chapel chapel Do you believe in god I’m a demon yeah I’m a demon are there demons here at This hospital Who are you

Who are you Who are you Are you here Oh you see that yeah the lights flashed The last last the last one how does it Flash Were you a nurse Hold that one come on are you coming Closer to us I feel Do you not want us in here Now There’s grace Is there something evil here Okay Who are you Are you following me right now kind of Like you follow That security guard home i’m not afraid Of you I’m really not sure come on are you Trying to act like a demon to scare me Show yourself Hello It seems like this would be a positive Building but Look it illuminates when i walk away Every time the big The one closest and that wasn’t even Coming on when i was right next to it It’s like this thing is like right

Behind us like the woman has followed Her And i’m getting cold too it seems like Whatever’s in here is pretending to be Some sort of a demon Or something it’s not good energy really It’s not Turn it on okay and then There we go i’m gonna put this down Right here on the front view You can talk into this What’s your name Do you believe in god How about all of you show yourself and Just show up Way down there see that’s physically Impossible for us to set that off It’s nine feet we checked out and Measured Nine feet this is like this is uh Thirty yeah Did you die here did you suffer abuse What happened to you when you were here At central state can you tell us that Or if you want to now’s a good chance to Come behind me You can pull on my hair you can pull on My necklace you can do anything you want To me I thought i agree So everybody we were supposed to be out Of here by 11. they gave us a grace Period

But we don’t want to push it because This is such a great opportunity and We’re so thankful that they allowed us Into these buildings well into this one Building And on the campus grounds so we’re gonna Head back to our airbnb Which also is supposedly haunted because It is actually a remodeled building that Was once a part of the campus that one Of the administrators or higher-ups at The asylum they actually lived there it Was their home And we don’t know who it was but there’s A good chance that they’ve already Passed on So when we were in there earlier i was Hearing some things when we were just Checking in so We’re going to head over there now and Continue investigating Can you find the words of these spirits In here no I just um thanks for allowing us here i Was just kind of thinking the Chandeliers for a second That something’s up there but yeah thank You for allowing us in here Okay guys so i’m totally exhausted from Filming all day and all week but i’m Sitting here right now In what was once a house that one of These supervisors or one of the higher Ups

At central state lived in it’s been Remodeled and turned into an airbnb I can assume that this place has some Sort of haunting attached to it I’ve been in here for a while i heard a Couple of weird noises earlier right When we were bringing our stuff in My dad and i i went upstairs to put some Stuff in my bedroom and Jeff apparently left the building and i Thought i heard him downstairs and i Yelled out Hey is that you dad and uh It wasn’t him but i’m just gonna sit Here for a little bit And ask a few questions and and see if Anybody’s in here because I don’t know it’s eerie it’s definitely Got a weird vibe to it And also to think about the person who Is facilitating Overseeing the day-to-day operations of This facility It’s interesting to think about the kind Of head space that they were in and the Kind of mark that that could have Potentially left On an environment like this so i’m Sitting here in the main Room the living room all the lights are Out already Here’s the porch there goes that About to go into a world of darkness And as you can see it is pitch black in

Here Let’s turn the infrared on got my Illuminator Sit down over here i’ve also got the Ovulus Scream beast Clock scream Beast clock july crash I have no idea what that would mean so I’m sitting in the house with you guys Did you used to live in this house can You come talk to me if you did So it’s the morning after central state I’ve been up getting b-roll zooming Around security’s come and talk to me I think three times now but i got this Little safety vest Like i said before i’m wearing the exact Same clothes I just wanted to say thank you to Anybody who was here in the house thank You to anybody that was here on the Grounds It was truly a beautiful night and i Hope all of you guys have found peace And we’re going to come to the cemetery Now So if anybody’s around in this area come Join us where You were finally laid to rest So to end our time here at central state Hospital We’ve come for the first time in the Daylight we’re not trying to make this

Look scary It’s very haunting nonetheless but it’s Not scary We’ve come to the cedar lane cemetery on The property Where Where there are over twenty five 000 Patients buried and only A handful of markers this area Is all wooded behind us and all the Burials are spread Throughout the woods in the forest and It’s just Eerie and heartbreaking because when you Look at that Memorial that they’ve erected with the Stakes you really just see that It’s just numbers there are no names to These people it’s almost as if they Never Existed since so many records have been Lost and everything So and those are only the numbers that They even found But we’re going to drive through para Respects and um Get out of here and head to our final Place we’re filming for the trip How does it make you feel well just um It’s again a totally different cemetery In the sense that It’s for psychiatric patients kind of Nationally actually like the sign will Read

In the sense that um like you said They’re a number They’re not even given a name on their Burial and there was like 25 000 people here and there’s like like You said Several hundred you know stakes with Just a number So that’s kind of a sad thing but you Know i think At least it looks like a pretty setting You know i don’t know if that to me Peaceful But yeah it’s sad when you think about People in psychiatric hospitals in the Past were just given a number and And just buried you know without really Any name So and there’s probably like you said a Lot more And already got a little emotional cried A little bit So this is not the typical scary Ending but this is the true paranormal Files way Where just want to tell you guys the end Of the day Life is very valuable you never know When it’s going to get taken away And if you’re watching this video you’re Lucky to be Alive so count your blessings whenever You can And hug the people you love tell them

You love them You never know when it’s gonna go away I guess they’re putting them just out Here Thank you guys for allowing us to come Visit you And no matter who you are what your name Is just remember that you’ll always be Remembered Don’t ever feel hopeless if you can hear This Message but at the end of the day i hope You all found peace And we’re leaving you with the best Energy that we can and we’re trying hard Here to tell your story the real story Of what happened to you So i hope you find comfort in that And uh maybe i’ll see you guys one day Because i’m we’re all headed there too But we’ll catch you next time also i Want everybody online To just join us in a moment of silence For everybody here Well in doing that hopefully we can give Them thousands of Moments of silence and some respect from Afar But that’s it guys time to say goodbye To central state It’s been a fun day such night Sombring ending but catch everybody on The flip

So Hello