Alien Transmedium Craft (Ufologist Osvaldo Franco dives into it)

By | May 19, 2021
Alien Transmedium Craft (Ufologist Osvaldo Franco dives into it)

In the house good evening folks and Welcome To alien addict i am live yes i am live Um we we have uh A very special guest who’s been on the Show many a times But no other person in this world i Think has been more exciting about what Is What is coming right now um so without Further ado Us um are you there i have you gone to The toilet He’s probably gone to the toilet this Always happens to me How’s everybody doing in the chat Tonight us have i scared you off He is here this is this is not uh i Haven’t put a camera upstairs Grab the wife pop ahead around the Corner in a minute Well anyway folks while we’re waiting For osvaldo franco We’ll play the clip um then i’ll tell Him off when he comes back We could probably bring about 35 rounds Sir yeah we got some a lot of white Water up there so Six foot swells well it’s getting close Yeah we have uh 31 knots sustained with Top side adjusted 40. Splashed mark varying range He’s still not here i don’t know where He’s going oz

Oh god only in america as they say Well anyway guys uh be Aldo franco here he is here is he went To wash his face He’s back how you doing mate Great brother how are you Thanks for joining us tonight mate it’s It’s been Exciting it’s been an exciting month Yeah incredible one of the most Incredible ones we’ve ever had in the Field Ah that’s just getting better how how How are you kind of like how do you feel With all this relieved Okay it’s a sense of relief kind of feel Kind of free Godly enough you know like like this has Been a long 30 years man Like like wow like we like i thought That This would happen by the time i was old Maybe And the last three years have changed Everything So you actually think this is it we’re Going to get A disclosure next month i’m not talking About a soft disclosure i don’t want no Like i don’t think that there’s any way For their not listen Even if it’s just the acknowledgement of Hey there’s some craft and we have some Weird materials that we’ve recovered

And maybe bodies maybe not there’s no Light way of taking that Right you know there’s no there’s no Like you know like like even With that that’s the impetus for all of This other stuff that’s attached to that To come out You know no one can say that we were Wrong ever again You know no one can pretend that this Isn’t going on Anymore ever again so Let’s rewind to the first Little clip that we got when was that Ttsa Um get the gimbal footage how long ago Was that now that’s 2017. So how many what you would say um Kind of approved pieces of footage Would you say that we have now say that Again How many approved so you know They’ve been acknowledged well we’re up To five now Yeah that’s what i thought i’m just Checking And there’s i’m not i’m not the Ufologist here so There seems like there’s other videos That are being prepped for release now As well so that number is going to go up Soon Are you not a little bit like tired of The

You know the the low res Um i i know i know that’s what we We get is there always there seems to be The military stuff that we gain Which is which is cool but you know Where’s the public stuff Well you know well i look at it this way We’re starting to get very clear photos And it’s looking like the photos are Actually stills from From video um i’m starting to think that That’s eventually that we’re gonna We’re gonna cross into that i think very Matter of factly we’re gonna get we’re Gonna cross into that Um i’d say sooner than later And they’re they’re taking baby steps They’re slowly like you know heating the Water up Little by little and um it seems like We’re getting there In fact i’d bet on it so Let’s rewind to the actual the pyramid Ufo what did you make What did you make of that footage oh Honestly not much It’s uh uh i do believe it’s genuine uh It’s been stated to be genuine Um i think that just because somebody Can Make something that looks kind of like That you you know using uh like you know Uh Methods to try to fool the camera

Doesn’t mean that that’s what that is You know uh i don’t think that the navy I mean the navy has confirmed that this Is real I don’t think they’re like trying to Make themselves look like fools You you you’re referring to the mick West debunk there aren’t you Yeah no like honestly just because nick West has an art project that kind of Looks like that It doesn’t mean that that’s what that is Okay but he did he kind of it was a very Good debunk though Yeah you have you have to give him that Oh sure I still don’t think that the military is Going to Uh uh make a mistake like this In public like that especially given the Subject matter I mean don’t get me wrong ask because You you know me i’m I’m i’m really excited about this Subject and It it kind of it makes my nipples go Extremely hard When we’re talking about ufos But the the problem that we have with This footage Is at the moment this bit of footage has Been acknowledged yes All on on news channels and what have You but the source for this subject

These two pieces of footage is george Knapp And carbell so as much as i mean you You may trust these guys Uh they’re they’re actually starting to Release metrics Based on the the videos as well things That prove Uh corbell actually uh I believe the video actually has uh gbs Gps coordinates On it it it’s it is confirmable um There’s some parts that seem to be Missing but that yeah seems to be par For course i won’t Listen all we have now these five videos All of them have bits and pieces missing And that Actually seems to be like the rule now You know when you get these Videos from the military remember we Used to not get anything from the Military this is still very new we’re in Uncharted territory Within that regard can i ask can you see What i’m playing Can you see when i play a clip can you See that on your phone Yeah so with you talking about this Aren’t you and And where there’s a cut yeah Yeah right there yeah well honestly like Uh I think that like was it used to hide

Something yes But it was probably used to hide our our Capabilities of Observing these things like go fast Clear All of these other videos they all had Stuff that was removed but that was Removed because we don’t want to leak Certain military capabilities That’s you know that’s fine it’s Completely consistent you know provided We are being given what we can be given Okay so when When i originally spoke about this i Think it lit we were kind of a bit Excited we didn’t know What to what to make of it because it Literally dropped 20 minutes before i went live now I’ve had time to die digest it yeah Um and a few people in it that was in The The chat was saying that you know splash Means it Just goes underwater we yeah we i know That I know that but the thing is here um It doesn’t it looks like it moves away To me it looks like it blinks out and Moves away now They would they wouldn’t know if it went Underwater because they would have Um like sonar or whatever other means They have

To protect this thing yeah even if it Didn’t make a splash You know in a conventional sense like it Still would have like i Imagine it would have made some type of Noise you know and that would have been Picked up It would have been audible um so We’re talking about zero inertia so this Thing just Literally can go into yes Pass into the water and out of the water Into the invest Easily as it goes through the sky i mean It reminds me It reminds me of this yeah Yeah basically it’s probably similar Shape Probably seamless and honestly it can Basically Like listen these things are remarkable They can do Extraordinary things that our technology Just You know at least in public can’t don’t Do so And we’re seeing this repeatedly we’re Seeing the same technologies Uh time and again Do you not find that there’s a little Bit of a problem though with all this Missing Footage because it’s almost like It’s so what is what’s going on heroes

In in your mind What’s going on Without showing us other things which is Basically but who has it Who has the footage you know did As is car belt holding something back or He is he just being drip fed honestly if If he was if he actually record listen We have stories from other ufologists Uh where they are actually given access To to Stuff like uh uh um Uh let’s see like greer talks about Having been taken to like secret Facilities You know and being allowed to be showing Things uh uh Also uh uh dan d antonio Uh the uh ufologist actually spoke about Uh being allowed on a submarine And and actually seeing like they’re Like you know like what happens on the Sub when they actually Dealing with one of these uh Extraterrestrial craft Um so that’s not Unheard of in this field Uh if corbell is being allowed to do That then You know then of course he’s being Allowed to do that he’s probably Uh uh basically respecting certain Rules and like i mean honestly if They’re generous enough to help you to

Get What we need to get like and there’s a Few things you can’t talk about Uh you know you’d be a fool to insist on Talking about them So do you think that it is kind of like Um He’s been fit him and george A bit because it’s almost like a shift For me you know Um and when we when we’re talking about I mean menu We we go way back with uh ttsa And it it’s literally like these are Two boys now you know the shift from the Long It’s kind of it it seems to be george And corbell mainly corbell It’s like corbell has taken the long’s Place Well that’s the thing that i i would Imagine that tom delonge is very busy Right Now tom delong has a different job at The moment Um there’s a lot that’s going on and he Has to build ttsa So uh i mean there’s there’s a lot That’s going to happen because of this All around you know this is a Super loaded subject and a lot of like You know again Like i i imagine a lot of crazy stuff is Going to occur

Uh in the next couple of weeks and Months Um things have changed a lot would you Agree though that there is definitely a Shift from Ttsa and it’s kind of like it’s being Like put on onto carbel Oh yeah for now uh corbell is the it guy So it’s between him and lozano it seems So so where does this put you in in Terms of Um your faith in ttsa This is exactly what i wanted ready what Are you talking about This is only going on because of ttsa i Mean honestly people talk about uh Uh about elizano they talk about um Melon oh who introduced us to these guys Who was responsible for bringing them Out is tom delong And and anton de long is responsible for All of this directly immediately Tom demon deserves our huge praise You know and and the fact that uh that People are still trying to pretend like He didn’t do What he’s done the cognitive dissonance From people within ufology It’s kind of disgusting to tell you the Truth i’m very disappointed in a lot of People in ufology that Are basically jealous and and angry that They You know like like and and they offered

Opportunities Too man they said we’re going to do this Please help us invest Okay but i think i think when we’re Talking about some of the people that You you may think uh i think sometimes Jealousy can be confused with people Being frustrated Oh yes no no because it’s a very Frustrating subject you have to admit That when we’ve been yes but but but When we when you say That when you see where we’ve gotten in The last three years And how we’ve gotten from basically Nowhere we were going nowhere fast For like 60 years plus And then all of a sudden we we we went From zero to like you know 50 in three years that’s extraordinarily Fast You know and and the fact that we’re Picking up momentum that we’re not Stopping we’re just getting faster and Faster and more and more is coming out You know you you you think that this is Enough These pieces of footage that we’ve got That this is like I don’t i don’t know that no it’s Probably not enough but more is coming a Lot more is coming I mean you know this people know this if You’re paying attention you you know

That this is what’s going on My my worry though is my worry with this Is Is the kind of the narrative of this and You know Um i i saw uh rich speaking about this On goof on radio Uh last night about this morning and I think some people might think that People like Me and him you know we we don’t want This to happen or Or whatever but i think the first the Worry Here is when it it They keep calling it a threat not only That that We’re kind of like dished out these Pieces of footage But then there’s not enough to back them Up so I know that you’re saying yeah mick west Got that wrong But why not give us more to it so mint West can’t get it Get it wrong you know make west that Then when you get the debunker that Actually goes you know what It’s the [ __ ] ufo that’s all Happening things are scheduled to start Being released more and more closer we Get to this uh declassification And uh not only that there are people That in politics

That have stated that they have more to Say once the report is doubt So this is not again this isn’t going Anywhere this is just going to get Bigger and bigger You know and it’s going to be i i don’t Think it’s possible at this point To walk it back You know this no i i agree there’s There’s not I mean honestly like this is going to Happen This was always going to happen i’ve Been predicting this was going to happen That chatter what is going to happen Basically disclosure Even if it’s a small d disclosure even If it’s not everything we’re going to Get a whole lot of disclosure I mean we already had i mean honestly we We Have video footage and and the military Saying that These these are crafty exist defying The laws of physics and they’re Definitely around But would you agree to the untrained eye That these craft maybe don’t look like They’re defining the laws of physics So so okay you show this piece of Footage Or any of them to somebody who’s not Into ufos Somebody who maybe you show this to my

Gran You know what what he what’s the person That Doesn’t eat breathe and sleep this Subject Gonna think of that footage well um They could dismiss it as just kind of Grainy and out there and not anything Relative to themselves But that would be a mistake because this Is this is going to be Um and like call it a hunch well Just say it’s a hunch i think that Things are on their way that are going To make it so that it’s Harder for people like that to ignore or Pretend that it’s not happening or that It is happening but it’s somehow Irrelevant Because that’s what you’re going to need You know for my mum and dad you’re going To need like Uh actual you know really Good video footage of craft people Showing pieces of metal or whatever People should This is what that’s that’s disclosure in My mind You know is the whole world Understanding it Yeah that’s the explosion that’s i think That’s going to happen but like you Should also understand they’re going to Be holdouts they’re going to be

Religious people they’re going to insist This is demon still You know kind of like uh uh When uh alexander graham bell Demonstrated the telephone Uh there was a famous physicist who was In charge of the national academy of Sciences Um he went to a demonstration and he Refused to believe that this existed And denounced it as a fraud that guy was Mick west for his time You know um this is like this is not Unusual in the history of science in Fact this is how things go there’s Always these people that insist That the old paradigm is correct even When it’s not Even after everybody starts i’m saying Man like we’re talking on a phone how Did that theory go down Yeah no i get what you’re saying there i Mean but i think It say mick west’s eyes you know he’s He’s debunked that He’s just both of them now in his eyes He’s done that But he he does put across a very good Argument And his argument is you know i won’t do This You show me more you show me the proof You know That you show me some more footage to

Back this up Give me dates give me times yes we’ve Got the dates and times on there but We’ve got little pieces missing in this And it’s It’s just like what happened In that little one once again They probably showed something that Leaked certain types of capabilities That they don’t want out there the same Way that the the flear and go fast and Gimbal were also Edited and and you didn’t see everything You know And that this is you know par for course This seems to be how We are doing things now okay from the Military So if if they showed something that they Maybe shouldn’t have shown why were they Filming on a mobile phone Because he was probably uh at the Command center And then uh they allowed him to film That you know honestly they they People were saying that like they were Surprised that their cell phone was even Allowed there Trust me dude i don’t think uh uh Corbell is Is listen if corbell we’re Really really breaking national security Uh like rules Like he would be doing this from

Venezuela and he’s not Like we know we’ve seen what happens When you don’t when you do stuff outside The system You get treated like edward snowden you Know you get treated like julian assange That’s not what’s happening here and yet Clearly There something is going on this isn’t a Hoax this isn’t a fraud In fact it’s getting more and more Serious so Uh is this being allowed yes absolutely All the more reason why i believe that This is Going to happen You have to understand the people’s Frustrations with this though Because this is what we keep getting we Keep getting these And it wouldn’t surprise me if we get Another two of these You know no that’s true but uh Given the fact that we also like dude We’re we’re getting these and we used to Have nothing I think that those people are idiots and Spoiled brats that don’t get what’s Going on Like after after all this time we’re Finally getting something like Real tangible great stuff but it’s not Good enough to your You know highfalutin standards who are

You You know what did you do to help make This happen Or what have you done that was better Than any of this i see a lot of people Complaining that have not contributed as Much So you trust these guys you trust you Trust um I know you trust tsa you trust You trust carbell Uh somewhat yes i mean As much as i can nobody that somebody i Don’t know I haven’t never met you know uh So far uh everything seems to be Reliable and it’s pushing the The the the can down the road You know and like that that used to Never happen You know so like honestly and even if It’s not perfect Let’s go with this we can sort it all Out after we get this done Grow up i mean so I mean i’ve said this to you many times I’m no ufologist you know i just i just Generally have it i find the subject Very entertaining and It really makes me you know excited But i wouldn’t i wouldn’t put Garbell down as a ufologist but Sometimes it’s like he tries to talk Like one

Listen i would say that he is a Ufologist i mean like what is it you Follow just somebody that Dedicates their time and their energy And their resources to try to get the Story out And do research in the field the guy was Involved in the citizens hearing back in 2013 He’s been doing this for several years Just because he Didn’t like run around on the like you Know the mufan lecture circuit You know uh doesn’t mean he’s not a Ufologist You know like like like like like dude Like honestly he’s Like he is i mean what what what more Would you want I mean like it’s not like they hand out Degrees in this subject You know and they don’t because Basically they’ve been trying to hide This for so long In fact they need to have some type of Like formal Ufological like education like Certificate that would help a lot Perhaps you know turn it into an actual Science I guarantee you put carbel in a room With you as you probably know more about Different ufo cases than he will yes so So he’s longer than he has but this is

This this is my argument here with so He’s been given this This piece of he’s he’s been given the Pieces of footage yeah Yeah you know i don’t think he ever Questions it I don’t think he ever questions any of It i think he’ll just put it out I think i think if i think if somebody Chucked An xbox controller up in the air and Filled it Filmed it you know well Out there though we don’t also we don’t Know where he’s getting this from So perhaps where he’s getting and that’s No disrespect to jeremy carbell no no no I You know if somebody that high up is Giving you something that’s supposed to Be ufo footage you should show it You know um You know like what else is he supposed To do i mean like The standards that people use you know Are just like Like like honestly people are just Nitpicking they’re nitpicking and They’re going to continue to nitpick Until like things are said and done And then when that happens and they’re Going to be like oh well i knew it like The hell you did Okay so let’s go back to the hudson

Valley site and see you You had a personal experience as a boy With yes a craft above your head Literally above your head on the Rooftops in new york Now when you think back to that and you Look at everything that’s being shown to Us now Can you relate to that Uh just to to the to these These to the blobs that we’re seeing to What you saw up close and personal Not in that regard no but there’s been Other things that i’ve seen and Witnessed that are kind of like that Or could be something similar um You know not the tic tac or this fear And the the the cubes and the spheres But uh perhaps something like the Uh the uh the uh How would i the the most recent footage Uh i’m not sure if i wanna what do i Want to call that The the the the the i guess i get i Guess it’s a sphere Uh that that goes into the water The uh yeah so so it goes this Way i actually did actually did it from Yeah The sphere that goes into the water yeah Yes so So this so this thing when it enters the Water When we’re saying zero inertia there

Would be nothing no No splash nothing they would just it Would literally Pass through that passing through air They pass through the water basically as Easily as they pass through the air you Know and it’s not that they slow down You know they just go where they’re Going Yeah i mean this thing is being filmed Um From quite some distance anyway so i Don’t i actually don’t even if there was A splash I don’t actually know if you would see a Splash from that distance But you you you saw the fla The flare footage um that mick west Showed and how that does goes on their Horizon It kind of it did look like it All right well that’s fine i mean well You can do a lot with footage with Cameras these days it doesn’t mean that It’s not real i mean Honestly like like uh uh Am i supposed to not believe world war Ii didn’t happen because i saw a band of Brothers Or am i supposed to believe that band of Brothers was the real uh world war ii Footage because the old footage is Grainy Yep you understand what i’m saying don’t

You if When he’s putting this out there so There’s one one half that is trying to Get you To believe in this footage has been real Has been possibly it’s Extraterrestrial or maybe A craft that’s from another country That is scary if it is um yeah no it’s Not It is you believe it’s extraterrestrial Yeah it’s it’s not crap from other Countries that’s just That’s just an argument that they’re Used actually uh Uh oh my goodness what is his name Uh daniel sheehan Actually gave a really interesting Interview uh On grant cameron’s channel and i would Recommend everybody go and watch it Um and in it he actually goes into like You know Great detail as to what’s actually the Conversations that are being Have happening uh behind the scenes with The people involved And uh he confirms that they know that This is not chinese or russian That this is just a uh it’s kind of a Placeholder You know to uh to you know try to get This done Yeah the melon said on joe rogan that he

Thought it was um Drones extraterrestrial drones Yes in so many words he said that Yeah and that’s basically what’s going On um that’s what this Is this is like you know the these these These semantical arguments This like you know this this that like Whatever minute i’m glad this is well I’m hoping that this is the end of that You know or the beginnings of the end of That because i’m the Debates are tiring you know and they Don’t get anything done Even though even after the more evidence Comes out to prove that this is what’s Going on And yet those debates still continue i Mean like how long are we like Human how much time did we waste you Know Uh uh uh debating whether or not lu Elizondo was who he claimed to be How much time was there there’s still People debating that yeah that’s right And they’re still wrong aren’t they Like i mean what more do you want you Know people are on camera Like you know they got documentation They got people are on camera Talking about this you got daniel Sheehan representing him Uh and like like he and chris mellen are Actually both being represented by

Daniel sheehan now because There are uh there are legal Implications To what they’ve done and what’s going on Uh uh All these things would not be happening If they weren’t telling the truth You know quite frankly like and this Idea that somehow this is going to go Away It’s laughable you know like they Like things have changed things have Changed and they’re not going back to Ho-hum ufology these are people that Have lived In ufology as it has always existed And we’ve transitioned from that we’re Not going back So we spoke we have spoke for years now And you’ve usually Told me when something was going to drop In terms of some footage Or you you did you never told me Anything about this you did say that There was another two pieces of footage Coming And that was a probably about a year ago Um And we got to the footage but Where are you getting this information From i do a lot of research i speak to a Lot of people Um and uh Part of it is knack i know this subject

Like the back of my hand Uh i know a lot about the subject i have A lot of connections In like related fields uh you might be Surprised Who talks to me uh Basically it’s a combination of those Things So do you know is there anything else You know what may be coming I have a good idea can you share that Um if it’s just an idea i was you know Like a gamble well yeah i want to take a Gamble they speak Let’s spice it up okay sure uh I believe that there’s gonna be more uh Video footage coming out i believe that There’s going to be Uh more in regards to uh the meta Materials in fact Uh uh jacques valet did an interview On engaging the phenomena and uh he was Speaking about The fact that there is a peer review Paper coming out So that’s going to be a big deal when That happens Um and uh like again dude That’s dealing with the wreckage the Material wreckage that has been Recovered is this the one in um Brazil uh i’m not sure He’s working on another uh i’m not sure If it’s the

Murabutu uh uh stuff uh But uh it could very well be Right well so they have They have pieces of this craft Yes but you’ve seen photos of them It just seems to me that you know if If you’re an advanced alien species You accidentally crash you’re gonna have A [ __ ] hot recovery team to Kind of get you know clean that [ __ ] up Well this is the thing Uh there are stories of the some of the Crashes getting retrieved There are wow why would they crash Why does anybody crash i mean like Honestly just because they’re super Advanced doesn’t mean they’re perfect They could have made a mistake there Could have been an accident perhaps i Don’t believe that I don’t believe that for a second i do Not believe For one second if a species Can you know literally Medium whatever through water Uh a trans medium craft you know it has It has the ability to be able to Manipulate The space in front of it i don’t believe I think these things the navigation On them would be insane you know i think It would be like one in a million that One of these things could actually Crash they don’t happen all the time you

Know and So it could be that one in a million Times also there’s also indications that Uh We might be doing things to try to knock Them down which i think that’s what i’m After That’s what i’m offering which i i Totally uh i I believe that there are people that Would do such a thing like i totally do Um you know i i would not be shocked or Surprised and there’s like You know there’s there’s already Anecdotal stuff is starting to come out About you know pieces getting shot off Of ufos So those sales i mean if you scale up Over decades you know i i would not be Surprised if there weren’t attempts to Like grab hold ones or at least try to Down them Or or or say one of them is having Technical difficulties and they they Make sure that they can’t leave Like they tried to do with uh The uh uh that canadian case Where uh the ufo was downed and uh the Submarine surrounded it For several days and then uh basically The extraterrestrials got out of the Craft underwater Fixed the craft and then took off I have never heard of this case no oh my

Goodness That the name is escaping me right i’m Not a ufologist though at all you know This So yeah this sounds when was this This was in the 60s in canada uh Gosh why is it now it’s blanking oh Oh my goodness um So in the 60s a craft was under the Water Yeah surrounded by submarines yeah Basically uh it it crashed into the Water and people saw it Um and uh it started when you see people You’re talking navy Yeah no no like like civilians saw this Like like this was uh And and uh this was like in a canadian Fishing town Where this had occurred and uh what Happened was is that Uh the ufo was uh basically Underwater for like days and apparently Several u.s submarines had come Circling it and uh we tried to engage it And apparently we had sent divers to go See what was going on with the ufo and The divers came back saying that there Were extraterrestrials in suits Outside of the craft doing something And then uh basically they had observed Them for several days The extraterrestrials eventually got Their craft working again and then it

Basically just Flew off into space That is wild yeah no there’s there’s Stories like this Good stories real credible stuff um Well and this had i eyewitnesses that Saw this yes Like civilians that saw this thing there Was a there was a community of people That were there when this thing crashed Or or not nearly crashed it was down It was having difficulties you know And uh it was repaired and they left So like i’m sorry like sometimes they Screw up So i have so much such trouble believing That You know something that is That advanced can screw up like that Forgot to put some fuel in the tank but Dude that’s like going to like a Primitive society And and and they’re like wow man you Flew over like you’re in some jungle in South america you mean people that have Never seen Anybody from the outside world and you Tell them about like you know how you Got there how you flew from england And a giant bird and yeah it landed in South america And and how you rode on this thing that Like like wasn’t an animal And and and you know and you got this

Magic phone that you can talk to people From all over the world You know that’s like them saying like Wow that’s amazing now please resurrect The dead for me so how many years do you Do you believe that they’re ahead of us Oh How many years uh judging by where we’re Going now at least a hundred At least a hundred and probably much Much More see a hundred years if they’re 100 Years Ahead of us then i would believe that They could have A mistake and you know crash But yeah but bob lazar He’s he said uh in The uh the joe rogan They did yeah that it was an ancient Graph they’d been Uh but ancient craft circle when maybe Those people were 100 years Ahead of where we were going to be now You know 10 000 years ago You know why why do you say 100 years Though 100 years ahead of us Are you just saying that because i said About them crashing No i think that uh Looking at where we’re at now and where We seem to be going You know with things like the

Singularity happening now You know or will be happening shortly uh I’m thinking that uh they are Between maybe 50 to 100 years ahead of Us at least Uh you know in terms of our ability to Approximate Like rudimentary level technologies like That You know however that could be Completely wrong if we do have Crash materials and we’re observed you Know and we’re figuring out how those Things work now And we’re going to have like ai soon and Things like that we could be Maybe 20 years away from a lot of that Stuff Thank you muted matrix uh i’m glad you Did the guests in the show That’s that’s awesome my friend and Thanks for the support Um yeah i mean I often think that whatever Is operating these crafts Maybe just an ai you know may not Actually be a A physical being because Yeah that’s You know like again that’s one of the uh Uh the things that Isn’t being talked about in the Conversation right now it’s not now The conversation was like okay we’ve

Been seeing these things since 2005. Now in the last couple days they’re Saying well like these are very similar To things that have been seen Across decades eventually they’re going To have to talk about beings Seen in and around these same craft and The similarities between those beings All over the world Though there are differences that’s Interesting from rich he says the reason The government Won’t give us disclosure is because if The technology gets into the public Someone will back engineer it and make a Weapon Yeah that’s that no i’m sorry there’s Going to be good and bad with that That’s like saying well they won’t let 3d printers come out because people can Make rail guns with them but they’re Making them anyway Yep if this technology Is is that advanced i’m you know I’m sure no matter how peaceful an alien Race is If it’s traveling you know Billions of light years or whatever to Get here millions whatever You know it’s going to have something To protect itself and if that If that does get into the wrong hands i Have to agree with No look at it this way we might i mean

Look look at us look at us Look at look at us look look at the Human race If you’re waiting for perfection it’s Just not going to happen Honestly we might just listen we might Be in such a precarious situation we Might just have to take our chances And maybe all of us don’t make it maybe Most of us don’t You know again if you’re looking for a Perfect situation Keep waiting because it’s never going to Happen um disclosure is not going to be Perfect either You know like like oh they’re waiting For us to all like you know vibrate in Unison and sing kumbaya No that’s not in our nature that’s not What’s going to happen with this You know there will be improvements i Guess in the overall human Condition but there’s also going to be Like drawbacks like anything else Uh it’s important not to see this as an Ideologue You know uh just like you know you’re Setting yourself up for Failure you know and disappointment in That regard Um again this is a very very loaded Subject and there’s plenty of room for a Lot of crazy things both good and bad to Result from it

In fact that’s the only thing that’s Inevitable crazy good and bad that will Result from this Okay but will my mother understand Disclosure Not really most human beings won’t i Don’t think that i think there’s going To be Uh they’re going to be recoil for this Like people were Literally educated against this for Three generations And then you’re going to pop this up on Them there’s going to be recoil like uh You know like Guys like me will be fine but most People aren’t people like me And maybe your kids will be fine because They’re very young and they’re going to Grow up with this they’re going to learn About this in school You know there’s you know that all the Other kids will too so that’s like That in that regard they will be like me Somebody that was a child And had this you know Thrown at him you know pretty Consistently you know so Uh maybe that’s one of the reasons why I’m different than everybody else You know and in this regard why i’m fine With this you know It i’m all right by saying it was your Other than the the sighting

It was your your mum was already Studying ufos my mother and my Grandmother were both into ufos big time So it’s kind of like gone down through The generations Yeah no it’s not even kind of like There’s there’s There’s some other stories too in that Regard that i’m not Talking about just yet um you’ve got Your own channel coming soon Yes i do uh and uh i’ll be Talking about a lot of more interesting Things i’m going to be showing some Stuff that people haven’t seen yet Uh open secrets things that are out There if you know Where to look and uh as you know i’ve Been working on a special project Uh also that i’m gonna be uh always not Coming along That’s coming along fine uh right now I’m trying to concentrate on getting a Show Up and out and then i uh as things Progress I’m going to uh be uh Going forward with that and uh it’ll be Very interesting And again it’s going to be something That most people don’t know about But uh has been around for a while You know and and now people need to look At it with new eyes

Given what we know and what’s been going On and what’s going to continue to go on So going back to the actual footage Because I did say that we would talk about this This This footage i’m going to play the um I’m going to play it going into the The the ocean at uh Normal speed 50 and 25 percent Uh for you here and you you tell me Exactly what you see So that’s normal speed We got 50 there It seems like it goes down goes up again And goes back down And it goes down And back up again and then down So you think it popped underneath the Water and then like pop back Up again it could be it could be uh Who knows it depends on the angle of how That was shot and Other factors but uh yeah So you believe it definitely went under The water It most probably did at the same time These things drop from Orbit to about a foot off the ocean and Then go back up into orbit So like maybe it moved so quickly maybe Maybe maybe it moved so quickly That uh it didn’t splash in the water

Just went back up into orbit Who was the director of flight of the Navigator I forgot it was a european movie that Actually got picked up by disney Because he pretty much got that spot on Then yeah Because that thing did that it went Straight up And then it went and stopped directly Over the ocean then it went into the Water Yeah made a splash though Curtain it made a splash though it Actually meant a physical splash I don’t i didn’t see it if it didn’t no In in the movie but it’s a movie okay oh The flight of the navigator Yeah i can’t get my head around that i Can’t get my head you know you know The i can’t get my head around an object Entering water at high speed and not Making as much as a ripple Yeah well no my brain these things these Things Like again they defy the laws of physics They they Basically they do things that are Technically supposed to be impossible uh But they do them and they do them Pretty easily and and with impunity So when was the first case that you Heard of of them going Underwater like that gosh uh

There have always been stories my Ancestors were taino indians Uh when columbus first came over to the United states Or up to the americas um he saw Ufos coming in and out of the oceans how Many years ago were that Like 1492. so not 100. No well beyond i think about 500 years Uh and these stories also go back even Further than that but like Going back to columbus uh Uh my ancestors would tell them like no There’s like lights over here and they They they’re sky people and and things Like that and they were like oh no That’s bs that that’s not true And then sure enough yes it was true So you do believe that they’ve been here For a long time Oh absolutely absolutely a hundred Percent this is not new This is not new like the romans used to Call them sky shields So when you said 100 years when you said That our technology is 100 years Technology is about 100 years away from From being Able to do a lot of the things that They’re doing it doesn’t mean that like Uh uh they’re stagnant or waiting for us To catch up Because that’s my argument with the Crashing bit you know if they’ve been

Here for thousands and thousands of Years You know surely they they would have Absolutely You know troubleshooted every little Piece Got everything perfect you know yeah Well you mean like what elon does with Uh with spacex yeah but i mean he’s He the space allen space spacex has been Going for Pardon how long spacex been going for Yeah well the point is though like Listen even nasa You know what’s going into space we’re Just babies Listen just because they have uh that’s Because their technology is super Advanced doesn’t mean it’s perfect Doesn’t mean that they’re perfect either Like i said there’s a myriad of problems You can sometimes Crash by action they could make things Look like a crash And and deliberately see things there’s Reasons to believe that happens Sometimes too It’s not like it’s not one or the other Because there’s There’s different situations that Indicate there’s a myriad of causes Some of it could be human interference Like i’ve said some of it could be an Accident center that could be done

Deliberately they do seem to be dropping Stuff off from time to So i’ve had time guests on before that Have spoke about Other beings like different species Uh you know and possibly um Some of the other species maybe not Getting along With some of the other species you know There is Maybe one species is trying to protect The planet Another species is you know after the Gold It could be or both maybe both are Indifferent You know maybe they have fellow because There was a an old painting i can’t Remember from how Long ago and it had loads of uh Circles and cigars in the sky Oh the german one oh yeah yeah And that looks like a battle going on in The sky Yeah exactly not only that not only that Uh if you see like there’s pieces that Fell there was smoke coming out of the Ground Yeah and there’s stories uh of the the Townspeople Finding those things and melting it down To make stuff What a waste yeah yeah you know but There’s also rumors that there was stuff

That Uh from that particular uh uh uh Instance that made it and somehow the Nazis got a hold of it Are you talking about the bell here that The nazis no Well that might be where that came from Or at least what the or where the the Inspiration for it came from and maybe They were trying to make a crude version Of it but it Obviously it didn’t work i mean we’re Not driving lost wagons We’re speaking as a deutsche so i drive A vault volkswagen Oh well the germans make amazing cars Yeah yeah such a beautiful country as Well Food’s amazing um The the whole I i have heard that the rumors with this That The the whole reason why the nazis ended Up going to Um the antarctic Was because it was to get some sort of Technology You heard about that yeah well the Ananerva was everywhere trying to Do everything to see what they could get Um i wouldn’t be shocked that they would Attempt to do that You know i wouldn’t be sure i wouldn’t Be shocked if they even succeeded to an

Extent You know um Because i had to if you Um somebody gave me a quite in-depth About the roswell crash and the whole Reason why The military said they had a a craft A ufo crashed and retracted it Was because what they actually realized What they had was Uh a nuts a nazi Uh yeah um I don’t know why they would retract that Like oh quick let’s hide this nazi tech Now let’s say it’s aliens That that’s not a good excuse or a good Cover story that’s actually kind of like You know that’s taking like taking one Thing and and Using something worse to hide it with You know Listen people back then You know like listen you have to Understand everybody thinks that there Was this clean Ending of world war ii hitler died and Then that was it No the same problems that we have America had with the iraqi insurgency But the same types of problems that Were having the american military were Having in germany Uh until the 1960s you know people Forget

That there was a lot of terrorism in Germany a lot of nazi groups they had to Literally Stop these you know like like like they Had to Like you know they didn’t give up they Didn’t just give up You know what i’m saying um Uh uh it’s it’s not ever that clean Well nothing’s ever clean when it comes To so like It just makes more sense like listen People knew about this this was like we Don’t know because we weren’t around You know in the 1940s early 50s And mid 50s and 60s you know um People would have probably people also Thought hitler escaped people probably Would have been Uh if this was a secret nazi attempt at Trying to do something that failed People would have been aha You know i knew it and they would have Been back to their lives because they Were used to dealing with nazis You know they had spent their like in The last five years doing nothing but Dealing with nazis They were used to nazis and they were Used to nazis having advanced technology This would not have been a big mind [ __ ] Aliens would have been a total mindful And it still is Well definitely it’s definitely a mind

[ __ ] you know like you can The the the cognitive dissonance that People have shown all these decades Towards this subject the hostility Towards this subject You know is is you know proof of that You know It’s you know like it just makes more Sense that they were hiding Uh uh something that they like you know A lot scarier than nazis to them Do you think they still have this bell Somebody Somewhere they they’ve got a lot of Stuff i i doubt they threw it away I doubt they misplaced it Where did that where’s the rumors of Where that actually came from There’s some people say it was the nazis Well the bell Is built by the nazis they there’s Rumors that it might have been what Ended up crashing at kecksburg But i’m not certain of that um Though it is a possibility And do you do you think they got the the Technology for that when they went to The antarctic uh I don’t know i i i i it was just weird That hitler sent You know apps i don’t think there were Hundreds Hundreds of nazis that went to Antarctica yeah and then they sent a

Bunch to Argentina even more to argentina It seems to be a lot of interest in Antarctica oh yes Absolutely there there’s most probably Something going on there Honestly i think it’s the walls listen The extraterrestrials seem to like to Build facilities And places that are remote made it deep In the oceans Or in the mountains and there’s few Places that are as remote as antarctica You know so that’s almost like the Perfect place to to have facilities Especially if you’re not worried about The cold and other such things because Your technology makes You impervious to those you know factors You know so It’s it’s my if i were a betting man i’d Say they would absolutely have some type Of facilities In antarctica they have facilities in Remote places at all on the earth which They seem to um So yeah that now to what extent have Those been penetrated by human beings Americans russians Or nazis i have no or otherwise i have No Real clue i hear i hear rumors like Everybody else does You know and uh do i believe it’s a

Strong possibility yes But i can’t give you any details So through all of this that’s gone off Over the last It feels like the last seven years now Um Well six six years five years Less than seven fifteen yeah that’s when Things really started breaking And then 2017 was when like ttsa Officially formed and Like video started coming out have you Ever been suspicious about any of it Like you know that there seems to be We seem to be kind of like shifting in a Certain direction Yes this is this is not suspicious That’s nothing suspicious it would be Well i’ll be suspicious as if it wasn’t That would be odd and usual people with This is money and power manipulating Stuff from behind the scenes that’s how Everything is done i live in new york City i’ve seen it my whole life every Day You know um in fact in new york we get Stuff A bit sooner than the rest of you do Um in a lot of ways Not just in terms of entertainment you Know but but in a lot of other things as Well Um this is how stuff is done You know like like and the idea that oh

Well that’s That’s not suspicious it’s not Suspicious at all that’s how it happens You know like that’s just like people That don’t know not getting that this is How it’s done So you don’t think you’re gonna be sat Here in um 10 years time going you know Disclosure’s just around the corner you Think This is it now we’re getting we the Build-up Is here and this is gonna hit next month Yeah i think well it’s gonna start to i Think there’s gonna be years of recoil I think there’s gonna be years more of Revelations that are going to come out Uh you know there’s there’s a lot They’re doing baby steps They’re doing they’re definitely doing Baby steps uh Like i said before before like you know Uh until recently they just wanted to Talk about ufos that happened From 2015 to now now they’re talking About this going back decades Um and again like we have the aerial Uh uh a documentary coming out which i Think is going to be very popular and That’s going to start talking about Occupants What documentaries that sorry the aerial Phenomena Right when’s that out good question it

Should be out soon Um who’s who’s who’s doing it Directing it and what have you who’s Whose documentary is it Cereal if not we’ve talked about it About the zimbabwe school children Oh yeah yeah yeah but who’s who’s the Guy that’s doing Doing the documentary i forget his name I’ve met him a bunch of times he’s an Experiencer out of new york city Okay so he says he’s one of he’s one of The good guys yeah Cool um he used to work with bud Intentionally and and john mack Do you do you actually think that A disclosure could be a bad thing At this this time right now you know i Think I think problems and all we will all be In a better Point a situation without without Getting into trouble On youtube um but i’m talking about at The time we’re living right now Do you think it’s a good time for this Yes I think that i think it’s necessary i i Don’t think i think now is much better Than later Uh there there there’s like honestly This is not This is not going to be better later on Sometimes there will be there will be

There will be some people they’ll say You know Whatever next you know they’re going to Tell us summers That santa claus is real next because What we’ve been through for the last two Years well year and a bit wherever two Years Um it is insane you know It it it it’s been it’s been mind Draining for For everybody and the world has been in You know bro People getting sick people poorly You know people people’s actual mental State as well you know that’s played a Massive factory to all this And then you’re gonna drop it and then You’re gonna drop disclosure on us Yeah all the more reason all the more Reason that now is a good time If you’re waiting for us like like i’m Sorry like we’re not gonna Uh uh become perfect and then this is Gonna happen it’s just not gonna That that’s just unrealistic that’s not How history works You know and and and that’s not how this Is gonna work either this was never Gonna be this This this this uh Reward for being good That’s that mentality this weird Mentality that people have

You know you have to be perfected before You can have contact with these beings And things like nonsense Absolute nonsense if you had to be Perfect before you dealt with Extraterrestrials No one would be dealing with them let Alone almost exclusively the military Directly Okay i’m gonna that brings me on to my My next um question um So i hear this all the time Um you know it was on 60 seconds it’s It’s been mentioned quite a few times on Joe rogan when he’s Interviewed certain people people Calling this A threat do you believe that this is A threat from a security standpoint yes Absolutely it’s a threat When somebody can come in and out of Your air space or even like Dude they’re not just coming into our Airspace they’re coming inside our Facilities Apparently as well that’s also one of The developments that’s that’s going to Be probably coming out sooner than like Yeah they didn’t they shut down some Nucleus yes they’re shutting down Nuclear weapons and starting them up in Other situations so they should Yes get rid of the nukes are they are They are they [ __ ] with us

Probably most probably yeah they do [ __ ] With us from time to time Um there’s many cases of this uh Of this this this whole kumbaya Philosophy Uh doesn’t suit us very well uh that Being Said they’re not a menace Yes like there can be issues but you Know but How do you know them how do you know Well They don’t seem to be Why how do you know they don’t seem to Be well We’re not being nuked we’re not Vaporized yeah if if covid was Their uh attempt at destroying us with a A virus it failed You know uh i’ll say that also get into Trouble for that sorry But like perhaps you’re incompetent but Uh He’s joking youtube um yeah The i get what you’re saying i get what You’re saying That if but maybe So there are some people that that That do say um that They have been here for a long time and It’s not so much A war or anything like that but they Just see us As they users you know to get what they

Want but That’s the thing to find define uh a Threat Like like you know and i’m saying like i Think like uh uh Are they a threat in a military sense of The word yes absolutely However i believe that other people are Are are using Like this idea oh look look they’re They’re they’re a threat to Try to prop themselves up as these these Wonderful peaceful people that Are super evolved spiritually that’s why They’re against the threat Narrative and it’s like you’re taking That out of context Either you don’t understand it yourself Or you do understand it and you’re Trying to Use it against people that don’t Understand it to prop yourself up For you know to to to play a martyr you Know to a cause That’s what that is uh quite clearly Would you not agree though if i mean do You believe that one of them did crash Uh in in 1947 in roswell yes and i Believe that Others have crashed before that and do You believe that they They got they got the craft they got the Body yeah Okay so somebody knows what these are

About So somebody above the people who The the melons of this world the the the Lose You know the delongs whatever somebody Is right you know way way way above These guys That knows exactly what it is that knows Whether it’s a threat or not Well maybe if not exactly what it is They have a much much better idea about What’s actually going on than the rest Of us do sure Up to and including that they’re like They are extraterrestrials You know but that could just be the tip Of the iceberg and it probably is this Is like I mean there’s so much like you know Even after that All comes out we will be left with more Questions than answers So we we send our first craft Ever you know spacex in the year You know 2058 or whatever we We land on our very first planet That has i’m speaking hypothetically Here Uh intelligent life on it you know And we we crash one of our when our one Of our crafts crash And they get they get our bodies and They start Operating on them you know maybe once

Maybe one of us is still alive One of because that’s the rumor that one Of the The aliens was still alive yeah Actually they did we we usually We we usually don’t leave a man down Though you know As as humans um Or either that i i believe that we if If that happened well they’d already Have The the technology there We’d probably want to retrieve it or Actually go and speak to these Cavemen you know why even like honestly Unless we’re anthropo Unless they’re anthropologists they Probably have no interest in us I mean honestly like if a plane crashed In A primitive uh tribal area you wouldn’t Necessarily want to talk to the Tribesmen You know you probably just want to get Your guy back in whatever like you know Is is worth salvaging from the crash the Reason why i’m saying that With the roswell uh crash if you believe That there there was a craft that Crashed there That there were bodies that one of them Was still alive You know did Did mum and dad come down you know in

Their craft and like You know say you know give us his [ __ ] Back and Well i i don’t know i don’t think that Happened in roswell there are and There are stories that there have been Up there have been uh Retrievals of of personnel and stuff by The extraterrestrials and they’ve Actually come Uh gotten their people in also some of Their stuff back And other situations that just doesn’t Seem to have happened So uh again we don’t have all the Details in regards to that You know perhaps we will find out soon Or sooner than later Hopefully do do you think that these Crafts that we’ve seen on the the late The five pieces of footage is the same Species to what crashes in roswell They seem to be different craft they They’re probably they are different Craft cloud Craft and different classes of craft Some of them seem also to be Unmanned uh others seem to actually have Personnel Um there are similarities and there’s Differences In in some of these cases i believe that At the very least We’re dealing with more than one species

At the present time uh non-human species Um to what frequency uh I don’t know uh but apparently it’s like Like i’ve been saying for years Uh as you remember uh that the Extraterrestrials Uh have increased their uh interactions With us Specifically with our fighter pilots you Know Yeah i would say that this is Uh again they Have like changed their engagement I think that they are also in large part Responsible for this Coming out you know like like they said Oh they’ll never tell us because the Technology is too dangerous well It’s gonna happen anyway so they might As well get out ahead of it And hope for the best You mentioned the two species you you Believe that there’s two species there No i didn’t say two i said More than one several species okay So i’ve heard many species mentioned In my time in my in my time of Interviewing people but As somebody who’s uh i mean Would you would you call yourself i i Mean i call you euphology styles Since i was a boy i mean lectures about This So as a ufologist could you

If you had to put some some money down On the table to say These species definitely exist which Ones Would you out of all the rumors you know Out of the You know the the why is it the prayer Mantis the uh The greys the nordic blondes which ones Actually Exist but if i had to put money i would Say the grace Okay absolutely do exist 100 uh bet on that Believe me just bet on it uh get used to That In fact i think that’s one of the Reasons why they’ve been putting their Faces on lunch boxes and cartoons and T-shirts For our entire lifetimes is because They’re trying to get you used to that Basic concept so that one day when Something lands in new york city And everybody sees it you know you kind Of sort of know what to expect you know Thanks for that thanks for the t-shirt Thanks for the t-shirt prom there you go Guys Check out check out the merch sorry come Here But yeah no man it’s like like i think That that was deliberately done Uh and like i promise you

Something very very similar to those People That are deeply deeply involved in this Physically So the grade definitely Yeah in your eyes it is it’s not it’s Not just something that’s Been who was it that drew that Drew this thing uh way back when about 100 Alistair crowley oh yes yes So he he he i mean he was a little bit Messed up have to understand The occult societies like most like all Right When you became a dude when you get to The higher levels of freemasonry one of The things they tell you about is that There’s extraterrestrials Um if you get into the higher levels of Uh of uh Of the mormon church which is a lot like Freemasonry End up finding out their aliens If you join the nation of islam you get Into the higher levels of the nation of Islam Guess what they start talking about Aliens Um this is This is an old secret not the catholics Though Depends on how high you get up again the Catholics are holding on to a lot of

Stuff I think my wife’s conflict and they talk A lot about aliens She’s she says i’m talking nonsense So the greys and what else uh i would Say the greys exist I would say the possibility that there Are some beings that look A lot like us is also very like Pop uh possible um And i i think that there are others i Think some of these things are Are robots i think we engage with robots Uh uh Uh we’ve been dealing with this but it’s Not simply just robots Uh because we we got a lot of anecdotal Uh discussions of of uh actual physical Like biological beings being accompanied With robotic beings or Or helpers of some sort yes So be before i had alien addict I was once in the airport Um with my wife and She she she like nearly had a panic Attack And what’s up with you And she’d seen this this guy in the um Like um duty-free Shop big massive duty-free shop with Alcohol everything there Toys all sorts of handbags and she said He was gray the great he was tall And he was the greatest person she’d

Ever seen Like not like a not like a Uh a skin tone yeah You know uh um it literally She said his skin was gray like there Was something He said she said it looked weird but she Said she She couldn’t stop staring at him and he Looked at her And smiled her And she said it again she said she made Her feel So weird my wife don’t really believe in Like aliens and stuff like that well i Think she kind of does now Twisted her arm um But yeah she said that that that really Creeped her out And this this person This being whatever it was i didn’t see It Uh she just told me and i i was trying To look because i was i was really into Aliens and Into weird stuff and i i just wanted to See it but she said This person they just had the weird like Gray looking like she said it looked Rubbery his skin yeah Really tall and he looked and and had a Weird smile Um so you don’t think this like the Reptilians that is

Is just is there any truth to david Ike’s theory that I’m not i’m not big on reptilian theory At all Not everything is on the table i’m very Conservative With you know uh ufology like um Very nuts and bolts um I can vouch for the graves that being Said Uh you know uh Timothy good tells an a a similar story To what your wife was talking about Um something happened to him in a new York city hotel room it’s a Involved story i mean a hotel lobby part Of me Sorry who’s who’s who’s tiffany uh Above top secret famous english Ufologist You should know I have no idea who is though so He so tell the story although he had An incident with uh somebody that uh Uh he was attempting to do like a ce5 Type thing Uh and uh he he started projecting these Thoughts Like like uh uh like you know there was An extraterrestrial around and somebody Came and they did something very odd Uh that he was projecting and uh it was Just like you know It’s a very odd coincidence uh uh

For that to happen i do believe that uh They probably do have somebody or if not Um extraterrestrials that look like us They might have like operatives or Agents that are us Or something like that you know which Would be a great way to figure out What’s going on with us Do you do you believe that these grays Are possibly flying these crafts that We’re seeing Possibly in these they’re seen in the Craft they’re seeing outside the craft You know no i’m talking i’m talking About the the like the flare footage i’m Talking about the [Applause] They’re getting here and they’re using Craft that are similar Um you know uh quite Often quite frankly Well as we’ve been going we’ve been here For about an hour and A half almost so when’s your um when are You going to launch your channel Hopefully in the next week or two uh Trying to Uh get everything together uh i’m gonna Be posting a couple of informative Videos Uh like i said before about When’s the big one is the big one going To come out first or is that going to Come out

That one is going to uh i’m going to Drop that a few episodes in But uh that one is definitely coming i Want to make sure i do a good job on That one And over the myself and i hate doing This but Osvaldo it’s going to be interesting That Does anybody else know about this Research yeah Uh you’re the only person though that i Talk to about like The only person that i that uh i talk to That i don’t personally physically know That knows what i’m doing but is any of The other Like ufologists aware of this no Okay that’s interesting i can’t wait for This I can’t wait for it i’m having an Exclusive on it Um but so what’s the channel going to be Obviously it’s going to be about um ufo Ufology but is it gonna be are you just Gonna be like giving us 15 minute like Little talks are you going to be um Interviewing people down the line You know what’s all of that it’s going To be like basically Um but It’s going to be me talking about ufos And interviewing people about ufos me Doing research on ufos

Uh as needed you know given the Situations at hand Like you know uh uh again we’re in a a Stage of flux right now there’s a lot of Crazy stuff that’s happened already There’s a lot more that’s going to be Happening so uh There’s certain things like my private Long-term project that i’m going to be Working on then there’s uh other stuff That i might you know Try to do now but delay if something Bigger happens You know like we get like some major Major thing like i might have to push Something back Yeah yeah you’re a busy man you’re a Very busy mum So this is going to be the next few Weeks What’s the channel going to be called uh Right now i’m thinking the the Disclosure revolution I like it you need you need to bring That was that you asked Is your stomach grumbling oh yes i’m Hungry dude i haven’t eaten all day I could hear your stomach from there Mate Yeah so well i’ll let you get off and Get some food maybe thank you So much for joining us tonight it’s been It’s been a pleasure as always And yeah i wasn’t i didn’t mean to um

Seem like i was pulling it apart because I am excited guys with The the footage that’s come out my only Issue With this is you know and I think it’s a trust thing with me Because i thought you know i do believe That You know that carbel’s putting this out And he believes that what he’s seeing But Who’s who’s giving it to them don’t Listen to me It’s not uh it’s not whether or not i Trust corbell I trust the ufos Yeah but you know what i’m saying like As you trust in their existence But you don’t before before you go with Those You’ve got to acknowledge that people uh There’s some people are a little bit Worried about you know Where this is actually coming from you Know who’s feeding this down to these People Yeah well i i’d say it’s largely Irrelevant So you’ve got absolute trust in it yeah No it’s not trust it’s irrelevant you’re Gonna get what they’re gonna give you Okay so you we take what we’re given yes And honestly do you people say these Things like they have a choice

You know it’s like what are you going to Do with when they when they when they Present something you don’t like Or you disagree with you know like like Really are you ready to do A [ __ ] and complain like no i think i Think i’m mourning Uh lee’s uh at least take on it from Musty order i want to see joe rogan Interview an alien Ah that’s that’s hyperbolic i mean But it’s kind of like that’s the same Way of like That that nonsense with neil tyson like Like tell me when you go to dinner Reservation You know like with an alien it’s like It’s that’s like You know do you know though out of all The people That we say that delivering as Disclosure I think joe rogan seems to be doing An amazing job because he’s got them all On You know no yeah dude like uh Honestly yeah if you’re like uh dude he Has a lot of access and he’s really into Ufos i would do this i would have done The same thing You know uh and bravo to him for doing It i think he needs to uh Uh come to jesus in regards to tom de Long well it’s time to long a huge

Apology Um to to to come at tom the long like he Did and then to Change his tune like he did you know Interview all these people that work With tom And can voucher time and did you not Find it odd Did you not find it odd though that you Know he interviewed chris mellon And not once did they speak about ttsa Yes that is that is odd i would like to Uh Again it could also be uh uh uh face Saving they don’t want to mention you Know uh like like Perhaps uh rogan doesn’t want to mention Tts no Like a lot of these guys don’t melon Told him not to mention ttsa Really if i would no because if i was Joe rogan And i’m interviewing the melania or you Know i’m I’m good and if he if this does happen And he interviews lou and he doesn’t ask Him About ttsa there’s something going on Where these guys do not want to be Associated with ttsa anymore because It was just it was it was just [ __ ] Weirdos Out of my french but it was weird that He did not

Ask mellon they’ve both actually spoken About ttsa in interviews Favorably yeah yes i know they are but But joe rogan like the biggest Platform when it comes to like Getting an audience or getting people’s Attention that may not even be Into ufos and he doesn’t speak about Ttsa Once it’s a chris mellon That was weird not really he wasn’t There to Really talk about ttsa he was there to Talk about what he did nobody spoke You know he’s yeah he spoke about it but But that was a massive thing you know he Had the long on the show Yes it’s be it yeah that’s what it is Like i said man there’s always suppose We’ll never know yeah no there’s a i Don’t actually know i think we will find Out uh But i can say is there’s a lot going on Behind the scenes like a lot Like that we do not know and i think We’re gonna get To find out a bit more about that and um It’ll be very interesting to see well Hopefully mate well I will i’m gonna drop you out while i Speak to The the the audience uh and uh Well i hope to get you on again soon Once your channel is released

Uh it’d be good to get you on with the Panel again as well um With uh some some some guys and girls Um but yeah thank you very much osvaldo Franco You’re the mom absolutely see you later I’m loving i’m loving the What you’re doing there with that one Side Thank you i think you grow that one side Out a bit more I’ll speak to you in a moment my friend That was osvaldo franco ladies and gents I don’t actually have a link To his channel because he hasn’t got a Channel yet but as soon as there is a Link for his channel i will drop it In the description uh thank you so much To all the moderators thanks to Everybody in the chat Um thanks to the super chats Thank you guys it means the world to me That you guys Um support this channel and just share The videos out share the interviews out I’m probably going to go back to doing Some little 15 minutes skip videos or i Might even just Do some like little takes from i’ve done Some takes from interviews before where I know some of you will not get the Chance To watch a full two hour or one and a Half hour interview sometimes

So if if i see some really good bits There Beefy i might just make a little clip of It and Put it out for you but guys thank you so Much Again i can’t thank you all enough uh i Do have a patreon if you want to join The gang My patreon description is in the Description below It does help me out loads to kind of Support This channel the stream yard payment all The Stuff to just try and actually Do this for a living to maybe buy Another teletubbie Um from a little boy because One of his eyes has stopped blinking um But yes You can also support the merch We have free designs as always Those are the three um t-shirts And we have if you if if you do drink Fluids Uh you can get yourself a little cantina Uh i don’t have one yet I need to get one support my own channel Um but guys Yes the merch the patreon The thumbs up mainly i don’t care If you can’t afford to support it that Way support it with a thumb

Or support with a share or tell a friend About it Um because one day It might take a bit because i have Started to go grace and subside to make The channel But one day i’ll be on here Maybe three maybe four maybe five times A week But one can dream but anyway good night God bless Mind the bugs though bye i’m alienate Like share and subscribe and all that Lovely juggly stuff I can’t remember how to end this stream Yeah there we go there we