Georgia’s MOST HAUNTED Insane Asylum (They Let Us In…)

By | May 20, 2021
Georgia's MOST HAUNTED Insane Asylum (They Let Us In...)

So as somebody that Worked at central state You believe that there are things that Happen there In the past that they really don’t want To talk about and Never really recorded yes and You would definitely consider central State to be haunted Absolutely guaranteed something’s wrong Something happened the stuff that went On there you know people getting killed People getting mistreated When you were working there there was Cannibalism yes A lot of cannibalism there are at least 20 000 Graves that are unmarked really anywhere That you walk You could very well be standing on Someone’s final resting place So i’ve been thinking for a while About when the right time to release This video is If i should release this video if it’s Too shocking if i could get into any Trouble What this means but the time has finally Come This this is a scary video we went to Central state asylum Looking to ghost time but in doing our Ghost hunts

We have uncovered something much darker Much more troubling something that The government people in the town don’t Want you to know Yeah i think the time has finally come This is a This is a very dark one i don’t think You’re gonna believe what you’re seeing Hearing i guess uh Let’s just do this I visited the state institutions and i Think that we have a Situation that borders on a snake pet That the children live and built The doctor invited me to see the Conditions he was talking about so Unannounced and unexpected by the school Administration we toured building number Six The doctor had warned me that it would Be bad it was horrible There was one attendant for perhaps 50 Children lying on the floor naked and Smeared with their own species they were Making a pitiful sound the kind of Mournful whale that it’s impossible for Me to forget This is what it looks like this is what It sounded like but how can i tell you About the way it Smelled it smelled of filth that smells Of disease and it smelled of death We’ve just seen something that’s Probably the most horrible thing i’ve

Ever seen in my life is that Typical of ward life yes there are Thousands there like That not going to school sitting on the Ward all day Not being talked to by anyone only one Or two or three people to take care of 70 people in the ward Sharing the same toilet contracting the Same diseases together one of the Requirements for continued eligibility Is that there’d be 80 square feet of Space for patients here they get only 30 Spots here So these people life is just one hour After another Looking at the floor there’s no training Going on here these kids There’s no effort we don’t know what These kids are capable of doing the State Provides a bare minimum just enough So that they can call this place of School their life is just Hours and hours is endless nothing to do No one To talk to no expectations Just a an endless life of misery and Filth What kind of place this is yes it’s a Mental hospital For mentally disturbed people such as Myself Hey everybody my name is colin brown you

May know me as the host of the Paranormal files on youtube the channel That you’re watching this video on right Now I’ve been doing this for years literally Since uh i was a kid there’s a video of Me running through A cemetery as a child wearing a gap Hoodie and some Denim jeans but this video is different On the night that we’re filming this Interview We are at central state hospital in Georgia A massive complex of asylum buildings That was once the largest asylum on the Planet there are over 200 Buildings 200 in this complex And obviously as you know with asylums There were years decades of suffering That took place here in a lot of these Buildings There were suicides violent incidents Abuse rampant abuse which is why Most asylums in america were shuttered And this Almost entire complex is abandoned but It’s truly a once in a lifetime Opportunity to be able to investigate Central state And we were there all night tonight That’s uh we’ve got some pretty scary Stories to share from what happened Tonight

Hey everybody jeff aka papa spooks Uh colin’s dad uh yeah just I do these trips with colin for fun and To support him And this happens to be the first asylum Really that i’ve done with them so far And right when we got here i had i mean It was really creepy for me I i felt like man it’s massive first of All Decrepit vines growing on the buildings And Just a creepy feel all over the place Everywhere we went For me Wow so that has that big dome like that Yep it’s gigantic man It’s the largest island in the world Literally the long road to insanity Think of the old days this was popping Man we’re gonna stay You know right there but i mean we’re Gonna stay in one of the administrators Homes Yeah what was functioning it’s an airbnb Now wow Wow Holy [ __ ] man Oh my god look at these buildings What’s that look at that jesus that’s The spookiest Okay it’s right here holy [ __ ] Man this is huge oh my god look at that

Well here we are wow this is insane just Got to central state Yeah and crazy we got to wear these Orange safety Yeah uh uniforms they have security all Over Yep yeah they are right there they know That we’re here though This is like i don’t know how you can Get larger This is a this is what they call it this Is the what part of the campus but There’s the historic quad it’s it’s a City On its own like you know it really water Tower police Fire department everything yeah and If you guys can imagine it goes way back There Here way all through all this area No it doesn’t so we arrived at central State hospital Earlier today before we did our Investigation And the sun was setting we got there a Little late because we were filming last Night a whole different video And we initially met with a man by the Name of walter Now walter’s a city councilman for Nearby millageville Which is a small town that at one point In the history of central state was Smaller than the asylum that was on the

Border of the town And walter came out gave us a tour of The grounds Laid out the rules we had to have a film Permit insurance to film here And he told us some pretty interesting History about central state Three two one go for it My name is walter reynolds and i am the City councilman for district four for The city of milledgeville The downtown district and i’m the fourth Generation of my family to Work here on the central state hospital Campus The state hospital has such a huge And vital role in the history of Millageville first of all it was of Course one of the Largest employers in the community Really a regional employer Thousands and thousands of people worked Here on this campus Throughout its history and and brought Many visitors from all over Not only the state but the entire Country and even the world To millageville the state hospital Was founded in 1837 It was established by the georgia state Legislature Which at the time was just two miles From here in milledgeville The state capital decided at that point

That it would be necessary and Beneficial to create A asylum for epileptics lunatics Alcoholics etc and so all different Manner of individuals were served here On this campus the first patient Actually arrived In 1842 the campus officially opened In 1839 and the first patient was a Gentleman From macon georgia who actually came Over By foot his family rode in a horse-drawn Cart he was chained to the back of the Cart And walked from macon he was considered To be A danger not only to himself but of Course to others and hence he walked The 30 some odd miles from macon he was Here Treated for about six months or so At which point he passed from manic Exhaustion which is a very clinical way Of saying that He crazied himself to death here at Central state hospital Throughout its life the campus of course Grew and expanded tremendously From its first patient in 1842 until the 1960s the population Exploded in the 1960s there were Approximately 13 000 Patients being treated here on this

Campus being treated for all manner Of diseases and afflictions that we now Know are very treatable with Medication and counseling we had a lot Of individuals sent here for Developmental disabilities things that Now we We prefer to treat people at home with But this Campus saw an incredible transition in The way that we treat mental illness in This country we went from A custodial model where individuals were Even counted on the census as inmates of The institution To community treatment model and so As the patient population shifted to Other regional hospitals Columbus savannah there began to be Less and less of a need for these Buildings and so Here even in the historic quad you have Buildings like The walker building which has not been In use since the 1970s this building was First shut down In 1977 these buildings have not been Used In 40 plus years since the early To mid 2010s there’s been slowly a Reduction in the use of this facility as They’ve transitioned to other buildings On campus So at this point there are no vital

Records left here there There are no offices maintained in this Building anymore and and we’re really Out of at a crossroads as to what to do With not just this building in Particular but many parts of the campus In general a 5 000 Foot you know overview a bird’s eye Overview of the campus it’s Over 2 000 acres it’s over 200 buildings Ranging in age from the late 1800s To the early 2000s And contrary to popular belief the the Hospital the The asylum is not actually shut down There are still buildings on this campus That serve The department of behavioral health and Developmental disabilities namely the Allen building One of the greatest achievements that We’ve had so far with With the campus and revitalization has Been the repurposing of central kitchen Central kitchen at one point was serving Approximately 33 000 meals per day It’s a massive facility it has an acre Of refrigerated storage Coolers that you could play football in You know just massive massive Facility it’s 120 000 square foot Facility and we were able to Work with usda to find loans To completely renovate it and bring it

Up to date as a modern state of the art Usda Certified facility food service partners Is now operating that facility And we’re expected to create about 350 Jobs out of the kitchen the jones Building was the original medical Surgical building it was built In 1927 opened in 1928 And was in service until around 1976. The jones building Would have been your traditional Hospital when you think of a hospital This is where they would have done Procedures this is where they would have Done any sort of operations or Procedures necessary to the health of The individuals most of the Client care as far as psychological Services Counseling those would have been done in Their own dorms in their own buildings Closer to where the patients were but This would have been Where you went if you had pneumonia or Needed x-rays that would have all been Done in the jones building One of the most unique things about the Campus in regards to You know the construction and timeline Of the campus is that it exists on such A A wide backdrop of american social Issues you have

Of course its founding at the very Beginning where The first caretakers here in the Facility were actually the Superintendent and his slaves they were The first ones to provide Care here at the hospital through the Civil war into The turn of the the century huge leaps In medical science and advancements And not only that but also tremendous Social changes as far as Segregation and desegregation of the Campus here in the historic quad There were two buildings built expressly For the purpose Of separate segregated facilities the Walker building was the white male Convalescent building The building which stood opposite of it Was the blackmail convalescent building One of the first or the first building In baldwin county to be named for An african-american is now part of frank Scott State prison but previously it was part Of central state hospital and that would Be the ingram building Mr ingram worked at the state hospital For many many years he retired from the State hospital And in his old age actually was treated Here at the hospital The the hospital had uh five different

Units including the forensics unit Uh behavioral health let’s see i’m Trying to think trying to Kind of think what else i can i can just Go on forever but Any any murders here i always ask this About asylums because there seemed to Always be A cluster of crimes so of course you Know this this Was a city unto itself and like any Other city uh It it had its own challenges it had need For its own fire department its own Police department There of course were occasionally some Some violent incidences Between patients individuals that were Being treated here I don’t know enough about any any of Those stories in particular to tell you The details of any but of course there You know there there was a need for a Police department Sometimes there there were violent Episodes and that’s why this place had Its own police force At one point the population of central State hospital was Greater than that of the city of Millageville it’s just a huge and Fascinating campus Again my family has been here for many Generations i grew up in the shadow of

The jones building Just on the other side of campus my Great-grandmother’s house is just over There on linden court Growing up i i spent a lot of time on This campus Doing community activities there were Family appreciation days Employee appreciation days i remember Going to events in the auditorium i Remember going to cookouts here in the Pecan orchard my great-grandfather was a Cook here At the state hospital both of my Grandmothers were nurses Both my mother and father worked in the Department of corrections In the prisons here and now i’m here Working with the redevelopment authority To try to Revitalize this and bring jobs and Opportunity back there’s There’s a million stories here you know There at least I can tell you that the oldest cemetery On the campus is cedar ridge cemetery Which is at the Very back of the campus along central Shop road There are no less than 25 000 Individuals buried in cedar lane Cemetery Cedar lane at one point was a segregated Cemetery it was where

White patients were buried jasmine ridge Would have been The the black patient cemetery in the 1940s when they built the rivers complex They actually exhumed and moved about 2500 black patient graves And at that point transferred them over To cedar lane In the 1950s and 1960s by that point There was a contract with the department Of corrections to maintain The graveyard to maintain the cemetery Well without knowing what they were Doing The inmates thought it would be a lot Easier to Maintain this cemetery if all these Metal stakes weren’t Spread out all over the ground and so Not realizing that those stakes were Markers for individual graves they Pulled up the metal markers piled them Into the woods And cut the grass for another 40 years It was the 1990s before these piles of Stakes were discovered And there was any effort put together to Try to Determine where these individuals were But of course by that point The graves the markers were lost there Was no way of knowing what marker went In which plot even if we could identify The plots

And so tragically there are at least 20 000 Graves that are unmarked there’s no way Of telling where they are So what what was done was in the Restoration in the 1990s The markers that were able to be located Were brought out And lined up in rows along the front Side Of of the cemetery as a as a reminder Of the thousands that are interred there A lot of people look at those markers Spaced out as they are without realizing That Those individuals are not buried there In one mass grave Really anywhere that you walk along the Cemetery you could very well be standing On someone’s final resting place There are a few graves that are marked With A headstone or other marker that the Family would have provided afterwards But for many of these individuals the Only thing close to a Marker is the metal stake with a lot Number A patient number that’s that’s really All we have for them It was it was a consistent practice At central state hospital that anyone That was buried here anyone that died Here was given a proper burial

They would have had a pastor or a priest Or a rabbi To oversee their funeral service there Would have been a nurse there would have Been Somebody that would have attended their Funeral everyone here was buried with Dignity and somebody to Look over them it’s it’s unfortunate That there were so many that Their own families would not claim their Body after their passing But everyone that was served here Was buried with dignity if they passed Here there are plenty of strange and Interesting stories from around the Campus But none of them revolve around ghosts Now oftentimes we do get a lot of Visitors here There being three colleges here in Milledgeville there’s no shortage of Young men and young women who like to Come out here on a On a weekend late night thursday or Friday and Try to make their way into a building And End up scaring themselves you hear lots Of stories about things like that but I’ve been here for for several years now And i’ve never Experienced anything of the paranormal There have been times where i’ve been

In in a building on a security check and I’ve psyched myself out You know you hear a noise or you hear What sounds like a door opening or Closing in a building that you know You’re the only person there And it’s very easy to psych yourself out But Anything that was just beyond Explanation anything that was just Had to be a ghost nothing of the sort Nothing like that it’s individuals Looking for ghosts That create the most noises and Disturbances but Never have i ever run across anything That was inexplicable And i just want people to come and visit And Keep a sense of respect about the campus This is not a place to come to you know Spook yourself out and be be weirded out You know are there Strange things yes again most of them Explained by people but It’s a place where there was more good Work done than than bad There’s a lot of good work done here by People that really cared a lot All right so obviously after you heard The interview there’s there’s probably a Lot of things they don’t want to talk About Uh abuse and and different things like

That that Really isn’t flattering to the facility For us We’re hoping that our video we can kind Of expose some of those things And or at least bring them to light kind Of the true history of the place And you know sometimes history is much Darker than sometimes you can even Imagine I heard a noise behind us too she’s a Buggy there’s a bug That’s just a hot Now you see this is where the episode Gets really dark So it’s may now we were in georgia in March And what you’re about to see in here Didn’t happen to us until after we had Filmed the interviews in the hallway That you’re seeing The interview with the city councilman The investigation This interview happened as we were Leaving central state hospital the next Day When we went to go visit the cemetery Where the Thousands of people are buried in Unmarked graves as Jeff and i were leaving we actually saw A woman in scrubs Sitting in the gazebo at the edge of the Cemetery

And we decided to ask her if she had Ever heard of any ghost experiences or Anything like that Dealing with central state and what she Told us Was absolutely shocking now we noticed That While interviewing the councilman he Didn’t really go into depth about the Abuse At the hospital he didn’t go into depth About the deaths About the crazy psychiatric practices of The late 1800s early 1900s The electroshock therapy the locking People in cages And we had no idea what we were about to Learn so buckle your seatbelts I’m going to be posting this interview In its entirety on the channel this Weekend But for now here are some of the Highlights From our talk with a former nurse at Central state My name is tracy tyree i am from Millsville georgia i am 34 years old 30 no 42. Oh god i am so sorry So what do you do right now as a job That’s how we started our conversation Right here at this building bostick i Do either in the kitchen as dietary or Sometimes i am on the floor

As a correctional officer and what is The facility It is bostick nursing center is where They House prisoners it could be anywhere From criminally insane People on parole they can’t be released Because loved ones are deceased And they can’t get out of the system so We house them here and what’s the Environment like In there nowadays i’m with the Coronavirus Everybody is on lockdown they are no Longer to have visitors they can’t leave The building Normally their curfew is about 12 and so Everybody stays on their own Ward some days are good some days are Bad because they’re cooped up I mean it could be anywhere from a smell To a noise To another resident fighting and they Just all Get into it time of high stress yes Very it really is because nobody could Go anywhere they are A long hallway that’s all they have you Told us Before also that you used to work at Central state in some of the buildings Yes i worked at central state i was in The craig center that’s for children Um it could be from an accident where

They choked on something Some of them did littler children’s There was one in there that The mom put bleach in the milk and Thought it would kill the baby because She was 16 But you know they’re usually a vegetable So the craig center is mostly children I was in the allen building that’s Criminally insane Anywhere from they could be in a room With just a slot for the Trays or they could actually be in a Cage where they could be watched And what did it feel like in those Buildings before they were shut down What was like the general Kind of energy yes the higher the floors You get The more like chill bumps you’ll get um You’ll be paranoid you think you’re Being watched um it’s Really not very comfortable you totally Always have to watch your back Really couldn’t even have pins or Pencils you couldn’t have anything on You It was high security so is it very Intense It definitely was not a laid-back Comfortable feeling At all were there any people that were Committed that Had interesting stories that you can

Remember one of the other co-workers Is almost like the movie Hannibal lecter you could make an easy Mistake if somebody has a Pin in their pocket there’s one incident Where the guy grabbed it through the Cage And stabbed an employee in the neck with It A lot of cannibalism a lot of pedophiles Were in there When you were working there there was Cannibalism yes In what regard um as far as killing People Putting the meat in spaghetti bodies Found in freezers In their yards skin hanging up it was Really Um uncomfortable and those are the People you were treating Yes working to treat yes what what were They Like were they somewhat normal or were They kind of Keep you on edge they keep you on edge Just the way they look at you The way they talk um it really made you Nervous Was it a general kind of sense of stress Between employees Like it was kind of known to be just a High Stressful environment to work in those

Buildings yes absolutely But you enjoyed it i did enjoy i try to Help who i can’t help There’s some that you really can’t but At least you could Offer a word of kindness or treat them With respect I’ve always liked risky jobs i guess you Could say And nowadays those buildings are shut Down yes all of them How does that make you feel to see that Relief Really yes for what reason i don’t have To go back in there Really i don’t have to work night shift I work night shift so it’s a whole Different thing when everything’s quiet And the stuff that went on there you Know people getting killed people Getting mistreated It was a very scary atmosphere at night Um At night there’s not as many people as There is day shift So you really have to watch out for your Well-being you always heard something There was always something around the Corner Always something calling your name or Felt like you’re being followed it was Very Stressful so me and a friend of mine Went in there on halloween

Is we had badges to get in Um the other floors of course you you Think Your doors creaking feet footsteps Your basic the higher you went um can we Real quick too can you explain what Building you’re talking about Oh of course it’s the allen building on Central state grounds Um is right next to the green building The higher you get up The more your body lets you know Something is not right You know it’s the tightness of breathing You your hands start sweating and It’s different it’s hard to breathe it’s So Strong the air is very heavy We were going down the hallway about the Third door in We passed it kind of quickly and The light started flickering you could Hear the Um generator like it was starting And it sound like when somebody somebody Was in there So we went forward our mind Really couldn’t process what just Happened so we stepped Back at that time we didn’t see anything But you could smell Smoke is a really foul smell And so of course we Ran out of there really quick to gather

Our thoughts to see what happened But as we run down floors it’s almost Like you hear Prisoners scream um like Cups being clinged on the bars um After that we were in the parking lot Probably a good 30 minutes Just looking at each other to figure out What in the world Just happened did we see what we’ve seen So we all parted ways i had went home Took a shower made sure my kids were Getting ready for Their stuff for school and homework when I went to shower I laid down in the bed i was very Uncomfortable as far as laying there i Tried to close my eyes So when i opened my eyes above the door Frame It was almost like a gargoyle looking Creature his arms were backwards His legs were backwards like almost like Holding on To the door frame in the corner of the Wall i remember Specifically it was it was gray you Could see the dark But when it opened its eyes it was Almost like a Reddish orange color you could Definitely Feel you were in danger

So i had left my room running down the Hall to check on my kids because i Really wasn’t sure what was going on The kids were fine when i was working my Way back through the living room i had a Satellite So it’s not going to cut on by itself The tv would come on it would just be Nothing but blue So i turned it back off by the time i Got my room it had turned itself back on So i just unplugged it in my kitchen for Some Reason there’s a big mirror in the Kitchen which my bedroom was connected To the kitchen You could see a black shadow i could Definitely tell he was wearing like a Top hat just standing there Um i had tried to go in my room could Not unlock my door So i went to my youngest son’s room to Check on because he was a baby at the Time I could not get into his room so being In the military Being correctional officer i did get my Gun out Because i was really gonna shoot the Doorknobs off because i did not know What was going on So when i reached up the point at the Doorknob all the doors had opened Um and that was about it for that part

Um you know you’re normal you’re here Laughing You think you’re hearing kids we have Got on recording Different type of growls so We end up having to leave that house Couldn’t get nobody to come into it they Knew the history of it We couldn’t get no help so i moved me And my children out of there for our Safety Wow can you also talk about the Kind of devices that are left at central State we didn’t really get to cover Those yet Okay sure nobody really understood Mental illness back then So they had different devices that they Would put them in to punish them There is a wooden box that has just Holes it’s Enough for you to be in the fetal Position that’s about it And if they continue to scream or Misbehave They had the same type of box but it had Spikes on it Um they have the table there where they Did Um electric shock to see if they can’t Make People better um they have it looks like A coffin But all you have is the eyes where you

Can see the eyes they’d put them in There Um and that building is alone the only Really thing you get is like the smell Of urine and feces because they were Left in there for You know days or maybe a couple of hours A lot of them didn’t really have Clothing on they Was just in halls i mean it was really Sad but they didn’t understand mental Illness and they tried to torture them To see if they could get them to be Better And they would really abuse them and hit Them they would punish them by not Feeding them It really was sad and did you ever hear Of any abuse when you worked there Nobody really talks about it everybody Is hush-hush and under the table nobody Really says anything But um you do see it i’ve always Reported it they said they would take Care of it but it was really never taken Care of And this was what years did you work There I worked there from let’s see 1997. till 2005 But at the end of the day you worked With a lot of good people too And there was a you would say an actual Attempt to

Help people yes there was an um another Nurse that worked there she uh really Put a lot of effort into it She really cared about them you know we Always made sure that they were dressed Nice Their hair is brushed taut with respect Not every shift was like that and what What’s your best memory from working There what’s like a really positive Thing you have to say about the Experience the excitement that not only Does the adults have but the children They recognize they might not Communicate to you but they recognize You when they see you They they their hands will be hidden if They’re in wheelchairs they get excited They’ll jump around they’ll hit the Tables Some of them will point um because they Know you’re there to help them did you Have Any other people that you worked with That had any sort of paranormal Experiences while i was there you know i Heard stories about somebody’s hair Being pulled Somebody being touched doors being Slammed on them A lot of them didn’t like to go in the Basement for supplies They just always had a like a rotten egg Smell

It was like a sulfur smell So that’s where a lot of the neglect Come in because everybody was scared to Go get The supplies they needed but majority of Us being touched hair pulled or hear Their name Being called and nobody being there and This was when The building was active yes people were Having A lot of activity consistently yes I can only imagine what it must be like In there now since people Can’t go in legally yeah they haven’t Been able to for such a long time Before the end of the shift we do a walk Through to make sure everybody’s where They’re supposed to be Um i always check the shower room make Sure nobody’s hiding They will play hide and seek sometimes Um You can walk through there the water Will sometimes turn on on you You’ll be yelled at to get out um and It’s so Close it’s almost like you could feel The breath in your face Telling you to get out this is my home You could be In the cafeteria sometimes um then they Had gas stove a lot of everything was on Gas

Sometimes it will be on or it will come On when you’re walking there Trays will fall on the floor people Serving You know you put your spoons you get Everything ready They’ll fly across the room refrigerator Will open You come in glass will be everywhere Plates will be everywhere Broken it’s almost like somebody took Their hand just went down The top of the serving thing glasses Will break And sometimes the the resident may be Drinking something And it has been where it has busted in One of their hands Toilets being flushed names being called This really about it as far as i have Personally seen Wow but i mean it that’s like an insane Amount of Activity yes it’s really bad do you Think management did a Good job administering the actual Buildings in the care of the patients Absolutely not if we ever had an Emergency a lot of times they wouldn’t Answer the phone Or they’ll get to it or write a report But i’ve never seen any changes i’m just Short of staff Do you think that that’s kind of why the

Buildings were eventually shuttered I i would have to say that yes i’m Pretty sure You know when the insurance people come In medicaid people come in That’s when inspection started coming in I’m sure that had a lot to do with it And you said you started believing in The paranormal when you were Serving yeah talk about that for just a Minute because that’s so Thanks for the service by the way thank You of course They you like use the children to have Bombs to come and kill us am i hesitated I’m like i said i was a kid myself and i Hesitated to shoot them It’s not something i wanted to do but it Was either me or them So i made that choice so paranormal Activity has really kind of followed you Yes and i really have not been able to Find out why So as somebody that Worked at central state You believe that there are things that Happen there In the past that they really don’t want To talk about and Never really recorded yes they’ve Closed it out it’s almost almost Hush-hush nobody knows nothing nobody Wants to say anything So you really can’t get anybody from the

Small town to talk about it But i don’t mind i know what i’ve seen i Know how i felt Um there’s no reason to be scared of it Share your experiences because some People might think people are gonna Think they’re crazy Or laugh at them but it’s really not Like that I try to get people to open up and talk To them because you can almost tell the Difference in their face Something’s wrong something happened and You think that People are kind of afraid to talk about What they experienced Because it was such a big employer Yeah you know you just wanted to get Back to the main people You definitely didn’t want to talk about It because at that point in time Like you said it was the main Thing here in georgia with central state Hospital you didn’t want to lose your Job you didn’t want nobody to think You’re crazy you didn’t You just kept everything to yourself and You definitely couldn’t talk About central state outside of work you Know you signed papers waivers Everything there was you did not say Anything and You would definitely consider central State to be haunted

Absolutely guaranteed well Great is there anything else you’d like To add that’s My aunt my hand is literally going numb That was such a good interview So later that night we wrapped our Interview with walter we went in and Checked in at our Airbnb and jeff and i went to go have Some fried chicken We’ve been eating low carb this whole Time so we had just Not a healthy meal but a low carb meal With the chicken And we came back to the central state Complex It was about 7 30 8 o’clock at night and We Instantly set out to set up our static Cameras That we were going to leave inside some Of the buildings that We were just not allowed to get into and I want you to remember that We weren’t allowed to go into one Building Inside of central state not one of them Was opened up to us Okay so we’re gonna head to okay Everybody So we got these safety vests on because We had to go through A whole process to be able to film here

At the central state hospital These are for security guards so they Know that we’re with the film crew and Whatnot And tonight we are just giving Unprecedented access to this Complex it’s 200 buildings absolutely Massive But we only have exteriors to film So right now we’re going to start off This investigation by Going to two different buildings and Placing static cameras inside of broken Windows and we’re just going to let Those Roll while we investigate the exteriors So it’s very creepy out here once again If you appreciate what we do On the channel you can either help Support the show by purchasing a piece Of merchandise from our merch store He’s been wearing our merch in almost Every episode of this series Here’s our face mask we got the Paranormal files Official mask right there it’s pretty Badass Or you can become a patron and we’re Posting this whole trip we’ve been Posting stuff Every single day from every location Months before other people even know What we’re filming Where we’re filming or some of the

Evidence that we’ve captured so those Are two ways you can help the channel we I do this full-time as my job my career So Every little thing helps you guys do but Anyways let’s uh buckle in and Once again head to building number one None of this is to support me So people know i’m actually Contributing quite a bit all the time to Help with trips and so forth so just so You know I’m just here to have fun with colin and Help him Well without further ado let’s uh let’s Head out Okay let’s just should we stop and go Look there’s a window You want to leave that running here’s a Flashlight This is so [ __ ] sick Oh man Oh yeah you can really feel that cold Air Man Let’s go over to that doorway Man this has got very i think we could Get murdered here vibes Oh yeah oh this will be This is kind of nice stairwell Yeah this would be a great place for Static Is there a way it

No let’s go look at the front real quick And then we can decide to put one here In the front because there’s a really Really we should leave a run pod at one Of them That’s a good one to leave there i think Same okay That would be a [ __ ] total And these are on right okay let’s go So So we’ve isolated a few places where we Can put the static cameras Very very creepy we heard movement Inside the building i’m kind of sad we Didn’t bring the camera But we’re gonna head to another building Now and see if there’s another static Camera spot So we left the camera in the car but we Did find This massive opening right here in the Building we’re trying to decide Obviously we can’t go in yeah obviously We’re under the agreement that we don’t Do any inside entry which we’re not Going to but we could put a camera right Here because this is technically outside Yeah Yeah um Eerie building over here for sure Look inside of those windows and look at What you see Wow look at that yeah look at this chair

In here Oh a chair there too interesting yeah Possible we could put a rem pod right Here yeah That’s it that’s an option go we could Also put a rem pod in that other hallway Over there yeah yeah i mean I like i think that’s really cool Grab it when we start investigating okay It should be sitting right here so we Can shoot in here So we’re here at the other building We’ve decided we’re going to set up this Static camera right here facing this Open doorway And we’re actually going to start the Investigation right here But i’m going to turn on the static Microphone Roll on it can you never reach the rem Pod just from the door i thought you’d Go in and just reach Like i’m not going to go in set it up Here Look what it’s done I mean it was doing nothing Is that you in there what the heck what Would that be Can you stop can you stop Man can you stop Please stop and show us that you’re There are those Many of you there Oh my god okay what focus

Dude i mean it’s kind of crazy i mean I just approached it and started to go Off like that randomly So what look at what is can you stop What if we walk away a little bit What okay we’re gonna walk We’re gonna walk away I mean i don’t get it neither do i I mean it wasn’t doing that it was Already on when i walked up there Okay wow we’re gonna Just start off by investigating this Whole building as a whole this is the Closest that we can get Is there anybody here In this building can you make a noise if You’re in there Anybody here Were you over by the rump red pod If you are make it go off again i mean Why stop now Just step over here Is there anybody over there in this Building Is there somebody in here Can you knock on something move Something if you’re in there How about over here Is there anybody over here in this Building Anybody in here making noise Is this the chairs yeah hello

Can you grab my hand [Applause] I got shot here Oh we didn’t really even go back here What the hell is all those police sirens We don’t have anything else This is really Hello What What the hell It’s like a police chase It’s really like a police chase going on Over There’s a there they’re chasing the car No way Oh there’s three cops That’s a police chase caught on camera What the hell Is there anybody in any of these Buildings Leaving the static camera shooting right There We’re gonna take off let’s go to the Other building yeah okay So after colin and i set up the static Cameras we decided to Really explore the exterior of the Buildings uh you know it’s really creepy Actually Obviously as you’re going to see on film And Looking in the windows the broken Windows especially the open doors that

Were broken down It i wish we could go in because it Looks really creepy And uh overall it’s just if you were Here Especially at the in darkness It’s it’s really creepy so at the end of The day As you can see in that footage that That’s it we didn’t really capture Anything That night at central state we didn’t Really Manage to get what we wanted we didn’t Feel that energy coming from these Buildings because we couldn’t get inside Any of them They didn’t let us into a single one of The buildings And so after that last clip we really Thought that That was going to be the end of the Night and it really essentially was you Know we thought that was the end Or at least we thought that That was the ending but in reality That was just the very beginning Okay guys so we actually just shot those Interviews we didn’t think that we were Gonna have access All day to a building we’re actually Inside of the chapel right now

There were tons of funerals that took Place in here Wow So you think something followed you home From this specific place right here It’s never happened to me before ever in My life is there anybody here with us Can you let us know where you are Boy kill Walk towards the sound of my voice Hello