DISCLOSURE WARS (Dr Greer VS Luis Elizondo)

By | May 23, 2021
DISCLOSURE WARS (Dr Greer VS Luis Elizondo)

Good evening folks and welcome To to alien addicts i know i said Welcome to third phase of moon there Um and the guys are already waiting down Below because i can see him Blake’s just dropped in uh i thought Blake might be a little bit late But it’s all good we’re gonna have a Hell of a show tonight And uh we’ve got a lot to discuss so Without further ado I’m gonna bring up the boys um a few of Them Already know each other a few of them Don’t know each other Blake cousins welcome to the show my Friend Did you hear me how you doing you got me Clear I’ve got you clear you look wonderful Mate you look it’s Crystal crystal dark hour how you doing Mate You good i can’t hear you But you do look you look great we don’t Need the audio we just need to look at You you look fine Richard hey is this thing on Thanks for having me it’s on mate yeah It’s it’s on tonight definitely on Tonight And we have lee from mussy audio Captain all right podcast grifter at Your service

How is everybody in this fine evening We’ve got a lot to discuss A little bit yeah doing good thanks for Asking A lot on the table blake i i I just i want to start with with Yourself just because Um i’m aware that i don’t know how long This is going to be this show and i Don’t know how long you’ve got but You you guys are calling something out That’s going to happen in the next Couple of weeks hopefully you’re going To get Gria with lou May did you did you say lose lawyer as Well and Possibly um nick pope Well you know uh yeah about three days Ago it’s going to be on the show Glad to be on ellie and attic good to See you dark hour paranormal Uh good to see you rich and lee hey So yeah anyway you know i talked to dr Greer i think it’s like four in the Morning his time is in north carolina And he um He had a lot to say in basically what’s Going on in today’s Narrative of basically this threat this Threat and he’s not happy about it so he Called out all these names he wanted us To share this video on his channel And i called him up afterwards i said

Hey look let’s get these guys on so they Could let’s get a debate going a Communication Any kind of you know discussion let’s Hear both sides of the story both sides Of the Narrative and uh you know i’ve already Reached out to a few of the people Now you know dr greer is on board he’s Ready to take them all on and I i give them a lot of respect for that Takes some guts So you know i could say people are um Hesitant to talk to dr greer some people Call him the lion you know He’d be kind of a heavy duty guy guided Debate but hey These guys are saying this in the main Stream media Why not come on a channel and just talk Let’s just talk But people are afraid to talk um i can Say I had i’ve reached out to a couple of People Some people still they’re thinking They’re thinking so let’s keep our Fingers crossed in two weeks if these If these guys have the cajones to take On dr greer And just have a discussion it’s not like We want to create like this Rumble in the jungle but we do want to Create this

Dialogue that is necessary in this field And you know these guys should oblige to Come on this channel they You know luis elizando will come on any Channel on youtube You might only have 10 subscribers on Your channel but he’ll come on your Channel And he’ll have maybe five to 20 people Watching why not come on our channel Where we have Tens maybe if not hundreds of thousands Of people watching And get eyeballs on this this is the Point If if he really wants to get the word Out if nick pope Daniel sheehan you know jeremy corbell And luis elizondo if they got a message Why not come on One of the largest platforms in regards To this phenomenon And hash it out so we’re hoping that They do i know again dr greer he’s ready And uh he’s excited it took a little Convincing he thought This would be some kind of like Publicity stunt And why even give these guys even a Platform But i’m saying hey look you know this is The Place to uh have a discussion so let’s Hope they come forward but

Right now we’ll see i’m having my Fingers crossed there’s a lot of things Going on so That’s that’s kind of i’ve got my Fingers crossed for you because I’m excited for this i i do think It was a great call that blake because It needs to happen because he he’s Grier’s making like big claims there And you know if he’s got the balls to Actually face them Face on but and they don’t turn up And they’ve got nothing to hide What does that say if they don’t show up To a discussion Where these guys will talk on the major Media or any other small channel on the Internet and not Uh face grier i think that’s going to Have a lot to say about who And what these people represent Yeah i’ve i’ve had issues with greer in The past but i have to say Like like you uh rich and dark i were Discussing On richard’s show the other day i i i Impressed me what he did It was it’s completely i mean i i Sent it straight to rich but obviously He’d seen it Pretty much straight away anyway but i Think the entire people that are into This field have seen this and it’s This there’s going to be a split but i

Think greer is going a lot of hearts Back He’s creating a line in the sand and uh You know it is interesting that he was Dropping names which is kind of Uncharacteristic Of you know dr gray i guess he calls out Names but uh these people in the major Media It was surprising that he called out Nick poe and uh some of these other He’s calling out pretty much all the Community i’m not gonna name some of the Names that he Mentioned but he’s pretty much not happy With them all because It’s interesting i think our little Circle Of the thought process on this threat Narrative Uh we all are kind of on the same page But there’s a lot of these Ufologists that have been in this for Decades and they’re just going along With this story because they just want To put out the story They don’t care what the narrative is It’s just they’re going to follow what’s Going on on the headline and just go Along with it And yeah mike dr greer he’s not happy With a whole lot of people Not just the names that he mentioned He’s got a lot of issues with a lot of

The others that are like big namers so It really surprised me Because some of these people are his uh You know affiliates his You know he worked with him all of them Daniel sheehan was in his last Documentary and now You know there’s things that have Changed over the past few months he’s Said some things about nick pope that Really surprises me but you know nick Pope Uh obliged he got back to me a day ago He says uh i i can’t give away too much Information but You know he’s aware pretty much i think Everybody’s aware Of this uh invitation so we are gonna Get Sorry go ahead i would say we are going To get osvaldo franco Uh coming on as and i know you’re eager To ask him some questions because he’s Kind of He’s very much ttsa he’s very much lou Alexander So i don’t know lose no longer with ttsa But he’s kind of like It would be interesting to hear what he Has to say Since griez come out and said this Because i have not spoken Um since this has all happened but lee You look like you want to ask

Blake something there yeah The the greer thing i’ve i’ve been Skeptical of gria for Quite a long time i think it’s the most Genuine he’s ever come across You know it’s he he seemed desperate to Get his point across As quickly as he could do it um but What you say about like other people in The ufo community which yeah i’m I’m happy that ollie invites me to come On these things i don’t like consider Myself part of that because you guys Have been putting all the hard work in Where i’ve Just been invited on a few shows but it Seems to be that there’s like a group of People That are so desperate for some Vindication For what they’ve been looking for they Don’t seem to be Looking at the how this stuff’s coming Across Why it’s coming across why now you know If you look at the state the world is in What this is a a crazy time to all of a Sudden Decide right right now is the time now Is the time we should be putting this Out I just wonder what what why do you think Like now is it If if it is it well you know

The desperation maybe is the wrong word For dr burr’s Statements the other day but obviously The 60 minutes Uh expose on the subject matter and the Huge amount of audience that’s listening To this Narrative of this threat oh we don’t Know where they are Where they’re coming from oh it could be China it could be russia He you know grizz just kind of fed up With that whole idea he’s been warning About it for For years and i think this this kind of Uh Was the straw that broke the camel’s Back this 60 minutes Having so many people look at this and Everybody’s confused after this cnn Thing And it is exactly what they though the 60 minutes thing That’s exactly uh the attention of the Major media because You know it’s we all see it you don’t Get to hear the other side of the Story it’s the same talking heads over And over again and it seems like every Social media outlet Who’s going on the same uh script Is the one that’s getting the play What’s crazy is that when we uh Put out that dr greer video and my um

You know discussion with dr greer with The panel the other day We named the title dr greyer you know Has something to say what have you when We search dr greer in the search Algorithm We can’t find our videos the only videos That he could find Are the major medias or maybe even goof On they’ll that they’ll Rich’s uh search will come up on the Grid Discussion but why not third phase Because we’re not part of the The script and it’s interesting and they Don’t want They don’t want these big numbers being Seen and these Massive eyeballs to hear this other side Of the story we all agree that You’re watching the news every day it’s The same script over and over and over Again And you only got a few people that are Able to talk in the major media It’s sad huh the casting show is done They already found their actors And they don’t want any more people Coming into this movie i guess Well you can see what’s happened like i Know ali’s told me before If you put ufo onto a video it gets like De-listed and de-ranked now Doesn’t seem to get de-listed if it’s

Cnn or Like you say if it’s 60 minutes they can Put ufo at the beginning of any Any video because i did a search the Other day for Yeah ufo and uap and it’s it’s the same Thing you get with Any other highly politicized story now It’s the key players Or what they consider as the key players I it’s gatekeeping isn’t it You know it’s crazy right it’s it’s it’s In broad daylight Plain sight it’s not a it’s not a Mistake because our algorithm And the search algorithms the way it is That they want you to just go to the Major media You know there’s there’s a whole massive Audience that thinks The other way or at least they should Have a you know a forum to hear The other side this broken record is Getting old Do you think for some people it’s too Late with great because A lot of people have said that you know The guy is He’s just wanting to sell tickets this That and the other i know gray has done A lot of good i remember greer Way back actually before 9 11 with the Stuff that he was doing Um and it’s kind of one of the people

That really got me into ufology to begin With But i think for some people no matter What he says And because yes he’s made a living off It but Pete you know this is what we do this if If if you can make a living of doing Something you love i get that But i think for some people they’ll Think that the guy just wants to make Money And this is just a big thing for him to Make money to get this quick video up You know because he’s wanting what is it 70 To actually get this film made I know he’s given permission for it to Be put out on all platforms and i get That i think some people might be Skeptical Well i can say this uh again yeah guru Has been doing this for a long time i Don’t agree with everything rare says But um yeah is it about the money Uh should we trust him look isn’t this The guy he told me the other night he Turned down Two billion dollars with the b not to Give out as if This kind of information and i was kind Of thinking about that Like really this guy’s like turned down Two billion dollars

Okay well what if he did accept the two Billion and he didn’t say Anything now we wouldn’t have Documentaries like unacknowledged And countdown to disclosure you know all These These documentaries that have been seen By hundreds of millions of people around The world Maybe it would have been a good Investment to Have them be silent for two billion Dollars but he apparently turned It out so now you got hundreds of Millions of people hearing his message So he didn’t take a penny from us for Countdown to disclosure You know he gave us our interview for The documentary it’s time You know this guy we talked for two Hours and it wasn’t recorded He just wanted to let it out he sent me Some pictures of his family and his Grandchildren afterwards he says this is What it’s about this is what’s The future and what he’s worried about Again you know they’re you know if you Work hard there’s nothing wrong To you know financially gain from good Work that you’re uh Passionate about that’s that’s not the There’s no issues there in my opinion And uh you know the fact is hundreds of Millions of people have heard his

Message And maybe maybe they didn’t want that Message out it’s creating a different Consciousness obviously from what we’re Seeing in the major media So maybe it would have been worth two Billion dollars for him Not to come forward because it’s going Against this whole narrative that we’re Seeing right now playing out Just to let the audience know osvaldo Franco is coming on in in a moment but i Kind of wanted to get All of our take on things before he Actually comes in And gives his take because i do get the Feeling that That all of us might be kind of like One-sided at the moment I’m ver i’m very neutral um but Come on yeah Advocate you know at the end of the show You tell everybody what side you’re on I’ll interview anybody Rich though you you rich you’ve kind of You changed your tune very much with Gria over the years I think yeah i feel like you have i had No choice How much did you pay look i i still have Those same thoughts about grier I just don’t talk about him anymore Because why bother But uh i i met the guy and i looked into

His eyes and i didn’t see the devil I saw a regular guy who’s just trying to Make a living on stuff he believes in he Really believes in And if you don’t believe in it so what And i have changed you’re right Over the years i’ve you i used to get on People for this kind of stuff and you Know things that he does and i can’t Prove it Uh and i’m like you know what maybe some People can See things that i can’t see why why do i Think i have to be the special one maybe They are special maybe some people do Vibrate differently So i’ve kind of changed a little bit Because i did have experiences too and All that stuff so You know if you the longer you’re in This field the more you learn about People and about yourself And for people who are just flying by They’re not going to get the whole story They’re not going to see stuff behind The scenes they’re not going to make Things happen with other people they’re Not going to collaborate You know so you meet people you see they Know other people they know other people Next thing you know you’re learning Stuff about people That you didn’t even know that you were Making fun of or you know whatever

And you find out that they’re actually Great people so You know i am changing my tune about Grier a little bit i i I do take that back everything i said in The beginning but Um i still have my doubts about him Though you know and On that stuff i can’t believe everything He says Because it’s so out there but who isn’t Out there in this field So i want the i don’t like the threat Narrative i think it’s always been bs I don’t think it’s been the aliens i do Think it’s us You know and we’re back engineering or Creating this high tech that is maybe a Hundred years in the future now You know we’re seeing stuff hundred Years in the future right And we’re seeing it now so imagine What a hundred years will be it’s gonna Be crazy so I don’t think we’re going to have a war There’s not gonna be Aliens uh but i think it may be us And we’re gonna say it’s aliens and We’re gonna blame it on them So we can unite with the other countries And everybody else and make a one world You know i don’t want to say the whole Phrase but uh Well new world well there i go well

Anyway That’s that man we’re we’re on it this Is this is the best it’s ever been While we’re throwing wild theories out Much the same as You rich that’s kind of kind of where i Was on things as well But when we’ve heard stories in the past Of uh you know ufos like Disarming warheads and all all these Sort of things and interfere with Nuclear bases and stuff like that there Are There seems to be a if If that’s true there seems to be a plan On trying to keep us safe from ourselves So when you see what’s going on globally Right now Would it not make sense if there was any Time to intervene to keep us safe from Ourselves It might be now and then so Powers that be cabal whichever way you Want to do it Could they be trying to get out ahead of The horse yeah right By calling these things a threat because They know Whatever they’ve have planned for the Useless eaters Uh that there might be something out There that wants to stop it But they have to have proof of that they Either they know something we don’t know

Or they’re communic you know they’re Communicating with them You know it’s there’s no evidence of That nobody’s saying it but greer that They’re You know talking to aliens on the other Side over there you know Elizondo and whatnot they’re talking About Yeah and if they do say it’s a threat i Get what you’re saying maybe they’re They’re But there’s no proof and disabling Nuclear missiles Or you know nuclear weapons i don’t know Is that A threat or is that a good thing Shouldn’t we be just this Protected all over the place and if it Kept happening Over and over again if they launched one I mean come on man they’re not nothing Happening exactly You would have thought they’d just Stopped hiroshima though Maybe they were late maybe they uh Maybe that triggered it was the right Idea at the time Who knows we were attacked that’s Yeah i you see that’s why i’m not buying It’s aliens man They’re gonna let us do what we do and That’s that That’s the way it’s always been that’s

What great’s all Messed up about well he’s not messed up He’s just mad about this whole thing Blaming down with alex he just wants These guys to admit Or at least acknowledge that hey look This this could be one of ours And it’s in the black ops project some Kind of you know private corporation Lockheed skunk works plant 42 they’re Building it over there We know exactly where they’re from and He’s just like At least acknowledge that instead of Acting you know The whole thing is is we don’t want our Adversaries knowing that we have this Technology So we’re just we’re just acting like hey We don’t know what it is we don’t know What it is Because they don’t want to freak out the Other countries and Them knowing that we have this so Obviously they’re not going to do that Why would they They would right so this it makes total Sense to me that they’re going to blame It on something they don’t know Just so you know deniability But that’s okay high fives high five High five But hey but don’t you think that’s okay Too

Why are they they’re maybe they’re not So wrong after all The only thing i think about that is if How do you hide it If one country yeah if one country has These these vehicles that can do these Things I don’t think we have wars anymore i Think the wars are all won But if all the countries had had if all The countries had them i think we’d Already know about this technology But yeah no all the countries don’t have It for one In my opinion and for another how do you Roll this out how do you roll it out Let’s just put it this way what do you What would you estimate and dark hour uh Get into this conversation He’s muted yeah here’s here’s what i’m Thinking What do you think it costs to build a Tic tac right To have this craft do what it does Truly thirty dollars trillion dollars Okay so We could only there’s not enough demand In the world How much how much went missing that’s on That day in september So let’s just put it this way the global Well the american economy is worth 270 Trillion so we’d only be able to buy 270 Of these tic tacs and our country would

Be bankrupt So again we don’t have the demand Because we can’t afford the technology So They’re not going to roll it out just Yet that’s just a theory of mine I’m sorry can you guys hear me now yeah Okay i apologize it was over on the Mixer end that i didn’t engage something I i was sitting here patiently waiting My turn And every time i tried to talk someone Was talking about like oh my god okay I’ll just wait so Sorry about that um i’ve wanted to jump Into this conversation Uh what follows the natural course now If you think about it The divulging that we have Extraterrestrials among us Or that we have this high technology What makes more sense to me we would Divulge that we have the high technology Wherever it came from First and then move on to a civilization In the way of existence and then perhaps Their technology because One way or another if they reveal any Secret technology that we have Uh amongst us it’s going to hold Implications In respect of course to origin and if There are other civilizations that have This technology as well then we find

That mirroring later on We’re going to have questions again About that origin and perhaps our Contact To me it wouldn’t be surprising if the Focus Completely shifted away from Extraterrestrial life in respect To this uh disclosure if you will which Possibly is the best course of action Right now i mean i think Just understanding what’s coming next in The way of how The um the expression of this technology May change us individually and the Paradigm and the collective and so forth Maybe it’s going to be too much to have The extraterrestrial thing on the table At the same time and that is something We’re moving towards Uh when you look at somebody like greer Yes i understand he’s a very Controversial Figure but here’s the thing especially In the way of what he just gave us He has and it’s been said in many Different ways and you guys have said it Too A lot of balls to come out and do this And you’re not going to take up Arms unless you’re confident enough that You can defend yourself Now he’s standing up there roaring like A lion because he has a good reason to

And he’s ready to go to battle in that Sense so he’s called out these names And if their conviction is as tight as Uh griers is Then there should be no issue with them Coming up and having this conversation If the narrative that they’re speaking On media uh mainstream media every night And going on all these other shows Throughout you know youtube and so forth Again talking about the same thing over And over Then why would it change why would your Conviction change in Being actually challenged by somebody You know will give you that intellectual Stint So you know what grier’s doing right now Is very very epic in certain respects And again It’s going to shine a light on who some Of these people are even in the most Peripheral senses even if they don’t Come to you guys directly third phase of The moon onto this panel with greer It’s going to speak volumes about the Character motivation and the intention Of the people that the majority of us And i’m you know not necessarily here But the majority of us seeing them on Television hold them in such high regard Yeah exactly I think what’s what what is to come If i’m honest with you i i was speaking

To my wife Last night and i just said Something may may come in the next few Months and Whatever does come please take it with a Pinch of salt Because it’s My worry is something a little bit A little bit frightening might may come I mean i could be wrong there But i’m a man with two kids and i’ve got To keep I’ve got to keep that part of me and Thinking all the time is Something and it sounds so crazy to Actually think Something like that could happen but Without saying any words here Look at the past two years well year and A bit that we that we’ve lived and i Would never thought that this could Happen but Without further ado i am going to get Osvaldo franco in the house Uh but us uh i love you to pieces but If so let people speak um my friend Because you you you i know you’re a man With many opinions welcome to the show As well Franco how are you doing mate you’re Looking well same old Yes so you’ve seen what’s happened uh With gria recently um the other day when He

And what do you make of that uh Grandstanding Stephen grier’s grandstanding stephen Greer is realizing that the movement Is passing him by that’s basically what This is steven grier Is not completely above board In my opinion um we’ll Just say that you did support him though You You gave him money i sure did uh Because i’m a ufologist because i put The cause first always Um and uh and i wasn’t really happy with What he did with my money To tell you the truth um that was just a Terrible documentary More than what ttsa did oh pardon Nothing yeah all right rich thanks uh Nice to see you rich hey youtube I said it was more than what ttsa did i Mean ttsa took people’s money and they Didn’t do anything Well no matter what github what i’m Sorry okay i’m sorry I’m just saying whatever any of us say Tonight Is we are all you know we’re all in it Together we just never did It although all these other guys That you support a grand standing on the Major media every single day with the Same script Yeah what’s wrong with uh dr burr

You know just disagreeing with her That’s not grandstanding my problem with Greer is this holier-than-thou Uh uh uh attitude of griers Um this this this quasi-spiritual Like weirdness i just like i don’t like It i don’t trust it Um i think that he is grasping at straws Honestly um it seems that things are Going in a very clear direction And it’s not going his way When you’re fighting up against a major Media and corporations all on the same Page It’s it’s a battle that’s going to be a Tough one and You got to admittedly admit that you’re Seeing That not word of although what’s going On in the major media do you see Hear any other side of the story or it’s Always the same script Doesn’t that kind of give you any kind Of red flag Uh no that’s how the media is they’re About everything But that’s the problem though isn’t it Like how all of a sudden how all of a Sudden can we trust mainstream media When we haven’t done for years No no but but you are because they’re Saying what you want to hear No uh who says i’m trusting the media I’m trusting you you’re trusting ttsa

Which are using The mainstream media as an outlet yes Well i look at it this way Ttsa has gotten more done than anybody Has Ever they made it they made a history Period Um did you watch their tv show Unidentified they’re misidentifying ufos Constantly they’re shooting stars really Blurry videos And they say that’s a ufo or they’re Shooting military flares they go oh my God these are a threat Or they’ll misrepresent their Analyzation of ufos where there’s They’re they said They put their ufo expert and go look at This video you tell us what it is He’s an enhancer of video and they’re Looking at these Uh parachuters with pyro attacks coming Down The guy doesn’t say they’re parachuters Or pyrotechs What he says is that their manip this Footage is manipulated this footage is Cgi why don’t they just say it’s Freaking people coming down in military In parachutes with pyrotechs but no They’re saying it’s cgi or they’re Missing You know if that’s good work i’m not Sure unidentified was trash in my

Opinion of what they brought to the Table And there’s a little end this threat This fake threat Listen if it wasn’t for ttsa we wouldn’t Be getting this senate report period We would not find it wrong at all That’s fair but doesn’t it Basically going to be everything That we’ve had for like 50 60 years Basically nothing Well ttsa only brought the discussion Out that’s it we’re talking about the Tic tac and gimbal this is the The golden the holy grail of What we’ve seen in the past 60 years Given given its source yeah one camera Footage That the military mix is theirs that’s Enormous Maybe it’s not the clearest footage in The world but you can have super clear They’re going to admit that it’s not Theirs because they don’t want to admit It’s theirs because they don’t want to Panic the rest of the countries that we Have this technology that’s why they’re Denying what they’re seeing in the air Because i don’t I don’t know if you’re everybody has Water though i mean honestly like they Us being the only nation in the world With nuclear weapons for time was Not such a bad move for us we didn’t

Really seem to care That everybody knew that we had the Nuclear weapons when we were the only People that had them Um i don’t think that that would Like that i don’t think that would Perturb them from like saying that they Have stuff Especially if it looks like we’re about To uh uh Uh go into developing these things Openly and i I believe that that’s what’s going to Happen uh In the next garden i think that we might Develop these openly and give it to uh The public where we’ll be able to you Know travel in these tic tacs You know that’s my that’s my dream That’s what i hope But right now the price of the building These things are way too much they could Only like i say probably build only 270 Of these tic tacs and our country would Go bankrupt well actually No i wouldn’t show the demand yet we Can’t afford it we can’t afford it There’s there’s going to be demand i Mean they’re like honestly dude There was no demand for cell phones but It developed didn’t it and that’s also Military technology now it’s everywhere That’s going to be important it took Forever you know is the size of a

Skyscraper the technology for the cell Phone Technology now they got it so we could Walk around it in our pockets but This took a long time this took like 40 Years so again we’re 40 to 100 years Behind This [ __ ] coming out to the public so Blake Are you saying that you think the tic Tac is ours 100 I don’t think there’s little grey aliens In the tic-tac or the gimbal i think What we’re seeing Here’s our own you know donald trump Said it The other one and countdown to Disclosure he says i think they They want we want them to see them He says we have these high flying assets You know it’s it’s something reverse Engineered possibly but Again it has nothing to do with little Gray aliens Running circles around our our pilots Yeah this may not be as esoteric as most People make it out to be again Bringing that extraterrestrial element In there let’s just shave that off the Table for a moment And see what else we’re really dealing With a disclosure of high technology That we’ve had Now what other point in history can we

Think back on and say All right you know certain groups of People had a cache of certain Technology or research that they had Been developing behind the scenes Somewhere and then decided to divulge it One Day and thus everybody jumped a hundred Years in terms of technology I can’t think of one uh nuclear weapons Come again closest thing is nuclear Weapons It would be the closest thing but and Yet in the same respect we all know About nuclear weapons today but there’s All this information And technology apparently research going Into behind the scenes where and they Are so much further In respect to technology than we are Aware of now when you brought up cell Phones That’s a great idea because when they Brought them out it was a trickle effect And we see this a lot it was just a Little bit of this technology now for All we know They could already have the end product Where and it does everything that They’re giving us little features on Every single year as they upgrade to Continually milk out that economy And whatever development it took to get To the point they have but

For rich people like always and then Over time it’ll be You know get cheaper and cheaper and Easier to make those things and then Before you know it regular folks will Have them But again as blake is saying here how is That going to work in the way of Something like a tic tac where that sort Of technology Takes so much investment and if you were To build you know five ten of these Things across the planet you deplete the Entire economy of the world Where in are we going to have the Materials to do something like that on a Large scale Trillion dollars to build the first one But And develop that technology but that’s Going to go down in price and it’s going To get easier and easier to make those Things Okay where is this come where is this Coming from this this trillion dollars Where is this coming from this is what It costs to make this thing because That’s a black budget operation Apparently there’s two trillion dollars In this black Budget every year so we’re accounting For that that’s we’re We’re being hypothetical on this but Again i think it’s uh

Well that’s for the whole truly educated Guess it’s an educated guess as follow How would you roll out the tic tac Let’s just say oh i got my tic tac and i Got it in the garage I’m gonna go and uh fly around in the Tic tac how are you gonna Control something that travels 30 000 Miles an hour and gets in the wrong Hands You don’t even need any tnt in this Thing on the internet Advanced driving test very advanced Driving test Absolutely so how do you control that Like what did somebody got That thing and wanted to use it for Nefarious reasons We already have things that people use For nefarious reasons our technology Is getting more and more advanced um I look at it this way private car people Drive cars and use them In bad ways what is it Manslaughter vehicle manslaughter but Could you imagine with a tic tac Well i look at it i look at it this way If the technology exists it’s already Too late One two um if the situation Is true and it does appear that it is True that our pilots are getting engaged Regularly and if it is extraterrestrials I believe that uh this is

Uh uh occurring uh I think that uh it’s inevitable That this is gonna be coming to the Public if if our pilots are getting Buzzed Every day for years and now we’re seeing A lot of weird air traffic like issues With private with with commercial planes And airlines you know they’re starting To see stuff And have issues um over time Eventually that’s going to start Bleeding in more and more into the Public Like we could be very close To uh like not open contact at least Like more open like you know encounters With these beings or more frequently Why do you bring up the alien aspect of This all the time Because although why not let’s just Can’t you At least entertain the idea I think it’s a little bit of both that’s Within our assets I know about uh yes i studied townstead Brown and all of these things Um for years and years and years the Fact Is though i think that they are really In the middle of a conundrum i think It’s a perfect storm which is really Occurring I think that uh there are there is

Uh certain technological developments That cannot be avoided I think that there are certain uh issues With extraterrestrials that cannot Be avoided i think that uh there’s Certain political realities because of Those things that cannot be avoided And i think they’re trying their best to Get out in front of this thing because If they don’t it’s going to be a Disaster for them It will be worse for them to to to not Do anything and let this happen Than it is to at least try to do Something and said well at least we Attended They do we’re going to build a spaceship To fight a tic-tac or build Uh weapons to fight et is that what the That’s the End game here that probably honestly This we’re human beings this is how we Do things We’ve there’s nothing that we haven’t Weaponized and most of our best and most Advanced stuff originally begins as Weapons to begin that’s a battle we’re Going to lose Yeah the other thing is as far as Technology out as well though as far as Rolling technology out What do you then do with the industries This destroys if you’re going to do this Overnight the amount of energy that it

Would that it takes to To have something like the tic tac goes Oh yeah well That transforms energy overnight and You say you said before that you can’t If something’s invented it’s already too Late Look how long it took for the electric Car to even Like come close and how much that was Yeah The electric car was also brutally Sabotaged time and again yeah Yeah yeah so what makes what makes you Think that this this technology can just Be rolled out Decimate oil industry and like the Energy industries we have now It is it’s a quantum leap from What the electric car is as i’ve stated Before I think the powers that be have maybe More than one gun pointed to their head At this point I don’t think they’re doing this because They’re nice i don’t think they’re doing This because they particularly care About us I think that they in order for them to Maintain the control that they have They have to do something because things Are going to get weird and it might not Work Speaking of gunpoint um

And uh i hope i don’t get into trouble For playing this but i kind of wanted Your opinion on this Um i i’ve taken a little clip of of lose Uh you know who knows what they are you Know uh But sorry check out the guy who’s the Guy next to him because i mean i’m no I i’m what’s that no five guy uh Right just just look at his expression When when he’s talking of uh you know uh Who knows what they are You know uh even to the point where you Know i mean every Third of the way through the show at Every single place somebody would come Out and say You know it could be an awful threat you Know they could be from they could Who knows it could be from china you Know in marco rubio You know well you know if they’re from China or something we should know about That Uh and so it’s if that whole thing is Going on As we all know at a very low level of Consciousness About this entire phenomenon i mean They’re they’re way below the horizon On on this discussion uh but but It is certainly something like like Melinda when you When you said you know what do you think

Is did he hit a home run Now that’s uh grant cameron’s white House uh channel i will put it in the In the description below but that who’s That guy next to him us because He’s about smiling yeah it’s all weird It is through the entire it’s blake it’s Through the entire The entire thing i mean every i think There Odd he’s is it’s a little odd he’s doing It like this Yeah he’s a type guy guy Let me get my aloha shirt on What’s going on here come on These are the guys you back these guys This is a joke man these guys I didn’t like wow i didn’t even see that Clip And yeah i never well i never want to Watch that again but um High five ali made it to 100 watchers Good job bro These guys get the thumbs up But wow that’s hey osvaldo Doesn’t that look a little strange to Explain to me what’s going on there I don’t know i wasn’t there What’s my interpretation yeah what’s Going on with this guy here uh hyping Him up and just you know kind of Supporting him in a visual sense and why Is he laughing Why is this a laughing matter i thought

We were all pretty serious about what Was happening why do they think it’s Funny We don’t know what michael we’re like Thinking honestly dude like how am i Supposed to know i’m not telepathic I’m asking your opinion osvaldo in my Opinion Yes in my opinion I don’t see why it was relevant that he Didn’t really have him there he wasn’t Really Like involved in the subject matter you Know like i saw the whole interview one Of the odd things that Pardon that’s one of the odd things About it It’s the oddest thing i’ve ever seen and Loads of people have Sent me this clip but not said anything And i noticed the guy straight away but Every time He speaks about the ufo or the threat This guy Is smiling blake you need to i know you Don’t want to watch it but You guys should watch the entire thing And do an analysis on it because this Guy Is smiling like a chess like a cheshire Cat And he at some point when When lou’s lawyer is speaking he’s Muttering things

It’s almost like he’s he’s saying what He’s supposed to say The guy next to him with the big Medallion and the rings like they’re Reading From a teleprompter he reminds me of you Know when you hear about people having Like The same dreams and you hear about that Story of the smiling man Like the grinning man turning over People’s dreams he Looks like the artist impression of Those things that’s a little creepy Wasn’t it It is a subliminal ploy that they’re Playing It it’s probably just his best mate he’s Probably just his best mate and they got A little bit he got a little bit drunk Or high or whatever beforehand and he Just thought you know what can i come on With yeah yeah gotcha can He stood behind maybe he’s getting his Balls tickled He’s probably a lovely guy i thought That too actually just weird he’s Bizarre it’s bizarre I was i was looking to see if his Shoulder was moving a weird way No it all comes from the wrist like my Fingers are going like [ __ ] you can’t See my hand It’s just filling the wrist here’s valdo

What about your boy tom delong what’s he Up to how come we haven’t heard from him Lately Why haven’t we heard from a period when They had One in season two the guy only said a Few sentences And the whole fire sees it he did they Wouldn’t even let him speak why Well he’s busy building the company Right now and now Talk like he’s over there just posing on The tv show and just putting his face And he doesn’t open his mouth And this is the guy that’s you know Running the whole show Why why doesn’t the guy talk simple It doesn’t take much to open your mouth And talk Perhaps he’s waiting for something he’s Been making some very interesting posts Recently He’s posting cgi videos that we’re Putting up on mufon Mufon got somebody’s putting up cgi Videos we’re getting the submissions We’re like jesus christ i’m not going to Put this up Tomorrow is touting it over and over Again i sent it to rachel i’m like look Rich tom delong’s like putting up this Obvious It’s like i thought this guy is like Knows what’s going on they’re they’re

Looking at videos of the stars Out of focus and they say it’s a threat They’re looking at military flares Saying oh my god look at these ufos They’re a threat who knows they’re from China No their military flares off baja Mexico explain it to me that’s an Interesting Uh criticism from you actually I would say um uh Hmm how could i put it to you this way Uh hey nobody’s perfect We put out i don’t know 1000 ufo videos Over third phase of moon’s you know Youtube 10 years hey there’s some in there that Are obviously We me everybody makes mistakes we we got A we got a better eye We’ve been focusing a lot better over The past five years we’re not taking Any of that stuff we made an Announcement on third phase moon don’t Send us this [ __ ] So that we’re talking about now we’re Not talking about What happened to you yeah let’s let’s Stick with this let’s Stick with us the actual thing the Concerning thing here Is what’s actually going on now and so It’s not about Like throwing stones or each of it it’s

Just let’s just have the discussion and Kind of like Just keep it real because i i do get us What blake’s saying there And i’m going to remind you something Here that greer said When he said that he thought that tom Delong was being used So i’m very much on the fence because i Don’t know luau Lou alexander personally i have no idea Who is i don’t know grier You know i don’t know who’s right who’s Wrong i think what blake’s doing there By offering them both to come on the Show And both to speak out is great um Honestly i don’t think uh lozano really Needs to do that i think greer Needs to speak to elizano more than Elizano needs to speak to greer craig Frankly Anybody on youtube with 50 subscribers Yeah but he also doesn’t like a bigger Thing he’s given a few veiled swipes at It like thin revealed ones too What’s wrong with the discussion we’re Having a discussion it’s we’re grown-ups Here why yeah We have louise to talk to greer i i’m Sure he can Uh perhaps he’s waiting for certain Things to get come out before he does That

In fact uh this conversation might get Much more interesting Next month than it would have if it Happened to say today or tomorrow Um honestly and it doesn’t seem like Grier is really relevant Toward to any of this in regards to what Uh Elizano and melon and the others are Doing um Right i don’t understand just because Why not with what they’re saying Is that he’s not relevant doesn’t that His documentaries are one of the most Watched documentaries on amazon Not just our documentary countdown to Disclosure but across the board And you’re saying he’s not irrelevant People and it’s just not entertainment In my opinion that that’s why people Want to watch it obviously griers Had some connections you know look it Look at right here Look look countdown to disclosure is Being recommended number one on amazon Right now so why is that because there’s Only that’s the only side that we’re Getting and what a relief that At least there is an alternative Viewpoint Well that depends on the viewpoint if That alternative viewpoint is also Loaded and disingenuous And that’s not neither here nor there

You know uh i just like honestly like uh I don’t think we’re getting the full Truth out of anybody to be honest Okay i don’t think we don’t think we are Ever going to Um you know uh You know and i don’t honestly i don’t Trust grier i have reasons not to trust Greer i’ve had Personal uh zonda Pardon you trust louise i trust him more Than i do greer But again i don’t know lua Okay i don’t know if that makes much Sense but it does i I had a personal uh incident with greer That didn’t go very well and uh I gotta go with what happened uh I think i i i saw uh Uh a bit of uh the side of stephen greer That he keeps hidden From the public and uh uh i didn’t like It Else can you yeah uh This was just i spoke about it briefly Before Um this was just before the the Uh i think it was just before the uh the Washington Uh press conference that he had uh gree Was in new york Uh he’s by cooper union he was giving a Uh presentation he was showing Uh the witness testimony that he had uh

Had done it was like a law it was like a Four hour long Uh uh presentation with like an Intermission And uh i was like 19 at the time a young Physics student And uh i was like super enthusiastic This i thought like wow we finally got It You know this is just going to be Fantastic so i I walked uh during the intermissions i Woke up to speak to dr greer And i told him you know i’m the physics Student you know i’m willing to do Whatever it takes to help with this Project i will do anything and uh The guy uh accused me In front of other people of being some Type of government agent Like i’m not even kidding like it was i Was like Shocked you know and i remember like Walking away thinking like you know i Was a kid Why did i hop why did he accuse you Though That’s a great question you’d have to Ask stephen greer like i couldn’t have Been nicer And i literally volunteered everything To try to help that effort Now this is the thing i’m not the only Person that has had situations like that

If you look at greer’s inner circle it’s Very culty You know in my opinion it’s very very Culty and people like that Don’t like critical people involved in Their stuff So i think what to say about to the Stars to be honest Uh not quite no it’s not the same thing It isn’t Uh that sounds like something the cult Member would say Yeah uh yeah dude i’m not Yeah i’m not into uh angels and airwaves Or blink Yeah but osvaldo here you’re telling us A story wherein he You know accused you of being a Government agent of sort you were much Younger and so this negates any Experience you have or whatever he says You know as things come out when you Come at me with an over top Over the top false allegation you know About myself you know i gotta agree You know what am i what else am i Supposed to do oh well he didn’t mean it What did you say to him i couldn’t say Anything i was like In shock i could not say he just took One look at you and thought you’re in The fbi Yes basically the weird thing is it Absolute [ __ ] oswaldo

What i have that i don’t believe you i Don’t believe that happened i’m sorry But i don’t care what he believes then You believe was irrelevant that’s what Happened well yeah but why Like no nobody you couldn’t walk up to Somebody and then go You you’re you’re some stupid in the Secret service Yeah it didn’t make any sense to me Either was your approach Now can i finish the story when he said It he said it Like an airshot of a group of people That were with him I’m thinking that he said it for their Benefit It’s an assumption though yeah but well It’s the only thing that makes sense to Me do you mean like a show right now for Phoenix Pardon do you mean like showing off in Front of people exactly Singling you out they’re always after me Could he have been like having a bit of Jest I don’t no there wasn’t a joke nobody Was laughing How old are you So he didn’t he didn’t say your secret Agent excuse me Sorry he didn’t say he he thought you Were No he basically accused me of being some

Type of uh agent Well what what did he say how did he say It that’s that’s what i’m trying to get To Well it came off very hostile it was Like I had spoken like you know like i said i Literally just like was like oh my god Like this is Absolutely wonderful like you know like I know my name is franco You know i study physics i i you know i Would do anything i can to help And he looked at me like like very Tersely and then he started uh like you Know Basically saying that i was an agent so I was why did you what why So why why did you support sirius Then because you can’t have been 18 at The time yeah come out so because you Because you’re in the you’re you are in The you’re in the credits Yeah they’re crazy came out uh a few Like Years after that and uh What happened was i thought well if Steven greer Had the best shot at getting this done i Figured Maybe he has something so i went and i Supported this And then it turns out it really wasn’t Much of anything

So blake you were about to say something Um Yeah about rich well yeah you know we uh The meeting group dr greer was in Scottsdale arizona we had uh Doc skinner and rich from goof on We said hey look we want to get our Camera guys out there our panel members Get an interview with You dr siemiger you know we don’t ever Give him our questions up front he uh Takes them And he answers them that’s what i Respect about grier in his own way look I’m not I’m not on the greer bandwagon on Everything he talks about but i do Believe Because of his situation where he’s at How long he’s been in this In this uh field that he he’s privy to Information In my opinion i think he really has some Information out there He’s hobnobbing with all the people Within washington Some of this they did rich did did we Think you’re An agent that was trying to infiltrate His uh His group no yeah He did not you know if anything you Would have thought that Maybe you should have took it as a

Compliment oswaldo that wow You’re a freaking secret agent man and Wow you’re at the very least it Shouldn’t put you off for You know the rest of your life in Regards to this person i was attacked by A crazy man basically that’s How i took it uh i tried to uh be more Forgiving about it i helped support the Documentary got burned How many more chances am i supposed to Give Me being unreasonable sometimes people Make mistakes but they might be saying The right thing in the future you know Maybe grier’s on to something I don’t know why we can’t have the Discussion with these guys it just Doesn’t make sense I know that’s what we’re here for but It’s just a discussion right rich Yeah that’s all but these guys wanted to Come and talk to grier what are they Afraid of Because grier’s gonna bring up some uh History on them possibly Some of their background that people Aren’t aware of Some of the agreement some of these guys Made with the major media Possibly getting paid by the major media To keep this Story going the way it is scripted maybe He might say some of that

Maybe they wouldn’t appreciate some of The things grow would say And i don’t think grier’s going to be Making things up I think you just state what when art was When i was talking to gray he was Talking about everybody in this field He’s disappointed in a lot of people and Um yeah and a lot of people are Disappointed in him actually if you like With a response he’s just they’re not Disappointed in grier he’s just Disappointed them because they’re going With this narrative the jeremy corbell Video They’re backing it up they’re backing up Everything that’s coming out And they’re just going along with it Because that’s what they do they don’t Have their own minds they don’t think Uh subjectively the way we do you know We We don’t we’re not taking sides here We’re just following what the people are Saying And you know some of these people in This field are just You know taking this message from the Major media just rolling with it because That’s what they do that’s their job They’re not there to You know call out or have their own Opinions they’re just going along with It

And grid’s disappointed that These people are actually believing that These tic tacs Are piloted by little alien green Gray ellen grays do you really believe Those Craft are piloted by extra thresholds That are buzzing our navy’s That you’re that’s your opinion of Although you Is the possibility he said some more and Some aren’t Yeah there’s uh i believe that yeah that There are some of us those that are ours And our sophisticated stuff and some That just aren’t So the tic tac in your opinion is being Controlled by some Alien race whether it’s unmanned or not They have a mother ship up there And they sent out their drone to go do This Perhaps but that’s not what i’ve always Said either He said he thinks it’s mixed it’s both Us and them And i kind of believe that too yeah i Mean you may think that may be strange But it’s true i think it’s both Because we don’t have proof either way Yeah and I also believe that i think that there Is more going on to this i think that There’s

A perfect storm i think it’s a little Bit them it’s a little bit us and other Issues Okay so that’s great that’s fine but do You think that The aliens are a threat why wouldn’t They have done something threatening a Long time It’s disingenuous like all right when You’re talking in the military mindset And military terminology it’s a threat Does that mean it’s a menace no does it Is there a scale of one to ten is it an Eminent threat Probably not unless there’s things that We don’t know You know from what i’ve seen no there’s Not an eminent threat But uh people keep saying that uh There’s more to this story and i think We’re gonna have to wait and see What comes out and then that might Change everything Yeah let’s see when you act what happens If they come up with something and it’s Like oh [ __ ] there’s a legit threat what Happens then Yeah but if you’re telling me that it’s Not immediate if it’s not immediate and They’re still Planting this seed of fear what in our History Is going to prove that they wouldn’t or Couldn’t manipulate this at some other

Point call upon the seed that they’ve Already put in And relate it to anything in you know in Regards to technology they do that with Everything that’s that of course they’re Going to be able to do that You know that’s like and these are the People that are propelling this forward These are the people who are planting The seeds these are the people you are Following And supporting if they’re so upset with Grier why aren’t they calling out career The same way the career is calling them Out Well actually lou has made like i said Before louis has made some uh Thinly veiled swipes at grier uh i again But i don’t think he’s really I don’t think they’re focused on greer i Don’t think they really are Because tim mcshillin who’s part of that Group you know of thedeflate.org or d Whatever it is he said he put out greed Doc’s Grier last month or a month or two ago There they have an agenda And that’s to keep us out of it and Greer Is with the biggest voice in this field A lot of the times So they were doing a preemptive strike Trying to say that he doesn’t pay his Taxes and all this other stuff they were

Trying to You know take his character out before Uh They need to talk if if gr if um Alexander won’t go with grier i can Think the only reason alexander wouldn’t Do it Is because they want to keep grier out Of the narrative They don’t want because at the moment Although grey’s got a massive audience He’s in that position of speaking to the Converted you know he’s he’s He’s talking around the people that Would that are in this field anyway Whereas what he does do if he speaks to Alexander is He he gets opened up to that mainstream Media field as well And i don’t think they want that because I think they want to control the Narrative It would be interesting to see if um if Joe rogan gets great back on and i know You said lee before that That joe alexander i bet Well i i predicted that like over a year Ago I don’t mean to blow my own trumpet but This this will happen boys this will Happen lou will Lou lou will be on joe in 100 percent He is i can’t believe you everywhere i i Imagine

Like in every possible uh uh media Outlet After this uh uh this happens there’s a Lot of weird things happening demi Lovato Signed uh some type of uh contract to Produce a show for Nbc on ufos recently and we know that Uh lovato is like joined at the hip with Greer at the moment So i would strongly like anticipate Greer either being on that show or Greer’s narrative being the focus of That program Well we’ve been having a heads up from Uh stephen bassett i had a conversation With stephen the other day And obviously the 60 minutes drop The major media all these cable Television shows show Time they’re all working on this as we Speak huh Hbo max everybody’s working on this Topic so in the next Couple months we’re going to be flooded Oh yeah Well this is the ufos are going to be The new superheroes we’re going to be Basically having like maybe a decades Worth of Of back-to-back ufo stuff and very big Levels um you know as a cultural Phenomena i think there’s going to be At least a decade of recoil from this

You know just from the the shock of it All and then Like you know people are going to be Wondering well what else has it haven’t Been lied to about What else is true and isn’t true you Know uh and that’s going to lead to Other Like interesting problems i mean Especially when like you know youtube And other Uh company uh well social media Companies have been really trying to Clamp down on people’s ability to object You know uh or or say something opposed To like you know an official corporate Narrative One way or the other um I uh you know i i think that that’s Again i i see them trying to do certain Things But i don’t see it working out long term I think it’s gonna have less impact than You think it will do i think what’s Going to happen is because There’s such control over social media And platforms like twitter and youtube And facebook that it’s going to be like The 1984 effect Where this is going to come out and then All of a sudden you’re gonna get People like us which have always been Interested in this are gonna go Hang on a second this doesn’t add up and

The conspiracy theorists will become the Skeptics And the people that were skeptics will Be the ones that are well of course We’ve always been at war with eurasia You know it’s that we it’s gonna Switch over and it’s gonna be like Everybody always knew That ufos are real because people don’t Like Thinking they were being lied to so They’ll just adopt this New um like social norm That’s an interesting theory that late But yeah lee we need to be careful with That one If we go any further youtube might take Us down yeah yeah yeah But no i know what you’re saying there i Know what you say like it’s like My wife will probably tell me the aliens Are coming we’ll be there Because we think they’re from earth yeah We which i’m kind of i’m i’m on the side Of osvaldo and rich here I think it is both i definitely do think It is both But i think like blake like blake said Um The the the tic tacs i think that’s that Is probably That is probably ours well the truth is Probably much more muddled than what we Could

You know look at peripherally once again And then come to a conclusion In my opinion i i sit with you guys on That too i believe that more than likely Probably 85 Of what we see in the skies is ours in An unidentified fashion and the other 15 Might be just unaccounted for maybe There is actually something more Uh to that but you know in that respect If there Are uh certain species that are Indigenously creating these crafts Whether it’s on planet or in dimension What have you And they have enough command that They’re either sitting in our atmosphere Cloaked Or they’re passing through on a frequent Basis i would think they’d be More uh or i’m sorry they’d be less apt To make the mistake of being visible Whereas if we’re still developing the Technology Maybe we’re making those mistakes as We’re developing the technology and That’s why we’re actually seeing some of These things You know blink into existence and blink Out because we’re still perfecting that Technology on certain levels Yeah i was surprised when um great Because grier did Briefly mention the the triangular

Ufo that carbel put out and He he didn’t i thought he was going to Say this is fake You know this i thought he was going to Agree with mick west But he actually just misidentified go Ahead Oh sorry so blake you you are you on the Side with mink west with Uh with this um the more and more Look at it and uh do you hear me Yeah yeah yeah yeah we’ll hear you fine Yeah can you can you Can you see what can you see the the the Clip on the screen Yeah we’re looking at it and yeah i’ve Seen the video And yeah mick west came up with some uh Really good points about the bokeh land That the you know anomaly of this you Know shooting through this filter and This lens will Make up here these uh objects in the sky To Appear triangular shape you know the faa Light Blinking hey it’s not like i wouldn’t Show this on third phase the moon if i Got this uh submitted to me Hey i’ll submit it and i would share it The problem is is what’s crazy to me is That sometimes we’ll put out four or Five Ufo submissions from around the world in

Just one episode We’re doing five episodes a week and This is the video that gets played all Over the world just because of this one Why did these guys have the platform When they came out with one video You know whatever it’s okay it’s nothing Major to me We have way better footage if this is a Tr-3b Well it’s okay footage why aren’t they Picking up other footage from the public What Why are they just running with this why Are these people have This world platform that they could Stand on well i guess george knapp does Have uh His his feet in the world of journalism Throughout the world so i’m sure That’s one of the ways that corbell and Some of these other guys Are able to get into the mainstream Media through A george knapp association because it’s Just crazy to me that This one video these three videos that The ttsa Put out are the only ones that get play When in fact there’s play every day Of videos of crazy stuff around the World all the time But they tell us all the time why Because they’re distancing

The stigma of the public’s view on it And just getting The government which they think has the Most credible stuff And that’s what the people really want To see they want to see what the Government’s hiding what they’re writing But the government too we’re getting Videos from fa From swat team from police We broke the news with the fba jim Goodall submitted us the ham radio Operating uh audio We broke that news to the world it took Four days before the world News picked up on this story about the American airlines having the missile Thing go over their head they said they Didn’t know what it was looked like a Missile what’s going on here It took four days for the major media to Pick up on that did they get third phase Of moon credit no When he searched the story does third Phase moon come up no only the major Media So there is a total control we see the Control Of this information as follows You you got it you gotta admit that There’s some control over this now right If that The algorithms are wacky only the major Immediate

Control over everything listen there’s Control over everything and this is Going to be very delicate What’s going to be interesting is to see Like how going forward they’re gonna try To control this narrative Uh you know like like honestly like There’s like you know we’re already Seeing stuff now Little bits of things but like what Happens When the conspiracy people are correct What happened in public in a way that The public cannot deny Right what you know like what is going To be the largest social reaction Yeah well you’re going to find a lot of Polarization still Oh yeah no you’re going to see i i do Believe that there might be the Possibility of that feared freak out You know there’s gonna be people that Are gonna see this as An attack on their religious beliefs and We’re gonna start seeing those people Make a resurgence we’re gonna You know they’re gonna start coming out The woodwork you know and people will be Surprised you know i think that uh You know other people will find religion You know or weird spiritualist movements Who start getting bigger you know Uh you might see a run on people trying To join the scientologists and other

You know uh better known you know ufo Cults You have a good point there oswaldo you Really do uh You know my concern in the end is can we Prevent Any of that from occurring can we give Enough of the truth of what’s really Happening that people are so well Informed We don’t get to a chaotic state i think That’s really the aim here For a lot of us i don’t think that’s That’s You can try but i don’t think that’s Going to be very successful Uh that i think in order for that to Happen it would take a long i guess i Think it’s going to be about 10 years Of people trying to really get a grasp On this you know Uh and uh i i you know like At least that’s how i see it i i don’t See this as as being oh ho hum you know All the aliens are here that’s great You know back to dancing we’re watching Dancing with the stars and drinking a Big goal You know i i i don’t think that that’s Gonna be uh Uh how this goes about i think there’s Gonna be a It’s gonna be i think it’s gonna be Weird for the general public

People like us it’s not gonna like Affect that much we already have Incorporated this into our lives and our World views and stuff Already um other people not so much at All You know it’ll be a shift yeah Absolutely go ahead I was just saying rick can have this guy I mean he’s got a good point here though It is it’s all low quality and i know You’re going to get low quality when You’ve got The you know the gimbal footage this That the other but What car bell put out um Is when like filming yeah He’s actually filming the um the monitor But everybody’s been talking about that Cut to us You know where they they’re they’re Doing that because they’re trying to To slowly warm the water you know i Don’t think that You probably don’t wanna uh like all Right when When ufos are a blob on flear You know that’s it’s it’s a and it’s Kind of ambiguous to the general public You know they’re kind of like uh Whatever Uh as you know but as the the good Footage starts Rolling out uh you know like again this

Is going to have profound effects i Think that Instead of just dropping this on Everybody you know and just let it have At it They’re they’re going to do you know They’re doing us like a little bit here A little bit there and like Slowly we’re you know uh we’re getting There But they did that with the tic tac go Fest and the other one why did they have To Wait yeah it took them months before They uh they acknowledged those And now they’re they’re acknowledging Things within a day What’s up with the teasing techniques by Jeremy corbell where he will You know trickle his information that Comes in When we get our information we put it Out hey We’ll put it out sometimes within a half Hour everybody here knows Especially dark hour you know rich when We receive footage we put it out We comment on it and there’s no editing We don’t go let’s give you a still Photograph Oh then we’ll get a little bit of video Oh we’ll give you And then they just trickle trickle why Don’t you drop it like we

Drop it you know what why the game Because With these blurry videos these videos Are You know trash shot on a potato It’s you know come on They’re they’re not going to shock the Public all right And what they’re shocking the public but They released the video eventually they Did release a video but why trickle It why trickle it because they’re Playing a game they’re building up Anticipation That’s all this is it this isn’t this is Media blitz this isn’t reality Yeah i contribute As well i mean there always is Everything is entertainment If you’re watching television if you’re But if you’re in charge of getting the Information out Get it out that’s what we do you know i Don’t I don’t care where it comes from i don’t Care If it’s you know something that you know Could be sensitive We also know we’ve had we had to talk to The fbi i talked to the fbi go hey look We’re showing stuff And it turns out uh the space force is Working on secret technologies up in the Stratosphere

There’s videos of experimental aircraft That We’ve captured and the space force came Out said yeah that video Is legit it’s some kind of secret Experiment I asked the fbi like hey look we’re Filming top secret stuff is this okay That we put it out He says well if it’s shot from the Public In a public spot and it so happens to be In their vision of their cameras There’s nothing wrong with what we’re Doing but we didn’t sit on that video Actually Says the same thing Too those edit when tom delong put those Videos out from ttsa It took about three years before the Unedited version came out And we got to hear the full audio from What the pilot’s reactions were saying And there were certain things that was Left out and cut out perf Purposely yes this and these guys are The ones that are talking to the major Media And uh they’re editing their Storytelling And they’re not really looking out for Uh getting The information out as fast as possible By any means

Something resonated with me blake a long Time ago when you when When you messaged me and kind of made Communication And said you know we should be working Together not against each other and I’m right now at this very moment in Time That is what we need to definitely do And i think even if If we there is a divide where somebody Believes Xyz and somebody is on you know A completely different side i think With how this is going to go we Definitely have to have these open Discussions And if if that if you’re going to get Gria And lu on together I i i mean i would just let them go at It You know just Honestly uh i that would only really Serve steven greer i don’t see Why lozano would want to even do that he Talks to everybody else why not talk to Greer what’s he afraid of And what about the people that want to Know yeah if If you’re so con convinced in your own Argument The best thing you could do is speak to Someone that doesn’t disagree that

Disagrees with you I agree i would listen we’re probably Going to run into each other like this Would not dude Steven greer has had uh several uh Uh ugly confrontations with people in Ufology on camera before Um you know i i i have no doubt At some point that’s going to happen With with elisano and greer You know uh well you’re saying but You’re saying it it wouldn’t be Beneficial for lu Elizondo nick pope jeremy corbell to go And talk to Where because they have opposing views Greer’s going to Maybe possibly outmatch them Engage them in dialogue i’m not sure What the problem is because There’s been many platforms that have Had their own opinions of third phase of Move Now i’ve reached out to these platforms Personally and say hey let’s have a Discussion Get my side of the story let’s hear What’s going on from Our perspective what’s what we’re really Doing over here at third phase moon We’ve without playing we’ve jumped into Lions dance Many times and sometimes it works Sometimes it doesn’t

But in a way i think again this dialogue What are they afraid of why not Just dialogue ex heaven Have a discussion Wouldn’t it be nice to just hear but Right wouldn’t it be nice just to hear Lou Say look this is what we’re doing Because this is what we believe is Happening With the evidence we have you may not Have all the same evidence Stephen you know oh then steven greer Would probably say but i have insiders You know and he’ll go that route and I think it would be interesting to hear That would put how that would play out And i can see why lou alexander i even Told third phase they’re not gonna come On your show they’re not gonna do it I just have a feeling they’re not but What what what advantage do they have What they know they don’t agree with you They have nbc abc Cnn fox right right like there’s no they Don’t want to bring their small show Elizano they’re going on youtube luis Talking to just about anybody that will Listen to him he’s admitted it And that’s what he’s paid to do but Nobody called him out Well that’s yeah you know that’s why how Many times have you called us out in the Past

Bridge thousands exactly That’s true that is interesting well Maybe they don’t want him part of their Narrative Or i also think maybe they can’t handle See when I engaged you rich about some of your You know opinions and Thousands of times but not we engaged Right Yeah we figured it out it’s a little Different i can’t lose that’s The same thing or i know you’re right Just have that human Oh there’s no reason of the soldier sir Sorry god no god Oh i was just gonna say i think they Might lose under the soldier as well Because I think the reason we’ve got lou Elizondo in front of us Instead of tom delong which is what Whatever’s controlling This disclosure thing it was supposed to Be tom delong That was the figurehead of it he made an Absolute feel of himself on the largest Show in the world at the time you know It’s right when rogan was before he Moved to spotify and You know sort of fragmented his audience You know it’s you’ve got the biggest Audience in the world and he made a feel Of himself

And that’s why tom delong’s and tgsa Faded away because the narrative is more Powerful than that what Individual entity and i think if you if You stick Um alessandro and greer together i think Gria mate Might make a turkey out of alexander We will never know unless elizondo Decides that he’s ready to engage in an Adult conversation Just like he’s doing on other shows Wherein the only difference here is that He’ll actually have a call and response To work with Rather than just a host interviewing him And him answering questions Uh this is probably the most healthy Thing that lu elizondo could do even for His own face Because imagine if he stood his ground Up against greer and they both came up Within the conversation With many you know discussion points Here that could be talked about for Years to come Then again the insinuation is that there There could be Some sort of congealing in respect to Being an adult And just talking and discussing these Topics at large I agree sorry i could put off them with Gria

We’re offering a service we’re offering A platform we’re offering An engagement greer’s ready he’s on Board Why you know it’s an open invitation let Me tell you Maybe i could say i’ve reached out to a Couple of the people and I’m not gonna name names but i got some Hostility for even Bringing up the idea of it which was Kind of It’s totally surprising i didn’t expect The hostility And some people were you know more Professional Than others but to get hostile Just even bring up a fact to have a Discussion when in fact They’ll talk to anybody that promotes Their narrative their documentaries or Whatever but when it comes to a little Bit of engagement With an opposing view then the hostility Comes forward Well that’s true of life in general Right now like When this was going on there were people That i knew that are republicans that i Couldn’t send anything that msnbc said About ufos because it’s msnbc This would not listen to it there are i Live in new york city Uh there are people that are democrats

That would not listen to anything that Was don’t want to hear anything that Tucker carlson has to say about ufos no Matter how interesting it is You know and they’re ufo people you know Like It’s like it it’s ridiculous and petty You know people need to engage Uh this is true uh uh tucker carlson’s Not ufo people Tucker calls out ufo people yes i’m Talking about the people that i was Sending it to Yeah okay my bad sorry about that The fact that you can’t you that there Are people that are so politically Entrenched You know right now that you cannot talk About them about something that they Care deeply about Objectively because you have to tailor Uh your argument to their like Weird ideas and and beliefs you know Like it’s like walking on eggshells Really It’s a fractured community it needs to Come together and Again it seems to me that the major Media is controlling it again like i Said All the actors are hired the casting Calls finished And now it’s up to us to i guess make Our own counter

Uh narrative in a way that is not Not purposely just to go against what Mainstream media says By any means It’s just we need a the the narrative is So controlled and obviously you’re You’re saying it is controlled we gotta Walk on eight shells every time we talk It’s so politicized Why politicize ufos to me it seems that Oh If you voted for this president or you Voted for this president it seems like It’s a Straight again lying in the sand of what What you believe or not what When did ufos become politicized blade Do you choose bravo Ttsa like do you trust that david trevor Do i trust david framer No you know we’re working on our sequel Countdown to disclosure And we’ve been talking to a lot of People Some people that are you know been Involved with Rockets uh aerospace engineering That and then uh another guy that was Worked Right there off the nimitz he’s a Retired naval officer and he’s friends Of Fravor from what my boy said about Fraber and i’m going to take his word

For it is whatever fravor is saying He’s 100 accurate he’s not he’s not like An actor He witnessed something so did alex his Uh the co-pilot or what happened I believe that they saw something for Sure those guys are being Used in a way did you hear in the Overtime when they went back to the Nimitz and they’re saying hey look we Saw these tic tacs that they’re being Laughed at On board the nimitz everybody was making Jokes about them Well that shouldn’t be a surprise yeah Uh it’s It’s bizarre to me that uh the military Acts like We don’t care we don’t care they care They’ve been following this For all this time they know exactly What’s going on that’s what See if it were what it was they wouldn’t Be laughing at them because pretty much I think the higher-ups know exactly What’s going on Otherwise they wouldn’t be laughing they Wouldn’t be laughing at fravor about his Encounter with the tic-tac They’d be very very rewarding was a Control mechanism That’s always been a control mechanism And that’s the fact that’s been the Default control mechanism for this

And it worked great i mean they Literally hid the stars from us by Getting us not to look up Graves said they saw them somebody would See a tic tac Or something every day for two years They saw basically So why would they be laughing about it Every time they came back It doesn’t make sense you might be Nervous right maybe like listen There yeah i’ll put it to you this way When i was Uh in college studying physics people Would give me Uh uh a [ __ ] for talking about ufos Openly Every one of them as an individual Though that would ask me for Information that’s the way it is Airspace or you’re not that you it’s a Total different situation So Why would they laugh at these guys they Might have been murdered laughter Yeah i think honestly you could you know How many people Sell our ufo and really don’t want to Talk about it want nothing to do with it Probably one of the big reasons why most Reports don’t go most sightings go Unreported There’s a huge you know this is not for Everyone

And it’s going to be That’s going to cause real issues Blake rich and Well everybody on the panel here i mean Why we can have it why do you actually Need to choose A side with this do you think why do you Think it’s so important To choose a side well he says why is There a need To choose sides between greer and Elizondo i personally believe neither One of these guys have ufology’s best Interests in mind wow Yeah i don’t i don’t think that that’s You know i don’t think it’s implied that You have to choose a side it’s you know Same with any sort of decision i look at The way Of politics sometimes you know you have These figures talking maybe you don’t Agree with everything they say But who do you resonate more with who Seems to make more sense and then the You know research that you would go into That individual and the claims that they Make So while i see exactly what you’re Saying wreaking havoc because it is very Divided and the polarization is Incredibly stark and it does feel like You have to sit in one category or other But uh yeah truth of the matter is you Take what you want from what all these

People are saying And and you leave the rest you know you Don’t necessarily have to choose a side It’s about what is Being expressed that uh expresses the Most truth for you And possibly for the collective and can We go Right right and can we go back to what The original argument is because we we Haven’t really touched on it much did we Yeah Yeah yeah yes good call rich that’s a Very good call the thing is that Uh the problem is the threat assessment And what greer believes and and what Elizondo believes maybe two different Things but Isn’t it that greer said elizondo told Him Or his lawyer that it isn’t a threat and He knows it What about that what greer’s saying He told his lawyer he knows that the Elizondo told his lawyer he knows that These uaps are not a threat but yet he Goes on tv Saying that yeah i don’t know if that’s Like you know uh it’s weird yeah yeah It’s it’s it’s kind of unethical i mean That’s his lawyer But his lawyer said it didn’t say it too Like you know that’s that that’s odd in Itself

There’s a lot of oddities going on Sheehan was on uh dr grier’s Last documentary they were participating I was just about to say that blake Yes but go on yeah and then all of a Sudden That’s why i’m saying greer you know When He made his statement is because of the 60 minutes drop And this mass amount of eyeballs on the Subject matter with this Narrative that’s going on and all these People are You know going with this narrative and Careers like Drawing the line and again sheehan was Uh Collaborating with guerra at this at one Time something’s going on Obviously and you know i think within a Month we’re gonna find we’re gonna see Some cool things We’re gonna get some really good videos We’re going to get more testimony And i got i got a feeling we’re going to Get a Bigger picture coming up in this Countdown yeah we got days uh next Couple days Going to be very interesting videos Dropping in the next few days i’ve i’ve Heard God i hope so okay so videos

Like videos what do you think we’re Gonna get do you think we’re just gonna Get more Kind of gimbal footage oh clear footage I hope i hope i hope we’re done with This granny footage like There’s this you know that footage of This thing that splashdown splashed out First off we didn’t see any splashes Whatever it was As grainy as all heck i have footage That i was just looking at From years ago the exact same thing Going into the water and in my opinion i Think i know what it is I might do a report on it tonight and It’s in broad daylight it’s super clear Oh wait a second it’s not from the Military forget it nobody needs to look At it I’m not going to take videos from the Public anymore because they don’t care Nobody cares about them anymore That’s to me so frustrating and i don’t Care that they want to legitimize it Just because it’s military The whole problem is that they’re not Dealing with the public in that footage Again from fire department from police Officers from faa pilot and they don’t Want to touch that I was wobble why wouldn’t they touch any Any of the public stuff why because Honestly they’re they want control over

This They why would they want control over it What what’s a conspiracy of control There shouldn’t be any control over Anything Yeah i didn’t say that i would that they Should have control I’m saying that they want control and This Is true of everything in the media Social media and otherwise They have been clamping and you know This they’ve been clapping down you know Uh uh for years and years and years and It’s not going to get easier it’s Probably going to get much worse and in New ways And this might be one of these new ways You know uh Again there they’re gonna uh there’s Gonna be a lot of weird stuff rolling Out Uh and there’s gonna be a lot of strange I just think it’d be refreshing if this Panel was replaced by grier in the Middle of it nick pope On the you know left you know on the Right jeremy corbell On the bottom luis elizondo and well you Know Great viewing you know who knows Hey we’re getting things accomplished We’re hearing that each other’s side’s Viewpoints i’d like to add somebody to

That panel let’s at least add mick west To that panel as well I’d like to write bubbles out of it Joe rogan as well why not all right i’ll Just get everybody on [Laughter] Extreme just can hold then just quickly Michael was ready to come on michael Sala and greer there They have their uh interesting Viewpoints Grey doesn’t agree with some of michael Sullivan’s points on things But if saul reached out to me he wants To participate and kind of Be in the corner of grier because he Believes that this is now ready to being Put out Is uh you know manipulated obviously Just quickly because obviously i spoke To uh ollie and rich about this more Than uh as well the breaking dark hour Um Why do you think this is happening now Because that This that’s the most interesting thing For me Because without mentioning anything yeah Yeah without me Without mentioning things that get People demonetized And it feels like the worst time That this could possibly happen and So there has to be a reason for right

Now I see it just the opposite way honestly I think you can look at this From many different angles i think this Is probably the most opportune time Wherein you know we’ve all had this big Respite in certain ways from regular Routine Over the you know time that it has been Where we possibly were forced to Introvert to some extent and introspect Uh and you know maybe these questions uh That arose during that time will kind of Mirror what we’re seeing here Uh you know you know not not that it’s Not worth anything because i do think That there’s something to this but Obviously we’re not going to get into it Now but You know greer is talking about a Paradigm shift there are other people Talking about a paradigm shift And you know some are more uh alarming Than other or alarmist Um and yet they all speak of this shift In vibration that’s occurring And it it starts with this dissemination Of certain information And spiritual knowledge that perhaps we All express or we all have in some way Shape or form and we’re just not Utilizing to the best Of our benefit or the benefit of the Whole

So again i’m throwing this theory out There because it has been on the table Since at least the 90s late 80s early 90s And since then we’ve only seen this Logarithmic uptick In the sort of activity in the Dissemination of documents in the Interest of Uh the field of ufology and esoterics in General I mean that could very well be possibly Some of the catalyst But again it’s a very intangible uh Explanation or philosophy And yet it’s still there at the helm as An actual explanation for why this might Be an opportune time for these things to Come forward The idea that humanity’s hit these steps At certain points And where we’re on the precipice of Another one The reason why i think that the timing Is happening because first i don’t know It’s something i’ve been thinking about We all live in this planet And we’re living in it all at the same Time we all have this This consciousness and we’re living in This light And what’s happening is we’re destined To see all this stuff for some reason We’re born at this time to see all this

Technology We can appreciate the technology we’ve Seen it advance We’re getting answers we’re our medicine Everything’s advancing to this point And i don’t know maybe it’s his destiny That we’re In the future right now with everything We’re seeing The elon musk you know driverless cars Everything is kind of advancing and i Think we’re just destined To get into this uh disclosure And we’re it’s just inevitable because This Is part of our life that we’re living in And we’re just lucky enough to be Part of this time in human history and i Think it’s It is uh it’s almost predestined and for Some reason We’re living it in that in this time and It’s it’s a perfect timing We’re about all this right you know We’re We’re mature enough to accept it in our In our Ways of thinking as we are on this panel I don’t think there it would have been Ready you know 30 years ago 40 years ago i don’t know if we would Have been mature enough to handle This kind of conversation but right now We are

And i think it is um something that Again is just destiny That we will get the answers to Disclosure but Unfortunately there’s this you know They’re going to take advantage of it And then they’re going to twist the Narrative And unfortunately i just want these guys I want Greer and this whole discussion to talk About the bigger picture The possibilities i want to hear what Luis elizato has to say In regards to why he thinks his threat Why he would disregard that it could Possibly be one of ours does he not Believe that we have Uh technology that’s in our assets that Could be uh comparable to the tic tac Because i believe from what i’ve been Hearing in our sequel to countdown to Disclosure we’ve been talking to people Obviously we have assets we have it for National security And some of these assets are 100 years In advance in technology This is exactly what the tic tac would Look like They’re just they don’t want to admit It’s theirs so i just want to see that Engagement And why luis salazar doesn’t believe That

It’s a possibility that this is Something with our own assets from a Private corporation not necessarily Military So where are we heading after the 180 Days is over Then what’s the next thing our sequel Countdown to disclosure i know that Would just uh you know perhaps Push forward another bit of just uh Dissemination of information Well they said there’s going to be an Interim report followed by uh a more Detailed report in september that’s like What i’ve heard last Okay so uh but so they’re gonna break it Up into two different things And uh uh you know so we’re getting We’re getting something and then we’re Getting something else Do you guys think that we’re gonna get Anything From like anybody who’s like really Like it like a president or you know uh What obama A couple days ago yeah i don’t know but Do you think do you think biden’s going To say anything about it It’s like big ass bite and biden didn’t Respond he literally ran away from it Until unless a ufo incident happens in Public a major one I don’t expect biden to say anything in Public about ufos until after the report

Is done And he’s going to stick to whatever is In the report does it the american People In the world deserve our president’s Talking about subject matter that’s so Relevant in the news and then he just Laughs it off And walks away we deserve a lot of Things They deserve a lot of things the world Isn’t perfect we get what we get The truth that’s the truth there i agree With you on that i mean we We talk like we have options and and We’re going to do something wrong We’re going to get what we get but going Back to that is so Odd how obama like Makes that little statement on that Video and now it’s everywhere And right after this you know it’s It’s all these little these it’s all These little bits of jigsaw pieces All coming together weird ali is that Years ago obama says I don’t know i was told that obama’s Made another statement like four years Ago in regards to Oh i don’t know anything about ufos sir And now all of a sudden He’s saying oh yeah they’re out there A few years ago he did make a a cryptic Uh he was on a show and uh they were

Asking him about uh Ufos and things like that he’s like you Know i’ve seen You know some things and they’re not all That interesting looking He said that and honestly the videos We’re getting Not all that interesting looking so You’re exactly right That was uh jimmy fallon wasn’t it was It was it was it when he was on fallon Uh was it fallon i i forget i don’t Dude i don’t really watch the shows i Watch what the president says You know i i don’t care for like like i Don’t really watch a lot of tv after tv Started going Like sakura and woke i just like you Know All you got to do no phone youtube and The major media shows everything you Don’t have to watch tv they just want to Show you what they want to show when you Search the subject matter You can’t even find let’s just say Oswaldo you saw something strange in This guy you posted it up on youtube And said hey ufo over new york you can’t Even find your video anymore back in the Day we’d be able to search Last hour see what the world search What’s the world’s posting Just regular people like ourselves Capturing street

Now you can’t what’s that now you get Kids eating noodles out of japan all you See Is japan ufo noodles you know Ramen you know what’s up with this oh Those type of videos like you know their Mother videos on youtube where they’re Going And they just they make them the little Noise is like You know no that’s something else what The hell is that called i forget It’s called that’s something i Definitely Wanna start every night to go to sleep That’s that’s youtube is full of that But So i mean going back to the the ufos Rather than the Asmr but i i i spoke to my dad the other Night about this And i said dad something may come of This because my dad actually got me into Ufos My dad was in the merchant navy uh i Don’t know if anybody’s If you guys have heard me speak about This on the channel before but my dad In the 1980s saw something shot Straight over the ship from one end of The horizon to the other one To the other I keep hearing the phone At speeds he said he couldn’t comprehend

And they had to call In and that is that’s not the the royal Navy that’s in that’s the merchant navy And they called it in he was probably Drunk at the time when he called it as Well because he used to drink but The guys all saw this thing like a light Literally shoot straight over with no Noise When they were all on deck and The thing is this is the 1980s and i Said to my dad i said So if you think about that back then i Said is that Could that possibly be our technology And he said not a chance He says but i don’t know if it’s alien Either it could be just And i’m not like a natural I’m not gonna say the word phenomena Because i can’t say it i just said it You know they’ve been around Work thousands of years thousands of Years The presence of uh possibly Extraterrestrial In nature interdimensional time Travelers whatever it is that’s in the Skies They’ve been reported they’ve been seen In ancient artwork Recently i’ve come across a treasure Trove Of historical artifacts discovered out

Of mexico I’ve just recently showed it to uh rich I showed it to um Dark hour we’re looking amazing Photographs very Incredible i’m speaking this to the Person It’s pretty nuts and it if this turns Out to be what it Appears to be is that there is a Civilization that Lived 8 500 years ago that were Depicting Obviously uh an alien race and it’s Clear as day we’re going to get this uh These artifacts Uh looked at by the university of California We’ve made some calls it’s going to be In july Those artifacts were created part of me Where were these found Mexico artifacts Is this perhaps the same casual stuff That uh Was allegedly it came out maybe maybe Five or six years ago Uh or perhaps longer before that there Was a guy that was claiming to be raul Julia’s son And that he was working on a documentary And they had this huge Cachet of of uh supposedly uh Artifacts that that were depicting

Extraterrestrials and they’re supposed To be a big thing and then then Then something happened there was some Type of scandal or issue and then it was Like just gone and nobody ever brought It up again you know what’s interesting The mexican government For some reason from what i’m hearing in Regards to these artifacts That are being discovered over there if The government comes and sees these Things They’ll destroy with sledgehammers if Some of these people that are digging This up submits it to the mexican Museums they’ll get some paperwork say Yeah we’ll take it And when the person comes back and says Hey i want my artifact back It’s in some aristocrats in england You know but some royalty owns this Stuff well yeah well there’s There’s no there’s long-term like Listen there’s the rumor is that there Is An antiquities market for Extraterrestrial stuff And this has been going on for a very Long time Like like i mean like like over a Hundred years Like you will find like very unusual Like like There’s rumors that that

Uh people have had ufo uh uh Crashed pieces you know like significant Ones but they were all in Private collections for a long time and That Uh like when uh the military started Really getting involved they started Grabbing up Some of those and uh other people have You know Still have theirs but they’re under lock And key um but they’re out there and Uh i would imagine you know once the Cat’s out the bag we might see some of Those things Well i have it we have a a person along With this guy named irving Out of uh mexico digging up in the Mountains very dangerous neighborhood Cartels everywhere you walk up these Mountains You know somebody will see that you’re Dressed a little nicer than the rest of Everybody You know you’ll get shot nobody on the This place is real rowdy But they’ve got thousands of these Things rich when i showed you these Photographs I know you’re kind of blown away last Night sleeping on it What what do you still make of uh the Evidence that i uh Gave forth to you deep well if it’s real

It’s defined of the century you know of Our lifetimes because what’s depicting Our aging uh ancient egyptian like Aliens And things that were it looked like from Stargate sg1 some of these things so in My mind Yeah i’m on the fence what’s that It’s wonky yeah it is but If it’s real my god it’s really amazing That’s true it’s kind of like listen Some people like were like You see a ufo and you’re like oh they Take a photograph of it oh it looks like A pot Yeah it’s made out of metal I’m going to pull up i’m going to pull Up one of these photographs of the Artifact Yeah there’s thousands of them but these Aren’t like um It’s art it’s imagery art that isn’t Something that oh you can misconstrue to Something like some of the Egyptian hieroglyphs where we see the Helicopter the flying sauce You know we could have paradolia with That it you know it looks cool And it could be what it represents but In this these artifacts It’s undeniable what we’re looking at They’re freaking Flying saucers awesome alien grays Shorts like elongated skulls

You name it from the pictures that You’ve seen like does it look do you Think it looks Completely we’re treasure hunters we Know what When we dig things out of the ground we Can see the patina on it we can see how The dirt And gets into the cracks we we can see Uh Erosion if so when they appear to be Authentic Um you know to go ahead and if they’re Gonna Fake thousands and thousands of these Artifacts That would be a lot of work these guys Aren’t doing that they’re They’re telling me they’re digging them Out of the ground these are Actually being done they’re not being Manufactured and uh You know i’m like are you happy are you Happy looking at them that their Physical objects are not Sort of like blender by creation No no no these are these are artifacts And again why would they want to get Them studied why would they want to get Them Dated why would they yeah They want to debunk themselves no they Want to actually This is what they’re finding how about

This How about the one that uh there’s levels Layers and layers of the the images Right or of the rocks it’s weird they’re Like Sedimentary or they’re i don’t know what Was the word you used There’s like different layers underneath This one guys Give them the full screen can we do that Can you blow him up alien addict um oh Oh yeah yeah but yeah Blow black open um Hold on we’re gonna blow you up here Maybe There we go so this is just one of the Photographs obviously it’s not blender In my opinion uh there’s a lot of Intricate Work involved here um There’s hundreds of little alien grays All on this side We got another one for you Um again there’s thousands of these Things And i think it could represent Obviously there was a civilization that Was communicating with these Beings that have been written in history But the evidence here apparently mexico Doesn’t like this Narrative of this past history anything Before jesus They don’t want to have any other

Warship of a of Another kind of an entity or deity so This is their problem in mexico So they destroy this evidence they Suppress it or they sell it on the black Market To you know private collections And a lot of this stuff gets kind of Smuggled out of mexico in its own way Because You know if they show it through customs They’ll just confiscate it and take it From them because this uh this narrative Of this deities or entities that Existed before christianity’s taboo That’s a big point that you’re making There blake and i think a lot of this Does go Back to religious belief for many of the Cultures That we’re talking about i mean mexico Uh having such an ingrained religious Uh again belief that yes it makes 100 Sense now of course if you were to look Back And think about the possibility that We’ve all kind of entertained here Wherein Maybe ancient people were actually Worshiping some of these Extraterrestrials because they were Presented in some sort of etheric or God-like figure Well that’s a part of history that i’m

Sure certain people don’t want us to Remember i mean maybe there was more Power In the culture that was united in that Way uh you know i’m just you know Guessing here but there’s obviously a Reason that they’re uncomfortable with Us researching that side of history Especially in some of these cultures Where a lot of these ruins have been And undoubtedly have been excavated in Certain respects in secrecy Where they’re not going to show us what They found i mean egypt is a great Example I’m sure the governments are very well Aware of some of the configurations and What They were possibly used for at that time In an esoteric Sense of course okay so what you’ll see Here Is a winged uh you know anunnaki on this Side i guess you see the feathers And then he’s petting this little alien Gray You know what is the alien gray doing to Him Yeah there’s a tongue out definitely There is a tongue that is bizarre But look at the headdress It’s really uh intricate in laid work Um again to fake this Thousands of these things i don’t see

Any reason for that but Again people might want to make money And sell artwork on the black market so It’s a possibility but Again we want to get these things study But if you can see the little You know i like his hairdresser yeah Very moctezuma or uh you know some other Aztecian Feel to it so that’s not definitive That feels to me like a reconstruction But this is Real parts because that that middle bit Is so clean That that’s underground for eighty-five Minutes or Or it feels like there’s been parts of Something that’s been found and then It’s being reconstructed a lot of these A lot of these things are There’s it’s inlaid different Stones that are all put into a of this Piece so Yeah it’s not one stone they’re inlaid From different stones From different regions So yeah it’s like the way they Constructed it And they say what’s kind of crazy is too They say that They’ll put a light under it and then When they shut off the lights they glow For a little bit Wow blake just hold that up again

Because this What’s i mean i don’t know if it’s real Or fake or Or anything like that from a picture but I tell you what is interesting Whatever it is it’s almost like it’s Kind of patting The gray uh you know you know like like It’s It’s a pet it’s not oh yeah you know We’re healing him He could be a healer yeah that’s going On there It doesn’t look like anything i would Say healing Well that one is a little different yeah The they used to the reason why they Used to kill all those people on those Pyramids Was you know to uh try to flag these Things down You know that there like there’s a lot Of crazy stuff that happened Uh uh just before columbus arrived You know there was a lot of weird things Happening with lions That one’s quite hard to work out but It’s like there’s something in the Middle and there’s It looks like they are they are they Feeding this Grey alien something probably blood All i know is this shit’s compelling man And this guy reached out to me yesterday

He said maybe who knows third phase moon Might be able to help Help me out get the uh get some Information get some studies on this Thing and it’s a cold call So then we called up our our physicist Friend alex gershowitz who sits on the Head of the smithsonian Hey can you help me out let’s get these Uh universities to take a look at it He gets on the phone university California’s uh University of california sees the photos They find it interesting There it goes hey what i got this Information yesterday I’m already sharing it i’m not we’re not Holding You know we’re going to get it studied And all that stuff but hey look Put this [ __ ] out and uh that’s a Problem with some of these people In this field that they’re not putting Out what they know when they got it The world’s not going to panic let’s see What i expect to see Let’s just see some clear evidence i Want to see the faa pilot Flanking the tic tac within 50 feet and They have the super clear video shot Hd 4k give it to us I want to see him get i want to see him Do an inverted flight and give it the Bird

That would be cool you know maybe in the Next top gun movie Who knows they’re re-editing it right Now and you know tom cruise is going to Engage the tic tac for all we know Now that would be something that’d be Kind of cool so Going going a bit back to the the to Gria’s past With with ttsa and Kind of like this there’s always been This Bit of a war going on and i have Mentioned this a few times on the show i Did a video about it Where and i know you’re not a fan of the And is it the e can’t pronounce the Anakin Yeah the little the little guy so I did a video a while back actually Defending grier and this is when ttsa Were really big And what happened was that gary nolan That was doing the research On the anacarna chilean alien Thing um he took that to ttsa And ttsa then put a big debunk out on it And said that this Is nothing more than a fetus with Like crazy anomaly create crazy Like anomalies that had happened at Birth so many Things that happened to this thing at Birth and that’s the reason why it was

Like it is And gria looks extremely upset and he’s Like showing his paperwork and he and It’s almost like Gary just left this is the kind of Similar thing that to what you’re saying With uh Great the the lawyer that was on greer’s Last Documentary blake and now he’s Um i’m pointing a lot yeah But do you know what i mean it is weird Because and i know you’re not a fan of Of the Serious um project Because you supported that and then you Said you said it was a load of [ __ ] Yeah but You have to admit it’s a bit weird that Gary was with Greer and then he went across to Uh tts ttc no i don’t think it’s weird Because uh people get sick of steven Greer A lot of people that have been talking Uh uh uh about Incidents with stephen greer uh i’m not The only person Uh at all uh but the recent but as the Research that gary was doing with With grier on on that uh amikana Little thing he was quite compelled with It all And this is an extremely intelligent man

Yes but then literally ttsa put a doc Put put a still image out with With gary nolan’s um full Thing but it thought full analysis and It but it was on tcsa’s website And greer was fuming about it and he Said this He said then that this is this is a big Deception oh yeah and did you see the Photo of the uh the new bodyguards Uh talking about now no i’ve not seen That Yeah it’s like if i were him i would Stay away from that because it doesn’t Look like much of anything Either yeah i agree that photograph of The alien that’s being interdimensional Or in and out It’s oats yes it’s Trash i thought you meant a new body No i mean yeah well he doesn’t have the Body he has Uh an image of a supposed alien body That’s being autopsied uh that’s Supposedly from the 1920s And uh you can’t even you can’t it looks Like a mangled body It doesn’t look there’s nothing about it That’s particularly extraterrestrial You know or intriguing at all do we do We have that i haven’t seen that I have i have it somewhere uh i i i i Didn’t really pay too much attention Because it was like really

You know like it’s another weird less Than again man grier Gave it all i think back in 2000 And uh doesn’t have a whole lot more Going on uh than that because it’s been I’ve been nothing but misses and like Honestly like Uh he would uh i remember when uh people Would say oh you gotta Go to the ce5 you give him five grand And he’s gonna He shows you a special uh uh uh stuff That he doesn’t release All that stuff was in like you know These documentaries that he’s Put out and it’s not that great you know It’s not it’s not all that interesting It was made to be uh uh uh bigger than It actually you know really was i mean We’ve all seen that now that that that Those things that he shows in those Documentaries were the things that you Used to have to go Uh uh to one of uh grier’s cramping Trips to To see and uh it’s not worth it Oz is there anything about you that kind Of thinks that maybe Graham he has made a few mistakes but Yeah with the with the statement that he Came out Do you do you not think that he he’s Being genuine and he is concerned No i don’t i think he plays steven greer

Plays a game that Promotes steven greer uh uh Stephen greer to me is very egotistical And odd um like really Like odd and it’s not just me there’s uh There’s a lot of again a lot of people Are coming forward i know lee doesn’t Believe me but Give it some time you might be forced to Because again i’m not the only guy with Odd stories about interactions with Stephen greer like unnecessarily odd I’m not it’s not i don’t believe i Believe you haven’t you had an odd Interaction with him But i don’t believe that an odd Interaction would make Steven grier think you were like secret Service Yeah i don’t know i there’s nothing About me especially then that was Like you know uh i’ve never been in the Military Family’s not in the military oh no i Have some uncles in the military but i Like i don’t speak to my family But some sometimes like i mean you get Someone like that that Is speaking to people every day that i Mean let’s be perfectly honest If you’re involved in this field um You’re going to speak to some [ __ ] Crazy people So these people are going to come up to

You and you’re going to get tired Of people coming up to you all the time So maybe maybe you just caught him on Like his 150th person that wanted to show the Response Listen i was a big greer head as a kid Let me tell you this hey when i when i Speak to dr greer back Years ago working on countdown to Disclosure You know there are moments where he Comes across As you know like you said he kind of Blows up He’s kind of aggressive in certain Tactics of his Verb yes there’s something disingenuous About this but when you engage them I found with greer when i engage them And i go hey look This is what’s really going on i don’t Want to hear i don’t need this [ __ ] i Just want to talk about what i’m talking About let’s And you kind of gotta like if you come Across in a way Stand up to him in a way that he he’ll Respect it And let me tell you he’s not the only Odd one like when i’ve Been trying to get the response to uh These people To come on the debate or this

Conversation with rare i’m getting odd Responses And it is a lot more hostile Yeah so for some reason Crazy people love this stuff crazy People love ufos Uh unfortunately you know it’s like uh Uh Like moths to a flame you know uh It’s it it’s one of the banes of Existence like i I did i used to do lectures like back in The 90s Early 2000s and i stopped i stopped Because there was just too much Craziness You know uh you know i i prefer youtube Because like you know Even with like you know uh weirdos and Odd comments You know uh uh it’s it’s uh It’s much it’s better for your mental Health And uh you know your your sanity to just Like you know Like uh to disengage you can’t engage Everybody in In this thing you know and it sounds Elitist and and whatever but It’s a fact of the matter you know at Least at this stage in the game Uh let’s see what happens after we get Some of these revelations and there’s And

Uh the ufo community starts growing you Know from The general population uh maybe perhaps That will change But uh i have to say to back osvaldo up There with that bit though Uh i i spoke to tyler about his Interview with stephen greer And he i said you know it would have Been great if he could have asked him This and it’s like Trying to speak to he said stop trying He says trying to get a word in edgeways Stephen gray is pretty hard you know It’s The guy you gotta talk you gotta engage Greg or he’ll roll all over you But he will talk he will engage my Conversation with him off the record for Two hours It wasn’t engaging enlightening uh Conversation And the information that he was coming Out with Was it for show it was for a Conversation why the hell would he Talk to me for two hours i think it’s Four o’clock in the morning his time Just to [ __ ] me there’s no reason For that He was naming names he’s naming dates Times When where in regards to all the people On the panel of why he thinks that

Which they’re now ready listen also Listen there were there were there then You Talk with people that work with grier uh Do you remember armadeep kalika The director of sirius oh yeah Yeah yeah his father have an issue his Father had You know some action i can’t say what it Would be kind of demonetizable yes go Ahead hopefully But anyway um that the horrible Situation yes Yes we reached out to them because they Were sharing third phase Moon footage on their youtube on their Documentary without Permission so i reached out to the Director like hey look you can’t just Take this footage Without at least giving credit but then We heard about the disaster that Happened with his father We’re like oh well you know the Important i felt sorry for the guy so i Just backed off whatever Hold on hold on so basically what Happens is is Uh alejandro rojas was doing interviews With people not that guy jesus christ so Rojas was doing crazy So rojas was doing interviews uh with uh People that were involved in sirius what During the lead up to the to the

Premiere And uh kalika made some very again Thinly veiled hits at greer about uh Some Disingenuousness or some things that had Happened And there seemed to have been like a Back and forth between them making Accusations And and it kind of squashed uh there’s There’s there’s weird stuff going on in That camp uh Uh another situation like greer Sometimes Does things that are over the top like His claim that he taught Ce5 protocols to the extraterrestrials Have you heard that one Now here’s the thing as he’s saying He’s saying he taught he says He taught again dude greer is It gets worse um this is the thing i’ve Never heard him say this where is that Oh yes On camera on camera oh he said some Things he summoned the phoenix lights Over errors Yeah no no no no there’s more to it than That it’s like Greer will say he invented the ce5 Protocols People in south america were doing that For decades my mom Was a part of a group that was doing

Ce5s or the equivalent thereof You know i don’t think he means he Invents them does he doesn’t he just me This yeah but the c the name is his Isn’t it The brand it’s yeah yeah And maybe he was one of the first people To do this in english but this was Already a phenomenon in south america For quite some time Quite some time yeah We’ve actually made it accessible I don’t know if you made it accessible i Think he made it about him Well i can buy the book you know if i Don’t know who he is even or if somebody Just recommends it to me i can get in Touch with the philosophies and and Yeah but there’s a lot of ego and grier There’s a lot of ego in greer And and it’s any any place who else on The panel doesn’t have an ego that wants To be on the show that’s why If we’re gonna have this debate everyone On that panel has Egos huge so they shouldn’t have a Problem To have a clash of egos and be Men and just talk but when i’m reaching Out to these guys And their egos so high they become Hostile That’s to me is unacceptable yes that’s Defensiveness as well

Blake have they i think have any of them Been in touch yet Yes absolutely Uh are they interested uh you know i Can’t say at the moment that’s Uh we’re getting we’ll see what happens In two weeks because when we get greer We’re gonna be live we’re gonna still Say hey look we’re gonna reach out to The panel We’re live are you in let’s do this if You’re not Hey well everybody’s gonna know you Didn’t show up To and you know show up to the uh the Bay What does that show you that’s to me It says a lot if i hope at least one of Them shows up but if they all don’t what Does that tell you That they can’t even engage with the man That’s been in this Field doing this disclosure a movement For Over 30 years and they can’t even engage With the guy because he’s a ce5 kind of Guy Or you know he believes in the atacama Yeah There’s democrats that don’t talk to Republicans republicans don’t want to Talk to democrats It’s uh the same thing i talk to Democrats all the time

Most a lot of my friends here in hawaii It’s a liberal state yeah But hey we get to be engaged and it’s Fine Why not i i don’t know why these why you Say They shouldn’t or wouldn’t do more Guerrero has more to gain than louise or Yeah I think i think greer’s on the fence I really do i think that this that uh These are gonna Really change in this field uh in the Next Little while um and i don’t think a lot Of people are gonna make it through I think there’s a lot of guys that are Just going to go away i know Uh and new players are going to Start showing up but we’re already Seeing new players Yeah but see even if elizondo were to Shut greer down in a conversation that Wouldn’t behoove grier in any sense in Fact that would be Probably pretty detrimental if he was Shown up in certain ways Uh you know both people have strong Arguments on their side let’s see them Come together i think that’s something Greer will spin it greer will spin a High you see they attacked me I was like i would just give him the Opportunity to do that though and show

Us that that’s what he’ll do After this uh after this show i’m gonna Be sending this link directly to greer Say hey look we just had a discussion on The debate See if he watches it he uh He’s my my question to grey then Would be can you can he show Us the evidence that that that That lou is you know He he’s he’s working for xyz can he show Us this This evidence because i know he he States it and it came across Very genuine and it came across like he Cared for literally the entire World and it did come across like and i Was like wow I fight 100 with you it was like a jerry It was like Gray was jerry mcguire you know in the Film where he just Stood up and fought for himself that’s What it looked like to me But i want to see the evidence You know that he has against flu He has against these people i mean i Know it’s a bit complicated when you Kind of Like what’s up let me ask this question It’s kind of the Elephant in the room in regards to all These videos That we’re seeing the only one we see at

The end is the splash down splashdown Whatever hey at least we saw the end of That video Why aren’t we seeing all the footage of The tic tac the gimbal Did the cameras shut off mysteriously Listen they they’ve stated that there’s Certain things that were edited Out because they show certain Capabilities that should remain Classified Which is justifiable um you know so that And the thing is honestly We are in a new paradigm we’re just Starting to get Stuff from the government this is Probably how i don’t understand what You’re saying so if we They showed us more of the video of the Gimbal It’s rotating and then it goes apparel That’s going to be That’s that’s national Security or i i don’t understand well No some of the uh some of our Capabilities our optical capabilities They’re trying to protect they don’t Necessarily want Uh everybody to know exactly what we’re Capable of viewing It’s frustrating why don’t they just put Out the entire i don’t understand They you’re saying we don’t want them to See our optical capabilities of filming

This But they already showed us optical Capabilities We only only saw what they showed us we Don’t know what the rest Was remember they saw Exactly what it is but they’re editing It well here’s another thing too like The idea that these things cost a Trillion dollars to make and yet there’s A fleet of them That’s right and they’ve seen them That’s a bit problematic Uh honestly if these things are so Prohibitively costly to make Uh and we’re seeing that our pilots are Seeing them every day for years You know i doubt it’s the same one being Repeatedly used over and over again You know and especially when they’re Being shown in in squadrons So uh this is That there might be problems with that Theory um Blake did you speak to to dr greer about The and i’m gonna call him dr great Because we keep connor in green You know he is he’s a doctor um Did you speak did you speak to him about The The footage you know the five pieces That we have now I’m going to say the five because that’s The five that stand out

You know the five pieces the the you Know the flare the The the go fast yeah you know i didn’t Talk about Specifically about the videos themselves I don’t know if he has an opinion what Does he think Yeah you don’t know you don’t know what He doesn’t think that they’re they’re Ours And there’s no e.t involvement Whatsoever And it’s it’s one of ours that’s it That’s all he wants them Right aliens are not a threat in my Opinion otherwise They would have breakfast a long time Ago This is just technology that’s within Our assets It’s going to come out they got to Figure out how they’re going to trickle At it Trickle it in what we’re going to do Is we’re going to make a lot of money The military is going to make a lot of Money to defend against This supposed threat tic tac and we’re Going to match its technology somehow or Another because Oh wow we got to defend it so we’re Going to have to put trillions of Dollars into Craft that could defend against this and

Give a reason why they’re they’re Dropping this kind of money it’s it’s Pretty basic But dr greer is saying that That we we’re possibly going to be a Threat to them once we get in space They’re going to try and take them out He’s that’s what he’s it’s all that’s How it comes across What he’s saying i’m a right am i wrong By How he’s putting that across and in in My mind if they’ve been here for Thousands and thousands of years Then you know that they’re way ahead of Anything that we could Possibly do to harm them you know how we Gonna take them out we don’t want to try And take them out But that’s uh unfortunately it seems That that’s where we’re going Is to create a larger military to defend Against a threat that’s unknown Whether and basically we know exactly What it is We’re going after people in caves in in You know Afghanistan saying there’s a big threat Now we got this now we got this uh Aerial phenomenon it’s just positioning Into the military to Create more money in regards to defense And Hey that’s uh their business it’s

Probably they’re required like a Corporation to Make money that’s their job So you know why not have this technology Zooming around and go oh my god we don’t Know what it is now we got to make Huh should we make a song about this for Our next album You ellie they’re not a threat come Give me the guitar let’s rock here let’s Go let’s go right now Come on brent i want to hear the backups Out Hey there you go if you ever need two Drummers Uh mussi audio lee is an excellent Drummer Oh yeah thank you thank you yeah Yeah i play drums maybe we could throw You some music We uh we need some percussion on a track That we’re working on we can see What you got you win for that absolutely Yeah if you want to send it over i can Listen to it i can put something To it oh yeah let’s do it oh yeah man Awesome Right yeah yeah good thing Well i’ll say give me your email and I’ll send you a track that we’re working On and we like to get some Percussion on it yeah cool yeah no That’s My okay am i okay to send uh lady or

Email blake Absolutely yeah yeah cool yeah cool boys We’ve been going for like Nearly two and a half hours now and i Know i know that the cousin brothers are On a busy schedule Oh no no we got a song we got a song Huh go ahead mike Only that lou is changed Greer’s the same he’s always making it Up as it goes And i feel oh sorry wait a minute those Aren’t the lyrics that i wrote here hold On what was the last line you saw I don’t think that’s right i okay all Right we’ll try it again later I didn’t hear you didn’t go i took the i Took the mic i couldn’t I couldn’t because you had the mic Excuse me Hey listen listen you know everybody’s Heard my voice it’s nice to hear yours a Little bit rich With uh some accompanying guitar Underneath Hey listen [Laughter] Well i think that was a good show guys I’m gonna have to get going i got uh Some things i’m working on some ufo Sightings just then we’re not gonna Suppress it i’m not going to trickle it

Out i’m just going to put it out all Right We’re coming blake thank you Plate before you go uh where’s she Where’s you where where’s where’s brent Where’s brent yeah come on brit [Laughter] That went you i want you both in but yo What’s up there he is yeah brent Come come come together come together Come together come together Awesome i know what he’s doing I need you both together i need you both Together Oh blake just took a break he’s uh Walking outside I i just want to know who who thinks Which cousin brother’s the best looking One What are you called bro what are you Doing ollie I think ollie ollie definitely has an Opinion on this doesn’t he I can’t believe that you know you know i Think if You guys are a bit old i’m 40 years old You’ve fought in your 40s This is his 30s isn’t he right right Blake you’re brent your 30s 38. he just Turned 30. December 30th uh 1980 were born No uh 1970 we’re 50. we just turned No no no you’re aliens you boys

Maybe that has something to do with it Who knows a little that found the youth Spreading it oh my god i follow you for My age That’s a it must be it must be it must Be that hawaiian Cream uh but no Thank you i i i appreciate you both Coming on Uh but but brent we want to see you more We want to see you more I’m in there all the time i’m always Every time you’re always behind the Camera No no have you been watching third phase Of the moon yes i have i know i want to See i want to see you more I want to see on the panels i want to See you on the panels Um but yeah no thank you so much for Joining us this is the first time we’ve Known ollie what 10 years now and we Finally got on your show That’s excellent finally and yeah here With us Great discussion just great to have Everybody talking and that’s what it’s All about And i can’t remember the last time i saw You guys do any sort of interview On camera you know we always hear your Voice which is great but This is a rare treat that you’ve given Us here today they were on my show last

Week what are you talking about Yeah it’s a rarity though richard it’s a Rarity but Yeah so it’s kind of a new We’re in a new like things are just Rising i think it’s about time we kind Of come out More and more kind of put our face out Uh blake’s kind of like yeah he’ll be Kind of leave the front man get that Narrative on there i’m great to kind of Be there on the side And kind of just support that effort i’m In there just as much me and blake Collaborate Pretty much on a 50 50 level getting Third phase moon and Keeping it to where it is the platform’s Strong and yeah it’s just great to Have our panel members too working hard Behind the scenes and In front of the scenes getting on camera It’s just it’s been a great ride this Past year Do you know what would be great to see You boys on joe rogan Why hasn’t that happened yeah why hasn’t It why isn’t joe rogan reached out to The cousin’s brothers Come on joe good question what a story It would be Yeah boys though before you i know you Gotta go but before you do so When when is the deadline for the grier

Versus Uh well not versus but the the Discussion the the grown-up discussion Of lou Uh corbell and not stephen greer And uh the pope Nick pope yeah well so we talked to him Maybe three days ago it’s been he said About two and a half weeks he’s in some He’s doing something this uh next couple Weeks he’s kind of been he’s gonna be Wrapped up but After that he’s gonna be totally free so There’s not an exact date but it’s gonna Be within A two weeks a day or so past that maybe Right Maybe two weeks from now but it’s going To happen we’re guaranteeing that So just get prepared buckle the [ __ ] up Is salah coming on too right that’s It brent in sour First time i’ve heard one of the dozen Brothers sweat We’re interviewing michael sala next Week we got a Great shoot with him we’re going to be On location he’s got some new info Sounds like there’s some disturbing Things behind the scenes And that’ll be be executed in our new Daca And then uh reading oh yeah great Invited us to meet with him in

Washington So when we’re doing a road trip across America yeah we’re going to Our state capitol with dr greer It’s going to be awesome Goof on are going to be jumping with us On that uh adventure too as well so we Can’t wait for that Finally going to hang out in person hell Yeah proper road trip Can’t can’t come quick enough let me Tell you that you know it feels like Ages between now and that point but man Am i looking forward to that Yeah it’ll be uh before you know it You’re right [Laughter] So rich if you’ve got a show tonight Coming up yeah 10 eastern san francisco yeah i got a Show coming up tonight Uh we got some new evidence uh probably Break what was the news thing that came In what did we get like oh just Uh it’s always coming up you know Strange things in the skies All right boys good talking to you great Panel great discussion great people in The chat too everybody uh Hit that thumbs up subscribe to elliot Attic he rocks he nailed his uh This discussion today bringing us all Together good job Thank you boys thank you for joining us

Appreciate it You know see you guys keep your eyes on The skies everybody good seeing Everybody Thank you guys good time good job And i do have to run off myself because I’m on black lotus in about a half an Hour I have a quick bite to eat and then pop Onto that show But i want to thank you alien addict and Of course rich and Lee and osvaldo thank you very much this Was actually a very Very cool show of course thank you third Face of moon uh but you know this is Really cool i mean I’ve talked to you once before elsbaldo And we do all have a tendency to get a Little high in the emotion i felt that Today was a very grounded Discussion uh you know based on what the Topic was we didn’t stray off too much And i just want to thank everybody here For uh participating and of course ali For inviting me on to be a part of it Thank you so much guys so so what are You going on black lotus Yes black lives productions is on in a Half an hour here We have somebody i can’t remember her Name but we’re going to be discussing The idea that you can trap ghosts or That ghosts can be trapped in one way

Shape or form Yeah like ghostbusters oddly enough rich I mean there is something reminiscent There but This is a fairly new theory to me Wherein you can Without any sort of electromagnetic Field capture a spirit in some sort of Physical space so I’ll have some questions for her and it Should be a very interesting discussion Given again that this isn’t necessarily A topic that comes up all the time Ask her if they use a faraday cage Seriously because There was a group that uh out in the the South i think it was georgia They used to go around trying to capture Ghosts and never caught any You know capture spirits or entities They’d open up the box or you know they Try to test to see if there was a signal In there That’d be that’d be a good show i am Familiar actually with that and Uh there were a handful of groups that Were trying to do that in fact one was Walking around saying That they had eradicated or trapped the Ghost from a property doing like home Calls right Out of charity and then of course they’d Exit the property the Complaint would come in some time later

That no this particular entity is still Here now a few of those added up and Of course they disseminated as a result But I mean it’s just an interesting concept And thank you yeah I’ll ask her about the faraday cage i Definitely will i’ll be listening Yeah i’ll be listening and rich you were Saying You’re about to do a show in how long Uh two and a half hours two and a half Hours yeah what what’s what we got for Tonight Uh some sightings and uh just General talk about this show and other Things yeah It’s a sunday show so everything goes Twitter we’re gonna talk about what’s Going on in the twitter world in ufology And uh some emails some cool sightings That the general public Sent me so that’ll be fun to go over Well if you want to play this show make Sure you kind of watch a little bit of It so it kind of saves and you think Otherwise it won’t be there because Youtube won’t put it up till probably Right in your history right you’re good Yeah Oh yeah that’s great yeah yeah thank you Yeah youtube don’t Seem to put it up for 24 hours which is A bit weird yeah it’s weird

You’re still going through that yeah Well no It depends what we talk about i find if We talk about ghosts So when i when i go when i get jeff Young on and we’re talking about ghost Tech and Ghost stuff it uploads straight away It’s weird That is weird it’s gotta be something to Do with the ufos so thanks for Allowing me to use it yeah it’d be cool And some mars anomalies we’ll be doing Too And osvaldo franco the channel is coming Uh this week we’ll go sweet or high Water So what’s it called uh the disclosure Revolution That’s that’s a good name it’s a really Good name Yo best of luck bro yeah we’ll we’ll Definitely help you out We’ll definitely support you later yeah Support you yeah And lee lee hi lee come on Give the news give the news to the People well obviously i’m going to keep Doing must the audio podcast but I always like whenever we do these sort Of panel things I come away with more with more and more And think about it more afterwards and Change my opinions and stuff so

I’m going to do like a video thing next Week Probably by the weekend um and just Digest What we’ve done for the last two and a Half hours and then maybe put like a Short Half hour recap up on my youtube channel And uh Yeah probably disagree with everything Else i’ve said because you guys know More than i do Oh and there’ll also be a third phase Ufo report going up today Oh ah very nice very nice oh it’s a good One It’s all right sucks actually all right I must be on my way Thank you once again guys i appreciate You gonna go and get ready great to meet You michelle Dad likewise brother we’ll be talking Yeah i’m ending the show now anyway boys All right all right guys have a good one Right guys what a show there what a Great show Um i want to thank everybody in the chat All the people that have Shared the link out it’s been great for The views tonight Um if if you stood if you’re still there Share that share the hell out of it get It shared out Get it pushed out push the agenda this

Way or that way i don’t know where to go I’ll be honest with you but i want to Thank you each and every one of you In the chat tonight you’ve been Brilliant you’ve been super respectful To all the uh super chatters as well That the um My moderators beautiful um i don’t know How many you were there tonight But it’s hard to keep an eye on the chat When you’ve got so many people on screen I struggle if i’ve got one person on Screen because i’m always engaged with The person That’s there but the times we live in Right now Are absolutely bonkers and All i’ll say to each and every one of You whatever happens Just just remember yeah I’m there for you and i’ll just i’ll you Know I’ll say how is it i’ll say it i’ll say It As i see it you know if i think there’s Something a little bit You know i’ll sniff it out and i’ll tell You so yeah Stay an addict stay nom no that’s don’t Work Become an addict no i can’t say that Either I’m just going to stick with good night God bless and mind the bugs don’t bite

Because that’s always worked for me But yeah guys i love you all to pieces Um if you want to support the channel Check out the patreon page Best support you could possibly give and I’ve just been having a discussion with Lee With this before the best thing you can Do for a youtube if you love them to Pieces Is to share it out on social media Because that’ll grow our platform And that’s what we want also guys you Wanna you wanna You wanna wear something that’s gonna Give you powers It’s gonna give you super powers check Out my merch You know these are hand hand done Designs From alien addict we have the classic Logo and we have We’ve got ourselves we’ve got hudders We’ve got tops we’ve got Vests you name it we’ve got it um And we’ve got some some you can have a You can have a glass of Wine in a metal cup I i wouldn’t recommend that but water Definitely water in there coke coca-cola That works But yeah guys That’s me i’ve plugged the merch i only Do that because my wife tells me i have

To She said if you want to keep doing this Hobby you’re gonna need to actually Um show that he’s doing the family good So i have to kind of like just say every So often But the best thing he can do is the Thumbs up And the share button good night god Bless i don’t know Whispering but mind the books don’t bite I love you all very dearly I’m trying to work out how to end the Show